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2012, volume 92, issue C

Developing a mechanical roadway system for waste energy capture of vehicles and electric generation pp. 1-8 Downloads
Chen-Ching Ting, Da-Yi Tsai and Chung-Cheng Hsiao
CO2 weighted convergence across the EU-25 countries (1920–2007) pp. 9-16 Downloads
Maria Jesus Herrerias
Alternative heat rejection methods for power plants pp. 17-25 Downloads
Robert A. Leffler, Craig R. Bradshaw, Eckhard A. Groll and Suresh V. Garimella
Forecasting natural gas consumption pp. 26-37 Downloads
Božidar Soldo
Characterization of H2 photoproduction by a new marine green alga, Platymonas helgolandica var. tsingtaoensis pp. 38-43 Downloads
Yanting Zhang, Xiaolei Fan, Zhiman Yang, Huanyu Wang, Dawei Yang and Rongbo Guo
Cylinders diagnosis system of a 1MW internal combustion engine through vibrational signal processing using DWT technique pp. 44-50 Downloads
L. Barelli, E. Barluzzi, G. Bidini and F. Bonucci
Assessing price clustering in European Carbon Markets pp. 51-56 Downloads
Fernando Palao and Angel Pardo
Fate of sulfur with H2S injection in methane/air flames pp. 57-64 Downloads
H. Selim, A. Al Shoaibi and A.K. Gupta
Sensitivity analysis of the numerical study on the thermal performance of a packed-bed molten salt thermocline thermal storage system pp. 65-75 Downloads
Chao Xu, Zhifeng Wang, Yaling He, Xin Li and Fengwu Bai
Financial viability of energy-efficiency measures in a new detached house design in Finland pp. 76-83 Downloads
Arto Saari, Targo Kalamees, Juha Jokisalo, Rasmus Michelsson, Kari Alanne and Jarek Kurnitski
Evaluation and assessment of demand response potential applied to the meat industry pp. 84-91 Downloads
Alcázar-Ortega, Manuel, Álvarez-Bel, Carlos, Escrivá-Escrivá, Guillermo and Alexander Domijan
A life cycle assessment of biodiesel derived from the “niche filling” energy crop camelina in the USA pp. 92-98 Downloads
Brian J. Krohn and Matthias Fripp
Ongoing commissioning of water-cooled electric chillers using benchmarking models pp. 99-108 Downloads
Danielle Monfet and Radu Zmeureanu
A review analyzing the industrial biodiesel production practice starting from vegetable oil refining pp. 109-132 Downloads
Giulio Santori, Giovanni Di Nicola, Matteo Moglie and Fabio Polonara
Controlling cyclic combustion timing variations using a symbol-statistics predictive approach in an HCCI engine pp. 133-146 Downloads
Ahmad Ghazimirsaied and Charles Robert Koch
A review of on-chip micro-evaporation: Experimental evaluation of liquid pumping and vapor compression driven cooling systems and control pp. 147-161 Downloads
Jackson Braz Marcinichen, Jonathan A. Olivier, Vinicius de Oliveira and John R. Thome
Direct rebound effect for passenger transport: Empirical evidence from Hong Kong pp. 162-167 Downloads
H. Wang, D.Q. Zhou, P. Zhou and D.L. Zha
Improved energy management of chiller systems by multivariate and data envelopment analyses pp. 168-174 Downloads
F.W. Yu and K.T. Chan
Decentralized cooling in district heating network: System simulation and parametric study pp. 175-184 Downloads
Seksan Udomsri, Chris Bales, Andrew R. Martin and Viktoria Martin
Influence of droplet mutual interaction on carbon dioxide capture process in sprays pp. 185-193 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Yu-Lin Hou and Chen-I Hung
Thermodynamic analysis of a transcritical CO2 power cycle driven by solar energy with liquified natural gas as its heat sink pp. 194-203 Downloads
Yuhui Song, Jiangfeng Wang, Yiping Dai and Enmin Zhou
Impact of roof integrated PV orientation on the residential electricity peak demand pp. 204-210 Downloads
Suresh B. Sadineni, Fady Atallah and Robert F. Boehm
A study on the optimum insulation thicknesses of various types of external walls with respect to different materials, fuels and climate zones in Turkey pp. 211-217 Downloads
Betul Bektas Ekici, Ayca Aytac Gulten and U. Teoman Aksoy
Effect of support’s basic properties on hydrogen production in aqueous-phase reforming of glycerol and correlation between WGS and APR pp. 218-223 Downloads
Yong Guo, Muhammad Usman Azmat, Xiaohui Liu, Yanqin Wang and Guanzhong Lu
Preparation of TiO2 particles and their applications in the light scattering layer of a dye-sensitized solar cell pp. 224-233 Downloads
Chuen-Shii Chou, Ming-Geng Guo, Kuan-Hung Liu and Yi-Siang Chen
Hydrothermal liquefaction of cellulose to bio-oil under acidic, neutral and alkaline conditions pp. 234-239 Downloads
Sudong Yin and Zhongchao Tan
The role of clouds in improving the regression model for hourly values of diffuse solar radiation pp. 240-254 Downloads
Claudia Furlan, Amauri Pereira de Oliveira, Jacyra Soares, Georgia Codato and João Francisco Escobedo
Design criteria and optimization of heat recovery steam cycles for integrated reforming combined cycles with CO2 capture pp. 255-268 Downloads
Emanuele Martelli, Lars O. Nord and Olav Bolland
Visual preferences for wind turbines: Location, numbers and respondent characteristics pp. 269-278 Downloads
Kristina Molnarova, Petr Sklenicka, Jiri Stiborek, Kamila Svobodova, Miroslav Salek and Elizabeth Brabec
Experimental investigation of high temperature and high pressure coal gasification pp. 279-285 Downloads
Alexander Tremel, Thomas Haselsteiner, Christian Kunze and Hartmut Spliethoff
A comparison of 15 polymers for application in photovoltaic modules in PV-powered boats pp. 286-297 Downloads
T. Gorter and A.H.M.E. Reinders
Investigation of a broadband TiO2/SiO2 optical thin-film filter for hybrid solar power systems pp. 298-306 Downloads
Chunhui Shou, Zhongyang Luo, Tao Wang, Weidong Shen, Gary Rosengarten, Wei Wei, Cheng Wang, Mingjiang Ni and Kefa Cen
Landfill gas upgrading with pilot-scale water scrubber: Performance assessment with absorption water recycling pp. 307-314 Downloads
J. Läntelä, S. Rasi, J. Lehtinen and J. Rintala
A novel method to achieve selective emitter for silicon solar cell using low cost pattern-able a-Si thin films as the semi-transparent phosphorus diffusion barrier pp. 315-321 Downloads
Da Ming Chen, Zong Cun Liang, Lin Zhuang, Yang Huan Lin and Hui Shen
Temperature patterns in large scale wood pellet silo storage pp. 322-327 Downloads
Sylvia H. Larsson, Torbjörn A. Lestander, Dave Crompton, Staffan Melin and Shahab Sokhansanj
Case study: Energy savings for a deep-mine water reticulation system pp. 328-335 Downloads
Jan Vosloo, Leon Liebenberg and Douglas Velleman
Development of a novel refrigeration system for refrigerated trucks incorporating phase change material pp. 336-342 Downloads
Ming Liu, Wasim Saman and Frank Bruno
Experiences and results on a 0.8MWth oxy-fuel operation pilot-scale circulating fluidized bed pp. 343-347 Downloads
Y. Tan, L. Jia, Yanrui Wu and E.J. Anthony
Influence of stabilizer jets on combustion characteristics and NOx emission in a jet-stabilized combustor pp. 348-360 Downloads
Hamed Zeinivand and Bazdidi-Tehrani, Farzad
A kinetic study of NO formation during oxy-fuel combustion of pyridine pp. 361-368 Downloads
B. Wang, L.S. Sun, S. Su, J. Xiang, S. Hu and H. Fei
Optimization of global and local pollution control in electricity production from coal burning pp. 369-378 Downloads
Jorge Cristóbal, Guillén-Gosálbez, Gonzalo, Laureano Jiménez and Angel Irabien
Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis cultivation in tubular photobioreactor: Use of no-cost CO2 from ethanol fermentation pp. 379-385 Downloads
L.S. Ferreira, M.S. Rodrigues, A. Converti, S. Sato and J.C.M. Carvalho
Effects of operating parameters on nitrogen oxides emissions for a natural gas fueled homogeneous charged compression ignition engine (HCCI): Results from a thermodynamic model with detailed chemistry pp. 386-394 Downloads
Junnian Zheng and Jerald A. Caton
Optimization of geometrical parameters for Stirling engines based on theoretical analysis pp. 395-405 Downloads
Chin-Hsiang Cheng and Hang-Suin Yang
Ionic liquids for biofuel production: Opportunities and challenges pp. 406-414 Downloads
Chun-Zhao Liu, Feng Wang, Amanda R. Stiles and Chen Guo
The effect of SO2 on CO2 capture by CaO-based pellets prepared with a kaolin derived Al(OH)3 binder pp. 415-420 Downloads
Firas N. Ridha, Vasilije Manovic, Arturo Macchi and Edward J. Anthony
Mild acid pretreatment and enzyme saccharification of Sorghum bicolor straw pp. 421-428 Downloads
T. Vancov and S. McIntosh
Dry cooling with night cool storage to enhance solar power plants performance in extreme conditions areas pp. 429-436 Downloads
J. Muñoz, Martínez-Val, J.M., R. Abbas and A. Abánades
Numerical study of a homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engine fueled with biogas pp. 437-446 Downloads
Sona Visakhamoorthy, Tommy Tzanetakis, Dale Haggith, Andrzej Sobiesiak and John Z. Wen
The transitory and permanent volatility of oil prices: What implications are there for the US industrial production? pp. 447-455 Downloads
Huson Ali Ahmed, Omar Bashar and Ikm Mokhtarul Wadud
Properties of form-stable paraffin/silicon dioxide/expanded graphite phase change composites prepared by sol–gel method pp. 456-461 Downloads
Min Li, Zhishen Wu and Jinmiao Tan
Effect of thermal mass on life cycle primary energy balances of a concrete- and a wood-frame building pp. 462-472 Downloads
Ambrose Dodoo, Leif Gustavsson and Roger Sathre
Benefits of biofuels in Sweden: A probabilistic re-assessment of the index of new cars’ climate impact pp. 473-479 Downloads
Nils Lubbe and Ullrika Sahlin
Numerical estimation of time lags and decrement factors for wall complexes including Multilayer Thermal Insulation, in two different climatic zones pp. 480-491 Downloads
Lazaros Elias Mavromatidis, Mohamed EL Mankibi, Pierre Michel and Mat Santamouris
Design and optimization of an Atkinson cycle engine with the Artificial Neural Network Method pp. 492-502 Downloads
Jinxing Zhao, Min Xu, Mian Li, Bin Wang and Shuangzhai Liu
Steady-state thermal analysis of an innovative receiver for linear Fresnel reflectors pp. 503-515 Downloads
R. Abbas, J. Muñoz and Martínez-Val, J.M.
Effect of adjacent shading on the thermal performance of residential buildings in a subtropical region pp. 516-522 Downloads
A.L.S. Chan
An analysis of heat flow through a borehole heat exchanger validated model pp. 523-533 Downloads
Georgios A. Florides, Paul Christodoulides and Panayiotis Pouloupatis
Evaluation of the environmental impact of experimental cubicles using Life Cycle Assessment: A highlight on the manufacturing phase pp. 534-544 Downloads
Karim Menoufi, Albert Castell, Lídia Navarro, Gabriel Pérez, Dieter Boer and Luisa F. Cabeza
Distributional impacts of taxing carbon in China: Results from the CEEPA model pp. 545-551 Downloads
Qiao-Mei Liang and Yi-Ming Wei
Exploring the regional characteristics of inter-provincial CO2 emissions in China: An improved fuzzy clustering analysis based on particle swarm optimization pp. 552-562 Downloads
Shiwei Yu, Yi-Ming Wei, Jingli Fan, Xian Zhang and Ke Wang
Experimental analysis on the dehumidification and thermal performance of a desiccant wheel pp. 563-572 Downloads
Giovanni Angrisani, Francesco Minichiello, Carlo Roselli and Maurizio Sasso
Road transport and power system scenarios for Northern Europe in 2030 pp. 573-582 Downloads
Nina Juul and Peter Meibom
A new optimal solution space based method for increased resolution in energy system optimisation pp. 583-592 Downloads
Johan Sandberg, Mikael Larsson, Chuan Wang, Jan Dahl and Joakim Lundgren
Review on thermal energy storage with phase change materials (PCMs) in building applications pp. 593-605 Downloads
D. Zhou, C.Y. Zhao and Y. Tian
The development of commercial wind towers for natural ventilation: A review pp. 606-627 Downloads
Ben Richard Hughes, John Kaiser Calautit and Saud Abdul Ghani
The engine knock analysis – An overview pp. 628-636 Downloads
Xudong Zhen, Yang Wang, Shuaiqing Xu, Yongsheng Zhu, Chengjun Tao, Tao Xu and Mingzhi Song
Exploring variance in residential electricity consumption: Household features and building properties pp. 637-643 Downloads
Cajsa Bartusch, Monica Odlare, Fredrik Wallin and Lars Wester
Technical performance evaluation of stand-alone photovoltaic array for outdoor field conditions of New Delhi pp. 644-652 Downloads
Rakhi Sharma and G.N. Tiwari
Exploring the concept of compressed air energy storage (CAES) in lined rock caverns at shallow depth: A modeling study of air tightness and energy balance pp. 653-667 Downloads
Hyung-Mok Kim, Jonny Rutqvist, Dong-Woo Ryu, Byung-Hee Choi, Choon Sunwoo and Won-Kyong Song
Solar-assisted Post-combustion Carbon Capture feasibility study pp. 668-676 Downloads
Marwan Mokhtar, Muhammad Tauha Ali, Rajab Khalilpour, Ali Abbas, Nilay Shah, Ahmed Al Hajaj, Peter Armstrong, Matteo Chiesa and Sgouris Sgouridis
Evaluation of power output for fixed and two-axis tracking PVarrays pp. 677-685 Downloads
Ahmet Şenpinar and Mehmet Cebeci
Carbon emission reduction targeting through process integration and fuel switching with mathematical modeling pp. 686-693 Downloads
B.J. Tiew, M. Shuhaimi and H. Hashim
A multiscale framework with extended Kalman filter for lithium-ion battery SOC and capacity estimation pp. 694-704 Downloads
Chao Hu, Byeng D. Youn and Jaesik Chung
Simulation and experimental studies on natural lighting in enclosed lift lobbies of highrise residential buildings by remote source solar lighting pp. 705-713 Downloads
Irene Wong, H.L. Choi and H. Yang
Optimization of a solar driven absorption refrigerator in the transient regime pp. 714-724 Downloads
Mouna Hamed, Ali Fellah and Ammar Ben Brahim
Investigation on pressure drop and heat transfer performances of plate-fin iron air preheater unit with experimental and Genetic Algorithm methods pp. 725-732 Downloads
M. Zeng, L.X. Du, D. Liao, W.X. Chu, Q.W. Wang, Y. Luo and Y. Sun
Anaerobic digestibility of Scenedesmus obliquus and Phaeodactylum tricornutum under mesophilic and thermophilic conditions pp. 733-738 Downloads
Carlos Zamalloa, Nico Boon and Willy Verstraete
Evaluation of a regional bioenergy system with local production of biofuel for transportation, integrated with a CHP plant pp. 739-749 Downloads
L. Daianova, E. Dotzauer, E. Thorin and J. Yan
The impact of fouling on performance of a vapor compression refrigeration system with integrated mechanical sub-cooling system pp. 750-762 Downloads
Bilal Ahmed Qureshi and Syed M. Zubair
Sugars metabolism and ethanol production by different yeast strains from coffee industry wastes hydrolysates pp. 763-768 Downloads
Solange I. Mussatto, Ercília M.S. Machado, Lívia M. Carneiro and José A. Teixeira
Artificial neural networks modelling of engine-out responses for a light-duty diesel engine fuelled with biodiesel blends pp. 769-777 Downloads
Harun Mohamed Ismail, Hoon Kiat Ng, Cheen Wei Queck and Suyin Gan
Steam gasification of oil palm trunk waste for clean syngas production pp. 778-782 Downloads
Nimit Nipattummakul, Islam I. Ahmed, Somrat Kerdsuwan and Ashwani K. Gupta
How much gas can we get from grass? pp. 783-790 Downloads
A.S. Nizami, A. Orozco, E. Groom, B. Dieterich and J.D. Murphy
The impact of lignocellulosic ethanol yields in polygeneration with district heating – A case study pp. 791-799 Downloads
Fredrik Starfelt, Lilia Daianova, Jinyue Yan, Eva Thorin and Erik Dotzauer
Comparative field performance study of concentrator augmented array with two system configurations pp. 800-808 Downloads
Dan Nchelatebe Nkwetta and Mervyn Smyth
Theoretical derivation of wind power probability distribution function and applications pp. 809-814 Downloads
Abdüsselam Altunkaynak, Tarkan Erdik, İsmail Dabanlı and Zekai Şen
Estimating intercept factor of a parabolic solar trough collector with new supporting structure using off-the-shelf photogrammetric equipment pp. 815-821 Downloads
García-Cortés, Silverio, Bello-García, Antonio and Celestino Ordóñez
High intensity colorless distributed combustion for ultra low emissions and enhanced performance pp. 822-830 Downloads
Vaibhav K. Arghode, Ashwani K. Gupta and Kenneth M. Bryden
End-use energy savings and district heating expansion in a local renewable energy system – A short-term perspective pp. 831-842 Downloads
Karl Sperling and Bernd Möller
Life cycle assessment of a solar combined cooling heating and power system in different operation strategies pp. 843-853 Downloads
You-Yin Jing, He Bai, Jiang-Jiang Wang and Lei Liu
Nitrogen conversion during rapid pyrolysis of coal and petroleum coke in a high-frequency furnace pp. 854-859 Downloads
Shuai Yuan, Zhi-jie Zhou, Jun Li and Fu-chen Wang
Opportunity costs for bioelectricity sales in Brazilian sucro-energetic industries pp. 860-867 Downloads
Edson F. Grisi, Jose M. Yusta and Dufo-López, Rodolfo
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