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Volume 177, issue C, 2016

The effect of elevated temperature on the accelerated aging of LiCoO2/mesocarbon microbeads batteries pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ting Guan, Shun Sun, Yunzhi Gao, Chunyu Du, Pengjian Zuo, Yingzhi Cui, Lingling Zhang and Geping Yin
Economic optimization of operations for hybrid energy systems under variable markets pp. 11-24 Downloads
Jun Chen and Humberto E. Garcia
Thermal performance evaluation of an active building integrated photovoltaic thermoelectric wall system pp. 25-39 Downloads
Yongqiang Luo, Ling Zhang, Zhongbing Liu, Yingzi Wang, Fangfang Meng and Jing Wu
A novel hybrid algorithm for electricity price and load forecasting in smart grids with demand-side management pp. 40-59 Downloads
A. Ghasemi, H. Shayeghi, M. Moradzadeh and M. Nooshyar
A simple model for automatic analysis and diagnosis of environmental thermal comfort in energy efficient buildings pp. 60-70 Downloads
Eduardo Balvís, Óscar Sampedro, Sonia Zaragoza, Angel Paredes and Humberto Michinel
A length ratio based neural network energy management strategy for online control of plug-in hybrid electric city bus pp. 71-80 Downloads
He Tian, Ziwang Lu, Xu Wang, Xinlong Zhang, Yong Huang and Guangyu Tian
Enrichment of trace elements in bottom ash from coal oxy-combustion: Effect of coal types pp. 81-86 Downloads
B.O. Oboirien, V. Thulari and B.C. North
Estimating the end-of-life of PEM fuel cells: Guidelines and metrics pp. 87-97 Downloads
Marine Jouin, Mathieu Bressel, Simon Morando, Rafael Gouriveau, Daniel Hissel, Marie-Cécile Péra, Noureddine Zerhouni, Samir Jemei, Mickael Hilairet and Belkacem Ould Bouamama
Financial sustainability for a lignocellulosic biorefinery under carbon constraints and price downside risk pp. 98-107 Downloads
Lingfeng Cheng and C. Lindsay Anderson
Techno-economic analysis of energy renovation measures for a district heated multi-family house pp. 108-116 Downloads
Marcus Gustafsson, Moa Swing Gustafsson, Jonn Are Myhren, Chris Bales and Sture Holmberg
Output-specific energy efficiency assessment: A data envelopment analysis approach pp. 117-126 Downloads
D.Q. Zhou, F. Wu, X. Zhou and P. Zhou
Lifetime characterization via lognormal distribution of transformers in smart grids: Design optimization pp. 127-135 Downloads
Elio Chiodo, Davide Lauria, Fabio Mottola and Cosimo Pisani
Impact of external longwave radiation on optimum insulation thickness in Tunisian building roofs based on a dynamic analytical model pp. 136-148 Downloads
Naouel Daouas
Quantifying flexibility of commercial and residential loads for demand response using setpoint changes pp. 149-164 Downloads
Rongxin Yin, Emre C. Kara, Yaping Li, Nicholas DeForest, Ke Wang, Taiyou Yong and Michael Stadler
Development of a driving cycle to evaluate the energy economy of electric vehicles in urban areas pp. 165-178 Downloads
John Brady and O’Mahony, Margaret
Effect of air addition to methane on performance stability and coking over NiO–YSZ anodes of SOFC pp. 179-186 Downloads
H. Aslannejad, L. Barelli, A. Babaie and S. Bozorgmehri
Effects of engine misfire on regulated, unregulated emissions from a methanol-fueled vehicle and its ozone forming potential pp. 187-195 Downloads
Xin Wang, Yunshan Ge, Chuanzhen Zhang, Jianwei Tan, Lijun Hao, Jia Liu and Huiming Gong
Measured thermal & daylight performance of an evacuated glazing using an outdoor test cell pp. 196-203 Downloads
Aritra Ghosh, Brian Norton and Aidan Duffy
Making energy simulation easier for future climate – Synthesizing typical and extreme weather data sets out of regional climate models (RCMs) pp. 204-226 Downloads
Vahid M. Nik
Thermal energy storage for low and medium temperature applications using phase change materials – A review pp. 227-238 Downloads
Jose Pereira da Cunha and Philip Eames
Emergy-based sustainability evaluation of wind power generation systems pp. 239-246 Downloads
Jin Yang and Bin Chen
Effect of CO2 on oxy-fuel combustion of coal-char particles in a fluidized bed: Modeling and comparison with the conventional mode of combustion pp. 247-259 Downloads
Changsheng Bu, Alberto Gómez-Barea, Xiaoping Chen, Bo Leckner, Daoyin Liu, David Pallarès and Ping Lu
Pool equilibria including strategic storage pp. 260-270 Downloads
Peng Zou, Qixin Chen, Qing Xia, Guannan He, Chongqing Kang and Antonio J. Conejo
Fabrication and laboratory-based performance testing of a building-integrated photovoltaic-thermal roofing panel pp. 271-284 Downloads
Fangliang Chen and Huiming Yin
Forecasting wind power – Modeling periodic and non-linear effects under conditional heteroscedasticity pp. 285-297 Downloads
Florian Ziel, Carsten Croonenbroeck and Daniel Ambach
Dynamic modeling and validation studies of dead-end cascade H2/O2 PEM fuel cell stack with integrated humidifier and separator pp. 298-308 Downloads
Mohammad M. Barzegari, Morteza Dardel, Ebrahim Alizadeh and Abas Ramiar
Experimental study on a laboratory scale Totalized Hydrogen Energy Utilization System for solar photovoltaic application pp. 309-322 Downloads
Satya Sekhar Bhogilla, Hiroshi Ito, Atsushi Kato and Akihiro Nakano
Numerical investigation of air-staged combustion emphasizing char gasification and gas temperature deviation in a large-scale, tangentially fired pulverized-coal boiler pp. 323-334 Downloads
Yacheng Liu, Weidong Fan and Yu Li
Optimizing strategy for Escherichia coli growth and hydrogen production during glycerol fermentation in batch culture: Effects of some heavy metal ions and their mixtures pp. 335-340 Downloads
Karen Trchounian, Anna Poladyan and Armen Trchounian
Selecting the optimum pressure drop per unit length of district heating piping network based on operating strategies pp. 341-353 Downloads
Pengfei Jie, Xiangfei Kong, Xian Rong and Shangqun Xie
A multi-agent based scheduling algorithm for adaptive electric vehicles charging pp. 354-365 Downloads
Erotokritos Xydas, Charalampos Marmaras and Liana M. Cipcigan
Cost-optimized design of a dual-mode diesel parallel hybrid electric vehicle for several driving missions and market scenarios pp. 366-383 Downloads
Roberto Finesso, Ezio Spessa and Mattia Venditti
Determination of the battery pack capacity considering the estimation error using a Capacity–Quantity diagram pp. 384-392 Downloads
Minggao Ouyang, Shang Gao, Languang Lu, Xuning Feng, Dongsheng Ren, Jianqiu Li, Yuejiu Zheng and Ping Shen
Investigation of a solar energy driven and hollow fiber membrane-based humidification–dehumidification desalination system pp. 393-408 Downloads
Guo-Pei Li and Li-Zhi Zhang
Methane hydrate formation in excess water simulating marine locations and the impact of thermal stimulation on energy recovery pp. 409-421 Downloads
Zheng Rong Chong, Girish Anand Pujar, Mingjun Yang and Praveen Linga
Impact of neighborhood design on energy performance and GHG emissions pp. 422-434 Downloads
Caroline Hachem
Predictive segmentation of energy consumers pp. 435-448 Downloads
Adrian Albert and Mehdi Maasoumy
Investigating the potential and feasibility of an offshore wind farm in the Northern Adriatic Sea pp. 449-463 Downloads
Joerg Schweizer, Alessandro Antonini, Laura Govoni, Guido Gottardi, Renata Archetti, Enrico Supino, Claudia Berretta, Carlo Casadei and Claudia Ozzi
An electric vehicle dispatch module for demand-side energy participation pp. 464-474 Downloads
Bowen Zhou, Feng Yao, Tim Littler and Huaguang Zhang
Impact of inverter loading ratio on solar photovoltaic system performance pp. 475-486 Downloads
Jeremy Good and Jeremiah X. Johnson
Optimization of a wind powered desalination and pumped hydro storage system pp. 487-499 Downloads
R. Segurado, J.F.A. Madeira, M. Costa, N. Duić and M.G. Carvalho
The effect of distributed electricity generation using natural gas on the electric and natural gas grids pp. 500-514 Downloads
Cara R. Touretzky, Dana L. McGuffin, Jena C. Ziesmer and Michael Baldea
An overview of the problems and solutions of soil thermal imbalance of ground-coupled heat pumps in cold regions pp. 515-536 Downloads
Tian You, Wei Wu, Wenxing Shi, Baolong Wang and Xianting Li
A capacity model based on charging process for state of health estimation of lithium ion batteries pp. 537-543 Downloads
Xue Li, Jiuchun Jiang, Le Yi Wang, Dafen Chen, Yanru Zhang and Caiping Zhang
Development of an enhanced parametric model for wind turbine power curve pp. 544-552 Downloads
Ehsan Taslimi-Renani, Mostafa Modiri-Delshad, Mohamad Fathi Mohamad Elias and Nasrudin Abd. Rahim
Valuation under uncertain energy prices and load demands of micro-CHP plants supplemented by optimally switched thermal energy storage pp. 553-569 Downloads
Guzmán Díaz and Blanca Moreno
Entropy-involved energy measure study of intrinsic thermoacoustic oscillations pp. 570-578 Downloads
Dan Zhao, Shen Li and He Zhao
Effect of operating conditions on the sorption enhanced steam reforming of blends of acetic acid and acetone as bio-oil model compounds pp. 579-590 Downloads
G. Esteban-Díez, María V. Gil, C. Pevida, Daniel Chen and F. Rubiera
Experimental investigations on cylindrical latent heat storage units with sodium acetate trihydrate composites utilizing supercooling pp. 591-601 Downloads
Mark Dannemand, Jakob Berg Johansen, Weiqiang Kong and Simon Furbo
Pilot-scale experimental work on carbon dioxide sequestration using steelmaking slag pp. 602-611 Downloads
Arshe Said, Timo Laukkanen and Mika Järvinen
Agricultural residue gasification for low-cost, low-carbon decentralized power: An empirical case study in Cambodia pp. 612-624 Downloads
John L. Field, Paul Tanger, Simon J. Shackley and Stephan M. Haefele
Trading strategies for distribution company with stochastic distributed energy resources pp. 625-635 Downloads
Chunyu Zhang, Qi Wang, Jianhui Wang, Magnus Korpås, Pierre Pinson, Jacob Østergaard and Mohammad E. Khodayar
Active demand response with electric heating systems: Impact of market penetration pp. 636-648 Downloads
Alessia Arteconi, Dieter Patteeuw, Kenneth Bruninx, Erik Delarue, D’haeseleer, William and Lieve Helsen
Minimizing the costs of constructing an all plug-in electric bus transportation system: A case study in Penghu pp. 649-660 Downloads
Bwo-Ren Ke, Chen-Yuan Chung and Yen-Chang Chen
CO2 emissions and energy demands of vehicles tested under the NEDC and the new WLTP type approval test procedures pp. 661-670 Downloads
Jelica Pavlovic, Alessandro Marotta and Biagio Ciuffo
Optimisation of biogas production from the macroalgae Laminaria sp. at different periods of harvesting in Ireland pp. 671-682 Downloads
Maria E. Montingelli, Khaled Y. Benyounis, Brid Quilty, Joseph Stokes and Abdul G. Olabi
A composite metric for assessing flexibility available in conventional generators of power systems pp. 683-691 Downloads
Vishwamitra Oree and Sayed Z. Sayed Hassen
Understanding electricity consumption: A comparative contribution of building factors, socio-demographics, appliances, behaviours and attitudes pp. 692-702 Downloads
Gesche Huebner, David Shipworth, Ian Hamilton, Zaid Chalabi and Tadj Oreszczyn
Experimental investigation of impacts of engine hardware, operating parameters and combustion performance on particulate emissions in a DISI engine pp. 703-715 Downloads
Mohammadreza Anbari Attar and Hongming Xu
The operational performance of “net zero energy building”: A study in China pp. 716-728 Downloads
Zhihua Zhou, Lei Feng, Shuzhen Zhang, Chendong Wang, Guanyi Chen, Tao Du, Yasong Li and Jian Zuo
Vanadium microfluidic fuel cell with novel multi-layer flow-through porous electrodes: Model, simulations and experiments pp. 729-739 Downloads
Li Li, Georgios Nikiforidis, Michael K.H. Leung and Walid A. Daoud
The calibration and validation of a model for predicting the performance of gas-fired tankless water heaters in domestic hot water applications pp. 740-750 Downloads
Geoffrey Johnson and Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
Time series analytics using sliding window metaheuristic optimization-based machine learning system for identifying building energy consumption patterns pp. 751-770 Downloads
Jui-Sheng Chou and Ngoc-Tri Ngo
A rapid low-temperature internal heating strategy with optimal frequency based on constant polarization voltage for lithium-ion batteries pp. 771-782 Downloads
Haijun Ruan, Jiuchun Jiang, Bingxiang Sun, Weige Zhang, Wenzhong Gao, Le Yi Wang and Zeyu Ma
Computational fluid dynamic and thermal analysis of Lithium-ion battery pack with air cooling pp. 783-792 Downloads
Lip Huat Saw, Yonghuang Ye, Andrew A.O. Tay, Wen Tong Chong, Seng How Kuan and Ming Chian Yew
A novel bidirectional mechanism based on time series model for wind power forecasting pp. 793-803 Downloads
Yongning Zhao, Lin Ye, Zhi Li, Xuri Song, Yansheng Lang and Jian Su
A reduced low-temperature electro-thermal coupled model for lithium-ion batteries pp. 804-816 Downloads
Jiuchun Jiang, Haijun Ruan, Bingxiang Sun, Weige Zhang, Wenzhong Gao, Le Yi Wang and Linjing Zhang
Thin liquid/gas diffusion layers for high-efficiency hydrogen production from water splitting pp. 817-822 Downloads
Jingke Mo, Zhenye Kang, Gaoqiang Yang, Scott T. Retterer, David A. Cullen, Todd J. Toops, Johney B. Green and Feng-Yuan Zhang
An integrated approach for modeling the electricity value of a sugarcane production system pp. 823-838 Downloads
Shingirirai Savious Mutanga, Marne de Vries, Charles Mbohwa, Dillip Das Kumar and Holger Rogner
Gas transmission networks in Europe: Connections between different entry-exit tariff methodologies pp. 839-851 Downloads
Alfredo Bermúdez, Julio González-Díaz, Francisco J. González-Diéguez and Ángel M. González-Rueda
Expanding the biomass resource: sustainable oil production via fast pyrolysis of low input high diversity biomass and the potential integration of thermochemical and biological conversion routes pp. 852-862 Downloads
J. Corton, I.S. Donnison, M. Patel, L. Bühle, E. Hodgson, M. Wachendorf, A. Bridgwater, G. Allison and M.D. Fraser
Model-based analysis of CO2 revalorization for di-methyl ether synthesis driven by solar catalytic reforming pp. 863-878 Downloads
Minh Tri Luu, Dia Milani, Manish Sharma, Joseph Zeaiter and Ali Abbas
Lipid recovery from wet oleaginous microbial biomass for biofuel production: A critical review pp. 879-895 Downloads
Tao Dong, Eric P. Knoshaug, Philip T. Pienkos and Lieve M.L. Laurens
The effect of latitude on the performance of different solar trackers in Europe and Africa pp. 896-906 Downloads
Arian Bahrami, Chiemeka Onyeka Okoye and Ugur Atikol
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