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2017, volume 186, issue P3

An optimised chemisorption cycle for power generation using low grade heat pp. 251-261 Downloads
Huashan Bao, Zhiwei Ma and Anthony Paul Roskilly
Dynamic modelling and experimental validation of scroll expander for small scale power generation system pp. 262-281 Downloads
Zhiwei Ma, Huashan Bao and Anthony Paul Roskilly
Chemisorption power generation driven by low grade heat – Theoretical analysis and comparison with pumpless ORC pp. 282-290 Downloads
Huashan Bao, Zhiwei Ma and Anthony Paul Roskilly
Working fluid selection and electrical performance optimisation of a domestic solar-ORC combined heat and power system for year-round operation in the UK pp. 291-303 Downloads
James Freeman, Klaus Hellgardt and Christos N. Markides
Load forecasting and dispatch optimisation for decentralised co-generation plant with dual energy storage pp. 304-320 Downloads
Michael Short, Tracey Crosbie, Muneeb Dawood and Nashwan Dawood
Climatic analysis of a passive cooling technology for the built environment in hot countries pp. 321-335 Downloads
John Kaiser Calautit, Ben Richard Hughes and Diana SNM Nasir
The cooling performance of a natural draft dry cooling tower under crosswind and an enclosure approach to cooling efficiency enhancement pp. 336-346 Downloads
Weiliang Wang, Hai Zhang, Pei Liu, Zheng Li, Junfu Lv and Weidou Ni
Study on the performance and optimization of a scroll expander driven by compressed air pp. 347-358 Downloads
Xinjing Zhang, Yujie Xu, Jian Xu, Yong Sheng, Zhitao Zuo, Jimin Liu, Haisheng Chen, Yaodong Wang and Ye Huang
A two-phase single-reciprocating-piston heat conversion engine: Non-linear dynamic modelling pp. 359-375 Downloads
Christoph J.W. Kirmse, Oyeniyi A. Oyewunmi, Aly I. Taleb, Andrew J. Haslam and Christos N. Markides
Working-fluid selection and performance investigation of a two-phase single-reciprocating-piston heat-conversion engine pp. 376-395 Downloads
Oyeniyi A. Oyewunmi, Christoph J.W. Kirmse, Andrew J. Haslam, Erich A. Müller and Christos N. Markides
An innovative Organic Rankine Cycle system for integrated cooling and heat recovery pp. 396-407 Downloads
Angad Singh Panesar
Performance of a radial-inflow turbine integrated in an ORC system and designed for a WHR on truck application: An experimental comparison between R245fa and R1233zd pp. 408-422 Downloads
Ludovic Guillaume, Arnaud Legros, Adriano Desideri and Vincent Lemort
Configurations selection maps of CO2-based transcritical Rankine cycle (CTRC) for thermal energy management of engine waste heat pp. 423-435 Downloads
Gequn Shu, Lingfeng Shi, Hua Tian, Shuai Deng, Xiaoya Li and Liwen Chang
A CFD analysis of several design parameters of a road pavement solar collector (RPSC) for urban application pp. 436-449 Downloads
Diana S.N.M. Nasir, Ben Richard Hughes and John Kaiser Calautit
Site utility system optimization with operation adjustment under uncertainty pp. 450-456 Downloads
Li Sun, Limei Gai and Robin Smith
An experimental and theoretical investigation of the extent of bypass air within data centres employing aisle containment, and its impact on power consumption pp. 457-469 Downloads
Tatchell-Evans, Morgan, Nik Kapur, Jonathan Summers, Harvey Thompson and Dan Oldham
Experimental investigation of gas cooler/condenser designs and effects on a CO2 booster system pp. 470-479 Downloads
K.M. Tsamos, Y.T. Ge, I.D.M.C. Santosa and S.A. Tassou
Hybrid thermo-chemical district networks – Principles and technology pp. 480-491 Downloads
Philipp Geyer, Martin Buchholz, Reiner Buchholz and Mathieu Provost
Modeling electric load and water consumption impacts from an integrated thermal energy and rainwater storage system for residential buildings in Texas pp. 492-508 Downloads
Charles R. Upshaw, Joshua D. Rhodes and Michael E. Webber
Thermal energy storage using metal–organic framework materials pp. 509-519 Downloads
Ahmed Elsayed, Eman Elsayed, AL-Dadah, Raya, Saad Mahmoud, Amr Elshaer and Waseem Kaialy
An optimisation framework for thermal energy storage integration in a residential heat pump heating system pp. 520-529 Downloads
R. Renaldi, A. Kiprakis and D. Friedrich
Performance analysis of biofuel fired trigeneration systems with energy storage for remote households pp. 530-538 Downloads
Y. Huang, Y.D. Wang, Haisheng Chen, Xinjing Zhang, J. Mondol, N. Shah and N.J. Hewitt
A unified framework for model-based multi-objective linear process and energy optimisation under uncertainty pp. 539-548 Downloads
Vassilis M. Charitopoulos and Vivek Dua
Forecasting how residential urban form affects the regional carbon savings and costs of retrofitting and decentralized energy supply pp. 549-561 Downloads
Anthony Hargreaves, Vicky Cheng, Sandip Deshmukh, Matthew Leach and Koen Steemers
Macroscopic spray characteristics of next-generation bio-derived diesel fuels in comparison to mineral diesel pp. 562-573 Downloads
Thomas Bohl, Guohong Tian, Andrew Smallbone and Anthony P. Roskilly

2017, volume 186, issue P2

The energy metabolism of megacities pp. 86-95 Downloads
Angelo Facchini, Chris Kennedy, Iain Stewart and Renata Mele
Time and space model of urban pollution migration: Economy-energy-environment nexus network pp. 96-114 Downloads
Gengyuan Liu, Zhifeng Yang, Brian D. Fath, Lei Shi and Sergio Ulgiati
Strategic planning for sustainable heating in cities: A morphological method for scenario development and selection pp. 115-125 Downloads
Kateryna Pereverza, Oleksii Pasichnyi, David Lazarevic and Olga Kordas
Sustainable Energy Security for India: An assessment of energy demand sub-system pp. 126-139 Downloads
Kapil Narula, B. Sudhakara Reddy and Shonali Pachauri
An innovative urban energy system constituted by a photovoltaic/thermal hybrid solar installation: Design, simulation and monitoring pp. 140-151 Downloads
Alejandro del Amo, Martínez-Gracia, Amaya, Bayod-Rújula, Angel A. and Javier Antoñanzas
Characterisation of domestic hot water end-uses for integrated urban thermal energy assessment and optimisation pp. 152-166 Downloads
Alexandre Bertrand, Alessio Mastrucci, Nils Schüler, Riad Aggoune and François Maréchal
Toward an integrated assessment of the performance of photovoltaic power stations for electricity generation pp. 167-174 Downloads
Samuele Lo Piano and Kozo Mayumi
An environmental assessment of electricity production from slaughterhouse residues. Linking urban, industrial and waste management systems pp. 175-188 Downloads
R. Santagata, M. Ripa and S. Ulgiati
Developing waste biorefinery in Makkah: A way forward to convert urban waste into renewable energy pp. 189-196 Downloads
A.S. Nizami, K. Shahzad, M. Rehan, O.K.M. Ouda, M.Z. Khan, I.M.I. Ismail, T. Almeelbi, J.M. Basahi and A. Demirbas
Wood-based bioenergy value chain in mountain urban districts: An integrated environmental accounting framework pp. 197-210 Downloads
Natasha Nikodinoska, Elvira Buonocore, Alessandro Paletto and Pier Paolo Franzese
Refuse recovered biomass fuel from municipal solid waste. A life cycle assessment pp. 211-225 Downloads
M. Ripa, G. Fiorentino, H. Giani, A. Clausen and S. Ulgiati
All about size? – The potential of downsizing in reducing energy demand pp. 226-233 Downloads
Gesche M. Huebner and David Shipworth
Energy efficiency of urban transportation system in Xiamen, China. An integrated approach pp. 234-248 Downloads
Fanxin Meng, Gengyuan Liu, Zhifeng Yang, Marco Casazza, Shenghui Cui and Sergio Ulgiati

2017, volume 186, issue P1

Experimental study of the self-regulating performance of an R744 two-phase thermosyphon loop pp. 1-12 Downloads
Zhen Tong, Xiao-Hua Liu and Yi Jiang
Metal-water combustion for clean propulsion and power generation pp. 13-27 Downloads
Jeffrey M. Bergthorson, Yinon Yavor, Jan Palecka, William Georges, Michael Soo, James Vickery, Samuel Goroshin, David L. Frost and Andrew J. Higgins
Optimal energy cost and economic analysis of a residential grid-interactive solar PV system- case of eThekwini municipality in South Africa pp. 28-45 Downloads
B.P. Numbi and S.J. Malinga
High efficient valley-filling strategy for centralized coordinated charging of large-scale electric vehicles pp. 46-55 Downloads
Linni Jian, Yanchong Zheng and Ziyun Shao
Transient freezing of molten salts in pipe-flow systems: Application to the direct reactor auxiliary cooling system (DRACS) pp. 56-67 Downloads
N. Le Brun, G.F. Hewitt and C.N. Markides
An adaptive fuzzy logic system for residential energy management in smart grid environments pp. 68-81 Downloads
Azim Keshtkar and Siamak Arzanpour

2017, volume 185, issue P2

Review and experimental study on pyrolysis and hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae for biofuel production pp. 963-972 Downloads
David Chiaramonti, Matteo Prussi, Marco Buffi, Andrea Maria Rizzo and Luigi Pari
Two-scale model for quantifying the effects of laminar and turbulent mixing on algal growth in loop photobioreactors pp. 973-984 Downloads
Shoaib Shariff and Saikat Chakraborty
Use of reactive distillation in biodiesel production: A simulation-based comparison of energy requirements and profitability indicators pp. 985-997 Downloads
Tuhin Poddar, Anoop Jagannath and Ali Almansoori
Structural evolution of biomass char and its effect on the gasification rate pp. 998-1006 Downloads
Hesameddin Fatehi and Xue-Song Bai
Gasification behavior of coal and woody biomass: Validation and parametrical study pp. 1007-1018 Downloads
Idowu Adeyemi, Isam Janajreh, Thomas Arink and Chaouki Ghenai
Fuzzy logic-based predictive model for biomass pyrolysis pp. 1019-1030 Downloads
Nuttapol Lerkkasemsan
Mid-temperature solar fuel process combining dual thermochemical reactions for effectively utilizing wider solar irradiance pp. 1031-1039 Downloads
Xiufeng Liu, Hui Hong and Hongguang Jin
Organosolv delignification of agricultural residues (date palm fronds, Phoenix dactylifera L.) of the United Arab Emirates pp. 1040-1050 Downloads
Iwona Cybulska, Grzegorz P. Brudecki, Joanna Zembrzuska, Jens Ejbye Schmidt, Celia Garcia-Banos Lopez and Mette Hedegaard Thomsen
Comparative study on the thermal degradation of dry- and wet-torrefied woods pp. 1051-1058 Downloads
Quang-Vu Bach, Khanh-Quang Tran and Øyvind Skreiberg
Combustion kinetics of wet-torrefied forest residues using the distributed activation energy model (DAEM) pp. 1059-1066 Downloads
Quang-Vu Bach, Khanh-Quang Tran and Øyvind Skreiberg
Hybrid input–output table method for socioeconomic and environmental assessment of a wind power generation system pp. 1067-1075 Downloads
Shin Nagashima, Yohji Uchiyama and Keiichi Okajima
Analyzing wind turbine directional behavior: SCADA data mining techniques for efficiency and power assessment pp. 1076-1086 Downloads
Francesco Castellani, Davide Astolfi, Paolo Sdringola, Stefania Proietti and Ludovico Terzi
Site assessment, turbine selection, and local feed-in tariffs through the wind energy index pp. 1087-1099 Downloads
Matthias Ritter and Lars Deckert
Computational assessment of the DeepWind aerodynamic performance with different blade and airfoil configurations pp. 1100-1108 Downloads
Gabriele Bedon, Uwe Schmidt Paulsen, Helge Aagaard Madsen, Federico Belloni, Marco Raciti Castelli and Ernesto Benini
Vibration-induced aerodynamic loads on large horizontal axis wind turbine blades pp. 1109-1119 Downloads
Xiong Liu, Cheng Lu, Shi Liang, Ajit Godbole and Yan Chen
Numerical and experimental analysis of a multi-directional wind tower integrated with vertically-arranged heat transfer devices (VHTD) pp. 1120-1135 Downloads
John Kaiser Calautit, Ben Richard Hughes, O’Connor, Dominic and Sally Salome Shahzad
A comprehensive optical characterization of linear Fresnel collectors by means of an analytic study pp. 1136-1151 Downloads
R. Abbas and Martínez-Val, J.M.
Thermal analysis of solar central receiver tube with porous inserts and non-uniform heat flux pp. 1152-1161 Downloads
Zhang-Jing Zheng, Ming-Jia Li and Ya-Ling He
Optimization of the solar field size for the solar–coal hybrid system pp. 1162-1172 Downloads
Yawen Zhao, Hui Hong and Hongguang Jin
Optimal control of a wind–PV-hybrid powered heat pump water heater pp. 1173-1184 Downloads
Sam Sichilalu, Tebello Mathaba and Xiaohua Xia
A new maximum power point method based on a sliding mode approach for solar energy harvesting pp. 1185-1198 Downloads
Maissa Farhat, Oscar Barambones and Lassaad Sbita
A novel solar concentrator system for combined heat and power application in residential sector pp. 1199-1209 Downloads
M.A. Ancona, M. Bianchi, E. Diolaiti, A. Giannuzzi, B. Marano, F. Melino and A. Peretto
Evaluation and assessment of gravity load on mirror shape and focusing quality of parabolic trough solar mirrors using finite-element analysis pp. 1210-1216 Downloads
S. Meiser, S. Schneider, E. Lüpfert, B. Schiricke and Pitz-Paal, R.
Development of a regenerative reformer for tar-free syngas production in a steam gasification process pp. 1217-1224 Downloads
Yosuke Tsuboi, Shintaro Ito, Makoto Takafuji, Hiroaki Ohara and Toshiro Fujimori
Optimization of an open-cathode polymer electrolyte fuel cells stack utilizing Taguchi method pp. 1225-1232 Downloads
Agus P. Sasmito, Jundika C. Kurnia, Tariq Shamim and Arun S. Mujumdar
A microreactor with superhydrophobic Pt–Al2O3 catalyst coating concerning oxidation of hydrogen off-gas from fuel cell pp. 1233-1244 Downloads
Wei Yu, Jiabo Tao, Xinhai Yu, Shuangliang Zhao, Shan-Tung Tu and Honglai Liu
Bubbly flow mapping in the anode channel of a direct methanol fuel cell via PIV investigation pp. 1245-1255 Downloads
Andrea Calabriso, Domenico Borello, Giovanni Paolo Romano, Luca Cedola, Luca Del Zotto and Simone Giovanni Santori
Thermal integration of a SOFC power generator and a Na–NiCl2 battery for CHP domestic application pp. 1256-1267 Downloads
V. Antonucci, L. Branchini, G. Brunaccini, A. De Pascale, M. Ferraro, F. Melino, V. Orlandini and F. Sergi
Optimal integration of solar energy with fossil fuel gas turbine cogeneration plants using three different CSP technologies in Saudi Arabia pp. 1268-1280 Downloads
Esmail M.A. Mokheimer, Yousef N. Dabwan and Mohamed A. Habib
Analysis of cavitation for the optimized design of hydrokinetic turbines using BEM pp. 1281-1291 Downloads
Paulo Augusto Strobel Freitas Silva, Léo Daiki Shinomiya, Taygoara Felamingo de Oliveira, Jerson Rogério Pinheiro Vaz, André Luiz Amarante Mesquita and Antonio Cesar Pinho Brasil Junior
Lcoe evaluation for a tidal kinetic self balancing turbine: Case study and comparison pp. 1292-1302 Downloads
Giacomo Lo Zupone, Mario Amelio, Silvio Barbarelli, Gaetano Florio, Nino Michele Scornaienchi and Antonino Cutrupi
A mixed-pH dual-electrolyte microfluidic aluminum–air cell with high performance pp. 1303-1308 Downloads
Binbin Chen, Dennis Y.C. Leung, Jin Xuan and Huizhi Wang
Mathematical modelling and optimization of the liquid separation condenser used in organic Rankine cycle pp. 1309-1323 Downloads
Xianglong Luo, Zhitong Yi, Bingjian Zhang, Songping Mo, Chao Wang, Mengjie Song and Ying Chen
Quasi-steady state simulation of an organic Rankine cycle for waste heat recovery in a passenger vessel pp. 1324-1335 Downloads
Maria E. Mondejar, Fredrik Ahlgren, Marcus Thern and Magnus Genrup
Combined heat and power system for stoves with thermoelectric generators pp. 1336-1342 Downloads
A. Montecucco, J. Siviter and A.R. Knox
Numerical study on thermoelectric–hydraulic performance of a thermoelectric power generator with a plate-fin heat exchanger with longitudinal vortex generators pp. 1343-1354 Downloads
Ting Ma, Xing Lu, Jaideep Pandit, Srinath V. Ekkad, Scott T. Huxtable, Samruddhi Deshpande and Qiu-wang Wang
Development of a 5kW traveling-wave thermoacoustic electric generator pp. 1355-1361 Downloads
Tianjiao Bi, Zhanghua Wu, Limin Zhang, Guoyao Yu, Ercang Luo and Wei Dai
Ammonia–methane combustion in tangential swirl burners for gas turbine power generation pp. 1362-1371 Downloads
Valera-Medina, Agustin, Richard Marsh, Jon Runyon, Daniel Pugh, Paul Beasley, Timothy Hughes and Phil Bowen
Macroscopic spray characteristics of wide distillation fuel (WDF) pp. 1372-1382 Downloads
Wenbin Yu, Wenming Yang, Balaji Mohan, Kun Lin Tay and Feiyang Zhao
Flame structure, spectroscopy and emissions quantification of rapeseed biodiesel under model gas turbine conditions pp. 1383-1392 Downloads
Cheng Tung Chong and Simone Hochgreb
Study on combustion and emission characteristics of Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ethers/diesel blends in light-duty and heavy-duty diesel engines pp. 1393-1402 Downloads
Haoye Liu, Zhi Wang, Jun Zhang, Jianxin Wang and Shijin Shuai
Numerical analysis of spray characteristics of dimethyl ether and diethyl ether fuel pp. 1403-1410 Downloads
Balaji Mohan, Wenming Yang, Wenbin Yu and Kun Lin Tay
Numerical investigation of the partitioning phenomenon of carbon dioxide and multiple impurities in deep saline aquifers pp. 1411-1423 Downloads
Didi Li and Xi Jiang
Development and application of a multi-stage CCUS source–sink matching model pp. 1424-1432 Downloads
Liang Sun and Wenying Chen
Aqueous amine solution characterization for post-combustion CO2 capture process pp. 1433-1449 Downloads
Nabil El Hadri, Dang Viet Quang, Earl L.V. Goetheer and Mohammad R.M. Abu Zahra
A case study of using cosmic ray muons to monitor supercritical CO2 migration in geological formations pp. 1450-1458 Downloads
Jinjin Zhong and Xi Jiang
Optimization of a Gas Switching Combustion process through advanced heat management strategies pp. 1459-1470 Downloads
Schalk Cloete, Abdelghafour Zaabout, Matteo C. Romano, Paolo Chiesa, Giovanni Lozza, Fausto Gallucci, Martin van Sint Annaland and Shahriar Amini
Preliminary experimental study of post-combustion carbon capture integrated with solar thermal collectors pp. 1471-1480 Downloads
Fu Wang, Jun Zhao, Hailong Li, Shuai Deng and Jinyue Yan
Waste Management Pinch Analysis (WAMPA): Application of Pinch Analysis for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction in municipal solid waste management pp. 1481-1489 Downloads
Wai Shin Ho, Haslenda Hashim, Jeng Shiun Lim, Chew Tin Lee, Kah Chiin Sam and Sie Ting Tan
Study on desalination of zero-emission system based on mechanical vapor compression pp. 1490-1496 Downloads
D. Han, W.F. He, C. Yue and W.H. Pu
Connecting water and energy: Assessing the impacts of carbon and water constraints on China’s power sector pp. 1497-1505 Downloads
Weilong Huang, Ding Ma and Wenying Chen
On the trade-off between aviation NOx and energy efficiency pp. 1506-1516 Downloads
Konstantinos G. Kyprianidis and Erik Dahlquist
Historical buildings: Multidisciplinary approach to structural/energy diagnosis and performance assessment pp. 1517-1528 Downloads
Fabrizio Ascione, Francesca Ceroni, Rosa Francesca De Masi, Filippo de’ Rossi, and Maria Rosaria Pecce
Methodology of the cost-optimality for improving the indoor thermal environment during the warm season. Presentation of the method and application to a new multi-storey building in Berlin pp. 1529-1541 Downloads
Fabrizio Ascione, Olaf Böttcher, Robert Kaltenbrunner and Giuseppe Peter Vanoli
Energy and comfort in contemporary open plan and traditional personal offices pp. 1542-1555 Downloads
Sally Shahzad, John Brennan, Dimitris Theodossopoulos, Ben Hughes and John Kaiser Calautit
Exploring mutual shading and mutual reflection inter-building effects on building energy performance pp. 1556-1564 Downloads
Yilong Han, John E. Taylor and Anna Laura Pisello
Effects of wall configuration on building energy performance subject to different climatic zones of China pp. 1565-1573 Downloads
L.Y. Zhang, L.W. Jin, Z.N. Wang, J.Y. Zhang, X. Liu and L.H. Zhang
Office building cooling load reduction using thermal analysis method – A case study pp. 1574-1584 Downloads
Wan Iman Wan Mohd Nazi, Mohammad Royapoor, Yaodong Wang and Anthony Paul Roskilly
Experimental performance evaluation of solid concrete and dry insulation materials for passive buildings in hot and humid climatic conditions pp. 1585-1594 Downloads
Hassam Ur Rehman
Evaluation of the impacts of end-of-life management strategies for deconstruction of a high-rise concrete framed office building pp. 1595-1603 Downloads
C.K. Chau, J.M. Xu, T.M. Leung and W.Y. Ng
Simulation on the performance and free cooling potential of the thermosyphon mode in an integrated system of mechanical refrigeration and thermosyphon pp. 1604-1612 Downloads
Hainan Zhang, Shuangquan Shao, Hongbo Xu, Huiming Zou, Mingsheng Tang and Changqing Tian
Probabilistic approach for uncertainty-based optimal design of chiller plants in buildings pp. 1613-1624 Downloads
Qi Cheng, Shengwei Wang, Chengchu Yan and Fu Xiao
An analytical study of critical factors in residential cogeneration optimization pp. 1625-1632 Downloads
John Gelegenis and George Mavrotas
Rule based energy management strategy for a series–parallel plug-in hybrid electric bus optimized by dynamic programming pp. 1633-1643 Downloads
Jiankun Peng, Hongwen He and Rui Xiong
Investigating adaptive-ECMS with velocity forecast ability for hybrid electric vehicles pp. 1644-1653 Downloads
Chao Sun, Fengchun Sun and Hongwen He
Model predictive control for power management in a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with a hybrid energy storage system pp. 1654-1662 Downloads
Shuo Zhang, Rui Xiong and Fengchun Sun
An on-line predictive energy management strategy for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to counter the uncertain prediction of the driving cycle pp. 1663-1672 Downloads
Zeyu Chen, Rui Xiong, Chun Wang and Jiayi Cao
Active power regulation for large-scale wind farms through an efficient power plant model of electric vehicles pp. 1673-1683 Downloads
Mingshen Wang, Yunfei Mu, Hongjie Jia, Jianzhong Wu, Xiaodan Yu and Yan Qi
Simultaneous allocation of distributed energy resource using improved particle swarm optimization pp. 1684-1693 Downloads
Neeraj Kanwar, Nikhil Gupta, K.R. Niazi, Anil Swarnkar and R.C. Bansal
On the contribution of renewable energies for feeding a high altitude Smart Mini Grid pp. 1694-1701 Downloads
Stefania Proietti, Paolo Sdringola, Francesco Castellani, Davide Astolfi and Elisa Vuillermoz
A convex mathematical program for pump scheduling in a class of branched water networks pp. 1702-1711 Downloads
Gratien Bonvin, Sophie Demassey, Claude Le Pape, Nadia Maïzi, Vincent Mazauric and Alfredo Samperio
Dynamic modeling of natural gas quality within transport pipelines in presence of hydrogen injections pp. 1712-1723 Downloads
Giulio Guandalini, Paolo Colbertaldo and Stefano Campanari
Novel technique for electric stress reduction across ceramic disc insulators used in UHV AC and DC transmission systems pp. 1724-1731 Downloads
B. Subba Reddy and Alok Ranjan Verma
Productive efficiency in the iron and steel sector under state planning: The case of China and former Czechoslovakia in a comparative perspective pp. 1732-1743 Downloads
Hana Nielsen
Optimizing industries’ power generation assets on the electricity markets pp. 1744-1756 Downloads
Martin Coatalem, Vincent Mazauric, Le Pape-Gardeux, Claude and Nadia Maïzi
Incentivizing energy-efficient behavior at work: An empirical investigation using a natural field experiment on eco-driving pp. 1757-1768 Downloads
Dominik L. Schall and Alwine Mohnen
Modeling a hybrid methodology for evaluating and forecasting regional energy efficiency in China pp. 1769-1777 Downloads
Ming-Jia Li, Ya-Ling He and Wen-Quan Tao
An integrated approach to optimize moving average rules in the EUA futures market based on particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithms pp. 1778-1787 Downloads
Xiaojia Liu, Haizhong An, Lijun Wang and Xiaoliang Jia
Evolution of world crude oil market integration and diversification: A wavelet-based complex network perspective pp. 1788-1798 Downloads
Xiaoliang Jia, Haizhong An, Xiaoqi Sun, Xuan Huang and Lijun Wang
Do oil price asymmetric effects on the stock market persist in multiple time horizons? pp. 1799-1808 Downloads
Shupei Huang, Haizhong An, Xiangyun Gao and Xiaoqi Sun
Analyzing the penetration barriers of clean generation technologies in China’s power sector using a multi-region optimization model pp. 1809-1820 Downloads
Jingxuan Hui, Wenjia Cai, Can Wang and Minhua Ye
Response pattern of stock returns to international oil price shocks: From the perspective of China’s oil industrial chain pp. 1821-1831 Downloads
Qiming Li, Ke Cheng and Xiaoguang Yang
Study on the promotion of natural gas-fired electricity with energy market reform in China using a dynamic game-theoretic model pp. 1832-1839 Downloads
Ruijie Tian, Qi Zhang, Ge Wang, Hailong Li, Siyuan Chen, Yan Li and Yulu Tian
Quantifying the impacts of decarbonisation in China’s cement sector: A perspective from an integrated assessment approach pp. 1840-1848 Downloads
Nan Li, Ding Ma and Wenying Chen
The allowance mechanism of China’s carbon trading pilots: A comparative analysis with schemes in EU and California pp. 1849-1859 Downloads
Ling Xiong, Bo Shen, Shaozhou Qi, Lynn Price and Bin Ye
The role of multi-region integrated emissions trading scheme: A computable general equilibrium analysis pp. 1860-1868 Downloads
Xu Zhang, Tian-yu Qi, Xun-min Ou and Xi-liang Zhang
Study on the promotion impact of demand response on distributed PV penetration by using non-cooperative game theoretical analysis pp. 1869-1878 Downloads
Ge Wang, Qi Zhang, Hailong Li, Benjamin C. McLellan, Siyuan Chen, Yan Li and Yulu Tian
Suitable and optimal locations for implementing photovoltaic water pumping systems for grassland irrigation in China pp. 1879-1889 Downloads
P.E. Campana, S. Leduc, M. Kim, A. Olsson, J. Zhang, John Liu, F. Kraxner, I. McCallum, H. Li and J. Yan
Outline of principles for building scenarios – Transition toward more sustainable energy systems pp. 1890-1898 Downloads
Ziyi Wang, Ronald Wennersten and Qie Sun
Global zero emissions scenarios: The role of biomass energy with carbon capture and storage by forested land use pp. 1899-1906 Downloads
Koji Tokimatsu, Rieko Yasuoka and Masahiro Nishio
Indicative energy technology assessment of UK shale gas extraction pp. 1907-1918 Downloads
Geoffrey P. Hammond and O’Grady, Áine
A holistic low carbon city indicator framework for sustainable development pp. 1919-1930 Downloads
Sieting Tan, Jin Yang, Jinyue Yan, Chewtin Lee, Haslenda Hashim and Bin Chen
A Weighted Goal Programming model for planning sustainable development applied to Gulf Cooperation Council Countries pp. 1931-1939 Downloads
Raja Jayaraman, Cinzia Colapinto, Davide La Torre and Tufail Malik
Performance evaluation of large scale rock-pit seasonal thermal energy storage for application in underground mine ventilation pp. 1940-1947 Downloads
Ghoreishi-Madiseh, Seyed Ali, Agus P. Sasmito, Ferri P. Hassani and Leyla Amiri
Experimental study on crystallization process and prediction for the latent heat of ice slurry generation based sodium chloride solution pp. 1948-1953 Downloads
Shengchun Liu, Ling Hao, Zhiming Rao and Xingxing Zhang
Parallel finite element modelling of multi-physical processes in thermochemical energy storage devices pp. 1954-1964 Downloads
Wenqing Wang, Olaf Kolditz and Thomas Nagel
Assessment of adsorbate density models for numerical simulations of zeolite-based heat storage applications pp. 1965-1970 Downloads
Christoph Lehmann, Steffen Beckert, Roger Gläser, Olaf Kolditz and Thomas Nagel
Melting heat transfer characteristics of a composite phase change material fabricated by paraffin and metal foam pp. 1971-1983 Downloads
P. Zhang, Z.N. Meng, H. Zhu, Y.L. Wang and S.P. Peng
Thermal energy storage coupled with PV panels for demand side management of industrial building cooling loads pp. 1984-1993 Downloads
Alessia Arteconi, Eleonora Ciarrocchi, Quanwen Pan, Francesco Carducci, Gabriele Comodi, Fabio Polonara and Ruzhu Wang
Thermochemical storage performances of methane reforming with carbon dioxide in tubular and semi-cavity reactors heated by a solar dish system pp. 1994-2004 Downloads
Tao Yu, Qinyuan Yuan, Jianfeng Lu, Jing Ding and Yanling Lu
Experimental study on the performance of a ZEBRA battery based propulsion system for urban commercial vehicles pp. 2005-2018 Downloads
Ottorino Veneri, Clemente Capasso and Stanislao Patalano
Techno-economic analysis of photovoltaic battery systems and the influence of different consumer load profiles pp. 2019-2025 Downloads
Jochen Linssen, Peter Stenzel and Johannes Fleer
On-line battery state-of-charge estimation based on an integrated estimator pp. 2026-2032 Downloads
Yujie Wang, Chenbin Zhang and Zonghai Chen
Sensor fault detection and isolation for a lithium-ion battery pack in electric vehicles using adaptive extended Kalman filter pp. 2033-2044 Downloads
Zhentong Liu and Hongwen He
Simulation study of transfer characteristics for spacer-filled membrane distillation desalination modules pp. 2045-2057 Downloads
Hsuan Chang, Jian-An Hsu, Cheng-Liang Chang, Chii-Dong Ho and Tung-Wen Cheng
Assessment of direct contact membrane distillation under different configurations, velocities and membrane properties pp. 2058-2073 Downloads
Isam Janajreh, Dana Suwwan and Raed Hashaikeh
Theoretical analysis of ejector refrigeration system performance under overall modes pp. 2074-2084 Downloads
Weixiong Chen, Chaoyin Shi, Shuangping Zhang, Huiqiang Chen, Daotong Chong and Junjie Yan
Experimental investigation and theoretical analysis of heat pump systems with two different injection portholes compressors for electric vehicles pp. 2085-2093 Downloads
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Experimental investigation and feasibility analysis on a capillary radiant heating system based on solar and air source heat pump dual heat source pp. 2094-2105 Downloads
M. Zhao, Z.L. Gu, W.B. Kang, X. Liu, L.Y. Zhang, L.W. Jin and Q.L. Zhang
Proposal and analysis of a novel heat-driven absorption–compression refrigeration system at low temperatures pp. 2106-2116 Downloads
Yi Chen, Wei Han and Hongguang Jin
Integrated evaporator–condenser cascaded adsorption system for low temperature cooling using different working pairs pp. 2117-2126 Downloads
H.J. Dakkama, A. Elsayed, AL-Dadah, R.K., S.M. Mahmoud and P. Youssef
Experimental study on R32 leakage and diffusion characteristic of wall-mounted air conditioners under different operating conditions pp. 2127-2133 Downloads
Lizhi Jia, Wufeng Jin and Yan Zhang
Theoretical analysis of two coupling modes of a 300-Hz three-stage thermoacoustically driven cryocooler system at liquid nitrogen temperature range pp. 2134-2141 Downloads
Jingyuan Xu, Guoyao Yu, Limin Zhang, Wei Dai and Ercang Luo
Dynamic modelling for the hot blast stove pp. 2142-2150 Downloads
J. Zetterholm, X. Ji, B. Sundelin, P.M. Martin and C. Wang
Intensification of transesterification via sonication numerical simulation and sensitivity study pp. 2151-2159 Downloads
Isam Janajreh, Tala ElSamad and Mohammed Noorul Hussain
An experimental investigation into the ignition and combustion characteristics of single droplets of biochar water slurry fuels in air pp. 2160-2167 Downloads
Mingming Zhu, Zhezi Zhang, Yang Zhang, Pengfei Liu and Dongke Zhang
Numerical investigation on band-broadening characteristics of an ordered packed bed with novel particles pp. 2168-2180 Downloads
Long Li, Xiaohong Yan, Jian Yang and Qiuwang Wang
Simulation of real time particle deposition and removal processes on tubes by coupled numerical method pp. 2181-2193 Downloads
Zi-Xiang Tong, Ming-Jia Li, Ya-Ling He and Hou-Zhang Tan
Numerical study on combined natural and forced convection in the fully-developed turbulent region for a horizontal circular tube heated by non-uniform heat flux pp. 2194-2208 Downloads
Zhen Huang, Zeng-Yao Li and Wen-Quan Tao
TEOS/silane coupling agent composed double layers structure: A novel super-hydrophilic coating with controllable water contact angle value pp. 2209-2216 Downloads
Hu Yan, Wang Yuanhao and Yang Hongxing
Enhancement of the photoelectric performance in inverted bulk heterojunction solid solar cell with inorganic nanocrystals pp. 2217-2223 Downloads
Weiling Luan, Chengxi Zhang, Lingli Luo, Binxia Yuan, Lin Jin and Yong-Sang Kim
Computational optimization of catalyst distributions at the nano-scale pp. 2224-2231 Downloads
Henrik Ström
A diagnostic tool for detection of flow-regimes in a microchannel using transient wall temperature signal pp. 2232-2244 Downloads
Mrinal Jagirdar and Poh Seng Lee
Numerical calculation of particle movement in sound wave fields and experimental verification through high-speed photography pp. 2245-2250 Downloads
Dong Zhou, Zhongyang Luo, Mengxiang Fang, Mengshi Lu, Jianping Jiang, Hao Chen and Mingchun He

2017, volume 185, issue P1

Optimal design of energy conversion units and envelopes for residential building retrofits using a comprehensive MILP model pp. 1-15 Downloads
Thomas Schütz, Lutz Schiffer, Hassan Harb, Marcus Fuchs and Dirk Müller
Dynamic simulation of Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) plant with integrated thermal storage – Link between components performance and plant performance pp. 16-28 Downloads
Adriano Sciacovelli, Yongliang Li, Haisheng Chen, Yuting Wu, Jihong Wang, Seamus Garvey and Yulong Ding
Effects of intelligent strategy planning models on residential HVAC system energy demand and cost during the heating and cooling seasons pp. 29-43 Downloads
Nima Alibabaei, Alan S. Fung, Kaamran Raahemifar and Arash Moghimi
Impacts of optimal energy storage deployment and network reconfiguration on renewable integration level in distribution systems pp. 44-55 Downloads
Sérgio F. Santos, Desta Z. Fitiwi, Marco R.M. Cruz, Carlos M.P. Cabrita and João P.S. Catalão
Electricity markets evolution with the changing generation mix: An empirical analysis based on China 2050 High Renewable Energy Penetration Roadmap pp. 56-67 Downloads
Peng Zou, Qixin Chen, Yang Yu, Qing Xia and Chongqing Kang
Life cycle assessment of grid-connected power generation from metallurgical route multi-crystalline silicon photovoltaic system in China pp. 68-81 Downloads
Zhiqiang Yu, Wenhui Ma, Keqiang Xie, Guoqiang Lv, Zhengjie Chen, Jijun Wu and Jie Yu
Analysis of uncertainty indices used for building envelope calibration pp. 82-94 Downloads
Germán Ramos Ruiz and Carlos Fernández Bandera
PCM thermal storage design in buildings: Experimental studies and applications to solaria in cold climates pp. 95-106 Downloads
Francesco Guarino, Andreas Athienitis, Maurizio Cellura and Diane Bastien
Development of structural-functional integrated energy storage concrete with innovative macro-encapsulated PCM by hollow steel ball pp. 107-118 Downloads
Hongzhi Cui, Waiching Tang, Qinghua Qin, Feng Xing, Wenyu Liao and Haibo Wen
A regenerative concept for thermoelectric power generation pp. 119-125 Downloads
Shouyuan Huang and Xianfan Xu
Process performance and comparative metagenomic analysis during co-digestion of manure and lignocellulosic biomass for biogas production pp. 126-135 Downloads
P. Tsapekos, P.G. Kougias, L. Treu, S. Campanaro and I. Angelidaki
Experimental investigation of the effect of dynamic melting in a cylindrical shell-and-tube heat exchanger using water as PCM pp. 136-145 Downloads
Jaume Gasia, N.H. Steven Tay, Martin Belusko, Luisa F. Cabeza and Frank Bruno
Effect of steam and oil sludge ash additive on the products of oil sludge pyrolysis pp. 146-157 Downloads
Shuo Cheng, Yuhua Wang, Takahashi Fumitake, Tokimatsu Kouji, Aimin Li and Yoshikawa Kunio
Reliability assessment of distribution system with the integration of renewable distributed generation pp. 158-171 Downloads
T. Adefarati and R.C. Bansal
Optimisation and financial analysis of an organic Rankine cycle cooling system driven by facade integrated solar collectors pp. 172-182 Downloads
Dan Wu, Lu Aye, Tuan Ngo and Priyan Mendis
The nitrogen economy: Economic feasibility analysis of nitrogen-based fuels as energy carriers pp. 183-188 Downloads
Oren Elishav, Daniel R. Lewin, Gennady E. Shter and Gideon S. Grader
Examining the impacts of socioeconomic factors, urban form, and transportation networks on CO2 emissions in China’s megacities pp. 189-200 Downloads
Shaojian Wang, Xiaoping Liu, Chunshan Zhou, Jincan Hu and Jinpei Ou
Testing and modelling of a novel oil-free co-rotating scroll machine with water injection pp. 201-213 Downloads
Luis Carlos Mendoza, Sylvain Lemofouet and Jürg Schiffmann
Pyrolysis process of agricultural waste using CO2 for waste management, energy recovery, and biochar fabrication pp. 214-222 Downloads
Jechan Lee, Xiao Yang, Seong-Heon Cho, Jae-Kon Kim, Sang Soo Lee, Daniel C.W. Tsang, Yong Sik Ok and Eilhann E. Kwon
Power output analysis and optimization of two straight-bladed vertical-axis wind turbines pp. 223-232 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Ching-Ying Chen, Chun-Yen Huang and Chii-Jong Hwang
Design and experimental test of refractive secondary optics on the electrical performance of a 3-junction cell used in CPV systems pp. 233-243 Downloads
Massimiliano Renzi, Luca Cioccolanti, Giorgio Barazza, Lorenzo Egidi and Gabriele Comodi
Hamiltonian analysis of a hydro-energy generation system in the transient of sudden load increasing pp. 244-253 Downloads
Huanhuan Li, Diyi Chen, Hao Zhang, Changzhi Wu and Xiangyu Wang
Short-term power load probability density forecasting method using kernel-based support vector quantile regression and Copula theory pp. 254-266 Downloads
Yaoyao He, Rui Liu, Haiyan Li, Shuo Wang and Xiaofen Lu
A modeling and simulation framework for the reliability/availability assessment of a power transmission grid subject to cascading failures under extreme weather conditions pp. 267-279 Downloads
Francesco Cadini, Gian Luca Agliardi and Enrico Zio
Examination of the optimal operation of building scale combined heat and power systems under disparate climate and GHG emissions rates pp. 280-293 Downloads
B. Howard and V. Modi
A study on heat absorbing and vapor generating characteristics of H2O/LiBr mixture in an evacuated tube pp. 294-299 Downloads
Guansheng Chen, Chongchong Liu, Nanshuo Li and Feng Li
Research and application of over-expansion cycle (Atkinson and Miller) engines – A review pp. 300-319 Downloads
Jinxing Zhao
Model-based techno-economic evaluation of an electricity storage system based on Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers pp. 320-330 Downloads
Martin Eypasch, Michael Schimpe, Aastha Kanwar, Tobias Hartmann, Simon Herzog, Torsten Frank and Thomas Hamacher
A Hybrid Signature-based Iterative Disaggregation algorithm for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring pp. 331-344 Downloads
A. Cominola, M. Giuliani, D. Piga, A. Castelletti and A.E. Rizzoli
Multi-objective design and operation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Triple Combined-cycle Power Generation systems: Integrating energy efficiency and operational safety pp. 345-361 Downloads
Mahdi Sharifzadeh, Mojtaba Meghdari and Davood Rashtchian
Enhancing the energetic efficiency of MDEA/PZ-based CO2 capture technology for a 650MW power plant: Process improvement pp. 362-375 Downloads
Bin Zhao, Fangzheng Liu, Zheng Cui, Changjun Liu, Hairong Yue, Siyang Tang, Yingying Liu, Houfang Lu and Bin Liang
Recent insights into continuous-flow biodiesel production via catalytic and non-catalytic transesterification processes pp. 376-409 Downloads
Dang-Thuan Tran, Jo-Shu Chang and Duu-Jong Lee
Microbial electrolysis cells for hydrogen production and urban wastewater treatment: A case study of Saudi Arabia pp. 410-420 Downloads
M.Z. Khan, A.S. Nizami, M. Rehan, O.K.M. Ouda, S. Sultana, I.M. Ismail and K. Shahzad
Should China focus on the distributed development of wind and solar photovoltaic power generation? A comparative study pp. 421-439 Downloads
Bing Sun, Yixin Yu and Chao Qin
Disturbance analysis of a free-piston engine generator using a validated fast-response numerical model pp. 440-451 Downloads
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Rapid detection of the positive side reactions in vanadium flow batteries pp. 452-462 Downloads
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Investigation on energy storage and quick load change control of subcritical circulating fluidized bed boiler units pp. 463-471 Downloads
Mingming Gao, Feng Hong and Jizhen Liu
An experimental investigation of the effects of cyclic transient loads on a turbocharged diesel engine pp. 472-481 Downloads
Kevin Koosup Yum, Nicolas Lefebvre and Eilif Pedersen
Development of a three-step hybrid simulation approach (THSA) for engine combustion investigation coupled with a multistep phenomenon soot model and energy balance analysis pp. 482-496 Downloads
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Analysis of factors affecting productivity and costs for a high-performance chip supply system pp. 497-505 Downloads
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Numerical study on steam injection in a turbocompound diesel engine for waste heat recovery pp. 506-518 Downloads
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Ignition and combustion characteristics of n-pentanol–diesel blends in a constant volume chamber pp. 519-530 Downloads
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An analytical optimization of thermal energy storage for electricity cost reduction in solar thermal electric plants pp. 531-546 Downloads
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Waste cooking oil-to-energy under incomplete information: Identifying policy options through an evolutionary game pp. 547-555 Downloads
Huiming Zhang, Zhidong Xu, Dequn Zhou and Jie Cao
A multi-region load dispatch model for the long-term optimum planning of China’s electricity sector pp. 556-572 Downloads
Zheng Guo, Rui Cheng, Zhaofeng Xu, Pei Liu, Zhe Wang, Zheng Li, Ian Jones and Yong Sun
Experimental study on ceiling gas temperature and flame performances of two buoyancy-controlled propane burners located in a tunnel pp. 573-581 Downloads
Huaxian Wan, Zihe Gao, Jie Ji, Kaiyuan Li, Jinhua Sun and Yongming Zhang
Performance enhancement of microbial fuel cell by applying transient-state regulation pp. 582-588 Downloads
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A comprehensive model for analysis of real-time optical performance of a solar power tower with a multi-tube cavity receiver pp. 589-603 Downloads
Yu Qiu, Ya-Ling He, Peiwen Li and Bao-Cun Du
Air emissions perspective on energy efficiency: An empirical analysis of China’s coastal areas pp. 604-614 Downloads
Quande Qin, Xin Li, Li Li, Wei Zhen and Yi-Ming Wei
New evidence of environmental efficiency on the export performance pp. 615-626 Downloads
Tomoyuki Sakamoto and Shunsuke Managi
On the utility death spiral and the impact of utility rate structures on the adoption of residential solar photovoltaics and energy storage pp. 627-641 Downloads
Nicholas D. Laws, Brenden P. Epps, Steven O. Peterson, Mark S. Laser and G. Kamau Wanjiru
Electricity from wetlands: Tubular plant microbial fuels with silicone gas-diffusion biocathodes pp. 642-649 Downloads
Koen Wetser, Kim Dieleman, Cees Buisman and David Strik
Multi-microgrids approach for design and operation of future distribution networks based on novel technical indices pp. 650-663 Downloads
Hossein Haddadian and Reza Noroozian
Vibration and acoustic characteristics of a city-car engine fueled with biodiesel blends pp. 664-670 Downloads
Giancarlo Chiatti, Ornella Chiavola and Fulvio Palmieri
An estimation of the effect of carbon pricing for CO2 mitigation in China’s cement industry pp. 671-686 Downloads
Xianbing Liu, Yongbin Fan and Can Wang
Energy-efficient biogas reforming process to produce syngas: The enhanced methane conversion by O2 pp. 687-697 Downloads
Xuejing Chen, Jianguo Jiang, Kaimin Li, Sicong Tian and Feng Yan
Is microbial fuel cell technology ready? An economic answer towards industrial commercialization pp. 698-707 Downloads
Juan R. Trapero, Laura Horcajada, Jose J. Linares and Justo Lobato
Optical study of spray-wall impingement impact on early-injection gasoline partially premixed combustion at low engine load pp. 708-719 Downloads
Qinglong Tang, Haifeng Liu, Mingkun Li and Mingfa Yao
Worldwide trends on encapsulation of phase change materials: A bibliometric analysis (1990–2015) pp. 720-731 Downloads
Alptug Yataganbaba, Bengi Ozkahraman and Irfan Kurtbas
Approaches for the optimized control of solar thermally driven cooling systems pp. 732-744 Downloads
Björn Nienborg, Antoine Dalibard, Lena Schnabel and Ursula Eicker
Considering economic and geological uncertainty in the simulation of realistic investment decisions for CO2-EOR projects in the North Sea pp. 745-761 Downloads
Kris Welkenhuysen, Jort Rupert, Tine Compernolle, Andrea Ramirez, Rudy Swennen and Kris Piessens
Effects of sodium chloride on the thermal behavior of oxalic acid dihydrate for thermal energy storage pp. 762-767 Downloads
Lipeng Han, Shaolei Xie, Shang Liu, Jinhe Sun, Yongzhong Jia and Yan Jing
Energy quality factor of materials conversion and energy quality reference system pp. 768-778 Downloads
Danxing Zheng, Zhaohui Wu, Weijia Huang and Youhui Chen
Exploring utility organization electricity generation, residential electricity consumption, and energy efficiency: A climatic approach pp. 779-790 Downloads
Christopher A. Craig and Song Feng
An experimental and theoretical study on an injection-assisted air-conditioner using R32 in the refrigeration cycle pp. 791-804 Downloads
Dehu Qv, Bingbing Dong, Lin Cao, Long Ni, Jijin Wang, Runxin Shang and Yang Yao
Streamlined life cycle analysis for assessing energy and exergy performance as well as impact on the climate for landfill gas utilization technologies pp. 805-813 Downloads
Christian Friesenhan, Ion Agirre, Ludger Eltrop and Pedro L. Arias
Modelling of SOEC-FT reactor: Pressure effects on methanation process pp. 814-824 Downloads
Bin Chen, Haoran Xu and Meng Ni
A dynamic programming approach for modeling low-carbon fuel technology adoption considering learning-by-doing effect pp. 825-835 Downloads
Yuche Chen, Yunteng Zhang, Yueyue Fan, Kejia Hu and Jianyou Zhao
Thermochemical energy storage by consecutive reactions for higher efficient concentrated solar power plants (CSP): Proof of concept pp. 836-845 Downloads
Luisa F. Cabeza, Aran Solé, Xavier Fontanet, Camila Barreneche, Aleix Jové, Manuel Gallas, Cristina Prieto and A. Inés Fernández
Data partitioning and association mining for identifying VRF energy consumption patterns under various part loads and refrigerant charge conditions pp. 846-861 Downloads
Guannan Li, Yunpeng Hu, Huanxin Chen, Haorong Li, Min Hu, Yabin Guo, Jiangyan Liu, Shaobo Sun and Miao Sun
Multi-criteria ranking of energy generation scenarios with Monte Carlo simulation pp. 862-871 Downloads
Tomas Baležentis and Dalia Streimikiene
Feasibility study of energy storage by concentrating/desalinating water: Concentrated Water Energy Storage pp. 872-884 Downloads
Wei He and Jihong Wang
Demand-driven biogas production in anaerobic filters pp. 885-894 Downloads
Andreas Lemmer and Johannes Krümpel
A conceptual framework for the analysis of the effect of institutions on biofuel supply chains pp. 895-915 Downloads
J.A. Moncada, Z. Lukszo, M. Junginger, A. Faaij and M. Weijnen
Prediction of storage efficiency on CO2 sequestration in deep saline aquifers using artificial neural network pp. 916-928 Downloads
Youngmin Kim, Hochang Jang, Junggyun Kim and Jeonghwan Lee
Biological hydrogen promotion via integrated fermentation of complex agro-industrial wastes pp. 929-938 Downloads
Mohamed Soltan, Mohamed Elsamadony and Ahmed Tawfik
Distributed EMPC of multiple microgrids for coordinated stochastic energy management pp. 939-952 Downloads
Peng Kou, Deliang Liang and Lin Gao
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