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Volume 181, issue C, 2016

Coupled electrochemical thermal modelling of a novel Li-ion battery pack thermal management system pp. 1-13 Downloads
Suman Basu, Krishnan S. Hariharan, Subramanya Mayya Kolake, Taewon Song, Dong Kee Sohn and Taejung Yeo
Multidisciplinary design optimization of the diesel particulate filter in the composite regeneration process pp. 14-28 Downloads
Bin Zhang, Jiaqiang E, Jinke Gong, Wenhua Yuan, Wei Zuo, Yu Li and Jun Fu
Experimental investigation on a MnCl2CaCl2NH3 resorption system for heat and refrigeration cogeneration pp. 29-37 Downloads
F.Q. Zhu, L. Jiang, L.W. Wang and R.Z. Wang
Lifecycle optimized ethanol-gasoline blends for turbocharged engines pp. 38-53 Downloads
Bo Zhang and S. Mani Sarathy
Hydrogen mobility from wind energy – A life cycle assessment focusing on the fuel supply pp. 54-64 Downloads
Jörg Burkhardt, Andreas Patyk, Philippe Tanguy and Carsten Retzke
Investigating the collector efficiency of silver nanofluids based direct absorption solar collectors pp. 65-74 Downloads
Meijie Chen, Yurong He, Jiaqi Zhu and Dongsheng Wen
Effects of plate electrode materials on hydrogen production by pulsed discharge in ethanol solution pp. 75-82 Downloads
Yanbin Xin, Bing Sun, Xiaomei Zhu, Zhiyu Yan, Hui Liu and Yongjun Liu
A linear programming model for power distribution with demand response and variable renewable energy pp. 83-95 Downloads
Frédéric Babonneau, Michael Caramanis and Alain Haurie
Energy, environmental and economic impact of mini-sized and zero-emission vehicle diffusion on a light-duty vehicle fleet pp. 96-109 Downloads
Juan C. González Palencia, Mikiya Araki and Seiichi Shiga
Impact of torrefaction on the composition, structure and reactivity of a microalga residue pp. 110-119 Downloads
Yun-Chun Chen, Wei-Hsin Chen, Bo-Jhih Lin, Jo-Shu Chang and Hwai Chyuan Ong
Technical and economic assessment of the secondary use of repurposed electric vehicle batteries in the residential sector to support solar energy pp. 120-131 Downloads
André Assunção, Pedro S. Moura and Aníbal T. de Almeida
A theoretical investigation of the effects of the low-temperature reforming products on the combustion of n-heptane in an HCCI engine and a constant volume vessel pp. 132-139 Downloads
Yang Wang, Lixia Wei and Mingfa Yao
Quantifying the operational flexibility of building energy systems with thermal energy storages pp. 140-154 Downloads
Sebastian Stinner, Kristian Huchtemann and Dirk Müller
Characterizing the performance of a single-screw expander in a small-scale organic Rankine cycle for waste heat recovery pp. 155-170 Downloads
D. Ziviani, S. Gusev, S. Lecompte, E.A. Groll, J.E. Braun, W.T. Horton, M. van den Broek and M. De Paepe
Effects of pungency degree on mesophilic anaerobic digestion of kitchen waste pp. 171-178 Downloads
Yangyang Li, Yiying Jin, Jinhui Li, Hailong Li and Zhixin Yu
Heat transfer in hcci phenomenological simulation models: A review pp. 179-209 Downloads
N.P. Komninos and C.D. Rakopoulos
The benefits of flexibility: The value of wind energy with hydropower pp. 210-223 Downloads
Lion Hirth
Amplified charge and discharge rates in phase change materials for energy storage using spatially-enhanced thermal conductivity pp. 224-231 Downloads
Lien Chin Wei and Jonathan A. Malen
Thermochemical performance of carbon nanotubes based hybrid materials for MgO/H2O/Mg(OH)2 chemical heat pumps pp. 232-243 Downloads
E. Mastronardo, L. Bonaccorsi, Y. Kato, E. Piperopoulos, M. Lanza and C. Milone
A high-resolution assessment of wind and wave energy potentials in the Red Sea pp. 244-255 Downloads
Sabique Langodan, Yesubabu Viswanadhapalli, Hari Prasad Dasari, Omar Knio and Ibrahim Hoteit
Experimental investigation and modeling of a hermetic scroll expander pp. 256-267 Downloads
Fadhel Ayachi, Elias Boulawz Ksayer, Pierre Neveu and Assaad Zoughaib
Optimization of dual-loop exhaust gas recirculation splitting for a light-duty diesel engine with model-based control pp. 268-277 Downloads
Jungsoo Park and Jungwook Choi
Investigation of soot formation of spark-ignited ethanol-blended gasoline sprays with single- and multi-component base fuels pp. 278-287 Downloads
Michael Storch, Matthias Koegl, Michael Altenhoff, Stefan Will and Lars Zigan
Aggregate modeling of fast-acting demand response and control under real-time pricing pp. 288-298 Downloads
David P. Chassin and Daniel Rondeau
Experimental and modeling analyses of scaling criteria for methane hydrate dissociation in sediment by depressurization pp. 299-309 Downloads
Yi Wang, Jing-Chun Feng, Xiao-Sen Li and Yu Zhang
Characterization of granular phase change materials for thermal energy storage applications in fluidized beds pp. 310-321 Downloads
M.A. Izquierdo-Barrientos, C. Sobrino, J.A. Almendros-Ibáñez, C. Barreneche, N. Ellis and L.F. Cabeza
A skeletal mechanism modeling on soot emission characteristics for biodiesel surrogates with varying fatty acid methyl esters proportion pp. 322-331 Downloads
Jiaqiang E, Teng Liu, Wenming Yang, Yuanwang Deng and Jinke Gong
Enhanced online model identification and state of charge estimation for lithium-ion battery with a FBCRLS based observer pp. 332-341 Downloads
Zhongbao Wei, Shujuan Meng, Binyu Xiong, Dongxu Ji and King Jet Tseng
Comparison of compressed air energy storage process in aquifers and caverns based on the Huntorf CAES plant pp. 342-356 Downloads
Chaobin Guo, Lehua Pan, Keni Zhang, Curtis M. Oldenburg, Cai Li and Yi Li
An exhaustive experimental study of a novel air-water based thermoelectric cooling unit pp. 357-366 Downloads
Hamed Sadighi Dizaji, Samad Jafarmadar, Shahram Khalilarya and Amin Moosavi
Prediction of diffuse solar irradiance using machine learning and multivariable regression pp. 367-374 Downloads
Siwei Lou, Danny H.W. Li, Joseph C. Lam and Wilco W.H. Chan
An improved differential evolution algorithm for the economic load dispatch problems with or without valve-point effects pp. 375-390 Downloads
Dexuan Zou, Steven Li, Gai-Ge Wang, Zongyan Li and Haibin Ouyang
Compression ignition of low-octane gasoline: Life cycle energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions pp. 391-398 Downloads
Han Hao, Feiqi Liu, Zongwei Liu and Fuquan Zhao
Theoretical and experimental demonstration of minimizing self-excited thermoacoustic oscillations by applying anti-sound technique pp. 399-407 Downloads
Shen Li, Qiangtian Li, Lin Tang, Bin Yang, Jianqin Fu, C.A. Clarke, Xiao Jin, C.Z. Ji and He Zhao
Syngas evolutionary behavior during chicken manure pyrolysis and air gasification pp. 408-415 Downloads
K.G. Burra, M.S. Hussein, R.S. Amano and A.K. Gupta
Investigating the implications of a new-build hybrid power system for Roll-on/Roll-off cargo ships from a sustainability perspective – A life cycle assessment case study pp. 416-434 Downloads
Janie Ling-Chin and Anthony P. Roskilly
Energy infrastructure modeling for the oil sands industry: Current situation pp. 435-445 Downloads
Edoardo Filippo Lazzaroni, Mohamed Elsholkami, Itai Arbiv, Emanuele Martelli, Ali Elkamel and Michael Fowler
On the adoption of carbon dioxide thermodynamic cycles for nuclear power conversion: A case study applied to Mochovce 3 Nuclear Power Plant pp. 446-463 Downloads
Lorenzo Santini, Carlo Accornero and Andrea Cioncolini
Optimisation of experimental operation of borehole thermal energy storage pp. 464-476 Downloads
Nada Rapantova, Pavel Pospisil, Jiri Koziorek, Petr Vojcinak, David Grycz and Zdenek Rozehnal
A model for the performance assessment of hybrid coolers by means of transient numerical simulation pp. 477-494 Downloads
D’Antoni, M., D. Romeli and R. Fedrizzi
A comprehensive review on energy efficiency enhancement initiatives in centrifugal pumping system pp. 495-513 Downloads
Vishnu Kalaiselvan Arun Shankar, Subramaniam Umashankar, Shanmugam Paramasivam and Norbert Hanigovszki
Economic-energy-environment analysis of prospective sugarcane bioethanol production in Brazil pp. 514-526 Downloads
Ariovaldo Lopes de Carvalho, Carlos Henggeler Antunes and Fausto Freire
A multi-objective optimization approach to optimal sensor location problem in IGCC power plants pp. 527-539 Downloads
Pallabi Sen, Kinnar Sen and Urmila M. Diwekar
Strategy-making for a proactive distribution company in the real-time market with demand response pp. 540-548 Downloads
Chunyu Zhang, Qi Wang, Jianhui Wang, Magnus Korpås and Mohammad E. Khodayar
Enhanced thermal energy supply via central solar heating plants with seasonal storage: A multi-objective optimization approach pp. 549-561 Downloads
Victor Tulus, Dieter Boer, Luisa F. Cabeza, Laureano Jiménez and Gonzalo Guillén-Gosálbez
Cascade thermochemical storage with internal condensation heat recovery for better energy and exergy efficiencies pp. 562-574 Downloads
N’Tsoukpoe, Kokouvi Edem, Thomas Osterland, Oliver Opel and Wolfgang K.L. Ruck
Experimental investigation of a ground-coupled desiccant assisted air conditioning system pp. 575-585 Downloads
Arne Speerforck and Gerhard Schmitz

Volume 180, issue C, 2016

Optimal day-ahead scheduling of integrated urban energy systems pp. 1-13 Downloads
Xiaolong Jin, Yunfei Mu, Hongjie Jia, Jianzhong Wu, Xiandong Xu and Xiaodan Yu
Reducing cell-to-cell spacing for large-format lithium ion battery modules with aluminum or PCM heat sinks under failure conditions pp. 14-26 Downloads
Brittany Coleman, Jason Ostanek and John Heinzel
Numerical investigation of dust pollution on a solar photovoltaic (PV) system mounted on an isolated building pp. 27-36 Downloads
Hao Lu, Lin Lu and Yuanhao Wang
Implications of high-penetration renewables for ratepayers and utilities in the residential solar photovoltaic (PV) market pp. 37-51 Downloads
Samantha A. Janko, Michael R. Arnold and Nathan G. Johnson
Cold start idle emissions from a modern Tier-4 turbo-charged diesel engine fueled with diesel-biodiesel, diesel-biodiesel-ethanol, and diesel-biodiesel-diethyl ether blends pp. 52-65 Downloads
Murari Mohon Roy, Jorge Calder, Wilson Wang, Arvind Mangad and Fernando Cezar Mariano Diniz
How much electricity can we save by using direct current circuits in homes? Understanding the potential for electricity savings and assessing feasibility of a transition towards DC powered buildings pp. 66-75 Downloads
Brock Glasgo, Inês Lima Azevedo and Chris Hendrickson
The novel use of phase change materials in an open type refrigerated display cabinet: A theoretical investigation pp. 76-85 Downloads
F.A. Alzuwaid, Y.T. Ge, S.A. Tassou and J. Sun
Mixture preparation and combustion in a GDI engine under stoichiometric or lean charge: an experimental and numerical study on an optically accessible engine pp. 86-103 Downloads
M. Costa, F. Catapano, P. Sementa, U. Sorge and B.M. Vaglieco
Effect of the separated overfire air location on the combustion optimization and NOx reduction of a 600MWe FW down-fired utility boiler with a novel combustion system pp. 104-115 Downloads
Lun Ma, Qingyan Fang, Peng Tan, Cheng Zhang, Gang Chen, Dangzhen Lv, Xuenong Duan and Yiping Chen
Synthesis and thermal properties of the MA/HDPE composites with nano-additives as form-stable PCM with improved thermal conductivity pp. 116-129 Downloads
Yaojie Tang, Di Su, Xiang Huang, Guruprasad Alva, Lingkun Liu and Guiyin Fang
Estimating the benefits of cooperation in a residential microgrid: A data-driven approach pp. 130-141 Downloads
Alexander Rieger, Robert Thummert, Gilbert Fridgen, Micha Kahlen and Wolfgang Ketter
Embodied carbon dioxide of network assets in a decarbonised electricity grid pp. 142-154 Downloads
Laura Daniels, Phil Coker and Ben Potter
Multi-objective optimization control of plug-in electric vehicles in low voltage distribution networks pp. 155-168 Downloads
J. García-Villalobos, I. Zamora, K. Knezović and M. Marinelli
Effect of exhaust gas recirculation on advanced diesel combustion and alternate fuels - A review pp. 169-184 Downloads
J. Thangaraja and C. Kannan
Probabilistic assessment of shale gas production and water demand at Xiuwu Basin in China pp. 185-195 Downloads
Youqin Zou, Changbing Yang, Daishe Wu, Chun Yan, Masun Zeng, Yingying Lan and Zhenxue Dai
Quantifying the role of vehicle size, powertrain technology, activity and consumer behaviour on new UK passenger vehicle fleet energy use and emissions under different policy objectives pp. 196-212 Downloads
Justin D.K. Bishop, Niall P.D. Martin and Adam M. Boies
Research and application of a hybrid model based on multi-objective optimization for electrical load forecasting pp. 213-233 Downloads
Liye Xiao, Wei Shao, Chen Wang, Kequan Zhang and Haiyan Lu
Experimental investigation of an open thermochemical process operating with a hydrate salt for thermal storage of solar energy: Local reactive bed evolution pp. 234-244 Downloads
Benoit Michel, Nathalie Mazet and Pierre Neveu
Study of particulate matter and gaseous emissions in gasoline direct injection engine using on-board exhaust gas fuel reforming pp. 245-255 Downloads
M. Bogarra, J.M. Herreros, A. Tsolakis, A.P.E. York and P.J. Millington
Economic and environmental impacts of providing renewable energy for electric vehicle charging – A choice experiment study pp. 256-268 Downloads
Ian Andrew Nienhueser and Yueming Qiu
Water vapor pressure over molten KH2PO4 and demonstration of water electrolysis at ∼300°C pp. 269-275 Downloads
R.W. Berg, A.V. Nikiforov, I.M. Petrushina and N.J. Bjerrum
Night sky cooling for concentrating solar power plants pp. 276-286 Downloads
Ana Dyreson and Franklin Miller
Quantifying the costs of a rapid transition to electric vehicles pp. 287-300 Downloads
Jenny Riesz, Claire Sotiriadis, Daisy Ambach and Stuart Donovan
Fischer–tropsch diesel production and evaluation as alternative automotive fuel in pilot-scale integrated biomass-to-liquid process pp. 301-312 Downloads
Young-Doo Kim, Chang-Won Yang, Beom-Jong Kim, Ji-Hong Moon, Jae-Yong Jeong, Soo-Hwa Jeong, See-Hoon Lee, Jae-Ho Kim, Myung-Won Seo, Sang-Bong Lee, Jae-Kon Kim and Uen-Do Lee
Mixed integer linear programming for the design of solar thermal energy systems with short-term storage pp. 313-326 Downloads
Akomeno Omu, Shanshan Hsieh and Kristina Orehounig
Life cycle assessment of onshore and offshore wind energy-from theory to application pp. 327-337 Downloads
Alexandra Bonou, Alexis Laurent and Stig I. Olsen
Development of a technology roadmap for bioenergy exploitation including biofuels, waste-to-energy and power generation & CHP pp. 338-352 Downloads
Miguel Angel Gonzalez-Salazar, Mauro Venturini, Witold-Roger Poganietz, Matthias Finkenrath, Trevor Kirsten, Helmer Acevedo and Pier Ruggero Spina
Performance of a vanadium redox flow battery with a VANADion membrane pp. 353-359 Downloads
X.L. Zhou, T.S. Zhao, L. An, Y.K. Zeng and X.B. Zhu
State-of-health monitoring of lithium-ion battery modules and packs via incremental capacity peak tracking pp. 360-368 Downloads
Caihao Weng, Xuning Feng, Jing Sun and Huei Peng
Hydrodynamic changes imposed by tidal energy converters on extracting energy on a real case scenario pp. 369-385 Downloads
A. Pacheco and Ó. Ferreira
Copper nanoparticle-deposited graphite felt electrodes for all vanadium redox flow batteries pp. 386-391 Downloads
L. Wei, T.S. Zhao, L. Zeng, X.L. Zhou and Y.K. Zeng
Forecasting the daily power output of a grid-connected photovoltaic system based on multivariate adaptive regression splines pp. 392-401 Downloads
Yanting Li, Yong He, Yan Su and Lianjie Shu
The influence of waves on the tidal kinetic energy resource at a tidal stream energy site pp. 402-415 Downloads
Nicolas Guillou, Georges Chapalain and Simon P. Neill
Carbon footprint accounting of a typical wind farm in China pp. 416-423 Downloads
Shiyu Ji and Bin Chen
Co-estimation of state-of-charge, capacity and resistance for lithium-ion batteries based on a high-fidelity electrochemical model pp. 424-434 Downloads
Linfeng Zheng, Lei Zhang, Jianguo Zhu, Guoxiu Wang and Jiuchun Jiang
Dynamic modeling of a liquid desiccant dehumidifier pp. 435-445 Downloads
Xian Li, Shuai Liu, Kok Kiong Tan, Qing-Guo Wang, Wen-Jian Cai and Lihua Xie
Primary energy savings in desiccant and evaporative cooling-assisted 100% outdoor air system combined with a fuel cell pp. 446-456 Downloads
Min-Hwi Kim, Hae-Won Dong, Joon-Young Park and Jae-Weon Jeong
Energy efficient sorption enhanced-chemical looping methane reforming process for high-purity H2 production: Experimental proof-of-concept pp. 457-471 Downloads
Andy Antzara, Eleni Heracleous and Angeliki A. Lemonidou
A simulation framework for prediction of thermoelectric generator system performance pp. 472-482 Downloads
Olle Högblom and Ronnie Andersson
Biological biogas upgrading capacity of a hydrogenotrophic community in a trickle-bed reactor pp. 483-490 Downloads
Lydia Rachbauer, Gregor Voitl, Günther Bochmann and Werner Fuchs
A Technology Selection and Operation (TSO) optimisation model for distributed energy systems: Mathematical formulation and case study pp. 491-503 Downloads
Dagoberto Cedillos Alvarado, Salvador Acha, Nilay Shah and Christos N. Markides
Experimental and simulated temperature variations in a LiFePO4-20Ah battery during discharge process pp. 504-515 Downloads
S. Panchal, I. Dincer, M. Agelin-Chaab, R. Fraser and M. Fowler
Comprehensive method for analyzing the power conversion efficiency of organic solar cells under different spectral irradiances considering both photonic and electrical characteristics pp. 516-523 Downloads
Kok-Keong Chong, Petr P. Khlyabich, Kai-Jeat Hong, Marcos Reyes-Martinez, Barry P. Rand and Yueh-Lin Loo
Comparing demand response and battery storage to optimize self-consumption in PV systems pp. 524-535 Downloads
Guido Lorenzi and Carlos Augusto Santos Silva
Application of TOPSIS method in evaluating the effects of supply vane angle of a task/ambient air conditioning system on energy utilization and thermal comfort pp. 536-545 Downloads
Ning Mao, Mengjie Song and Shiming Deng
Low temperature techniques for natural gas purification and LNG production: An energy and exergy analysis pp. 546-559 Downloads
Margaret Baccanelli, Stefano Langé, Matteo V. Rocco, Laura A. Pellegrini and Emanuela Colombo
Green signalling effects in the market for energy-efficient residential buildings pp. 560-571 Downloads
Franz Fuerst, Elias Oikarinen and Oskari Harjunen
Influence of spatially variable ground heat flux on closed-loop geothermal systems: Line source model with nonhomogeneous Cauchy-type top boundary conditions pp. 572-585 Downloads
Jaime A. Rivera, Philipp Blum and Peter Bayer
Embodied energy and cost of high temperature thermal energy storage systems for use with concentrated solar power plants pp. 586-597 Downloads
Rhys Jacob, Martin Belusko, A. Inés Fernández, Luisa F. Cabeza, Wasim Saman and Frank Bruno
Microscopic characterization of isooctane spray in the near field under flash boiling condition pp. 598-606 Downloads
Ziman Wang, Bo Wang, Changzhao Jiang, Hongming Xu and Tawfik Badawy
Solar PV integration cost variation due to array orientation and geographic location in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas pp. 607-616 Downloads
Thomas A. Deetjen, Jared B. Garrison, Joshua D. Rhodes and Michael E. Webber
Sensitivity to the use of 3DVAR data assimilation in a mesoscale model for estimating offshore wind energy potential. A case study of the Iberian northern coastline pp. 617-627 Downloads
Alain Ulazia, Jon Saenz and Gabriel Ibarra-Berastegui
Experiment investigation of a two-stage thermoelectric cooler under current pulse operation pp. 628-636 Downloads
Shumin Lin, Ming Ma, Jun Wang and Jianlin Yu
Steam-treated wood pellets: Environmental and financial implications relative to fossil fuels and conventional pellets for electricity generation pp. 637-649 Downloads
Jon McKechnie, Brad Saville and Heather L. MacLean
Individual trip chain distributions for passenger cars: Implications for market acceptance of battery electric vehicles and energy consumption by plug-in hybrid electric vehicles pp. 650-660 Downloads
Xiaoyi He, Ye Wu, Shaojun Zhang, Michael A. Tamor, Timothy J. Wallington, Wei Shen, Weijian Han, Lixin Fu and Jiming Hao
Fungal pretreatment of rice straw with Pleurotus ostreatus and Trichoderma reesei to enhance methane production under solid-state anaerobic digestion pp. 661-671 Downloads
Ahmed M. Mustafa, Tjalfe G. Poulsen and Kuichuan Sheng
Operational scheduling of microgrids via parametric programming pp. 672-681 Downloads
Evar Chinedu Umeozor and Milana Trifkovic
Energy-related CO2 emission in European Union agriculture: Driving forces and possibilities for reduction pp. 682-694 Downloads
Tianxiang Li, Tomas Baležentis, Daiva Makutėnienė, Dalia Streimikiene and Irena Kriščiukaitienė
Behaviour of a SPD switchable glazing in an outdoor test cell with heat removal under varying weather conditions pp. 695-706 Downloads
Aritra Ghosh, Brian Norton and Aidan Duffy
Power cycles for waste heat recovery from medium to high temperature flue gas sources – from a view of thermodynamic optimization pp. 707-721 Downloads
Chengyu Li and Huaixin Wang
Calcium looping sorbents for CO2 capture pp. 722-742 Downloads
María Erans, Vasilije Manovic and Edward J. Anthony
Optimization design and economic analyses of heat recovery exchangers on rotary kilns pp. 743-756 Downloads
Qian Yin, Wen-Jing Du, Xing-Lin Ji and Lin Cheng
A review of cell-scale multiphase flow modeling, including water management, in polymer electrolyte fuel cells pp. 757-778 Downloads
M. Andersson, S.B. Beale, M. Espinoza, Z. Wu and W. Lehnert
Research on the interaction patterns among the global crude oil import dependency countries: A complex network approach pp. 779-791 Downloads
Minggang Wang, Lixin Tian and Ruijin Du
Benchmarking the building energy consumption and solar energy trade-offs of residential neighborhoods on Chongming Eco-Island, China pp. 792-799 Downloads
Tianren Yang and Xiaoling Zhang
Does population have a larger impact on carbon dioxide emissions than income? Evidence from a cross-regional panel analysis in China pp. 800-809 Downloads
Yang Zhou and Yansui Liu
Conventional and advanced exergy analyses of an underwater compressed air energy storage system pp. 810-822 Downloads
Zhiwen Wang, Wei Xiong, David S.-K. Ting, Rupp Carriveau and Zuwen Wang
Modeling of battery dynamics and hysteresis for power delivery prediction and SOC estimation pp. 823-833 Downloads
Xin Zhao and Raymond A. de Callafon
A numerical analysis of a composition-adjustable Kalina cycle power plant for power generation from low-temperature geothermal sources pp. 834-848 Downloads
Enhua Wang and Zhibin Yu
Thermodynamic energy and exergy analysis of three different engine combustion regimes pp. 849-858 Downloads
Yaopeng Li, Ming Jia, Yachao Chang, Sage L. Kokjohn and Rolf D. Reitz
Application of a new 13-value thermal comfort scale to moderate environments pp. 859-866 Downloads
C. Buratti, D. Palladino and P. Ricciardi
Performance enhancement of combined cycle power plant using inlet air cooling by exhaust heat operated ammonia-water absorption refrigeration system pp. 867-879 Downloads
Omendra Kumar Singh
The effect of materials, process settings and screw geometry on energy consumption and melt temperature in single screw extrusion pp. 880-894 Downloads
Chamil Abeykoon, Adrian L. Kelly, Elaine C. Brown and Phil D. Coates
A generic method for analyzing the risks to energy systems pp. 895-908 Downloads
Larry Hughes, Moniek de Jong and Xiao Qin Wang
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