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Volume 187, issue C, 2017

Probing cycle stability and reversibility in thermochemical energy storage – CaC2O4·H2O as perfect match? pp. 1-9 Downloads
Christian Knoll, Danny Müller, Werner Artner, Jan M. Welch, Andreas Werner, Michael Harasek and Peter Weinberger
Optimal design of multistage centrifugal pump based on the combined energy loss model and computational fluid dynamics pp. 10-26 Downloads
Chuan Wang, Weidong Shi, Xikun Wang, Xiaoping Jiang, Yang Yang, Wei Li and Ling Zhou
The contagion effect of international crude oil price fluctuations on Chinese stock market investor sentiment pp. 27-36 Downloads
Zhihua Ding, Zhenhua Liu, Yuejun Zhang and Ruyin Long
System state estimation and optimal energy control framework for multicell lithium-ion battery system pp. 37-49 Downloads
Jingwen Wei, Guangzhong Dong, Zonghai Chen and Yu Kang
Blackout prediction in interconnected electric energy systems considering generation re-dispatch and energy curtailment pp. 50-61 Downloads
Sadegh Kamali and Turaj Amraee
Robust optimal design of renewable energy system in nearly/net zero energy buildings under uncertainties pp. 62-71 Downloads
Yuehong Lu, Shengwei Wang, Chengchu Yan and Zhijia Huang
Trajectory-based combustion control for renewable fuels in free piston engines pp. 72-83 Downloads
Chen Zhang and Zongxuan Sun
Optimisation of operating parameters of DI-CI engine fueled with second generation Bio-fuel and development of ANN based prediction model pp. 84-95 Downloads
S.V. Channapattana, Abhay A. Pawar and Prashant G. Kamble
Design of a hydraulic servo-actuation fed by a regenerative braking system pp. 96-115 Downloads
L. Pugi, M. Pagliai, A. Nocentini, G. Lutzemberger and A. Pretto
How low exergy buildings and distributed electricity storage can contribute to flexibility within the demand side pp. 116-127 Downloads
Diego Sandoval, Philippe Goffin and Hansjürg Leibundgut
A completive survey study on the feasibility and adaptation of EVs in Beijing, China pp. 128-139 Downloads
Lishan Sun, Yuchen Huang, Shuli Liu, Yanyan Chen, Liya Yao and Anil Kashyap
Residential heat pump as flexible load for direct control service with parametrized duration and rebound effect pp. 140-153 Downloads
Emeline Georges, Bertrand Cornélusse, Damien Ernst, Vincent Lemort and Sébastien Mathieu
A mixed integer linear programming approach for optimal DER portfolio, sizing, and placement in multi-energy microgrids pp. 154-168 Downloads
Salman Mashayekh, Michael Stadler, Gonçalo Cardoso and Miguel Heleno
Analysis of a new design of the hybrid energy storage system used in the residential m-CHP systems pp. 169-179 Downloads
Jianwei Li, Xudong Wang, Zhenyu Zhang, Simon Le Blond, Qingqing Yang, Min Zhang and Weijia Yuan
Gas recovery from depressurized methane hydrate deposits with different water saturations pp. 180-188 Downloads
Mingjun Yang, Zhe Fu, Lanlan Jiang and Yongchen Song
Optimal charging of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries based on model predictive control pp. 189-202 Downloads
Goran Kujundžić, Šandor Ileš, Jadranko Matuško and Mario Vašak
Review of methodologies and polices for evaluation of energy efficiency in high energy-consuming industry pp. 203-215 Downloads
Ming-Jia Li and Wen-Quan Tao
A finite element method for a weakly nonlinear dynamic analysis and bifurcation tracking of thermo-acoustic instability in longitudinal and annular combustors pp. 216-227 Downloads
D. Laera, G. Campa and S.M. Camporeale
Towards a comprehensive policy for electricity from renewable energy: Designing for social welfare pp. 228-242 Downloads
Kaveri K. Iychettira, Rudi A. Hakvoort, Pedro Linares and Rob de Jeu
High efficiency H2O/LiBr double effect absorption cycles with multi-heat sources for tri-generation application pp. 243-254 Downloads
Mina Yang, Seung Yeob Lee, Jin Taek Chung and Yong Tae Kang
Current and near-term GHG emissions factors from electricity production for New York State and New York City pp. 255-271 Downloads
B. Howard, M. Waite and V. Modi
Transformation of heavy metals in lignite during supercritical water gasification pp. 272-280 Downloads
Guifang Chen, Xinfei Yang, Shouyan Chen, Yong Dong, Lin Cui, Yong Zhang, Peng Wang, Xiqiang Zhao and Chunyuan Ma
Application of material assessment methodology in latent heat thermal energy storage for waste heat recovery pp. 281-290 Downloads
Haoxin Xu, Alessandro Romagnoli, Jia Yin Sze and Xavier Py
A copula-based fuzzy chance-constrained programming model and its application to electric power generation systems planning pp. 291-309 Downloads
F. Chen, G.H. Huang, Y.R. Fan and J.P. Chen
Identifying key impact factors on carbon emission: Evidences from panel and time-series data of 125 countries from 1990 to 2011 pp. 310-325 Downloads
Chenyang Shuai, Liyin Shen, Liudan Jiao, Ya Wu and Yongtao Tan
PV array power output maximization under partial shading using new shifted PV array arrangements pp. 326-337 Downloads
N. Belhaouas, M.-S. Ait Cheikh, P. Agathoklis, M.-R. Oularbi, B. Amrouche, K. Sedraoui and N. Djilali
Building-integrated rooftop greenhouses: An energy and environmental assessment in the mediterranean context pp. 338-351 Downloads
Ana Nadal, Pere Llorach-Massana, Eva Cuerva, Elisa López-Capel, Juan Ignacio Montero, Alejandro Josa, Joan Rieradevall and Mohammad Royapoor
User satisfaction-induced demand side load management in residential buildings with user budget constraint pp. 352-366 Downloads
A.S.O. Ogunjuyigbe, T.R. Ayodele and O.A. Akinola
Innovative design of a thermoelectric generator with extended and segmented pin configurations pp. 367-379 Downloads
Haider Ali, Bekir Sami Yilbas and Abdullah Al-Sharafi
Feasibility and parametric evaluation of hybrid concentrated photovoltaic-thermoelectric system pp. 380-389 Downloads
A. Rezania and L.A. Rosendahl
Reverse electrodialysis powered greenhouse concept for water- and energy-self-sufficient agriculture pp. 390-409 Downloads
Eanna Farrell, Mohamed I. Hassan, Ramato A. Tufa, Arttu Tuomiranta, Ahmet H. Avci, Antonio Politano, Efrem Curcio and Hassan A. Arafat
A global optimized operation strategy for energy savings in liquid desiccant air conditioning using self-adaptive differential evolutionary algorithm pp. 410-423 Downloads
Xinli Wang, Wenjian Cai and Xiaohong Yin
Green facade for energy savings in buildings: The influence of leaf area index and facade orientation on the shadow effect pp. 424-437 Downloads
Gabriel Pérez, Julià Coma, Salvador Sol and Luisa F. Cabeza
Virtual scarce water embodied in inter-provincial electricity transmission in China pp. 438-448 Downloads
Chao Zhang, Lijin Zhong, Sai Liang, Kelly T. Sanders, Jiao Wang and Ming Xu
Optimal stochastic energy management of retailer based on selling price determination under smart grid environment in the presence of demand response program pp. 449-464 Downloads
Sayyad Nojavan, Kazem Zare and Behnam Mohammadi-Ivatloo
Hybrid model predictive control of a residential HVAC system with on-site thermal energy generation and storage pp. 465-479 Downloads
Massimo Fiorentini, Josh Wall, Zhenjun Ma, Julio H. Braslavsky and Paul Cooper
Process integration of a Calcium-looping process with a natural gas combined cycle power plant for CO2 capture and its improvement by exhaust gas recirculation pp. 480-488 Downloads
Yue Hu and Hyungwoong Ahn
Economic growth model, structural transformation, and green productivity in China pp. 489-500 Downloads
Ke Li and Boqiang Lin
Characteristics of low-priced solar PV systems in the U.S pp. 501-513 Downloads
Gregory Nemet, O’Shaughnessy, Eric, Ryan Wiser, Naïm Darghouth, Galen Barbose, Kenneth Gillingham and Varun Rai
1-Octadecanol@hierarchical porous polymer composite as a novel shape-stability phase change material for latent heat thermal energy storage pp. 514-522 Downloads
Jia Tang, Mu Yang, Fang Yu, Xingyu Chen, Li Tan and Ge Wang
The influence of flash boiling conditions on spray characteristics with closely coupled split injection strategy pp. 523-533 Downloads
Ziman Wang, Changzhao Jiang, Hongming Xu, Tawfik Badawy, Bo Wang and Yizhou Jiang
A review of the concentrated photovoltaic/thermal (CPVT) hybrid solar systems based on the spectral beam splitting technology pp. 534-563 Downloads
Xing Ju, Chao Xu, Xue Han, Xiaoze Du, Gaosheng Wei and Yongping Yang
Life cycle human health and ecotoxicological impacts assessment of electricity production from wood biomass compared to coal fuel pp. 564-574 Downloads
Yemane W. Weldu, Getachew Assefa and Olivier Jolliet
Design of a Fuzzy Cognitive Maps variable-load energy management system for autonomous PV-reverse osmosis desalination systems: A simulation survey pp. 575-584 Downloads
George Kyriakarakos, Anastasios I. Dounis, Konstantinos G. Arvanitis and George Papadakis
Syngas fermentation by Clostridium carboxidivorans P7 in a horizontal rotating packed bed biofilm reactor with enhanced ethanol production pp. 585-594 Downloads
Yanwen Shen, Robert C. Brown and Zhiyou Wen
Electrochemical hythane production for renewable energy storage and biogas upgrading pp. 595-600 Downloads
Zhe Huang, Lu Lu, Daqian Jiang, Defeng Xing and Zhiyong Jason Ren
Multi-objective optimization of ethanol fuelled HCCI engine performance using hybrid GRNN–PSO pp. 601-611 Downloads
Harisankar Bendu, B.B.V.L. Deepak and S. Murugan
Study on unit commitment problem considering pumped storage and renewable energy via a novel binary artificial sheep algorithm pp. 612-626 Downloads
Wenxiao Wang, Chaoshun Li, Xiang Liao and Hui Qin
Effects of in-situ interactions between steam and coal on pyrolysis and gasification characteristics of pulverized coals and coal water slurry pp. 627-639 Downloads
Lu Ding, Zhenghua Dai, Qinghua Guo and Guangsuo Yu
Multiplexed real-time optimization of HVAC systems with enhanced control stability pp. 640-651 Downloads
Hussain Syed Asad, Richard Kwok Kit Yuen and Gongsheng Huang
Comparative investigation of NOx emission characteristics from a Euro 6-compliant diesel passenger car over the NEDC and WLTC at various ambient temperatures pp. 652-662 Downloads
Jinyoung Ko, Dongyoung Jin, Wonwook Jang, Cha-Lee Myung, Sangil Kwon and Simsoo Park
The influence of injection strategy on mixture formation and combustion process in a direct injection natural gas rotary engine pp. 663-674 Downloads
Baowei Fan, Jianfeng Pan, Wenming Yang, Wei Chen and Stephen Bani
Performance improvement of an ejector cooling system with thermal pumping effect (ECSTPE) by doubling evacuation chambers in parallel pp. 675-688 Downloads
Sheng Zhang and Yong Cheng
Comparison of airflow, coal combustion, NOx emissions, and slagging characteristics among three large-scale MBEL down-fired boilers manufactured at different times pp. 689-705 Downloads
Zhongqian Ling, Bo Ling, Min Kuang, Zhengqi Li and Ye Lu
Modeling of an aprotic Li-O2 battery incorporating multiple-step reactions pp. 706-716 Downloads
Y.X. Ren, T.S. Zhao, P. Tan, Z.H. Wei and X.L. Zhou
An enthalpy-based energy savings estimation method targeting thermal comfort level in naturally ventilated buildings in hot-humid summer zones pp. 717-731 Downloads
Yueer He, Meng Liu, Thomas Kvan and Shini Peng
A novel projected two-binary-variable formulation for unit commitment in power systems pp. 732-745 Downloads
Linfeng Yang, Chen Zhang, Jinbao Jian, Ke Meng, Yan Xu and Zhaoyang Dong
Optimizing ocean-wave energy extraction of a dual coaxial-cylinder WEC using nonlinear model predictive control pp. 746-757 Downloads
Daewoong Son and Ronald W. Yeung
MOD-DR: Microgrid optimal dispatch with demand response pp. 758-776 Downloads
Ming Jin, Wei Feng, Ping Liu, Chris Marnay and Costas Spanos
Evaluation of strategies for second generation bioethanol production from fast growing biomass Paulownia within a biorefinery scheme pp. 777-789 Downloads
Elena Domínguez, Aloia Romaní, Lucília Domingues and Gil Garrote
Accuracy of borehole thermal resistance calculation methods for grouted single U-tube ground heat exchangers pp. 790-806 Downloads
Saqib Javed and Jeffrey Spitler
A new approach to calculating endurance in electric flight and comparing fuel cells and batteries pp. 807-819 Downloads
Teresa Donateo, Antonio Ficarella, Luigi Spedicato, Alessandro Arista and Marco Ferraro
Multi-agent systems applied for energy systems integration: State-of-the-art applications and trends in microgrids pp. 820-832 Downloads
Vitor N. Coelho, Miri Weiss Cohen, Igor M. Coelho, Nian Liu and Frederico Gadelha Guimarães
Demand side management in power grid enterprise control: A comparison of industrial & social welfare approaches pp. 833-846 Downloads
Bo Jiang, Aramazd Muzhikyan, Amro M. Farid and Kamal Youcef-Toumi
Performance assessment of different porous matrix geometries for active magnetic regenerators pp. 847-861 Downloads
Paulo V. Trevizoli, Alan T. Nakashima, Guilherme F. Peixer and Jader R. Barbosa
Sizing energy storage systems in DC networks: A general methodology based upon power losses minimization pp. 862-872 Downloads
M. Fantauzzi, D. Lauria, F. Mottola and A. Scalfati
Renew, reduce or become more efficient? The climate contribution of biomass co-combustion in a coal-fired power plant pp. 873-885 Downloads
Jan H. Miedema, René M.J. Benders, Henri C. Moll and Frank Pierie
Evaluation of steady-state characteristics for solid oxide carbon fuel cell short-stacks pp. 886-898 Downloads
Usman Mushtaq, Muhammad Taqi Mehran, Sun-Kyoung Kim, Tak-Hyoung Lim, Syed Asad Ali Naqvi, Jong-Won Lee, Seung-Bok Lee, Seok-Joo Park and Rak-Hyun Song
Efficient start–up energy management via nonlinear control for eco–traction systems pp. 899-909 Downloads
M. Becherif, H.S. Ramadan, M.Y. Ayad, D. Hissel, U. Desideri and M. Antonelli
Zero thermal input membrane distillation, a zero-waste and sustainable solution for freshwater shortage pp. 910-928 Downloads
Mohammadali Baghbanzadeh, Dipak Rana, Christopher Q. Lan and Takeshi Matsuura
An optimisation framework for the strategic design of synthetic natural gas (BioSNG) supply chains pp. 929-955 Downloads
Andrés J. Calderón, Paolo Agnolucci and Lazaros G. Papageorgiou
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