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2015, volume 153, issue C

Techno-economic optimization of a supercapacitor-based energy storage unit chain: Application on the first quick charge plug-in ferry pp. 3-14 Downloads
S. Trieste, S. Hmam, J.-C. Olivier, S. Bourguet and L. Loron
Study on RuO2/CMK-3/CNTs composites for high power and high energy density supercapacitor pp. 15-21 Downloads
An-Ya Lo, Yu Jheng, Tsao-Cheng Huang and Chuan-Ming Tseng
Effect of reducing agent on graphene synthesis and its influence on charge storage towards supercapacitor applications pp. 22-31 Downloads
Rajendran Ramachandran, Murugan Saranya, Venugopal Velmurugan, Bala P.C. Raghupathy, Soon Kwan Jeong and Andrews Nirmala Grace
Porous structure design of carbon xerogels for advanced supercapacitor pp. 32-40 Downloads
Xichuan Liu, Shaomin Li, Rui Mi, Jun Mei, Li-Min Liu, Liujun Cao, Woon-Ming Lau and Hao Liu
Porous carbon made from rice husk as electrode material for electrochemical double layer capacitor pp. 41-47 Downloads
Yu Gao, Lei Li, Yuming Jin, Yu Wang, Chuanjun Yuan, Yingjin Wei, Gang Chen, Junjie Ge and Haiyan Lu
Asymmetric electrochemical supercapacitor, based on polypyrrole coated carbon nanotube electrodes pp. 48-55 Downloads
Y. Su and I. Zhitomirsky
Development of hybrid battery–supercapacitor energy storage for remote area renewable energy systems pp. 56-62 Downloads
Tao Ma, Hongxing Yang and Lin Lu
Layered cobalt nickel silicate hollow spheres as a highly-stable supercapacitor material pp. 63-69 Downloads
Qing Rong, Lu-Lu Long, Xing Zhang, Yu-Xi Huang and Han-Qing Yu
Fluorescent brightener CBS-X doped polypyrrole as smart electrode material for supercapacitors pp. 70-77 Downloads
Xue Wang, Jinxing Deng, Xiaojuan Duan, Dong Liu and Peng Liu
Synthesis and electrochemical properties of nickel–manganese oxide on MWCNTs/CFP substrate as a supercapacitor electrode pp. 78-86 Downloads
Ya-Hao Li, Qing-Yu Li, Hong-Qiang Wang, You-Guo Huang, Xiao-Hui Zhang, Qiang Wu, Hong-Quan Gao and Jian-Hong Yang
A high-capacitance solid-state supercapacitor based on free-standing film of polyaniline and carbon particles pp. 87-93 Downloads
A. Khosrozadeh, M. Xing and Q. Wang
High-performance α-MnO2 nanowire electrode for supercapacitors pp. 94-100 Downloads
Xiaohui Su, Lin Yu, Gao Cheng, Huanhua Zhang, Ming Sun and Xiaofei Zhang
Design, implementation and characterization of a novel bi-directional energy conversion system on DC motor drive using super-capacitors pp. 101-111 Downloads
Li Sun and Nong Zhang

2015, volume 152, issue C

Challenges and barriers to demand response deployment and evaluation pp. 1-10 Downloads
Sheila Nolan and O’Malley, Mark
Analysis of exergy loss of gasoline surrogate combustion process based on detailed chemical kinetics pp. 11-19 Downloads
Hongjie Sun, Feng Yan, Hao Yu and W.H. Su
Smart charging of electric vehicles with photovoltaic power and vehicle-to-grid technology in a microgrid; a case study pp. 20-30 Downloads
Mart van der Kam and Wilfried van Sark
Energy use and CO2 emission of new residential buildings built under specific requirements – The case of Växjö municipality, Sweden pp. 31-38 Downloads
K. Mahapatra
Year-round outdoor experiments on a multi-stage active solar still with different numbers of solar collectors pp. 39-46 Downloads
Mansoor Feilizadeh, M.R. Karimi Estahbanati, Khosrow Jafarpur, Reza Roostaazad, Mehrzad Feilizadeh and Hamed Taghvaei
A three-dimensional computational model of H2–air premixed combustion in non-circular micro-channels for a thermo-photovoltaic (TPV) application pp. 47-57 Downloads
Saad Akhtar, Jundika C. Kurnia and Tariq Shamim
Smart grid projects in Europe: Current status, maturity and future scenarios pp. 58-70 Downloads
Ilhami Colak, Gianluca Fulli, Seref Sagiroglu, Mehmet Yesilbudak and Catalin-Felix Covrig
A computational framework for uncertainty integration in stochastic unit commitment with intermittent renewable energy sources pp. 71-82 Downloads
Hao Quan, Dipti Srinivasan, Ashwin M. Khambadkone and Abbas Khosravi
Renewables, nuclear, or fossil fuels? Scenarios for Great Britain’s power system considering costs, emissions and energy security pp. 83-93 Downloads
Stefan Pfenninger and James Keirstead
The performance of small scale multi-generation technologies in achieving cost-optimal and zero-energy office building solutions pp. 94-108 Downloads
Ayman Mohamed, Mohamed Hamdy, Ala Hasan and Kai Sirén
Waste heat recovery of an ORC-based power unit in a turbocharged diesel engine propelling a light duty vehicle pp. 109-120 Downloads
D. Di Battista, M. Mauriello and R. Cipollone
Experimental investigation of the applicability of a thermoelectric generator to recover waste heat from a combustion chamber pp. 121-130 Downloads
P. Aranguren, D. Astrain, A. Rodríguez and A. Martínez
Experimental study of a DC charging station for full electric and plug in hybrid vehicles pp. 131-142 Downloads
Clemente Capasso and Ottorino Veneri
Lithium-ion batteries: Evaluation study of different charging methodologies based on aging process pp. 143-155 Downloads
Mohamed Abdel Monem, Khiem Trad, Noshin Omar, Omar Hegazy, Bart Mantels, Grietus Mulder, Peter Van den Bossche and Joeri Van Mierlo
Investigation on the thermoacoustic conversion characteristic of regenerator pp. 156-161 Downloads
Zhanghua Wu, Yanyan Chen, Wei Dai, Ercang Luo and Donghui Li
Modelling lithium-ion battery hybrid ship crane operation pp. 162-172 Downloads
E. Ovrum and T.F. Bergh
Thermoeconomic analysis of a Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) system integrated with a wind power plant in the framework of the IPEX Market pp. 173-182 Downloads
Federico de Bosio and Vittorio Verda
Electro/photo to heat conversion system based on polyurethane embedded graphite foam pp. 183-188 Downloads
Renjie Chen, Ruimin Yao, Wei Xia and Ruqiang Zou
Industrial excess heat use: Systems analysis and CO2 emissions reduction pp. 189-197 Downloads
Sarah Broberg Viklund and Magnus Karlsson
Synthesis and performances of novel solid–solid phase change materials with hexahydroxy compounds for thermal energy storage pp. 198-206 Downloads
Changzhong Chen, Wenmin Liu, Hongwei Wang and Kelin Peng
Small Hydro Power in India: Is it a sustainable business? pp. 207-216 Downloads
Rakhshanda Khan
Parameter study of transient carbon deposition effect on the performance of a planar solid oxide fuel cell pp. 217-228 Downloads
Ting Ma, Min Yan, Min Zeng, Jin-liang Yuan, Qiu-yang Chen, Bengt Sundén and Qiu-wang Wang

2015, volume 151, issue C

Impact of transition to a low carbon power system on the GB gas network pp. 1-12 Downloads
Meysam Qadrdan, Modassar Chaudry, Nick Jenkins, Pranab Baruah and Nick Eyre
Storage-like devices in load leveling: Complementarity constraints and a new and exact relaxation method pp. 13-22 Downloads
Zhengshuo Li, Qinglai Guo, Hongbin Sun and Jianhui Wang
Wind turbines location: How many and how far? pp. 23-31 Downloads
Vendula Betakova, Jiri Vojar and Petr Sklenicka
Evaluation of defrosting methods for air-to-air heat/energy exchangers on energy consumption of ventilation pp. 32-40 Downloads
Mohammad Rafati Nasr, Miklos Kassai, Gaoming Ge and Carey J. Simonson
A novel Gaussian model based battery state estimation approach: State-of-Energy pp. 41-48 Downloads
HongWen He, YongZhi Zhang, Rui Xiong and Chun Wang
Levelised cost of electricity in high concentrated photovoltaic grid connected systems: Spatial analysis of Spain pp. 49-59 Downloads
D.L. Talavera, Pérez-Higueras, P., Ruíz-Arias, J.A. and E.F. Fernández
A novel flexible foil vertical axis turbine for river, ocean, and tidal applications pp. 60-66 Downloads
Zeiner-Gundersen, Dag Herman
Is there a near-term market for vehicle-to-grid electric vehicles? pp. 67-76 Downloads
Michael K. Hidrue and George Parsons
Prediction of fuel consumption of mining dump trucks: A neural networks approach pp. 77-84 Downloads
Siami-Irdemoosa, Elnaz and Saeid R. Dindarloo
Measurement and decomposition of energy-saving and emissions reduction performance in Chinese cities pp. 85-92 Downloads
Qunwei Wang, Bin Su, Jiasen Sun, Peng Zhou and Dequn Zhou
An experimental study on MILD combustion of prevaporised liquid fuels pp. 93-101 Downloads
Jingjing Ye, Paul R. Medwell, Emilien Varea, Stephan Kruse, Bassam B. Dally and Heinz G. Pitsch
A multi-objective model for scheduling of short-term incentive-based demand response programs offered by electricity retailers pp. 102-118 Downloads
Mohammad Ali Fotouhi Ghazvini, João Soares, Nuno Horta, Rui Neves, Rui Castro and Zita Vale
Analysis of hot spots in boilers of organic Rankine cycle units during transient operation pp. 119-131 Downloads
A. Benato, M.R. Kærn, L. Pierobon, A. Stoppato and F. Haglind
Periodic heat flux composite model for borehole heat exchanger and its application pp. 132-142 Downloads
Fei Lei, Pingfang Hu, Na Zhu and Tianhua Wu
Progress in oxygen carrier development of methane-based chemical-looping reforming: A review pp. 143-156 Downloads
Mingchen Tang, Long Xu and Maohong Fan
Industrial waste heat recovery technologies: An economic analysis of heat transformation technologies pp. 157-167 Downloads
Sarah Brückner, Selina Liu, Laia Miró, Michael Radspieler, Luisa F. Cabeza and Eberhard Lävemann
Gasoline hybrid pneumatic engine for efficient vehicle powertrain hybridization pp. 168-177 Downloads
Zlatina Dimitrova and François Maréchal
Review of analytical models for heat transfer by vertical ground heat exchangers (GHEs): A perspective of time and space scales pp. 178-191 Downloads
Min Li and Alvin C.K. Lai
Metaheuristic optimization methods for a comprehensive operating schedule of battery, thermal energy storage, and heat source in a building energy system pp. 192-205 Downloads
Shintaro Ikeda and Ryozo Ooka
Status of electromagnetic heating for enhanced heavy oil/bitumen recovery and future prospects: A review pp. 206-226 Downloads
Achinta Bera and Tayfun Babadagli
Life-cycle assessment of energy consumption and environmental impact of an integrated food waste-based biogas plant pp. 227-236 Downloads
Yiying Jin, Ting Chen, Xin Chen and Zhixin Yu
Numerical and experimental studies of stack shunt current for vanadium redox flow battery pp. 237-248 Downloads
Cong Yin, Shaoyun Guo, Honglin Fang, Jiayi Liu, Yang Li and Hao Tang
Effect of dairy manure to switchgrass co-digestion ratio on methane production and the bacterial community in batch anaerobic digestion pp. 249-257 Downloads
Zehui Zheng, Jinhuan Liu, Xufeng Yuan, Xiaofen Wang, Wanbin Zhu, Fuyu Yang and Zongjun Cui
Efficiency improvements for the coal-fired power plant retrofit with CO2 capture plant using chilled ammonia process pp. 258-272 Downloads
Dawid P. Hanak, Chechet Biliyok and Vasilije Manovic
Determinants of spatio-temporal patterns of energy technology adoption: An agent-based modeling approach pp. 273-284 Downloads
Scott A. Robinson and Varun Rai
Effect of process parameters on energy performance of spray drying with exhaust air heat recovery for production of high value particles pp. 285-295 Downloads
Wittaya Julklang and Boris Golman
Impact analysis of coal-electricity pricing linkage scheme in China based on stochastic frontier cost function pp. 296-305 Downloads
Hong-Zhou Li, Xian-Liang Tian and Tao Zou
Integrated modeling of active demand response with electric heating systems coupled to thermal energy storage systems pp. 306-319 Downloads
Dieter Patteeuw, Kenneth Bruninx, Alessia Arteconi, Erik Delarue, D’haeseleer, William and Lieve Helsen
Layout optimization for maximizing wind farm power production using sequential convex programming pp. 320-334 Downloads
Jinkyoo Park and Kincho H. Law
Quantifying load flexibility of electric vehicles for renewable energy integration pp. 335-344 Downloads
Alexander Schuller, Christoph M. Flath and Sebastian Gottwalt
Embodiment of virtual water of power generation in the electric power system in China pp. 345-354 Downloads
Xiaojie Zhu, Ruipeng Guo, Bin Chen, Jing Zhang, Tasawar Hayat and Ahmed Alsaedi
The Wind Integration National Dataset (WIND) Toolkit pp. 355-366 Downloads
Caroline Draxl, Andrew Clifton, Bri-Mathias Hodge and Jim McCaa
The new-generation of solenoid injectors equipped with pressure-balanced pilot valves for energy saving and dynamic response improvement pp. 367-376 Downloads
Alessandro Ferrari, Federica Paolicelli and Pietro Pizzo
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