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2009, volume 84, issue 7-8

Industrial energy analysis, thermodynamics and sustainability pp. 675-700 Downloads
Geoffrey P. Hammond
An attempt to introduce dynamics into generalised exergy considerations pp. 701-718 Downloads
Robert W. Grubbström
The efficiency of the rational use of energy pp. 719-728 Downloads
Gunter Schaumann
Optimal design of CHCP plants in the civil sector by thermoeconomics pp. 729-748 Downloads
E. Cardona and A. Piacentino
Fuzzy thermoeconomic optimization of energy-transforming systems pp. 749-762 Downloads
V. Mazur
Consumption dynamics of primary-energy sources: The century of alternative energies pp. 763-770 Downloads
João Carlos de Oliveira Matias and Tessaleno Campos Devezas
Decomposition of manufacturing energy-use in IEA countries: How do recent developments compare with historical long-term trends? pp. 771-780 Downloads
Fridtjof Unander
Industrial energy-flow management pp. 781-794 Downloads
Marko Lampret, Venceslav Bukovec, Andrej Paternost, Srecko Krizman, Vito Lojk and Iztok Golobic
The externally-fired gas-turbine (EFGT-Cycle) for decentralized use of biomass pp. 795-805 Downloads
Martin Kautz and Ulf Hansen
Local learning-networks on energy efficiency in industry - Successful initiative in Germany pp. 806-816 Downloads
Eberhard Jochem and Edelgard Gruber
Life-cycle assessment for energy analysis and management pp. 817-827 Downloads
Helias A. Udo de Haes and Reinout Heijungs
Modelling and allocation of CO2 emissions in a multiproduct industry: The case of oil refining pp. 828-841 Downloads
Denis Babusiaux and Axel Pierru
CO2 emissions of global metal-industries: The case of copper pp. 842-852 Downloads
Wilhelm Kuckshinrichs, Petra Zapp and Witold-Roger Poganietz
Analysis of energy use and carbon losses in the chemical industry pp. 853-862 Downloads
Maarten Neelis, Martin Patel, Pieter Bach and Kornelis Blok

2008, volume 85, issue 12

Electricity demand in the Chinese urban household-sector pp. 1113-1125 Downloads
Akinobu Murata, Yasuhiko Kondou, Mu Hailin and Zhou Weisheng
Using CFD to investigate ventilation characteristics of vaults as wind-inducing devices in buildings pp. 1126-1140 Downloads
Omar S. Asfour and Mohamed B. Gadi
Enhancing the efficiency and power of the triple-pressure reheat combined cycle by means of gas reheat, gas recuperation, and reduction of the irreversibility in the heat recovery steam generator pp. 1141-1162 Downloads
A.M. Bassily
Studies of compressor pressure ratio effect on GAXAC (generator-absorber-exchange absorption compression) cooler pp. 1163-1172 Downloads
A. Ramesh kumar and M. Udayakumar
Modeling and investigation start-up procedures of a combined cycle power plant pp. 1173-1189 Downloads
Falah Alobaid, Ralf Postler, Jochen Ströhle, Bernd Epple and Hyun-Gee Kim
Development of a wind forced chiller and its efficiency analysis pp. 1190-1197 Downloads
Chen-Ching Ting, Jing-Nang Lee and Chun-Hong Shen
Development of a method for calculating steady-state equipment sensible heat ratio of direct expansion air conditioning units pp. 1198-1207 Downloads
Xia Liang, M.Y. Chan and Deng Shiming
Numerical prediction of the transport and pyrolysis in the interior and surrounding of dry and wet wood log pp. 1208-1224 Downloads
U. Sand, J. Sandberg, J. Larfeldt and R. Bel Fdhila
Effect of slip on entropy generation in a single rotating disk in MHD flow pp. 1225-1236 Downloads
Aytac Arikoglu, Ibrahim Ozkol and Guven Komurgoz
Heat-exchanger design and switching-frequency effects on the performance of a continuous type solar adsorption chiller pp. 1237-1250 Downloads
Evangelos Voyiatzis, J.A. Palyvos and Nikolaos-Christos Markatos

2008, volume 85, issue 11

Experimental study on cotton stalk combustion in a circulating fluidized bed pp. 1027-1040 Downloads
Zhi-Ao Sun, Bao-Sheng Jin, Ming-Yao Zhang, Ren-Ping Liu and Yong Zhang
Design and manufacturing of a V-type Stirling engine with double heaters pp. 1041-1049 Downloads
Ihsan Batmaz and Süleyman Üstün
Defrost improvement by heat pump refrigerant charge compensating pp. 1050-1059 Downloads
Wang Zhiyi, Wang Xinmin and Dong Zhiming
Numerical study on the spatial distribution of energy release during char combustion pp. 1060-1070 Downloads
Ming-yan Gu, Ming-chuan Zhang, Juan Yu, Wei-dong, Fan and Feng-guo Tian
Parametric analysis and optimization for a combined power and refrigeration cycle pp. 1071-1085 Downloads
Jiangfeng Wang, Yiping Dai and Lin Gao
Size optimization of a PV/wind hybrid energy conversion system with battery storage using response surface methodology pp. 1086-1101 Downloads
Orhan Ekren and Banu Yetkin Ekren
Numerical and experimental analysis of a salt gradient solar pond performance with or without reflective covered surface pp. 1102-1112 Downloads
Nalan Ç. Bezir, Orhan Dönmez, Refik Kayali and Nuri Özek

2008, volume 85, issue 10

Numerical and experimental assessment of thermal performance of vertical energy piles: An application pp. 901-910 Downloads
Jun Gao, Xu Zhang, Jun Liu, Kuishan Li and Jie Yang
Improving thermal performance of the roof enclosure of heavy construction buildings pp. 911-930 Downloads
Ben-Nakhi, Abdullatif, Ahmad M. Mahmoud, Mohamed A. Mahmoud and Ahmad Al Dashti
Optimization of water-cooled chiller system with load-based speed control pp. 931-950 Downloads
F.W. Yu and K.T. Chan
Transient thermal characteristics of airborne electronic equipment with discrete hot bands in square cavities pp. 951-967 Downloads
A. Baïri
Design and techno-economical optimization for hybrid PV/wind system under various meteorological conditions pp. 968-987 Downloads
S. Diaf, G. Notton, M. Belhamel, M. Haddadi and A. Louche
Heat transfer enhancement in a tube using circular cross sectional rings separated from wall pp. 988-1001 Downloads
Veysel Ozceyhan, Sibel Gunes, Orhan Buyukalaca and Necdet Altuntop
Effect of temperature dependence of electrical resistivity on the cooling performance of a single thermoelectric element pp. 1002-1014 Downloads
Osamu Yamashita
Bin weather data for 38 Greek cities pp. 1015-1025 Downloads
K. Papakostas, G. Tsilingiridis and N. Kyriakis

2008, volume 85, issue 9

Considerations on the backup of wind power: Operational backup pp. 787-799 Downloads
Patrick J. Luickx, Erik D. Delarue and William D. D'haeseleer
Energy performance of building envelopes in different climate zones in China pp. 800-817 Downloads
Liu Yang, Joseph C. Lam and C.L. Tsang
A new termination control method for a clothes drying process in a clothes dryer pp. 818-829 Downloads
Ah Bing Ng and Shiming Deng
Reducing energy consumption by using self-organizing maps to create more personalized electricity use information pp. 830-840 Downloads
Teemu Räsänen, Juhani Ruuskanen and Mikko Kolehmainen
Modeling of a hazelnut dryer assisted heat pump by using artificial neural networks pp. 841-854 Downloads
Ilhan Ceylan and Mustafa Aktas
A neutronic investigation on a helium cooled hybrid reactor using nitride fuels containing reactor grade plutonium pp. 855-866 Downloads
Mustafa Übeyli[dot above], Adem AcIr and Senay YalçIn
Profitability of sparse district heating pp. 867-877 Downloads
Charlotte Reidhav and Sven Werner
Energy efficiency enhancement of natural rubber smoking process by flow improvement using a CFD technique pp. 878-895 Downloads
Perapong Tekasakul and Machimontorn Promtong
Performance of R433A for replacing HCFC22 used in residential air-conditioners and heat pumps pp. 896-900 Downloads
Ki-Jung Park, Yun-Bo Shim and Dongsoo Jung

2008, volume 85, issue 8

Thermal behavior of curved roof buildings exposed to solar radiation and wind flow for various orientations pp. 663-679 Downloads
M. Hadavand and M. Yaghoubi
Performance analysis of a photovoltaic heat pump pp. 680-693 Downloads
Jie Ji, Keliang Liu, Tin-tai Chow, Gang Pei, Wei He and Hanfeng He
Performance simulation of refrigerated display cabinets operating with refrigerants R22 and R404A pp. 694-707 Downloads
Y.T. Ge and R. Cropper
Investment under market and climate policy uncertainty pp. 708-721 Downloads
Sabine Fuss, Jana Szolgayova, Michael Obersteiner and Mykola Gusti
Full chain energy analysis of fuel ethanol from cane molasses in Thailand pp. 722-734 Downloads
Thu Lan T. Nguyen, Shabbir H. Gheewala and Savitri Garivait
Thermoelectricity analogy method for computing the periodic heat transfer in external building envelopes pp. 735-754 Downloads
Changhai Peng and Zhishen Wu
A parametric study on the emissions from an HCCI alternative combustion engine resulting from the auto-ignition of primary reference fuels pp. 755-764 Downloads
Hatim Machrafi, Simeon Cavadias and Jacques Amouroux
Preparation and properties studies of halogen-free flame retardant form-stable phase change materials based on paraffin/high density polyethylene composites pp. 765-775 Downloads
Yibing Cai, Qufu Wei, Fenglin Huang and Weidong Gao
The calculation of the chemical exergies of coal-based fuels by using the higher heating values pp. 776-785 Downloads
Selçuk Bilgen and Kamil Kaygusuz

2008, volume 85, issue 7

A transient ventilation demand model for air-conditioned offices pp. 545-554 Downloads
L.T. Wong and K.W. Mui
Sparse district-heating in Sweden pp. 555-564 Downloads
Stefan Forsaeus Nilsson, Charlotte Reidhav, Kristina Lygnerud and Sven Werner
Control of thermally-activated building systems (TABS) pp. 565-581 Downloads
M. Gwerder, B. Lehmann, J. Tödtli, V. Dorer and F. Renggli
Using the low-temperature Clausius-Rankine cycle to cool technical equipment pp. 582-588 Downloads
W. Nowak, Borsukiewicz-Gozdur, A. and A.A. Stachel
Simulation for the analysis of a hybrid electric scooter powertrain pp. 589-606 Downloads
Kuen-Bao Sheu
Heating load, heating-load density and COP optimizations of an endoreversible air heat-pump pp. 607-617 Downloads
Yuehong Bi, Lingen Chen and Fengrui Sun
Finite-time thermodynamic modelling and analysis of an irreversible Otto-cycle pp. 618-624 Downloads
Yanlin Ge, Lingen Chen and Fengrui Sun
Design efficiency optimization of one-dimensional multi-stage axial-flow compressor pp. 625-633 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Jun Luo, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Performance optimization for a two-stage thermoelectric heat-pump with internal and external irreversibilities pp. 641-649 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Jun Li, Fengrui Sun and Chih Wu
Energy-using appliances and energy-saving features: Determinants of ownership in Ireland pp. 650-662 Downloads
Joe O'Doherty, Sean Lyons and Richard Tol

2008, volume 85, issue 6

Causality relationship between coal consumption and GDP: Difference of major OECD and non-OECD countries pp. 421-429 Downloads
Li Jinke, Song Hualing and Geng Dianming
Designs of anaerobic digesters for producing biogas from municipal solid-waste pp. 430-438 Downloads
A. Hilkiah Igoni, M.J. Ayotamuno, C.L. Eze, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
Prediction of airflow patterns in a ventilated enclosure with zonal methods pp. 439-448 Downloads
Ahmed Daoud and Nicolas Galanis
Thermal-comfort analysis and simulation for various low-energy cooling-technologies applied to an office building in a subtropical climate pp. 449-462 Downloads
Ashfaque Ahmed Chowdhury, M.G. Rasul and M.M.K. Khan
Application of the Miller cycle to reduce NOx emissions from petrol engines pp. 463-474 Downloads
Yaodong Wang, Lin Lin, Shengchuo Zeng, Jincheng Huang, Anthony P. Roskilly, Yunxin He, Xiaodong Huang and Shanping Li
Improving the prediction of UK domestic energy-demand using annual consumption-data pp. 475-482 Downloads
Keith J. Baker and R. Mark Rylatt
High-performance selective Er-doped YAG emitters for thermophotovoltaics pp. 483-493 Downloads
W.J. Tobler and W. Durisch
Rotor-blades' profile influence on a gas-turbine's compressor effectiveness pp. 494-505 Downloads
Lebele-Alawa, B.T., H.I. Hart, S.O.T. Ogaji and S.D. Probert
Development of biofuels for the UK automotive market pp. 506-515 Downloads
G.P. Hammond, S. Kallu and M.C. McManus
Cogeneration technology for the metal-processing sector pp. 516-527 Downloads
A. Sala, I. Flores, J.M. Sala, J.A. Millán, I. Gómez and L.M. López
Prospects for and barriers to domestic micro-generation: A United Kingdom perspective pp. 528-544 Downloads
S.R. Allen, G.P. Hammond and M.C. McManus

2008, volume 85, issue 5

Design and performance of a solar-powered air-conditioning system in a green building pp. 297-311 Downloads
X.Q. Zhai, R.Z. Wang, J.Y. Wu, Y.J. Dai and Q. Ma
Quasi-steady-state model of a counter-flow air-to-air heat-exchanger with phase change pp. 312-325 Downloads
Jørgen Rose, Toke Rammer Nielsen, Jesper Kragh and Svend Svendsen
Optimized monthly-fixed thermostat-setting scheme for maximum energy-savings and thermal comfort in air-conditioned spaces pp. 326-346 Downloads
Al-Sanea, Sami A. and M.F. Zedan
Measuring industrial energy savings pp. 347-361 Downloads
J. Kelly Kissock and Carl Eger
A statistical model for the estimation of natural gas consumption pp. 362-370 Downloads
Jirí Vondrácek, Emil Pelikán, Ondrej Konár, Jana Cermáková, Krystof Eben, Marek Malý and Marek Brabec
Plasma-spray coated rare-earth oxides on molybdenum disilicide - High temperature stable emitters for thermophotovoltaics pp. 371-383 Downloads
W.J. Tobler and W. Durisch
Entropy-generation analysis for variable-viscosity channel flow with non-uniform wall temperature pp. 384-393 Downloads
O.D. Makinde
Surrogate modelling of compressor characteristics for fuel-cell applications pp. 394-403 Downloads
R. Tirnovan, S. Giurgea, A. Miraoui and M. Cirrincione
Modelling and experimentation for the fabric-drying process in domestic dryers pp. 404-419 Downloads
V. Yadav and C.G. Moon

2008, volume 85, issue 4

Adaptive mixed-integer programming unit commitment strategy for determining the value of forecasting pp. 171-181 Downloads
Erik Delarue and William D'haeseleer
System behaviour of compressed-air energy-storage in Denmark with a high penetration of renewable energy sources pp. 182-189 Downloads
Georges Salgi and Henrik Lund
Variable structure TITO fuzzy-logic controller implementation for a solar air-conditioning system pp. 190-203 Downloads
J.N. Lygouras, V.S. Kodogiannis, Th. Pachidis, K.N. Tarchanidis and C.S. Koukourlis
Quantitative analysis of energy-efficiency strategy on CO2 emissions in the residential sector in Japan - Case study of Iwate prefecture pp. 204-217 Downloads
Shuichi Ashina and Toshihiko Nakata
Controller for a small induction-generator based wind-turbine pp. 218-227 Downloads
R. Ahshan, M.T. Iqbal and George K.I. Mann
Crypto-steady supersonic pressure exchange: A simple analytical model pp. 228-242 Downloads
Hongfang Zhang and Charles A. Garris
Impacts of low-pressure (LP) compressors' fouling of a turbofan upon operational-effectiveness of a military aircraft pp. 243-270 Downloads
Muhammad Naeem
Comparison of neural network, conditional demand analysis, and engineering approaches for modeling end-use energy consumption in the residential sector pp. 271-296 Downloads
Aydinalp-Koksal, Merih and V. Ismet Ugursal

2008, volume 85, issue 2-3

Clean combustion of solid fuels pp. 73-79 Downloads
Jinsheng Wang and Edward J. Anthony
Abatement costs of SO2-control options in the Mexican electric-power sector pp. 80-94 Downloads
Jorge Islas and Genice Grande
Heating load vs. COP characteristic of an endoreversible Carnot heat-pump subjected to the heat-transfer law q [is proportional to] ([Delta]Tn)m pp. 96-100 Downloads
Jun Li, Lingen Chen and Fengrui Sun
Energy-efficiency strategy for CO2 emissions in a residential sector in Japan pp. 101-114 Downloads
Shuichi Ashina and Toshihiko Nakata
Effects of shelterbelt trees on reducing heating-energy consumption of office buildings in Scotland pp. 115-127 Downloads
Y. Liu and D.J. Harris
Heat-and-mass transfers modelled for rotary desiccant dehumidifiers pp. 128-142 Downloads
Pascal Stabat and Dominique Marchio
Fabric-drying process in domestic dryers pp. 143-158 Downloads
V. Yadav and C.G. Moon
Performance analysis and parametric optimal criteria of an irreversible magnetic Brayton-refrigerator pp. 159-170 Downloads
Zhengrong Xia, Yue Zhang, Jincan Chen and Guoxing Lin

2008, volume 85, issue 1

Thermal comfort in sub-Saharan Africa: Field study report in Jos-Nigeria pp. 1-11 Downloads
A.C. Ogbonna and D.J. Harris
Changes in year-round air temperature and annual energy consumption in office building areas by urban heat-island countermeasures and energy-saving measures pp. 12-25 Downloads
Tomohiko Ihara, Yukihiro Kikegawa, Kazutake Asahi, Yutaka Genchi and Hiroaki Kondo
Crypto-steady supersonic pressure-exchange: A simple analytical model pp. 26-40 Downloads
Hongfang Zhang and Charles A. Garris
Energy capture by a small wind-energy conversion system pp. 41-51 Downloads
Md. Arifujjaman, M. Tariq Iqbal and John E. Quaicoe
Generalized irreversible heat-engine experiencing a complex heat-transfer law pp. 52-60 Downloads
Lingen Chen, Jun Li and Fengrui Sun
An enterprise energy-information system pp. 61-69 Downloads
B. Swords, E. Coyle and B. Norton
Comments on "Viscous-dissipation effects on the heat transfer in a Poiseuille flow" by O. Aydin and M. Avci pp. 70-72 Downloads
K. Hooman
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