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2012, volume 90, issue 1

Upgrading biomass fuel gas by reforming over Ni–MgO/γ-Al2O3 cordierite monolithic catalysts in the lab-scale reactor and pilot-scale multi-tube reformer pp. 3-10 Downloads
Minghuang Qiu, Yuping Li, Tiejun Wang, Qing Zhang, Chenguang Wang, Xinghua Zhang, Chuangzhi Wu, Longlong Ma and Kai Li
Biogas from renewable electricity – Increasing a climate neutral fuel supply pp. 11-16 Downloads
Farzad Mohseni, Mimmi Magnusson, Martin Görling and Per Alvfors
Agro-pellets for domestic heating boilers: Standard laboratory and real life performance pp. 17-23 Downloads
V.K. Verma, S. Bram, F. Delattin, P. Laha, I. Vandendael, A. Hubin and J. De Ruyck
Bio-refinery system in a pulp mill for methanol production with comparison of pressurized black liquor gasification and dry gasification using direct causticization pp. 24-31 Downloads
Muhammad Naqvi, Jinyue Yan and Erik Dahlquist
Influence of drying process on the biomass-based polygeneration system of bioethanol, power and heat pp. 32-37 Downloads
Han Song, Fredrik Starfelt, Lilia Daianova and Jinyue Yan
Analysis of an updraft biomass gasifier with high temperature steam using a numerical model pp. 38-45 Downloads
Kentaro Umeki, Tomoaki Namioka and Kunio Yoshikawa
Energy and resource utilization of deinking sludge pyrolysis pp. 46-50 Downloads
Rui Lou, Shubin Wu, Gaojin Lv and Qing Yang
Investigation on the xylitol aqueous-phase reforming performance for pentane production over Pt/HZSM-5 and Ni/HZSM-5 catalysts pp. 51-57 Downloads
Ting Jiang, Tiejun Wang, Longlong Ma, Yuping Li, Qing Zhang and Xinghua Zhang
Characterisation of engine-out responses from a light-duty diesel engine fuelled with palm methyl ester (PME) pp. 58-67 Downloads
Jo-Han Ng, Hoon Kiat Ng and Suyin Gan
Performance and emission analysis of a compression ignition pp. 68-72 Downloads
Jagannath Balasaheb Hirkude and Atul S. Padalkar
Dominant factor and mechanism of coupling phenomena in single cell of polymer electrolyte fuel cell pp. 73-79 Downloads
Akira Nishimura, Kenichi Shibuya, Atsushi Morimoto, Shigeki Tanaka, Masafumi Hirota, Yoshihiro Nakamura, Masashi Kojima, Masahiko Narita and Eric Hu
Towards orientation-independent performance of membraneless microfluidic fuel cell: Understanding the gravity effects pp. 80-86 Downloads
Jin Xuan, Michael K.H. Leung, Dennis Y.C. Leung and Huizhi Wang
Laminar flow-based fuel cell working under critical conditions: The effect of parasitic current pp. 87-93 Downloads
Jin Xuan, Michael K.H. Leung, Dennis Y.C. Leung and Huizhi Wang
Characteristics of Ni–Nb-based metallic amorphous alloys for hydrogen-related energy applications pp. 94-99 Downloads
S. Jayalakshmi, V.S. Vasantha, E. Fleury and M. Gupta
Energy analysis of hydrogen and electricity production from aluminum-based processes pp. 100-105 Downloads
Huizhi Wang, Dennis Y.C. Leung and Michael K.H. Leung
Gasification of municipal solid waste in the Plasma Gasification Melting process pp. 106-112 Downloads
Qinglin Zhang, Liran Dor, Dikla Fenigshtein, Weihong Yang and Wlodzmierz Blasiak
Characterization of flue gas in oxy-coal combustion processes for CO2 capture pp. 113-121 Downloads
Yukun Hu and Jinyue Yan
A study of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system in Hong Kong pp. 122-127 Downloads
Danny H.W. Li, K.L. Cheung, Tony N.T. Lam and Wilco W.H. Chan
Current developments and future prospects of offshore wind and ocean energy pp. 128-136 Downloads
Miguel Esteban and David Leary
Operational performance of the development of a 15kW parabolic trough mid-temperature solar receiver/reactor for hydrogen production pp. 137-141 Downloads
Hui Hong, Qibin Liu and Hongguang Jin
Numerical simulation study on the heat transfer characteristics of the tube receiver of the solar thermal power tower pp. 142-147 Downloads
Xiaoping Yang, Xiaoxi Yang, Jing Ding, Youyuan Shao and Hongbo Fan
A novel magnetic levitated bearing system for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) pp. 148-153 Downloads
Jan Kumbernuss, Chen Jian, Junhua Wang, H.X. Yang and W.N. Fu
A fuzzy multi-regional input–output optimization model for biomass production and trade under resource and footprint constraints pp. 154-160 Downloads
Raymond R. Tan, Kathleen B. Aviso, Ivan U. Barilea, Alvin B. Culaba and Jose B. Cruz
Efficiency measurement with carbon dioxide emissions: The case of China pp. 161-166 Downloads
Qunwei Wang, Peng Zhou and Dequn Zhou
Fabrication and characterization of superhydrophobic polypropylene hollow fiber membranes for carbon dioxide absorption pp. 167-174 Downloads
Yuexia Lv, Xinhai Yu, Jingjing Jia, Shan-Tung Tu, Jinyue Yan and Erik Dahlquist
Use of carbonate rocks for flue gas desulfurization: Reactive dissolution of limestone particles pp. 175-181 Downloads
Cataldo De Blasio, Ermei Mäkilä and Tapio Westerlund
Analytical comparison between electricity consumption and behavioral characteristics of Swedish households in rented apartments pp. 182-188 Downloads
Iana Vassileva, Fredrik Wallin and Erik Dahlquist
Comparative study of solar cooling systems with building-integrated solar collectors for use in sub-tropical regions like Hong Kong pp. 189-195 Downloads
K.F. Fong, C.K. Lee and T.T. Chow
Measuring economy-wide energy efficiency performance: A parametric frontier approach pp. 196-200 Downloads
P. Zhou, B.W. Ang and D.Q. Zhou
An easily traceable scenario for 80% CO2 emission reduction in Japan through the final consumption-based CO2 emission approach: A case study of Kyoto-city pp. 201-205 Downloads
Sawako Shigeto, Yoshiki Yamagata, , Ryota, Masato Hidaka and Masayuki Horio
CEOS contributions to informing energy management and policy decision making using space-based Earth observations pp. 206-210 Downloads
Richard S. Eckman and Paul W. Stackhouse
Modeling technological changes in the biofuel production system in Indonesia pp. 211-217 Downloads
Joni Jupesta
Life-cycle analysis on energy consumption and GHG emission intensities of alternative vehicle fuels in China pp. 218-224 Downloads
Xunmin Ou, Xiaoyu Yan, Xiliang Zhang and Zhen Liu
Introducing natural lighting into the enclosed lift lobbies of highrise buildings by remote source lighting system pp. 225-232 Downloads
Irene Wong and H.X. Yang
Optimum design of shading-type building-integrated photovoltaic claddings with different surface azimuth angles pp. 233-240 Downloads
Liangliang Sun, Lin Lu and Hongxing Yang
Building energy demand patterns for department stores in Korea pp. 241-249 Downloads
Mo Chung and Hwa-Choon Park
Performance analysis of an integrated UFAD and radiant hydronic slab system pp. 250-257 Downloads
Paul Raftery, Kwang Ho Lee, Tom Webster and Fred Bauman
Run-around coil ventilation heat recovery system: A comparative study between different system configurations pp. 258-265 Downloads
Jörgen Wallin, Hatef Madani and Joachim Claesson
Thermoacoustic model of a modified free piston Stirling engine with a thermal buffer tube pp. 266-270 Downloads
Qin Yang, Ercang Luo, Wei Dai and Guoyao Yu
Evaluation of non-premixed combustion and fuel spray models for in-cylinder diesel engine simulation pp. 271-279 Downloads
Harun Mohamed Ismail, Hoon Kiat Ng and Suyin Gan
A non-uniform pressure and transient boundary condition based dynamic modeling of the adsorption process of an adsorption refrigeration tube pp. 280-287 Downloads
Y.L. Zhao, Eric Hu and Antoni Blazewicz
Experimental investigation of tubes in a phase change thermal energy storage system pp. 288-297 Downloads
N.H.S. Tay, M. Belusko and F. Bruno
Coal alternative fuel production from municipal solid wastes employing hydrothermal treatment pp. 298-304 Downloads
Pandji Prawisudha, Tomoaki Namioka and Kunio Yoshikawa
High-performance hybrid solar cells employing metal-free organic dye modified TiO2 as photoelectrode pp. 305-308 Downloads
Wei Zhang, Rui Zhu, Bin Liu and Seeram Ramakrishna
An active cooling system for photovoltaic modules pp. 309-315 Downloads
H.G. Teo, P.S. Lee and M.N.A. Hawlader
Thermodynamic cycles of adsorption desalination system pp. 316-322 Downloads
Jun W. Wu, Eric J. Hu and Mark J. Biggs
Ultrafast lithium migration in surface modified LiFePO4 by heterogeneous doping pp. 323-328 Downloads
Stefan Adams
Preliminary assessment of a method utilizing carbon dioxide and steelmaking slags to produce precipitated calcium carbonate pp. 329-334 Downloads
Sanni Eloneva, Arshe Said, Carl-Johan Fogelholm and Ron Zevenhoven
Pressure recovery and loss coefficient variations in the two different centrifugal blower volute designs pp. 335-343 Downloads
Beena D. Baloni, S.A. Channiwala and V.K. Mayavanshi

2011, volume 88, issue 12

Analysis of the relationship between international cooperation and scientific publications in energy R&D in China pp. 4229-4238 Downloads
Duan Liping
Refining technologies for the purification of crude biodiesel pp. 4239-4251 Downloads
I.M. Atadashi, M.K. Aroua, A.R. Abdul Aziz and N.M.N. Sulaiman
Molten carbonate fuel cell and gas turbine hybrid systems as distributed energy resources pp. 4252-4263 Downloads
Jung-Ho Wee
LNG: An eco-friendly cryogenic fuel for sustainable development pp. 4264-4273 Downloads
Satish Kumar, Hyouk-Tae Kwon, Kwang-Ho Choi, Wonsub Lim, Jae Hyun Cho, Kyungjae Tak and Il Moon
The stability of molten carbonate fuel cell electrodes: A review of recent improvements pp. 4274-4293 Downloads
Ermete Antolini
A review of progress in heat recirculating meso-scale combustors pp. 4294-4309 Downloads
V. Shirsat and A.K. Gupta
Capacitive effect on the heat transfer through building glazing systems pp. 4310-4319 Downloads
Roberto Zanetti Freire, Walter Mazuroski, Marc Olivier Abadie and Nathan Mendes
A real options–based CCS investment evaluation model: Case study of China’s power generation sector pp. 4320-4333 Downloads
Lei Zhu and Ying Fan
An energetic–exergetic analysis of a residential CHP system based on PEM fuel cell pp. 4334-4342 Downloads
L. Barelli, G. Bidini, F. Gallorini and A. Ottaviano
Potential benefits of solar reflective car shells: Cooler cabins, fuel savings and emission reductions pp. 4343-4357 Downloads
Ronnen Levinson, Heng Pan, Ban-Weiss, George, Pablo Rosado, Riccardo Paolini and Hashem Akbari
Application of infrared thermography for the determination of the overall heat transfer coefficient (U-Value) in building envelopes pp. 4358-4365 Downloads
Paris A. Fokaides and Soteris A. Kalogirou
Hydrogen-rich gas production from ethanol steam reforming over Ni/Ga/Mg/Zeolite Y catalysts at mild temperature pp. 4366-4375 Downloads
Byeong Sub Kwak, Jun Su Lee, Jun Sung Lee, Byung-Hyun Choi, Mi Jung Ji and Misook Kang
Influence of injection timing on performance, combustion and emission characteristics of Jatropha biodiesel engine pp. 4376-4386 Downloads
T. Ganapathy, R.P. Gakkhar and K. Murugesan
Feed-in tariffs for photovoltaics: Learning by doing in Germany? pp. 4387-4399 Downloads
Robert Wand and Florian Leuthold
Ethanol production by repeated batch and continuous fermentations of blackstrap molasses using immobilized yeast cells on thin-shell silk cocoons pp. 4400-4404 Downloads
Anuchit Rattanapan, Savitree Limtong and Muenduen Phisalaphong
Effects of multiple ground layers on thermal response test analysis and ground-source heat pump simulation pp. 4405-4410 Downloads
C.K. Lee
A comparative investigation of various greenhouse heating options using exergy analysis method pp. 4411-4423 Downloads
Arif Hepbasli
Performance analysis of a trigeneration system based on a micro gas turbine and an air-cooled, indirect fired, ammonia–water absorption chiller pp. 4424-4440 Downloads
M. Moya, J.C. Bruno, P. Eguia, E. Torres, I. Zamora and A. Coronas
Optimization design of slotted fin by numerical simulation coupled with genetic algorithm pp. 4441-4450 Downloads
Yu Wang, Ya-Ling He, Dan-Hua Mei and Wen-Quan Tao
Performance analysis for glass furnace regenerator pp. 4451-4458 Downloads
Vishal Sardeshpande, Renil Anthony, U.N. Gaitonde and Rangan Banerjee
Experimental determination of the effective thermal capacity function and other thermal properties for various phase change materials using the thermal delay method pp. 4459-4469 Downloads
E.D. Kravvaritis, K.A. Antonopoulos and C. Tzivanidis
Field test investigation of the characteristics for the air source heat pump under two typical mal-defrost phenomena pp. 4470-4480 Downloads
W. Wang, J. Xiao, Q.C. Guo, W.P. Lu and Y.C. Feng
Electrical and thermal performance of silicon concentrator solar cells immersed in dielectric liquids pp. 4481-4489 Downloads
Xinyue Han, Yiping Wang and Li Zhu
Photoassisted hydrogen production under visible light over NiO/ZnO hetero-system pp. 4490-4495 Downloads
A. Belhadi, S. Boumaza and M. Trari
Examining the driving forces for improving China’s CO2 emission intensity using the decomposing method pp. 4496-4504 Downloads
Zhongfu Tan, Li Li, Jianjun Wang and Jianhui Wang
ANN virtual sensors for emissions prediction and control pp. 4505-4516 Downloads
Wai Kean Yap and Vishy Karri
Polygeneration microgrids: A viable solution in remote areas for supplying power, potable water and hydrogen as transportation fuel pp. 4517-4526 Downloads
George Kyriakarakos, Anastasios I. Dounis, Stelios Rozakis, Konstantinos G. Arvanitis and George Papadakis
Analysis of suspension and heat transfer characteristics of Al2O3 nanofluids prepared through ultrasonic vibration pp. 4527-4533 Downloads
Cherng-Yuan Lin, Jung-Chang Wang and Teng-Chieh Chen
Experimental research on agglomeration in straw-fired fluidized beds pp. 4534-4543 Downloads
Chunjiang Yu, Jianguang Qin, Hu Nie, Mengxiang Fang and Zhongyang Luo
Defrosting method adopting dual hot gas bypass for an air-to-air heat pump pp. 4544-4555 Downloads
Hwan-Jong Choi, Byung-Soon Kim, Donghoon Kang and Kyung Chun Kim
Experimental energy analysis of a stand-alone photovoltaic-based water pumping installation pp. 4556-4562 Downloads
J.K. Kaldellis, E. Meidanis and D. Zafirakis
Current phase comparison pilot scheme for distributed generation networks protection pp. 4563-4569 Downloads
N. El Halabi, García-Gracia, M., J. Borroy and J.L. Villa
Difference in chemical composition of supercritical methanolysis products between two lignites pp. 4570-4576 Downloads
Bo Chen, Xian-Yong Wei, Zhi-Min Zong, Zhu-Sheng Yang, Yu Qing and Chang Liu
Parameters coupling designation of diesel free-piston linear alternator pp. 4577-4589 Downloads
Jinlong Mao, Zhengxing Zuo and Huihua Feng
Conversion of carbohydrates biomass into levulinate esters using heterogeneous catalysts pp. 4590-4596 Downloads
Lincai Peng, Lu Lin, Hui Li and Qiulin Yang
Method for simulating predictive control of building systems operation in the early stages of building design pp. 4597-4606 Downloads
Steffen Petersen and Svend Svendsen
Using size distribution analysis to forecast natural gas resources in Asia Pacific pp. 4607-4620 Downloads
Roberto F. Aguilera and Ronald D. Ripple
Performance comparison of combined cooling heating and power system in different operation modes pp. 4621-4631 Downloads
Jiang-Jiang Wang, You-Yin Jing, Chun-Fa Zhang and Zhai, Zhiqiang (John)
A complete 0D thermodynamic predictive model for direct injection diesel engines pp. 4632-4641 Downloads
F. Payri, P. Olmeda, J. Martín and A. García
Feasibility-based inexact fuzzy programming for electric power generation systems planning under dual uncertainties pp. 4642-4654 Downloads
Qing Hu, Guohe Huang, Yanpeng Cai and Ying Huang
Highly reflective coatings for interior and exterior steel cladding and the energy efficiency of buildings pp. 4655-4666 Downloads
Ali Joudi, Harald Svedung, Chris Bales and Mats Rönnelid
Particle size, porosity and temperature effects on char conversion pp. 4667-4677 Downloads
I.I. Ahmed and A.K. Gupta
Reactive power dispatch in wind farms using particle swarm optimization technique and feasible solutions search pp. 4678-4686 Downloads
Martinez-Rojas, Marcela, Andreas Sumper, Gomis-Bellmunt, Oriol and Sudrià-Andreu, Antoni
A new memetic algorithm approach for the price based unit commitment problem pp. 4687-4699 Downloads
Dionisios K. Dimitroulas and Pavlos S. Georgilakis
Modeling storage and demand management in power distribution grids pp. 4700-4712 Downloads
Andreas Schroeder
Opium poppy (Papaver somniferum L.) oil for preparation of biodiesel: Optimization of conditions pp. 4713-4718 Downloads
Laçine Aksoy
The influence of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) on combustion and emissions of n-heptane/natural gas fueled Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engines pp. 4719-4724 Downloads
Morteza Fathi, R. Khoshbakhti Saray and M. David Checkel
A comparative study of combustion performance and emission of biodiesel blends and diesel in an experimental boiler pp. 4725-4732 Downloads
Afshin Ghorbani, Bahamin Bazooyar, Ahmad Shariati, Seyyed Mohammad Jokar, Hadi Ajami and Ali Naderi
Operational planning of an engine generator using a high pressure working fluid composed of CO2 hydrate pp. 4733-4741 Downloads
Obara, Shin’ya, Takanobu Yamada, Kazuhiro Matsumura, Shiro Takahashi, Masahito Kawai and Balaji Rengarajan
Change in energy performance as a result of a R422D retrofit: An experimental analysis for a vapor compression refrigeration plant for a walk-in cooler pp. 4742-4748 Downloads
Ciro Aprea, Angelo Maiorino and Rita Mastrullo
Semi-empirical models for the estimation of clear sky solar global and direct normal irradiances in the tropics pp. 4749-4755 Downloads
S. Janjai, K. Sricharoen and S. Pattarapanitchai
Simulation-based design and optimization of refrigeration cassettes pp. 4756-4765 Downloads
Maicon Waltrich, Christian J.L. Hermes and Cláudio Melo
A comparison of experimental thermal stratification parameters for an oil/pebble-bed thermal energy storage (TES) system during charging pp. 4766-4778 Downloads
Ashmore Mawire and Simeon H. Taole
South Africa’s electricity consumption: A sectoral decomposition analysis pp. 4779-4784 Downloads
Roula Inglesi-Lotz and James Blignaut
A model predictive control strategy for load shifting in a water pumping scheme with maximum demand charges pp. 4785-4794 Downloads
Adam Jacobus van Staden, Jiangfeng Zhang and Xiaohua Xia
Micro gas turbine thermodynamic and economic analysis up to 500kWe size pp. 4795-4802 Downloads
Leandro Galanti and Aristide F. Massardo
Application of phase change materials to pre-heating of evaporator and pressure regulator of a gaseous sequential injection system pp. 4803-4810 Downloads
M. Gumus and A. Ugurlu
The influence of carbon dioxide trading scheme on economic dispatch of generators pp. 4811-4816 Downloads
Ming-Tang Tsai and Chih-Wei Yen
A modified honey bee mating optimization algorithm for multiobjective placement of renewable energy resources pp. 4817-4830 Downloads
Taher Niknam, Seyed Iman Taheri, Jamshid Aghaei, Sajad Tabatabaei and Majid Nayeripour
Life cycle assessment of small-scale high-input Jatropha biodiesel production in India pp. 4831-4839 Downloads
Krishan Pandey, Namita Pragya and P.K. Sahoo
Maximum photovoltaic power tracking for the PV array using the fractional-order incremental conductance method pp. 4840-4847 Downloads
Chia-Hung Lin, Cong-Hui Huang, Yi-Chun Du and Jian-Liung Chen
Surplus biomass through energy efficient kilns pp. 4848-4853 Downloads
Jan-Olof Anderson and Lars Westerlund
Green vertical systems for buildings as passive systems for energy savings pp. 4854-4859 Downloads
Gabriel Pérez, Lídia Rincón, Anna Vila, Josep M. González and Luisa F. Cabeza
Investigating the effect of hydrogen addition on cyclic variability in a natural gas spark ignition engine: Wavelet multiresolution analysis pp. 4860-4866 Downloads
Asok K. Sen, Jinhua Wang and Zuohua Huang
ANN-GA based optimization of a high ash coal-fired supercritical power plant pp. 4867-4873 Downloads
M.V.J.J. Suresh, K.S. Reddy and Ajit Kumar Kolar
Behavior of heteroatom compounds in hydrothermal gasification of biowaste for hydrogen production pp. 4874-4878 Downloads
Sevgihan Yildiz Bircan, Humihiko Kamoshita, Ryuichi Kanamori, Yasuyuki Ishida, Kozo Matsumoto, Yutaka Hasegawa and Kuniyuki Kitagawa
The optimal parameters estimation for rectangular cylinders installed transversely in the flow channel of PEMFC from a three-dimensional PEMFC model and the Taguchi method pp. 4879-4890 Downloads
Horng-Wen Wu and Hui-Wen Ku
Economic analysis of a combined energy–methanol production plant pp. 4891-4897 Downloads
Laura A. Pellegrini, Giorgio Soave, Simone Gamba and Stefano Langè
Distributed swirl combustion for gas turbine application pp. 4898-4907 Downloads
Ahmed E.E. Khalil and Ashwani K. Gupta
Single-stage and double-stage photovoltaic driven regeneration for liquid desiccant cooling system pp. 4908-4917 Downloads
Xiu-Wei Li, Xiao-Song Zhang and Shuo Quan
Evaluating alternative offering strategies for wind producers in a pool pp. 4918-4926 Downloads
Morteza Rahimiyan, Juan M. Morales and Antonio J. Conejo
Engineering analysis of uncertainties in the performance evaluation of CHP systems pp. 4927-4935 Downloads
Dentice d’Accadia, Massimo and Marilena Musto
The glazing temperature measurement in solar stills – Errors and implications on performance evaluation pp. 4936-4944 Downloads
P.T. Tsilingiris
Experimental evaluation of radiator control based on primary supply temperature for district heating substations pp. 4945-4951 Downloads
Jonas Gustafsson, Jerker Delsing and Jan van Deventer
Behavior of a 300kWth regenerative multi-burner flameless oxidation furnace pp. 4952-4959 Downloads
E.-S. Cho, B. Danon, W. de Jong and D.J.E.M. Roekaerts
Potential application of concentrating solar power systems for the generation of electricity in Thailand pp. 4960-4967 Downloads
S. Janjai, J. Laksanaboonsong and T. Seesaard
On the use of a tabulation approach to model auto-ignition during flame propagation in SI engines pp. 4968-4979 Downloads
Vincent Knop, Jean-Baptiste Michel and Olivier Colin
Modelling and validation of a gas engine heat pump working with R410A for cooling applications pp. 4980-4988 Downloads
E. Elgendy, J. Schmidt, A. Khalil and M. Fatouh
Effects of 30% v/v biodiesel/diesel fuel blend on regulated and unregulated pollutant emissions from diesel engines pp. 4989-5001 Downloads
A. Macor, F. Avella and D. Faedo
A new self-scheduling strategy for integrated operation of wind and pumped-storage power plants in power markets pp. 5002-5012 Downloads
Ali Karimi Varkani, Ali Daraeepour and Hassan Monsef
Investigations of multiple injection strategies for the improvement of combustion and exhaust emissions characteristics in a low compression ratio (CR) engine pp. 5013-5019 Downloads
Hyun Kyu Suh
The map of energy flow in HVAC systems pp. 5020-5031 Downloads
Perez-Lombard, Luis, Jose Ortiz and Ismael R. Maestre
Characteristics of tar, NOx precursors and their absorption performance with different scrubbing solvents during the pyrolysis of sewage sludge pp. 5032-5041 Downloads
Hongfang Chen, Tomoaki Namioka and Kunio Yoshikawa
Performance, emission and combustion characteristic of a multicylinder DI diesel engine running on diesel–ethanol–biodiesel blends of high ethanol content pp. 5042-5055 Downloads
Dattatray Bapu Hulwan and Satishchandra V. Joshi
Development of a scalable infrastructure model for planning electricity generation and CO2 mitigation strategies under mandated reduction of GHG emission pp. 5056-5068 Downloads
Jee-Hoon Han and In-Beum Lee
Performance characteristics of methanol and kerosene fuelled meso-scale heat-recirculating combustors pp. 5069-5082 Downloads
V. Shirsat and A.K. Gupta
Parametrical analysis of the design and performance of a solar heat pipe thermoelectric generator unit pp. 5083-5089 Downloads
Wei He, Yuehong Su, S.B. Riffat, JinXin Hou and Jie Ji
Recuperator dynamic performance: Experimental investigation with a microgas turbine test rig pp. 5090-5096 Downloads
Mario L. Ferrari, Alessandro Sorce, Matteo Pascenti and Aristide F. Massardo
Heat transfer analysis of parabolic trough solar receiver pp. 5097-5110 Downloads
Ricardo Vasquez Padilla, Gokmen Demirkaya, D. Yogi Goswami, Elias Stefanakos and Muhammad M. Rahman
Degradation of gas diffusion layers through repetitive freezing pp. 5111-5119 Downloads
Yongtaek Lee, Bosung Kim, Yongchan Kim and Xianguo Li
A theoretical analysis of the capture of greenhouse gases by single water droplet at atmospheric and elevated pressures pp. 5120-5130 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Yu-Lin Hou and Chen-I Hung
An approach to evaluate the energy advantage of two axes solar tracking systems in Spain pp. 5131-5142 Downloads
Cruz-Peragón, Fernando, Casanova-Peláez, Pedro J., Francisco A. Díaz, López-García, Rafael and José M. Palomar
Sensitivity analysis of optimal model on building cooling heating and power system pp. 5143-5152 Downloads
Jiangjiang Wang, Zhai, Zhiqiang (John), Youyin Jing, Xutao Zhang and Chunfa Zhang
Impact of carbon tax on internal combustion engine size selection in a medium scale CHP system pp. 5153-5163 Downloads
Mehdi Aghaei Meybodi and Masud Behnia
System analysis in a European perspective of new industrial cooling supply in a CHP system pp. 5164-5172 Downloads
Inger-Lise Svensson and Bahram Moshfegh
An effective Seebeck coefficient obtained by experimental results of a thermoelectric generator module pp. 5173-5179 Downloads
Cheng-Ting Hsu, Gia-Yeh Huang, Hsu-Shen Chu, Ben Yu and Da-Jeng Yao
A study of residential energy use in Hong Kong by decomposition analysis, 1990–2007 pp. 5180-5187 Downloads
William Chung, M.S. Kam and C.Y. Ip
Rapid and precise estimation of biodiesel by high performance thin layer chromatography pp. 5188-5192 Downloads
Soham Chattopadhyay, Sancharini Das and Ramkrishna Sen
Analytical model of parallel thermoelectric generator pp. 5193-5199 Downloads
Gaowei Liang, Jiemin Zhou and Xuezhang Huang
An in situ optical gas phase analysis approach for TGA: Its assessment and application pp. 5200-5207 Downloads
T. Haselsteiner, C. Erbel, C. Kunze and H. Spliethoff
Performance evaluation for dual circulating fluidized-bed steam gasifier of biomass using quasi-equilibrium three-stage gasification model pp. 5208-5220 Downloads
Son Ich Ngo, Thanh D.B. Nguyen, Young-Il Lim, Byung-Ho Song, Uen-Do Lee, Young-Tai Choi and Jae-Hun Song
A novel heat integrated batch distillation scheme pp. 5221-5225 Downloads
Debadrita Maiti, Amiya K. Jana and Amar Nath Samanta
Renewable and non-renewable electricity consumption–growth nexus: Evidence from emerging market economies pp. 5226-5230 Downloads
Nicholas Apergis and James Payne

2011, volume 88, issue 11

A review of physical modelling and numerical simulation of long-term geological storage of CO2 pp. 3557-3566 Downloads
Xi Jiang
PVTxy properties of CO2 mixtures relevant for CO2 capture, transport and storage: Review of available experimental data and theoretical models pp. 3567-3579 Downloads
Hailong Li, Jana P. Jakobsen, Øivind Wilhelmsen and Jinyue Yan
Multi-objective optimization of a multi water-to-water heat pump system using evolutionary algorithm pp. 3580-3591 Downloads
R. Murr, H. Thieriot, A. Zoughaib and D. Clodic
Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) for building construction industry – A review of the contemporary developments and future directions pp. 3592-3602 Downloads
M. Alam, H. Singh and M.C. Limbachiya
A critical review of photovoltaic–thermal solar collectors for air heating pp. 3603-3614 Downloads
Rakesh Kumar and Marc A. Rosen
Optimization of biodiesel production from camelina oil using orthogonal experiment pp. 3615-3624 Downloads
Xuan Wu and Dennis Y.C. Leung
Purification of biodiesel from used cooking oils pp. 3625-3631 Downloads
M. Berrios, M.A. Martín, A.F. Chica and A. Martín
Microbial oil production from thermophile cyanobacteria for biodiesel production pp. 3632-3635 Downloads
Sevgi Ertuğrul Karatay and Gönül Dönmez
An evaluation on improvement of pulverized biomass property for solid fuel through torrefaction pp. 3636-3644 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Wen-Yi Cheng, Ke-Miao Lu and Ying-Pin Huang
Tetramethylguanidine as an efficient catalyst for transesterification of waste frying oils pp. 3645-3650 Downloads
Georgios Karavalakis, Georgios Anastopoulos and Stamos Stournas
Economic feasibility assessment of rice straw utilization for electricity generating through combustion in Thailand pp. 3651-3658 Downloads
Mitra Kami Delivand, Mirko Barz, Shabbir H. Gheewala and Boonrod Sajjakulnukit
Effects of hydrothermal treatment on characteristics and combustion behaviors of municipal solid wastes pp. 3659-3664 Downloads
Liang Lu, Tomoaki Namioka and Kunio Yoshikawa
Assessing the economic efficiency of bioenergy technologies in climate mitigation and fossil fuel replacement in Austria using a techno-economic approach pp. 3665-3684 Downloads
Gerald Kalt and Lukas Kranzl
Swirling distributed combustion for clean energy conversion in gas turbine applications pp. 3685-3693 Downloads
Ahmed E.E. Khalil and Ashwani K. Gupta
Effect of metal based additive on performance emission and combustion characteristics of diesel engine fuelled with biodiesel pp. 3694-3703 Downloads
G.R. Kannan, R. Karvembu and R. Anand
Combustion and emissions performance of a DME-enriched spark-ignited methanol engine at idle condition pp. 3704-3711 Downloads
Chen Liang, Changwei Ji and Xiaolong Liu
Numerical analysis of two-stroke free piston engine operating on HCCI combustion pp. 3712-3725 Downloads
Shuaiqing Xu, Yang Wang, Tao Zhu, Tao Xu and Chengjun Tao
Optimized solar-powered liquid desiccant system to supply building fresh water and cooling needs pp. 3726-3736 Downloads
N. Audah, N. Ghaddar and K. Ghali
The impact of the projected changes in temperature on heating and cooling requirements in buildings in Dhaka, Bangladesh pp. 3737-3746 Downloads
Monjur Mourshed
Socio-technological impact analysis using an energy IO approach to GHG emissions issues in South Korea pp. 3747-3758 Downloads
Whan-Sam Chung, Susumu Tohno and Ki-Hong Choi
A general source-sink model with inoperability constraints for robust energy sector planning pp. 3759-3764 Downloads
Raymond R. Tan
Optimization of energy consumption for soybean production using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) approach pp. 3765-3772 Downloads
Mousavi-Avval, Seyed Hashem, Shahin Rafiee, Ali Jafari and Ali Mohammadi
An energy balance and greenhouse gas profile for county Wexford, Ireland in 2006 pp. 3773-3781 Downloads
Richard Curtin
Abatement costs of CO2 emissions in the Brazilian oil refining sector pp. 3782-3790 Downloads
David A. Castelo Branco, Alexandre Szklo, Gabriel Gomes, Bruno S.M.C. Borba and Roberto Schaeffer
An impact assessment of electricity and emission allowances pricing in optimised expansion planning of power sector portfolios pp. 3791-3806 Downloads
Athanasios I. Tolis and Athanasios A. Rentizelas
A seasonal hybrid procedure for electricity demand forecasting in China pp. 3807-3815 Downloads
Suling Zhu, Jianzhou Wang, Weigang Zhao and Jujie Wang
Grey forecasting model for CO2 emissions: A Taiwan study pp. 3816-3820 Downloads
Chiun-Sin Lin, Fen-May Liou and Chih-Pin Huang
The cost of pipelining climate change mitigation: An overview of the economics of CH4, CO2 and H2 transportation pp. 3821-3831 Downloads
Bob van der Zwaan, K. Schoots, Rivera-Tinoco, R. and G.P.J. Verbong
Reactive power market management considering voltage control area reserve and system security pp. 3832-3840 Downloads
A. Kargarian, M. Raoofat and M. Mohammadi
Spatial optimization of an underhood cooling module – Towards an innovative control approach pp. 3841-3849 Downloads
Mahmoud Khaled, Fabien Harambat, Hicham El Hage and Hassan Peerhossaini
A Neuro-fuzzy-stochastic frontier analysis approach for long-term natural gas consumption forecasting and behavior analysis: The cases of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and UAE pp. 3850-3859 Downloads
A. Azadeh, S.M. Asadzadeh, M. Saberi, V. Nadimi, A. Tajvidi and M. Sheikalishahi
Robust controller design of heat pump and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle for frequency control in a smart microgrid based on specified-structure mixed H2/H∞ control technique pp. 3860-3868 Downloads
Sitthidet Vachirasricirikul and Issarachai Ngamroo
Comparison between ANNs and linear MCP algorithms in the long-term estimation of the cost per kWh produced by a wind turbine at a candidate site: A case study in the Canary Islands pp. 3869-3881 Downloads
Sergio Velázquez, José A. Carta and J.M. Matías
Reduction of smoke and nitrogen oxides of a partial HCCI engine using premixed gasoline and ethanol with air pp. 3882-3890 Downloads
Horng-Wen Wu, Ren-Hung Wang, Dung-Je Ou, Ying-Chuan Chen and Teng-yu Chen
Emissions spark spread and primary energy spark spread – Environmental and energy screening parameters for combined heating and power systems pp. 3891-3897 Downloads
Amanda D. Smith, Pedro J. Mago and Nelson Fumo
Gas turbine sensor validation through classification with artificial neural networks pp. 3898-3904 Downloads
Thomas Palmé, Magnus Fast and Marcus Thern
Study of turbocharged diesel engine operation, pollutant emissions and combustion noise radiation during starting with bio-diesel or n-butanol diesel fuel blends pp. 3905-3916 Downloads
C.D. Rakopoulos, A.M. Dimaratos, E.G. Giakoumis and D.C. Rakopoulos
Integrated gasification combined cycle and carbon capture: A risky option to mitigate CO2 emissions of coal-fired power plants pp. 3917-3929 Downloads
Bettina Susanne Hoffmann and Alexandre Szklo
Conditions for aggregation of CHP plants in the UK electricity market and exploration of plant size pp. 3930-3940 Downloads
Aikaterini Fragaki and Anders N. Andersen
A guide to writing articles in energy science pp. 3941-3948 Downloads
Martin Weiss and Alexandra M. Newman
Thermodynamic analysis of air-blown gasification for IGCC applications pp. 3949-3958 Downloads
Antonio Giuffrida, Matteo C. Romano and Giovanni Lozza
Performance, emission and combustion characteristics of a variable compression ratio engine using methyl esters of waste cooking oil and diesel blends pp. 3959-3968 Downloads
K. Muralidharan and D. Vasudevan
Performance evaluation of a constant speed IC engine on CNG, methane enriched biogas and biogas pp. 3969-3977 Downloads
R. Chandra, V.K. Vijay, P.M.V. Subbarao and T.K. Khura
Shell coal IGCCS with carbon capture: Conventional gas quench vs. innovative configurations pp. 3978-3989 Downloads
Emanuele Martelli, Thomas Kreutz, Michiel Carbo, Stefano Consonni and Daniel Jansen
Efficiency analyses of ethanol-fueled solid oxide fuel cell power system pp. 3990-3998 Downloads
Wen-Tang Hong, Tzu-Hsiang Yen, Tsang-Dong Chung, Cheng-Nan Huang and Bao-Dong Chen
Power generation from organic substrate in batch and continuous flow microbial fuel cell operations pp. 3999-4004 Downloads
Mostafa Rahimnejad, Ali Asghar Ghoreyshi, Ghasem Najafpour and Tahereh Jafary
Hydro energy potential of cooling water at the thermal power plant pp. 4005-4013 Downloads
Vladimir D. Stevanovic, Aleksandar Gajic, Ljubodrag Savic, Vladan Kuzmanovic, Dusan Arnautovic, Tina Dasic, Blazenka Maslovaric, Sanja Prica and Bojan Milovanovic
Wind power forecasting uncertainty and unit commitment pp. 4014-4023 Downloads
J. Wang, A. Botterud, R. Bessa, H. Keko, L. Carvalho, D. Issicaba, J. Sumaili and V. Miranda
Estimation of wind speed profile using adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) pp. 4024-4032 Downloads
M. Mohandes, S. Rehman and S.M. Rahman
Multi-objective optimization minimizing cost and life cycle emissions of stand-alone PV–wind–diesel systems with batteries storage pp. 4033-4041 Downloads
Dufo-López, Rodolfo, Bernal-Agustín, José L., Yusta-Loyo, José M., Domínguez-Navarro, José A., Ramírez-Rosado, Ignacio J., Juan Lujano and Ismael Aso
An optimization model for a mechanical vapor compression desalination plant driven by a wind/PV hybrid system pp. 4042-4054 Downloads
Driss Zejli, Ahmed Ouammi, Roberto Sacile, Hanane Dagdougui and Azzeddine Elmidaoui
Energy management in solar thermal power plants with double thermal storage system and subdivided solar field pp. 4055-4066 Downloads
Antonio Rovira, María José Montes, Manuel Valdes and Martínez-Val, José María
Techno-economic analysis of a wind–solar hybrid renewable energy system with rainwater collection feature for urban high-rise application pp. 4067-4077 Downloads
W.T. Chong, M.S. Naghavi, S.C. Poh, T.M.I. Mahlia and K.C. Pan
Development of a feasibility prediction tool for solar power plant installation analyses pp. 4078-4086 Downloads
Ersan Kabalci
Influence of local wind speed and direction on wind power dynamics – Application to offshore very short-term forecasting pp. 4087-4096 Downloads
C. Gallego, P. Pinson, H. Madsen, A. Costa and A. Cuerva
Investigation of wind shear coefficients and their effect on electrical energy generation pp. 4097-4105 Downloads
Ebubekir Fırtın, Önder Güler and Seyit Ahmet Akdağ
Enhancement of the thermal design of bitumen emulsion tanks by Scale Analysis, CFD models and experimental tests pp. 4106-4112 Downloads
Mario Miana, Olga Cantín, Carlos Millán, José R. Valdés, Carlos Bernad and Jesús M. Sánchez
Heat transfer analysis of pile geothermal heat exchangers with spiral coils pp. 4113-4119 Downloads
Ping Cui, Xin Li, Yi Man and Zhaohong Fang
Maximisation of heat transfer in a coil in tank PCM cold storage system pp. 4120-4127 Downloads
A. Castell, M. Belusko, F. Bruno and L.F. Cabeza
Experimental research and operation optimization of an air-source heat pump water heater pp. 4128-4138 Downloads
J.J. Guo, J.Y. Wu, R.Z. Wang and S. Li
Analysis of internal helically finned tubes for parabolic trough design by CFD tools pp. 4139-4149 Downloads
Javier Muñoz and Alberto Abánades
Loss analysis of thermal reservoirs for electrical energy storage schemes pp. 4150-4159 Downloads
Alexander J. White
Feasibility study on novel hybrid ground coupled heat pump system with nocturnal cooling radiator for cooling load dominated buildings pp. 4160-4171 Downloads
Yi Man, Hongxing Yang, Jeffrey D. Spitler and Zhaohong Fang
Numerical study on thermal energy storage performance of phase change material under non-steady-state inlet boundary pp. 4172-4179 Downloads
Y.B. Tao and Y.L. He
Model-based optimal control of a dedicated outdoor air-chilled ceiling system using liquid desiccant and membrane-based total heat recovery pp. 4180-4190 Downloads
Gaoming Ge, Fu Xiao and Xinhua Xu
Simple method for estimation of effectiveness in one tube pass and one shell pass counter-flow heat exchangers pp. 4191-4196 Downloads
Alireza Bahadori
Modeling water/lithium bromide absorption chillers in ASPEN Plus pp. 4197-4205 Downloads
C. Somers, A. Mortazavi, Y. Hwang, R. Radermacher, P. Rodgers and Al-Hashimi, S.
Experimental investigation of a natural zeolite–water adsorption cooling unit pp. 4206-4213 Downloads
İsmail Solmuş, Bilgin Kaftanoğlu, Cemil Yamalı and Derek Baker
Convenient storage of concentrated hydrogen peroxide as a CaO2·2H2O2(s)/H2O2(aq) slurry for energy storage applications pp. 4214-4217 Downloads
Robert S. Disselkamp
Increasing the solar cell power output by coating with transition metal-oxide nanorods pp. 4218-4221 Downloads
I.A. Kuznetsov, M.J. Greenfield, Y.U. Mehta, Merchan-Merchan, W., G. Salkar and A.V. Saveliev
Production of glucose from oil palm trunk and sawdust of rubberwood and mixed hardwood pp. 4222-4228 Downloads
K.L. Chin, H’ng, P.S., L.J. Wong, B.T. Tey and M.T. Paridah

2011, volume 88, issue 10

Cultivation of algae with indigenous species – Potentials for regional biofuel production pp. 3280-3285 Downloads
M. Odlare, E. Nehrenheim, V. Ribé, E. Thorin, M. Gavare and M. Grube
Hydrothermal carbonization of microalgae II. Fatty acid, char, and algal nutrient products pp. 3286-3290 Downloads
Steven M. Heilmann, Lindsey R. Jader, Laurie A. Harned, Michael J. Sadowsky, Frederick J. Schendel, Paul A. Lefebvre, Marc G. von Keitz and Kenneth J. Valentas
Screening of microalgae with potential for biodiesel production and nutrient removal from treated domestic sewage pp. 3291-3294 Downloads
E.B. Sydney, T.E. da Silva, A. Tokarski, A.C. Novak, J.C. de Carvalho, A.L. Woiciecohwski, C. Larroche and C.R. Soccol
Growth and lipid accumulation properties of a freshwater microalga, Chlorella ellipsoidea YJ1, in domestic secondary effluents pp. 3295-3299 Downloads
Jia Yang, Xin Li, Hongying Hu, Xue Zhang, Yin Yu and Yongsheng Chen
Characterization of microalgal species isolated from fresh water bodies as a potential source for biodiesel production pp. 3300-3306 Downloads
Abou-Shanab, Reda A.I., Jae-Hoon Hwang, Yunchul Cho, Booki Min and Byong-Hun Jeon
Microalgae Chlorella as a potential bio-energy feedstock pp. 3307-3312 Downloads
Mayur M. Phukan, Rahul S. Chutia, B.K. Konwar and R. Kataki
One-step production of biodiesel from Nannochloropsis sp. on solid base Mg–Zr catalyst pp. 3313-3317 Downloads
Yuesong Li, Shuang Lian, Dongmei Tong, Ruili Song, Wenyan Yang, Yong Fan, Renwei Qing and Changwei Hu
Macroalgae: Raw material for biodiesel production pp. 3318-3323 Downloads
Rocio Maceiras, Mónica Rodrı´guez, Angeles Cancela, Santiago Urréjola and Angel Sánchez
Potential of microalgae oil from Dunaliella tertiolecta as a feedstock for biodiesel pp. 3324-3330 Downloads
Haiying Tang, Nadia Abunasser, M.E.D. Garcia, Meng Chen, K.Y. Simon Ng and Steven O. Salley
Nutrient limitation as a strategy for increasing starch accumulation in microalgae pp. 3331-3335 Downloads
Giuliano Dragone, Bruno D. Fernandes, Ana P. Abreu, António A. Vicente and José A. Teixeira
Biomass and lipid production of marine microalgae using municipal wastewater and high concentration of CO2 pp. 3336-3341 Downloads
Liling Jiang, Shengjun Luo, Xiaolei Fan, Zhiman Yang and Rongbo Guo
Design scenarios for flat panel photobioreactors pp. 3342-3353 Downloads
P.M. Slegers, R.H. Wijffels, G. van Straten and A.J.B. van Boxtel
Chlorella sp.: A new strain with highly saturated fatty acids for biodiesel production in bubble-column photobioreactor pp. 3354-3356 Downloads
Rasoul-Amini, Sara, Montazeri-Najafabady, Nima, Mohammad Ali Mobasher, Hoseini-Alhashemi, Samira and Younes Ghasemi
Design of an airlift loop bioreactor and pilot scales studies with fluidic oscillator induced microbubbles for growth of a microalgae Dunaliella salina pp. 3357-3369 Downloads
William B. Zimmerman, Mohammad Zandi, H.C. Hemaka Bandulasena, Václav Tesař, D. James Gilmour and Kezhen Ying
Development of a new airlift-driven raceway reactor for algal cultivation pp. 3370-3376 Downloads
B. Ketheesan and N. Nirmalakhandan
Resource demand implications for US algae biofuels production scale-up pp. 3377-3388 Downloads
Ron Pate, Geoff Klise and Ben Wu
Cultivation of filamentous cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in agro-industrial wastes and wastewaters: A review pp. 3389-3401 Downloads
Giorgos Markou and Dimitris Georgakakis
Advances and perspectives in using microalgae to produce biodiesel pp. 3402-3410 Downloads
Helena M. Amaro, A. Catarina Guedes and F. Xavier Malcata
Dual role of microalgae: Phycoremediation of domestic wastewater and biomass production for sustainable biofuels production pp. 3411-3424 Downloads
I. Rawat, R. Ranjith Kumar, T. Mutanda and F. Bux
Renewable biomass production by mixotrophic algae in the presence of various carbon sources and wastewaters pp. 3425-3431 Downloads
Ashish Bhatnagar, Senthil Chinnasamy, Manjinder Singh and K.C. Das
Microalgal biodiesel in China: Opportunities and challenges pp. 3432-3437 Downloads
Yuan-Guang Li, Ling Xu, Ying-Ming Huang, Feng Wang, Chen Guo and Chun-Zhao Liu
Single-cell oil production by cyanobacterium Aphanothece microscopica Nägeli cultivated heterotrophically in fish processing wastewater pp. 3438-3443 Downloads
Maria Isabel Queiroz, Márcio Oliveira Hornes, da Silva-Manetti, Adriana G. and Jacob-Lopes, Eduardo
The production of acetic acid from microalgae under hydrothermal conditions pp. 3444-3447 Downloads
Zheng Shen, Jingfei Zhou, Xuefei Zhou and Yalei Zhang
Evaluation of anaerobic codigestion of microalgal biomass and swine manure via response surface methodology pp. 3448-3453 Downloads
González-Fernández, Cristina, Molinuevo-Salces, Beatriz and García-González, Maria Cruz
Anaerobic digestion of microalgae residues resulting from the biodiesel production process pp. 3454-3463 Downloads
E.A. Ehimen, Z.F. Sun, C.G. Carrington, E.J. Birch and Eaton-Rye, J.J.
Exploring alkaline pre-treatment of microalgal biomass for bioethanol production pp. 3464-3467 Downloads
Razif Harun, W.S.Y. Jason, Tamara Cherrington and Michael K. Danquah
Fermentative hydrogen production from lipid-extracted microalgal biomass residues pp. 3468-3472 Downloads
Zhiman Yang, Rongbo Guo, Xiaohui Xu, Xiaolei Fan and Shengjun Luo
Biofuels from algae for sustainable development pp. 3473-3480 Downloads
M. Fatih Demirbas
Competitiveness, role, and impact of microalgal biodiesel in the global energy future pp. 3481-3491 Downloads
Takayuki Takeshita
Water management policies for the algal biofuel sector in the Southwestern United States pp. 3492-3498 Downloads
Bobban G. Subhadra
An energy evaluation of coupling nutrient removal from wastewater with algal biomass production pp. 3499-3506 Downloads
Belinda S.M. Sturm and Stacey L. Lamer
Net energy analysis of the production of biodiesel and biogas from the microalgae: Haematococcus pluvialis and Nannochloropsis pp. 3507-3514 Downloads
Luis F. Razon and Raymond R. Tan
Coproduct market analysis and water footprint of simulated commercial algal biorefineries pp. 3515-3523 Downloads
Bobban G. Subhadra and Mark Edwards
Techno-economic analysis of autotrophic microalgae for fuel production pp. 3524-3531 Downloads
Ryan Davis, Andy Aden and Philip T. Pienkos
The scientometric evaluation of the research on the algae and bio-energy pp. 3532-3540 Downloads
Ozcan Konur
Biodiesel from oilgae, biofixation of carbon dioxide by microalgae: A solution to pollution problems pp. 3541-3547 Downloads
Ayhan Demirbas
A critical review of biochemical conversion, sustainability and life cycle assessment of algal biofuels pp. 3548-3555 Downloads
Anoop Singh and Stig Irving Olsen

2011, volume 88, issue 9

Effects of nozzle length on flame and emission behaviors of multi-fuel-jet inverse diffusion flame burner pp. 2917-2924 Downloads
H.S. Zhen, Y.S. Choy, C.W. Leung and C.S. Cheung
Combustion characteristics of a swirling inverse diffusion flame upon oxygen content variation pp. 2925-2933 Downloads
H.S. Zhen, C.W. Leung and C.S. Cheung
Analysis of flammability limits for the liquefaction process of oxygen-bearing coal-bed methane pp. 2934-2939 Downloads
Q.Y. Li, L. Wang and Y.L. Ju
Characterization of ashes from a 100kWth pilot-scale circulating fluidized bed with oxy-fuel combustion pp. 2940-2948 Downloads
Yinghai Wu, Chunbo Wang, Yewen Tan, Lufei Jia and Edward J. Anthony
Experimental study of fuel stratification for HCCI high load extension pp. 2949-2954 Downloads
Dong-bo Yang, Zhi Wang, Jian-Xin Wang and Shi-jin Shuai
A novel compression strategy for air hybrid engines pp. 2955-2966 Downloads
Amir Fazeli, Amir Khajepour and Cecile Devaud
The effect of injection timing and intake valve close timing on performance and emissions of diesel PCCI engine with a full engine cycle CFD simulation pp. 2967-2975 Downloads
Ming Jia, Maozhao Xie, Tianyou Wang and Zhijun Peng
Performance evaluation of integrated gasification solid oxide fuel cell/gas turbine systems including carbon dioxide capture pp. 2976-2987 Downloads
Sung Ku Park, Ji-Ho Ahn and Tong Seop Kim
A frequency modelling of the pressure waves in the inlet manifold of internal combustion engine pp. 2988-2994 Downloads
David Chalet, Alexandre Mahe, Jérôme Migaud and Jean-François Hetet
Performance analysis of an Organic Rankine Cycle with superheating under different heat source temperature conditions pp. 2995-3004 Downloads
J.P. Roy, M.K. Mishra and Ashok Misra
Theoretical thermodynamic analysis of Rankine power cycle with thermal driven pump pp. 3005-3011 Downloads
Amlaku Abie Lakew, Olav Bolland and Yves Ladam
Multi-objective optimization of a joule cycle for re-liquefaction of the Liquefied Natural Gas pp. 3012-3021 Downloads
Hoseyn Sayyaadi and M. Babaelahi
Effect of interface layer on the cooling performance of a single thermoelement pp. 3022-3029 Downloads
Osamu Yamashita
Development of a case-based reasoning prototype for cogeneration plant design pp. 3030-3041 Downloads
José Alexandre Matelli, Edson Bazzo and Jonny Carlos da Silva
Measurement of in-plane thermal conductivity of carbon paper diffusion media in the temperature range of −20°C to +120°C pp. 3042-3050 Downloads
Nada Zamel, Efim Litovsky, Saher Shakhshir, Xianguo Li and Jacob Kleiman
Energy and cost savings in household refrigerating appliances: A simulation-based design approach pp. 3051-3060 Downloads
Cezar O.R. Negrão and Christian J.L. Hermes
Modeling and energy efficiency optimization of belt conveyors pp. 3061-3071 Downloads
Shirong Zhang and Xiaohua Xia
Experimental study of an air-source heat pump for simultaneous heating and cooling – Part 2: Dynamic behaviour and two-phase thermosiphon defrosting technique pp. 3072-3078 Downloads
Paul Byrne, Jacques Miriel and Yves Lenat
Experimental analysis of model predictive control for an energy efficient building heating system pp. 3079-3087 Downloads
Jan Široký, Frauke Oldewurtel, Jiří Cigler and Samuel Prívara
Weather-predicted control of building free cooling system pp. 3088-3096 Downloads
Klemen Dovrtel and Sašo Medved
Influence analysis of building types and climate zones on energetic, economic and environmental performances of BCHP systems pp. 3097-3112 Downloads
Jiangjiang Wang, Zhai, Zhiqiang (John), Youyin Jing and Chunfa Zhang
Improving thermal performance of building walls by optimizing insulation layer distribution and thickness for same thermal mass pp. 3113-3124 Downloads
Al-Sanea, Sami A. and M.F. Zedan
Study on preparation, structure and thermal energy storage property of capric–palmitic acid/attapulgite composite phase change materials pp. 3125-3132 Downloads
Min Li, Zhishen Wu and Hongtao Kao
Electrospun phase change fibers based on polyethylene glycol/cellulose acetate blends pp. 3133-3139 Downloads
Changzhong Chen, Linge Wang and Yong Huang
Fire retardants for phase change materials pp. 3140-3145 Downloads
Pongphat Sittisart and Mohammed M. Farid
Environmental cost of distribution transformer losses pp. 3146-3155 Downloads
Pavlos S. Georgilakis
Design of a novel axial impeller as a part of counter-rotating axial compressor to compress water vapor as refrigerant pp. 3156-3168 Downloads
Qubo Li, Janusz Piechna and Norbert Müller
Design and implementation of a VSC for interconnection with power grids, using the method of identification the system through state space for the calculation of controllers pp. 3169-3175 Downloads
C.L. Trujillo, D. Velasco, J.G. Guarnizo and N. Díaz
Assess the potential of solar irrigation systems for sustaining pasture lands in arid regions – A case study in Northwestern China pp. 3176-3182 Downloads
Yingdong Yu, Jiahong Liu, Hao Wang and Miao Liu
Are participators in the land retirement program likely to grow energy crops? pp. 3183-3188 Downloads
Hung-Hao Chang and Yu-Hui Chen
Thermogravimetric analysis of microalgae combustion under different oxygen supply concentrations pp. 3189-3196 Downloads
Chunxiang Chen, Xiaoqian Ma and Kai Liu
Wind energy evaluation for electricity generation using WECS in seven selected locations in Nigeria pp. 3197-3206 Downloads
O.S. Ohunakin, M.S. Adaramola and O.M. Oyewola
Influence of the deflector plate on the performance of modified Savonius water turbine pp. 3207-3217 Downloads
Kailash Golecha, T.I. Eldho and S.V. Prabhu
Performance study of solar cell arrays based on a Trough Concentrating Photovoltaic/Thermal system pp. 3218-3227 Downloads
Ming Li, Xu Ji, Guoliang Li, Shengxian Wei, YingFeng Li and Feng Shi
Performance analysis of an Integrated Solar Combined Cycle using Direct Steam Generation in parabolic trough collectors pp. 3228-3238 Downloads
M.J. Montes, A. Rovira, M. Muñoz and Martínez-Val, J.M.
Wind power investment within a market environment pp. 3239-3247 Downloads
L. Baringo and A.J. Conejo
Sustainable product development based on second law of thermodynamics pp. 3248-3256 Downloads
Wolfgang Winkler
Flexible demand response programs modeling in competitive electricity markets pp. 3257-3269 Downloads
M. Parsa Moghaddam, A. Abdollahi and M. Rashidinejad
Dispatch strategy and model for hybrid photovoltaic and trigeneration power systems pp. 3270-3276 Downloads
Amir Nosrat and Joshua Pearce

2011, volume 88, issue 8

Effect of H2S in methane/air flames on sulfur chemistry and products speciation pp. 2593-2600 Downloads
H. Selim, A. Al Shoaibi and A.K. Gupta
Experimental examination of flame chemistry in hydrogen sulfide-based flames pp. 2601-2611 Downloads
H. Selim, A. Al Shoaibi and A.K. Gupta
Partial oxidative gasification of phenol for hydrogen in supercritical water pp. 2612-2616 Downloads
Qingqing Guan, Chaohai Wei, Huashun Shi, Chaofei Wu and Xin-Sheng Chai
Co-evaporative multi-component fuel design for in-cylinder PLIF measurement and application in gasoline direct injection research pp. 2617-2627 Downloads
Xiao Ma, Xu He, Jian-xin Wang and Shijin Shuai
Residential pellet boilers in Belgium: Standard laboratory and real life performance with respect to European standard and quality labels pp. 2628-2634 Downloads
V.K. Verma, S. Bram, I. Vandendael, P. Laha, A. Hubin and J. De Ruyck
An experimental and modeling study of ash deposition behaviour for co-firing peat with lignite pp. 2635-2640 Downloads
Yuanyuan Shao, Jinsheng Wang, Xu, Chunbao (Charles), Jesse Zhu, Fernando Preto, Guy Tourigny, Chadi Badour and Hanning Li
Infantry mobility hybrid electric vehicle performance analysis and design pp. 2641-2652 Downloads
Jimenez-Espadafor, Francisco José, Juan José Ruiz Marín, José A. Becerra Villanueva, Miguel Torres García, Elisa Carvajal Trujillo and Francisco José Florencio Ojeda
Development of variable timing fuel injection cam for effective abatement of diesel engine emissions pp. 2653-2662 Downloads
G. Amba Prasad Rao and Syed Kaleemuddin
Investigation on the effect of injection system parameters on performance and emission characteristics of a twin cylinder compression ignition direct injection engine fuelled with pongamia biodiesel-diesel blend using response surface methodology pp. 2663-2676 Downloads
M. Pandian, S.P. Sivapirakasam and M. Udayakumar
Exergoeconomic analyses of a gas engine driven heat pump drier and food drying process pp. 2677-2684 Downloads
Aysegul Gungor, Zafer Erbay and Arif Hepbasli
Nano-magnetic catalyst KF/CaO-Fe3O4 for biodiesel production pp. 2685-2690 Downloads
Shengyang Hu, Yanping Guan, Yun Wang and Heyou Han
Optimization of tri-reformer reactor to produce synthesis gas for methanol production using differential evolution (DE) method pp. 2691-2701 Downloads
Z. Arab Aboosadi, A.H. Jahanmiri and M.R. Rahimpour
Modeling of a 1Â MW cogenerative internal combustion engine for diagnostic scopes pp. 2702-2712 Downloads
L. Barelli, E. Barluzzi and G. Bidini
The use of Koroch seed oil methyl ester blends as fuel in a diesel engine pp. 2713-2725 Downloads
T.K. Gogoi and D.C. Baruah
Disruption of sugarcane bagasse lignocellulosic structure by means of dilute sulfuric acid pretreatment with microwave-assisted heating pp. 2726-2734 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Yi-Jian Tu and Herng-Kuang Sheen
Efficient preparation of biodiesel from rapeseed oil over modified CaO pp. 2735-2739 Downloads
Ying Tang, Mei Meng, Jie Zhang and Yong Lu
Performance comparison and parametric optimization of subcritical Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and transcritical power cycle system for low-temperature geothermal power generation pp. 2740-2754 Downloads
Zhang Shengjun, Wang Huaixin and Guo Tao
Economic feasibility and optimisation of an energy storage system for Portland Wind Farm (Victoria, Australia) pp. 2755-2763 Downloads
Mir-Akbar Hessami and David R. Bowly
Overview of thermal energy storage (TES) potential energy savings and climate change mitigation in Spain and Europe pp. 2764-2774 Downloads
Pablo Arce, Marc Medrano, Antoni Gil, Eduard Oró and Luisa F. Cabeza
Modeling the variability of solar radiation data among weather stations by means of principal components analysis pp. 2775-2784 Downloads
Manuel Zarzo and Pau Martí
Feasibility of photovoltaic - Thermoelectric hybrid modules pp. 2785-2790 Downloads
W.G.J.H.M. van Sark
Optimizing opening dimensions for naturally ventilated buildings pp. 2791-2801 Downloads
Louis Stephan, Alain Bastide and Etienne Wurtz
Energetic and exergetic analysis of CO2- and R32-based transcritical Rankine cycles for low-grade heat conversion pp. 2802-2808 Downloads
Huijuan Chen, D. Yogi Goswami, Muhammad M. Rahman and Elias K. Stefanakos
Experimental performance evaluation of a vapour compression refrigerating plant when replacing R22 with alternative refrigerants pp. 2809-2815 Downloads
Vincenzo La Rocca and Giuseppe Panno
Experimental investigation on performance improvement of electro-osmotic regeneration for solid desiccant pp. 2816-2823 Downloads
Ronghui Qi, Changqing Tian, Shuangquan Shao, Mingsheng Tang and Lin Lu
Modeling and control of a push-pull converter for photovoltaic microinverters operating in island mode pp. 2824-2834 Downloads
C.L. Trujillo, D. Velasco, E. Figueres, G. Garcerá and R. Ortega
An interval-parameter minimax regret programming approach for power management systems planning under uncertainty pp. 2835-2845 Downloads
C. Dong, G.H. Huang, Y.P. Cai and Y. Xu
An interval full-infinite mixed-integer programming method for planning municipal energy systems - A case study of Beijing pp. 2846-2862 Downloads
Y. Zhu, G.H. Huang, Y.P. Li, L. He and X.X. Zhang
Procedure to carry out quality checks in photovoltaic grid-connected systems: Six cases of study pp. 2863-2870 Downloads
J.V. Muñoz, G. Nofuentes, J. Aguilera, M. Fuentes and P.G. Vidal
Numerical simulation of cooling energy consumption in connection with thermostat operation mode and comfort requirements for the Athens buildings pp. 2871-2884 Downloads
C. Tzivanidis, K.A. Antonopoulos and F. Gioti
Electricity consumption and real GDP causality nexus: Evidence from ARDL bounds testing approach for 11 MENA countries pp. 2885-2892 Downloads
Ilhan Ozturk and Ali Acaravcı
Environment-adjusted regional energy efficiency in Taiwan pp. 2893-2899 Downloads
Jin-Li Hu, Mon-Chi Lio, Fang-Yu Yeh and Cheng-Hsun Lin
Effect of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) on performance, emissions, deposits and durability of a constant speed compression ignition engine pp. 2900-2907 Downloads
Deepak Agarwal, Shrawan Kumar Singh and Avinash Kumar Agarwal
Do demand and supply shocks explain USA's oil stock fluctuations? pp. 2908-2915 Downloads
Aziz Hayat and Paresh Narayan

2011, volume 88, issue 7

Photovoltaic modules and their applications: A review on thermal modelling pp. 2287-2304 Downloads
G.N. Tiwari, R.K. Mishra and S.C. Solanki
Dual-injection: The flexible, bi-fuel concept for spark-ignition engines fuelled with various gasoline and biofuel blends pp. 2305-2314 Downloads
Xuesong Wu, Ritchie Daniel, Guohong Tian, Hongming Xu, Zuohua Huang and Dave Richardson
Modeling the prospects of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions pp. 2315-2323 Downloads
Reed T. Doucette and Malcolm D. McCulloch
Dynamics of cycle-to-cycle variations in a natural gas direct-injection spark-ignition engine pp. 2324-2334 Downloads
Asok K. Sen, Jianjun Zheng and Zuohua Huang
Thermal performance of a meso-scale liquid-fuel combustor pp. 2335-2343 Downloads
V. Vijayan and A.K. Gupta
Artificial Neural Network based prediction of performance and emission characteristics of a variable compression ratio CI engine using WCO as a biodiesel at different injection timings pp. 2344-2354 Downloads
Shivakumar, P. Srinivasa Pai and B.R. Shrinivasa Rao
High swirl-inducing piston bowls in small diesel engines for emission reduction pp. 2355-2367 Downloads
B.V.V.S.U. Prasad, C.S. Sharma, T.N.C. Anand and R.V. Ravikrishna
The use of Artificial Neural Network models for CO2 capture plants pp. 2368-2376 Downloads
Nikolett Sipöcz, Finn Andrew Tobiesen and Mohsen Assadi
Characterization and transesterification of Iranian bitter almond oil for biodiesel production pp. 2377-2381 Downloads
Mehdi Atapour and Hamid-Reza Kariminia
Available power generation cycles to be coupled with the liquid natural gas (LNG) vaporization process in a Spanish LNG terminal pp. 2382-2390 Downloads
E. Querol, Gonzalez-Regueral, B., García-Torrent, J. and Alberto Ramos
Exhaust odor and smoke reduction of stationary DI diesel engines to acceptable level by water-scrubbing and air-dilution system pp. 2391-2399 Downloads
Murari Mohon Roy, Riaz Parvez and Rabiul Islam Sarker
Combustion and NOx emission characteristics of a retrofitted down-fired 660Â MWe utility boiler at different loads pp. 2400-2406 Downloads
Zhengqi Li, Guangkui Liu, Qunyi Zhu, Zhichao Chen and Feng Ren
Toward a positive-net-energy residential building in Serbian conditions pp. 2407-2419 Downloads
Milorad Bojic, Novak Nikolic, Danijela Nikolic, Jasmina Skerlic and Ivan Miletic
Adaptive thermal comfort model for different climatic zones of North-East India pp. 2420-2428 Downloads
Manoj Kumar Singh, Sadhan Mahapatra and S.K. Atreya
Effect of wall orientation on the optimum insulation thickness by using a dynamic method pp. 2429-2435 Downloads
Meral Ozel
An analytical model for coupled heat and mass transfer processes in solar collector/regenerator using liquid desiccant pp. 2436-2444 Downloads
Donggen Peng and Xiaosong Zhang
Effects of porous media on thermal and salt diffusion of solar pond pp. 2445-2453 Downloads
Yufeng Shi, Fang Yin, Lihua Shi, Sun Wence, Nan Li and Hong Liu
Experimental and numerical investigation of a phase change material: Thermal-energy storage and release pp. 2454-2462 Downloads
Annabelle Joulin, Zohir Younsi, Laurent Zalewski, Stéphane Lassue, Daniel R. Rousse and Jean-Paul Cavrot
Multiple architecture system for wind speed prediction pp. 2463-2471 Downloads
Hassen Bouzgou and Nabil Benoudjit
Step-change flow rate liquid hot water pretreatment of sweet sorghum bagasse for enhancement of total sugars recovery pp. 2472-2479 Downloads
Qiang Yu, Xinshu Zhuang, Zhenhong Yuan, Wen Wang, Wei Qi, Qiong Wang and Xuesong Tan
Estimation of monthly-mean daily global solar radiation based on MODIS and TRMM products pp. 2480-2489 Downloads
Jun Qin, Zhuoqi Chen, Kun Yang, Shunlin Liang and Wenjun Tang
Economic limit of Outer Continental Shelf Gulf of Mexico structure production pp. 2490-2508 Downloads
Mark J. Kaiser
The Smart Grid - A saucerful of secrets? pp. 2509-2518 Downloads
Matthias Wissner
What information should be provided in communications on biomass power generation? pp. 2519-2529 Downloads
Naoto Tagashira and Yasuko Senda
Distributed Generation in an isolated grid: Methodology of case study for Lesvos - Greece pp. 2530-2540 Downloads
E.D. Giannoulis and D.A. Haralambopoulos
Households' self-selection of dynamic electricity tariffs pp. 2541-2547 Downloads
Torgeir Ericson
Effect of optimal spinning reserve requirement on system pollution emission considering reserve supplying demand response in the electricity market pp. 2548-2558 Downloads
Mahdi Behrangrad, Hideharu Sugihara and Tsuyoshi Funaki
Nonlinear control of fuel cell hybrid power sources: Part I - Voltage control pp. 2559-2573 Downloads
N. Bizon
Nonlinear control of fuel cell hybrid power sources: Part II - Current control pp. 2574-2591 Downloads
N. Bizon

2011, volume 88, issue 6

Developments in biobutanol production: New insights pp. 1999-2012 Downloads
Manish Kumar and Kalyan Gayen
How can we improve biomethane production per unit of feedstock in biogas plants? pp. 2013-2018 Downloads
Zaki-ul-Zaman Asam, Tjalfe Gorm Poulsen, Abdul-Sattar Nizami, Rashad Rafique, Ger Kiely and Jerry D. Murphy
Hydrogen-rich gas production from waste plastics by pyrolysis and low-temperature steam reforming over a ruthenium catalyst pp. 2019-2026 Downloads
Tomoaki Namioka, Atsushi Saito, Yukiharu Inoue, Yeongsu Park, Tai-jin Min, Seon-ah Roh and Kunio Yoshikawa
Optimization of hydrogen production via coupling of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis reaction and dehydrogenation of cyclohexane in GTL technology pp. 2027-2036 Downloads
M.R. Rahimpour and A.M. Bahmanpour
Determining the regional potential for a grass biomethane industry pp. 2037-2049 Downloads
Beatrice M. Smyth, Henry Smyth and Jerry D. Murphy
Biodiesel production from mixed soybean oil and rapeseed oil pp. 2050-2055 Downloads
Fengxian Qiu, Yihuai Li, Dongya Yang, Xiaohua Li and Ping Sun
A multi-variant approach to optimize process parameters for biodiesel extraction from rubber seed oil pp. 2056-2063 Downloads
D.F. Melvin Jose, R. Edwin Raj, B. Durga Prasad, Z. Robert Kennedy and A. Mohammed Ibrahim
A facile and feasible method to evaluate and control the quality of Jatropha curcus L. seed oil for biodiesel feedstock: Gas chromatographic fingerprint pp. 2064-2070 Downloads
Rui Wang, Baoan Song, Wanwei Zhou, Yuping Zhang, Deyu Hu, Pinaki S. Bhadury and Song Yang
Morphological, physico-chemical and micropropagation studies in Jatropha curcas L. and RAPD analysis of the regenerants pp. 2071-2079 Downloads
T. Leela, B. Naresh, M. Srikanth Reddy, N.Ch. Madhusudhan and Prathibha Devi Cherku
Interactions and kinetic analysis of oil shale semi-coke with cornstalk during co-combustion pp. 2080-2087 Downloads
Qing Wang, Weizhen Zhao, Hongpeng Liu, Chunxia Jia and Shaohua Li
Life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions and energy balances of sugarcane ethanol production in Mexico pp. 2088-2097 Downloads
Carlos A. García, Alfredo Fuentes, Anna Hennecke, Enrique Riegelhaupt, Fabio Manzini and Omar Masera
An integrated thermal and mechanical investigation of molten-salt thermocline energy storage pp. 2098-2105 Downloads
Scott Flueckiger, Zhen Yang and Suresh V. Garimella
Effects of nano-SiO2 on morphology, thermal energy storage, thermal stability, and combustion properties of electrospun lauric acid/PET ultrafine composite fibers as form-stable phase change materials pp. 2106-2112 Downloads
Yibing Cai, Huizhen Ke, Ju Dong, Qufu Wei, Jiulong Lin, Yong Zhao, Lei Song, Yuan Hu, Fenglin Huang, Weidong Gao and Hao Fong
Performance of shape-stabilized phase change material wallboard with periodical outside heat flux waves pp. 2113-2121 Downloads
Guobing Zhou, Yongping Yang and Hong Xu
Potential of autonomous ground-coupled heat pump system installations in Greece pp. 2122-2129 Downloads
A. Michopoulos, K.T. Papakostas and N. Kyriakis
Effect of physico-chemical parameters on biohydrogen production and growth characteristics by batch culture of Rhodobacter sphaeroides CIP 60.6 pp. 2130-2135 Downloads
Akroum-Amrouche, Dahbia, Nadia Abdi, Hakim Lounici and Nabil Mameri
Numerical simulation and experimental validation of a helical double-pipe vertical condenser pp. 2136-2145 Downloads
D. Colorado, J.A. Hernández, García-Valladares, O., A. Huicochea and J. Siqueiros
The energy-saving characteristic of silica gel regeneration with high-intensity ultrasound pp. 2146-2156 Downloads
Weijiang Zhang, Ye Yao, Beixing He and Rongshun Wang
An analytical model to predict the thermal performance of a novel parallel flow packed bed solar air heater pp. 2157-2167 Downloads
Prashant Dhiman, N.S. Thakur, Anoop Kumar and Satyender Singh
Development and impact of sandwich wettability structure for gas distribution media on PEM fuel cell performance pp. 2168-2175 Downloads
Yongxin Wang, S. Al Shakhshir and Xianguo Li
An investigation of a household size trigeneration running with hydrogen pp. 2176-2182 Downloads
Yaodong Wang, Ye Huang, Elijah Chiremba, Anthony P. Roskilly, Neil Hewitt, Yulong Ding, Dawei Wu, Hongdong Yu, Xiangping Chen, Yapeng Li, Jincheng Huang, Ruzhu Wang, Jingyi Wu, Zaizhong Xia and Chunqing Tan
Dynamic modeling and optimal control strategy of waste heat recovery Organic Rankine Cycles pp. 2183-2190 Downloads
Sylvain Quoilin, Richard Aumann, Andreas Grill, Andreas Schuster, Vincent Lemort and Hartmut Spliethoff
Behavioural, physical and socio-economic factors in household cooling energy consumption pp. 2191-2200 Downloads
Geun Young Yun and Koen Steemers
Designing effective and efficient incentive policies for renewable energy in generation expansion planning pp. 2201-2209 Downloads
Ying Zhou, Lizhi Wang and James D. McCalley
Land application of organic waste - Effects on the soil ecosystem pp. 2210-2218 Downloads
M. Odlare, V. Arthurson, M. Pell, K. Svensson, E. Nehrenheim and J. Abubaker
Exergy-based analysis of gas transmission system with application to Yamal-Europe pipeline pp. 2219-2230 Downloads
M. Chaczykowski, A.J. Osiadacz and F.E. Uilhoorn
Determining optimal electricity technology mix with high level of wind power penetration pp. 2231-2238 Downloads
Cedric De Jonghe, Erik Delarue, Ronnie Belmans and William D'haeseleer
Parameters extraction from commercial solar cells I-V characteristics and shunt analysis pp. 2239-2244 Downloads
Yifeng Chen, Xuemeng Wang, Da Li, Ruijiang Hong and Hui Shen
Energy renovation of single-family houses in Denmark utilising long-term financing based on equity pp. 2245-2253 Downloads
J. Kragh and J. Rose
Economic evaluation of renewable energy systems under varying scenarios and its implications to Korea's renewable energy plan pp. 2254-2260 Downloads
Jamin Koo, Kyungtae Park, Dongil Shin and En Sup Yoon
The development and application of a temporal MARKAL energy system model using flexible time slicing pp. 2261-2272 Downloads
Ramachandran Kannan
CO2 emissions of Turkish manufacturing industry: A decomposition analysis pp. 2273-2278 Downloads
Elif AkbostancI, Gül Ipek Tunç and Türüt-AsIk, Serap
Decomposition analysis of energy consumption in Chinese transportation sector pp. 2279-2285 Downloads
Ming Zhang, Huanan Li, Min Zhou and Hailin Mu

2011, volume 88, issue 5

Challenges and options for a large wind power uptake by the European electricity system pp. 1461-1469 Downloads
Arturs Purvins, Alyona Zubaryeva, Maria Llorente, Evangelos Tzimas and Arnaud Mercier
Review of building energy-use performance benchmarking methodologies pp. 1470-1479 Downloads
William Chung
Thermodynamic analysis of a hard coal oxyfuel power plant with high temperature three-end membrane for air separation pp. 1480-1493 Downloads
Renzo Castillo
Spark spread - A screening parameter for combined heating and power systems pp. 1494-1499 Downloads
Amanda D. Smith, Nelson Fumo and Pedro J. Mago
Bottoming cycles for electric energy generation: Parametric investigation of available and innovative solutions for the exploitation of low and medium temperature heat sources pp. 1500-1509 Downloads
M. Bianchi and A. De Pascale
Existing large steam power plant upgraded for hydrogen production pp. 1510-1518 Downloads
Leandro Galanti, Alessandro Franzoni, Alberto Traverso and Aristide F. Massardo
Industrial combined heat and power (CHP) planning: Development of a methodology and application in Greece pp. 1519-1531 Downloads
Myrsine Salta, Heracles Polatidis and Dias Haralambopoulos
Thermally driven cooling coupled with municipal solid waste-fired power plant: Application of combined heat, cooling and power in tropical urban areas pp. 1532-1542 Downloads
Seksan Udomsri, Andrew R. Martin and Viktoria Martin
Heat transfer and thermophotovoltaic power generation in oil-fired heating systems pp. 1543-1548 Downloads
T.A. Butcher, J.S. Hammonds, E. Horne, B. Kamath, J. Carpenter and D.R. Woods
Experimental investigation of frost formation on a parallel flow evaporator pp. 1549-1556 Downloads
Jianghong Wu, Guang Ouyang, Puxiu Hou and Haobin Xiao
On cycle-to-cycle heat release variations in a simulated spark ignition heat engine pp. 1557-1567 Downloads
Curto-Risso, P.L., A. Medina, A. Calvo Hernández, Guzmán-Vargas, L. and Angulo-Brown, F.
Modeling and multi-objective optimization of parallel flow condenser using evolutionary algorithm pp. 1568-1577 Downloads
Sepehr Sanaye and Masoud Dehghandokht
Optimal location of Hybrid Flow Controller considering modified steady-state model pp. 1578-1585 Downloads
A. Lashkar Ara, A. Kazemi and S.A. Nabavi Niaki
Drying control system for spray booth with optimization of fuel consumption pp. 1586-1595 Downloads
Zbigniew Ogonowski
Geometry development of the internal duct system of a heat pump tumble dryer based on fluid mechanic parameters from a CFD software pp. 1596-1605 Downloads
Kamal Rezk and Jan Forsberg
Study on preparation and thermal property of binary fatty acid and the binary fatty acids/diatomite composite phase change materials pp. 1606-1612 Downloads
Min Li, Hongtao Kao, Zhishen Wu and Jinmiao Tan
Kinetics of woodchips char gasification with steam and carbon dioxide pp. 1613-1619 Downloads
I.I. Ahmed and A.K. Gupta
Effects of ultra-high injection pressure and micro-hole nozzle on flame structure and soot formation of impinging diesel spray pp. 1620-1628 Downloads
Xiangang Wang, Zuohua Huang, Wu Zhang, Olawole Abiola Kuti and Keiya Nishida
Emission of impinging swirling and non-swirling inverse diffusion flames pp. 1629-1634 Downloads
H.S. Zhen, C.W. Leung and C.S. Cheung
Heat transfer in HCCI multi-zone modeling: Validation of a new wall heat flux correlation under motoring conditions pp. 1635-1648 Downloads
N.P. Komninos and G.M. Kosmadakis
Characteristics of cyclic heat release variability in the transition from spark ignition to HCCI in a gasoline engine pp. 1649-1655 Downloads
A.K. Sen, G. Litak, K.D. Edwards, C.E.A. Finney, C.S. Daw and R.M. Wagner
Char and char-supported nickel catalysts for secondary syngas cleanup and conditioning pp. 1656-1663 Downloads
Duo Wang, Wenqiao Yuan and Wei Ji
Acetylation of corn distillers dried grains pp. 1664-1670 Downloads
Narendra Reddy, Chunyan Hu, Kelu Yan and Yiqi Yang
Dominance evaluation of structural factors in a passive air-breathing direct methanol fuel cell based on orthogonal array analysis pp. 1671-1680 Downloads
Wei Yuan, Yong Tang, Qinghui Wang and Zhenping Wan
Passive direct methanol fuel cells for portable electronic devices pp. 1681-1689 Downloads
F. Achmad, S.K. Kamarudin, W.R.W. Daud and E.H. Majlan
A high-flexibility DC load for fuel cell and solar arrays power sources based on DC-DC converters pp. 1690-1702 Downloads
E. Durán, J.M. Andújar, F. Segura and A.J. Barragán
Models for obtaining daily global solar radiation with measured air temperature data in Madrid (Spain) pp. 1703-1709 Downloads
J. Almorox, C. Hontoria and M. Benito
Effect of manual tilt adjustments on incident irradiance on fixed and tracking solar panels pp. 1710-1719 Downloads
William David Lubitz
Silk cocoon drying in forced convection type solar dryer pp. 1720-1726 Downloads
Panna Lal Singh
Thermal performance investigation of double pass-finned plate solar air heater pp. 1727-1739 Downloads
El-Sebaii, A.A., Aboul-Enein, S., M.R.I. Ramadan, S.M. Shalaby and B.M. Moharram
Modeling and design of a solar thermal system for hybrid cooking application pp. 1740-1755 Downloads
U.R. Prasanna and L. Umanand
Measured and modelled improvement in solar energy yield from flat plate photovoltaic systems utilizing different tracking systems and under a range of environmental conditions pp. 1756-1771 Downloads
M. Koussa, A. Cheknane, S. Hadji, M. Haddadi and S. Noureddine
Experimental results and simulation with TRNSYS of a 7.2Â kWp grid-connected photovoltaic system pp. 1772-1783 Downloads
B. Quesada, C. Sánchez, J. Cañada, R. Royo and J. Payá
Optical performance of vertical axis three azimuth angles tracked solar panels pp. 1784-1791 Downloads
Yi Ma, Guihua Li and Runsheng Tang
Evaluation of an adapted inhibitor-tolerant yeast strain for ethanol production from combined hydrolysate of softwood pp. 1792-1796 Downloads
Shen Tian, Junyong Zhu and Xiushan Yang
Unique occurrence of unusual fatty acid in the seed oil of Aegle marmelos Corre: Screening the rich source of seed oil for bio-energy production pp. 1797-1802 Downloads
Kariyappa S. Katagi, Ravindra S. Munnolli and Kallappa M. Hosamani
Influence of biodiesel on engine combustion and emission characteristics pp. 1803-1812 Downloads
Breda Kegl
Dynamic simulation of fouling in a circulating fluidized biomass-fired boiler pp. 1813-1824 Downloads
Jan Sandberg, Rebei Bel Fdhila, Erik Dahlquist and Anders Avelin
Heat pipe with PCM for electronic cooling pp. 1825-1833 Downloads
Ying-Che Weng, Hung-Pin Cho, Chih-Chung Chang and Sih-Li Chen
Simultaneous measurement of thermal properties by thermal probe using stochastic approximation method pp. 1834-1840 Downloads
Wenlong Cheng, Ran Ma, Kun Xie, Na Liu and Yonghua Huang
Experimental study of an air-source heat pump for simultaneous heating and cooling - Part 1: Basic concepts and performance verification pp. 1841-1847 Downloads
Paul Byrne, Jacques Miriel and Yves Lenat
Estimation of wind energy potential using different probability density functions pp. 1848-1856 Downloads
Tian Pau Chang
Evaluation of hydrogen production capabilities of a grid-assisted wind-H2 system pp. 1857-1863 Downloads
José G. García Clúa, Ricardo J. Mantz and Hernán De Battista
Power quality assessment of wind turbines and comparison with conventional legal regulations: A case study in Turkey pp. 1864-1872 Downloads
A. Tascikaraoglu, M. Uzunoglu, B. Vural and O. Erdinc
Perceptions of opinion leaders towards CCS demonstration projects in China pp. 1873-1885 Downloads
Xi Liang, David Reiner and Jia Li
Examining crude oil price - Exchange rate nexus for India during the period of extreme oil price volatility pp. 1886-1889 Downloads
Sajal Ghosh
Implementation of energy efficiency standards of household refrigerator/freezer in China: Potential environmental and economic impacts pp. 1890-1905 Downloads
Jing Tao and Suiran Yu
Assessment of the technological development and economic potential of photobioreactors pp. 1906-1919 Downloads
Timm Holtermann and Reinhard Madlener
Visualizing energy consumption activities as a tool for making everyday life more sustainable pp. 1920-1926 Downloads
Kajsa Ellegård and Jenny Palm
Modeling and forecasting of Turkey's energy consumption using socio-economic and demographic variables pp. 1927-1939 Downloads
Murat Kankal, Adem AkpInar, Murat Ihsan Kömürcü and Talat Sükrü Özsahin
Optimal charging of electric drive vehicles in a market environment pp. 1940-1948 Downloads
Trine Krogh Kristoffersen, Karsten Capion and Peter Meibom
China's energy security: The perspective of energy users pp. 1949-1956 Downloads
Malavika Jain Bambawale and Benjamin K. Sovacool
Estimating vehicle emissions from road transport, case study: Dublin City pp. 1957-1964 Downloads
H. Achour, J.G. Carton and A.G. Olabi
Energy recovery in petrochemical complexes through heat integration retrofit analysis pp. 1965-1982 Downloads
Xiao Feng, Jing Pu, Junkun Yang and Khim Hoong Chu
Double internal combustion piston engine pp. 1983-1985 Downloads
Zbyszko Kazimierski and Jerzy Wojewoda
A note on the environmental Kuznets curve for CO2: A pooled mean group approach pp. 1986-1996 Downloads
Hiroki Iwata, Keisuke Okada and Sovannroeun Samreth

2011, volume 88, issue 4

A review of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells: Technology, applications, and needs on fundamental research pp. 981-1007 Downloads
Yun Wang, Ken S. Chen, Jeffrey Mishler, Sung Chan Cho and Xavier Cordobes Adroher
A critical review of the applicability of biodiesel and grass biomethane as biofuels to satisfy both biofuel targets and sustainability criteria pp. 1008-1019 Downloads
Thanasit Thamsiriroj and Jerry D. Murphy
Opportunities and challenges for biodiesel fuel pp. 1020-1031 Downloads
Lin Lin, Zhou Cunshan, Saritporn Vittayapadung, Shen Xiangqian and Dong Mingdong
Paradigm shift in urban energy systems through distributed generation: Methods and models pp. 1032-1048 Downloads
Massimiliano Manfren, Paola Caputo and Gaia Costa
An integrated control method for a wind farm to reduce frequency deviations in a small power system pp. 1049-1058 Downloads
Toshiaki Kaneko, Akie Uehara, Tomonobu Senjyu, Atsushi Yona and Naomitsu Urasaki
Cogeneration planning under uncertainty: Part I: Multiple time frame approach pp. 1059-1067 Downloads
Enrico Carpaneto, Gianfranco Chicco, Pierluigi Mancarella and Angela Russo
Influence of injector technology on injection and combustion development - Part 1: Hydraulic characterization pp. 1068-1074 Downloads
R. Payri, F.J. Salvador, J. Gimeno and J. De la Morena
Cogeneration planning under uncertainty. Part II: Decision theory-based assessment of planning alternatives pp. 1075-1083 Downloads
Enrico Carpaneto, Gianfranco Chicco, Pierluigi Mancarella and Angela Russo
Design and performance of a pressurized cyclone combustor (PCC) for high and low heating value gas combustion pp. 1084-1095 Downloads
Al-attab, K.A. and Z.A. Zainal
Investigation of reverse flow distributed combustion for gas turbine application pp. 1096-1104 Downloads
Vaibhav K. Arghode and Ashwani K. Gupta
Pyrolysis gasification of dried sewage sludge in a combined screw and rotary kiln gasifier pp. 1105-1112 Downloads
Young Nam Chun, Seong Cheon Kim and Kunio Yoshikawa
Numerical study on NOx/CO emissions in the diffusion flames of high-temperature off-gas of steelmaking converter pp. 1113-1119 Downloads
Sen Li, Xiaolin Wei and Linxin Yu
The energy consumption and environmental impacts of SCR technology in China pp. 1120-1129 Downloads
Zengying Liang, Xiaoqian Ma, Hai Lin and Yuting Tang
Influence of injector technology on injection and combustion development - Part 2: Combustion analysis pp. 1130-1139 Downloads
R. Payri, F.J. Salvador, J. Gimeno and J. De la Morena
Multi-dimensional scavenging analysis of a free-piston linear alternator based on numerical simulation pp. 1140-1152 Downloads
Jinlong Mao, Zhengxing Zuo, Wen Li and Huihua Feng
Experimental investigation on the effect of intake air temperature and air-fuel ratio on cycle-to-cycle variations of HCCI combustion and performance parameters pp. 1153-1163 Downloads
Rakesh Maurya and Avinash Kumar Agarwal
Study of optimal pulverized coal concentration in a four-wall tangentially fired furnace pp. 1164-1168 Downloads
Houzhang Tan, Yanqing Niu, Xuebin Wang, Tongmo Xu and Shien Hui
Experimental study of combustion and emission characteristics of ethanol fuelled port injected homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) combustion engine pp. 1169-1180 Downloads
Rakesh Maurya and Avinash Kumar Agarwal
A method for evaluating the efficiency of PEM fuel cell engine pp. 1181-1186 Downloads
Yongping Hou, Bowen Wang and Zhihua Yang
An integrated power generation system combining solid oxide fuel cell and oxy-fuel combustion for high performance and CO2 capture pp. 1187-1196 Downloads
Sung Ku Park, Tong Seop Kim, Jeong L. Sohn and Young Duk Lee
Strategies for optimizing the opening of the outlet air circuit's nozzle to improve the efficiency of the PEMFC generator pp. 1197-1204 Downloads
R. Tirnovan, S. Giurgea and A. Miraoui
Effect of wheat gluten proteins on bioethanol yield from grain pp. 1205-1210 Downloads
Iva Buresová and Ludek Hrivna
Direct dimethyl ether (DME) synthesis through a thermally coupled heat exchanger reactor pp. 1211-1223 Downloads
R. Vakili, E. Pourazadi, P. Setoodeh, R. Eslamloueyan and M.R. Rahimpour
Techno-economic evaluation of thermo-chemical biomass-to-ethanol pp. 1224-1232 Downloads
Jie He and Wennan Zhang
Bio-energy and youth: Analyzing the role of school, home, and media from the future policy perspectives pp. 1233-1240 Downloads
Pradipta Halder, Havu-Nuutinen, Sari, Janne Pietarinen and Paavo Pelkonen
Forest biomass supply logistics for a power plant using the discrete-event simulation approach pp. 1241-1250 Downloads
Mahdi Mobini, Taraneh Sowlati and Shahab Sokhansanj
Biocatalytic production of biodiesel from cottonseed oil: Standardization of process parameters and comparison of fuel characteristics pp. 1251-1256 Downloads
Soham Chattopadhyay, Ankush Karemore, Sancharini Das, Asoke Deysarkar and Ramkrishna Sen
Experimental study of vertical ground-source heat pump performance evaluation for cold climate in Turkey pp. 1257-1265 Downloads
Omer Ozyurt and Dundar Arif Ekinci
Pneumatic and thermal design procedure and analysis of earth-to-air heat exchangers of registry type pp. 1266-1280 Downloads
Viorel Badescu and Dragos Isvoranu
Optimal operation conditions for a single-stage heat transformer by means of an artificial neural network inverse pp. 1281-1290 Downloads
D. Colorado, J.A. Hernández, W. Rivera, H. Martínez and D. Juárez
Experiments and simulations on low-temperature waste heat harvesting system by thermoelectric power generators pp. 1291-1297 Downloads
Cheng-Ting Hsu, Gia-Yeh Huang, Hsu-Shen Chu, Ben Yu and Da-Jeng Yao
Error analysis of short term wind power prediction models pp. 1298-1311 Downloads
Maria Grazia De Giorgi, Antonio Ficarella and Marco Tarantino
Energy efficiency criteria in uninterruptible power supply selection pp. 1312-1321 Downloads
Moreno-Munoz, A., Juan José González de la Rosa, Flores-Arias, J.M., Bellido-Outerino, F.J. and Gil- de-Castro, A.
Transient analysis of variable-speed wind turbines at wind speed disturbances and a pitch control malfunction pp. 1322-1330 Downloads
R. Melício, V.M.F. Mendes and J.P.S. Catalão
Optimization of insulation thickness for different glazing areas in buildings for various climatic regions in Turkey pp. 1331-1342 Downloads
Derya B. Özkan and Cenk Onan
Design and performance of energy-efficient solar residential house in Andorra pp. 1343-1353 Downloads
Jordi Llovera, Xavi Potau, Marc Medrano and Luisa F. Cabeza
Desiccant wheel regenerated by thermal energy from a microcogenerator: Experimental assessment of the performances pp. 1354-1365 Downloads
Giovanni Angrisani, Alfonso Capozzoli, Francesco Minichiello, Carlo Roselli and Maurizio Sasso
Wet and dry cooling systems optimization applied to a modern waste-to-energy cogeneration heat and power plant pp. 1366-1376 Downloads
G. Barigozzi, A. Perdichizzi and S. Ravelli
CO2 emissions, GDP and energy intensity: A multivariate cointegration and causality analysis for Greece, 1977-2007 pp. 1377-1385 Downloads
Emmanouil Hatzigeorgiou, Heracles Polatidis and Dias Haralambopoulos
Development of a multicriteria tool for optimizing the renovation of buildings pp. 1386-1394 Downloads
Fanny Pernodet Chantrelle, Hicham Lahmidi, Werner Keilholz, Mohamed El Mankibi and Pierre Michel
Solar thermal collector augmented by flat plate booster reflector: Optimum inclination of collector and reflector pp. 1395-1404 Downloads
Hiroshi Tanaka
ARMA based approaches for forecasting the tuple of wind speed and direction pp. 1405-1414 Downloads
Ergin Erdem and Jing Shi
A case study of a typical 2.32Â kWP stand-alone photovoltaic (SAPV) in composite climate of New Delhi (India) pp. 1415-1426 Downloads
Arvind Chel and G.N. Tiwari
Optimization of tilt angle for solar panel: Case study for Madinah, Saudi Arabia pp. 1427-1433 Downloads
M. Benghanem
Prediction of compressed air transport properties at elevated pressures and high temperatures using simple method pp. 1434-1440 Downloads
Alireza Bahadori
Cost efficiency of Japanese steam power generation companies: A Bayesian comparison of random and fixed frontier models pp. 1441-1446 Downloads
A. George Assaf, Carlos Barros and Shunsuke Managi
Experimental diagnosis of the influence of operational variables on the performance of a solar absorption cooling system pp. 1447-1454 Downloads
M. Venegas, Rodríguez-Hidalgo, M.C., R. Salgado, A. Lecuona, P. Rodríguez and G. Gutiérrez
A comparative study of solar irradiation models on various inclined surfaces for India pp. 1455-1459 Downloads
Chanchal Kumar Pandey and A.K. Katiyar

2011, volume 88, issue 3

Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) combustion: Implementation and effects on pollutants in direct injection diesel engines pp. 559-567 Downloads
Suyin Gan, Hoon Kiat Ng and Kar Mun Pang
Heat distribution and the future competitiveness of district heating pp. 568-576 Downloads
Urban Persson and Sven Werner
The MIND method: A decision support for optimization of industrial energy systems - Principles and case studies pp. 577-589 Downloads
Magnus Karlsson
Carbon price volatility: Evidence from EU ETS pp. 590-598 Downloads
Zhen-Hua Feng, Le-Le Zou and Yi-Ming Wei
Planning regional energy system in association with greenhouse gas mitigation under uncertainty pp. 599-611 Downloads
Y.P. Li, G.H. Huang and Xingquan Chen
Methodology for characterising domestic electrical demand by usage categories pp. 612-621 Downloads
R.A.R. Kilpatrick, P.F.G. Banfill and D.P. Jenkins
Parametric sensitivity analysis for techno-economic parameters in Indian power sector pp. 622-629 Downloads
Subhash Mallah and N.K. Bansal
An LCA based indicator for evaluation of alternative energy routes pp. 630-635 Downloads
M.A. Rubio Rodríguez, J. De Ruyck, P. Roque Díaz, V.K. Verma and S. Bram
Modeling of a hydronic ceiling system and its environment as energetic auditing tool pp. 636-649 Downloads
Néstor Fonseca Diaz
Particle sticking behavior near the throat of a low-NOx axial-swirl coal burner pp. 650-658 Downloads
Zhengqi Li, Lingyan Zeng, Guangbo Zhao, Shanping Shen and Fucheng Zhang
Energy and economic analysis of an ICE-based variable speed-operated micro-cogenerator pp. 659-671 Downloads
Flavio Caresana, Caterina Brandoni, Petro Feliciotti and Carlo Maria Bartolini
The impact of a growing bioethanol industry on food production in Brazil pp. 672-679 Downloads
Martin Gauder, Graeff-Hönninger, S. and W. Claupein
Determination of free cooling potential: A case study for Istanbul, Turkey pp. 680-689 Downloads
Hüsamettin Bulut and Mehmet Azmi Aktacir
Study of the effect of finned tube adsorber on the performance of solar driven adsorption cooling machine using activated carbon-ammonia pair pp. 690-698 Downloads
Mohamed Louajari, Abdelaziz Mimet and Ahmed Ouammi
Thermoeconomic diagnosis for improving the operation of energy intensive systems: Comparison of methods pp. 699-711 Downloads
Sergio Usón and Antonio Valero
Relationship between indoor thermal comfort conditions and the Time Weighted Preservation Index (TWPI) in three Brazilian archives pp. 712-723 Downloads
E.L. Krüger and W. Diniz
Comprehensive evaluation of ARMA-GARCH(-M) approaches for modeling the mean and volatility of wind speed pp. 724-732 Downloads
Heping Liu, Ergin Erdem and Jing Shi
The use of cost-generation curves for the analysis of wind electricity costs in Spain pp. 733-740 Downloads
Norberto Fueyo, Yosune Sanz, Marcos Rodrigues, Carlos Montañés and César Dopazo
Developing the dual system of wind chiller integrated with wind generator pp. 741-747 Downloads
Chen-Ching Ting, Chen-Wei Lai and Chien-Bang Huang
Transient simulation of household refrigerators: A semi-empirical quasi-steady approach pp. 748-754 Downloads
Bruno N. Borges, Christian J.L. Hermes, Joaquim M. Gonçalves and Cláudio Melo
Multi-objective congestion management by modified augmented [epsilon]-constraint method pp. 755-766 Downloads
Masoud Esmaili, Nima Amjady and Heidar Ali Shayanfar
Multi-objective optimization of internal combustion engine by means of 1D fluid-dynamic models pp. 767-777 Downloads
G. D'Errico, T. Cerri and G. Pertusi
A new HBMO algorithm for multiobjective daily Volt/Var control in distribution systems considering Distributed Generators pp. 778-788 Downloads
Taher Niknam
Continuous hydrino thermal power system pp. 789-798 Downloads
Randell L. Mills, Guibing Zhao and William Good
Component sizing optimization of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles pp. 799-804 Downloads
Xiaolan Wu, Binggang Cao, Xueyan Li, Jun Xu and Xiaolong Ren
Comparative study of speed estimators with highly noisy measurement signals for Wind Energy Generation Systems pp. 805-813 Downloads
O. Carranza, E. Figueres, G. Garcerá and L.G. Gonzalez
Backstepping-based nonlinear adaptive control for coal-fired utility boiler-turbine units pp. 814-824 Downloads
Fang Fang and Le Wei
Synthesis of TiO2 submicro-rings and their application in dye-sensitized solar cell pp. 825-830 Downloads
Ming Li, Yong Liu, Hai Wang and Hui Shen
Simulation and experimental investigation of solar absorption cooling system in Reunion Island pp. 831-839 Downloads
Jean Philippe Praene, Olivier Marc, Franck Lucas and Frédéric Miranville
Estimation of sky luminance in the tropics using artificial neural networks: Modeling and performance comparison with the CIE model pp. 840-847 Downloads
Serm Janjai and Piyanuch Plaon
Localized surface plasmon resonance enhanced organic solar cell with gold nanospheres pp. 848-852 Downloads
Linfang Qiao, Dan Wang, Lijian Zuo, Yuqian Ye, Jun Qian, Hongzheng Chen and Sailing He
Energy analysis of an improved concept of integrated PV panels in an office building in central Greece pp. 853-866 Downloads
Olympia Zogou and Herricos Stapountzis
Experimental study of the interactions between long and short-term unsteady heat transfer responses on the in-cylinder and exhaust manifold diesel engine surfaces pp. 867-881 Downloads
G.C. Mavropoulos
Exergetic analysis and evaluation of a new application of gas engine heat pumps (GEHPs) for food drying processes pp. 882-891 Downloads
Aysegul Gungor, Zafer Erbay and Arif Hepbasli
Power-based performance comparison between carbon dioxide and R125 transcritical cycles for a low-grade heat source pp. 892-898 Downloads
Young-Jin Baik, Minsung Kim, Ki Chang Chang and Sung Jin Kim
Downdraft gasification of pellets made of wood, palm-oil residues respective bagasse: Experimental study pp. 899-908 Downloads
Catharina Erlich and Torsten H. Fransson
Investigation of electrodeposited Ni-based coatings for biodiesel storage pp. 909-913 Downloads
Yuttanant Boonyongmaneerat, Chamaiporn Sukjamsri, Ukrit Sahapatsombut, Sawalee Saenapitak and Sittha Sukkasi
Life cycle assessment of a semi-indirect ceramic evaporative cooler vs. a heat pump in two climate areas of Spain pp. 914-921 Downloads
F.J. Rey Martínez, E. Velasco Gómez, C. Martín García, J.F. Sanz Requena, L.M. Navas Gracia, S. Hernández Navarro, A. Correa Guimaraes and J. Martín Gil
Thermochemical treatment of E-waste from small household appliances using highly pre-heated nitrogen-thermogravimetric investigation and pyrolysis kinetics pp. 922-929 Downloads
E. Kantarelis, W. Yang, W. Blasiak, C. Forsgren and A. Zabaniotou
Thermal testing and numerical simulation of gypsum wallboards incorporated with different PCMs content pp. 930-937 Downloads
Ana M. Borreguero, M. Luz Sánchez, José Luis Valverde, Manuel Carmona and Juan F. Rodríguez
Incineration of diesel particulate matter using induction heating technique pp. 938-946 Downloads
K.V. Dilip, Nilesh J. Vasa, Kopp Carsten and K.U. Ravindra
Characterization of animal manure and cornstalk ashes as affected by incineration temperature pp. 947-952 Downloads
Y. Huang, H. Dong, B. Shang, H. Xin and Z. Zhu
Efficiency enhancement in transonic compressor rotor blades using synthetic jets: A numerical investigation pp. 953-962 Downloads
Ernesto Benini, Roberto Biollo and Rita Ponza
Development of high intensity CDC combustor for gas turbine engines pp. 963-973 Downloads
Vaibhav K. Arghode and Ashwani K. Gupta
Preparation of a high performance Pt-Co/C electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction in PEM fuel cell via a combined process of impregnation and seeding pp. 974-980 Downloads
Wiruyn Trongchuankij, Kejvalee Pruksathorn and Mali Hunsom

2011, volume 88, issue 2

Towards 100% renewable energy systems pp. 419-421 Downloads
Henrik Lund, Poul Alberg Østergaard and Ingo Stadler
The baseline in bottom-up energy efficiency and saving calculations - A concept for its formalisation and a discussion of relevant options pp. 422-431 Downloads
Johannes Reichl and Andrea Kollmann
The potential of demand-side management in energy-intensive industries for electricity markets in Germany pp. 432-441 Downloads
Moritz Paulus and Frieder Borggrefe
Preliminary experimental evaluation of a four wheel motors, batteries plus ultracapacitors and series hybrid powertrain pp. 442-448 Downloads
Lorenzo Rambaldi, Enrico Bocci and Fabio Orecchini
Design optimization of a polygeneration plant fuelled by natural gas and renewable energy sources pp. 449-457 Downloads
Rubio-Maya, Carlos, Uche-Marcuello, Javier, Martínez-Gracia, Amaya and Bayod-Rújula, Angel A.
Electrification using solar photovoltaic systems in Nepal pp. 458-465 Downloads
Ramchandra Bhandari and Ingo Stadler
Increasing the penetration of renewable energy resources in S. Vicente, Cape Verde pp. 466-472 Downloads
Raquel Segurado, Goran Krajacic, Neven Duic and Luís Alves
Effects of Kosovo's energy use scenarios and associated gas emissions on its climate change and sustainable development pp. 473-478 Downloads
Skender Kabashi, Sadik Bekteshi, Skender Ahmetaj, Gazmend Kabashi, Dimitrij Najdovski, Aleksander Zidansek and Ivo Slaus
A renewable energy system in Frederikshavn using low-temperature geothermal energy for district heating pp. 479-487 Downloads
Poul Alberg Østergaard and Henrik Lund
100% Renewable energy systems, climate mitigation and economic growth pp. 488-501 Downloads
Brian Vad Mathiesen, Henrik Lund and Kenneth Karlsson
The first step towards a 100% renewable energy-system for Ireland pp. 502-507 Downloads
D. Connolly, H. Lund, B.V. Mathiesen and M. Leahy
How to achieve a 100% RES electricity supply for Portugal? pp. 508-517 Downloads
Goran Krajacic, Neven Duic and Maria da Graça Carvalho
Potential of renewable energy systems in China pp. 518-525 Downloads
Wen Liu, Henrik Lund, Brian Vad Mathiesen and Xiliang Zhang
A global renewable energy system: A modelling exercise in ETSAP/TIAM pp. 526-534 Downloads
T. Helene Ystanes Føyn, Kenneth Karlsson, Olexandr Balyk and Poul Erik Grohnheit
Human health-related externalities in energy system modelling the case of the Danish heat and power sector pp. 535-544 Downloads
Erika Zvingilaite
Regional renewable energy and resource planning pp. 545-550 Downloads
Hon Loong Lam, Petar Sabev Varbanov and Jirí Jaromír Klemes
Rural tourism: A sustainable alternative pp. 551-557 Downloads
M. Victoria Sanagustín Fons, José A. Moseñe Fierro and María Gómez y Patiño

2011, volume 88, issue 1

Development of micro power generators - A review pp. 1-16 Downloads
S.K. Chou, W.M. Yang, K.J. Chua, J. Li and K.L. Zhang
Competitive liquid biofuels from biomass pp. 17-28 Downloads
Ayhan Demirbas
Investigation of forward flow distributed combustion for gas turbine application pp. 29-40 Downloads
Vaibhav K. Arghode and Ashwani K. Gupta
Comparison of two different flow types on CO removal along a two-stage hydrogen permselective membrane reactor for methanol synthesis pp. 41-51 Downloads
M.R. Rahimpour, S. Mazinani, B. Vaferi and M.S. Baktash
Non-isothermal transport phenomenon and cell performance of a cathodic PEM fuel cell with a baffle plate in a tapered channel pp. 52-67 Downloads
Shiang-Wuu Perng and Horng-Wen Wu
Experimental investigation on the dynamic performance of a hybrid PEM fuel cell/battery system for lightweight electric vehicle application pp. 68-76 Downloads
Yong Tang, Wei Yuan, Minqiang Pan and Zhenping Wan
Experimental investigation on heat recovery from diesel engine exhaust using finned shell and tube heat exchanger and thermal storage system pp. 77-87 Downloads
V. Pandiyarajan, M. Chinna Pandian, E. Malan, R. Velraj and R.V. Seeniraj
Effects of multiple-injection strategies on overall spray behavior, combustion, and emissions reduction characteristics of biodiesel fuel pp. 88-98 Downloads
Su Han Park, Seung Hyun Yoon and Chang Sik Lee
A 7Â year long measurement period investigating the correlation of corrosion, deposit and fuel in a biomass fired circulated fluidized bed boiler pp. 99-110 Downloads
Jan Sandberg, Christer Karlsson and Rebei Bel Fdhila
Investigating the effect of crevice flow on internal combustion engines using a new simple crevice model implemented in a CFD code pp. 111-126 Downloads
C.D. Rakopoulos, G.M. Kosmadakis, A.M. Dimaratos and E.G. Pariotis
Investigation of the thermal resistance of timber attic spaces with reflective foil and bulk insulation, heat flow up pp. 127-137 Downloads
M. Belusko, F. Bruno and W. Saman
Production of microbial oil with high oleic acid content by Trichosporon capitatum pp. 138-142 Downloads
Hong Wu, Yuanyuan Li, Lei Chen and Minhua Zong
Control performance of a dedicated outdoor air system adopting liquid desiccant dehumidification pp. 143-149 Downloads
Fu Xiao, Gaoming Ge and Xiaofeng Niu
Performance of a micro engine with heptane as working fluid pp. 150-155 Downloads
Yang Wang, Zhijun Zhou, Junhu Zhou, Jianzhong Liu, Zhihua Wang and Kefa Cen
A study on optimum insulation thickness in walls and energy savings in Tunisian buildings based on analytical calculation of cooling and heating transmission loads pp. 156-164 Downloads
Naouel Daouas
Characteristics of syngas from co-gasification of polyethylene and woodchips pp. 165-174 Downloads
I.I. Ahmed, N. Nipattummakul and A.K. Gupta
Oxidative desulfurization of diesel with TBHP/isobutyl aldehyde/air oxidation system pp. 175-179 Downloads
Wei Guo, Chengyong Wang, Peng Lin and Xiaoping Lu
Thermally activated building systems (TABS): Energy efficiency as a function of control strategy, hydronic circuit topology and (cold) generation system pp. 180-191 Downloads
B. Lehmann, V. Dorer, M. Gwerder, F. Renggli and J. Tödtli
Costs and CO2 benefits of recovering, refining and transporting logging residues for fossil fuel replacement pp. 192-197 Downloads
Leif Gustavsson, Lisa Eriksson and Roger Sathre
Supervisory and optimal control of central chiller plants using simplified adaptive models and genetic algorithm pp. 198-211 Downloads
Zhenjun Ma and Shengwei Wang
Ethanol production from mahula (Madhuca latifolia L.) flowers with immobilized cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in Luffa cylindrica L. sponge discs pp. 212-215 Downloads
Shuvashish Behera, Rama Chandra Mohanty and Ramesh Chandra Ray
An estimation of the performance limits and improvement of dry cooling on trough solar thermal plants pp. 216-223 Downloads
Huifang Deng and Robert F. Boehm
Performance of PV-Trombe wall in winter correlated with south façade design pp. 224-231 Downloads
Wei Sun, Jie Ji, Chenglong Luo and Wei He
Life cycle cost and energy analysis of a Net Zero Energy House with solar combisystem pp. 232-241 Downloads
Mitchell Leckner and Radu Zmeureanu
Optimization and design of energy transport system for solar cooking application pp. 242-251 Downloads
U.R. Prasanna and L. Umanand
Performance study of the inverted absorber solar still with water depth and total dissolved solid pp. 252-264 Downloads
Rahul Dev, Abdul-Wahab, Sabah A. and G.N. Tiwari
Loss evaluation and design optimisation for direct driven permanent magnet synchronous generators for wind power pp. 265-271 Downloads
Sandra Eriksson and Hans Bernhoff
Performance comparison of six numerical methods in estimating Weibull parameters for wind energy application pp. 272-282 Downloads
Tian Pau Chang
A case study of energy use and economical analysis of irrigated and dryland wheat production systems pp. 283-288 Downloads
Reza Ghorbani, Farzad Mondani, Shahram Amirmoradi, Hassan Feizi, Surror Khorramdel, Mozhgan Teimouri, Sara Sanjani, Sepideh Anvarkhah and Hassan Aghel
Life-cycle energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for electricity generation and supply in China pp. 289-297 Downloads
Xunmin Ou, Yan Xiaoyu and Xiliang Zhang
Effect of kaolin addition on ash characteristics of palm empty fruit bunch (EFB) upon combustion pp. 298-305 Downloads
Supatchaya Konsomboon, Suneerat Pipatmanomai, Thanid Madhiyanon and Suvit Tia
Kinetic study for the reduction of residual char particles using oxygen and air pp. 306-315 Downloads
H. Molintas and A.K. Gupta
Products properties from fast pyrolysis of enzymatic/mild acidolysis lignin pp. 316-322 Downloads
Rui Lou and Shu-bin Wu
Performance characteristics of a glowplug assisted low heat rejection diesel engine using ethanol pp. 323-329 Downloads
B. Karthikeyan and K. Srithar
Modeling technological learning and its application for clean coal technologies in Japan pp. 330-336 Downloads
Toshihiko Nakata, Takemi Sato, Hao Wang, Tomoya Kusunoki and Takaaki Furubayashi
Air fuelled zero emission road transportation: A comparative study pp. 337-342 Downloads
Haisheng Chen, Yulong Ding, Yongliang Li, Xinjing Zhang and Chunqing Tan
The renewable energy consumption-growth nexus in Central America pp. 343-347 Downloads
Nicholas Apergis and James Payne
Agricultural policy and its impact on fuel usage: Empirical evidence from farm household analysis pp. 348-353 Downloads
Hung-Hao Chang, Ashok Mishra and Michael Livingston
Volatility spillover from world oil spot markets to aggregate and electricity stock index returns in Turkey pp. 354-360 Downloads
Ugur Soytas and Adil Oran
Substitution between energy and classical factor inputs in the Chinese steel sector pp. 361-367 Downloads
Russell Smyth, Paresh Narayan and Hongliang Shi
Modeling and prediction of Turkey's electricity consumption using Support Vector Regression pp. 368-375 Downloads
Kadir Kavaklioglu
Determinants of carbon dioxide emissions: Empirical evidence from 69 countries pp. 376-382 Downloads
Susan Sharma
Developing sustainable residential buildings in Saudi Arabia: A case study pp. 383-391 Downloads
Hanan M. Taleb and Steve Sharples
Experimental study of commercial size proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance pp. 392-396 Downloads
Wei-Mon Yan, Xiao-Dong Wang, Duu-Jong Lee, Xin-Xin Zhang, Yi-Fan Guo and Ay Su
Investigating price clustering in the oil futures market pp. 397-402 Downloads
Paresh Narayan, Seema Narayan and Stephan Popp
Utilization of pineapple stem juice to enhance enzyme-hydrolytic efficiency for sugarcane bagasse after an optimized pre-treatment with alkaline peroxide pp. 403-408 Downloads
J.R. Monte, M. Brienzo and A.M.F. Milagres
Are shocks to commodity prices persistent? pp. 409-416 Downloads
Paresh Narayan and Ruipeng Liu
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