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Volume 9, issue 12, 2014

An Overview of Self-Administered Health Literacy Instruments pp. 1-14 Downloads
Braden O′Neill, Daniela Gonçalves, Ignacio Ricci-Cabello, Sue Ziebland and Jose Valderas
Long Term Outcomes Following Hospital Admission for Sepsis Using Relative Survival Analysis: A Prospective Cohort Study of 1,092 Patients with 5 Year Follow Up pp. 1-14 Downloads
Joshua S Davis, Vincent He, Nicholas M Anstey and John R Condon
Low Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D Concentrations Are Associated with Increased Risk for Melanoma and Unfavourable Prognosis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Benjamin Bade, Alexander Zdebik, Stefan Wagenpfeil, Stefan Gräber, Jürgen Geisel, Thomas Vogt and Jörg Reichrath
Extrapolative Capability of Two Models That Estimating Soil Water Retention Curve between Saturation and Oven Dryness pp. 1-14 Downloads
Sen Lu, Tusheng Ren, Yili Lu, Ping Meng and Shiyou Sun
A New Scoring System for Spontaneous Closure Prediction of Perimembranous Ventricular Septal Defects in Children pp. 1-14 Downloads
Jing Sun, Kun Sun, Sun Chen, Liping Yao and Yuqi Zhang
Association between Serum Chemerin Concentrations and Clinical Indices in Obesity or Metabolic Syndrome: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Ya Li, Bingyin Shi and Sheli Li
How Often Does an Individual Trial Agree with Its Corresponding Meta-Analysis? A Meta-Epidemiologic Study pp. 1-14 Downloads
Wilson W S Tam, Jin-Ling Tang, Meng-yang Di and Kelvin K F Tsoi
Altercentric Intrusions from Multiple Perspectives: Beyond Dyads pp. 1-14 Downloads
Francesca Capozzi, Andrea Cavallo, Tiziano Furlanetto and Cristina Becchio
ADH1B and ADH1C Genotype, Alcohol Consumption and Biomarkers of Liver Function: Findings from a Mendelian Randomization Study in 58,313 European Origin Danes pp. 1-14 Downloads
Debbie A Lawlor, Marianne Benn, Luisa Zuccolo, N Maneka G De Silva, Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen, George Davey Smith and Børge G Nordestgaard
Relational Diversity Promotes Cooperation in Prisoner’s Dilemma Games pp. 1-14 Downloads
Bo Xu, Jianwei Wang, Ruipu Deng and Miao Li
Symmetry Breaking on Density in Escaping Ants: Experiment and Alarm Pheromone Model pp. 1-14 Downloads
Geng Li, Di Huan, Bertrand Roehner, Yijuan Xu, Ling Zeng, Zengru Di and Zhangang Han
Comparison of Combined General-Epidural Anesthesia with General Anesthesia Effects on Survival and Cancer Recurrence: A Meta-Analysis of Retrospective and Prospective Studies pp. 1-14 Downloads
Lijian Pei, Gang Tan, Lei Wang, Wenjuan Guo, Bo Xiao, Xianli Gao, Li Wang, Hong Li, Zhonghuang Xu, Xiuhua Zhang, Jing Zhao, Jie Yi and Yuguang Huang
How Combined Trip Purposes Are Associated with Transport Choice for Short Distance Trips. Results from a Cross-Sectional Study in the Netherlands pp. 1-14 Downloads
Eline Scheepers, Minke Slinger, Wanda Wendel-Vos and Jantine Schuit
Suicides, Homicides, Accidents, and Other External Causes of Death among Blacks and Whites in the Southern Community Cohort Study pp. 1-14 Downloads
Jennifer S Sonderman, Heather M Munro, William J Blot, Robert E Tarone and Joseph K McLaughlin
Effects of the Workplace Health Promotion Activities Soccer and Zumba on Muscle Pain, Work Ability and Perceived Physical Exertion among Female Hospital Employees pp. 1-14 Downloads
Svein Barene, Peter Krustrup and Andreas Holtermann
Maximal Standard Dose of Parenteral Iron for Hemodialysis Patients: An MRI-Based Decision Tree Learning Analysis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Guy Rostoker, Mireille Griuncelli, Christelle Loridon, Théophile Magna, Philippe Janklewicz, Gilles Drahi, Hervé Dahan and Yves Cohen
Association between Physical Activity Knowledge and Levels of Physical Activity in Chinese Adults with Type 2 Diabetes pp. 1-14 Downloads
Stanley Sai-Chuen Hui, Grace Pui-Sze Hui and Yao Jie Xie
The Role of Social Context in Shaping Student-Athlete Opinions pp. 1-14 Downloads
James N Druckman, Mauro Gilli, Samara Klar and Joshua Robison
Gender Matters: The Relationship between Social Anxiety and Alcohol-Related Consequences pp. 1-14 Downloads
Amie R Schry, Melissa M Norberg, Brenna B Maddox and Susan W White
Direct Splash Dispersal Prevails over Indirect and Subsequent Spread during Rains in Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Infecting Yams pp. 1-14 Downloads
Laurent Penet, Sébastien Guyader, Dalila Pétro, Michèle Salles and François Bussière
Benchmark Dose Estimation for Cadmium-Induced Renal Tubular Damage among Environmental Cadmium-Exposed Women Aged 35–54 Years in Two Counties of China pp. 1-14 Downloads
Jia Hu, Mei Li, Tian-xu Han, Jian-wei Chen, Lin-xiang Ye, Qi Wang and Yi-kai Zhou
Identifying Glioblastoma Gene Networks Based on Hypergeometric Test Analysis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Vasileios Stathias, Chiara Pastori, Tess Z Griffin, Ricardo Komotar, Jennifer Clarke, Ming Zhang and Nagi G Ayad
Long-Term Sickness Absence Due to Mental Disorders Is Associated with Individual Features and Psychosocial Work Conditions pp. 1-14 Downloads
João Silvestre da Silva-Junior and Frida Marina Fischer
Algorithm for Automatic Forced Spirometry Quality Assessment: Technological Developments pp. 1-14 Downloads
Umberto Melia, Felip Burgos, Montserrat Vallverdú, Filip Velickovski, Magí Lluch-Ariet, Josep Roca and Pere Caminal
Effect of Metformin on Cancer Risk and Treatment Outcome of Prostate Cancer: A Meta-Analysis of Epidemiological Observational Studies pp. 1-14 Downloads
Hongliang Yu, Li Yin, Xuesong Jiang, Xiujin Sun, Jing Wu, Hao Tian, Xianshu Gao and Xia He
When Do Natural Language Metaphors Influence Reasoning? A Follow-Up Study to Thibodeau and Boroditsky (2013) pp. 1-25 Downloads
Gerard J Steen, W Gudrun Reijnierse and Christian Burgers
Extent of Non-Publication in Cohorts of Studies Approved by Research Ethics Committees or Included in Trial Registries pp. 1-25 Downloads
Christine Schmucker, Lisa K Schell, Susan Portalupi, Patrick Oeller, Laura Cabrera, Dirk Bassler, Guido Schwarzer, Roberta W Scherer, Gerd Antes, Erik von Elm, Joerg J Meerpohl and on behalf of the OPEN Consortium
Lewis Carroll's Doublets Net of English Words: Network Heterogeneity in a Complex System pp. 1-25 Downloads
Hsieh Fushing, Chen Chen, Yin-Chen Hsieh and Patrick Farrell
“Hand down, Man down.” Analysis of Defensive Adjustments in Response to the Hot Hand in Basketball Using Novel Defense Metrics pp. 1-25 Downloads
Peter Csapo and Markus Raab
A Novel Medical Image Protection Scheme Using a 3-Dimensional Chaotic System pp. 1-25 Downloads
Chong Fu, Gao-yuan Zhang, Ou Bian, Wei-min Lei and Hong-feng Ma
Elimination of African Onchocerciasis: Modeling the Impact of Increasing the Frequency of Ivermectin Mass Treatment pp. 1-25 Downloads
Luc E Coffeng, Wilma A Stolk, Achim Hoerauf, Dik Habbema, Roel Bakker, Adrian D Hopkins and Sake J de Vlas
Shape Up or Ship Out: Can We Enhance Productivity in Coastal Aquaculture to Compete with Other Uses? pp. 1-25 Downloads
Peggy Schrobback, Sean Pascoe and Louisa Coglan
Distractor Evoked Deviations of Saccade Trajectory Are Modulated by Fixation Activity in the Superior Colliculus: Computational and Behavioral Evidence pp. 1-25 Downloads
Zhiguo Wang and Jan Theeuwes
A Matter of Timing: Identifying Significant Multi-Dose Radiotherapy Improvements by Numerical Simulation and Genetic Algorithm Search pp. 1-28 Downloads
Simon D Angus and Monika Joanna Piotrowska
Health Effects Related to Wind Turbine Noise Exposure: A Systematic Review pp. 1-28 Downloads
Jesper Hvass Schmidt and Mads Klokker
Complexity-Based Measures Inform Effects of Tai Chi Training on Standing Postural Control: Cross-Sectional and Randomized Trial Studies pp. 1-28 Downloads
Peter M Wayne, Brian J Gow, Madalena D Costa, Peng C-K, Lewis A Lipsitz, Jeffrey M Hausdorff, Roger B Davis, Jacquelyn N Walsh, Matthew Lough, Vera Novak, Gloria Y Yeh, Andrew C Ahn, Eric A Macklin and Brad Manor
Research Data Management and Libraries: Relationships, Activities, Drivers and Influences pp. 1-28 Downloads
Stephen Pinfield, Andrew M Cox and Jen Smith
Application and Evaluation of Interactive 3D PDF for Presenting and Sharing Planning Results for Liver Surgery in Clinical Routine pp. 1-28 Downloads
Axel Newe, Linda Becker and Andrea Schenk
A Meta-Analysis of Zilpaterol and Ractopamine Effects on Feedlot Performance, Carcass Traits and Shear Strength of Meat in Cattle pp. 1-28 Downloads
Ian J Lean, John M Thompson and Frank R Dunshea
Phosphoinositide-3 Kinase Inhibition Modulates Responses to Rhinovirus by Mechanisms that Are Predominantly Independent of Autophagy pp. 1-28 Downloads
Saila Ismail, Clare A Stokes, Elizabeth C Prestwich, Rebecca L Roberts, Jatinder K Juss, Ian Sabroe and Lisa C Parker
An Efficient Algorithm for Some Highly Nonlinear Fractional PDEs in Mathematical Physics pp. 1-17 Downloads
Jamshad Ahmad and Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din
Prognostic Significance of Interleukin-8 and CD163-Positive Cell-Infiltration in Tumor Tissues in Patients with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma pp. 1-17 Downloads
Yohei Fujita, Masato Okamoto, Hiroyuki Goda, Tomoyuki Tano, Koh-ichi Nakashiro, Atsuro Sugita, Tomonobu Fujita, Shigeo Koido, Sadamu Homma, Yutaka Kawakami and Hiroyuki Hamakawa
A Modeling Framework for System Restoration from Cascading Failures pp. 1-17 Downloads
Chaoran Liu, Daqing Li, Enrico Zio and Rui Kang
Validation of the French Version of the Child Post-Traumatic Stress Reaction Index: Psychometric Properties in French Speaking School-Aged Children pp. 1-17 Downloads
Bertrand Olliac, Philippe Birmes, Eric Bui, Charlotte Allenou, Alain Brunet, Isabelle Claudet, Jérôme Sales de Gauzy, Hélène Grandjean and Jean-Philippe Raynaud
A Reconstruction Method Based on AL0FGD for Compressed Sensing in Border Monitoring WSN System pp. 1-17 Downloads
Yan Wang, Xi Wu, Wenzao Li, Yi Zhang, Zhi Li and Jiliu Zhou
Asthma, Allergy and Eczema among Adults in Multifamily Houses in Stockholm (3-HE Study) - Associations with Building Characteristics, Home Environment and Energy Use for Heating pp. 1-17 Downloads
Dan Norbäck, Erik Lampa and Karin Engvall
Coupled Protein Diffusion and Folding in the Cell pp. 1-17 Downloads
Minghao Guo, Hannah Gelman and Martin Gruebele
Current Practice of Public Involvement Activities in Biomedical Research and Innovation: A Systematic Qualitative Review pp. 1-17 Downloads
Jonas Lander, Tobias Hainz, Irene Hirschberg and Daniel Strech
Loss of 4q21.23-22.1 Is a Prognostic Marker for Disease Free and Overall Survival in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer pp. 1-17 Downloads
Faik G Uzunoglu, Ebba Dethlefsen, Annkathrin Hanssen, Michaela Wrage, Lena Deutsch, Katharina Harms-Effenberger, Yogesh K Vashist, Matthias Reeh, Guido Sauter, Ronald Simon, Maximillian Bockhorn, Klaus Pantel, Jakob R Izbicki and Harriet Wikman
Use of Neuraminidase Inhibitors for Rapid Containment of Influenza: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Individual and Household Transmission Studies pp. 1-17 Downloads
George N Okoli, Harmony E Otete, Charles R Beck and Jonathan S Nguyen- Van-Tam
How the Taxonomy of Products Drives the Economic Development of Countries pp. 1-17 Downloads
Andrea Zaccaria, Matthieu Cristelli, Andrea Tacchella and Luciano Pietronero
Dictator Game Giving: The Importance of Descriptive versus Injunctive Norms pp. 1-17 Downloads
Nichola J Raihani and Katherine McAuliffe
Finding a Needle in the Haystack: The Costs and Cost-Effectiveness of Syphilis Diagnosis and Treatment during Pregnancy to Prevent Congenital Syphilis in Kalomo District of Zambia pp. 1-17 Downloads
Bruce A Larson, Deophine Lembela-Bwalya, Rachael Bonawitz, Emily E Hammond, Donald M Thea and Julie Herlihy
The Prescription Pattern of Chinese Herbal Products That Contain Dang-Qui and Risk of Endometrial Cancer among Tamoxifen-Treated Female Breast Cancer Survivors in Taiwan: A Population-Based Study pp. 1-17 Downloads
Chien-Tung Wu, Jung-Nien Lai and Yueh-Ting Tsai
Can Wide Consultation Help with Setting Priorities for Large-Scale Biodiversity Monitoring Programs? pp. 1-17 Downloads
Frédéric Boivin, Anouk Simard and Pedro Peres-Neto
Hypertension and Risk of Cataract: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-17 Downloads
Xiaoning Yu, Danni Lyu, Xinran Dong, Jiliang He and Ke Yao
Attributions of Cancer ‘Alarm’ Symptoms in a Community Sample pp. 1-17 Downloads
Katriina L Whitaker, Suzanne E Scott, Kelly Winstanley, Una Macleod and Jane Wardle
An Updated Meta-Analysis of the Efficacy and Safety of Acupuncture Treatment for Cerebral Infarction pp. 1-17 Downloads
Li Li, Hong Zhang, Shu-qing Meng and Hai-zhou Qian
Combating Obesity through Healthy Eating Behavior: A Call for System Dynamics Optimization pp. 1-17 Downloads
Norhaslinda Zainal Abidin, Mustafa Mamat, Brian Dangerfield, Jafri Haji Zulkepli, Md Azizul Baten and Antoni Wibowo
Comparative Effectiveness of Second-Line Targeted Therapies for Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Real-World Observational Studies pp. 1-17 Downloads
Daniel Y Heng, James Signorovitch, Elyse Swallow, Nanxin Li, Yichen Zhong, Paige Qin, Daisy Y Zhuo, Xufang Wang, Jinhee Park, Sotirios Stergiopoulos and Christian Kollmannsberger
Adiposity in Early, Middle and Later Adult Life and Cardiometabolic Risk Markers in Later Life; Findings from the British Regional Heart Study pp. 1-17 Downloads
Venediktos V Kapetanakis, Alicja R Rudnicka, Andrea K Wathern, Lucy Lennon, Olia Papacosta, Derek G Cook, S Goya Wannamethee, Peter H Whincup and Christopher G Owen
A High-Order, Symplectic, Finite-Difference Time-Domain Scheme for Bioelectromagnetic Applications within the Mother/Fetus Model pp. 1-17 Downloads
YingJie Gao and HongWei Yang
The Effectiveness of the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programme ‘KardioPro’ Initiated by a German Sickness Fund: A Time-to-Event Analysis of Routine Data pp. 1-17 Downloads
Sabine Witt, Reiner Leidl, Christian Becker, Rolf Holle, Michael Block, Johannes Brachmann, Sigmund Silber and Björn Stollenwerk
Automatic Segmentation of the Left Ventricle in Cardiac MRI Using Local Binary Fitting Model and Dynamic Programming Techniques pp. 1-17 Downloads
Huaifei Hu, Zhiyong Gao, Liman Liu, Haihua Liu, Junfeng Gao, Shengzhou Xu, Wei Li and Lu Huang
Effects of a Randomized Intervention to Improve Workplace Social Capital in Community Health Centers in China pp. 1-17 Downloads
Xiaojie Sun, Nan Zhang, Kun Liu, Wen Li, Tuula Oksanen and Lizheng Shi
High Rates of HIV Seroconversion in Pregnant Women and Low Reported Levels of HIV Testing among Male Partners in Southern Mozambique: Results from a Mixed Methods Study pp. 1-17 Downloads
Caroline De Schacht, Heather J Hoffman, Nédio Mabunda, Carlota Lucas, Catharina L Alons, Ana Madonela, Adolfo Vubil, Orlando C Ferreira, Nurbai Calú, Iolanda S Santos, Ilesh V Jani and Laura Guay
Contraceptive Use and the Risk of Ectopic Pregnancy: A Multi-Center Case-Control Study pp. 1-17 Downloads
Cheng Li, Wei-Hong Zhao, Chun-Xia Meng, Hua Ping, Guo-Juan Qin, Shu-Jun Cao, Xiaowei Xi, Qian Zhu, Xiao-Cui Li and Jian Zhang
Network Meta-Analysis Using R: A Review of Currently Available Automated Packages pp. 1-17 Downloads
Binod Neupane, Danielle Richer, Ashley Joel Bonner, Taddele Kibret and Joseph Beyene
Variables Associated with Change in Quality of Life among Persons with Dementia in Nursing Homes: A 10 Months Follow-Up Study pp. 1-17 Downloads
Marit Mjørud, Janne Røsvik, Anne Marie Mork Rokstad, Marit Kirkevold and Knut Engedal
Paul Drude's Prediction of Nonreciprocal Mutual Inductance for Tesla Transformers pp. 1-17 Downloads
Bart McGuyer
Changes in Health Care Expenditure after the Loss of a Spouse: Data on 6,487 Older Widows and Widowers in the Netherlands pp. 1-17 Downloads
Herbert J A Rolden, David van Bodegom and Rudi G J Westendorp
Predicting the Phenotypic Values of Physiological Traits Using SNP Genotype and Gene Expression Data in Mice pp. 1-17 Downloads
Yu Takagi, Hirokazu Matsuda, Yukio Taniguchi and Hiroaki Iwaisaki
Application of a Novel Grey Self-Memory Coupling Model to Forecast the Incidence Rates of Two Notifiable Diseases in China: Dysentery and Gonorrhea pp. 1-17 Downloads
Xiaojun Guo, Sifeng Liu, Lifeng Wu and Lingling Tang
Costs of Eliminating Malaria and the Impact of the Global Fund in 34 Countries pp. 1-17 Downloads
Brittany Zelman, Anthony Kiszewski, Chris Cotter and Jenny Liu
The Novel 10-Item Asthma Prediction Tool: External Validation in the German MAS Birth Cohort pp. 1-17 Downloads
Linus B Grabenhenrich, Andreas Reich, Felix Fischer, Fred Zepp, Johannes Forster, Antje Schuster, Carl-Peter Bauer, Renate L Bergmann, Karl E Bergmann, Ulrich Wahn, Thomas Keil and Susanne Lau
Spatial Niche Facilitates Clonal Reproduction in Seed Plants under Temporal Disturbance pp. 1-17 Downloads
Shin Fukui and Kiwako S Araki
GLIMMPSE Lite: Calculating Power and Sample Size on Smartphone Devices pp. 1-26 Downloads
Aarti Munjal, Uttara R Sakhadeo, Keith E Muller, Deborah H Glueck and Sarah M Kreidler
A Combined Approach to Cartographic Displacement for Buildings Based on Skeleton and Improved Elastic Beam Algorithm pp. 1-26 Downloads
Yuangang Liu, Qingsheng Guo, Yageng Sun and Xiaoya Ma
Determining the Depth of Injury in Bioengineered Tissue Models of Cornea and Conjunctiva for the Prediction of All Three Ocular GHS Categories pp. 1-26 Downloads
Michaela Zorn-Kruppa, Pia Houdek, Ewa Wladykowski, Maria Engelke, Melinda Bartok, Karsten R Mewes, Ingrid Moll and Johanna M Brandner
A Computational Study of Stimulus Driven Epileptic Seizure Abatement pp. 1-26 Downloads
Peter Neal Taylor, Yujiang Wang, Marc Goodfellow, Justin Dauwels, Friederike Moeller, Ulrich Stephani and Gerold Baier
Effectiveness of a Worksite Social & Physical Environment Intervention on Need for Recovery, Physical Activity and Relaxation; Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial pp. 1-26 Downloads
Jennifer K Coffeng, Cécile R L Boot, Saskia F A Duijts, Jos W R Twisk, Willem van Mechelen and Ingrid J M Hendriksen
Formation of Fenestrae in Murine Liver Sinusoids Depends on Plasmalemma Vesicle-Associated Protein and Is Required for Lipoprotein Passage pp. 1-26 Downloads
Leonie Herrnberger, Robert Hennig, Werner Kremer, Claus Hellerbrand, Achim Goepferich, Hans Robert Kalbitzer and Ernst R Tamm
Biodegradable Nasal Packings for Endoscopic Sinonasal Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-26 Downloads
Maoxiao Yan, Dandan Zheng, Ying Li, Qiaoli Zheng, Jia Chen and Beibei Yang
Systems Biology Investigation of cAMP Modulation to Increase SMN Levels for the Treatment of Spinal Muscular Atrophy pp. 1-26 Downloads
Sean G Mack, Daniel J Cook, Prasad Dhurjati and Matthew E R Butchbach
The Mode of Action of Spatial Repellents and Their Impact on Vectorial Capacity of Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto pp. 1-21 Downloads
Sheila B Ogoma, Hassan Ngonyani, Emmanuel T Simfukwe, Antony Mseka, Jason Moore, Marta F Maia, Sarah J Moore and Lena M Lorenz
Dissociable Neural Mechanisms Underlying the Modulation of Pain and Anxiety? An fMRI Pilot Study pp. 1-21 Downloads
Katja Wiech, Robert Edwards, Graham Lorimer Moseley, Chantal Berna, Markus Ploner and Irene Tracey
What Are Fair Study Benefits in International Health Research? Consulting Community Members in Kenya pp. 1-21 Downloads
Maureen Njue, Francis Kombe, Salim Mwalukore, Sassy Molyneux and Vicki Marsh
High-Dose Statin Pretreatment Decreases Periprocedural Myocardial Infarction and Cardiovascular Events in Patients Undergoing Elective Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: A Meta-Analysis of Twenty-Four Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-21 Downloads
Le Wang, Pingan Peng, Ou Zhang, Xiaohan Xu, Shiwei Yang, Yingxin Zhao and Yujie Zhou
No Evidence of Harms of Probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG ATCC 53103 in Healthy Elderly—A Phase I Open Label Study to Assess Safety, Tolerability and Cytokine Responses pp. 1-21 Downloads
Patricia L Hibberd, Lauren Kleimola, Anne-Maria Fiorino, Christine Botelho, Miriam Haverkamp, Irina Andreyeva, Debra Poutsiaka, Claire Fraser, Gloria Solano-Aguilar and David R Snydman
Reliability of Resting-State Microstate Features in Electroencephalography pp. 1-21 Downloads
Arjun Khanna, Alvaro Pascual-Leone and Faranak Farzan
Determination of Optimal Parameters for Dual-Layer Cathode of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Using Computational Intelligence-Aided Design pp. 1-21 Downloads
Yi Chen, Weina Huang and Bei Peng
The Temporal Spectrum of Adult Mosquito Population Fluctuations: Conceptual and Modeling Implications pp. 1-21 Downloads
Yun Jian, Sonia Silvestri, Jeff Brown, Rick Hickman and Marco Marani
Brain Network Organization in Focal Epilepsy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-21 Downloads
Eric van Diessen, Willemiek J E M Zweiphenning, Floor E Jansen, Cornelis J Stam, Kees P J Braun and Willem M Otte
Albumin versus Other Fluids for Fluid Resuscitation in Patients with Sepsis: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-21 Downloads
Libing Jiang, Shouyin Jiang, Mao Zhang, Zhongjun Zheng and Yuefeng Ma
HIV and Hepatitis C Mortality in Massachusetts, 2002–2011: Spatial Cluster and Trend Analysis of HIV and HCV Using Multiple Cause of Death pp. 1-21 Downloads
David J Meyers, Maria Elena Hood and Thomas J Stopka
Effects of Anti-Angiogenesis on Glioblastoma Growth and Migration: Model to Clinical Predictions pp. 1-21 Downloads
Elizabeth Scribner, Olivier Saut, Paula Province, Asim Bag, Thierry Colin and Hassan M Fathallah-Shaykh
The Value of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) for Predicting Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-21 Downloads
Yan Mao, Qing Qu, Yuzi Zhang, Junjun Liu, Xiaosong Chen and Kunwei Shen
Entropy-Based Financial Asset Pricing pp. 1-21 Downloads
Mihály Ormos and Dávid Zibriczky
Using Information from the Electronic Health Record to Improve Measurement of Unemployment in Service Members and Veterans with mTBI and Post-Deployment Stress pp. 1-21 Downloads
Christina Dillahunt-Aspillaga, Dezon Finch, Jill Massengale, Tracy Kretzmer, Stephen L Luther and James A McCart
Machine Learning for Biomedical Literature Triage pp. 1-21 Downloads
Hayda Almeida, Marie-Jean Meurs, Leila Kosseim, Greg Butler and Adrian Tsang
Vitamin Intake Reduce the Risk of Gastric Cancer: Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review of Randomized and Observational Studies pp. 1-21 Downloads
Pengfei Kong, Qingqing Cai, Qirong Geng, Jing Wang, Yadong Lan, Youqing Zhan and Dazhi Xu
Understanding and Using the Brief Implicit Association Test: Recommended Scoring Procedures pp. 1-31 Downloads
Brian A Nosek, Yoav Bar-Anan, N Sriram, Jordan Axt and Anthony G Greenwald
Accounting for eXentricities: Analysis of the X Chromosome in GWAS Reveals X-Linked Genes Implicated in Autoimmune Diseases pp. 1-31 Downloads
Diana Chang, Feng Gao, Andrea Slavney, Li Ma, Yedael Y Waldman, Aaron J Sams, Paul Billing-Ross, Aviv Madar, Richard Spritz and Alon Keinan
A Semi-Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Pharmacodynamic Model for Glycyrrhizin-Induced Pseudoaldosteronism and Prediction of the Dose Limit Causing Hypokalemia in a Virtual Elderly Population pp. 1-31 Downloads
Ruijuan Xu, Xiaoquan Liu and Jin Yang
The Influence of Promoter Architectures and Regulatory Motifs on Gene Expression in Escherichia coli pp. 1-31 Downloads
Mattias Rydenfelt, Hernan G Garcia, Robert Sidney Cox and Rob Phillips
The Charlson Comorbidity Index Can Be Used Prospectively to Identify Patients Who Will Incur High Future Costs pp. 1-16 Downloads
Mary Charlson, Martin T Wells, Ralph Ullman, Fionnuala King and Celia Shmukler
Estimating Cost of Road Traffic Injuries in Iran Using Willingness to Pay (WTP) Method pp. 1-16 Downloads
Elaheh Ainy, Hamid Soori, Mojtaba Ganjali, Henry Le and Taban Baghfalaki
Effects of Wolf Mortality on Livestock Depredations pp. 1-16 Downloads
Robert B Wielgus and Kaylie A Peebles
Targeting Serum Glucocorticoid-Regulated Kinase-1 in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck: A Novel Modality of Local Control pp. 1-16 Downloads
Henrik O Berdel, Hongyu Yin, Jun Yao Liu, Karolina Grochowska, Christopher Middleton, Nathan Yanasak, Rafik Abdelsayed, Wolfgang E Berdel, Mahmood Mozaffari, Jack C Yu and Babak Baban
Distinct Behaviour of Sorafenib in Experimental Cachexia-Inducing Tumours: The Role of STAT3 pp. 1-16 Downloads
Míriam Toledo, Fabio Penna, Sílvia Busquets, Francisco J López-Soriano and Josep M Argilés
Recovery from Anemia in Patients with Severe Aortic Stenosis Undergoing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation – Prevalence, Predictors and Clinical Outcome pp. 1-16 Downloads
Ole De Backer, Samer Arnous, Jacob Lønborg, Matthew Brooks, Luigi Biasco, Anders Jönsson, Olaf W Franzen and Lars Søndergaard
Differences of Starch Granule Distribution in Grains from Different Spikelet Positions in Winter Wheat pp. 1-16 Downloads
Anling Yu, Yong Li, Yingli Ni, Weibing Yang, Dongqing Yang, Zhengyong Cui, Zhenlin Wang and Yanping Yin
Fears and Beliefs in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Spondyloarthritis: A Qualitative Study pp. 1-16 Downloads
Francis Berenbaum, Pierre Chauvin, Christophe Hudry, Florence Mathoret-Philibert, Maud Poussiere, Thibault De Chalus, Caroline Dreuillet, Françoise Russo-Marie, Jean-Michel Joubert and Alain Saraux
Design of DNA Pooling to Allow Incorporation of Covariates in Rare Variants Analysis pp. 1-16 Downloads
Weihua Guan and Chun Li
Does Global Progress on Sanitation Really Lag behind Water? An Analysis of Global Progress on Community- and Household-Level Access to Safe Water and Sanitation pp. 1-16 Downloads
Oliver Cumming, Mark Elliott, Alycia Overbo and Jamie Bartram
Effects of Lifestyle Modification Programs on Cardiac Risk Factors pp. 1-16 Downloads
Moaven Razavi, Stephen Fournier, Donald S Shepard, Grant Ritter, Gail K Strickler and William B Stason
In-Hospital and One-Year Mortality and Their Predictors in Patients Hospitalized for First-Ever Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Exacerbations: A Nationwide Population-Based Study pp. 1-16 Downloads
Te-Wei Ho, Yi-Ju Tsai, Sheng-Yuan Ruan, Chun-Ta Huang, Feipei Lai, Chong-Jen Yu and The HINT Study Group
Psychometric Evaluation of the HIV Stigma Scale in a Swedish Context pp. 1-16 Downloads
Maria H Lindberg, Lena Wettergren, Maria Wiklander, Veronica Svedhem-Johansson and Lars E Eriksson
Computational Pathology to Discriminate Benign from Malignant Intraductal Proliferations of the Breast pp. 1-16 Downloads
Fei Dong, Humayun Irshad, Eun-Yeong Oh, Melinda F Lerwill, Elena F Brachtel, Nicholas C Jones, Nicholas W Knoblauch, Laleh Montaser-Kouhsari, Nicole B Johnson, Luigi K F Rao, Beverly Faulkner-Jones, David C Wilbur, Stuart J Schnitt and Andrew H Beck
Epidemiological Characterization and Risk Factors of Allergic Rhinitis in the General Population in Guangzhou City in China pp. 1-16 Downloads
Chun Wei Li, Chen De Hua, Jia Tao Zhong, Zhi Bin Lin, Hua Peng, Han Gui Lu, Yan Yang, Jia Yin and Tian Ying Li
Psychological Sequelae of the Station Nightclub Fire: Comparing Survivors with and without Physical Injuries Using a Mixed-Methods Analysis pp. 1-16 Downloads
Nhi-Ha T Trinh, Deborah L Nadler, Vivian Shie, Felipe Fregni, Stephen E Gilman, Colleen M Ryan and Jeffrey C Schneider
Studying Developmental Variation with Geometric Morphometric Image Analysis (GMIA) pp. 1-16 Downloads
Christine Mayer, Brian D Metscher, Gerd B Müller and Philipp Mitteroecker
Visual Search Strategies of Soccer Players Executing a Power vs. Placement Penalty Kick pp. 1-16 Downloads
Matthew A Timmis, Kieran Turner and Kjell N van Paridon
Early Life Stress Inhibits Expression of Ribosomal RNA in the Developing Hippocampus pp. 1-16 Downloads
Lan Wei, Jin Hao and Arie Kaffman
Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the WHO Violence Against Women Instrument in Pregnant Women: Results from the BRISA Prenatal Cohort pp. 1-16 Downloads
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Evoked Emotions Predict Food Choice pp. 1-16 Downloads
Jelle R Dalenberg, Swetlana Gutjar, Gert J ter Horst, Kees de Graaf, Remco J Renken and Gerry Jager
Prevalence of Hypertension in Rural Areas of China: A Meta-Analysis of Published Studies pp. 1-16 Downloads
Xiaofang Chen, Lezhi Li, Tao Zhou and Zhanzhan Li
The Variation of Root Exudates from the Hyperaccumulator Sedum alfredii under Cadmium Stress: Metabonomics Analysis pp. 1-16 Downloads
Qing Luo, Lina Sun, Xiaomin Hu and Ruiren Zhou
Prediction of the Time Course of Callus Stiffness as a Function of Mechanical Parameters in Experimental Rat Fracture Healing Studies - A Numerical Study pp. 1-16 Downloads
Tim Wehner, Malte Steiner, Anita Ignatius and Lutz Claes
An Antidote to the Imager's Fallacy, or How to Identify Brain Areas That Are in Limbo pp. 1-16 Downloads
Gilles de Hollander, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Lourens Waldorp and Birte Forstmann
The Accuracy of Spot Sign in Predicting Hematoma Expansion after Intracerebral Hemorrhage: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-16 Downloads
Fei-Zhou Du, Rui Jiang, Ming Gu, Ci He and Jing Guan
The Absoluteness of Semantic Processing: Lessons from the Analysis of Temporal Clusters in Phonemic Verbal Fluency pp. 1-16 Downloads
Isabelle Vonberg, Felicitas Ehlen, Ortwin Fromm and Fabian Klostermann
High Reproducibility of Histological Characterization by Whole Virtual Slide Quantification; An Example Using Carotid Plaque Specimens pp. 1-16 Downloads
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Adaptive Combination of P-Values for Family-Based Association Testing with Sequence Data pp. 1-16 Downloads
Wan-Yu Lin
Spotting East African Mammals in Open Savannah from Space pp. 1-16 Downloads
Zheng Yang, Tiejun Wang, Andrew K Skidmore, Jan de Leeuw, Mohammed Y Said and Jim Freer
Pain Reduction and Financial Incentives to Improve Glucose Monitoring Adherence in a Community Health Center pp. 1-8 Downloads
Mary Ann H Huntsman, Faith J Olivares, Christina P Tran, John Billimek and Elliot E Hui
Recognizing Age-Separated Face Images: Humans and Machines pp. 1-22 Downloads
Daksha Yadav, Richa Singh, Mayank Vatsa and Afzel Noore
Zero-Lag Synchronization Despite Inhomogeneities in a Relay System pp. 1-22 Downloads
Zahra Ghasemi Esfahani and Alireza Valizadeh
Seasonal Patterns of Mixed Species Groups in Large East African Mammals pp. 1-22 Downloads
Christian Kiffner, John Kioko, Cecilia Leweri and Stefan Krause
A Machine Reading System for Assembling Synthetic Paleontological Databases pp. 1-22 Downloads
Shanan E Peters, Ce Zhang, Miron Livny and Christopher Ré
Identifying Autism from Neural Representations of Social Interactions: Neurocognitive Markers of Autism pp. 1-22 Downloads
Marcel Adam Just, Vladimir L Cherkassky, Augusto Buchweitz, Timothy A Keller and Tom M Mitchell
Chaos in Balance: Non-Linear Measures of Postural Control Predict Individual Variations in Visual Illusions of Motion pp. 1-22 Downloads
Deborah Apthorp, Fintan Nagle and Stephen Palmisano
Computational Modeling Reveals Key Contributions of KCNQ and hERG Currents to the Malleability of Uterine Action Potentials Underpinning Labor pp. 1-22 Downloads
Wing-Chiu Tong, Rachel M Tribe, Roger Smith and Michael J Taggart
A GPU-Based Implementation of the Firefly Algorithm for Variable Selection in Multivariate Calibration Problems pp. 1-22 Downloads
Lauro C M de Paula, Anderson S Soares, Telma W de Lima, Alexandre C B Delbem, Clarimar J Coelho and Arlindo R G Filho
Meet OLAF, a Good Friend of the IAPS! The Open Library of Affective Foods: A Tool to Investigate the Emotional Impact of Food in Adolescents pp. 1-22 Downloads
Laura Miccoli, Rafael Delgado, Sonia Rodríguez-Ruiz, Pedro Guerra, Eduardo García-Mármol and M Carmen Fernández-Santaella
Inferring Behavioral States of Grazing Livestock from High-Frequency Position Data Alone pp. 1-22 Downloads
Hermel Homburger, Manuel K Schneider, Sandra Hilfiker and Andreas Lüscher
Predicting Growth Conditions from Internal Metabolic Fluxes in an In-Silico Model of E. coli pp. 1-22 Downloads
Viswanadham Sridhara, Austin G Meyer, Piyush Rai, Jeffrey E Barrick, Pradeep Ravikumar, Daniel Segrè and Claus O Wilke
Human Growth and Body Weight Dynamics: An Integrative Systems Model pp. 1-22 Downloads
Hazhir Rahmandad
Relative Food Prices and Obesity in U.S. Metropolitan Areas: 1976-2001 pp. 1-22 Downloads
Xin Xu, Jayachandran N Variyam, Zhenxiang Zhao and Frank J Chaloupka
The Link between Inequality and Population Health in Low and Middle Income Countries: Policy Myth or Social Reality? pp. 1-22 Downloads
Ioana van Deurzen, Wim van Oorschot and Erik van Ingen
Perceiving the Direction of Articulatory Motion in Point-Light Actions pp. 1-22 Downloads
Alex Davila, Ben Schouten and Karl Verfaillie
The Role of Pulse Shape in Motor Cortex Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Using Full-Sine Stimuli pp. 1-22 Downloads
Igor Delvendahl, Norbert Gattinger, Thomas Berger, Bernhard Gleich, Hartwig R Siebner and Volker Mall
Relating Specific Emotions to Intrinsic Motivation: On the Moderating Role of Positive and Negative Emotion Differentiation pp. 1-22 Downloads
Leen Vandercammen, Joeri Hofmans and Peter Theuns
The Impact of Roads on the Demography of Grizzly Bears in Alberta pp. 1-22 Downloads
John Boulanger and Gordon B Stenhouse
Lack of Association between Human Plasma Oxytocin and Interpersonal Trust in a Prisoner’s Dilemma Paradigm pp. 1-22 Downloads
James C Christensen, Pavel A Shiyanov, Justin R Estepp and John J Schlager
Interleaved EPI Based fMRI Improved by Multiplexed Sensitivity Encoding (MUSE) and Simultaneous Multi-Band Imaging pp. 1-22 Downloads
Hing-Chiu Chang, Pooja Gaur, Ying-hui Chou, Mei-Lan Chu and Nan-kuei Chen
Mechanical Stress Downregulates MHC Class I Expression on Human Cancer Cell Membrane pp. 1-20 Downloads
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The Effects of Lifestyle Interventions on (Long-Term) Weight Management, Cardiometabolic Risk and Depressive Symptoms in People with Psychotic Disorders: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-20 Downloads
Jojanneke Bruins, Frederike Jörg, Richard Bruggeman, Cees Slooff, Eva Corpeleijn and Marieke Pijnenborg
Measurement of Physician-Patient Communication—A Systematic Review pp. 1-20 Downloads
Jördis M Zill, Eva Christalle, Evamaria Müller, Martin Härter, Jörg Dirmaier and Isabelle Scholl
Geometry-Driven Polarity in Motile Amoeboid Cells pp. 1-20 Downloads
Oliver Nagel, Can Guven, Matthias Theves, Meghan Driscoll, Wolfgang Losert and Carsten Beta
Breaking an Epigenetic Chromatin Switch: Curious Features of Hysteresis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Telomeric Silencing pp. 1-20 Downloads
Vijayalakshmi H Nagaraj, Swagatam Mukhopadhyay, Adel Dayarian and Anirvan M Sengupta
An Experimental Study on the Effectiveness of Disclosing Stressful Life Events and Support Messages: When Cognitive Reappraisal Support Decreases Emotional Distress, and Emotional Support Is Like Saying Nothing at All pp. 1-20 Downloads
Anika Batenburg and Enny Das
Optimization of the Ethanol Recycling Reflux Extraction Process for Saponins Using a Design Space Approach pp. 1-20 Downloads
Xingchu Gong, Ying Zhang, Jianyang Pan and Haibin Qu
Modeling Test and Treatment Strategies for Presymptomatic Alzheimer Disease pp. 1-20 Downloads
James F Burke, Kenneth M Langa, Rodney A Hayward and Roger L Albin
Investigating the Effect of Recruitment Variability on Length-Based Recruitment Indices for Antarctic Krill Using an Individual-Based Population Dynamics Model pp. 1-20 Downloads
Stéphane Thanassekos, Martin J Cox and Keith Reid
Dynamic Scenario of Membrane Binding Process of Kalata B1 pp. 1-20 Downloads
Wanapinun Nawae, Supa Hannongbua and Marasri Ruengjitchatchawalya
Robust Identification of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Plastics through Bayesian Decision pp. 1-20 Downloads
Mohd Asyraf Zulkifley, Mohd Marzuki Mustafa, Aini Hussain, Aouache Mustapha and Suzaimah Ramli
Visual Saliency Models for Text Detection in Real World pp. 1-20 Downloads
Renwu Gao, Seiichi Uchida, Asif Shahab, Faisal Shafait and Volkmar Frinken
Mangrove Habitat Use by Juvenile Reef Fish: Meta-Analysis Reveals that Tidal Regime Matters More than Biogeographic Region pp. 1-20 Downloads
Mathias M Igulu, Ivan Nagelkerken, Martijn Dorenbosch, Monique G G Grol, Alastair R Harborne, Ismael A Kimirei, Peter J Mumby, Andrew D Olds and Yunus D Mgaya
A Review of A Priori Regression Models for Warfarin Maintenance Dose Prediction pp. 1-20 Downloads
Ben Francis, Steven Lane, Munir Pirmohamed and Andrea Jorgensen
Screening for Vulnerability in Older Cancer Patients: The ONCODAGE Prospective Multicenter Cohort Study pp. 1-20 Downloads
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Applying Multivariate Clustering Techniques to Health Data: The 4 Types of Healthcare Utilization in the Paris Metropolitan Area pp. 1-20 Downloads
Thomas Lefèvre, Claire Rondet, Isabelle Parizot and Pierre Chauvin
Enhancing In Silico Protein-Based Vaccine Discovery for Eukaryotic Pathogens Using Predicted Peptide-MHC Binding and Peptide Conservation Scores pp. 1-20 Downloads
Stephen J Goodswen, Paul J Kennedy and John T Ellis
Image Derived Input Function for [18F]-FEPPA: Application to Quantify Translocator Protein (18 kDa) in the Human Brain pp. 1-20 Downloads
Rostom Mabrouk, Pablo M Rusjan, Romina Mizrahi, Mark F Jacobs, Yuko Koshimori, Sylvain Houle, Ji Hyun Ko and Antonio P Strafella
A Case Study of Discordant Overlapping Meta-Analyses: Vitamin D Supplements and Fracture pp. 1-20 Downloads
Mark J Bolland and Andrew Grey
Multi-Reader Multi-Case Studies Using the Area under the Receiver Operator Characteristic Curve as a Measure of Diagnostic Accuracy: Systematic Review with a Focus on Quality of Data Reporting pp. 1-20 Downloads
Thaworn Dendumrongsup, Andrew A Plumb, Steve Halligan, Thomas R Fanshawe, Douglas G Altman and Susan Mallett
A Comparison between the Sixth and Seventh Editions of the UICC/AJCC Staging System for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma in a Chinese Cohort pp. 1-20 Downloads
Jing Li, Xiong Zou, Yun-Long Wu, Jing-Cui Guo, Jing-Ping Yun, Miao Xu, Qi-Sheng Feng, Li-Zhen Chen, Jin-Xin Bei, Yi-Xin Zeng and Ming-Yuan Chen
Decision Criterion Dynamics in Animals Performing an Auditory Detection Task pp. 1-38 Downloads
Robert W Mill, Ana Alves-Pinto and Christian J Sumner
FindFoci: A Focus Detection Algorithm with Automated Parameter Training That Closely Matches Human Assignments, Reduces Human Inconsistencies and Increases Speed of Analysis pp. 1-33 Downloads
Alex D Herbert, Antony M Carr and Eva Hoffmann
Nonequilibrium Population Dynamics of Phenotype Conversion of Cancer Cells pp. 1-19 Downloads
Joseph Xu Zhou, Angela Oliveira Pisco, Hong Qian and Sui Huang
A Mathematical Model for Eph/Ephrin-Directed Segregation of Intermingled Cells pp. 1-19 Downloads
Rotem Aharon, Peter W Janes, Anthony W Burgess, Kais Hamza, Fima Klebaner and Martin Lackmann
Detection of the Elite Structure in a Virtual Multiplex Social System by Means of a Generalised K-Core pp. 1-19 Downloads
Bernat Corominas-Murtra, Benedikt Fuchs and Stefan Thurner
The Thyroid Status of Children and Adolescents in Fukushima Prefecture Examined during 20–30 Months after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster: A Cross-Sectional, Observational Study pp. 1-19 Downloads
Hajime Watanobe, Tomoyuki Furutani, Masahiko Nihei, Yu Sakuma, Rie Yanai, Miyuki Takahashi, Hideo Sato and Fumihiko Sagawa
Effect of Urinary Protease Inhibitor (Ulinastatin) on Cardiopulmonary Bypass: A Meta-Analysis for China and Japan pp. 1-19 Downloads
Yun Zhang, Zhi Zeng, Yu Cao, Xiaodong Du and Zhi Wan
A New Model of Biodosimetry to Integrate Low and High Doses pp. 1-19 Downloads
Mònica Pujol, Joan-Francesc Barquinero, Pedro Puig, Roser Puig, María Rosa Caballín and Leonardo Barrios
The Effect of Framing and Normative Messages in Building Support for Climate Policies pp. 1-19 Downloads
Mark J Hurlstone, Stephan Lewandowsky, Ben R Newell and Brittany Sewell
Refinement of the MHC Risk Map in a Scandinavian Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis Population pp. 1-19 Downloads
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Merit and Justice: An Experimental Analysis of Attitude to Inequality pp. 1-19 Downloads
Aldo Rustichini and Alexander Vostroknutov
Dynamic Approximate Entropy Electroanatomic Maps Detect Rotors in a Simulated Atrial Fibrillation Model pp. 1-19 Downloads
Juan P Ugarte, Andrés Orozco-Duque, Catalina Tobón, Vaclav Kremen, Daniel Novak, Javier Saiz, Tobias Oesterlein, Clauss Schmitt, Armin Luik and John Bustamante
A Combined Enrichment and Aptamer Pulldown Assay for Francisella tularensis Detection in Food and Environmental Matrices pp. 1-19 Downloads
Elise A Lamont, Ping Wang, Shinichiro Enomoto, Klaudyna Borewicz, Ahmed Abdallah, Richard E Isaacson and Srinand Sreevatsan
Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) Spending and Tobacco Control Efforts pp. 1-19 Downloads
Jayani Jayawardhana, W David Bradford, Walter Jones, Paul J Nietert and Gerard Silvestri
Evaluation of EEG Oscillatory Patterns and Cognitive Process during Simple and Compound Limb Motor Imagery pp. 1-19 Downloads
Weibo Yi, Shuang Qiu, Kun Wang, Hongzhi Qi, Lixin Zhang, Peng Zhou, Feng He and Dong Ming
Statistical Reporting Errors and Collaboration on Statistical Analyses in Psychological Science pp. 1-19 Downloads
Coosje L S Veldkamp, Michèle B Nuijten, Linda Dominguez-Alvarez, Marcel A L M van Assen and Jelte M Wicherts
Assessing the Consistency and Microbiological Effectiveness of Household Water Treatment Practices by Urban and Rural Populations Claiming to Treat Their Water at Home: A Case Study in Peru pp. 1-19 Downloads
Ghislaine Rosa, Maria L Huaylinos, Ana Gil, Claudio Lanata and Thomas Clasen
Burden of Complicated Malaria in a Densely Forested Bastar Region of Chhattisgarh State (Central India) pp. 1-19 Downloads
Vidhan Jain, Sanjay Basak, Sneha Bhandari, Praveen K Bharti, Trilok Thomas, Mrigendra P Singh and Neeru Singh
Lack of Exercise of "Moderate to Vigorous" Intensity in People with Low Levels of Physical Activity Is a Major Discriminant for Sociodemographic Factors and Morbidity pp. 1-19 Downloads
José A Serrano-Sánchez, Luis M Bello-Luján, Juan M Auyanet-Batista, María J Fernández-Rodríguez and Juan J González-Henríquez
Estimating Implementation and Operational Costs of an Integrated Tiered CD4 Service including Laboratory and Point of Care Testing in a Remote Health District in South Africa pp. 1-19 Downloads
Naseem Cassim, Lindi M Coetzee, Kathryn Schnippel and Deborah K Glencross
Clinical Utility of Multimodality Imaging with Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI, Diffusion-Weighted MRI, and 18F-FDG PET/CT for the Prediction of Neck Control in Oropharyngeal or Hypopharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treated with Chemoradiation pp. 1-19 Downloads
Shu-Hang Ng, Chien-Yu Lin, Sheng-Chieh Chan, Yu-Chun Lin, Tzu-Chen Yen, Chun-Ta Liao, Joseph Tung-Chieh Chang, Sheung-Fat Ko, Hung- Ming Wang, Chee-Jen Chang and Jiun-Jie Wang
Potassium Channel Antagonists 4-Aminopyridine and the T-Butyl Carbamate Derivative of 4-Aminopyridine Improve Hind Limb Function in Chronically Non-Ambulatory Dogs; A Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Trial pp. 1-19 Downloads
Ji-Hey Lim, Audrey C Muguet-Chanoit, Daniel T Smith, Eric Laber and Natasha J Olby
Age-Related Loss of Lumbar Spinal Lordosis and Mobility – A Study of 323 Asymptomatic Volunteers pp. 1-19 Downloads
Marcel Dreischarf, Laia Albiol, Antonius Rohlmann, Esther Pries, Maxim Bashkuev, Thomas Zander, Georg Duda, Claudia Druschel, Patrick Strube, Michael Putzier and Hendrik Schmidt
Hyperspectral Imaging for Mapping of Total Nitrogen Spatial Distribution in Pepper Plant pp. 1-19 Downloads
Ke-Qiang Yu, Yan-Ru Zhao, Xiao-Li Li, Yong-Ni Shao, Fei Liu and Yong He
PERGA: A Paired-End Read Guided De Novo Assembler for Extending Contigs Using SVM and Look Ahead Approach pp. 1-27 Downloads
Xiao Zhu, Henry C M Leung, Francis Y L Chin, Siu Ming Yiu, Guangri Quan, Bo Liu and Yadong Wang
Walking on a User Similarity Network towards Personalized Recommendations pp. 1-27 Downloads
Mingxin Gan
Effects of Timber Harvests and Silvicultural Edges on Terrestrial Salamanders pp. 1-27 Downloads
Jami E MacNeil and Rod N Williams
Evaluation of Scaling Invariance Embedded in Short Time Series pp. 1-27 Downloads
Xue Pan, Lei Hou, Mutua Stephen, Huijie Yang and Chenping Zhu
Help Seeking Behavior of Women with Self-Discovered Breast Cancer Symptoms: A Meta-Ethnographic Synthesis of Patient Delay pp. 1-24 Downloads
Zohreh Khakbazan, Ali Taghipour, Robab Latifnejad Roudsari and Eesa Mohammadi
Quantifying Auditory Temporal Stability in a Large Database of Recorded Music pp. 1-24 Downloads
Robert J Ellis, Zhiyan Duan and Ye Wang
Resveratrol Enhances Palmitate-Induced ER Stress and Apoptosis in Cancer Cells pp. 1-24 Downloads
Cristina Rojas, Belén Pan-Castillo, Cristina Valls, Gerard Pujadas, Santi Garcia-Vallve, Lluis Arola and Miquel Mulero
Learning Dictionaries of Sparse Codes of 3D Movements of Body Joints for Real-Time Human Activity Understanding pp. 1-24 Downloads
Jin Qi and Zhiyong Yang
Experiments in Globalisation, Food Security and Land Use Decision Making pp. 1-24 Downloads
Calum Brown, Dave Murray-Rust, Jasper van Vliet, Shah Jamal Alam, Peter H Verburg and Mark D Rounsevell
A Spatial Modeling Approach to Predicting the Secondary Spread of Invasive Species Due to Ballast Water Discharge pp. 1-24 Downloads
Jennifer L Sieracki, Jonathan M Bossenbroek and W Lindsay Chadderton
Rural Poor Economies and Foreign Investors: An Opportunity or a Risk? pp. 1-24 Downloads
Angelo Antoci, Paolo Russu and Elisa Ticci
Reference Genes Selection and Normalization of Oxidative Stress Responsive Genes upon Different Temperature Stress Conditions in Hypericum perforatum L pp. 1-24 Downloads
Isabel Velada, Carla Ragonezi, Birgit Arnholdt-Schmitt and Hélia Cardoso
Reference Gene Selection for qPCR Is Dependent on Cell Type Rather than Treatment in Colonic and Vaginal Human Epithelial Cell Lines pp. 1-24 Downloads
Annette V Jacobsen, Bisrat T Yemaneab, Jana Jass and Nikolai Scherbak
A Hierarchical Bayesian Model to Quantify Uncertainty of Stream Water Temperature Forecasts pp. 1-24 Downloads
Guillaume Bal, Etienne Rivot, Jean-Luc Baglinière, Jonathan White and Etienne Prévost
Attribute-Based Proxy Re-Encryption with Keyword Search pp. 1-24 Downloads
Yanfeng Shi, Jiqiang Liu, Zhen Han, Qingji Zheng, Rui Zhang and Shuo Qiu
Investigating the Neural Correlates of a Streaming Percept in an Informational-Masking Paradigm pp. 1-23 Downloads
Sahar Akram, Bernhard Englitz, Mounya Elhilali, Jonathan Z Simon and Shihab A Shamma
Psychological Distress and Coping amongst Higher Education Students: A Mixed Method Enquiry pp. 1-23 Downloads
Christine Deasy, Barry Coughlan, Julie Pironom, Didier Jourdan and Patricia Mannix-McNamara
Comparison of Inter Subject Variability and Reproducibility of Whole Brain Proton Spectroscopy pp. 1-23 Downloads
Tonny V Veenith, Marius Mada, Eleanor Carter, Julia Grossac, Virginia Newcombe, Joanne Outtrim, Victoria Lupson, Sridhar Nallapareddy, Guy B Williams, Sulaiman Sheriff, David K Menon, Andrew A Maudsley and Jonathan P Coles
Constructive Autoassociative Neural Network for Facial Recognition pp. 1-23 Downloads
Bruno J T Fernandes, George D C Cavalcanti and Tsang I Ren
Predicting In Vitro Rumen VFA Production Using CNCPS Carbohydrate Fractions with Multiple Linear Models and Artificial Neural Networks pp. 1-23 Downloads
Ruilan Dong and Guangyong Zhao
Automated Stitching of Microtubule Centerlines across Serial Electron Tomograms pp. 1-36 Downloads
Britta Weber, Erin M Tranfield, Johanna L Höög, Daniel Baum, Claude Antony, Tony Hyman, Jean-Marc Verbavatz and Steffen Prohaska
The Citation Wake of Publications Detects Nobel Laureates' Papers pp. 1-9 Downloads
David F Klosik and Stefan Bornholdt
Body Mass Index and Depressive Symptoms in Older Adults: A Cross-Lagged Panel Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jinseok Kim, Jin-Won Noh, Jumin Park and Young Dae Kwon
The Value of Routine Biopsy during Percutaneous Kyphoplasty for Vertebral Compression Fractures pp. 1-9 Downloads
Qiang Li, Surong Hua, Chu Wang, Siyi Cai and Jia Zhang
Preoperative Physical Activity Level Has No Relationship to the Degree of Recovery One Year after Primary Total Hip or Knee Arthroplasty: A Cohort Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Sietske Poortinga, Inge van den Akker-Scheek, Sjoerd K Bulstra, Roy E Stewart and Martin Stevens
Glucocerebrosidase Gene Mutations Associated with Parkinson's Disease: A Meta-Analysis in a Chinese population pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jia Chen, Wei Li, Tao Zhang, Yan-jiang Wang, Xiao-jiang Jiang and Zhi-qiang Xu
New Year’s Res-Illusions: Food Shopping in the New Year Competes with Healthy Intentions pp. 1-7 Downloads
Lizzy Pope, Andrew S Hanks, David Just and Brian Wansink
The Relationship between Influenza Vaccination Habits and Location of Vaccination pp. 1-7 Downloads
Lori Uscher-Pines, Andrew Mulcahy, Jurgen Maurer and Katherine Harris
Multiplex Networks of Cortical and Hippocampal Neurons Revealed at Different Timescales pp. 1-43 Downloads
Nicholas Timme, Shinya Ito, Maxym Myroshnychenko, Fang-Chin Yeh, Emma Hiolski, Pawel Hottowy and John M Beggs
Extraction of Temporal Networks from Term Co-Occurrences in Online Textual Sources pp. 1-29 Downloads
Marko Popović, Hrvoje Štefančić, Borut Sluban, Petra Kralj Novak, Miha Grčar, Igor Mozetič, Michelangelo Puliga and Vinko Zlatić
To Crowdfund Research, Scientists Must Build an Audience for Their Work pp. 1-29 Downloads
Jarrett E K Byrnes, Jai Ranganathan, Barbara L E Walker and Zen Faulkes
Simulation Methods and Validation Criteria for Modeling Cardiac Ventricular Electrophysiology pp. 1-29 Downloads
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General Regression and Representation Model for Classification pp. 1-29 Downloads
Jianjun Qian, Jian Yang and Yong Xu
Scholarly Context Not Found: One in Five Articles Suffers from Reference Rot pp. 1-39 Downloads
Martin Klein, Herbert Van de Sompel, Robert Sanderson, Harihar Shankar, Lyudmila Balakireva, Ke Zhou and Richard Tobin
Does Ownership Matter? An Overview of Systematic Reviews of the Performance of Private For-Profit, Private Not-For-Profit and Public Healthcare Providers pp. 1-18 Downloads
Cristian A Herrera, Gabriel Rada, Lucy Kuhn-Barrientos and Ximena Barrios
No Evidence for Genome-Wide Interactions on Plasma Fibrinogen by Smoking, Alcohol Consumption and Body Mass Index: Results from Meta-Analyses of 80,607 Subjects pp. 1-18 Downloads
Jens Baumert, Jie Huang, Barbara McKnight, Maria Sabater-Lleal, Maristella Steri, Audrey Y Chu, Stella Trompet, Lorna M Lopez, Myriam Fornage, Alexander Teumer, Weihong Tang, Alicja R Rudnicka, Anders Mälarstig, Jouke-Jan Hottenga, Maryam Kavousi, Jari Lahti, Toshiko Tanaka, Caroline Hayward, Jennifer E Huffman, Pierre-Emmanuel Morange, Lynda M Rose, Saonli Basu, Ann Rumley, David J Stott, Brendan M Buckley, Anton J M de Craen, Serena Sanna, Marco Masala, Reiner Biffar, Georg Homuth, Angela Silveira, Bengt Sennblad, Anuj Goel, Hugh Watkins, Martina Müller-Nurasyid, Regina Rückerl, Kent Taylor, Ming-Huei Chen, Eco J C de Geus, Albert Hofman, Jacqueline C M Witteman, Moniek P M de Maat, Aarno Palotie, Gail Davies, David S Siscovick, Ivana Kolcic, Sarah H Wild, Jaejoon Song, Wendy L McArdle, Ian Ford, Naveed Sattar, David Schlessinger, Anne Grotevendt, Maria Grazia Franzosi, Thomas Illig, Melanie Waldenberger, Thomas Lumley, Geoffrey H Tofler, Gonneke Willemsen, André G Uitterlinden, Fernando Rivadeneira, Katri Räikkönen, Daniel I Chasman, Aaron R Folsom, Gordon D Lowe, Rudi G J Westendorp, P Eline Slagboom, Francesco Cucca, Henri Wallaschofski, Rona J Strawbridge, Udo Seedorf, Wolfgang Koenig, Joshua C Bis, Kenneth J Mukamal, Jenny van Dongen, Elisabeth Widen, Oscar H Franco, John M Starr, Kiang Liu, Luigi Ferrucci, Ozren Polasek, James F Wilson, Tiphaine Oudot-Mellakh, Harry Campbell, Pau Navarro, Stefania Bandinelli, Johan Eriksson, Dorret I Boomsma, Abbas Dehghan, Robert Clarke, Anders Hamsten, Eric Boerwinkle, J Wouter Jukema, Silvia Naitza, Paul M Ridker, Henry Völzke, Ian J Deary, Alexander P Reiner, David-Alexandre Trégouët, Christopher J O'Donnell, David P Strachan, Annette Peters and Nicholas L Smith
Network-Driven Reputation in Online Scientific Communities pp. 1-18 Downloads
Hao Liao, Rui Xiao, Giulio Cimini and Matúš Medo
Dimensional Analysis Using Toric Ideals: Primitive Invariants pp. 1-18 Downloads
Mark A Atherton, Ronald A Bates and Henry P Wynn
Early Inflammatory Markers Are Independent Predictors of Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy in Heart-Transplant Recipients pp. 1-18 Downloads
Carlos A Labarrere, John R Woods, James W Hardin, Beate R Jaeger, Marian Zembala, Mario C Deng and Ghassan S Kassab
What Guidance Are Researchers Given on How to Present Network Meta-Analyses to End-Users such as Policymakers and Clinicians? A Systematic Review pp. 1-18 Downloads
Shannon M Sullivan, Doug Coyle and George Wells
Non-Communicable Disease Mortality and Risk Factors in Formal and Informal Neighborhoods, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Evidence from a Health and Demographic Surveillance System pp. 1-18 Downloads
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Hyperuricemia and Risk of Incident Hypertension: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies pp. 1-18 Downloads
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Agreement and Reliability of Tinnitus Loudness Matching and Pitch Likeness Rating pp. 1-18 Downloads
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Fluid Forces Enhance the Performance of an Aspirant Leader in Self-Organized Living Groups pp. 1-18 Downloads
Alessandro De Rosis
Graft-Versus-Host Disease Prophylaxis after Transplantation: A Network Meta-Analysis pp. 1-18 Downloads
Panayiotis D Ziakas, Fainareti N Zervou, Ioannis M Zacharioudakis and Eleftherios Mylonakis
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Spouses of Military Members' Experiences and Insights: Qualitative Analysis of Responses to an Open-Ended Question in a Survey of Health and Wellbeing pp. 1-18 Downloads
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Evaluating the Psychometric Properties of the Maslach Burnout Inventory-Human Services Survey (MBI-HSS) among Italian Nurses: How Many Factors Must a Researcher Consider? pp. 1-18 Downloads
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The Role of Biological Agents in the Management of Large Vessel Vasculitis (LVV): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-18 Downloads
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Reward Associated with Singing Behavior Correlates with Opioid-Related Gene Expression in the Medial Preoptic Nucleus in Male European Starlings pp. 1-18 Downloads
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Systemic Testing on Bradley-Terry Model against Nonlinear Ranking Hierarchy pp. 1-18 Downloads
Aaron Shev, Kevin Fujii, Fushing Hsieh and Brenda McCowan
Effects of Barbell Deadlift Training on Submaximal Motor Unit Firing Rates for the Vastus Lateralis and Rectus Femoris pp. 1-18 Downloads
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Logical Gaps in the Approximate Solutions of the Social Learning Game and an Exact Solution pp. 1-18 Downloads
Wenjie Dai, Xin Wang, Zengru Di and Jinshan Wu
The Relationship between Canopy Cover and Colony Size of the Wood Ant Formica lugubris - Implications for the Thermal Effects on a Keystone Ant Species pp. 1-18 Downloads
Yi-Huei Chen and Elva J H Robinson
A Standardised Abundance Index from Commercial Spotting Data of Southern Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus maccoyii): Random Effects to the Rescue pp. 1-18 Downloads
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Construct Validity and Factor Structure of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and Epworth Sleepiness Scale in a Multi-National Study of African, South East Asian and South American College Students pp. 1-18 Downloads
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Systematic Omics Analysis Review (SOAR) Tool to Support Risk Assessment pp. 1-15 Downloads
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Age-Related Mortality Trends in Italy from 1901 to 2008 pp. 1-15 Downloads
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Self-Reported Body Fat Change in HIV-Infected Men Is a Marker of Decline in Physical Health-Related Quality of Life with Aging, Independent of Co-Morbidity pp. 1-15 Downloads
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Cortical Thickness, Surface Area and Volume Measures in Parkinson's Disease, Multiple System Atrophy and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy pp. 1-15 Downloads
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Pharmacological Interventions for Acceleration of the Onset Time of Rocuronium: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-15 Downloads
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Excess Success for Psychology Articles in the Journal Science pp. 1-15 Downloads
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Systematic Classification of Disease Severity for Evaluation of Expanded Carrier Screening Panels pp. 1-15 Downloads
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Identity-Driven Differences in Stakeholder Concerns about Hunting Wolves pp. 1-15 Downloads
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Development of Health Equity Indicators in Primary Health Care Organizations Using a Modified Delphi pp. 1-15 Downloads
Sabrina T Wong, Annette J Browne, Colleen Varcoe, Josée Lavoie, Alycia Fridkin, Victoria Smye, Olive Godwin and David Tu
Exploring Relationship between Face-to-Face Interaction and Team Performance Using Wearable Sensor Badges pp. 1-15 Downloads
Jun-ichiro Watanabe, Nozomu Ishibashi and Kazuo Yano
Gratefully Received, Gratefully Repaid: The Role of Perceived Fairness in Cooperative Interactions pp. 1-15 Downloads
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Prevalence of Self-Reported Stroke and Disability in the French Adult Population: A Transversal Study pp. 1-15 Downloads
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Parenteral Medication Prescriptions, Dispensing and Administration Habits in Mongolia pp. 1-15 Downloads
Gereltuya Dorj, Bruce Sunderland, Delia Hendrie and Richard Parsons
Obstacle Optimization for Panic Flow - Reducing the Tangential Momentum Increases the Escape Speed pp. 1-15 Downloads
Li Jiang, Jingyu Li, Chao Shen, Sicong Yang and Zhangang Han
The Relationship between Central Visual Field Damage and Motor Vehicle Collisions in Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma Patients pp. 1-15 Downloads
Kenya Yuki, Ryo Asaoka and Kazuo Tsubota
DCE-MRI of the Liver: Reconstruction of the Arterial Input Function Using a Low Dose Pre-Bolus Contrast Injection pp. 1-15 Downloads
Guido H Jajamovich, Claudia Calcagno, Hadrien A Dyvorne, Henry Rusinek and Bachir Taouli
Performance of Real-Time Elastography for the Staging of Hepatic Fibrosis: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-15 Downloads
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Statin Use and Cognitive Function: Population-Based Observational Study with Long-Term Follow-Up pp. 1-15 Downloads
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Ranibizumab Monotherapy or Combined with Laser versus Laser Monotherapy for Diabetic Macular Edema: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-15 Downloads
Guohai Chen, Wensheng Li, Radouil Tzekov, Fangzheng Jiang, Sihong Mao and Yuhua Tong
Pharmacotherapy for Adverse Events Reduces the Length of Hospital Stay in Patients Admitted to Otolaryngology Ward: A Single Arm Intervention Study pp. 1-15 Downloads
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A New Bibliometric Index Based on the Shape of the Citation Distribution pp. 1-15 Downloads
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Health Workforce Equity in Urban Community Health Service of China pp. 1-15 Downloads
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The Scientific Competitiveness of Nations pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Burden of Diabetes Mellitus Estimated with a Longitudinal Population-Based Study Using Administrative Databases pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Xin Huang, Hongzhuan Tan, Xun Li, Shujin Zhou, Shi Wu Wen and Meiling Luo
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Using ROC Curves to Choose Minimally Important Change Thresholds when Sensitivity and Specificity Are Valued Equally: The Forgotten Lesson of Pythagoras. Theoretical Considerations and an Example Application of Change in Health Status pp. 1-11 Downloads
Robert Froud and Gary Abel
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Genotypes and Haplotypes Contribute to the Susceptibility of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Anonymity versus Privacy in the Dictator Game: Revealing Donor Decisions to Recipients Does Not Substantially Impact Donor Behavior pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jeffrey Winking
General Randomized Response Techniques Using Polya's Urn Process as a Randomization Device pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Flatfoot Diagnosis by a Unique Bimodal Distribution of Footprint Index in Children pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Effects of Acupuncture on Sensory Perception: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-40 Downloads
Petra I Baeumler, Johannes Fleckenstein, Shin Takayama, Michael Simang, Takashi Seki and Dominik Irnich
Encouraging Spontaneous Synchronisation with D-Jogger, an Adaptive Music Player That Aligns Movement and Music pp. 1-40 Downloads
Bart Moens, Chris Muller, Leon van Noorden, Marek Franěk, Bert Celie, Jan Boone, Jan Bourgois and Marc Leman
A Genome Wide Meta-Analysis Study for Identification of Common Variation Associated with Breast Cancer Prognosis pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Seung-Hyun Kim, Bo-Young Cho, Hyunna Choi, Eun-Soon Shin, Young-Min Ye, Jong-Eun Lee and Hae-Sim Park
Increasing Thyroid Cancer Rate and the Extent of Thyroid Surgery in Korea pp. 1-10 Downloads
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From the Past to the Future: Natural Sound Recordings and the Preservation of the Bioacoustics Legacy in Portugal pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Reliability and Validity of a 20-s Alternative to the Wingate Anaerobic Test in Team Sport Male Athletes pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Estimation of the Burden of Chronic and Allergic Pulmonary Aspergillosis in India pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Transmission/Disequilibrium Tests Incorporating Unaffected Offspring pp. 1-10 Downloads
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A Genetic Variant in 12q13, a Possible Risk Factor for Bipolar Disorder, Is Associated with Depressive State, Accounting for Stressful Life Events pp. 1-10 Downloads
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A New Exponential Ratio-Type Estimator with Linear Combination of Two Auxiliary Variables pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Metabolomics Data Normalization with EigenMS pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Dacarbazine Combined Targeted Therapy versus Dacarbazine Alone in Patients with Malignant Melanoma: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-13 Downloads
Guan Jiang, Rong-Hua Li, Chao Sun, Yan-Qun Liu and Jun-Nian Zheng
An Updated Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Assessing the Effect of Sorafenib in Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Promoting Cold-Start Items in Recommender Systems pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Ranking Competitors Using Degree-Neutralized Random Walks pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Expanding Access to HIV Viral Load Testing: A Systematic Review of RNA Stability in EDTA Tubes and PPT beyond Current Time and Temperature Thresholds pp. 1-13 Downloads
Kimberly Bonner, Reed A Siemieniuk, Andrew Boozary, Teri Roberts, Emmanuel Fajardo and Jennifer Cohn
Identifying Change Points in a Covariate Effect on Time-to-Event Analysis with Reduced Isotonic Regression pp. 1-13 Downloads
Yong Ma, Yinglei Lai and John M Lachin
Serum Procalcitonin Level and SOFA Score at Discharge from the Intensive Care Unit Predict Post-Intensive Care Unit Mortality: A Prospective Study pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Opinion Formation Models on a Gradient pp. 1-13 Downloads
Michael T Gastner, Nikolitsa Markou, Gunnar Pruessner and Moez Draief
Using Hidden Markov Models to Improve Quantifying Physical Activity in Accelerometer Data – A Simulation Study pp. 1-13 Downloads
Vitali Witowski, Ronja Foraita, Yannis Pitsiladis, Iris Pigeot and Norman Wirsik
Association between Expression Quantitative Trait Loci and Metabolic Traits in Two Korean Populations pp. 1-13 Downloads
Kyung-Won Hong, Seok Won Jeong, Myungguen Chung and Seong Beom Cho
Tools for Address Georeferencing – Limitations and Opportunities Every Public Health Professional Should Be Aware Of pp. 1-13 Downloads
Ana Isabel Ribeiro, Andreia Olhero, Hugo Teixeira, Alexandre Magalhães and Maria Fátima Pina
On the Pressure Response in the Brain due to Short Duration Blunt Impacts pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Genotyping Analysis for the 46 C/T Polymorphism of Coagulation Factor XII and the Involvement of Factor XII Activity in Patients with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Comparison of the Web-Based and Digital Questionnaires of the Spanish and Catalan Versions of the KIDSCREEN-52 pp. 1-13 Downloads
Luis Rajmil, Noemí Robles, Dolors Rodriguez-Arjona, Marta Azuara, Francisco Codina, Hein Raat and Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer
Replication Attempt: “Effect of BMAP-28 Antimicrobial Peptides on Leishmania Major Promastigote and Amastigote Growth: Role of Leishmanolysin in Parasite Survival” pp. 1-13 Downloads
Elizabeth Iorns, William Gunn, Jessey Erath, Ana Rodriguez, Jian Zhou, Michael Benzinou and The Reproducibility Initiative
Assessing the Assessment in Emergency Care Training pp. 1-13 Downloads
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A Systematic Literature Search on Psychological First Aid: Lack of Evidence to Develop Guidelines pp. 1-13 Downloads
Tessa Dieltjens, Inge Moonens, Koen Van Praet, Emmy De Buck and Philippe Vandekerckhove
Clinicopathological and Prognostic Significance of CD24 Overexpression in Patients with Gastric Cancer: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-13 Downloads
Jing-Xun Wu, Yuan-Yuan Zhao, Xuan Wu and Han-Xiang An
Texture Variations Suppress Suprathreshold Brightness and Colour Variations pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Association between Recruitment Methods and Attrition in Internet-Based Studies pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Effects of Mulching Tolerant Plant Straw on Soil Surface on Growth and Cadmium Accumulation of Galinsoga parviflora pp. 1-13 Downloads
Lijin Lin, Ming’an Liao, Yajun Ren, Li Luo, Xiao Zhang, Daiyu Yang and Jing He
Efficacy of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure on Testosterone in Men with Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-13 Downloads
Xiao-Bin Zhang, Xing-Tang Jiang, Yan-Ping Du, Ya-Ting Yuan and Bo Chen
Predictors of Immunological Failure of Antiretroviral Therapy among HIV Infected Patients in Ethiopia: A Matched Case-Control Study pp. 1-13 Downloads
Wondu Teshome and Anteneh Assefa
A Feasibility Study of Fricke Dosimetry as an Absorbed Dose to Water Standard for 192Ir HDR Sources pp. 1-13 Downloads
Carlos Eduardo deAlmeida, Ricardo Ochoa, Marilene Coelho de Lima, Mariano Gazineu David, Evandro Jesus Pires, José Guilherme Peixoto, Camila Salata and Mario Antônio Bernal
Age-Related Longitudinal Changes in Metabolic Energy Expenditure during Walking in Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Does Workplace Social Capital Associate with Hazardous Drinking Among Chinese Rural-Urban Migrant Workers? pp. 1-13 Downloads
Junling Gao, Scott R Weaver, Hua Fua and Zhigang Pan
Urinary Excretion of Fatty Acid-Binding Protein 4 is Associated with Albuminuria and Renal Dysfunction pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Remote Ischemic Preconditioning Reduces Perioperative Cardiac and Renal Events in Patients Undergoing Elective Coronary Intervention: A Meta-Analysis of 11 Randomized Trials pp. 1-13 Downloads
Hanjun Pei, Yongjian Wu, Yingjie Wei, Yuejin Yang, Siyong Teng and Haitao Zhang
HbA1C Variability and the Risk of Renal Status Progression in Diabetes Mellitus: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Optimized Brain Extraction for Pathological Brains (optiBET) pp. 1-13 Downloads
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The Effect of Inversion at 8p23 on BLK Association with Lupus in Caucasian Population pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Time Pressure Increases Cooperation in Competitively Framed Social Dilemmas pp. 1-13 Downloads
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A Full Bayesian Approach for Boolean Genetic Network Inference pp. 1-13 Downloads
Shengtong Han, Raymond K W Wong, Thomas C M Lee, Linghao Shen, Shuo-Yen R Li and Xiaodan Fan
Comparison of Long-Term Survival of Patients with Solitary Large Hepatocellular Carcinoma of BCLC Stage A after Liver Resection or Transarterial Chemoembolization: A Propensity Score Analysis pp. 1-13 Downloads
Shao-Liang Zhu, Yang Ke, Yu-Chong Peng, Liang Ma, Hang Li, Le-Qun Li and Jian-Hong Zhong
Influence of Genetic Variants in TPMT and COMT Associated with Cisplatin Induced Hearing Loss in Patients with Cancer: Two New Cohorts and a Meta-Analysis Reveal Significant Heterogeneity between Cohorts pp. 1-13 Downloads
Melanie M Hagleitner, Marieke J H Coenen, Ana Patino-Garcia, Eveline S J M de Bont, Anna Gonzalez-Neira, Hanneke I Vos, Frank N van Leeuwen, Hans Gelderblom, Peter M Hoogerbrugge, Henk-Jan Guchelaar and Maroeska W M te Loo
Voting Behavior, Coalitions and Government Strength through a Complex Network Analysis pp. 1-13 Downloads
Carlo Dal Maso, Gabriele Pompa, Michelangelo Puliga, Gianni Riotta and Alessandro Chessa
Necessity and Effect of Combating Legionella pneumophila in Municipal Shower Systems pp. 1-32 Downloads
Ragnhild Wiik and Anne Vatland Krøvel
A Systematic Review of Instruments to Assess Organizational Readiness for Knowledge Translation in Health Care pp. 1-32 Downloads
Marie-Pierre Gagnon, Randa Attieh, El Kebir Ghandour, France Légaré, Mathieu Ouimet, Carole A Estabrooks and Jeremy Grimshaw
Stochastic Process Underlying Emergent Recognition of Visual Objects Hidden in Degraded Images pp. 1-32 Downloads
Tsutomu Murata, Takashi Hamada, Tetsuya Shimokawa, Manabu Tanifuji and Toshio Yanagida
Elastography Using Multi-Stream GPU: An Application to Online Tracked Ultrasound Elastography, In-Vivo and the da Vinci Surgical System pp. 1-32 Downloads
Nishikant P Deshmukh, Hyun Jae Kang, Seth D Billings, Russell H Taylor, Gregory D Hager and Emad M Boctor
Spatial Normalization of Reverse Phase Protein Array Data pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Predictors of Extubation Failure in Neurocritical Patients Identified by a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Sono-Electro-Magnetic Therapy for Treating Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome in Men: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Trial pp. 1-12 Downloads
Thomas M Kessler, Livio Mordasini, Christian Weisstanner, Peter Jüni, Bruno R da Costa, Roland Wiest and George N Thalmann
Brain Cancer in Workers Employed at a Laboratory Research Facility pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Reporting the Reliability of Accelerometer Data with and without Missing Values pp. 1-12 Downloads
Eric E Wickel
Non-Vitamin K Antagonist Oral Anticoagulants and the Treatment of Venous Thromboembolism in Cancer Patients: A Semi Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Safety and Efficacy Outcomes pp. 1-12 Downloads
Torben Bjerregaard Larsen, Peter Brønnum Nielsen, Flemming Skjøth, Lars Hvilsted Rasmussen and Gregory Y H Lip
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Hyeon Hui Kang, Ji Young Kang, Jick Hwan Ha, Jongmin Lee, Sung Kyoung Kim, Hwa Sik Moon and Sang Haak Lee
Comparison of Multiple Displacement Amplification (MDA) and Multiple Annealing and Looping-Based Amplification Cycles (MALBAC) in Single-Cell Sequencing pp. 1-12 Downloads
Minfeng Chen, Pengfei Song, Dan Zou, Xuesong Hu, Shancen Zhao, Shengjie Gao and Fei Ling
ER-Poor and HER2-Positive: A Potential Subtype of Breast Cancer to Avoid Axillary Dissection in Node Positive Patients after Neoadjuvant Chemo-Trastuzumab Therapy pp. 1-12 Downloads
Jian-wei Li, Miao Mo, Ke-da Yu, Can-ming Chen, Zhen Hu, Yi-feng Hou, Gen-hong Di, Jiong Wu, Zhen-zhou Shen, Zhi-ming Shao and Guang-yu Liu
A Common Control Group - Optimising the Experiment Design to Maximise Sensitivity pp. 1-12 Downloads
Simon Bate and Natasha A Karp
Using Health Care Utilization and Publication Patterns to Characterize the Research Portfolio and to Plan Future Research Investments pp. 1-12 Downloads
Luba Katz, Rebecca V Fink, Samuel R Bozeman and Barbara J McNeil
Urinary LTE4 Levels as a Diagnostic Marker for IgE-Mediated Asthma in Preschool Children: A Birth Cohort Study pp. 1-12 Downloads
Chih-Yung Chiu, Ming-Han Tsai, Tsung-Chieh Yao, Yu-Ling Tu, Man-Chin Hua, Kuo-Wei Yeh and Jing-Long Huang
Instrumented Static and Dynamic Balance Assessment after Stroke Using Wii Balance Boards: Reliability and Association with Clinical Tests pp. 1-12 Downloads
Kelly J Bower, Jennifer L McGinley, Kimberly J Miller and Ross A Clark
Effective Use of the Built Environment to Manage Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia: A Systematic Review pp. 1-12 Downloads
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The Association between Childhood Environmental Exposures and the Subsequent Development of Crohn's Disease in the Western Cape, South Africa pp. 1-12 Downloads
Abigail Basson, Rina Swart, Esme Jordaan, Mikateko Mazinu and Gillian Watermeyer
Establishing the Thematic Framework for a Diabetes-Specific Health-Related Quality of Life Item Bank for Use in an English-Speaking Asian Population pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Detection of SRSF2-P95 Mutation by High-Resolution Melting Curve Analysis and Its Effect on Prognosis in Myelodysplastic Syndrome pp. 1-12 Downloads
Jiang Lin, Jing Yang, Xiang-mei Wen, Lei Yang, Zhao-qun Deng, Zhen Qian, Ji-chun Ma, Hong Guo, Ying-ying Zhang, Wei Qian and Jun Qian
Core Self-Evaluation and Burnout among Nurses: The Mediating Role of Coping Styles pp. 1-12 Downloads
Xiaofei Li, Lili Guan, Hui Chang and Bo Zhang
Higher Dimensional Gaussian-Type Solitons of Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Cubic and Power-Law Nonlinearities in PT-Symmetric Potentials pp. 1-12 Downloads
Yi-Xiang Chen and Fang-Qian Xu
Deciphering Host Genotype-Specific Impacts on the Metabolic Fingerprint of Listeria monocytogenes by FTIR Spectroscopy pp. 1-12 Downloads
Tom Grunert, Avril Monahan, Caroline Lassnig, Claus Vogl, Mathias Müller and Monika Ehling-Schulz
A Note on an Exon-Based Strategy to Identify Differentially Expressed Genes in RNA-Seq Experiments pp. 1-12 Downloads
Asta Laiho and Laura L Elo
Implementation of a Phase Detection Algorithm for Dynamic Cardiac Computed Tomography Analysis Based on Time Dependent Contrast Agent Distribution pp. 1-12 Downloads
Carsten Kendziorra, Henning Meyer and Marc Dewey
Factors Affecting the Ability of the Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomograph to Detect Photographic Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Defects pp. 1-12 Downloads
Harsha L Rao, Uday K Addepalli, Ravi K Yadav, Nikhil S Choudhari, Sirisha Senthil and Chandra S Garudadri
Self-Efficacy Beliefs Are Associated with Visual Height Intolerance: A Cross-Sectional Survey pp. 1-12 Downloads
Eva Grill, Florian Schäffler, Doreen Huppert, Martin Müller, Hans-Peter Kapfhammer and Thomas Brandt
A Novel In Vivo Model of Focal Light Emitting Diode-Induced Cone-Photoreceptor Phototoxicity: Neuroprotection Afforded by Brimonidine, BDNF, PEDF or bFGF pp. 1-30 Downloads
Arturo Ortín-Martínez, Francisco Javier Valiente-Soriano, Diego García-Ayuso, Luis Alarcón-Martínez, Manuel Jiménez-López, José Manuel Bernal-Garro, Leticia Nieto-López, Francisco Manuel Nadal-Nicolás, María Paz Villegas-Pérez, Larry A Wheeler and Manuel Vidal-Sanz
Evaluating Population Receptive Field Estimation Frameworks in Terms of Robustness and Reproducibility pp. 1-30 Downloads
Mario Senden, Joel Reithler, Sven Gijsen and Rainer Goebel
Population Biology of Schistosoma Mating, Aggregation, and Transmission Breakpoints: More Reliable Model Analysis for the End-Game in Communities at Risk pp. 1-30 Downloads
David Gurarie and Charles H King

Volume 9, issue 11, 2014

Physical Warmth and Perceptual Focus: A Replication of IJzerman and Semin (2009) pp. 1-3 Downloads
Janneke D Schilder, Hans IJzerman and Jaap J A Denissen
Association between Tissue Characteristics of Coronary Plaque and Distal Embolization after Coronary Intervention in Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients: Insights from a Meta-Analysis of Virtual Histology-Intravascular Ultrasound Studies pp. 1-11 Downloads
Song Ding, Longwei Xu, Fan Yang, Lingcong Kong, Yichao Zhao, Lingchen Gao, Wei Wang, Rende Xu, Heng Ge, Meng Jiang, Jun Pu and Ben He
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Kuan-Chieh Huang, Wei Sun, Ying Wu, Mengjie Chen, Karen L Mohlke, Leslie A Lange and Yun Li
Effective Antibiotics against ‘Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus’ in HLB-Affected Citrus Plants Identified via the Graft-Based Evaluation pp. 1-11 Downloads
Muqing Zhang, Ying Guo, Charles A Powell, Melissa S Doud, Chuanyu Yang and Yongping Duan
Incidence of HIV-Associated Tuberculosis among Individuals Taking Combination Antiretroviral Therapy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
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The Importance of Body Weight for the Dose Response Relationship of Oral Vitamin D Supplementation and Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D in Healthy Volunteers pp. 1-11 Downloads
John Paul Ekwaru, Jennifer D Zwicker, Michael F Holick, Edward Giovannucci and Paul J Veugelers
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Horizontal and Vertical Distribution of Marine Virioplankton: A Basin Scale Investigation Based on a Global Cruise pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Haitao Ma, Chuanglin Fang, Bo Pang and Guangdong Li
Modeling Body Mass Variation: Incorporating Social Influence into Calculations of Caloric Intake and Energy Expenditure pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Deficient Grip Force Control in Schizophrenia: Behavioral and Modeling Evidence for Altered Motor Inhibition and Motor Noise pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Asthma Trajectories in Early Childhood: Identifying Modifiable Factors pp. 1-11 Downloads
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How Structure Shapes Dynamics: Knowledge Development in Wikipedia - A Network Multilevel Modeling Approach pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Gøril Knutsvik, Ingunn M Stefansson, Sura Aziz, Jarle Arnes, Johan Eide, Karin Collett and Lars A Akslen
The Design and Construction of an Electrohydrodynamic Cartesian Robot for the Preparation of Tissue Engineering Constructs pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Understanding the Relationship between Cotton Fiber Properties and Non-Cellulosic Cell Wall Polysaccharides pp. 1-11 Downloads
Dhivyaa Rajasundaram, Jean-Luc Runavot, Xiaoyuan Guo, William G T Willats, Frank Meulewaeter and Joachim Selbig
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The Use of Biologically Related Model (Eclipse) for the Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Planning of Nasopharyngeal Carcinomas pp. 1-11 Downloads
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A Pilot RCT of Psychodynamic Group Art Therapy for Patients in Acute Psychotic Episodes: Feasibility, Impact on Symptoms and Mentalising Capacity pp. 1-11 Downloads
Christiane Montag, Laura Haase, Dorothea Seidel, Martin Bayerl, Jürgen Gallinat, Uwe Herrmann and Karin Dannecker
Quantitative Evaluation of Collagen Crosslinks and Corresponding Tensile Mechanical Properties in Mouse Cervical Tissue during Normal Pregnancy pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Protein Interaction Networks Reveal Novel Autism Risk Genes within GWAS Statistical Noise pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Jennifer S McCall-Hosenfeld, Sucharita Mukherjee and Erik B Lehman
Earlier Initiation and Use of a Greater Number of Iron-Folic Acid Supplements during Pregnancy Prevents Early Neonatal Deaths in Nepal and Pakistan pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yasir Bin Nisar and Michael J Dibley
High-Ranked Social Science Journal Articles Can Be Identified from Early Citation Information pp. 1-11 Downloads
David Stern
Prediction of Metabolic Flux Distribution from Gene Expression Data Based on the Flux Minimization Principle pp. 1-11 Downloads
Hyun-Seob Song, Jaques Reifman and Anders Wallqvist
Evaluation of the Diagnostic Performance of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Brain Tumors: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Terri R Fried, John O’Leary, Virginia Towle, Mary K Goldstein, Mark Trentelange and Deanna K Martin
MM-MDS: A Multidimensional Scaling Database with Similarity Ratings for 240 Object Categories from the Massive Memory Picture Database pp. 1-11 Downloads
Michael C Hout, Stephen D Goldinger and Kyle J Brady
A Morphospace for Reef Fishes: Elongation Is the Dominant Axis of Body Shape Evolution pp. 1-11 Downloads
Thomas Claverie and Peter C Wainwright
Negation’s Not Solved: Generalizability Versus Optimizability in Clinical Natural Language Processing pp. 1-11 Downloads
Stephen Wu, Timothy Miller, James Masanz, Matt Coarr, Scott Halgrim, David Carrell and Cheryl Clark
Time Development in the Early History of Social Networks: Link Stabilization, Group Dynamics, and Segregation pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jesper Bruun and Ian G Bearden
Development and Validation of an Instrument for Measuring the Quality of Teamwork in Teaching Teams in Postgraduate Medical Training (TeamQ) pp. 1-11 Downloads
Irene A Slootweg, Kiki M J M H Lombarts, Benjamin C M Boerebach, Maas Jan Heineman, Albert J J A Scherpbier and Cees P M van der Vleuten
Highly Polygenic Variation in Environmental Perception Determines Dauer Larvae Formation in Growing Populations of Caenorhabditis elegans pp. 1-11 Downloads
James W M Green, Jana J Stastna, Helen E Orbidans and Simon C Harvey
Influence of Aerobic Training on the Reduced Vasoconstriction to Angiotensin II in Rats Exposed to Intrauterine Growth Restriction: Possible Role of Oxidative Stress and AT2 Receptor of Angiotensin II pp. 1-11 Downloads
Vanessa Oliveira, Eliana Hiromi Akamine, Maria Helena C Carvalho, Lisete Compagno Michelini, Zuleica Bruno Fortes, Tatiana Sousa Cunha and Maria do Carmo Franco
G Protein-Coupled Estrogen Receptor-1 Is Involved in the Protective Effect of Protocatechuic Aldehyde against Endothelial Dysfunction pp. 1-11 Downloads
Byung Soo Kong, Yoon Hee Cho and Eun Jig Lee
detectIR: A Novel Program for Detecting Perfect and Imperfect Inverted Repeats Using Complex Numbers and Vector Calculation pp. 1-11 Downloads
Congting Ye, Guoli Ji, Lei Li and Chun Liang
Association of Metabolic Syndrome with Decreased Glomerular Filtration Rate among 75,468 Chinese Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study pp. 1-11 Downloads
Hui Song, Xiuying Wang, Qingqing Cai, Weijie Ding, Shuiping Huang and Lang Zhuo
Differential Interaction Kinetics of a Bipolar Structure-Specific Endonuclease with DNA Flaps Revealed by Single-Molecule Imaging pp. 1-11 Downloads
Rachid Rezgui, Roxane Lestini, Joëlle Kühn, Xenia Fave, Lauren McLeod, Hannu Myllykallio, Antigoni Alexandrou and Cedric Bouzigues
A Network View on Psychiatric Disorders: Network Clusters of Symptoms as Elementary Syndromes of Psychopathology pp. 1-47 Downloads
Rutger Goekoop and Jaap G Goekoop
Hydrologic Landscape Regionalisation Using Deductive Classification and Random Forests pp. 1-20 Downloads
Stuart C Brown, Rebecca E Lester, Vincent L Versace, Jonathon Fawcett and Laurie Laurenson
Model Assembly for Estimating Cell Surviving Fraction for Both Targeted and Nontargeted Effects Based on Microdosimetric Probability Densities pp. 1-20 Downloads
Tatsuhiko Sato and Nobuyuki Hamada
Morphological Background Detection and Illumination Normalization of Text Image with Poor Lighting pp. 1-22 Downloads
Guocheng Wang, Yiwen Wang, Hui Li, Xuanqi Chen, Haitao Lu, Yanpeng Ma, Chun Peng, Yijun Wang and Linyao Tang
Exploring the Distribution of Genetic Markers of Pharmacogenomics Relevance in Brazilian and Mexican Populations pp. 1-22 Downloads
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Species, Habitats, Society: An Evaluation of Research Supporting EU's Natura 2000 Network pp. 1-22 Downloads
Viorel D Popescu, Laurentiu Rozylowicz, Iulian M Niculae, Adina L Cucu and Tibor Hartel
Cardio-Respiratory Reference Data in 4631 Healthy Men and Women 20-90 Years: The HUNT 3 Fitness Study pp. 1-22 Downloads
Henrik Loe, Sigurd Steinshamn and Ulrik Wisløff
Measuring What Latent Fingerprint Examiners Consider Sufficient Information for Individualization Determinations pp. 1-16 Downloads
Bradford T Ulery, R Austin Hicklin, Maria Antonia Roberts and JoAnn Buscaglia
MHD Mixed Convective Peristaltic Motion of Nanofluid with Joule Heating and Thermophoresis Effects pp. 1-16 Downloads
Sabir Ali Shehzad, Fahad Munir Abbasi, Tasawar Hayat and Fuad Alsaadi
Livestock/Animal Assets Buffer the Impact of Conflict-Related Traumatic Events on Mental Health Symptoms for Rural Women pp. 1-16 Downloads
Nancy Glass, Nancy A Perrin, Anjalee Kohli and Mitima Mpanano Remy
Gossip-Based Solutions for Discrete Rendezvous in Populations of Communicating Agents pp. 1-16 Downloads
Christopher D Hollander and Annie S Wu
Pay Dispersion and Performance in Teams pp. 1-16 Downloads
Alessandro Bucciol, Nicolai J Foss and Marco Piovesan
The Effect of Furnishing on Perceived Spatial Dimensions and Spaciousness of Interior Space pp. 1-16 Downloads
Christoph von Castell, Daniel Oberfeld and Heiko Hecht
Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection Is Associated with the Development of Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Nationwide Population-Based Study in Taiwan pp. 1-16 Downloads
Fu-Hsiung Su, Chien-Sheng Wu, Fung-Chang Sung, Shih-Ni Chang, Chien-Tien Su, Ying-Hua Shieh and Chih-Ching Yeh
Socioeconomic Position and Low Birth Weight among Mothers Exposed to Traffic-Related Air Pollution pp. 1-16 Downloads
Mateus Habermann and Nelson Gouveia
Curvilinear Effects of Invasive Plants on Plant Diversity: Plant Community Invaded by Sphagneticola trilobata pp. 1-16 Downloads
Shan-Shan Qi, Zhi-Cong Dai, Zhai De-Li, Si-Chong Chen, Chun-Can Si, Ping Huang, Rui-Ping Wang, Qiong-Xin Zhong and Dao-Lin Du
Prognostic Value of Carbonic Anhydrase IX Immunohistochemical Expression in Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Meta-Analysis of the Literature pp. 1-16 Downloads
Zhihong Zhao, Guixiang Liao, Yongqiang Li, Shulu Zhou, Hequn Zou and Samitha Fernando
Influence of the CYP2D6 Isoenzyme in Patients Treated with Venlafaxine for Major Depressive Disorder: Clinical and Economic Consequences pp. 1-8 Downloads
Antoni Sicras-Mainar, Pablo Guijarro, Beatriz Armada, Milagrosa Blanca-Tamayo and Ruth Navarro-Artieda
Gender Disparities in Latent Tuberculosis Infection in High-Risk Individuals: A Cross-Sectional Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Wen-Ying Ting, Shiang-Fen Huang, Ming-Che Lee, Yung-Yang Lin, Yu-Chin Lee, Jia-Yih Feng and Wei-Juin Su
Spatial Analysis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Antananarivo Madagascar: Tuberculosis-Related Knowledge, Attitude and Practice pp. 1-8 Downloads
Sitraka Rakotosamimanana, Vatsiharizandry Mandrosovololona, Julio Rakotonirina, Joselyne Ramamonjisoa, Justin Rasolofomanana Ranjalahy, Rindra Vatosoa Randremanana and Fanjasoa Rakotomanana
Adding More Junior Residents May Worsen Emergency Department Crowding pp. 1-8 Downloads
Takahisa Kawano, Kei Nishiyama and Hiroyuki Hayashi
Utilization of Surveillance after Polypectomy in the Medicare Population – A Cohort Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Iris Lansdorp-Vogelaar, Stacey Fedewa, Chun Chieh Lin, Katherine S Virgo and Ahmedin Jemal
A FTIR Imaging Characterization of Fibroblasts Stimulated by Various Breast Cancer Cell Lines pp. 1-8 Downloads
Saroj Kumar, Thankaraj Salammal Shabi and Erik Goormaghtigh
Efficacy of Standard and Intensive Statin Treatment for the Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Events in Diabetes Patients: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Folgerdiena M de Vries, Johan Kolthof, Maarten J Postma, Petra Denig and Eelko Hak
Effects of Treatment with Zofenopril in Men and Women with Acute Myocardial Infarction: Gender Analysis of the SMILE Program pp. 1-8 Downloads
Flavia Franconi, Stefano Omboni, Ettore Ambrosioni, Giorgio Reggiardo, Ilaria Campesi and Claudio Borghi
The Potential Utility of Predicted One Bond Carbon-Proton Coupling Constants in the Structure Elucidation of Small Organic Molecules by NMR Spectroscopy pp. 1-8 Downloads
Chandrasekhar Venkata, Mark J Forster, Peter W A Howe and Christoph Steinbeck
A Bridge Role Metric Model for Nodes in Software Networks pp. 1-8 Downloads
Bo Li, Yanli Feng, Shiyu Ge and Dashe Li
Numerical Inductance Calculations Based on First Principles pp. 1-8 Downloads
Lisa F Shatz and Craig W Christensen
Diagnostic Overshadowing and Other Challenges Involved in the Diagnostic Process of Patients with Mental Illness Who Present in Emergency Departments with Physical Symptoms – A Qualitative Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Guy Shefer, Claire Henderson, Louise M Howard, Joanna Murray and Graham Thornicroft
Nonspecific Adverse Events in Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials: A Systematic Review pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yun Hyung Koog, Jin Su Lee and Hyungsun Wi
Access to Diagnostic Tests and Essential Medicines for Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes Care: Cost, Availability and Affordability in the West Region of Cameroon pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ahmadou M Jingi, Jean Jacques N Noubiap, Arnold Ewane Onana, Jobert Richie N Nansseu, Binhuan Wang, Samuel Kingue and André Pascal Kengne
Exonic Variants Associated with Development of Aspirin Exacerbated Respiratory Diseases pp. 1-8 Downloads
Seung-Woo Shin, Byung Lae Park, HunSoo Chang, Jong Sook Park, Da-Jeong Bae, Hyun-Ji Song, Inseon S Choi, Mi-Kyeong Kim, Hea-Sim Park, Lyoung Hyo Kim, Suhg Namgoong, Ji On Kim, Hyoung Doo Shin and Choon-Sik Park
CollaborationViz: Interactive Visual Exploration of Biomedical Research Collaboration Networks pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jiang Bian, Mengjun Xie, Teresa J Hudson, Hari Eswaran, Mathias Brochhausen, Josh Hanna and William R Hogan
LAT Software Induced Savings on Medical Costs of Alcohol Addicts' Care - Results from a Matched-Pairs Case-Control Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Mihajlo Jakovljevic, Mirjana Jovanovic, Nemanja Rancic, Benjamin Vyssoki and Natasa Djordjevic
A Meta-Analysis of Unilateral versus Bilateral Pedicle Screw Fixation in Minimally Invasive Lumbar Interbody Fusion pp. 1-8 Downloads
Zheng Liu, Qi Fei, Bingqiang Wang, Pengfei Lv, Cheng Chi, Yong Yang, Fan Zhao, Jisheng Lin and Zhao Ma
Are Morphometrics Sufficient for Estimating Age of Pre-Fledging Birds in the Field? A Test Using Common Terns (Sterna hirundo) pp. 1-8 Downloads
Christy N Wails, Stephen A Oswald and Jennifer M Arnold
Curare - A Curative Poison: A Scientometric Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jil Carl, Mario Schwarzer, Doris Klingelhoefer, Daniela Ohlendorf and David A Groneberg
Structural Controllability of Complex Networks Based on Preferential Matching pp. 1-8 Downloads
Xizhe Zhang, Tianyang Lv, XueYing Yang and Bin Zhang
The Avian Head Induces Cues for Sound Localization in Elevation pp. 1-8 Downloads
Hans A Schnyder, Dieter Vanderelst, Sophia Bartenstein, Uwe Firzlaff and Harald Luksch
Physical Aggression and Language Ability from 17 to 72 Months: Cross-Lagged Effects in a Population Sample pp. 1-8 Downloads
Lisa-Christine Girard, Jean-Baptiste Pingault, Bruno Falissard, Michel Boivin, Ginette Dionne and Richard E Tremblay
Dynamics of Cultural Transmission in Native Americans of the High Great Plains pp. 1-8 Downloads
Stephen J Lycett
Giving or Receiving Something for Sex: A Cross-Sectional Study of Transactional Sex among Ugandan University Students pp. 1-8 Downloads
Vikas Choudhry, Per-Olof Östergren, Anne-Emmanuelle Ambresin, Emmanuel Kyagaba and Anette Agardh
Diversification versus Specialization in Complex Ecosystems pp. 1-8 Downloads
Riccardo Di Clemente, Guido L Chiarotti, Matthieu Cristelli, Andrea Tacchella and Luciano Pietronero
From Cognitive Maps to Cognitive Graphs pp. 1-8 Downloads
Elizabeth R Chrastil and William H Warren
The Value of Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Differentiating High-Grade Gliomas from Brain Metastases: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Rui Jiang, Fei-Zhou Du, Ci He, Ming Gu, Zhen-Wu Ke and Jian-Hao Li
The Association between the Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors and the Risk of Hypomagnesemia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Chan Hyuk Park, Eun Hye Kim, Yun Ho Roh, Ha Yan Kim and Sang Kil Lee
Genome-Wide and Gene-Based Association Studies of Anxiety Disorders in European and African American Samples pp. 1-8 Downloads
Takeshi Otowa, Brion S Maher, Steven H Aggen, Joseph L McClay, Edwin J van den Oord and John M Hettema
Attitudes about Tuberculosis Prevention in the Elimination Phase: A Survey among Physicians in Germany pp. 1-8 Downloads
Christian Gutsfeld, Ioana D Olaru, Oliver Vollrath and Christoph Lange
The Predictive Performance and Stability of Six Species Distribution Models pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ren-Yan Duan, Xiao-Quan Kong, Min-Yi Huang, Wei-Yi Fan and Zhi-Gao Wang
Multidisciplinary Predialysis Education Reduced the Inpatient and Total Medical Costs of the First 6 Months of Dialysis in Incident Hemodialysis Patients pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yu-Jen Yu, I-Wen Wu, Chun-Yu Huang, Kuang-Hung Hsu, Chin-Chan Lee, Chio-Yin Sun, Heng-Jung Hsu and Mai-Szu Wu
Mosquito Surveillance Revealed Lagged Effects of Mosquito Abundance on Mosquito-Borne Disease Transmission: A Retrospective Study in Zhejiang, China pp. 1-8 Downloads
Song Guo, Feng Ling, Juan Hou, Jinna Wang, Guiming Fu and Zhenyu Gong
Retreatment and Outcomes of Recurrent Intracranial Vertebral Artery Dissecting Aneurysms after Stent Assisted Coiling: A Single Center Experience pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ying Song, Yang Wang, Chuanhui Li, Yanmin Wang, Shiqing Mu and Xinjian Yang
HIV Cure Strategies: How Good Must They Be to Improve on Current Antiretroviral Therapy? pp. 1-8 Downloads
Paul E Sax, Alexis Sypek, Bethany K Berkowitz, Bethany L Morris, Elena Losina, A David Paltiel, Kathleen A Kelly, George R Seage, Rochelle P Walensky, Milton C Weinstein, Joseph Eron and Kenneth A Freedberg
Lower Body Symmetry and Running Performance in Elite Jamaican Track and Field Athletes pp. 1-8 Downloads
Robert Trivers, Bernhard Fink, Mark Russell, Kristofor McCarty, Bruce James and Brian G Palestis
The Association of Homocysteine with Metabolic Syndrome in a Community-Dwelling Population: Homocysteine Might Be Concomitant with Metabolic Syndrome pp. 1-8 Downloads
Xiaona Wang, Ping Ye, Ruihua Cao, Xu Yang, Wenkai Xiao, Yun Zhang, Yongyi Bai and Hongmei Wu
Pediatric Health-Related Quality of Life: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ester Villalonga-Olives, Ichiro Kawachi, Josué Almansa, Claudia Witte, Benjamin Lange, Christiane Kiese-Himmel and Nicole von Steinbüchel
Cyclin D1 G870A Polymorphism and Risk of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: A Case-Control Study and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Dan Liao, Yongfu Wu, Xingxiang Pu, Hua Chen, Shengqun Luo, BinBin Li, Congcong Ding, Guo-Liang Huang and Zhiwei He
Mapping the Abundance and Distribution of Adélie Penguins Using Landsat-7: First Steps towards an Integrated Multi-Sensor Pipeline for Tracking Populations at the Continental Scale pp. 1-8 Downloads
Heather J Lynch and Mathew R Schwaller
Impact of Emphysema Heterogeneity on Pulmonary Function pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jieyang Ju, Ruosha Li, Suicheng Gu, Joseph K Leader, Xiaohua Wang, Yahong Chen, Bin Zheng, Shandong Wu, David Gur, Frank Sciurba and Jiantao Pu
3D Simulation of an Audible Ultrasonic Electrolarynx Using Difference Waves pp. 1-8 Downloads
Patrick Mills and Jason Zara
Evaluation of the Visual Analog Score (VAS) to Assess Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) in a Hypobaric Chamber pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jialin Wu, Yu Chen and Yongjun Luo
Touch Satiety: Differential Effects of Stroking Velocity on Liking and Wanting Touch Over Repetitions pp. 1-8 Downloads
Chantal Triscoli, Rochelle Ackerley and Uta Sailer
Roles of Intragenic and Intergenic L1s in Mouse and Human pp. 1-8 Downloads
Chumpol Ngamphiw, Sissades Tongsima and Apiwat Mutirangura
Quantitative Ultrasound Facilitates the Exploration of Morphological Association of the Long Head Biceps Tendon with Supraspinatus Tendon Full Thickness Tear pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ke-Vin Chang, Wen-Shiang Chen, Tyng-Guey Wang, Chen-Yu Hung and Kuo-Liong Chien
Distinct Role of CD86 Polymorphisms (rs1129055, rs17281995) in Risk of Cancer: Evidence from a Meta-Analysis pp. 1-6 Downloads
Peiliang Geng, Xiaoxin Zhao, Lisha Xiang, Yunmei Liao, Ning Wang, Juanjuan Ou, Ganfeng Xie, Chen Liu, Jianjun Li, Hongtao Li, Rui Zeng and Houjie Liang
Social Determinants and the Classification of Disease: Descriptive Epidemiology of Selected Socially Mediated Disease Constellations pp. 1-6 Downloads
Robert S Levine, Barbara A Kilbourne, George S Rust, Michael A Langston, Baqar A Husaini, Lisaann S Gittner, Maureen Sanderson and Charles H Hennekens
Development and Evaluation of ‘Briefing Notes’ as a Novel Knowledge Translation Tool to Aid the Implementation of Sex/Gender Analysis in Systematic Reviews: A Pilot Study pp. 1-6 Downloads
Marion Doull, Vivian Welch, Lorri Puil, Vivien Runnels, Stephanie E Coen, Beverley Shea, Jennifer O’Neill, Cornelia Borkhoff, Sari Tudiver and Madeline Boscoe
Delirium, Sedation and Analgesia in the Intensive Care Unit: A Multinational, Two-Part Survey among Intensivists pp. 1-6 Downloads
Alawi Luetz, Felix Balzer, Finn M Radtke, Christina Jones, Giuseppe Citerio, Bernhard Walder, Bjoern Weiss, Klaus-Dieter Wernecke and Claudia Spies
A Novel Region-Growing Based Semi-Automatic Segmentation Protocol for Three-Dimensional Condylar Reconstruction Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) pp. 1-6 Downloads
Tong Xi, Ruud Schreurs, Wout J Heerink, Stefaan J Bergé and Thomas J J Maal
Optimal Dosage of Methylprednisolone for the Treatment of Sudden Hearing Loss in Geriatric Patients: A Propensity Score-Matched Analysis pp. 1-6 Downloads
Myoung Su Choi, Ho Yun Lee and Chin Saeng Cho
Sleep Is Associated with Offline Improvement of Motor Sequence Skill in Children pp. 1-6 Downloads
Sho K Sugawara, Satoshi Tanaka, Daisuke Tanaka, Ayumi Seki, Hitoshi T Uchiyama, Shuntaro Okazaki, Tastuya Koeda and Norihiro Sadato
Flow Past a Permeable Stretching/Shrinking Sheet in a Nanofluid Using Two-Phase Model pp. 1-6 Downloads
Khairy Zaimi, Anuar Ishak and Ioan Pop
An Elevated Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte-to-Monocyte Ratio Predicts Favorable Response and Prognosis in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer following Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy pp. 1-6 Downloads
Xiao-Jian Ni, Xiao-Lan Zhang, Qian-Wen Ou-Yang, Guo-Wei Qian, Lei Wang, Sheng Chen, Yi-Zhou Jiang, Wen-Jia Zuo, Jiong Wu, Xin Hu and Zhi-Ming Shao
Survey of Tuberculosis Hospitals in China: Current Status and Challenges pp. 1-6 Downloads
Jian Du, Yu Pang, Yuhong Liu, Fengling Mi, Shaofa Xu and Liang Li
A Comparative Study on the Efficacy of Solifenacin Succinate in Patients with Urinary Frequency with or without Urgency pp. 1-6 Downloads
Ji-Yeon Han, Kyu-Sung Lee, Won Hee Park, Choal Hee Park, Jeong Gu Lee, Jeong Zoo Lee, Duk Yoon Kim, Yong Gil Na, Dong Deuk Kwon and Myung-Soo Choo
Psycho-Socioeconomic Factors Affecting Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use among Selected Rural Communities in Malaysia: A Cross-Sectional Study pp. 1-6 Downloads
Kurubaran Ganasegeran, Anantha Kumar Rajendran and Sami Abdo Radman Al-Dubai
Do Post Discharge Phone Calls Improve Care Transitions? A Cluster-Randomized Trial pp. 1-6 Downloads
Christine Soong, Bochra Kurabi, David Wells, Lesley Caines, Matthew W Morgan, Rebecca Ramsden and Chaim M Bell
Variation in Male Reproductive Longevity across Traditional Societies pp. 1-6 Downloads
Lucio Vinicius, Ruth Mace and Andrea Migliano
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Is Positively Related to Metabolic Syndrome: A Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study pp. 1-6 Downloads
Yinting Guo, Kaijun Niu, Haruki Momma, Yoritoshi Kobayashi, Masahiko Chujo, Atsushi Otomo, Shin Fukudo and Ryoichi Nagatomi
Average Values and Racial Differences of Neutrophil Lymphocyte Ratio among a Nationally Representative Sample of United States Subjects pp. 1-6 Downloads
Basem Azab, Marlene Camacho-Rivera and Emanuela Taioli
Genomic Selection for the Improvement of Antibody Response to Newcastle Disease and Avian Influenza Virus in Chickens pp. 1-6 Downloads
Tianfei Liu, Hao Qu, Chenglong Luo, Xuewei Li, Dingming Shu, Mogens Sandø Lund and Guosheng Su
Baseline MxA mRNA Expression Predicts Interferon Beta Response in Multiple Sclerosis Patients pp. 1-6 Downloads
Elisabet Matas, Laura Bau, María Martínez-Iniesta, Lucía Romero-Pinel, M Alba Mañé, Álvaro Cobo-Calvo and Sergio Martínez-Yélamos
Short-Term Visual Deprivation, Tactile Acuity, and Haptic Solid Shape Discrimination pp. 1-6 Downloads
Charles E Crabtree and J Farley Norman
Speed Trends in Male Distance Running pp. 1-6 Downloads
Timothy N Kruse, Rickey E Carter, Jordan K Rosedahl and Michael J Joyner
A New 3-Dimensional Dynamic Quantitative Analysis System of Facial Motion: An Establishment and Reliability Test pp. 1-6 Downloads
Guodong Feng, Yang Zhao, Xu Tian and Zhiqiang Gao
Non-Invasive Clinical Parameters for the Prediction of Urodynamic Bladder Outlet Obstruction: Analysis Using Causal Bayesian Networks pp. 1-6 Downloads
Myong Kim, Abhilash Cheeti, Changwon Yoo, Minsoo Choo, Jae-Seung Paick and Seung-June Oh
EQ-5D-3L Derived Population Norms for Health Related Quality of Life in Sri Lanka pp. 1-12 Downloads
Sanjeewa Kularatna, Jennifer A Whitty, Newell W Johnson, Ruwan Jayasinghe and Paul A Scuffham
Timing of the Departure of Ocean Biogeochemical Cycles from the Preindustrial State pp. 1-12 Downloads
James R Christian
Diagnostics for Stochastic Genome-Scale Modeling via Model Slicing and Debugging pp. 1-12 Downloads
Kevin J Tsai and Chuan-Hsiung Chang
Global Validation of a Process-Based Model on Vegetation Gross Primary Production Using Eddy Covariance Observations pp. 1-12 Downloads
Dan Liu, Wenwen Cai, Jiangzhou Xia, Wenjie Dong, Guangsheng Zhou, Yang Chen, Haicheng Zhang and Wenping Yuan
Is the Excessive Use of Microblogs an Internet Addiction? Developing a Scale for Assessing the Excessive Use of Microblogs in Chinese College Students pp. 1-12 Downloads
Juan Hou, Zhichao Huang, Hongxia Li, Mengqiu Liu, Wei Zhang, Ning Ma, Lizhuang Yang, Feng Gu, Ying Liu, Shenghua Jin and Xiaochu Zhang
Global Systematic Review of the Cost-Effectiveness of Indigenous Health Interventions pp. 1-12 Downloads
Blake J Angell, Janani Muhunthan, Michelle Irving, Sandra Eades and Stephen Jan
Modeling Warfare in Social Animals: A "Chemical" Approach pp. 1-12 Downloads
Alisa Santarlasci, Gianluca Martelloni, Filippo Frizzi, Giacomo Santini and Franco Bagnoli
Spiroacetals in the Colonization Behaviour of the Coffee Berry Borer: A ‘Push-Pull’ System pp. 1-12 Downloads
Teresiah Nyambura Njihia, Juliana Jaramillo, Lucy Murungi, Dickson Mwenda, Benedict Orindi, Hans-Michael Poehling and Baldwyn Torto
Efficacy of Short-Term High-Dose Statin Pretreatment in Prevention of Contrast-Induced Acute Kidney Injury: Updated Study-Level Meta-Analysis of 13 Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-12 Downloads
Joo Myung Lee, Jonghanne Park, Ki-Hyun Jeon, Ji-hyun Jung, Sang Eun Lee, Jung-Kyu Han, Hack-Lyoung Kim, Han-Mo Yang, Kyung Woo Park, Hyun-Jae Kang, Bon-Kwon Koo, Sang-Ho Jo and Hyo-Soo Kim
Non-Scanning Fiber-Optic Near-Infrared Beam Led to Two-Photon Optogenetic Stimulation In-Vivo pp. 1-12 Downloads
Kamal R Dhakal, Ling Gu, Shivaranjani Shivalingaiah, Torry S Dennis, Samara A Morris-Bobzean, Ting Li, Linda I Perrotti and Samarendra K Mohanty
Impact of Multimorbidity on Disability and Quality of Life in the Spanish Older Population pp. 1-12 Downloads
Noe Garin, Beatriz Olaya, Maria Victoria Moneta, Marta Miret, Antonio Lobo, Jose Luis Ayuso-Mateos and Josep Maria Haro
Functional Aspects of the EGF-Induced MAP Kinase Cascade: A Complex Self-Organizing System Approach pp. 1-12 Downloads
Efstratios K Kosmidis, Vasiliki Moschou, Georgios Ziogas, Ioannis Boukovinas, Maria Albani and Nikolaos A Laskaris
High Fidelity System Modeling for High Quality Image Reconstruction in Clinical CT pp. 1-12 Downloads
Synho Do, William Clem Karl, Sarabjeet Singh, Mannudeep Kalra, Tom Brady, Ellie Shin and Homer Pien
Gun Possession among American Youth: A Discovery-Based Approach to Understand Gun Violence pp. 1-12 Downloads
Kelly V Ruggles and Sonali Rajan
A Three-Dimensional Computational Model of Collagen Network Mechanics pp. 1-12 Downloads
Byoungkoo Lee, Xin Zhou, Kristin Riching, Kevin W Eliceiri, Patricia J Keely, Scott A Guelcher, Alissa M Weaver and Yi Jiang
The Impact of Antiretroviral Therapy on Mortality in HIV Positive People during Tuberculosis Treatment: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-12 Downloads
Anna Odone, Silvia Amadasi, Richard G White, Theodore Cohen, Alison D Grant and Rein M G J Houben
Development of an Electronic Medical Record Based Alert for Risk of HIV Treatment Failure in a Low-Resource Setting pp. 1-12 Downloads
Nancy Puttkammer, Steven Zeliadt, Jean Gabriel Balan, Janet Baseman, Rodney Destiné, Jean Wysler Domerçant, Garilus France, Nathaelf Hyppolite, Valérie Pelletier, Nernst Atwood Raphael, Kenneth Sherr, Krista Yuhas and Scott Barnhart
Differential Responses of the Antioxidant System of Ametryn and Clomazone Tolerant Bacteria pp. 1-12 Downloads
Leila Priscila Peters, Giselle Carvalho, Paula Fabiane Martins, Manuella Nóbrega Dourado, Milca Bartz Vilhena, Marcos Pileggi and Ricardo Antunes Azevedo
Palm-Vein Classification Based on Principal Orientation Features pp. 1-12 Downloads
Yujia Zhou, Yaqin Liu, Qianjin Feng, Feng Yang, Jing Huang and Yixiao Nie
Intraoperative Blood Loss in Female Patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis during Different Phases of the Menstrual Cycle pp. 1-12 Downloads
Chao Li, Yang Xie, Zhikun Li, Mingyuan Yang, Xiaofei Sun, Jianping Fan, Honglei Yi Xiaodong Zhu, Chuanfeng Wang and Ming Li
Adaptive Firefly Algorithm: Parameter Analysis and its Application pp. 1-12 Downloads
Ngaam J Cheung, Xue-Ming Ding and Hong-Bin Shen
Adoptive Immunotherapy of Cytokine-Induced Killer Cell Therapy in the Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer pp. 1-12 Downloads
Min Wang, Jun-Xia Cao, Jian-Hong Pan, Yi-Shan Liu, Bei-Lei Xu, Duo Li, Xiao-Yan Zhang, Jun-Li Li, Jin-Long Liu, Hai-Bo Wang and Zheng-Xu Wang
A System for Heart Sounds Classification pp. 1-12 Downloads
Grzegorz Redlarski, Dawid Gradolewski and Aleksander Palkowski
Estimated Dietary Intake of Radionuclides and Health Risks for the Citizens of Fukushima City, Tokyo, and Osaka after the 2011 Nuclear Accident pp. 1-12 Downloads
Michio Murakami and Taikan Oki
Individual Differences in Learning a Novel Discrete Motor Task pp. 1-12 Downloads
Laura Golenia, Marina M Schoemaker, Leonora J Mouton and Raoul M Bongers
Risk Factors for Asthma-Related Healthcare Use: Longitudinal Analysis Using the NHI Claims Database in a Korean Asthma Cohort pp. 1-12 Downloads
Taehoon Lee, Jinhee Kim, Sujeong Kim, Kyoungjoo Kim, Yunjin Park, Yuri Kim, Yoon Su Lee, Hyouk-Soo Kwon, Sae-Hoon Kim, Yoon-Seok Chang, You Sook Cho, An-Soo Jang, Jung-Won Park, Dong-Ho Nahm, Ho-Joo Yoon, Sang-Heon Cho, Young-Joo Cho, Byoung Whui Choi, Hee-Bom Moon, Tae-Bum Kim and for the COREA study Group
Carcinoembryonic Antigen-Related Cell Adhesion Molecules (CEACAM) 1, 5 and 6 as Biomarkers in Pancreatic Cancer pp. 1-12 Downloads
Florian Gebauer, Daniel Wicklein, Jennifer Horst, Philipp Sundermann, Hanna Maar, Thomas Streichert, Michael Tachezy, Jakob R Izbicki, Maximilian Bockhorn and Udo Schumacher
Service Use and Costs for People with Long-Term Neurological Conditions in the First Year following Discharge from In-Patient Neuro-Rehabilitation: A Longitudinal Cohort Study pp. 1-12 Downloads
Diana Jackson, Paul McCrone, Iris Mosweu, Richard Siegert and Lynne Turner-Stokes
Subclinical Primary Psychopathy, but Not Physical Formidability or Attractiveness, Predicts Conversational Dominance in a Zero-Acquaintance Situation pp. 1-12 Downloads
Joseph H Manson, Matthew M Gervais, Daniel M T Fessler and Michelle A Kline
Long-Memory and the Sea Level-Temperature Relationship: A Fractional Cointegration Approach pp. 1-12 Downloads
Daniel Ventosa-Santaulària, David R Heres and L Catalina Martínez-Hernández
Adjunctive Manual Thrombus Aspiration during ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-12 Downloads
Song-Bai Deng, Jing Wang, Jun Xiao, Ling Wu, Xiao-Dong Jing, Yu-Ling Yan, Jian-Lin Du, Ya-Jie Liu and Qiang She
The Effect of Lateral Decubitus Position on Nocturnal Intraocular Pressure over a Habitual 24-Hour Period in Healthy Adults pp. 1-12 Downloads
Jie Hao, Yi Zhen, Hao Wang, Diya Yang and Ningli Wang
Simulating the Real Origins of Communication pp. 1-12 Downloads
Richard A Blythe and Thomas C Scott-Phillips
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Acupuncture, Counselling and Usual Care in Treating Patients with Depression: The Results of the ACUDep Trial pp. 1-12 Downloads
Eldon Spackman, Stewart Richmond, Mark Sculpher, Martin Bland, Stephen Brealey, Rhian Gabe, Ann Hopton, Ada Keding, Harriet Lansdown, Sara Perren, David Torgerson, Ian Watt and Hugh MacPherson
Fine Tuning of CaV1.3 Ca2+ Channel Properties in Adult Inner Hair Cells Positioned in the Most Sensitive Region of the Gerbil Cochlea pp. 1-12 Downloads
Valeria Zampini, Stuart L Johnson, Christoph Franz, Marlies Knipper, Matthew C Holley, Jacopo Magistretti, Giancarlo Russo, Walter Marcotti and Sergio Masetto
The Pricing of Breakthrough Drugs: Theory and Policy Implications pp. 1-12 Downloads
Moshe Levy and Adi Rizansky Nir
GINDEL: Accurate Genotype Calling of Insertions and Deletions from Low Coverage Population Sequence Reads pp. 1-23 Downloads
Chong Chu, Jin Zhang and Yufeng Wu
Linking Xylem Hydraulic Conductivity and Vulnerability to the Leaf Economics Spectrum—A Cross-Species Study of 39 Evergreen and Deciduous Broadleaved Subtropical Tree Species pp. 1-24 Downloads
Wenzel Kröber, Shouren Zhang, Merten Ehmig and Helge Bruelheide
Computational State Space Models for Activity and Intention Recognition. A Feasibility Study pp. 1-24 Downloads
Frank Krüger, Martin Nyolt, Kristina Yordanova, Albert Hein and Thomas Kirste
How Can Inequalities in Mortality Be Reduced? A Quantitative Analysis of 6 Risk Factors in 21 European Populations pp. 1-1 Downloads
Terje A Eikemo, Rasmus Hoffmann, Margarete C Kulik, Ivana Kulhánová, Marlen Toch-Marquardt, Gwenn Menvielle, Caspar Looman, Domantas Jasilionis, Pekka Martikainen, Olle Lundberg, Johan P Mackenbach and for the EURO-GBD-SE Consortium
Intestinal Microbiota is Different in Women with Preterm Birth: Results from Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis pp. 1-1 Downloads
Arihiro Shiozaki, Satoshi Yoneda, Noriko Yoneda, Rika Yonezawa, Takamichi Matsubayashi, Genichiro Seo and Shigeru Saito
Rapid Antigen Group A Streptococcus Test to Diagnose Pharyngitis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-1 Downloads
Emily H Stewart, Brian Davis, B Lee Clemans-Taylor, Benjamin Littenberg, Carlos A Estrada and Robert M Centor
Association of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene Polymorphisms with Coronary Artery Disease: An Updated Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review pp. 1-1 Downloads
Himanshu Rai, Farah Parveen, Sudeep Kumar, Aditya Kapoor and Nakul Sinha
The SHAZ! Project: Results from a Pilot Randomized Trial of a Structural Intervention to Prevent HIV among Adolescent Women in Zimbabwe pp. 1-1 Downloads
Megan S Dunbar, Mi-Suk Kang Dufour, Barrot Lambdin, Imelda Mudekunye-Mahaka, Definate Nhamo and Nancy S Padian
Multiscale Modelling and Analysis of Collective Decision Making in Swarm Robotics pp. 1-19 Downloads
Matthias Vigelius, Bernd Meyer and Geoffrey Pascoe
Tracking of Ball and Players in Beach Volleyball Videos pp. 1-19 Downloads
Gabriel Gomez, Patricia Herrera López, Daniel Link and Bjoern Eskofier
Standardizing the Protocol for Hemispherical Photographs: Accuracy Assessment of Binarization Algorithms pp. 1-19 Downloads
Jonas Glatthorn and Philip Beckschäfer
A Level Set Based Framework for Quantitative Evaluation of Breast Tissue Density from MRI Data pp. 1-19 Downloads
Tatyana Ivanovska, René Laqua, Lei Wang, Volkmar Liebscher, Henry Völzke and Katrin Hegenscheid
Urban Environments and Obesity in Southeast Asia: A Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression pp. 1-19 Downloads
Chaisiri Angkurawaranon, Wichuda Jiraporncharoen, Boriboon Chenthanakij, Pat Doyle and Dorothea Nitsch
Sex Differences in Flexibility-Arterial Stiffness Relationship and Its Application for Diagnosis of Arterial Stiffening: A Cross-Sectional Observational Study pp. 1-19 Downloads
Masato Nishiwaki, Kazumichi Kurobe, Atsushi Kiuchi, Tomohiro Nakamura and Naoyuki Matsumoto
Bacterial Fucose-Rich Polysaccharide Stabilizes MAPK-Mediated Nrf2/Keap1 Signaling by Directly Scavenging Reactive Oxygen Species during Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Apoptosis of Human Lung Fibroblast Cells pp. 1-19 Downloads
Sougata Roy Chowdhury, Suman Sengupta, Subir Biswas, Tridib Kumar Sinha, Ramkrishna Sen, Ratan Kumar Basak, Basudam Adhikari and Arindam Bhattacharyya
Augmented Backward Elimination: A Pragmatic and Purposeful Way to Develop Statistical Models pp. 1-19 Downloads
Daniela Dunkler, Max Plischke, Karen Leffondré and Georg Heinze
A New Species of Muscicapa Flycatcher from Sulawesi, Indonesia pp. 1-33 Downloads
J Berton C Harris, Pamela C Rasmussen, Ding Li Yong, Dewi M Prawiradilaga, Dadang Dwi Putra, Philip D Round and Frank E Rheindt
Nowcasting and Forecasting the Monthly Food Stamps Data in the US Using Online Search Data pp. 1-27 Downloads
Dean Fantazzini
Biospecimen Long-Chain N-3 PUFA and Risk of Colorectal Cancer: A Meta-Analysis of Data from 60,627 Individuals pp. 1-13 Downloads
Bo Yang, Feng-Lei Wang, Xiao-Li Ren and Duo Li
Reflectance Variation within the In-Chlorophyll Centre Waveband for Robust Retrieval of Leaf Chlorophyll Content pp. 1-13 Downloads
Jing Zhang, Wenjiang Huang and Qifa Zhou
Households across All Income Quintiles, Especially the Poorest, Increased Animal Source Food Expenditures Substantially during Recent Peruvian Economic Growth pp. 1-13 Downloads
Debbie L Humphries, Jere Behrman, Benjamin T Crookston, Kirk A Dearden, Whitney Schott, Mary E Penny and on behalf of the Young Lives Determinants and Consequences of Child Growth Project Team
Secular Trends in Menarcheal Age in India-Evidence from the Indian Human Development Survey pp. 1-13 Downloads
Praveen Kumar Pathak, Niharika Tripathi and S V Subramanian
Crosstalks between Cytokines and Sonic Hedgehog in Helicobacter pylori Infection: A Mathematical Model pp. 1-13 Downloads
Shruti Marwaha, Michael A Schumacher, Yana Zavros and Hamid R Eghbalnia
Impact of Genetic Counseling and Connexin-26 and Connexin-30 Testing on Deaf Identity and Comprehension of Genetic Test Results in a Sample of Deaf Adults: A Prospective, Longitudinal Study pp. 1-13 Downloads
Christina G S Palmer, Patrick Boudreault, Erin E Baldwin and Janet S Sinsheimer
Estimation of Clustering Parameters Using Gaussian Process Regression pp. 1-13 Downloads
Paul Rigby, Oscar Pizarro and Stefan B Williams
A Concept of Bayesian Regulation in Fisheries Management pp. 1-13 Downloads
Noél Michael André Holmgren, Niclas Norrström, Robert Aps and Sakari Kuikka
Computational Approaches for Predicting Biomedical Research Collaborations pp. 1-13 Downloads
Qing Zhang and Hong Yu
Individual Variation in Cone Photoreceptor Density in House Sparrows: Implications for Between-Individual Differences in Visual Resolution and Chromatic Contrast pp. 1-13 Downloads
Amanda L Ensminger and Esteban Fernández-Juricic
Snout Shape in Extant Ruminants pp. 1-13 Downloads
Jonathan P Tennant and Norman MacLeod
Evaluation of Outbreak Detection Performance Using Multi-Stream Syndromic Surveillance for Influenza-Like Illness in Rural Hubei Province, China: A Temporal Simulation Model Based on Healthcare-Seeking Behaviors pp. 1-13 Downloads
Yunzhou Fan, Ying Wang, Hongbo Jiang, Wenwen Yang, Miao Yu, Weirong Yan, Vinod K Diwan, Biao Xu, Hengjin Dong, Lars Palm and Shaofa Nie
A Supplementary System for a Brain-Machine Interface Based on Jaw Artifacts for the Bidimensional Control of a Robotic Arm pp. 1-13 Downloads
Álvaro Costa, Enrique Hortal, Eduardo Iáñez and José M Azorín
Results of a “GWAS Plus:” General Cognitive Ability Is Substantially Heritable and Massively Polygenic pp. 1-13 Downloads
Robert M Kirkpatrick, Matt McGue, William G Iacono, Michael B Miller and Saonli Basu
A Novel Approach of Dynamic Cross Correlation Analysis on Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Its Application to Ets1 Dimer–DNA Complex pp. 1-13 Downloads
Kota Kasahara, Ikuo Fukuda and Haruki Nakamura
Access to Healthcare, HIV/STI Testing, and Preferred Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Providers among Men Who Have Sex with Men and Men Who Engage in Street-Based Sex Work in the US pp. 1-13 Downloads
Kristen Underhill, Kathleen M Morrow, Christopher M Colleran, Richard Holcomb, Don Operario, Sarah K Calabrese, Omar Galárraga and Kenneth H Mayer
Regional Principal Color Based Saliency Detection pp. 1-13 Downloads
Jing Lou, Mingwu Ren and Huan Wang
Profiling First-Year Students in STEM Programs Based on Autonomous Motivation and Academic Self-Concept and Relationship with Academic Achievement pp. 1-13 Downloads
Carolien Van Soom and Vincent Donche
A Longitudinal Study of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) among Pupils in Relation to SO2, NO2, O3 and PM10 in Schools in China pp. 1-13 Downloads
Xin Zhang, Fan Li, Li Zhang, Zhuohui Zhao and Dan Norback
Risk Prediction of Emergency Department Revisit 30 Days Post Discharge: A Prospective Study pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Maternal Obesity Is Associated with Alterations in the Gut Microbiome in Toddlers pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Diffusion of Lexical Change in Social Media pp. 1-13 Downloads
Jacob Eisenstein, Brendan O'Connor, Noah A Smith and Eric P Xing
Phi Index: A New Metric to Test the Flush Early and Avoid the Rush Hypothesis pp. 1-13 Downloads
Diogo S M Samia and Daniel T Blumstein
Azathioprine versus Beta Interferons for Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis: A Multicentre Randomized Non-Inferiority Trial pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Prenatal Care in Combination with Maternal Educational Level Has a Synergetic Effect on the Risk of Neonatal Low Birth Weight: New Findings in a Retrospective Cohort Study in Kunshan City, China pp. 1-13 Downloads
Lin-Lin Dai, Yuan-Yuan Mao, Xiao-Ming Luo and Yue-Ping Shen
Circulating MicroRNAs as a Novel Class of Diagnostic Biomarkers in Gastrointestinal Tumors Detection: A Meta-Analysis Based on 42 Articles pp. 1-13 Downloads
Ran Wang, Hong Wen, Yongcheng Xu, Qiulan Chen, Yi Luo, Yiqin Lin, Yu Luo and Angao Xu
Association between Voluntary/Involuntary Job Loss and the Development of Stroke or Cardiovascular Disease: A Prospective Study of Middle-Aged to Older Workers in a Rapidly Developing Asian Country pp. 1-13 Downloads
Mo-Yeol Kang and Hyoung-Ryoul Kim
Different Views about Work-Hour Limitations in Medicine: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Surgeons', Lawyers', and Pilots' Positive and Negative Arguments pp. 1-13 Downloads
Adrian P Businger and Reto M Kaderli
Systematic Review of the Literature and Evidence-Based Recommendations for Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Trauma: Results from an Italian Consensus of Experts pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Run Charts Revisited: A Simulation Study of Run Chart Rules for Detection of Non-Random Variation in Health Care Processes pp. 1-13 Downloads
Jacob Anhøj and Anne Vingaard Olesen
Social and Natural Sciences Differ in Their Research Strategies, Adapted to Work for Different Knowledge Landscapes pp. 1-13 Downloads
Klaus Jaffe
Ensemble-Based Network Aggregation Improves the Accuracy of Gene Network Reconstruction pp. 1-10 Downloads
Rui Zhong, Jeffrey D Allen, Guanghua Xiao and Yang Xie
Classification and Visualization Based on Derived Image Features: Application to Genetic Syndromes pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Postoperative Staphylococcus aureus Infections in Medicare Beneficiaries pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Standardising and Assessing Digital Images for Use in Clinical Trials: A Practical, Reproducible Method That Blinds the Assessor to Treatment Allocation pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Experimental Food Restriction Reveals Individual Differences in Corticosterone Reaction Norms with No Oxidative Costs pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ádám Z Lendvai, Jenny Q Ouyang, Laura A Schoenle, Vincent Fasanello, Mark F Haussmann, Frances Bonier and Ignacio T Moore
Factors Influencing Superimposition Error of 3D Cephalometric Landmarks by Plane Orientation Method Using 4 Reference Points: 4 Point Superimposition Error Regression Model pp. 1-10 Downloads
Jae Joon Hwang, Kee-Deog Kim, Hyok Park, Chang Seo Park and Ho-Gul Jeong
Sex Differences in Task Distribution and Task Exposures among Danish House Painters: An Observational Study Combining Questionnaire Data with Biomechanical Measurements pp. 1-10 Downloads
Thomas Heilskov-Hansen, Susanne Wulff Svendsen, Jane Frølund Thomsen, Sigurd Mikkelsen and Gert-Åke Hansson
Defining Disease Phenotypes Using National Linked Electronic Health Records: A Case Study of Atrial Fibrillation pp. 1-10 Downloads
Katherine I Morley, Joshua Wallace, Spiros C Denaxas, Ross J Hunter, Riyaz S Patel, Pablo Perel, Anoop D Shah, Adam D Timmis, Richard J Schilling and Harry Hemingway
The Application of Gaussian Mixture Models for Signal Quantification in MALDI-ToF Mass Spectrometry of Peptides pp. 1-10 Downloads
John Christian G Spainhour, Michael G Janech, John H Schwacke, Juan Carlos Q Velez and Viswanathan Ramakrishnan
Estimating a Path through a Map of Decision Making pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Tooth Erosion and Eating Disorders: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ana Paula Hermont, Patrícia A D Oliveira, Carolina C Martins, Saul M Paiva, Isabela A Pordeus and Sheyla M Auad
Stress and Resilience in Functional Somatic Syndromes – A Structural Equation Modeling Approach pp. 1-10 Downloads
Susanne Fischer, Gunnar Lemmer, Mario Gollwitzer and Urs M Nater
Quantitative Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Fluorescein Angiography Dynamics in the Eye pp. 1-10 Downloads
Flora Hui, Christine T O Nguyen, Phillip A Bedggood, Zheng He, Rebecca L Fish, Rachel Gurrell, Algis J Vingrys and Bang V Bui
NSFC Health Research Funding and Burden of Disease in China pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Adaptation in the Visual Cortex: Influence of Membrane Trajectory and Neuronal Firing Pattern on Slow Afterpotentials pp. 1-10 Downloads
Vanessa F Descalzo, Roberto Gallego and Maria V Sanchez-Vives
Feeding and Dispersal Behavior of the Cotton Leafworm, Alabama argillacea (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), on Bt and Non-Bt Cotton: Implications for Evolution and Resistance Management pp. 1-10 Downloads
Francisco S Ramalho, Jéssica K S Pachú, Aline C S Lira, José B Malaquias, José C Zanuncio and Francisco S Fernandes
Analysing and Correcting the Differences between Multi-Source and Multi-Scale Spatial Remote Sensing Observations pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yingying Dong, Ruisen Luo, Haikuan Feng, Jihua Wang, Jinling Zhao, Yining Zhu and Guijun Yang
The Scars of Childhood Adversity: Minor Stress Sensitivity and Depressive Symptoms in Remitted Recurrently Depressed Adult Patients pp. 1-10 Downloads
Gemma Kok, Gerard van Rijsbergen, Huibert Burger, Hermien Elgersma, Heleen Riper, Pim Cuijpers, Jack Dekker, Filip Smit and Claudi Bockting
Factors Affecting Unhappiness at School among Japanese Adolescents: An Epidemiological Study pp. 1-10 Downloads
Hisayoshi Morioka, Osamu Itani, Yoshitaka Kaneita, Hajime Iwasa, Maki Ikeda, Ryuichiro Yamamoto, Yoneatsu Osaki, Hideyuki Kanda, Sachi Nakagome and Takashi Ohida
Interplay of Agency and Ownership: The Intentional Binding and Rubber Hand Illusion Paradigm Combined pp. 1-10 Downloads
Niclas Braun, Jeremy D Thorne, Helmut Hildebrandt and Stefan Debener
A Hybrid Search Algorithm for Swarm Robots Searching in an Unknown Environment pp. 1-10 Downloads
Shoutao Li, Lina Li, Gordon Lee and Hao Zhang
XRCC1 Gene Polymorphisms and Glioma Risk in Chinese Population: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-10 Downloads
Li-Wen He, Rong Shi, Lei Jiang, Ye Zeng, Wen-Li Ma and Jue-Yu Zhou
Age-Related Cataract, Cataract Surgery and Subsequent Mortality: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-10 Downloads
E Song, Hongpeng Sun, Yong Xu, Yana Ma, Hong Zhu and Chen-Wei Pan
Assessment of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Glycosaminoglycan Content by Gadolinium-Enhanced MRI before and after 21-Days of Head-Down-Tilt Bedrest pp. 1-10 Downloads
Timmo Koy, Jochen Zange, Jörn Rittweger, Regina Pohle-Fröhlich, Matthias Hackenbroch, Peer Eysel and Bergita Ganse
Facial Masculinity: How the Choice of Measurement Method Enables to Detect Its Influence on Behaviour pp. 1-10 Downloads
Santiago Sanchez-Pages, Claudia Rodriguez-Ruiz and Enrique Turiegano
The Application of Predictive Modelling for Determining Bio-Environmental Factors Affecting the Distribution of Blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) in the Gilgel Gibe Watershed in Southwest Ethiopia pp. 1-10 Downloads
Argaw Ambelu, Seblework Mekonen, Magaly Koch, Taffere Addis, Pieter Boets, Gert Everaert and Peter Goethals
Cross-Talk between Ciliary Epithelium and Trabecular Meshwork Cells In-Vitro: A New Insight into Glaucoma pp. 1-10 Downloads
Natalie Lerner and Elie Beit-Yannai
Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Diagnosis of Mandibular Involvement from Head and Neck Cancers: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-10 Downloads
Chunjie Li, Wenbin Yang, Yi Men, Fanglong Wu, Jian Pan and Longjiang Li
Temporal Changes in Randomness of Bird Communities across Central Europe pp. 1-10 Downloads
Swen C Renner, Martin M Gossner, Tiemo Kahl, Elisabeth K V Kalko, Wolfgang W Weisser, Markus Fischer and Eric Allan
Unraveling Hidden Order in the Dynamics of Developed and Emerging Markets pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yonatan Berman, Yoash Shapira and Eshel Ben-Jacob
Pigeon Navigation: Different Routes Lead to Frankfurt pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ingo Schiffner and Roswitha Wiltschko
The Efficacy of the Ribonucleotide Reductase Inhibitor Didox in Preclinical Models of AML pp. 1-10 Downloads
Guerry J Cook, David L Caudell, Howard L Elford and Timothy S Pardee
Are Subject-Specific Musculoskeletal Models Robust to the Uncertainties in Parameter Identification? pp. 1-10 Downloads
Giordano Valente, Lorenzo Pitto, Debora Testi, Ajay Seth, Scott L Delp, Rita Stagni, Marco Viceconti and Fulvia Taddei
Methodological Quality and Reporting of Generalized Linear Mixed Models in Clinical Medicine (2000–2012): A Systematic Review pp. 1-10 Downloads
Martí Casals, Montserrat Girabent-Farrés and Josep L Carrasco
Back-Propagation Operation for Analog Neural Network Hardware with Synapse Components Having Hysteresis Characteristics pp. 1-10 Downloads
Michihito Ueda, Yu Nishitani, Yukihiro Kaneko and Atsushi Omote
Survival Analysis of Adult Tuberculosis Disease pp. 1-10 Downloads
Olurotimi Bankole Ajagbe, Zubair Kabair and Terry O'Connor
A New Powerful Nonparametric Rank Test for Ordered Alternative Problem pp. 1-10 Downloads
Guogen Shan, Daniel Young and Le Kang
Cry1F Resistance in Fall Armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda: Single Gene versus Pyramided Bt Maize pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Impact of the Non-Contributory Social Pension Program 70 y más on Older Adults’ Mental Well-Being pp. 1-10 Downloads
Aarón Salinas-Rodríguez, Ma Del Pilar Torres-Pereda, Betty Manrique-Espinoza, Karla Moreno-Tamayo and Martha María Téllez-Rojo Solís
Moving to and Dying in a Nursing Home Depends Not Only on Health – An Analysis of Socio-Demographic Determinants of Place of Death in Switzerland pp. 1-10 Downloads
Damian Hedinger, Julia Braun, Ueli Zellweger, Vladimir Kaplan, Matthias Bopp and for the Swiss National Cohort Study Group
Use of a Heart Team in Decision-Making for Patients with Complex Coronary Disease at Hospitals in Michigan Prior to Guideline Endorsement pp. 1-10 Downloads
Jeffrey T Bruckel, Hitinder S Gurm, Milan Seth, Richard L Prager, Andrea Jensen and Brahmajee K Nallamothu
Challenges in the Care of Clients with Established Cardiovascular Disease: Lessons Learned from Australian Community Pharmacists pp. 1-10 Downloads
Hanni P Puspitasari, Parisa Aslani and Ines Krass
Light Spatial Distribution in the Canopy and Crop Development in Cotton pp. 1-10 Downloads
Xiaoyu Zhi, Yingchun Han, Shuchun Mao, Guoping Wang, Lu Feng, Beifang Yang, Zhengyi Fan, Wenli Du, Jianhua Lu and Yabing Li
Factors Associated with Participation and Attrition in a Longitudinal Study of Bacterial Vaginosis in Australian Women Who Have Sex with Women pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Prevalence and Risk Factors of Anaemia among Children Aged between 6 Months and 14 Years in Kenya pp. 1-10 Downloads
Oscar Ngesa and Henry Mwambi
Coping with Breast Cancer: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-26 Downloads
Pia Kvillemo and Richard Bränström
Locality Constrained Joint Dynamic Sparse Representation for Local Matching Based Face Recognition pp. 1-26 Downloads
Jianzhong Wang, Yugen Yi, Wei Zhou, Yanjiao Shi, Miao Qi, Ming Zhang, Baoxue Zhang and Jun Kong
The Curious Anomaly of Skewed Judgment Distributions and Systematic Error in the Wisdom of Crowds pp. 1-17 Downloads
Ulrik W Nash
Economic Burden of Heart Failure: Investigating Outpatient and Inpatient Costs in Abeokuta, Southwest Nigeria pp. 1-17 Downloads
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Toward Computational Cumulative Biology by Combining Models of Biological Datasets pp. 1-17 Downloads
Ali Faisal, Jaakko Peltonen, Elisabeth Georgii, Johan Rung and Samuel Kaski
Contribution of Polymorphisms in IKZF1 Gene to Childhood Acute Leukemia: A Meta-Analysis of 33 Case-Control Studies pp. 1-17 Downloads
Yue-e Dai, Linjun Tang, Jasmine Healy and Daniel Sinnett
A Novel Hybrid Classification Model of Genetic Algorithms, Modified k-Nearest Neighbor and Developed Backpropagation Neural Network pp. 1-50 Downloads
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Variability in Vulnerability Assessment of Older People by Individual General Practitioners: A Cross-Sectional Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yvonne M Drewes, Jeanet W Blom, Willem J J Assendelft, Theo Stijnen, Wendy P J den Elzen and Jacobijn Gussekloo
The Very High Premature Mortality Rate among Active Professional Wrestlers Is Primarily Due to Cardiovascular Disease pp. 1-7 Downloads
Christopher W Herman, Anna S C Conlon, Melvyn Rubenfire, Andrew R Burghardt and Stephen J McGregor
Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Yttrium-90 PET/CT Imaging pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ali Asgar Attarwala, Flavia Molina-Duran, Karen-Anett Büsing, Stefan O Schönberg, Dale L Bailey, Kathy Willowson and Gerhard Glatting
Discovering Main Genetic Interactions with LABNet LAsso-Based Network Inference pp. 1-7 Downloads
Francesco Gadaleta and Kristel Van Steen
Prevalence and Psychosocial Correlates of Depressive Symptoms in Urban Chinese Women during Midlife pp. 1-7 Downloads
Carmen K M Wong, Jun Liang, Man L Chan, Yin H Chan, Laam Chan, Kwong Y Wan, Ming S Ng, Dicken C C Chan, Samuel Y S Wong and Martin C S Wong
Lights, Camera…Citizen Science: Assessing the Effectiveness of Smartphone-Based Video Training in Invasive Plant Identification pp. 1-7 Downloads
Jared Starr, Charles M Schweik, Nathan Bush, Lena Fletcher, Jack Finn, Jennifer Fish and Charles T Bargeron
Predictability of Extreme Events in Social Media pp. 1-7 Downloads
José M Miotto and Eduardo G Altmann
Ultrasound Guidance for Radial Artery Catheterization: An Updated Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-7 Downloads
Lu Tang, Fei Wang, Yuxiang Li, Liang Zhao, Huijun Xi, Zhihong Guo, Xiuyun Li, Chengjie Gao, Jian Wang and Lingjun Zhou
Measuring the Chemical and Cytotoxic Variability of Commercially Available Kava (Piper methysticum G. Forster) pp. 1-7 Downloads
Amanda C Martin, Ed Johnston, Chengguo Xing and Adrian D Hegeman
A Developmental Model for Branching Morphogenesis of Lake Cress Compound Leaf pp. 1-7 Downloads
Akiko Nakamasu, Hokuto Nakayama, Naomi Nakayama, Nobuhiko J Suematsu and Seisuke Kimura
A Quantile Regression Approach Can Reveal the Effect of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption on Plasma Homocysteine Levels pp. 1-7 Downloads
Eliseu Verly-Jr, Josiane Steluti, Regina Mara Fisberg and Dirce Maria Lobo Marchioni
A Meta-Analysis of the Impacts of Genetically Modified Crops pp. 1-7 Downloads
Wilhelm Klümper and Matin Qaim
Prediction of Patient Survival in Cases of Acute Paraquat Poisoning pp. 1-7 Downloads
Sae-Yong Hong, Ji-Sung Lee, In O Sun, Kwang-Young Lee and Hyo-Wook Gil
Validation of a Consensus Method for Identifying Delirium from Hospital Records pp. 1-7 Downloads
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Prognostic Significance of Neutrophil Lymphocyte Ratio in Patients with Gastric Cancer: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Xi Zhang, Wei Zhang and Li-jin Feng
Uptake of Aortic 18F-FDG Is Correlated with Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol and Leptin in a General Population pp. 1-7 Downloads
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What We Expect Is Not Always What We Get: Evidence for Both the Direction-of-Change and the Specific-Stimulus Hypotheses of Auditory Attentional Capture pp. 1-7 Downloads
Anatole Nöstl, John E Marsh and Patrik Sörqvist
Effects of Polypharmacy on Adverse Drug Reactions among Geriatric Outpatients at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Karachi: A Prospective Cohort Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Bilal Ahmed, Kashmira Nanji, Rakshinda Mujeeb and Muhammad Junaid Patel
Statin Use Is Not Associated with Improved Progression Free Survival in Cetuximab Treated KRAS Mutant Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients: Results from the CAIRO2 Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Lisanne L Krens, Lieke H J Simkens, Jara M Baas, Els R Koomen, Hans Gelderblom, Cornelis J A Punt and Henk-Jan Guchelaar
Is the Person-Situation Debate Important for Agent-Based Modeling and Vice-Versa? pp. 1-7 Downloads
Katarzyna Sznajd-Weron, Janusz Szwabiński and Rafał Weron
Intrinsic Variability in Shell and Soft Tissue Growth of the Freshwater Mussel Lampsilis siliquoidea pp. 1-7 Downloads
James H Larson, Nathan L Eckert and Michelle R Bartsch
Contrasting Regeneration Strategies in Climax and Long-Lived Pioneer Tree Species in a Subtropical Forest pp. 1-7 Downloads
Haiyang Wang, Hui Feng, Yanru Zhang and Hong Chen
Influence of the Time of Day and Fasting Duration on Glucose Level following a 1-Hour, 50-Gram Glucose Challenge Test in Pregnant Women pp. 1-7 Downloads
Panchalli Wang, Mei-Chun Lu, Cheng-Wei Yu and Yuan-Horng Yan
Assessing Attitudes towards Statistics among Medical Students: Psychometric Properties of the Serbian Version of the Survey of Attitudes Towards Statistics (SATS) pp. 1-7 Downloads
Dejana Stanisavljevic, Goran Trajkovic, Jelena Marinkovic, Zoran Bukumiric, Andja Cirkovic and Natasa Milic
IL28B Polymorphism Cannot Predict Response to Interferon Alpha Treatment in Patients with Melanoma pp. 1-7 Downloads
Martin Probst, Christoph Hoeller, Peter Ferenci, Albert F Staettermayer, Sandra Beinhardt, Hubert Pehamberger, Harald Kittler and Katharina Grabmeier-Pfistershammer
Serum Inflammatory Cytokine Levels Correlate with Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease Severity: A Nested Serial Case-Control Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Guangcai Duan, Haiyan Yang, Lubin Shi, Wumei Sun, Meili Sui, Rongguang Zhang, Xinhong Wang, Fang Wang, Weidong Zhang, Yuanlin Xi and Qingtang Fan
Intraosseous Vascular Access through the Anterior Mandible – A Cadaver Model Pilot Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Christin Goldschalt, Sara Doll, Brit Ihle, Joachim Kirsch and Till Sebastian Mutzbauer
Identification of Novel Genetic Risk Loci in Maltese Dogs with Necrotizing Meningoencephalitis and Evidence of a Shared Genetic Risk across Toy Dog Breeds pp. 1-7 Downloads
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Separating Macroecological Pattern and Process: Comparing Ecological, Economic, and Geological Systems pp. 1-7 Downloads
Benjamin Blonder, Lindsey Sloat, Brian J Enquist and Brian McGill
Methodological Reporting of Randomized Trials in Five Leading Chinese Nursing Journals pp. 1-7 Downloads
Chunhu Shi, Jinhui Tian, Dan Ren, Hongli Wei, Lihuan Zhang, Quan Wang and Kehu Yang
Identification of Allelic Heterogeneity at Type-2 Diabetes Loci and Impact on Prediction pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yann C Klimentidis, Jin Zhou and Nathan E Wineinger
Reporting Quality of Systematic Reviews/Meta-Analyses of Acupuncture pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yali Liu, Rui Zhang, Jiao Huang, Xu Zhao, Danlu Liu, Wanting Sun, Yuefen Mai, Peng Zhang, Yajun Wang, Hua Cao and Ke hu Yang
A Candidate Gene Approach Identifies an IL33 Genetic Variant as a Novel Genetic Risk Factor for GCA pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ana Márquez, Roser Solans, José Hernández-Rodríguez, Maria C Cid, Santos Castañeda, Marc Ramentol, Luis Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Javier Narváez, Ricardo Blanco, Norberto Ortego-Centeno, Spanish GCA Consortium, Øyvind Palm, Andreas P Diamantopoulos, Niko Braun, Frank Moosig, Torsten Witte, Lorenzo Beretta, Claudio Lunardi, Marco A Cimmino, Augusto Vaglio, Carlo Salvarani, Miguel A González-Gay and Javier Martín
The Time Course of Corticospinal Excitability during a Simple Reaction Time Task pp. 1-7 Downloads
Michael Kennefick, Dana Maslovat and Anthony N Carlsen
Projected Polar Bear Sea Ice Habitat in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago pp. 1-7 Downloads
Stephen G Hamilton, Laura Castro de la Guardia, Andrew E Derocher, Vicki Sahanatien, Bruno Tremblay and David Huard
Factors Associated with Long-Term Use of Hypnotics among Patients with Chronic Insomnia pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yoshikazu Takaesu, Yoko Komada, Shoichi Asaoka, Tatsuo Kagimura and Yuichi Inoue
The Role of Apolipoprotein E as a Risk Factor for an Earlier Age at Onset for Machado-Joseph Disease Is Doubtful pp. 1-4 Downloads
Qi Zhou, Wang Ni, Yi Dong, Ning Wang, Shi-Rui Gan and Zhi-Ying Wu
Mortality after Distal Radius Fracture in Men and Women Aged 50 Years and Older in Southern Norway pp. 1-4 Downloads
Jannike Øyen, Andreas P Diamantopoulos and Glenn Haugeberg
The Napping Behaviour of Australian University Students pp. 1-4 Downloads
Nicole Lovato, Leon Lack and Helen Wright
Genome-Wide Prediction Methods in Highly Diverse and Heterozygous Species: Proof-of-Concept through Simulation in Grapevine pp. 1-14 Downloads
Agota Fodor, Vincent Segura, Marie Denis, Samuel Neuenschwander, Alexandre Fournier-Level, Philippe Chatelet, Félix Abdel Aziz Homa, Thierry Lacombe, Patrice This and Loic Le Cunff
Great Apes and Biodiversity Offset Projects in Africa: The Case for National Offset Strategies pp. 1-14 Downloads
Rebecca Kormos, Cyril F Kormos, Tatyana Humle, Annette Lanjouw, Helga Rainer, Ray Victurine, Russell A Mittermeier, Mamadou S Diallo, Anthony B Rylands and Elizabeth A Williamson
Socioeconomic Disparity in Survival after Breast Cancer in Ireland: Observational Study pp. 1-14 Downloads
Paul M Walsh, Julianne Byrne, Maria Kelly, Joe McDevitt and Harry Comber
The Burden of Disease and Health Care Use among Pertussis Cases in School Aged Children and Adults in England and Wales; A Patient Survey pp. 1-14 Downloads
Albert Jan van Hoek, Helen Campbell, Nick Andrews, Mariza Vasconcelos, Gayatri Amirthalingam and Elizabeth Miller
In Vivo Characterization of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in Various Organs of a Murine Sepsis Model pp. 1-14 Downloads
Koji Tanaka, Yuhki Koike, Tadanobu Shimura, Masato Okigami, Shozo Ide, Yuji Toiyama, Yoshinaga Okugawa, Yasuhiro Inoue, Toshimitsu Araki, Keiichi Uchida, Yasuhiko Mohri, Akira Mizoguchi and Masato Kusunoki
Structural Model of the hUbA1-UbcH10 Quaternary Complex: In Silico and Experimental Analysis of the Protein-Protein Interactions between E1, E2 and Ubiquitin pp. 1-14 Downloads
Stefania Correale, Ivan de Paola, Carmine Marco Morgillo, Antonella Federico, Laura Zaccaro, Pierlorenzo Pallante, Aldo Galeone, Alfredo Fusco, Emilia Pedone, F Javier Luque and Bruno Catalanotti
Methods for Determining the Uncertainty of Population Estimates Derived from Satellite Imagery and Limited Survey Data: A Case Study of Bo City, Sierra Leone pp. 1-14 Downloads
Roger Hillson, Joel D Alejandre, Kathryn H Jacobsen, Rashid Ansumana, Alfred S Bockarie, Umaru Bangura, Joseph M Lamin, Anthony P Malanoski and David A Stenger
Genomic Assortative Mating in Marriages in the United States pp. 1-14 Downloads
Guang Guo, Lin Wang, Hexuan Liu and Thomas Randall
Evaluation of Soil Contamination Indices in a Mining Area of Jiangxi, China pp. 1-14 Downloads
Jin Wu, Yanguo Teng, Sijin Lu, Yeyao Wang and Xudong Jiao
Beta-Blockers Reduced the Risk of Mortality and Exacerbation in Patients with COPD: A Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies pp. 1-14 Downloads
Qingxia Du, Yongchang Sun, Ning Ding, Lijin Lu and Ying Chen
Is Your Ethics Committee Efficient? Using “IRB Metrics” as a Self-Assessment Tool for Continuous Improvement at the Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Thailand pp. 1-14 Downloads
Pornpimon Adams, Jaranit Kaewkungwal, Chanthima Limphattharacharoen, Sukanya Prakobtham, Krisana Pengsaa and Srisin Khusmith
Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Association of Smokeless Tobacco and of Betel Quid without Tobacco with Incidence of Oral Cancer in South Asia and the Pacific pp. 1-14 Downloads
Bhawna Gupta and Newell W Johnson
Lipid Vesicle Shape Analysis from Populations Using Light Video Microscopy and Computer Vision pp. 1-14 Downloads
Jernej Zupanc, Barbara Drašler, Sabina Boljte, Veronika Kralj-Iglič, Aleš Iglič, Deniz Erdogmus and Damjana Drobne
Higher Fibrinogen Level is Independently Linked with the Presence and Severity of New-Onset Coronary Atherosclerosis among Han Chinese Population pp. 1-14 Downloads
Yan Zhang, Cheng-Gang Zhu, Yuan-Lin Guo, Rui-Xia Xu, Sha Li, Qian Dong and Jian-Jun Li
Local Modelling Techniques for Assessing Micro-Level Impacts of Risk Factors in Complex Data: Understanding Health and Socioeconomic Inequalities in Childhood Educational Attainments pp. 1-14 Downloads
Shang-Ming Zhou, Ronan A Lyons, Owen G Bodger, Ann John, Huw Brunt, Kerina Jones, Mike B Gravenor and Sinead Brophy
Exposure to Pornographic Videos and Its Effect on HIV-Related Sexual Risk Behaviours among Male Migrant Workers in Southern India pp. 1-14 Downloads
Bidhubhusan Mahapatra and Niranjan Saggurti
Kidney Shear Wave Speed Values in Subjects with and without Renal Pathology and Inter-Operator Reproducibility of Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Elastography (ARFI) - Preliminary Results pp. 1-14 Downloads
Flaviu Bob, Simona Bota, Ioan Sporea, Roxana Sirli, Ligia Petrica and Adalbert Schiller
Quantifying the Behavioural Relevance of Hippocampal Neurogenesis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Stanley E Lazic, Johannes Fuss and Peter Gass
Genetic Pleiotropy Explains Associations between Musical Auditory Discrimination and Intelligence pp. 1-14 Downloads
Miriam A Mosing, Nancy L Pedersen, Guy Madison and Fredrik Ullén
On the Constitutive Model of Nitrogen-Containing Austenitic Stainless Steel 316LN at Elevated Temperature pp. 1-9 Downloads
Lei Zhang, Xiao Feng, Xin Wang and Changyong Liu
Conservation Weighting Functions Enable Covariance Analyses to Detect Functionally Important Amino Acids pp. 1-9 Downloads
Lucy J Colwell, Michael P Brenner and Andrew W Murray
Force Control Is Related to Low-Frequency Oscillations in Force and Surface EMG pp. 1-9 Downloads
Hwasil Moon, Changki Kim, Minhyuk Kwon, Yen Ting Chen, Tanya Onushko, Neha Lodha and Evangelos A Christou
Application of 3-Dimensional Printing Technology to Construct an Eye Model for Fundus Viewing Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ping Xie, Zizhong Hu, Xiaojun Zhang, Xinhua Li, Zhishan Gao, Dongqing Yuan and Qinghuai Liu
Factors Associated with Response to Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition in Dementia: A Cohort Study from a Secondary Mental Health Care Case Register in London pp. 1-9 Downloads
Gayan Perera, Mizanur Khondoker, Matthew Broadbent, Gerome Breen and Robert Stewart
In Silico Pooling of ChIP-seq Control Experiments pp. 1-9 Downloads
Guannan Sun, Rajini Srinivasan, Camila Lopez-Anido, Holly A Hung, John Svaren and Sündüz Keleş
Consequences of Missed Opportunities for HIV Testing during Pregnancy and Delayed Diagnosis for Mexican Women, Children and Male Partners pp. 1-9 Downloads
Tamil Kendall
Mapping End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD): Spatial Variations on Small Area Level in Northern France, and Association with Deprivation pp. 1-9 Downloads
Florent Occelli, Annabelle Deram, Michaël Génin, Christian Noël, Damien Cuny, François Glowacki and on behalf of the Néphronor Network
Degradation Model of Bioabsorbable Cardiovascular Stents pp. 1-9 Downloads
Qiyi Luo, Xiangkun Liu, Zhonghua Li, Chubo Huang, Wen Zhang, Juan Meng, Zhaohua Chang and Zezhao Hua
On the Prospect of Identifying Adaptive Loci in Recently Bottlenecked Populations pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yu-Ping Poh, Vera S Domingues, Hopi E Hoekstra and Jeffrey D Jensen
Understanding Uncertainties in Non-Linear Population Trajectories: A Bayesian Semi-Parametric Hierarchical Approach to Large-Scale Surveys of Coral Cover pp. 1-9 Downloads
Julie Vercelloni, M Julian Caley, Mohsen Kayal, Samantha Low-Choy and Kerrie Mengersen
Automatic Background Knowledge Selection for Matching Biomedical Ontologies pp. 1-9 Downloads
Daniel Faria, Catia Pesquita, Emanuel Santos, Isabel F Cruz and Francisco M Couto
The Neural Response to Maternal Stimuli: An ERP Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Lili Wu, Ruolei Gu, Huajian Cai, Yu L L Luo and Jianxin Zhang
Sexuality and Affection among Elderly German Men and Women in Long-Term Relationships: Results of a Prospective Population-Based Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Britta Müller, Christoph A Nienaber, Olaf Reis, Peter Kropp and Wolfgang Meyer
Prospects of mHealth Services in Bangladesh: Recent Evidence from Chakaria pp. 1-9 Downloads
Fatema Khatun, Hanifi Sma, Mohammad Iqbal, Sabrina Rasheed, M Shafiqur Rahman, Tanvir Ahmed, Shahidul Hoque, Tamanna Sharmin, Nazib Uz Zaman Khan, Shehrin Shaila Mahmood, David H Peters and Abbas Bhuiya
Long-Term Prediction of the Arctic Ionospheric TEC Based on Time-Varying Periodograms pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jingbin Liu, Ruizhi Chen, Zemin Wang, Jiachun An and Juha Hyyppä
A Longitudinal Study of Steller Sea Lion Natality Rates in the Gulf of Alaska with Comparisons to Census Data pp. 1-9 Downloads
John M Maniscalco, Alan M Springer, Pamela Parker and Milo D Adkison
Health Insurance Coverage and Its Impact on Medical Cost: Observations from the Floating Population in China pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yinjun Zhao, Bowei Kang, Yawen Liu, Yichong Li, Guoqing Shi, Tao Shen, Yong Jiang, Mei Zhang, Maigeng Zhou and Limin Wang
The Prognostic Value of Excision Repair Cross-Complementation Group 1 (ERCC1) in Patients with Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) Receiving Platinum-Based Chemotherapy: Evidence from Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yanlong Yang, Xiuping Luo, Nuo Yang, Ronghao Feng and Lei Xian
Association of HLA-DP/DQ and STAT4 Polymorphisms with HBV Infection Outcomes and a Mini Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yun Liao, Bei Cai, Yi Li, Jie Chen, Chuanmin Tao, Hengjian Huang and Lanlan Wang
Percutaneous Resolution of Lumbar Facet Joint Cysts as an Alternative Treatment to Surgery: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Feng Shuang, Shu-Xun Hou, Jia-Liang Zhu, Dong-Feng Ren, Zheng Cao and Jia-Guang Tang
Adolescent Sleep Patterns and Night-Time Technology Use: Results of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Big Sleep Survey pp. 1-9 Downloads
Amanda L Gamble, Angela L D'Rozario, Delwyn J Bartlett, Shaun Williams, Yu Sun Bin, Ronald R Grunstein and Nathaniel S Marshall
A Genome-Wide Association Study for Diabetic Retinopathy in a Japanese Population: Potential Association with a Long Intergenic Non-Coding RNA pp. 1-9 Downloads
Takuya Awata, Hisakuni Yamashita, Susumu Kurihara, Tomoko Morita-Ohkubo, Yumi Miyashita, Shigehiro Katayama, Keisuke Mori, Shin Yoneya, Masakazu Kohda, Yasushi Okazaki, Taro Maruyama, Akira Shimada, Kazuki Yasuda, Nao Nishida, Katsushi Tokunaga and Asako Koike
Presence of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps and Citrullinated Histone H3 in the Bloodstream of Critically Ill Patients pp. 1-9 Downloads
Tomoya Hirose, Shigeto Hamaguchi, Naoya Matsumoto, Taro Irisawa, Masafumi Seki, Osamu Tasaki, Hideo Hosotsubo, Norihisa Yamamoto, Kouji Yamamoto, Yukihiro Akeda, Kazunori Oishi, Kazunori Tomono and Takeshi Shimazu
High Utility of Contact Investigation for Latent and Active Tuberculosis Case Detection among the Contacts: A Retrospective Cohort Study in Tbilisi, Georgia, 2010–2011 pp. 1-9 Downloads
Tsira Chakhaia, Matthew J Magee, Russell R Kempker, Medea Gegia, Leila Goginashvili, Ucha Nanava and Henry M Blumberg
The Effect of Including an Opt-Out Option in Discrete Choice Experiments pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jorien Veldwijk, Mattijs S Lambooij, Esther W de Bekker-Grob, Henriëtte A Smit and G Ardine de Wit
Incidence and Risk of Proteinuria with Aflibercept in Cancer Patients: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ling Peng, Qiong Zhao, Xianghua Ye, Yun Zhou, Danna Hu and Shusen Zheng
Blastocystis Is Associated with Decrease of Fecal Microbiota Protective Bacteria: Comparative Analysis between Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Control Subjects pp. 1-9 Downloads
Céline Nourrisson, Julien Scanzi, Bruno Pereira, Christina NkoudMongo, Ivan Wawrzyniak, Amandine Cian, Eric Viscogliosi, Valérie Livrelli, Frédéric Delbac, Michel Dapoigny and Philippe Poirier
Association between Blood Cadmium Levels and 10-Year Coronary Heart Disease Risk in the General Korean Population: The Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2008–2010 pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jun-Pyo Myong, Hyoung-Ryoul Kim, Tae-Won Jang, Hye Eun Lee and Jung-Wan Koo
Post Learning Sleep Improves Cognitive-Emotional Decision-Making: Evidence for a ‘Deck B Sleep Effect’ in the Iowa Gambling Task pp. 1-9 Downloads
Corrine J Seeley, Richard J Beninger and Carlyle T Smith
Measuring the Bright Side of Being Blue: A New Tool for Assessing Analytical Rumination in Depression pp. 1-9 Downloads
Skye P Barbic, Zachary Durisko and Paul W Andrews
Self-Esteem as a Mediator between Personality Traits and Body Esteem: Path Analyses across Gender and Race/Ethnicity pp. 1-9 Downloads
Małgorzata Skorek, Anna V Song and Yarrow Dunham
Using Manipulated Photographs to Identify Features of Streetscapes That May Encourage Older Adults to Walk for Transport pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jelle Van Cauwenberg, Veerle Van Holle, Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij, Peter Clarys, Jack Nasar, Jo Salmon, Liesbet Goubert and Benedicte Deforche
Unsupervised Deconvolution of Dynamic Imaging Reveals Intratumor Vascular Heterogeneity and Repopulation Dynamics pp. 1-9 Downloads
Li Chen, Peter L Choyke, Niya Wang, Robert Clarke, Zaver M Bhujwalla, Elizabeth M C Hillman, Ge Wang and Yue Wang
Is the Readmission Rate a Valid Quality Indicator? A Review of the Evidence pp. 1-9 Downloads
Claudia Fischer, Hester F Lingsma, Perla J Marang- van de Mheen, Dionne S Kringos, Niek S Klazinga and Ewout W Steyerberg
Impact of NGO Training and Support Intervention on Diarrhoea Management Practices in a Rural Community of Bangladesh: An Uncontrolled, Single-Arm Trial pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ahmed S Rahman, Mohammad Rafiqul Islam, Tracey P Koehlmoos, Mohammad Jyoti Raihan, Mohammad Mehedi Hasan, Tahmeed Ahmed and Charles P Larson
Physical Activity during Work, Transport and Leisure in Germany - Prevalence and Socio-Demographic Correlates pp. 1-9 Downloads
Birgit Wallmann-Sperlich and Ingo Froboese
Australian Gay and Bisexual Men’s Attitudes to HIV Treatment as Prevention in Repeated, National Surveys, 2011-2013 pp. 1-9 Downloads
Martin Holt, Toby Lea, Dean A Murphy, Jeanne Ellard, Marsha Rosengarten, Susan C Kippax and John B F De Wit
A Motivational Determinant of Facial Emotion Recognition: Regulatory Focus Affects Recognition of Emotions in Faces pp. 1-9 Downloads
Claudia Sassenrath, Kai Sassenberg, Devin G Ray, Katharina Scheiter and Halszka Jarodzka
A Comparison between the EQ-5D and the SF-6D in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jing Chen, Carlos K H Wong, Sarah M McGhee, Polly K P Pang and Wai-Cho Yu
Efficacy of Distortion Correction on Diffusion Imaging: Comparison of FSL Eddy and Eddy_Correct Using 30 and 60 Directions Diffusion Encoding pp. 1-9 Downloads
Haruyasu Yamada, Osamu Abe, Takashi Shizukuishi, Junko Kikuta, Takahiro Shinozaki, Ko Dezawa, Akira Nagano, Masayuki Matsuda, Hiroki Haradome and Yoshiki Imamura
Partial versus Complete Fundoplication for the Correction of Pediatric GERD: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Peter Glen, Michaël Chassé, Mary-Anne Doyle, Ahmed Nasr and Dean A Fergusson
Identifying Genetic Variants for Heart Rate Variability in the Acetylcholine Pathway pp. 1-9 Downloads
Harriëtte Riese, Loretto M Muñoz, Catharina A Hartman, Xiuhua Ding, Shaoyong Su, Albertine J Oldehinkel, Arie M van Roon, Peter J van der Most, Joop Lefrandt, Ron T Gansevoort, Pim van der Harst, Niek Verweij, Carmilla M M Licht, Dorret I Boomsma, Jouke-Jan Hottenga, Gonneke Willemsen, Brenda W J H Penninx, Ilja M Nolte, Eco J C de Geus, Xiaoling Wang and Harold Snieder
Leucocyte Telomere Length and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: New Prospective Cohort Study and Literature-Based Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Peter Willeit, Julia Raschenberger, Emma E Heydon, Sotirios Tsimikas, Margot Haun, Agnes Mayr, Siegfried Weger, Joseph L Witztum, Adam S Butterworth, Johann Willeit, Florian Kronenberg and Stefan Kiechl
Health on the Web: Randomised Controlled Trial of Online Screening and Brief Alcohol Intervention Delivered in a Workplace Setting pp. 1-9 Downloads
Zarnie Khadjesari, Nick Freemantle, Stuart Linke, Rachael Hunter and Elizabeth Murray
Validation, Replication, and Sensitivity Testing of Heckman-Type Selection Models to Adjust Estimates of HIV Prevalence pp. 1-9 Downloads
Samuel J Clark and Brian Houle
Effects of Increased Von Willebrand Factor Levels on Primary Hemostasis in Thrombocytopenic Patients with Liver Cirrhosis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Andreas Wannhoff, Oliver J Müller, Kilian Friedrich, Christian Rupp, Petra Klöters-Plachky, Yvonne Leopold, Maik Brune, Mirja Senner, Karl-Heinz Weiss, Wolfgang Stremmel, Peter Schemmer, Hugo A Katus and Daniel N Gotthardt
Combination HIV Prevention among MSM in South Africa: Results from Agent-based Modeling pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ron Brookmeyer, David Boren, Stefan D Baral, Linda- Gail Bekker, Nancy Phaswana-Mafuya, Chris Beyrer and Patrick S Sullivan
Predictors of Children's Secondhand Smoke Exposure at Home: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis of the Evidence pp. 1-9 Downloads
Sophie Orton, Laura L Jones, Sue Cooper, Sarah Lewis and Tim Coleman
The Efficacy and Safety of Selective H1-Antihistamine versus Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist for Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yu Xu, Jixiang Zhang and Jun Wang
A Challenge for the Seed Mixture Refuge Strategy in Bt Maize: Impact of Cross-Pollination on an Ear-Feeding Pest, Corn Earworm pp. 1-9 Downloads
Fei Yang, David L Kerns, Graham P Head, B Rogers Leonard, Ronnie Levy, Ying Niu and Fangneng Huang
Discrimination of Influenza Infection (A/2009 H1N1) from Prior Exposure by Antibody Protein Microarray Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Dennis te Beest, Erwin de Bruin, Sandra Imholz, Jacco Wallinga, Peter Teunis, Marion Koopmans and Michiel van Boven
Re-Evaluation of the AASHTO-Flexible Pavement Design Equation with Neural Network Modeling pp. 1-9 Downloads
Mesut Tiğdemir
Fetal Alcohol Exposure Alters Proopiomelanocortin Gene Expression and Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis Function via Increasing MeCP2 Expression in the Hypothalamus pp. 1-9 Downloads
Omkaram Gangisetty, Rola Bekdash, George Maglakelidze and Dipak K Sarkar
Fragmented Romanian Sociology: Growth and Structure of the Collaboration Network pp. 1-9 Downloads
Marian-Gabriel Hâncean, Matjaž Perc and Lazăr Vlăsceanu
Functionalized Graphene Sheets As Immobilization Matrix for Fenugreek β-Amylase: Enzyme Kinetics and Stability Studies pp. 1-9 Downloads
Garima Srivastava, Kritika Singh, Mahe Talat, Onkar Nath Srivastava and Arvind M Kayastha
Inferring Meaningful Communities from Topology-Constrained Correlation Networks pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jose Sergio Hleap and Christian Blouin
Reliability Analysis of the Electrical Control System of Subsea Blowout Preventers Using Markov Models pp. 1-9 Downloads
Zengkai Liu, Yonghong Liu and Baoping Cai
Direct Comparison of Flow-FISH and qPCR as Diagnostic Tests for Telomere Length Measurement in Humans pp. 1-9 Downloads
Fernanda Gutierrez-Rodrigues, Bárbara A Santana-Lemos, Priscila S Scheucher, Raquel M Alves-Paiva and Rodrigo T Calado
Changes in Refractive Errors Related to Spectacle Correction of Hyperopia pp. 1-5 Downloads
Hee Kyung Yang, Jung Yeon Choi, Dae Hyun Kim and Jeong-Min Hwang
Strong Agreement of Nationally Recommended Retention Measures from the Institute of Medicine and Department of Health and Human Services pp. 1-5 Downloads
Peter F Rebeiro, Michael A Horberg, Stephen J Gange, Kelly A Gebo, Baligh R Yehia, John T Brooks, Kate Buchacz, Michael J Silverberg, John Gill, Richard D Moore, Keri N Althoff and for the North American AIDS Cohort Collaboration on Research and Design (NA-ACCORD)
The Effect of Online Violent Video Games on Levels of Aggression pp. 1-5 Downloads
Jack Hollingdale and Tobias Greitemeyer
A Novel Modular Bioreactor to In Vitro Study the Hepatic Sinusoid pp. 1-5 Downloads
Xavi Illa, Sergi Vila, Jose Yeste, Carmen Peralta, Jordi Gracia-Sancho and Rosa Villa
Species Distribution Models and Impact Factor Growth in Environmental Journals: Methodological Fashion or the Attraction of Global Change Science pp. 1-5 Downloads
Lluís Brotons
Immunization of Epidemics in Multiplex Networks pp. 1-5 Downloads
Dawei Zhao, Lianhai Wang, Shudong Li, Zhen Wang, Lin Wang and Bo Gao
Quantifying Human Mobility Perturbation and Resilience in Hurricane Sandy pp. 1-5 Downloads
Qi Wang and John E Taylor
Factors Associated with the Occurrence of Cardiac Arrest after Emergency Tracheal Intubation in the Emergency Department pp. 1-5 Downloads
Won Young Kim, Myoung Kwan Kwak, Byuk Sung Ko, Jae Chol Yoon, Chang Hwan Sohn, Kyoung Soo Lim, Lars W Andersen and Michael W Donnino
Clinical Features and Risk Factors for Atazanavir (ATV)-Associated Urolithiasis: A Case-Control Study pp. 1-5 Downloads
Matthieu Lafaurie, Barbara De Sousa, Diane Ponscarme, Nathanael Lapidus, Michel Daudon, Laurence Weiss, Christophe Rioux, Erwan Fourn, Christine Katlama and Jean-Michel Molina
Low Serum Cartonectin/CTRP3 Concentrations in Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: In Vivo Regulation of Cartonectin by Glucose pp. 1-5 Downloads
Bo Ban, Bo Bai, Manman Zhang, Jiamiao Hu, Manjunath Ramanjaneya, Bee K Tan and Jing Chen
Differentiation between Primary Cerebral Lymphoma and Glioblastoma Using the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient: Comparison of Three Different ROI Methods pp. 1-5 Downloads
Sung Jun Ahn, Hyun Joo Shin, Jong-Hee Chang and Seung-Koo Lee
Prevalence of NRT Use and Associated Nicotine Intake in Smokers, Recent Ex-Smokers and Longer-Term Ex-Smokers pp. 1-5 Downloads
Lion Shahab, Emma Beard, Jamie Brown and Robert West
Row for Your Life: A Century of Mortality Follow-Up of French Olympic Rowers pp. 1-5 Downloads
Juliana Antero-Jacquemin, François Deni Desgorces, Frédéric Dor, Adrien Sedeaud, Amal Haïda, Philippe LeVan and Jean-François Toussaint
A New Perspective on Sexual Mixing among Men Who Have Sex with Men by Body Image pp. 1-5 Downloads
Ka-Kit Leung, Horas T H Wong, Claire M Naftalin and Shui Shan Lee
A Novel Algorithm to Enhance P300 in Single Trials: Application to Lie Detection Using F-Score and SVM pp. 1-15 Downloads
Junfeng Gao, Hongjun Tian, Yong Yang, Xiaolin Yu, Chenhong Li and Nini Rao
The Effect of Probiotics Supplementation on Helicobacter pylori Eradication Rates and Side Effects during Eradication Therapy: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-15 Downloads
Yini Dang, Jan D Reinhardt, Xiaoying Zhou and Guoxin Zhang
A Systematic Review of Individual and Contextual Factors Affecting ART Initiation, Adherence, and Retention for HIV-Infected Pregnant and Postpartum Women pp. 1-15 Downloads
Ian Hodgson, Mary L Plummer, Sarah N Konopka, Christopher J Colvin, Edna Jonas, Jennifer Albertini, Anouk Amzel and Karen P Fogg
A Continuous Labour Supply Model in Microsimulation: A Life-Cycle Modelling Approach with Heterogeneity and Uncertainty Extension pp. 1-15 Downloads
Jinjing Li and Denisa Maria Sologon
Functional Vascular Changes of the Kidney during Pregnancy in Animals: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-15 Downloads
Joris van Drongelen, Rob de Vries, Frederik K Lotgering, Paul Smits and Marc E A Spaanderman
Removal of Pulse Artefact from EEG Data Recorded in MR Environment at 3T. Setting of ICA Parameters for Marking Artefactual Components: Application to Resting-State Data pp. 1-15 Downloads
Eleonora Maggioni, Jorge Arrubla, Tracy Warbrick, Jürgen Dammers, Anna M Bianchi, Gianluigi Reni, Michela Tosetti, Irene Neuner and N Jon Shah
Multisite Evaluation of Point of Care CD4 Testing in Papua New Guinea pp. 1-15 Downloads
Malin Malagun, Gideon Nano, Caroline Chevallier, Ragagalo Opina, Gola Sawiya, Joseph Kivavia, Albina Kalinoe, Kathalina Nathaniel, Oscillah Kaminiel, John Millan, Andrea Carmone, Mary Dini, Theresa Palou, Kum Topma, Evelyn Lavu and Jessica Markby
Analysis of Feature Intervisibility and Cumulative Visibility Using GIS, Bayesian and Spatial Statistics: A Study from the Mandara Mountains, Northern Cameroon pp. 1-15 Downloads
David K Wright, Scott MacEachern and Jaeyong Lee
Asymptotic Properties of Pearson's Rank-Variate Correlation Coefficient under Contaminated Gaussian Model pp. 1-15 Downloads
Rubao Ma, Weichao Xu, Yun Zhang and Zhongfu Ye
A New Method to Compare Statistical Tree Growth Curves: The PL-GMANOVA Model and Its Application with Dendrochronological Data pp. 1-15 Downloads
Martin Ricker, Víctor M Peña Ramírez and Dietrich von Rosen
Core Bioactive Components Promoting Blood Circulation in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Compound Xueshuantong Capsule (CXC) Based on the Relevance Analysis between Chemical HPLC Fingerprint and In Vivo Biological Effects pp. 1-15 Downloads
Hong Liu, Jie-ping Liang, Pei-bo Li, Wei Peng, Yao-yao Peng, Gao-min Zhang, Cheng-shi Xie, Chao-feng Long and Wei-wei Su
Evaluation of Gridded Precipitation Data for Driving SWAT Model in Area Upstream of Three Gorges Reservoir pp. 1-15 Downloads
Yan Yang, Guoqiang Wang, Lijing Wang, Jingshan Yu and Zongxue Xu
Community Structure Detection for Overlapping Modules through Mathematical Programming in Protein Interaction Networks pp. 1-15 Downloads
Laura Bennett, Aristotelis Kittas, Songsong Liu, Lazaros G Papageorgiou and Sophia Tsoka
The Extended Statistical Analysis of Toxicity Tests Using Standardised Effect Sizes (SESs): A Comparison of Nine Published Papers pp. 1-15 Downloads
Michael F W Festing
Development of a Screening Tool for Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children Using the Phone Oximeter™ pp. 1-15 Downloads
Ainara Garde, Parastoo Dehkordi, Walter Karlen, David Wensley, J Mark Ansermino and Guy A Dumont
A Unified Account of Perceptual Layering and Surface Appearance in Terms of Gamut Relativity pp. 1-15 Downloads
Tony Vladusich and Mark D McDonnell
Use of Two-Part Regression Calibration Model to Correct for Measurement Error in Episodically Consumed Foods in a Single-Replicate Study Design: EPIC Case Study pp. 1-15 Downloads
George O Agogo, Hilko van der Voet, Pieter van’t Veer, Pietro Ferrari, Max Leenders, David C Muller, Emilio Sánchez-Cantalejo, Christina Bamia, Tonje Braaten, Sven Knüppel, Ingegerd Johansson, Fred A van Eeuwijk and Hendriek Boshuizen
Uncertainty and Denial: A Resource-Rational Model of the Value of Information pp. 1-15 Downloads
Emma Pierson and Noah Goodman
The Three-Dimensional Morphological Effects of Captivity pp. 1-15 Downloads
Adam Hartstone-Rose, Hannah Selvey, Joseph R Villari, Madeline Atwell and Tammy Schmidt
A Meta-Analysis of the Relative Risk of Mortality for Type 1 Diabetes Patients Compared to the General Population: Exploring Temporal Changes in Relative Mortality pp. 1-15 Downloads
Tom W C Lung, Alison J Hayes, William H Herman, Lei Si, Andrew J Palmer and Philip M Clarke
Critical Assessment of the Evidence for Striped Nanoparticles pp. 1-18 Downloads
Julian Stirling, Ioannis Lekkas, Adam Sweetman, Predrag Djuranovic, Quanmin Guo, Brian Pauw, Josef Granwehr, Raphaël Lévy and Philip Moriarty
Automated Detection Framework of the Calcified Plaque with Acoustic Shadowing in IVUS Images pp. 1-18 Downloads
Zhifan Gao, Wei Guo, Xin Liu, Wenhua Huang, Heye Zhang, Ning Tan, William Kongto Hau, Yuan-Ting Zhang and Huafeng Liu
Hyperbolic Discounting: Value and Time Processes of Substance Abusers and Non-Clinical Individuals in Intertemporal Choice pp. 1-18 Downloads
Jiuqing Cheng and Claudia González-Vallejo
Cytoplasmic and/or Nuclear Expression of β-Catenin Correlate with Poor Prognosis and Unfavorable Clinicopathological Factors in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-18 Downloads
Jiang Chen, Jinghua Liu, Renan Jin, Jiliang Shen, Yuelong Liang, Rui Ma, Hui Lin, Xiao Liang, Hong Yu and Xiujun Cai
The Relative Impacts of Climate and Land-Use Change on Conterminous United States Bird Species from 2001 to 2075 pp. 1-18 Downloads
Terry L Sohl
Modelling Hen Harrier Dynamics to Inform Human-Wildlife Conflict Resolution: A Spatially-Realistic, Individual-Based Approach pp. 1-18 Downloads
Johannes P M Heinonen, Stephen C F Palmer, Steve M Redpath and Justin M J Travis
Three-Dimensional Computer Model of the Right Atrium Including the Sinoatrial and Atrioventricular Nodes Predicts Classical Nodal Behaviours pp. 1-18 Downloads
Jue Li, Shin Inada, Jurgen E Schneider, Henggui Zhang, Halina Dobrzynski and Mark R Boyett
Implementing Spatial Segregation Measures in R pp. 1-18 Downloads
Seong-Yun Hong, David O'Sullivan and Yukio Sadahiro
Learning Probabilistic Features for Robotic Navigation Using Laser Sensors pp. 1-21 Downloads
Fidel Aznar, Francisco A Pujol, Mar Pujol, Ramón Rizo and María-José Pujol
Interaction of Amyloid Inhibitor Proteins with Amyloid Beta Peptides: Insight from Molecular Dynamics Simulations pp. 1-21 Downloads
Payel Das, Seung-gu Kang, Sally Temple and Georges Belfort
Shape Mode Analysis Exposes Movement Patterns in Biology: Flagella and Flatworms as Case Studies pp. 1-21 Downloads
Steffen Werner, Jochen C Rink, Ingmar H Riedel-Kruse and Benjamin M Friedrich
Cardiac Myosin Binding Protein C Phosphorylation Affects Cross-Bridge Cycle's Elementary Steps in a Site-Specific Manner pp. 1-21 Downloads
Li Wang, Sakthivel Sadayappan and Masakata Kawai
Aggression and Affiliation during Social Conflict in Pigs pp. 1-21 Downloads
Irene Camerlink, Simon P Turner, Winanda W Ursinus, Inonge Reimert and J Elizabeth Bolhuis

Volume 9, issue 10, 2014

A Qualitative Study of Vaccine Acceptability and Decision Making among Pregnant Women in Morocco during the A (H1N1) pdm09 Pandemic pp. 1-6 Downloads
Anna-Leena Lohiniva, Amal Barakat, Erica Dueger, Suzanne Restrepo and Rajae El Aouad
Long Term Natural History Data in Ambulant Boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: 36-Month Changes pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Feeling What an Insect Feels pp. 1-6 Downloads
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The Scientific Impact of Nations: Journal Placement and Citation Performance pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Bayesian Analysis Using a Simple Likelihood Model Outperforms Parsimony for Estimation of Phylogeny from Discrete Morphological Data pp. 1-6 Downloads
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The Effects of the Shape and Size of the Clinical Target Volume on the Planning Target Volume Margin pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Cognitive Distance, Absorptive Capacity and Group Rationality: A Simulation Study pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty? How to Reverse the Effect of Glass Elongation on the Volume Poured pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Serum Levels of Caspase-Cleaved Cytokeratin-18 and Mortality Are Associated in Severe Septic Patients: Pilot Study pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Risking Your Life without a Second Thought: Intuitive Decision-Making and Extreme Altruism pp. 1-6 Downloads
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A Novel Method of Object Detection from a Moving Camera Based on Image Matching and Frame Coupling pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Degree Correlations in Directed Scale-Free Networks pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Informed Consent: How Much Awareness Is There? pp. 1-6 Downloads
Daniel Purcaru, Adrian Preda, Daniela Popa, Marius Alexandru Moga and Liliana Rogozea
Incentivizing the Public to Support Invasive Species Management: Eurasian Milfoil Reduces Lakefront Property Values pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Chinese Proprietary Herbal Medicine Listed in ‘China National Essential Drug List’ for Common Cold: A Systematic Literature Review pp. 1-6 Downloads
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On Scaling of Scientific Knowledge Production in U.S. Metropolitan Areas pp. 1-6 Downloads
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The Orthopaedic Trauma Patient Experience: A Qualitative Case Study of Orthopaedic Trauma Patients in Uganda pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Technical Performance Reduces during the Extra-Time Period of Professional Soccer Match-Play pp. 1-6 Downloads
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The Prevalence of and Factors Associated with Current Smoking among College of Health Sciences Students, Mekelle University in Northern Ethiopia pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Identifying Good Responders to Glucose Lowering Therapy in Type 2 Diabetes: Implications for Stratified Medicine pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Optimal Cooperation-Trap Strategies for the Iterated Rock-Paper-Scissors Game pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Removal of Fast Flowing Nitrogen from Marshes Restored in Sandy Soils pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Characterization and Compensation of Network-Level Anomalies in Mixed-Signal Neuromorphic Modeling Platforms pp. 1-30 Downloads
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Feature Selection for Speech Emotion Recognition in Spanish and Basque: On the Use of Machine Learning to Improve Human-Computer Interaction pp. 1-23 Downloads
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Energy Requirements of Adult Dogs: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-23 Downloads
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Robust Resilience and Substantial Interest: A Survey of Pharmacological Cognitive Enhancement among University Students in the UK and Ireland pp. 1-12 Downloads
Ilina Singh, Imre Bard and Jonathan Jackson
Obtaining Reliable Likelihood Ratio Tests from Simulated Likelihood Functions pp. 1-12 Downloads
Laura Mørch Andersen
Hyperandrogenemia in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Exploration of the Role of Free Testosterone and Androstenedione in Metabolic Phenotype pp. 1-12 Downloads
Elisabeth Lerchbaum, Verena Schwetz, Thomas Rabe, Albrecht Giuliani and Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch
Successful Application of Adaptive Emotion Regulation Skills Predicts the Subsequent Reduction of Depressive Symptom Severity but neither the Reduction of Anxiety nor the Reduction of General Distress during the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder pp. 1-12 Downloads
Carolin M Wirtz, Anna Radkovsky, David D Ebert and Matthias Berking
Life Course Socioeconomic Position and C-Reactive Protein: Mediating Role of Health-Risk Behaviors and Metabolic Alterations. The Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil) pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Labonnah Farzana Rahman, Mamun Bin Ibne Reaz, Chia Chieu Yin, Mohammad Alauddin Mohammad Ali and Mohammad Marufuzzaman
Modeling the Effect of Intra-Voxel Diffusion of Contrast Agent on the Quantitative Analysis of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging pp. 1-12 Downloads
Stephanie L Barnes, C Chad Quarles and Thomas E Yankeelov
Mechanism of the Exchange Reaction in HRAS from Multiscale Modeling pp. 1-12 Downloads
Abhijeet Kapoor and Alex Travesset
Measuring Long-Term Impact Based on Network Centrality: Unraveling Cinematic Citations pp. 1-12 Downloads
Andreas Spitz and Emőke-Ágnes Horvát
Postural Instability Detection: Aging and the Complexity of Spatial-Temporal Distributional Patterns for Virtually Contacting the Stability Boundary in Human Stance pp. 1-12 Downloads
Melissa C Kilby, Semyon M Slobounov and Karl M Newell
Cost-Effectiveness of Procedures for Treatment of Ostium Secundum Atrial Septal Defects Occlusion Comparing Conventional Surgery and Septal Percutaneous Implant pp. 1-12 Downloads
Márcia Gisele Santos da Costa, Marisa da Silva Santos, Flávia Mori Sarti, Kátia Marie Simões e Senna, Bernardo Rangel Tura and Marcelo Correia Goulart
Group-Living Herbivores Weigh Up Food Availability and Dominance Status when Making Patch-Joining Decisions pp. 1-12 Downloads
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The N-Pact Factor: Evaluating the Quality of Empirical Journals with Respect to Sample Size and Statistical Power pp. 1-12 Downloads
R Chris Fraley and Simine Vazire
Reciprocal Regulation of Epileptiform Neuronal Oscillations and Electrical Synapses in the Rat Hippocampus pp. 1-12 Downloads
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An Efficient Preparation of Mulberroside A from the Branch Bark of Mulberry and Its Effect on the Inhibition of Tyrosinase Activity pp. 1-12 Downloads
Shu Wang, Xian-Ming Liu, Jian Zhang and Yu-Qing Zhang
Cluster Analysis of Weighted Bipartite Networks: A New Copula-Based Approach pp. 1-12 Downloads
Alessandro Chessa, Irene Crimaldi, Massimo Riccaboni and Luca Trapin
Comparison of Phenology Models for Predicting the Onset of Growing Season over the Northern Hemisphere pp. 1-12 Downloads
Yang Fu, Haicheng Zhang, Wenjie Dong and Wenping Yuan
Vertical Profiles of Soil Water Content as Influenced by Environmental Factors in a Small Catchment on the Hilly-Gully Loess Plateau pp. 1-12 Downloads
Bing Wang, Fenxiang Wen, Jiangtao Wu, Xiaojun Wang and Yani Hu
Dose Schedule Optimization and the Pharmacokinetic Driver of Neutropenia pp. 1-12 Downloads
Mayankbhai Patel, Santhosh Palani, Arijit Chakravarty, Johnny Yang, Wen Chyi Shyu and Jerome T Mettetal
SAX-3 (Robo) and UNC-40 (DCC) Regulate a Directional Bias for Axon Guidance in Response to Multiple Extracellular Cues pp. 1-12 Downloads
Xia Tang and William G Wadsworth
Convolutional Virtual Electric Field for Image Segmentation Using Active Contours pp. 1-12 Downloads
Yuanquan Wang, Ce Zhu, Jiawan Zhang and Yuden Jian
High-Dose Cytarabine in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Treatment: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-12 Downloads
Wei Li, Xiaoyuan Gong, Mingyuan Sun, Xingli Zhao, Benfa Gong, Hui Wei, Yingchang Mi and Jianxiang Wang
Systematic Evaluation of the Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) Content of Clinical Trial Protocols pp. 1-12 Downloads
Derek Kyte, Helen Duffy, Benjamin Fletcher, Adrian Gheorghe, Rebecca Mercieca-Bebber, Madeleine King, Heather Draper, Jonathan Ives, Michael Brundage, Jane Blazeby and Melanie Calvert
Validation of the IHE Cohort Model of Type 2 Diabetes and the Impact of Choice of Macrovascular Risk Equations pp. 1-12 Downloads
Adam Lundqvist, Katarina Steen Carlsson, Pierre Johansen, Emelie Andersson and Michael Willis
AdaBoost Based Multi-Instance Transfer Learning for Predicting Proteome-Wide Interactions between Salmonella and Human Proteins pp. 1-12 Downloads
Suyu Mei and Hao Zhu
Quantitative Dynamic Modelling of the Gene Regulatory Network Controlling Adipogenesis pp. 1-12 Downloads
Yin Wang, Rudong Li, Chunguang Ji, Shuliang Shi, Yufan Cheng, Hong Sun and Yixue Li
Polymorphisms of an Innate Immune Gene, Toll-Like Receptor 4, and Aggressive Prostate Cancer Risk: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Juan Manuel Górriz, Javier Ramírez, Alberto Olivares, Pablo Padilla, Carlos G Puntonet, Manuel Cantón and Pablo Laguna
Remote Sensing Analysis of Vegetation Recovery following Short-Interval Fires in Southern California Shrublands pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Energy-Based Wavelet De-Noising of Hydrologic Time Series pp. 1-12 Downloads
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An Information Theoretic Clustering Approach for Unveiling Authorship Affinities in Shakespearean Era Plays and Poems pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Agent-Based Model of Human Alveoli Predicts Chemotactic Signaling by Epithelial Cells during Early Aspergillus fumigatus Infection pp. 1-12 Downloads
Johannes Pollmächer and Marc Thilo Figge
Factors That Drive Dentists towards or Away from Dental Caries Preventive Measures: Systematic Review and Metasummary pp. 1-1 Downloads
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Photosynthetic Diffusional Constraints Affect Yield in Drought Stressed Rice Cultivars during Flowering pp. 1-1 Downloads
Marco Lauteri, Matthew Haworth, Rachid Serraj, Maria Cristina Monteverdi and Mauro Centritto
Activity-Based Funding of Hospitals and Its Impact on Mortality, Readmission, Discharge Destination, Severity of Illness, and Volume of Care: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-1 Downloads
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Quantification of Heterogeneity as a Biomarker in Tumor Imaging: A Systematic Review pp. 1-1 Downloads
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Stability, Bifurcation and Chaos Analysis of Vector-Borne Disease Model with Application to Rift Valley Fever pp. 1-19 Downloads
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Presentation Accuracy of the Web Revisited: Animation Methods in the HTML5 Era pp. 1-19 Downloads
Pablo Garaizar, Miguel A Vadillo and Diego López- de-Ipiña
Non-Surgical Interventions for Adolescents with Idiopathic Scoliosis: An Overview of Systematic Reviews pp. 1-19 Downloads
Maciej Płaszewski and Josette Bettany-Saltikov
A Probabilistic Spatial Dengue Fever Risk Assessment by a Threshold-Based-Quantile Regression Method pp. 1-13 Downloads
Chuan-Hung Chiu, Tzai-Hung Wen, Lung-Chang Chien and Hwa-Lung Yu
Subvoxel Accurate Graph Search Using Non-Euclidean Graph Space pp. 1-13 Downloads
Michael D Abràmoff, Xiaodong Wu, Kyungmoo Lee and Li Tang
Non-Deterministic Modelling of Food-Web Dynamics pp. 1-13 Downloads
Benjamin Planque, Ulf Lindstrøm and Sam Subbey
Robust Selection of Cancer Survival Signatures from High-Throughput Genomic Data Using Two-Fold Subsampling pp. 1-13 Downloads
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A Compound Fault Diagnosis for Rolling Bearings Method Based on Blind Source Separation and Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition pp. 1-13 Downloads
Huaqing Wang, Ruitong Li, Gang Tang, Hongfang Yuan, Qingliang Zhao and Xi Cao
Imitation, Genetic Lineages, and Time Influenced the Morphological Evolution of the Violin pp. 1-13 Downloads
Daniel H Chitwood
The Challenges of Genome-Wide Interaction Studies: Lessons to Learn from the Analysis of HDL Blood Levels pp. 1-13 Downloads
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More Evidence on the Impact of India's Conditional Cash Transfer Program, Janani Suraksha Yojana: Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of the Effects on Childhood Immunization and Other Reproductive and Child Health Outcomes pp. 1-13 Downloads
Natalie Carvalho, Naveen Thacker, Subodh S Gupta and Joshua A Salomon
Determinants of Acceptance and Subsequent Uptake of the HPV Vaccine in a Cohort in Eldoret, Kenya pp. 1-13 Downloads
Heleen Vermandere, Violet Naanyu, Hillary Mabeya, Davy Vanden Broeck, Kristien Michielsen and Olivier Degomme
BioGPS Descriptors for Rational Engineering of Enzyme Promiscuity and Structure Based Bioinformatic Analysis pp. 1-13 Downloads
Valerio Ferrario, Lydia Siragusa, Cynthia Ebert, Massimo Baroni, Marco Foscato, Gabriele Cruciani and Lucia Gardossi
Testing Different Versions of the Affective Neuroscience Personality Scales in a Clinical Sample pp. 1-13 Downloads
Pedersen Geir, Johansen Merete Selsbakk, Wilberg Theresa and Karterud Sigmund
MuTE: A MATLAB Toolbox to Compare Established and Novel Estimators of the Multivariate Transfer Entropy pp. 1-13 Downloads
Alessandro Montalto, Luca Faes and Daniele Marinazzo
Burrows of the Semi-Terrestrial Crab Ucides cordatus Enhance CO2 Release in a North Brazilian Mangrove Forest pp. 1-13 Downloads
Nathalie Pülmanns, Karen Diele, Ulf Mehlig and Inga Nordhaus
Effects of the Mycotoxin Nivalenol on Bovine Articular Chondrocyte Metabolism In Vitro pp. 1-13 Downloads
Siyuan Li, Emma J Blain, Junling Cao, Bruce Caterson and Victor C Duance
Study on the Main Components Interaction from Flos Lonicerae and Fructus Forsythiae and Their Dissolution In Vitro and Intestinal Absorption in Rats pp. 1-13 Downloads
Wei Zhou, Xiaobin Tan, Jinjun Shan, Shouchuan Wang, Ailing Yin, Baochang Cai and Liuqing Di
Hypothyroidism and Its Rapid Correction Alter Cardiac Remodeling pp. 1-13 Downloads
Georges Hajje, Youakim Saliba, Tarek Itani, Majed Moubarak, Georges Aftimos and Nassim Farès
Using Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analyses in Socioecological Agent-Based Models to Improve Their Analytical Performance and Policy Relevance pp. 1-13 Downloads
Arika Ligmann-Zielinska, Daniel B Kramer, Kendra Spence Cheruvelil and Patricia A Soranno
Mobile Money, Smallholder Farmers, and Household Welfare in Kenya pp. 1-13 Downloads
Enoch M Kikulwe, Elisabeth Fischer and Matin Qaim
Efficacy and Safety of Oral Antidiabetic Drugs in Comparison to Insulin in Treating Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-13 Downloads
Nalinee Poolsup, Naeti Suksomboon and Muhammad Amin
What Has Finite Element Analysis Taught Us about Diabetic Foot Disease and Its Management? A Systematic Review pp. 1-13 Downloads
Scott Telfer, Ahmet Erdemir, James Woodburn and Peter R Cavanagh
Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) Assessment in Clinical Trials: A Systematic Review of Guidance for Trial Protocol Writers pp. 1-13 Downloads
Melanie Calvert, Derek Kyte, Helen Duffy, Adrian Gheorghe, Rebecca Mercieca-Bebber, Jonathan Ives, Heather Draper, Michael Brundage, Jane Blazeby and Madeleine King
A MINE Alternative to D-Optimal Designs for the Linear Model pp. 1-13 Downloads
Amanda M Bouffier, Jonathan Arnold and H Bernd Schüttler
Atlas-Based Quantification of Cardiac Remodeling Due to Myocardial Infarction pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Results of Observational Studies: Analysis of Findings from the Nurses’ Health Study pp. 1-13 Downloads
Vicky Tai, Andrew Grey and Mark J Bolland
Multilocus ISSR Markers Reveal Two Major Genetic Groups in Spanish and South African Populations of the Grapevine Fungal Pathogen Cadophora luteo-olivacea pp. 1-13 Downloads
David Gramaje, Maela León, Marcela Santana, Pedro W Crous and Josep Armengol
Psychological Determinants of Consumer Acceptance of Personalised Nutrition in 9 European Countries pp. 1-13 Downloads
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The Functions of Crucial Cysteine Residues in the Arsenite Methylation Catalyzed by Recombinant Human Arsenic (III) Methyltransferase pp. 1-13 Downloads
Shuping Wang, Zhirong Geng, Nan Shi, Xiangli Li and Zhilin Wang
Auditory Conflict Resolution Correlates with Medial–Lateral Frontal Theta/Alpha Phase Synchrony pp. 1-13 Downloads
Samantha Huang, Stephanie Rossi, Matti Hämäläinen and Jyrki Ahveninen
Accurate Assignment of Significance to Neuropeptide Identifications Using Monte Carlo K-Permuted Decoy Databases pp. 1-13 Downloads
Malik N Akhtar, Bruce R Southey, Per E Andrén, Jonathan V Sweedler and Sandra L Rodriguez-Zas
Defining Mediterranean and Black Sea Biogeochemical Subprovinces and Synthetic Ocean Indicators Using Mesoscale Oceanographic Features pp. 1-13 Downloads
Anne-Elise Nieblas, Kyla Drushka, Gabriel Reygondeau, Vincent Rossi, Hervé Demarcq, Laurent Dubroca and Sylvain Bonhommeau
Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Insertion/Deletion Polymorphism Is Not a Major Determining Factor in the Development of Sporadic Alzheimer Disease: Evidence from an Updated Meta-Analysis pp. 1-13 Downloads
Xue-bin Wang, Ning-hua Cui, Jie Yang, Xue-ping Qiu, Jia-jia Gao, Na Yang and Fang Zheng
Leisure in Children and Adolescents with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: A Systematic Review pp. 1-10 Downloads
Sabrina Cavallo, Karine Toupin April, Viviane Grandpierre, Annette Majnemer and Debbie Ehrmann Feldman
Estimating Typical Multiple Sclerosis Disability Progression Speed from Clinical Observations pp. 1-10 Downloads
Murray G Brown, Mark Asbridge, Vern Hicks, Sarah Kirby, Thomas J Murray, Pantelis Andreou and Dong Lin
Great Spotted Cuckoo Fledglings Often Receive Feedings from Other Magpie Adults than Their Foster Parents: Which Magpies Accept to Feed Foreign Cuckoo Fledglings? pp. 1-10 Downloads
Manuel Soler, Tomás Pérez-Contreras, Juan Diego Ibáñez-Álamo, Gianluca Roncalli, Elena Macías-Sánchez and Liesbeth de Neve
Dual Reward Prediction Components Yield Pavlovian Sign- and Goal-Tracking pp. 1-10 Downloads
Sivaramakrishnan Kaveri and Hiroyuki Nakahara
Role of Key TYMS Polymorphisms on Methotrexate Therapeutic Outcome in Portuguese Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients pp. 1-10 Downloads
Aurea Lima, Vítor Seabra, Miguel Bernardes, Rita Azevedo, Hugo Sousa and Rui Medeiros
Improving Retention of Very Old Participants in Longitudinal Research: Experiences from the Newcastle 85+ Study pp. 1-10 Downloads
Karen Davies, Andrew Kingston, Louise Robinson, Joan Hughes, Judith M Hunt, Sally A H Barker, June Edwards, Joanna Collerton, Carol Jagger and Thomas B L Kirkwood
The Effect of Pylorus Removal on Delayed Gastric Emptying after Pancreaticoduodenectomy: A Meta-Analysis of 2,599 Patients pp. 1-10 Downloads
Wenming Wu, Xiafei Hong, Lilan Fu, Shanglong Liu, Lei You, Li Zhou and Yupei Zhao
Adaptive Postural Control for Joint Immobilization during Multitask Performance pp. 1-10 Downloads
Wei-Li Hsu
A Multicenter Phase I/II Study of Obatoclax Mesylate Administered as a 3- or 24-Hour Infusion in Older Patients with Previously Untreated Acute Myeloid Leukemia pp. 1-10 Downloads
Aaron D Schimmer, Azra Raza, Thomas H Carter, David Claxton, Harry Erba, Daniel J DeAngelo, Martin S Tallman, Carolyn Goard and Gautam Borthakur
The Plasma B-Type Natriuretic Peptide Levels Are Low in Males with Stable Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) Compared to Those Observed in Patients with Non-IHD: A Retrospective Study pp. 1-10 Downloads
Kosuke Minai, Takayuki Ogawa, Makoto Kawai, Kimiaki Komukai, Toshikazu Tanaka, Kazuo Ogawa, Tomohisa Nagoshi, Satoshi Arase, Satoshi Morimoto, Yasunori Inoue, Hiroshi Sekiyama, Akihiro Urabe, Seiichiro Matsuo, Kenichi Hongo and Michihiro Yoshimura
Robust Prediction of Anti-Cancer Drug Sensitivity and Sensitivity-Specific Biomarker pp. 1-10 Downloads
Heewon Park, Teppei Shimamura, Satoru Miyano and Seiya Imoto
The Impact of Text Message Reminders on Adherence to Antimalarial Treatment in Northern Ghana: A Randomized Trial pp. 1-10 Downloads
Julia R G Raifman, Heather E Lanthorn, Slawa Rokicki and Günther Fink
A New SIR-Based Sigmoid Power Control Game in Cognitive Radio Networks pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yousef Ali Al-Gumaei, Kamarul Ariffin Noordin, Ahmed Wasif Reza and Kaharudin Dimyati
Altered Proteomic Polymorphisms in the Caterpillar Body and Stroma of Natural Cordyceps sinensis during Maturation pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yun-Zi Dong, Li-Juan Zhang, Zi-Mei Wu, Ling Gao, Yi-Sang Yao, Ning-Zhi Tan, Jian-Yong Wu, Luqun Ni and Jia-Shi Zhu
Trainable High Resolution Melt Curve Machine Learning Classifier for Large-Scale Reliable Genotyping of Sequence Variants pp. 1-10 Downloads
Pornpat Athamanolap, Vishwa Parekh, Stephanie I Fraley, Vatsal Agarwal, Dong J Shin, Michael A Jacobs, Tza-Huei Wang and Samuel Yang
Enhancing the Functional Content of Eukaryotic Protein Interaction Networks pp. 1-10 Downloads
Gaurav Pandey, Sonali Arora, Sahil Manocha and Sean Whalen
Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Drug Resistance Testing to Inform Switching to Second Line Antiretroviral Therapy in Low Income Settings pp. 1-10 Downloads
Andrew Phillips, Valentina Cambiano, Fumiyo Nakagawa, Travor Magubu, Alec Miners, Debbie Ford, Deenan Pillay, Andrea De Luca, Jens Lundgren and Paul Revill
A Survey of Chinese Citizens’ Perceptions on Farm Animal Welfare pp. 1-10 Downloads
Xiaolin You, Yibo Li, Min Zhang, Huoqi Yan and Ruqian Zhao
Mechanism and Function of Mixed-Mode Oscillations in Vibrissa Motoneurons pp. 1-10 Downloads
David Golomb
Cumulative Risks of Foster Care Placement for Danish Children pp. 1-10 Downloads
Peter Fallesen, Natalia Emanuel and Christopher Wildeman
Melatonin Enhances Photo-Oxidation of 2′,7′-Dichlorodihydrofluorescein by an Antioxidant Reaction That Renders N1-Acetyl-N2-Formyl-5-Methoxykynuramine (AFMK) pp. 1-10 Downloads
David Hevia, Juan C Mayo, Dun-Xian Tan, Aida Rodriguez-Garcia and Rosa M Sainz
Effects of Habitat-Forming Species Richness, Evenness, Identity, and Abundance on Benthic Intertidal Community Establishment and Productivity pp. 1-10 Downloads
Julie Lemieux and Mathieu Cusson
A Novel Weighted Total Difference Based Image Reconstruction Algorithm for Few-View Computed Tomography pp. 1-10 Downloads
Wei Yu and Li Zeng
The Effect of Self-Efficacy on Visual Discrimination Sensitivity pp. 1-10 Downloads
George Zacharopoulos, Nicola Binetti, Vincent Walsh and Ryota Kanai
Outcomes in Cochrane Systematic Reviews Addressing Four Common Eye Conditions: An Evaluation of Completeness and Comparability pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ian J Saldanha, Kay Dickersin, Xue Wang and Tianjing Li
Prospective Genotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from Fresh Clinical Samples pp. 1-10 Downloads
Urška Bidovec-Stojkovič, Katja Seme, Manca Žolnir-Dovč and Philip Supply
Titer on Chip: New Analytical Tool for Influenza Vaccine Potency Determination pp. 1-10 Downloads
Laura R Kuck, Michelle Sorensen, Erin Matthews, Indresh Srivastava, Manon M J Cox and Kathy L Rowlen
Associations between STAT3 rs744166 Polymorphisms and Susceptibility to Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-10 Downloads
Jixiang Zhang, Jianhong Wu, Xiulan Peng, Jia Song, Jun Wang and Weiguo Dong
Meta-Analysis of Associations of IL1 Receptor Antagonist and Estrogen Receptor Gene Polymorphisms with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Susceptibility pp. 1-10 Downloads
Li Cai, Jin-wei Zhang, Xing-xin Xue, Zhi-gang Wang, Jia-jia Wang, Shai-di Tang, Shao-wen Tang, Jie Wang, Yun Zhang and Xian Xia
Predictors of Exacerbations in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - Results from the Bergen COPD Cohort Study pp. 1-10 Downloads
Gunnar R Husebø, Per S Bakke, Marianne Aanerud, Jon A Hardie, Thor Ueland, Rune Grønseth, Louise J P Persson, Pål Aukrust and Tomas M Eagan
Injection of Fully-Defined Signal Mixtures: A Novel High-Throughput Tool to Study Neuronal Encoding and Computations pp. 1-10 Downloads
Vladimir Ilin, Ian H Stevenson and Maxim Volgushev
A Cellular Automaton Model for Tumor Dormancy: Emergence of a Proliferative Switch pp. 1-10 Downloads
Duyu Chen, Yang Jiao and Salvatore Torquato
HIV Testing Implementation in Two Urban Cities: Practice, Policy, and Perceived Barriers pp. 1-10 Downloads
Camden J Hallmark, Jennifer Skillicorn, Thomas P Giordano, Jessica A Davila, Marlene McNeese, Nestor Rocha, Avemaria Smith, Stacey Cooper and Amanda D Castel
Both Loved and Feared: Third Party Punishers Are Viewed as Formidable and Likeable, but These Reputational Benefits May Only Be Open to Dominant Individuals pp. 1-10 Downloads
David S Gordon, Joah R Madden and Stephen E G Lea
Reconstructing Local Population Dynamics in Noisy Metapopulations—The Role of Random Catastrophes and Allee Effects pp. 1-10 Downloads
Edmund M Hart and Leticia Avilés
The Impact of Vaccination and Antiviral Therapy on Hepatitis B and Hepatitis D Epidemiology pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ashish Goyal and John M Murray
Writing In and Reading ICU Diaries: Qualitative Study of Families' Experience in the ICU pp. 1-10 Downloads
Maité Garrouste-Orgeas, Antoine Périer, Philippe Mouricou, Charles Grégoire, Cédric Bruel, Sandie Brochon, François Philippart, Adeline Max and Benoit Misset
Meta-Analysis of the Prognostic Value of Smad4 Immunohistochemistry in Various Cancers pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yiping Du, Xin Zhou, Zebo Huang, Tianzhu Qiu, Jian Wang, Wei Zhu, Tongshan Wang and Ping Liu
The Shortlist Method for Fast Computation of the Earth Mover's Distance and Finding Optimal Solutions to Transportation Problems pp. 1-10 Downloads
Carsten Gottschlich and Dominic Schuhmacher
Overexpression of Wip1 Is Associated with Biologic Behavior in Human Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma pp. 1-10 Downloads
Sulai Liu, Lin Qi, Weqing Han, Xinxing Wan, Shusuan Jiang, Yuan Li, Yu Xie, Longfei Liu, Fuhua Zeng, Zhizhong Liu and Xiongbing Zu
The Dawn of Open Access to Phylogenetic Data pp. 1-10 Downloads
Andrew F Magee, Michael R May and Brian R Moore
Pre-Illness Isoflavone Consumption and Disease Risk of Ulcerative Colitis: A Multicenter Case-Control Study in Japan pp. 1-10 Downloads
Satoko Ohfuji, Wakaba Fukushima, Kenji Watanabe, Satoshi Sasaki, Hirokazu Yamagami, Masakazu Nagahori, Mamoru Watanabe, Yoshio Hirota and for the Japanese Case-Control Study Group for Ulcerative Colitis
Hydrophobicity and Aromaticity Are Primary Factors Shaping Variation in Amino Acid Usage of Chicken Proteome pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yousheng Rao, Zhangfeng Wang, Xuewen Chai, Qinghua Nie and Xiquan Zhang
Evaluating the Spatio-Temporal Factors that Structure Network Parameters of Plant-Herbivore Interactions pp. 1-10 Downloads
Antonio López-Carretero, Cecilia Díaz-Castelazo, Karina Boege and Víctor Rico-Gray
Macular Pigment Optical Density Measured by Heterochromatic Modulation Photometry pp. 1-10 Downloads
Cord Huchzermeyer, Juliane Schlomberg, Ulrich Welge-Lüssen, Tos T J M Berendschot, Joel Pokorny and Jan Kremers
Numerical Evaluation and Comparison of Kalantari's Zero Bounds for Complex Polynomials pp. 1-10 Downloads
Matthias Dehmer and Yury Robertovich Tsoy
Community Mobilisation and Empowerment Interventions as Part of HIV Prevention for Female Sex Workers in Southern India: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis pp. 1-10 Downloads
Anna Vassall, Sudhashree Chandrashekar, Michael Pickles, Tara S Beattie, Govindraj Shetty, Parinita Bhattacharjee, Marie-Claude Boily, Peter Vickerman, Janet Bradley, Michel Alary, Stephen Moses, India Group Charme and Charlotte Watts
Comparison of Total Variation with a Motion Estimation Based Compressed Sensing Approach for Self-Gated Cardiac Cine MRI in Small Animal Studies pp. 1-10 Downloads
Juan F P J Abascal, Paula Montesinos, Eugenio Marinetto, Javier Pascau and Manuel Desco
Factors Influencing Patient Pathways for Receipt of Cancer Care at an NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center pp. 1-10 Downloads
Elizabeth A Gage-Bouchard, Elisa M Rodriguez, Frances G Saad-Harfouche, Austin Miller and Deborah O Erwin
Area and Volumetric Density Estimation in Processed Full-Field Digital Mammograms for Risk Assessment of Breast Cancer pp. 1-10 Downloads
Abbas Cheddad, Kamila Czene, Mikael Eriksson, Jingmei Li, Douglas Easton, Per Hall and Keith Humphreys
Identification of Reference Proteins for Western Blot Analyses in Mouse Model Systems of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-P-Dioxin (TCDD) Toxicity pp. 1-10 Downloads
Stephenie D Prokopec, John D Watson, Raimo Pohjanvirta and Paul C Boutros
OxMaR: Open Source Free Software for Online Minimization and Randomization for Clinical Trials pp. 1-10 Downloads
Christopher A O’Callaghan
The Inequality Footprints of Nations: A Novel Approach to Quantitative Accounting of Income Inequality pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ali Alsamawi, Joy Murray, Manfred Lenzen, Daniel Moran and Keiichiro Kanemoto
Interaction between Genetic Predisposition to Adiposity and Dietary Protein in Relation to Subsequent Change in Body Weight and Waist Circumference pp. 1-10 Downloads
Mikkel Z Ankarfeldt, Sofus C Larsen, Lars Ängquist, Lise Lotte N Husemoen, Nina Roswall, Kim Overvad, Marianne Uhre Jakobsen, Jytte Halkjær, Anne Tjønneland, Allan Linneberg, Ulla Toft, Torben Hansen, Oluf Pedersen, Berit L Heitmann, Arne Astrup and Thorkild I A Sørensen
Traumatic Brain Injury in the Netherlands: Incidence, Costs and Disability-Adjusted Life Years pp. 1-10 Downloads
Annemieke C Scholten, Juanita A Haagsma, Martien J M Panneman, Ed F van Beeck and Suzanne Polinder
A Panel of Overexpressed Proteins for Prognosis in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma pp. 1-10 Downloads
Li Shang, Hui-Juan Liu, Jia-Jie Hao, Yan-Yi Jiang, Feng Shi, Yu Zhang, Yan Cai, Xin Xu, Xue-Mei Jia, Qi-Min Zhan and Ming-Rong Wang
How Health Behaviors Relate to Academic Performance via Affect: An Intensive Longitudinal Study pp. 1-10 Downloads
Lavinia Flueckiger, Roselind Lieb, Andrea H Meyer and Jutta Mata
Optimal Cutoff Values of WHO-HPQ Presenteeism Scores by ROC Analysis for Preventing Mental Sickness Absence in Japanese Prospective Cohort pp. 1-10 Downloads
Tomoko Suzuki, Koichi Miyaki, Yasuharu Sasaki, Yixuan Song, Akizumi Tsutsumi, Norito Kawakami, Akihito Shimazu, Masaya Takahashi, Akiomi Inoue, Sumiko Kurioka and Takuro Shimbo
Impact of Temporal Variation on Design and Analysis of Mouse Knockout Phenotyping Studies pp. 1-10 Downloads
Natasha A Karp, Anneliese O Speak, Jacqueline K White, David J Adams, Martin Hrabé de Angelis, Yann Hérault and Richard F Mott
Aspirin for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Events: Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials and Subgroup Analysis by Sex and Diabetes Status pp. 1-11 Downloads
Manling Xie, Zhilei Shan, Yan Zhang, Sijing Chen, Wei Yang, Wei Bao, Ying Rong, Xuefeng Yu, Frank B Hu and Liegang Liu
Isolated Assessment of Translation or Rotation Severely Underestimates the Effects of Subject Motion in fMRI Data pp. 1-11 Downloads
Marko Wilke
Exploration of Analysis Methods for Diagnostic Imaging Tests: Problems with ROC AUC and Confidence Scores in CT Colonography pp. 1-11 Downloads
Susan Mallett, Steve Halligan, Gary S Collins and Doug G Altman
Modeling the Cost Effectiveness of Malaria Control Interventions in the Highlands of Western Kenya pp. 1-11 Downloads
Erin M Stuckey, Jennifer Stevenson, Katya Galactionova, Amrish Y Baidjoe, Teun Bousema, Wycliffe Odongo, Simon Kariuki, Chris Drakeley, Thomas A Smith, Jonathan Cox and Nakul Chitnis
A New Model-Free Index of Dynamic Cerebral Blood Flow Autoregulation pp. 1-11 Downloads
Max Chacón, José Luis Jara and Ronney B Panerai
Cost Trend Analysis of Initial Cancer Treatment in Taiwan pp. 1-11 Downloads
Tsai-Yun Li, Jan-Sing Hsieh, King-Teh Lee, Ming-Feng Hou, Chia-Ling Wu, Hao-Yun Kao and Hon-Yi Shi
Efficiencies of Internet-Based Digital and Paper-Based Scientific Surveys and the Estimated Costs and Time for Different-Sized Cohorts pp. 1-11 Downloads
Constantin E Uhlig, Berthold Seitz, Nicole Eter, Julia Promesberger and Holger Busse
The Preference and Actual Use of Different Types of Rural Recreation Areas by Urban Dwellers—The Hamburg Case Study pp. 1-11 Downloads
Thiemen Boll, Christina von Haaren and Eick von Ruschkowski
Reconstruction of Ancestral Gene Orders Using Probabilistic and Gene Encoding Approaches pp. 1-11 Downloads
Ning Yang, Fei Hu, Lingxi Zhou and Jijun Tang
Who Pays for Health Care in China? The Case of Heilongjiang Province pp. 1-11 Downloads
Mingsheng Chen, Yuxin Zhao and Lei Si
Early Effects of Reward Anticipation Are Modulated by Dopaminergic Stimulation pp. 1-11 Downloads
Thore Apitz and Nico Bunzeck
Systematic Review of the Efficacy of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy Related Treatments for Victims of Natural Disasters: A Worldwide Problem pp. 1-11 Downloads
Alessandra Pereira Lopes, Tânia Fagundes Macedo, Evandro Silva Freire Coutinho, Ivan Figueira and Paula Rui Ventura
Break CDK2/Cyclin E1 Interface Allosterically with Small Peptides pp. 1-11 Downloads
Hao Chen, Yunjie Zhao, Haotian Li, Dongyan Zhang, Yanzhao Huang, Qi Shen, Rachel Van Duyne, Fatah Kashanchi, Chen Zeng and Shiyong Liu
Quantification of Left Ventricular Torsion and Diastolic Recoil Using Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Myocardial Feature Tracking pp. 1-11 Downloads
Johannes T Kowallick, Pablo Lamata, Shazia T Hussain, Shelby Kutty, Michael Steinmetz, Jan M Sohns, Martin Fasshauer, Wieland Staab, Christina Unterberg-Buchwald, Boris Bigalke, Joachim Lotz, Gerd Hasenfuß and Andreas Schuster
Blood Tracer Kinetics in the Arterial Tree pp. 1-11 Downloads
Elias Kellner, Peter Gall, Matthias Günther, Marco Reisert, Irina Mader, Roman Fleysher and Valerij G Kiselev
Acylation Stimulating Protein, Complement C3 and Lipid Metabolism in Ketosis-Prone Diabetic Subjects pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yan Liu, Priyanka Gupta, Marc Lapointe, Thewjitcharoen Yotsapon, Sunthornyothin Sarat and Katherine Cianflone
Genome-Wide Association Studies Using Haplotypes and Individual SNPs in Simmental Cattle pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yang Wu, Huizhong Fan, Yanhui Wang, Lupei Zhang, Xue Gao, Yan Chen, Junya Li, HongYan Ren and Huijiang Gao
Joint Probability Analysis of Extreme Precipitation and Storm Tide in a Coastal City under Changing Environment pp. 1-11 Downloads
Kui Xu, Chao Ma, Jijian Lian and Lingling Bin
A Validated Age-Related Normative Model for Male Total Testosterone Shows Increasing Variance but No Decline after Age 40 Years pp. 1-11 Downloads
Thomas W Kelsey, Lucy Q Li, Rod T Mitchell, Ashley Whelan, Richard A Anderson and W Hamish B Wallace
The Role of Colony Size on Tunnel Branching Morphogenesis in Ant Nests pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jacques Gautrais, Jérôme Buhl, Sergi Valverde, Pascale Kuntz and Guy Theraulaz
Analysis of Schizophrenia Data Using A Nonlinear Threshold Index Logistic Model pp. 1-11 Downloads
Zhenyu Jiang, Chengan Du, Assen Jablensky, Hua Liang, Zudi Lu, Yang Ma and Kok Lay Teo
Improved Methodical Approach for Quantitative BRET Analysis of G Protein Coupled Receptor Dimerization pp. 1-11 Downloads
Bence Szalai, Péter Hoffmann, Susanne Prokop, László Erdélyi, Péter Várnai and László Hunyady
The Impact of Prophylactic Dexamethasone on Nausea and Vomiting after Thyroidectomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Zhenhong Zou, Yuming Jiang, Mingjia Xiao and Ruiyao Zhou
Association between TLR4 (+896A/G and +1196C/T) Polymorphisms and Gastric Cancer Risk: An Updated Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Quan Zhou, Chenchen Wang, Xiaofeng Wang, Xiongyan Wu, Zhenggang Zhu, Bingya Liu and Liping Su
Unmet Needs of People with Severe Multiple Sclerosis and Their Carers: Qualitative Findings for a Home-Based Intervention pp. 1-11 Downloads
Claudia Borreani, Elisabetta Bianchi, Erika Pietrolongo, Ilaria Rossi, Sabina Cilia, Miranda Giuntoli, Andrea Giordano, Paolo Confalonieri, Alessandra Lugaresi, Francesco Patti, Maria Grazia Grasso, Laura Lopes de Carvalho, Lucia Palmisano, Paola Zaratin, Mario Alberto Battaglia, Alessandra Solari and on behalf of the PeNSAMI Project
Comparison of Regression Methods for Modeling Intensive Care Length of Stay pp. 1-11 Downloads
Ilona W M Verburg, Nicolette F de Keizer, Evert de Jonge and Niels Peek
Covariance of Charged Amino Acids at Positions 322 and 440 of HIV-1 Env Contributes to Coreceptor Specificity of Subtype B Viruses, and Can Be Used to Improve the Performance of V3 Sequence-Based Coreceptor Usage Prediction Algorithms pp. 1-11 Downloads
Kieran Cashin, Jasminka Sterjovski, Katherine L Harvey, Paul A Ramsland, Melissa J Churchill and Paul R Gorry
Prediction of Gastric Cancer Development by Serum Pepsinogen Test and Helicobacter pylori Seropositivity in Eastern Asians: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Teruhiko Terasawa, Hiroshi Nishida, Katsuaki Kato, Isao Miyashiro, Takaki Yoshikawa, Reo Takaku and Chisato Hamashima
Impact of miR-21, miR-126 and miR-221 as Prognostic Factors of Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma with Tumor Thrombus of the Inferior Vena Cava pp. 1-11 Downloads
Daniel Claudius Vergho, Susanne Kneitz, Charis Kalogirou, Maximilian Burger, Markus Krebs, Andreas Rosenwald, Martin Spahn, Andreas Löser, Arkadius Kocot, Hubertus Riedmiller and Burkhard Kneitz
Evaluation of Publicly Financed and Privately Delivered Model of Emergency Referral Services for Maternal and Child Health Care in India pp. 1-11 Downloads
Shankar Prinja, Pankaj Bahuguna, P V M Lakshmi, Tushar Mokashi, Arun Kumar Aggarwal, Manmeet Kaur, K Rahul Reddy and Rajesh Kumar
Views on Researcher-Community Engagement in Autism Research in the United Kingdom: A Mixed-Methods Study pp. 1-11 Downloads
Elizabeth Pellicano, Adam Dinsmore and Tony Charman
Caregivers’ Health Literacy and Gaps in Children’s Medicaid Enrollment: Findings from the Carolina Oral Health Literacy Study pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jessica Y Lee, Kimon Divaris, Darren A DeWalt, A Diane Baker, Ziya Gizlice, R Gary Rozier and William F Vann
Reputation and Competition in a Hidden Action Model pp. 1-11 Downloads
Alessandro Fedele and Piero Tedeschi
Anti-Inflammatory Properties of the Medicinal Mushroom Cordyceps militaris Might Be Related to Its Linear (1→3)-β-D-Glucan pp. 1-11 Downloads
Fhernanda R Smiderle, Cristiane H Baggio, Débora G Borato, Arquimedes P Santana-Filho, Guilherme L Sassaki, Marcello Iacomini and Leo J L D Van Griensven
To What Extent Do Financial Strain and Labour Force Status Explain Social Class Inequalities in Self-Rated Health? Analysis of 20 Countries in the European Social Survey pp. 1-11 Downloads
Richard J Shaw, Michaela Benzeval and Frank Popham
Sex Differences in General Knowledge: Meta-Analysis and New Data on the Contribution of School-Related Moderators among High-School Students pp. 1-11 Downloads
Ulrich S Tran, Agnes A Hofer and Martin Voracek
Establishment and Assessment of New Formulas for Energy Consumption Estimation in Adult Burn Patients pp. 1-11 Downloads
Peng Xi, Wang Kaifa, Zhang Yong, Yan Hong, Wang Chao, Song Lijuan, Wang Hongyu, Wu Dan, Jiang Hua and Wang Shiliang
An In Silico Agent-Based Model Demonstrates Reelin Function in Directing Lamination of Neurons during Cortical Development pp. 1-11 Downloads
James R Caffrey, Barry D Hughes, Joanne M Britto and Kerry A Landman
Maternal Benzene Exposure during Pregnancy and Risk of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Meta-Analysis of Epidemiologic Studies pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yanfeng Zhou, Shaozun Zhang, Zhen Li, Jie Zhu, Yongyi Bi, YuE Bai and Hong Wang
Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Cardiometabolic Risks and Health-Related Quality of Life among Urban Premenopausal Women in a Tropical Country – A Randomized Controlled Trial pp. 1-11 Downloads
Mazliza Ramly, Moy Foong Ming, Karuthan Chinna, Suhaili Suboh and Rokiah Pendek
Galvanic Manufacturing in the Cities of Russia: Potential Source of Ambient Nanoparticles pp. 1-11 Downloads
Kirill S Golokhvast and Anna A Shvedova
Economic Evaluation of an Area-Wide Integrated Pest Management Program to Control the Asian Tiger Mosquito in New Jersey pp. 1-11 Downloads
Donald S Shepard, Yara A Halasa, Dina M Fonseca, Ary Farajollahi, Sean P Healy, Randy Gaugler, Kristen Bartlett-Healy, Daniel A Strickman and Gary G Clark
Biotic Interactions Overrule Plant Responses to Climate, Depending on the Species' Biogeography pp. 1-11 Downloads
Astrid Welk, Erik Welk and Helge Bruelheide
The Loss of Efficiency Caused by Agents’ Uncoordinated Routing in Transport Networks pp. 1-11 Downloads
Zhongzhi Xu, Li Sun, Junjie Wang and Pu Wang
Influence of the Mechanical Properties of Third-Generation Artificial Turf Systems on Soccer Players’ Physiological and Physical Performance and Their Perceptions pp. 1-11 Downloads
Javier Sánchez-Sánchez, Jorge García-Unanue, Pedro Jiménez-Reyes, Ana Gallardo, Pablo Burillo, José Luis Felipe and Leonor Gallardo
ITEPE: A Source Tracing Algorithm for the Microblog pp. 1-11 Downloads
Xueyan Zhou, Jing Yang, Zehong Lin and Jianpei Zhang
Global Invasion of Lantana camara: Has the Climatic Niche Been Conserved across Continents? pp. 1-11 Downloads
Estefany Goncalves, Ileana Herrera, Milén Duarte, Ramiro O Bustamante, Margarita Lampo, Grisel Velásquez, Gyan P Sharma and Shaenandhoa García-Rangel
Efficacy and Safety of Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitors in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients with Moderate to Severe Renal Impairment: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Dongsheng Cheng, Yang Fei, Yumei Liu, Junhui Li, Yuqiang Chen, Xiaoxia Wang and Niansong Wang
Complication Probability Models for Radiation-Induced Heart Valvular Dysfunction: Do Heart-Lung Interactions Play a Role? pp. 1-11 Downloads
Laura Cella, Giuseppe Palma, Joseph O Deasy, Jung Hun Oh, Raffaele Liuzzi, Vittoria D’Avino, Manuel Conson, Novella Pugliese, Marco Picardi, Marco Salvatore and Roberto Pacelli
An Epistemology on the Nature of Polymers pp. 1-22 Downloads
Mortéza Laridjani and Pierre Leboucher
Local Distributions of Wealth to Describe Health Inequalities in India: A New Approach for Analyzing Nationally Representative Household Survey Data, 1992–2008 pp. 1-22 Downloads
Diego G Bassani, Daniel J Corsi, Michelle F Gaffey and Aluisio J D Barros
Wing Shape of Four New Bee Fossils (Hymenoptera: Anthophila) Provides Insights to Bee Evolution pp. 1-16 Downloads
Manuel Dehon, Denis Michez, André Nel, Michael S Engel and Thibaut De Meulemeester
Comparison of the Abiotic Preferences of Macroinvertebrates in Tropical River Basins pp. 1-16 Downloads
Gert Everaert, Jan De Neve, Pieter Boets, Luis Dominguez-Granda, Seid Tiku Mereta, Argaw Ambelu, Thu Huong Hoang, Peter L M Goethals and Olivier Thas
Comparison of Amino Acids Physico-Chemical Properties and Usage of Late Embryogenesis Abundant Proteins, Hydrophilins and WHy Domain pp. 1-16 Downloads
Emmanuel Jaspard and Gilles Hunault
Clinical Practice Guidelines and Consensus Statements in Oncology – An Assessment of Their Methodological Quality pp. 1-16 Downloads
Carmel Jacobs, Ian D Graham, Julie Makarski, Michaël Chassé, Dean Fergusson, Brian Hutton and Mark Clemons
Stress-Induced Changes in the Expression of the Clock Protein PERIOD1 in the Rat Limbic Forebrain and Hypothalamus: Role of Stress Type, Time of Day, and Predictability pp. 1-16 Downloads
Sherin Al-Safadi, Aya Al-Safadi, Marie Branchaud, Spencer Rutherford, Arun Dayanandan, Barry Robinson and Shimon Amir
Exploring the Relationship between the Engineering and Physical Sciences and the Health and Life Sciences by Advanced Bibliometric Methods pp. 1-16 Downloads
Ludo Waltman, Anthony F J van Raan and Sue Smart
The Actin-Sequestering Protein Thymosin Beta-4 Is a Novel Target of Hypoxia-Inducible Nitric Oxide and HIF-1α Regulation pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yun-Kyoung Ryu, Joo-Hyun Kang and Eun-Yi Moon
Prognostic Role of Common MicroRNA Polymorphisms in Cancers: Evidence from a Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Lingzi Xia, Yangwu Ren, Xue Fang, Zhihua Yin, Xuelian Li, Wei Wu, Peng Guan and Baosen Zhou
Physical Activity and Bone Mineral Accrual in Boys with Different Body Mass Parameters during Puberty: A Longitudinal Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Donvina Vaitkeviciute, Evelin Lätt, Jarek Mäestu, Toivo Jürimäe, Meeli Saar, Priit Purge, Katre Maasalu and Jaak Jürimäe
A Novel Test for Independence Derived from an Exact Distribution of ith Nearest Neighbours pp. 1-8 Downloads
Sebastian Dümcke, Ulrich Mansmann and Achim Tresch
Gene-Based Rare Allele Analysis Identified a Risk Gene of Alzheimer’s Disease pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jong Hun Kim, Pamela Song, Hyunsun Lim, Jae-Hyung Lee, Jun Hong Lee, Sun Ah Park and for the Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
Early Treatment Response in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Using Diffusion-Weighted Imaging and Functional Diffusion Maps – A Feasibility Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Carolin Reischauer, Johannes Malte Froehlich, Miklos Pless, Christoph Andreas Binkert, Dow-Mu Koh and Andreas Gutzeit
Homocysteine as a Risk Factor for Hypertension: A 2-Year Follow-Up Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yixuan Wang, Shuohua Chen, Tao Yao, DongQing Li, YanXiu Wang, YuQing Li, ShouLing Wu and Jun Cai
The Concordance of Care for Age Related Macular Degeneration with the Chronic Care Model: A Multi-Centered Cross-Sectional Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Stefan Markun, Elisabeth Brändle, Avraham Dishy, Thomas Rosemann and Anja Frei
Factors Influencing Sleep Disturbances among Spouse Caregivers of Cancer Patients in Northeast China pp. 1-8 Downloads
Quanzhi Zhang, Dazhi Yao, Jinwei Yang and Yuqiu Zhou
Ability of Nafamostat Mesilate to Prolong Filter Patency during Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy in Patients at High Risk of Bleeding: A Randomized Controlled Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yong Kyu Lee, Hae Won Lee, Kyu Hun Choi and Beom Seok Kim
Association of Drug Transporter Expression with Mortality and Progression-Free Survival in Stage IV Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma pp. 1-8 Downloads
Rolf Warta, Dirk Theile, Carolin Mogler, Esther Herpel, Niels Grabe, Bernd Lahrmann, Peter K Plinkert, Christel Herold-Mende, Johanna Weiss and Gerhard Dyckhoff
Risk Factors for Delayed Entrance into Care after Diagnosis among Patients with Late-Stage HIV Disease in Southern Vietnam pp. 1-8 Downloads
Suresh Rangarajan, Hoang Nguyen Bao Tram, Catherine S Todd, Tran Thinh, Hung Van, Pham Thanh Hieu, Tran My Hanh, Khong Minh Chau, Nguyen Danh Lam, Pham Tri Hung, Gary West and Donn Colby
Valproic Acid and Fatalities in Children: A Review of Individual Case Safety Reports in VigiBase pp. 1-8 Downloads
Kristina Star, I Ralph Edwards and Imti Choonara
Critical Role of Exogenous Nitric Oxide in ROCK Activity in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells pp. 1-8 Downloads
Tatsuya Maruhashi, Kensuke Noma, Yumiko Iwamoto, Akimichi Iwamoto, Nozomu Oda, Masato Kajikawa, Takeshi Matsumoto, Takayuki Hidaka, Yasuki Kihara, Kazuaki Chayama, Ayumu Nakashima, Chikara Goto, James K Liao and Yukihito Higashi
The Influence of Partner-Specific Memory Associations on Picture Naming: A Failure to Replicate Horton (2007) pp. 1-8 Downloads
Sarah Brown-Schmidt and William S Horton
Association of Common Variants in TCF4 and PTPRG with Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Lawrence C M Lau, Li Ma, Alvin L Young, Shi Song Rong, Vishal Jhanji, Marten E Brelen, Chi Pui Pang and Li Jia Chen
Cost-Effectiveness of Colorectal Cancer Screening Protocols in Urban Chinese Populations pp. 1-8 Downloads
Weidong Huang, Guoxiang Liu, Xin Zhang, Wenqi Fu, Shu Zheng, Qunhong Wu, Chaojie Liu, Yang Liu, Shanrong Cai and Yanqin Huang
Self-Organization on Social Media: Endo-Exo Bursts and Baseline Fluctuations pp. 1-8 Downloads
Mizuki Oka, Yasuhiro Hashimoto and Takashi Ikegami
Contextual Risk Factors for Low Birth Weight: A Multilevel Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Gbenga A Kayode, Mary Amoakoh-Coleman, Irene Akua Agyepong, Evelyn Ansah, Diederick E Grobbee and Kerstin Klipstein-Grobusch
Association of Serum MicroRNA Expression in Hepatocellular Carcinomas Treated with Transarterial Chemoembolization and Patient Survival pp. 1-8 Downloads
Mei Liu, Jibing Liu, Liming Wang, Huiyong Wu, Changchun Zhou, Hongxia Zhu, Ningzhi Xu and Yinfa Xie
Risk Factors of Developmental Defects of Enamel-A Prospective Cohort Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Hai Ming Wong, Si-Min Peng, Yi Feng Wen, Nigel M King and Colman P J McGrath
Malignant Lymphatic and Hematopoietic Neoplasms Mortality in Serbia, 1991–2010: A Joinpoint Regression Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Milena Ilic and Irena Ilic
Electronic Medical Record Cancer Incidence over Six Years Comparing New Users of Glargine with New Users of NPH Insulin pp. 1-8 Downloads
Soo Lim, Katherine G Stember, Wei He, Porneala C Bianca, Carine Yelibi, Alison Marquis, Til Stürmer, John B Buse and James B Meigs
Low Birth Weight Is a Risk Factor for Severe Retinopathy of Prematurity Depending on Gestational Age pp. 1-8 Downloads
Pia Lundgren, Anna Kistner, Eva M Andersson, Ingrid Hansen Pupp, Gerd Holmström, David Ley, Aimon Niklasson, Lois E H Smith, Carolyn Wu, Ann Hellström and Chatarina Löfqvist
The Association between HbA1c, Fasting Glucose, 1-Hour Glucose and 2-Hour Glucose during an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test and Cardiovascular Disease in Individuals with Elevated Risk for Diabetes pp. 1-8 Downloads
Marcus Lind, Jaakko Tuomilehto, Matti Uusitupa, Olle Nerman, Johan Eriksson, Pirjo Ilanne-Parikka, Sirkka Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, Markku Peltonen, Aldina Pivodic and Jaana Lindström
Overexpression of MicroRNA-200c Predicts Poor Outcome in Patients with PR-Negative Breast Cancer pp. 1-8 Downloads
Marie Tuomarila, Kaisa Luostari, Ylermi Soini, Vesa Kataja, Veli-Matti Kosma and Arto Mannermaa
Improved Detection of Magnetic Signals by a MEMS Sensor Using Stochastic Resonance pp. 1-8 Downloads
Agustín L Herrera-May, Jesus A Tapia, Saúl M Domínguez-Nicolás, Raul Juarez-Aguirre, Edmundo A Gutierrez-D, Amira Flores, Eduard Figueras and Elias Manjarrez
Remembering the Object You Fear: Brain Potentials during Recognition of Spiders in Spider-Fearful Individuals pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jaroslaw M Michalowski, Mathias Weymar and Alfons O Hamm
Factors Predisposing to Maxillary Anchorage Loss: A Retrospective Study of 1403 Cases pp. 1-8 Downloads
Hong Su, Bing Han, Sa Li, Bin Na, Wen Ma and Tian-Min Xu
Calcifications of the Thoracic Aorta on Extended Non-Contrast-Enhanced Cardiac CT pp. 1-8 Downloads
Damian Craiem, Gilles Chironi, Mariano E Casciaro, Sebastian Graf and Alain Simon
Condition Dependent Effects on Sex Allocation and Reproductive Effort in Sequential Hermaphrodites pp. 1-8 Downloads
Lock Rogers and Alan Koch
Systemic Adverse Events after Intravitreal Bevacizumab versus Ranibizumab for Age-Related Macular Degeneration: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Wei Wang and Xiulan Zhang
Early versus Deferred Treatment for Smoldering Multiple Myeloma: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized, Controlled Trials pp. 1-8 Downloads
Minjie Gao, Guang Yang, Tompkins Van S, Lu Gao, Xiaosong Wu, Yi Tao, Xiaojing Hu, Jun Hou, Ying Han, Hongwei Xu, Fenghuang Zhan and Jumei Shi
Impact of Walking on Glycemic Control and Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Type 2 Diabetes: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Shanhu Qiu, Xue Cai, Uwe Schumann, Martina Velders, Zilin Sun and Jürgen Michael Steinacker
Geographic Variation of Failure-to-Rescue in Public Acute Hospitals in New South Wales, Australia pp. 1-8 Downloads
Hassan Assareh, Lixin Ou, Jack Chen, Kenneth Hillman, Arthas Flabouris and Stephanie J Hollis
Validation of Reference Housekeeping Genes for Gene Expression Studies in Western Corn Rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera) pp. 1-8 Downloads
Thaís Barros Rodrigues, Chitvan Khajuria, Haichuan Wang, Natalie Matz, Danielle Cunha Cardoso, Fernando Hercos Valicente, Xuguo Zhou and Blair Siegfried
Invitation Choice Structure Has No Impact on Attendance in a Female Business Training Program in Kenya pp. 1-8 Downloads
Faizan Diwan, Grace Makana, David McKenzie and Silvia Paruzzolo
Mediastinal Lymph Node Dissection versus Mediastinal Lymph Node Sampling for Early Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Xiongfeng Huang, Jianmin Wang, Qiao Chen and Jielin Jiang
Physical Activity during Pregnancy and Offspring Neurodevelopment and IQ in the First 4 Years of Life pp. 1-8 Downloads
Marlos R Domingues, Alicia Matijasevich, Aluísio J D Barros, Iná S Santos, Bernardo L Horta and Pedro C Hallal
Poor Survival in Rheumatoid Arthritis Associated with Bronchiectasis: A Family-Based Cohort Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Xavier Puéchal, Emmanuelle Génin, Thierry Bienvenu, Claire Le Jeunne and Daniel J Dusser
Efficient Unrestricted Identity-Based Aggregate Signature Scheme pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yumin Yuan, Qian Zhan and Hua Huang
Contact between Doctors and the Pharmaceutical Industry, Their Perceptions, and the Effects on Prescribing Habits pp. 1-8 Downloads
Klaus Lieb and Armin Scheurich
Risk of Hospitalization for Community Acquired Pneumonia with Renin-Angiotensin Blockade in Elderly Patients: A Population-Based Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Sachin Shah, Eric McArthur, Alexandra Farag, Michael Nartey, Jamie L Fleet, Greg A Knoll, S Joseph Kim, Amit X Garg and Arsh K Jain
Diagnostic Work-Up of Neurological Syndromes in a Rural African Setting: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Health Care Providers pp. 1-8 Downloads
Alain Mpanya, Marleen Boelaert, Sylvain Baloji, Junior Matangila, Symphorien Lubanza, Emmanuel Bottieau, François Chappuis, Pascal Lutumba and David Hendrickx
Grasping without Sight: Insights from the Congenitally Blind pp. 1-8 Downloads
Kayla D Stone and Claudia L R Gonzalez
Why Are Medical and Health-Related Studies Not Being Published? A Systematic Review of Reasons Given by Investigators pp. 1-8 Downloads
Fujian Song, Yoon Loke and Lee Hooper
Not As Good as You Think? Trait Positive Emotion Is Associated with Increased Self-Reported Empathy but Decreased Empathic Performance pp. 1-8 Downloads
Hillary C Devlin, Jamil Zaki, Desmond C Ong and June Gruber
Development of Two Barthel Index-Based Supplementary Scales for Patients with Stroke pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ya-Chen Lee, Sheng-Shiung Chen, Chia-Lin Koh, I-Ping Hsueh, Kai-Ping Yao and Ching-Lin Hsieh
Cost-Effectiveness of Thrombolysis within 4.5 Hours of Acute Ischemic Stroke in China pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yuesong Pan, Qidong Chen, Xingquan Zhao, Xiaoling Liao, Chunjuan Wang, Wanliang Du, Gaifen Liu, Liping Liu, Chunxue Wang, Yilong Wang, Yongjun Wang and for the TIMS-CHINA Investigators
Vitreous and Plasma VEGF Levels as Predictive Factors in the Progression of Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy after Vitrectomy pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jiaxing Wang, Song Chen, Feng Jiang, Caiyun You, Chunjie Mao, Jinguo Yu, Jindong Han, Zhuhong Zhang and Hua Yan
Modeling of Novel Diagnostic Strategies for Active Tuberculosis – A Systematic Review: Current Practices and Recommendations pp. 1-8 Downloads
Alice Zwerling, Richard G White, Anna Vassall, Ted Cohen, David W Dowdy and Rein M G J Houben
The Association of HMGB1 Expression with Clinicopathological Significance and Prognosis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Meta-Analysis and Literature Review pp. 1-8 Downloads
Lu Zhang, Jianjun Han, Huiyong Wu, Xiaohong Liang, Jianxin Zhang, Jian Li, Li Xie, Yinfa Xie, Xiugui Sheng and Jinming Yu
Association between Adolescents' Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors with Change in BMI and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes pp. 1-8 Downloads
Paul H Lee
Know Thy Neighbor: Costly Information Can Hurt Cooperation in Dynamic Networks pp. 1-8 Downloads
Alberto Antonioni, Maria Paula Cacault, Rafael Lalive and Marco Tomassini
Pesticide Exposure as a Risk Factor for Myelodysplastic Syndromes: A Meta-Analysis Based on 1,942 Cases and 5,359 Controls pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jie Jin, Mengxia Yu, Chao Hu, Li Ye, Lili Xie, Jin Jin, Feifei Chen and Hongyan Tong
Similarity from Multi-Dimensional Scaling: Solving the Accuracy and Diversity Dilemma in Information Filtering pp. 1-8 Downloads
Wei Zeng, An Zeng, Hao Liu, Ming-Sheng Shang and Yi-Cheng Zhang
Influence of Municipality-Level Mean Income on Access to Aortic Valve Surgery: A Cross-Sectional Observational Study under Japan's Universal Health-Care Coverage pp. 1-8 Downloads
Seitetsu L Lee, Hideki Hashimoto, Takahide Kohro, Hiromasa Horiguchi, Daisuke Koide, Issei Komuro, Kiyohide Fushimi, Tsutomu Yamazaki and Hideo Yasunaga
Always Gamble on an Empty Stomach: Hunger Is Associated with Advantageous Decision Making pp. 1-8 Downloads
Denise de Ridder, Floor Kroese, Marieke Adriaanse and Catharine Evers
One Size Fits All? Standardised Provision of Care for Survivors of Sexual Violence in Conflict and Post-Conflict Areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jerlie Loko Roka, Rafael Van den Bergh, Sokhieng Au, Eva De Plecker, Rony Zachariah, Marcel Manzi, Vincent Lambert, Elias Abi-Aad, Kassi Nanan-N’Zeth, Serge Nzuya, Brigitte Omba, Charly Shako, Derick MuishaBaroki, Jean Paul Basimuoneye, Didier Amudiandroy Moke, Emmanuel Lampaert, Lucien Masangu and Anja De Weggheleire
Local Population Characteristics and Hemoglobin A1c Testing Rates among Diabetic Medicare Beneficiaries pp. 1-8 Downloads
Laura C Yasaitis, Thomas Bubolz, Jonathan S Skinner and Amitabh Chandra
Use of CHADS2 and CHA2DS2-VASc Scores to Predict Subsequent Myocardial Infarction, Stroke, and Death in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome: Data from Taiwan Acute Coronary Syndrome Full Spectrum Registry pp. 1-8 Downloads
Su-Kiat Chua, Huey-Ming Lo, Chiung-Zuan Chiu and Kou-Gi Shyu
Comparison of Gunshot Entrance Morphologies Caused by.40-Caliber Smith & Wesson,.380-Caliber, and 9-mm Luger Bullets: A Finite Element Analysis Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Rodrigo Ivo Matoso, Alexandre Rodrigues Freire, Leonardo Soriano de Mello Santos, Eduardo Daruge Junior, Ana Claudia Rossi and Felippe Bevilacqua Prado
Dispersal Ability Determines the Role of Environmental, Spatial and Temporal Drivers of Metacommunity Structure pp. 1-8 Downloads
André A Padial, Fernanda Ceschin, Steven A J Declerck, Luc De Meester, Cláudia C Bonecker, Fabio A Lansac-Tôha, Liliana Rodrigues, Luzia C Rodrigues, Sueli Train, Luiz F M Velho and Luis M Bini
Early Prediction of Intensive Care Unit–Acquired Weakness Using Easily Available Parameters: A Prospective Observational Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Luuk Wieske, Esther Witteveen, Camiel Verhamme, Daniela S Dettling-Ihnenfeldt, Marike van der Schaaf, Marcus J Schultz, Ivo N van Schaik and Janneke Horn
Interspecific Neighbor Interactions Promote the Positive Diversity-Productivity Relationship in Experimental Grassland Communities pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yuhua Zhang, Yongfan Wang and Shixiao Yu
Using the WHO Essential Medicines List to Assess the Appropriateness of Insurance Coverage Decisions: A Case Study of the Croatian National Medicine Reimbursement List pp. 1-8 Downloads
Antonia Jeličić Kadić, Maja Žanić, Nataša Škaričić and Ana Marušić
Independent Relationship between Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) Dimerization and γ-Secretase Processivity pp. 1-8 Downloads
Joo In Jung, Sasha Premraj, Pedro E Cruz, Thomas B Ladd, Yewon Kwak, Edward H Koo, Kevin M Felsenstein, Todd E Golde and Yong Ran
Persistence of Health Inequalities in Childhood Injury in the UK; A Population-Based Cohort Study of Children under 5 pp. 1-8 Downloads
Elizabeth Orton, Denise Kendrick, Joe West and Laila J Tata
Optimization of Tagged MRI for Quantification of Liver Stiffness Using Computer Simulated Data pp. 1-8 Downloads
Serena Monti, Giuseppe Palma, Monica Ragucci, Lorenzo Mannelli, Marcello Mancini and Anna Prinster
Combining Physicochemical and Evolutionary Information for Protein Contact Prediction pp. 1-15 Downloads
Michael Schneider and Oliver Brock
Validating and Extending the Three Process Model of Alertness in Airline Operations pp. 1-15 Downloads
Michael Ingre, Wessel Van Leeuwen, Tomas Klemets, Christer Ullvetter, Stephen Hough, Göran Kecklund, David Karlsson and Torbjörn Åkerstedt
Distributed Patterns of Event-Related Potentials Predict Subsequent Ratings of Abstract Stimulus Attributes pp. 1-15 Downloads
Stefan Bode, Daniel Bennett, Jutta Stahl and Carsten Murawski
Sequential Application of Ligand and Structure Based Modeling Approaches to Index Chemicals for Their hH4R Antagonism pp. 1-15 Downloads
Matteo Pappalardo, Nir Shachaf, Livia Basile, Danilo Milardi, Mouhammed Zeidan, Jamal Raiyn, Salvatore Guccione and Anwar Rayan
Directional Influence between the Human Amygdala and Orbitofrontal Cortex at the Time of Decision-Making pp. 1-15 Downloads
Rick L Jenison
Virtual Reality Based Support System for Layout Planning and Programming of an Industrial Robotic Work Cell pp. 1-15 Downloads
Hwa Jen Yap, Zahari Taha, Siti Zawiah Md Dawal and Siow-Wee Chang
A Closed-Loop Model of the Respiratory System: Focus on Hypercapnia and Active Expiration pp. 1-15 Downloads
Yaroslav I Molkov, Natalia A Shevtsova, Choongseok Park, Alona Ben-Tal, Jeffrey C Smith, Jonathan E Rubin and Ilya A Rybak
Optimized Method for Preparation of IgG-Binding Bacterial Magnetic Nanoparticles pp. 1-15 Downloads
Denis S Grouzdev, Marina V Dziuba, Denis V Kurek, Alexander I Ovchinnikov, Nadezhda A Zhigalova, Boris B Kuznetsov and Konstantin G Skryabin
Effects of Exercise Modalities on Arterial Stiffness and Wave Reflection: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-15 Downloads
Ammar W Ashor, Jose Lara, Mario Siervo, Carlos Celis-Morales and John C Mathers
A Machine Learning Approach to Identify Clinical Trials Involving Nanodrugs and Nanodevices from pp. 1-15 Downloads
Diana de la Iglesia, Miguel García-Remesal, Alberto Anguita, Miguel Muñoz-Mármol, Casimir Kulikowski and Víctor Maojo
Impact of Physical Exercise on Substance Use Disorders: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-15 Downloads
Dongshi Wang, Yanqiu Wang, Yingying Wang, Rena Li and Chenglin Zhou
The Efficacy of Resiliency Training Programs: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Trials pp. 1-15 Downloads
Aaron L Leppin, Pavithra R Bora, Jon C Tilburt, Michael R Gionfriddo, Claudia Zeballos-Palacios, Megan M Dulohery, Amit Sood, Patricia J Erwin, Juan Pablo Brito, Kasey R Boehmer and Victor M Montori
Simulation Studies as Designed Experiments: The Comparison of Penalized Regression Models in the “Large p, Small n” Setting pp. 1-21 Downloads
Elias Chaibub Neto, J Christopher Bare and Adam A Margolin
Reflex Control of Robotic Gait Using Human Walking Data pp. 1-21 Downloads
Catherine A Macleod, Lin Meng, Bernard A Conway and Bernd Porr
The Functional Connectivity Landscape of the Human Brain pp. 1-21 Downloads
Bratislav Mišić, Zainab Fatima, Mary K Askren, Martin Buschkuehl, Nathan Churchill, Bernadine Cimprich, Patricia J Deldin, Susanne Jaeggi, Misook Jung, Michele Korostil, Ethan Kross, Katherine M Krpan, Scott Peltier, Patricia A Reuter-Lorenz, Stephen C Strother, John Jonides, Anthony R McIntosh and Marc G Berman
Unintended Consequences of Incentive Provision for Behaviour Change and Maintenance around Childbirth pp. 1-21 Downloads
Gill Thomson, Heather Morgan, Nicola Crossland, Linda Bauld, Fiona Dykes, Pat Hoddinott and on behalf of the BIBS Team
Using Multi-Compartment Ensemble Modeling As an Investigative Tool of Spatially Distributed Biophysical Balances: Application to Hippocampal Oriens-Lacunosum/Moleculare (O-LM) Cells pp. 1-18 Downloads
Vladislav Sekulić, J Josh Lawrence and Frances K Skinner
Involvement of Tumor Macrophage HIFs in Chemotherapy Effectiveness: Mathematical Modeling of Oxygen, pH, and Glutathione pp. 1-18 Downloads
Duan Chen, Andrey A Bobko, Amy C Gross, Randall Evans, Clay B Marsh, Valery V Khramtsov, Timothy D Eubank and Avner Friedman
Estimation of Global Network Statistics from Incomplete Data pp. 1-18 Downloads
Catherine A Bliss, Christopher M Danforth and Peter Sheridan Dodds
On the Dynamics of the Adenylate Energy System: Homeorhesis vs Homeostasis pp. 1-18 Downloads
Ildefonso M De la Fuente, Jesús M Cortés, Edelmira Valero, Mathieu Desroches, Serafim Rodrigues, Iker Malaina and Luis Martínez
LINE-1 Hypomethylation in Blood and Tissue Samples as an Epigenetic Marker for Cancer Risk: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-18 Downloads
Martina Barchitta, Annalisa Quattrocchi, Andrea Maugeri, Manlio Vinciguerra and Antonella Agodi
Optimal Chemotherapy for Leukemia: A Model-Based Strategy for Individualized Treatment pp. 1-18 Downloads
Devaraj Jayachandran, Ann E Rundell, Robert E Hannemann, Terry A Vik and Doraiswami Ramkrishna
Active Semi-Supervised Community Detection Based on Must-Link and Cannot-Link Constraints pp. 1-18 Downloads
Jianjun Cheng, Mingwei Leng, Longjie Li, Hanhai Zhou and Xiaoyun Chen
Quantitative Cross-Species Extrapolation between Humans and Fish: The Case of the Anti-Depressant Fluoxetine pp. 1-18 Downloads
Luigi Margiotta-Casaluci, Stewart F Owen, Rob I Cumming, Anna de Polo, Matthew J Winter, Grace H Panter, Mariann Rand-Weaver and John P Sumpter
Sex Differences in Orienting to Pictures with and without Humans: Evidence from the Cardiac Evoked Response (ECR) and the Cortical Long Latency Parietal Positivity (LPP) pp. 1-17 Downloads
Monika Althaus, Yvonne Groen, Lutske van der Schaft, Ruud B Minderaa, Oliver Tucha, Lambertus J M Mulder and Albertus A Wijers
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Risk and Insecticide, Fungicide and Fumigant Use in the Agricultural Health Study pp. 1-17 Downloads
Michael C R Alavanja, Jonathan N Hofmann, Charles F Lynch, Cynthia J Hines, Kathryn H Barry, Joseph Barker, Dennis W Buckman, Kent Thomas, Dale P Sandler, Jane A Hoppin, Stella Koutros, Gabriella Andreotti, Jay H Lubin, Aaron Blair and Laura E Beane Freeman
Random-Effects, Fixed-Effects and the within-between Specification for Clustered Data in Observational Health Studies: A Simulation Study pp. 1-17 Downloads
Joseph L Dieleman and Tara Templin
Assessing and Responding to Palliative Care Needs in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa: Results from a Model Intervention and Situation Analysis in Malawi pp. 1-17 Downloads
Michael E Herce, Shekinah N Elmore, Noel Kalanga, James W Keck, Emily B Wroe, Atupere Phiri, Alishya Mayfield, Felix Chingoli, Jason A Beste, Listern Tengatenga, Junior Bazile, Eric L Krakauer and Jonas Rigodon
The Paradox of Music-Evoked Sadness: An Online Survey pp. 1-17 Downloads
Liila Taruffi and Stefan Koelsch
MitProNet: A Knowledgebase and Analysis Platform of Proteome, Interactome and Diseases for Mammalian Mitochondria pp. 1-17 Downloads
Jiabin Wang, Jian Yang, Song Mao, Xiaoqiang Chai, Yuling Hu, Xugang Hou, Yiheng Tang, Cheng Bi and Xiao Li
Altered Functional Response to Risky Choice in HIV Infection pp. 1-17 Downloads
Colm G Connolly, Amanda Bischoff-Grethe, Stephan J Jordan, Steven Paul Woods, Ronald J Ellis, Martin P Paulus, Igor Grant and for The Translational Methamphetamine AIDS Research Center (TMARC) Group
GIANT: A Cytoscape Plugin for Modular Networks pp. 1-7 Downloads
Fabio Cumbo, Paola Paci, Daniele Santoni, Luisa Di Paola and Alessandro Giuliani
Alcohol Consumption and the Neoplastic Progression in Barrett's Esophagus: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Zhifeng Lou, Haibo Xing and Da Li
Live to Work or Love to Work: Work Craving and Work Engagement pp. 1-7 Downloads
Kamila Wojdylo, Nicola Baumann, Lis Fischbach and Stefan Engeser
Socioeconomic Disparity in Breast Cancer Detection in Hong Kong – A High Income City: Retrospective Epidemiological Study Using the Breast Cancer Registry pp. 1-7 Downloads
Josette Sin Yee Chor, Holly Ching Yu Lam, Amy Chan, Hang Mei Lee, Eliza Fok, Sian Griffiths and Polly Cheung
Predictability in Cellular Automata pp. 1-7 Downloads
Alexandru Agapie, Anca Andreica, Camelia Chira and Marius Giuclea
Leukoaraiosis Significantly Worsens Driving Performance of Ordinary Older Drivers pp. 1-7 Downloads
Kimihiko Nakano, Kaechang Park, Rencheng Zheng, Fang Fang, Masanori Ohori, Hiroki Nakamura, Yasuhiho Kumagai, Hiroshi Okada, Kazuhiko Teramura, Satoshi Nakayama, Akinori Irimajiri, Hiroshi Taoka and Satoshi Okada
Utility of the Physical Examination in Detecting Pulmonary Hypertension. A Mixed Methods Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Rebecca Colman, Heather Whittingham, George Tomlinson and John Granton
Assessing T Cell Clonal Size Distribution: A Non-Parametric Approach pp. 1-7 Downloads
Olesya V Bolkhovskaya, Daniil Yu Zorin and Mikhail V Ivanchenko
The Effect of Tensile Stress on the Conformational Free Energy Landscape of Disulfide Bonds pp. 1-7 Downloads
Padmesh Anjukandi, Przemyslaw Dopieralski, Jordi Ribas–Arino and Dominik Marx
Self-Assembly of Mesoscale Isomers: The Role of Pathways and Degrees of Freedom pp. 1-7 Downloads
Shivendra Pandey, Daniel Johnson, Ryan Kaplan, Joseph Klobusicky, Govind Menon and David H Gracias
Director Field Model of the Primary Visual Cortex for Contour Detection pp. 1-7 Downloads
Vijay Singh, Martin Tchernookov, Rebecca Butterfield and Ilya Nemenman
The Complex Emergency Database: A Global Repository of Small-Scale Surveys on Nutrition, Health and Mortality pp. 1-7 Downloads
Chiara Altare and Debarati Guha-Sapir
Trajectories of HbA1c Levels in Children and Youth with Type 1 Diabetes pp. 1-7 Downloads
Orit Pinhas-Hamiel, Uri Hamiel, Valentina Boyko, Chana Graph-Barel, Brian Reichman and Liat Lerner-Geva
Peroxidase-Like Catalytic Activity of Ag3PO4 Nanocrystals Prepared by a Colloidal Route pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yuanjun Liu, Guoxing Zhu, Jing Yang, Aihua Yuan and Xiaoping Shen
Development of a Likelihood of Survival Scoring System for Hospitalized Equine Neonates Using Generalized Boosted Regression Modeling pp. 1-7 Downloads
Katarzyna A Dembek, Samuel D Hurcombe, Michele L Frazer, Peter R Morresey and Ramiro E Toribio
What Goes in Must Come out: Testing for Biases in Molecular Analysis of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Communities pp. 1-7 Downloads
T E Anne Cotton, Alex J Dumbrell and Thorunn Helgason
Odorants for Surveillance and Control of the Asian Citrus Psyllid (Diaphorina citri) pp. 1-7 Downloads
Iliano V Coutinho-Abreu, Lisa Forster, Tom Guda and Anandasankar Ray
Evaluation of the Highly Variable Agomelatine Pharmacokinetics in Chinese Healthy Subjects to Support Bioequivalence Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Qi Pei, Yan Wang, Zhe-Yi Hu, Shi-Kun Liu, Hong-Yi Tan, Cheng-Xian Guo, Ran-Ran Zhang, Yu-Xia Xiang, Jie Huang, Lu Huang, Hong Yuan and Guo-Ping Yang
The Relationship between Brain Morphology and Polysomnography in Healthy Good Sleepers pp. 1-7 Downloads
Matthias A Reinhard, Wolfram Regen, Chiara Baglioni, Christoph Nissen, Bernd Feige, Jürgen Hennig, Dieter Riemann and Kai Spiegelhalder
The Growing Price Gap between More and Less Healthy Foods: Analysis of a Novel Longitudinal UK Dataset pp. 1-7 Downloads
Nicholas R V Jones, Annalijn I Conklin, Marc Suhrcke and Pablo Monsivais
A Small-Scale Comparison of Iceland Scallop Size Distributions Obtained from a Camera Based Autonomous Underwater Vehicle and Dredge Survey pp. 1-7 Downloads
Warsha Singh, Erla B Örnólfsdóttir and Gunnar Stefansson
Monte Carlo Study of Radiation Dose Enhancement by Gadolinium in Megavoltage and High Dose Rate Radiotherapy pp. 1-7 Downloads
Daniel G Zhang, Vladimir Feygelman, Eduardo G Moros, Kujtim Latifi and Geoffrey G Zhang
Dual Effects of Alpha-Arbutin on Monophenolase and Diphenolase Activities of Mushroom Tyrosinase pp. 1-7 Downloads
Liang Qin, Yang Wu, Youting Liu, Yiming Chen and Peng Zhang
The Support for Smoke Free Policy and How It Is Influenced by Tolerance to Smoking – Experience of a Developing Country pp. 1-7 Downloads
Abdul Rashid, Azizah Ab Manan, Noorlia Yahya and Lailanor Ibrahim
Prospect Theory for Online Financial Trading pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yang-Yu Liu, Jose C Nacher, Tomoshiro Ochiai, Mauro Martino and Yaniv Altshuler
Sleep Quality during Exam Stress: The Role of Alcohol, Caffeine and Nicotine pp. 1-7 Downloads
Matthias Zunhammer, Peter Eichhammer and Volker Busch
Reliability of Corneal Dynamic Scheimpflug Analyser Measurements in Virgin and Post-PRK Eyes pp. 1-7 Downloads
Xiangjun Chen, Aleksandar Stojanovic, Yanjun Hua, Jon Roger Eidet, Di Hu, Jingting Wang and Tor Paaske Utheim
Effect of Publicly Reporting Performance Data of Medicine Use on Injection Use: A Quasi-Experimental Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Xuan Wang, Yuqing Tang, Xiaopeng Zhang, Xi Yin, Xin Du and Xinping Zhang
Effect of Pioglitazone on In-Stent Restenosis after Coronary Drug-Eluting Stent Implantation: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ming-duo Zhang, Yu-hui Zhang, En-jun Zhu, Shi-bin Qiao, Shu-zheng Lv and Quan-ming Zhao
Linking of Primary Care Records to Census Data to Study the Association between Socioeconomic Status and Cancer Incidence in Southern Europe: A Nation-Wide Ecological Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Maria Garcia-Gil, Josep-Maria Elorza, Marta Banque, Marc Comas-Cufí, Jordi Blanch, Rafel Ramos, Leonardo Méndez-Boo, Eduardo Hermosilla, Bonaventura Bolibar and Daniel Prieto-Alhambra
Sample Size Determination for Individual Bioequivalence Inference pp. 1-7 Downloads
Chieh Chiang, Chin-Fu Hsiao and Jen-Pei Liu
Multi-Targeted Antiangiogenic Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors in Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Meta-Analyses of 20 Randomized Controlled Trials and Subgroup Analyses pp. 1-7 Downloads
Wenhua Liang, Xuan Wu, Shaodong Hong, Yaxiong Zhang, Shiyang Kang, Wenfeng Fang, Tao Qin, Yan Huang, Hongyun Zhao and Li Zhang
Comparison of Serological Response to Doxycycline versus Benzathine Penicillin G in the Treatment of Early Syphilis in HIV-Infected Patients: A Multi-Center Observational Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Jen-Chih Tsai, Yu-Huei Lin, Po-Liang Lu, Ni-Jiin Shen, Chia-Jui Yang, Nan-Yao Lee, Hung-Jen Tang, Yuag-Meng Liu, Wen-Chi Huang, Chen-Hsiang Lee, Wen-Chien Ko, Yen-Hsu Chen, Hsi-Hsun Lin, Tun-Chieh Chen and Chien-Ching Hung
Rubber Hand Illusion Reduces Discomfort Caused by Cold Stimulus pp. 1-7 Downloads
Marta Siedlecka, Anna Klimza, Marta Łukowska and Michał Wierzchoń
Cognitive Ability and the Demand for Redistribution pp. 1-7 Downloads
Johanna Mollerstrom and David Seim
Development and Validation of the Pre-Hospital Stroke Symptoms Coping Test pp. 1-7 Downloads
Qiuli Zhao, Li Yang, Xiao Zhang, Xuemei Zhu, Qingqing Zuo, Yanni Wu, Liu Yang, Wei Gao, Minghui Li and Shanshan Cheng
Comparison of Statistical and Clinical Predictions of Functional Outcome after Ischemic Stroke pp. 1-7 Downloads
Douglas D Thompson, Gordon D Murray, Cathie L M Sudlow, Martin Dennis and William N Whiteley
Accuracy of Estimation of Graft Size for Living-Related Liver Transplantation: First Results of a Semi-Automated Interactive Software for CT-Volumetry pp. 1-7 Downloads
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IV t-PA Influences Infarct Volume in Minor Stroke: A Pilot Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Kersten Villringer, Ulrike Grittner, Lars-Arne Schaafs, Christian H Nolte, Heinrich Audebert and Jochen B Fiebach
The Andersen Aerobic Fitness Test: Reliability and Validity in 10-Year-Old Children pp. 1-7 Downloads
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Imitative Learning as a Connector of Collective Brains pp. 1-7 Downloads
José F Fontanari
Has the Prevalence of Migraine Changed over the Last Decade (2003–2012)? A Spanish Population-Based Survey pp. 1-7 Downloads
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Neural Network Cascade Optimizes MicroRNA Biomarker Selection for Nasopharyngeal Cancer Prognosis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Wenliang Zhu and Xuan Kan
Caspase Cleavage Sites in the Human Proteome: CaspDB, a Database of Predicted Substrates pp. 1-7 Downloads
Sonu Kumar, Bram J van Raam, Guy S Salvesen and Piotr Cieplak
Infants Distinguish Antisocial Actions Directed towards Fair and Unfair Agents pp. 1-7 Downloads
Marek Meristo and Luca Surian
Comparison of Long-Term Survival and Toxicity of Cisplatin Delivered Weekly versus Every Three Weeks Concurrently with Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma pp. 1-7 Downloads
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Outbreak of Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis Caused by Human Adenovirus Type 56, China, 2012 pp. 1-7 Downloads
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Identifying Predictors of Early Growth Response and Adverse Radiation Effects of Vestibular Schwannomas to Radiosurgery pp. 1-7 Downloads
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Energy Detection Based on Undecimated Discrete Wavelet Transform and Its Application in Magnetic Anomaly Detection pp. 1-7 Downloads
Xinhua Nie, Zhongming Pan, Dasha Zhang, Han Zhou, Min Chen and Wenna Zhang
Improving Understanding of and Adherence to Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Patients with COPD: A Qualitative Inquiry of Patient and Health Professional Perspectives pp. 1-7 Downloads
Su-Er Guo and Anne Bruce
Posterior Cerebral Artery Angle and the Rupture of Basilar Tip Aneurysms pp. 1-7 Downloads
Allen L Ho, Amr Mouminah and Rose Du
Assessment of Patient-Specific Surgery Effect Based on Weighted Estimation and Propensity Scoring in the Re-Analysis of the Sciatica Trial pp. 1-7 Downloads
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Health Transformation Project and Defensive Medicine Practice among Neurosurgeons in Turkey pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ihsan Solaroglu, Yusuf Izci, H Gokce Yeter, M Mert Metin and G Evren Keles
Whole Brain Radiotherapy Plus Concurrent Chemotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients with Brain Metastases: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Hong Qin, Feng Pan, Jianjun Li, Xiaoli Zhang, Houjie Liang and Zhihua Ruan
Evaluation of Preoperative Hematologic Markers as Prognostic Factors and Establishment of Novel Risk Stratification in Resected pN0 Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer pp. 1-7 Downloads
Tiehong Zhang, Yuanzhu Jiang, Xiao Qu, Hongchang Shen, Qi Liu and Jiajun Du
School Performance and the Risk of Suicidal Thoughts in Young Adults: Population-Based Study pp. 1-4 Downloads
Kyriaki Kosidou, Christina Dalman, Peeter Fredlund and Cecilia Magnusson
High Incorrect Use of the Standard Error of the Mean (SEM) in Original Articles in Three Cardiovascular Journals Evaluated for 2012 pp. 1-4 Downloads
Marcel Wullschleger, Soheila Aghlmandi, Marcel Egger and Marcel Zwahlen
A Review of Evaluations of Electronic Event-Based Biosurveillance Systems pp. 1-4 Downloads
Kimberly N Gajewski, Amy E Peterson, Rohit A Chitale, Julie A Pavlin, Kevin L Russell and Jean-Paul Chretien
Herpes Zoster Is Associated with Prior Statin Use: A Population-Based Case-Control Study pp. 1-4 Downloads
Shiu-Dong Chung, Ming-Chieh Tsai, Shih-Ping Liu, Herng-Ching Lin and Jiunn-Horng Kang
Hyperhomocysteinemia Is a Result, Rather than a Cause, of Depression under Chronic Stress pp. 1-9 Downloads
Shen Chengfeng, Liu Wei, Wang Xinxing, Wu Lei, Zhan Rui and Qian Lingjia
Optimal Allocation of Resources in Female Sex Worker Targeted HIV Prevention Interventions: Model Insights from Avahan in South India pp. 1-9 Downloads
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Differentiating Coeliac Disease from Irritable Bowel Syndrome by Urinary Volatile Organic Compound Analysis – A Pilot Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
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Modelling the Effects of Selection Temperature and Mutation on the Prisoner’s Dilemma Game on a Complete Oriented Star pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jianguo Ren and Yonghong Xu
The Effect of S-Adenosylmethionine on Cognitive Performance in Mice: An Animal Model Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Sarah E Montgomery, Amir A Sepehry, John D Wangsgaard and Jeremy E Koenig
Thirdhand Cigarette Smoke: Factors Affecting Exposure and Remediation pp. 1-9 Downloads
Vasundhra Bahl, Peyton Jacob, Christopher Havel, Suzaynn F Schick and Prue Talbot
Clinical Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in Men Who Have Sex with Men: Risk Calculators for Real-World Decision-Making pp. 1-9 Downloads
Anders Chen and David W Dowdy
A Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Multiple Treatment Comparisons of Systemic Regimens for Advanced Pancreatic Cancer pp. 1-9 Downloads
Kelvin Chan, Keya Shah, Kelly Lien, Doug Coyle, Henry Lam and Yoo-Joung Ko
How Are Health Research Priorities Set in Low and Middle Income Countries? A Systematic Review of Published Reports pp. 1-9 Downloads
Skye McGregor, Klara J Henderson and John M Kaldor
Role of mtDNA Haplogroups in the Prevalence of Osteoarthritis in Different Geographic Populations: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jin-Ming Shen, Lei Feng and Chun Feng
Maternal Parity and the Risk of Congenital Heart Defects in Offspring: A Dose-Response Meta-Analysis of Epidemiological Observational Studies pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yu Feng, Di Yu, Tao Chen, Jin Liu, Xing Tong, Lei Yang, Min Da, Shutong Shen, Changfeng Fan, Song Wang and Xuming Mo
The Effect of Multiple Evolutionary Selections on Synonymous Codon Usage of Genes in the Mycoplasma bovis Genome pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jian-hua Zhou, Yao-zhong Ding, Ying He, Yue-feng Chu, Ping Zhao, Li-ya Ma, Xin-jun Wang, Xue-rui Li and Yong-sheng Liu
A MiRNA Signature for Defining Aggressive Phenotype and Prognosis in Gliomas pp. 1-9 Downloads
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Entrenched Geographical and Socioeconomic Disparities in Child Mortality: Trends in Absolute and Relative Inequalities in Cambodia pp. 1-9 Downloads
Eliana Jimenez-Soto, Jo Durham and Andrew Hodge
Body Mass Index: Accounting for Full Time Sedentary Occupation and 24-Hr Self-Reported Time Use pp. 1-9 Downloads
Catrine Tudor-Locke, John M Schuna, Peter T Katzmarzyk, Wei Liu, Karen Hamrick and William D Johnson
Effectiveness of GnRH Antagonist in the Management of Subfertile Couples Undergoing Controlled Ovarian Stimulation and Intrauterine Insemination: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Shan Luo, Shangwei Li, Song Jin, Ya Li and Yaoyao Zhang
Data-Driven Decisions for Reducing Readmissions for Heart Failure: General Methodology and Case Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Mohsen Bayati, Mark Braverman, Michael Gillam, Karen M Mack, George Ruiz, Mark S Smith and Eric Horvitz
Zebra Finch Mates Use Their Forebrain Song System in Unlearned Call Communication pp. 1-9 Downloads
Andries Ter Maat, Lisa Trost, Hannes Sagunsky, Susanne Seltmann and Manfred Gahr
Selective Use of Sequential Digital Dermoscopy Imaging Allows a Cost Reduction in the Melanoma Detection Process: A Belgian Study of Patients with a Single or a Small Number of Atypical Nevi pp. 1-9 Downloads
Isabelle Tromme, Brecht Devleesschauwer, Philippe Beutels, Pauline Richez, Nicolas Praet, Laurine Sacré, Liliane Marot, Pascal Van Eeckhout, Ivan Theate, Jean-François Baurain, Julien Lambert, Catherine Legrand, Luc Thomas and Niko Speybroeck
Niche-Partitioning of Edaphic Microbial Communities in the Namib Desert Gravel Plain Fairy Circles pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jean-Baptiste Ramond, Annelize Pienaar, Alacia Armstrong, Mary Seely and Don A Cowan
Inferring Protein Modulation from Gene Expression Data Using Conditional Mutual Information pp. 1-9 Downloads
Federico M Giorgi, Gonzalo Lopez, Jung H Woo, Brygida Bisikirska, Andrea Califano and Mukesh Bansal
Everybody Else Is Doing It: Exploring Social Transmission of Lying Behavior pp. 1-9 Downloads
Heather Mann, Ximena Garcia-Rada, Daniel Houser and Dan Ariely
Impact of a New Reimbursement Program on Hepatitis B Antiviral Medication Cost and Utilization in Beijing, China pp. 1-9 Downloads
Qian Qiu, Yan Li, Xiao-wan Duan, Li-kun Yang, Yu Chen, Hui Li, Li Wang and Zhong-ping Duan
Maternal Cadmium Levels during Pregnancy Associated with Lower Birth Weight in Infants in a North Carolina Cohort pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jill E Johnston, Ellis Valentiner, Pamela Maxson, Marie Lynn Miranda and Rebecca C Fry
One Dose versus Three Weekly Doses of Benzathine Penicillin G for Patients Co-Infected with HIV and Early Syphilis: A Multicenter, Prospective Observational Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Chia-Jui Yang, Nan-Yao Lee, Tun-Chieh Chen, Yu-Hui Lin, Shiou-Haur Liang, Po-Liang Lu, Wen-Chi Huang, Hung-Jen Tang, Chen-Hsiang Lee, Hsi-Hsun Lin, Yen-Hsu Chen, Wen-Chien Ko and Chien-Ching Hung
Understanding Odor Information Segregation in the Olfactory Bulb by Means of Mitral and Tufted Cells pp. 1-9 Downloads
Davide Polese, Eugenio Martinelli, Santiago Marco, Corrado Di Natale and Agustin Gutierrez-Galvez
Risk of Primary Liver Cancer Associated with Gallstones and Cholecystectomy: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yanqiong Liu, Yu He, Taijie Li, Li Xie, Jian Wang, Xue Qin and Shan Li
Functional Cortical Network in Alpha Band Correlates with Social Bargaining pp. 1-9 Downloads
Pablo Billeke, Francisco Zamorano, Mario Chavez, Diego Cosmelli and Francisco Aboitiz
IL-23 p19 Knockout Mice Exhibit Minimal Defects in Responses to Primary and Secondary Infection with Francisella tularensis LVS pp. 1-9 Downloads
Sherry L Kurtz, Alicia Y Chou, Klara Kubelkova, Daniel J Cua and Karen L Elkins
Design of Miniaturized Double-Negative Material for Specific Absorption Rate Reduction in Human Head pp. 1-9 Downloads
Mohammad Rashed Iqbal Faruque and Mohammad Tariqul Islam
Attentional Demands Influence Vocal Compensations to Pitch Errors Heard in Auditory Feedback pp. 1-9 Downloads
Anupreet K Tumber, Nichole E Scheerer and Jeffery A Jones
Genotype by Sex and Genotype by Age Interactions with Sedentary Behavior: The Portuguese Healthy Family Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Daniel M V Santos, Peter T Katzmarzyk, Vincent P Diego, John Blangero, Michele C Souza, Duarte L Freitas, Raquel N Chaves, Thayse N Gomes, Fernanda K Santos and José A R Maia
Visualization-Aided Classification Ensembles Discriminate Lung Adenocarcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma Samples Using Their Gene Expression Profiles pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ao Zhang, Chi Wang, Shiji Wang, Liang Li, Zhongmin Liu and Suyan Tian
Prognostic Value of Long Non-Coding RNA HOTAIR in Various Cancers pp. 1-9 Downloads
Qiwen Deng, Huiling Sun, Bangshun He, Yuqin Pan, Tianyi Gao, Jie Chen, Houqun Ying, Xian Liu, Feng Wang, Yong Xu and Shukui Wang
Do Implicit and Explicit Measures of the Sense of Agency Measure the Same Thing? pp. 1-9 Downloads
John A Dewey and Günther Knoblich
The Conceptualisation and Measurement of DSM-5 Internet Gaming Disorder: The Development of the IGD-20 Test pp. 1-9 Downloads
Halley M Pontes, Orsolya Király, Zsolt Demetrovics and Mark D Griffiths
When a Text Is Translated Does the Complexity of Its Vocabulary Change? Translations and Target Readerships pp. 1-9 Downloads
Hênio Henrique Aragão Rêgo, Lidia A Braunstein, Gregorio D′Agostino, H Eugene Stanley and Sasuke Miyazima
The Effect of Visual Apparent Motion on Audiovisual Simultaneity pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jinhwan Kwon, Ken-ichiro Ogawa and Yoshihiro Miyake
The Whole Macular Choroidal Thickness in Subjects with Primary Open Angle Glaucoma pp. 1-9 Downloads
Shunsuke Nakakura, Minami Yamamoto, Etsuko Terao, Toshihiko Nagasawa, Hitoshi Tabuchi and Yoshiaki Kiuchi
‘Beauty Is No Quality in Things Themselves’: Epistemic Motivation Affects Implicit Preferences for Art pp. 1-9 Downloads
Antonio Chirumbolo, Ambra Brizi, Stefano Mastandrea and Lucia Mannetti
Local Ecological Knowledge and Scientific Data Reveal Overexploitation by Multigear Artisanal Fisheries in the Southwestern Atlantic pp. 1-9 Downloads
Mariana G Bender, Gustavo R Machado, Paulo José de Azevedo Silva, Sergio R Floeter, Cassiano Monteiro-Netto, Osmar J Luiz and Carlos E L Ferreira
A Closed Parameterization of DNA–Damage by Charged Particles, as a Function of Energy — A Geometrical Approach pp. 1-9 Downloads
Frank Van den Heuvel
Meta-Regression Analyses to Explain Statistical Heterogeneity in a Systematic Review of Strategies for Guideline Implementation in Primary Health Care pp. 1-9 Downloads
Susanne Unverzagt, Frank Peinemann, Matthias Oemler, Kristin Braun and Andreas Klement
Perspective Texture Synthesis Based on Improved Energy Optimization pp. 1-9 Downloads
Syed Muhammad Arsalan Bashir and Farhan Ali Khan Ghouri
The Incidence and Prevalence of Diabetes Mellitus and Related Atherosclerotic Complications in Korea: A National Health Insurance Database Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Bo Kyung Koo, Chang-Hoon Lee, Bo Ram Yang, Seung-sik Hwang and Nam-Kyong Choi
Subtypes of Batterers in Treatment: Empirical Support for a Distinction between Type I, Type II and Type III pp. 1-9 Downloads
José Luis Graña, Natalia Redondo, Marina J Muñoz-Rivas and Arthur L Cantos
Combined Intravitreal Anti-VEGF and Photodynamic Therapy versus Photodynamic Monotherapy for Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Comparative Studies pp. 1-9 Downloads
Wei Wang, Miao He and Xiulan Zhang
MacSyFinder: A Program to Mine Genomes for Molecular Systems with an Application to CRISPR-Cas Systems pp. 1-9 Downloads
Sophie S Abby, Bertrand Néron, Hervé Ménager, Marie Touchon and Eduardo P C Rocha
Age Effects on Mediolateral Balance Control pp. 1-9 Downloads
L Eduardo Cofré Lizama, Mirjam Pijnappels, Gert H Faber, Peter N Reeves, Sabine M Verschueren and Jaap H van Dieën
Analysis of Alpha-Synuclein in Malignant Melanoma – Development of a SRM Quantification Assay pp. 1-9 Downloads
Charlotte Welinder, Göran B Jönsson, Christian Ingvar, Lotta Lundgren, Bo Baldetorp, Håkan Olsson, Thomas Breslin, Melinda Rezeli, Bo Jansson, Thomas E Fehniger, Thomas Laurell, Elisabet Wieslander, Krzysztof Pawlowski and György Marko-Varga
Estimating the Potential Impact of Canine Distemper Virus on the Amur Tiger Population (Panthera tigris altaica) in Russia pp. 1-9 Downloads
Martin Gilbert, Dale G Miquelle, John M Goodrich, Richard Reeve, Sarah Cleaveland, Louise Matthews and Damien O Joly
The Prognostic Value of Plasma Soluble ST2 in Hospitalized Chinese Patients with Heart Failure pp. 1-9 Downloads
Rongcheng Zhang, Yuhui Zhang, Jian Zhang, Tao An, Yan Huang, Xiao Guo, James L Januzzi, Thomas P Cappola, Shijie Yin, Yunhong Wang, Qiong Zhou, Changhong Zou, Shiming Ji and Rong Lv
Maternal Socioeconomic Status and the Risk of Congenital Heart Defects in Offspring: A Meta-Analysis of 33 Studies pp. 1-9 Downloads
Di Yu, Yu Feng, Lei Yang, Min Da, Changfeng Fan, Song Wang and Xuming Mo
SVM-Based Synthetic Fingerprint Discrimination Algorithm and Quantitative Optimization Strategy pp. 1-9 Downloads
Suhang Chen, Sheng Chang, Qijun Huang, Jin He, Hao Wang and Qiangui Huang
Identifying Risk Factors for PTSD in Women Seeking Medical Help after Rape pp. 1-9 Downloads
Anna Tiihonen Möller, Torbjörn Bäckström, Hans Peter Söndergaard and Lotti Helström
Relative Deprivation, Poverty, and Subjective Health: JAGES Cross-Sectional Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Masashige Saito, Katsunori Kondo, Naoki Kondo, Aya Abe, Toshiyuki Ojima, Kayo Suzuki and the JAGES Group
Development and Validation of a Risk Model for Predicting Adverse Drug Reactions in Older People during Hospital Stay: Brighton Adverse Drug Reactions Risk (BADRI) Model pp. 1-9 Downloads
Balamurugan Tangiisuran, Greg Scutt, Jennifer Stevenson, Juliet Wright, G Onder, M Petrovic, T J van der Cammen, Chakravarthi Rajkumar and Graham Davies
Reference Gene Validation for Quantitative RT-PCR during Biotic and Abiotic Stresses in Vitis vinifera pp. 1-9 Downloads
Alexandre Filipe Borges, Catarina Fonseca, Ricardo Boavida Ferreira, Ana Maria Lourenço and Sara Monteiro
Drinking Patterns and Alcohol Use Disorders in São Paulo, Brazil: The Role of Neighborhood Social Deprivation and Socioeconomic Status pp. 1-14 Downloads
Camila Magalhães Silveira, Erica Rosanna Siu, James C Anthony, Luis Paulo Saito, Arthur Guerra de Andrade, Andressa Kutschenko, Maria Carmen Viana, Yuan-Pang Wang, Silvia S Martins and Laura Helena Andrade
Inferring Tree Causal Models of Cancer Progression with Probability Raising pp. 1-14 Downloads
Loes Olde Loohuis, Giulio Caravagna, Alex Graudenzi, Daniele Ramazzotti, Giancarlo Mauri, Marco Antoniotti and Bud Mishra
Applications of the Wei-Lachin Multivariate One-Sided Test for Multiple Outcomes on Possibly Different Scales pp. 1-14 Downloads
John M Lachin
Advanced Fault Diagnosis Methods in Molecular Networks pp. 1-14 Downloads
Iman Habibi, Effat S Emamian and Ali Abdi
Compensation of Missing Wedge Effects with Sequential Statistical Reconstruction in Electron Tomography pp. 1-14 Downloads
Lassi Paavolainen, Erman Acar, Uygar Tuna, Sari Peltonen, Toshio Moriya, Pan Soonsawad, Varpu Marjomäki, R Holland Cheng and Ulla Ruotsalainen
Investigation of Climate Change Impact on Water Resources for an Alpine Basin in Northern Italy: Implications for Evapotranspiration Modeling Complexity pp. 1-14 Downloads
Giovanni Ravazzani, Matteo Ghilardi, Thomas Mendlik, Andreas Gobiet, Chiara Corbari and Marco Mancini
Cortical Response Variation with Different Sound Pressure Levels: A Combined Event-Related Potentials and fMRI Study pp. 1-14 Downloads
Irene Neuner, Wolfram Kawohl, Jorge Arrubla, Tracy Warbrick, Konrad Hitz, Christine Wyss, Frank Boers and N Jon Shah
Kernel Density Surface Modelling as a Means to Identify Significant Concentrations of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystem Indicators pp. 1-14 Downloads
Ellen Kenchington, Francisco Javier Murillo, Camille Lirette, Mar Sacau, Mariano Koen-Alonso, Andrew Kenny, Neil Ollerhead, Vonda Wareham and Lindsay Beazley
Prevalence of Goiter and Thyroid Nodules before and after Implementation of the Universal Salt Iodization Program in Mainland China from 1985 to 2014: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Wei Zhao, Cheng Han, Xiaoguang Shi, Chuhui Xiong, Jie Sun, Zhongyan Shan and Weiping Teng
An Economic Evaluation of a Video- and Text-Based Computer-Tailored Intervention for Smoking Cessation: A Cost-Effectiveness and Cost-Utility Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial pp. 1-14 Downloads
Nicola E Stanczyk, Eline S Smit, Daniela N Schulz, Hein de Vries, Catherine Bolman, Jean W M Muris and Silvia M A A Evers
The Effects of a Distracting N-Back Task on Recognition Memory Are Reduced by Negative Emotional Intensity pp. 1-14 Downloads
Luciano G Buratto, Claire L Pottage, Charity Brown, Catriona M Morrison and Alexandre Schaefer
On Finding and Using Identifiable Parameter Combinations in Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Biology Models and COMBOS: A Novel Web Implementation pp. 1-14 Downloads
Nicolette Meshkat, Christine Er-zhen Kuo and Joseph DiStefano
Low-Rank and Eigenface Based Sparse Representation for Face Recognition pp. 1-14 Downloads
Yi-Fu Hou, Zhan-Li Sun, Yan-Wen Chong and Chun-Hou Zheng
Modeling the Dynamics of Disease States in Depression pp. 1-14 Downloads
Selver Demic and Sen Cheng
Presumptive Treatment of Malaria from Formal and Informal Drug Vendors in Nigeria pp. 1-14 Downloads
Chinwoke Isiguzo, Jennifer Anyanti, Chinazo Ujuju, Ernest Nwokolo, Anna De La Cruz, Eric Schatzkin, Sepideh Modrek, Dominic Montagu and Jenny Liu
The Eag Domain Regulates the Voltage-Dependent Inactivation of Rat Eag1 K+ Channels pp. 1-14 Downloads
Ting-Feng Lin, Guey-Mei Jow, Hsin-Yu Fang, Ssu-Ju Fu, Hao-Han Wu, Mei-Miao Chiu and Chung-Jiuan Jeng
Leatherbacks Swimming In Silico: Modeling and Verifying Their Momentum and Heat Balance Using Computational Fluid Dynamics pp. 1-14 Downloads
Peter N Dudley, Riccardo Bonazza, T Todd Jones, Jeanette Wyneken and Warren P Porter
Blood Levels of S-100 Calcium-Binding Protein B, High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein, and Interleukin-6 for Changes in Depressive Symptom Severity after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: Prospective Cohort Nested within a Randomized, Controlled Trial pp. 1-14 Downloads
Daniel M Pearlman, Jeremiah R Brown, Todd A MacKenzie, Felix Hernandez and Souhel Najjar
A Composite Model for Subgroup Identification and Prediction via Bicluster Analysis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Hung-Chia Chen, Wen Zou, Tzu-Pin Lu and James J Chen
Aphrodisiac Use Associated with HIV Infection in Elderly Male Clients of Low-Cost Commercial Sex Venues in Guangxi, China: A Matched Case-Control Study pp. 1-5 Downloads
Zhenzhu Tang, Xinghua Wu, Guojian Li, Zhiyong Shen, Hongman Zhang, Guanghua Lan, Xue Feng, Rui Lin, Abu S Abdullah, Zunyou Wu and Cynthia X Shi
Assessment of Intraocular Measurements in Neonatal Foals and Association with Gender, Laterality, and Body Weight: A Clinical Study pp. 1-5 Downloads
Simona Valentini, Carolina Castagnetti, Vincenzo Musella and Giuseppe Spinella
Sarcoidosis in Patients with Psoriasis: A Population-Based Cohort Study pp. 1-5 Downloads
Usman Khalid, Gunnar Hilmar Gislason and Peter Riis Hansen
Does Obesity Modify the Relationship between Exposure to Occupational Factors and Musculoskeletal Pain in Men? Results from the GAZEL Cohort Study pp. 1-5 Downloads
Anastasia Evanoff, Erika L Sabbath, Matthieu Carton, Sebastien Czernichow, Marie Zins, Annette Leclerc and Alexis Descatha
Failure to Replicate Depletion of Self-Control pp. 1-5 Downloads
Xiaomeng Xu, Kathryn E Demos, Tricia M Leahey, Chantelle N Hart, Jennifer Trautvetter, Pamela Coward, Kathryn R Middleton and Rena R Wing
Preventing Slips and Falls through Leisure-Time Physical Activity: Findings from a Study of Limited-Service Restaurants pp. 1-5 Downloads
Alberto J Caban-Martinez, Theodore K Courtney, Wen-Ruey Chang, David A Lombardi, Yueng-Hsiang Huang, Melanye J Brennan, Melissa J Perry, Jeffrey N Katz and Santosh K Verma
Biodiversity Patterns along Ecological Gradients: Unifying β-Diversity Indices pp. 1-5 Downloads
Robert C Szava-Kovats and Meelis Pärtel
COPASutils: An R Package for Reading, Processing, and Visualizing Data from COPAS Large-Particle Flow Cytometers pp. 1-5 Downloads
Tyler C Shimko and Erik C Andersen

Volume 9, issue 9, 2014

De-Novo Learning of Genome-Scale Regulatory Networks in S. cerevisiae pp. 1-20 Downloads
Sisi Ma, Patrick Kemmeren, David Gresham and Alexander Statnikov
Analyzing the International Exergy Flow Network of Ferrous Metal Ores pp. 1-16 Downloads
Hai Qi, Haizhong An, Xiaoqing Hao, Weiqiong Zhong and Yanbing Zhang
The Curvilinear Relationship between State Neuroticism and Momentary Task Performance pp. 1-16 Downloads
Jonas Debusscher, Joeri Hofmans and Filip De Fruyt
The Spatial Analysis on Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome in Jiangsu Province, China Based on Geographic Information System pp. 1-8 Downloads
Changjun Bao, Wanwan Liu, Yefei Zhu, Wendong Liu, Jianli Hu, Qi Liang, Yuejia Cheng, Ying Wu, Rongbin Yu, Minghao Zhou, Hongbing Shen, Feng Chen, Fenyang Tang and Zhihang Peng
Testing VHF/GPS Collar Design and Safety in the Study of Free-Roaming Horses pp. 1-8 Downloads
Gail H Collins, Steven L Petersen, Craig A Carr and Leon Pielstick
New Insights into Handling Missing Values in Environmental Epidemiological Studies pp. 1-8 Downloads
Célina Roda, Ioannis Nicolis, Isabelle Momas and Chantal Guihenneuc
Stackelberg Game of Buyback Policy in Supply Chain with a Risk-Averse Retailer and a Risk-Averse Supplier Based on CVaR pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yanju Zhou, Qian Chen, Xiaohong Chen and Zongrun Wang
Utilisation and Off-Label Prescriptions of Respiratory Drugs in Children pp. 1-8 Downloads
Sven Schmiedl, Rainald Fischer, Luisa Ibáñez, Joan Fortuny, Olaf H Klungel, Robert Reynolds, Roman Gerlach, Martin Tauscher, Petra Thürmann, Joerg Hasford and Marietta Rottenkolber
Barriers to Completing TB Diagnosis in Yemen: Services Should Respond to Patients' Needs pp. 1-8 Downloads
Rachel M Anderson de Cuevas, Najla Al-Sonboli, Nasher Al-Aghbari, Mohammed A Yassin, Luis E Cuevas and Sally J Theobald
Publication Bias in Psychology: A Diagnosis Based on the Correlation between Effect Size and Sample Size pp. 1-8 Downloads
Anton Kühberger, Astrid Fritz and Thomas Scherndl
A Systematic Investigation of Computation Models for Predicting Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) pp. 1-8 Downloads
Qifan Kuang, MinQi Wang, Rong Li, YongCheng Dong, Yizhou Li and Menglong Li
Lexis Diagram and Illness-Death Model: Simulating Populations in Chronic Disease Epidemiology pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ralph Brinks, Sandra Landwehr, Rebecca Fischer-Betz, Matthias Schneider and Guido Giani
Selection of Essential Medicines for Diabetes in Low and Middle Income Countries: A Survey of 32 National Essential Medicines Lists pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yaser T Bazargani, Anthonius de Boer, Hubert G M Leufkens and Aukje K Mantel-Teeuwisse
Urinary Nerve Growth Factor Could Be a Biomarker for Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Hong-Chen Qu, Wei Zhang, Shi Yan, Yi-Li Liu and Ping Wang
Who Was Concerned about Radiation, Food Safety, and Natural Disasters after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima Catastrophe? A Nationwide Cross-Sectional Survey in 2012 pp. 1-8 Downloads
Takashi Sugimoto, Tomohiro Shinozaki, Takashi Naruse and Yuki Miyamoto
Validation of Self-Reported Information on Dental Caries in a Birth Cohort at 18 Years of Age pp. 1-8 Downloads
Alexandre Emidio Ribeiro Silva, Ana Maria Baptista Menezes, Maria Cecília Formoso Assunção, Helen Gonçalves, Flávio Fernando Demarco, Fabiana Vargas-Ferreira and Marco Aurélio Peres
Seroprevalence of Merkel Cell Polyomavirus in the General Rural Population of Anyang, China pp. 1-8 Downloads
Chanyuan Zhang, Fangfang Liu, Zhonghu He, Qiuju Deng, Yaqi Pan, Ying Liu, Chaoting Zhang, Tao Ning, Chuanhai Guo, Yongmei Liang, Ruiping Xu, Lixin Zhang, Hong Cai and Yang Ke
Metacognition for Spelling in Higher Education Students with Dyslexia: Is There Evidence for the Dual Burden Hypothesis? pp. 1-8 Downloads
Wim Tops, Maaike Callens, Annemie Desoete, Michaël Stevens and Marc Brysbaert
Quantification of Shared Air: A Social and Environmental Determinant of Airborne Disease Transmission pp. 1-8 Downloads
Robin Wood, Carl Morrow, Samuel Ginsberg, Elizabeth Piccoli, Darryl Kalil, Angelina Sassi, Rochelle P Walensky and Jason R Andrews
Effects of Haptic Information on the Perception of Dynamic 3-D Movement pp. 1-8 Downloads
Hiroyuki Umemura
Activity and Participation Characteristics of Adults with Learning Disabilities - A Systematic Review pp. 1-8 Downloads
Kineret Sharfi and Sara Rosenblum
Application of Optimal Designs to Item Calibration pp. 1-8 Downloads
Hung-Yi Lu
Assessment of Activity Limitations with the Health Assessment Questionnaire Predicts the Need for Support Measures in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Multicenter Observational Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Xavier Janssens, Saskia Decuman, Filip De Keyser and the Belgian Rheumatoid Arthritis Disability Assessment study Group
Functional Short Tandem Repeat Polymorphism of PTPN11 and Susceptibility to Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Chinese Populations pp. 1-8 Downloads
Xiankun Zhao, Shuxiang Hu, Lu Wang, Qing Zhang, Xiaodan Zhu, Hua Zhao, Chaoqun Wang, Ruiyang Tao, Siping Guo, Jing Wang, Jiejie Xu, Yan He and Yuzhen Gao
A Recommendation for Revised Dose Calibrator Measurement Procedures for 89Zr and 124I pp. 1-8 Downloads
Bradley J Beattie, Keith S Pentlow, Joseph O'Donoghue and John L Humm
Predictors of the Onset of Manic Symptoms and a (Hypo)Manic Episode in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder pp. 1-8 Downloads
Lynn Boschloo, Annet T Spijker, Erik Hoencamp, Ralph Kupka, Willem A Nolen, Robert A Schoevers and Brenda W J H Penninx
Educational Inequalities in Acute Myocardial Infarction Incidence in Norway: A Nationwide Cohort Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jannicke Igland, Stein Emil Vollset, Ottar K Nygård, Gerhard Sulo, Marta Ebbing and Grethe S Tell
Fire and Grazing Influences on Rates of Riparian Woody Plant Expansion along Grassland Streams pp. 1-8 Downloads
Allison M Veach, Walter K Dodds and Adam Skibbe
Evaluation of Differences in Automated QT/QTc Measurements between Fukuda Denshi and Nihon Koden Systems pp. 1-8 Downloads
Motoaki Sano, Yoshiyasu Aizawa, Yoshinori Katsumata, Nobuhiro Nishiyama, Seiji Takatsuki, Shigeo Kamitsuji, Naoyuki Kamatani and Keiichi Fukuda
Impact of Squamous and Glandular Differentiation on Oncologic Outcomes in Upper and Lower Tract Urothelial Carcinoma pp. 1-8 Downloads
Young Ju Lee, Kyung Chul Moon, Chang Wook Jeong, Cheol Kwak, Hyeon Hoe Kim and Ja Hyeon Ku
Link Prediction in Complex Networks: A Mutual Information Perspective pp. 1-8 Downloads
Fei Tan, Yongxiang Xia and Boyao Zhu
Tacrolimus-Based versus Cyclosporine-Based Immunosuppression in Hepatitis C Virus-Infected Patients after Liver Transplantation: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review pp. 1-8 Downloads
Zhenmin Liu, Yi Chen, Renchuan Tao, Jing Xv, Jianyuan Meng and Xiangzhi Yong
Do Ask, Do Tell: High Levels of Acceptability by Patients of Routine Collection of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data in Four Diverse American Community Health Centers pp. 1-8 Downloads
Sean Cahill, Robbie Singal, Chris Grasso, Dana King, Kenneth Mayer, Kellan Baker and Harvey Makadon
An Augmented Lagrangian Based Compressed Sensing Reconstruction for Non-Cartesian Magnetic Resonance Imaging without Gridding and Regridding at Every Iteration pp. 1-8 Downloads
Mehmet Akçakaya, Seunghoon Nam, Tamer A Basha, Keigo Kawaji, Vahid Tarokh and Reza Nezafat
Phylogenetic Meta-Analysis of the Functional Traits of Clonal Plants Foraging in Changing Environments pp. 1-8 Downloads
Xiu-Fang Xie, Yao-Bin Song, Ya-Lin Zhang, Xu Pan and Ming Dong
Active Semi-Supervised Learning Method with Hybrid Deep Belief Networks pp. 1-8 Downloads
Shusen Zhou, Qingcai Chen and Xiaolong Wang
Open-Source Syringe Pump Library pp. 1-8 Downloads
Bas Wijnen, Emily J Hunt, Gerald C Anzalone and Joshua Pearce
Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Lifestyle Modification versus Metformin Therapy for the Prevention of Diabetes in Singapore pp. 1-8 Downloads
May Ee Png and Joanne Su-Yin Yoong
Comparisons of Measured and Self-Reported Anthropometric Variables and Blood Pressure in a Sample of Hong Kong Female Nurses pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yao Jie Xie, Suzanne C Ho, Zhao Min Liu and Stanley Sai-Chuen Hui
Measuring Metacognition in Cancer: Validation of the Metacognitions Questionnaire 30 (MCQ-30) pp. 1-8 Downloads
Sharon A Cook, Peter Salmon, Graham Dunn and Peter Fisher
Developing and Validating a Tablet Version of an Illness Explanatory Model Interview for a Public Health Survey in Pune, India pp. 1-8 Downloads
Joseph G Giduthuri, Nicolas Maire, Saju Joseph, Abhay Kudale, Christian Schaetti, Neisha Sundaram, Christian Schindler and Mitchell G Weiss
Well-Loved Music Robustly Relieves Pain: A Randomized, Controlled Trial pp. 1-8 Downloads
Christine Hsieh, Jian Kong, Irving Kirsch, Robert R Edwards, Karin B Jensen, Ted J Kaptchuk and Randy L Gollub
Association between Gene Expression Profiles and Clinical Outcome of Pemetrexed-Based Treatment in Patients with Advanced Non-Squamous Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Exploratory Results from a Phase II Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Dean A Fennell, Scott P Myrand, Tuan S Nguyen, David Ferry, Keith M Kerr, Perry Maxwell, Stephen D Moore, Carla Visseren-Grul, Mayukh Das and Marianne C Nicolson
Differing Patterns of Overweight and Obesity among Black Men and Women in Cape Town: The CRIBSA Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Nasheeta Peer, Carl Lombard, Krisela Steyn, Nomonde Gwebushe and Naomi Levitt
Annotated Chemical Patent Corpus: A Gold Standard for Text Mining pp. 1-8 Downloads
Saber A Akhondi, Alexander G Klenner, Christian Tyrchan, Anil K Manchala, Kiran Boppana, Daniel Lowe, Marc Zimmermann, Sarma A R P Jagarlapudi, Roger Sayle, Jan A Kors and Sorel Muresan
Metabolomics Analysis and Modeling Suggest a Lysophosphocholines-PAF Receptor Interaction in Fibromyalgia pp. 1-8 Downloads
Pierluigi Caboni, Barbara Liori, Amit Kumar, Maria Laura Santoru, Shailendra Asthana, Enrico Pieroni, Antonella Fais, Benedetta Era, Enrico Cacace, Valeria Ruggiero and Luigi Atzori
External Validation of the Garvan Nomograms for Predicting Absolute Fracture Risk: The Tromsø Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Luai A Ahmed, Nguyen D Nguyen, Åshild Bjørnerem, Ragnar M Joakimsen, Lone Jørgensen, Jan Størmer, Dana Bliuc, Jacqueline R Center, John A Eisman, Tuan V Nguyen and Nina Emaus
Interpretation of Appearance: The Effect of Facial Features on First Impressions and Personality pp. 1-8 Downloads
Karin Wolffhechel, Jens Fagertun, Ulrik Plesner Jacobsen, Wiktor Majewski, Astrid Sofie Hemmingsen, Catrine Lohmann Larsen, Sofie Katrine Lorentzen and Hanne Jarmer
Assessing Social – Ecological Trade-Offs to Advance Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management pp. 1-8 Downloads
Rudi Voss, Martin Quaas, Jörn O Schmidt, Olli Tahvonen, Martin Lindegren and Christian Möllmann
Alcohol Intake and the Risk of Age-Related Cataracts: A Meta-Analysis of Prospective Cohort Studies pp. 1-8 Downloads
Wei Wang and Xiulan Zhang
Validation of a Low Dose Simulation Technique for Computed Tomography Images pp. 1-8 Downloads
Daniela Muenzel, Thomas Koehler, Kevin Brown, Stanislav Žabić, Alexander A Fingerle, Simone Waldt, Edgar Bendik, Tina Zahel, Armin Schneider, Martin Dobritz, Ernst J Rummeny and Peter B Noël
Prevalence, Correlates, and Description of Self-Reported Diabetes in Brazilian Capitals – Results from a Telephone Survey pp. 1-8 Downloads
Betine Pinto Moehlecke Iser, Deborah Carvalho Malta, Bruce Bartholow Duncan, Lenildo de Moura, Álvaro Vigo and Maria Inês Schmidt
Retrospective Analysis of 234 Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients with Distant Metastasis at Initial Diagnosis: Therapeutic Approaches and Prognostic Factors pp. 1-8 Downloads
Lei Zeng, Yun-Ming Tian, Ying Huang, Xue-Ming Sun, Feng-Hua Wang, Xiao-Wu Deng, Fei Han and Tai-Xiang Lu
White and Grey Matter Changes in the Language Network during Healthy Aging pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yanhui Yang, Bohan Dai, Peter Howell, Xianling Wang, Kuncheng Li and Chunming Lu
HLA Class I Expression and Its Alteration by Preoperative Hyperthermo-Chemoradiotherapy in Patients with Rectal Cancer pp. 1-8 Downloads
Hiro Sato, Yoshiyuki Suzuki, Munenori Ide, Toshihide Katoh, Shin-ei Noda, Ken Ando, Takahiro Oike, Yuya Yoshimoto, Noriyuki Okonogi, Kousaku Mimura, Takayuki Asao, Hiroyuki Kuwano and Takashi Nakano
Income Inequality, Socioeconomic Deprivation and Depressive Symptoms among Older Adults in Mexico pp. 1-8 Downloads
Julián Alfredo Fernández-Niño, Betty Soledad Manrique-Espinoza, Ietza Bojorquez-Chapela and Aarón Salinas-Rodríguez
Skewed Brownian Fluctuations in Single-Molecule Magnetic Tweezers pp. 1-8 Downloads
Daniel R Burnham, Iwijn De Vlaminck, Thomas Henighan and Cees Dekker
Mechanisms Controlling Arsenic Uptake in Rice Grown in Mining Impacted Regions in South China pp. 1-8 Downloads
Junhui Li, Fei Dong, Ying Lu, Qiuyan Yan and Hojae Shim
Effects of Intra-Aortic Balloon Counterpulsation Pump on Mortality of Acute Myocardial Infarction pp. 1-8 Downloads
Liwen Ye, Minming Zheng, Qingwei Chen, Guiqion Li, Wei Deng and Dazhi Ke
Both Carboplatin and Bevacizumab Improve Pathological Complete Remission Rate in Neoadjuvant Treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Xiao-song Chen, Ying Yuan, David H Garfield, Jia-yi Wu, Ou Huang and Kun-wei Shen
Rhodiola Rosea for Mental and Physical Fatigue in Nursing Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial pp. 1-8 Downloads
Salima Punja, Larissa Shamseer, Karin Olson and Sunita Vohra
Codifying Collegiality: Recent Developments in Data Sharing Policy in the Life Sciences pp. 1-8 Downloads
Genevieve Pham-Kanter, Darren E Zinner and Eric G Campbell
Household Transmission of Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 in the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Seasons pp. 1-8 Downloads
Itziar Casado, Iván Martínez-Baz, Rosana Burgui, Fátima Irisarri, Maite Arriazu, Fernando Elía, Ana Navascués, Carmen Ezpeleta, Pablo Aldaz, Jesús Castilla and the Primary Health Care Sentinel Network of Navarra
What Determines the Duration of War? Insights from Assessment Strategies in Animal Contests pp. 1-8 Downloads
Mark Briffa
Stable Heterogeneity for the Production of Diffusible Factors in Cell Populations pp. 1-8 Downloads
Marco Archetti
Individualizing Life Expectancy Estimates for Older Adults Using the Gompertz Law of Human Mortality pp. 1-8 Downloads
Sei J Lee, W John Boscardin, Katharine A Kirby and Kenneth E Covinsky
Cognitive Dissonance Resolution Is Related to Episodic Memory pp. 1-8 Downloads
Moti Salti, Imen El Karoui, Mathurin Maillet and Lionel Naccache
Multiple Interacting Factors Influence Adherence, and Outcomes Associated with Surgical Safety Checklists: A Qualitative Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Anna R Gagliardi, Sharon E Straus, Kaveh G Shojania and David R Urbach
Inverse Association between Glycated Albumin and Insulin Secretory Function May Explain Higher Levels of Glycated Albumin in Subjects with Longer Duration of Diabetes pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yong-ho Lee, Mi Hyang Kown, Kwang Joon Kim, Eun Young Lee, Daham Kim, Byung-Wan Lee, Eun Seok Kang, Bong Soo Cha and Hyun Chul Lee
Implementation of Patient Safety and Patient-Centeredness Strategies in Iranian Hospitals pp. 1-8 Downloads
Asgar Aghaei Hashjin, Dionne S Kringos, Jila Manoochehri, Hamid Ravaghi and Niek S Klazinga
The CXCL12 G801A Polymorphism Is Associated with Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ke Zhu, Benchun Jiang, Rong Hu, Ying Yang, Miao Miao, Yingchun Li and Zhuogang Liu
Effectiveness and Safety of Chemotherapy Combined with Dendritic Cells Co-Cultured with Cytokine-Induced Killer Cells in the Treatment of Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Rui-xian Han, Xu Liu, Pan Pan, Ying-jie Jia and Jian-chun Yu
pRRophetic: An R Package for Prediction of Clinical Chemotherapeutic Response from Tumor Gene Expression Levels pp. 1-3 Downloads
Paul Geeleher, Nancy Cox and R Stephanie Huang
Age and Microenvironment Outweigh Genetic Influence on the Zucker Rat Microbiome pp. 1-11 Downloads
Hannah Lees, Jonathan Swann, Simon M Poucher, Jeremy K Nicholson, Elaine Holmes, Ian D Wilson and Julian R Marchesi
Waist-to-Height Ratio Is More Predictive of Years of Life Lost than Body Mass Index pp. 1-11 Downloads
Margaret Ashwell, Les Mayhew, Jon Richardson and Ben Rickayzen
The Knowledge Translation Status in Selected Eastern-Mediterranean Universities and Research Institutes pp. 1-11 Downloads
Katayoun Maleki, Randah R Hamadeh, Jaleh Gholami, Ahmed Mandil, Saima Hamid, Zahid Ahmad Butt, Abdulaziz Bin Saeed, Dalia Y M El Kheir, Mohammed Saleem, Sahar Maqsoud, Najibullah Safi, Ban A Abdul-Majeed and Reza Majdzadeh
Swab Sample Transfer for Point-Of-Care Diagnostics: Characterization of Swab Types and Manual Agitation Methods pp. 1-11 Downloads
Nuttada Panpradist, Bhushan J Toley, Xiaohong Zhang, Samantha Byrnes, Joshua R Buser, Janet A Englund and Barry R Lutz
A Genome-Wide Study of Modern-Day Tuscans: Revisiting Herodotus's Theory on the Origin of the Etruscans pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jacobo Pardo-Seco, Alberto Gómez-Carballa, Jorge Amigo, Federico Martinón-Torres and Antonio Salas
A Critical Assessment of Marine Aquarist Biodiversity Data and Commercial Aquaculture: Identifying Gaps in Culture Initiatives to Inform Local Fisheries Managers pp. 1-11 Downloads
Joanna M Murray and Gordon J Watson
Fast and Accurate Discovery of Degenerate Linear Motifs in Protein Sequences pp. 1-11 Downloads
Abdellali Kelil, Benjamin Dubreuil, Emmanuel D Levy and Stephen W Michnick
A Resolution to the Blue Whiting (Micromesistius poutassou) Population Paradox? pp. 1-11 Downloads
Fabien Pointin and Mark R Payne
Stochastic Optimal Foraging: Tuning Intensive and Extensive Dynamics in Random Searches pp. 1-11 Downloads
Frederic Bartumeus, Ernesto P Raposo, Gandhimohan M Viswanathan and Marcos G E da Luz
Impact of Climate Change on Potential Distribution of Chinese Caterpillar Fungus (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) in Nepal Himalaya pp. 1-11 Downloads
Uttam Babu Shrestha and Kamaljit S Bawa
Interaction of Age and Mechanical Stability on Bone Defect Healing: An Early Transcriptional Analysis of Fracture Hematoma in Rat pp. 1-11 Downloads
Andrea Ode, Georg N Duda, Sven Geissler, Stephan Pauly, Jan-Erik Ode, Carsten Perka and Patrick Strube
Reproduction and Feeding of the Electric Fish Brachyhypopomus gauderio (Gymnotiformes: Hypopomidae) and the Discussion of a Life History Pattern for Gymnotiforms from High Latitudes pp. 1-11 Downloads
Julia Giora, Hellen M Tarasconi and Clarice B Fialho
Ordered, Random, Monotonic and Non-Monotonic Digital Nanodot Gradients pp. 1-11 Downloads
Grant Ongo, Sébastien G Ricoult, Timothy E Kennedy and David Juncker
Random Forest-Based Protein Model Quality Assessment (RFMQA) Using Structural Features and Potential Energy Terms pp. 1-11 Downloads
Balachandran Manavalan, Juyong Lee and Jooyoung Lee
The Cost of Autism Spectrum Disorders pp. 1-11 Downloads
Chiara Horlin, Marita Falkmer, Richard Parsons, Matthew A Albrecht and Torbjorn Falkmer
Statistical Approach of Functional Profiling for a Microbial Community pp. 1-11 Downloads
Lingling An, Nauromal Pookhao, Hongmei Jiang and Jiannong Xu
Effects of Surface Asymmetry on Neuronal Growth pp. 1-11 Downloads
Elise Spedden, Matthew R Wiens, Melik C Demirel and Cristian Staii
Coordinate Based Meta-Analysis of Functional Neuroimaging Data Using Activation Likelihood Estimation; Full Width Half Max and Group Comparisons pp. 1-11 Downloads
Christopher R Tench, Radu Tanasescu, Dorothee P Auer, William J Cottam and Cris S Constantinescu
Sulfotransferase SULT1A1 Arg213His Polymorphism with Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis of 53 Case-Control Studies pp. 1-11 Downloads
Juanjuan Xiao, Yabiao Zheng, Yinghui Zhou, Ping Zhang, Jianguo Wang, Fangyuan Shen, Lixia Fan, Vijay Kumar Kolluri, Weiping Wang, Xiaolong Yan and Minghua Wang
Heterogeneous Occupancy and Density Estimates of the Pathogenic Fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Waters of North America pp. 1-11 Downloads
Tara Chestnut, Chauncey Anderson, Radu Popa, Andrew R Blaustein, Mary Voytek, Deanna H Olson and Julie Kirshtein
Relationship Factors and Trajectories of Intimate Partner Violence among South African Women during Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period pp. 1-11 Downloads
Allison K Groves, H Luz McNaughton-Reyes, Vangie A Foshee, Dhayendre Moodley and Suzanne Maman
An Efficient and Provable Secure Revocable Identity-Based Encryption Scheme pp. 1-11 Downloads
Changji Wang, Yuan Li, Xiaonan Xia and Kangjia Zheng
Association of Neuropeptide Y (NPY), Interleukin-1B (IL1B) Genetic Variants and Correlation of IL1B Transcript Levels with Vitiligo Susceptibility pp. 1-11 Downloads
Naresh C Laddha, Mitesh Dwivedi, Mohmmad Shoab Mansuri, Mala Singh, Hetanshi H Patel, Nishtha Agarwal, Anish M Shah and Rasheedunnisa Begum
Population Specific Impact of Genetic Variants in KCNJ11 Gene to Type 2 Diabetes: A Case-Control and Meta-Analysis Study pp. 1-11 Downloads
Nagaraja M Phani, Vasudeva Guddattu, Ravishankara Bellampalli, Venu Seenappa, Prabha Adhikari, Shivashankara K Nagri, Sydney C D′Souza, Gopinath P Mundyat, Kapaettu Satyamoorthy and Padmalatha S Rai
Multi-Level Kinetic Model of mRNA Delivery via Transfection of Lipoplexes pp. 1-11 Downloads
Thomas S Ligon, Carolin Leonhardt and Joachim O Rädler
How Does the Extraction of Local and Global Auditory Regularities Vary with Context? pp. 1-11 Downloads
Sébastien Marti, Louis Thibault and Stanislas Dehaene
The Impact of Disability on the Lives of Children; Cross-Sectional Data Including 8,900 Children with Disabilities and 898,834 Children without Disabilities across 30 Countries pp. 1-11 Downloads
Hannah Kuper, Adrienne Monteath- van Dok, Kevin Wing, Lisa Danquah, Jenny Evans, Maria Zuurmond and Jacqueline Gallinetti
The Effect of Ginseng (The Genus Panax) on Glycemic Control: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials pp. 1-11 Downloads
Esra' Shishtar, John L Sievenpiper, Vladimir Djedovic, Adrian I Cozma, Vanessa Ha, Viranda H Jayalath, David J A Jenkins, Sonia Blanco Meija, Russell J de Souza, Elena Jovanovski and Vladimir Vuksan
Technical Factors Influencing Cone Packing Density Estimates in Adaptive Optics Flood Illuminated Retinal Images pp. 1-11 Downloads
Marco Lombardo, Sebastiano Serrao and Giuseppe Lombardo
Gameplay as a Source of Intrinsic Motivation in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Auditory Training for Tinnitus pp. 1-11 Downloads
Derek J Hoare, Nicolas Van Labeke, Abby McCormack, Magdalena Sereda, Sandra Smith, Hala Al Taher, Victoria L Kowalkowski, Mike Sharples and Deborah A Hall
Tobacco Smoking in HIV-Infected versus General Population in France: Heterogeneity across the Various Groups of People Living with HIV pp. 1-11 Downloads
Laure Tron, France Lert, Bruno Spire, Rosemary Dray-Spira and the ANRS-Vespa2 study Group
Communicating the Benefits and Harms of Colorectal Cancer Screening Needed for an Informed Choice: A Systematic Evaluation of Leaflets and Booklets pp. 1-11 Downloads
Maren Dreier, Birgit Borutta, Gabriele Seidel, Inga Münch, Silke Kramer, Jürgen Töppich, Marie-Luise Dierks and Ulla Walter
Wavelet-Based 3D Reconstruction of Microcalcification Clusters from Two Mammographic Views: New Evidence That Fractal Tumors Are Malignant and Euclidean Tumors Are Benign pp. 1-11 Downloads
Kendra A Batchelder, Aaron B Tanenbaum, Seth Albert, Lyne Guimond, Pierre Kestener, Alain Arneodo and Andre Khalil
Ungulate Vehicle Collisions in a Peri-Urban Environment: Consequences of Transportation Infrastructures Planned Assuming the Absence of Ungulates pp. 1-11 Downloads
Iñigo Zuberogoitia, Javier del Real, Juan José Torres, Luis Rodríguez, María Alonso and Jabi Zabala
Uncovering Community Structures with Initialized Bayesian Nonnegative Matrix Factorization pp. 1-11 Downloads
Xianchao Tang, Tao Xu, Xia Feng and Guoqing Yang
Occupational Class Inequalities in All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality among Middle-Aged Men in 14 European Populations during the Early 2000s pp. 1-11 Downloads
Marlen Toch-Marquardt, Gwenn Menvielle, Terje A Eikemo, Ivana Kulhánová, Margarete C Kulik, Matthias Bopp, Santiago Esnaola, Domantas Jasilionis, Netta Mäki, Pekka Martikainen, Enrique Regidor, Olle Lundberg, Johan P Mackenbach and for the Euro-GBD-SE Consortium
The Augmented Lagrange Multipliers Method for Matrix Completion from Corrupted Samplings with Application to Mixed Gaussian-Impulse Noise Removal pp. 1-11 Downloads
Fan Meng, Xiaomei Yang and Chenghu Zhou
Prognostic Value of Polycomb Proteins EZH2, BMI1 and SUZ12 and Histone Modification H3K27me3 in Colorectal Cancer pp. 1-11 Downloads
Anne Benard, Inès J Goossens-Beumer, Anneke Q van Hoesel, Hamed Horati, Hein Putter, Eliane C M Zeestraten, Cornelis J H van de Velde and Peter J K Kuppen
Predicting Cannabis Abuse Screening Test (CAST) Scores: A Recursive Partitioning Analysis Using Survey Data from Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden pp. 1-11 Downloads
Matthijs Blankers, Tom Frijns, Vendula Belackova, Carla Rossi, Bengt Svensson, Franz Trautmann and Margriet van Laar
The Effect of Periodontal Treatment on Hemoglobin A1c Levels of Diabetic Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Xingxing Wang, Xu Han, Xiaojing Guo, Xiaolong Luo and Dalin Wang
Influence of the Environment on Participation in Social Roles for Young Adults with Down Syndrome pp. 1-11 Downloads
Kitty-Rose Foley, Sonya Girdler, Jenny Bourke, Peter Jacoby, Gwynnyth Llewellyn, Stewart Einfeld, Bruce Tonge, Trevor R Parmenter and Helen Leonard
parallelMCMCcombine: An R Package for Bayesian Methods for Big Data and Analytics pp. 1-11 Downloads
Alexey Miroshnikov and Erin M Conlon
Size-Class Effect Contributes to Tree Species Assembly through Influencing Dispersal in Tropical Forests pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yue-Hua Hu, Roger L Kitching, Guo-Yu Lan, Jiao-Lin Zhang, Li-Qing Sha and Min Cao
Environmental Quality of Italian Marine Water by Means of Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) Descriptor 9 pp. 1-11 Downloads
Chiara Maggi, Serena Lomiri, Bianca Di Lorenzo, Marco d’Antona and Maria Teresa Berducci
Collaborative Mining and Interpretation of Large-Scale Data for Biomedical Research Insights pp. 1-11 Downloads
Georgia Tsiliki, Nikos Karacapilidis, Spyros Christodoulou and Manolis Tzagarakis
In Vivo Transcription Kinetics of a Synthetic Gene Uninvolved in Stress-Response Pathways in Stressed Escherichia coli Cells pp. 1-11 Downloads
Anantha-Barathi Muthukrishnan, Antti Martikainen, Ramakanth Neeli-Venkata and Andre S Ribeiro
Examining Event-Related Potential (ERP) Correlates of Decision Bias in Recognition Memory Judgments pp. 1-19 Downloads
Holger Hill and Sabine Windmann
Genome-Wide Meta-Analysis of Myopia and Hyperopia Provides Evidence for Replication of 11 Loci pp. 1-19 Downloads
Claire L Simpson, Robert Wojciechowski, Konrad Oexle, Federico Murgia, Laura Portas, Xiaohui Li, Virginie J M Verhoeven, Veronique Vitart, Maria Schache, S Mohsen Hosseini, Pirro G Hysi, Leslie J Raffel, Mary Frances Cotch, Emily Chew, Barbara E K Klein, Ronald Klein, Tien Yin Wong, Cornelia M van Duijn, Paul Mitchell, Seang Mei Saw, Maurizio Fossarello, Jie Jin Wang, Research Group Dcct/edic, Ozren Polašek, Harry Campbell, Igor Rudan, Ben A Oostra, André G Uitterlinden, Albert Hofman, Fernando Rivadeneira, Najaf Amin, Lennart C Karssen, Johannes R Vingerling, Angela Döring, Thomas Bettecken, Goran Bencic, Christian Gieger, H-Erich Wichmann, James F Wilson, Cristina Venturini, Brian Fleck, Phillippa M Cumberland, Jugnoo S Rahi, Chris J Hammond, Caroline Hayward, Alan F Wright, Andrew D Paterson, Paul N Baird, Caroline C W Klaver, Jerome I Rotter, Mario Pirastu, Thomas Meitinger, Joan E Bailey-Wilson and Dwight Stambolian
Taxamatch, an Algorithm for Near (‘Fuzzy’) Matching of Scientific Names in Taxonomic Databases pp. 1-27 Downloads
Tony Rees
Normal and Tumoral Melanocytes Exhibit q-Gaussian Random Search Patterns pp. 1-13 Downloads
Priscila C A da Silva, Tiago V Rosembach, Anésia A Santos, Márcio S Rocha and Marcelo L Martins
Functional Analysis of Variance for Association Studies pp. 1-13 Downloads
Olga A Vsevolozhskaya, Dmitri V Zaykin, Mark C Greenwood, Changshuai Wei and Qing Lu
A Dataset of Metaphors from the Italian Literature: Exploring Psycholinguistic Variables and the Role of Context pp. 1-13 Downloads
Valentina Bambini, Donatella Resta and Mirko Grimaldi
Neural Correlates of Gender Differences in Reputation Building pp. 1-13 Downloads
Francesca Garbarini, Riccardo Boero, Federico D'Agata, Giangiacomo Bravo, Cristina Mosso, Franco Cauda, Sergio Duca, Giuliano Geminiani and Katiuscia Sacco
Predicting Survey Responses: How and Why Semantics Shape Survey Statistics on Organizational Behaviour pp. 1-13 Downloads
Jan Ketil Arnulf, Kai Rune Larsen, Øyvind Lund Martinsen and Chih How Bong
Scientists versus Regulators: Precaution, Novelty & Regulatory Oversight as Predictors of Perceived Risks of Engineered Nanomaterials pp. 1-13 Downloads
Christian E H Beaudrie, Terre Satterfield, Milind Kandlikar and Barbara H Harthorn
Nogo Receptor Inhibition Enhances Functional Recovery following Lysolecithin-Induced Demyelination in Mouse Optic Chiasm pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles of Soft Tissue Sarcoma Using a Combination of Knowledge-Based Filtering with Integration of Multiple Statistics pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Price Comparisons on the Internet Based on Computational Intelligence pp. 1-13 Downloads
Jun Woo Kim and Sung Ho Ha
Copper (II) and 2,2′-Bipyridine Complexation Improves Chemopreventive Effects of Naringenin against Breast Tumor Cells pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Fine-Grained, Local Maps and Coarse, Global Representations Support Human Spatial Working Memory pp. 1-13 Downloads
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A Heuristic Placement Selection of Live Virtual Machine Migration for Energy-Saving in Cloud Computing Environment pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Understanding of Factors that Enable Health Promoters in Implementing Health-Promoting Schools: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis of Qualitative Evidence pp. 1-13 Downloads
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LD-Aminopterin in the Canine Homologue of Human Atopic Dermatitis: A Randomized, Controlled Trial Reveals Dosing Factors Affecting Optimal Therapy pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Dissecting the Space-Time Structure of Tree-Ring Datasets Using the Partial Triadic Analysis pp. 1-13 Downloads
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In Silico, Experimental, Mechanistic Model for Extended-Release Felodipine Disposition Exhibiting Complex Absorption and a Highly Variable Food Interaction pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Underrepresented Minority High School and College Students Report STEM-Pipeline Sustaining Gains After Participating in the Loma Linda University Summer Health Disparities Research Program pp. 1-13 Downloads
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A Fast-and-Robust Profiler for Improving Polymerase Chain Reaction Diagnostics pp. 1-13 Downloads
George J Besseris
Association between the XRCC1 Polymorphisms and Thyroid Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis from Case-Control Studies pp. 1-10 Downloads
Fei-Fei Wu, Xiao-Feng He, Hu-Wei Shen and Gui-Jun Qin
Nonlinear Radiation Heat Transfer Effects in the Natural Convective Boundary Layer Flow of Nanofluid Past a Vertical Plate: A Numerical Study pp. 1-10 Downloads
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ErbB2 Receptor Immunoreactivity in Prostate Cancer: Relationship to the Androgen Receptor, Disease Severity at Diagnosis and Disease Outcome pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Might Depression, Psychosocial Adversity, and Limited Social Assets Explain Vulnerability to and Resistance against Violent Radicalisation? pp. 1-10 Downloads
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A Multiresolution Approach to Discrete Tomography Using DART pp. 1-10 Downloads
Andrei Dabravolski, Kees Joost Batenburg and Jan Sijbers
Cheburator Software for Automatically Calculating Drug Inhibitory Concentrations from In Vitro Screening Assays pp. 1-10 Downloads
Dmitry Nevozhay
A Mathematical-Biological Joint Effort to Investigate the Tumor-Initiating Ability of Cancer Stem Cells pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Circulating S100B Blood Levels in Schizophrenia pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Radiographic Risk Factors for Contralateral Rupture in Dogs with Unilateral Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Women Ornament Themselves for Intrasexual Competition near Ovulation, but for Intersexual Attraction in Luteal Phase pp. 1-10 Downloads
Jin-Ying Zhuang and Jia-Xi Wang
Costs Associated with Implementation of Computer-Assisted Clinical Decision Support System for Antenatal and Delivery Care: Case Study of Kassena-Nankana District of Northern Ghana pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Conceptualizing Cancer Drugs as Classifiers pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Health System Challenges in Organizing Quality Diabetes Care for Urban Poor in South India pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Null Genotypes of GSTM1 and GSTT1 and Endometriosis Risk: A Meta-Analysis of 25 Case-Control Studies pp. 1-10 Downloads
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A Risk Prediction Model for Screening Bacteremic Patients: A Cross Sectional Study pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Glucocorticoid Modulates Angiotensin II Receptor Expression Patterns and Protects the Heart from Ischemia and Reperfusion Injury pp. 1-10 Downloads
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In Vitro Surfactant and Perfluorocarbon Aerosol Deposition in a Neonatal Physical Model of the Upper Conducting Airways pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Jin-song Xiao, Cun-mei Su and Xian-tao Zeng
Comparison of Transverse Island Flap Onlay and Tubularized Incised-Plate Urethroplasties for Primary Proximal Hypospadias: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-10 Downloads
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RNA-Seq Gene Profiling - A Systematic Empirical Comparison pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Large Variations in Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Mortality in Treatment Naïve Hepatitis B Patients: Systematic Review with Meta-Analyses pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Sapna Oberoi, Gabriele Zamperlini–Netto, Joseph Beyene, Nathaniel S Treister and Lillian Sung
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Jun Hu, Xue He, Dong-Jun Yu, Xi-Bei Yang, Jing-Yu Yang and Hong-Bin Shen
Joint Effects of Habitat Heterogeneity and Species’ Life-History Traits on Population Dynamics in Spatially Structured Landscapes pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Differences in COPD Patient Care by Primary Family Caregivers: An Age-Based Study pp. 1-10 Downloads
Peng-Ching Hsiao, Chi-Ming Chu, Pei-Yi Sung, Wann-Cherng Perng and Kwua-Yun Wang
An Increased Total Resected Lymph Node Count Benefits Survival following Pancreas Invasive Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms Resection: An Analysis Using the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Result Registry Database pp. 1-10 Downloads
Wenming Wu, Xiafei Hong, Rui Tian, Lei You, Menghua Dai, Quan Liao, Taiping Zhang and Yupei Zhao
Fitting Membrane Resistance along with Action Potential Shape in Cardiac Myocytes Improves Convergence: Application of a Multi-Objective Parallel Genetic Algorithm pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Online Detection of Fetal Acidemia during Labour by Testing Synchronization of EEG and Heart Rate: A Prospective Study in Fetal Sheep pp. 1-10 Downloads
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The Experience of China-Educated Nurses Working in Australia: A Symbolic Interactionist Perspective pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yunxian Zhou
Hessian-Regularized Co-Training for Social Activity Recognition pp. 1-10 Downloads
Weifeng Liu, Yang Li, Xu Lin, Dacheng Tao and Yanjiang Wang
Multidimensional Poverty in Rural Mozambique: A New Metric for Evaluating Public Health Interventions pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Expression of XPG Protein in the Development, Progression and Prognosis of Gastric Cancer pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Short and Long-Term Impact of Lipectomy on Expression Profile of Hepatic Anabolic Genes in Rats: A High Fat and High Cholesterol Diet-Induced Obese Model pp. 1-10 Downloads
Bey-Leei Ling, Chun-Tang Chiu, Hsiu-Chin Lu, Jin-Jin Lin, Chiung-Yin Kuo and Fen-Pi Chou
Contribution of Psychosocial Factors to the Association between Socioeconomic Position and Takeaway Food Consumption pp. 1-10 Downloads
Kyoko Miura and Gavin Turrell
Period2 Deficiency Blunts Hypoxia-Induced Mobilization and Function of Endothelial Progenitor Cells pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Clinical Effectiveness of Protein and Amino Acid Supplementation on Building Muscle Mass in Elderly People: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Measurement Properties of the Chinese Version of the Youth Quality of Life Instrument–Weight Module (YQOL-W) pp. 1-10 Downloads
Xiao-Ying Jiang, Hong-Mei Wang, Todd C Edwards, Ying-Ping Chen, Yi-Ran Lv and Donald L Patrick
Does General Motivation Energize Financial Reward-Seeking Behavior? Evidence from an Effort Task pp. 1-6 Downloads
Justin Chumbley and Ernst Fehr
Assessment of Prosthesis Alignment after Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty Using EOS 2D and 3D Imaging: A Reliability Study pp. 1-6 Downloads
Marrigje F Meijer, Alexander L Boerboom, Martin Stevens, Sjoerd K Bulstra and Inge H F Reininga
Poor Glycemic Control of Diabetes Mellitus Is Associated with Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer Detection in a Biopsy Population pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Visual Dependency and Dizziness after Vestibular Neuritis pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Christopher Harrison, Helena Britt, Suzanne Garland, Lynne Conway, Alicia Stein, Marie Pirotta and Christopher Fairley
S-1-Based versus Capecitabine-Based Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy in the Treatment of Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer: A Matched-Pair Analysis pp. 1-6 Downloads
Meng Su, Lu-Cheng Zhu, Hang-Ping Wei, Wen-Hua Luo, Rui-Fang Lin and Chang-Lin Zou
An Updated Meta-Analysis of the Association between Tumor Necrosis Factor-α -308G/A Polymorphism and Obstructive Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome pp. 1-6 Downloads
Anyuan Zhong, Xiaolu Xiong, Huajun Xu and Minhua Shi
Preoperative MRI Findings Predict Two-Year Postoperative Clinical Outcome in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis pp. 1-6 Downloads
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A Regulatory Polymorphism in HAVCR2 Modulates Susceptibility to HIV-1 Infection pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Occupational Complexity and Risk of Parkinson's Disease pp. 1-6 Downloads
Elise G Valdés, Ross Andel, Johanna Sieurin, Adina L Feldman, Jerri D Edwards, Niklas Långström, Margaret Gatz and Karin Wirdefeldt
Utilization of Inhaled Corticosteroids for Infants with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia pp. 1-6 Downloads
Jonathan L Slaughter, Michael R Stenger, Patricia B Reagan and Sudarshan R Jadcherla
Computer-Assisted Radiographic Calculation of Spinal Curvature in Brachycephalic “Screw-Tailed” Dog Breeds with Congenital Thoracic Vertebral Malformations: Reliability and Clinical Evaluation pp. 1-6 Downloads
Julien Guevar, Jacques Penderis, Kiterie Faller, Carmen Yeamans, Catherine Stalin and Rodrigo Gutierrez-Quintana
Pain Perception Is Increased in Congenital but Not Late Onset Blindness pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Does Variation among Provincial Drug Formulary Antimicrobial Listings in Canada Influence Prescribing Rates? pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Finding Candidate Drugs for Hepatitis C Based on Chemical-Chemical and Chemical-Protein Interactions pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Spirometry in Healthy Subjects: Do Technical Details of the Test Procedure Affect the Results? pp. 1-6 Downloads
Luciana Sipoli, Larissa Martinez, Leila Donária, Vanessa Suziane Probst, Graciane Laender Moreira and Fabio Pitta
US News and World Report Cancer Hospital Rankings: Do They Reflect Measures of Research Productivity? pp. 1-6 Downloads
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The Effect of Speed of Processing Training on Microsaccade Amplitude pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Knowledge of Thrombolytic Therapy for Acute Ischemic Stroke among Community Residents in Western Urban China pp. 1-6 Downloads
Juan Yang, Min Zheng, Shuqun Chen, Shu Ou, Jie Zhang, Ni Wang, Yingying Cao and Jian Wang
Blind Image Blur Assessment Using Singular Value Similarity and Blur Comparisons pp. 1-6 Downloads
Qing-Bing Sang, Xiao-Jun Wu, Chao-Feng Li and Yin Lu
Substrate Induced Denitrification over or under Estimates Shifts in Soil N2/N2O Ratios pp. 1-6 Downloads
Nicholas J Morley, David J Richardson and Elizabeth M Baggs
Associations between Acetaminophen Use during Pregnancy and ADHD Symptoms Measured at Ages 7 and 11 Years pp. 1-6 Downloads
John M D Thompson, Karen E Waldie, Clare R Wall, Rinky Murphy, Edwin A Mitchell and the ABC study Group
Influence of Supraliminal Reward Information on Unconsciously Triggered Response Inhibition pp. 1-6 Downloads
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High Nationwide Incidence of Multiple Sclerosis in Sweden pp. 1-6 Downloads
Cecilia Ahlgren, Anders Odén and Jan Lycke
Patients with Chronically Diseased Livers Have Lower Incidence of Colorectal Liver Metastases: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-6 Downloads
Bin Cai, Kai Liao, Xian-qing Song, Wei-yuan Wei, Yuan Zhuang and Sen Zhang
The Effects of Orally Administered Beta-Glucan on Innate Immune Responses in Humans, a Randomized Open-Label Intervention Pilot-Study pp. 1-6 Downloads
Jenneke Leentjens, Jessica Quintin, Jelle Gerretsen, Matthijs Kox, Peter Pickkers and Mihai G Netea
Incidence of Incisional Hernia after Cesarean Delivery: A Register-Based Cohort Study pp. 1-6 Downloads
Anna J M Aabakke, Lone Krebs, Steen Ladelund and Niels J Secher
On the Sympatric Evolution and Evolutionary Stability of Coexistence by Relative Nonlinearity of Competition pp. 1-12 Downloads
Florian Hartig, Tamara Münkemüller, Karin Johst and Ulf Dieckmann
Features of Child Food Insecurity after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake: Results from Longitudinal Random Survey of Households pp. 1-12 Downloads
Royce A Hutson, Eileen Trzcinski and Athena R Kolbe
Relationships between Perceptual Attributes and Rheology in Over-the-Counter Vaginal Products: A Potential Tool for Microbicide Development pp. 1-12 Downloads
Ellen D Mahan, Toral Zaveri, Gregory R Ziegler and John E Hayes
An Expanded Combined Evidence Approach to the Gavialis Problem Using Geometric Morphometric Data from Crocodylian Braincases and Eustachian Systems pp. 1-12 Downloads
Maria Eugenia Leone Gold, Christopher A Brochu and Mark A Norell
A New Coarse-Grained Model for E. coli Cytoplasm: Accurate Calculation of the Diffusion Coefficient of Proteins and Observation of Anomalous Diffusion pp. 1-12 Downloads
Sabeeha Hasnain, Christopher L McClendon, Monica T Hsu, Matthew P Jacobson and Pradipta Bandyopadhyay
A Flexible Calibration Method Using the Planar Target with a Square Pattern for Line Structured Light Vision System pp. 1-12 Downloads
Qiucheng Sun, Yueqian Hou, Qingchang Tan and Guannan Li
The Risks of Sleeping “Too Much”. Survey of a National Representative Sample of 24671 Adults (INPES Health Barometer) pp. 1-12 Downloads
Damien Léger, François Beck, Jean-Baptiste Richard, Fabien Sauvet and Brice Faraut
Clinical Efficacy of Tumor Antigen-Pulsed DC Treatment for High-Grade Glioma Patients: Evidence from a Meta-Analysis pp. 1-12 Downloads
Jun-Xia Cao, Xiao-Yan Zhang, Jin-Long Liu, Duo Li, Jun-Li Li, Yi-Shan Liu, Min Wang, Bei-Lei Xu, Hai-Bo Wang and Zheng-Xu Wang
Prevention Effect of Allopurinol on Post-Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography Pancreatitis: A Meta-Analysis of Prospective Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-12 Downloads
Wei-Li Cao, Wen-Shan Yan, Xiao-Hui Xiang, Kai Chen and Shi-Hai Xia
Effect of Cytosolic pH on Inward Currents Reveals Structural Characteristics of the Proton Transport Cycle in the Influenza A Protein M2 in Cell-Free Membrane Patches of Xenopus oocytes pp. 1-12 Downloads
Mattia L DiFrancesco, Ulf-Peter Hansen, Gerhard Thiel, Anna Moroni and Indra Schroeder
Scale-Free Fluctuations in Behavioral Performance: Delineating Changes in Spontaneous Behavior of Humans with Induced Sleep Deficiency pp. 1-12 Downloads
Jeremi K Ochab, Jacek Tyburczyk, Ewa Beldzik, Dante R Chialvo, Aleksandra Domagalik, Magdalena Fafrowicz, Ewa Gudowska-Nowak, Tadeusz Marek, Maciej A Nowak, Halszka Oginska and Jerzy Szwed
Comparative Effectiveness of Oral Drug Therapies for Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms due to Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis pp. 1-12 Downloads
Xinghuan Wang, Xiao Wang, Sheng Li, Zhe Meng, Tao Liu and Xinhua Zhang
Heat and Mass Transfer in Unsteady Rotating Fluid Flow with Binary Chemical Reaction and Activation Energy pp. 1-12 Downloads
Faiz G Awad, Sandile Motsa and Melusi Khumalo
Effect of Black Tea Consumption on Blood Cholesterol: A Meta-Analysis of 15 Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-12 Downloads
Dongmei Wang, Canhuang Chen, Yu Wang, Jiaxing Liu and Rongkai Lin
Evidence of Heterosynaptic LTD in the Human Nociceptive System: Superficial Skin Neuromodulation Using a Matrix Electrode Reduces Deep Pain Sensitivity pp. 1-12 Downloads
Martin Mücke, Henning Cuhls, Lukas Radbruch, Tobias Weigl and Roman Rolke
A Systematic Review of Economic Evaluations of Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder pp. 1-12 Downloads
Christian Brettschneider, Steffi Riedel-Heller and Hans-Helmut König
Changes in Seagrass Species Composition in Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Estuaries: Effects on Associated Seagrass Fauna pp. 1-12 Downloads
Brandon R Ray, Matthew W Johnson, Kirk Cammarata and Delbert L Smee
Sequence Analysis and Molecular Characterization of Clonorchis sinensis Hexokinase, an Unusual Trimeric 50-kDa Glucose-6-Phosphate-Sensitive Allosteric Enzyme pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Chemobrain Experienced by Breast Cancer Survivors: A Meta-Ethnography Study Investigating Research and Care Implications pp. 1-12 Downloads
Maryam Hafsah Selamat, Siew Yim Loh, Lynette Mackenzie and Janette Vardy
Multivariate Dimensionality Reduction Approaches to Identify Gene-Gene and Gene-Environment Interactions Underlying Multiple Complex Traits pp. 1-12 Downloads
Hai-Ming Xu, Xi-Wei Sun, Ting Qi, Wan-Yu Lin, Nianjun Liu and Xiang-Yang Lou
Diabetes Mellitus and Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-12 Downloads
Xue Chen, Shi Song Rong, Qihua Xu, Fang Yao Tang, Yuan Liu, Hong Gu, Pancy O S Tam, Li Jia Chen, Mårten E Brelén, Chi Pui Pang and Chen Zhao
Retention and Risk Factors for Attrition in a Large Public Health ART Program in Myanmar: A Retrospective Cohort Analysis pp. 1-12 Downloads
Aye Thida, Sai Thein Than Tun, Sai Ko Ko Zaw, Andrew A Lover, Philippe Cavailler, Jennifer Chunn, Mar Mar Aye, Par Par, Kyaw Win Naing, Kaung Nyunt Zan, Myint Shwe, Thar Tun Kyaw, Zaw Htoon Waing and Philippe Clevenbergh
Incorporating DEM Uncertainty in Coastal Inundation Mapping pp. 1-12 Downloads
Javier X Leon, Gerard B M Heuvelink and Stuart R Phinn
TripNet: A Method for Constructing Rooted Phylogenetic Networks from Rooted Triplets pp. 1-1 Downloads
Hadi Poormohammadi, Changiz Eslahchi and Ruzbeh Tusserkani
Neighborhood Deprivation and Risk of Cancer Incidence, Mortality and Survival: Results from a Population-Based Cohort Study in Japan pp. 1-1 Downloads
Yasuhiro Miki, Manami Inoue, Ai Ikeda, Norie Sawada, Tomoki Nakaya, Taichi Shimazu, Motoki Iwasaki, Taiki Yamaji, Shizuka Sasazuki, Kenji Shibuya, Shoichiro Tsugane and for the JPHC Study Group
Determinants of Genetic Structure in a Nonequilibrium Metapopulation of the Plant Silene latifolia pp. 1-9 Downloads
Peter D Fields and Douglas R Taylor
Optimizing the Prediction Process: From Statistical Concepts to the Case Study of Soccer pp. 1-9 Downloads
Andreas Heuer and Oliver Rubner
Application of Multi-Objective Optimization to Pooled Experiments of Next Generation Sequencing for Detection of Rare Mutations pp. 1-9 Downloads
Julius Žilinskas, Algirdas Lančinskas and Mario Rosario Guarracino
The Effect of Measles on Health-Related Quality of Life: A Patient-Based Survey pp. 1-9 Downloads
Dominic Thorrington, Mary Ramsay, Albert Jan van Hoek, W John Edmunds, Roberto Vivancos, Antoaneta Bukasa and Ken Eames
Feasibility and Accuracy of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Clinically Node-Positive Breast Cancer after Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jian-Fei Fu, Hai-Long Chen, Jiao Yang, Cheng-Hao Yi and Shu Zheng
Depression in Working Adults: Comparing the Costs and Health Outcomes of Working When Ill pp. 1-9 Downloads
Fiona Cocker, Jan M Nicholson, Nicholas Graves, Brian Oldenburg, Andrew J Palmer, Angela Martin, Jenn Scott, Alison Venn and Kristy Sanderson
Calcium Channel Blockers and Risk of Breast Cancer: A Meta-Analysis of 17 Observational Studies pp. 1-9 Downloads
Wen Li, Qi Shi, Weibing Wang, Jianrong Liu, Qi Li and Fenggang Hou
Synchronized Renal Blood Flow Dynamics Mapped with Wavelet Analysis of Laser Speckle Flowmetry Data pp. 1-9 Downloads
Alexey R Brazhe, Donald J Marsh, Niels-Henrik Holstein-Rathlou and Olga Sosnovtseva
Testing Two Different Doses of Tiotropium Respimat® in Cystic Fibrosis: Phase 2 Randomized Trial Results pp. 1-9 Downloads
Judy M Bradley, Paul Koker, Qiqi Deng, Petra Moroni-Zentgraf, Felix Ratjen, David E Geller, J Stuart Elborn and on behalf of the Tiotropium Cystic Fibrosis Study Group
Associations between Changes in City and Address Specific Temperature and QT Interval - The VA Normative Aging Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Amar J Mehta, Itai Kloog, Antonella Zanobetti, Brent A Coull, David Sparrow, Pantel Vokonas and Joel Schwartz
The Prognostic Value of Global DNA Hypomethylation in Cancer: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jinhui Li, Qingyuan Huang, Fangfang Zeng, Wenxue Li, Zhini He, Wen Chen, Wei Zhu and Bo Zhang
Plasma PCSK9 Levels Are Elevated with Acute Myocardial Infarction in Two Independent Retrospective Angiographic Studies pp. 1-9 Downloads
Naif A M Almontashiri, Ragnar O Vilmundarson, Nima Ghasemzadeh, Sonny Dandona, Robert Roberts, Arshed A Quyyumi, Hsiao-Huei Chen and Alexandre F R Stewart
Factors Driving Inequality in Prostate Cancer Survival: A Population Based Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Richéal M Burns, Linda Sharp, Francis J Sullivan, Sandra E Deady, Frances J Drummond and Ciaran O′Neill
The Validation of Peer Review through Research Impact Measures and the Implications for Funding Strategies pp. 1-9 Downloads
Stephen A Gallo, Afton S Carpenter, David Irwin, Caitlin D McPartland, Joseph Travis, Sofie Reynders, Lisa A Thompson and Scott R Glisson
The Costs of Scaling Up HIV Prevention for High Risk Groups: Lessons Learned from the Avahan Programme in India pp. 1-9 Downloads
Sudhashree Chandrashekar, Lorna Guinness, Michael Pickles, Govindraj Y Shetty, Michel Alary, Peter Vickerman, Evaluation Group Charme–1 and Anna Vassall
Posting Behaviour Patterns in an Online Smoking Cessation Social Network: Implications for Intervention Design and Development pp. 1-9 Downloads
Benjamin Healey, Janet Hoek and Richard Edwards
Low Quality Evidence of Epidemiological Observational Studies on Leishmaniasis in Brazil pp. 1-9 Downloads
Bruno Trentini, Mário Steindel and Mariel A Marlow
Characterization of Indoor Extremely Low Frequency and Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields in the INMA-Granada Cohort pp. 1-9 Downloads
Irene Calvente, Cristina Dávila-Arias, Olga Ocón-Hernández, Rocío Pérez-Lobato, Rosa Ramos, Francisco Artacho-Cordón, Nicolás Olea, María Isabel Núñez and Mariana F Fernández
Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: A Randomized Controlled Trial pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yoichi Matsui, Sohei Satoi, Masaki Kaibori, Hideyoshi Toyokawa, Hiroaki Yanagimoto, Kosuke Matsui, Morihiko Ishizaki and A-Hon Kwon
Assessment of Trust in Physician: A Systematic Review of Measures pp. 1-9 Downloads
Evamaria Müller, Jördis M Zill, Jörg Dirmaier, Martin Härter and Isabelle Scholl
Development and Validation of the Self-Acceptance Scale for Persons with Early Blindness: The SAS-EB pp. 1-9 Downloads
Fabiane Frota da Rocha Morgado, Angela Nogueira Neves Betanho Campana and Maria da Consolação Gomes Cunha Fernandes Tavares
Attention Modulates Visual-Tactile Interaction in Spatial Pattern Matching pp. 1-9 Downloads
Florian Göschl, Andreas K Engel and Uwe Friese
Testing Genetic Association by Regressing Genotype over Multiple Phenotypes pp. 1-9 Downloads
Kai Wang
Nonlinear Dual Reconstruction of SPECT Activity and Attenuation Images pp. 1-9 Downloads
Huafeng Liu, Min Guo, Zhenghui Hu, Pengcheng Shi and Hongjie Hu
Maximum Entropy Principle Based Estimation of Performance Distribution in Queueing Theory pp. 1-9 Downloads
Dayi He, Ran Li, Qi Huang and Ping Lei
Monitoring Early Response to Anti-Angiogenic Therapy: Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Volume Measurements in Colon Carcinoma Xenografts pp. 1-9 Downloads
Moritz Jörg Schneider, Clemens Christian Cyran, Konstantin Nikolaou, Heidrun Hirner, Maximilian F Reiser and Olaf Dietrich
Generalized Linear Model for Mapping Discrete Trait Loci Implemented with LASSO Algorithm pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jun Xing, Huijiang Gao, Yang Wu, Yani Wu, Hongwang Li and Runqing Yang
Prognostic Value of LGR5 in Colorectal Cancer: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Qing Chen, Xin Zhang, Wei-Min Li, Yu-Qiang Ji, Hao-Zhe Cao and Pengsheng Zheng
Reliability and Validity of the Transport and Physical Activity Questionnaire (TPAQ) for Assessing Physical Activity Behaviour pp. 1-9 Downloads
Emma J Adams, Mary Goad, Shannon Sahlqvist, Fiona C Bull, Ashley R Cooper, David Ogilvie and on behalf of the iConnect Consortium
A Data-Driven Design Evaluation Tool for Handheld Device Soft Keyboards pp. 1-9 Downloads
Matthieu B Trudeau, Elsie M Sunderland, Devin L Jindrich and Jack T Dennerlein
Patients with Exon 19 Deletion Were Associated with Longer Progression-Free Survival Compared to Those with L858R Mutation after First-Line EGFR-TKIs for Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yaxiong Zhang, Jin Sheng, Shiyang Kang, Wenfeng Fang, Yue Yan, Zhihuang Hu, Shaodong Hong, Xuan Wu, Tao Qin, Wenhua Liang and Li Zhang
Safety Assessment of Liver-Targeted Hydrodynamic Gene Delivery in Dogs pp. 1-9 Downloads
Kenya Kamimura, Tsutomu Kanefuji, Takeshi Yokoo, Hiroyuki Abe, Takeshi Suda, Yuji Kobayashi, Guisheng Zhang, Yutaka Aoyagi and Dexi Liu
Aberrant Upregulation of 14-3-3σ and EZH2 Expression Serves as an Inferior Prognostic Biomarker for Hepatocellular Carcinoma pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yi Zhang, Yang Li, Changwei Lin, Jie Ding, Guoqing Liao and Bo Tang
Cost-Effectiveness of Treatment Strategies for BRAF-Mutated Metastatic Melanoma pp. 1-9 Downloads
Patti Curl, Igor Vujic, Laura J van ‘t Veer, Susana Ortiz-Urda and James G Kahn
Association between DAPK1 Promoter Methylation and Cervical Cancer: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jiaqiang Xiong, Ya Li, Kecheng Huang, Meixia Lu, Hao Shi, Lanfang Ma, Aiyue Luo, Shuhong Yang, Zhiyong Lu, Jinjin Zhang, Lilan Yang and Shixuan Wang
Dual-Phase CT Collateral Score: A Predictor of Clinical Outcome in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke pp. 1-9 Downloads
Na-Young Shin, Kyung-eun Kim, Mina Park, Young Dae Kim, Dong Joon Kim, Sung Jun Ahn, Ji Hoe Heo and Seung-Koo Lee
Dimethyl Sulfoxide Damages Mitochondrial Integrity and Membrane Potential in Cultured Astrocytes pp. 1-9 Downloads
Chan Yuan, Junying Gao, Jichao Guo, Lei Bai, Charles Marshall, Zhiyou Cai, Linmei Wang and Ming Xiao
Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Reveals Compact Domain-Domain Interactions in the N-Terminal Region of Filamin C pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ritika Sethi and Jari Ylänne
Initial Medication in Patients of Newly Diagnosed Parkinson’s Disease in Taiwan pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yi-Jen Guo, Yi-Chu Liao, Ching-Heng Lin and Ming-Hong Chang
Androgen Deprivation Therapy for Prostate Cancer Is Associated with Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality: A Meta-Analysis of Population-Based Observational Studies pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jinsheng Zhao, Shimiao Zhu, Libin Sun, Fanzheng Meng, Lin Zhao, Yusheng Zhao, Hao Tian, Ping Li and Yuanjie Niu
Anxiety and Depression Mediate the Health-Related Quality of Life Differently in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke–Preliminary Report of the Yilan Study: A Population-Based Community Health Survey pp. 1-9 Downloads
Nai-Wei Hsu, Hsuan-Ming Tsao, Hsi-Chung Chen and Pesus Chou
Stereotactic Aspiration versus Craniotomy for Primary Intracerebral Hemorrhage: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jia-Wei Wang, Jin-Ping Li, Ying-Lun Song, Ke Tan, Yu Wang, Tao Li, Peng Guo, Xiong Li, Yan Wang and Qi-Huang Zhao
Convergence across Tactile Afferent Types in Primary and Secondary Somatosensory Cortices pp. 1-9 Downloads
Andrew W Carter, Spencer C Chen, Nigel H Lovell, Richard M Vickery and John W Morley
A SUPER Powerful Method for Genome Wide Association Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Qishan Wang, Feng Tian, Yuchun Pan, Edward S Buckler and Zhiwu Zhang
The Effects of Body Mass on Dung Removal Efficiency in Dung Beetles pp. 1-9 Downloads
Beatrice Nervo, Claudia Tocco, Enrico Caprio, Claudia Palestrini and Antonio Rolando
Ecosystem Service Valuations of Mangrove Ecosystems to Inform Decision Making and Future Valuation Exercises pp. 1-9 Downloads
Nibedita Mukherjee, William J Sutherland, Lynn Dicks, Jean Hugé, Nico Koedam and Farid Dahdouh-Guebas
Photoswitching-Free FRAP Analysis with a Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Tag pp. 1-9 Downloads
Tatsuya Morisaki and James G McNally
A Novel Method Applied in Determination and Assessment of Trace Amount of Lead and Cadmium in Rice from Four Provinces, China pp. 1-9 Downloads
Shan Li, Mei Wang, Bingyi Yang, Yizhou Zhong and Le Feng
Diagnostic Accuracy of Ber-EP4 for Metastatic Adenocarcinoma in Serous Effusions: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Bo Wang, Diandian Li, Xuemei Ou, Qun Yi and Yulin Feng
A Robust and Accurate Method for Feature Selection and Prioritization from Multi-Class OMICs Data pp. 1-9 Downloads
Vittorio Fortino, Pia Kinaret, Nanna Fyhrquist, Harri Alenius and Dario Greco
An Integrative Model of Patient-Centeredness – A Systematic Review and Concept Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Isabelle Scholl, Jördis M Zill, Martin Härter and Jörg Dirmaier
Feeling Bad and Looking Worse: Negative Affect Is Associated with Reduced Perceptions of Face-Healthiness pp. 1-9 Downloads
Laura Mirams, Ellen Poliakoff, Elizabeth H Zandstra, Marco Hoeksma, Anna Thomas and Wael El-Deredy
Galectin Expression Profiling Identifies Galectin-1 and Galectin-9Δ5 as Prognostic Factors in Stage I/II Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer pp. 1-9 Downloads
Iris A Schulkens, Roy Heusschen, Vivian van den Boogaart, Robert-Jan van Suylen, Anne-Marie C Dingemans, Arjan W Griffioen and Victor L Thijssen
Use of Insecticide-Treated School Uniforms for Prevention of Dengue in Schoolchildren: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yesim Tozan, Pitcha Ratanawong, Valérie R Louis, Pattamaporn Kittayapong and Annelies Wilder-Smith
AKT1 and SELP Polymorphisms Predict the Risk of Developing Cachexia in Pancreatic Cancer Patients pp. 1-9 Downloads
Abolfazl Avan, Amir Avan, Tessa Y S Le Large, Andrea Mambrini, Niccola Funel, Mina Maftouh, Majid Ghayour-Mobarhan, Maurizio Cantore, Ugo Boggi, Godefridus J Peters, Paola Pacetti and Elisa Giovannetti
Satellite Glial Cells Surrounding Primary Afferent Neurons Are Activated and Proliferate during Monoarthritis in Rats: Is There a Role for ATF3? pp. 1-9 Downloads
Diana Sofia Marques Nascimento, José Manuel Castro-Lopes and Fani Lourença Moreira Neto
Risk Recognition, Attachment Anxiety, Self-Efficacy, and State Dissociation Predict Revictimization pp. 1-9 Downloads
Estelle Bockers, Stefan Roepke, Lars Michael, Babette Renneberg and Christine Knaevelsrud
Limits and Trade-Offs of Topological Network Robustness pp. 1-9 Downloads
Christopher Priester, Sebastian Schmitt and Tiago P Peixoto
Heartbeat and Economic Decisions: Observing Mental Stress among Proposers and Responders in the Ultimatum Bargaining Game pp. 1-9 Downloads
Uwe Dulleck, Markus Schaffner and Benno Torgler
Systemic Hypertension as a Risk Factor for Open-Angle Glaucoma: A Meta-Analysis of Population-Based Studies pp. 1-9 Downloads
Hyoung Won Bae, Naeun Lee, Hye Sun Lee, Samin Hong, Gong Je Seong and Chan Yun Kim
Effects of Clonal Integration on Microbial Community Composition and Processes in the Rhizosphere of the Stoloniferous Herb Glechoma longituba (Nakai) Kuprian pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ningfei Lei, Jun Li, Shijun Ni and Jinsong Chen
Glioma: Application of Whole-Tumor Texture Analysis of Diffusion-Weighted Imaging for the Evaluation of Tumor Heterogeneity pp. 1-9 Downloads
Young Jin Ryu, Seung Hong Choi, Sang Joon Park, Tae Jin Yun, Ji-Hoon Kim and Chul-Ho Sohn
The Effect of Ostracism and Optional Participation on the Evolution of Cooperation in the Voluntary Public Goods Game pp. 1-9 Downloads
Mayuko Nakamaru and Akira Yokoyama
Contourlet Textual Features: Improving the Diagnosis of Solitary Pulmonary Nodules in Two Dimensional CT Images pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jingjing Wang, Tao Sun, Ni Gao, Desmond Dev Menon, Yanxia Luo, Qi Gao, Xia Li, Wei Wang, Huiping Zhu, Pingxin Lv, Zhigang Liang, Lixin Tao, Xiangtong Liu and Xiuhua Guo
Efficient Preparation of Enantiopure D-Phenylalanine through Asymmetric Resolution Using Immobilized Phenylalanine Ammonia-Lyase from Rhodotorula glutinis JN-1 in a Recirculating Packed-Bed Reactor pp. 1-9 Downloads
Longbao Zhu, Li Zhou, Nan Huang, Wenjing Cui, Zhongmei Liu, Ke Xiao and Zhemin Zhou
Distribution of Serotypes, Vaccine Coverage, and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of Streptococcus Pneumoniae in Children Living in SAARC Countries: A Systematic Review pp. 1-9 Downloads
Nishant Jaiswal, Meenu Singh, Rashmi Ranjan Das, Ishita Jindal, Amit Agarwal, Kiran Kumar Thumburu, Ajay Kumar and Anil Chauhan
Nanoblinker: Brownian Motion Powered Bio-Nanomachine for FRET Detection of Phagocytic Phase of Apoptosis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Candace L Minchew and Vladimir V Didenko
To Be or Want to Be: Disentangling the Role of Actual versus Ideal Self in Implicit Self-Esteem pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jonathan Remue, Sean Hughes, Jan De Houwer and Rudi De Raedt
Testosterone Trajectories and Reference Ranges in a Large Longitudinal Sample of Male Adolescents pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ammar Khairullah, Laura Cousino Klein, Suzanne M Ingle, Margaret T May, Courtney A Whetzel, Elizabeth J Susman and Tomáš Paus
Full Text Clustering and Relationship Network Analysis of Biomedical Publications pp. 1-9 Downloads
Renchu Guan, Chen Yang, Maurizio Marchese, Yanchun Liang and Xiaohu Shi
Evaluation of the Validity of Job Exposure Matrix for Psychosocial Factors at Work pp. 1-9 Downloads
Svetlana Solovieva, Tiina Pensola, Johanna Kausto, Rahman Shiri, Markku Heliövaara, Alex Burdorf, Kirsti Husgafvel-Pursiainen and Eira Viikari-Juntura
In Silico Insights into Protein-Protein Interactions and Folding Dynamics of the Saposin-Like Domain of Solanum tuberosum Aspartic Protease pp. 1-14 Downloads
Dref C De Moura, Brian C Bryksa and Rickey Y Yada
Interaction of Soil Heavy Metal Pollution with Industrialisation and the Landscape Pattern in Taiyuan City, China pp. 1-14 Downloads
Yong Liu, Chao Su, Hong Zhang, Xiaoting Li and Jingfei Pei
Predicting the Onset of Anxiety Syndromes at 12 Months in Primary Care Attendees. The PredictA-Spain Study pp. 1-14 Downloads
Patricia Moreno-Peral, Juan de Dios Luna, Louise Marston, Michael King, Irwin Nazareth, Emma Motrico, María Josefa GildeGómez-Barragán, Francisco Torres-González, Carmen Montón-Franco, Marta Sánchez-Celaya, Miguel Ángel Díaz-Barreiros, Catalina Vicens, Carlos Muñoz-Bravo and Juan Ángel Bellón
Support and Assessment for Fall Emergency Referrals (SAFER 1): Cluster Randomised Trial of Computerised Clinical Decision Support for Paramedics pp. 1-14 Downloads
Helen Anne Snooks, Ben Carter, Jeremy Dale, Theresa Foster, Ioan Humphreys, Philippa Anne Logan, Ronan Anthony Lyons, Suzanne Margaret Mason, Ceri James Phillips, Antonio Sanchez, Mushtaq Wani, Alan Watkins, Bridget Elizabeth Wells, Richard Whitfield and Ian Trevor Russell
Unravelling the Intrinsic Functional Organization of the Human Striatum: A Parcellation and Connectivity Study Based on Resting-State fMRI pp. 1-14 Downloads
Wi Hoon Jung, Joon Hwan Jang, Jin Woo Park, Euitae Kim, Eun-Hoe Goo, Oh-Soo Im and Jun Soo Kwon
Tail Biting in Pigs: Blood Serotonin and Fearfulness as Pieces of the Puzzle? pp. 1-14 Downloads
Winanda W Ursinus, Cornelis G Van Reenen, Inonge Reimert and J Elizabeth Bolhuis
Genetic Prediction of Antidepressant Drug Response and Nonresponse in Korean Patients pp. 1-14 Downloads
Shinn-Won Lim, Hong-Hee Won, Hyeran Kim, Woojae Myung, Seonwoo Kim, Ka-Kyung Kim, Bernard J Carroll, Jong-Won Kim and Doh Kwan Kim
Quantification of the Heterogeneity of Prognostic Cellular Biomarkers in Ewing Sarcoma Using Automated Image and Random Survival Forest Analysis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Claudia Bühnemann, Simon Li, Haiyue Yu, Harriet Branford White, Karl L Schäfer, Antonio Llombart-Bosch, Isidro Machado, Piero Picci, Pancras C W Hogendoorn, Nicholas A Athanasou, J Alison Noble and A Bassim Hassan
Emergence of Bursting Activity in Connected Neuronal Sub-Populations pp. 1-14 Downloads
Marta Bisio, Alessandro Bosca, Valentina Pasquale, Luca Berdondini and Michela Chiappalone
Coliform Bacteria as Indicators of Diarrheal Risk in Household Drinking Water: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Joshua S Gruber, Ayse Ercumen and John M Colford
Sex Attracts: Investigating Individual Differences in Attentional Bias to Sexual Stimuli pp. 1-14 Downloads
Sabine Kagerer, Sina Wehrum, Tim Klucken, Bertram Walter, Dieter Vaitl and Rudolf Stark
Cost-Effectiveness of Aspirin Adjuvant Therapy in Early Stage Colorectal Cancer in Older Patients pp. 1-14 Downloads
Swee Sung Soon, Whay-Kuang Chia, Mun-ling Sarah Chan, Gwo Fuang Ho, Xiao Jian, Yan Hong Deng, Chuen-Seng Tan, Atul Sharma, Eva Segelov, Shaesta Mehta, Raghib Ali, Han-Chong Toh and Hwee-Lin Wee
The Proinflammatory RAGE/NF-κB Pathway Is Involved in Neuronal Damage and Reactive Gliosis in a Model of Sleep Apnea by Intermittent Hypoxia pp. 1-14 Downloads
Maria Florencia Angelo, Alejandra Aguirre, Rolando X Avilés Reyes, Alejandro Villarreal, Jerónimo Lukin, Matías Melendez, Virginia Vanasco, Phil Barker, Silvia Alvarez, Alberto Epstein, Diana Jerusalinsky and Alberto Javier Ramos
Occupancy Models for Monitoring Marine Fish: A Bayesian Hierarchical Approach to Model Imperfect Detection with a Novel Gear Combination pp. 1-14 Downloads
Lewis G Coggins, Nathan M Bacheler and Daniel C Gwinn
Transcriptomic Characterization of C57BL/6 Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation and Its Modulation by Developmental Toxicants pp. 1-14 Downloads
Xiugong Gao, Jeffrey J Yourick and Robert L Sprando
The White Ceiling Heuristic and the Underestimation of Asian-American Income pp. 1-14 Downloads
Chris C Martin and John B Nezlek
esyN: Network Building, Sharing and Publishing pp. 1-5 Downloads
Daniel M Bean, Joshua Heimbach, Lorenzo Ficorella, Gos Micklem, Stephen G Oliver and Giorgio Favrin
The Invisible Prevalence of Citizen Science in Global Research: Migratory Birds and Climate Change pp. 1-5 Downloads
Caren B Cooper, Jennifer Shirk and Benjamin Zuckerberg
Dog Movie Stars and Dog Breed Popularity: A Case Study in Media Influence on Choice pp. 1-5 Downloads
Stefano Ghirlanda, Alberto Acerbi and Harold Herzog
Insights into the Classification of Myasthenia Gravis pp. 1-5 Downloads
Tetsuya Akaishi, Takuhiro Yamaguchi, Yasushi Suzuki, Yuriko Nagane, Shigeaki Suzuki, Hiroyuki Murai, Tomihiro Imai, Masakatsu Motomura, Kazuo Fujihara, Masashi Aoki and Kimiaki Utsugisawa
Interleukin-1β-31C/T and -511T/C Polymorphisms Were Associated with Preeclampsia in Chinese Han Population pp. 1-5 Downloads
Xuefeng Wang, Fengli Jiang, Yu Liang, Lina Xu, Hongbo Li, Yali Liu, Shiguo Liu and Yuanhua Ye
Increased Risk of Acute Angle Closure in Retinitis Pigmentosa: A Population-Based Case-Control Study pp. 1-5 Downloads
Yu-Chieh Ko, Chia-Jen Liu, Hwang De-Kuang, Tzeng-Ji Chen and Catherine J Liu
Customized Reference Ranges for Laboratory Values Decrease False Positive Alerts in Intensive Care Unit Patients pp. 1-5 Downloads
Oguz Kilickaya, Christopher Schmickl, Adil Ahmed, Juan Pulido, James Onigkeit, Kianoush Kashani, Ognjen Gajic, Vitaly Herasevich and Brian Pickering
Biological Time Series Analysis Using a Context Free Language: Applicability to Pulsatile Hormone Data pp. 1-17 Downloads
Dennis A Dean, Gail K Adler, David P Nguyen and Elizabeth B Klerman
Diagnostic Value of Mutation-Specific Antibodies for Immunohistochemical Detection of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Mutations in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-17 Downloads
Zi Chen, Hong-bing Liu, Chun-hua Yu, Ying Wang, Li Wang and Yong Song
Effect of Combination Therapy on Joint Destruction in Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Network Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-17 Downloads
Niels Graudal, Thorbjørn Hubeck-Graudal, Simon Tarp, Robin Christensen and Gesche Jürgens
The Effects of Harvesting Media on Biological Characteristics and Repair Potential of Neural Stem Cells after Traumatic Brain Injury pp. 1-17 Downloads
Shengliang Liu, Zhuying Li, Jin Fu, Liang Sun, Fengyan Xu, Toshihide Harada, Yu Lou, Ming Chu, Qi Sun, Kun Xu, Rui Zhang, Lianhong Jin, Hui Xiao and Shuliang Wu
Contact Patterns among High School Students pp. 1-17 Downloads
Julie Fournet and Alain Barrat
Maternity Care Services and Culture: A Systematic Global Mapping of Interventions pp. 1-17 Downloads
Ernestina Coast, Eleri Jones, Anayda Portela and Samantha R Lattof
Statin Treatment in Hypercholesterolemic Men Does Not Attenuate Angiotensin II-Induced Venoconstriction pp. 1-7 Downloads
Christoph Schindler, Kristina Guenther, Cosima Hermann, Carlos M Ferrario, Christoph Schroeder, Sven Haufe, Jens Jordan and Wilhelm Kirch
Practitioner Perspectives on Strategies to Promote Longer-Term Benefits of Acupuncture or Counselling for Depression: A Qualitative Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Hugh MacPherson, Liz Newbronner, Ruth Chamberlain, Stewart J Richmond, Harriet Lansdown, Sara Perren, Ann Hopton and Karen Spilsbury
Predicting Early Mortality in Adult Trauma Patients Admitted to Three Public University Hospitals in Urban India: A Prospective Multicentre Cohort Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Martin Gerdin, Nobhojit Roy, Monty Khajanchi, Vineet Kumar, Satish Dharap, Li Felländer-Tsai, Max Petzold, Sanjeev Bhoi, Makhan Lal Saha and Johan von Schreeb
Neuroticism Associated with Cocaine-Induced Psychosis in Cocaine-Dependent Patients: A Cross-Sectional Observational Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Carlos Roncero, Constanza Daigre, Carmen Barral, Elena Ros-Cucurull, Lara Grau-López, Laia Rodríguez-Cintas, Nuria Tarifa, Miguel Casas and Sergi Valero
A Predictive Model Combining Fecal Calgranulin B and Fecal Occult Blood Tests Can Improve the Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer pp. 1-7 Downloads
Byung Chang Kim, Jungnam Joo, Hee Jin Chang, Hyun Yang Yeo, Byong Chul Yoo, Boram Park, Ji Won Park, Dae Kyung Sohn, Chang Won Hong and Kyung Su Han
TNF-α-308G/A Polymorphism Contributes to Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome Risk: Evidence Based on 10 Case-Control Studies pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yanping Wu, Chao Cao, Yinfang Wu, Chao Zhang, Chen Zhu, Songmin Ying, Zhihua Chen, Huahao Shen and Wen Li
Primary Reasons for Osteopathic Consultation: A Prospective Survey in Quebec pp. 1-7 Downloads
Chantal Morin and Andrée Aubin
Is Hepatitis C Associated with Atherosclerotic Burden? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
He Huang, Rongyan Kang and Zhendong Zhao
Prognostic Significance of Overexpressed p16INK4a in Patients with Cervical Cancer: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Jiaying Lin, Andreas E Albers, Jinbao Qin and Andreas M Kaufmann
Chronological Changes in Japanese Physicians' Attitude and Behavior Concerning Relationships with Pharmaceutical Representatives: A Qualitative Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Sayaka Saito, Kei Mukohara and Yasushi Miyata
Occupational Exposure to Ultrafine Particles among Airport Employees - Combining Personal Monitoring and Global Positioning System pp. 1-7 Downloads
Karina Lauenborg Møller, Lau Caspar Thygesen, Jasper Schipperijn, Steffen Loft, Jens Peter Bonde, Sigurd Mikkelsen and Charlotte Brauer
Higher Media Multi-Tasking Activity Is Associated with Smaller Gray-Matter Density in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex pp. 1-7 Downloads
Kep Kee Loh and Ryota Kanai
FOXP3+ Lymphocyte Density in Pancreatic Cancer Correlates with Lymph Node Metastasis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yongjian Jiang, Zunguo Du, Feng Yang, Yang Di, Ji Li, Zhongwen Zhou, Venu G Pillarisetty and Deliang Fu
‘Act on Oncology’ as a New Comprehensive Approach to Assess Prostate Cancer Centres – Method Description and Results of a Pilot Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Wieland Voigt, Josef Hoellthaler, Tiziana Magnani, Vito Corrao and Riccardo Valdagni
A “Migrant Friendly Hospital” Initiative in Geneva, Switzerland: Evaluation of the Effects on Staff Knowledge and Practices pp. 1-7 Downloads
Patricia Hudelson, Melissa Dominice Dao, Thomas Perneger and Sophie Durieux-Paillard
DVT Surveillance Program in the ICU: Analysis of Cost-Effectiveness pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ajai K Malhotra, Stephanie R Goldberg, Laura McLay, Nancy R Martin, Luke G Wolfe, Mark M Levy, Vishal Khiatani, Todd C Borchers, Therese M Duane, Michel B Aboutanos and Rao R Ivatury
A Newfound Association between MDC1 Functional Polymorphism and Lung Cancer Risk in Chinese pp. 1-7 Downloads
Bo Wang, Lisha Zhang, Fuman Qiu, Wenxiang Fang, Jieqiong Deng, Yifeng Zhou, Jiachun Lu and Lei Yang
Can Experience Improve Hospital Management? pp. 1-7 Downloads
Haruhisa Fukuda, Kazuhide Okuma and Yuichi Imanaka
Developing a Follow-Up Strategy for Patients with PSA Ranging from 4 to 10 ng/ml via a New Model to Reduce Unnecessary Prostate Biopsies pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ruizhe Zhao, Yuan Huang, Gong Cheng, Jinliang Liu, Pengfei Shao, Chao Qin, Lixin Hua and Changjun Yin
Vertical and Horizontal Trust at Work as Predictors of Retirement Intentions: The Finnish Public Sector Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Charlotte Muurinen, Matti Laine, Jaana Pentti, Marianna Virtanen, Paula Salo, Mika Kivimäki, Jussi Vahtera and Tuula Oksanen
When Is Spillover from Marine Reserves Likely to Benefit Fisheries? pp. 1-7 Downloads
Colin D Buxton, Klaas Hartmann, Robert Kearney and Caleb Gardner
The Association of Episiotomy with Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury–A Population Based Matched Cohort Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Sari Räisänen, Tuomas Selander, Rufus Cartwright, Mika Gissler, Michael R Kramer, Katariina Laine and Seppo Heinonen
The Mediating Effects of Burnout on the Relationship between Anxiety Symptoms and Occupational Stress among Community Healthcare Workers in China: A Cross-Sectional Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yanwei Ding, Jianwei Qu, Xiaosong Yu and Shuang Wang
Subfoveal Choroidal Thickness and Glaucoma. The Beijing Eye Study 2011 pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ya Xing Wang, Liang Xu, Lei Shao, Ya Qin Zhang, Hua Yang, Jin Da Wang, Jost B Jonas and Wen Bin Wei
Is Anyone Listening? Variation in PSA Screening among Providers for Men 75+ before and after United States Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations against It: A Retrospective Cohort Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
James S Goodwin, Elizabeth Jaramillo, Liu Yang, Yong-Fang Kuo and Alai Tan
Age-Group-Specific Associations between the Severity of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Relevant Risk Factors in Male and Female Patients pp. 1-7 Downloads
Xingqi Deng, Wei Gu, Yanyan Li, Mei Liu, Yan Li and Xiwen Gao
Endocannabinoids and Inflammatory Response in Periodontal Ligament Cells pp. 1-7 Downloads
Burcu Özdemir, Bin Shi, Hans Peter Bantleon, Andreas Moritz, Xiaohui Rausch-Fan and Oleh Andrukhov
Replication of the 4p16 Susceptibility Locus in Congenital Heart Disease in Han Chinese Populations pp. 1-7 Downloads
Bijun Zhao, Yuan Lin, Jing Xu, Bixian Ni, Min Da, Chenyue Ding, Yuanli Hu, Kai Zhang, Shiwei Yang, Xiaowei Wang, Shiqiang Yu, Yijiang Chen, Xuming Mo, Jiayin Liu, Hongbing Shen, Jiahao Sha and Hongxia Ma
A 35-Year Trend Analysis for Back Pain in Austria: The Role of Obesity pp. 1-7 Downloads
Franziska Großschädl, Wolfgang Freidl, Éva Rásky, Nathalie Burkert, Johanna Muckenhuber and Willibald J Stronegger
Terlipressin versus Norepinephrine in the Treatment of Hepatorenal Syndrome: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Antonio Paulo Nassar Junior, Alberto Queiroz Farias, Luiz Augusto Carneiro d’ Albuquerque, Flair José Carrilho and Luiz Marcelo Sá Malbouisson
Tornado Intensity Estimated from Damage Path Dimensions pp. 1-7 Downloads
James B Elsner, Thomas H Jagger and Ian J Elsner
Association of Promoter Methylation of RUNX3 Gene with the Development of Esophageal Cancer: A Meta Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yi Wang, Xiuguang Qin, Jieqing Wu, Bo Qi, Yipeng Tao, Wenju Wang, Fulei Liu, Hanchen Li and Baosheng Zhao
Falls in People with Multiple Sclerosis Compared with Falls in Healthy Controls pp. 1-7 Downloads
Rajarshi Mazumder, Charles Murchison, Dennis Bourdette and Michelle Cameron
MET Gene Copy Number Predicts Worse Overall Survival in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC); A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Anastasios Dimou, Lemuel Non, Young Kwang Chae, William J Tester and Konstantinos N Syrigos
A Census Tract–Level Examination of Social Determinants of Health among Black/African American Men with Diagnosed HIV Infection, 2005–2009—17 US Areas pp. 1-7 Downloads
Zanetta Gant, Larry Gant, Ruiguang Song, Leigh Willis and Anna Satcher Johnson
Quality of Life and Costs in Parkinson's Disease: A Cross Sectional Study in Hungary pp. 1-7 Downloads
Gertrúd Tamás, László Gulácsi, Dániel Bereczki, Petra Baji, Annamária Takáts, Valentin Brodszky and Márta Péntek
A New Approach to Homeostatic Regulation: Towards a Unified View of Physiological and Ecological Concepts pp. 1-7 Downloads
Cédric L Meunier, Arne M Malzahn and Maarten Boersma
Bed-Sharing in the Absence of Hazardous Circumstances: Is There a Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? An Analysis from Two Case-Control Studies Conducted in the UK pp. 1-7 Downloads
Peter S Blair, Peter Sidebotham, Anna Pease and Peter J Fleming
Family-Based Association Test Using Both Common and Rare Variants and Accounting for Directions of Effects for Sequencing Data pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ren-Hua Chung, Wei-Yun Tsai and Eden R Martin
A Comparison of Sensorimotor Adaptation in the Visual and in the Auditory Modality pp. 1-7 Downloads
Gerd Schmitz and Otmar Bock
PCR-Based Assays versus Direct Sequencing for Evaluating the Effect of KRAS Status on Anti-EGFR Treatment Response in Colorectal Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Lianfeng Shan, Ming Li, Jianzhong Ma and Huidan Zhang
Promoted Relationship of Cardiovascular Morbidity with Air Pollutants in a Typical Chinese Urban Area pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ling Tong, Kai Li and Qixing Zhou
Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Pamidronate Therapy on Bone Mass Density in Early Post-Renal Transplant Period: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-7 Downloads
Zijie Wang, Zhijian Han, Jun Tao, Pei Lu, Xuzhong Liu, Jun Wang, Bian Wu, Zhengkai Huang, Changjun Yin, Ruoyun Tan and Min Gu
Physical Activity and Perceived Insecurity from Crime in Adults: A Population-Based Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Márcio de Almeida Mendes, Inácio Crochemore Mohnsam da Silva, Pedro Curi Hallal and Elaine Tomasi
The Role of Cognitive and Emotional Perspective Taking in Economic Decision Making in the Ultimatum Game pp. 1-7 Downloads
Haruto Takagishi, Michiko Koizumi, Takayuki Fujii, Joanna Schug, Shinya Kameshima and Toshio Yamagishi
A 346 Case Analysis for Laparoscopic Spleen-Preserving No.10 Lymph Node Dissection for Proximal Gastric Cancer: A Single Center Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Chang-Ming Huang, Jun-Rong Zhang, Chao-Hui Zheng, Ping Li, Jian-Wei Xie, Jia-Bin Wang, Jian-Xian Lin, Jun Lu and Qi-Yue Chen
Manipulation Detection and Preference Alterations in a Choice Blindness Paradigm pp. 1-7 Downloads
Fumihiko Taya, Swati Gupta, Ilya Farber and O'Dhaniel A Mullette-Gillman
Neural Associations of the Early Retinotopic Cortex with the Lateral Occipital Complex during Visual Perception pp. 1-7 Downloads
Delong Zhang, Xue Wen, Bishan Liang, Bo Liu, Ming Liu and Ruiwang Huang
Trend of Urban-Rural Disparities in Hospital Admissions and Medical Expenditure in China from 2003 to 2011 pp. 1-7 Downloads
Rong Fu, Yupeng Wang, Han Bao, Zhiqiang Wang, Yongquan Li, Shaofei Su and Meina Liu
The Use of Surrogate Endpoints in Regulating Medicines for Cardio-Renal Disease: Opinions of Stakeholders pp. 1-7 Downloads
Bauke Schievink, Hiddo Lambers Heerspink, Hubert Leufkens, Dick De Zeeuw and Jarno Hoekman
Behavioural Stress Responses Predict Environmental Perception in European Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) pp. 1-7 Downloads
Sandie Millot, Marco Cerqueira, Maria-Filipa Castanheira, Øyvind Øverli, Rui F Oliveira and Catarina I M Martins
Chemotherapy or Targeted Therapy as Second-Line Treatment of Advanced Gastric Cancer. A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Published Studies pp. 1-7 Downloads
Roberto Iacovelli, Filippo Pietrantonio, Alessio Farcomeni, Claudia Maggi, Antonella Palazzo, Francesca Ricchini, Filippo de Braud and Maria Di Bartolomeo
Menopause Analytical Hormonal Correlate Outcome Study (MAHCOS) and the Association to Brain Electrophysiology (P300) in a Clinical Setting pp. 1-25 Downloads
Eric R Braverman, David Han, Marlene Oscar-Berman, Tatiana Karikh, Courtney Truesdell, Kristina Dushaj, Florian Kreuk, Mona Li, Danielle Stratton and Kenneth Blum
On the Improvement of Free-Energy Calculation from Steered Molecular Dynamics Simulations Using Adaptive Stochastic Perturbation Protocols pp. 1-18 Downloads
Ognjen Perišić and Hui Lu
Coordination in Fast Repetitive Violin-Bowing Patterns pp. 1-18 Downloads
Erwin Schoonderwaldt and Eckart Altenmüller
Disparities in Cervical Cancer Mortality Rates as Determined by the Longitudinal Hyperbolastic Mixed-Effects Type II Model pp. 1-18 Downloads
Mohammad A Tabatabai, Jean-Jacques Kengwoung-Keumo, Wayne M Eby, Sejong Bae, Juliette T Guemmegne, Upender Manne, Mona Fouad, Edward E Partridge and Karan P Singh
The Subcellular Distribution of T-Type Ca2+ Channels in Interneurons of the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus pp. 1-18 Downloads
Vaneeda Allken, Joy-Loi Chepkoech, Gaute T Einevoll and Geir Halnes
A Class-Information-Based Penalized Matrix Decomposition for Identifying Plants Core Genes Responding to Abiotic Stresses pp. 1-15 Downloads
Jin-Xing Liu, Jian Liu, Ying-Lian Gao, Jian-Xun Mi, Chun-Xia Ma and Dong Wang
The Prognostic Value of Serum Neuron-Specific Enolase in Traumatic Brain Injury: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-15 Downloads
Feng Cheng, Qiang Yuan, Jian Yang, Wenming Wang and Hua Liu
Health Effects of Lesion Localization in Multiple Sclerosis: Spatial Registration and Confounding Adjustment pp. 1-15 Downloads
Ani Eloyan, Haochang Shou, Russell T Shinohara, Elizabeth M Sweeney, Mary Beth Nebel, Jennifer L Cuzzocreo, Peter A Calabresi, Daniel S Reich, Martin A Lindquist and Ciprian M Crainiceanu
Investigating Differences across Host Species and Scales to Explain the Distribution of the Amphibian Pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis pp. 1-15 Downloads
Anna C Peterson and Valerie J McKenzie
Sexual Risk Reduction for HIV-Infected Persons: A Meta-Analytic Review of “Positive Prevention” Randomized Clinical Trials pp. 1-15 Downloads
Lu Yin, Na Wang, Sten H Vermund, Bryan E Shepherd, Yuhua Ruan, Yiming Shao and Han-Zhu Qian
Canine Sense and Sensibility: Tipping Points and Response Latency Variability as an Optimism Index in a Canine Judgement Bias Assessment pp. 1-15 Downloads
Melissa J Starling, Nicholas Branson, Denis Cody, Timothy R Starling and Paul D McGreevy
Distinguishing Noise from Chaos: Objective versus Subjective Criteria Using Horizontal Visibility Graph pp. 1-15 Downloads
Martín Gómez Ravetti, Laura C Carpi, Bruna Amin Gonçalves, Alejandro C Frery and Osvaldo A Rosso
Maternal Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase C677T Polymorphism and Down Syndrome Risk: A Meta-Analysis from 34 Studies pp. 1-15 Downloads
Vandana Rai, Upendra Yadav, Pradeep Kumar, Sushil Kumar Yadav and Om Prakesh Mishra
A Toolbox for Spatiotemporal Analysis of Voltage-Sensitive Dye Imaging Data in Brain Slices pp. 1-15 Downloads
Elliot B Bourgeois, Brian N Johnson, Almedia J McCoy, Lorenzo Trippa, Akiva S Cohen and Eric D Marsh

Volume 9, issue 8, 2014

Multicellular Architecture of Malignant Breast Epithelia Influences Mechanics pp. 1-10 Downloads
Gautham Venugopalan, David B Camarillo, Kevin D Webster, Clay D Reber, James A Sethian, Valerie M Weaver, Daniel A Fletcher, Hana El-Samad and Chris H Rycroft
Lifecourse Adversity and Physical Performance across Countries among Men and Women Aged 65-74 pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ana Carolina Patrício de Albuquerque Sousa, Ricardo Oliveira Guerra, Mai Thanh Tu, Susan P Phillips, Jack M Guralnik and Maria-Victoria Zunzunegui
The Prevalence of Workaholism: A Survey Study in a Nationally Representative Sample of Norwegian Employees pp. 1-10 Downloads
Cecilie Schou Andreassen, Mark D Griffiths, Jørn Hetland, Luca Kravina, Fredrik Jensen and Ståle Pallesen
Estimation of Density-Dependent Mortality of Juvenile Bivalves in the Wadden Sea pp. 1-10 Downloads
Henrike Andresen, Matthias Strasser and Jaap van der Meer
Do Simultaneously Viewed Objects Influence Scene Recognition Individually or as Groups? Two Perceptual Studies pp. 1-10 Downloads
Christopher R Gagne and Sean P MacEvoy
Charitable Giving for HIV and AIDS: Results from a Canadian National Survey pp. 1-10 Downloads
Dan Allman, Liviana Calzavara, Catherine Worthington, Mark Tyndall, Alix Adrien, Melissa Walters, Samantha White and Marcella K Jones
Taking a Call Is Facilitated by the Multisensory Processing of Smartphone Vibrations, Sounds, and Flashes pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ulrich Pomper, Jana Brincker, James Harwood, Ivan Prikhodko and Daniel Senkowski
Risk Preferences and Prenatal Exposure to Sex Hormones for Ladinos pp. 1-10 Downloads
Diego Aycinena, Rimvydas Baltaduonis and Lucas Rentschler
MediaDB: A Database of Microbial Growth Conditions in Defined Media pp. 1-10 Downloads
Matthew A Richards, Victor Cassen, Benjamin D Heavner, Nassim E Ajami, Andrea Herrmann, Evangelos Simeonidis and Nathan D Price
Comparison of GLP-1 Analogues versus Sitagliptin in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Head-to-Head Studies pp. 1-10 Downloads
Tiansheng Wang, Zhuoyue Gou, Fei Wang, Manling Ma and Suo-di Zhai
Can We Negotiate with a Tumor? pp. 1-10 Downloads
Claire M Wolfrom, Michel Laurent and Jean Deschatrette
The Effect of Gender and Social Capital on the Dual Burden of Malnutrition: A Multilevel Study in Indonesia pp. 1-10 Downloads
Masoud Vaezghasemi, Ann Öhman, Malin Eriksson, Mohammad Hakimi, Lars Weinehall, Hari Kusnanto and Nawi Ng
Nonlinear Mixed-Effects (NLME) Diameter Growth Models for Individual China-Fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata) Trees in Southeast China pp. 1-10 Downloads
Hao Xu, Yujun Sun, Xinjie Wang, Yao Fu, Yunfei Dong and Ying Li
Association between Duration of Carbon Dioxide Pneumoperitoneum during Laparoscopic Abdominal Surgery and Hepatic Injury: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-10 Downloads
Hao Lai, Xianwei Mo, Yang Yang, Jun Xiao, Ke He, Jiansi Chen and Yuan Lin
Inter-Vendor Reproducibility of Pseudo-Continuous Arterial Spin Labeling at 3 Tesla pp. 1-10 Downloads
Henri J M M Mutsaerts, Rebecca M E Steketee, Dennis F R Heijtel, Joost P A Kuijer, Matthias J P van Osch, Charles B L M Majoie, Marion Smits and Aart J Nederveen
Multivariable Logistic Regression Model: A Novel Mathematical Model that Predicts Visual Field Sensitivity from Macular Ganglion Cell Complex Thickness in Glaucoma pp. 1-10 Downloads
Daisuke Shiba, Shin Hatou, Takeshi Ono, Shingo Hosoda, Sachiko Tanabe, Naoki Ozeki, Kenya Yuki, Masaru Shimoyama, Kazumi Fukagawa, Shigeto Shimmura and Kazuo Tsubota
A National Survey of Skin Infections, Care Behaviors and MRSA Knowledge in the United States pp. 1-10 Downloads
Jocelyn R Wilder, Duane T Wegener, Michael Z David, Charles Macal, Robert Daum and Diane S Lauderdale
Integrating Multi-Omics for Uncovering the Architecture of Cross-Talking Pathways in Breast Cancer pp. 1-10 Downloads
Li Wang, Yun Xiao, Yanyan Ping, Jing Li, Hongying Zhao, Feng Li, Jing Hu, Hongyi Zhang, Yulan Deng, Jiawei Tian and Xia Li
A Time Series Evaluation of the FAST National Stroke Awareness Campaign in England pp. 1-10 Downloads
Darren Flynn, Gary A Ford, Helen Rodgers, Christopher Price, Nick Steen and Richard G Thomson
Copy Number Variation in Thai Population pp. 1-10 Downloads
Bhoom Suktitipat, Chaiwat Naktang, Wuttichai Mhuantong, Thitima Tularak, Paramita Artiwet, Ekawat Pasomsap, Wallaya Jongjaroenprasert, Suthat Fuchareon, Surakameth Mahasirimongkol, Wasan Chantratita, Boonsit Yimwadsana, Varodom Charoensawan and Natini Jinawath
Efficacy and Safety of Adding Clopidogrel to Aspirin on Stroke Prevention among High Vascular Risk Patients: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-10 Downloads
Shuying Chen, Qingyu Shen, Yamei Tang, Lei He, Yi Li, Hui Li, Mei Li and Ying Peng
Identification of Significant Features by the Global Mean Rank Test pp. 1-10 Downloads
Martin Klammer, J Nikolaj Dybowski, Daniel Hoffmann and Christoph Schaab
Meta-Analysis of Apolipoprotein E Gene Polymorphism and Susceptibility of Myocardial Infarction pp. 1-10 Downloads
Hong Xu, Haiqing Li, Jun Liu, Dan Zhu, Zhe Wang, Anqing Chen and Qiang Zhao
A Multiple Relevance Feedback Strategy with Positive and Negative Models pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yunlong Ma and Hongfei Lin
Operational Momentum in Multiplication and Division? pp. 1-10 Downloads
Curren Katz and André Knops
Does Marriage Really Matter to Health? Intra- and Inter-Country Evidence from China, Japan, Taiwan, and the Republic of Korea pp. 1-10 Downloads
Woojin Chung and Roeul Kim
WMAXC: A Weighted Maximum Clique Method for Identifying Condition-Specific Sub-Network pp. 1-10 Downloads
Bayarbaatar Amgalan and Hyunju Lee
Orthology Detection Combining Clustering and Synteny for Very Large Datasets pp. 1-10 Downloads
Marcus Lechner, Maribel Hernandez-Rosales, Daniel Doerr, Nicolas Wieseke, Annelyse Thévenin, Jens Stoye, Roland K Hartmann, Sonja J Prohaska and Peter F Stadler
iNitro-Tyr: Prediction of Nitrotyrosine Sites in Proteins with General Pseudo Amino Acid Composition pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yan Xu, Xin Wen, Li-Shu Wen, Ling-Yun Wu, Nai-Yang Deng and Kuo-Chen Chou
Fairness Norms and Theory of Mind in an Ultimatum Game: Judgments, Offers, and Decisions in School-Aged Children pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ilaria Castelli, Davide Massaro, Cristina Bicchieri, Alex Chavez and Antonella Marchetti
Financial Costs of Large Carnivore Translocations – Accounting for Conservation pp. 1-10 Downloads
Florian J Weise, Ken J Stratford and Rudolf J van Vuuren
Glucose Rapidly Induces Different Forms of Excitatory Synaptic Plasticity in Hypothalamic POMC Neurons pp. 1-10 Downloads
Jun Hu, Lin Jiang, Malcolm J Low and Liangyou Rui
Does Mortality Vary between Asian Subgroups in New Zealand: An Application of Hierarchical Bayesian Modelling pp. 1-10 Downloads
Santosh Jatrana, Ken Richardson, Tony Blakely and Saira Dayal
Cross-Checking Different Sources of Mobility Information pp. 1-10 Downloads
Maxime Lenormand, Miguel Picornell, Oliva G Cantú-Ros, Antònia Tugores, Thomas Louail, Ricardo Herranz, Marc Barthelemy, Enrique Frías-Martínez and José J Ramasco
Adherence to Cancer Prevention Guidelines in 18 African Countries pp. 1-10 Downloads
Tomi F Akinyemiju, Jasmine A McDonald, Jennifer Tsui and Heather Greenlee
Gender and Age-Related Differences in Bilateral Lower Extremity Mechanics during Treadmill Running pp. 1-10 Downloads
Angkoon Phinyomark, Blayne A Hettinga, Sean T Osis and Reed Ferber
The Potential Impact of a 20% Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages on Obesity in South African Adults: A Mathematical Model pp. 1-10 Downloads
Mercy Manyema, Lennert J Veerman, Lumbwe Chola, Aviva Tugendhaft, Benn Sartorius, Demetre Labadarios and Karen J Hofman
Preference for Women's Body Mass and Waist-to-Hip Ratio in Tsimane' Men of the Bolivian Amazon: Biological and Cultural Determinants pp. 1-10 Downloads
Piotr Sorokowski, Krzysztof Kościński, Agnieszka Sorokowska and Tomas Huanca
Cost of Disorders of the Brain in Spain pp. 1-10 Downloads
Oleguer Parés-Badell, Gabriela Barbaglia, Petra Jerinic, Anders Gustavsson, Luis Salvador-Carulla and Jordi Alonso
The Public and Professionals Reason Similarly about the Management of Non-Native Invasive Species: A Quantitative Investigation of the Relationship between Beliefs and Attitudes pp. 1-10 Downloads
Anke Fischer, Sebastian Selge, René van der Wal and Brendon M H Larson
Risk Factors of Dilated Virchow-Robin Spaces Are Different in Various Brain Regions pp. 1-10 Downloads
Changqing Zhang, Qidong Chen, Yilong Wang, Xingquan Zhao, Chunxue Wang, Liping Liu, Yuehua Pu, Xinying Zou, Wanliang Du, Yuesong Pan, Zixiao Li, Jing Jing, Dongxue Wang, Yang Luo, Ka Sing Wong, Yongjun Wang and on behalf of the Chinese IntraCranial AtheroSclerosis (CICAS) Study Group
Personal Trust Increases Cooperation beyond General Trust pp. 1-10 Downloads
Cristina Acedo-Carmona and Antoni Gomila
Determinants of Long-Term Outcome in Patients Undergoing Simultaneous Resection of Synchronous Colorectal Liver Metastases pp. 1-10 Downloads
Qi Lin, Qinghai Ye, Dexiang Zhu, Ye Wei, Li Ren, Lechi Ye, Qingyang Feng, Pingping Xu, Peng Zheng, Minzhi Lv, Jia Fan and Jianmin Xu
Unmet Needs for Cardiovascular Care in Indonesia pp. 1-10 Downloads
Asri Maharani and Gindo Tampubolon
Inverted Social Reward: Associations between Psychopathic Traits and Self-Report and Experimental Measures of Social Reward pp. 1-10 Downloads
Lucy Foulkes, Eamon J McCrory, Craig S Neumann and Essi Viding
How to Assess the Existence of Competing Strategies in Cognitive Tasks: A Primer on the Fixed-Point Property pp. 1-10 Downloads
Leendert van Maanen, Ritske de Jong and Hedderik van Rijn
The RADAR Study: Week 48 Safety and Efficacy of RAltegravir Combined with Boosted DARunavir Compared to Tenofovir/Emtricitabine Combined with Boosted Darunavir in Antiretroviral-Naive Patients. Impact on Bone Health pp. 1-10 Downloads
Roger J Bedimo, Henning Drechsler, Mamta Jain, James Cutrell, Song Zhang, Xilong Li, Irfan Farukhi, Rosinda Castanon, Pablo Tebas and Naim M Maalouf
Individual- and Neighborhood-Level Predictors of Mortality in Florida Colorectal Cancer Patients pp. 1-10 Downloads
Stacey L Tannenbaum, Monique Hernandez, D Dandan Zheng, Daniel A Sussman and David J Lee
Prognostic Nomograms for Predicting Survival and Distant Metastases in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancers pp. 1-10 Downloads
Junjie Peng, Ying Ding, Shanshan Tu, Debing Shi, Liang Sun, Xinxiang Li, Hongbin Wu and Sanjun Cai
Understanding Inequalities in Child Health in Ethiopia: Health Achievements Are Improving in the Period 2000–2011 pp. 1-10 Downloads
Eirin Krüger Skaftun, Merima Ali and Ole Frithjof Norheim
Longitudinal Analysis Is More Powerful than Cross-Sectional Analysis in Detecting Genetic Association with Neuroimaging Phenotypes pp. 1-13 Downloads
Zhiyuan Xu, Xiaotong Shen, Wei Pan and for the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
Functional Validation and Comparison Framework for EIT Lung Imaging pp. 1-13 Downloads
Bartłomiej Grychtol, Gunnar Elke, Patrick Meybohm, Norbert Weiler, Inéz Frerichs and Andy Adler
Gait Velocity Is an Indicator of Cognitive Performance in Healthy Middle-Aged Adults pp. 1-13 Downloads
Artin Jabourian, Sylvie Lancrenon, Catherine Delva, Alain Perreve-Genet, Jean-Pierre Lablanchy and Maritza Jabourian
Long-Distance Wind-Dispersal of Spores in a Fungal Plant Pathogen: Estimation of Anisotropic Dispersal Kernels from an Extensive Field Experiment pp. 1-13 Downloads
Adrien Rieux, Samuel Soubeyrand, François Bonnot, Etienne K Klein, Josue E Ngando, Andreas Mehl, Virginie Ravigne, Jean Carlier and Luc de Lapeyre de Bellaire
Common Myna Roosts Are Not Recruitment Centres pp. 1-13 Downloads
Manaswini Sarangi, Payel Ganguly, Zenia, Chiti Arvind, Abhilash Lakshman and T N C Vidya
An Extra Power Saving Scheme for Prolonging Lifetime of Mobile Handset in the 4G Mobile Networks pp. 1-13 Downloads
Jenhui Chen, Woei-Hwa Tarn and Jiann- Der Lee
Behavioral and Network Origins of Wealth Inequality: Insights from a Virtual World pp. 1-13 Downloads
Benedikt Fuchs and Stefan Thurner
Order Reduction of the Chemical Master Equation via Balanced Realisation pp. 1-13 Downloads
Fernando López-Caamal and Tatiana T Marquez-Lago
Low-Cost Motility Tracking System (LOCOMOTIS) for Time-Lapse Microscopy Applications and Cell Visualisation pp. 1-13 Downloads
Adam E Lynch, Junian Triajianto and Edwin Routledge
Financial Time Series Prediction Using Spiking Neural Networks pp. 1-13 Downloads
David Reid, Abir Jaafar Hussain and Hissam Tawfik
Relative Accuracy Evaluation pp. 1-13 Downloads
Yan Zhang, Hongzhi Wang, Zhongsheng Yang and Jianzhong Li
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic and Prognostic Serum Biomarkers of Colorectal Cancer pp. 1-13 Downloads
Zhongyu Liu, Yingchong Zhang, Yulong Niu, Ke Li, Xin Liu, Huijuan Chen and Chunfang Gao
A New Method to Infer Causal Phenotype Networks Using QTL and Phenotypic Information pp. 1-13 Downloads
Huange Wang and Fred A van Eeuwijk
Accurate Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction from Quartets: A Heuristic Approach pp. 1-13 Downloads
Rezwana Reaz, Md Shamsuzzoha Bayzid and M Sohel Rahman
A New Model for Predicting Non-Sentinel Lymph Node Status in Chinese Sentinel Lymph Node Positive Breast Cancer Patients pp. 1-13 Downloads
Miao Liu, Shu Wang, Lu Pan, Deqi Yang, Fei Xie, Peng Liu, Jiajia Guo, Jiaqing Zhang and Bo Zhou
Impact of Early Life Adversity on Reward Processing in Young Adults: EEG-fMRI Results from a Prospective Study over 25 Years pp. 1-13 Downloads
Regina Boecker, Nathalie E Holz, Arlette F Buchmann, Dorothea Blomeyer, Michael M Plichta, Isabella Wolf, Sarah Baumeister, Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, Tobias Banaschewski, Daniel Brandeis and Manfred Laucht
Characterization of the Peer Review Network at the Center for Scientific Review, National Institutes of Health pp. 1-13 Downloads
Kevin W Boyack, Mei-Ching Chen and George Chacko
Qishenyiqi Protects Ligation-Induced Left Ventricular Remodeling by Attenuating Inflammation and Fibrosis via STAT3 and NF-κB Signaling Pathway pp. 1-13 Downloads
Chun Li, Yong Wang, Qi Qiu, Tianjiao Shi, Yan Wu, Jing Han, Xingyun Chai and Wei Wang
Timing of Hepatectomy for Resectable Synchronous Colorectal Liver Metastases: For Whom Simultaneous Resection Is More Suitable - A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-13 Downloads
Qingyang Feng, Ye Wei, Dexiang Zhu, Lechi Ye, Qi Lin, Wenxiang Li, Xinyu Qin, Minzhi Lyu and Jianmin Xu
Dopamine Receptor Activation Reorganizes Neuronal Ensembles during Hippocampal Sharp Waves In Vitro pp. 1-13 Downloads
Takeyuki Miyawaki, Hiroaki Norimoto, Tomoe Ishikawa, Yusuke Watanabe, Norio Matsuki and Yuji Ikegaya
Environmental Factors Associated with Success Rates of Australian Stock Herding Dogs pp. 1-13 Downloads
Elizabeth R Arnott, Jonathan B Early, Claire M Wade and Paul D McGreevy
The Community Structure of the Global Corporate Network pp. 1-13 Downloads
Stefania Vitali and Stefano Battiston
Laurentian Great Lakes Phytoplankton and Their Water Quality Characteristics, Including a Diatom-Based Model for Paleoreconstruction of Phosphorus pp. 1-13 Downloads
Euan D Reavie, Adam J Heathcote and Victoria L Shaw Chraïbi
Frequent Words Do Not Break Continuous Flash Suppression Differently from Infrequent or Nonexistent Words: Implications for Semantic Processing of Words in the Absence of Awareness pp. 1-13 Downloads
Tom Heyman and Pieter Moors
Nonlinear Pedagogy: An Effective Approach to Cater for Individual Differences in Learning a Sports Skill pp. 1-13 Downloads
Miriam Chang Yi Lee, Jia Yi Chow, John Komar, Clara Wee Keat Tan and Chris Button
Non-Lethal Control of the Cariogenic Potential of an Agent-Based Model for Dental Plaque pp. 1-13 Downloads
David A Head, Phil D Marsh and Deirdre A Devine
Moving to Universal Coverage? Trends in the Burden of Out-Of-Pocket Payments for Health Care across Social Groups in India, 1999–2000 to 2011–12 pp. 1-13 Downloads
Anup Karan, Sakthivel Selvaraj and Ajay Mahal
A Long-Term Macroecological Analysis of the Recovery of a Waterbird Metacommunity after Site Protection pp. 1-13 Downloads
Janina Pagel, Alejandro Martínez-Abraín, Juan Antonio Gómez, Juan Jiménez and Daniel Oro
Asante Calcium Green and Asante Calcium Red—Novel Calcium Indicators for Two-Photon Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging pp. 1-13 Downloads
Karolina Jahn and Carsten Hille
Multiple Shocks, Coping and Welfare Consequences: Natural Disasters and Health Shocks in the Indian Sundarbans pp. 1-13 Downloads
Sumit Mazumdar, Papiya Guha Mazumdar, Barun Kanjilal and Prashant Kumar Singh
Digital Mapping of Soil Organic Carbon Contents and Stocks in Denmark pp. 1-13 Downloads
Kabindra Adhikari, Alfred E Hartemink, Budiman Minasny, Rania Bou Kheir, Mette B Greve and Mogens H Greve
Funding Infectious Disease Research: A Systematic Analysis of UK Research Investments by Funders 1997–2010 pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Extinction and Renewal of Conditioned Sexual Responses pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Astrophysicists’ Conversational Connections on Twitter pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Effects of Land Use, Topography and Socio-Economic Factors on River Water Quality in a Mountainous Watershed with Intensive Agricultural Production in East China pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Unsupervised Eye Pupil Localization through Differential Geometry and Local Self-Similarity Matching pp. 1-12 Downloads
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A Numerical Investigation of the Electric and Thermal Cell Kill Distributions in Electroporation-Based Therapies in Tissue pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Whither the Rangeland?: Protection and Conversion in California's Rangeland Ecosystems pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Local Coding Based Matching Kernel Method for Image Classification pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Population Genomics of the Fission Yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Media Reporting of Neuroscience Depends on Timing, Topic and Newspaper Type pp. 1-12 Downloads
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A Hybrid Model for Predicting the Prevalence of Schistosomiasis in Humans of Qianjiang City, China pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Multi-Level Factors Affecting Entry into and Engagement in the HIV Continuum of Care in Iringa, Tanzania pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Profile Hidden Markov Models for the Detection of Viruses within Metagenomic Sequence Data pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Transportation Optimization with Fuzzy Trapezoidal Numbers Based on Possibility Theory pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Application of a Combination of a Knowledge-Based Algorithm and 2-Stage Screening to Hypothesis-Free Genomic Data on Irinotecan-Treated Patients for Identification of a Candidate Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Related to an Adverse Effect pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Model Specification and the Reliability of fMRI Results: Implications for Longitudinal Neuroimaging Studies in Psychiatry pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Tweets on the Road pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Hope for the Best or Prepare for the Worst? Towards a Spatial Cognitive Bias Test for Mice pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Debasish Mondal, Edward Dougherty, Abhishek Mukhopadhyay, Adria Carbo, Guang Yao and Jianhua Xing
Male Circumcision and Sexual Risk Behaviors May Contribute to Considerable Ethnic Disparities in HIV Prevalence in Kenya: An Ecological Analysis pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Primary Health Care Utilization by the Mexican Indigenous Population: The Role of the Seguro Popular in Socially Inequitable Contexts pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Benevolent Characteristics Promote Cooperative Behaviour among Humans pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Passport Officers’ Errors in Face Matching pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Evolutionary Stability in the Asymmetric Volunteer's Dilemma pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Factor Structure of the Japanese Version of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale in the Postpartum Period pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Haotian Lin and Xiaohang Wu
Measurement of Cardiac Index by Transpulmonary Thermodilution Using an Implanted Central Venous Access Port: A Prospective Study in Patients Scheduled for Oncologic High-Risk Surgery pp. 1-6 Downloads
Stéphanie Suria, Anne Wyniecki, Alexandre Eghiaian, Xavier Monnet and Grégoire Weil
Using Interactive Family Science Shows to Improve Public Knowledge on Antibiotic Resistance: Does It Work? pp. 1-6 Downloads
Donna M Lecky, Meredith K D Hawking, Neville Q Verlander and Cliodna A M McNulty
Self-Deceived Individuals Are Better at Deceiving Others pp. 1-6 Downloads
Shakti Lamba and Vivek Nityananda
Evaluation of Uric Acid as a Prognostic Blood-Based Marker in a Large Cohort of Pancreatic Cancer Patients pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Neonatal Injury at Cephalic Vaginal Delivery: A Retrospective Analysis of Extent of Association with Shoulder Dystocia pp. 1-6 Downloads
Cantekin Iskender, Oktay Kaymak, Kudret Erkenekli, Emin Ustunyurt, Dilek Uygur, Halil Ibrahim Yakut and Nuri Danisman
Biometry of Anterior Segment of Human Eye on Both Horizontal and Vertical Meridians during Accommodation Imaged with Extended Scan Depth Optical Coherence Tomography pp. 1-6 Downloads
Lin Leng, Yimin Yuan, Qi Chen, Meixiao Shen, Qingkai Ma, Beibei Lin, Dexi Zhu, Jia Qu and Fan Lu
Compromised Dynamic Cerebral Autoregulation in Patients with a Right-to-Left Shunt: A Potential Mechanism of Migraine and Cryptogenic Stroke pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Familiarity with Interest Breeds Gossip: Contributions of Emotion, Expectation, and Reputation pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Analysis of Lymph Node Metastasis Correlation with Prognosis in Patients with T2 Gastric Cancer pp. 1-6 Downloads
Xiaowen Liu, Ziwen Long, Hong Cai, Hua Huang, Yingqiang Shi and Yanong Wang
Towards Full Citizenship: Correlates of Engagement with the Gender Identity Law among Transwomen in Argentina pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Digitalized Design of Extraforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion: A Computer-Based Simulation and Cadaveric Study pp. 1-6 Downloads
Mingjie Yang, Cheng Zeng, Song Guo, Jie Pan, Yingchao Han, Zeqing Li, Lijun Li and Jun Tan
A Pilot Study on Factors Involved with Work Participation in the Early Stages of Multiple Sclerosis pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Like or Dislike? Affective Preference Modulates Neural Response to Others' Gains and Losses pp. 1-6 Downloads
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The Clinical and Bacteriological Factors for Optimal Levofloxacin-Containing Triple Therapy in Second-Line Helicobacter pylori Eradication pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Food Insecurity with Hunger Is Associated with Obesity among HIV-Infected and at Risk Women in Bronx, NY pp. 1-6 Downloads
Nicole Sirotin, Donald R Hoover, Qiuhu Shi, Kathryn Anastos and Sheri D Weiser
Occurrence of Medication Errors and Comparison of Manual and Computerized Prescription Systems in Public Sector Hospitals in Lahore, Pakistan pp. 1-6 Downloads
Muhammad Kashif Riaz, Furqan Khurshid Hashmi, Nadeem Irfan Bukhari, Mohammad Riaz and Khalid Hussain
Time Series Analysis of Sexual Assault Case Characteristics and the 2007–2008 Period of Post-Election Violence in Kenya pp. 1-6 Downloads
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The Conditioned Place Preference Test for Assessing Welfare Consequences and Potential Refinements in a Mouse Bladder Cancer Model pp. 1-16 Downloads
John V Roughan, Claire A Coulter, Paul A Flecknell, Huw D Thomas and Kenneth J Sufka
Simulating Metabolism with Statistical Thermodynamics pp. 1-16 Downloads
William R Cannon
Identifying Node Role in Social Network Based on Multiple Indicators pp. 1-16 Downloads
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Effect of the Min System on Timing of Cell Division in Escherichia coli pp. 1-16 Downloads
Shuxin Jia, Daniela Keilberg, Edina Hot, Martin Thanbichler, Lotte Søgaard-Andersen and Peter Lenz
MYC Expression in Concert with BCL2 and BCL6 Expression Predicts Outcome in Chinese Patients with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, Not Otherwise Specified pp. 1-16 Downloads
Li-Xu Yan, Yan-Hui Liu, Dong-Lan Luo, Fen Zhang, Yu Cheng, Xin-Lan Luo, Jie Xu, Jie Cheng and Heng-Guo Zhuang
The Crowded Sea: Incorporating Multiple Marine Activities in Conservation Plans Can Significantly Alter Spatial Priorities pp. 1-16 Downloads
Tessa Mazor, Hugh P Possingham, Dori Edelist, Eran Brokovich and Salit Kark
A Spatial Simulation Model for the Dispersal of the Bluetongue Vector Culicoides brevitarsis in Australia pp. 1-16 Downloads
Joel K Kelso and George J Milne
Implantable Collamer Lens Versus Iris-Fixed Phakic Intraocular Lens Implantation to Correct Myopia: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-16 Downloads
Guan-Lu Liang, Jing Wu, Jun-Ting Shi, Jian Liu, Feng-Ying He and Wen Xu
Insight Derived from Molecular Dynamics Simulations into Molecular Motions, Thermodynamics and Kinetics of HIV-1 gp120 pp. 1-16 Downloads
Peng Sang, Li-Quan Yang, Xing-Lai Ji, Yun-Xin Fu and Shu-Qun Liu
A Systematic Review of Financial Debt in Adolescents and Young Adults: Prevalence, Correlates and Associations with Crime pp. 1-16 Downloads
Machteld Hoeve, Geert Jan J M Stams, Marion van der Zouwen, Margaretha Vergeer, Kitty Jurrius and Jessica J Asscher
Independent Components of Neural Activity Carry Information on Individual Populations pp. 1-16 Downloads
Helena Głąbska, Jan Potworowski, Szymon Łęski and Daniel K Wójcik
Large-Scale, High-Resolution Multielectrode-Array Recording Depicts Functional Network Differences of Cortical and Hippocampal Cultures pp. 1-16 Downloads
Shinya Ito, Fang-Chin Yeh, Emma Hiolski, Przemyslaw Rydygier, Deborah E Gunning, Pawel Hottowy, Nicholas Timme, Alan M Litke and John M Beggs
Do Patients’ Symptoms and Interpersonal Problems Improve in Psychotherapeutic Hospital Treatment in Germany? - A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-16 Downloads
Sarah Liebherz and Sven Rabung
A Systematic Review on the Development of Asthma and Allergic Diseases in Relation to International Immigration: The Leading Role of the Environment Confirmed pp. 1-16 Downloads
Báltica Cabieses, Eleonora Uphoff, Mariona Pinart, Josep Maria Antó and John Wright
Stability of Mixed-Strategy-Based Iterative Logit Quantal Response Dynamics in Game Theory pp. 1-16 Downloads
Qian Zhuang, Zengru Di and Jinshan Wu
How State Taxes and Policies Targeting Soda Consumption Modify the Association between School Vending Machines and Student Dietary Behaviors: A Cross-Sectional Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Daniel R Taber, Jamie F Chriqui, Renee Vuillaume and Frank J Chaloupka
Systematic Repurposing Screening in Xenograft Models Identifies Approved Drugs with Novel Anti-Cancer Activity pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jeffrey J Roix, S D Harrison, Elizabeth A Rainbolt, Kathryn R Meshaw, Avery S McMurry, Peter Cheung and Saurabh Saha
Effectiveness of Educational Poster on Knowledge of Emergency Management of Dental Trauma - Part 2: Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial for Secondary School Students pp. 1-8 Downloads
Cecilia Young, Kin Yau Wong and Lim K Cheung
Increased Risk of Dementia in Patients Exposed to Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide: A Population-Based Retrospective Cohort Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Kuang-Hsi Chang, Mei-Yin Chang, Chih-Hsin Muo, Trong-Neng Wu, Chiu-Ying Chen and Chia-Hung Kao
Measurement of T1 of the Ultrashort T2* Components in White Matter of the Brain at 3T pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jiang Du, Vipul Sheth, Qun He, Michael Carl, Jun Chen, Jody Corey-Bloom and Graeme M Bydder
The Mechanical Benefit of Medial Support Screws in Locking Plating of Proximal Humerus Fractures pp. 1-8 Downloads
Wen Zhang, Langqing Zeng, Yanjie Liu, Yao Pan, Wei Zhang, Changqing Zhang, Bingfang Zeng and Yunfeng Chen
A Genetic Variant rs1801274 in FCGR2A as a Potential Risk Marker for Kawasaki Disease: A Case-Control Study and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jiayu Duan, Jiao Lou, Qing Zhang, Juntao Ke, Yanqi Qi, Na Shen, Beibei Zhu, Rong Zhong, Zhenling Wang, Lifeng Liu, Jing Wu, Wei Wang, Fangqi Gong and Xiaoping Miao
Prediction of Treatment Week Eight Response & Sustained Virologic Response in Patients Treated with Boceprevir Plus Peginterferon Alfa and Ribavirin pp. 1-8 Downloads
Alex Thompson, Scott Devine, Mike Kattan and Andrew Muir
Bilateral Symmetry Detection on the Basis of Scale Invariant Feature Transform pp. 1-8 Downloads
Habib Akbar, Khizar Hayat, Nuhman ul Haq and Usama Ijaz Bajwa
Phylogeny Reconstruction and Hybrid Analysis of Populus (Salicaceae) Based on Nucleotide Sequences of Multiple Single-Copy Nuclear Genes and Plastid Fragments pp. 1-8 Downloads
Zhaoshan Wang, Shuhui Du, Selvadurai Dayanandan, Dongsheng Wang, Yanfei Zeng and Jianguo Zhang
Development and Validation of a Social Capital Questionnaire for Adolescent Students (SCQ-AS) pp. 1-8 Downloads
Paula Cristina Pelli Paiva, Haroldo Neves de Paiva, Paulo Messias de Oliveira Filho, Joel Alves Lamounier, Efigênia Ferreira e Ferreira, Raquel Conceição Ferreira, Ichiro Kawachi and Patrícia Maria Zarzar
Changes in Corneal Deformation Parameters after Lenticule Creation and Extraction during Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) Procedure pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yang Shen, Jing Zhao, Peijun Yao, Huamao Miao, Lingling Niu, Xiaoying Wang and Xingtao Zhou
Altered Community Flammability in Florida’s Apalachicola Ravines and Implications for the Persistence of the Endangered Conifer Torreya taxifolia pp. 1-8 Downloads
John M Mola, J Morgan Varner, Erik S Jules and Tova Spector
Prognostic Significance of E-Cadherin Expression in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jiang Chen, Jie Zhao, Rui Ma, Hui Lin, Xiao Liang and Xiujun Cai
Impact of Supplementary Feeding on Reproductive Success of White Storks pp. 1-8 Downloads
Roland Hilgartner, Daniel Stahl and Dietmar Zinner
Common and Rare Variant Analysis in Early-Onset Bipolar Disorder Vulnerability pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Immunophenotyping and Efficacy of Low Dose ATG in Non-Sensitized Kidney Recipients Undergoing Early Steroid Withdrawal: A Randomized Pilot Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Monica Grafals, Brian Smith, Naoka Murakami, Agnes Trabucco, Katherine Hamill, Erick Marangos, Hannah Gilligan, Elizabeth A Pomfret, James J Pomposelli, Mary A Simpson, Jamil Azzi, Nader Najafian and Leonardo V Riella
Pilot Quasi-Randomized Controlled Study of Herbal Medicine Hochuekkito as an Adjunct to Conventional Treatment for Progressed Pulmonary Mycobacterium avium Complex Disease pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yasunori Enomoto, Eri Hagiwara, Shigeru Komatsu, Ryuichi Nishihira, Tomohisa Baba, Hideya Kitamura, Akimasa Sekine, Atsuhito Nakazawa and Takashi Ogura
Comparative Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Hepatitis C Virus NS3/4A Protease (Genotypes 1b, 3a and 4a) Predicts Conformational Instability of the Catalytic Triad in Drug Resistant Strains pp. 1-8 Downloads
Mitchell Kramer, Daniel Halleran, Moazur Rahman, Mazhar Iqbal, Muhammad Ikram Anwar, Salwa Sabet, Edward Ackad and Mohammad Yousef
ATO/ATRA/Anthracycline-Chemotherapy Sequential Consolidation Achieves Long-Term Efficacy in Primary Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia pp. 1-8 Downloads
Zi-Jie Long, Yuan Hu, Xu-Dong Li, Yi He, Ruo-Zhi Xiao, Zhi-Gang Fang, Dong-Ning Wang, Jia-Jun Liu, Jin-Song Yan, Ren-Wei Huang, Dong-Jun Lin and Quentin Liu
Functional Networks of Nucleocytoplasmic Transport-Related Genes Differentiate Ischemic and Dilated Cardiomyopathies. A New Therapeutic Opportunity pp. 1-8 Downloads
María Micaela Molina-Navarro, Juan Carlos Triviño, Luis Martínez-Dolz, Francisca Lago, Jose Ramón González-Juanatey, Manuel Portolés and Miguel Rivera
Silence That Can Be Dangerous: A Vignette Study to Assess Healthcare Professionals’ Likelihood of Speaking up about Safety Concerns pp. 1-8 Downloads
David L B Schwappach and Katrin Gehring
Teasing, Taunting, and the Politics of Politeness: High Sociometric Status Is Associated with Expectation-Consistent Behavior pp. 1-8 Downloads
Michael W Kraus, Christopher Oveis, Maria Logli Allison, Randall C Young, John Tauer and Dacher Keltner
Effects of the Racket Polar Moment of Inertia on Dominant Upper Limb Joint Moments during Tennis Serve pp. 1-8 Downloads
Isabelle Rogowski, Thomas Creveaux, Laurence Chèze, Pierre Macé and Raphaël Dumas
Tooth Loss in the United Kingdom – Trends in Social Inequalities: An Age-Period-and-Cohort Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Eduardo Bernabé and Aubrey Sheiham
Vitamin D Status among Thai School Children and the Association with 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D and Parathyroid Hormone Levels pp. 1-8 Downloads
Lisa A Houghton, Andrew R Gray, Michelle J Harper, Pattanee Winichagoon, Tippawan Pongcharoen, Sueppong Gowachirapant and Rosalind S Gibson
Anti-Human Herpesvirus 6A/B IgG Correlates with Relapses and Progression in Multiple Sclerosis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Isabel Ortega-Madueño, Marta Garcia-Montojo, Maria Inmaculada Dominguez-Mozo, Angel Garcia-Martinez, Ana Maria Arias-Leal, Ignacio Casanova, Rafael Arroyo and Roberto Alvarez-Lafuente
Role of Editorial and Peer Review Processes in Publication Bias: Analysis of Drug Trials Submitted to Eight Medical Journals pp. 1-8 Downloads
Marlies van Lent, John Overbeke and Henk Jan Out
Prognostic Value of Red Blood Cell Distribution Width for Patients with Heart Failure: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Cohort Studies pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yuan-Lan Huang, Zhi- De Hu, Shi-Jian Liu, Yi Sun, Qin Qin, Bao-Dong Qin, Wei-Wei Zhang, Jian-Rong Zhang, Ren-Qian Zhong and An-Mei Deng
Deep Brain Stimulation of the Antero-Medial Globus Pallidus Interna for Tourette Syndrome pp. 1-8 Downloads
Perminder S Sachdev, Adith Mohan, Elisabeth Cannon, John D Crawford, Paul Silberstein, Raymond Cook, Terrence Coyne and Peter A Silburn
Prevalence of Chlamydia in Young Adulthood and Association with Life Course Socioeconomic Position: Birth Cohort Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Joanna Crichton, Matthew Hickman, Rona Campbell, Jon Heron, Paddy Horner and John Macleod
Climatic Niche Conservatism and Biogeographical Non-Equilibrium in Eschscholzia californica (Papaveraceae), an Invasive Plant in the Chilean Mediterranean Region pp. 1-8 Downloads
Francisco T Peña-Gómez, Pablo C Guerrero, Gustavo Bizama, Milén Duarte and Ramiro O Bustamante
Combining XCO2 Measurements Derived from SCIAMACHY and GOSAT for Potentially Generating Global CO2 Maps with High Spatiotemporal Resolution pp. 1-8 Downloads
Tianxing Wang, Jiancheng Shi, Yingying Jing, Tianjie Zhao, Dabin Ji and Chuan Xiong
Mitochondrial DNA from El Mirador Cave (Atapuerca, Spain) Reveals the Heterogeneity of Chalcolithic Populations pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Development and Validation of a Prediction Score for Complications after Hepatectomy in Hepatitis B-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients pp. 1-8 Downloads
Haiqing Wang, Jian Yang, Jiayin Yang, Li Jiang, Tianfu Wen, Wentao Wang, Mingqing Xu, Bo Li and Lunan Yan
Vaccination Management and Vaccination Errors: A Representative Online-Survey among Primary Care Physicians pp. 1-8 Downloads
Birgitta M Weltermann, Marta Markic, Anika Thielmann, Stefan Gesenhues and Martin Hermann
Insurance Status Is Associated with Treatment Allocation and Outcomes after Subarachnoid Hemorrhage pp. 1-8 Downloads
Charles Hobson, John Dortch, Tezcan Ozrazgat Baslanti, Daniel R Layon, Alina Roche, Alison Rioux, Jeffrey S Harman, Brenda Fahy and Azra Bihorac
Punishment Based on Public Benefit Fund Significantly Promotes Cooperation pp. 1-8 Downloads
Xiuling Wang, Jie Wu, Gang Shu and Ya Li
Temporal Trends in Incidence of Myocardial Infarction and Ischemic Stroke by Socioeconomic Position in Sweden 1987–2010 pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ninoa Malki, Ilona Koupil, Sandra Eloranta, Caroline E Weibull, Sanna Tiikkaja, Erik Ingelsson and Pär Sparén
Restrained and External-Emotional Eating Patterns in Young Overweight Children–Results of the Ulm Birth Cohort Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Oliver Hirsch, Viktoria J Kluckner, Stephanie Brandt, Anja Moss, Melanie Weck, Ines Florath, Martin Wabitsch, Johannes Hebebrand, Benno G Schimmelmann and Hanna Christiansen
Application of Empirical Wave Run-Up Formulas to the Polish Baltic Sea Coast pp. 1-8 Downloads
Dominik Paprotny, Paweł Andrzejewski, Paweł Terefenko and Kazimierz Furmańczyk
The Rise of China in the International Trade Network: A Community Core Detection Approach pp. 1-8 Downloads
Zhen Zhu, Federica Cerina, Alessandro Chessa, Guido Caldarelli and Massimo Riccaboni
Prognostic Value of FGFR Gene Amplification in Patients with Different Types of Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jinjia Chang, Xinyang Liu, Shanshan Wang, Zhe Zhang, Zheng Wu, Xiaowei Zhang and Jin Li
A Watermarking Scheme for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) pp. 1-8 Downloads
Salahuddin Swati, Khizar Hayat and Zafar Shahid
Modeling the Potential Impact of Host Population Survival on the Evolution of M. tuberculosis Latency pp. 1-8 Downloads
Nibiao Zheng, Christopher C Whalen and Andreas Handel
Left Preference for Sport Tasks Does Not Necessarily Indicate Left-Handedness: Sport-Specific Lateral Preferences, Relationship with Handedness and Implications for Laterality Research in Behavioural Sciences pp. 1-8 Downloads
Florian Loffing, Florian Sölter and Norbert Hagemann
(GTG)5 MSP-PCR Fingerprinting as a Technique for Discrimination of Wine Associated Yeasts? pp. 1-8 Downloads
Mauricio Ramírez-Castrillón, Sandra Denise Camargo Mendes, Mario Inostroza-Ponta and Patricia Valente
Finding a Fox: An Evaluation of Survey Methods to Estimate Abundance of a Small Desert Carnivore pp. 1-8 Downloads
Steven J Dempsey, Eric M Gese and Bryan M Kluever
Antihypertensive Medication Classes Used among Medicare Beneficiaries Initiating Treatment in 2007–2010 pp. 1-8 Downloads
Shia T Kent, Daichi Shimbo, Lei Huang, Keith M Diaz, Meredith L Kilgore, Suzanne Oparil and Paul Muntner
Cross-Country Differences in Basal and Stress-Induced Cortisol Secretion in Older Adults pp. 1-8 Downloads
Juliana N Souza-Talarico, Pierrich Plusquellec, Sonia J Lupien, Alexandra Fiocco and Deborah Suchecki
Plasma Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Reverse Dipping Pattern of Nocturnal Blood Pressure in Patients with Cardiovascular Risk Factors pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Modifications of Erectile Tissue Components in the Penis during the Fetal Period pp. 1-8 Downloads
Carla B M Gallo, Waldemar S Costa, Angelica Furriel, Ana L Bastos and Francisco J B Sampaio
At Least 23 Genera Instead of One: The Case of Iris L. s.l. (Iridaceae) pp. 1-8 Downloads
Evgeny V Mavrodiev, Mario Martínez-Azorín, Peter Dranishnikov and Manuel B Crespo
Clearing the Fog of Anticancer Patents from 1993–2013: Through an In-Depth Technology Landscape & Target Analysis from Pioneer Research Institutes and Universities Worldwide pp. 1-20 Downloads
Ajay Dara and Abhay T Sangamwar
A Systematic Review Characterizing On-Farm Sources of Campylobacter spp. for Broiler Chickens pp. 1-20 Downloads
Agnes Agunos, Lisa Waddell, David Léger and Eduardo Taboada
Beta-2 Adrenergic Receptor (ADRB2) Gene Polymorphisms and the Risk of Asthma: A Meta-Analysis of Case-Control Studies pp. 1-22 Downloads
Si-Qiao Liang, Xiao-Li Chen, Jing-Min Deng, Xuan Wei, Chen Gong, Zhang-Rong Chen and Zhi-Bo Wang
Biomechanics of the Cornea Evaluated by Spectral Analysis of Waveforms from Ocular Response Analyzer and Corvis-ST pp. 1-11 Downloads
Sushma Tejwani, Rohit Shetty, Mathew Kurien, Shoruba Dinakaran, Arkasubhra Ghosh and Abhijit Sinha Roy
Modelling Size Structured Food Webs Using a Modified Niche Model with Two Predator Traits pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jan Klecka
Incidence and Risk Factors of C5 Palsy following Posterior Cervical Decompression: A Systematic Review pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yifei Gu, Peng Cao, Rui Gao, Ye Tian, Lei Liang, Ce Wang, Lili Yang and Wen Yuan
Population-Based Stroke Atlas for Outcome Prediction: Method and Preliminary Results for Ischemic Stroke from CT pp. 1-11 Downloads
Wieslaw L Nowinski, Varsha Gupta, Guoyu Qian, Wojciech Ambrosius and Radoslaw Kazmierski
The Metabolism and Growth of Web Forums pp. 1-11 Downloads
Lingfei Wu, Jiang Zhang and Min Zhao
Valuation, Categories and Attributes pp. 1-11 Downloads
Inna Galperin and Olav Sorenson
Translational Validation of Personalized Treatment Strategy Based on Genetic Characteristics of Glioblastoma pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Using Simulation to Interpret a Discrete Time Survival Model in a Complex Biological System: Fertility and Lameness in Dairy Cows pp. 1-11 Downloads
Christopher D Hudson, Jonathan N Huxley and Martin J Green
Natural Biased Coin Encoded in the Genome Determines Cell Strategy pp. 1-11 Downloads
Faezeh Dorri, Hamid Mahini, Ali Sharifi-Zarchi, Mehdi Totonchi, Ruzbeh Tusserkani, Hamid Pezeshk and Mehdi Sadeghi
Reproducibility and Consistency of In Vitro Nucleosome Reconstitutions Demonstrated by Invitrosome Isolation and Sequencing pp. 1-11 Downloads
Colton E Kempton, Justin R Heninger and Steven M Johnson
Personality and the Gender Gap in Self-Employment: A Multi-Nation Study pp. 1-11 Downloads
Martin Obschonka, Eva Schmitt-Rodermund and Antonio Terracciano
Association between Different Indexations of Extravascular Lung Water (EVLW) and PaO2/FiO2: A Two-Center Study in 231 Patients pp. 1-11 Downloads
Wolfgang Huber, Josef Höllthaler, Tibor Schuster, Andreas Umgelter, Michael Franzen, Bernd Saugel, Colin Cordemans, Roland M Schmid and Manu L N G Malbrain
Quality Assessment of Clinical Practice Guidelines on the Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma or Metastatic Liver Cancer pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yingqiang Wang, Qianqian Luo, Youping Li, Haiqing Wang, Shaolin Deng, Shiyou Wei and Xianglian Li
Curvelet Based Offline Analysis of SEM Images pp. 1-11 Downloads
Syed Hamad Shirazi, Nuhman ul Haq, Khizar Hayat, Saeeda Naz and Ihsan ul Haque
Economic Evaluation of Apixaban for the Prevention of Stroke in Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation in the Netherlands pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jelena Stevanović, Marjolein Pompen, Hoa H Le, Mark H Rozenbaum, Robert G Tieleman and Maarten J Postma
Developing an Internationally-Applicable Service Specification for Continence Care: Systematic Review, Evidence Synthesis and Expert Consensus pp. 1-11 Downloads
Adrian S Wagg, Diane K Newman, Kai Leichsenring and Paul van Houten
The Five-To-Six-Coordination Transition of Ferric Human Serum Heme-Albumin Is Allosterically-Modulated by Ibuprofen and Warfarin: A Combined XAS and MD Study pp. 1-11 Downloads
Carlo Meneghini, Loris Leboffe, Monica Bionducci, Gabriella Fanali, Massimiliano Meli, Giorgio Colombo, Mauro Fasano, Paolo Ascenzi and Settimio Mobilio
Resource Availability as Driving Factor of the Reproductive Mode in Soil Microarthropods (Acari, Oribatida) pp. 1-11 Downloads
Katja Wehner, Stefan Scheu and Mark Maraun
Safety of Hormonal Replacement Therapy and Oral Contraceptives in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Adriana Rojas-Villarraga, July-Vianneth Torres-Gonzalez and Ángela-María Ruiz-Sternberg
Increased Coupling of Intrinsic Networks in Remitted Depressed Youth Predicts Rumination and Cognitive Control pp. 1-11 Downloads
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In Silico Determination of the Effect of Multi-Target Drugs on Calcium Dynamics Signaling Network Underlying Sea Urchin Spermatozoa Motility pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jesús Espinal-Enríquez, Alberto Darszon, Adán Guerrero and Gustavo Martínez-Mekler
Religious Pro-Sociality? Experimental Evidence from a Sample of 766 Spaniards pp. 1-11 Downloads
Pablo Brañas-Garza, Antonio Espín and Shoshana Neuman
Reproducibility and Consistency of Proteomic Experiments on Natural Populations of a Non-Model Aquatic Insect pp. 1-11 Downloads
Amparo Hidalgo-Galiana, Marta Monge, David G Biron, Francesc Canals, Ignacio Ribera and Alexandra Cieslak
Positive Feedback Promotes Oscillations in Negative Feedback Loops pp. 1-11 Downloads
Bharath Ananthasubramaniam and Hanspeter Herzel
How Do Astronomers Share Data? Reliability and Persistence of Datasets Linked in AAS Publications and a Qualitative Study of Data Practices among US Astronomers pp. 1-11 Downloads
Alberto Pepe, Alyssa Goodman, August Muench, Merce Crosas and Christopher Erdmann
Buckley-James Estimator of AFT Models with Auxiliary Covariates pp. 1-11 Downloads
Kevin Granville and Zhaozhi Fan
Functional Roles of the Dimer-Interface Residues in Human Ornithine Decarboxylase pp. 1-11 Downloads
Chien-Yun Lee, Yi-Liang Liu, Chih-Li Lin, Guang-Yaw Liu and Hui-Chih Hung
Role of Far Infra-Red Therapy in Dialysis Arterio-Venous Fistula Maturation and Survival: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Khalid Bashar, Donagh Healy, Leonard D Browne, Elrasheid A H Kheirelseid, Michael T Walsh, Mary Clarke – Moloney, Paul E Burke, Eamon G Kavanagh and Stewart Redmond Walsh
Spatial Uncertainty Modeling of Fuzzy Information in Images for Pattern Classification pp. 1-11 Downloads
Tuan D Pham
The Neural Bases of Directed and Spontaneous Mental State Attributions to Group Agents pp. 1-11 Downloads
Adrianna C Jenkins, David Dodell-Feder, Rebecca Saxe and Joshua Knobe
In Situ Characterization of Intrahepatic Non-Parenchymal Cells in PSC Reveals Phenotypic Patterns Associated with Disease Severity pp. 1-11 Downloads
Lena Berglin, Annika Bergquist, Helene Johansson, Hans Glaumann, Carl Jorns, Sebastian Lunemann, Heiner Wedemeyer, Ewa C Ellis and Niklas K Björkström
Morning Surge of Ventricular Arrhythmias in a New Arrhythmogenic Canine Model of Chronic Heart Failure Is Associated with Attenuation of Time-Of-Day Dependence of Heart Rate and Autonomic Adaptation, and Reduced Cardiac Chaos pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yujie Zhu, Mohamed A Hanafy, Cheryl R Killingsworth, Gregory P Walcott, Martin E Young and Steven M Pogwizd
Quantitative Profiling of Polar Metabolites in Herbal Medicine Injections for Multivariate Statistical Evaluation Based on Independence Principal Component Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Miaomiao Jiang, Yujiao Jiao, Yuefei Wang, Lei Xu, Meng Wang, Buchang Zhao, Lifu Jia, Hao Pan, Yan Zhu and Xiumei Gao
Strong Discrepancies between Local Temperature Mapping and Interpolated Climatic Grids in Tropical Mountainous Agricultural Landscapes pp. 1-11 Downloads
Emile Faye, Mario Herrera, Lucio Bellomo, Jean-François Silvain and Olivier Dangles
A Semi-Automated Technique Determining the Liver Standardized Uptake Value Reference for Tumor Delineation in FDG PET-CT pp. 1-11 Downloads
Kenji Hirata, Kentaro Kobayashi, Koon-Pong Wong, Osamu Manabe, Andrew Surmak, Nagara Tamaki and Sung-Cheng Huang
In Situ Measurement of Some Soil Properties in Paddy Soil Using Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy pp. 1-11 Downloads
Ji Wenjun, Shi Zhou, Huang Jingyi and Li Shuo
Compounding Local Invariant Features and Global Deformable Geometry for Medical Image Registration pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jianhua Zhang, Lei Chen, Xiaoyan Wang, Zhongzhao Teng, Adam J Brown, Jonathan H Gillard, Qiu Guan and Shengyong Chen
Local Scale Comparisons of Biodiversity as a Test for Global Protected Area Ecological Performance: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Bernard W T Coetzee, Kevin J Gaston and Steven L Chown
Dysbalance of Astrocyte Calcium under Hyperammonemic Conditions pp. 1-11 Downloads
Nicole Haack, Pavel Dublin and Christine R Rose
Cross-Correlation Asymmetries and Causal Relationships between Stock and Market Risk pp. 1-11 Downloads
Stanislav S Borysov and Alexander V Balatsky
Determinants of the Over-Anticoagulation Response during Warfarin Initiation Therapy in Asian Patients Based on Population Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Analyses pp. 1-11 Downloads
Minami Ohara, Harumi Takahashi, Ming Ta Michael Lee, Ming-Shien Wen, Tsong-Hai Lee, Hui-Ping Chuang, Chen-Hui Luo, Aki Arima, Akiko Onozuka, Rui Nagai, Mari Shiomi, Kiyoshi Mihara, Takashi Morita and Yuan-Tsong Chen
Prognostic Value of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Mutations in Resected Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Zhixuan Zhang, Ting Wang, Jun Zhang, Xiaohong Cai, Changchuan Pan, Yu Long, Jing Chen, Chengya Zhou and Xude Yin
A Preclinical Physiological Assay to Test Modulation of Knee Joint Pain in the Spinal Cord: Effects of Oxycodone and Naproxen pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jason A Miranda, Phil Stanley, Katrina Gore, Jamie Turner, Rebecca Dias and Huw Rees
The Merits of Unconscious Thought in Rule Detection pp. 1-3 Downloads
Jiansheng Li, Yawen Zhu and Yang Yang
UltiMatch-NL: A Web Service Matchmaker Based on Multiple Semantic Filters pp. 1-21 Downloads
Keyvan Mohebbi, Suhaimi Ibrahim, Mazdak Zamani and Mojtaba Khezrian
A Four-Stage Hybrid Model for Hydrological Time Series Forecasting pp. 1-18 Downloads
Chongli Di, Xiaohua Yang and Xiaochao Wang
Treatment Efficacy for Non-Cardiovascular Chest Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-18 Downloads
Jakob M Burgstaller, Boris F Jenni, Johann Steurer, Ulrike Held and Maria M Wertli
A Meta-Analysis of Multiple Matched Copy Number and Transcriptomics Data Sets for Inferring Gene Regulatory Relationships pp. 1-18 Downloads
Richard Newton and Lorenz Wernisch
The Effects of Short-Term Synaptic Depression at Thalamocortical Synapses on Orientation Tuning in Cat V1 pp. 1-18 Downloads
Aylin Cimenser and Kenneth D Miller
A Canonical Circuit for Generating Phase-Amplitude Coupling pp. 1-15 Downloads
Angela C E Onslow, Matthew W Jones and Rafal Bogacz
How Much Is the Whole Really More than the Sum of Its Parts? 1 ⊞ 1 = 2.5: Superlinear Productivity in Collective Group Actions pp. 1-15 Downloads
Didier Sornette, Thomas Maillart and Giacomo Ghezzi
Development and Validation of the Single Item Narcissism Scale (SINS) pp. 1-15 Downloads
Sara Konrath, Brian P Meier and Brad J Bushman
Characterisation of Adaptive Genetic Diversity in Environmentally Contrasted Populations of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh. (River Red Gum) pp. 1-15 Downloads
Shannon Dillon, Rachel McEvoy, Darren S Baldwin, Gavin N Rees, Yvonne Parsons and Simon Southerton
The Global Pattern of Urbanization and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Last Three Decades pp. 1-15 Downloads
Mingxing Chen, Hua Zhang, Weidong Liu and Wenzhong Zhang
Bayesian Parameter Inference and Model Selection by Population Annealing in Systems Biology pp. 1-15 Downloads
Yohei Murakami
An Automated Three-Dimensional Detection and Segmentation Method for Touching Cells by Integrating Concave Points Clustering and Random Walker Algorithm pp. 1-15 Downloads
Yong He, Yunlong Meng, Hui Gong, Shangbin Chen, Bin Zhang, Wenxiang Ding, Qingming Luo and Anan Li
Region-Specific Sensitivity of Anemophilous Pollen Deposition to Temperature and Precipitation pp. 1-15 Downloads
Timme H Donders, Kimberley Hagemans, Stefan C Dekker, Letty A de Weger, Pim de Klerk and Friederike Wagner-Cremer
Biophysical Characterisation of Calumenin as a Charged F508del-CFTR Folding Modulator pp. 1-15 Downloads
Rashmi Tripathi, Nathalie Benz, Bridget Culleton, Pascal Trouvé and Claude Férec
Random Whole Metagenomic Sequencing for Forensic Discrimination of Soils pp. 1-15 Downloads
Anastasia S Khodakova, Renee J Smith, Leigh Burgoyne, Damien Abarno and Adrian Linacre
EEG Source Connectivity Analysis: From Dense Array Recordings to Brain Networks pp. 1-15 Downloads
Mahmoud Hassan, Olivier Dufor, Isabelle Merlet, Claude Berrou and Fabrice Wendling
Standing at the Gateway to Europe - The Genetic Structure of Western Balkan Populations Based on Autosomal and Haploid Markers pp. 1-15 Downloads
Lejla Kovacevic, Kristiina Tambets, Anne-Mai Ilumäe, Alena Kushniarevich, Bayazit Yunusbayev, Anu Solnik, Tamer Bego, Dragan Primorac, Vedrana Skaro, Andreja Leskovac, Zlatko Jakovski, Katja Drobnic, Helle-Viivi Tolk, Sandra Kovacevic, Pavao Rudan, Ene Metspalu and Damir Marjanovic
Modeling the Pre-Industrial Roots of Modern Super-Exponential Population Growth pp. 1-15 Downloads
Aaron Jonas Stutz
Reduced Motivation in the BACHD Rat Model of Huntington Disease Is Dependent on the Choice of Food Deprivation Strategy pp. 1-15 Downloads
Erik Karl Håkan Jansson, Laura Emily Clemens, Olaf Riess and Huu Phuc Nguyen
Predicting Physical Time Series Using Dynamic Ridge Polynomial Neural Networks pp. 1-15 Downloads
Dhiya Al-Jumeily, Rozaida Ghazali and Abir Hussain
Comparison of Soil Quality Index Using Three Methods pp. 1-15 Downloads
Atanu Mukherjee and Rattan Lal
Identification of Important Nodes in Directed Biological Networks: A Network Motif Approach pp. 1-15 Downloads
Pei Wang, Jinhu Lü and Xinghuo Yu
Demography of the Giant Otter (Pteronura brasiliensis) in Manu National Park, South-Eastern Peru: Implications for Conservation pp. 1-15 Downloads
Jessica Groenendijk, Frank Hajek, Paul J Johnson, David W Macdonald, Jorge Calvimontes, Elke Staib and Christof Schenck
The Efficacy of Paroxetine and Placebo in Treating Anxiety and Depression: A Meta-Analysis of Change on the Hamilton Rating Scales pp. 1-15 Downloads
Michael A Sugarman, Amy M Loree, Boris B Baltes, Emily R Grekin and Irving Kirsch
Collapsing a Perfect Superposition to a Chosen Quantum State without Measurement pp. 1-5 Downloads
Ahmed Younes and Mahmoud Abdel-Aty
Ocular Morbidity and Health Seeking Behaviour in Kwara State, Nigeria: Implications for Delivery of Eye Care Services pp. 1-5 Downloads
Laura Senyonjo, Robert Lindfield, Abdulraheem Mahmoud, Kahaki Kimani, Safiya Sanda and Elena Schmidt
Path Analysis to Identify Factors Influencing Health Skills and Behaviors in Adolescents: A Cross-Sectional Survey pp. 1-5 Downloads
Xiaohua Ye, Zhenjiang Yao, Weidong Liu, Yanping Fan, Ya Xu and Sidong Chen
Disease Prevention: Saving Lives or Reducing Health Care Costs? pp. 1-5 Downloads
Inge Grootjans- van Kampen, Peter M Engelfriet and Pieter H M van Baal
Does the Majority Always Know Best? Young Children's Flexible Trust in Majority Opinion pp. 1-5 Downloads
Shiri Einav
Association of a Polymorphism in the BIRC6 Gene with Pseudoexfoliative Glaucoma pp. 1-5 Downloads
Humaira Ayub, Shazia Micheal, Farah Akhtar, Muhammad Imran Khan, Shaheena Bashir, Nadia K Waheed, Mahmood Ali, Frederieke E Schoenmaker-Koller, Sobia Shafique, Raheel Qamar and Anneke I den Hollander
Estimating Risks and Relative Risks in Case-Base Studies under the Assumptions of Gene-Environment Independence and Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium pp. 1-5 Downloads
Tina Tsz-Ting Chui and Wen-Chung Lee
The Use of the Lumbosacral Enlargement as an Intrinsic Imaging Biomarker: Feasibility of Grey Matter and White Matter Cross-Sectional Area Measurements Using MRI at 3T pp. 1-5 Downloads
Marios C Yiannakas, Puneet Kakar, Luke R Hoy, David H Miller and Claudia A M Wheeler-Kingshott
Increased Healthcare Service Utilizations for Patients with Dementia: A Population-Based Study pp. 1-5 Downloads
Shiu-Dong Chung, Shih-Ping Liu, Jau-Jiuan Sheu, Ching-Chun Lin, Herng-Ching Lin and Chao-Hung Chen
Hypoalbuminemia Is a Strong Predictor of 30-Day All-Cause Mortality in Acutely Admitted Medical Patients: A Prospective, Observational, Cohort Study pp. 1-5 Downloads
Marlene Ersgaard Jellinge, Daniel Pilsgaard Henriksen, Peter Hallas and Mikkel Brabrand
Alcohol Tax Policy and Related Mortality. An Age-Period-Cohort Analysis of a Rapidly Developed Chinese Population, 1981–2010 pp. 1-9 Downloads
Roger Y Chung, Jean H Kim, Benjamin H Yip, Samuel Y S Wong, Martin C S Wong, Vincent C H Chung and Sian M Griffiths
Serum Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone and Anti-Thyroglobulin Antibody Are Independently Associated with Lesions in Spinal Cord in Central Nervous System Demyelinating Diseases pp. 1-9 Downloads
Youming Long, Yangbo Zheng, Mengyu Chen, Bin Zhang, Cong Gao, Fulan Shan, Ning Yang and Yongxiang Fan
Individual Specialization to Non-Optimal Hosts in a Polyphagous Marine Invertebrate Herbivore pp. 1-9 Downloads
Finn A Baumgartner, Henrik Pavia and Gunilla B Toth
Associations between TNF-α-308A/G Polymorphism and Susceptibility with Dermatomyositis: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Si Chen, Qian Wang, Ziyan Wu, Qingjun Wu, Ping Li, Yuan Li, Jing Li, Chuiwen Deng, Chanyuan Wu, Lei Gao, Fengchun Zhang and Yongzhe Li
Diabetes Mellitus as a Risk Factor for Open-Angle Glaucoma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Minwen Zhou, Wei Wang, Wenbin Huang and Xiulan Zhang
Impact of Extraction Parameters on the Recovery of Lipolytic Activity from Fermented Babassu Cake pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jaqueline N Silva, Mateus G Godoy, Melissa L E Gutarra and Denise M G Freire
Spatial Assortment of Mixed Propagules Explains the Acceleration of Range Expansion pp. 1-9 Downloads
Andriamihaja Ramanantoanina, Aziz Ouhinou and Cang Hui
CT-Angiography–Based Evaluation of the Aortic Annulus for Prosthesis Sizing in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)–Predictive Value and Optimal Thresholds for Major Anatomic Parameters pp. 1-9 Downloads
Florian Schwarz, Philipp Lange, Dominik Zinsser, Martin Greif, Peter Boekstegers, Christoph Schmitz, Maximilian F Reiser, Christian Kupatt and Hans C Becker
Radiative Hydromagnetic Flow of Jeffrey Nanofluid by an Exponentially Stretching Sheet pp. 1-9 Downloads
Tariq Hussain, Sabir Ali Shehzad, Tasawar Hayat, Ahmed Alsaedi, Falleh Al-Solamy and Muhammad Ramzan
A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Variation in Charges and Prices across California for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention pp. 1-9 Downloads
Renee Y Hsia, Yaa Akosa Antwi, Ellerie Weber and Julia Brownell Nath
The Influence of Very Low Illumination on the Postural Sway of Young and Elderly Adults pp. 1-9 Downloads
Darja Rugelj, Gregor Gomišček and France Sevšek
Supply-Side Barriers to Maternity-Care in India: A Facility-Based Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Santosh Kumar and Emily Dansereau
How Safe Do Teenagers Behave on Facebook? An Observational Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ellen Vanderhoven, Tammy Schellens, Martin Valcke and Annelies Raes
Obstetric Care and Method of Delivery in Mexico: Results from the 2012 National Health and Nutrition Survey pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ileana Heredia-Pi, Edson E Servan-Mori, Veronika J Wirtz, Leticia Avila-Burgos and Rafael Lozano
Inhibition of CaMKII Does Not Attenuate Cardiac Hypertrophy in Mice with Dysfunctional Ryanodine Receptor pp. 1-9 Downloads
Asima Chakraborty, Daniel A Pasek, Tai-Qin Huang, Angela C Gomez, Naohiro Yamaguchi, Mark E Anderson and Gerhard Meissner
Efficacy and Safety of Gemcitabine-Fluorouracil Combination Therapy in the Management of Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-9 Downloads
Qin Li, Han Yan, Wenting Liu, Hongchao Zhen, Yifan Yang and Bangwei Cao
Synergistic Effect of Viral Load and Alcohol Consumption on the Risk of Persistent High-Risk Human Papillomavirus Infection pp. 1-9 Downloads
Hea Young Oh, Sang-Soo Seo, Mi Kyung Kim, Dong Ock Lee, Youn Kyung Chung, Myong Cheol Lim, Joo-Young Kim, Chan Wha Lee and Sang-Yoon Park
Correlation of Prostatic Urethral Angle with the Severity of Urinary Symptom and Peak Flow Rate in Men with Small Prostate Volume pp. 1-9 Downloads
Dong Hyuk Kang, Joo Yong Lee, Yoon Soo Hah, Doo Yong Chung, Dae Hun Lee and Kang Su Cho
Use of Kampo Diagnosis in Randomized Controlled Trials of Kampo Products in Japan: A Systematic Review pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yoshiharu Motoo, Ichiro Arai and Kiichiro Tsutani
Delay in Seeking Medical Help following Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or “Mini-Stroke”: A Qualitative Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jennifer Mc Sharry, Alison Baxter, Louise M Wallace, Anthony Kenton, Andrew Turner and David P French
Is Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin Necessary in Prophylaxis of Hepatitis B Recurrence after Liver Transplantation? A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Peijie Wang, Ngalei Tam, Haochen Wang, Huanwei Zheng, Philip Chen, Linwei Wu and Xiaoshun He
Automated Assessment of Upper Extremity Movement Impairment due to Stroke pp. 1-9 Downloads
Erienne V Olesh, Sergiy Yakovenko and Valeriya Gritsenko
Impact of Male Circumcision on the HIV Epidemic in Papua New Guinea: A Country with Extensive Foreskin Cutting Practices pp. 1-9 Downloads
Richard T Gray, Andrew Vallely, David P Wilson, John Kaldor, David MacLaren, Angela Kelly-Hanku, Peter Siba, John M Murray and on behalf of the Male Circumcision Acceptability and Impact Study (MCAIS) team
Women's Empowerment and Contraceptive Use: The Role of Independent versus Couples' Decision-Making, from a Lower Middle Income Country Perspective pp. 1-9 Downloads
Waqas Hameed, Syed Khurram Azmat, Moazzam Ali, Muhammad Ishaque Sheikh, Ghazunfer Abbas, Marleen Temmerman and Bilal Iqbal Avan
Dancing Bees Improve Colony Foraging Success as Long-Term Benefits Outweigh Short-Term Costs pp. 1-9 Downloads
Roger Schürch and Christoph Grüter
Hemoglobin and Hematocrit Levels in the Prediction of Complicated Crohn's Disease Behavior – A Cohort Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Florian Rieder, Gisela Paul, Elisabeth Schnoy, Stephan Schleder, Alexandra Wolf, Florian Kamm, Andrea Dirmeier, Ulrike Strauch, Florian Obermeier, Rocio Lopez, Jean-Paul Achkar, Gerhard Rogler and Frank Klebl
Role of Constitutive Behavior and Tumor-Host Mechanical Interactions in the State of Stress and Growth of Solid Tumors pp. 1-9 Downloads
Chrysovalantis Voutouri, Fotios Mpekris, Panagiotis Papageorgis, Andreani D Odysseos and Triantafyllos Stylianopoulos
Haptic Discrimination of Distance pp. 1-9 Downloads
Femke E van Beek, Wouter M Bergmann Tiest and Astrid M L Kappers
Exploring the Relation of Harsh Parental Discipline with Child Emotional and Behavioral Problems by Using Multiple Informants. The Generation R Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Joreintje D Mackenbach, Ank P Ringoot, Jan van der Ende, Frank C Verhulst, Vincent W V Jaddoe, Albert Hofman, Pauline W Jansen and Henning W Tiemeier
Using Random Walks to Generate Associations between Objects pp. 1-9 Downloads
Muhammed A Yildirim and Michele Coscia
Quantitative Estimation of Renal Function with Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI Using a Modified Two-Compartment Model pp. 1-9 Downloads
Bin Chen, Yudong Zhang, Xiaojian Song, Xiaoying Wang, Jue Zhang and Jing Fang
A Generalized Approach to the Modeling of the Species-Area Relationship pp. 1-9 Downloads
Katiane Silva Conceição, Werner Ulrich, Carlos Alberto Ribeiro Diniz, Francisco Aparecido Rodrigues and Marinho Gomes de Andrade
Measuring Social Networks for Medical Research in Lower-Income Settings pp. 1-9 Downloads
Laura Kelly, Shivani A Patel, K M Venkat Narayan, Dorairaj Prabhakaran and Solveig A Cunningham
A Pharmacogenetics-Based Warfarin Maintenance Dosing Algorithm from Northern Chinese Patients pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jinxing Chen, Liying Shao, Ling Gong, Fang Luo, Jin'e Wang, Yi Shi, Yu Tan, Qianlong Chen, Yu Zhang, Rutai Hui and Yibo Wang
Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Patients in Swiss Managed Care Plans: Prevalence, Determinants and Association with Hospitalization pp. 1-9 Downloads
Oliver Reich, Thomas Rosemann, Roland Rapold, Eva Blozik and Oliver Senn
The Magnitude and Duration of Clostridium difficile Infection Risk Associated with Antibiotic Therapy: A Hospital Cohort Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Kevin A Brown, David N Fisman, Rahim Moineddin and Nick Daneman
Effect of Dialysis Initiation Timing on Clinical Outcomes: A Propensity-Matched Analysis of a Prospective Cohort Study in Korea pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jeonghwan Lee, Jung Nam An, Jin Ho Hwang, Yong-Lim Kim, Shin-Wook Kang, Chul Woo Yang, Nam-Ho Kim, Yun Kyu Oh, Chun Soo Lim, Yon Su Kim and Jung Pyo Lee
Intermediate CAG Repeat Expansion in the ATXN2 Gene Is a Unique Genetic Risk Factor for ALS−A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ming-Dong Wang, James Gomes, Neil R Cashman, Julian Little and Daniel Krewski
Molecular Dynamic Simulation of the Self-Assembly of DAP12-NKG2C Activating Immunoreceptor Complex pp. 1-9 Downloads
Peng Wei, Lida Xu, Cheng-Dong Li, Fu- De Sun, Long Chen, Tianwei Tan and Shi-Zhong Luo
Evaluation of Protein Dihedral Angle Prediction Methods pp. 1-9 Downloads
Harinder Singh, Sandeep Singh and Gajendra P S Raghava
Hydrocarbons Emitted by Waggle-Dancing Honey Bees Increase Forager Recruitment by Stimulating Dancing pp. 1-9 Downloads
David C Gilley
Sedentary Behavior and Incident Cancer: A Meta-Analysis of Prospective Studies pp. 1-9 Downloads
Dong Shen, Weidong Mao, Tao Liu, Qingfeng Lin, Xiangdong Lu, Qiong Wang, Feng Lin, Ulf Ekelund and Katrien Wijndaele
Linear Associations between Clinically Assessed Upper Motor Neuron Disease and Diffusion Tensor Imaging Metrics in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis pp. 1-9 Downloads
John H Woo, Sumei Wang, Elias R Melhem, James C Gee, Andrew Cucchiara, Leo McCluskey and Lauren Elman
Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Maternal Action to Protect Children from Secondhand Smoke: Pre- and Post-Smokefree Legislation in Hong Kong pp. 1-9 Downloads
Sophia Siu Chee Chan, Yee Tak Derek Cheung, Doris Yin Ping Leung, Yim Wah Mak, Gabriel M Leung and Tai Hing Lam
Temporal Profile of Endogenous Anatomical Repair and Functional Recovery following Spinal Cord Injury in Adult Zebrafish pp. 1-9 Downloads
Katarina Vajn, Denis Suler, Jeffery A Plunkett and Martin Oudega
Drug Allergy and the Risk of Lymph Node Metastasis in Rectal Cancer pp. 1-9 Downloads
Chun Gao, Jing-Tao Li, Long Fang, Ying-Ying Xu and Hong-Chuan Zhao
Towards Monitoring Biodiversity in Amazonian Forests: How Regular Samples Capture Meso-Scale Altitudinal Variation in 25 km2 Plots pp. 1-9 Downloads
Darren Norris, Marie-Josée Fortin and William E Magnusson
The Synergistic Effect of Functional Status and Comorbidity Burden on Mortality: A 16-Year Survival Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Cynthia Chen, Isaac Sia, Hon-ming Ma, Bee Choo Tai, Angela Cheong, Ngan Phoon Fong, Shi Yu Julia Tan, Kin Ming Chan, Boon Yeow Tan, Edward Menon, Chye Hua Ee, Kok Keng Lee, Yee Sien Ng, Yik Ying Teo, Stefan Ma, Derrick Heng and Gerald Choon-Huat Koh
Fertility Desires among Men and Women Living with HIV/AIDS in Nairobi Slums: A Mixed Methods Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Eliud Wekesa and Ernestina Coast
Gift-Giving and Network Structure in Rural China: Utilizing Long-Term Spontaneous Gift Records pp. 1-14 Downloads
Xi Chen
Efficient Use of Information in Adaptive Management with an Application to Managing Recreation near Golden Eagle Nesting Sites pp. 1-14 Downloads
Paul L Fackler, Krishna Pacifici, Julien Martin and Carol McIntyre
“Going with the Flow” or Not: Evidence of Positive Rheotaxis in Oceanic Juvenile Loggerhead Turtles (Caretta caretta) in the South Pacific Ocean Using Satellite Tags and Ocean Circulation Data pp. 1-14 Downloads
Donald R Kobayashi, Richard Farman, Jeffrey J Polovina, Denise M Parker, Marc Rice and George H Balazs
Relationship between Air Pollutants and Economic Development of the Provincial Capital Cities in China during the Past Decade pp. 1-14 Downloads
Yunpeng Luo, Huai Chen, Qiu'an Zhu, Changhui Peng, Gang Yang, Yanzheng Yang and Yao Zhang
Conditions for the Emergence of Shared Norms in Populations with Incompatible Preferences pp. 1-14 Downloads
Dirk Helbing, Wenjian Yu, Karl-Dieter Opp and Heiko Rauhut
Evaluating the Good Ontology Design Guideline (GoodOD) with the Ontology Quality Requirements and Evaluation Method and Metrics (OQuaRE) pp. 1-14 Downloads
Astrid Duque-Ramos, Martin Boeker, Ludger Jansen, Stefan Schulz, Miguela Iniesta and Jesualdo Tomás Fernández-Breis
Unit Operation Optimization for the Manufacturing of Botanical Injections Using a Design Space Approach: A Case Study of Water Precipitation pp. 1-14 Downloads
Xingchu Gong, Huali Chen, Teng Chen and Haibin Qu
Rapid Decline in HCV Incidence among People Who Inject Drugs Associated with National Scale-Up in Coverage of a Combination of Harm Reduction Interventions pp. 1-14 Downloads
Norah E Palmateer, Avril Taylor, David J Goldberg, Alison Munro, Celia Aitken, Samantha J Shepherd, Georgina McAllister, Rory Gunson and Sharon J Hutchinson
Graph-Based Inter-Subject Pattern Analysis of fMRI Data pp. 1-14 Downloads
Sylvain Takerkart, Guillaume Auzias, Bertrand Thirion and Liva Ralaivola
Adjuvant and Salvage Radiotherapy after Prostatectomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Changhao Chen, Tianxin Lin, Yu Zhou, Doudou Li, Kewei Xu, Zhihua Li, Xinxiang Fan, Guangzheng Zhong, Wang He, Xu Chen, Xianyin He and Jian Huang
Lower Intensified Target LDL-c Level of Statin Therapy Results in a Higher Risk of Incident Diabetes: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Rongrong Cai, Yang Yuan, Yi Zhou, Wenqing Xia, Pin Wang, Haixia Sun, Yue Yang, Rong Huang and Shaohua Wang
Three-Dimensional Flow of an Oldroyd-B Nanofluid towards Stretching Surface with Heat Generation/Absorption pp. 1-14 Downloads
Waqar Azeem Khan, Masood Khan and Rabia Malik
A Nation-Wide Study of Prevalence and Risk Factors for Fecal Impaction in Nursing Homes pp. 1-14 Downloads
Enrique Rey, Marta Barcelo, Maria Jose Jiménez Cebrián, Angel Alvarez-Sanchez, Manuel Diaz-Rubio and Alberto Lopez Rocha
A Biological Micro Actuator: Graded and Closed-Loop Control of Insect Leg Motion by Electrical Stimulation of Muscles pp. 1-14 Downloads
Feng Cao, Chao Zhang, Tat Thang Vo Doan, Yao Li, Daniyal Haider Sangi, Jie Sheng Koh, Ngoc Anh Huynh, Mohamed Fareez Bin Aziz, Hao Yu Choo, Kazuo Ikeda, Pieter Abbeel, Michel M Maharbiz and Hirotaka Sato
VEGFR1-Positive Macrophages Facilitate Liver Repair and Sinusoidal Reconstruction after Hepatic Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury pp. 1-14 Downloads
Hirotoki Ohkubo, Yoshiya Ito, Tsutomu Minamino, Koji Eshima, Ken Kojo, Shin-ichiro Okizaki, Mitsuhiro Hirata, Masabumi Shibuya, Masahiko Watanabe and Masataka Majima
Long Noncoding RNA HOTAIR as an Independent Prognostic Marker in Cancer: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Shenghong Zhang, Shuling Chen, Guang Yang, Fang Gu, Minrui Li, Bihui Zhong, Jifan Hu, Andrew Hoffman and Minhu Chen
Dynamic Quality of Service Model for Improving Performance of Multimedia Real-Time Transmission in Industrial Networks pp. 1-14 Downloads
Ravichandran C Gopalakrishnan and Manivannan Karunakaran
Inter-Subject Variability in Human Atrial Action Potential in Sinus Rhythm versus Chronic Atrial Fibrillation pp. 1-14 Downloads
Carlos Sánchez, Alfonso Bueno-Orovio, Erich Wettwer, Simone Loose, Jana Simon, Ursula Ravens, Esther Pueyo and Blanca Rodriguez
Human Exposure to Early Morning Anopheles funestus Biting Behavior and Personal Protection Provided by Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets pp. 1-4 Downloads
Nicolas Moiroux, Georgia B Damien, Marc Egrot, Armel Djenontin, Fabrice Chandre, Vincent Corbel, Gerry F Killeen and Cédric Pennetier
No Correlation between TIMP2 -418 G>C Polymorphism and Increased Risk of Cancer: Evidence from a Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Raju K Mandal, Naseem Akhter, Shafiul Haque, Aditya K Panda, Rama D Mittal and Mohammed A A Alqumber
The Safety and Acceptance of the PrePex Device for Non-Surgical Adult Male Circumcision in Rakai, Uganda. A Non-Randomized Observational Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Godfrey Kigozi, Richard Musoke, Stephen Watya, Nehemia Kighoma, James Nkale, Mary Nakafeero, Dan Namuguzi, David Serwada, Fred Nalugoda, Nelson Sewankambo, Maria Joan Wawer and Ronald Henry Gray
Capacity Choice in a Large Market pp. 1-7 Downloads
Mats Godenhielm and Klaus Kultti
Does Drug-Eluting Bead Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization Improve the Management of Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma? A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Shilong Han, Xiaoping Zhang, Liling Zou, Chenhui Lu, Jun Zhang, Jue Li and Maoquan Li
Factors Associated with Appointment Non-Adherence among African-Americans with Severe, Poorly Controlled Hypertension pp. 1-7 Downloads
Chike C Nwabuo, Sydney Morss Dy, Kristina Weeks and J Hunter Young
Prevalence of Different Head-Neck Positions in Horses Shown at Dressage Competitions and Their Relation to Conflict Behaviour and Performance Marks pp. 1-7 Downloads
Kathrin Kienapfel, Yvonne Link and Uta König v. Borstel
MicroRNA-21 Identified as Predictor of Cancer Outcome: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Wenjie Zhu and Binghe Xu
Non-Gated Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Provides a Powerful Segmentation Tool on Concomitant Treatment of Characteristic and Continuum Emission pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ashwin Kumar Myakalwar, Narahara Chari Dingari, Ramachandra Rao Dasari, Ishan Barman and Manoj Kumar Gundawar
Increased Insomnia Symptoms Predict the Onset of Back Pain among Employed Adults pp. 1-7 Downloads
Maayan Agmon and Galit Armon
Validation of Catquest-9SF Questionnaire in a Chinese Cataract Population pp. 1-7 Downloads
Xianchai Lin, Mingge Li, Mei Wang, Yajing Zuo, Siping Zhu, Yongxin Zheng, Xiaofeng Lin, Minbin Yu and Ecosse L Lamoureux
Intravenous Immunoglobulin for Hypogammaglobulinemia after Lung Transplantation: A Randomized Crossover Trial pp. 1-7 Downloads
David J Lederer, Nisha Philip, Debbie Rybak, Selim M Arcasoy and Steven M Kawut
A Method for Quantitative Analysis of Standard and High-Throughput qPCR Expression Data Based on Input Sample Quantity pp. 1-7 Downloads
Mateusz G Adamski, Patryk Gumann and Alison E Baird
Combined Effects of Smoking and Bilirubin Levels on the Risk of Lung Cancer in Korea: The Severance Cohort Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Jung-eun Lim, Heejin Kimm and Sun Ha Jee
Evolution Characteristics of the Network Core in the Facebook pp. 1-7 Downloads
Jian-Guo Liu, Zhuo-Ming Ren, Qiang Guo and Duan-Bing Chen
Do We Produce Enough Fruits and Vegetables to Meet Global Health Need? pp. 1-7 Downloads
Karen R Siegel, Mohammed K Ali, Adithi Srinivasiah, Rachel A Nugent and K M Venkat Narayan
A Room with a Viewpoint Revisited: Descriptive Norms and Hotel Guests' Towel Reuse Behavior pp. 1-7 Downloads
Gerd Bohner and Lena E Schlüter
Using Hemoglobin A1C as a Predicting Model for Time Interval from Pre-Diabetes Progressing to Diabetes pp. 1-7 Downloads
Chen-Ling Huang, Usman Iqbal, Phung-Anh Nguyen, Zih-Fang Chen, Daniel L Clinciu, Yi-Hsin Elsa Hsu, Chung-Huei Hsu and Wen-Shan Jian
Intraocular Pressure and Estimated Cerebrospinal Fluid Pressure. The Beijing Eye Study 2011 pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ya Xing Wang, Jost B Jonas, Ningli Wang, Qi Sheng You, Diya Yang, Xiao Bin Xie and Liang Xu
Testing a Flexible Method to Reduce False Monsoon Onsets pp. 1-7 Downloads
Mathew Alexander Stiller-Reeve, Thomas Spengler and Pao-Shin Chu
Modified Treatment Approach Using Cardiovascular Disease Risk Calculator for Primary Prevention pp. 1-7 Downloads
Himanshu Gupta, Chun G Schiros and Thomas S Denney
Artificially Constructed Quorum-Sensing Circuits Are Used for Subtle Control of Bacterial Population Density pp. 1-7 Downloads
Zhaoshou Wang, Xin Wu, Jianghai Peng, Yidan Hu, Baishan Fang and Shiyang Huang
Assessment of Cultivation Factors that Affect Biomass and Geraniol Production in Transgenic Tobacco Cell Suspension Cultures pp. 1-7 Downloads
Nikolay Vasilev, Christian Schmitz, Ulrike Grömping, Rainer Fischer and Stefan Schillberg
Gas Chromatography Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (GC-TOF-MS)-Based Metabolomics for Comparison of Caffeinated and Decaffeinated Coffee and Its Implications for Alzheimer’s Disease pp. 1-7 Downloads
Kai Lun Chang and Paul C Ho
Influence of Metal of the Applicator on the Dose Distribution during Brachytherapy pp. 1-7 Downloads
Chin-Hui Wu, An-Cheng Shiau, Yi-Jen Liao, Hsin-Yu Lin, Yen-Wan Hsueh Liu and Shih-Ming Hsu
Viscous Friction between Crystalline and Amorphous Phase of Dragline Silk pp. 1-7 Downloads
Sandeep P Patil, Senbo Xiao, Konstantinos Gkagkas, Bernd Markert and Frauke Gräter
Correlation Analysis between Central Corneal Thickness and Intraocular Pressure in Juveniles in Northern China: The Jinan City Eye Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Wen Wei, Zhaoshan Fan, Lihua Wang, Zhiwei Li, Wanzhen Jiao and Yun Li
Circulating miR-19a and miR-205 in Serum May Predict the Sensitivity of Luminal A Subtype of Breast Cancer Patients to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy with Epirubicin Plus Paclitaxel pp. 1-7 Downloads
Qian Li, Mei Liu, Fei Ma, Yang Luo, Ruigang Cai, Liming Wang, Ningzhi Xu and Binghe Xu
The Diagnosis Accuracy of PLA2R-AB in the Diagnosis of Idiopathic Membranous Nephropathy: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yu Du, Junhua Li, Fan He, Yongman Lv, Wei Liu, Ping Wu, Jiao Huang, Sheng Wei and Hongyu Gao
Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Ear for Patient-Specific Reconstructive Surgery pp. 1-7 Downloads
Luc Nimeskern, Eva-Maria Feldmann, Willy Kuo, Silke Schwarz, Eva Goldberg-Bockhorn, Susanne Dürr, Ralph Müller, Nicole Rotter and Kathryn S Stok
Survival after Acute Hemodialysis in Pennsylvania, 2005–2007: A Retrospective Cohort Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Sarah J Ramer, Elan D Cohen, Chung-Chou H Chang, Mark L Unruh and Amber E Barnato
Penumbra Pattern Assessment in Acute Stroke Patients: Comparison of Quantitative and Non-Quantitative Methods in Whole Brain CT Perfusion pp. 1-7 Downloads
Kolja M Thierfelder, Louisa von Baumgarten, Alena B Baumann, Felix G Meinel, Andreas D Helck, Christian Opherk, Andreas Straube, Maximilian F Reiser and Wieland H Sommer
The Gait Disorder in Downbeat Nystagmus Syndrome pp. 1-7 Downloads
Roman Schniepp, Max Wuehr, Sabrina Huth, Cauchy Pradhan, Cornelia Schlick, Thomas Brandt and Klaus Jahn
Dynamic Analysis and Pattern Visualization of Forest Fires pp. 1-7 Downloads
António M Lopes and J A Tenreiro Machado
Cerebral Processing of Prosodic Emotional Signals: Evaluation of a Network Model Using rTMS pp. 1-7 Downloads
Heike Jacob, Carolin Brück, Christian Plewnia and Dirk Wildgruber
Testing the Effectiveness of 3D Film for Laboratory-Based Studies of Emotion pp. 1-7 Downloads
Daniel L Bride, Sheila E Crowell, Brian R Baucom, Erin A Kaufman, Caitlin G O'Connor, Chloe R Skidmore and Mona Yaptangco
Identification and Validation of Suitable Housekeeping Genes for Normalizing Quantitative Real-Time PCR Assays in Injured Peripheral Nerves pp. 1-7 Downloads
Giovanna Gambarotta, Giulia Ronchi, Olivier Friard, Pantaleo Galletta, Isabelle Perroteau and Stefano Geuna
Sedentary Behavior and Health Outcomes: An Overview of Systematic Reviews pp. 1-7 Downloads
Leandro Fornias Machado de Rezende, Maurício Rodrigues Lopes, Juan Pablo Rey-López, Victor Keihan Rodrigues Matsudo and Olinda do Carmo Luiz
Circulating Level of miR-378 Predicts Left Ventricular Hypertrophy in Patients with Aortic Stenosis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Zhongxiu Chen, Chen Li, Yuanning Xu, Yajiao Li, Hao Yang and Li Rao
Longitudinal Associations between Adolescent Psychotic Experiences and Depressive Symptoms pp. 1-7 Downloads
Sarah A Sullivan, Nicola Wiles, Daphne Kounali, Glyn Lewis, Jon Heron, Mary Cannon, Liam Mahedy, Peter B Jones, Jan Stochl and Stan Zammit
Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Variants in PMS1 Associated with Serum Ferritin in a Chinese Population pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ming Liao, Jianying Shi, Lirong Huang, Yong Gao, Aihua Tan, Chunlei Wu, Zheng Lu, Xiaobo Yang, Shijun Zhang, Yanlin Hu, Xue Qin, Jianling Li, Gang Chen, Jianfeng Xu, Zengnan Mo and Haiying Zhang
[18F]-Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography Can Contribute to Discriminate Patients with Poor Prognosis in Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer pp. 1-7 Downloads
Sung Gwe Ahn, Minkyung Lee, Tae Joo Jeon, Kyunghwa Han, Hak Min Lee, Seung Ah Lee, Young Hoon Ryu, Eun Ju Son and Joon Jeong
Efficacy and Safety of Intravesical OnabotulinumtoxinA Injection on Elderly Patients with Chronic Central Nervous System Lesions and Overactive Bladder pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yuan-Hong Jiang, Chun-Hou Liao, Dong-Ling Tang and Hann-Chorng Kuo
Short-Term Dispersal Response of an Endangered Australian Lizard Varies with Time of Year pp. 1-7 Downloads
Mehregan Ebrahimi and C Michael Bull
Meloxicam and Buprenorphine Treatment after Ovarian Transplantation Does Not Affect Estrous Cyclicity and Follicular Integrity in Aged CBA/J Mice pp. 1-7 Downloads
Anna H Le, Luis A Bonachea and Shelley L Cargill
Indirect Genetic Effects from Competition in the Clonal Herb Sedum album (Crassulaceae) pp. 1-7 Downloads
Stefan Andersson
Undertriage in Older Emergency Department Patients – Tilting against Windmills? pp. 1-7 Downloads
Florian F Grossmann, Thomas Zumbrunn, Sandro Ciprian, Frank-Peter Stephan, Natascha Woy, Roland Bingisser and Christian H Nickel
Relationship between the Frequency Magnitude Distribution and the Visibility Graph in the Synthetic Seismicity Generated by a Simple Stick-Slip System with Asperities pp. 1-7 Downloads
Luciano Telesca, Michele Lovallo, Alejandro Ramirez-Rojas and Leticia Flores-Marquez
Comparative 2D-DIGE Proteomic Analysis of Bovine Mammary Epithelial Cells during Lactation Reveals Protein Signatures for Lactation Persistency and Milk Yield pp. 1-17 Downloads
Jagadeesh Janjanam, Surender Singh, Manoj K Jena, Nishant Varshney, Srujana Kola, Sudarshan Kumar, Jai K Kaushik, Sunita Grover, Ajay K Dang, Manishi Mukesh, B S Prakash and Ashok K Mohanty
Carriage of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Other Respiratory Bacterial Pathogens in Low and Lower-Middle Income Countries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-17 Downloads
Richard A Adegbola, Rodrigo DeAntonio, Philip C Hill, Anna Roca, Effua Usuf, Bernard Hoet and Brian M Greenwood
Efficacy of Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing for Patients with Posttraumatic-Stress Disorder: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-17 Downloads
Ying-Ren Chen, Kuo-Wei Hung, Jui-Chen Tsai, Hsin Chu, Min-Huey Chung, Su-Ru Chen, Yuan-Mei Liao, Keng-Liang Ou, Yue-Cune Chang and Kuei-Ru Chou
Validity of Heart Failure Diagnoses in Administrative Databases: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-17 Downloads
Natalie McCormick, Diane Lacaille, Vidula Bhole and J Antonio Avina-Zubieta
Two-Level Incremental Checkpoint Recovery Scheme for Reducing System Total Overheads pp. 1-17 Downloads
Huixian Li, Liaojun Pang and Zhangquan Wang
Theory to Predict Shear Stress on Cells in Turbulent Blood Flow pp. 1-17 Downloads
Khandakar Niaz Morshed, David Bark, Marcio Forleo and Lakshmi Prasad Dasi
Risks to Birds Traded for African Traditional Medicine: A Quantitative Assessment pp. 1-17 Downloads
Vivienne L Williams, Anthony B Cunningham, Alan C Kemp and Robin K Bruyns
Estimation of Instantaneous Complex Dynamics through Lyapunov Exponents: A Study on Heartbeat Dynamics pp. 1-17 Downloads
Gaetano Valenza, Luca Citi and Riccardo Barbieri
PredPPCrys: Accurate Prediction of Sequence Cloning, Protein Production, Purification and Crystallization Propensity from Protein Sequences Using Multi-Step Heterogeneous Feature Fusion and Selection pp. 1-17 Downloads
Huilin Wang, Mingjun Wang, Hao Tan, Yuan Li, Ziding Zhang and Jiangning Song
SoilGrids1km — Global Soil Information Based on Automated Mapping pp. 1-17 Downloads
Tomislav Hengl, Jorge Mendes de Jesus, Robert A MacMillan, Niels H Batjes, Gerard B M Heuvelink, Eloi Ribeiro, Alessandro Samuel-Rosa, Bas Kempen, Johan G B Leenaars, Markus G Walsh and Maria Ruiperez Gonzalez

Volume 9, issue 7, 2014

SSCC TD: A Serial and Simultaneous Configural-Cue Compound Stimuli Representation for Temporal Difference Learning pp. 1-24 Downloads
Esther Mondragón, Jonathan Gray, Eduardo Alonso, Charlotte Bonardi and Dómhnall J Jennings
Does D-Cycloserine Enhance Exposure Therapy for Anxiety Disorders in Humans? A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-12 Downloads
Helga Rodrigues, Ivan Figueira, Alessandra Lopes, Raquel Gonçalves, Mauro Vitor Mendlowicz, Evandro Silva Freire Coutinho and Paula Ventura
Image-Based Grouping during Binocular Rivalry Is Dictated by Eye-Of-Origin pp. 1-12 Downloads
Sjoerd M Stuit, Chris L E Paffen, Maarten J van der Smagt and Frans A J Verstraten
Collective Philanthropy: Describing and Modeling the Ecology of Giving pp. 1-12 Downloads
William L Gottesman, Andrew James Reagan and Peter Sheridan Dodds
Testosterone, Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin and the Metabolic Syndrome in Men: An Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies pp. 1-12 Downloads
Judith S Brand, Maroeska M Rovers, Bu B Yeap, Harald J Schneider, Tomi-Pekka Tuomainen, Robin Haring, Giovanni Corona, Altan Onat, Marcello Maggio, Claude Bouchard, Peter C Y Tong, Richard Y T Chen, Masahiro Akishita, Jourik A Gietema, Marie-Hélène Gannagé-Yared, Anna-Lena Undén, Aarno Hautanen, Nicolai P Goncharov, Philip Kumanov, S A Paul Chubb, Osvaldo P Almeida, Hans-Ulrich Wittchen, Jens Klotsche, Henri Wallaschofski, Henry Völzke, Jussi Kauhanen, Jukka T Salonen, Luigi Ferrucci and Yvonne T van der Schouw
Statistical Analysis of Crystallization Database Links Protein Physico-Chemical Features with Crystallization Mechanisms pp. 1-12 Downloads
Diana Fusco, Timothy J Barnum, Andrew E Bruno, Joseph R Luft, Edward H Snell, Sayan Mukherjee and Patrick Charbonneau
Systematic Review of the Risk of Adverse Outcomes Associated with Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cancer pp. 1-12 Downloads
Labib Imran Faruque, Meng Lin, Marisa Battistella, Natasha Wiebe, Tony Reiman, Brenda Hemmelgarn, Chandra Thomas and Marcello Tonelli
An Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis on Characteristics and Outcome of Patients with Papillary Glioneuronal Tumor, Rosette Glioneuronal Tumor with Neuropil-Like Islands and Rosette Forming Glioneuronal Tumor of the Fourth Ventricle pp. 1-12 Downloads
Annika Schlamann, André O von Bueren, Christian Hagel, Isabella Zwiener, Clemens Seidel, Rolf-Dieter Kortmann and Klaus Müller
Cost-Effectiveness of Enhanced Syphilis Screening among HIV-Positive Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Microsimulation Model pp. 1-12 Downloads
Ashleigh R Tuite, Ann N Burchell and David N Fisman
Phase 1 Study of the E-Selectin Inhibitor GMI 1070 in Patients with Sickle Cell Anemia pp. 1-12 Downloads
Ted Wun, Lori Styles, Laura DeCastro, Marilyn J Telen, Frans Kuypers, Anthony Cheung, William Kramer, Henry Flanner, Seungshin Rhee, John L Magnani and Helen Thackray
Stochasticity of Intranuclear Biochemical Reaction Processes Controls the Final Decision of Cell Fate Associated with DNA Damage pp. 1-12 Downloads
Kazunari Iwamoto, Hiroyuki Hamada, Yukihiro Eguchi and Masahiro Okamoto
The Relationship between Stroop and Stop-Signal Measures of Inhibition in Adolescents: Influences from Variations in Context and Measure Estimation pp. 1-12 Downloads
Kiat Hui Khng and Kerry Lee
Merging Fargesia dracocephala into Fargesia decurvata (Bambusoideae, Poaceae): Implications from Morphological and ITS Sequence Analyses pp. 1-12 Downloads
Yu-Qu Zhang, Xu-Mei Wang, A-Li Wu and Yi Ren
Influence of HLA Class I Haplotypes on HIV-1 Seroconversion and Disease Progression in Pumwani Sex Worker Cohort pp. 1-12 Downloads
Raghavan Sampathkumar, Harold O Peters, Lillian Mendoza, Thomas Bielawny, Elizabeth Ngugi, Joshua Kimani, Charles Wachihi, Francis A Plummer and Ma Luo
Sound Asleep: Processing and Retention of Slow Oscillation Phase-Targeted Stimuli pp. 1-12 Downloads
Roy Cox, Ilia Korjoukov, Marieke de Boer and Lucia M Talamini
An Implicit Measure of Associations with Mental Illness versus Physical Illness: Response Latency Decomposition and Stimuli Differential Functioning in Relation to IAT Order of Associative Conditions and Accuracy pp. 1-12 Downloads
Stefania Mannarini and Marilisa Boffo
Different Assembly Processes Drive Shifts in Species and Functional Composition in Experimental Grasslands Varying in Sown Diversity and Community History pp. 1-12 Downloads
Christiane Roscher, Jens Schumacher, Uta Gerighausen and Bernhard Schmid
Are Non-Native Plants Perceived to Be More Risky? Factors Influencing Horticulturists' Risk Perceptions of Ornamental Plant Species pp. 1-12 Downloads
Franziska Humair, Christoph Kueffer and Michael Siegrist
Polarity Related Influence Maximization in Signed Social Networks pp. 1-12 Downloads
Dong Li, Zhi-Ming Xu, Nilanjan Chakraborty, Anika Gupta, Katia Sycara and Sheng Li
Consentaneous Agent-Based and Stochastic Model of the Financial Markets pp. 1-12 Downloads
Vygintas Gontis and Aleksejus Kononovicius
Species-Specific Responses to Community Density in an Unproductive Perennial Plant Community pp. 1-12 Downloads
Michael A Treberg and Roy Turkington
An Endoparasitoid Avoids Hyperparasitism by Manipulating Immobile Host Herbivore to Modify Host Plant Morphology pp. 1-12 Downloads
Tomohisa Fujii, Kazunori Matsuo, Yoshihisa Abe, Junichi Yukawa and Makoto Tokuda
Psychological and Social Work Factors as Predictors of Mental Distress: A Prospective Study pp. 1-12 Downloads
Live Bakke Finne, Jan Olav Christensen and Stein Knardahl
A Kernel-Based Multivariate Feature Selection Method for Microarray Data Classification pp. 1-12 Downloads
Shiquan Sun, Qinke Peng and Adnan Shakoor
Use of Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling to Simulate the Profiles of 3-Hydroxybenzo(a)pyrene in Workers Exposed to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons pp. 1-12 Downloads
Roberto Heredia Ortiz, Anne Maître, Damien Barbeau, Michel Lafontaine and Michèle Bouchard
Crosslinking Constraints and Computational Models as Complementary Tools in Modeling the Extracellular Domain of the Glycine Receptor pp. 1-12 Downloads
Zhenyu Liu, Agnieszka Szarecka, Michael Yonkunas, Kirill Speranskiy, Maria Kurnikova and Michael Cascio
Marker-Based Estimation of Genetic Parameters in Genomics pp. 1-12 Downloads
Zhiqiu Hu and Rong-Cai Yang
Online Community Detection for Large Complex Networks pp. 1-12 Downloads
Gang Pan, Wangsheng Zhang, Zhaohui Wu and Shijian Li
Resilience amongst Australian Aboriginal Youth: An Ecological Analysis of Factors Associated with Psychosocial Functioning in High and Low Family Risk Contexts pp. 1-12 Downloads
Katrina D Hopkins, Stephen R Zubrick and Catherine L Taylor
Structural Basis for the Recognition in an Idiotype-Anti-Idiotype Antibody Complex Related to Celiac Disease pp. 1-12 Downloads
Anna Vangone, Safwat Abdel-Azeim, Ivana Caputo, Daniele Sblattero, Roberto Di Niro, Luigi Cavallo and Romina Oliva
The Cost-Effectiveness of Different Feeding Patterns Combined with Prompt Treatments for Preventing Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission in South Africa: Estimates from Simulation Modeling pp. 1-12 Downloads
Wenhua Yu, Changping Li, Xiaomeng Fu, Zhuang Cui, Xiaoqian Liu, Linlin Fan, Guan Zhang and Jun Ma
Dissociable Processes for Orientation Discrimination Learning and Contextual Illusion Magnitude pp. 1-12 Downloads
Charlotte Elizabeth Holmes Wilks, Geraint Rees and Dietrich Samuel Schwarzkopf
Plant microRNA-Target Interaction Identification Model Based on the Integration of Prediction Tools and Support Vector Machine pp. 1-12 Downloads
Jun Meng, Lin Shi and Yushi Luan
Multidimensional Human Dynamics in Mobile Phone Communications pp. 1-12 Downloads
Christian Quadri, Matteo Zignani, Lorenzo Capra, Sabrina Gaito and Gian Paolo Rossi
Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation May Impose a Detrimental Effect on Overall Survival of Patients with Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-12 Downloads
Shuan-shuan Xie, Ming Li, Cai-cun Zhou, Xiao-lian Song and Chang-hui Wang
Choice of Non-Inferiority (NI) Margins Does Not Protect against Degradation of Treatment Effects on an Average – An Observational Study of Registered and Published NI Trials pp. 1-12 Downloads
Beryl Primrose Gladstone and Werner Vach
A Likelihood Approach to Estimate the Number of Co-Infections pp. 1-32 Downloads
Kristan A Schneider and Ananias A Escalante
The PlA1/A2 Polymorphism of Glycoprotein IIIa as a Risk Factor for Myocardial Infarction: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-1 Downloads
Christopher N Floyd, Agnesa Mustafa and Albert Ferro
The Associations between Two Vital GSTs Genetic Polymorphisms and Lung Cancer Risk in the Chinese Population: Evidence from 71 Studies pp. 1-1 Downloads
Kui Liu, Xialu Lin, Qi Zhou, Ting Ma, Liyuan Han, Guochuan Mao, Jian Chen, Xia Yue, Huiqin Wang, Lu Zhang, Guixiu Jin, Jianmin Jiang, Jinshun Zhao and Baobo Zou
Pooled Analysis of Non-Union, Re-Operation, Infection, and Approach Related Complications after Anterior Odontoid Screw Fixation pp. 1-1 Downloads
Nai-Feng Tian, Xu-Qi Hu, Li-Jun Wu, Xin-Lei Wu, Yao-Sen Wu, Xiao-Lei Zhang, Xiang-Yang Wang, Yong-Long Chi and Fang-Min Mao
Global Burden of HIV among Men Who Engage in Transactional Sex: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-1 Downloads
Catherine E Oldenburg, Amaya G Perez-Brumer, Sari L Reisner, Jason Mattie, Till Bärnighausen, Kenneth H Mayer and Matthew J Mimiaga
A Meta-Analysis of Mortality in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients Receiving Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs) pp. 1-6 Downloads
Tien-Hsing Chen, Hung-Ta Wo, Po-Cheng Chang, Chun-Chieh Wang, Ming-Shien Wen and Chung-Chuan Chou
A Cross-Sectional Survey on Dietary Supplements Consumption among Italian Teen-Agers pp. 1-6 Downloads
Valeria del Balzo, Valeria Vitiello, Alessia Germani, Lorenzo M Donini, Eleonora Poggiogalle and Alessandro Pinto
LADES: A Software for Constructing and Analyzing Longitudinal Designs in Biomedical Research pp. 1-6 Downloads
Alan Vázquez-Alcocer, Daniel Ladislao Garzón-Cortes and Rosa María Sánchez-Casas
Cost Analysis of a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test in the Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis at an Urban Hospital with a High Prevalence of TB/HIV pp. 1-6 Downloads
Max W Adelman, Ekaterina Kurbatova, Yun F Wang, Michael K Leonard, Nancy White, Deborah A McFarland and Henry M Blumberg
The Influence of the Digital Divide on Face Preferences in El Salvador: People without Internet Access Prefer More Feminine Men, More Masculine Women, and Women with Higher Adiposity pp. 1-6 Downloads
Carlota Batres and David I Perrett
Does Tumor Size Improve the Accuracy of Prognostic Predictions in Node-Negative Gastric Cancer (pT1-4aN0M0 Stage)? pp. 1-6 Downloads
Mu Xu, Chang-Ming Huang, Chao-Hui Zheng, Ping Li, Jian-Wei Xie, Jia-Bin Wang, Jian-Xian Lin and Jun Lu
Analysis of Incidence and Related Factors of Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome in Hebei Province, China pp. 1-6 Downloads
Qi Li, WenNa Zhao, YaMei Wei, Xu Han, ZhanYing Han, YanBo Zhang, ShunXiang Qi and YongGang Xu
A Population-Based Investigation into the Self-Reported Reasons for Sleep Problems pp. 1-6 Downloads
David Armstrong and Alex Dregan
Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: A Nationwide Population-Based Case-Control Study pp. 1-6 Downloads
Ming-Chi Lu, Shih-Tang Yan, Wen-Yao Yin, Malcolm Koo and Ning-Sheng Lai
Bimanual Force Variability and Chronic Stroke: Asymmetrical Hand Control pp. 1-6 Downloads
Nyeonju Kang and James H Cauraugh
Early Warning Signs in Social-Ecological Networks pp. 1-6 Downloads
Samir Suweis and Paolo D'Odorico
Socio-Economic Factors of Bacillary Dysentery Based on Spatial Correlation Analysis in Guangxi Province, China pp. 1-6 Downloads
Chengjing Nie, Hairong Li, Linsheng Yang, Gemei Zhong and Lan Zhang
Cost-Effectiveness of the “Helping Babies Breathe” Program in a Missionary Hospital in Rural Tanzania pp. 1-6 Downloads
Corinna Vossius, Editha Lotto, Sara Lyanga, Estomih Mduma, Georgina Msemo, Jeffrey Perlman and Hege L Ersdal
Epistatic Interaction of ERAP1 and HLA-B in Behçet Disease: A Replication Study in the Spanish Population pp. 1-6 Downloads
Marta Conde-Jaldón, Marco Antonio Montes-Cano, José Raul García-Lozano, Lourdes Ortiz-Fernández, Norberto Ortego-Centeno, Rocío González-León, Gerard Espinosa, Genaro Graña-Gil, Juan Sánchez-Bursón, Miguel Angel González-Gay, Ana Celia Barnosi-Marín, Roser Solans, Patricia Fanlo, Mónica Rodríguez Carballeira, Teresa Camps, Santos Castañeda, Javier Martín and María Francisca González-Escribano
Hemoglobin A1c for Diagnosis of Postpartum Abnormal Glucose Tolerance among Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: Diagnostic Meta-Analysis pp. 1-6 Downloads
Xudong Su, Zhaoyan Zhang, Xinye Qu, Yaqiang Tian and Guangzhen Zhang
Temporal Integration Windows for Naturalistic Visual Sequences pp. 1-6 Downloads
Scott L Fairhall, Angela Albi and David Melcher
Loss to Clinic and Five-Year Mortality among HIV-Infected Antiretroviral Therapy Initiators pp. 1-6 Downloads
Jessie K Edwards, Stephen R Cole, Daniel Westreich, Richard Moore, Christopher Mathews, Elvin Geng, Joseph J Eron, Michael J Mugavero and for the CNICS Research Network
Accumulating Research: A Systematic Account of How Cumulative Meta-Analyses Would Have Provided Knowledge, Improved Health, Reduced Harm and Saved Resources pp. 1-6 Downloads
Mike Clarke, Anne Brice and Iain Chalmers
Can Aging in Place Be Cost Effective? A Systematic Review pp. 1-6 Downloads
Erin M Graybill, Peter McMeekin and John Wildman
RGB Plots as a Tool for the Simultaneous Visualization of Multiple Data Layers in a Two Dimensional Space pp. 1-6 Downloads
Yair Suari and Steve Brenner
The Theory of Planned Behavior as Applied to Preoperative Smoking Abstinence pp. 1-6 Downloads
Yu Shi, Shawna Ehlers and David O Warner
The Association of Genotype-Based Inbreeding Coefficient with a Range of Physical and Psychological Human Traits pp. 1-6 Downloads
Karin J H Verweij, Abdel Abdellaoui, Juha Veijola, Sylvain Sebert, Markku Koiranen, Matthew C Keller, Marjo-Riitta Järvelin and Brendan P Zietsch
Gadolinium Enhanced 3D Proton Density Driven Equilibrium MR Imaging in the Evaluation of Cisternal Tumor and Associated Structures: Comparison with Balanced Fast-Field-Echo Sequence pp. 1-6 Downloads
Sung Jun Ahn, Mi Ri Yoo, Sang Hyun Suh, Seung-Koo Lee, Kyu Sung Lee, Eun Jin Son and Tae-Sub Chung
Negative Density Dependence Regulates Two Tree Species at Later Life Stage in a Temperate Forest pp. 1-6 Downloads
Tiefeng Piao, Jung Hwa Chun, Hee Moon Yang and Kwangil Cheon
Molluscum Contagiosum in a Pediatric American Indian Population: Incidence and Risk Factors pp. 1-6 Downloads
Andrea M McCollum, Robert C Holman, Christine M Hughes, Jason M Mehal, Arianne M Folkema, John T Redd, James E Cheek, Inger K Damon and Mary G Reynolds
Wavefront-Guided versus Non-Wavefront-Guided Photorefractive Keratectomy for Myopia: Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-6 Downloads
Hidenaga Kobashi, Kazutaka Kamiya, Keika Hoshi, Akihito Igarashi and Kimiya Shimizu
A New Method for Assessing How Sensitivity and Specificity of Linkage Studies Affects Estimation pp. 1-6 Downloads
Cecilia L Moore, Janaki Amin, Heather F Gidding and Matthew G Law
Alcohol Misuse among University Staff: A Cross-Sectional Study pp. 1-10 Downloads
Susanna Awoliyi, David Ball, Norman Parkinson and Victor R Preedy
Safety and Immunogenicity of a Live Oral Recombinant Cholera Vaccine VA1.4: A Randomized, Placebo Controlled Trial in Healthy Adults in a Cholera Endemic Area in Kolkata, India pp. 1-10 Downloads
Suman Kanungo, Bandana Sen, Thandavarayan Ramamurthy, Dipika Sur, Byomkesh Manna, Gururaja P Pazhani, Goutam Chowdhury, Puja Jhunjhunwala, Ranjan K Nandy, Hemanta Koley, Mihir Kumar Bhattacharya, Sanjay Gupta, Gaurav Goel, Bindu Dey, Thungapathra M, G Balakrish Nair, Amit Ghosh and Dilip Mahalanabis
Total Hip Replacement for the Treatment of End Stage Arthritis of the Hip: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-10 Downloads
Alexander Tsertsvadze, Amy Grove, Karoline Freeman, Rachel Court, Samantha Johnson, Martin Connock, Aileen Clarke and Paul Sutcliffe
Aerobic Exercise for Parkinson's Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-10 Downloads
Hai-Feng Shu, Tao Yang, Si-Xun Yu, Hai-Dong Huang, Ling-Li Jiang, Jian-Wen Gu and Yong-Qin Kuang
The Structure and Evolution of Buyer-Supplier Networks pp. 1-10 Downloads
Takayuki Mizuno, Wataru Souma and Tsutomu Watanabe
Bird to Human Transmission Biases and Vaccine Escape Mutants in H5N1 Infections pp. 1-10 Downloads
Kshitij Wagh, Aatish Bhatia, Benjamin D Greenbaum and Gyan Bhanot
Unintended Pregnancies among Young Women Living in Urban Slums: Evidence from a Prospective Study in Nairobi City, Kenya pp. 1-10 Downloads
Donatien Beguy, Joyce Mumah and Lindsey Gottschalk
QSAR-Based Models for Designing Quinazoline/Imidazothiazoles/Pyrazolopyrimidines Based Inhibitors against Wild and Mutant EGFR pp. 1-10 Downloads
Jagat Singh Chauhan, Sandeep Kumar Dhanda, Deepak Singla, Open Source Drug Discovery Consortium, Subhash M Agarwal and Gajendra P S Raghava
Development of a Native Escherichia coli Induction System for Ionic Liquid Tolerance pp. 1-10 Downloads
Marijke Frederix, Kimmo Hütter, Jessica Leu, Tanveer S Batth, William J Turner, Thomas L Rüegg, Harvey W Blanch, Blake A Simmons, Paul D Adams, Jay D Keasling, Michael P Thelen, Mary J Dunlop, Christopher J Petzold and Aindrila Mukhopadhyay
A Co-Adaptive Brain-Computer Interface for End Users with Severe Motor Impairment pp. 1-10 Downloads
Josef Faller, Reinhold Scherer, Ursula Costa, Eloy Opisso, Josep Medina and Gernot R Müller-Putz
Analysis of Combination Drug Therapy to Develop Regimens with Shortened Duration of Treatment for Tuberculosis pp. 1-10 Downloads
George L Drusano, Michael Neely, Michael Van Guilder, Alan Schumitzky, David Brown, Steven Fikes, Charles Peloquin and Arnold Louie
Physical Factors Influencing Pleasant Touch during Passive Fingertip Stimulation pp. 1-10 Downloads
Anne Klöcker, Calogero Maria Oddo, Domenico Camboni, Massimo Penta and Jean-Louis Thonnard
Factors Affecting Date of Implantation, Parturition, and Den Entry Estimated from Activity and Body Temperature in Free-Ranging Brown Bears pp. 1-10 Downloads
Andrea Friebe, Alina L Evans, Jon M Arnemo, Stéphane Blanc, Sven Brunberg, Günther Fleissner, Jon E Swenson and Andreas Zedrosser
Unbiased Estimation of Mutation Rates under Fluctuating Final Counts pp. 1-10 Downloads
Bernard Ycart and Nicolas Veziris
In Silico Analysis of Functional Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the Human TRIM22 Gene pp. 1-10 Downloads
Jenna N Kelly and Stephen D Barr
World Trade Center Disaster Exposure-Related Probable Posttraumatic Stress Disorder among Responders and Civilians: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-10 Downloads
Bian Liu, Lukman H Tarigan, Evelyn J Bromet and Hyun Kim
Refining Estimates of Bird Collision and Electrocution Mortality at Power Lines in the United States pp. 1-10 Downloads
Scott R Loss, Tom Will and Peter P Marra
Exploring the RING-Catalyzed Ubiquitin Transfer Mechanism by MD and QM/MM Calculations pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yunmei Zhen, Guangrong Qin, Cheng Luo, Hualiang Jiang, Kunqian Yu and Guanghui Chen
Estimates of the Continuously Publishing Core in the Scientific Workforce pp. 1-10 Downloads
John P A Ioannidis, Kevin W Boyack and Richard Klavans
Contextual Cross-Referencing of Species Names for Fiddler Crabs (Genus Uca): An Experiment in Cyber-Taxonomy pp. 1-10 Downloads
Michael S Rosenberg
Factors Associated with Lung Cancer Patients Refusing Treatment and Their Survival: A National Cohort Study under a Universal Health Insurance in Taiwan pp. 1-10 Downloads
Hsiu-Ling Huang, Pei-Tseng Kung, Chang-Fang Chiu, Yueh-Hsin Wang and Wen-Chen Tsai
Are Normal Decision-Makers Sensitive to Changes in Value Contrast under Uncertainty? Evidence from the Iowa Gambling Task pp. 1-10 Downloads
We-Kang Lee, Yi-An Su, Tzu-Jiun Song, Yao-Chu Chiu and Ching-Hung Lin
A Review of fMRI Simulation Studies pp. 1-10 Downloads
Marijke Welvaert and Yves Rosseel
Water Molecular System Dynamics Associated with Amyloidogenic Nucleation as Revealed by Real Time Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Aquaphotomics pp. 1-10 Downloads
Eri Chatani, Yutaro Tsuchisaka, Yuki Masuda and Roumiana Tsenkova
Interpersonal Similarity between Body Movements in Face-To-Face Communication in Daily Life pp. 1-10 Downloads
Naoki Higo, Ken-ichiro Ogawa, Juichi Minemura, Bujie Xu, Takayuki Nozawa, Taiki Ogata, Koji Ara, Kazuo Yano and Yoshihiro Miyake
Attenuation of Typical Sex Differences in 800 Adults with Autism vs. 3,900 Controls pp. 1-10 Downloads
Simon Baron-Cohen, Sarah Cassidy, Bonnie Auyeung, Carrie Allison, Maryam Achoukhi, Sarah Robertson, Alexa Pohl and Meng-Chuan Lai
Trophic Facilitation or Limitation? Comparative Effects of Pumas and Black Bears on the Scavenger Community pp. 1-10 Downloads
Maximilian L Allen, L Mark Elbroch, Christopher C Wilmers and Heiko U Wittmer
Reducing the Complexity of an Agent-Based Local Heroin Market Model pp. 1-10 Downloads
Daniel Heard, Georgiy V Bobashev and Robert J Morris
Efficacy of Anti-VEGF and Laser Photocoagulation in the Treatment of Visual Impairment due to Diabetic Macular Edema: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis pp. 1-10 Downloads
Stephane Régnier, William Malcolm, Felicity Allen, Jonathan Wright and Vladimir Bezlyak
Modelling the Progression of Bird Migration with Conditional Autoregressive Models Applied to Ringing Data pp. 1-10 Downloads
Roberto Ambrosini, Riccardo Borgoni, Diego Rubolini, Beatrice Sicurella, Wolfgang Fiedler, Franz Bairlein, Stephen R Baillie, Robert A Robinson, Jacquie A Clark, Fernando Spina and Nicola Saino
Identifying Keystone Species in the Human Gut Microbiome from Metagenomic Timeseries Using Sparse Linear Regression pp. 1-10 Downloads
Charles K Fisher and Pankaj Mehta
Mental Health and Related Factors after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yukari Yokoyama, Kotaro Otsuka, Norito Kawakami, Seiichiro Kobayashi, Akira Ogawa, Kozo Tannno, Toshiyuki Onoda, Yumi Yaegashi and Kiyomi Sakata
Effect of Low-Frequency rTMS on Aphasia in Stroke Patients: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-10 Downloads
Cai-Li Ren, Guo-Fu Zhang, Nan Xia, Chun-Hui Jin, Xiu-Hua Zhang, Jian-Feng Hao, Hong-Bo Guan, Hong Tang, Jian-An Li and Cai De-Liang
A New Prognostic Score for Elderly Patients with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Treated with R-CHOP: The Prognostic Role of Blood Monocyte and Lymphocyte Counts Is Absent pp. 1-10 Downloads
Vít Procházka, Robert Pytlík, Andrea Janíková, David Belada, David Šálek, Tomáš Papajík, Vít Campr, Tomáš Fürst, Jana Furstova and Marek Trněný
Serum Metabolomic Response of Myasthenia Gravis Patients to Chronic Prednisone Treatment pp. 1-10 Downloads
Manjistha Sengupta, Amrita Cheema, Henry J Kaminski, Linda L Kusner and The Muscle Study Group
An International Survey of Aquaponics Practitioners pp. 1-10 Downloads
David C Love, Jillian P Fry, Laura Genello, Elizabeth S Hill, J Adam Frederick, Ximin Li and Ken Semmens
Predicting Local Dengue Transmission in Guangzhou, China, through the Influence of Imported Cases, Mosquito Density and Climate Variability pp. 1-10 Downloads
Shaowei Sang, Wenwu Yin, Peng Bi, Honglong Zhang, Chenggang Wang, Xiaobo Liu, Bin Chen, Weizhong Yang and Qiyong Liu
A Meta-Analysis of Parental Smoking and the Risk of Childhood Brain Tumors pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yi Huang, Jianrong Huang, Huan Lan, GuanYan Zhao and ChunZhen Huang
Realized Volatility and Absolute Return Volatility: A Comparison Indicating Market Risk pp. 1-10 Downloads
Zeyu Zheng, Zhi Qiao, Tetsuya Takaishi, H Eugene Stanley and Baowen Li
Spatial and Temporal Occurrence of Blue Whales off the U.S. West Coast, with Implications for Management pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ladd M Irvine, Bruce R Mate, Martha H Winsor, Daniel M Palacios, Steven J Bograd, Daniel P Costa and Helen Bailey
The Effects of Urban Warming on Herbivore Abundance and Street Tree Condition pp. 1-10 Downloads
Adam G Dale and Steven D Frank
Arginase Inhibition Ameliorates Hepatic Metabolic Abnormalities in Obese Mice pp. 1-10 Downloads
Jiyoung Moon, Hyun Ju Do, Yoonsu Cho and Min-Jeong Shin
Mathematical Model for the Contribution of Individual Organs to Non-Zero Y-Intercepts in Single and Multi-Compartment Linear Models of Whole-Body Energy Expenditure pp. 1-10 Downloads
Karl J Kaiyala
Work, Diabetes and Obesity: A Seven Year Follow-Up Study among Danish Health Care Workers pp. 1-10 Downloads
Kjeld Poulsen, Bryan Cleal, Thomas Clausen and Lars L Andersen
The Separatrix Algorithm for Synthesis and Analysis of Stochastic Simulations with Applications in Disease Modeling pp. 1-10 Downloads
Daniel J Klein, Michael Baym and Philip Eckhoff
TIE: An Ability Test of Emotional Intelligence pp. 1-10 Downloads
Magdalena Śmieja, Jarosław Orzechowski and Maciej S Stolarski
Identification of a Novel Luminal Molecular Subtype of Breast Cancer pp. 1-10 Downloads
Anna Dvorkin-Gheva and John A Hassell
Location Matters: Trends in Inequalities in Child Mortality in Indonesia. Evidence from Repeated Cross-Sectional Surveys pp. 1-10 Downloads
Andrew Hodge, Sonja Firth, Tiara Marthias and Eliana Jimenez-Soto
Do Triplets Have Enough Information to Construct the Multi-Labeled Phylogenetic Tree? pp. 1-10 Downloads
Reza Hassanzadeh, Changiz Eslahchi and Wing-Kin Sung
Inequality in Disability in Bangladesh pp. 1-10 Downloads
Md Ismail Tareque, Sharifa Begum and Yasuhiko Saito
Association Analysis of Stem Rust Resistance in U.S. Winter Wheat pp. 1-10 Downloads
Dadong Zhang, Robert L Bowden, Jianming Yu, Brett F Carver and Guihua Bai
Implanted Miniaturized Antenna for Brain Computer Interface Applications: Analysis and Design pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yujuan Zhao, Robert L Rennaker, Chris Hutchens and Tamer S Ibrahim
Risk Factors for Low Receptive Vocabulary Abilities in the Preschool and Early School Years in the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children pp. 1-19 Downloads
Daniel Christensen, Stephen R Zubrick, David Lawrence, Francis Mitrou and Catherine L Taylor
Choindroitinase ABC I-Mediated Enhancement of Oncolytic Virus Spread and Anti Tumor Efficacy: A Mathematical Model pp. 1-19 Downloads
Yangjin Kim, Hyun Geun Lee, Nina Dmitrieva, Junseok Kim, Balveen Kaur and Avner Friedman
A Data-Driven Approach to Reverse Engineering Customer Engagement Models: Towards Functional Constructs pp. 1-19 Downloads
Natalie Jane de Vries, Jamie Carlson and Pablo Moscato
The Relationship between Therapeutic Alliance and Service User Satisfaction in Mental Health Inpatient Wards and Crisis House Alternatives: A Cross-Sectional Study pp. 1-13 Downloads
Angela Sweeney, Sarah Fahmy, Fiona Nolan, Nicola Morant, Zoe Fox, Brynmor Lloyd-Evans, David Osborn, Emma Burgess, Helen Gilburt, Rosemarie McCabe, Mike Slade and Sonia Johnson
Twenty Years of High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Imagery around Australia: Inter-Annual and Annual Variability pp. 1-13 Downloads
Scott D Foster, David A Griffin and Piers K Dunstan
Large-Scale Genome-Wide Association Studies and Meta-Analyses of Longitudinal Change in Adult Lung Function pp. 1-13 Downloads
Wenbo Tang, Matthew Kowgier, Daan W Loth, María Soler Artigas, Bonnie R Joubert, Emily Hodge, Sina A Gharib, Albert V Smith, Ingo Ruczinski, Vilmundur Gudnason, Rasika A Mathias, Tamara B Harris, Nadia N Hansel, Lenore J Launer, Kathleen C Barnes, Joyanna G Hansen, Eva Albrecht, Melinda C Aldrich, Michael Allerhand, R Graham Barr, Guy G Brusselle, David J Couper, Ivan Curjuric, Gail Davies, Ian J Deary, Josée Dupuis, Tove Fall, Millennia Foy, Nora Franceschini, Wei Gao, Sven Gläser, Xiangjun Gu, Dana B Hancock, Joachim Heinrich, Albert Hofman, Medea Imboden, Erik Ingelsson, Alan James, Stefan Karrasch, Beate Koch, Stephen B Kritchevsky, Ashish Kumar, Lies Lahousse, Guo Li, Lars Lind, Cecilia Lindgren, Yongmei Liu, Kurt Lohman, Thomas Lumley, Wendy L McArdle, Bernd Meibohm, Andrew P Morris, Alanna C Morrison, Bill Musk, Kari E North, Lyle J Palmer, Nicole M Probst-Hensch, Bruce M Psaty, Fernando Rivadeneira, Jerome I Rotter, Holger Schulz, Lewis J Smith, Akshay Sood, John M Starr, David P Strachan, Alexander Teumer, André G Uitterlinden, Henry Völzke, Arend Voorman, Louise V Wain, Martin T Wells, Jemma B Wilk, O Dale Williams, Susan R Heckbert, Bruno H Stricker, Stephanie J London, Myriam Fornage, Martin D Tobin, George T O′Connor, Ian P Hall and Patricia A Cassano
Child Mortality Estimation 2013: An Overview of Updates in Estimation Methods by the United Nations Inter-Agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation pp. 1-13 Downloads
Leontine Alkema, Jin Rou New, Jon Pedersen, Danzhen You and all members of the UN Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation and its Technical Advisory Group
Differences in Functional Outcomes for Adult Patients with Prosthodontically-Treated and -Untreated Shortened Dental Arches: A Systematic Review pp. 1-13 Downloads
Saadika Khan, Alfred Musekiwa, Usuf M E Chikte and Ridwaan Omar
Climate Exposure of US National Parks in a New Era of Change pp. 1-13 Downloads
William B Monahan and Nicholas A Fisichelli
The Sequential Application of Macroalgal Biosorbents for the Bioremediation of a Complex Industrial Effluent pp. 1-13 Downloads
Joel T Kidgell, Rocky de Nys, Nicholas A Paul and David A Roberts
Green Manure Addition to Soil Increases Grain Zinc Concentration in Bread Wheat pp. 1-13 Downloads
Forough Aghili, Hannes A Gamper, Jost Eikenberg, Amir H Khoshgoftarmanesh, Majid Afyuni, Rainer Schulin, Jan Jansa and Emmanuel Frossard
Longitudinal Changes in Total Brain Volume in Schizophrenia: Relation to Symptom Severity, Cognition and Antipsychotic Medication pp. 1-13 Downloads
Juha Veijola, Joyce Y Guo, Jani S Moilanen, Erika Jääskeläinen, Jouko Miettunen, Merja Kyllönen, Marianne Haapea, Sanna Huhtaniska, Antti Alaräisänen, Pirjo Mäki, Vesa Kiviniemi, Juha Nikkinen, Tuomo Starck, Jukka J Remes, Päivikki Tanskanen, Osmo Tervonen, Alle-Meije Wink, Angie Kehagia, John Suckling, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Jennifer H Barnett, Anna Barnes, Hannu J Koponen, Peter B Jones, Matti Isohanni and Graham K Murray
The Road to Gold: Training and Peaking Characteristics in the Year Prior to a Gold Medal Endurance Performance pp. 1-13 Downloads
Espen Tønnessen, Øystein Sylta, Thomas A Haugen, Erlend Hem, Ida S Svendsen and Stephen Seiler
Blurred Palmprint Recognition Based on Stable-Feature Extraction Using a Vese–Osher Decomposition Model pp. 1-13 Downloads
Danfeng Hong, Jian Su, Qinggen Hong, Zhenkuan Pan and Guodong Wang
North American Lauraceae: Terpenoid Emissions, Relative Attraction and Boring Preferences of Redbay Ambrosia Beetle, Xyleborus glabratus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) pp. 1-13 Downloads
Paul E Kendra, Wayne S Montgomery, Jerome Niogret, Grechen E Pruett, Albert E Mayfield, Martin MacKenzie, Mark A Deyrup, Gary R Bauchan, Randy C Ploetz and Nancy D Epsky
Judging Statistical Models of Individual Decision Making under Risk Using In- and Out-of-Sample Criteria pp. 1-13 Downloads
Andreas Drichoutis and Jayson Lusk
The Dynamics of a Metapopulation: Changes in Life-History Traits in Resident Herring that Co-Occur with Oceanic Herring during Spawning pp. 1-13 Downloads
Arne Johannessen, Georg Skaret, Lise Langård, Aril Slotte, Åse Husebø and Anders Fernö
True Zero-Training Brain-Computer Interfacing – An Online Study pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Acceptance of Vaccinations in Pandemic Outbreaks: A Discrete Choice Experiment pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Differential Bees Flux Balance Analysis with OptKnock for In Silico Microbial Strains Optimization pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Spatial Layout Information in Brain Tumor T1-Weighted Contrast-Enhanced MR Images pp. 1-13 Downloads
Meiyan Huang, Wei Yang, Yao Wu, Jun Jiang, Yang Gao, Yang Chen, Qianjin Feng, Wufan Chen and Zhentai Lu
Integrating Genomics and Proteomics Data to Predict Drug Effects Using Binary Linear Programming pp. 1-13 Downloads
Zhiwei Ji, Jing Su, Chenglin Liu, Hongyan Wang, Deshuang Huang and Xiaobo Zhou
Assessment of Trading Partners for China's Rare Earth Exports Using a Decision Analytic Approach pp. 1-13 Downloads
Chunyan He, Yalin Lei and Jianping Ge
The TRiC/CCT Chaperone Is Implicated in Alzheimer's Disease Based on Patient GWAS and an RNAi Screen in Aβ-Expressing Caenorhabditis elegans pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Reward Maximization Justifies the Transition from Sensory Selection at Childhood to Sensory Integration at Adulthood pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Clinical Significance of Tumor Necrosis Factor-α Inhibitors in the Treatment of Sciatica: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Inter-Model Comparison of the Landscape Determinants of Vector-Borne Disease: Implications for Epidemiological and Entomological Risk Modeling pp. 1-13 Downloads
Alyson Lorenz, Radhika Dhingra, Howard H Chang, Donal Bisanzio, Yang Liu and Justin V Remais
Analyzing Genome-Wide Association Studies with an FDR Controlling Modification of the Bayesian Information Criterion pp. 1-13 Downloads
Erich Dolejsi, Bernhard Bodenstorfer and Florian Frommlet
Multi-Scale and Shape Constrained Localized Region-Based Active Contour Segmentation of Uterine Fibroid Ultrasound Images in HIFU Therapy pp. 1-13 Downloads
Xiangyun Liao, Zhiyong Yuan, Qi Zheng, Qian Yin, Dong Zhang and Jianhui Zhao
Effect of Tree Nuts on Glycemic Control in Diabetes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Dietary Trials pp. 1-13 Downloads
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The Science of Style: In Fashion, Colors Should Match Only Moderately pp. 1-3 Downloads
Kurt Gray, Peter Schmitt, Nina Strohminger and Karim S Kassam
Does Competition Really Bring Out the Worst? Testosterone, Social Distance and Inter-Male Competition Shape Parochial Altruism in Human Males pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Joint Modeling and Registration of Cell Populations in Cohorts of High-Dimensional Flow Cytometric Data pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Identifying All Moiety Conservation Laws in Genome-Scale Metabolic Networks pp. 1-11 Downloads
Andrea De Martino, Daniele De Martino, Roberto Mulet and Andrea Pagnani
Diffusive Public Goods and Coexistence of Cooperators and Cheaters on a 1D Lattice pp. 1-11 Downloads
István Scheuring
Deep Bottleneck Features for Spoken Language Identification pp. 1-11 Downloads
Bing Jiang, Yan Song, Si Wei, Jun-Hua Liu, Ian Vince McLoughlin and Li-Rong Dai
The Effect of STDP Temporal Kernel Structure on the Learning Dynamics of Single Excitatory and Inhibitory Synapses pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yotam Luz and Maoz Shamir
Optimal Defense Strategies in an Idealized Microbial Food Web under Trade-Off between Competition and Defense pp. 1-11 Downloads
Selina Våge, Julia E Storesund, Jarl Giske and T Frede Thingstad
The Effect of HIV-Hepatitis C Co-Infection on Bone Mineral Density and Fracture: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Tyler J O’Neill, Laura Rivera, Vladi Struchkov, Ahmad Zaheen and Hla-Hla Thein
Honey Pollen: Using Melissopalynology to Understand Foraging Preferences of Bees in Tropical South India pp. 1-11 Downloads
Raja Ponnuchamy, Vincent Bonhomme, Srinivasan Prasad, Lipi Das, Prakash Patel, Cédric Gaucherel, Arunachalam Pragasam and Krishnamurthy Anupama
Strategic Focus on 3R Principles Reveals Major Reductions in the Use of Animals in Pharmaceutical Toxicity Testing pp. 1-11 Downloads
Elin Törnqvist, Anita Annas, Britta Granath, Elisabeth Jalkesten, Ian Cotgreave and Mattias Öberg
A Novel Fractal Coding Method Based on M-J Sets pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yuanyuan Sun, Rudan Xu, Lina Chen, Ruiqing Kong and Xiaopeng Hu
Within-Otolith Variability in Chemical Fingerprints: Implications for Sampling Designs and Possible Environmental Interpretation pp. 1-11 Downloads
Antonio Di Franco, Fabio Bulleri, Antonio Pennetta, Giuseppe De Benedetto, K Robert Clarke and Paolo Guidetti
Separation of Respiratory Influences from the Tachogram: A Methodological Evaluation pp. 1-11 Downloads
Devy Widjaja, Alexander Caicedo, Elke Vlemincx, Ilse Van Diest and Sabine Van Huffel
Association between Dairy Intake and Gastric Cancer: A Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies pp. 1-11 Downloads
Shu-bo Tian, Jian-chun Yu, Wei-ming Kang, Zhi-qiang Ma, Xin Ye and Zhan-jiang Cao
Exploring Causality between TV Viewing and Weight Change in Young and Middle-Aged Adults. The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Health in Elite Sports from a Salutogenetic Perspective: Athletes' Sense of Coherence pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jochen Mayer and Ansgar Thiel
Screening Foster Children for Mental Disorders: Properties of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire pp. 1-11 Downloads
Stine Lehmann, Einar R Heiervang, Toril Havik and Odd E Havik
Effect of Cafeteria Diet History on Cue-, Pellet-Priming-, and Stress-Induced Reinstatement of Food Seeking in Female Rats pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yu-Wei Chen, Kimberly A Fiscella, Samuel Z Bacharach and Donna J Calu
Identification of Drug Combinations Containing Imatinib for Treatment of BCR-ABL+ Leukemias pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yunyi Kang, Andrew Hodges, Edison Ong, William Roberts, Carlo Piermarocchi and Giovanni Paternostro
Modelling Fire Frequency in a Cerrado Savanna Protected Area pp. 1-11 Downloads
Alfredo C Pereira Júnior, Sofia L J Oliveira, José M C Pereira and Maria Antónia Amaral Turkman
Prognostic Value of miR-21 in Various Cancers: An Updating Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Xin Zhou, Xiaping Wang, Zebo Huang, Jian Wang, Wei Zhu, Yongqian Shu and Ping Liu
Effect of Chromosome Tethering on Nuclear Organization in Yeast pp. 1-11 Downloads
Barış Avşaroğlu, Gabriel Bronk, Susannah Gordon-Messer, Jungoh Ham, Debra A Bressan, James E Haber and Jane Kondev
Socio-Cultural and Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services Provided by Mediterranean Mountain Agroecosystems pp. 1-11 Downloads
Alberto Bernués, Tamara Rodríguez-Ortega, Raimon Ripoll-Bosch and Frode Alfnes
The Impact of Resources for Clinical Surveillance on the Control of a Hypothetical Foot-and-Mouth Disease Epidemic in Denmark pp. 1-11 Downloads
Tariq Halasa and Anette Boklund
Influenza-Like-Illness and Clinically Diagnosed Flu: Disease Burden, Costs and Quality of Life for Patients Seeking Ambulatory Care or No Professional Care at All pp. 1-11 Downloads
Joke Bilcke, Samuel Coenen and Philippe Beutels
Cycling around a Curve: The Effect of Cycling Speed on Steering and Gaze Behavior pp. 1-11 Downloads
Pieter Vansteenkiste, David Van Hamme, Peter Veelaert, Renaat Philippaerts, Greet Cardon and Matthieu Lenoir
A Proto-Architecture for Innate Directionally Selective Visual Maps pp. 1-11 Downloads
Samantha V Adams and Chris M Harris
Statistical Cluster Analysis of the British Thoracic Society Severe Refractory Asthma Registry: Clinical Outcomes and Phenotype Stability pp. 1-11 Downloads
Chris Newby, Liam G Heaney, Andrew Menzies-Gow, Rob M Niven, Adel Mansur, Christine Bucknall, Rekha Chaudhuri, John Thompson, Paul Burton, Chris Brightling and on behalf of the British Thoracic Society Severe Refractory Asthma Network
Health Outcome after Major Trauma: What Are We Measuring? pp. 1-11 Downloads
Karen Hoffman, Elaine Cole, E Diane Playford, Eva Grill, Helene L Soberg and Karim Brohi
Children's Separation Anxiety Scale (CSAS): Psychometric Properties pp. 1-11 Downloads
Xavier Méndez, José P Espada, Mireia Orgilés, Luis M Llavona and José M García-Fernández
Bayesian Spatial Semi-Parametric Modeling of HIV Variation in Kenya pp. 1-11 Downloads
Oscar Ngesa, Henry Mwambi and Thomas Achia
Efficacy Evaluation of Subtotal and Total Gastrectomies in Robotic Surgery for Gastric Cancer Compared with that in Open and Laparoscopic Resections: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Liang Zong, Yasuyuki Seto, Susumu Aikou and Takamasa Takahashi
Gastroesophageal Reflux in Relation to Adenocarcinomas of the Esophagus: A Pooled Analysis from the Barrett’s and Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Consortium (BEACON) pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Stochastic Blockmodeling of the Modules and Core of the Caenorhabditis elegans Connectome pp. 1-16 Downloads
Dragana M Pavlovic, Petra E Vértes, Edward T Bullmore, William R Schafer and Thomas E Nichols
Recognizing Disguised Faces: Human and Machine Evaluation pp. 1-16 Downloads
Tejas Indulal Dhamecha, Richa Singh, Mayank Vatsa and Ajay Kumar
Hubs and Authorities in the World Trade Network Using a Weighted HITS Algorithm pp. 1-16 Downloads
Tsuyoshi Deguchi, Katsuhide Takahashi, Hideki Takayasu and Misako Takayasu
Measuring Symmetry, Asymmetry and Randomness in Neural Network Connectivity pp. 1-16 Downloads
Umberto Esposito, Michele Giugliano, Mark van Rossum and Eleni Vasilaki
OMIT: Dynamic, Semi-Automated Ontology Development for the microRNA Domain pp. 1-16 Downloads
Jingshan Huang, Jiangbo Dang, Glen M Borchert, Karen Eilbeck, He Zhang, Min Xiong, Weijian Jiang, Hao Wu, Judith A Blake, Darren A Natale and Ming Tan
Inter-Network Interactions: Impact of Connections between Oscillatory Neuronal Networks on Oscillation Frequency and Pattern pp. 1-16 Downloads
Oscar J Avella Gonzalez, Karlijn I van Aerde, Huibert D Mansvelder, Jaap van Pelt and Arjen van Ooyen
Automated Quantification and Integrative Analysis of 2D and 3D Mitochondrial Shape and Network Properties pp. 1-16 Downloads
Julie Nikolaisen, Linn I H Nilsson, Ina K N Pettersen, Peter H G M Willems, James B Lorens, Werner J H Koopman and Karl J Tronstad
Wideband LTE Power Amplifier with Integrated Novel Analog Pre-Distorter Linearizer for Mobile Wireless Communications pp. 1-16 Downloads
Eswaran Uthirajoo, Harikrishnan Ramiah, Jeevan Kanesan and Ahmed Wasif Reza
Host Cytokine Responses Induced after Overnight Stimulation with Novel M. tuberculosis Infection Phase-Dependent Antigens Show Promise as Diagnostic Candidates for TB Disease pp. 1-16 Downloads
Paulin N Essone, Novel N Chegou, Andre G Loxton, Kim Stanley, Magdalena Kriel, Gian van der Spuy, Kees L Franken, Tom H Ottenhoff and Gerhard Walzl
Identifying and Quantifying Heterogeneity in High Content Analysis: Application of Heterogeneity Indices to Drug Discovery pp. 1-16 Downloads
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A Meta-Analysis Approach for Characterizing Pan-Cancer Mechanisms of Drug Sensitivity in Cell Lines pp. 1-16 Downloads
Kendric Wang, Raunak Shrestha, Alexander W Wyatt, Anupama Reddy, Joseph Lehár, Yuzhou Wang, Anna Lapuk and Colin C Collins
Comparison of Ultrasonic Scalpel versus Conventional Techniques in Open Gastrectomy for Gastric Carcinoma Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-16 Downloads
Xiao-Long Chen, Xin-Zu Chen, Zheng-Hao Lu, Li Wang, Kun Yang, Jian-Kun Hu, Bo Zhang, Zhi-Xin Chen, Jia-Ping Chen and Zong-Guang Zhou
HLA Diversity in the 1000 Genomes Dataset pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Risk Factors for Death in 632 Patients with Sickle Cell Disease in the United States and United Kingdom pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Cross-Cultural Agreement in Facial Attractiveness Preferences: The Role of Ethnicity and Gender pp. 1-8 Downloads
Vinet Coetzee, Jaco M Greeff, Ian D Stephen and David I Perrett
The PlA1/A2 Polymorphism of Glycoprotein IIIa as a Risk Factor for Stroke: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Christopher N Floyd, Benjamin H Ellis and Albert Ferro
Three-Dimensional Structures of the Spatiotemporal Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Power-Law Nonlinearity in PT-Symmetric Potentials pp. 1-8 Downloads
Chao-Qing Dai and Yan Wang
Prospective Study of Police Officer Spouse/Partners: A New Pathway to Secondary Trauma and Relationship Violence? pp. 1-8 Downloads
Susan M Meffert, Clare Henn-Haase, Thomas J Metzler, Meng Qian, Suzanne Best, Ayelet Hirschfeld, Shannon McCaslin, Sabra Inslicht, Thomas C Neylan and Charles R Marmar
Memory Concerns, Memory Performance and Risk of Dementia in Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Geospatial Risk Factors of Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ram K Raghavan, Daniel Neises, Douglas G Goodin, Daniel A Andresen and Roman R Ganta
The Strength of Friendship Ties in Proximity Sensor Data pp. 1-8 Downloads
Vedran Sekara and Sune Lehmann
Body Characteristics, Dietary Protein and Body Weight Regulation. Reconciling Conflicting Results from Intervention and Observational Studies? pp. 1-8 Downloads
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The Health Effects of US Unemployment Insurance Policy: Does Income from Unemployment Benefits Prevent Cardiovascular Disease? pp. 1-8 Downloads
Stefan Walter, Maria Glymour and Mauricio Avendano
Body Mass Index in Young Adulthood and Suicidal Behavior up to Age 59 in a Cohort of Swedish Men pp. 1-8 Downloads
Alma Sörberg, David Gunnell, Daniel Falkstedt, Peter Allebeck, Maria Åberg and Tomas Hemmingsson
The Impact of Social Factors on Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Hepatitis C Virus Co-Infection in a Minority Region of Si-Chuan, the People's Republic of China: A Population-Based Survey and Testing Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Ranibizumab versus Bevacizumab for Ophthalmic Diseases Related to Neovascularisation: A Meta-Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials pp. 1-8 Downloads
Bin Wu, Haixiang Wu, Xiaoyan Liu, Houwen Lin and Jin Li
Estimation of Infiltration Parameters and the Irrigation Coefficients with the Surface Irrigation Advance Distance pp. 1-8 Downloads
Zhou Beibei, Wang Quanjiu and Tan Shuai
The Patient Health Questionnaire-9: Validation among Patients with Glaucoma pp. 1-8 Downloads
Vijaya K Gothwal, Deepak K Bagga, Seelam Bharani, Rebecca Sumalini and Shailaja P Reddy
DyCoNet: A Gephi Plugin for Community Detection in Dynamic Complex Networks pp. 1-8 Downloads
Julie Kauffman, Aristotelis Kittas, Laura Bennett and Sophia Tsoka
Development of a Melanoma Risk Prediction Model Incorporating MC1R Genotype and Indoor Tanning Exposure: Impact of Mole Phenotype on Model Performance pp. 1-8 Downloads
Lauren A Penn, Meng Qian, Enhan Zhang, Elise Ng, Yongzhao Shao, Marianne Berwick, DeAnn Lazovich and David Polsky
Morphological and Volumetric Analysis of Left Atrial Appendage and Left Atrium: Cardiac Computed Tomography-Based Reproducibility Assessment pp. 1-8 Downloads
Mikko Taina, Miika Korhonen, Mika Haataja, Antti Muuronen, Otso Arponen, Marja Hedman, Pekka Jäkälä, Petri Sipola, Pirjo Mustonen and Ritva Vanninen
Exploring the Association of Hemoglobin Level and Adverse Events in Children with Cancer Presenting with Fever in Neutropenia pp. 1-8 Downloads
Roland A Ammann, Felix K Niggli, Kurt Leibundgut, Oliver Teuffel and Nicole Bodmer
Motile Male Gametes of the Araphid Diatom Tabularia fasciculata Search Randomly for Mates pp. 1-8 Downloads
Robyn Edgar, David Drolet, James M Ehrman and Irena Kaczmarska
On the Correlation between Reservoir Metrics and Performance for Time Series Classification under the Influence of Synaptic Plasticity pp. 1-8 Downloads
Joseph Chrol-Cannon and Yaochu Jin
Association between β2-Adrenoceptor Gene Polymorphisms and Asthma Risk: An Updated Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Haojun Xie, Yuanxiong Cheng, Yating Huo, Guohua Huang and Jin Su
Implementation of the Surgical Safety Checklist in Switzerland and Perceptions of Its Benefits: Cross-Sectional Survey pp. 1-8 Downloads
Stéphane Cullati, Marc-Joseph Licker, Patricia Francis, Adriana Degiorgi, Paula Bezzola, Delphine S Courvoisier and Pierre Chopard
Moxibustion Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis: A Multi-Centre, Non-Blinded, Randomised Controlled Trial on the Effectiveness and Safety of the Moxibustion Treatment versus Usual Care in Knee Osteoarthritis Patients pp. 1-8 Downloads
Tae-Hun Kim, Kun Hyung Kim, Jung Won Kang, MinHee Lee, Kyung-Won Kang, Jung Eun Kim, Joo-Hee Kim, Seunghoon Lee, Mi-Suk Shin, So-Young Jung, Ae-Ran Kim, Hyo-Ju Park, Hee-Jung Jung, Ho Sueb Song, Hyeong Jun Kim, Jin-Bong Choi, Kwon Eui Hong and Sun-Mi Choi
Scaling in Transportation Networks pp. 1-8 Downloads
Rémi Louf, Camille Roth and Marc Barthelemy
An Unsupervised Text Mining Method for Relation Extraction from Biomedical Literature pp. 1-8 Downloads
Changqin Quan, Meng Wang and Fuji Ren
Structural Impairments of Hippocampus in Coal Mine Gas Explosion-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder pp. 1-8 Downloads
Quan Zhang, Chuanjun Zhuo, Xu Lang, Huabing Li, Wen Qin and Chunshui Yu
Conservation of Endangered Lupinus mariae-josephae in Its Natural Habitat by Inoculation with Selected, Native Bradyrhizobium Strains pp. 1-8 Downloads
Albert Navarro, Simón Fos, Emilio Laguna, David Durán, Luis Rey, Laura Rubio-Sanz, Juan Imperial and Tomás Ruiz-Argüeso
Premarket Safety and Efficacy Studies for ADHD Medications in Children pp. 1-8 Downloads
Florence T Bourgeois, Jeong Min Kim and Kenneth D Mandl
The Southern Megalopolis: Using the Past to Predict the Future of Urban Sprawl in the Southeast U.S pp. 1-8 Downloads
Adam J Terando, Jennifer Costanza, Curtis Belyea, Robert R Dunn, Alexa McKerrow and Jaime A Collazo
Lipopolysaccharide Exposure during Pregnancy Leads to Aortic Dysfunction in Offspring Rats pp. 1-8 Downloads
Shanyu Zhao, Haigang Zhang, Dayan Cao, Ya Liu and Xiaohui Li
Gene Expression Profiling in Leiomyosarcomas and Undifferentiated Pleomorphic Sarcomas: SRC as a New Diagnostic Marker pp. 1-8 Downloads
Rolando A R Villacis, Sara M Silveira, Mateus C Barros-Filho, Fabio A Marchi, Maria A C Domingues, Cristovam Scapulatempo-Neto, Samuel Aguiar, Ademar Lopes, Isabela W Cunha and Silvia R Rogatto
Associations between Film Preferences and Risk Factors for Suicide: An Online Survey pp. 1-8 Downloads
Benedikt Till, Ulrich S Tran, Martin Voracek, Gernot Sonneck and Thomas Niederkrotenthaler
Four SNPs in the CHRNA3/5 Alpha-Neuronal Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Subunit Locus Are Associated with COPD Risk Based on Meta-Analyses pp. 1-8 Downloads
Kai Cui, Xiaoyan Ge and Honglin Ma
Semi-Supervised Morphosyntactic Classification of Old Icelandic pp. 1-8 Downloads
Kryztof Urban, Timothy R Tangherlini, Aurelijus Vijūnas and Peter M Broadwell
Geospatial Analysis on the Distributions of Tobacco Smoking and Alcohol Drinking in India pp. 1-8 Downloads
Sze Hang Fu, Prabhat Jha, Prakash C Gupta, Rajesh Kumar, Rajesh Dikshit and Dhirendra Sinha
Comparative Computational Study of Interaction of C60-Fullerene and Tris-Malonyl-C60-Fullerene Isomers with Lipid Bilayer: Relation to Their Antioxidant Effect pp. 1-8 Downloads
Marine E Bozdaganyan, Philipp S Orekhov, Alexey K Shaytan and Konstantin V Shaitan
A Meta-Analysis of Experiments Linking Incubation Conditions with Subsequent Leg Weakness in Broiler Chickens pp. 1-8 Downloads
Peter J Groves and Wendy I Muir
Household Ventilation May Reduce Effects of Indoor Air Pollutants for Prevention of Lung Cancer: A Case-Control Study in a Chinese Population pp. 1-8 Downloads
Zi-Yi Jin, Ming Wu, Ren-Qiang Han, Xiao-Feng Zhang, Xu-Shan Wang, Ai-Ming Liu, Jin-Yi Zhou, Qing-Yi Lu, Claire H Kim, Lina Mu, Zuo-Feng Zhang and Jin-Kou Zhao
Nucleot(s)ide Analogues for Hepatitis B Virus-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Curative Treatment: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ping Sun, Xiaochuan Dong, Xiang Cheng, Qinggang Hu and Qichang Zheng
The Use of Automated Bioacoustic Recorders to Replace Human Wildlife Surveys: An Example Using Nightjars pp. 1-8 Downloads
Mieke C Zwart, Andrew Baker, Philip J K McGowan and Mark J Whittingham
Meta-Analysis of EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Compared with Chemotherapy as Second-Line Treatment in Pretreated Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ning Li, Lu Yang, Wei Ou, Liang Zhang, Song-liang Zhang and Si-yu Wang
Association between Reproductive Factors and Age-Related Macular Degeneration in Postmenopausal Women: The Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2010-2012 pp. 1-8 Downloads
Bum-Joo Cho, Jang Won Heo, Jae Pil Shin, Jeeyun Ahn, Tae Wan Kim and Hum Chung
Association of Socioeconomic Status with Overall and Cause Specific Mortality in the Republic of Seychelles: Results from a Cohort Study in the African Region pp. 1-8 Downloads
Silvia Stringhini, Valentin Rousson, Bharathi Viswanathan, Jude Gedeon, Fred Paccaud and Pascal Bovet
Towards Active Tracking of Beating Heart Motion in the Presence of Arrhythmia for Robotic Assisted Beating Heart Surgery pp. 1-8 Downloads
E Erdem Tuna, Jamshid H Karimov, Taoming Liu, Özkan Bebek, Kiyotaka Fukamachi and M Cenk Çavuşoğlu
A Model of Cell Biological Signaling Predicts a Phase Transition of Signaling and Provides Mathematical Formulae pp. 1-8 Downloads
Tatsuaki Tsuruyama
Blended Working: For Whom It May (Not) Work pp. 1-8 Downloads
Nico W Van Yperen, Eric F Rietzschel and Kiki M M De Jonge
Survival Analysis, Long-Term Outcomes, and Percentage of Recovery up to 8 Years Post-Infection among the Houston West Nile Virus Cohort pp. 1-8 Downloads
Kristy O Murray, Melissa N Garcia, Mohammad H Rahbar, Diana Martinez, Salma A Khuwaja, Raouf R Arafat and Susan Rossmann
Stock Portfolio Structure of Individual Investors Infers Future Trading Behavior pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ludvig Bohlin and Martin Rosvall
A Tri-Component Conservation Strategy Reveals Highly Confident MicroRNA-mRNA Interactions and Evolution of MicroRNA Regulatory Networks pp. 1-8 Downloads
Chen-Ching Lin, Ramkrishna Mitra and Zhongming Zhao
Proximity to Coast Is Linked to Climate Change Belief pp. 1-8 Downloads
Taciano L Milfont, Laurel Evans, Chris G Sibley, Jan Ries and Andrew Cunningham
The Health Effects of a Forest Environment on Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease and Heath-Related Quality of Life pp. 1-8 Downloads
Tsung-Ming Tsao, Ming-Jer Tsai, Ya-Nan Wang, Heng-Lun Lin, Chang-Fu Wu, Jing-Shiang Hwang, Sandy-HJ Hsu, Hsing Chao, Kai-Jen Chuang, Charles- CK Chou and Ta-Chen Su
Use of Bed Nets and Factors That Influence Bed Net Use among Jinuo Ethnic Minority in Southern China pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jian-wei Xu, Yuan-mei Liao, Hui Liu, Ren-hua Nie and Joshua Havumaki
Infant SES as a Predictor of Personality—Is the Association Mediated by Intelligence? pp. 1-8 Downloads
Trine Flensborg-Madsen and Erik Lykke Mortensen
Promoting the Avoidance of High-Calorie Snacks: Priming Autonomy Moderates Message Framing Effects pp. 1-8 Downloads
Louisa Pavey and Sue Churchill
Patients’ Perceptions of Information and Education for Renal Replacement Therapy: An Independent Survey by the European Kidney Patients' Federation on Information and Support on Renal Replacement Therapy pp. 1-8 Downloads
Wim Van Biesen, Sabine N van der Veer, Mark Murphey, Olga Loblova and Simon Davies
cAMP Control of HCN2 Channel Mg2+ Block Reveals Loose Coupling between the Cyclic Nucleotide-Gating Ring and the Pore pp. 1-20 Downloads
Alex K Lyashchenko, Kacy J Redd, Peter A Goldstein and Gareth R Tibbs
Collaborative Brain-Computer Interface for Aiding Decision-Making pp. 1-22 Downloads
Riccardo Poli, Davide Valeriani and Caterina Cinel
optPBN: An Optimisation Toolbox for Probabilistic Boolean Networks pp. 1-15 Downloads
Panuwat Trairatphisan, Andrzej Mizera, Jun Pang, Alexandru Adrian Tantar and Thomas Sauter
Methods for Estimating Population Density in Data-Limited Areas: Evaluating Regression and Tree-Based Models in Peru pp. 1-15 Downloads
Weston Anderson, Seth Guikema, Ben Zaitchik and William Pan
Individual Pause-and-Go Motion Is Instrumental to the Formation and Maintenance of Swarms of Marching Locust Nymphs pp. 1-15 Downloads
Gil Ariel, Yotam Ophir, Sagi Levi, Eshel Ben-Jacob and Amir Ayali
Mathematical and Live Meningococcal Models for Simple Sequence Repeat Dynamics – Coherent Predictions and Observations pp. 1-15 Downloads
Kristian Alfsnes, Xavier Raynaud, Tone Tønjum and Ole Herman Ambur
Information Filtering on Coupled Social Networks pp. 1-15 Downloads
Da-Cheng Nie, Zi-Ke Zhang, Jun-Lin Zhou, Yan Fu and Kui Zhang
Effect of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 on Salivary Glucose – A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies pp. 1-15 Downloads
Paulo Mascarenhas, Bruno Fatela and Isabel Barahona
Outcomes of Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 Virus Infection: Results from Two International Cohort Studies pp. 1-15 Downloads
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Optimal Routing in General Finite Multi-Server Queueing Networks pp. 1-15 Downloads
Tom van Woensel and Frederico R B Cruz
Quantifying the Effect of Ribosomal Density on mRNA Stability pp. 1-15 Downloads
Shlomit Edri and Tamir Tuller
Temperature and Photoperiod Interactions with Phosphorus-Limited Growth and Competition of Two Diatoms pp. 1-15 Downloads
Tom Shatwell, Jan Köhler and Andreas Nicklisch
Population Dynamics of a Salmonella Lytic Phage and Its Host: Implications of the Host Bacterial Growth Rate in Modelling pp. 1-15 Downloads
Sílvio B Santos, Carla Carvalho, Joana Azeredo and Eugénio C Ferreira
Genomic Models of Short-Term Exposure Accurately Predict Long-Term Chemical Carcinogenicity and Identify Putative Mechanisms of Action pp. 1-15 Downloads
Daniel Gusenleitner, Scott S Auerbach, Tisha Melia, Harold F Gómez, David H Sherr and Stefano Monti
A New Method to Explore the Spectral Impact of the Piriform Fossae on the Singing Voice: Benchmarking Using MRI-Based 3D-Printed Vocal Tracts pp. 1-15 Downloads
Bertrand Delvaux and David Howard
Long-Term Positive and Negative Psychological Late Effects for Parents of Childhood Cancer Survivors: A Systematic Review pp. 1-15 Downloads
Lisa Ljungman, Martin Cernvall, Helena Grönqvist, Brjánn Ljótsson, Gustaf Ljungman and Louise von Essen
Improved and Robust Detection of Cell Nuclei from Four Dimensional Fluorescence Images pp. 1-21 Downloads
Md Khayrul Bashar, Kazuo Yamagata and Tetsuya J Kobayashi
Detecting Memory and Structure in Human Navigation Patterns Using Markov Chain Models of Varying Order pp. 1-21 Downloads
Philipp Singer, Denis Helic, Behnam Taraghi and Markus Strohmaier
Efficient Transfer Entropy Analysis of Non-Stationary Neural Time Series pp. 1-21 Downloads
Patricia Wollstadt, Mario Martínez-Zarzuela, Raul Vicente, Francisco J Díaz-Pernas and Michael Wibral
A Model of the Effect of Uncertainty on the C elegans L2/L2d Decision pp. 1-18 Downloads
Leon Avery
Improving the Efficiency of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Wall Stress Computations pp. 1-18 Downloads
Jaime E Zelaya, Sevan Goenezen, Phong T Dargon, Amir-Farzin Azarbal and Sandra Rugonyi
eulerAPE: Drawing Area-Proportional 3-Venn Diagrams Using Ellipses pp. 1-18 Downloads
Luana Micallef and Peter Rodgers
fcGENE: A Versatile Tool for Processing and Transforming SNP Datasets pp. 1-7 Downloads
Nab Raj Roshyara and Markus Scholz
Optimising and Evaluating the Characteristics of a Multiple Antigen ELISA for Detection of Mycobacterium bovis Infection in a Badger Vaccine Field Trial pp. 1-7 Downloads
Inma Aznar, Klaas Frankena, Simon J More, Clare Whelan, Wayne Martin, Eamonn Gormley, Leigh A L Corner, Denise Murphy and Mart C M De Jong
The Adherence to Initial Processes of Care in Elderly Patients with Acute Venous Thromboembolism pp. 1-7 Downloads
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TERT-CLPTM1L Rs401681 C>T Polymorphism Was Associated with a Decreased Risk of Esophageal Cancer in a Chinese Population pp. 1-7 Downloads
Jun Yin, Liming Wang, Liang Zheng, Xu Wang, Yijun Shi, Aizhong Shao, Guowen Ding, Chao Liu, Suocheng Chen, Weifeng Tang and Haiyong Gu
DNA Barcoding Works in Practice but Not in (Neutral) Theory pp. 1-7 Downloads
Mark Y Stoeckle and David S Thaler
The High Diagnostic Accuracy of Combined Test of Thyroid Transcription Factor 1 and Napsin A to Distinguish between Lung Adenocarcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Li Li, Xiaorong Li, Jieyun Yin, Xia Song, Xiaochen Chen, Jiane Feng, Hongyu Gao, Li Liu and Sheng Wei
The Protective Effect of Adenoidectomy on Pediatric Tympanostomy Tube Re-Insertions: A Population-Based Birth Cohort Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Mao-Che Wang, Ying-Piao Wang, Chia-Huei Chu, Tzong-Yang Tu, An-Suey Shiao and Pesus Chou
Predicting Co-Author Relationship in Medical Co-Authorship Networks pp. 1-7 Downloads
Qi Yu, Chao Long, Yanhua Lv, Hongfang Shao, Peifeng He and Zhiguang Duan
Systematic Monitoring of Male Circumcision Scale-Up in Nyanza, Kenya: Exploratory Factor Analysis of Service Quality Instrument and Performance Ranking pp. 1-7 Downloads
Dickens S Omondi Aduda, Collins Ouma, Rosebella Onyango, Mathews Onyango and Jane Bertrand
High Total Hospitalization Cost but Low Cost of Imaging Studies in Recurrent Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients pp. 1-7 Downloads
Young Dae Kwon, Sung Sang Yoon and Hyejung Chang
Determinants of Posterior Corneal Biometric Measurements in a Multi-Ethnic Asian Population pp. 1-7 Downloads
Marcus Ang, Wesley Chong, Huiqi Huang, Tien Yin Wong, Ming-Guang He, Tin Aung and Jodhbir S Mehta
Work More, Then Feel More: The Influence of Effort on Affective Predictions pp. 1-7 Downloads
Gabriela M Jiga-Boy, Claudia Toma and Olivier Corneille
Impact of Genotype Imputation on the Performance of GBLUP and Bayesian Methods for Genomic Prediction pp. 1-7 Downloads
Liuhong Chen, Changxi Li, Mehdi Sargolzaei and Flavio Schenkel
Leisure-Time Physical Activity and All-Cause Mortality pp. 1-7 Downloads
Jouni Lahti, Ansku Holstila, Eero Lahelma and Ossi Rahkonen
The Treatment Cascade for Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection in the United States: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Baligh R Yehia, Asher J Schranz, Craig A Umscheid and Vincent Lo Re
Needs Assessment for Performance Improvement of Personnel in Charge of Epidemiological Surveillance in Morocco pp. 1-7 Downloads
Gerardo Priotto, Ahmed Rguig, Moncef Ziani, Anouk Berger and Pierre Nabeth
Reliability of Contractile Properties of the Knee Extensor Muscles in Individuals with Post-Polio Syndrome pp. 1-7 Downloads
Eric L Voorn, Merel A Brehm, Anita Beelen, Arnold de Haan, Frans Nollet and Karin H L Gerrits
Using First Passage Statistics to Extract Environmentally Dependent Amino Acid Correlations pp. 1-7 Downloads
Benjamin D Greenbaum, Pradeep Kumar and Albert Libchaber
Nurses and Physicians in a Medical Admission Unit Can Accurately Predict Mortality of Acutely Admitted Patients: A Prospective Cohort Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Mikkel Brabrand, Jesper Hallas and Torben Knudsen
A Self-Reported Screening Tool for Detecting Community-Dwelling Older Persons with Frailty Syndrome in the Absence of Mobility Disability: The FiND Questionnaire pp. 1-7 Downloads
Matteo Cesari, Laurent Demougeot, Henri Boccalon, Sophie Guyonnet, Gabor Abellan Van Kan, Bruno Vellas and Sandrine Andrieu
Mental Health Problems and Educational Attainment in Adolescence: 9-Year Follow-Up of the TRAILS Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Karin Veldman, Ute Bültmann, Roy E Stewart, Johan Ormel, Frank C Verhulst and Sijmen A Reijneveld
Continuous Infusions of Meropenem in Ambulatory Care: Clinical Efficacy, Safety and Stability pp. 1-7 Downloads
Laurens Manning, Cameron Wright, Paul R Ingram, Timothy J Whitmore, Christopher H Heath, Ingrid Manson, Madhu Page-Sharp, Sam Salman, John Dyer and Timothy M E Davis
Asymmetric Clustering Index in a Case Study of 5-HT1A Receptor Ligands pp. 1-7 Downloads
Marek Śmieja, Dawid Warszycki, Jacek Tabor and Andrzej J Bojarski
Effects of Low-Level Deuterium Enrichment on Bacterial Growth pp. 1-7 Downloads
Xueshu Xie and Roman A Zubarev
miR-485-5p Binding Site SNP rs8752 in HPGD Gene Is Associated with Breast Cancer Risk pp. 1-7 Downloads
Na He, Hong Zheng, Pei Li, Yanrui Zhao, Wei Zhang, Fengju Song and Kexin Chen
Cross-Talk Correction Method for Knee Kinematics in Gait Analysis Using Principal Component Analysis (PCA): A New Proposal pp. 1-7 Downloads
Audrey Baudet, Claire Morisset, Philippe d'Athis, Jean-Francis Maillefert, Jean-Marie Casillas, Paul Ornetti and Davy Laroche
Comparing Cutaneous Research Funded by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases with 2010 Global Burden of Disease Results pp. 1-7 Downloads
Chante Karimkhani, Lindsay N Boyers, David J Margolis, Mohsen Naghavi, Roderick J Hay, Hywel C Williams, Luigi Naldi, Luc E Coffeng, Martin A Weinstock, Cory A Dunnick, Hannah Pederson, Theo Vos, Christopher J L Murray and Robert P Dellavalle
High Prevalence and Partner Correlates of Physical and Sexual Violence by Intimate Partners among Street and Off-Street Sex Workers pp. 1-7 Downloads
Elena Argento, Katherine A Muldoon, Putu Duff, Annick Simo, Kathleen N Deering and Kate Shannon
Four Models of HIV Counseling and Testing: Utilization and Test Results in South Africa pp. 1-7 Downloads
Tonderai Mabuto, Mary H Latka, Bulelani Kuwane, Gavin J Churchyard, Salome Charalambous and Christopher J Hoffmann
Assessment of the Association of Health with the Liberalisation of Trade in Services under the World Trade Organisation pp. 1-7 Downloads
Román Umaña-Peña, Álvaro Franco-Giraldo, Carlos Álvarez-Dardet Díaz, María Teresa Ruíz-Cantero, Diana Gil-González and Ildefonso Hernández-Aguado
Effects of Meteorological Factors on Daily Hospital Admissions for Asthma in Adults: A Time-Series Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yue Zhang, Li Peng, Haidong Kan, Jianming Xu, Renjie Chen, Yuan Liu and Weibing Wang
Vitamin A Intake and Risk of Melanoma: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yun-Ping Zhang, Rui-Xue Chu and Hui Liu
Internal Consistency of Event-Related Potentials Associated with Cognitive Control: N2/P3 and ERN/Pe pp. 1-7 Downloads
Wim J R Rietdijk, Ingmar H A Franken and A Roy Thurik
Prevalence and Determinants of Adult Under-Nutrition in Botswana pp. 1-7 Downloads
Gobopamang Letamo and Kannan Navaneetham
Communicating and Dealing with Uncertainty in General Practice: The Association with Neuroticism pp. 1-7 Downloads
Antonius Schneider, Magdalena Wübken, Klaus Linde and Markus Bühner
Disproportionate Contribution of Right Middle Lobe to Emphysema and Gas Trapping on Computed Tomography pp. 1-7 Downloads
Surya P Bhatt, Jessica C Sieren, John D Newell, Alejandro P Comellas and Eric A Hoffman
Sensitization to Food and Inhalant Allergens in Relation to Atopic Diseases in Early Childhood: A Birth Cohort Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Chih-Yung Chiu, Yu-Lin Huang, Ming-Han Tsai, Yu-Ling Tu, Man-Chin Hua, Tsung-Chieh Yao, Kuo-Wei Yeh and Jing-Long Huang
Evolution with Reinforcement Learning in Negotiation pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yi Zou, Wenjie Zhan and Yuan Shao
An Assessment of the Measurement Equivalence of English and French Versions of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression (CES-D) Scale in Systemic Sclerosis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Vanessa C Delisle, Linda Kwakkenbos, Marie Hudson, Murray Baron, Brett D Thombs and the Canadian Scleroderma Research Group
The Prevalence of Anxiety and Depression in Chinese Asthma Patients pp. 1-7 Downloads
Shigang Liu, Ruohan Wu, Lei Li, Li Liu, Guoqin Li, Xia Zhang, Yuyan Guo, Yinghui Wang, Hong Zhang, Guangxi Li and Hui Li
The Increased Effectiveness of HIV Preventive Intervention among Men Who Have Sex with Men and of Follow-Up Care for People Living with HIV after ‘Task-Shifting’ to Community-Based Organizations: A ‘Cash on Service Delivery’ Model in China pp. 1-7 Downloads
Hongjing Yan, Min Zhang, Jinkou Zhao, Xiping Huan, Jianping Ding, Susu Wu, Chenchen Wang, Yuanyuan Xu, Li Liu, Fei Xu and Haitao Yang
Employment among Patients with Multiple Sclerosis-A Population Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Hanne Marie Bøe Lunde, Wenche Telstad, Nina Grytten, Lars Kyte, Jan Aarseth, Kjell-Morten Myhr and Lars Bø
Serological Association of Chlamydia pneumoniae Infection with Age-Related Macular Degeneration: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-7 Downloads
Xueyu Chen, Vishal Jhanji, Chupeng Chen and Haoyu Chen
Neurocognitive Function in HIV-Infected Patients: Comparison of Two Methods to Define Impairment pp. 1-7 Downloads
Alejandro Arenas-Pinto, Alan Winston, Wolfgang Stöhr, John Day, Rebecca Wiggins, Say Pheng Quah, Jonathan Ainsworth, Sue Fleck, David Dunn, Alex Accoroni, Nicholas I Paton and for the PIVOT Trial Team
High-Accuracy Brain-Machine Interfaces Using Feedback Information pp. 1-7 Downloads
Hong Gi Yeom, June Sic Kim and Chun Kee Chung
Is the Risk of Motor Neuron Disease Increased or Decreased after Cancer? An Australian Case-Control Study pp. 1-7 Downloads
Alex Stoyanov and Roger Pamphlett
Salvage Radiotherapy after Radical Prostatectomy: Prediction of Biochemical Outcomes pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ohseong Kwon, Ki Bom Kim, Young Ik Lee, Seok-Soo Byun, Jae-Sung Kim, Sang Eun Lee and Sung Kyu Hong
Watching TV and Food Intake: The Role of Content pp. 1-4 Downloads
Colin D Chapman, Victor C Nilsson, Hanna Å Thune, Jonathan Cedernaes, Madeleine Le Grevès, Pleunie S Hogenkamp, Christian Benedict and Helgi B Schiöth
Structural Differentiation of Graphs Using Hosoya-Based Indices pp. 1-4 Downloads
Matthias Dehmer, Abbe Mowshowitz and Yongtang Shi
Physicians’ Attitudes and Use of E-Cigarettes as Cessation Devices, North Carolina, 2013 pp. 1-4 Downloads
Kelly L Kandra, Leah M Ranney, Joseph G L Lee and Adam O Goldstein
Analysis of Transcription Factor Network Underlying 3T3-L1 Adipocyte Differentiation pp. 1-17 Downloads
KyungOh Choi, Bassel Ghaddar, Colby Moya, Hai Shi, Gautham V Sridharan, Kyongbum Lee and Arul Jayaraman
Evaluation of a New Method of Fossil Retrodeformation by Algorithmic Symmetrization: Crania of Papionins (Primates, Cercopithecidae) as a Test Case pp. 1-17 Downloads
Melissa Tallman, Nina Amenta, Eric Delson, Stephen R Frost, Deboshmita Ghosh, Zachary S Klukkert, Andrea Morrow and Gary J Sawyer
Integrated Multidimensional Analysis Is Required for Accurate Prognostic Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer pp. 1-17 Downloads
Marisa Mariani, Shiquan He, Mark McHugh, Mirko Andreoli, Deep Pandya, Steven Sieber, Zheyang Wu, Paul Fiedler, Shohreh Shahabi and Cristiano Ferlini
Habitat Selection Response of Small Pelagic Fish in Different Environments. Two Examples from the Oligotrophic Mediterranean Sea pp. 1-17 Downloads
Angelo Bonanno, Marianna Giannoulaki, Marco Barra, Gualtiero Basilone, Athanassios Machias, Simona Genovese, Sergey Goncharov, Sergey Popov, Paola Rumolo, Massimiliano Di Bitetto, Salvatore Aronica, Bernardo Patti, Ignazio Fontana, Giovanni Giacalone, Rosalia Ferreri, Giuseppa Buscaino, Stylianos Somarakis, Maria-Myrto Pyrounaki, Stavroula Tsoukali and Salvatore Mazzola
Free-Energy Landscape of Reverse tRNA Translocation through the Ribosome Analyzed by Electron Microscopy Density Maps and Molecular Dynamics Simulations pp. 1-17 Downloads
Hisashi Ishida and Atsushi Matsumoto
Acoustic Communication and Sound Degradation: How Do the Individual Signatures of Male and Female Zebra Finch Calls Transmit over Distance? pp. 1-17 Downloads
Solveig C Mouterde, Frédéric E Theunissen, Julie E Elie, Clémentine Vignal and Nicolas Mathevon
A Unique Four-Hub Protein Cluster Associates to Glioblastoma Progression pp. 1-17 Downloads
Pasquale Simeone, Marco Trerotola, Andrea Urbanella, Rossano Lattanzio, Domenico Ciavardelli, Fabrizio Di Giuseppe, Enrica Eleuterio, Marilisa Sulpizio, Vincenzo Eusebi, Annalisa Pession, Mauro Piantelli and Saverio Alberti
Weekly and Holiday-Related Patterns of Panic Attacks in Panic Disorder: A Population-Based Study pp. 1-5 Downloads
Li-Ting Kao, Sudha Xirasagar, Kuo-Hsuan Chung, Herng-Ching Lin, Shih-Ping Liu and Shiu-Dong Chung
Unconditioned Stimulus Revaluation to Promote Conditioned Fear Extinction in the Memory Reconsolidation Window pp. 1-5 Downloads
Xiang-Xing Zeng, Juan Du, Chu-Qun Zhuang, Jun-Hua Zhang, Yan-Lei Jia and Xi-Fu Zheng
Activities of Daily Living, Depression, and Quality of Life in Parkinson's Disease pp. 1-5 Downloads
Blake J Lawrence, Natalie Gasson, Robert Kane, Romola S Bucks and Andrea M Loftus
Radial Scars and Subsequent Breast Cancer Risk: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-5 Downloads
Mengmeng Lv, Xingya Zhu, Shanliang Zhong, Weixian Chen, Qing Hu, Tengfei Ma, Jun Zhang, Xiaohui Zhang, Jinhai Tang and Jianhua Zhao
Assessing Accuracy of Genotype Imputation in American Indians pp. 1-5 Downloads
Alka Malhotra, Sayuko Kobes, Clifton Bogardus, William C Knowler, Leslie J Baier and Robert L Hanson
Spreading Information in a Network of Interacting Neighbours pp. 1-5 Downloads
Konrad Halupka
The Effects of Within- and Between-Group Competition on Trust and Trustworthiness among Acquaintances pp. 1-5 Downloads
Guofang Liu, Chongde Lin and Ziqiang Xin
Decreased Circulating Visfatin Is Associated with Improved Disease Activity in Early Rheumatoid Arthritis: Data from the PERAC Cohort pp. 1-5 Downloads
Ondřej Sglunda, Heřman Mann, Hana Hulejová, Markéta Kuklová, Ondřej Pecha, Lenka Pleštilová, Mária Filková, Karel Pavelka, Jiří Vencovský and Ladislav Šenolt
Acceptability of Using Electronic Vending Machines to Deliver Oral Rapid HIV Self-Testing Kits: A Qualitative Study pp. 1-5 Downloads
Sean D Young, Joseph Daniels, ChingChe J Chiu, Robert K Bolan, Risa P Flynn, Justin Kwok and Jeffrey D Klausner
Opinion Dynamics with Confirmation Bias pp. 1-14 Downloads
Armen E Allahverdyan and Aram Galstyan
Ignoring Imperfect Detection in Biological Surveys Is Dangerous: A Response to ‘Fitting and Interpreting Occupancy Models' pp. 1-14 Downloads
Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita, José J Lahoz-Monfort, Darryl I MacKenzie, Brendan A Wintle and Michael A McCarthy
Evaluating the Quality of Evidence from a Network Meta-Analysis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Georgia Salanti, Cinzia Del Giovane, Anna Chaimani, Deborah M Caldwell and Julian P T Higgins
Effective Automated Feature Construction and Selection for Classification of Biological Sequences pp. 1-14 Downloads
Uday Kamath, Kenneth De Jong and Amarda Shehu
The Effectiveness of Pilates Exercise in People with Chronic Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review pp. 1-14 Downloads
Cherie Wells, Gregory S Kolt, Paul Marshall, Bridget Hill and Andrea Bialocerkowski
QSAR and Docking Studies on Capsazepine Derivatives for Immunomodulatory and Anti-Inflammatory Activity pp. 1-14 Downloads
Aparna Shukla, Pooja Sharma, Om Prakash, Monika Singh, Komal Kalani, Feroz Khan, Dnyaneshwar Umrao Bawankule, Suaib Luqman and Santosh Kumar Srivastava
The Effects of Mind-Body Therapies on the Immune System: Meta-Analysis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Nani Morgan, Michael R Irwin, Mei Chung and Chenchen Wang
Semi-Supervised Segmentation of Ultrasound Images Based on Patch Representation and Continuous Min Cut pp. 1-14 Downloads
Anca Ciurte, Xavier Bresson, Olivier Cuisenaire, Nawal Houhou, Sergiu Nedevschi, Jean-Philippe Thiran and Meritxell Bach Cuadra
The Quality of Methods Reporting in Parasitology Experiments pp. 1-14 Downloads
Oscar Flórez-Vargas, Michael Bramhall, Harry Noyes, Sheena Cruickshank, Robert Stevens and Andy Brass
Press Releases Issued by Supplements Industry Organisations and Non-Industry Organisations in Response to Publication of Clinical Research Findings: A Case-Control Study pp. 1-14 Downloads
Michael T M Wang, Greg Gamble, Mark J Bolland and Andrew Grey
Holmium Laser Enucleation versus Transurethral Resection in Patients with Benign Prostate Hyperplasia: An Updated Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis and Trial Sequential Analysis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Sheng Li, Xian-Tao Zeng, Xiao-Lan Ruan, Hong Weng, Tong-Zu Liu, Xiao Wang, Chao Zhang, Zhe Meng and Xing-Huan Wang
Can Serum Levels of Alkaline Phosphatase and Phosphate Predict Cardiovascular Diseases and Total Mortality in Individuals with Preserved Renal Function? A Systemic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Jing-Wei Li, Cui Xu, Ye Fan, Yong Wang and Ying-Bin Xiao
Fixed Effects Modelling for Provider Mortality Outcomes: Analysis of the Australia and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) Adult Patient Data-Base pp. 1-14 Downloads
John L Moran, Patricia J Solomon and for the ANZICS Centre for Outcome and Resource Evaluation (CORE) of the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS)
Mechanisms of Side Branching and Tip Splitting in a Model of Branching Morphogenesis pp. 1-14 Downloads
Yina Guo, Mingzhu Sun, Alan Garfinkel and Xin Zhao
Distribution Patterns in the Native Vascular Flora of Iceland pp. 1-14 Downloads
Pawel Wasowicz, Andrzej Pasierbiński, Ewa Maria Przedpelska-Wasowicz and Hörður Kristinsson
HCV Genome-Wide Genetic Analyses in Context of Disease Progression and Hepatocellular Carcinoma pp. 1-14 Downloads
Maureen J Donlin, Elena Lomonosova, Alexi Kiss, Xiaohong Cheng, Feng Cao, Teresa M Curto, Adrian Di Bisceglie and John E Tavis
Use of Finite Difference Time Domain Simulations and Debye Theory for Modelling the Terahertz Reflection Response of Normal and Tumour Breast Tissue pp. 1-9 Downloads
Anthony J Fitzgerald, Emma Pickwell-MacPherson and Vincent P Wallace
Polymorphisms of SP110 Are Associated with both Pulmonary and Extra-Pulmonary Tuberculosis among the Vietnamese pp. 1-9 Downloads
Gregory J Fox, Dinh Ngoc Sy, Nguyen Viet Nhung, Bing Yu, Magda K Ellis, Nguyen Van Hung, Nguyen Kim Cuong, Luu Thi Lien, Guy B Marks, Bernadette M Saunders and Warwick J Britton
Change in Body Size and Mortality: Results from the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Amalia Karahalios, Julie A Simpson, Laura Baglietto, Robert J MacInnis, Allison M Hodge, Graham G Giles and Dallas R English
Trait Mindfulness as a Limiting Factor for Residual Depressive Symptoms: An Explorative Study Using Quantile Regression pp. 1-9 Downloads
Sholto Radford, Catrin Eames, Kate Brennan, Gwladys Lambert, Catherine Crane, J Mark G Williams, Danielle S Duggan and Thorsten Barnhofer
Noninvasive Image Texture Analysis Differentiates K-ras Mutation from Pan-Wildtype NSCLC and Is Prognostic pp. 1-9 Downloads
Glen J Weiss, Balaji Ganeshan, Kenneth A Miles, David H Campbell, Philip Y Cheung, Samuel Frank and Ronald L Korn
Fat-Tailed Fluctuations in the Size of Organizations: The Role of Social Influence pp. 1-9 Downloads
Hernan Mondani, Petter Holme and Fredrik Liljeros
Can Team-Based Care Improve Patient Satisfaction? A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jin Wen and Kevin A Schulman
Using Crowdsourcing to Evaluate Published Scientific Literature: Methods and Example pp. 1-9 Downloads
Andrew W Brown and David B Allison
ERCC1 Cys8092Ala and XRCC1 Arg399Gln Polymorphisms Predict Progression-Free Survival after Curative Radiotherapy for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma pp. 1-9 Downloads
Hekun Jin, Xiaoxue Xie, Hui Wang, Jun Hu, Feng Liu, Zhigang Liu, Jumei Zhou, Yingying Zhang, Xuping Xi, Bingqiang Hu, Yuping Liao and Jingtian Tang
Urinating Standing versus Sitting: Position Is of Influence in Men with Prostate Enlargement. A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ype de Jong, Johannes Henricus Francisca Maria Pinckaers, Robin Marco ten Brinck, Augustinus Aizo Beent Lycklama à Nijeholt and Olaf Matthijs Dekkers
Epidemics on Networks with Large Initial Conditions or Changing Structure pp. 1-9 Downloads
Joel C Miller
Preference for Male Traits Differ in Two Female Morphs of the Tree Lizard, Urosaurus ornatus pp. 1-9 Downloads
Matthew S Lattanzio, Kevin J Metro and Donald B Miles
The Metagenomic Telescope pp. 1-9 Downloads
Balázs Szalkai, Ildikó Scheer, Kinga Nagy, Beáta G Vértessy and Vince Grolmusz
Spectroscopic Investigation of Local Mechanical Impedance of Living Cells pp. 1-9 Downloads
Luca Costa, Mario S Rodrigues, Núria Benseny-Cases, Véronique Mayeux, Joël Chevrier and Fabio Comin
Residential Treatment for Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Identifying Trajectories of Change and Predictors of Treatment Response pp. 1-9 Downloads
Joseph M Currier, Jason M Holland and Kent D Drescher
Viewing the Body after Bereavement Due to Suicide: A Population-Based Survey in Sweden pp. 1-9 Downloads
Pernilla Omerov, Gunnar Steineck, Tommy Nyberg, Bo Runeson and Ullakarin Nyberg
When and Why Placebo-Prescribing Is Acceptable and Unacceptable: A Focus Group Study of Patients' Views pp. 1-9 Downloads
Felicity L Bishop, Lizzi Aizlewood and Alison E M Adams
How Frequently Do the Results from Completed US Clinical Trials Enter the Public Domain? - A Statistical Analysis of the Database pp. 1-9 Downloads
Hiroki Saito and Christopher J Gill
Meta-Analysis Assessment of GP210 and SP100 for the Diagnosis of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Shi-Ling Hu, Feng-Rong Zhao, Qin Hu and Wei-Xian Chen
Lifetime Victimization and Physical Health Outcomes among Lesbian and Heterosexual Women pp. 1-9 Downloads
Judith P Andersen, Tonda L Hughes, Christopher Zou and Sharon C Wilsnack
Increased Set Shifting Costs in Fasted Healthy Volunteers pp. 1-9 Downloads
Heather M Bolton, Paul W Burgess, Sam J Gilbert and Lucy Serpell
E-Selectin Gene Polymorphisms and Essential Hypertension in Asian Population: An Updated Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Gaojun Cai, Bifeng Zhang, Weijin Weng, Ganwei Shi, Sheliang Xue, Yanbin Song and Chunyan Ma
String Theory - The Physics of String-Bending and Other Electric Guitar Techniques pp. 1-9 Downloads
David Robert Grimes
Exploring Shamanic Journeying: Repetitive Drumming with Shamanic Instructions Induces Specific Subjective Experiences but No Larger Cortisol Decrease than Instrumental Meditation Music pp. 1-9 Downloads
Bruno Gingras, Gerald Pohler and W Tecumseh Fitch
Development of a Finite Element Model of Decompressive Craniectomy pp. 1-9 Downloads
Tim L Fletcher, Angelos G Kolias, Peter J A Hutchinson and Michael P F Sutcliffe
Prevalence, Determinants and Patterns of Multimorbidity in Primary Care: A Systematic Review of Observational Studies pp. 1-9 Downloads
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How Listeners Weight Acoustic Cues to Intonational Phrase Boundaries pp. 1-9 Downloads
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Survey of Academic Field Experiences (SAFE): Trainees Report Harassment and Assault pp. 1-9 Downloads
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Embryonic miRNA Profiles of Normal and Ectopic Pregnancies pp. 1-9 Downloads
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Large-Scale Structure of a Network of Co-Occurring MeSH Terms: Statistical Analysis of Macroscopic Properties pp. 1-9 Downloads
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Origin and Consequences of the Relationship between Protein Mean and Variance pp. 1-9 Downloads
Francesco Luigi Massimo Vallania, Marc Sherman, Zane Goodwin, Ilaria Mogno, Barak Alon Cohen and Robi David Mitra
Epidemiology of Functional Abdominal Bloating and Its Impact on Health Related Quality of Life: Male-Female Stratified Propensity Score Analysis in a Population Based Survey in Mainland China pp. 1-9 Downloads
Meijing Wu, Yanfang Zhao, Rui Wang, Wenxin Zheng, Xiaojing Guo, Shunquan Wu, Xiuqiang Ma and Jia He
Correlations of MTHFR 677C>T Polymorphism with Cardiovascular Disease in Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Xian-Hui Gao, Guo-Yi Zhang, Ying Wang and Hui-Ying Zhang
Hematoma Shape, Hematoma Size, Glasgow Coma Scale Score and ICH Score: Which Predicts the 30-Day Mortality Better for Intracerebral Hematoma? pp. 1-9 Downloads
Chih-Wei Wang, Yi-Jui Liu, Yi-Hsiung Lee, Dueng-Yuan Hueng, Hueng-Chuen Fan, Fu-Chi Yang, Chun-Jen Hsueh, Hung-Wen Kao, Chun-Jung Juan and Hsian-He Hsu
Congruency Sequence Effects without Feature Integration or Contingency Learning Confounds pp. 1-9 Downloads
James R Schmidt and Daniel H Weissman
MicroRNAs MiR-218, MiR-125b, and Let-7g Predict Prognosis in Patients with Oral Cavity Squamous Cell Carcinoma pp. 1-9 Downloads
Shih-Chi Peng, Chun-Ta Liao, Chien-Hua Peng, Ann-Joy Cheng, Shu-Jen Chen, Chung-Guei Huang, Wen-Ping Hsieh and Tzu-Chen Yen
Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase C677T Polymorphism and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Chinese Population: A Meta-Analysis of 29 Case-Control Studies pp. 1-9 Downloads
Bo Zhu, Xiaomei Wu, Xueyuan Zhi, Lei Liu, Quanmei Zheng and Guifan Sun
Impact of Osteopathic Treatment on Pain in Adult Patients with Cystic Fibrosis – A Pilot Randomized Controlled Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
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Apolipoprotein E Polymorphism and Colorectal Neoplasm: Results from a Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yun Tian, Jirong Wang, Ying Ye, Liqun Sun, Yingrui Fan, Li Wang, Juan Li, Zhaoxia Wang and Keming Wang
Increased Risk of Cerebrovascular Events in Patients with Cancer Treated with Bevacizumab: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Pei-Yuan Zuo, Xing-Lin Chen, Yu-Wei Liu, Chang-Liang Xiao and Cheng-Yun Liu
Complexity and Demographic Explanations of Cumulative Culture pp. 1-9 Downloads
Adrien Querbes-Revier, Krist Vaesen and Wybo Houkes
Mid-Level Healthcare Personnel Training: An Evaluation of the Revised, Nationally-Standardized, Pre-Service Curriculum for Clinical Officers in Mozambique pp. 1-9 Downloads
Caryl Feldacker, Sergio Chicumbe, Martinho Dgedge, Gerito Augusto, Freide Cesar, Molly Robertson, Francisco Mbofana and Gabrielle O'Malley
Bioinformatics on the Cloud Computing Platform Azure pp. 1-9 Downloads
Hugh P Shanahan, Anne M Owen and Andrew P Harrison
The Surgeon’s Perspective: Promoting and Discouraging Factors for Choosing a Career in Surgery as Perceived by Surgeons pp. 1-9 Downloads
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Tai Chi for Improvement of Motor Function, Balance and Gait in Parkinson's Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yan Yang, Xiang-Yuan Li, Li Gong, Yun-Liang Zhu and Yan-Lei Hao
Can Male Circumcision Have an Impact on the HIV Epidemic in Men Who Have Sex with Men? pp. 1-9 Downloads
Steven M Goodreau, Nicole B Carnegie, Eric Vittinghoff, Javier R Lama, Jonathan D Fuchs, Jorge Sanchez and Susan P Buchbinder
Can Occupancy–Abundance Models Be Used to Monitor Wolf Abundance? pp. 1-9 Downloads
M Cecilia Latham, A David M Latham, Nathan F Webb, Nicole A Mccutchen and Stan Boutin
Localization and Mobility of Synaptic Vesicles in Myosin VI Mutants of Drosophila pp. 1-9 Downloads
Marta Kisiel, Kristopher McKenzie and Bryan Stewart
PANET: A GPU-Based Tool for Fast Parallel Analysis of Robustness Dynamics and Feed-Forward/Feedback Loop Structures in Large-Scale Biological Networks pp. 1-9 Downloads
Hung-Cuong Trinh, Duc-Hau Le and Yung-Keun Kwon
High Density LD-Based Structural Variations Analysis in Cattle Genome pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ricardo Salomon-Torres, Lakshmi K Matukumalli, Curtis P Van Tassell, Carlos Villa-Angulo, Víctor M Gonzalez-Vizcarra and Rafael Villa-Angulo
Random Search Algorithm for Solving the Nonlinear Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind pp. 1-9 Downloads
Zhimin Hong, Zaizai Yan and Jiao Yan
Biomedical Ph.D. Students Enrolled in Two Elite Universities in the United Kingdom and the United States Report Adopting Multiple Learning Relationships pp. 1-9 Downloads
Matthew W Kemp, Benjamin M Lazarus, Gabriel G Perron, William P Hanage and Elaine Chapman
The Evolutionary Consequences of Disrupted Male Mating Signals: An Agent-Based Modelling Exploration of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in the Guppy pp. 1-9 Downloads
Alistair McNair Senior, Shinichi Nakagawa and Volker Grimm
The Prevalence of Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma in Adult Asians: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jin-Wei Cheng, Ying Zong, You-Yan Zeng and Rui-Li Wei
Hysteresis Can Grant Fitness in Stochastically Varying Environment pp. 1-9 Downloads
Gary Friedman, Stephen McCarthy and Dmitrii Rachinskii
The Effect of Black Tea on Blood Pressure: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-9 Downloads
Arno Greyling, Rouyanne T Ras, Peter L Zock, Mario Lorenz, Maria T Hopman, Dick H J Thijssen and Richard Draijer
Sandbox University: Estimating Influence of Institutional Action pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jonas Forsman, Richard P Mann, Cedric Linder and Maartje van den Bogaard
Online Spatial Normalization for Real-Time fMRI pp. 1-9 Downloads
Xiaofei Li, Li Yao, Qing Ye and Xiaojie Zhao
Phase Differences in Expression of Circadian Clock Genes in the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala, Dentate Gyrus, and Suprachiasmatic Nucleus in the Rat pp. 1-9 Downloads
Valerie L Harbour, Yuval Weigl, Barry Robinson and Shimon Amir
Development and Validation of a Fast and Optimized Screening Method for Enhanced Production of Secondary Metabolites Using the Marine Scopulariopsis brevicaulis Strain LF580 Producing Anti-Cancer Active Scopularide A and B pp. 1-9 Downloads
Annemarie Kramer, Linda Paun, Johannes F Imhoff, Frank Kempken and Antje Labes
A Comparison of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment Commencement Times in MDRTBPlus Line Probe Assay and Xpert® MTB/RIF-Based Algorithms in a Routine Operational Setting in Cape Town pp. 1-9 Downloads
Pren Naidoo, Elizabeth du Toit, Rory Dunbar, Carl Lombard, Judy Caldwell, Anne Detjen, S Bertel Squire, Donald A Enarson and Nulda Beyers
Outlier Removal and the Relation with Reporting Errors and Quality of Psychological Research pp. 1-9 Downloads
Marjan Bakker and Jelte M Wicherts
A Quantitative Study of the Relationship between the Distribution of Different Types of Collagen and the Mechanical Behavior of Rabbit Medial Collateral Ligaments pp. 1-9 Downloads
Chao Wan, Zhixiu Hao, Shizhu Wen and Huijie Leng
Reward-Priming of Location in Visual Search pp. 1-9 Downloads
Clayton Hickey, Leonardo Chelazzi and Jan Theeuwes
The Push and Pull of Land Use Policy: Reconstructing 150 Years of Development and Conservation Land Acquisition pp. 1-9 Downloads
Maria João Santos, Terry Watt and Stephanie Pincetl
Quality of Life and Associated Socio-Clinical Factors after Encephalitis in Children and Adults in England: A Population-Based, Prospective Cohort Study pp. 1-9 Downloads
Parashar Pravin Ramanuj, Julia Granerød, Nicholas W S Davies, Stefano Conti, David W G Brown and Natasha S Crowcroft
Social Network Analysis Predicts Health Behaviours and Self-Reported Health in African Villages pp. 1-9 Downloads
Goylette F Chami, Sebastian E Ahnert, Maarten J Voors and Andreas A Kontoleon
Hell Is Other People? Gender and Interactions with Strangers in the Workplace Influence a Person’s Risk of Depression pp. 1-9 Downloads
Sebastian Fischer, Anita Wiemer, Laura Diedrich, Jörn Moock and Wulf Rössler
Inter-Individual Variability of Stone Marten Behavioral Responses to a Highway pp. 1-9 Downloads
Fernando Ascensão, Clara Grilo, Scott LaPoint, Jeff Tracey, Anthony P Clevenger and Margarida Santos-Reis
Development of a Freeze-Dried Fungal Wettable Powder Preparation Able to Biodegrade Chlorpyrifos on Vegetables pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jie Liu, Yue He, Shaohua Chen, Ying Xiao, Meiying Hu and Guohua Zhong
Assessing Environmental DNA Detection in Controlled Lentic Systems pp. 1-9 Downloads
Gregory R Moyer, Edgardo Díaz-Ferguson, Jeffrey E Hill and Colin Shea

Volume 9, issue 6, 2014

Association between DNMT3A Mutations and Prognosis of Adults with De Novo Acute Myeloid Leukemia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Ruxiu Tie, Tiansong Zhang, Huarui Fu, Limengmeng Wang, Yebo Wang, Ying He, Binsheng Wang, Ni Zhu, Shan Fu, Xiaoyu Lai, Jimin Shi and He Huang
Core Microbial Functional Activities in Ocean Environments Revealed by Global Metagenomic Profiling Analyses pp. 1-11 Downloads
Ari J S Ferreira, Rania Siam, João C Setubal, Ahmed Moustafa, Ahmed Sayed, Felipe S Chambergo, Adam S Dawe, Mohamed A Ghazy, Hazem Sharaf, Amged Ouf, Intikhab Alam, Alyaa M Abdel-Haleem, Heikki Lehvaslaiho, Eman Ramadan, André Antunes, Ulrich Stingl, John A C Archer, Boris R Jankovic, Mitchell Sogin, Vladimir B Bajic and Hamza El-Dorry
Decision Support for Personalized Cloud Service Selection through Multi-Attribute Trustworthiness Evaluation pp. 1-11 Downloads
Shuai Ding, Chen-Yi Xia, Kai-Le Zhou, Shan-Lin Yang and Jennifer S Shang
The Dynamics of Democracy, Development and Cultural Values pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Africa: A Systematic Review pp. 1-11 Downloads
Shelley Macaulay, David B Dunger and Shane A Norris
Enhanced Recovery after Elective Open Surgical Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: A Complementary Overview through a Pooled Analysis of Proportions from Case Series Studies pp. 1-11 Downloads
Sanderland J T Gurgel, Regina El Dib and Paulo do Nascimento
Screening Mammography & Breast Cancer Mortality: Meta-Analysis of Quasi-Experimental Studies pp. 1-11 Downloads
Veronica L Irvin and Robert M Kaplan
Diabetes Mellitus and Risk of Thyroid Cancer: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yohwan Yeo, Seung-Hyun Ma, Yunji Hwang, Pamela L Horn-Ross, Ann Hsing, Kyu-Eun Lee, Young Joo Park, Do-Joon Park, Keun-Young Yoo and Sue K Park
The Evonik-Mainz-Eye-Care-Study (EMECS): Design and Execution of the Screening Investigation pp. 1-11 Downloads
Lorenz Barleon, Jochen Wahl, Peter Morfeld, Claudia Deters, Andrea Lichtmeß, Sibylle Haas-Brähler, Uta Müller, Rolf Breitstadt and Norbert Pfeiffer
Defective Apoptosis in Intestinal and Mesenteric Adipose Tissue of Crohn’s Disease Patients pp. 1-11 Downloads
Cilene Bicca Dias, Marciane Milanski, Mariana Portovedo, Vivian Horita, Maria de Lourdes Setsuko Ayrizono, Núria Planell, Cláudio Saddy Rodrigues Coy, Lício Augusto Velloso, Luciana Rodrigues Meirelles and Raquel Franco Leal
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Different Shapes of Collars on the Reduction of Scour around a Single Bridge Pier pp. 1-11 Downloads
Afshin Jahangirzadeh, Hossein Basser, Shatirah Akib, Hojat Karami, Sareh Naji and Shahaboddin Shamshirband
Socioeconomic Differentials in the Immediate Mortality Effects of the National Irish Smoking Ban pp. 1-11 Downloads
Sericea Stallings-Smith, Pat Goodman, Zubair Kabir, Luke Clancy and Ariana Zeka
What Is the Ability Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT) Good for? An Evaluation Using Item Response Theory pp. 1-11 Downloads
Marina Fiori, Jean-Philippe Antonietti, Moira Mikolajczak, Olivier Luminet, Michel Hansenne and Jérôme Rossier
Reliability of Different Mark-Recapture Methods for Population Size Estimation Tested against Reference Population Sizes Constructed from Field Data pp. 1-11 Downloads
Annegret Grimm, Bernd Gruber and Klaus Henle
Political Differences in Past, Present, and Future Life Satisfaction: Republicans Are More Sensitive than Democrats to Political Climate pp. 1-11 Downloads
David R Mandel and Philip Omorogbe
The Need for Randomization in Animal Trials: An Overview of Systematic Reviews pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jennifer A Hirst, Jeremy Howick, Jeffrey K Aronson, Nia Roberts, Rafael Perera, Constantinos Koshiaris and Carl Heneghan
Associations of Anthropometric Factors with KRAS and BRAF Mutation Status of Primary Colorectal Cancer in Men and Women: A Cohort Study pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jenny Brändstedt, Sakarias Wangefjord, Björn Nodin, Jakob Eberhard, Magnus Sundström, Jonas Manjer and Karin Jirström
Integrated Pathway Clusters with Coherent Biological Themes for Target Prioritisation pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yi-An Chen, Lokesh P Tripathi, Benoit H Dessailly, Johan Nyström-Persson, Shandar Ahmad and Kenji Mizuguchi
HIVE-Hexagon: High-Performance, Parallelized Sequence Alignment for Next-Generation Sequencing Data Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Luis Santana-Quintero, Hayley Dingerdissen, Jean Thierry-Mieg, Raja Mazumder and Vahan Simonyan
Contribution of Auditory Working Memory to Speech Understanding in Mandarin-Speaking Cochlear Implant Users pp. 1-11 Downloads
Duoduo Tao, Rui Deng, Ye Jiang, John J Galvin, Qian-Jie Fu and Bing Chen
The Attitudes to Ageing Questionnaire: Mokken Scaling Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Susan D Shenkin, Roger Watson, Ken Laidlaw, John M Starr and Ian J Deary
Geographic Variability in the Association between Socioeconomic Status and BMI in the USA and Canada pp. 1-11 Downloads
Alexandre Lebel, Yan Kestens, Christelle Clary, Sherri Bisset and S V Subramanian
Metabolic Impact of Anti-Angiogenic Agents on U87 Glioma Cells pp. 1-11 Downloads
Tanja Mesti, Philippe Savarin, Mohamed N Triba, Laurence Le Moyec, Janja Ocvirk, Claire Banissi and Antoine F Carpentier
Efficacy and Safety of Tai Chi for Parkinson's Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-11 Downloads
Xiaojia Ni, Shaonan Liu, Fuchang Lu, Xiaogeng Shi and Xinfeng Guo
The Future of Large Old Trees in Urban Landscapes pp. 1-11 Downloads
Darren S Le Roux, Karen Ikin, David B Lindenmayer, Adrian D Manning and Philip Gibbons
Artificial Neural Network Accurately Predicts Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Seroclearance pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Configuring the Mesh Size, Side Taper and Wing Depth of Penaeid Trawls to Reduce Environmental Impacts pp. 1-11 Downloads
Matt K Broadhurst, David J Sterling and Russell B Millar
Effects of Intravenous Dexmedetomidine on Emergence Agitation in Children under Sevoflurane Anesthesia: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials pp. 1-11 Downloads
Chengliang Zhang, Jiajia Hu, Xinyao Liu and Jianqin Yan
Serum and Tissue Zinc in Epithelial Malignancies: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jaromir Gumulec, Michal Masarik, Vojtech Adam, Tomas Eckschlager, Ivo Provaznik and Rene Kizek
Normalized Polarization Ratios for the Analysis of Cell Polarity pp. 1-11 Downloads
Raz Shimoni, Kim Pham, Mohammed Yassin, Mandy J Ludford-Menting, Min Gu and Sarah M Russell
Effectiveness of Guided and Unguided Low-Intensity Internet Interventions for Adult Alcohol Misuse: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Heleen Riper, Matthijs Blankers, Hana Hadiwijaya, John Cunningham, Stella Clarke, Reinout Wiers, David Ebert and Pim Cuijpers
Insights from Computational Modeling in Inflammation and Acute Rejection in Limb Transplantation pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Multiparametric MRI Analysis for the Identification of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound-Treated Tumor Tissue pp. 1-11 Downloads
Stefanie J C G Hectors, Igor Jacobs, Gustav J Strijkers and Klaas Nicolay
Association between Tumor Necrosis Factor-α rs1800629 Polymorphism and Risk of Asthma: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Guangdie Yang, Junjun Chen, Fei Xu, Zhang Bao, Yake Yao and Jianying Zhou
Comparing Benefits from Many Possible Computed Tomography Lung Cancer Screening Programs: Extrapolating from the National Lung Screening Trial Using Comparative Modeling pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Yu-Fei Zhang, Wei-Wu Shi, Hong-Fang Gao, Li Zhou, An-Ji Hou and Yu-Hao Zhou
Heuristic Modeling of Carcinogenesis for the Population with Dichotomous Susceptibility to Cancer: A Pancreatic Cancer Example pp. 1-11 Downloads
Tengiz Mdzinarishvili and Simon Sherman
A Model Based on Environmental Factors for Diameter Distribution in Black Wattle in Brazil pp. 1-11 Downloads
Carlos Roberto Sanquetta, Alexandre Behling, Ana Paula Dalla Corte, Sylvio Péllico Netto, Aurelio Lourenço Rodrigues and Augusto Arlindo Simon
Behavioural Activation for Depression; An Update of Meta-Analysis of Effectiveness and Sub Group Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
David Ekers, Lisa Webster, Annemieke Van Straten, Pim Cuijpers, David Richards and Simon Gilbody
Bayesian Weighting of Statistical Potentials in NMR Structure Calculation pp. 1-11 Downloads
Martin Mechelke and Michael Habeck
Using a Delphi Technique to Seek Consensus Regarding Definitions, Descriptions and Classification of Terms Related to Implicit and Explicit Forms of Motor Learning pp. 1-11 Downloads
Melanie Kleynen, Susy M Braun, Michel H Bleijlevens, Monique A Lexis, Sascha M Rasquin, Jos Halfens, Mark R Wilson, Anna J Beurskens and Rich S W Masters
Edoxaban in the Evolving Scenario of Non Vitamin K Antagonist Oral Anticoagulants Imputed Placebo Analysis and Multiple Treatment Comparisons pp. 1-11 Downloads
Paolo Verdecchia, Fabio Angeli, Gregory Y H Lip and Gianpaolo Reboldi
Association of Gln27Glu and Arg16Gly Polymorphisms in Beta2-Adrenergic Receptor Gene with Obesity Susceptibility: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Hongxiu Zhang, Jie Wu and Lipeng Yu
Movement Dependence and Layer Specificity of Entorhinal Phase Precession in Two-Dimensional Environments pp. 1-11 Downloads
Eric Reifenstein, Martin Stemmler, Andreas V M Herz, Richard Kempter and Susanne Schreiber
"Reactivity to Stimuli” Is a Temperamental Factor Contributing to Canine Aggression pp. 1-11 Downloads
Sayaka Arata, Yukari Takeuchi, Mai Inoue and Yuji Mori
Association between Thrombophilia Gene Polymorphisms and Preeclampsia: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Xi Wang, Tingting Bai, Shengnan Liu, Hong Pan and Binbin Wang
A Chinese Character Teaching System Using Structure Theory and Morphing Technology pp. 1-11 Downloads
Linjia Sun, Min Liu, Jiajia Hu and Xiaohui Liang
Geographic Variation of Overweight and Obesity among Women in Nigeria: A Case for Nutritional Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa pp. 1-11 Downloads
Ngianga-Bakwin Kandala and Saverio Stranges
A Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility New Variant at 4q26 in the Spanish Population Identified by Genome-Wide Association Analysis pp. 1-11 Downloads
Luis M Real, Agustín Ruiz, Javier Gayán, Antonio González-Pérez, María E Sáez, Reposo Ramírez-Lorca, Francisco J Morón, Juan Velasco, Ruth Marginet-Flinch, Eva Musulén, José M Carrasco, Concha Moreno-Rey, Enrique Vázquez, Manuel Chaves-Conde, Jose A Moreno-Nogueira, Manuel Hidalgo-Pascual, Eduardo Ferrero-Herrero, Sergi Castellví-Bel, Antoni Castells, Ceres Fernandez-Rozadilla, Clara Ruiz-Ponte, Angel Carracedo, Beatriz González, Sergio Alonso and Manuel Perucho
Enhanced Awareness Followed Reversible Inhibition of Human Visual Cortex: A Combined TMS, MRS and MEG Study pp. 1-20 Downloads
Christopher P G Allen, Benjamin T Dunkley, Suresh D Muthukumaraswamy, Richard Edden, C John Evans, Petroc Sumner, Krish D Singh and Christopher D Chambers
Worries about Being Judged versus Being Harmed: Disentangling the Association of Social Anxiety and Paranoia with Schizotypy pp. 1-8 Downloads
Leslie E Horton, Neus Barrantes-Vidal, Paul J Silvia and Thomas R Kwapil
P300 Aberration in First-Episode Schizophrenia Patients: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yao-qin Qiu, Yun-xiang Tang, Raymond C K Chan, Xin-yang Sun and Jia He
Weighted Multiplex Networks pp. 1-8 Downloads
Giulia Menichetti, Daniel Remondini, Pietro Panzarasa, Raúl J Mondragón and Ginestra Bianconi
The Carry-Over Effect of Competition in Task-Sharing: Evidence from the Joint Simon Task pp. 1-8 Downloads
Cristina Iani, Filomena Anelli, Roberto Nicoletti and Sandro Rubichi
Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Controlled Attenuation Parameter (CAP) in Assessing Hepatic Steatosis in Patients with Chronic Liver Disease pp. 1-8 Downloads
Kyu Sik Jung, Beom Kyung Kim, Seung Up Kim, Young Eun Chon, Kyung Hyun Cheon, Sung Bae Kim, Sang Hoon Lee, Sung Soo Ahn, Jun Yong Park, Do Young Kim, Sang Hoon Ahn, Young Nyun Park and Kwang-Hyub Han
Psychometric Evaluation of the Internalized Stigma of Mental Illness Scale for Patients with Mental Illnesses: Measurement Invariance across Time pp. 1-8 Downloads
Chih-Cheng Chang, Tsung-Hsien Wu, Chih-Yin Chen, Jung- Der Wang and Chung-Ying Lin
Prediction of Postoperative Mortality in Liver Transplantation in the Era of MELD-Based Liver Allocation: A Multivariate Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Helge Bruns, Vladimir J Lozanovski, Daniel Schultze, Norbert Hillebrand, Ulf Hinz, Markus W Büchler and Peter Schemmer
How Robust Is the Optimistic Update Bias for Estimating Self-Risk and Population Base Rates? pp. 1-8 Downloads
Neil Garrett and Tali Sharot
Comparison of Efficacy and Safety of Tenofovir and Entecavir in Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Weixia Ke, Li Liu, Chi Zhang, Xiaohua Ye, Yanhui Gao, Shudong Zhou and Yi Yang
Risk Factors for Development of Chronic Kidney Disease following Renal Infarction: Retrospective Evaluation of Emergency Room Patients from a Single Center pp. 1-8 Downloads
Wen-Ling Lin, Chen-June Seak, Jiunn-Yih Wu, Yi-Ming Weng and Hang-Cheng Chen
Antihypertensive Agents and Risk of Parkinson's Disease: A Nationwide Cohort Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yen-Chieh Lee, Chin-Hsien Lin, Ruey-Meei Wu, Jou-Wei Lin, Chia-Hsuin Chang and Mei-Shu Lai
Guidelines for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Vancomycin: A Systematic Review pp. 1-8 Downloads
Zhi-Kang Ye, Can Li and Suo-Di Zhai
Effects of Group 1 versus Group 2 Carbapenems on the Susceptibility of Acinetobacter baumannii to Carbapenems: A Before and After Intervention Study of Carbapenem-Use Stewardship pp. 1-8 Downloads
Young Kyung Yoon, Kyung Sook Yang, Seung Eun Lee, Hyun Jeong Kim, Jang Wook Sohn and Min Ja Kim
Newborn Boys and Girls Differ in the Lipid Composition of Vernix Caseosa pp. 1-8 Downloads
Radka Míková, Vladimír Vrkoslav, Robert Hanus, Eva Háková, Zuzana Hábová, Antonín Doležal, Richard Plavka, Pavel Coufal and Josef Cvačka
Twice- or Once-Daily Dosing of Novel Oral Anticoagulants for Stroke Prevention: A Fixed-Effects Meta-Analysis with Predefined Heterogeneity Quality Criteria pp. 1-8 Downloads
Andreas Clemens, Herbert Noack, Martina Brueckmann and Gregory Y H Lip
Small-Area Estimation of the Probability of Toxocariasis in New York City Based on Sociodemographic Neighborhood Composition pp. 1-8 Downloads
Michael G Walsh and M A Haseeb
Mixed Layer Depth Trends in the Bay of Biscay over the Period 1975–2010 pp. 1-8 Downloads
Xurxo Costoya, Maite deCastro, Moncho Gómez-Gesteira and Fran Santos
Early Nephrology Referral Reduces the Economic Costs among Patients Who Start Renal Replacement Therapy: A Prospective Cohort Study in Korea pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jeonghwan Lee, Jung Pyo Lee, Ji In Park, Jin Ho Hwang, Hye Min Jang, Ji-Young Choi, Yong-Lim Kim, Chul Woo Yang, Shin-Wook Kang, Nam-Ho Kim, Yon Su Kim, Chun Soo Lim and for ESRD investigators Crc
Medulloblastoma in China: Clinicopathologic Analyses of SHH, WNT, and Non-SHH/WNT Molecular Subgroups Reveal Different Therapeutic Responses to Adjuvant Chemotherapy pp. 1-8 Downloads
Zhen-Yu Zhang, Jian Xu, Yong Ren, Yu Yao, Kay Ka-Wai Li, Ho-Keung Ng, Ying Mao, Liang-Fu Zhou and Ping Zhong
High Prevalence of Skin Diseases and Need for Treatment in a Middle-Aged Population. A Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966 Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
Suvi-Päivikki Sinikumpu, Laura Huilaja, Jari Jokelainen, Markku Koiranen, Juha Auvinen, Päivi M Hägg, Erika Wikström, Markku Timonen and Kaisa Tasanen
The Economic Burden of Self-Reported and Undiagnosed Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes on Indonesian Households pp. 1-8 Downloads
Eric A Finkelstein, Junxing Chay and Shailendra Bajpai
Age- and Sex-Dependence of Dopamine Release and Capacity for Recovery Identified in the Dorsal Striatum of C57/Bl6J Mice pp. 1-8 Downloads
Emma Arvidsson, Thomas Viereckel, Sanja Mikulovic and Åsa Wallén-Mackenzie
The Prevalence and Risk Factors for Depression Symptoms in a Rural Chinese Sample Population pp. 1-8 Downloads
Xinghu Zhou, Bo Bi, Liqiang Zheng, Zhao Li, Hongmei Yang, Hongjie Song and Yingxian Sun
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Does a Change in Health Research Funding Policy Related to the Integration of Sex and Gender Have an Impact? pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Effects of Interface Pressure Distribution on Human Sleep Quality pp. 1-8 Downloads
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How Do Online Social Networks Grow? pp. 1-8 Downloads
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The Cost of Providing Combined Prevention and Treatment Services, Including ART, to Female Sex Workers in Burkina Faso pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Personnel and Participant Experiences of a Residential Weight-Loss Program. A Qualitative Study pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Aspergers – Different, Not Less: Occupational Strengths and Job Interests of Individuals with Asperger's Syndrome pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Emperors in Hiding: When Ice-Breakers and Satellites Complement Each Other in Antarctic Exploration pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Extracting the Globally and Locally Adaptive Backbone of Complex Networks pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Wave Propagation Analysis of Edge Cracked Circular Beams under Impact Force pp. 1-8 Downloads
Şeref Doğuşcan Akbaş
Developing and Validating the Youth Conduct Problems Scale-Rwanda: A Mixed Methods Approach pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Comparing EX-PRESS Implantation with Trabeculectomy for Open-Angle Glaucoma pp. 1-8 Downloads
Wei Wang and Xiulan Zhang
B-MOBILE - A Smartphone-Based Intervention to Reduce Sedentary Time in Overweight/Obese Individuals: A Within-Subjects Experimental Trial pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Effectiveness of Mental Health First Aid Training in Sweden. A Randomized Controlled Trial with a Six-Month and Two-Year Follow-Up pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Ecological Network Analysis for Economic Systems: Growth and Development and Implications for Sustainable Development pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Common Mental Disorders in Public Transportation Drivers in Lima, Peru pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Cervical Cancer Precursors and Hormonal Contraceptive Use in HIV-Positive Women: Application of a Causal Model and Semi-Parametric Estimation Methods pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Costs of Introducing and Delivering HPV Vaccines in Low and Lower Middle Income Countries: Inputs for GAVI Policy on Introduction Grant Support to Countries pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Quantitative Measurement of Vocal Fold Vibration in Male Radio Performers and Healthy Controls Using High-Speed Videoendoscopy pp. 1-8 Downloads
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Moving from Outsider to Insider: Peer Status and Partnerships between Electricity Utilities and Residential Consumers pp. 1-8 Downloads
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The Clinical and Economic Impact of Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Cohort of Hospitalized Patients pp. 1-8 Downloads
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A Tetrahedron-Based Endmember Selection Approach for Urban Impervious Surface Mapping pp. 1-16 Downloads
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A Node Linkage Approach for Sequential Pattern Mining pp. 1-16 Downloads
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Modeling the Spread of Multiple Concurrent Contagions on Networks pp. 1-16 Downloads
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Automatic High-Bandwidth Calibration and Reconstruction of Arbitrarily Sampled Parallel MRI pp. 1-16 Downloads
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Exploring Function Prediction in Protein Interaction Networks via Clustering Methods pp. 1-16 Downloads
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Association between RANTES Gene Polymorphisms and Asthma: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Core Self-Evaluations Mediate the Associations of Dispositional Optimism and Life Satisfaction pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Tuberculosis Management Practices of Private Practitioners in Pune Municipal Corporation, India pp. 1-6 Downloads
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The Role of Opportunistic Migration in Cyclic Games pp. 1-6 Downloads
Pierre Buesser and Marco Tomassini
BioAssemblyModeler (BAM): User-Friendly Homology Modeling of Protein Homo- and Heterooligomers pp. 1-6 Downloads
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The Psychosexual Profile of Sexual Assistants: An Internet-Based Explorative Study pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Mapping Glaucoma Patients' 30-2 and 10-2 Visual Fields Reveals Clusters of Test Points Damaged in the 10-2 Grid That Are Not Sampled in the Sparse 30-2 Grid pp. 1-6 Downloads
Ryo Asaoka
Estimating Diagnostic Test Accuracies for Brachyspira hyodysenteriae Accounting for the Complexities of Population Structure in Food Animals pp. 1-6 Downloads
Sonja Hartnack, Christina Nathues, Heiko Nathues, Elisabeth Grosse Beilage and Fraser Iain Lewis
Analysis of Run-to-Run Variation of Bar-Coded Pyrosequencing for Evaluating Bacterial Community Shifts and Individual Taxa Dynamics pp. 1-6 Downloads
Yuan Ge, Joshua P Schimel and Patricia A Holden
Are Numbers, Size and Brightness Equally Efficient in Orienting Visual Attention? Evidence from an Eye-Tracking Study pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Association of Adrenal Function and Disease Severity in Community-Acquired Pneumonia pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Risk Factors for Rebleeding of Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-6 Downloads
Chao Tang, Tian-Song Zhang and Liang-Fu Zhou
Assessing Knowledge and Attitudes of Diabetes in Zuni Indians Using a Culture-Centered Approach pp. 1-6 Downloads
Sara Newman, Terri Cheng, Donica M Ghahate, Jeanette Bobelu, Phillip Sandy, Thomas Faber and Vallabh O Shah
The ‘Stolen Generations' of Mothers and Daughters: Child Apprehension and Enhanced HIV Vulnerabilities for Sex Workers of Aboriginal Ancestry pp. 1-6 Downloads
Putu Duff, Brittany Bingham, Annick Simo, Delores Jury, Charlotte Reading and Kate Shannon
Persistence of Contrasting Traditions in Cultural Evolution: Unpredictable Payoffs Generate Slower Rates of Cultural Change pp. 1-6 Downloads
Christine A Caldwell and Roland M Eve
Peri-Transplant Psychosocial Factors and Neutrophil Recovery following Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation pp. 1-6 Downloads
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ClinicalCodes: An Online Clinical Codes Repository to Improve the Validity and Reproducibility of Research Using Electronic Medical Records pp. 1-6 Downloads
David A Springate, Evangelos Kontopantelis, Darren M Ashcroft, Ivan Olier, Rosa Parisi, Edmore Chamapiwa and David Reeves
Correlation Analysis of EV71 Detection and Case Severity in Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease in the Hunan Province of China pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Effects of Tumor Necrosis Factor-β (TNF-β) 252A>G Polymorphism on the Development of Migraine: A Meta-Analysis pp. 1-6 Downloads
Ruozhuo Liu, Minghui Ma, Mingyu Cui, Zhao Dong, Xiaolin Wang, Wei Zhang, Minghui Yang and Shengyuan Yu
Long-Term Results in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) after Laser-Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP) pp. 1-6 Downloads
Önder Göktas, Mustafa Solmaz, Gökhan Göktas and Heidi Olze
Traffic-Related Air Pollution and the Onset of Myocardial Infarction: Disclosing Benzene as a Trigger? A Small-Area Case-Crossover Study pp. 1-6 Downloads
Denis Bard, Wahida Kihal, Charles Schillinger, Christophe Fermanian, Claire Ségala, Sophie Glorion, Dominique Arveiler and Christiane Weber
Vitamin B12 Status in Metformin Treated Patients: Systematic Review pp. 1-6 Downloads
Qilin Liu, Sheyu Li, Heng Quan and Jianwei Li
Further Optimization of the Reliability of the 28-Joint Disease Activity Score in Patients with Early Rheumatoid Arthritis pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Cost-Effective Use of Silver Dressings for the Treatment of Hard-to-Heal Chronic Venous Leg Ulcers pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Dynamic Oxygen-Enhanced MRI of Cerebrospinal Fluid pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Change in the Embedding Dimension as an Indicator of an Approaching Transition pp. 1-6 Downloads
Yair Neuman, Norbert Marwan and Yohai Cohen
Comparison and Analysis of Biological Agent Category Lists Based On Biosafety and Biodefense pp. 1-6 Downloads
Deqiao Tian and Tao Zheng
A Review of Published Analyses of Case-Cohort Studies and Recommendations for Future Reporting pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Impact of Sleep-Disordered Breathing on Heart Rate Turbulence in Heart Failure Patients pp. 1-6 Downloads
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Advancing Bag-of-Visual-Words Representations for Lesion Classification in Retinal Images pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Simultaneous Multi-Species Tracking in Live Cells with Quantum Dot Conjugates pp. 1-12 Downloads
Mathias P Clausen, Eva C Arnspang, Byron Ballou, James E Bear and B Christoffer Lagerholm
Estimating Landholders’ Probability of Participating in a Stewardship Program, and the Implications for Spatial Conservation Priorities pp. 1-12 Downloads
Vanessa M Adams, Robert L Pressey and Natalie Stoeckl
ForceAtlas2, a Continuous Graph Layout Algorithm for Handy Network Visualization Designed for the Gephi Software pp. 1-12 Downloads
Mathieu Jacomy, Tommaso Venturini, Sebastien Heymann and Mathieu Bastian
Synaptonemal Complex Protein 3 Is a Prognostic Marker in Cervical Cancer pp. 1-12 Downloads
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A Major Locus for Chloride Accumulation on Chromosome 5A in Bread Wheat pp. 1-12 Downloads
Yusuf Genc, Julian Taylor, Jay Rongala and Klaus Oldach
Stochasticity in Ca2+ Increase in Spines Enables Robust and Sensitive Information Coding pp. 1-12 Downloads
Takuya Koumura, Hidetoshi Urakubo, Kaoru Ohashi, Masashi Fujii and Shinya Kuroda
External Validation of a Prognostic Model for Seizure Recurrence Following a First Unprovoked Seizure and Implications for Driving pp. 1-12 Downloads
Laura Jayne Bonnett, Anthony G Marson, Anthony Johnson, Lois Kim, Josemir W Sander, Nicholas Lawn, Ettore Beghi, Maurizio Leone and Catrin Tudur Smith
A Reweighted ℓ1-Minimization Based Compressed Sensing for the Spectral Estimation of Heart Rate Variability Using the Unevenly Sampled Data pp. 1-12 Downloads
Szi-Wen Chen and Shih-Chieh Chao
Choosing Important Health Outcomes for Comparative Effectiveness Research: A Systematic Review pp. 1-12 Downloads
Elizabeth Gargon, Binu Gurung, Nancy Medley, Doug G Altman, Jane M Blazeby, Mike Clarke and Paula R Williamson
Rate and Predictors of Mucosal Healing in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treated with Anti-TNF-Alpha Antibodies pp. 1-12 Downloads
Florian Beigel, Matthias Deml, Fabian Schnitzler, Simone Breiteneicher, Burkhard Göke, Thomas Ochsenkühn and Stephan Brand
Sling Exercise for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis pp. 1-12 Downloads
Yu-Shan Yue, Xu-Dong Wang, Bin Xie, Zhong-Han Li, Bing-Lin Chen, Xue-Qiang Wang and Yi Zhu
Prognostic Value of MET Gene Copy Number and Protein Expression in Patients with Surgically Resected Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Meta-Analysis of Published Literatures pp. 1-12 Downloads
Baoping Guo, Hong Cen, Xiaohong Tan, Wenjian Liu and Qing Ke
Tight Coupling of Na+/K+-ATPase with Glycolysis Demonstrated in Permeabilized Rat Cardiomyocytes pp. 1-12 Downloads
Mervi Sepp, Niina Sokolova, Svetlana Jugai, Merle Mandel, Pearu Peterson and Marko Vendelin
Protective Effect of the HLA-DRB1*13:02 Allele in Japanese Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Geometric Facial Gender Scoring: Objectivity of Perception pp. 1-12 Downloads
Syed Zulqarnain Gilani, Kathleen Rooney, Faisal Shafait, Mark Walters and Ajmal Mian
Co-Authorship and Bibliographic Coupling Network Effects on Citations pp. 1-12 Downloads
Claudio Biscaro and Carlo Giupponi
Identifying Emerging Motif in Growing Networks pp. 1-12 Downloads
Haijia Shi and Lei Shi
Tailoring Release Protocols to Individual