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2019, volume 237, issue C

Sequence transfer correction algorithm for numerical weather prediction wind speed and its application in a wind power forecasting system pp. 1-10 Downloads
Han Wang, Shuang Han, Yongqian Liu, Jie Yan and Li Li
Clustering of residential electricity customers using load time series pp. 11-24 Downloads
Omid Motlagh, Adam Berry and Lachlan O'Neil
Coordination of policy goals between renewable portfolio standards and carbon caps: A quantitative assessment in China pp. 25-35 Downloads
Bo-Wen Yi, Jin-Hua Xu and Ying Fan
A deep spatial-temporal data-driven approach considering microclimates for power system security assessment pp. 36-48 Downloads
Tian-en Huang, Qinglai Guo, Hongbin Sun, Chin-Woo Tan and Tianyu Hu
The characteristics of a Linear Joule Engine Generator operating on a dry friction principle pp. 49-59 Downloads
Ugochukwu Ngwaka, Boru Jia, Christopher Lawrence, Dawei Wu, Andrew Smallbone and Anthony Paul Roskilly
Future energy scenarios with distributed technology options for residential city blocks in three climate regions of the United States pp. 60-69 Downloads
Shengxi Yuan, Wendell Stainsby, Mo Li, Kewei Xu, Michael Waite, Dan Zimmerle, Richard Feiock, Anu Ramaswami and Vijay Modi
Effects of receiver parameters on the optical performance of a fixed-focus Fresnel lens solar concentrator/cavity receiver system in solar cooker pp. 70-82 Downloads
Hai Wang, Jin Huang, Mengjie Song and Jian Yan
Ag-graphene/PEG composite phase change materials for enhancing solar-thermal energy conversion and storage capacity pp. 83-90 Downloads
Yuang Zhang, Jiasheng Wang, Jinjing Qiu, Xin Jin, Malik Muhammad Umair, Rongwen Lu, Shufen Zhang and Bingtao Tang
Studies on dynamic responses and impedance of the vanadium redox flow battery pp. 91-102 Downloads
Yifeng Li, Jie Bao, Skyllas-Kazacos, Maria, Md Parvez Akter, Xinan Zhang and John Fletcher
A hybrid short-term load forecasting model based on variational mode decomposition and long short-term memory networks considering relevant factors with Bayesian optimization algorithm pp. 103-116 Downloads
Feifei He, Jianzhong Zhou, Zhong-kai Feng, Guangbiao Liu and Yuqi Yang
Load profile analysis for reducing energy demands of production systems in non-production times pp. 117-130 Downloads
Patrick Dehning, Stefan Blume, Antal Dér, Dominik Flick, Christoph Herrmann and Sebastian Thiede
Correlating variability of modeling parameters with photovoltaic performance: Monte Carlo simulation of a meso-structured perovskite solar cell pp. 131-144 Downloads
Hansong Xue, Erik Birgersson and Rolf Stangl
Modeling formulation and validation for accelerated simulation and flexibility assessment on large scale power systems under higher renewable penetrations pp. 145-154 Downloads
Xingning Han, Xinyu Chen, Michael B. McElroy, Shiwu Liao, Chris P. Nielsen and Jinyu Wen
Platinum nanoparticle catalysis of methanol for thermoelectric power generation pp. 155-162 Downloads
Bhanuprakash Reddy Guggilla, Alexander Rusted and Smitesh Bakrania
Effects of arrangement geometry and number of boreholes on thermal interaction coefficient of multi-borehole heat exchangers pp. 163-170 Downloads
Ahmet Gultekin, Murat Aydin and Altug Sisman
Performance enhancement of bromide salt by nano-particle dispersion for high-temperature heat pipes in concentrated solar power plants pp. 171-179 Downloads
Yaxuan Xiong, Zhenyu Wang, Yuting Wu, Peng Xu, Yulong Ding, Chun Chang and Chongfang Ma
Probabilistic load forecasting for buildings considering weather forecasting uncertainty and uncertain peak load pp. 180-195 Downloads
Lei Xu, Shengwei Wang and Rui Tang
Investigation of real-time flexibility of combined heat and power plants in district heating applications pp. 196-209 Downloads
Jiawei Wang, Shi You, Yi Zong, Hanmin Cai, Chresten Træholt and Zhao Yang Dong
A neural network approach to the combined multi-objective optimization of the thermodynamic cycle and the radial inflow turbine for Organic Rankine cycle applications pp. 210-226 Downloads
Laura Palagi, Enrico Sciubba and Lorenzo Tocci
A hot syngas purification system integrated with downdraft gasification of municipal solid waste pp. 227-240 Downloads
Wei Ping Chan, Andrei Veksha, Junxi Lei, Wen-Da Oh, Xiaomin Dou, Apostolos Giannis, Grzegorz Lisak and Teik-Thye Lim
A performance-guided JAYA algorithm for parameters identification of photovoltaic cell and module pp. 241-257 Downloads
Kunjie Yu, Boyang Qu, Caitong Yue, Shilei Ge, Xu Chen and Jing Liang
A study of hydrous ethanol combustion in an optical central direct injection spark ignition engine pp. 258-269 Downloads
Mohammadmohsen Moslemin Koupaie, Alasdair Cairns, Hassan Vafamehr and Thompson Diordinis Metzka Lanzanova
UK building thermal performance from industrial and governmental perspectives pp. 270-282 Downloads
Ling-Chin, J., W. Taylor, P. Davidson, D. Reay, W.I. Nazi, S. Tassou and A.P. Roskilly
A comprehensive analysis of food waste derived liquefaction bio-oil properties for industrial application pp. 283-291 Downloads
Wei-Hsin Chen, Yu-Ying Lin, Hsuah-Cheng Liu, Teng-Chien Chen, Chun-Hung Hung, Chi-Hui Chen and Hwai Chyuan Ong
Electricity, the silver bullet for the deep decarbonisation of the energy system? Cost-effectiveness analysis for Portugal pp. 292-303 Downloads
Patrícia Fortes, Sofia G. Simoes, João Pedro Gouveia and Júlia Seixas
A regional power grid operation and planning method considering renewable energy generation and load control pp. 304-313 Downloads
Yuan Zeng, Ruiwen Zhang, Dong Wang, Yunfei Mu and Hongjie Jia
Simulation of elevated temperature solid sorbent CO2 capture for pre-combustion applications using computational fluid dynamics pp. 314-325 Downloads
Qin Chen, Fabian Rosner, Ashok Rao, Scott Samuelsen, Ambal Jayaraman and Gokhan Alptekin
Will agglomeration improve the energy efficiency in China’s textile industry: Evidence and policy implications pp. 326-337 Downloads
Hongli Zhao and Boqiang Lin
Performance analysis of a modified subcritical zeotropic mixture recuperative high-temperature heat pump pp. 338-352 Downloads
Hao Guo, Maoqiong Gong and Xiaoyu Qin
Implications of hydropower variability from climate change for a future, highly-renewable electric grid in California pp. 353-366 Downloads
Brian Tarroja, Kate Forrest, Felicia Chiang, Amir AghaKouchak and Scott Samuelsen
A novel low-temperature fabrication approach of composite phase change materials for high temperature thermal energy storage pp. 367-377 Downloads
Qinghua Yu, Zhu Jiang, Lin Cong, Tiejun Lu, Bilyaminu Suleiman, Guanghui Leng, Zhentao Wu, Yulong Ding and Yongliang Li
Determining the optimal long-term service agreement period and cost considering the uncertain factors in the fuel cell: From the perspectives of the sellers and generators pp. 378-389 Downloads
Hyuna Kang, Juwon Hong, Taehoon Hong, Dongsu Han, Sangyoon Chin and Minhyun Lee
Impact of oil price fluctuations on tanker maritime network structure and traffic flow changes pp. 390-403 Downloads
Hongchu Yu, Zhixiang Fang, Feng Lu, Alan T. Murray, Hengcai Zhang, Peng Peng, Qiang Mei and Jinhai Chen
Economic evaluation of Nearly Zero Energy Cities pp. 404-416 Downloads
Villa-Arrieta, Manuel and Andreas Sumper
Residential activity pattern modelling through stochastic chains of variable memory length pp. 417-430 Downloads
Ramírez-Mendiola, José Luis, Philipp Grünewald and Nick Eyre
Thermal performance analysis of a novel linear cavity receiver for parabolic trough solar collectors pp. 431-439 Downloads
Xueling Li, Huawei Chang, Chen Duan, Yao Zheng and Shuiming Shu
Annual performance analysis and optimization of a solar tower aided coal-fired power plant pp. 440-456 Downloads
Chao Li, Rongrong Zhai, Yongping Yang, Kumar Patchigolla, John E. Oakey and Peter Turner
A coupled electromagnetic-thermal-fluid-kinetic model for microwave-assisted production of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate biodiesel pp. 457-475 Downloads
S.P. Yeong, M.C. Law, K.Y. You, Y.S. Chan and V.C.-C. Lee
Thermal modelling of ethanol-fuelled Solid Oxide Fuel Cells pp. 476-486 Downloads
Bin Chen, Haoran Xu, Peng Tan, Yuan Zhang, Xiaoming Xu, Weizi Cai, Meina Chen and Meng Ni
Reactivity and deactivation mechanisms of pyrolysis chars from bio-waste during catalytic cracking of tar pp. 487-499 Downloads
Maxime Hervy, Weiss-Hortala, Elsa, Doan Pham Minh, Hadi Dib, Audrey Villot, Claire Gérente, Sarah Berhanu, Anthony Chesnaud, Alain Thorel, Laurence Le Coq and Ange Nzihou
Predictive rule-based control to activate the energy flexibility of Norwegian residential buildings: Case of an air-source heat pump and direct electric heating pp. 500-518 Downloads
John Clauß, Sebastian Stinner, Igor Sartori and Laurent Georges
A New Three-point-based Approach for the Parameter Extraction of Photovoltaic Cells pp. 519-533 Downloads
Vun Jack Chin and Zainal Salam
An integrated, solar-driven membrane distillation system for water purification and energy generation pp. 534-548 Downloads
Qiyuan Li, Lisa-Jil Beier, Joel Tan, Celia Brown, Boyue Lian, Wenwei Zhong, Yuan Wang, Chao Ji, Pan Dai, Tianyu Li, Pierre Le Clech, Himanshu Tyagi, Xuefei Liu, Greg Leslie and Robert A. Taylor
Innovative design of superhydrophobic thermal energy-storage materials by microencapsulation of n-docosane with nanostructured ZnO/SiO2 shell pp. 549-565 Downloads
Kun Sun, Huan Liu, Xiaodong Wang and Dezhen Wu
Thermohaline stratification modeling in mine water via double-diffusive convection for geothermal energy recovery from flooded mines pp. 566-580 Downloads
Ting Bao and Liu, Zhen (Leo)
Smart energy systems for sustainable smart cities: Current developments, trends and future directions pp. 581-597 Downloads
O’Dwyer, Edward, Indranil Pan, Salvador Acha and Nilay Shah
Northern European nearly zero energy building concepts for apartment buildings using integrated solar technologies and dynamic occupancy profile: Focus on Finland and other Northern European countries pp. 598-617 Downloads
Francesco Reda and Zarrin Fatima
Contribution of country-specific electricity mix and charging time to environmental impact of battery electric vehicles: A case study of electric buses in Germany pp. 618-634 Downloads
Matthias Rupp, Nils Handschuh, Christian Rieke and Isabel Kuperjans
Dynamic operating conditions strategy for water hybrid cooling under variable heating demand pp. 635-645 Downloads
Cíntia Carla Melgaço de Oliveira, José Luiz Pereira Brittes and Vivaldo Silveira Junior
Solving the combined heat and power economic dispatch problems by an improved genetic algorithm and a new constraint handling strategy pp. 646-670 Downloads
Dexuan Zou, Steven Li, Xiangyong Kong, Haibin Ouyang and Zongyan Li
Thermal cycling of thermoelectric generators: The effect of heating rate pp. 671-681 Downloads
R. Merienne, J. Lynn, E. McSweeney and S.M. O'Shaughnessy
The improved open-circuit voltage characterization test using active polarization voltage reduction method pp. 682-694 Downloads
Jufeng Yang, Wenxin Huang, Bing Xia and Chris Mi
Optimal operational planning of scalable DC microgrid with demand response, islanding, and battery degradation cost considerations pp. 695-707 Downloads
Muhammad Fahad Zia, Elhoussin Elbouchikhi and Mohamed Benbouzid
Thermal energy storage for waste heat recovery in the steelworks: The case study of the REslag project pp. 708-719 Downloads
Ortega-Fernández, Iñigo and Rodríguez-Aseguinolaza, Javier
Advantage of variable-speed pumped storage plants for mitigating wind power variations: Integrated modelling and performance assessment pp. 720-732 Downloads
Weijia Yang and Jiandong Yang
Performance evaluation of PVA-LiCl coated heat exchangers for next-generation of energy-efficient dehumidification pp. 733-750 Downloads
P. Vivekh, D.T. Bui, Y. Wong, M. Kumja and K.J. Chua
Methodology developed for the construction of an urban-energy diagnosis aimed to assess alternative scenarios: An intra-urban approach to foster cities’ sustainability pp. 751-778 Downloads
Pedro Joaquín Chévez, Irene Martini and Carlos Discoli
Application of energy and CO2 reduction assessments for end-of-life vehicles recycling in Japan pp. 779-794 Downloads
Fernando Enzo Kenta Sato, Takaaki Furubayashi and Toshihiko Nakata
Hydrogen from renewables: Supply from North Africa to Central Europe as blend in existing pipelines – Potentials and costs pp. 795-809 Downloads
Sebastian Timmerberg and Martin Kaltschmitt
A deep learning and gamification approach to improving human-building interaction and energy efficiency in smart infrastructure pp. 810-821 Downloads
Ioannis C. Konstantakopoulos, Andrew R. Barkan, Shiying He, Tanya Veeravalli, Huihan Liu and Costas Spanos
Evaluation of Mn-Fe mixed oxide doped with TiO2 for the combustion with CO2 capture by Chemical Looping assisted by Oxygen Uncoupling pp. 822-835 Downloads
Pérez-Vega, R., A. Abad, M.T. Izquierdo, P. Gayán, L.F. de Diego and J. Adánez
A novel data-model fusion state-of-health estimation approach for lithium-ion batteries pp. 836-847 Downloads
Zeyu Ma, Ruixin Yang and Zhenpo Wang
Multi-time scale dynamic analysis of integrated energy systems: An individual-based model pp. 848-861 Downloads
L.X. Wang, J.H. Zheng, M.S. Li, X. Lin, Z.X. Jing, P.Z. Wu, Q.H. Wu and X.X. Zhou
Life cycle assessment of hydrogen from proton exchange membrane water electrolysis in future energy systems pp. 862-872 Downloads
Kay Bareiß, Cristina de la Rua, Maximilian Möckl and Thomas Hamacher
Utilising the flexible generation potential of tidal range power plants to optimise economic value pp. 873-884 Downloads
Freddie Harcourt, Athanasios Angeloudis and Matthew D. Piggott
Identifying and estimating the effects of a mandatory billing demand charge pp. 885-895 Downloads
Isak Öhrlund, Mårten Schultzberg and Cajsa Bartusch
A hybrid model based on modified multi-objective cuckoo search algorithm for short-term load forecasting pp. 896-909 Downloads
Zhuochun Wu, Xiaochen Zhao, Yuqing Ma and Xinyan Zhao
Remaining useful life estimation for proton exchange membrane fuel cells using a hybrid method pp. 910-919 Downloads
Hao Liu, Jian Chen, Daniel Hissel and Hongye Su
Multifactor performance analysis of reversible solid oxide cells based on proton-conducting electrolytes pp. 924-934 Downloads
Nikolay Danilov, Julia Lyagaeva, Gennady Vdovin and Dmitry Medvedev
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