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2022, volume 608, articles 7922

There’s a simple fix for skewed pandemic estimates pp. 241-241 Downloads
Elizabeth Wrigley-Field
Pig organs partially revived in dead animals — researchers are stunned pp. 247-248 Downloads
Max Kozlov
Billions more for US science: how the landmark spending plan will boost research pp. 249-249 Downloads
McKenzie Prillaman
Could machine learning fuel a reproducibility crisis in science? pp. 250-251 Downloads
Elizabeth Gibney
How humans’ ability to digest milk evolved from famine and disease pp. 251-252 Downloads
Ewen Callaway
‘Everybody is so excited’: South Korea set for first Moon mission pp. 252-253 Downloads
Smriti Mallapaty
Pandemic drives largest drop in childhood vaccinations in 30 years pp. 253-253 Downloads
Giorgia Guglielmi
The effects of overturning Roe v. Wade in seven simple charts pp. 254-257 Downloads
Saima May Sidik
Long-COVID treatments: why the world is still waiting pp. 258-260 Downloads
Heidi Ledford
James E. Lovelock (1919–2022) pp. 261-261 Downloads
John Gribbin
How climate change and unplanned urban sprawl bring more landslides pp. 262-265 Downloads
Ugur Ozturk, Elisa Bozzolan, Elizabeth A. Holcombe, Roopam Shukla, Francesca Pianosi and Thorsten Wagener
IPBES responds to critics of its assessment of wild-species use pp. 266-266 Downloads
John S. Donaldson, Marla R. Emery and Jean-Marc Fromentin
Decarbonize pedagogy — apply sustainable development goals pp. 266-266 Downloads
Paul G. Leahy and Benjamin K. Sovacool
Communication tools for scientists who stammer pp. 266-266 Downloads
Mobbassar Hassan Sk
Climate club ‘green certificate’ would boost membership pp. 266-266 Downloads
Miquel Oliu-Barton and Simone Tagliapietra
The mystery of early milk consumption in Europe pp. 268-269 Downloads
Shevan Wilkin
A short burst of reward curbs the addictiveness of ketamine pp. 271-272 Downloads
Rianne Campbell and Mary Kay Lobo
Improved organ recovery after oxygen deprivation pp. 273-274 Downloads
Robert J. Porte
Potato-gene wrangler pp. 442-442 Downloads
Virginia Gewin

2022, volume 608, articles 7921

Retractions are increasing, but not enough pp. 9-9 Downloads
Ivan Oransky
Author Correction: Skeletal editing through direct nitrogen deletion of secondary amines pp. E11-E11 Downloads
Sean H. Kennedy, Balu D. Dherange, Kathleen J. Berger and Mark D. Levin
Author Correction: H i 21-centimetre emission from an ensemble of galaxies at an average redshift of one pp. E12-E12 Downloads
Aditya Chowdhury, Nissim Kanekar, Jayaram N. Chengalur, Shiv Sethi and K. S. Dwarakanath
Author Correction: Global-scale human impact on delta morphology has led to net land area gain pp. E13-E13 Downloads
J. H. Nienhuis, A. D. Ashton, D. A. Edmonds, A. J. F. Hoitink, A. J. Kettner, J. C. Rowland and T. E. Törnqvist
Publisher Correction: Landfalling hurricane track modes and decay pp. E14-E14 Downloads
Kelvin T. F. Chan, Kailin Zhang, Yue Wu and Johnny C. L. Chan
Publisher Correction: Structural basis of GABA reuptake inhibition pp. E15-E15 Downloads
Zenia Motiwala, Nanda Gowtham Aduri, Hamidreza Shaye, Gye Won Han, Jordy Homing Lam, Vsevolod Katritch, Vadim Cherezov and Cornelius Gati
‘The entire protein universe’: AI predicts shape of nearly every known protein pp. 15-16 Downloads
Ewen Callaway
How long is COVID infectious? What scientists know so far pp. 16-17 Downloads
David Adam
Four revelations from the Webb telescope about distant galaxies pp. 18-19 Downloads
Alexandra Witze
Exclusive: Laser-fusion facility heads back to the drawing board pp. 20-21 Downloads
Jeff Tollefson
Sri Lanka is in crisis — and so are its scientists pp. 21-21 Downloads
Smriti Mallapaty
Hybrid brains: the ethics of transplanting human neurons into animals pp. 22-25 Downloads
Kendall Powell
Heart disease after COVID: what the data say pp. 26-28 Downloads
Saima May Sidik
The double toll of viruses and social injustice pp. 29-30 Downloads
Jennifer Hochschild
Why you should love wasps, and what is emotion? Books in brief pp. 30-30 Downloads
Andrew Robinson
Partially revived pig organs could force a rethink of critical-care processes pp. 32-35 Downloads
Brendan Parent
The social connections that shape economic prospects pp. 37-38 Downloads
Noam Angrist and Bruce Sacerdote
Escort proteins for cellular zinc ions pp. 38-39 Downloads
Wolfgang Maret
Nanowire device slips ahead in race to a primary standard for current pp. 40-41 Downloads
Masaya Kataoka
Risk management alone fails to limit the impact of extreme climate events pp. 41-43 Downloads
Beth Tellman and Hallie Eakin
Akt protein boosts cancer metabolism through a two-pronged attack pp. 43-44 Downloads
Philipp Poeller and Almut Schulze
Quantized current steps due to the a.c. coherent quantum phase-slip effect pp. 45-49 Downloads
Rais S. Shaikhaidarov, Kyung Ho Kim, Jacob W. Dunstan, Ilya V. Antonov, Sven Linzen, Mario Ziegler, Dmitry S. Golubev, Vladimir N. Antonov, Evgeni V. Il’ichev and Oleg V. Astafiev
Non-Hermitian morphing of topological modes pp. 50-55 Downloads
Wei Wang, Xulong Wang and Guancong Ma
Highly efficient blue InGaN nanoscale light-emitting diodes pp. 56-61 Downloads
Mihyang Sheen, Yunhyuk Ko, Dong-uk Kim, Jongil Kim, Jin-ho Byun, YongSeok Choi, Jonghoon Ha, Ki Young Yeon, Dohyung Kim, Jungwoon Jung, Jinyoung Choi, Ran Kim, Jewon Yoo, Inpyo Kim, Chanwoo Joo, Nami Hong, Joohee Lee, Sang Ho Jeon, Sang Ho Oh, Jaekwang Lee, Nari Ahn and Changhee Lee
Strong yet ductile nanolamellar high-entropy alloys by additive manufacturing pp. 62-68 Downloads
Jie Ren, Yin Zhang, Dexin Zhao, Yan Chen, Shuai Guan, Yanfang Liu, Liang Liu, Siyuan Peng, Fanyue Kong, Jonathan D. Poplawsky, Guanhui Gao, Thomas Voisin, Ke An, Y. Morris Wang, Kelvin Y. Xie, Ting Zhu and Wen Chen
Pulsed hydraulic-pressure-responsive self-cleaning membrane pp. 69-73 Downloads
Yang Zhao, Yuna Gu, Bin Liu, Yujie Yan, Chao Shan, Jian Guo, Shantao Zhang, Chad D. Vecitis and Guandao Gao
Site-selective, stereocontrolled glycosylation of minimally protected sugars pp. 74-79 Downloads
Qiuhan Li, Samuel M. Levi, Corin C. Wagen, Alison E. Wendlandt and Eric N. Jacobsen
The challenge of unprecedented floods and droughts in risk management pp. 80-86 Downloads
Heidi Kreibich, Anne F. Loon, Kai Schröter, Philip J. Ward, Maurizio Mazzoleni, Nivedita Sairam, Guta Wakbulcho Abeshu, Svetlana Agafonova, Amir AghaKouchak, Hafzullah Aksoy, Camila Alvarez-Garreton, Blanca Aznar, Laila Balkhi, Marlies H. Barendrecht, Sylvain Biancamaria, Liduin Bos-Burgering, Chris Bradley, Yus Budiyono, Wouter Buytaert, Lucinda Capewell, Hayley Carlson, Yonca Cavus, Anaïs Couasnon, Gemma Coxon, Ioannis Daliakopoulos, Marleen C. Ruiter, Claire Delus, Mathilde Erfurt, Giuseppe Esposito, Didier François, Frédéric Frappart, Jim Freer, Natalia Frolova, Animesh K. Gain, Manolis Grillakis, Jordi Oriol Grima, Diego A. Guzmán, Laurie S. Huning, Monica Ionita, Maxim Kharlamov, Dao Nguyen Khoi, Natalie Kieboom, Maria Kireeva, Aristeidis Koutroulis, Waldo Lavado-Casimiro, Hong-Yi Li, María Carmen LLasat, David Macdonald, Johanna Mård, Hannah Mathew-Richards, Andrew McKenzie, Alfonso Mejia, Eduardo Mario Mendiondo, Marjolein Mens, Shifteh Mobini, Guilherme Samprogna Mohor, Viorica Nagavciuc, Thanh Ngo-Duc, Thi Nguyen Huynh, Pham Thi Thao Nhi, Olga Petrucci, Hong Quan Nguyen, Pere Quintana-Seguí, Saman Razavi, Elena Ridolfi, Jannik Riegel, Md Shibly Sadik, Elisa Savelli, Alexey Sazonov, Sanjib Sharma, Johanna Sörensen, Felipe Augusto Arguello Souza, Kerstin Stahl, Max Steinhausen, Michael Stoelzle, Wiwiana Szalińska, Qiuhong Tang, Fuqiang Tian, Tamara Tokarczyk, Carolina Tovar, Thi Van Thu Tran, Marjolein H. J. Huijgevoort, Michelle T. H. Vliet, Sergiy Vorogushyn, Thorsten Wagener, Yueling Wang, Doris E. Wendt, Elliot Wickham, Long Yang, Mauricio Zambrano-Bigiarini, Günter Blöschl and Giuliano Baldassarre
Timescales for pluton growth, magma-chamber formation and super-eruptions pp. 87-92 Downloads
M. E. Zalinge, D. F. Mark, R. S. J. Sparks, M. M. Tremblay, C. B. Keller, F. J. Cooper and A. Rust
A male steroid controls female sexual behaviour in the malaria mosquito pp. 93-97 Downloads
Duo Peng, Evdoxia G. Kakani, Enzo Mameli, Charles Vidoudez, Sara N. Mitchell, Gennifer E. Merrihew, Michael J. MacCoss, Kelsey Adams, Tasneem A. Rinvee, W. Robert Shaw and Flaminia Catteruccia
A time-resolved, multi-symbol molecular recorder via sequential genome editing pp. 98-107 Downloads
Junhong Choi, Wei Chen, Anna Minkina, Florence M. Chardon, Chase C. Suiter, Samuel G. Regalado, Silvia Domcke, Nobuhiko Hamazaki, Choli Lee, Beth Martin, Riza M. Daza and Jay Shendure
Social capital I: measurement and associations with economic mobility pp. 108-121 Downloads
Raj Chetty, Matthew O. Jackson, Theresa Kuchler, Johannes Stroebel, Nathaniel Hendren, Robert B. Fluegge, Sara Gong, Federico Gonzalez, Armelle Grondin, Matthew Jacob, Drew Johnston, Martin Koenen, Eduardo Laguna-Muggenburg, Florian Mudekereza, Tom Rutter, Nicolaj Thor, Wilbur Townsend, Ruby Zhang, Mike Bailey, Pablo Barberá, Monica Bhole and Nils Wernerfelt
Social capital II: determinants of economic connectedness pp. 122-134 Downloads
Raj Chetty, Matthew O. Jackson, Theresa Kuchler, Johannes Stroebel, Nathaniel Hendren, Robert B. Fluegge, Sara Gong, Federico Gonzalez, Armelle Grondin, Matthew Jacob, Drew Johnston, Martin Koenen, Eduardo Laguna-Muggenburg, Florian Mudekereza, Tom Rutter, Nicolaj Thor, Wilbur Townsend, Ruby Zhang, Mike Bailey, Pablo Barberá, Monica Bhole and Nils Wernerfelt
Women are credited less in science than men pp. 135-145 Downloads
Matthew B. Ross, Britta M. Glennon, Raviv Murciano-Goroff, Enrico G. Berkes, Bruce A. Weinberg and Julia I. Lane
Visual recognition of social signals by a tectothalamic neural circuit pp. 146-152 Downloads
Johannes M. Kappel, Dominique Förster, Katja Slangewal, Inbal Shainer, Fabian Svara, Joseph C. Donovan, Shachar Sherman, Michał Januszewski, Herwig Baier and Johannes Larsch
Prefrontal feature representations drive memory recall pp. 153-160 Downloads
Nakul Yadav, Chelsea Noble, James E. Niemeyer, Andrea Terceros, Jonathan Victor, Conor Liston and Priyamvada Rajasethupathy
Secreted fungal virulence effector triggers allergic inflammation via TLR4 pp. 161-167 Downloads
Eric V. Dang, Susan Lei, Atanas Radkov, Regan F. Volk, Balyn W. Zaro and Hiten D. Madhani
Akkermansia muciniphila phospholipid induces homeostatic immune responses pp. 168-173 Downloads
Munhyung Bae, Chelsi D. Cassilly, Xiaoxi Liu, Sung-Moo Park, Betsabeh Khoramian Tusi, Xiangjun Chen, Jaeyoung Kwon, Pavel Filipčík, Andrew S. Bolze, Zehua Liu, Hera Vlamakis, Daniel B. Graham, Sara J. Buhrlage, Ramnik J. Xavier and Jon Clardy
Single-nucleus profiling of human dilated and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy pp. 174-180 Downloads
Mark Chaffin, Irinna Papangeli, Bridget Simonson, Amer-Denis Akkad, Matthew C. Hill, Alessandro Arduini, Stephen J. Fleming, Michelle Melanson, Sikander Hayat, Maria Kost-Alimova, Ondine Atwa, Jiangchuan Ye, Kenneth C. Bedi, Matthias Nahrendorf, Virendar K. Kaushik, Christian M. Stegmann, Kenneth B. Margulies, Nathan R. Tucker and Patrick T. Ellinor
Integrated multi-omic characterization of congenital heart disease pp. 181-191 Downloads
Matthew C. Hill, Zachary A. Kadow, Hali Long, Yuka Morikawa, Thomas J. Martin, Emma J. Birks, Kenneth S. Campbell, Jeanne Nerbonne, Kory Lavine, Lalita Wadhwa, Jun Wang, Diwakar Turaga, Iki Adachi and James F. Martin
PI3K drives the de novo synthesis of coenzyme A from vitamin B5 pp. 192-198 Downloads
Christian C. Dibble, Samuel A. Barritt, Grace E. Perry, Evan C. Lien, Renee C. Geck, Sarah E. DuBois-Coyne, David Bartee, Thomas T. Zengeya, Emily B. Cohen, Min Yuan, Benjamin D. Hopkins, Jordan L. Meier, John G. Clohessy, John M. Asara, Lewis C. Cantley and Alex Toker
Deep whole-genome ctDNA chronology of treatment-resistant prostate cancer pp. 199-208 Downloads
Cameron Herberts, Matti Annala, Joonatan Sipola, Sarah W. S. Ng, Xinyi E. Chen, Anssi Nurminen, Olga V. Korhonen, Aslı D. Munzur, Kevin Beja, Elena Schönlau, Cecily Q. Bernales, Elie Ritch, Jack V. W. Bacon, Nathan A. Lack, Matti Nykter, Rahul Aggarwal, Eric J. Small, Martin E. Gleave, David A. Quigley, Felix Y. Feng, Kim N. Chi and Alexander W. Wyatt
Sestrin mediates detection of and adaptation to low-leucine diets in Drosophila pp. 209-216 Downloads
Xin Gu, Patrick Jouandin, Pranav V. Lalgudi, Rich Binari, Max L. Valenstein, Michael A. Reid, Annamarie E. Allen, Nolan Kamitaki, Jason W. Locasale, Norbert Perrimon and David M. Sabatini
Recording gene expression order in DNA by CRISPR addition of retron barcodes pp. 217-225 Downloads
Santi Bhattarai-Kline, Sierra K. Lear, Chloe B. Fishman, Santiago C. Lopez, Elana R. Lockshin, Max G. Schubert, Jeff Nivala, George M. Church and Seth L. Shipman
Decriminalization of marijuana opens doors for some scientists pp. 227-228 Downloads
Chris Woolston
Six tips for better spreadsheets pp. 229-230 Downloads
Jeffrey M. Perkel
Face-to-face with a 250-kg grizzly: how I study bears in the Rocky Mountains pp. 232-232 Downloads
Rachael Pells
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