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2024, volume 628, articles 8009

How AI is improving climate forecasts pp. 710-712 Downloads
Carissa Wong
Peter Higgs obituary: physicist who predicted boson that explains why particles have mass pp. 717-717 Downloads
Christine Sutton
Londoners see what a scientist looks like up close in 50 photographs pp. 922-922 Downloads
Jack Leeming

2024, volume 628, articles 8008

CERN’s impact goes way beyond tiny particles pp. S1-S3 Downloads
Nikki Forrester
Author Correction: SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody structures inform therapeutic strategies pp. E2-E2 Downloads
Christopher O. Barnes, Claudia A. Jette, Morgan E. Abernathy, Kim-Marie A. Dam, Shannon R. Esswein, Harry B. Gristick, Andrey G. Malyutin, Naima G. Sharaf, Kathryn E. Huey-Tubman, Yu E. Lee, Davide F. Robbiani, Michel C. Nussenzweig, Anthony P. West and Pamela J. Bjorkman
Publisher Correction: Visuo-frontal interactions during social learning in freely moving macaques pp. E3-E3 Downloads
Melissa Franch, Sudha Yellapantula, Arun Parajuli, Natasha Kharas, Anthony Wright, Behnaam Aazhang and Valentin Dragoi
Deadly diseases and inflatable suits: how I found my niche in virology research pp. S4-S4 Downloads
Nikki Forrester
I dive for fish in the longest freshwater lake in the world pp. S5-S5 Downloads
Nikki Forrester
We must protect the global plastics treaty from corporate interference pp. 475-475 Downloads
Martin Wagner
Structure peer review to make it more robust pp. 476-476 Downloads
Mario Malički
Total solar eclipse 2024: what dazzled scientists pp. 479-480 Downloads
Sumeet Kulkarni and Lauren Wolf
Exclusive: official investigation reveals how superconductivity physicist faked blockbuster results pp. 481-483 Downloads
Dan Garisto
Is ChatGPT corrupting peer review? Telltale words hint at AI use pp. 483-484 Downloads
Dalmeet Singh Chawla
Bird flu outbreak in US cows: why scientists are concerned pp. 484-485 Downloads
Max Kozlov and Smriti Mallapaty
How to supercharge cancer-fighting cells: give them stem-cell skills pp. 486-486 Downloads
Sara Reardon
Obesity drugs aren’t always forever. What happens when you quit? pp. 488-490 Downloads
McKenzie Prillaman
What toilets can reveal about COVID, cancer and other health threats pp. 492-494 Downloads
Betsy Ladyzhets
Are women in research being led up the garden path? pp. 495-496 Downloads
Josie Glausiusz
Wild women and restoring public trust: Books in brief pp. 496-496 Downloads
Andrew Robinson
Frans de Waal (1948–2024), primatologist who questioned the uniqueness of human minds pp. 497-497 Downloads
Andrew Whiten
Citizenship privilege harms science pp. 499-501 Downloads
Mayank Chugh and Tiffany Joseph
Use game theory for climate models that really help reach net zero goals pp. 502-502 Downloads
Kathleen B. Aviso, Raymond R. Tan, Jose B. Cruz, Jr and Maria Victoria Migo-Sumagang
It’s time to talk about the hidden human cost of the green transition pp. 502-502 Downloads
Manuel Prieto and Nicolás C. Zanetta-Colombo
The world needs a COP for water like the one for climate change pp. 502-502 Downloads
Simon Porcher
Female academics need more support — in China as elsewhere pp. 502-502 Downloads
Daxin Wang, Yongbing Cao and Chuanli Ren
Wildlife boost in African forests certified for sustainable logging pp. 503-505 Downloads
Julia E. Fa
Light makes atoms behave like electromagnetic coils pp. 505-506 Downloads
Carl P. Romao and Dominik M. Juraschek
A bitter taste receptor activated in a surprising way pp. 506-507 Downloads
Antonella Di Pizio
A quirky fluid that has robotic capabilities pp. 508-509 Downloads
P.-T. Brun
Methane emission from a cool brown dwarf pp. 511-514 Downloads
Jacqueline K. Faherty, Ben Burningham, Jonathan Gagné, Genaro Suárez, Johanna M. Vos, Sherelyn Alejandro Merchan, Caroline V. Morley, Melanie Rowland, Brianna Lacy, Rocio Kiman, Dan Caselden, J. Davy Kirkpatrick, Aaron Meisner, Adam C. Schneider, Marc Jason Kuchner, Daniella Carolina Bardalez Gagliuffi, Charles Beichman, Peter Eisenhardt, Christopher R. Gelino, Ehsan Gharib-Nezhad, Eileen Gonzales, Federico Marocco, Austin James Rothermich and Niall Whiteford
Dual quantum spin Hall insulator by density-tuned correlations in TaIrTe4 pp. 515-521 Downloads
Jian Tang, Thomas Siyuan Ding, Hongyu Chen, Anyuan Gao, Tiema Qian, Zumeng Huang, Zhe Sun, Xin Han, Alex Strasser, Jiangxu Li, Michael Geiwitz, Mohamed Shehabeldin, Vsevolod Belosevich, Zihan Wang, Yiping Wang, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, David C. Bell, Ziqiang Wang, Liang Fu, Yang Zhang, Xiaofeng Qian, Kenneth S. Burch, Youguo Shi, Ni Ni, Guoqing Chang, Su-Yang Xu and Qiong Ma
Evidence of the fractional quantum spin Hall effect in moiré MoTe2 pp. 522-526 Downloads
Kaifei Kang, Bowen Shen, Yichen Qiu, Yihang Zeng, Zhengchao Xia, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Jie Shan and Kin Fai Mak
A hybrid topological quantum state in an elemental solid pp. 527-533 Downloads
Md Shafayat Hossain, Frank Schindler, Rajibul Islam, Zahir Muhammad, Yu-Xiao Jiang, Zi-Jia Cheng, Qi Zhang, Tao Hou, Hongyu Chen, Maksim Litskevich, Brian Casas, Jia-Xin Yin, Tyler A. Cochran, Mohammad Yahyavi, Xian P. Yang, Luis Balicas, Guoqing Chang, Weisheng Zhao, Titus Neupert and M. Zahid Hasan
Terahertz electric-field-driven dynamical multiferroicity in SrTiO3 pp. 534-539 Downloads
M. Basini, M. Pancaldi, B. Wehinger, M. Udina, V. Unikandanunni, T. Tadano, M. C. Hoffmann, A. V. Balatsky and S. Bonetti
Phononic switching of magnetization by the ultrafast Barnett effect pp. 540-544 Downloads
C. S. Davies, F. G. N. Fennema, A. Tsukamoto, I. Razdolski, A. V. Kimel and A. Kirilyuk
Shell buckling for programmable metafluids pp. 545-550 Downloads
Adel Djellouli, Bert Van Raemdonck, Yang Wang, Yi Yang, Anthony Caillaud, David Weitz, Shmuel Rubinstein, Benjamin Gorissen and Katia Bertoldi
The economic commitment of climate change pp. 551-557 Downloads
Maximilian Kotz, Anders Levermann and Leonie Wenz
Seismological evidence for a multifault network at the subduction interface pp. 558-562 Downloads
Caroline Chalumeau, Hans Agurto-Detzel, Andreas Rietbrock, Michael Frietsch, Onno Oncken, Monica Segovia and Audrey Galve
FSC-certified forest management benefits large mammals compared to non-FSC pp. 563-568 Downloads
Joeri A. Zwerts, E. H. M. Sterck, Pita A. Verweij, Fiona Maisels, Jaap Waarde, Emma A. M. Geelen, Georges Belmond Tchoumba, Hermann Frankie Donfouet Zebaze and Marijke Kuijk
Jurassic shuotheriids show earliest dental diversification of mammaliaforms pp. 569-575 Downloads
Fangyuan Mao, Zhiyu Li, Zhili Wang, Chi Zhang, Thomas Rich, Patricia Vickers-Rich and Jin Meng
Fossils document evolutionary changes of jaw joint to mammalian middle ear pp. 576-581 Downloads
Fangyuan Mao, Chi Zhang, Jicheng Ren, Tao Wang, Guofu Wang, Fakui Zhang, Thomas Rich, Patricia Vickers-Rich and Jin Meng
Persistent interaction patterns across social media platforms and over time pp. 582-589 Downloads
Michele Avalle, Niccolò Marco, Gabriele Etta, Emanuele Sangiorgio, Shayan Alipour, Anita Bonetti, Lorenzo Alvisi, Antonio Scala, Andrea Baronchelli, Matteo Cinelli and Walter Quattrociocchi
Neural and behavioural state switching during hippocampal dentate spikes pp. 590-595 Downloads
Jordan S. Farrell, Ernie Hwaun, Barna Dudok and Ivan Soltesz
Motor neurons generate pose-targeted movements via proprioceptive sculpting pp. 596-603 Downloads
Benjamin Gorko, Igor Siwanowicz, Kari Close, Christina Christoforou, Karen L. Hibbard, Mayank Kabra, Allen Lee, Jin-Yong Park, Si Ying Li, Alex B. Chen, Shigehiro Namiki, Chenghao Chen, John C. Tuthill, Davi D. Bock, Hervé Rouault, Kristin Branson, Gudrun Ihrke and Stephen J. Huston
CGRP sensory neurons promote tissue healing via neutrophils and macrophages pp. 604-611 Downloads
Yen-Zhen Lu, Bhavana Nayer, Shailendra Kumar Singh, Yasmin K. Alshoubaki, Elle Yuan, Anthony J. Park, Kenta Maruyama, Shizuo Akira and Mikaël M. Martino
Venous-plexus-associated lymphoid hubs support meningeal humoral immunity pp. 612-619 Downloads
Zachary Fitzpatrick, Nagela Ghabdan Zanluqui, Jared S. Rosenblum, Zewen Kelvin Tuong, Colin Y. C. Lee, Vikram Chandrashekhar, Maria Luciana Negro-Demontel, Andrew P. Stewart, David A. Posner, Monica Buckley, Kieren S. J. Allinson, Panagiotis Mastorakos, Prashant Chittiboina, Dragan Maric, Danielle Donahue, Adel Helmy, Tamara Tajsic, John R. Ferdinand, Anais Portet, Ana Peñalver, Eleanor Gillman, Zhengping Zhuang, Menna R. Clatworthy and Dorian B. McGavern
Role of IL-27 in Epstein–Barr virus infection revealed by IL-27RA deficiency pp. 620-629 Downloads
Emmanuel Martin, Sarah Winter, Cécile Garcin, Kay Tanita, Akihiro Hoshino, Christelle Lenoir, Benjamin Fournier, Mélanie Migaud, David Boutboul, Mathieu Simonin, Alicia Fernandes, Paul Bastard, Tom Voyer, Anne-Laure Roupie, Yassine Ahmed, Marianne Leruez-Ville, Marianne Burgard, Geetha Rao, Cindy S. Ma, Cécile Masson, Claire Soudais, Capucine Picard, Jacinta Bustamante, Stuart G. Tangye, Nathalie Cheikh, Mikko Seppänen, Anne Puel, Mark Daly, Jean-Laurent Casanova, Bénédicte Neven, Alain Fischer and Sylvain Latour
The HEAT repeat protein HPO-27 is a lysosome fission factor pp. 630-638 Downloads
Letao Li, Xilu Liu, Shanshan Yang, Meijiao Li, Yanwei Wu, Siqi Hu, Wenjuan Wang, Amin Jiang, Qianqian Zhang, Junbing Zhang, Xiaoli Ma, Junyan Hu, Qiaohong Zhao, Yubing Liu, Dong Li, Junjie Hu, Chonglin Yang, Wei Feng and Xiaochen Wang
Improving prime editing with an endogenous small RNA-binding protein pp. 639-647 Downloads
Jun Yan, Paul Oyler-Castrillo, Purnima Ravisankar, Carl C. Ward, Sébastien Levesque, Yangwode Jing, Danny Simpson, Anqi Zhao, Hui Li, Weihao Yan, Laine Goudy, Ralf Schmidt, Sabrina C. Solley, Luke A. Gilbert, Michelle M. Chan, Daniel E. Bauer, Alexander Marson, Lance R. Parsons and Britt Adamson
Single-cell multiplex chromatin and RNA interactions in ageing human brain pp. 648-656 Downloads
Xingzhao Wen, Zhifei Luo, Wenxin Zhao, Riccardo Calandrelli, Tri C. Nguyen, Xueyi Wan, John Lalith Charles Richard and Sheng Zhong
Structure and assembly of a bacterial gasdermin pore pp. 657-663 Downloads
Alex G. Johnson, Megan L. Mayer, Stefan L. Schaefer, Nora K. McNamara-Bordewick, Gerhard Hummer and Philip J. Kranzusch
Bitter taste receptor activation by cholesterol and an intracellular tastant pp. 664-671 Downloads
Yoojoong Kim, Ryan H. Gumpper, Yongfeng Liu, D. Dewran Kocak, Yan Xiong, Can Cao, Zhijie Deng, Brian E. Krumm, Manish K. Jain, Shicheng Zhang, Jian Jin and Bryan L. Roth
Africa’s postdoc workforce is on the rise — but at what cost? pp. 673-676 Downloads
Linda Nordling
A milestone map of mouse-brain connectivity reveals challenging new terrain for scientists pp. 677-679 Downloads
Michael Eisenstein
Acid test: why the chemistry of this unique crater lake matters pp. 682-682 Downloads
James Mitchell Crow

2024, volume 628, articles 8007

AI-fuelled election campaigns are here — where are the rules? pp. 237-237 Downloads
Rumman Chowdhury
Is IVF at risk in the US? Scientists fear for the fertility treatment’s future pp. 241-242 Downloads
Mariana Lenharo
How papers with doctored images can affect scientific reviews pp. 242-243 Downloads
Sumeet Kulkarni
Climate change has slowed Earth’s rotation — and could affect how we keep time pp. 243-244 Downloads
Elizabeth Gibney
Journal editors are resigning en masse: what do these group exits achieve? pp. 244-245 Downloads
Katharine Sanderson
This super-Earth is the first planet confirmed to have a permanent dark side pp. 245-246 Downloads
Joseph Howlett
Right- or left-handed? Protein in embryo cells might help decide pp. 246-246 Downloads
Sumeet Kulkarni
Scientists made a six-legged mouse embryo — here’s why pp. 247-247 Downloads
Sara Reardon
mRNA drug offers hope for treating a devastating childhood disease pp. 248-248 Downloads
Elie Dolgin
After the genocide: what scientists are learning from Rwanda pp. 250-254 Downloads
Nisha Gaind
The rise of eco-anxiety: scientists wake up to the mental-health toll of climate change pp. 256-258 Downloads
Helen Pearson
Survival of the nicest: have we got evolution the wrong way round? pp. 260-261 Downloads
Jonathan R. Goodman
The comings and goings of ants: how are social skills shaped in an ever-changing world? pp. 262-263 Downloads
Seirian Sumner
AI can help to tailor drugs for Africa — but Africans should lead the way pp. 265-267 Downloads
Gemma Turon, Mathew Njoroge, Mwila Mulubwa, Miquel Duran-Frigola and Kelly Chibale
Declining postdoc numbers threaten the future of US life science pp. 268-268 Downloads
Anastasia Gromova and Steven F. Grieco
How to break big tech’s stranglehold on AI in academia pp. 268-268 Downloads
Michał Woźniak and Paweł Ksieniewicz
Use fines from EU social-media act to fund research on adolescent mental health pp. 268-268 Downloads
Christian Montag and Benjamin Becker
Brazil’s postgraduate funding model is about rectifying past inequalities pp. 268-268 Downloads
Lucindo J. Quintans-Júnior
Nanoscale scythe cuts molecular tethers using mechanical forces pp. 269-270 Downloads
Iwona Nierengarten
Climate change predicted to exacerbate declines in bee populations pp. 270-271 Downloads
Nicole E. Miller-Struttmann
Mammalian cells repress random DNA that yeast transcribes pp. 271-273 Downloads
Sean R. Eddy
Melting ice solves leap-second problem — for now pp. 273-274 Downloads
Patrizia Tavella and Jerry X. Mitrovica
Whittling down the bacterial subspecies that might drive colon cancer pp. 275-276 Downloads
Cynthia L. Sears and Jessica Queen
A massive galaxy that formed its stars at z ≈ 11 pp. 277-281 Downloads
Karl Glazebrook, Themiya Nanayakkara, Corentin Schreiber, Claudia Lagos, Lalitwadee Kawinwanichakij, Colin Jacobs, Harry Chittenden, Gabriel Brammer, Glenn G. Kacprzak, Ivo Labbe, Danilo Marchesini, Z. Cemile Marsan, Pascal A. Oesch, Casey Papovich, Rhea-Silvia Remus, Kim-Vy H. Tran, James Esdaile and Angel Chandro-Gomez
An optical tweezer array of ultracold polyatomic molecules pp. 282-286 Downloads
Nathaniel B. Vilas, Paige Robichaud, Christian Hallas, Grace K. Li, Loïc Anderegg and John M. Doyle
Direct observation of a magnetic-field-induced Wigner crystal pp. 287-292 Downloads
Yen-Chen Tsui, Minhao He, Yuwen Hu, Ethan Lake, Taige Wang, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Michael P. Zaletel and Ali Yazdani
Phase-change memory via a phase-changeable self-confined nano-filament pp. 293-298 Downloads
See-On Park, Seokman Hong, Su-Jin Sung, Dawon Kim, Seokho Seo, Hakcheon Jeong, Taehoon Park, Won Joon Cho, Jeehwan Kim and Shinhyun Choi
Dopant-additive synergism enhances perovskite solar modules pp. 299-305 Downloads
Bin Ding, Yong Ding, Jun Peng, Jan Romano-deGea, Lindsey E. K. Frederiksen, Hiroyuki Kanda, Olga A. Syzgantseva, Maria A. Syzgantseva, Jean-Nicolas Audinot, Jerome Bour, Song Zhang, Tom Wirtz, Zhaofu Fei, Patrick Dörflinger, Naoyuki Shibayama, Yunjuan Niu, Sixia Hu, Shunlin Zhang, Farzaneh Fadaei Tirani, Yan Liu, Guan-Jun Yang, Keith Brooks, Linhua Hu, Sachin Kinge, Vladimir Dyakonov, Xiaohong Zhang, Songyuan Dai, Paul J. Dyson and Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin
Triple-junction solar cells with cyanate in ultrawide-bandgap perovskites pp. 306-312 Downloads
Shunchang Liu, Yue Lu, Cao Yu, Jia Li, Ran Luo, Renjun Guo, Haoming Liang, Xiangkun Jia, Xiao Guo, Yu-Duan Wang, Qilin Zhou, Xi Wang, Shaofei Yang, Manling Sui, Peter Müller-Buschbaum and Yi Hou
Metal telluride nanosheets by scalable solid lithiation and exfoliation pp. 313-319 Downloads
Liangzhu Zhang, Zixuan Yang, Shun Feng, Zhuobin Guo, Qingchao Jia, Huidan Zeng, Yajun Ding, Pratteek Das, Zhihong Bi, Jiaxin Ma, Yunqi Fu, Sen Wang, Jinxing Mi, Shuanghao Zheng, Mingrun Li, Dong-Ming Sun, Ning Kang, Zhong-Shuai Wu and Hui-Ming Cheng
Force-controlled release of small molecules with a rotaxane actuator pp. 320-325 Downloads
Lei Chen, Robert Nixon and Guillaume De Bo
Couple-close construction of polycyclic rings from diradicals pp. 326-332 Downloads
Alice Long, Christian J. Oswood, Christopher B. Kelly, Marian C. Bryan and David W. C. MacMillan
A global timekeeping problem postponed by global warming pp. 333-336 Downloads
Duncan Carr Agnew
Projected decline in European bumblebee populations in the twenty-first century pp. 337-341 Downloads
Guillaume Ghisbain, Wim Thiery, François Massonnet, Diana Erazo, Pierre Rasmont, Denis Michez and Simon Dellicour
Heat and desiccation tolerances predict bee abundance under climate change pp. 342-348 Downloads
Melanie R. Kazenel, Karen W. Wright, Terry Griswold, Kenneth D. Whitney and Jennifer A. Rudgers
Weather explains the decline and rise of insect biomass over 34 years pp. 349-354 Downloads
Jörg Müller, Torsten Hothorn, Ye Yuan, Sebastian Seibold, Oliver Mitesser, Julia Rothacher, Julia Freund, Clara Wild, Marina Wolz and Annette Menzel
Pesticide use negatively affects bumble bees across European landscapes pp. 355-358 Downloads
Charlie C. Nicholson, Jessica Knapp, Tomasz Kiljanek, Matthias Albrecht, Marie-Pierre Chauzat, Cecilia Costa, Pilar Rúa, Alexandra-Maria Klein, Marika Mänd, Simon G. Potts, Oliver Schweiger, Irene Bottero, Elena Cini, Joachim R. Miranda, Gennaro Prisco, Christophe Dominik, Simon Hodge, Vera Kaunath, Anina Knauer, Marion Laurent, Vicente Martínez-López, Piotr Medrzycki, Maria Helena Pereira-Peixoto, Risto Raimets, Janine M. Schwarz, Deepa Senapathi, Giovanni Tamburini, Mark J. F. Brown, Jane C. Stout and Maj Rundlöf
Disproportionate declines of formerly abundant species underlie insect loss pp. 359-364 Downloads
Roel Klink, Diana E. Bowler, Konstantin B. Gongalsky, Minghua Shen, Scott R. Swengel and Jonathan M. Chase
Adaptive foraging behaviours in the Horn of Africa during Toba supereruption pp. 365-372 Downloads
John Kappelman, Lawrence C. Todd, Christopher A. Davis, Thure E. Cerling, Mulugeta Feseha, Abebe Getahun, Racheal Johnsen, Marvin Kay, Gary A. Kocurek, Brett A. Nachman, Agazi Negash, Tewabe Negash, Kaedan O’Brien, Michael Pante, Minghua Ren, Eugene I. Smith, Neil J. Tabor, Dereje Tewabe, Hong Wang, Deming Yang, Solomon Yirga, Jordan W. Crowell, Matthew F. Fanuka, Teshager Habtie, Jayde N. Hirniak, Carla Klehm, Natalia D. Loewen, Sahleselasie Melaku, Sierra M. Melton, Timothy S. Myers, Sarah Millonig, Megan C. Plummer, Keenan J. Riordan, Nicholas A. Rosenau, Anne Skinner, Abraham K. Thompson, Lindsey M. Trombetta, Adrienne Witzel, Ephrem Assefa, Maria Bodansky, Ayenachew A. Desta, Christopher J. Campisano, Daniel Dalmas, Connor Elliott, Metasebia Endalamaw, Nicholas J. Ford, Frederick Foster, Tomas Getachew, Yibai Li Haney, Brittney H. Ingram, Jonayah Jackson, Curtis W. Marean, Sissi Mattox, Karla Cruz Medina, Gebretsadkan Mulubrhan, Keri Porter, Alexis Roberts, Perla Santillan, Alaric Sollenberger, Julia Sponholtz, Jessica Valdes, Lani Wyman, Meklit Yadeta and Sierra Yanny
Synthetic reversed sequences reveal default genomic states pp. 373-380 Downloads
Brendan R. Camellato, Ran Brosh, Hannah J. Ashe, Matthew T. Maurano and Jef D. Boeke
Neural signatures of natural behaviour in socializing macaques pp. 381-390 Downloads
Camille Testard, Sébastien Tremblay, Felipe Parodi, Ron W. DiTullio, Arianna Acevedo-Ithier, Kristin L. Gardiner, Konrad Kording and Michael L. Platt
A patterned human neural tube model using microfluidic gradients pp. 391-399 Downloads
Xufeng Xue, Yung Su Kim, Alfredo-Isaac Ponce-Arias, Richard O’Laughlin, Robin Zhexuan Yan, Norio Kobayashi, Rami Yair Tshuva, Yu-Hwai Tsai, Shiyu Sun, Yi Zheng, Yue Liu, Frederick C. K. Wong, Azim Surani, Jason R. Spence, Hongjun Song, Guo-Li Ming, Orly Reiner and Jianping Fu
AIRE relies on Z-DNA to flag gene targets for thymic T cell tolerization pp. 400-407 Downloads
Yuan Fang, Kushagra Bansal, Sara Mostafavi, Christophe Benoist and Diane Mathis
Rapid unleashing of macrophage efferocytic capacity via transcriptional pause release pp. 408-415 Downloads
Turan Tufan, Gamze Comertpay, Ambra Villani, Geoffrey M. Nelson, Marina Terekhova, Shannon Kelley, Pavel Zakharov, Rochelle M. Ellison, Oleg Shpynov, Michael Raymond, Jerry Sun, Yitan Chen, Enno Bockelmann, Marta Stremska, Lance W. Peterson, Laura Boeckaerts, Seth R. Goldman, J. Iker Etchegaray, Maxim N. Artyomov, Francesca Peri and Kodi S. Ravichandran
TRBC1-targeting antibody–drug conjugates for the treatment of T cell cancers pp. 416-423 Downloads
Tushar D. Nichakawade, Jiaxin Ge, Brian J. Mog, Bum Seok Lee, Alexander H. Pearlman, Michael S. Hwang, Sarah R. DiNapoli, Nicolas Wyhs, Nikita Marcou, Stephanie Glavaris, Maximilian F. Konig, Sandra B. Gabelli, Evangeline Watson, Cole Sterling, Nina Wagner-Johnston, Sima Rozati, Lode Swinnen, Ephraim Fuchs, Drew M. Pardoll, Kathy Gabrielson, Nickolas Papadopoulos, Chetan Bettegowda, Kenneth W. Kinzler, Shibin Zhou, Surojit Sur, Bert Vogelstein and Suman Paul
A distinct Fusobacterium nucleatum clade dominates the colorectal cancer niche pp. 424-432 Downloads
Martha Zepeda-Rivera, Samuel S. Minot, Heather Bouzek, Hanrui Wu, Aitor Blanco-Míguez, Paolo Manghi, Dakota S. Jones, Kaitlyn D. LaCourse, Ying Wu, Elsa F. McMahon, Soon-Nang Park, Yun K. Lim, Andrew G. Kempchinsky, Amy D. Willis, Sean L. Cotton, Susan C. Yost, Ewa Sicinska, Joong-Ki Kook, Floyd E. Dewhirst, Nicola Segata, Susan Bullman and Christopher D. Johnston
Transcription–replication conflicts underlie sensitivity to PARP inhibitors pp. 433-441 Downloads
Michalis Petropoulos, Angeliki Karamichali, Giacomo G. Rossetti, Alena Freudenmann, Luca G. Iacovino, Vasilis S. Dionellis, Sotirios K. Sotiriou and Thanos D. Halazonetis
Targeting DCAF5 suppresses SMARCB1-mutant cancer by stabilizing SWI/SNF pp. 442-449 Downloads
Sandi Radko-Juettner, Hong Yue, Jacquelyn A. Myers, Raymond D. Carter, Alexis N. Robertson, Priya Mittal, Zhexin Zhu, Baranda S. Hansen, Katherine A. Donovan, Moritz Hunkeler, Wojciech Rosikiewicz, Zhiping Wu, Meghan G. McReynolds, Shourya S. Roy Burman, Anna M. Schmoker, Nada Mageed, Scott A. Brown, Robert J. Mobley, Janet F. Partridge, Elizabeth A. Stewart, Shondra M. Pruett-Miller, Behnam Nabet, Junmin Peng, Nathanael S. Gray, Eric S. Fischer and Charles W. M. Roberts
Automated model building and protein identification in cryo-EM maps pp. 450-457 Downloads
Kiarash Jamali, Lukas Käll, Rui Zhang, Alan Brown, Dari Kimanius and Sjors H. W. Scheres
Ready or not, AI is coming to science education — and students have opinions pp. 459-461 Downloads
Sarah Wells
‘Without these tools, I’d be lost’: how generative AI aids in accessibility pp. 462-463 Downloads
Amanda Heidt
Digging in: last chance to save a native forest pp. 466-466 Downloads
James Mitchell Crow

2024, volume 628, articles 8006

Author Correction: An atlas of epithelial cell states and plasticity in lung adenocarcinoma pp. E1-E1 Downloads
Guangchun Han, Ansam Sinjab, Zahraa Rahal, Anne M. Lynch, Warapen Treekitkarnmongkol, Yuejiang Liu, Alejandra G. Serrano, Jiping Feng, Ke Liang, Khaja Khan, Wei Lu, Sharia D. Hernandez, Yunhe Liu, Xuanye Cao, Enyu Dai, Guangsheng Pei, Jian Hu, Camille Abaya, Lorena I. Gomez-Bolanos, Fuduan Peng, Minyue Chen, Edwin R. Parra, Tina Cascone, Boris Sepesi, Seyed Javad Moghaddam, Paul Scheet, Marcelo V. Negrao, John V. Heymach, Mingyao Li, Steven M. Dubinett, Christopher S. Stevenson, Avrum E. Spira, Junya Fujimoto, Luisa M. Solis, Ignacio I. Wistuba, Jichao Chen, Linghua Wang and Humam Kadara
Impact factors are outdated, but new research assessments still fail scientists pp. 9-9 Downloads
Kelly Cobey
First pig kidney transplant in a person: what it means for the future pp. 13-14 Downloads
Smriti Mallapaty and Max Kozlov
‘Best view ever’: observatory will map Big Bang’s afterglow in new detail pp. 14-15 Downloads
Davide Castelvecchi
Weird new electron behaviour in stacked graphene thrills physicists pp. 16-17 Downloads
Dan Garisto
Abortion-pill challenge provokes doubt from US Supreme Court pp. 17-18 Downloads
Mariana Lenharo
Pregnancy advances your ‘biological’ age — but giving birth turns it back pp. 18-19 Downloads
Saima Sidik
Google AI could soon use a person’s cough to diagnose disease pp. 19-20 Downloads
Mariana Lenharo
COVID’s toll on the brain: new clues emerge pp. 20-20 Downloads
Claudia López Lloreda
Why loneliness is bad for your health pp. 22-24 Downloads
Saima May Sidik
Long COVID still has no cure — so these patients are turning to research pp. 26-28 Downloads
Rachel Fairbank
The great rewiring: is social media really behind an epidemic of teenage mental illness? pp. 29-30 Downloads
Candice L. Odgers
Cosmologist Claudia de Rham on falling for gravity pp. 30-31 Downloads
Davide Castelvecchi
Estella Bergere Leopold (1927–2024), passionate environmentalist who traced changing ecosystems pp. 32-32 Downloads
Cathy Whitlock
A 2023 hurricane caught Mexico off guard: we must work together to prepare better pp. 33-35 Downloads
Gian C. Delgado-Ramos, Simone Lucatello, Debora Ley, Antonina Ivanova, Ma de Lourdes Romo-Aguilar, Cecilia Conde and Miguel Imaz-Lamadrid
How can we make PhD training fit for the modern world? Broaden its philosophical foundations pp. 36-36 Downloads
Ganesh Alagarasan
Adopt universal standards for study adaptation to boost health, education and social-science research pp. 36-36 Downloads
Dragos Iliescu and Samuel Greiff
Allow researchers with caring responsibilities ‘promotion pauses’ to make research more equitable pp. 36-36 Downloads
Daniel H. Lowenstein
Don’t dismiss carbon credits that aim to avoid future emissions pp. 36-36 Downloads
Edward Mitchard, Peter Ellis, Susan Cook Patton and Roselyn Fosuah Adjei
Birds convey complex signals in simple songs pp. 37-39 Downloads
Kate T. Snyder and Nicole Creanza
The wearable electronic patch that’s impervious to sweat pp. 39-40 Downloads
Yifan Rao and Nanshu Lu
Innate immunity in neurons makes memories persist pp. 40-42 Downloads
Benjamin A. Kelvington and Ted Abel
Trio of radicals choreographed for versatile chemical reaction pp. 42-43 Downloads
Kenneth F. Clark and John A. Murphy
Anti-ageing antibodies revive the immune system pp. 43-45 Downloads
Yasar Arfat T. Kasu and Robert A. J. Signer
Can lessons from infants solve the problems of data-greedy AI? pp. 45-46 Downloads
Linda B. Smith
Bridging structural and cell biology with cryo-electron microscopy pp. 47-56 Downloads
Eva Nogales and Julia Mahamid
A high black-hole-to-host mass ratio in a lensed AGN in the early Universe pp. 57-61 Downloads
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The Radcliffe Wave is oscillating pp. 62-65 Downloads
Ralf Konietzka, Alyssa A. Goodman, Catherine Zucker, Andreas Burkert, João Alves, Michael Foley, Cameren Swiggum, Maria Koller and Núria Miret-Roig
Rotating curved spacetime signatures from a giant quantum vortex pp. 66-70 Downloads
Patrik Švančara, Pietro Smaniotto, Leonardo Solidoro, James F. MacDonald, Sam Patrick, Ruth Gregory, Carlo F. Barenghi and Silke Weinfurtner
Benchmarking highly entangled states on a 60-atom analogue quantum simulator pp. 71-77 Downloads
Adam L. Shaw, Zhuo Chen, Joonhee Choi, Daniel K. Mark, Pascal Scholl, Ran Finkelstein, Andreas Elben, Soonwon Choi and Manuel Endres
Evidence for chiral graviton modes in fractional quantum Hall liquids pp. 78-83 Downloads
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A three-dimensional liquid diode for soft, integrated permeable electronics pp. 84-92 Downloads
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Double-side 2D/3D heterojunctions for inverted perovskite solar cells pp. 93-98 Downloads
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Interchain-expanded extra-large-pore zeolites pp. 99-103 Downloads
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Alkene dialkylation by triple radical sorting pp. 104-109 Downloads
Johnny Z. Wang, William L. Lyon and David W. C. MacMillan
Heat flows enrich prebiotic building blocks and enhance their reactivity pp. 110-116 Downloads
Thomas Matreux, Paula Aikkila, Bettina Scheu, Dieter Braun and Christof B. Mast
The hidden fitness of the male zebra finch courtship song pp. 117-121 Downloads
Danyal Alam, Fayha Zia and Todd F. Roberts
Selfish conflict underlies RNA-mediated parent-of-origin effects pp. 122-129 Downloads
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Genome-wide characterization of circulating metabolic biomarkers pp. 130-138 Downloads
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Collective sensing in electric fish pp. 139-144 Downloads
Federico Pedraja and Nathaniel B. Sawtell
Formation of memory assemblies through the DNA-sensing TLR9 pathway pp. 145-153 Downloads
Vladimir Jovasevic, Elizabeth M. Wood, Ana Cicvaric, Hui Zhang, Zorica Petrovic, Anna Carboncino, Kendra K. Parker, Thomas E. Bassett, Maria Moltesen, Naoki Yamawaki, Hande Login, Joanna Kalucka, Farahnaz Sananbenesi, Xusheng Zhang, Andre Fischer and Jelena Radulovic
APOE4/4 is linked to damaging lipid droplets in Alzheimer’s disease microglia pp. 154-161 Downloads
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Depleting myeloid-biased haematopoietic stem cells rejuvenates aged immunity pp. 162-170 Downloads
Jason B. Ross, Lara M. Myers, Joseph J. Noh, Madison M. Collins, Aaron B. Carmody, Ronald J. Messer, Erica Dhuey, Kim J. Hasenkrug and Irving L. Weissman
A host–microbiota interactome reveals extensive transkingdom connectivity pp. 171-179 Downloads
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Dopamine receptor D2 confers colonization resistance via microbial metabolites pp. 180-185 Downloads
Samantha A. Scott, Jingjing Fu and Pamela V. Chang
Compensatory evolution in NusG improves fitness of drug-resistant M. tuberculosis pp. 186-194 Downloads
Kathryn A. Eckartt, Madeleine Delbeau, Vanisha Munsamy-Govender, Michael A. DeJesus, Zachary A. Azadian, Abhijna K. Reddy, Joshua Chandanani, Nicholas C. Poulton, Stefany Quiñones-Garcia, Barbara Bosch, Robert Landick, Elizabeth A. Campbell and Jeremy M. Rock
Mitochondrial complex I activity in microglia sustains neuroinflammation pp. 195-203 Downloads
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Compartmentalized ocular lymphatic system mediates eye–brain immunity pp. 204-211 Downloads
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Cryo-EM structures of RAD51 assembled on nucleosomes containing a DSB site pp. 212-220 Downloads
Takuro Shioi, Suguru Hatazawa, Eriko Oya, Noriko Hosoya, Wataru Kobayashi, Mitsuo Ogasawara, Takehiko Kobayashi, Yoshimasa Takizawa and Hitoshi Kurumizaka
How scientists are making the most of Reddit pp. 221-223 Downloads
Hannah Docter-Loeb
How synthetic biologists are building better biofactories pp. 224-226 Downloads
Sara Reardon
How I use tide gauges to develop geospatial maps pp. 228-228 Downloads
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