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Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications

1975 - 2019

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Volume 533, issue C, 2019

Dynamical analysis of a rumor spreading model with self-discrimination and time delay in complex networks pp. - Downloads
Linhe Zhu and Gui Guan

Volume 532, issue C, 2019

Analysis of shares frequency components on daily value-at-risk in emerging and developed markets pp. - Downloads
Milton Biage

Volume 531, issue C, 2019

Opinion clusters in a modified Hegselmann–Krause model with heterogeneous bounded confidences and stubbornness pp. - Downloads
Wenchen Han, Changwei Huang and Junzhong Yang

Volume 530, issue C, 2019

Heterogeneous populations in a network model of collective motion pp. - Downloads
Gal Netzer, Yuval Yarom and Gil Ariel

Volume 529, issue C, 2019

Analysis of temporal and spatial distributions between earthquakes in the region of California through Non-Extensive Statistical Mechanics and its limits of validity pp. - Downloads
Vitor H.A. Dias, Andrés R.R. Papa and Douglas S.R. Ferreira

Volume 528, issue C, 2019

European union effect on financial correlation dynamics pp. - Downloads
Li-Ping Huang, Tian Qiu, Guang Chen and Li-Xin Zhong

Volume 527, issue C, 2019

Pressure dependent viscosity subject to Poiseuille and Couette flows via Tangent hyperbolic model pp. - Downloads
Iffat Zehra, Nabeela Kousar and Khalil Ur Rehman

Volume 526, issue C, 2019

Minimizing the impact of a rumor via isolation and conversion pp. - Downloads
Juan Zhao, Lu-Xing Yang, Xiang Zhong, Xiaofan Yang, Yingbo Wu and Yuan Yan Tang

Volume 525, issue C, 2019

Simulation of nanoparticles second law treatment inside a solar collector considering turbulent flow pp. 1-12 Downloads
Seyyed Ali Farshad and M. Sheikholeslami
Modeling the one-dimensional inverse heat transfer problem using a Haar wavelet collocation approach pp. 13-26 Downloads
Ali Jahangiri, Samira Mohammadi and Mohammad Akbari
The effect of aspiration on the evolution of cooperation in spatial multigame pp. 27-32 Downloads
Tian Guo, Mi Guo, Yan Zhang and Shuanglu Liang
A deterministic behaviour for realistic price dynamics pp. 33-49 Downloads
Philippe Mathieu and Rémi Morvan
Discovery of rare event testing for stochastic simulations of diffusion processes pp. 50-63 Downloads
Jaromir Kukal, Quang Van Tran and Michal Benes
Synchronization transmission of spiral wave and turbulence in uncertain time-delay neuronal networks pp. 64-71 Downloads
Ling Lü, Lianjun Ge, Liyu Gao, Changhui Han and Chengren Li
Pedestrian dynamics in a heterogeneous bidirectional flow: Overtaking behaviour and lane formation pp. 72-84 Downloads
Dawei Zhang, Haitao Zhu, Simo Hostikka and Shi Qiu
On the physical nature of biopotentials, their propagation and measurement pp. 85-95 Downloads
Teodor Buchner
Dynamics of a higher dimensional fractional-order chaotic map pp. 96-107 Downloads
Yuexi Peng, Kehui Sun, Dong Peng and Wei Ai
A car-following model accounting for the driving habits pp. 108-118 Downloads
Peng Liao, Tie-Qiao Tang, Tao Wang and Jian Zhang
Cooperation promotes the sustainability of companies: Lattice-gas model for a market pp. 119-127 Downloads
Ayako Morishita and Kei-ichi Tainaka
Fixed-time cluster lag synchronization in directed heterogeneous community networks pp. 128-142 Downloads
Shuiming Cai, Feilong Zhou and Qinbin He
Influences of acceleration with memory on stability of traffic flow and vehicle’s fuel consumption pp. 143-154 Downloads
Xinjuan Ma, Hongxia Ge and Rongjun Cheng
Uncertainty and oil volatility: New evidence pp. 155-163 Downloads
Dexiang Mei, Qing Zeng, Xiang Cao and Xiaohua Diao
The Lambert–Tsallis Wq function pp. 164-170 Downloads
G.B. da Silva and R.V. Ramos
Order book model with herd behavior exhibiting long-range memory pp. 171-191 Downloads
Aleksejus Kononovicius and Julius Ruseckas
Nonextensive triplets in stock market indices pp. 192-198 Downloads
Dusan Stosic, Darko Stosic and Tatijana Stosic
A neo-logistic model for the growth of bacteria pp. 199-215 Downloads
Tohru Tashiro and Fujiko Yoshimura
Impact of risk illusions on traffic flow in fog weather pp. 216-222 Downloads
Jin-hua Tan
Work fluctuation relations for a dragged Brownian particle in active bath pp. 223-233 Downloads
Koushik Goswami
Spreading dynamics of an online social rumor model with psychological factors on scale-free networks pp. 234-246 Downloads
Hao Xu, Tao Li, Xiongding Liu, Wenjin Liu and Jing Dong
Research on coupled synchronization of Duffing circuit network pp. 247-255 Downloads
Qingtao Wei, Ling Lü and Hao Jia
Structure identification of unknown complex-variable dynamical networks with complex coupling pp. 256-265 Downloads
Jiaye Yan, Jiaying Zhou and Zhaoyan Wu
Fundamental diagrams for pedestrian traffic flow in controlled experiments pp. 266-277 Downloads
Peng Wang, Shuchao Cao and Ming Yao
An extended car-following model considering driver’s sensory memory and the backward looking effect pp. 278-289 Downloads
Can Chen, Rongjun Cheng and Hongxia Ge
Analysis of daily streamflow complexity by Kolmogorov measures and Lyapunov exponent pp. 290-303 Downloads
Dragutin T. Mihailović, Nikolić-Đorić, Emilija, Ilija Arsenić, Malinović-Milićević, Slavica, Vijay P. Singh, Tatijana Stošić and Borko Stošić
Research on preceding vehicle’s taillight effect and energy consumption in an extended macro traffic model pp. 304-314 Downloads
Liu Zhaoze, Cheng Rongjun and Ge Hongxia
Modeling the permissive-only left-turn queue at signals pp. 315-325 Downloads
Qiaoli Yang, Zhongke Shi, Min-an Tang, Fengyang Gao and Shaowei Yu
Differences in structure and dynamics of networks retrieved from dark and public web forums pp. 326-336 Downloads
Maryam Zamani, Fereshteh Rabbani, Attila Horicsányi, Anna Zafeiris and Tamas Vicsek
Delay-induced transitions in the birhythmic biological model under joint noise sources pp. 337-348 Downloads
Qin Guo, Zhongkui Sun and Wei Xu
Trading as sharp movements in oil prices and technical trading signals emitted with big data concerns pp. 349-372 Downloads
Min-Yuh Day, Yensen Ni and Paoyu Huang
New approaches to the fractional dynamics of schistosomiasis disease model pp. 373-393 Downloads
Mehmet Yavuz and Ebenezer Bonyah
Clustering component synchronization in a class of unconnected networks via pinning control pp. 394-401 Downloads
Fengbing Li, Zhongjun Ma and Qichang Duan
Fractality of multiple colored substitution networks pp. 402-408 Downloads
Ziyu Li, Jialing Yao and Qin Wang
Analysis of competitive information diffusion in a group-based population over social networks pp. 409-419 Downloads
Guiyuan Fu, Feier Chen, Jianguo Liu and Jingti Han
Asymptotic comparison of three spread estimators based on Roll’s model pp. 420-432 Downloads
Yang Gao, Yunhai Li, Yaojun Wang, Chao Wang and Chao Liu
Binary opinion dynamics on signed networks based on Ising model pp. 433-442 Downloads
Lingbo Li, Ying Fan, An Zeng and Zengru Di
Information loss in a non-linear neuronal model pp. 443-449 Downloads
Eitan Z. Gross
Group chase and escape in the presence of obstacles pp. 450-465 Downloads
J.R. Šćepanović, A. Karač, Z.M. Jakšić, Budinski-Petković, Lj. and S.B. Vrhovac
Forecasting the Chinese stock volatility across global stock markets pp. 466-477 Downloads
Jing Liu, Feng Ma and Yaojie Zhang
Viral marketing on social networks: An epidemiological perspective pp. 478-490 Downloads
Saumik Bhattacharya, Kumar Gaurav and Sayantari Ghosh
Second-order algorithm for simulating stochastic differential equations with white noises pp. 491-497 Downloads
Wei-Long Duan, Hui Fang and Chunhua Zeng
Modelling of left-truncated heavy-tailed data with application to catastrophe bond pricing pp. 498-513 Downloads
Mario Nicoló Giuricich and Krzysztof Burnecki
Investigating ICAPM with mean-reverting dynamic conditional correlation: Evidence from an emerging stock exchange pp. 514-523 Downloads
Amir Rafique, Khurram Iqbal, Muhammad Zakaria and Ghulam Mujtaba
Leader-following consensus of multi-agent systems with randomly varying nonlinearities and stochastic disturbances under directed switching topologies pp. 524-534 Downloads
Xin Sui, Yongqing Yang and Shuai Zhang
Mean field model of a game for power pp. 535-547 Downloads
Tatiana Karataieva, Volodymyr Koshmanenko, Małgorzata J. Krawczyk and Krzysztof Kułakowski
Exploring disorder and complexity in the cryptocurrency space pp. 548-556 Downloads
Darko Stosic, Dusan Stosic, Teresa B. Ludermir and Tatijana Stosic
Heat transfer simulation during charging of nanoparticle enhanced PCM within a channel pp. 557-565 Downloads
M. Sheikholeslami, Alireza Zareei, M. Jafaryar, Ahmad Shafee, Zhixiong Li, Amor Smida and I. Tlili
The effect of Headway Variation Tendency on traffic flow: Modeling and stabilization pp. 566-575 Downloads
Tao Wang, Guangyao Li, Jing Zhang, Shubin Li and Tao Sun
Understanding the diversity on power-law-like degree distribution in social networks pp. 576-581 Downloads
Xiao-Ting Xu, Nianxin Wang, Jun Bian and Bin Zhou
Computer-aided modeling of rolling-element bearing composition by adaptive neuro-fuzzy technique pp. 582-586 Downloads
Dragan Milcic, Miodrag Milcic, Vojkan Nojner and Milos Milovancevic
Nonperiodically intermittent pinning synchronization of complex-valued complex networks with non-derivative and derivative coupling pp. 587-605 Downloads
Song Zheng and Liguo Yuan
Quantifying instabilities in Financial Markets pp. 606-615 Downloads
Bruna Amin Gonçalves, Laura Carpi, Osvaldo A. Rosso, Martín G. Ravetti and A.P.F. Atman
Statistical investigation for developing a new model for rheological behavior of Silica–ethylene glycol/Water hybrid Newtonian nanofluid using experimental data pp. 616-627 Downloads
Behrooz Ruhani, Pouya Barnoon and Davood Toghraie
Extended-localized transition for a tight-binding model with mass position dependence pp. 628-634 Downloads
A.M.C. Souza and R.F.S. Andrade
A unified equation for modeling the dependency of conductivity with temperature in ionic systems pp. 635-641 Downloads
C.A. Palchucan, D. Peña Lara and H. Correa
Pore-scale simulation of non-Newtonian power-law fluid flow and forced convection in partially porous media: Thermal lattice Boltzmann method pp. 642-656 Downloads
Rasul Mohebbi, Amin Amiri Delouei, Amin Jamali, Mohsen Izadi and Abdulmajeed A. Mohamad
The effects of trust and influence on the spreading of low and high quality information pp. 657-663 Downloads
Diego F.M. Oliveira and Kevin S. Chan
Analysis of the EEG bio-signals during the reading task by DFA method pp. 664-671 Downloads
F.M. Oliveira Filho, J.A. Leyva Cruz and G.F. Zebende
V2I-based car-following modeling and simulation of signalized intersection pp. 672-679 Downloads
Yusheng Ci, Lina Wu, Jiafa Zhao, Yichen Sun and Guohui Zhang
Agreement coordination of fractional-order multi-agent systems with reaction–diffusion and persistent disturbances pp. 680-693 Downloads
Xiaolin Yuan, Lipo Mo and Yongguang Yu
Critical value-based Asian option pricing model for uncertain financial markets pp. 694-703 Downloads
Ziqiang Lu, Yuanguo Zhu and Bo Li
Time scales of knowledge transfer with learning and forgetting pp. 704-713 Downloads
Min Lin and Qun Zhang
Analysis of a novel lattice hydrodynamic model considering density integral and “backward looking” effect pp. 714-723 Downloads
Xinyue Qi, Hongxia Ge and Rongjun Cheng
Simple model of opinion formation with bias pp. 724-731 Downloads
Michel Droz and Andrzej Pȩkalski
Pattern formation in a reaction–diffusion parasite–host model pp. 732-740 Downloads
Baoxiang Zhang, Yongli Cai, Bingxian Wang and Weiming Wang
Statistical investigation for developing a new model for rheological behavior of ZnO–Ag (50%–50%)/Water hybrid Newtonian nanofluid using experimental data pp. 741-751 Downloads
Behrooz Ruhani, Davood Toghraie, Maboud Hekmatifar and Mahdieh Hadian
Time and ontology for resource recommendation system pp. 752-760 Downloads
Nataša Sokolov Milovančević and Aleksandar Gračanac
Tampering with inflation data: A Benford law-based analysis of national statistics in Argentina pp. 761-770 Downloads
Miranda-Zanetti, Maximilano, Fernando Delbianco and Fernando Tohmé
Wavelet variance scale-dependence as a dynamics discriminating tool in high-frequency urban wind speed time series pp. 771-777 Downloads
Fabian Guignard, Dasaraden Mauree, Mikhail Kanevski and Luciano Telesca
Epidemic spreading dynamics on complex networks with adaptive social-support pp. 778-787 Downloads
Rong Zhou and Qingchu Wu
The influence of cohesiveness on particulate bed segregation and mixing in rotating drum using DEM pp. 788-797 Downloads
Esmaeil Yazdani and Seyed Hassan Hashemabadi
A movement model for air passengers based on trip purpose pp. 798-808 Downloads
Feihu Huang, Shaojie Qiao, Jian Peng, Bing Guo, Xi Xiong and Nan Han
Analyzing and predicting network public opinion evolution based on group persuasion force of populism pp. 809-824 Downloads
Siwei Fang, Nan Zhao, Nan Chen, Fei Xiong and Yunhui Yi
Quantum metrology out of equilibrium pp. 825-833 Downloads
Sholeh Razavian and Matteo G.A. Paris
Dynamical role of pedunculopntine nucleus stimulation on controlling Parkinson’s disease pp. 834-848 Downloads
Ying Yu, Honghui Zhang, Liyuan Zhang and Qingyun Wang
Mathematical modelling and analysis of love dynamics: A fractional approach pp. 849-865 Downloads
Kolade M. Owolabi
Structural balance and dynamics over signed BA scale-free network pp. 866-877 Downloads
Yue Wu, Lanlin Gao, Yi Zhang and Xi Xiong
The linear and nonlinear lead–lag relationship among three SSE 50 Index markets: The index futures, 50ETF spot and options markets pp. 878-893 Downloads
Tao Jiang, Si Bao and Long Li
The analysis on the desired speed in social force model using a data driven approach pp. 894-911 Downloads
Liang Ma, Bin Chen, Xiaodong Wang, Zhengqiu Zhu, Rongxiao Wang and Xiaogang Qiu
Rheological properties of SWCNT/EG mixture by a new developed optimization approach of LS-Support Vector Regression according to empirical data pp. 912-920 Downloads
Jalal Alsarraf, Seyed Amin Bagherzadeh, Amin Shahsavar, Mahfouz Rostamzadeh, Pham Van Trinh and Minh Duc Tran
Explaining future market return and evaluating market condition with common preferred spread index pp. 921-934 Downloads
Changju Lee, Seungmo Ku, Poongjin Cho and Woojin Chang
Crowd panic state detection using entropy of the distribution of enthalpy pp. 935-945 Downloads
Xuguang Zhang, Xiaohu Shu and Zhen He
Regional characteristics of sports industry profitability: Evidence from China’s province level data pp. 946-955 Downloads
Yan Wang, Yue Wang and Ming-Xia Li
Multifractal characterization of Brazilian market sectors pp. 956-964 Downloads
Dusan Stosic, Darko Stosic, Paulo S.G. de Mattos Neto and Tatijana Stosic
User interest dynamics on personalized recommendation pp. 965-977 Downloads
Tian Qiu, Chi Wan, Xiao-Fan Wang and Zi-Ke Zhang
Are cross-correlations between Turkish Stock Exchange and three major country indices multifractal or monofractal? pp. 978-990 Downloads
İşcanoğlu-Çekiç, Ayşegül and Havva Gülteki̇n
Another approach for stationary measures of stochastic 2D Navier–Stokes equations driven by pure jump noise pp. 991-997 Downloads
Hui Liu, Jie Xin and Chengfeng Sun
Predicting potential links by using strengthened projections in evolving bipartite networks pp. 998-1011 Downloads
Serpil Aslan, Buket Kaya and Mehmet Kaya
Multiscale statistical behaviors for Ising financial dynamics with continuum percolation jump pp. 1012-1025 Downloads
Bo Zhang, Guochao Wang, Yiduan Wang, Wei Zhang and Jun Wang
Correlation patterns in foreign exchange markets pp. 1026-1037 Downloads
Lasko Basnarkov, Viktor Stojkoski, Zoran Utkovski and Ljupco Kocarev
Cascading failures with coupled map lattices on Watts–Strogatz networks pp. 1038-1045 Downloads
Er-Shen Wang, Chen Hong, Xu-Hong Zhang and Ning He
Cross-correlated bounded noises induced the population extinction and enhancement of stability in a population growth model pp. 1046-1057 Downloads
Qiao-Feng Lin, Can-Jun Wang, Ke-Li Yang, Meng-Yu Tian, Ya Wang and Jia-Liang Dai
Symmetry analysis of the time fractional Gaudrey–Dodd–Gibbon equation pp. 1058-1062 Downloads
Ben Gao and Yao Zhang
Cryptocurrencies: Dust in the wind? pp. 1063-1079 Downloads
Min Luo, Vasileios E. Kontosakos, Athanasios A. Pantelous and Jian Zhou
The Lempel–Ziv measure based pedigree map to detect and evaluate correlation between aero-engine gas path system variables pp. 1080-1087 Downloads
Keqiang Dong, Linan Long, Hong Zhang and Xieyang Su
Synchronization for discrete-time complex networks with probabilistic time delays pp. 1088-1101 Downloads
Ranran Cheng, Mingshu Peng, Jinchen Yu and Haifen Li
Liquidity and realized range-based volatility forecasting: Evidence from China pp. 1102-1113 Downloads
Yanyan Xu, Dengshi Huang, Feng Ma and Gaoxiu Qiao
Diffusively coupled Lotka–Volterra system stabilized by heterogeneous graphs pp. 1114-1123 Downloads
Takashi Nagatani
Effects of online and offline interaction on rumor propagation in activity-driven networks pp. 1124-1135 Downloads
He Zhu, Jing Ma and Shan Li
A pattern based supervised link prediction in directed complex networks pp. 1136-1145 Downloads
Ertan Bütün and Mehmet Kaya
Quasi-synchronization of Lagrangian networks with parameter mismatches and communication delays via aperiodically intermittent pinning control pp. 1146-1160 Downloads
Mihua Ma, Jianping Cai and Hua Zhang
Description of glass transition kinetics in 3D XY model in terms of gauge field theory pp. 1161-1169 Downloads
M.G. Vasin and V.M. Vinokur
Information interaction model for the mobile communication networks pp. 1170-1176 Downloads
Bin Zhou, Xiao-Ting Xu, Jian-Guo Liu, Xiao-Ke Xu and Nianxin Wang
Non-fragile H∞ control for Markovian jump fuzzy systems with time-varying delays pp. 1177-1191 Downloads
Feng Shu, Min Li and Duyu Liu
Switch process induced by the sine-Wiener noises in the gene transcriptional regulatory system pp. 1192-1202 Downloads
Di Guo, Chun Li and Dong-Cheng Mei
The Euler–Maclaurin–Siegel and Abel–Plana summation formulae for the entire Riemann functional equation to handle the Riemann hypothesis pp. 1203-1211 Downloads
Xiao-Jun Yang
Multivariate generalized information entropy of financial time series pp. 1212-1223 Downloads
Yongping Zhang, Pengjian Shang and Hui Xiong
Exploring the competitive evolution of global wood forest product trade based on complex network analysis pp. 1224-1232 Downloads
Ting Long, Huanxue Pan, Chao Dong, Tao Qin and Ping Ma
Intersection multi-objective optimization on signal setting and lane assignment pp. 1233-1246 Downloads
Xiang Li and Jian-Qiao Sun
Comovement between commodity sectors pp. 1247-1258 Downloads
Guixin Cai, Hao Zhang and Ziyue Chen
Nonlinear dynamics model for social popularity prediction based on multivariate chaotic time series pp. 1259-1275 Downloads
Yunpeng Xiao, Xiaoqiu Xie, Qian Li and Tun Li
Can multiple social ties help improve human location prediction? pp. 1276-1288 Downloads
Cong Li, Shumin Zhang and Xiang Li
On physical principles and mathematical mechanisms of the phenomenon of irreversibility pp. 1289-1295 Downloads
A.Yu. Zakharov
Stochastic resonance across bifurcations in an asymmetric system pp. 1296-1312 Downloads
Haohao Bi, Youming Lei and Yanyan Han
Information length as a new diagnostic in the periodically modulated double-well model of stochastic resonance pp. 1313-1322 Downloads
Rainer Hollerbach, Eun-jin Kim and Yanis Mahi
History loyalty-based reward promotes cooperation in the spatial public goods game pp. 1323-1329 Downloads
Mingjian Fu, Wenzhong Guo, Linlin Cheng, Shouying Huang and Dewang Chen
A latent factor model of fusing social regularization term and item regularization term pp. 1330-1342 Downloads
Xiuqin Deng, Taiheng Liu, Wenzhou Li, Fuchun Liu and Jiaen Peng
New dynamics between volume and volatility pp. 1343-1350 Downloads
Zeyu Zheng, Jun Gui, Zhi Qiao, Yang Fu, H.Eugene Stanley and Baowen Li
Evaluation of UML diagrams for test cases generation:Case study on depression of internet addiction pp. 1351-1359 Downloads
Jovana Cvetković and Milan Cvetković
Bipartite tracking consensus for multi-agent systems with Lipschitz-Type nonlinear dynamics pp. 1360-1369 Downloads
Jie Wu, Qun Deng, Tao Han, Qing-Sheng Yang and Heng Zhan
The entropy production paradox for fractional master equations pp. 1370-1378 Downloads
Kathrin Kulmus, Christopher Essex, Janett Prehl and Karl Heinz Hoffmann
Bursts in three-strategy evolutionary ordinal potential games on a square lattice pp. 1379-1387 Downloads
Kristóf Hódsági and György Szabó
Financial contagion analysis in frontier markets: Evidence from the US subprime and the Eurozone debt crises pp. 1388-1398 Downloads
Wahbeeah Mohti, Andreia Dionísio, Isabel Vieira and Paulo Ferreira
A general view on the critical behavior in the effective field theory approximation of the Ising model with arbitrary coordination number pp. 1399-1404 Downloads
E. Jurčišinová and M. Jurčišin
A method to get a more stationary process and its application in finance with high-frequency data of Chinese index futures pp. 1405-1417 Downloads
Long Li, Si Bao, Jing-Chao Chen and Tao Jiang
Robust Weighted Least Squares Support Vector Regression algorithm to estimate the nanofluid thermal properties of water/graphene Oxide–Silicon carbide mixture pp. 1418-1428 Downloads
Amin Shahsavar, Seyed Amin Bagherzadeh, Boshra Mahmoudi, Ahmad Hajizadeh, Masoud Afrand and Truong Khang Nguyen
Reinvestigating China’s urbanization through the lens of allometric scaling pp. 1429-1439 Downloads
Wei Lang, Ying Long, Tingting Chen and Xun Li
An efficient computational method for solving system of nonlinear generalized Abel integral equations arising in astrophysics pp. 1440-1448 Downloads
C.S. Singh, Harendra Singh, Somveer Singh and Devendra Kumar
An improved anisotropic continuum model considering the driver’s desire for steady driving pp. 1449-1462 Downloads
Fengxin Sun, Jufeng Wang and Rongjun Cheng
Avalanche dynamics of a generalized earthquake model pp. 1463-1471 Downloads
Gui-Qing Zhang, Jordi Baró, Fang-Yin Cheng, He Huang and Lin Wang
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