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Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications

1975 - 2018

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Volume 495, issue C, 2018

A link prediction method for heterogeneous networks based on BP neural network pp. 1-17 Downloads
Ji-chao Li, Dan-ling Zhao, Bing-Feng Ge, Ke-Wei Yang and Ying-Wu Chen
q-deformed Einstein’s model to describe specific heat of solid pp. 18-29 Downloads
Atanu Guha and Prasanta Kumar Das
The nexus between geopolitical uncertainty and crude oil markets: An entropy-based wavelet analysis pp. 30-39 Downloads
Gazi Salah Uddin, Stelios Bekiros and Ali Ahmed
Spatiotemporal property and predictability of large-scale human mobility pp. 40-48 Downloads
Hai-Tao Zhang, Tao Zhu, Dongfei Fu, Bowen Xu, Xiao-Pu Han and Duxin Chen
On the role of words in the network structure of texts: Application to authorship attribution pp. 49-58 Downloads
Camilo Akimushkin, Diego R. Amancio and Osvaldo N. Oliveira
Exact probability distribution function for the volatility of cumulative production pp. 59-66 Downloads
Rubina Zadourian and Andreas Klümper
Relay-based information broadcast in complex networks pp. 67-80 Downloads
Zhongyan Fan, Zeyu Han, Wallace K.S. Tang and Dong Lin
Statistical thermodynamics of aligned rigid rods with attractive lateral interactions: Theory and Monte Carlo simulations pp. 81-93 Downloads
G.J. dos Santos, D.H. Linares and A.J. Ramirez-Pastor
Multi-scaling in the critical phenomena in the quenched disordered systems pp. 94-103 Downloads
X.T. Wu
Constructing financial network based on PMFG and threshold method pp. 104-113 Downloads
Chun-Xiao Nie and Fu-Tie Song
Impact of rough potentials in rocked ratchet performance pp. 114-125 Downloads
S. Camargo and C. Anteneodo
Community detection using preference networks pp. 126-136 Downloads
Mursel Tasgin and Haluk O. Bingol
q-triplet for Brazos River discharge: The edge of chaos? pp. 137-142 Downloads
Tatijana Stosic, Borko Stosic and Vijay P. Singh
The pricing of European options on two underlying assets with delays pp. 143-151 Downloads
Lisha Lin, Yaqiong Li and Jing Wu
Dynamical and topological aspects of consensus formation in complex networks pp. 152-161 Downloads
A. Chacoma, G. Mato and M.N. Kuperman
Analysis of novel stochastic switched SILI epidemic models with continuous and impulsive control pp. 162-171 Downloads
Shujing Gao, Deming Zhong and Yan Zhang
Preferential attachment in evolutionary earthquake networks pp. 172-179 Downloads
Soghra Rezaei, Hanieh Moghaddasi and Amir Hossein Darooneh
A new boundary scheme for simulation of gas flow in kerogen pores with considering surface diffusion effect pp. 180-190 Downloads
Lingquan Wang, Zhong Zeng, Liangqi Zhang, Long Qiao, Yi Zhang and Yiyu Lu
Optimal topologies for maximizing network transmission capacity pp. 191-201 Downloads
Zhenhao Chen, Jiajing Wu, Zhihai Rong and Chi K. Tse
Time irreversibility from symplectic non-squeezing pp. 202-210 Downloads
Nikolaos Kalogeropoulos
A machine learning approach for predicting the relationship between energy resources and economic development pp. 211-214 Downloads
Dušan Cogoljević, Meysam Alizamir, Ivan Piljan, Tatjana Piljan, Katarina Prljić and Stefan Zimonjić
Distinct aggregation patterns and fluid porous phase in a 2D model for colloids with competitive interactions pp. 215-224 Downloads
José Rafael Bordin
Time–frequency causality between stock prices and exchange rates: Further evidences from cointegration and wavelet analysis pp. 225-244 Downloads
Sahar Afshan, Arshian Sharif, Nanthakumar Loganathan and Rania Jammazi
An agent-based model for emotion contagion and competition in online social media pp. 245-259 Downloads
Rui Fan, Ke Xu and Jichang Zhao
An extended two-lane car-following model accounting for inter-vehicle communication pp. 260-268 Downloads
Hui Ou and Tie-Qiao Tang
Average geodesic distance of skeleton networks of Sierpinski tetrahedron pp. 269-277 Downloads
Jinjin Yang, Songjing Wang, Lifeng Xi and Yongchao Ye
Non-lane-discipline-based car-following model under honk environment pp. 278-293 Downloads
Ying Rong and Huiying Wen
Permanence and asymptotic behaviors of stochastic predator–prey system with Markovian switching and Lévy noise pp. 294-311 Downloads
Sheng Wang, Linshan Wang and Tengda Wei
An application of Mean Escape Time and metapopulation on forestry catastrophe insurance pp. 312-323 Downloads
Jiangcheng Li, Chunmin Zhang, Jifa Liu, Zhen Li and Xuan Yang
Attributed community mining using joint general non-negative matrix factorization with graph Laplacian pp. 324-335 Downloads
Zigang Chen, Lixiang Li, Haipeng Peng, Yuhong Liu and Yixian Yang
Monoparametric family of metrics derived from classical Jensen–Shannon divergence pp. 336-344 Downloads
Tristán M. Osán, Diego G. Bussandri and Pedro W. Lamberti
Modeling online social signed networks pp. 345-352 Downloads
Le Li, Ke Gu, An Zeng, Ying Fan and Zengru Di
Influence of individual rationality on continuous double auction markets with networked traders pp. 353-392 Downloads
Junhuan Zhang
Charge ordering in two-dimensional ionic liquids pp. 393-404 Downloads
Aurélien Perera and Tomaz Urbic
Modelling students’ knowledge organisation: Genealogical conceptual networks pp. 405-417 Downloads
Ismo T. Koponen and Maija Nousiainen
A new hierarchical method to find community structure in networks pp. 418-426 Downloads
Bilal Saoud and Abdelouahab Moussaoui
Adaptive play stabilizes cooperation in continuous public goods games pp. 427-435 Downloads
Te Wu and Long Wang
Dynamics and causalities of atmospheric and oceanic data identified by complex networks and Granger causality analysis pp. 436-453 Downloads
A.K. Charakopoulos, G.A. Katsouli and T.E. Karakasidis
Event-triggered synchronization for reaction–diffusion complex networks via random sampling pp. 454-462 Downloads
Tao Dong, Aijuan Wang, Huiyun Zhu and Xiaofeng Liao
The complexity of the HANG SENG Index and its constituencies during the 2007–2008 Great Recession pp. 463-474 Downloads
G. Argyroudis and F. Siokis
Information spreading dynamics in hypernetworks pp. 475-487 Downloads
Qi Suo, Jin-Li Guo and Ai-Zhong Shen
Bipartite consensus for multi-agent systems with antagonistic interactions and communication delays pp. 488-497 Downloads
Xing Guo, Jianquan Lu, Ahmed Alsaedi and Fuad E. Alsaadi

Volume 494, issue C, 2018

A discrete random walk on the hypercube pp. 1-7 Downloads
Jingyuan Zhang, Yonghong Xiang and Weigang Sun
Pricing geometric Asian rainbow options under fractional Brownian motion pp. 8-16 Downloads
Lu Wang, Rong Zhang, Lin Yang, Yang Su and Feng Ma
ρDCCA applied between air temperature and relative humidity: An hour/hour view pp. 17-26 Downloads
G.F. Zebende, A.A. Brito, A.M. Silva Filho and A.P. Castro
Structural changes and out-of-sample prediction of realized range-based variance in the stock market pp. 27-39 Downloads
Xu Gong and Boqiang Lin
Cellular automata model for traffic flow at intersections in internet of vehicles pp. 40-51 Downloads
Han-Tao Zhao, Xin-Ru Liu, Xiao-Xu Chen and Jian-Cheng Lu
Analytical and Numerical solutions of a nonlinear alcoholism model via variable-order fractional differential equations pp. 52-75 Downloads
J.F. Gómez-Aguilar
Economic agglomerations and spatio-temporal cycles in a spatial growth model with capital transport cost pp. 76-86 Downloads
J.P. Juchem Neto, J.C.R. Claeyssen and S.S. Pôrto Júnior
An accurate European option pricing model under Fractional Stable Process based on Feynman Path Integral pp. 87-117 Downloads
Chao Ma, Qinghua Ma, Haixiang Yao and Tiancheng Hou
Complexity analysis based on generalized deviation for financial markets pp. 118-128 Downloads
Chao Li and Pengjian Shang
A game-theoretic approach to optimize ad hoc networks inspired by small-world network topology pp. 129-139 Downloads
Mian Tan, Tinghong Yang, Xing Chen, Gang Yang, Guoqing Zhu, Petter Holme and Jing Zhao
Analytic uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of models with input correlations pp. 140-162 Downloads
Yueying Zhu, Qiuping A. Wang, Wei Li and Xu Cai
Computing entropy change in synoptic-scale system pp. 163-168 Downloads
Y.P. Wu, Y.Y. Hu, H.X. Cao, C.F. Fu and G.L. Feng
The wrinkle-like N-solitons for the thermophoretic motion equation through graphene sheets pp. 169-174 Downloads
Yu-Lan Ma and Bang-Qing Li
Cooperation and competition between two symmetry breakings in a coupled ratchet pp. 175-185 Downloads
Chen-Pu Li, Hong-Bin Chen, Hong Fan, Ge-Ying Xie and Zhi-Gang Zheng
Robustness analysis of complex networks with power decentralization strategy via flow-sensitive centrality against cascading failures pp. 186-199 Downloads
Wenzhang Guo, Hao Wang and Zhengping Wu
NMR signals within the generalized Langevin model for fractional Brownian motion pp. 200-208 Downloads
Vladimír Lisý and Jana Tóthová
Applicability of Newton’s law of cooling in monetary economics pp. 209-217 Downloads
Jadranka Đurović Todorović, Zoran Tomić, Nebojša Denić, Dalibor Petković, Nenad Kojić, Jelena Petrović and Biljana Petković
Equilibrium stochastic dynamics of a Brownian particle in inhomogeneous space: Derivation of an alternative model pp. 218-224 Downloads
A. Bhattacharyay
Knowledge diffusion in complex networks by considering time-varying information channels pp. 225-235 Downloads
He Zhu and Jing Ma
Realistic decision-making processes in a vaccination game pp. 236-241 Downloads
Yoshiro Iwamura and Jun Tanimoto
Dynamical response of the Ising model to the time dependent magnetic field with white noise pp. 242-250 Downloads
Ümit Akıncı
Robust outer synchronization between two nonlinear complex networks with parametric disturbances and mixed time-varying delays pp. 251-264 Downloads
Chuan Zhang, Xingyuan Wang, Chao Luo, Junqiu Li and Chunpeng Wang
Integrated stationary Ornstein–Uhlenbeck process, and double integral processes pp. 265-275 Downloads
Mario Abundo and Enrica Pirozzi
Exact results of 1D traffic cellular automata: The low-density behavior of the Fukui–Ishibashi model pp. 276-287 Downloads
Alejandro Salcido, Ernesto Hernández-Zapata and Susana Carreón-Sierra
Modeling influenza-like illnesses through composite compartmental models pp. 288-293 Downloads
Nir Levy, Michael Iv and Elad Yom-Tov
The influence of continuous historical velocity difference information on micro-cooperative driving stability pp. 294-301 Downloads
Liang-Yi Yang, Di-Hua Sun, Min Zhao, Sen-Lin Cheng, Geng Zhang and Hui Liu
Microcanonical entropy for classical systems pp. 302-307 Downloads
Roberto Franzosi
Approximate solution of space and time fractional higher order phase field equation pp. 308-316 Downloads
S. Shamseldeen
The spreading time in SIS epidemics on networks pp. 317-330 Downloads
Zhidong He and Piet Van Mieghem
ΛCDM model with dissipative nonextensive viscous dark matter pp. 331-339 Downloads
H.S. Gimenes, G.M. Viswanathan and R. Silva
A model of irreversible jam formation in dense traffic pp. 340-350 Downloads
J.G. Brankov, N.Zh. Bunzarova, N.C. Pesheva and V.B. Priezzhev
Extinction time of a stochastic predator–prey model by the generalized cell mapping method pp. 351-366 Downloads
Qun Han, Wei Xu, Bing Hu, Dongmei Huang and Jian-Qiao Sun
The Italian corporate system in a network perspective (1952–1983) pp. 367-379 Downloads
L. Bargigli and R. Giannetti
Effect of collision duration on the chaotic dynamics of a ball bouncing on a vertically vibrating plate pp. 380-388 Downloads
Z.H. Jiang, Z.J. Liang, A.C. Wu and R.H. Zheng
Analysis of crude oil markets with improved multiscale weighted permutation entropy pp. 389-402 Downloads
Hongli Niu, Jun Wang and Cheng Liu
Identifying online user reputation in terms of user preference pp. 403-409 Downloads
Lu Dai, Qiang Guo, Xiao-Lu Liu, Jian-Guo Liu and Yi-Cheng Zhang
A quantile-based study of cumulative residual Tsallis entropy measures pp. 410-421 Downloads
S.M. Sunoj, Aswathy S. Krishnan and P.G. Sankaran
Uncovering the popularity mechanisms for Facebook applications pp. 422-429 Downloads
Sheng-Nan Li, Qiang Guo, Kai Yang, Jian-Guo Liu and Yi-Cheng Zhang
Universality of accelerating change pp. 430-445 Downloads
Iddo Eliazar and Michael F. Shlesinger
Effect of the signal filtering on detrended fluctuation analysis pp. 446-453 Downloads
Ruixue Li, Jiang Wang and Yingyuan Chen
Quantifying the range of cross-correlated fluctuations using a q–L dependent AHXA coefficient pp. 454-464 Downloads
Fang Wang, Lin Wang and Yuming Chen
Gaussian random bridges and a geometric model for information equilibrium pp. 465-483 Downloads
Levent Ali Mengütürk
Efficient digital implementation of a conductance-based globus pallidus neuron and the dynamics analysis pp. 484-502 Downloads
Shuangming Yang, Xile Wei, Bin Deng, Chen Liu, Huiyan Li and Jiang Wang
Kinetic theory of two-temperature polyatomic plasmas pp. 503-546 Downloads
Orlac’h, Jean-Maxime, Vincent Giovangigli, Tatiana Novikova and Pere Roca i Cabarrocas
Consensus-based methodology for detection communities in multilayered networks pp. 547-558 Downloads
Amir-Mohsen Karimi-Majd, Mohammad Fathian and Masoud Makrehchi
The Blume–Capel model on hierarchical lattices: Exact local properties pp. 559-573 Downloads
Mário J.G. Rocha-Neto, G. Camelo-Neto, E. Nogueira and S. Coutinho
Effective use of congestion in complex networks pp. 574-580 Downloads
Juan Echagüe, Vicent Cholvi and Dariusz R. Kowalski
Spatial-dependence recurrence sample entropy pp. 581-590 Downloads
Tuan D. Pham and Hong Yan
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