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Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications

1975 - 2019

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Volume 514, issue C, 2019

Promotion of cooperation by Hybrid Migration mechanisms in the Spatial Prisoner’s Dilemma Game pp. 1-8 Downloads
Bing Li, Xiaowei Zhao and Haoxiang Xia
Prediction of atrial fibrillation recurrence before catheter ablation using an adaptive nonlinear and non-stationary surface ECG analysis pp. 9-19 Downloads
Xingran Cui, Hung-Chi Chang, Lian-Yu Lin, Chih-Chieh Yu, Wan-Hsin Hsieh, Weihui Li, Chung-Kang Peng, Jiunn-Lee Lin and Men-Tzung Lo
Predation promotes cooperation in Prisoner’s dilemma games pp. 20-24 Downloads
Xiqing Yang, Feng Zhang and Wanxiong Wang
DPC-LG: Density peaks clustering based on logistic distribution and gravitation pp. 25-35 Downloads
Jianhua Jiang, Yujun Chen, Dehao Hao and Keqin Li
Appraising influence of COOH-MWCNTs on thermal conductivity of antifreeze using curve fitting and neural network pp. 36-45 Downloads
Ali Ghasemi, Mohsen Hassani, Marjan Goodarzi, Masoud Afrand and Sahebali Manafi
Optimization of synchronizability in complex spatial networks pp. 46-55 Downloads
Nameer Al Khafaf and Mahdi Jalili
Revisiting fractional Gaussian noise pp. 56-62 Downloads
Ming Li, Xichao Sun and Xi Xiao
Generalized transport equation with nonlocality of space–time. Zubarev’s NSO method pp. 63-70 Downloads
P.P. Kostrobij, B.M. Markovych, O.V. Viznovych and M.V. Tokarchuk
Relaxation high-temperature ratchets pp. 71-78 Downloads
I.V. Shapochkina, V.M. Rozenbaum, S.-Y. Sheu, D.-Y. Yang, S.H. Lin and L.I. Trakhtenberg
Unstable growth and anomalous scaling pp. 79-89 Downloads
D.A. Mirabella, M.P. Suárez, C.M. Aldao and R.R. Deza
‘Bosons’ and ‘fermions’ in social and economic systems pp. 90-104 Downloads
Sergey A. Rashkovskiy
Wavelet time-scale persistence analysis of cryptocurrency market returns and volatility pp. 105-120 Downloads
Maurice Omane-Adjepong, Paul Alagidede and Nana Kwame Akosah
Identifying critical nodes’ group in complex networks pp. 121-132 Downloads
Zhong-Yuan Jiang, Yong Zeng, Zhi-Hong Liu and Jian-Feng Ma
Bifurcation analysis of traffic flow through an improved car-following model considering the time-delayed velocity difference pp. 133-140 Downloads
Yicai Zhang, Yu Xue, Peng Zhang, Deli Fan and Hong di He
EHC: Extended H-index Centrality measure for identification of users’ spreading influence in complex networks pp. 141-155 Downloads
Ahmad Zareie and Amir Sheikhahmadi
Forecasting the KOSPI200 spot volatility using various volatility measures pp. 156-166 Downloads
Dohyun Chun, Hoon Cho and Doojin Ryu
Multifractal characterization of air polluted time series in China pp. 167-180 Downloads
Qizhen Wang
Strategy preference promotes cooperation in spatial evolutionary games pp. 181-188 Downloads
Shuhua Zhang, Zhipeng Zhang, Wu, Yu’e, Ming Yan and Yu Li
An efficient non-recursive algorithm for transforming time series to visibility graph pp. 189-202 Downloads
Saptorshi Ghosh and Amlan Dutta
Investigation on the enhancement phenomenon of biased-diffusion in periodic potential pp. 203-210 Downloads
Xiao-Yang Shi and Jing-Dong Bao
Effect of strategy-assortativity on investor sharing games in the market pp. 211-225 Downloads
Hedong Xu, Suohai Fan, Cunzhi Tian and Xinrong Xiao
Effects of awareness and policy on green behavior spreading in multiplex networks pp. 226-234 Downloads
Xingyu Gao and Lixin Tian
Dynamic topology and allometric scaling behavior on the Vietnamese stock market pp. 235-243 Downloads
Q. Nguyen, N.K. K. Nguyen and L.H. N. Nguyen
Crowds involving individuals with disabilities: Modeling heterogeneity using Fractional Order Potential Fields and the Social Force Model pp. 244-258 Downloads
Daniel S. Stuart, Mohammad Sadra Sharifi, Keith M. Christensen, Anthony Chen, Yong Seog Kim and YangQuan Chen
Effects of Lévy noise on transport of active Brownian particles pp. 259-265 Downloads
Xiaoyang Zhu and Dan Wu
Unusual scaling in a discrete quantum walk with random long range steps pp. 266-273 Downloads
Parongama Sen
Non-Markovianity detection with coherence measures based on the Tsallis relative α entropies pp. 274-279 Downloads
S.Y. Mirafzali and H.R. Baghshahi
Leaderless finite-time consensus for second-order Lipschitz nonlinear multi-agent systems with settling time estimation pp. 280-289 Downloads
Xiaoyan He, Yuqing Hao and Qingyun Wang
Nonclassicality of photon-subtracted squeezing-enhanced coherent state pp. 290-297 Downloads
Gang Ren, Jian-ming Du and Wen-hai Zhang
Long-range energy modes in α-helix lattices with inter-spine coupling pp. 298-310 Downloads
S.E. Madiba, C.B. Tabi, H.P.F. Ekobena and T.C. Kofané
Research on how the difference of personal propagation ability influences the epidemic spreading in activity-driven network pp. 311-318 Downloads
Han Dun, Yan Shuting, Han She, Qian Lingfei and Ampimah Benjamin Chris
Magnetic and thermodynamic properties of a ternary metal nanoisland: A Monte Carlo study pp. 319-335 Downloads
Dan Lv, Yi Yang, Wei Jiang, Feng Wang, Zhong-yue Gao and Ming Tian
Anomalous transports in a space–time inseparable system pp. 336-344 Downloads
Ruyin Chen and Xiaona Lv
Persistence in trends and cycles of gold and silver prices: Evidence from historical data pp. 345-354 Downloads
Juncal Cunado, Luis A. Gil-Alana and Rangan Gupta
Identifying influential nodes based on fluctuation conduction network model pp. 355-369 Downloads
Ze Wang, Xiangyun Gao, Renwu Tang, Xueyong Liu, Qingru Sun and Zhihua Chen
Volatility aggregation intensity energy futures series on stochastic finite-range exclusion dynamics pp. 370-383 Downloads
Linlu Jia, Jinchuan Ke and Jun Wang
Dynamics of two time delays differential equation model to HIV latent infection pp. 384-395 Downloads
Huijuan Liu and Jia-Fang Zhang
A robust multi-view clustering method for community detection combining link and content information pp. 396-411 Downloads
Chaobo He, Yong Tang, Hai Liu, Xiang Fei, Hanchao Li and Shuangyin Liu
Interactive dynamics controlling symmetry breaking in bidirectional transport systems with narrow entrances pp. 412-425 Downloads
Natasha Sharma, Tripti Midha and Arvind Kumar Gupta
Studying node centrality based on the hidden hyperbolic metric space of complex networks pp. 426-434 Downloads
Lili Ma
A modified algorithm of multiplex networks generation based on overlapped links pp. 435-442 Downloads
Yinzuo Zhou
Factors affecting evolution of the interprovincial technology patent trade networks in China based on exponential random graph models pp. 443-457 Downloads
Xi-jun He, Yan-bo Dong, Yu-ying Wu, Guo-rui Jiang and Yao Zheng
Entropy measures for early detection of bearing faults pp. 458-472 Downloads
Gustavo de Novaes Pires Leite, Alex Maurício Araújo, Pedro André Carvalho Rosas, Tatijana Stosic and Borko Stosic
Empirical distributions of stock returns: Mixed normal or kernel density? pp. 473-486 Downloads
Hanhuan Yan and Liyan Han
Global synchronization of partially forced Kuramoto oscillators on networks pp. 487-496 Downloads
Carolina A. Moreira and Marcus A.M. de Aguiar
Spreading dynamics of an online social information model on scale-free networks pp. 497-510 Downloads
Xiongding Liu, Tao Li, Hao Xu and Wenjin Liu
Bitcoin and investor sentiment: Statistical characteristics and predictability pp. 511-521 Downloads
Cheoljun Eom, Taisei Kaizoji, Sang Hoon Kang and Lukas Pichl
An extended lattice hydrodynamic model considering the driver’s sensory memory and delayed-feedback control pp. 522-532 Downloads
Yinyin Chang, Zhiting He and Rongjun Cheng
On the relation between a length cutoff in time-convolutionless mode-coupling theory and a characteristic length at β-relaxation stage in glass-forming materials pp. 533-548 Downloads
Michio Tokuyama and Takayuki Narumi
Multifractality and non-Gaussianity of eye fixation duration time series in reading Persian texts pp. 549-562 Downloads
Mohammad Sharifi, Hamed Farahani, Farhad Shahbazi, Masood Sharifi, Christopher T. Kello and Marzieh Zare
Analysis of the ultra-low frequency magnetic field fluctuations prior to the 2016 Kumamoto (Japan) earthquakes in terms of the method of critical fluctuations pp. 563-572 Downloads
Stelios M. Potirakis, Yiannis Contoyiannis, Alexander Schekotov, Tomokazu Asano and Masashi Hayakawa
Hydropathic wave ordering of alpha crystallin—Membrane interactions enhances human lens transparency and resists cataracts pp. 573-579 Downloads
M.A. Moret, G.F. Zebende and J.C. Phillips
Impacts of the cross-correlated noises on the fluctuation behaviors of a gene transcriptional regulatory system pp. 580-591 Downloads
Yun-Feng Yang, Can-Jun Wang, Ke-Li Yang, Ya-Qiang Yang and Ying-Chun Zheng
Hybrid L-systems–Diffusion Limited Aggregation schemes pp. 592-605 Downloads
S. Salcedo-Sanz and L. Cuadra
Reasonable method to extract Fisher information from experimental data pp. 606-611 Downloads
Yan Li and Weidong Li
On multifractals: A non-linear study of actigraphy data pp. 612-619 Downloads
Lucas Gabriel Souza França, Pedro Montoya and José Garcia Vivas Miranda
An universal algorithm for source location in complex networks pp. 620-630 Downloads
Hongjue Wang
Link deletion in directed complex networks pp. 631-643 Downloads
G. Kashyap and G. Ambika
Applicability of effective field theory cluster approximations for investigation of geometrically frustrated magnetic systems: Antiferromagnetic model on kagome lattice pp. 644-657 Downloads
E. Jurčišinová and M. Jurčišin
Complex dynamics analysis for a remanufacturing duopoly model with nonlinear cost pp. 658-670 Downloads
Yu Peng, Qian Lu, Yue Xiao and Xue Wu
Ergodic stationary distribution of a stochastic SIRS epidemic model incorporating media coverage and saturated incidence rate pp. 671-685 Downloads
Yan Zhang, Kuangang Fan, Shujing Gao, Yingfen Liu and Shihua Chen
Entropy based European income distributions and inequality measures pp. 686-698 Downloads
Sofia B. Villas-Boas, Qiuzi Fu and George Judge
A new fractal reliability model for networks with node fractal growth and no-loop pp. 699-707 Downloads
Lina Sun, Ning Huang, Ruiying Li and Yanan Bai
Particle swarm optimization performance for fitting of Lévy noise data pp. 708-714 Downloads
H. Marouani and Y. Fouad
Dissipative evolution of two-mode Bose–Einstein condensate in the presence of nonlinear interactions: Heisenberg operator approach pp. 715-728 Downloads
E. Ghasemian and M.K. Tavassoly
Transmission dynamics of Zika virus with spatial structure—A case study in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil pp. 729-740 Downloads
Yongli Cai, Zuqin Ding, Bin Yang, Zhihang Peng and Weiming Wang
Instantons and fluctuations in a Lagrangian model of turbulence pp. 741-757 Downloads
G.B. Apolinário, L. Moriconi and R.M. Pereira
Time evolution of multiphoton added-then-subtracted coherent states in thermal channel pp. 758-766 Downloads
Zhen Wang, Heng-Mei Li, Hong-Chun Yuan, Yu-Qiao Shen and Zhi-Long Wan
A route-based traffic flow model accounting for interruption factors pp. 767-785 Downloads
Tie-Qiao Tang, Wei-Fang Shi, Hai-Jun Huang, Wen-Xiang Wu and Ziqi Song
Long memory is important: A test study on deep-learning based car-following model pp. 786-795 Downloads
Xiao Wang, Rui Jiang, Li Li, Yi-Lun Lin and Fei-Yue Wang
C2IM: Community based context-aware influence maximization in social networks pp. 796-818 Downloads
Shashank Sheshar Singh, Ajay Kumar, Kuldeep Singh and Bhaskar Biswas
A new κ-deformed parametric model for the size distribution of wealth pp. 819-829 Downloads
Adams Vallejos, Ignacio Ormazábal, Félix A. Borotto and Hernán F. Astudillo
Global synchronization of fractional coupled networks with discrete and distributed delays pp. 830-837 Downloads
Yan-Jie Zhang, Song Liu, Ran Yang, Ying-Ying Tan and Xiaoyan Li
Recurrence duration statistics and time-dependent intrinsic correlation analysis of trading volumes: A study of Chinese stock indices pp. 838-854 Downloads
Hongli Niu, Weiqing Wang and Junhuan Zhang
Hidden symmetries in real and theoretical networks pp. 855-867 Downloads
Dallas Smith and Benjamin Webb
Novel results on bifurcation for a fractional-order complex-valued neural network with leakage delay pp. 868-883 Downloads
Jun Yuan, Lingzhi Zhao, Chengdai Huang and Min Xiao
Restoration of interdependent network against cascading overload failure pp. 884-891 Downloads
Jilong Zhong, FengMing Zhang, Shunkun Yang and Daqing Li
Network analysis by fishing type for fishing vessel rescue pp. 892-901 Downloads
Sang-Lok Yoo
Global Rényi index of the distance matrix pp. 902-915 Downloads
Chun-Xiao Nie and Fu-Tie Song
Synchronization of a transmission line removal on power networks with positive and negative couplings pp. 916-924 Downloads
Li-xin Yang, Jun Jiang and Xiao-jun Liu
Optimization algorithms for spectral coarse-graining of complex networks pp. 925-935 Downloads
Zhen Jia, Lang Zeng, Ying-Ying Wang and Pei Wang
Brownian dynamics simulation of soot primary particle aggregation in laminar ethylene diffusion flames pp. 936-947 Downloads
Ya-fei Wang, Qun-xing Huang, Fei Wang, Yong Chi and Jian-hua Yan
Subdiffusion and ergodicity breaking in heterogeneous environments subject to Lévy noise pp. 948-956 Downloads
Yong Li, Wei Guo, Lu-Chun Du and Dong-Cheng Mei
Open quantum system in external magnetic field within non-Markovian quantum Langevin approach pp. 957-973 Downloads
I.B. Abdurakhmanov, Z. Kanokov, G.G. Adamian and N.V. Antonenko
Magnetic properties of Kekulene structure: A Monte Carlo study pp. 974-981 Downloads
A. Jabar and R. Masrour
Cellular automaton simulation of pedestrian flow considering vision and multi-velocity pp. 982-992 Downloads
Xuemei Zhou, Jingjie Hu, Xiangfeng Ji and Xiongziyan Xiao
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