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6336: A Model of Endogenous Fiscal Deficits and Delayed Fiscal Reforms Downloads
Andres Velasco
6335: Economic Integration and Convergence: U.S. Regions, 1840-1987 Downloads
Sukkoo Kim
6334: The Mexican Peso Crisis? How Much Did We Know? When Did We Know It? Downloads
Sebastian Edwards
6333: What Happens When You Tax the Rich? Evidence from Executive Compensation Downloads
Austan Goolsbee
6332: Hong Kong's Business Regulation in Transition Downloads
Changqi Wu and Leonard K. Cheng
6331: The Careers of Modern Artists: Evidence from Auctions of Contemporary Paintings Downloads
David Galenson
6330: Has Job Stability Declined Yet? New Evidence for the 1990's Downloads
David Neumark, Daniel Polsky and Daniel Hansen
6329: Political Economics and Macroeconomic Policy Downloads
Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini
6328: The Determinants of Child Care Workers' Wages and Compensation: Sectoral Differences, Human Capital, Race, Insiders and Outsiders Downloads
Naci Mocan and Deborah Viola
6327: Whither the World Bank and the IMF? Downloads
Anne O. Krueger
6326: Pecuniary Incentives to Work in the U.S. during World War II Downloads
Casey Mulligan
6325: The Central Tendency: A Second Factor in Bond Yields Downloads
Pierluigi Balduzzi, Sanjiv Das and Silverio Foresi
6324: A Unified Theory of Underreaction, Momentum Trading and Overreaction in Asset Markets Downloads
Harrison Hong and Jeremy Stein
6323: How the Changing Market Structure of U.S. Higher Education Explains College Tuition Downloads
Caroline Hoxby
6322: Regions, Resources, and Economic Geography: Sources of U.S. Regional Comparative Advantage, 1880-1987 Downloads
Sukkoo Kim
6321: Market Forces and Sex Discrimination Downloads
Judith Hellerstein, David Neumark and Kenneth Troske
6320: Volatility and Financial Intermediation Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Andrew Powell
6319: Open-Economy Macroeconomics, Developments in Theory and Policy Downloads
Maurice Obstfeld
6318: Unions and Managerial Pay Downloads
John DiNardo, Kevin Hallock and Jorn-Steffen Pischke
6317: Myopia and Inconsistency in the Neoclassical Growth Model Downloads
Robert Barro
6316: After Chile, What? Second-Round Pension Reforms in Latin America Downloads
Olivia Mitchell and Flavio Ataliba Barreto
6315: Inventories Downloads
Valerie Ramey and Kenneth West
6314: NIMBY Taxes Matter: State Taxes and Interstate Hazardous Waste Shipments Downloads
Arik Levinson
6313: Unequal at Birth: A Long-Term Comparison of Income and Birth Weight Downloads
Dora Costa
6312: Foreign Speculators and Emerging Equity Markets Downloads
Geert Bekaert and Campbell Harvey
6311: Managing the Public Debt in Fiscal Stabilizations: The Evidence Downloads
Alessandro Missale, Francesco Giavazzi and Pierpaolo Benigno
6310: Sharp Reductions in Current Account Deficits: An Empirical Analyis Downloads
Gian Maria Milesi-Ferrett and Assaf Razin
6309: Corporate Governance Downloads
Luigi Zingales
6308: Social Security and Retirement in Canada Downloads
Jonathan Gruber
6307: Welfare and Macroeconomic Interdependence Downloads
Giancarlo Corsetti and Paolo Pesenti
6306: Central Bank Policy Rules: Conceptual Issues and Practical Considerations Downloads
Stephen Cecchetti
6305: Are Public Housing Projects Good for Kids? Downloads
Janet Currie and Aaron Yelowitz
6304: Patent Buy-Outs: A Mechanism for Encouraging Innovation Downloads
Michael Kremer
6303: The Effect of Means-Tested Income Support for the Elderly on Pre-Retirement Saving: Evidence from the SSI Program in the U.S Downloads
David Neumark and Elizabeth Powers
6302: Argentina and the World Capital Market: Saving, Investment, and International Capital Mobility in the Twentieth Century Downloads
Alan Taylor
6301: Predation, Efficiency, and Inequality Downloads
Herschel Grossman and Minseong Kim
6300: A Model of Crises in Emerging Markets Downloads
Michael Dooley
6299: band Labor Demand: Evidence from the South Coast Air Basin Downloads
Eli Berman and Linda Bui
6298: Death to the Log-Linearized Consumption Euler Equation! (And Very Poor Health to the Second-Order Approximation) Downloads
Christopher Carroll
6297: Stylized Facts of Patent Litigation: Value, Scope and Ownership Downloads
Jean Lanjouw and Mark Schankerman
6296: The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: A Survey of the Empirical Literature Downloads
Jean Lanjouw and Josh Lerner
6295: Implications of Rising Personal Retirement Saving Downloads
James Poterba, Steven Venti and David Wise
6294: Market Access and Welfare Effects of Piecemeal Policy Reform Downloads
Jiandong Ju and Kala Krishna
6293: The Competitive Effects of Transmission Capacity in a Deregulated Electricity Industry Downloads
Severin Borenstein, James Bushnell and Steven Stoft
6292: Transition Issues for the European Monetary Union Downloads
Willem Buiter and Anne Sibert
6291: The Alleged Instability of Nominal Income Targeting Downloads
Bennett McCallum
6290: The Past, Present, and Future of Macroeconomic Forecasting Downloads
Francis Diebold
6289: "Make Us a King": Anarchy, Predation, and the State Downloads
Herschel Grossman
6288: The Sources of Regional Variation in the Severity of the Great Depression: Evidence from U.S. Manufacturing, 1919-1937 Downloads
Joshua Rosenbloom and William A. Sundstrom
6287: The Market and the Estimators: Forecasting the Cost of Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Downloads
Sherry Glied and Tama Brooks
6286: Debts and Deficits with Fragmented Fiscal Policymaking Downloads
Andres Velasco
6285: Population and Ideas: A Theory of Endogenous Growth Downloads
Charles Jones
6284: The Upcoming Slowdown in U.S. Economic Growth Downloads
Charles Jones
6283: Costly Capital Reallocation and the Effects of Government Spending Downloads
Valerie Ramey and Matthew Shapiro
6282: Apocalypse Now? Fundamental Tax Reform and Residential Housing Values Downloads
Donald Bruce and Douglas Holtz-Eakin
6281: The Redistributive Effects of Transfers Downloads
Keshab Bhattarai and John Whalley
6280: Discreteness and the Welfare Cost of Labor Supply Tax Distortions Downloads
Keshab Bhattarai and John Whalley
6279: Employer Learning and Statistical Discrimination Downloads
Joseph Altonji and Charles R. Pierret
6278: A New Bankruptcy Procedure that Uses Multiple Auctions Downloads
Oliver Hart, Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez- de-Silane and John Moore
6277: Avoiding Health Insurance Crowd-Out: Evidence from the Medicare as Secondary Payer Legislation Downloads
Sherry Glied and Mark Stabile
6276: Graduation to Health Insurance Coverage: 1981-1996 Downloads
Sherry Glied and Mark Stabile
6275: Job Destruction and Propagation of Shocks Downloads
Wouter J. den Haan, Garey Ramey and Joel Watson
6274: Power in a Theory of the Firm Downloads
Raghuram Rajan and Luigi Zingales
6273: Survival of the Fittest or the Fattest? Exit and Financing in the Trucking Industry Downloads
Luigi Zingales
6272: Exceptional Exporter Performance: Cause, Effect, or Both? Downloads
Andrew Bernard and J. Jensen
6271: Learning in Cities Downloads
Edward Glaeser
6270: Geographic Concentration as a Dynamic Process Downloads
Guy Dumais, Glenn Ellison and Edward Glaeser
6269: Strategic Bidding in a Multi-Unit Auction: An Empirical Analysis of Bids to Supply Electricity Downloads
Catherine D. Wolfram
6268: Demographic Transitions and Economic Miracles in Emerging Asia Downloads
David Bloom and Jeffrey Williamson
6267: Convergence Clubs and Subsistence Economies Downloads
Dan Ben-David
6266: Slowdowns and Meltdowns: Postwar Growth Evidence from 74 Countries Downloads
Dan Ben-David and David Papell
6265: Does Immigration Hurt African-American Self-Employment? Downloads
Robert Fairlie and Bruce Meyer
6264: Aggregate Investment Downloads
Ricardo Caballero
6263: The Rate of Return to Corporate Capital and Factor Shares: New EstimatesUsing Revised National Income Accounts and Capital Stock Data Downloads
James Poterba
6262: International Trade and Labor-Demand Elasticities Downloads
Matthew J. Slaughter
6261: The Role of Discretion in the Criminal Justice System Downloads
Daniel P. Kessler and Anne Piehl
6260: Taxation by Telecommunications Regulation Downloads
Jerry Hausman
6259: On the Disutility and Discounting of Imprisonment and the Theory of Deterrence Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky and Steven Shavell
6258: Generating Real Persistent Effects of Monetary Shocks: How Much Nominal Rigidity Do We Really Need? Downloads
Olivier Jeanne
6257: Econometric Models of Limit-Order Executions Downloads
Andrew Lo, A. Craig MacKinlay and June Zhang
6256: The Big Players in the Foreign Exchange Market: Do They Trade on Information or Noise? Downloads
Shang-Jin Wei and Jungshik Kim
6255: Why is Corruption So Much More Taxing Than Tax? Arbitrariness Kills Downloads
Shang-Jin Wei
6254: Monetary Policy Rules in Practice: Some International Evidence Downloads
Richard Clarida, Jordi Gali and Mark Gertler
6253: Technology and Bilateral Trade Downloads
Jonathan Eaton and Samuel Kortum
6252: I Just Ran Four Million Regressions Downloads
Xavier Sala-i-Martin
6251: On the Superiority of Corrective Taxes to Quantity Regulation Downloads
Louis Kaplow and Steven Shavell
6250: Pricing and Hedging Derivative Securities in Incomplete Markets: An E-Aritrage Model Downloads
Dimitris Bertsimas, Leonid Kogan and Andrew Lo
6249: Persistence of Medicare Expenditures Among Elderly Beneficiaries Downloads
Alan M. Garber, Thomas E. MaCurdy and Mark B. McClellan
6248: Simulating U.S. Tax Reform Downloads
David Altig, Alan Auerbach, Laurence Kotlikoff, Kent Smetters and Jan Walliser
6247: Capital Mobility and Exchange Market Intervention in Developing Countries Downloads
Michael Dooley, Donald J. Mathieson and Liliana Rojas-Suarez
6246: Explaining National Differences in the Size and Industry Distribution of Employment Downloads
Steven Davis and Magnus Henrekson
6245: Consumer Beliefs and Buyer and Seller Behavior in the Vehicle Inspection Market Downloads
Thomas N. Hubbard
6244: Growth, Distribution and Demography: Some Lessons from History Downloads
Jeffrey Williamson
6243: International Competition and Exchange Rate Shocks: A Cross-Country Industry Analysis of Stock Returns Downloads
John M. Griffin and René Stulz
6242: Impact of a Managed Behavioral Health Care Carve-Out: A Case Study of One HMO Downloads
Anne E. Brisson, Richard G. Frank, Elizabeth S. Notman and Julie A. Gazmararian
6241: Foreign Direct Investment as a Catalyst for Industrial Development Downloads
James Markusen and Anthony Venables
6240: Projected Retirement Wealth and Savings Adequacy in the Health and Retirement Study Downloads
James F. Moore and Olivia Mitchell
6239: Higher Tariffs, Lower Revenues? Analyzing the Fiscal Aspects of the "Great Tariff Debate of 1888" Downloads
Douglas Irwin
6238: Is Bank-Centered Corporate Governance Worth It? A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Performance of Japanese Firms during the Asset Price Deflation Downloads
Jun-Koo Kang and René Stulz
6237: State Fiscal Institutions and the U.S. Municipal Bond Market Downloads
James Poterba and Kim Rueben
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