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16343: Selective Trials: A Principal-Agent Approach to Randomized Controlled Experiments Downloads
Sylvain Chassang, Gerard Padro i Miquel and Erik Snowberg
16342: The Consumption Response to Seasonal Income: Evidence from Japanese Public Pension Benefits Downloads
Melvin Stephens and Takashi Unayama
16341: Scientific Productivity and Academic Promotion: A Study on French and Italian Physicists Downloads
Francesco Lissoni, Jacques Mairesse, Fabio Montobbio and Michele Pezzoni
16340: Must Love Kill the Family Firm? Downloads
Vikas Mehrotra, Randall Morck, Jungwook Shim and Yupana Wiwattanakantang
16339: Overcoming the common pool problem through voluntary cooperation: the rise and fall of a fishery cooperative Downloads
Robert Deacon, Dominic Parker and Christopher Costello
16338: Unitization of spatially connected renewable resources Downloads
Daniel Kaffine and Christopher Costello
16337: Two Monetary Tools: Interest Rates and Haircuts Downloads
Adam Ashcraft, Nicolae Gârleanu and Lasse Pedersen
16336: Cross-sectional Tobin's Q Downloads
Frederico Belo, Chen Xue and Lu Zhang
16335: The Effects of Stock Lending on Security Prices: An Experiment Downloads
Steven Kaplan, Tobias J. Moskowitz and Berk A. Sensoy
16334: After the Fall Downloads
Carmen Reinhart and Vincent Reinhart
16333: Paying to Learn: The Effect of Financial Incentives on Elementary School Test Scores Downloads
Eric Bettinger
16332: Assessing Inherent Model Bias: An Application to Native Displacement in Response to Immigration Downloads
Giovanni Peri and Chad Sparber
16331: The Idea Gap in Pink and Black Downloads
Lisa Cook and Chaleampong Kongcharoen
16330: Does Drinking Impair College Performance? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Approach Downloads
Scott Carrell, Mark Hoekstra and James West
16329: How Much Does Size Erode Mutual Fund Performance? A Regression Discontinuity Approach Downloads
Jonathan Reuter and Eric Zitzewitz
16328: The Importance of Being an Optimist: Evidence from Labor Markets Downloads
Ron Kaniel, Cade Massey and David Robinson
16327: Inferring Labor Income Risk from Economic Choices: An Indirect Inference Approach Downloads
Fatih Guvenen and Anthony Smith
16326: Firm Dynamics, Job Turnover, and Wage Distributions in an Open Economy Downloads
A. Kerem Coşar, Nezih Guner and James Tybout
16325: Competition and the Ratchet Effect Downloads
Gary Charness, Peter Kuhn and Marie Claire Villeval
16324: Institutional Path Dependence in Climate Adaptation: Coman's "Some Unsettled Problems of Irrigation" Downloads
Gary Libecap
16323: The role of patent protection in (clean/green) technology transfer Downloads
Bronwyn Hall and Christian Helmers
16322: Trade, Poverty and the Lagging Regions of South Asia Downloads
Pravin Krishna, Devashish Mitra and Asha Sundaram
16321: Bundling Among Rivals: A Case of Pharmaceutical Cocktails Downloads
Claudio Lucarelli, Sean Nicholson and Minjae Song
16320: Economic Conditions and the Quality of Suicide Terrorism Downloads
Efraim Benmelech, Claude Berrebi and Esteban Klor
16319: The Nature of Excess: Using Randomized Treatments to Investigate Price Dynamics Downloads
Omar Al-Ubaydli, John List and Michael Price
16318: Analyzing the Welfare Impacts of Full-line Forcing Contracts Downloads
Justin Ho, Katherine Ho and Julie Mortimer
16317: The Value of Luminosity Data as a Proxy for Economic Statistics Downloads
Xi Chen and William Nordhaus
16316: Why Do Household Portfolio Shares Rise in Wealth? Downloads
Jessica Wachter and Motohiro Yogo
16315: Competitive Equilibrium in Markets for Votes Downloads
Alessandra Casella, Aniol Llorente-Saguer and Thomas Palfrey
16314: Portage: Path Dependence and Increasing Returns in U.S. History Downloads
Hoyt Bleakley and Jeffrey Lin
16313: Firm Entry, Trade, and Welfare in Zipf's World Downloads
Julian di Giovanni and Andrei Levchenko
16312: Broker Incentives and Mutual Fund Market Segmentation Downloads
Diane Del Guercio, Jonathan Reuter and Paula Tkac
16311: Measuring the Output Responses to Fiscal Policy Downloads
Alan Auerbach and Yuriy Gorodnichenko
16310: Financial Policies and the Financial Crisis: How Important Was the Systemic Credit Contraction for Industrial Corporations? Downloads
Kathleen M. Kahle and René Stulz
16309: Liquidity Management and Corporate Investment During a Financial Crisis Downloads
Murillo Campello, Erasmo Giambona, John R. Graham and Campbell Harvey
16308: Is Agricultural Production Becoming More or Less Sensitive to Extreme Heat? Evidence from U.S. Corn and Soybean Yields Downloads
Michael Roberts and Wolfram Schlenker
16307: Updating the Allocation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Permits in a Federal Cap-and-Trade Program Downloads
Meredith Fowlie
16306: An Economic Model of Amniocentesis Choice Downloads
Eduardo Fajnzylber, V. Joseph Hotz and Seth G. Sanders
16305: The Economics of Carbon Offsets Downloads
James Bushnell
16304: Solving the Multi-Country Real Business Cycle Model Using Ergodic Set Methods Downloads
Serguei Maliar, Lilia Maliar and Kenneth Judd
16303: Regulatory Choice with Pollution and Innovation Downloads
Charles Kolstad
16302: Are Options on Index Futures Profitable for Risk Averse Investors? Empirical Evidence Downloads
George Constantinides, Michal Czerwonko, Jens Jackwerth and Stylianos Perrakis
16301: Specialization: Pro- and Anti-globalizing, 1990-2002 Downloads
James Anderson and Yoto Yotov
16300: Who Creates Jobs? Small vs. Large vs. Young Downloads
John Haltiwanger, Ron Jarmin and Javier Miranda
16299: Income Inequality and Local Government in the United States, 1970-2000 Downloads
Leah Boustan, Fernando Ferreira, Hernan Winkler and Eric Zolt
16298: Short-Run Subsidies and Long-Run Adoption of New Health Products: Evidence from a Field Experiment Downloads
Pascaline Dupas
16297: Pricing and Reimbursement in U.S. Pharmaceutical Markets Downloads
Ernst R. Berndt and Joseph Newhouse
16296: Giving Mom a Break: The Impact of Higher EITC Payments on Maternal Health Downloads
William Evans and Craig L. Garthwaite
16295: Are National Patent Laws the Blossoming Rain? Downloads
Yi Qian
16294: Does Ethnicity Pay Downloads
Yasheng Huang, Li Jin and Yi Qian
16293: Variation in Educational Outcomes and Policies across Countries and of Schools within Countries Downloads
Richard Freeman, Stephen Machin and Martina Viarengo
16292: To Join or Not to Join? Factors Influencing Employee Share Plan Membership in a Multinational Corporation Downloads
Alex Bryson and Richard Freeman
16291: Fraternity Membership & Frequent Drinking Downloads
Jeffrey DeSimone
16290: Optimal Price Indices for Targeting Inflation Under Incomplete Markets Downloads
Rahul Anand and Eswar Prasad
16289: Empirical Evidence on the Aggregate Effects of Anticipated and Unanticipated U.S. Tax Policy Shocks Downloads
Karel Mertens and Morten Ravn
16288: From Beijing to Bentonville: Do Multinational Retailers Link Markets? Downloads
Keith Head, Ran Jing and Deborah Swenson
16287: Cigarette Excise Taxation: The Impact of Tax Structure on Prices, Revenues, and Cigarette Smoking Downloads
Frank Chaloupka, Richard Peck, John Tauras, Xin Xu and Ayda Yurekli
16286: Industry Dynamics: Foundations For Models with an Infinite Number of Firms Downloads
Gabriel Y. Weintraub, C. Lanier Benkard and Benjamin Van Roy
16285: Comparative Statics in Markets for Indivisible Goods Downloads
Andrew Caplin and John Leahy
16284: A Graph Theoretic Approach to Markets for Indivisible Goods Downloads
Andrew Caplin and John Leahy
16283: A State-Dependent Model of Intermediate Goods Pricing Downloads
Brent Neiman
16282: The Market for Borrowing Corporate Bonds Downloads
Paul Asquith, Andrea S. Au, Thomas R. Covert and Parag Pathak
16281: Putting the Co in Education: Timing, Reasons, and Consequences of College Coeducation from 1835 to the Present Downloads
Claudia Goldin and Lawrence Katz
16280: The Insurance Value of State Tax-and-Transfer Programs Downloads
Hilary Hoynes and Erzo Luttmer
16279: Do Social Connections Reduce Moral Hazard? Evidence from the New York City Taxi Industry Downloads
C. Kirabo Jackson and Henry Schneider
16278: Inside the Refrigerator: Immigration Enforcement and Chilling Effects in Medicaid Participation Downloads
Tara Watson
16277: Does Culture Matter? Downloads
Raquel Fernandez
16276: Protection Reduction and Diversion: PTAs and the Incidence of Antidumping Disputes Downloads
Thomas Prusa and Robert Teh
16275: Automatic Stabilizers and Economic Crisis: US vs. Europe Downloads
Mathias Dolls, Clemens Fuest and Andreas Peichl
16274: The Economic History of the American Economic Review: A Century's Explosion of Economics Research Downloads
Robert Margo
16273: Foreign Affiliate Sales and Trade in Both Goods and Services Downloads
Chunding Li, John Whalley and Yan Chen
16272: The Capital Structure Decisions of New Firms Downloads
Alicia M. Robb and David Robinson
16271: What Does Financial Literacy Training Teach Us? Downloads
Bruce Ian Carlin and David Robinson
16270: A Semiparametric Approach for Analyzing Nonignorable Missing Data Downloads
Hui Xie, Yi Qian and Leming Qu
16269: International Aspects of the Great Depression and the Crisis of 2007: Similarities, Differences, and Lessons Downloads
Richard Grossman and Christopher Meissner
16268: Taxes, Permits, and Climate Change Downloads
Louis Kaplow
16267: The Evolution of Brand Preferences: Evidence from Consumer Migration Downloads
Bart Bronnenberg, Jean-Pierre H. Dube and Matthew Gentzkow
16266: Immigration: America's nineteenth century "law and order problem"? Downloads
Howard Bodenhorn, Carolyn Moehling and Anne Piehl
16265: The Establishment-Level Behavior of Vacancies and Hiring Downloads
Steven Davis, Jason Faberman and John Haltiwanger
16264: Globalization, the Business Cycle, and Macroeconomic Monitoring Downloads
S. Boragan Aruoba, Francis Diebold, Ayhan Kose and Marco Terrones
16263: Predictive Regressions: A Present-value Approach Downloads
Jules van Binsbergen and Ralph Koijen
16262: What Goods Do Countries Trade? A Quantitative Exploration of Ricardo's Ideas Downloads
Arnaud Costinot, Dave Donaldson and Ivana Komunjer
16261: Has the European Union Achieved a Single Pharmaceutical Market? Downloads
Aysegul Timur, Gabriel Picone and Jeffrey DeSimone
16260: Exchange Market Pressure and Absorption by International Reserves: Emerging Markets and Fear of Reserve Loss During the 2008-09 Crisis Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Michael Hutchison
16259: The Dynamic Effects of Currency Union on Trade Downloads
Paul Bergin and Ching-Yi Lin
16258: Public Monopoly and Economic Efficiency: Evidence from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's Entry Decisions Downloads
Katja Seim and Joel Waldfogel
16257: The Importance of Segregation, Discrimination, Peer Dynamics, and Identity in Explaining Trends in the Racial Achievement Gap Downloads
Roland Fryer
16256: Racial Inequality in the 21st Century: The Declining Significance of Discrimination Downloads
Roland Fryer
16255: Asset Allocation Downloads
Jessica Wachter
16254: Report on the State of Available Data for the Study of International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Downloads
Robert Feenstra, Robert Lipsey, Lee G. Branstetter, C. Fritz Foley, James Harrigan, J. Jensen, Lori Kletzer, Catherine Mann, Peter Schott and Greg Wright
16253: Decomposing the Great Trade Collapse: Products, Prices, and Quantities in the 2008-2009 Crisis Downloads
Mona Haddad, Ann Harrison and Catherine Hausman
16252: The Trend of BMI Values of US Adults by Centiles, birth cohorts 1882-1986 Downloads
John Komlos and Marek Brabec
16251: Insurers' Negotiating Leverage and the External Effects of Medicare Part D Downloads
Darius Lakdawalla and Wesley Yin
16250: The Impact of Child Care Subsidies on Child Well-Being: Evidence from Geographic Variation in the Distance to Social Service Agencies Downloads
Chris M. Herbst and Erdal Tekin
16249: Emerging Local Currency Bond Markets Downloads
John Burger, Francis Warnock and Veronica Warnock
16248: The Performance Effects of IT-Enabled Knowledge Management Practices Downloads
Peter Cappelli
16247: Government Purchases Over the Business Cycle: the Role of Economic and Political Inequality Downloads
Ruediger Bachmann and Jinhui Bai
16246: Check in the Mail or More in the Paycheck: Does the Effectiveness of Fiscal Stimulus Depend on How It Is Delivered? Downloads
Claudia Sahm, Matthew Shapiro and Joel Slemrod
16245: Repairing a Mortgage Crisis: HOLC Lending and its Impact on Local Housing Markets Downloads
Charles Courtemanche and Kenneth Snowden
16244: The Anatomy of a Residential Mortgage Crisis: A Look Back to the 1930s Downloads
Kenneth Snowden
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