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11317: Judicial Lobbying: The Politics of Labor Law Constitutional Interpretation Downloads
Matias Iaryczower, Pablo Spiller and Mariano Tommasi
11316: The Determinants of the Willingness to be an Organ Donor Downloads
Naci Mocan and Erdal Tekin
11315: Employee Cost-Sharing and the Welfare Effects of Flexible Spending Accounts Downloads
William Jack, Arik Levinson and Sjamsu Rahardja
11314: Has US Monetary Policy Changed? Evidence from Drifting Coefficients and Real-Time Data Downloads
Jean Boivin
11313: Measuring and Interpreting Expectations of Equity Returns Downloads
Jeff Dominitz and Charles Manski
11312: Real-Time Price Discovery in Stock, Bond and Foreign Exchange Markets Downloads
Torben Andersen, Tim Bollerslev, Francis Diebold and Clara Vega
11311: The General Equilibrium Incidence of Environmental Taxes Downloads
Don Fullerton and Garth Heutel
11310: Rare Events and the Equity Premium Downloads
Robert Barro
11309: Does Voting Technology Affect Election Outcomes? Touch-screen Voting and the 2004 Presidential Election Downloads
David Card and Enrico Moretti
11308: The Great Escape: A Review Essay on Fogel's 'The Escape from Hunger and Premature Death, 1700-2100' Downloads
Angus Deaton
11307: Measuring the Implications of Sales and Consumer Inventory Behavior Downloads
Igal Hendel and Aviv Nevo
11306: The Chinese Approach to Capital Inflows: Patterns and Possible Explanations Downloads
Eswar Prasad and Shang-Jin Wei
11305: Crises in Emerging Market Economies: A Global Perspective Downloads
Guillermo Calvo
11304: Employment-Contingent Health Insurance, Illness, and Labor Supply of Women: Evidence from Married Women with Breast Cancer Downloads
Cathy J. Bradley, David Neumark, Zhehui Luo and Heather L. Bednarek
11303: The Incidence of the Healthcare Costs of Obesity Downloads
Jay Bhattacharya and M. Kate Bundorf
11302: Parental Educational Investment and Children's Academic Risk: Estimates of the Impact of Sibship Size and Birth Order from Exogenous Variations in Fertility Downloads
Dalton Conley and Rebecca Glauber
11301: Why Does Capital Flow to Rich States? Downloads
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Ariell Reshef, Bent Sorensen and Oved Yosha
11300: The Life-Cycle Personal Accounts Proposal for Social Security: A Review Downloads
Robert Shiller
11299: A Review of the Empirical Literature on FDI Determinants Downloads
Bruce Blonigen
11298: From the Webbs to the Web: The Contribution of the Internet to Reviving Union Fortunes Downloads
Richard Freeman
11297: The Time-Series Properties of Aggregate Consumption: Implications for the Costs of Fluctuation Downloads
Ricardo Reis
11296: A Global View of Economic Growth Downloads
Jaume Ventura
11295: Is the Melting Pot Still Hot? Explaining the Resurgence of Immigrant Segregation Downloads
David Cutler, Edward Glaeser and Jacob Vigdor
11294: Why Do Public Firms Issue Private and Public Securities? Downloads
Armando Gomes and Gordon Phillips
11293: A Quantitative Model of Sudden Stops and External Liquidity Management Downloads
Ricardo Caballero and Stavros Panageas
11292: Contractibility and the Design of Research Agreements Downloads
Josh Lerner and Ulrike Malmendier
11291: Branch Banking, Bank Competition, and Financial Stability Downloads
Mark Carlson and Kris James Mitchener
11290: Social Security Programs and Retirement around the World: Fiscal Implications, Introduction and Summary Downloads
Jonathan Gruber and David Wise
11289: My Policies or Yours: Does OECD Support for Agriculture Increase Poverty in Developing Countries? Downloads
Margaret McMillan, Alix Peterson Zwane and Nava Ashraf
11288: Advanced Purchase Commitments for a Malaria Vaccine: Estimating Costs and Effectiveness Downloads
Ernst R. Berndt, Rachel Glennerster, Michael Kremer, Jean Lee, Ruth Levine, Georg Weizsäcker and Heidi Williams
11287: Lucky Stores, Gambling, and Addiction: Empirical Evidence from State Lottery Sales Downloads
Jonathan Guryan and Melissa Kearney
11286: Labour Market Institutions Without Blinders: The Debate over Flexibility and Labour Market Performance Downloads
Richard Freeman
11285: Understanding and Comparing Factor-Based Forecasts Downloads
Jean Boivin and Serena Ng
11284: Contracts, Holdup, and Legal Intervention Downloads
Steven Shavell
11283: Conditional Policies in General Equilibrium Downloads
Kala Krishna
11282: Rockonomics: The Economics of Popular Music Downloads
Marie Connolly and Alan Krueger
11281: The Evolution of the Mexican-Born Workforce in the United States Downloads
George Borjas and Lawrence Katz
11280: Estimating Standard Errors in Finance Panel Data Sets: Comparing Approaches Downloads
Mitchell Petersen
11279: The Impact of Family Income on Child Achievement Downloads
Gordon Dahl and Lance Lochner
11278: Work and Leisure in the U.S. and Europe: Why So Different? Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Edward Glaeser and Bruce Sacerdote
11277: Boys Named Sue: Disruptive Children and their Peers Downloads
David Figlio
11276: Taylor Rules, McCallum Rules and the Term Structure of Interest Rates Downloads
Michael Gallmeyer, Burton Hollifield and Stanley Zin
11275: Politics and Economics in Weak and Strong States Downloads
Daron Acemoglu
11274: On the Renminbi: The Choice between Adjustment under a Fixed Exchange Rate and Adjustment under a Flexible Rate Downloads
Jeffrey Frankel
11273: Pork for Policy: Executive and Legislative Exchange in Brazil Downloads
Lee Alston and Bernardo Mueller
11272: Effective Exchange Rate Classifications and Growth Downloads
Justin Dubas, Byung-Joo Lee and Nelson Mark
11271: Betting on Death and Capital Markets in Retirement: A Shortfall Risk Analysis of Life Annuities Downloads
Ivica Dus, Raimond Maurer and Olivia Mitchell
11270: Overconfidence vs. Market Efficiency in the National Football League Downloads
Cade Massey and Richard Thaler
11269: Protection for Sale with Imperfect Rent Capturing Downloads
Giovanni Facchini, Johannes Van Biesebroeck and Gerald Willmann
11268: Culture: An Empirical Investigation of Beliefs, Work, and Fertility Downloads
Raquel Fernandez and Alessandra Fogli
11267: Tax Structure in Developing Countries: Many Puzzles and a Possible Explanation Downloads
Roger Gordon and Wei Li
11266: British Investment Overseas 1870-1913: A Modern Portfolio Theory Approach Downloads
William Goetzmann and Andrey Ukhov
11265: The Evolution of Precedent Downloads
Nicola Gennaioli and Andrei Shleifer
11264: An Alternative Test of Racial Prejudice in Motor Vehicle Searches: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Shamena Anwar and Hanming Fang
11263: Treatment Effect Bounds: An Application to Swan-Ganz Catheterization Downloads
Jay Bhattacharya, Azeem Shaikh and Edward Vytlacil
11262: Urban Structure and Growth Downloads
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg and Mark Wright
11261: Firm Size Dynamics in the Aggregate Economy Downloads
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg and Mark Wright
11260: School-to-Career and Post-Secondary Education: Evidence from the Philadelphia Educational Longitudinal Study Downloads
Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr. and David Neumark
11259: Structural Equations, Treatment Effects and Econometric Policy Evaluation Downloads
James Heckman and Edward Vytlacil
11258: On the Measurement of Segregation Downloads
Federico Echenique and Roland Fryer
11257: Prices, Production and Inventories over the Automotive Model Year Downloads
Adam Copeland, Wendy Dunn and George Hall
11256: Winners and Losers from Enacting the Financial Modernization Statute Downloads
Kenneth A. Carow, Edward Kane and Rajesh P. Narayanan
11255: Trade Policy, Income Risk, and Welfare Downloads
Tom Krebs, Pravin Krishna and William Maloney
11254: When Labor Has a Voice in Corporate Governance Downloads
Olubunmi Faleye, Vikas Mehrotra and Randall Morck
11253: A Tale of Two Labor Markets: Intergenerational Occupational Mobility in Britain and the U.S. Since 1850 Downloads
Jason Long and Joseph Ferrie
11252: Charter School Quality and Parental Decision Making With School Choice Downloads
Eric Hanushek, John Kain, Steven Rivkin and Gregory F. Branch
11251: Technology Adoption From Hybrid Corn to Beta Blockers Downloads
Jonathan Skinner and Doug Staiger
11250: Rethinking Social Insurance Downloads
Martin Feldstein
11249: The Euro and the Stability Pact Downloads
Martin Feldstein
11248: The Thick Market Effect on Local Unemployment Rate Fluctuations Downloads
Li Gan and Qinghua Zhang
11247: Portfolio Choice over the Life-Cycle in the Presence of 'Trickle Down' Labor Income Downloads
Luca Benzoni, Pierre Collin-Dufresne and Robert S. Goldstein
11246: Births, Deaths, and New Deal Relief during the Great Depression Downloads
Price Fishback, Michael Haines and Shawn Kantor
11245: The Limited Influence of Unemployment on the Wage Bargain Downloads
Robert Hall and Paul Milgrom
11244: Deflation and Monetary Policy in Taiwan Downloads
Ya-Hwei Yang and Jia-Dong Shea
11243: Fear and Greed in Financial Markets: A Clinical Study of Day-Traders Downloads
Andrew Lo, Dmitry V. Repin and Brett N. Steenbarger
11242: Ex Ante Carrots instead of Ex Post Sticks: Two Examples Downloads
Joshua Aizenman
11241: Corporate Tax Avoidance and Firm Value Downloads
Mihir A. Desai and Dhammika Dharmapala
11240: What Do Wage Differentials Tell Us about Labor Market Discrimination? Downloads
June O'Neill and Dave M. O'Neill
11239: Bargaining Power in Marriage: Earnings, Wage Rates and Household Production Downloads
Robert Pollak
11238: Suicidal Behavior and the Labor Market Productivity of Young Adults Downloads
Erdal Tekin and Sara Markowitz
11237: Deflation and the International Great Depression: A Productivity Puzzle Downloads
Harold Cole, Lee Ohanian and Ron Leung
11236: Choosing Electoral Rules: Theory and Evidence from US Cities Downloads
Philippe Aghion, Alberto Alesina and Francesco Trebbi
11235: Constitutions, Politics and Economics: A Review Essay on Persson and Tabellini's "The Economic Effect of Constitutions" Downloads
Daron Acemoglu
11234: The Economic Winners and Losers of Legalized Gambling Downloads
Melissa Kearney
11233: Changes in the Physiology of Aging during the Twentieth Century Downloads
Robert Fogel
11232: Beyond Goods and Services: Competition Policy, Investment, Mutual Recognition, Movement of Persons, and Broader Cooperation Provisions of Recent FTAs involving ASEAN Countries Downloads
O. G. Dayaratna Banda and John Whalley
11231: Time on the Ladder: Career Mobility in Agriculture, 1890-1938 Downloads
Lee Alston and Joseph P. Ferrie
11230: Changes in the Labor Supply Behavior of Married Women: 1980-2000 Downloads
Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
11229: Pharmaceutical Stock Price Reactions to Price Constraint Threats and Firm-Level R&D Spending Downloads
Joseph Golec, Shantaram Hegde and John A. Vernon
11228: Globalization and Taste Convergence: The Case of Wine and Beer Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Eileen L. Brooks
11227: A Damage-Revelation Rationale for Coupon Remedies Downloads
A. Mitchell Polinsky and Daniel L. Rubinfeld
11226: The Effects of Competition on Variation in the Quality and Cost of Medical Care Downloads
Daniel P. Kessler and Jeffrey J. Geppert
11225: Pricing Capital Under Mandatory Unbundling and Facilities Sharing Downloads
Robert Pindyck
11224: SMEs, Growth, and Poverty Downloads
Thorsten Beck, Asli Demirguc-Kunt and Ross Levine
11223: The Competitive Effects of Drug Withdrawals Downloads
John Cawley and John Rizzo
11222: The Tactical and Strategic Value of Commodity Futures Downloads
Claude B. Erb and Campbell Harvey
11221: The Structure of Factor Content Predictions Downloads
Daniel Trefler and Susan Chun Zhu
11220: An Information Approach to International Currencies Downloads
Richard Lyons and Michael Moore
11219: Rural Windfall or a New Resource Curse? Coca, Income, and Civil Conflict in Colombia Downloads
Joshua Angrist and Adriana Kugler
11218: Socioeconomic Differences in the Adoption of New Medical Technologies Downloads
Dana Goldman and James Smith
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