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28945: Trade and Innovation Downloads
Marc Melitz and Stephen Redding
28944: Heterogeneity in the Impact of Privatizing Social Health Insurance: Evidence from California's Medicaid Program Downloads
Mark Duggan, Craig Garthwaite and Adelina Yanyue Wang
28943: The Role of Information in the Rosen-Roback Framework Downloads
Xuwen Gao, Ran Song and Christopher Timmins
28942: Gender Differences in Peer Recognition by Economists Downloads
David Card, Stefano DellaVigna, Patricia Funk and Nagore Iriberri
28941: Option-Implied Spreads and Option Risk Premia Downloads
Christopher L. Culp, Mihir Gandhi, Yoshio Nozawa and Pietro Veronesi
28940: Dissecting Green Returns Downloads
Lubos Pastor, Robert Stambaugh and Lucian A. Taylor
28939: Signaling and Discrimination in Collaborative Projects Downloads
Paula Onuchic Ⓡ and Debraj Ray
28938: Temptation and Incentives to Wealth Accumulation Downloads
Orazio Attanasio, Agnes Kovacs and Patrick Moran
28937: The Impact of Free Secondary Education: Experimental Evidence from Ghana Downloads
Esther Duflo, Pascaline Dupas and Michael Kremer
28936: Digital Addiction Downloads
Hunt Allcott, Matthew Gentzkow and Lena Song
28935: Explaining the Income and Consumption Effects of COVID in India Downloads
Arpit Gupta, Anup Malani and Bartek Woda
28934: The Role of Childcare Challenges in the US Jobs Market Recovery During the COVID-19 Pandemic Downloads
Jason Furman, Melissa Schettini Kearney and Wilson Powell
28933: Future Paths of Electric Vehicle Adoption in the United States: Predictable Determinants, Obstacles and Opportunities Downloads
James Archsmith, Erich Muehlegger and David Rapson
28932: Spatial-SIR with Network Structure and Behavior: Lockdown Rules and the Lucas Critique Downloads
Alberto Bisin and Andrea Moro
28931: Macro News and Micro News: Complements or Substitutes? Downloads
David Hirshleifer and Jinfei Sheng
28930: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Policy Responses on Excess Mortality Downloads
Virat Agrawal, Jonathan H. Cantor, Neeraj Sood and Christopher Whaley
28929: Doing More with Less: Predicting Primary Care Provider Effectiveness Downloads
Janet Currie and Jonathan Zhang
28928: Achieving Scale Collectively Downloads
Vittorio Bassi, Raffaela Muoio, Tommaso Porzio, Ritwika Sen and Esau Tugume
28927: Leadership and Organizations Downloads
Eric Alston, Lee Alston and Bernardo Mueller
28926: Are Stated Expectations Actual Beliefs? New Evidence for the Beliefs Channel of Investment Demand Downloads
Haoyang Liu and Christopher Palmer
28925: The Intergenerational Mortality Tradeoff of COVID-19 Lockdown Policies Downloads
Lin Ma, Gil Shapira, Damien de Walque, Quy-Toan Do, Jed Friedman and Andrei Levchenko
28924: The Psychosocial Value of Employment Downloads
Reshmaan N. Hussam, Erin M. Kelley, Gregory V. Lane and Fatima T. Zahra
28923: Five Facts about the UIP Premium Downloads
Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan and Liliana Varela
28922: The Dynamics of Inattention in the (Baseball) Field Downloads
James Archsmith, Anthony Heyes, Matthew Neidell and Bhaven Sampat
28921: What Does Codetermination Do? Downloads
Simon Jäger, Shakked Noy and Benjamin Schoefer
28920: Tasks, Automation, and the Rise in US Wage Inequality Downloads
Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo
28919: The Effect of Changes in Social Security's Delayed Retirement Credit: Evidence from Administrative Data Downloads
Mark Duggan, Irena Dushi, Sookyo Jeong and Gina Li
28918: The Family as a Social Institution Downloads
Natalie Bau and Raquel Fernandez
28917: It Ain’t Where You’re From, It’s Where You’re At: Hiring Origins, Firm Heterogeneity, and Wages Downloads
Sabrina Di Addario, Patrick M. Kline, Raffaele Saggio and Mikkel Sølvsten
28916: Can Competitiveness predict Education and Labor Market Outcomes? Evidence from Incentivized Choice and Survey Measures Downloads
Thomas Buser, Muriel Niederle and Hessel Oosterbeek
28915: Crisis Innovation Policy from World War II to COVID-19 Downloads
Daniel Gross and Bhaven Sampat
28914: Shocks, Institutions and Secular Changes in Employment of Older Individuals Downloads
Richard Rogerson and Johanna Wallenius
28913: The Impact of a Private Supplement to Public Health Care: The Mexico Diabetes Experiment Downloads
Ari Bronsoler, Jonathan Gruber and Enrique Seira
28912: Entrepreneurship During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from the Business Formation Statistics Downloads
John Haltiwanger
28911: Mechanism Design meets Priority Design: Redesigning the US Army's Branching Process Downloads
Kyle Greenberg, Parag A. Pathak and Tayfun Sönmez
28910: Currency Hedging: Managing Cash Flow Exposure Downloads
Laura Alfaro, Mauricio Calani and Liliana Varela
28909: Illegal Immigration: The Trump Effect Downloads
Mark Hoekstra and Sandra Orozco-Aleman
28908: Competition Laws, Governance, and Firm Value Downloads
Ross Levine, Chen Lin and Wensi Xie
28907: Central Bank Policy and the Concentration of Risk: Empirical Estimates Downloads
Nuno Coimbra, Daisoon Kim and Helene Rey
28906: The Anatomy of Cyber Risk Downloads
Rustam Jamilov, Helene Rey and Ahmed Tahoun
28905: Funding Risky Research Downloads
Chiara Franzoni, Paula Stephan and Reinhilde Veugelers
28904: Trade Policy is Real News: Theory and Evidence Downloads
George Alessandria and Carter B. Mix
28903: Equilibrium Effects of Pay Transparency Downloads
Zoe B. Cullen and Bobak Pakzad-Hurson
28902: Using the Retail Distribution of Sellers to Impute Expenditures Shares Downloads
Alexis Antoniades, Robert Feenstra and Mingzhi Xu
28901: Personal Bankruptcy and the Accumulation of Shadow Debt Downloads
Bronson Argyle, Benjamin Iverson, Taylor D. Nadauld and Christopher Palmer
28900: The Effect of Principal Reduction on Household Distress: Evidence from Mortgage Cramdown Downloads
Jacelly C. Cespedes, Carlos R. Parra and Clemens Sialm
28899: Sustainability in a Risky World Downloads
John Campbell and Ian Martin
28898: Modeling Behavior during a Pandemic: Using HIV as an Historical Analogy Downloads
Nicholas Papageorge
28897: Delay the Pension Age or Adjust the Pension Benefit? Implications for Labor Supply and Individual Welfare in China Downloads
Yuanyuan Deng, Hanming Fang, Katja Hanewald and Shang Wu
28896: Labor Dynamics and Supply Chain Disruption in Food Manufacturing Downloads
A. Ford Ramsey, Barry Goodwin and Mildred Haley
28895: Learning about Housing Cost: Survey Evidence from the German House Price Boom Downloads
Fabian Kindermann, Julia Le Blanc, Monika Piazzesi and Martin Schneider
28894: Judging Under Public Pressure Downloads
Alma Cohen, Zvika Neeman and Florian Auferoth
28893: Politics and Gender in the Executive Suite Downloads
Alma Cohen, Moshe Hazan and David Weiss
28892: Global Banks and Systemic Debt Crises Downloads
Juan Morelli, Pablo Ottonello and Diego J. Perez
28891: On the Green Interest Rate Downloads
Nicholas Muller
28890: Missing Top Income Recipients Downloads
Martin Ravallion
28889: Regulatory Approval and Expanded Market Size Downloads
Benjamin Berger, Amitabh Chandra and Craig Garthwaite
28888: Supply, Demand, and Specialized Production Downloads
James Hamilton
28887: Information Cascades and Social Learning Downloads
Sushil Bikhchandani, David Hirshleifer, Omer Tamuz and Ivo Welch
28886: Synthetic Controls with Staggered Adoption Downloads
Eli Ben-Michael, Avi Feller and Jesse Rothstein
28885: The Augmented Synthetic Control Method Downloads
Eli Ben-Michael, Avi Feller and Jesse Rothstein
28884: Misinformation: Strategic Sharing, Homophily, and Endogenous Echo Chambers Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Asuman Ozdaglar and James Siderius
28883: Marriage Market and Labor Market Sorting Downloads
Paula A. Calvo, Ilse Lindenlaub and Ana Reynoso
28882: Biased Sampling of Early Users and the Direction of Startup Innovation Downloads
Ruiqing Cao, Rembrand M. Koning and Ramana Nanda
28881: Determinacy without the Taylor Principle Downloads
George-Marios Angeletos and Chen Lian
28880: (When) Does Patent Protection Spur Cumulative Research Within Firms? Downloads
Ashish Arora, Sharon Belenzon, Matt Marx and Dror Shvadron
28879: Prudential Policy with Distorted Beliefs Downloads
Eduardo Davila and Ansgar Walther
28878: Platform as a Rule Maker: Evidence from Airbnb's Cancellation Policies Downloads
Jian Jia, Ginger Zhe Jin and Liad Wagman
28877: Employed in a SNAP? The Impact of Work Requirements on Program Participation and Labor Supply Downloads
Colin Gray, Adam Leive, Elena Prager, Kelsey B. Pukelis and Mary Zaki
28876: The Donut Effect of Covid-19 on Cities Downloads
Arjun Ramani and Nicholas Bloom
28875: Politics and the Distribution of Federal Funds: Evidence from Federal Legislation in Response to COVID-19 Downloads
Jeffrey Clemens and Stan Veuger
28874: Family Background, Neighborhoods and Intergenerational Mobility Downloads
Magne Mogstad and Gaute Torsvik
28873: When Innovation Goes Wrong: Technological Regress and the Opioid Epidemic Downloads
David Cutler and Edward Glaeser
28872: Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents: Sizing up the Real Income Channel Downloads
Adrien Auclert, Matthew Rognlie, Martin Souchier and Ludwig Straub
28871: This Time is Not so Different: Income Dynamics During the COVID-19 Recession Downloads
Brian Bell, Nicholas Bloom and Jack Blundell
28870: Reallocating Liquidity to Resolve a Crisis: Evidence from the Panic of 1873 Downloads
Haelim Anderson, Kinda Cheryl Hachem and Simpson Zhang
28869: Monetary Policy, Redistribution, and Risk Premia Downloads
Rohan Kekre and Moritz Lenel
28868: The Resilience of the U.S. Corporate Bond Market During Financial Crises Downloads
Bo Becker and Efraim Benmelech
28867: Evidence and Lessons on the Health Impacts of Public Health Funding from the Fight against HIV/AIDS Downloads
Marcus Dillender
28866: Common Agent or Double Agent? Pharmacy Benefit Managers in the Prescription Drug Market Downloads
Rena M. Conti, Brigham Frandsen, Michael Powell and James Rebitzer
28865: Entrepreneurial Reluctance: Talent and Firm Creation in China Downloads
Chong-En Bai, Ruixue Jia, Hongbin Li and Xin Wang
28864: Innovation and Health Disparities During an Epidemic: The Case of HIV Downloads
Barton Hamilton, Andrés Hincapié, Emma C. Kalish and Nicholas Papageorge
28863: Does Pain Lead to Job Loss? A Panel Study for Germany Downloads
Alan Piper, David G. Blanchflower and Alex Bryson
28862: Tackling the Substance Abuse Crisis: The Role of Access to Treatment Facilities Downloads
Adriana Corredor-Waldron and Janet Currie
28861: Learning about Homelessness Using Linked Survey and Administrative Data Downloads
Bruce Meyer, Angela Wyse, Alexa Grunwaldt, Carla Medalia and Derek Wu
28860: Competition in Pricing Algorithms Downloads
Zach Y. Brown and Alexander MacKay
28859: Owning the Agent: Hospital Influence on Physician Behaviors Downloads
Haizhen Lin, Ian M. McCarthy and Michael R. Richards
28858: Market Size and Research: Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry Downloads
Dennis Byrski, Fabian Gaessler and Matthew Higgins
28857: When Do Environmental Externalities Have Electoral Consequences? Evidence from Fracking Downloads
Judson Boomhower
28856: Bankrupt Innovative Firms Downloads
Song Ma, Joy Tianjiao Tong and Wei Wang
28855: The Impact of Selection into the Labor Force on the Gender Wage Gap Downloads
Francine Blau, Lawrence Kahn, Nikolai Boboshko and Matthew L. Comey
28854: The Data Privacy Paradox and Digital Demand Downloads
Long Chen, Yadong Huang, Shumiao Ouyang and Wei Xiong
28853: Heterogeneity and Aggregate Fluctuations Downloads
Minsu Chang, Xiaohong Chen and Frank Schorfheide
28852: Beyond Health: Non-Health Risk and the Value of Disability Insurance Downloads
ManasI Deshpande and Lee Lockwood
28851: Foreclosure Spillovers within broad Neighborhoods Downloads
Weiran Huang, Ashlyn Nelson and Stephen Ross
28850: How Does Social Security Reform Indecision Affect Younger Cohorts? Downloads
John B. Shoven, Sita Slavov and John G. Watson
28849: The Effect of Social Media on Elections: Evidence from the United States Downloads
Thomas Fujiwara, Karsten Müller and Carlo Schwarz
28848: Opioid Use, Health and Crime: Insights from a Rapid Reduction in Heroin Supply Downloads
Timothy Moore and Kevin Schnepel
28847: Agglomeration Economies and Race Specific Spillovers Downloads
Elizabeth Ananat, Shihe Fu and Stephen Ross
28846: More than an Ivory Tower: The Impact of Research Institutions on the Quantity and Quality of Entrepreneurship Downloads
Valentina Tartari and Scott Stern
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