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2023: Existence of a Competitive Equilibrium with Substitutes, with Applications to Matching and Discrete Choice Models Downloads
Liang Chen, Eugene Choo, Alfred Galichon and Simon Weber
2023: Transformers versus LSTMs for electronic trading Downloads
Paul Bilokon and Yitao Qiu
2023: Is Ethereum Proof of Stake Sustainable? $-$ Considering from the Perspective of Competition Among Smart Contract Platforms $-$ Downloads
Kenji Saito, Yutaka Soejima, Toshihiko Sugiura, Yukinobu Kitamura and Mitsuru Iwamura
2023: Identifying Causal Effects in Information Provision Experiments Downloads
Dylan Balla-Elliott
2023: Increasing Ticketing Allocative Efficiency Using Marginal Price Auction Theory Downloads
Boxiang Fu
2023: require: Package dependencies for reproducible research Downloads
Sergio Correia and Matthew P. Seay
2023: Research on the Impact of Executive Shareholding on New Investment in Enterprises Based on Multivariable Linear Regression Model Downloads
Shanyi Zhou, Ning Yan, Zhijun Li, Mo Geng, Xulong Zhang, Hongbiao Si, Lihua Tang, Wenyuan Sun, Longda Zhang and Yi Cao
2023: Substitutability in Favor Exchange Downloads
Oguzhan Celebi
2023: PAMS: Platform for Artificial Market Simulations Downloads
Masanori Hirano, Ryosuke Takata and Kiyoshi Izumi
2023: Testing and correcting sample selection in academic achievement comparisons Downloads
Onil Boussim
2023: Game Connectivity and Adaptive Dynamics Downloads
Tom Johnston, Michael Savery, Alex Scott and Bassel Tarbush
2023: Mean Absolute Directional Loss as a New Loss Function for Machine Learning Problems in Algorithmic Investment Strategies Downloads
Jakub Micha\'nk\'ow, Pawe{\l} Sakowski and Robert \'Slepaczuk
2023: Regressing on distributions: The nonlinear effect of temperature on regional economic growth Downloads
Malte Jahn
2023: Derivatives Sensitivities Computation under Heston Model on GPU Downloads
Pierre-Antoine Arsaguet and Paul Bilokon
2023: Human-AI Interactions and Societal Pitfalls Downloads
Francisco Castro, Jian Gao and S\'ebastien Martin
2023: OPUS: An Integrated Assessment Model for Satellites and Orbital Debris Downloads
Akhil Rao, Mark Moretto, Marcus Holzinger, Daniel Kaffine and Brian Weeden
2023: Comparing effects of price limit and circuit breaker in stock exchanges by an agent-based model Downloads
Takanobu Mizuta and Isao Yagi
2023: Sparse Index Tracking: Simultaneous Asset Selection and Capital Allocation via $\ell_0$-Constrained Portfolio Downloads
Eisuke Yamagata and Shunsuke Ono
2023: Can political gridlock undermine checks and balances? A lab experiment Downloads
Alvaro Forteza, Irene Mussio and Juan S Pereyra
2023: Estimation and Testing of Forecast Rationality with Many Moments Downloads
Tae-Hwy Lee and Tao Wang
2023: Bounds on Average Effects in Discrete Choice Panel Data Models Downloads
Cavit Pakel and Martin Weidner
2023: Examining psychology of science as a potential contributor to science policy Downloads
Arash Mousavi, Reza Hafezi and Hasan Ahmadi
2023: Does Reliable Electricity Mean Lesser Agricultural Labor Wages? Evidence from Indian Villages Downloads
Suryadeepto Nag
2023: A necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of chaotic price dynamics in an exchange economy Downloads
Tomohiro Uchiyama
2023: Optimal Estimation under a Semiparametric Density Ratio Model Downloads
Archer Gong Zhang and Jiahua Chen
2023: Sizing Strategies for Algorithmic Trading in Volatile Markets: A Study of Backtesting and Risk Mitigation Analysis Downloads
S. M. Masrur Ahmed
2023: Least squares estimation in nonlinear cohort panels with learning from experience Downloads
Alexander Mayer and Michael Massmann
2023: Total-effect Test May Erroneously Reject So-called "Full" or "Complete" Mediation Downloads
TingXuan Han, Luxi Zhang, Xinshu Zhao and Ke Deng
2023: An Empirical Analysis on Remittances and Financial Development in Latin American Countries Downloads
Sumaiya Binta Islam and Laboni Mondal
2023: Adaptive Neyman Allocation Downloads
Jinglong Zhao
2023: Dynamic Time Warping for Lead-Lag Relationships in Lagged Multi-Factor Models Downloads
Yichi Zhang, Mihai Cucuringu, Alexander Y. Shestopaloff and Stefan Zohren
2023: Ordered Correlation Forest Downloads
Riccardo Di Francesco
2023: Learning News Bias: Misspecifications and Consequences Downloads
Lin Hu, Matthew Kovach and Anqi Li
2023: Fixed-b Asymptotics for Panel Models with Two-Way Clustering Downloads
Kaicheng Chen and Timothy J. Vogelsang
2023: Quantifying Credit Portfolio sensitivity to asset correlations with interpretable generative neural networks Downloads
Sergio Caprioli, Emanuele Cagliero and Riccardo Crupi
2023: Structural Econometric Estimation of the Basic Reproduction Number for Covid-19 Across U.S. States and Selected Countries Downloads
Ida Johnsson, M. Hashem Pesaran and Cynthia Fan Yang
2023: Decentralised Finance and Automated Market Making: Predictable Loss and Optimal Liquidity Provision Downloads
\'Alvaro Cartea, Fay\c{c}al Drissi and Marcello Monga
2023: On Sparse Grid Interpolation for American Option Pricing with Multiple Underlying Assets Downloads
Jiefei Yang and Guanglian Li
2023: A Markovian empirical model for the VIX index and the pricing of the corresponding derivatives Downloads
Ying-Li Wang, Cheng-Long Xu and Ping He
2023: Applying Deep Learning to Calibrate Stochastic Volatility Models Downloads
Abir Sridi and Paul Bilokon
2023: Market-GAN: Adding Control to Financial Market Data Generation with Semantic Context Downloads
Haochong Xia, Shuo Sun, Xinrun Wang and Bo An
2023: An empirical study of profit and loss allocations Downloads
Solveig Flaig and Gero Junike
2023: Computer says 'no': Exploring systemic hiring bias in ChatGPT using an audit approach Downloads
Louis Lippens
2023: Long-Term Mean-Variance Optimization Under Mean-Reverting Equity Returns Downloads
Michael Preisel
2023: Causal inference in network experiments: regression-based analysis and design-based properties Downloads
Mengsi Gao and Peng Ding
2023: Measuring Higher-Order Rationality with Belief Control Downloads
Wei James Chen, Meng-Jhang Fong and Po-Hsuan Lin
2023: The Fiscal Cost of Public Debt and Government Spending Shocks Downloads
Venance Riblier
2023: Linking Mechanisms: Limits and Robustness Downloads
Ian Ball and Deniz Kattwinkel
2023: The effect of housewife labor on gdp calculations Downloads
Saadet Yagmur Kumcu
2023: Weak Markovian Approximations of Rough Heston Downloads
Christian Bayer and Simon Breneis
2023: Government Investments and Entrepreneurship Downloads
Joao Ricardo Faria, Laudo Ogura, Mauricio Prado and Christopher J. Boudreaux
2023: The Price of Empire: Unrest Location and Sovereign Risk in Tsarist Russia Downloads
Christopher A. Hartwell and Paul M. Vaaler
2023: How to foster innovation in the social sciences? Qualitative evidence from focus group workshops at Oxford University Downloads
Fabian Braesemann and Moritz Marpe
2023: A Reexamination of Proof Approaches for the Impossibility Theorem Downloads
Kazuya Yamamoto
2023: Epps Effect and the Signature of Short-Term Momentum Traders Downloads
J\'er\^ome Busca and L\'eon Thomir
2023: Kernel-Based Stochastic Learning of Large-Scale Semiparametric Monotone Index Models with an Application to Aging and Household Risk Preference Downloads
Qingsong Yao
2023: Media Moments and Corporate Connections: A Deep Learning Approach to Stock Movement Classification Downloads
Luke Sanborn and Matthew Sahagun
2023: Not obviously manipulable allotment rules Downloads
R. Pablo Arribillaga and Agustín Bonifacio
2023: Desenvolvimento de modelo para predi\c{c}\~ao de cota\c{c}\~oes de a\c{c}\~ao baseada em an\'alise de sentimentos de tweets Downloads
Mario Mitsuo Akita and Everton Josue da Silva
2023: Real-time VaR Calculations for Crypto Derivatives in kdb+/q Downloads
Yutong Chen, Paul Bilokon, Conan Hales and Laura Kerr
2023: Dynamic Arrangements in Economic Theory: Level-Agnostic Representations Downloads
Fernando Tohm\'e
2023: The Conundrum of the Pension System in India: A Comprehensive study in the context of India's Growth Story Downloads
Aditya Deeti
2023: Sensitivity Analysis for Linear Estimands Downloads
Jacob Dorn and Luther Yap
2023: A monotone numerical integration method for mean-variance portfolio optimization under jump-diffusion models Downloads
Hanwen Zhang and Duy-Minh Dang
2023: Dynamic relationship between XRP price and correlation tensor spectra of the transaction network Downloads
Abhijit Chakraborty, Tetsuo Hatsuda and Yuichi Ikeda
2023: SCOP: Schrodinger Control Optimal Planning for Goal-Based Wealth Management Downloads
Igor Halperin
2023: Strategic Behavior of Large Language Models: Game Structure vs. Contextual Framing Downloads
Nunzio Lor\`e and Babak Heydari
2023: ESG-coherent risk measures for sustainable investing Downloads
Gabriele Torri, Rosella Giacometti, Darinka Dentcheva, Svetlozar T. Rachev and W. Brent Lindquist
2023: A New Framework to Estimate Return on Investment for Player Salaries in the National Basketball Association Downloads
Jackson P. Lautier
2023: A compendium of data sources for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence Downloads
Paul Bilokon, Oleksandr Bilokon and Saeed Amen
2023: Forecasted Treatment Effects Downloads
Irene Botosaru, Raffaella Giacomini and Martin Weidner
2023: New News is Bad News Downloads
Paul Glasserman, Harry Mamaysky and Jimmy Qin
2023: Monte Carlo Simulation for Trading Under a L\'evy-Driven Mean-Reverting Framework Downloads
Tim Leung and Kevin W. Lu
2023: Nonlinear Granger Causality using Kernel Ridge Regression Downloads
Wojciech "Victor" Fulmyk
2023: Gamma Hedging and Rough Paths Downloads
John Armstrong and Andrei Ionescu
2023: Multidimensional indefinite stochastic Riccati equations and zero-sum linear-quadratic stochastic differential games with non-markovian regime switching Downloads
Panpan Zhang and Zuo Quan Xu
2023: Geometry of vectorial martingale optimal transport and robust option pricing Downloads
Joshua Zoen-Git Hiew, Tongseok Lim, Brendan Pass and Marcelo Cruz de Souza
2023: Testing for Stationary or Persistent Coefficient Randomness in Predictive Regressions Downloads
Mikihito Nishi
2023: News-driven Expectations and Volatility Clustering Downloads
Sabiou Inoua
2023: Non-linear dimension reduction in factor-augmented vector autoregressions Downloads
Karin Klieber
2023: Interpreting IV Estimators in Information Provision Experiments Downloads
Vod Vilfort and Whitney Zhang
2023: Maintaining human wellbeing as socio-environmental systems undergo regime shifts Downloads
Andrew R. Tilman, Elisabeth H. Krueger, Lisa C. McManus and James R. Watson
2023: Regret-Optimal Federated Transfer Learning for Kernel Regression with Applications in American Option Pricing Downloads
Xuwei Yang, Anastasis Kratsios, Florian Krach, Matheus Grasselli and Aurelien Lucchi
2023: Kelvin Waves, Klein-Kramers and Kolmogorov Equations, Path-Dependent Financial Instruments: Survey and New Results Downloads
Alexander Lipton
2023: Generating drawdown-realistic financial price paths using path signatures Downloads
Emiel Lemahieu, Kris Boudt and Maarten Wyns
2023: C++ Design Patterns for Low-latency Applications Including High-frequency Trading Downloads
Paul Bilokon and Burak Gunduz
2023: Modeling liquidity in corporate bond markets: applications to price adjustments Downloads
Philippe Bergault and Olivier Gu\'eant
2023: Robust equilibria in cheap-talk games with fairly transparent motives Downloads
Jan-Henrik Steg, Elshan Garashli, Michael Greinecker and Christoph Kuzmics
2023: Concave many-to-one matching Downloads
Chao Huang
2023: Agriculture Credit and Economic Growth in Bangladesh: A Time Series Analysis Downloads
Md. Toaha and Laboni Mondal
2023: Aggregation of financial markets Downloads
Georg Menz and Moritz Vo{\ss}
2023: Local Priority Mechanisms Downloads
Joseph Root and David S. Ahn
2023: Enhancing accuracy for solving American CEV model with high-order compact scheme and adaptive time stepping Downloads
Chinonso Nwankwo, Weizhong Dai and Tony Ware
2023: Common Firm-level Investor Fears: Evidence from Equity Options Downloads
Jozef Baruník, Mattia Bevilacqua and Michael Ellington
2023: Fourier Neural Network Approximation of Transition Densities in Finance Downloads
Rong Du and Duy-Minh Dang
2023: Identifying spatial interdependence in panel data with large N and small T Downloads
Deborah Gefang, Stephen G. Hall and George S. Tavlas
2023: TradingGPT: Multi-Agent System with Layered Memory and Distinct Characters for Enhanced Financial Trading Performance Downloads
Yang Li, Yangyang Yu, Haohang Li, Zhi Chen and Khaldoun Khashanah
2023: A Causal Perspective on Loan Pricing: Investigating the Impacts of Selection Bias on Identifying Bid-Response Functions Downloads
Christopher Bockel-Rickermann, Sam Verboven, Tim Verdonck and Wouter Verbeke
2023: Thiele's PIDE for unit-linked policies in the Heston-Hawkes stochastic volatility model Downloads
David R. Ba\~nos, Salvador Ortiz-Latorre and Oriol Zamora Font
2023: A few misfits can Change the World Downloads
Esteve Almirall, Steve Willmott and Ulises Cort\'es
2023: Perishable Goods versus Re-tradable Assets: A Theoretical Reappraisal of a Fundamental Dichotomy Downloads
Sabiou Inoua and Vernon Smith
2023: Motives for Delegating Financial Decisions Downloads
Mikhail Freer, Daniel Friedman and Simon Weidenholzer
2023: Sources of capital growth Downloads
Gordon Getty and Nikita Tkachenko
2023: Default Process Modeling and Credit Valuation Adjustment Downloads
David Xiao
2023: Privately-Owned versus Shared Automated Vehicle: The Roles of Utilitarian and Hedonic Beliefs Downloads
Fatemeh Nazari, Yellitza Soto and Mohamadhossein Noruzoliaee
2023: Risk-reducing design and operations toolkit: 90 strategies for managing risk and uncertainty in decision problems Downloads
Alexander Gutfraind
2023: A Topological Proof of The Gibbard-Satterthwaite Theorem Downloads
Yuliy Baryshnikov and Joseph Root
2023: GPT-InvestAR: Enhancing Stock Investment Strategies through Annual Report Analysis with Large Language Models Downloads
Udit Gupta
2023: Proofs for the New Definitions in Financial Markets Downloads
Atilla Aras
2023: An Offline Learning Approach to Propagator Models Downloads
Eyal Neuman, Wolfgang Stockinger and Yufei Zhang
2023: On the Impact of Feeding Cost Risk in Aquaculture Valuation and Decision Making Downloads
Christian Oliver Ewald and Kevin Kamm
2023: The Iberian Exception: An overview of its effects over its first 100 days Downloads
David Robinson, Angel Arcos-Vargas, Micheael Tennican and Fernando N\'u\~nez
2023: Time consistency of dynamic risk measures and dynamic performance measures generated by distortion functions Downloads
Tomasz R. Bielecki, Igor Cialenco and Hao Liu
2023: Sustainability assessment of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite broadband mega-constellations Downloads
Ogutu B. Osoro, Edward J. Oughton, Andrew R. Wilson and Akhil Rao
2023: Projections of Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Marine Protected Areas: Palau, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Bering Sea Downloads
Talya ten Brink
2023: Dual Effects of the US-China Trade War and COVID-19 on United States Imports: Transfer of China's industrial chain? Downloads
Wei Luo, Siyuan Kang, Sheng Hu, Lixian Su and Rui Dai
2023: On statistical arbitrage under a conditional factor model of equity returns Downloads
Trent Spears, Stefan Zohren and Stephen Roberts
2023: Instrumental variable estimation of the proportional hazards model by presmoothing Downloads
Lorenzo Tedesco, Jad Beyhum and Ingrid Van Keilegom
2023: On the use of U-statistics for linear dyadic interaction models Downloads
G. M. Szini
2023: DeepVol: A Deep Transfer Learning Approach for Universal Asset Volatility Modeling Downloads
Chen Liu, Minh-Ngoc Tran, Chao Wang, Richard Gerlach and Robert Kohn
2023: Optimal Management of DC Pension Plan with Inflation Risk and Tail VaR Constraint Downloads
Hui Mi, Zuo Quan Xu and Dongfang Yang
2023: The Local Projection Residual Bootstrap for AR(1) Models Downloads
Amilcar Velez
2023: Non-Transitivity of the Win Ratio and the Area Under the Receiver Operating Characteristics Curve (AUC): a case for evaluating the strength of stochastic comparisons Downloads
Olga V. Demler and Ilona A. Demler
2023: ATMS: Algorithmic Trading-Guided Market Simulation Downloads
Song Wei, Andrea Coletta, Svitlana Vyetrenko and Tucker Balch
2023: Generalized Information Criteria for Structured Sparse Models Downloads
Eduardo F. Mendes and Gabriel J. P. Pinto
2023: Design-Based Multi-Way Clustering Downloads
Luther Yap
2023: The Robust F-Statistic as a Test for Weak Instruments Downloads
Frank Windmeijer
2023: Introducing the $\sigma$-Cell: Unifying GARCH, Stochastic Fluctuations and Evolving Mechanisms in RNN-based Volatility Forecasting Downloads
German Rodikov and Nino Antulov-Fantulin
2023: Do Losses Matter? The Effect of Information-Search Technologies on Risky Choices Downloads
Luigi Mittone and Mauro Papi
2023: Moment-Based Estimation of Diffusion and Adoption Parameters in Networks Downloads
L. S. Sanna Stephan
2023: FinDiff: Diffusion Models for Financial Tabular Data Generation Downloads
Timur Sattarov, Marco Schreyer and Damian Borth
2023: A Trimming Estimator for the Latent-Diffusion-Observed-Adoption Model Downloads
L. S. Sanna Stephan
2023: Mutual Information Maximizing Quantum Generative Adversarial Network and Its Applications in Finance Downloads
Mingyu Lee, Myeongjin Shin, Junseo Lee and Kabgyun Jeong
2023: Nash's bargaining problem and the scale-invariant Hirsch citation index Downloads
Josep Freixas, Roger Hoerl and William S. Zwicker
2023: Logistic modelling of economic dynamics Downloads
Arnab K. Ray
2023: Constructing a type-adjustable mechanism to yield Pareto-optimal outcomes Downloads
Haoyang Wu
2023: From constant to rough: A survey of continuous volatility modeling Downloads
Giulia Di Nunno, K\k{e}stutis Kubilius, Yuliya Mishura and Anton Yurchenko-Tytarenko
2023: iCOS: Option-Implied COS Method Downloads
Evgenii Vladimirov
2023: There is power in general equilibrium Downloads
Juan Jacobo
2023: A hidden Markov model for statistical arbitrage in international crude oil futures markets Downloads
Viviana Fanelli, Claudio Fontana and Francesco Rotondi
2023: Fairness Implications of Heterogeneous Treatment Effect Estimation with Machine Learning Methods in Policy-making Downloads
Patrick Rehill and Nicholas Biddle
2023: The Effect of Punishment and Reward on Cooperation in a Prisoners' Dilemma Game Downloads
Alexander Kangas
2023: Instabilities of Super-Time-Stepping Methods on the Heston Stochastic Volatility Model Downloads
Fabien Le Floc'h
2023: Preventing Others from Commercializing Your Innovation: Evidence from Creative Commons Licenses Downloads
Erdem Dogukan Yilmaz, Tim Meyer and Milan Miric
2023: Chance or Chaos? Fractal geometry aimed to inspect the nature of Bitcoin Downloads
Esther Cabezas-Rivas, Felipe S\'anchez-Coll and Isaac Tormo-Xaixo
2023: Cognitive Aging and Labor Share Downloads
Nat Kausik
2023: Bandwidth Selection for Treatment Choice with Binary Outcomes Downloads
Takuya Ishihara
2023: An Empirical Analysis on Financial Markets: Insights from the Application of Statistical Physics Downloads
Haochen Li, Yi Cao, Maria Polukarov and Carmine Ventre
2023: Uncertainty Propagation and Dynamic Robust Risk Measures Downloads
Marlon Moresco, M\'elina Mailhot and Silvana Pesenti
2023: Optimal Robust Reinsurance with Multiple Insurers Downloads
Emma Kroell, Sebastian Jaimungal and Silvana M. Pesenti
2023: D-TIPO: Deep time-inconsistent portfolio optimization with stocks and options Downloads
Kristoffer Andersson and Cornelis W. Oosterlee
2023: The Inflation Attention Threshold and Inflation Surges Downloads
Oliver Pf\"auti
2023: The Disagreement Dividend Downloads
Giampaolo Bonomi
2023: LOB-Based Deep Learning Models for Stock Price Trend Prediction: A Benchmark Study Downloads
Matteo Prata, Giuseppe Masi, Leonardo Berti, Viviana Arrigoni, Andrea Coletta, Irene Cannistraci, Svitlana Vyetrenko, Paola Velardi and Novella Bartolini
2023: Analyzing the Reporting Error of Public Transport Trips in the Danish National Travel Survey Using Smart Card Data Downloads
Georges Sfeir, Filipe Rodrigues, Maya Abou Zeid and Francisco Camara Pereira
2023: Shifting Cryptocurrency Influence: A High-Resolution Network Analysis of Market Leaders Downloads
Arnav Hiray, Agam Shah and Sudheer Chava
2023: One-step nonparametric instrumental regression using smoothing splines Downloads
Jad Beyhum, Elia Lapenta and Pascal Lavergne
2023: Of Models and Tin Men: A Behavioural Economics Study of Principal-Agent Problems in AI Alignment using Large-Language Models Downloads
Steve Phelps and Rebecca Ranson
2023: Asymptotic equivalence of Principal Components and Quasi Maximum Likelihood estimators in Large Approximate Factor Models Downloads
Matteo Barigozzi
2023: A Theory of Complex Adaptive Learning Based on a Subject's Intelligent Trading Probability Wave Equation Downloads
Leilei Shi, Bing-Hong Wang, Xinshuai Guo and Guocheng Wang
2023: Estimating the Value of Evidence-Based Decision Making Downloads
Alberto Abadie, Anish Agarwal, Guido Imbens, Siwei Jia, James McQueen and Serguei Stepaniants
2023: Consumption Partial Insurance in the Presence of Tail Income Risk Downloads
Anisha Ghosh and Alexandros Theloudis
2023: The Skill-Task Matching Model: Mechanism, Model Form and implications Downloads
Da Xie and WeiGuo Yang
2023: A Comparative Study of Factor Models for Different Periods of the Electricity Spot Price Market Downloads
Christian Laudag\'e, Florian Aichinger and Sascha Desmettre
2023: Parametrization, Prior Independence, and the Semiparametric Bernstein-von Mises Theorem for the Partially Linear Model Downloads
Christopher D. Walker
2023: ChatGPT Informed Graph Neural Network for Stock Movement Prediction Downloads
Zihan Chen, Lei Nico Zheng, Cheng Lu, Jialu Yuan and Di Zhu
2023: Flexible Bayesian Quantile Analysis of Residential Rental Rates Downloads
Ivan Jeliazkov, Shubham Karnawat, Mohammad Arshad Rahman and Angela Vossmeyer
2023: The Emergence of Economic Rationality of GPT Downloads
Yiting Chen, Tracy Xiao Liu, You Shan and Songfa Zhong
2023: Interviewing Matching in Random Markets Downloads
Maxwell Allman and Itai Ashlagi
2023: Finite Difference Solution Ansatz approach in Least-Squares Monte Carlo Downloads
Jiawei Huo
2023: Group knowledge and individual introspection Downloads
Michele Crescenzi
2023: Robust Detection of Lead-Lag Relationships in Lagged Multi-Factor Models Downloads
Yichi Zhang, Mihai Cucuringu, Alexander Y. Shestopaloff and Stefan Zohren
2023: Empirical Evidence for the New Definitions in Financial Markets Downloads
Atilla Aras
2023: Large Global Volatility Matrix Analysis Based on Observation Structural Information Downloads
Sung Hoon Choi and Donggyu Kim
2023: Three candidate election strategy Downloads
Dorje C. Brody and Tomooki Yuasa
2023: Present-Biased Lobbyists in Linear Quadratic Stochastic Differential Games Downloads
Ali Lazrak, Hanxiao Wang and Jiongmin Yong
2023: Child Care, Time Allocation, and Life Cycle Downloads
Hirokuni Iiboshi, Daikuke Ozaki and Yui Yoshii
2023: Agricultural Shocks and Social Conflict in Southeast Asia Downloads
Justin Hastings and David Ubilava
2023: Utilitarian Theorems and Equivalence of Utility Theories Downloads
Yuhki Hosoya
2023: Club coefficients in the UEFA Champions League: Time for the shift to an Elo-based formula Downloads
L\'aszl\'o Csat\'o
2023: Quantum Architecture Search for Quantum Monte Carlo Integration via Conditional Parameterized Circuits with Application to Finance Downloads
Mark-Oliver Wolf, Tom Ewen and Ivica Turkalj
2023: Can ChatGPT Forecast Stock Price Movements? Return Predictability and Large Language Models Downloads
Alejandro Lopez-Lira and Yuehua Tang
2023: Difficult Lessons on Social Prediction from Wisconsin Public Schools Downloads
Juan C. Perdomo, Tolani Britton, Moritz Hardt and Rediet Abebe
2023: Faster estimation of dynamic discrete choice models using index sufficiency Downloads
Jackson Bunting and Takuya Ura
2023: Max-Plus Synchronization in Decentralized Trading Systems Downloads
Hans Riess, Michael Munger and Michael M. Zavlanos
2023: Decentralized Attack Search and the Design of Bug Bounty Schemes Downloads
Hans Gersbach, Akaki Mamageishvili and Fikri Pitsuwan
2023: On Graphical Methods in Stochastic Choice Downloads
Christopher Turansick
2023: Large-Scale Education Reform in General Equilibrium: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from India: Comment Downloads
David Roodman
2023: A Bayesian theory of market impact Downloads
Louis Saddier and Matteo Marsili
2023: Optimal Investment in Defined Contribution Pension Schemes with Forward Utility Preferences Downloads
Kenneth Tsz Hin Ng and Wing Fung Chong
2023: An axiomatic approach to default risk and model uncertainty in rating systems Downloads
Max Nendel and Jan Streicher
2023: Deep incremental learning models for financial temporal tabular datasets with distribution shifts Downloads
Thomas Wong and Mauricio Barahona
2023: Identification- and many instrument-robust inference via invariant moment conditions Downloads
Tom Boot and Johannes W. Ligtenberg
2023: Mean-Field Liquidation Games with Market Drop-out Downloads
Guanxing Fu, Paul P. Hager and Ulrich Horst
2023: Price Discovery for Derivatives Downloads
Christian Keller and Michael C. Tseng
2023: Simple Analytics of the Government Investment Multiplier Downloads
Chunbing Cai and Jordan Roulleau-Pasdeloup
2023: Identification-robust inference for the LATE with high-dimensional covariates Downloads
Yukun Ma
2023: Random Utility, Repeated Choice, and Consumption Dependence Downloads
Christopher Turansick
2023: Covariate Adjustment in Stratified Experiments Downloads
Max Cytrynbaum
2023: Inference in Non-stationary High-Dimensional VARs Downloads
Alain Hecq, Luca Margaritella and Stephan Smeekes
2023: The Investment Management Game: Extending the Scope of the Notion of Core Downloads
Vijay V. Vazirani
2023: Haves and Have-Nots: A Theory of Economic Sufficientarianism Downloads
Christopher Chambers and Siming Ye
2023: Domain-adapted Learning and Imitation: DRL for Power Arbitrage Downloads
Yuanrong Wang, Vignesh Raja Swaminathan, Nikita P. Granger, Carlos Ros Perez and Christian Michler
2023: Domain-adapted Learning and Interpretability: DRL for Gas Trading Downloads
Yuanrong Wang, Yinsen Miao, Alexander CY Wong, Nikita P Granger and Christian Michler
2023: Price impact in equity auctions: zero, then linear Downloads
Mohammed Salek, Damien Challet and Ioane Muni Toke
2023: Lying Aversion and Vague Communication: An Experimental Study Downloads
Keh-Kuan Sun and Stella Papadokonstantaki
2023: Foundations of self-progressive choice models Downloads
Kemal Yildiz
2023: Simultaneous Inference of a Partially Linear Model in Time Series Downloads
Jiaqi Li, Likai Chen, Kun Ho Kim and Tianwei Zhou
2023: Endogenous Distress Contagion in a Dynamic Interbank Model Downloads
Zachary Feinstein and Andreas Sojmark
2023: An Intraday GARCH Model for Discrete Price Changes and Irregularly Spaced Observations Downloads
Vladim\'ir Hol\'y
2023: Unconfoundedness with Network Interference Downloads
Michael Leung and Pantelis Loupos
2023: Risk Budgeting Portfolios: Existence and Computation Downloads
Adil Rengim Cetingoz, Jean-David Fermanian and Olivier Gu\'eant
2023: Firm-worker hypergraphs Downloads
Chao Huang
2023: Building Resilience in Cybersecurity -- An Artificial Lab Approach Downloads
Kerstin Awiszus, Yannick Bell, Jan L\"uttringhaus, Gregor Svindland, Alexander Vo{\ss} and Stefan Weber
2023: Observable Perfect Equilibrium Downloads
Sam Ganzfried
2023: Neural Augmented Kalman Filtering with Bollinger Bands for Pairs Trading Downloads
Amit Milstein, Haoran Deng, Guy Revach, Hai Morgenstern and Nir Shlezinger
2023: Optimal Settings for Cryptocurrency Trading Pairs Downloads
Di Zhang, Qiang Niu and Youzhou Zhou
2023: How a Brand's Social Activism Impacts Consumers' Brand Evaluations: The Role of Brand Relationship Norms Downloads
Jingjing Li, Nicole Montgomery and Reza Mousavi
2023: Uncertainty Quantification in Synthetic Controls with Staggered Treatment Adoption Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Yingjie Feng, Filippo Palomba and Rocio Titiunik
2023: Linear estimation of average global effects Downloads
Stefan Faridani and Paul Niehaus
2023: Credit Information in Earnings Calls Downloads
Harry Mamaysky, Yiwen Shen and Hongyu Wu
2023: Rank-Preserving Multidimensional Mechanisms Downloads
Sushil Bikhchandani and Debasis Mishra
2023: The Impact of the #MeToo Movement on Language at Court -- A text-based causal inference approach Downloads
Henrika Langen
2023: Robust Tests of Model Incompleteness in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters Downloads
Shuowen Chen and Hiroaki Kaido
2023: Randomized Optimal Stopping Problem in Continuous time and Reinforcement Learning Algorithm Downloads
Yuchao Dong
2023: Implementing a Hierarchical Deep Learning Approach for Simulating Multi-Level Auction Data Downloads
Marcelin Joanis, Andrea Lodi and Igor Sadoune
2023: Estimating Continuous Treatment Effects in Panel Data using Machine Learning with a Climate Application Downloads
Sylvia Klosin and Max Vilgalys
2023: Rawlsian Assignments Downloads
Tom Demeulemeester and Juan S. Pereyra
2023: Inside the West Wing: Lobbying as a contest Downloads
Alastair Langtry
2023: Utilitarian Welfare Optimization in the Generalized Vertex Coloring Games: An Implication to Venue Selection in Events Planning Downloads
Zeyi Chen
2023: Ensemble distributional forecasting for insurance loss reserving Downloads
Benjamin Avanzi, Yanfeng Li, Bernard Wong and Alan Xian
2023: Estimating the Gains (and Losses) of Revenue Management Downloads
Xavier D'Haultf{\oe}uille, Ao Wang, Philippe F\'evrier and Lionel Wilner
2023: Time-varying Cost of Distancing: Distancing Fatigue and Lockdowns Downloads
Christoph Carnehl, Satoshi Fukuda and Nenad Kos
2023: Reducing Obizhaeva-Wang type trade execution problems to LQ stochastic control problems Downloads
Julia Ackermann, Thomas Kruse and Mikhail Urusov
2023: On the skew and curvature of implied and local volatilities Downloads
Elisa Al\`os, David Garc\'ia-Lorite and Makar Pravosud
2023: A Robust Permutation Test for Subvector Inference in Linear Regressions Downloads
Xavier D'Haultf{\oe}uille and Purevdorj Tuvaandorj
2023: Optimal grading contests Downloads
Sumit Goel
2023: Machine learning techniques in joint default assessment Downloads
Margherita Doria, Elisa Luciano and Patrizia Semeraro
2023: Improving the Deferred Acceptance with Minimal Compromise Downloads
Mustafa Oguz Afacan, Umut Dur, A. Arda Gitmez and \"Ozg\"ur Y{\i}lmaz
2023: From prediction markets to interpretable collective intelligence Downloads
Alexey V. Osipov and Nikolay N. Osipov
2023: Boundary Adaptive Local Polynomial Conditional Density Estimators Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Rajita Chandak, Michael Jansson and Xinwei Ma
2023: Bivariate Distribution Regression with Application to Insurance Data Downloads
Yunyun Wang, Tatsushi Oka and Dan Zhu
2023: Semiparametric Estimation of Dynamic Binary Choice Panel Data Models Downloads
Fu Ouyang and Thomas Tao Yang
2023: The Long-Term Effects of Early-Life Pollution Exposure: Evidence from the London Smog Downloads
Stephanie von Hinke and Emil N. S{\o}rensen
2023: Distributional Counterfactual Analysis in High-Dimensional Setup Downloads
Ricardo Masini
2023: Artificial Intelligence and Spontaneous Collusion Downloads
Martino Banchio and Giacomo Mantegazza
2023: Nonlocality, Nonlinearity, and Time Inconsistency in Stochastic Differential Games Downloads
Qian Lei and Chi Seng Pun
2023: Testing Instrument Validity with Covariates Downloads
Thomas Carr and Toru Kitagawa
2023: Persuasion and Welfare Downloads
Laura Doval and Alex Smolin
2023: Revisiting Event Study Designs: Robust and Efficient Estimation Downloads
Kirill Borusyak, Xavier Jaravel and Jann Spiess
2023: Correlated Equilibria in Large Anonymous Bayesian Games Downloads
Frederic Koessler, Marco Scarsini and Tristan Tomala
2023: The insider problem in the trinomial model: a discrete-time jump process approach Downloads
H\'el\`ene Halconruy
2023: Uniform Inference on High-dimensional Spatial Panel Networks Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Chen Huang and Weining Wang
2023: The Shared Cost of Pursuing Shareholder Value Downloads
Michele Fioretti, Victor Saint-Jean and Simon C. Smith
2023: More Robust Estimators for Instrumental-Variable Panel Designs, With An Application to the Effect of Imports from China on US Employment Downloads
Clément de Chaisemartin and Ziteng Lei
2023: Beyond Unbounded Beliefs: How Preferences and Information Interplay in Social Learning Downloads
Navin Kartik, SangMok Lee, Tianhao Liu and Daniel Rappoport
2023: Matching Function Equilibria with Partial Assignment: Existence, Uniqueness and Estimation Downloads
Liang Chen, Eugene Choo, Alfred Galichon and Simon Weber
2023: Dynamics of market states and risk assessment Downloads
Hirdesh K. Pharasi, Eduard Seligman, Suchetana Sadhukhan, Parisa Majari and Thomas H. Seligman
2023: Endogenous structural transformation in economic development Downloads
Justin Y. F. Lin and Haipeng Xing
2023: Modeling Long Cycles Downloads
Natasha Kang and Vadim Marmer
2023: Bibliometric indices as a measure of performance and competitive balance in the knockout stage of the UEFA Champions League Downloads
L\'aszl\'o Csat\'o and D\'ora Gr\'eta Petr\'oczy
2023: Loss aversion and the welfare ranking of policy interventions Downloads
Sergio Firpo, Antonio F. Galvao, Martyna Kobus, Thomas Parker and Pedro Rosa-Dias
2023: Super-Nash performance in games Downloads
Mehmet S. Ismail
2023: Multiplayer Bandit Learning, from Competition to Cooperation Downloads
Simina Br\^anzei and Yuval Peres
2023: Proportional Dynamics in Exchange Economies Downloads
Simina Br\^anzei, Nikhil R. Devanur and Yuval Rabani
2023: The Limits of Citation Counts Downloads
Antonin Mac\'e
2023: Exchanging Goods Using Valuable Money Downloads
J. V. Howard
2023: Pragmatic Comparison Analysis of Alternative Option Pricing Models Downloads
Natasha Latif, Shafqat Ali Shad, Muhammad Usman, Chandan Kumar, Bahman B Motii, MD Mahfuzer Rahman, Khuram Shafi and Zahra Idrees
2023: A duality between utility transforms and probability distortions Downloads
Peng Liu and Ruodu Wang
2023: Ein neuer Ansatz zur Frequenzmodellierung im Versicherungswesen (A new Approach to frequency modeling in risk theory) Downloads
Dietmar Pfeifer
2023: On the minimal simplex economy Downloads
Antonio Pulgar\'in
2023: Economic Complexity Limits Accuracy of Price Probability Predictions by Gaussian Distributions Downloads
Victor Olkhov
2023: GPT has become financially literate: Insights from financial literacy tests of GPT and a preliminary test of how people use it as a source of advice Downloads
Pawe{\l} Niszczota and Sami Abbas
2023: Generative AI for End-to-End Limit Order Book Modelling: A Token-Level Autoregressive Generative Model of Message Flow Using a Deep State Space Network Downloads
Peer Nagy, Sascha Frey, Silvia Sapora, Kang Li, Anisoara Calinescu, Stefan Zohren and Jakob Foerster
2023: Theoretical foundation for the Pareto distribution of international trade strength and introduction of an equation for international trade forecasting Downloads
Mikrajuddin Abdullah
2023: Improving Capital Efficiency and Impermanent Loss: Multi-Token Proactive Market Maker Downloads
Wayne Chen, Songwei Chen and Preston Rozwood
2023: Commodities Trading through Deep Policy Gradient Methods Downloads
Jonas Hanetho
2023: Quantifying MEV On Layer 2 Networks Downloads
Arthur Bagourd and Luca Georges Francois
2023: Regret-Minimizing Project Choice Downloads
Yingni Guo and Eran Shmaya
2023: Predicting Financial Market Trends using Time Series Analysis and Natural Language Processing Downloads
Ali Asgarov
2023: Accurate Quality Elicitation in a Multi-attribute Choice Setting Downloads
Changkuk Im
2023: Deep Semi-Supervised Anomaly Detection for Finding Fraud in the Futures Market Downloads
Timothy DeLise
2023: Diffusion Variational Autoencoder for Tackling Stochasticity in Multi-Step Regression Stock Price Prediction Downloads
Kelvin J. L. Koa, Yunshan Ma, Ritchie Ng and Tat-Seng Chua
2023: New general dependence measures: construction, estimation and application to high-frequency stock returns Downloads
Aleksy Leeuwenkamp and Wentao Hu
2023: Linking microblogging sentiments to stock price movement: An application of GPT-4 Downloads
Rick Steinert and Saskia Altmann
2023: Improving Robustness and Accuracy of Ponzi Scheme Detection on Ethereum Using Time-Dependent Features Downloads
Phuong Duy Huynh, Son Hoang Dau, Xiaodong Li, Phuc Luong and Emanuele Viterbo
2023: A new adaptive pricing framework for perpetual protocols using liquidity curves and on-chain oracles Downloads
Chester Bella, Danny Boahen and Sudeep Biswas
2023: Can Machine Learning Catch Economic Recessions Using Economic and Market Sentiments? Downloads
Kian Tehranian
2023: High Dimensional Time Series Regression Models: Applications to Statistical Learning Methods Downloads
Christis Katsouris
2023: Capital Structure Dynamics and Financial Performance in Indian Banks (An Analysis of Mergers and Acquisitions) Downloads
Kurada T S S Satyanarayana, Addada Narasimha Rao and Kumpatla jaya Surya
2023: Vector Autoregression in Cryptocurrency Markets: Unraveling Complex Causal Networks Downloads
Cameron Cornell, Lewis Mitchell and Matthew Roughan
2023: Asymptotics for Short Maturity Asian Options in a Jump-Diffusion model with Local Volatility Downloads
Dan Pirjol and Lingjiong Zhu
2023: The Financial Market of Environmental Indices Downloads
Thisari K. Mahanama, Abootaleb Shirvani, Svetlozar Rachev and Frank J. Fabozzi
2023: Target PCA: Transfer Learning Large Dimensional Panel Data Downloads
Junting Duan, Markus Pelger and Ruoxuan Xiong
2023: Metawisdom of the Crowd: How Choice Within Aided Decision Making Can Make Crowd Wisdom Robust Downloads
Jon Atwell and Marlon Twyman
2023: Mixed-Effects Methods for Search and Matching Research Downloads
John Abowd and Kevin L. McKinney
2023: Combining predictive distributions of electricity prices: Does minimizing the CRPS lead to optimal decisions in day-ahead bidding? Downloads
Weronika Nitka and Rafa{\l} Weron
2023: Hedging Forecast Combinations With an Application to the Random Forest Downloads
Elliot Beck, Damian Kozbur and Michael Wolf
2023: On the implied volatility of European and Asian call options under the stochastic volatility Bachelier model Downloads
Elisa Al\`os, Eulalia Nualart and Makar Pravosud
2023: Another Look at the Linear Probability Model and Nonlinear Index Models Downloads
Kaicheng Chen, Robert Martin and Jeffrey M. Wooldridge
2023: Signature Trading: A Path-Dependent Extension of the Mean-Variance Framework with Exogenous Signals Downloads
Owen Futter, Blanka Horvath and Magnus Wiese
2023: Forecasting with Feedback Downloads
Robert P. Lieli and Augusto Nieto-Barthaburu
2023: Optimal ratcheting of dividend payout under Brownian motion surplus Downloads
Chonghu Guan and Zuo Quan Xu
2023: Efficiency in Multiple-Type Housing Markets Downloads
Di Feng
2023: Stochastic Variational Inference for GARCH Models Downloads
Hanwen Xuan, Luca Maestrini, Feng Chen and Clara Grazian
2023: Crowdsourced data indicates broadband has a positive impact on local business creation Downloads
Yifeng Philip Chen, Edward J. Oughton, Jakub Zagdanski, Maggie Mo Jia and Peter Tyler
2023: Equity Pay In Networked Teams Downloads
Krishna Dasaratha, Benjamin Golub and Anant Shah
2023: Managing Congestion in Two-Sided Platforms: The Case of Online Rentals Downloads
Caterina Calsamiglia, Laura Doval, Alejandro Robinson-Cort\'es and Matthew Shum
2023: Complementarities in childcare allocation under priorities Downloads
Ata Atay and Antonio Romero-Medina
2023: Breaking the Bank with ChatGPT: Few-Shot Text Classification for Finance Downloads
Lefteris Loukas, Ilias Stogiannidis, Prodromos Malakasiotis and Stavros Vassos
2023: Deep multi-step mixed algorithm for high dimensional non-linear PDEs and associated BSDEs Downloads
Daniel Bussell and Camilo Andr\'es Garc\'ia-Trillos
2023: Joint Calibration of Local Volatility Models with Stochastic Interest Rates using Semimartingale Optimal Transport Downloads
Benjamin Joseph, Gregoire Loeper and Jan Obloj
2023: Donut Regression Discontinuity Designs Downloads
Cladia Noack and Chistoph Rothe
2023: TimeTrail: Unveiling Financial Fraud Patterns through Temporal Correlation Analysis Downloads
Sushrut Ghimire
2023: Identification and Estimation of Demand Models with Endogenous Product Entry and Exit Downloads
Victor Aguirregabiria, Alessandro Iaria and Senay Sokullu
2023: Reputation Effects with Endogenous Records Downloads
Harry Pei
2023: Break-Point Date Estimation for Nonstationary Autoregressive and Predictive Regression Models Downloads
Christis Katsouris
2023: Self-Enforced Job Matching Downloads
Ce Liu, Ziwei Wang and Hanzhe Zhang
2023: Transaction fee mechanism for Proof-of-Stake protocol Downloads
Wenpin Tang and David D. Yao
2023: Solutions to Equilibrium HJB Equations for Time-Inconsistent Deterministic Linear Quadratic Control: Characterization and Uniqueness Downloads
Yunfei Peng and Wei Wei
2023: Multivariate Majorization in Principal-Agents Models Downloads
Nicholas C Bedard, Jacob K Goeree and Ningyi Sun
2023: Portfolios Generated by Contingent Claim Functions, with Applications to Option Pricing Downloads
Ricardo T. Fernholz and Robert Fernholz
2023: Splash! Robustifying Donor Pools for Policy Studies Downloads
Jared Amani Greathouse, Mani Bayani and Jason Coupet
2023: The Potential of Quantum Techniques for Stock Price Prediction Downloads
Naman S, Gaurang B, Neel S and Aswath Babu H
2023: SGMM: Stochastic Approximation to Generalized Method of Moments Downloads
Xiaohong Chen, Sokbae Lee, Yuan Liao, Myung Hwan Seo, Youngki Shin and Myunghyun Song
2023: Choice Architecture, Privacy Valuations, and Selection Bias in Consumer Data Downloads
Tesary Lin and Avner Strulov-Shlain
2023: GARHCX-NoVaS: A Model-free Approach to Incorporate Exogenous Variables Downloads
Kejin Wu and Sayar Karmakar
2023: JAX-LOB: A GPU-Accelerated limit order book simulator to unlock large scale reinforcement learning for trading Downloads
Sascha Frey, Kang Li, Peer Nagy, Silvia Sapora, Chris Lu, Stefan Zohren, Jakob Foerster and Anisoara Calinescu
2023: Parental Health Penalty on Adult Children's Employment: Gender Difference and Long-Term Consequence Downloads
Jiayi Wen and Haili Huang
2023: Occupational Retirement and Pension Reform: The Roles of Physical and Cognitive Health Downloads
Jiayi Wen
2023: Grover Search for Portfolio Selection Downloads
A. Ege Yilmaz, Stefan Stettler, Thomas Ankenbrand and Urs Rhyner
2023: Spatial and Spatiotemporal Volatility Models: A Review Downloads
Philipp Otto, Osman Do\u{g}an, S\"uleyman Ta\c{s}p{\i}nar, Wolfgang Schmid and Anil K. Bera
2023: Financial Inclusion and Monetary Policy: A Study on the Relationship between Financial Inclusion and Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in Developing Countries Downloads
Gautam Kumar Biswas and Faruque Ahamed
2023: Optimal Shrinkage Estimation of Fixed Effects in Linear Panel Data Models Downloads
Soonwoo Kwon
2023: Procurement in welfare programs: Evidence and implications from WIC infant formula contracts Downloads
Yonghong An, David Davis, Yizao Liu and Ruli Xiao
2023: American Stories: A Large-Scale Structured Text Dataset of Historical U.S. Newspapers Downloads
Melissa Dell, Jacob Carlson, Tom Bryan, Emily Silcock, Abhishek Arora, Zejiang Shen, Luca D'Amico-Wong, Quan Le, Pablo Querubin and Leander Heldring
2023: Scalable Estimation of Multinomial Response Models with Uncertain Consideration Sets Downloads
Siddhartha Chib and Kenichi Shimizu
2023: Recent Developments in Pandora's Box Problem: Variants and Applications Downloads
Hedyeh Beyhaghi and Linda Cai
2023: Learning to Learn Financial Networks for Optimising Momentum Strategies Downloads
Xingyue Pu, Stefan Zohren, Stephen Roberts and Xiaowen Dong
2023: Investigating Short-Term Dynamics in Green Bond Markets Downloads
Lorenzo Mercuri, Andrea Perchiazzo and Edit Rroji
2023: Retail Demand Forecasting: A Comparative Study for Multivariate Time Series Downloads
Md Sabbirul Haque, Md Shahedul Amin and Jonayet Miah
2023: Discrimination and Constraints: Evidence from The Voice Downloads
Anuar Assamidanov
2023: The Impact of Stocks on Correlations of Crop Yields and Prices and on Revenue Insurance Premiums using Semiparametric Quantile Regression Downloads
Matthew Stuart, Cindy Yu and David A. Hennessy
2023: Nash Equilibrium Existence without Convexity Downloads
Conrad Kosowsky
2023: Designing an attack-defense game: how to increase robustness of financial transaction models via a competition Downloads
Alexey Zaytsev, Alex Natekin, Evgeni Vorsin, Valerii Smirnov, Georgii Smirnov, Oleg Sidorshin, Alexander Senin, Alexander Dudin and Dmitry Berestnev
2023: From Mundane to Meaningful: AI's Influence on Work Dynamics -- evidence from ChatGPT and Stack Overflow Downloads
Quentin Gallea
2023: Network Momentum across Asset Classes Downloads
Xingyue Pu, Stephen Roberts, Xiaowen Dong and Stefan Zohren
2023: Distorted optimal transport Downloads
Haiyan Liu, Bin Wang, Ruodu Wang and Sheng Chao Zhuang
2023: Approximate Core Allocations for Edge Cover Games Downloads
Tianhang Lu, Han Xian and Qizhi Fang
2023: Analysis of Optimal Portfolio Management Using Hierarchical Clustering Downloads
Kapil Panda
2023: Forecasting inflation using disaggregates and machine learning Downloads
Gilberto Boaretto and Marcelo C. Medeiros
2023: NLP-based detection of systematic anomalies among the narratives of consumer complaints Downloads
Peiheng Gao, Ning Sun, Xuefeng Wang, Chen Yang and Ri\v{c}ardas Zitikis
2023: Classical Economics: Lost and Found Downloads
Sabiou Inoua and Vernon Smith
2023: Econometrics of Machine Learning Methods in Economic Forecasting Downloads
Andrii Babii, Eric Ghysels and Jonas Striaukas
2023: "Guinea Pig Trials" Utilizing GPT: A Novel Smart Agent-Based Modeling Approach for Studying Firm Competition and Collusion Downloads
Xu Han, Zengqing Wu and Chuan Xiao
2023: Simulation Experiments as a Causal Problem Downloads
Tyrel Stokes, Ian Shrier and Russell Steele
2023: Analytical valuation of vulnerable derivative contracts with bilateral cash flows under credit, funding and wrong-way risks Downloads
Juan Jose Francisco Miguelez and Cristin Buescu
2023: Explicit Computations for Delayed Semistatic Hedging Downloads
Yan Dolinsky and Or Zuk
2023: Unveiling the Interplay between Central Bank Digital Currency and Bank Deposits Downloads
Hanfeng Chen and Maria Elena Filippin
2023: Exploring the Role of Perceived Range Anxiety in Adoption Behavior of Plug-in Electric Vehicles Downloads
Fatemeh Nazari, Abolfazl Mohammadian and Thomas Stephens
2023: Digital Real Estate in the Metaverse: An Empirical Analysis of Retail Investor Motivations Downloads
Lennart Ante, Friedrich-Philipp Wazinski and Aman Saggu
2023: Cluster-Robust Inference Robust to Large Clusters Downloads
Harold D. Chiang, Yuya Sasaki and Yulong Wang
2023: Agree to Disagree: Measuring Hidden Dissents in FOMC Meetings Downloads
Kwok Ping Tsang and Zichao Yang
2023: Green or greedy: the relationship between perceived benefits and homeowners' intention to adopt residential low-carbon technologies Downloads
Fabian Scheller, Karyn Morrissey, Karsten Neuhoff and Dogan Keles
2023: Startup Acquisitions: Acquihires and Talent Hoarding Downloads
Jean-Michel Benkert, Igor Letina and Shuo Liu
2023: Do We Price Happiness? Evidence from Korean Stock Market Downloads
HyeonJun Kim
2023: On the parametric description of log-growth rates of cities' sizes of four European countries and the USA Downloads
Till Massing, Miguel Puente-Ajov\'in and Arturo Ramos
2023: The Distribution of Strike Size:Empirical Evidence from Europe and North America in the 19th and 20th Centuries Downloads
Michele Campolieti and Arturo Ramos
2023: Student't mixture models for stock indices. A comparative study Downloads
Till Massing and Arturo Ramos
2023: Is there a universal parametric city size distribution? Empirical evidence for 70 countries Downloads
Miguel Puente-Ajov\'in, Arturo Ramos and Fernando Sanz-Gracia
2023: To the Moon: Analyzing Collective Trading Events on the Wings of Sentiment Analysis Downloads
Tim Matthies, Thomas L\"ohden, Stephan Leible and Jun-Patrick Raabe
2023: Paths to Influence: How Coordinated Influence Operations Affect the Prominence of Ideas Downloads
Darren L. Linvill and Patrick L. Warren
2023: Managers' Choice of Disclosure Complexity Downloads
Jeremy Bertomeu
2023: Discretionary Extensions to Unemployment-Insurance Compensation and Some Potential Costs for a McCall Worker Downloads
Rich Ryan
2023: Weak Identification with Many Instruments Downloads
Anna Mikusheva and Liyang Sun
2023: Wisdom of the Crowds or Ignorance of the Masses? A data-driven guide to WSB Downloads
Valentina Semenova, Dragos Gorduza, William Wildi, Xiaowen Dong and Stefan Zohren
2023: Endowments, patience types, and uniqueness in two-good HARA utility economies Downloads
Andrea Loi and Stefano Matta
2023: Black-Litterman, Bayesian Shrinkage, and Factor Models in Portfolio Selection: You Can Have It All Downloads
Kwong Yu Chong
2023: On the Value of Information Structures in Stochastic Games Downloads
Daehyun Kim and Ichiro Obara
2023: Closed-form approximations of moments and densities of continuous-time Markov models Downloads
Dennis Kristensen, Young Jun Lee and Antonio Mele
2023: Econometrics Modelling Approach to Examine the Effect of STEM Policy Changes on Asian Students Enrollment Decision in USA Downloads
Prathamesh Muzumdar, George Kurian, Ganga Prasad Basyal and Apoorva Muley
2023: Linear Regression with Weak Exogeneity Downloads
Anna Mikusheva and Mikkel S{\o}lvsten
2023: Decarbonizing the European energy system in the absence of Russian gas: Hydrogen uptake and carbon capture developments in the power, heat and industry sectors Downloads
Goran Durakovic, Hongyu Zhang, Brage Rugstad Knudsen, Asgeir Tomasgard and Pedro Crespo del Granado
2023: IMM: An Imitative Reinforcement Learning Approach with Predictive Representation Learning for Automatic Market Making Downloads
Hui Niu, Siyuan Li, Jiahao Zheng, Zhouchi Lin, Jian Li, Jian Guo and Bo An
2023: Entrepreneurial Higher Education Education, Knowledge and Wealth Creation Downloads
Rahmat Ullah, Rashid Aftab, Saeed Siyal and Kashif Zaheer
2023: Large Language Models at Work in China's Labor Market Downloads
Qin Chen, Jinfeng Ge, Huaqing Xie, Xingcheng Xu and Yanqing Yang
2023: Semi-analytic pricing of American options in some time-dependent jump-diffusion models Downloads
Andrey Itkin
2023: When to efficiently rebalance a portfolio Downloads
Masayuki Ando and Masaaki Fukasawa
2023: Detecting Financial Market Manipulation with Statistical Physics Tools Downloads
Haochen Li, Maria Polukarova and Carmine Ventre
2023: Cooperation and interdependence in global science funding Downloads
Lili Miao, Vincent Larivi\`ere, Feifei Wang, Yong-Yeol Ahn and Cassidy R. Sugimoto
2023: BIRP: Bitcoin Information Retrieval Prediction Model Based on Multimodal Pattern Matching Downloads
Minsuk Kim, Byungchul Kim, Junyeong Yong, Jeongwoo Park and Gyeongmin Kim
2023: AI-Assisted Investigation of On-Chain Parameters: Risky Cryptocurrencies and Price Factors Downloads
Abdulrezzak Zekiye, Semih Utku, Fadi Amroush and Oznur Ozkasap
2023: Recurrent Neural Networks with more flexible memory: better predictions than rough volatility Downloads
Damien Challet and Vincent Ragel
2023: Effects of Daily News Sentiment on Stock Price Forecasting Downloads
S. Srinivas, R. Gadela, R. Sabu, A. Das, G. Nath and V. Datla
2023: A Majority Rule Philosophy for Instant Runoff Voting Downloads
Ross Hyman, Deb Otis, Seamus Allen and Greg Dennis
2023: Testing Partial Instrument Monotonicity Downloads
Hongyi Jiang and Zhenting Sun
2023: Modified Verhulst-Solow model for long-term population and economic growths Downloads
Iram Gleriaa, Sergio Da Silvab, Leon Brenig, Tarc{\i}sio M. Rocha Filho and Annibal Figueiredo
2023: Computer vision-enriched discrete choice models, with an application to residential location choice Downloads
Sander van Cranenburgh and Francisco Garrido-Valenzuela
2023: Estimating Effects of Long-Term Treatments Downloads
Shan Huang, Chen Wang, Yuan Yuan, Jinglong Zhao and Jingjing Zhang
2023: Microstructure-Empowered Stock Factor Extraction and Utilization Downloads
Xianfeng Jiao, Zizhong Li, Chang Xu, Yang Liu, Weiqing Liu and Jiang Bian
2023: The Geometry of Constant Function Market Makers Downloads
Guillermo Angeris, Tarun Chitra, Theo Diamandis, Alex Evans and Kshitij Kulkarni
2023: On the unimportance of commitment for monetary policy Downloads
Juan Paez-Farrell
2023: Company Similarity using Large Language Models Downloads
Dimitrios Vamvourellis, M\'at\'e Toth, Snigdha Bhagat, Dhruv Desai, Dhagash Mehta and Stefano Pasquali
2023: Does courier gender matter? Exploring mode choice behaviour for E-groceries crowd-shipping in developing economies Downloads
Oleksandr Rossolov, Anastasiia Botsman, Serhii Lyfenko and Yusak O. Susilo
2023: Emerging Frontiers: Exploring the Impact of Generative AI Platforms on University Quantitative Finance Examinations Downloads
Rama K. Malladi
2023: Portfolio Selection via Topological Data Analysis Downloads
Petr Sokerin, Kristian Kuznetsov, Elizaveta Makhneva and Alexey Zaytsev
2023: Nested Multilevel Monte Carlo with Biased and Antithetic Sampling Downloads
Abdul-Lateef Haji-Ali and Jonathan Spence
2023: Optimizing B2B Product Offers with Machine Learning, Mixed Logit, and Nonlinear Programming Downloads
John V. Colias, Stella Park and Elizabeth Horn
2023: Online Universal Dirichlet Factor Portfolios Downloads
Purushottam Parthasarathy, Avinash Bhardwaj and Manjesh K. Hanawal
2023: Reconstructing cryptocurrency processes via Markov chains Downloads
Tanya Ara\'ujo and Paulo Barbosa
2023: Interest Rate Dynamics and Commodity Prices Downloads
Christophe Gouel, Qingyin Ma and John Stachurski
2023: Serendipity in Science Downloads
Pyung Nahm, Raviv Murciano-Goroff, Michael Park and Russell J. Funk
2023: Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown Measures on Chinese Startups and Local Government Public Finance: Challenges and Policy Implications Downloads
Xin Sun
2023: Stochastic Optimal Investment Strategy for Net-Zero Energy Houses Downloads
Mengmou Li, Taichi Tanaka, A. Daniel Carnerero, Yasuaki Wasa, Kenji Hirata, Yasumasa Fujisaki, Yoshiaki Ushifusa and Takeshi Hatanaka
2023: Variations on the Reinforcement Learning performance of Blackjack Downloads
Avish Buramdoyal and Tim Gebbie
2023: Fault Tolerance in Euclidean Committee Selection Downloads
Chinmay Sonar, Subhash Suri and Jie Xue
2023: The Cycle of Value The Cycle of Value -- A Conservationist Approach to Economics Downloads
Nick Harkiolakis
2023: Economic complexity and the sustainability transition: A review of data, methods, and literature Downloads
Bernardo Caldarola, Dario Mazzilli, Lorenzo Napolitano, Aurelio Patelli and Angelica Sbardella
2023: The four types of stablecoins: A comparative analysis Downloads
Matthias Hafner, Marco Henriques Pereira, Helmut Dietl and Juan Beccuti
2023: A discretization scheme for path-dependent FBSDEs Downloads
Jiuk Jang and Hyungbin Park
2023: Insurance pricing on price comparison websites via reinforcement learning Downloads
Tanut Treetanthiploet, Yufei Zhang, Lukasz Szpruch, Isaac Bowers-Barnard, Henrietta Ridley, James Hickey and Chris Pearce
2023: Generative Interpretation Downloads
Yonathan A. Arbel and David Hoffman
2023: Quantifying Outlierness of Funds from their Categories using Supervised Similarity Downloads
Dhruv Desai, Ashmita Dhiman, Tushar Sharma, Deepika Sharma, Dhagash Mehta and Stefano Pasquali
2023: Contagion Effects of the Silicon Valley Bank Run Downloads
Dong Beom Choi, Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham and Tanju Yorulmazer
2023: Quantile Time Series Regression Models Revisited Downloads
Christis Katsouris
2023: "Zero Cost'' Majority Attacks on Permissionless Blockchains Downloads
Joshua S. Gans and Hanna Halaburda
2023: Loan portfolio management and Liquidity Risk: The impact of limited liability and haircut Downloads
Deb Narayan Barik and Siddhartha P. Chakrabarty
2023: Driver Heterogeneity in Willingness to Give Control to Conditional Automation Downloads
Muhammad Sajjad Ansar, Nael Alsaleh and Bilal Farooq
2023: UAMM: UBET Automated Market Maker Downloads
Daniel Jiwoong Im, Alexander Kondratskiy, Vincent Harvey and Hsuan-Wei Fu
2023: A New Approach to Overcoming Zero Trade in Gravity Models to Avoid Indefinite Values in Linear Logarithmic Equations and Parameter Verification Using Machine Learning Downloads
Mikrajuddin Abdullah
2023: Visitors Out! The Absence of Away Team Supporters as a Source of Home Advantage in Football Downloads
Federico Fioravanti, Fernando Delbianco and Fernando Tohm\'e
2023: ChatGPT-based Investment Portfolio Selection Downloads
Oleksandr Romanko, Akhilesh Narayan and Roy H. Kwon
2023: An approach to extend Cross-Impact Balance method in multiple timespans Downloads
Chonghao Zhao
2023: Ideological Ambiguity and Political Spectrum Downloads
Hector Galindo-Silva
2023: Characterizing Correlation Matrices that Admit a Clustered Factor Representation Downloads
Chen Tong and Peter Reinhard Hansen
2023: Solving equilibrium problems in economies with financial markets, home production, and retention Downloads
Julio Deride and Roger J-B Wets
2023: Amortized neural networks for agent-based model forecasting Downloads
Denis Koshelev, Alexey Ponomarenko and Sergei Seleznev
2023: Dynamic delegation in promotion contests Downloads
Th\'eo Durandard
2023: Efficient Variational Inference for Large Skew-t Copulas with Application to Intraday Equity Returns Downloads
Lin Deng, Michael Stanley Smith and Worapree Maneesoonthorn
2023: The Distributional Impact of Money Growth and Inflation Disaggregates: A Quantile Sensitivity Analysis Downloads
Matteo Iacopini, Aubrey Poon, Luca Rossini and Dan Zhu
2023: Solving the Forecast Combination Puzzle Downloads
David T. Frazier, Ryan Covey, Gael M. Martin and Donald Poskitt
2023: Financial Fraud Detection: A Comparative Study of Quantum Machine Learning Models Downloads
Nouhaila Innan, Muhammad Al-Zafar Khan and Mohamed Bennai
2023: "Generate" the Future of Work through AI: Empirical Evidence from Online Labor Markets Downloads
Jin Liu, Xingchen Xu, Yongjun Li and Yong Tan
2023: SmartDCA superiority Downloads
Calvet, Emmanuel, Herranz-Celotti, Luca, Valimamode and Karim
2023: Interpolation of numerical series by the Fermat-Torricelli point construction method on the example of the numerical series of inflation in the Czech Republic in 2011-2021 Downloads
Yekimov Sergey
2023: Statistical Decision Theory Respecting Stochastic Dominance Downloads
Charles F. Manski and Aleksey Tetenov
2023: The Mobilit\"at.Leben Study: a Year-Long Mobility-Tracking Panel Downloads
Allister Loder, Fabienne Cantner, Victoria Dahmen and Klaus Bogenberger
2023: A Guide to Impact Evaluation under Sample Selection and Missing Data: Teacher's Aides and Adolescent Mental Health Downloads
Simon Calmar Andersen, Louise Beuchert, Phillip Heiler and Helena Nielsen
2023: Methods for Acquiring and Incorporating Knowledge into Stock Price Prediction: A Survey Downloads
Liping Wang, Jiawei Li, Lifan Zhao, Zhizhuo Kou, Xiaohan Wang, Xinyi Zhu, Hao Wang, Yanyan Shen and Lei Chen
2023: School Choice with Multiple Priorities Downloads
Minoru Kitahara and Yasunori Okumura
2023: Correlation-diversified portfolio construction by finding maximum independent set in large-scale market graph Downloads
Ryo Hidaka, Yohei Hamakawa, Jun Nakayama and Kosuke Tatsumura
2023: Instabilities of explicit finite difference schemes with ghost points on the diffusion equation Downloads
Fabien Le Floc'h
2023: Tropical Analysis: With an Application to Indivisible Goods Downloads
Nicholas C. Bedard and Jacob K. Goeree
2023: Efficient option pricing with unary-based photonic computing chip and generative adversarial learning Downloads
Hui Zhang, Lingxiao Wan, Sergi Ramos-Calderer, Yuancheng Zhan, Wai-Keong Mok, Hong Cai, Feng Gao, Xianshu Luo, Guo-Qiang Lo, Leong Chuan Kwek, Jos\'e Ignacio Latorre and Ai Qun Liu
2023: Limited substitutability, relative price changes and the uplifting of public natural capital values Downloads
Moritz A. Drupp, Zachary M. Turk, Ben Groom and Jonas Heckenhahn
2023: Fine-Tuning Games: Bargaining and Adaptation for General-Purpose Models Downloads
Benjamin Laufer, Jon Kleinberg and Hoda Heidari
2023: Extended mean-field control problems with multi-dimensional singular controls Downloads
Robert Denkert and Ulrich Horst
2023: Causal Interpretation of Linear Social Interaction Models with Endogenous Networks Downloads
Tadao Hoshino
2023: Regularity in forex returns during financial distress: Evidence from India Downloads
Radhika Prosad Datta
2023: Options are also options on options: how to smile with Black-Scholes Downloads
Claude Martini and Arianna Mingone
2023: Threshold Regression in Heterogeneous Panel Data with Interactive Fixed Effects Downloads
Marco Barassi, Yiannis Karavias and Chongxian Zhu
2023: Ramifications of generalized Feller theory Downloads
Christa Cuchiero, Tonio M\"ollmann and Josef Teichmann
2023: Measuring income inequality via percentile relativities Downloads
Vytaras Brazauskas, Francesca Greselin and Ricardas Zitikis
2023: Uniqueness of equilibrium and redistributive policies: a geometric approach to efficiency Downloads
Andrea Loi, Stefano Matta and Daria Uccheddu
2023: DeRisk: An Effective Deep Learning Framework for Credit Risk Prediction over Real-World Financial Data Downloads
Yancheng Liang, Jiajie Zhang, Hui Li, Xiaochen Liu, Yi Hu, Yong Wu, Jinyao Zhang, Yongyan Liu and Yi Wu
2023: How to choose a Compatible Committee? Downloads
Ritu Dutta, Rajnish Kumnar and Surajit Borkotokey
2023: Weighted position value for Network games Downloads
Niharika Kakoty, Surajit Borkotokey, Rajnish Kumar and Abhijit Bora
2023: The Expected Shapley value on a class of probabilistic games Downloads
Surajit Borkotokey, Sujata Gowala and Rajnish Kumar
2023: El paradigma del marketing digital en la academia, el emprendimiento universitario y las empresas establecidas Downloads
Guillermo Jose Navarro del Toro
2023: Anomaly Detection in Global Financial Markets with Graph Neural Networks and Nonextensive Entropy Downloads
Kleyton da Costa
2023: Treatment Effects in Staggered Adoption Designs with Non-Parallel Trends Downloads
Brantly Callaway and Emmanuel Tsyawo
2023: From Statistical Physics to Social Sciences: The Pitfalls of Multi-disciplinarity Downloads
Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
2023: Reinforcement Learning for Financial Index Tracking Downloads
Xianhua Peng, Chenyin Gong and Xue Dong He
2023: Set-alternating schemes: A new class of large Condorcet domains Downloads
Alexander Karpov, Klas Markstr\"om, S{\o}ren Riis and Bei Zhou
2023: Fires and Local Labor Markets Downloads
Raphaelle G. Coulombe and Akhil Rao
2023: Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equation Arising from Optimal Portfolio Selection Problem Downloads
Daniel Sevcovic and Cyril Izuchukwu Udeani
2023: AI exposure predicts unemployment risk Downloads
Morgan Frank, Yong-Yeol Ahn and Esteban Moro
2023: Composite Quantile Factor Models Downloads
Xiao Huang
2023: Matrix Completion When Missing Is Not at Random and Its Applications in Causal Panel Data Models Downloads
Jungjun Choi and Ming Yuan
2023: Game theoretic foundations of the Gately power measure for directed networks Downloads
Robert P. Gilles and Lina Mallozzi
2023: Statistically consistent term structures have affine geometry Downloads
Paul Kr\"uhner and Shijie Xu
2023: Should we trust web-scraped data? Downloads
Jens Foerderer
2023: A Non-Parametric Test of Risk Aversion Downloads
Jacob K Goeree and Bernardo Garcia-Pola
2023: Portfolio Optimization in a Market with Hidden Gaussian Drift and Randomly Arriving Expert Opinions: Modeling and Theoretical Results Downloads
Abdelali Gabih and Ralf Wunderlich
2023: The Banks Set and the Bipartisan Set May be Disjoint Downloads
Felix Brandt and Florian Grundbacher
2023: A novel approach for quantum financial simulation and quantum state preparation Downloads
Yen-Jui Chang, Wei-Ting Wang, Hao-Yuan Chen, Shih-Wei Liao and Ching-Ray Chang
2023: Trading and wealth evolution in the Proof of Stake protocol Downloads
Wenpin Tang
2023: Repeated Bidding with Dynamic Value Downloads
Benjamin Heymann, Alexandre Gilotte and R\'emi Chan-Renous
2023: Quantifying Retrospective Human Responsibility in Intelligent Systems Downloads
Nir Douer and Joachim Meyer
2023: A Robust Method for Microforecasting and Estimation of Random Effects Downloads
Raffaella Giacomini, Sokbae Lee and Silvia Sarpietro
2023: Path Shadowing Monte-Carlo Downloads
Rudy Morel, St\'ephane Mallat and Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
2023: A new probabilistic analysis of the yard-sale model Downloads
Christoph B\"orgers and Claude Greengard
2023: Graph Neural Networks for Forecasting Multivariate Realized Volatility with Spillover Effects Downloads
Chao Zhang, Xingyue Pu, Mihai Cucuringu and Xiaowen Dong
2023: Limit Theory under Network Dependence and Nonstationarity Downloads
Christis Katsouris
2023: A quantum double-or-nothing game: The Kelly Criterion for Spins Downloads
Bernhard K Meister and Henry C W Price
2023: Adaptive Collaborative Filtering with Personalized Time Decay Functions for Financial Product Recommendation Downloads
Ashraf Ghiye, Baptiste Barreau, Laurent Carlier and Michalis Vazirgiannis
2023: An optimal transport approach for the multiple quantile hedging problem Downloads
Cyril B\'en\'ezet, Jean-Fran\c{c}ois Chassagneux and Mohan Yang
2023: Quantitative statistical analysis of order-splitting behaviour of individual trading accounts in the Japanese stock market over nine years Downloads
Yuki Sato and Kiyoshi Kanazawa
2023: Bayesian framework for characterizing cryptocurrency market dynamics, structural dependency, and volatility using potential field Downloads
Anoop C, Neeraj Negi and Anup Aprem
2023: Incident-Specific Cyber Insurance Downloads
Wing Fung Chong, Daniel Linders, Zhiyu Quan and Linfeng Zhang
2023: The Bayesian Context Trees State Space Model for time series modelling and forecasting Downloads
Ioannis Papageorgiou and Ioannis Kontoyiannis
2023: Towards Climate Neutrality: A Comprehensive Overview of Sustainable Operations Management, Optimization, and Wastewater Treatment Strategies Downloads
Vasileios Alevizos, Ilias Georgousis and Anna-Maria Kapodistria
2023: Second-Order Approximation of Limit Order Books in a Single-Scale Regime Downloads
Ulrich Horst, D\"orte Kreher and Konstantins Starovoitovs
2023: Increasing Supply Chain Resiliency Through Equilibrium Pricing and Stipulating Transportation Quota Regulation Downloads
Mostafa Pazoki, Hamed Samarghandi and Mehdi Behroozi
2023: SurveyLM: A platform to explore emerging value perspectives in augmented language models' behaviors Downloads
Steve J. Bickley, Ho Fai Chan, Bang Dao, Benno Torgler and Son Tran
2023: Testing for Threshold Effects in Presence of Heteroskedasticity and Measurement Error with an application to Italian Strikes Downloads
Francesco Angelini, Massimiliano Castellani, Simone Giannerini and Greta Goracci
2023: Exploiting the dynamics of commodity futures curves Downloads
Robert J Bianchi, John Hua Fan, Joelle Miffre and Tingxi Zhang
2023: What's Logs Got to do With it: On the Perils of log Dependent Variables and Difference-in-Differences Downloads
Brendon McConnell
2023: It's Not Always the Leader's Fault: How Informed Followers Can Undermine Efficient Leadership Downloads
Panagiotis Kyriazis and Edmund Lou
2023: Liquidity fragmentation on decentralized exchanges Downloads
Alfred Lehar, Christine Parlour and Marius Zoican
2023: VolTS: A Volatility-based Trading System to forecast Stock Markets Trend using Statistics and Machine Learning Downloads
Ivan Letteri
2023: The multidimensional COS method for option pricing Downloads
Gero Junike and Hauke Stier
2023: The Yule-Frisch-Waugh-Lovell Theorem for Linear Instrumental Variables Estimation Downloads
Deepankar Basu
2023: Propagation of carbon tax in credit portfolio through macroeconomic factors Downloads
G\'eraldine Bouveret, Jean-Fran\c{c}ois Chassagneux, Smail Ibbou, Antoine Jacquier and Lionel Sopgoui
2023: Horizontal and Vertical Differentiation: Approaching Endogenous Measurement in Intra-industry Trade Downloads
Sourish Dutta
2023: A usury law: a clarification Downloads
Mikhail V. Sokolov
2023: Decentralized Prediction Markets and Sports Books Downloads
Hamed Amini, Maxim Bichuch and Zachary Feinstein
2023: Thailand Asset Value Estimation Using Aerial or Satellite Imagery Downloads
Supawich Puengdang, Worawate Ausawalaithong, Phiratath Nopratanawong, Narongdech Keeratipranon and Chayut Wongkamthong
2023: Unraveling Coordination Problems Downloads
Roweno J. R. K. Heijmans
2023: Approximately optimal trade execution strategies under fast mean-reversion Downloads
David Evangelista and Yuri Thamsten
2023: Modeling evidential cooperation in large worlds Downloads
Johannes Treutlein
2023: Estimating the roughness exponent of stochastic volatility from discrete observations of the realized variance Downloads
Xiyue Han and Alexander Schied
2023: A Massive Scale Semantic Similarity Dataset of Historical English Downloads
Emily Silcock and Melissa Dell
2023: Recurring Auctions with Costly Entry: Theory and Evidence Downloads
Shanglyu Deng and Qiyao Zhou
2023: Decomposing cryptocurrency high-frequency price dynamics into recurring and noisy components Downloads
Marcin W\k{a}torek, Maria Skupie\'n, Jaros{\l}aw Kwapie\'n and Stanis{\l}aw Dro\.zd\.z
2023: High-Dimensional Canonical Correlation Analysis Downloads
Anna Bykhovskaya and Vadim Gorin
2023: Condorcet Domains of Degree at most Seven Downloads
Dolica Akello-Egwell, Charles Leedham-Green, Alastair Litterick, Klas Markstr\"om and S{\o}ren Riis
2023: A lower bound for the volatility swap in the lognormal SABR model Downloads
E. Al\`os, F. Rolloos and K. Shiraya
2023: The Impact of Parenthood on Labour Market Outcomes of Women and Men in Poland Downloads
Radost Waszkiewicz and Honorata Bogusz
2023: Difference-in-Differences with Interference: A Finite Population Perspective Downloads
Ruonan Xu
2023: Assumption-lean falsification tests of rate double-robustness of double-machine-learning estimators Downloads
Lin Liu, Rajarshi Mukherjee and James M. Robins
2023: Abnormal Trading Detection in the NFT Market Downloads
Mingxiao Song, Yunsong Liu, Agam Shah and Sudheer Chava
2023: Buying Time: Latency Racing vs. Bidding in Transaction Ordering Downloads
Akaki Mamageishvili, Mahimna Kelkar, Jan Christoph Schlegel and Edward W. Felten
2023: Parameter Estimation Methods of Required Rate of Return Downloads
Battulga Gankhuu
2023: Impulse Response Analysis of Structural Nonlinear Time Series Models Downloads
Giovanni Ballarin
2023: Large Banks and Systemic Risk: Insights from a Mean-Field Game Model Downloads
Yuanyuan Chang, Dena Firoozi and David Benatia
2023: LQG Risk-Sensitive Single-Agent and Major-Minor Mean Field Game Systems: A Variational Framework Downloads
Hanchao Liu, Dena Firoozi and Mich\`ele Breton
2023: ChatGPT and the Labor Market: Unraveling the Effect of AI Discussions on Students' Earnings Expectations Downloads
Samir Huseynov
2023: Modeling Interference Using Experiment Roll-out Downloads
Ari Boyarsky, Hongseok Namkoong and Jean Pouget-Abadie
2023: A Theory of Auditability for Allocation and Social Choice Mechanisms Downloads
Aram Grigoryan and Markus M\"oller
2023: Robust Auction Design with Support Information Downloads
Jerry Anunrojwong, Santiago R. Balseiro and Omar Besbes
2023: COWPEA (Candidates Optimally Weighted in Proportional Election using Approval voting) Downloads
Toby Pereira
2023: Designing Discontinuities Downloads
Ibtihal Ferwana, Suyoung Park, Ting-Yi Wu and Lav R. Varshney
2023: On the Time-Varying Structure of the Arbitrage Pricing Theory using the Japanese Sector Indices Downloads
Koichiro Moriya and Akihiko Noda
2023: Double and Single Descent in Causal Inference with an Application to High-Dimensional Synthetic Control Downloads
Jann Spiess, Guido Imbens and Amar Venugopal
2023: Augmented balancing weights as linear regression Downloads
David Bruns-Smith, Oliver Dukes, Avi Feller and Elizabeth L. Ogburn
2023: Optimal tie-breaking rules Downloads
Sumit Goel and Amit Goyal
2023: Convexity adjustments \`a la Malliavin Downloads
David Garc\'ia-Lorite and Raul Merino
2023: Particle MCMC in forecasting frailty correlated default models with expert opinion Downloads
Ha Nguyen
2023: Conditional Generative Models for Learning Stochastic Processes Downloads
Salvatore Certo, Anh Pham, Nicolas Robles and Andrew Vlasic
2023: Consistent Linear Orders for Supermajority Rules Downloads
Yasunori Okumura
2023: With a Grain of Salt: Uncertain Veracity of External News and Firm Disclosures Downloads
Jonathan Libgober, Beatrice Michaeli and Elyashiv Wiedman
2023: Recursive Preferences and Ambiguity Attitudes Downloads
Massimo Marinacci, Giulio Principi and Lorenzo Stanca
2023: European Option Pricing Under Generalized Tempered Stable Process: Empirical Analysis Downloads
A. H. Nzokem
2023: Individual Welfare Analysis: Random Quasilinear Utility, Independence, and Confidence Bounds Downloads
Junlong Feng and Sokbae (Simon) Lee
2023: Power sector effects of alternative options for de-fossilizing heavy-duty vehicles: go electric, and charge smartly Downloads
Carlos Gaete-Morales, Julius J\"ohrens, Florian Heining and Wolf-Peter Schill
2023: Self-Aware Transport of Heterogeneous Agents in General Equilibrium Incomplete Market Models Downloads
Andrew Lyasoff
2023: GPTs are GPTs: An Early Look at the Labor Market Impact Potential of Large Language Models Downloads
Tyna Eloundou, Sam Manning, Pamela Mishkin and Daniel Rock
2023: The Moderating Effect of Instant Runoff Voting Downloads
Kiran Tomlinson, Johan Ugander and Jon Kleinberg
2023: DeFi Lending During The Merge Downloads
Lioba Heimbach, Eric Schertenleib and Roger Wattenhofer
2023: Learning to Incentivize Information Acquisition: Proper Scoring Rules Meet Principal-Agent Model Downloads
Siyu Chen, Jibang Wu, Yifan Wu and Zhuoran Yang
2023: Composite Sorting Downloads
Job Boerma, Aleh Tsyvinski, Ruodu Wang and Zhenyuan Zhang
2023: Deterministic, quenched or annealed? Differences in the parameter estimation of heterogeneous network models Downloads
Marzio Di Vece, Diego Garlaschelli and Tiziano Squartini
2023: The barriers to sustainable risk transfer in the cyber-insurance market Downloads
Henry Skeoch and Christos Ioannidis
2023: Constructing High Frequency Economic Indicators by Imputation Downloads
Serena Ng and Susannah Scanlan
2023: Human and Machine Intelligence in n-Person Games with Partial Knowledge Downloads
Mehmet S. Ismail
2023: Multiplayer War of Attrition with Asymmetric Private Information Downloads
Hongcheng Li and Jialu Zhang
2023: Stochastic control problems with state-reflections arising from relaxed benchmark tracking Downloads
Lijun Bo, Yijie Huang and Xiang Yu
2023: Dynamic and Stochastic Rational Behavior Downloads
Nail Kashaev, Victor Aguiar, Martin Pl\'avala and Charles Gauthier
2023: Axiomatization of Random Utility Model with Unobservable Alternatives Downloads
Haruki Kono, Kota Saito and Alec Sandroni
2023: Convergence of the Euler--Maruyama particle scheme for a regularised McKean--Vlasov equation arising from the calibration of local-stochastic volatility models Downloads
Christoph Reisinger and Maria Olympia Tsianni
2023: Auctions with Tokens: Monetary Policy as a Mechanism Design Choice Downloads
Andrea Canidio
2023: Can we infer microscopic financial information from the long memory in market-order flow?: a quantitative test of the Lillo-Mike-Farmer model Downloads
Yuki Sato and Kiyoshi Kanazawa
2023: Validation of machine learning based scenario generators Downloads
Solveig Flaig and Gero Junike
2023: Unbiased estimators for the Heston model with stochastic interest rates Downloads
Chao Zheng and Jiangtao Pan
2023: When do Default Nudges Work? Downloads
Carl Bonander, Mats Ekman and Niklas Jakobsson
2023: Generative CVaR Portfolio Optimization with Attention-Powered Dynamic Factor Learning Downloads
Chuting Sun, Qi Wu and Xing Yan
2023: Relaxing Instrument Exogeneity with Common Confounders Downloads
Christian Tien
2023: Online learning techniques for prediction of temporal tabular datasets with regime changes Downloads
Thomas Wong and Mauricio Barahona
2023: E-commerce users' preferences for delivery options Downloads
Yuki Oyama, Daisuke Fukuda, Naoto Imura and Katsuhiro Nishinari
2023: Innovation through intra and inter-regional interaction in economic geography Downloads
Jos\'e M. Gaspar and Minoru Osawa
2023: Constrained monotone mean-variance problem with random coefficients Downloads
Ying Hu, Xiaomin Shi and Zuo Quan Xu
2023: Supercompliers Downloads
Matthew L. Comey, Amanda R. Eng and Zhuan Pei
2023: Tensor Principal Component Analysis Downloads
Andrii Babii, Eric Ghysels and Junsu Pan
2023: Robust Design and Evaluation of Predictive Algorithms under Unobserved Confounding Downloads
Ashesh Rambachan, Amanda Coston and Edward Kennedy
2023: Multiarmed Bandits Problem Under the Mean-Variance Setting Downloads
Hongda Hu, Arthur Charpentier, Mario Ghossoub and Alexander Schied
2023: Systemic robustness: a mean-field particle system approach Downloads
Erhan Bayraktar, Gaoyue Guo, Wenpin Tang and Yuming Paul Zhang
2023: Rationally Inattentive Statistical Discrimination: Arrow Meets Phelps Downloads
Federico Echenique and Anqi Li
2023: Market Mechanisms for Low-Carbon Electricity Investments: A Game-Theoretical Analysis Downloads
Dongwei Zhao, Sarah Coyle, Apurba Sakti and Audun Botterud
2023: Sequential Cursed Equilibrium Downloads
Shani Cohen and Shengwu Li
2023: Formation of trade networks by economies of scale and product differentiation Downloads
Chengyuan Han, Malte Schr\"oder, Dirk Witthaut and Philipp C. B\"ottcher
2023: Leverage, Endogenous Unbalanced Growth, and Asset Price Bubbles Downloads
Tomohiro Hirano, Ryo Jinnai and Alexis Akira Toda
2023: Robust Faber--Schauder approximation based on discrete observations of an antiderivative Downloads
Xiyue Han and Alexander Schied
2023: Option pricing under path-dependent stock models Downloads
Kiseop Lee, Seongje Lim and Hyungbin Park
2023: Robust Difference-in-differences Models Downloads
Kyunghoon Ban and D\'esir\'e K\'edagni
2023: Efficient Convex PCA with applications to Wasserstein geodesic PCA and ranked data Downloads
Steven Campbell and Ting-Kam Leonard Wong
2023: Revealed Preferences of One-Sided Matching Downloads
Andrew Tai
2023: Variable population manipulations of reallocation rules in economies with single-peaked preferences Downloads
Agustín Bonifacio
2023: Party On: The Labor Market Returns to Social Networks in Adolescence Downloads
Adriana Lleras-Muney, Matthew Miller, Shuyang Sheng and Veronica Sovero
2023: Towards Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning driven Over-The-Counter Market Simulations Downloads
Nelson Vadori, Leo Ardon, Sumitra Ganesh, Thomas Spooner, Selim Amrouni, Jared Vann, Mengda Xu, Zeyu Zheng, Tucker Balch and Manuela Veloso
2023: Grid tariff designs coping with the challenges of electrification and their socio-economic impacts Downloads
Philipp Andreas Gunkel, Claire-Marie Bergaentzl\'e, Dogan Keles, Fabian Scheller and Henrik Klinge Jacobsen
2023: Learning from Viral Content Downloads
Krishna Dasaratha and Kevin He
2023: Axioms for Automated Market Makers: A Mathematical Framework in FinTech and Decentralized Finance Downloads
Maxim Bichuch and Zachary Feinstein
2023: AI-Assisted Discovery of Quantitative and Formal Models in Social Science Downloads
Julia Balla, Sihao Huang, Owen Dugan, Rumen Dangovski and Marin Soljacic
2023: Revisiting the Analysis of Matched-Pair and Stratified Experiments in the Presence of Attrition Downloads
Yuehao Bai, Meng Hsuan Hsieh, Jizhou Liu and Max Tabord-Meehan
2023: Nonparametric estimates of option prices via Hermite basis functions Downloads
Carlo Marinelli and Stefano d'Addona
2023: A stochastic volatility model for the valuation of temperature derivatives Downloads
Aur\'elien Alfonsi and Nerea Vadillo
2023: Solidarity in natural gas storage: A potential allocation mechanism of stored quantities among several players during times of crisis Downloads
D\'avid Csercsik and Anne Neumann
2023: What Impulse Response Do Instrumental Variables Identify? Downloads
Bonsoo Koo, Seojeong Lee and Myung Hwan Seo
2023: Get It in Writing: Formal Contracts Mitigate Social Dilemmas in Multi-Agent RL Downloads
Phillip J. K. Christoffersen, Andreas A. Haupt and Dylan Hadfield-Menell
2023: Valuation of general GMWB annuities in a low interest rate environment Downloads
Claudio Fontana and Francesco Rotondi
2023: Individual Claims Reserving using Activation Patterns Downloads
Marie Michaelides, Mathieu Pigeon and H\'el\`ene Cossette
2023: Gacha Game: When Prospect Theory Meets Optimal Pricing Downloads
Tan Gan
2023: Forecasting Algorithms for Causal Inference with Panel Data Downloads
Jacob Goldin, Julian Nyarko and Justin Young
2023: Factor Network Autoregressions Downloads
Matteo Barigozzi, Giuseppe Cavaliere and Graziano Moramarco
2023: Universal approximation theorems for continuous functions of c\`adl\`ag paths and L\'evy-type signature models Downloads
Christa Cuchiero, Francesca Primavera and Sara Svaluto-Ferro
2023: From Workplace to Residence: The Spillover Effects of Minimum Wage Policies on Local Housing Markets Downloads
Gabriele Borg, Diego Gentile Passaro and Santiago Hermo
2023: The character of non-manipulable collective choices between two alternatives Downloads
Achille Basile, K. P. S. Bhaskara Rao and Surekha Rao
2023: On the implied volatility of Asian options under stochastic volatility models Downloads
Elisa Al\`os, Eulalia Nualart and Makar Pravosud
2023: Parallel Trends and Dynamic Choices Downloads
Philip Marx, Elie Tamer and Xun Tang
2023: Cost-efficient Payoffs under Model Ambiguity Downloads
Carole Bernard, Gero Junike, Thibaut Lux and Steven Vanduffel
2023: Robust utility maximization with nonlinear continuous semimartingales Downloads
David Criens and Lars Niemann
2023: Polynomial Voting Rules Downloads
Wenpin Tang and David D. Yao
2023: The Log Private Company Valuation Model Downloads
Battulga Gankhuu
2023: Fast Two-Stage Variational Bayesian Approach to Estimating Panel Spatial Autoregressive Models with Unrestricted Spatial Weights Matrices Downloads
Deborah Gefang, Stephen Hall and George Tavlas
2023: Agreement and Statistical Efficiency in Bayesian Perception Models Downloads
Yash Deshpande, Elchanan Mossel and Youngtak Sohn
2023: Treatment Effects in Bunching Designs: The Impact of Mandatory Overtime Pay on Hours Downloads
Leonard Goff
2023: 2SLS with Multiple Treatments Downloads
Manudeep Bhuller and Henrik Sigstad
2023: Influencing a Polarized and Connected Legislature Downloads
Ratul Das Chaudhury, C. Matthew Leister and Birendra Rai
2023: SoK: Blockchain Decentralization Downloads
Luyao Zhang, Xinshi Ma and Yulin Liu
2023: The Policy Implications of Economic Complexity Downloads
C\'esar A. Hidalgo
2023: Inference for Cluster Randomized Experiments with Non-ignorable Cluster Sizes Downloads
Federico Bugni, Ivan Canay, Azeem Shaikh and Max Tabord-Meehan
2023: Partially Linear Models under Data Combination Downloads
Xavier D'Haultf{\oe}uille, Christophe Gaillac and Arnaud Maurel
2023: Asymptotic Theory for Unit Root Moderate Deviations in Quantile Autoregressions and Predictive Regressions Downloads
Christis Katsouris
2023: Informational Autocrats, Diverse Societies Downloads
A. Arda Gitmez and Pooya Molavi
2023: Non-Smooth Integrability Theory Downloads
Yuhki Hosoya
2023: Solvability of Differential Riccati Equations and Applications to Algorithmic Trading with Signals Downloads
Fay\c{c}al Drissi
2023: The Economics of Orbit Use: Open Access, External Costs, and Runaway Debris Growth Downloads
Akhil Rao and Giacomo Rondina
2023: Long-term Causal Inference Under Persistent Confounding via Data Combination Downloads
Guido Imbens, Nathan Kallus, Xiaojie Mao and Yuhao Wang
2023: Continuous-time stochastic gradient descent for optimizing over the stationary distribution of stochastic differential equations Downloads
Ziheng Wang and Justin Sirignano
2023: Semiparametric Bayesian Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Choice Models Downloads
Andriy Norets and Kenichi Shimizu
2023: Continuous permanent unobserved heterogeneity in dynamic discrete choice models Downloads
Jackson Bunting
2023: Term structure modelling with overnight rates beyond stochastic continuity Downloads
Claudio Fontana, Zorana Grbac and Thorsten Schmidt
2023: Mapping intra firm trade in the automotive sector: a network approach Downloads
Matthew Smith and Yasaman Sarabi
2023: Pigeonhole Design: Balancing Sequential Experiments from an Online Matching Perspective Downloads
Jinglong Zhao and Zijie Zhou
2023: Tit for Tattling: Cooperation, communication, and how each could stabilize the other Downloads
Victor Vikram Odouard and Michael Holton Price
2023: Augmented Dynamic Gordon Growth Model Downloads
Battulga Gankhuu
2023: Detecting Multiple Structural Breaks in Systems of Linear Regression Equations with Integrated and Stationary Regressors Downloads
Karsten Schweikert
2023: Safe Equilibrium Downloads
Sam Ganzfried
2023: Reputational Bargaining and Inefficient Technology Adoption Downloads
Harry Pei and Maren Vairo
2023: The Interpretability of LSTM Models for Predicting Oil Company Stocks: Impact of Correlated Features Downloads
Javad T. Firouzjaee and Pouriya Khaliliyan
2023: Difference in Differences and Ratio in Ratios for Limited Dependent Variables Downloads
Myoung-jae Lee and Sanghyeok Lee
2023: The roughness exponent and its model-free estimation Downloads
Xiyue Han and Alexander Schied
2023: Optimal Stratification of Survey Experiments Downloads
Max Cytrynbaum
2023: Optimal Decision Rules Under Partial Identification Downloads
Kohei Yata
2023: Equity--Linked Life Insurances on Maximum of Several Assets Downloads
Battulga Gankhuu
2023: Marital Stability With Committed Couples: A Revealed Preference Analysis Downloads
Mikhail Freer and Khushboo Surana
2023: Effect or Treatment Heterogeneity? Policy Evaluation with Aggregated and Disaggregated Treatments Downloads
Phillip Heiler and Michael Knaus
2023: Bitcoin Volatility and Intrinsic Time Using Double Subordinated Levy Processes Downloads
Abootaleb Shirvani, Stefan Mittnik, W. Brent Lindquist and Svetlozar T. Rachev
2023: Robust Equilibria in General Competing Mechanism Games Downloads
Seungjin Han
2023: Persuasion with Ambiguous Receiver Preferences Downloads
Eitan Sapiro-Gheiler
2023: Scenario generation for market risk models using generative neural networks Downloads
Solveig Flaig and Gero Junike
2023: BDG inequalities and their applications for model-free continuous price paths with instant enforcement Downloads
Rafa{\l} M. {\L}ochowski
2023: Semiparametric Estimation of Treatment Effects in Randomized Experiments Downloads
Susan Athey, Peter J. Bickel, Aiyou Chen, Guido Imbens and Michael Pollmann
2023: Controlled Measure-Valued Martingales: a Viscosity Solution Approach Downloads
Alexander M. G. Cox, Sigrid K\"allblad, Martin Larsson and Sara Svaluto-Ferro
2023: A continuous space model of new economic geography with a quasi-linear log utility function Downloads
Kensuke Ohtake
2023: Why North Korean Refugees are Reluctant to Compete: The Roles of Cognitive Ability Downloads
Syngjoo Choi, Byung-Yeon Kim, Jungmin Lee and Sokbae Lee
2023: Causal Inference with Noncompliance and Unknown Interference Downloads
Tadao Hoshino and Takahide Yanagi
2023: What do Firms Gain from Patenting? The Case of the Global ICT Industry Downloads
Dimitrios Exadaktylos, Mahdi Ghodsi and Armando Rungi
2023: Semiparametric Estimation of Long-Term Treatment Effects Downloads
Jiafeng Chen and David M. Ritzwoller
2023: Combining Machine Learning Classifiers for Stock Trading with Effective Feature Extraction Downloads
A. K. M. Amanat Ullah, Fahim Imtiaz, Miftah Uddin Md Ihsan, Md. Golam Rabiul Alam and Mahbub Majumdar
2023: Robust Misspecified Models and Paradigm Shifts Downloads
Cuimin Ba
2023: Conflicts, Assortative Matching, and the Evolution of Signaling Norms Downloads
Ethan Holdahl and Jiabin Wu
2023: Inflation -- who cares? Monetary Policy in Times of Low Attention Downloads
Oliver Pf\"auti
2023: An Empirical Assessment of Characteristics and Optimal Portfolios Downloads
Christopher G. Lamoureux and Huacheng Zhang
2023: Selecting Penalty Parameters of High-Dimensional M-Estimators using Bootstrapping after Cross-Validation Downloads
Denis Chetverikov and Jesper Riis-Vestergaard S{\o}rensen
2023: Social contagion and asset prices: Reddit's self-organised bull runs Downloads
Valentina Semenova and Julian Winkler
2023: Selling Data to an Agent with Endogenous Information Downloads
Yingkai Li
2023: A Quest for Knowledge Downloads
Christoph Carnehl and Johannes Schneider
2023: On-Demand Transit User Preference Analysis using Hybrid Choice Models Downloads
Nael Alsaleh, Bilal Farooq, Yixue Zhang and Steven Farber
2023: Exclusion of Extreme Jurors and Minority Representation: The Effect of Jury Selection Procedures Downloads
Andrea Moro and Martin Van der Linden
2023: Sharp Sensitivity Analysis for Inverse Propensity Weighting via Quantile Balancing Downloads
Jacob Dorn and Kevin Guo
2023: The Impacts of the Gender Imbalance on Marriage and Birth: Evidence from World War II in Japan Downloads
Kota Ogasawara and Erika Igarashi
2023: Monotone additive statistics Downloads
Xiaosheng Mu, Luciano Pomatto, Philipp Strack and Omer Tamuz
2023: Optimal Trading with Signals and Stochastic Price Impact Downloads
Jean-Pierre Fouque, Sebastian Jaimungal and Yuri F. Saporito
2023: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Active High Frequency Trading Downloads
Antonio Briola, Jeremy Turiel, Riccardo Marcaccioli, Alvaro Cauderan and Tomaso Aste
2023: On regularized optimal execution problems and their singular limits Downloads
Max O. Souza and Yuri Thamsten
2023: Bias-Aware Inference in Regularized Regression Models Downloads
Timothy Armstrong, Michal Koles\'ar and Soonwoo Kwon
2023: Occupational segregation in a Roy model with composition preferences Downloads
Haoning Chen, Miaomiao Dong, Marc Henry and Ivan Sidorov
2023: Bandits in Matching Markets: Ideas and Proposals for Peer Lending Downloads
Soumajyoti Sarkar
2023: Weak Transport for Non-Convex Costs and Model-independence in a Fixed-Income Market Downloads
Beatrice Acciaio, Mathias Beiglboeck and Gudmund Pammer
2023: Model-free Analysis of Dynamic Trading Strategies Downloads
Anna Ananova, Rama Cont and Renyuan Xu
2023: A Computational Approach to Identification of Treatment Effects for Policy Evaluation Downloads
Sukjin Han and Shenshen Yang
2023: Inference for parameters identified by conditional moment restrictions using a generalized Bierens maximum statistic Downloads
Xiaohong Chen, Sokbae (Simon) Lee, Myung Hwan Seo and Myunghyun Song
2023: The Decision-Conflict Logit Downloads
Georgios Gerasimou
2023: How Flexible is that Functional Form? Quantifying the Restrictiveness of Theories Downloads
Drew Fudenberg, Wayne Gao and Annie Liang
2023: Understanding fluctuations through Multivariate Circulant Singular Spectrum Analysis Downloads
Juan B\'ogalo, Pilar Poncela and Eva Senra
2023: Revealing Choice Bracketing Downloads
Andrew Ellis and David Freeman
2023: Multi-Purchase Behavior: Modeling, Estimation and Optimization Downloads
Theja Tulabandhula, Deeksha Sinha, Saketh Reddy Karra and Prasoon Patidar
2023: The Race between Technology and Woman: Changes in Gender and Skill Premia in OECD Countries Downloads
Hiroya Taniguchi and Ken Yamada
2023: Role models and revealed gender-specific costs of STEM in an extended Roy model of major choice Downloads
Marc Henry, Romuald Méango and Ismael Mourifie
2023: Quality Selection in Two-Sided Markets: A Constrained Price Discrimination Approach Downloads
Bar Light, Ramesh Johari and Gabriel Weintraub
2023: Aggregative Efficiency of Bayesian Learning in Networks Downloads
Krishna Dasaratha and Kevin He
2023: Gift Contagion in Online Groups: Evidence From Virtual Red Packets Downloads
Yuan Yuan, Tracy Liu, Chenhao Tan, Qian Chen, Alex Pentland and Jie Tang
2023: Counterfactual Inference for Consumer Choice Across Many Product Categories Downloads
Rob Donnelly, Francisco R. Ruiz, David Blei and Susan Athey
2023: Local Polynomial Estimation of Time-Varying Parameters in Nonlinear Models Downloads
Dennis Kristensen and Young Jun Lee
2023: Computation of systemic risk measures: a mixed-integer programming approach Downloads
\c{C}a\u{g}{\i}n Ararat and Nurtai Meimanjan
2023: A Residual Bootstrap for Conditional Value-at-Risk Downloads
Eric Beutner, Alexander Heinemann and Stephan Smeekes
2023: Fixed Effects and the Generalized Mundlak Estimator Downloads
Dmitry Arkhangelsky and Guido Imbens
2023: Identifying the Effects of a Program Offer with an Application to Head Start Downloads
Vishal Kamat
2023: An Ensemble Method of Deep Reinforcement Learning for Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Downloads
Shuyang Wang and Diego Klabjan
2023: PM-Gati Shakti: Advancing India's Energy Future through Demand Forecasting -- A Case Study Downloads
SujayKumar Reddy M and Gopakumar G
2023: Infodemia e pandemia: la cognitive warfare ai tempi del SARS-CoV-2 Downloads
Francesco Saverio Bucci, Matteo Cristofaro and Pier Luigi Giardino
2023: Randomization Inference of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects under Network Interference Downloads
Julius Owusu
2023: Position Uncertainty in a Sequential Public Goods Game: An Experiment Downloads
Chowdhury Mohammad S Anwar and Konstantinos Georgalos
2023: Efficient Multi-Change Point Analysis to decode Economic Crisis Information from the S&P500 Mean Market Correlation Downloads
Martin He{\ss}ler, Tobias Wand and Oliver Kamps
2023: FinPT: Financial Risk Prediction with Profile Tuning on Pretrained Foundation Models Downloads
Yuwei Yin, Yazheng Yang, Jian Yang and Qi Liu
2023: Control and Spread of Contagion in Networks Downloads
John Higgins and Tarun Sabarwal
2023: Alpha-GPT: Human-AI Interactive Alpha Mining for Quantitative Investment Downloads
Saizhuo Wang, Hang Yuan, Leon Zhou, Lionel M. Ni, Heung-Yeung Shum and Jian Guo
2023: A new mapping of technological interdependence Downloads
A. Fronzetti Colladon, B. Guardabascio and Francesco Venturini
2023: Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin Silver:An Introduction to Cryptocurrency's Valuation and Trading Strategy Downloads
Haoyang Yu, Yutong Sun, Yulin Liu and Luyao Zhang
2023: American Passport options in an exponential L\'evy model Downloads
Zakaria Marah
2023: A Common Shock Model for multidimensional electricity intraday price modelling with application to battery valuation Downloads
Thomas Deschatre and Xavier Warin
2023: The fiscal implications of stringent climate policy Downloads
Richard Tol
2023: Causal Inference for Banking Finance and Insurance A Survey Downloads
Satyam Kumar, Yelleti Vivek, Vadlamani Ravi and Indranil Bose
2023: Inference for Low-rank Completion without Sample Splitting with Application to Treatment Effect Estimation Downloads
Jungjun Choi, Hyukjun Kwon and Yuan Liao
2023: Towards Practical Robustness Auditing for Linear Regression Downloads
Daniel Freund and Samuel B. Hopkins
2023: Inequality in Educational Attainment: Urban-Rural Comparison in the Indian Context Downloads
Sangita Das
2023: Panel Data Models with Time-Varying Latent Group Structures Downloads
Yiren Wang, Peter Phillips and Liangjun Su
2023: Linear-quadratic Gaussian Games with Asymmetric Information: Belief Corrections Using the Opponents Actions Downloads
Ben Hambly, Renyuan Xu and Huining Yang
2023: Equilibria and incentives for illiquid auction markets Downloads
Joffrey Derchu, Dimitrios Kavvathas, Thibaut Mastrolia and Mathieu Rosenbaum
2023: Option Smile Volatility and Implied Probabilities: Implications of Concavity in IV Curves Downloads
Darsh Kachhara, John K. E Markin and Astha Singh
2023: The Strong Maximum Circulation Algorithm: A New Method for Aggregating Preference Rankings Downloads
Nathan Atkinson, Scott C. Ganz, Dorit S. Hochbaum and James B. Orlin
2023: Global air quality inequality over 2000-2020 Downloads
Lutz Sager
2023: Fast but multi-partisan: Bursts of communication increase opinion diversity in the temporal Deffuant model Downloads
Fatemeh Zarei, Yerali Gandica and Luis Enrique Correa Rocha
2023: Understanding the least well-kept secret of high-frequency trading Downloads
Sergio Pulido, Mathieu Rosenbaum and Emmanouil Sfendourakis
2023: Quantifying the Influence of Climate on Human Mind and Culture: Evidence from Visual Art Downloads
Shuhei Kitamura
2023: An exploration of the mathematical structure and behavioural biases of financial crises Downloads
Nick James and Max Menzies
2023: Only-child matching penalty in the marriage market Downloads
Keisuke Kawata and Mizuki Komura
2023: Group-Heterogeneous Changes-in-Changes and Distributional Synthetic Controls Downloads
Songnian Chen and Junlong Feng
2023: Pairs Trading: An Optimal Selling Rule with Constraints Downloads
Ruyi Liu, Jingzhi Tie, Zhen Wu and Qing Zhang
2023: On the mathematics of the circular flow of economic activity with applications to the topic of caring for the vulnerable during pandemics Downloads
Aziz Guergachi and Javid Hakim
2023: On the Efficiency of Finely Stratified Experiments Downloads
Yuehao Bai, Jizhou Liu, Azeem Shaikh and Max Tabord-Meehan
2023: Predictability Tests Robust against Parameter Instability Downloads
Christis Katsouris
2023: Machine Learning-powered Pricing of the Multidimensional Passport Option Downloads
Josef Teichmann and Hanna Wutte
2023: Exploration of legal implications of air and space travel for international and domestic travel and the Environment Downloads
Jayanthi Vajiram, Negha Senthil, Nean Adhith. P and Ritikaa. Vn
2023: The misuse of law by Women in India -Constitutionality of Gender Bias Downloads
Negha Senthil, Jayanthi Vajiram and Nirmala. V
2023: Long Tails, Automation and Labor Downloads
Nat Kausik
2023: Weak (Proxy) Factors Robust Hansen-Jagannathan Distance For Linear Asset Pricing Models Downloads
Lingwei Kong
2023: Bootstrapping Nonstationary Autoregressive Processes with Predictive Regression Models Downloads
Christis Katsouris
2023: Exploring the Bitcoin Mesoscale Downloads
Nicol\`o Vallarano, Tiziano Squartini and Claudio J. Tessone
2023: Smoothing of numerical series by the triangle method on the example of hungarian gdp data 1992-2022 based on approximation by series of exponents Downloads
Yekimov Sergey
2023: Modeling Inverse Demand Function with Explainable Dual Neural Networks Downloads
Zhiyu Cao, Zihan Chen, Prerna Mishra, Hamed Amini and Zachary Feinstein
2023: Derivative Pricing using Quantum Signal Processing Downloads
Nikitas Stamatopoulos and William J. Zeng
2023: Causal Effects in Matching Mechanisms with Strategically Reported Preferences Downloads
Marinho Bertanha, Margaux Luflade and Ismael Mourifi\'e
2023: Socioeconomic agents as active matter in nonequilibrium Sakoda-Schelling models Downloads
Ruben Zakine, Jerome Garnier-Brun, Antoine-Cyrus Becharat and Michael Benzaquen
2023: Interest rate convexity in a Gaussian framework Downloads
Antoine Jacquier and Mugad Oumgari
2023: Dynamic Regression Discontinuity: A Within-Design Approach Downloads
Francesco Ruggieri
2023: Power relations in Game Theory Downloads
Daniele De Luca
2023: Macroscopic Market Making Downloads
Ivan Guo, Shijia Jin and Kihun Nam
2023: Capital Structure Theories and its Practice, A study with reference to select NSE listed public sectors banks, India Downloads
Kurada T S S Satyanarayana and Addada Narasimha Rao
2023: Using Probabilistic Stated Preference Analyses to Understand Actual Choices Downloads
Romuald Meango
2023: American options in time-dependent one-factor models: Semi-analytic pricing, numerical methods and ML support Downloads
Andrey Itkin and Dmitry Muravey
2023: The Core of Bayesian Persuasion Downloads
Laura Doval and Ran Eilat
2023: Multi-Factor Inception: What to Do with All of These Features? Downloads
Tom Liu and Stefan Zohren
2023: Sports Betting: an application of neural networks and modern portfolio theory to the English Premier League Downloads
V\'elez Jim\'enez, Rom\'an Alberto, Lecuanda Ontiveros, Jos\'e Manuel and Edgar Possani
2023: Source Condition Double Robust Inference on Functionals of Inverse Problems Downloads
Andrew Bennett, Nathan Kallus, Xiaojie Mao, Whitney Newey, Vasilis Syrgkanis and Masatoshi Uehara
2023: Characteristics and Predictive Modeling of Short-term Impacts of Hurricanes on the US Employment Downloads
Gan Zhang and Wenjun Zhu
2023: Dynamic Function Market Maker Downloads
Arman Abgaryan and Utkarsh Sharma
2023: Impact of Transportation Network Companies on Labor Supply and Wages for Taxi Drivers Downloads
Lu Ling, Xinwu Qian and Satish V. Ukkusuri
2023: Transfer Learning for Portfolio Optimization Downloads
Haoyang Cao, Haotian Gu, Xin Guo and Mathieu Rosenbaum
2023: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robust Goal-Based Wealth Management Downloads
Tessa Bauman, Bruno Ga\v{s}perov, Stjepan Begu\v{s}i\'c and Zvonko Kostanj\v{c}ar
2023: Large sample properties of GMM estimators under second-order identification Downloads
Hugo Kruiniger
2023: Tuning-free testing of factor regression against factor-augmented sparse alternatives Downloads
Jad Beyhum and Jonas Striaukas
2023: Changes in Risk Appreciation, and Short Memory of House Buyers When the Market is Hot, a Case Study of Christchurch, New Zealand Downloads
Emil Mendoza, Fabian Dunker and Marco Reale
2023: Multilevel Large Language Models for Everyone Downloads
Yuanhao Gong
2023: Adversarial Deep Hedging: Learning to Hedge without Price Process Modeling Downloads
Masanori Hirano, Kentaro Minami and Kentaro Imajo
2023: Inference in Experiments with Matched Pairs and Imperfect Compliance Downloads
Yuehao Bai, Hongchang Guo, Azeem Shaikh and Max Tabord-Meehan
2023: Flexible heat pumps: must-have or nice to have in a power sector with renewables? Downloads
Alexander Roth, Dana Kirchem, Carlos Gaete-Morales and Wolf-Peter Schill
2023: Economic Analysis of Smart Roadside Infrastructure Sensors for Connected and Automated Mobility Downloads
Laurent Kloeker, Gregor Joeken and Lutz Eckstein
2023: Predict-AI-bility of how humans balance self-interest with the interest of others Downloads
Valerio Capraro, Roberto Di Paolo and Veronica Pizziol
2023: Memory Effects, Multiple Time Scales and Local Stability in Langevin Models of the S&P500 Market Correlation Downloads
Tobias Wand, Martin He{\ss}ler and Oliver Kamps
2023: Identification Robust Inference for the Risk Premium in Term Structure Models Downloads
Frank Kleibergen and Lingwei Kong
2023: Cloud Cost Optimization: A Comprehensive Review of Strategies and Case Studies Downloads
Saurabh Deochake
2023: Indicator Choice in Pay-for-Performance Downloads
Majid Mahzoon, Ali Shourideh and Ariel Zetlin-Jones
2023: Microeconomics of nitrogen fertilization in boreal carbon forestry Downloads
Petri P. Karenlampi
2023: Unraveling the Trade-off between Sustainability and Returns: A Multivariate Utility Analysis Downloads
Marcos Escobar-Anel and Yiyao Jiao
2023: Sharing Credit for Joint Research Downloads
Nicholas Wu
2023: CFR-p: Counterfactual Regret Minimization with Hierarchical Policy Abstraction, and its Application to Two-player Mahjong Downloads
Shiheng Wang
2023: Discrete time optimal investment under model uncertainty Downloads
Laurence Carassus and Massinissa Ferhoune
2023: Scenario Sampling for Large Supermodular Games Downloads
Bryan S. Graham and Andrin Pelican
2023: Social and individual learning in the Minority Game Downloads
Bryce Morsky, Fuwei Zhuang and Zuojun Zhou
2023: Multimodal Document Analytics for Banking Process Automation Downloads
Christopher Gerling and Stefan Lessmann
2023: Advancing Ad Auction Realism: Practical Insights & Modeling Implications Downloads
Ming Chen, Sareh Nabi and Marciano Siniscalchi
2023: ESG Reputation Risk Matters: An Event Study Based on Social Media Data Downloads
Maxime L. D. Nicolas, Adrien Desroziers, Fabio Caccioli and Tomaso Aste
2023: A Robust Site Selection Model under uncertainty for Special Hospital Wards in Hong Kong Downloads
Mohammad Heydari, Yanan Fan and Kin Keung Lai
2023: Functional Differencing in Networks Downloads
St\'ephane Bonhomme and Kevin Dano
2023: Optimal Bubble Riding with Price-dependent Entry: a Mean Field Game of Controls with Common Noise Downloads
Ludovic Tangpi and Shichun Wang
2023: Synthetic Control Methods by Density Matching under Implicit Endogeneity Downloads
Masahiro Kato, Akari Ohda, Masaaki Imaizumi and Kenichiro McAlinn
2023: Indicatori comuni del PNRR e framework SDGs: una proposta di indicatore composito Downloads
Fabio Bacchini, Lorenzo Di Biagio, Giampiero Gallo and Vincenzo Spinelli
2023: Fast and Furious: A High-Frequency Analysis of Robinhood Users' Trading Behavior Downloads
David Ardia, Cl\'ement Aymard and Tolga Cenesizoglu
2023: Commitment and the Dynamics of Household Labor Supply Downloads
Alexandros Theloudis, Jorge Velilla, Pierre-Andr\'e Chiappori, J. Ignacio Gim\'enez-Nadal and Jos\'e Alberto Molina
2023: American Exchange option driven by a L\'evy process Downloads
Zakaria Marah
2023: Real-Time Detection of Local No-Arbitrage Violations Downloads
Torben G. Andersen, Viktor Todorov and Bo Zhou
2023: Claim Reserving via Inverse Probability Weighting: A Micro-Level Chain-Ladder Method Downloads
Sebastian Calcetero-Vanegas, Andrei L. Badescu and X. Sheldon Lin
2023: PySDTest: a Python Package for Stochastic Dominance Tests Downloads
Kyungho Lee and Yoon-Jae Whang
2023: An Adaptive Dual-level Reinforcement Learning Approach for Optimal Trade Execution Downloads
Soohan Kim, Jimyeong Kim, Hong Kee Sul and Youngjoon Hong
2023: Dynamic Large Language Models on Blockchains Downloads
Yuanhao Gong
2023: Mean Field Games for Optimal Investment Under Relative Performance Criteria Downloads
Ananya Parashar
2023: FinGPT: Democratizing Internet-scale Data for Financial Large Language Models Downloads
Xiao-Yang Liu, Guoxuan Wang and Daochen Zha
2023: Latent Gaussian dynamic factor modeling and forecasting for multivariate count time series Downloads
Younghoon Kim, Zachary F. Fisher and Vladas Pipiras
2023: Subjective Expected Utility and Psychological Gambles Downloads
Gianluca Cassese
2023: Reconciling the Theory of Factor Sequences Downloads
Philipp Gersing, Christoph Rust and Manfred Deistler
2023: Reinforcement Learning for Credit Index Option Hedging Downloads
Francesco Mandelli, Marco Pinciroli, Michele Trapletti and Edoardo Vittori
2023: Sig-Splines: universal approximation and convex calibration of time series generative models Downloads
Magnus Wiese, Phillip Murray and Ralf Korn
2023: On intermediate Marginals in Martingale Optimal Transportation Downloads
Julian Sester
2023: The Impacts of Registration Regime Implementation on IPO Pricing Efficiency Downloads
Qi Deng, Linhong Zheng, Jiaqi Peng, Xu Li, Zhong-guo Zhou, Monica Hussein, Dingyi Chen and Mick Swartz
2023: The Great Deception: A Comprehensive Study of Execution Strategies in Corporate Share Buy-Backs Downloads
Michael Seigne and Joerg Osterrieder
2023: A Model of Competitive Assortment Planning Algorithm Downloads
Dipankar Das
2023: Risk Preference Types, Limited Consideration, and Welfare Downloads
Levon Barseghyan and Francesca Molinari
2023: Is Kyle's equilibrium model stable? Downloads
Umut Cetin and Kasper Larsen
2023: Company2Vec -- German Company Embeddings based on Corporate Websites Downloads
Christopher Gerling
2023: Socio-spatial Inequalities in a Context of "Great Economic Wealth". Case study of neighbourhoods of Luxembourg City Downloads
Natalia Zdanowska
2023: Rough PDEs for local stochastic volatility models Downloads
Peter Bank, Christian Bayer, Peter K. Friz and Luca Pelizzari
2023: The Effect of COVID-19 on Cryptocurrencies and the Stock Market Volatility -- A Two-Stage DCC-EGARCH Model Analysis Downloads
Apostolos Ampountolas
2023: Estimation of an Order Book Dependent Hawkes Process for Large Datasets Downloads
Luca Mucciante and Alessio Sancetta
2023: COVID-19 Demand Shocks Revisited: Did Advertising Technology Help Mitigate Adverse Consequences for Small and Midsize Businesses? Downloads
Shun-Yang Lee, Julian Runge, Daniel Yoo, Yakov Bart, Anett Gyurak and J. W. Schneider
2023: The Begining of the Trend: Interest Rates, Markups, and Inflation Downloads
Anton Bobrov and James Traina
2023: Culture, Gender, and Labor Force Participation: Evidence from Colombia Downloads
Hector Galindo-Silva and Paula Herrera-Id\'arraga
2023: Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning, Hybrid, and Deep Learning Forecasting Models Evidence from European Financial Markets and Bitcoins Downloads
Apostolos Ampountolas
2023: Exploring Implied Certainty Equivalent Rates in Financial Markets: Empirical Analysis and Application to the Electric Vehicle Industry Downloads
Yifan He and Svetlozar Rachev
2023: Shannon entropy to quantify complexity in the financial market Downloads
Alexis Rodriguez Carranza, Jos\'e Luis Ponte Bejarano, Juan Carlos Ponte Bejarano and Segundo Eloy Soto Abanto
2023: Bayesian Forecasting of Stock Returns on the JSE using Simultaneous Graphical Dynamic Linear Models Downloads
Nelson Kyakutwika and Bruce Bartlett
2023: Multi-fractional Stochastic Dominance: Mathematical Foundations Downloads
Ehsan Azmoodeh and Ozan H\"ur
2023: Global path preference and local response: A reward decomposition approach for network path choice analysis in the presence of locally perceived attributes Downloads
Yuki Oyama
2023: Is (independent) subordination relevant? Downloads
Michele Azzone and Roberto Baviera
2023: Temporal and Geographical Analysis of Real Economic Activities in the Bitcoin Blockchain Downloads
Rafael Ramos Tubino, Remy Cazabet, Natkamon Tovanich and Celine Robardet
2023: Antimonotonicity for Preference Axioms: The Natural Counterpart to Comonotonicity Downloads
Giulio Principi, Peter P. Wakker and Ruodu Wang
2023: Datalism and Data Monopolies in the Era of A.I.: A Research Agenda Downloads
Catherine E. A. Mulligan and Phil Godsiff
2023: Quantal Response Equilibrium with a Continuum of Types: Characterization and Nonparametric Identification Downloads
Evan Friedman and Duarte Gon\c{c}alves
2023: Privately Policing Dark Patterns Downloads
Gregory M. Dickinson
2023: Contrasting the efficiency of stock price prediction models using various types of LSTM models aided with sentiment analysis Downloads
Varun Sangwan, Vishesh Kumar Singh and Bibin Christopher
2023: Adjusting the nuclear reactor's neutron transport and diffusion theory for an alternative description and modelling of postage or supplies delivery processes Downloads
Nick P. Petropoulos
2023: Generative Meta-Learning Robust Quality-Diversity Portfolio Downloads
Kamer Ali Yuksel
2023: Optimal Queue Design Downloads
Yeon-Koo Che and Olivier Tercieux
2023: Evaluation of Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Portfolio Optimisation Downloads
Chung I Lu
2023: Supervised Dynamic PCA: Linear Dynamic Forecasting with Many Predictors Downloads
Zhaoxing Gao and Ruey S. Tsay
2023: Persuasion as Transportation Downloads
Itai Arieli, Yakov Babichenko and Fedor Sandomirskiy
2023: Machine learning for option pricing: an empirical investigation of network architectures Downloads
Laurens Van Mieghem, Antonis Papapantoleon and Jonas Papazoglou-Hennig
2023: Contracting with Heterogeneous Researchers Downloads
Han Wang
2023: Sparsified Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for High-Dimensional Linear Models Downloads
Xiaorui Zhu, Yichen Qin and Peng Wang
2023: Strategic Budget Selection in a Competitive Autobidding World Downloads
Yiding Feng, Brendan Lucier and Aleksandrs Slivkins
2023: Path Integral Method for Barrier Option Pricing Under Vasicek Model Downloads
Qi Chen and Chao Guo
2023: Choice Models and Permutation Invariance Downloads
Amandeep Singh, Ye Liu and Hema Yoganarasimhan
2023: The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) A Panel Data Analysis for the Emerging Asian Economies Downloads
ATM Omor Faruq
2023: Advertiser Learning in Direct Advertising Markets Downloads
Carl F. Mela, Jason M. T. Roos and Tulio Sousa
2023: Optimal contract design via relaxation: application to the problem of brokerage fee for a client with private signal Downloads
Guillermo Alonso Alvarez and Sergey Nadtochiy
2023: The Heterogeneous Earnings Impact of Job Loss Across Workers, Establishments, and Markets Downloads
Susan Athey, Lisa K. Simon, Oskar N. Skans, Johan Vikstrom and Yaroslav Yakymovych
2023: Critical comparisons on deep learning approaches for foreign exchange rate prediction Downloads
Zhu Bangyuan
2023: Stochastic Delay Differential Games: Financial Modeling and Machine Learning Algorithms Downloads
Robert Balkin, Hector D. Ceniceros and Ruimeng Hu
2023: Quantile and expectile copula-based hidden Markov regression models for the analysis of the cryptocurrency market Downloads
Beatrice Foroni, Luca Merlo and Lea Petrella
2023: Real-time Trading System based on Selections of Potentially Profitable, Uncorrelated, and Balanced Stocks by NP-hard Combinatorial Optimization Downloads
Kosuke Tatsumura, Ryo Hidaka, Jun Nakayama, Tomoya Kashimata and Masaya Yamasaki
2023: S Equilibrium: A Synthesis of (Behavioral) Game Theory Downloads
Jacob K Goeree and Bernardo Garcia-Pola
2023: Stationarity with Occasionally Binding Constraints Downloads
James A. Duffy, Sophocles Mavroeidis and Sam Wycherley
2023: Identification in Multiple Treatment Models under Discrete Variation Downloads
Vishal Kamat, Samuel Norris and Matthew Pecenco
2023: Robust Impulse Responses using External Instruments: the Role of Information Downloads
Davide Brignone, Alessandro Franconi and Marco Mazzali
2023: Responses of Unemployment to Productivity Changes for a General Matching Technology Downloads
Richard W. Ryan
2023: What Does it Take to Control Global Temperatures? A toolbox for estimating the impact of economic policies on climate Downloads
Guillaume Chevillon and Takamitsu Kurita
2023: Systemic risk indicator based on implied and realized volatility Downloads
Pawe{\l} Sakowski, Rafa{\l} Sieradzki and Robert Ślepaczuk
2023: Complete Conditional Type Structures (Extended Abstract) Downloads
Nicodemo De Vito
2023: Exploring the Dynamics of the Specialty Insurance Market Using a Novel Discrete Event Simulation Framework: a Lloyd's of London Case Study Downloads
Sedar Olmez, Akhil Ahmed, Keith Kam, Zhe Feng and Alan Tua
2023: Decentralized Decision-Making in Retail Chains: Evidence from Inventory Management Downloads
Victor Aguirregabiria and Francis Guiton
2023: Deep Inception Networks: A General End-to-End Framework for Multi-asset Quantitative Strategies Downloads
Tom Liu, Stephen Roberts and Stefan Zohren
2023: A Robust and Efficient Optimization Model for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Developing Countries under Electricity Uncertainty Downloads
Mansur Arief, Yan Akhra and Iwan Vanany
2023: Synthetic Decomposition for Counterfactual Predictions Downloads
Nathan Canen and Kyungchul Song
2023: Transaction Fraud Detection via Spatial-Temporal-Aware Graph Transformer Downloads
Yue Tian and Guanjun Liu
2023: Selling Data to a Competitor (Extended Abstract) Downloads
Ronen Gradwohl and Moshe Tennenholtz
2023: Resilient Information Aggregation Downloads
Itai Arieli, Ivan Geffner and Moshe Tennenholtz
2023: Portfolio Optimization: A Comparative Study Downloads
Jaydip Sen and Subhasis Dasgupta
2023: Epidemic Modeling with Generative Agents Downloads
Ross Williams, Niyousha Hosseinichimeh, Aritra Majumdar and Navid Ghaffarzadegan
2023: Measuring Cause-Effect with the Variability of the Largest Eigenvalue Downloads
Alejandro Rodriguez Dominguez, Irving Ramirez Carrillo and David Parraga Riquelme
2023: Tackling the Problem of State Dependent Execution Probability: Empirical Evidence and Order Placement Downloads
Timoth\'ee Fabre and Vincent Ragel
2023: Action-State Dependent Dynamic Model Selection Downloads
Francesco Cordoni and Alessio Sancetta
2023: Fatal mathematical errors in Hong-Page Theorem and Landemore's epistemic argument Downloads
\'Alvaro Romaniega
2023: Importance Sampling for Minimization of Tail Risks: A Tutorial Downloads
Anand Deo and Karthyek Murthy
2023: A note on the induction of comonotonic additive risk measures from acceptance sets Downloads
Samuel Solgon Santos, Marlon Ruoso Moresco, Marcelo Brutti Righi and Eduardo de Oliveira Horta
2023: An analysis of least squares regression and neural networks approximation for the pricing of swing options Downloads
Christian Yeo
2023: Dynamics of the securities market in the information asymmetry context: developing a methodology for emerging securities markets Downloads
Kostyantyn Anatolievich Malyshenko, Majid Mohammad Shafiee, Vadim Anatolievich Malyshenko and Marina Viktorovna Anashkina
2023: Asynchronous Proportional Response Dynamics in Markets with Adversarial Scheduling Downloads
Yoav Kolumbus, Menahem Levy and Noam Nisan
2023: A Belief-Based Characterization of Reduced-Form Auctions Downloads
Xu Lang
2023: Exploring Dynamic Asset Pricing within Bachelier Market Model Downloads
Nancy Asare Nyarko, Bhathiya Divelgama, Jagdish Gnawali, Blessing Omotade, Svetlozar Rachev and Peter Yegon
2023: Time-limited Metaheuristics for Cardinality-constrained Portfolio Optimisation Downloads
Alexander Nikiporenko
2023: Market Design for Dynamic Pricing and Pooling in Capacitated Networks Downloads
Saurabh Amin, Patrick Jaillet, Haripriya Pulyassary and Manxi Wu
2023: dYdX: Liquidity Providers' Incentive Programme Review Downloads
Colin Chan
2023: Fast Empirical Scenarios Downloads
Michael Multerer, Paul Schneider and Rohan Sen
2023: A Regional Analysis of Electric LDV Portfolio Choices by Vehicle Manufacturers Downloads
Aditya Ramji and Hanif Tayarani
2023: Are there Dragon Kings in the Stock Market? Downloads
Jiong Liu, M. Dashti Moghaddam and R. A. Serota
2023: Generalised Covariances and Correlations Downloads
Tobias Fissler and Marc-Oliver Pohle
2023: Climate Models Underestimate the Sensitivity of Arctic Sea Ice to Carbon Emissions Downloads
Francis X. Diebold and Glenn Rudebusch
2023: Decentralised Finance and Automated Market Making: Execution and Speculation Downloads
\'Alvaro Cartea, Fay\c{c}al Drissi and Marcello Monga
2023: Dynamic Return and Star-Shaped Risk Measures via BSDEs Downloads
Roger Laeven, Emanuela Rosazza Gianin and Marco Zullino
2023: On Adaptive Portfolio Management with Dynamic Black-Litterman Approach Downloads
Chi-Lin Li and Chung-Han Hsieh
2023: Markov Persuasion Processes with Endogenous Agent Beliefs Downloads
Krishnamurthy Iyer, Haifeng Xu and You Zu
2023: A cohort-based Partial Internal Model for demographic risk Downloads
Francesco Della Corte, Gian Paolo Clemente and Nino Savelli
2023: A Robust Characterization of Nash Equilibrium Downloads
Florian Brandl and Felix Brandt
2023: Does personality affect the allocation of resources within households? Downloads
Gast\'on P. Fern\'andez
2023: A Simple Linear Algebraic Approach to Capture the Dynamics of the Circular Flow of Income Downloads
Aziz Guergachi and Javid Hakim
2023: Panel Data Nowcasting: The Case of Price-Earnings Ratios Downloads
Andrii Babii, Ryan T. Ball, Eric Ghysels and Jonas Striaukas
2023: Proxy Selection in Transitive Proxy Voting Downloads
Jacqueline Harding
2023: Application of the Deffuant model in money exchange Downloads
Hsin-Lun Li
2023: Statistical Physics Perspective on Economic Inequality Downloads
Victor Yakovenko
2023: Policy Expectation Counts? The Impact of China's Delayed Retirement Announcement on Urban Households Savings Rates Downloads
Shun Zhang
2023: Wishful Thinking is Risky Thinking: A Statistical-Distance Based Approach Downloads
Jarrod Burgh and Emerson Melo
2023: Online Learning of Order Flow and Market Impact with Bayesian Change-Point Detection Methods Downloads
Ioanna-Yvonni Tsaknaki, Fabrizio Lillo and Piero Mazzarisi
2023: Algorithms, Incentives, and Democracy Downloads
Elizabeth Maggie Penn and John W. Patty
2023: Robust Hedging GANs Downloads
Yannick Limmer and Blanka Horvath
2023: Non-Concave Utility Maximization with Transaction Costs Downloads
Shuaijie Qian and Chen Yang
2023: Noise reduction for functional time series Downloads
Cees Diks and Bram Wouters
2023: Arbitrageurs' profits, LVR, and sandwich attacks: batch trading as an AMM design response Downloads
Andrea Canidio and Robin Fritsch
2023: On the Well-posedness of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations of the Equilibrium Type Downloads
Qian Lei and Chi Seng Pun
2023: Over-the-Counter Market Making via Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Zhou Fang and Haiqing Xu
2023: Market Making of Options via Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Zhou Fang and Haiqing Xu
2023: Asymptotics for the Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Duration Model Downloads
Giuseppe Cavaliere, Thomas Mikosch, Anders Rahbek and Frederik Vilandt
2023: MOPO-LSI: A User Guide Downloads
Yong Zheng, Kumar Neelotpal Shukla, Jasmine Xu, David, Wang and Michael O'Leary
2023: Transaction Fee Mechanism Design with Active Block Producers Downloads
Maryam Bahrani, Pranav Garimidi and Tim Roughgarden
2023: A Scalable Reinforcement Learning-based System Using On-Chain Data for Cryptocurrency Portfolio Management Downloads
Zhenhan Huang and Fumihide Tanaka
2023: A Double Machine Learning Approach to Combining Experimental and Observational Data Downloads
Marco Morucci, Vittorio Orlandi, Harsh Parikh, Sudeepa Roy, Cynthia Rudin and Alexander Volfovsky
2023: Emissions and Energy Impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act Downloads
John Bistline, Geoffrey Blanford, Maxwell Brown, Dallas Burtraw, Maya Domeshek, Jamil Farbes, Allen Fawcett, Anne Hamilton, Jesse Jenkins, Ryan Jones, Ben King, Hannah Kolus, John Larsen, Amanda Levin, Megan Mahajan, Cara Marcy, Erin Mayfield, James McFarland, Haewon McJeon, Robbie Orvis, Neha Patankar, Kevin Rennert, Christopher Roney, Nicholas Roy, Greg Schivley, Daniel Steinberg, Nadejda Victor, Shelley Wenzel, John Weyant, Ryan Wiser, Mei Yuan and Alicia Zhao
2023: Social media use among American Indians in South Dakota: Preferences and perceptions Downloads
Deepthi Kolady, Amrit Dumre, Weiwei Zhang, Kaiqun Fu, Marcia O'Leary and Laura Rose
2023: Adaptive Principal Component Regression with Applications to Panel Data Downloads
Anish Agarwal, Keegan Harris, Justin Whitehouse and Zhiwei Steven Wu
2023: Nonparametric Estimation of Large Spot Volatility Matrices for High-Frequency Financial Data Downloads
Ruijun Bu, Degui Li, Oliver Linton and Hanchao Wang
2023: A maximal inequality for local empirical processes under weak dependence Downloads
Luis Alvarez and Cristine Pinto
2023: On the Guyon-Lekeufack Volatility Model Downloads
Marcel Nutz and Andr\'es Riveros Valdevenito
2023: Does regional variation in wage levels identify the effects of a national minimum wage? Downloads
Daniel Haanwinckel
2023: Some challenges of calibrating differentiable agent-based models Downloads
Arnau Quera-Bofarull, Joel Dyer, Anisoara Calinescu and Michael Wooldridge
2023: Doubly Robust Estimation of Direct and Indirect Quantile Treatment Effects with Machine Learning Downloads
Yu-Chin Hsu, Martin Huber and Yu-Min Yen
2023: Expected Shortfall LASSO Downloads
Sander Barendse
2023: Replication of financial derivatives under extreme market models given marginals Downloads
Tongseok Lim
2023: Quantifying Distributional Model Risk in Marginal Problems via Optimal Transport Downloads
Yanqin Fan, Hyeonseok Park and Gaoqian Xu
2023: Order preservation with dummies in the musseum pass problem Downloads
Ricardo Mart\'inez and Joaqu\'in S\'anchez-Soriano
2023: The fundamental theorem of asset pricing with and without transaction costs Downloads
Christoph K\"uhn
2023: Pricing European Options with Google AutoML, TensorFlow, and XGBoost Downloads
Juan Esteban Berger
2023: Principal Component Analysis and Hidden Markov Model for Forecasting Stock Returns Downloads
Eugene W. Park
2023: The Classical Theory of Supply and Demand Downloads
Sabiou Inoua and Vernon Smith
2023: Adam Smith's Theory of Value: A Reappraisal of Classical Price Discovery Downloads
Sabiou Inoua and Vernon Smith
2023: A Classical Model of Speculative Asset Price Dynamics Downloads
Sabiou Inoua and Vernon Smith
2023: The Yule-Frisch-Waugh-Lovell Theorem Downloads
Deepankar Basu
2023: Unbalanced Growth, Elasticity of Substitution, and Land Overvaluation Downloads
Tomohiro Hirano and Alexis Akira Toda
2023: Local Eviction Moratoria and the Spread of COVID-19 Downloads
Julia Hatamyar and Christopher F. Parmeter
2023: Blockchain scaling and liquidity concentration on decentralized exchanges Downloads
Basile Caparros, Amit Chaudhary and Olga Klein
2023: Discount Models Downloads
Damir Filipovic
2023: Data-driven Multiperiod Robust Mean-Variance Optimization Downloads
Xin Hai, Gregoire Loeper and Kihun Nam
2023: Divergence Based Quadrangle and Applications Downloads
Anton Malandii, Siddhartha Gupte, Cheng Peng and Stan Uryasev
2023: Expectile Quadrangle and Applications Downloads
Viktor Kuzmenko, Anton Malandii and Stan Uryasev
2023: Continuous Time q-learning for McKean-Vlasov Control Problems Downloads
Xiaoli Wei and Xiang Yu
2023: Liquidity Premium, Liquidity-Adjusted Return and Volatility, and a Unified Modern Portfolio Theory: illustrated with Crypto Assets Downloads
Qi Deng and Zhong-guo Zhou
2023: Exact solution to a generalised Lillo-Mike-Farmer model with heterogeneous order-splitting strategies Downloads
Yuki Sato and Kiyoshi Kanazawa
2023: A Nonparametric Test of $m$th-degree Inverse Stochastic Dominance Downloads
Hongyi Jiang, Zhenting Sun and Shiyun Hu
2023: DoubleAdapt: A Meta-learning Approach to Incremental Learning for Stock Trend Forecasting Downloads
Lifan Zhao, Shuming Kong and Yanyan Shen
2023: Greeks' pitfalls for the COS method in the Laplace model Downloads
Tobias Behrens and Gero Junike
2023: Liquidity takers behavior representation through a contrastive learning approach Downloads
Ruihua Ruan, Emmanuel Bacry and Jean-Fran\c{c}ois Muzy
2023: Optimal execution and speculation with trade signals Downloads
Peter Bank, \'Alvaro Cartea and Laura K\"orber
2023: Coarse Information Design Downloads
Qianjun Lyu, Wing Suen and Yimeng Zhang
2023: Firm-quasi-stability and re-equilibration in matching markets with contracts Downloads
Yi-You Yang
2023: On random number generators and practical market efficiency Downloads
Ben Moews
2023: Adapting to Misspecification Downloads
Timothy B. Armstrong, Patrick Kline and Liyang Sun
2023: Revealed preferences for dynamically inconsistent models Downloads
Federico Echenique and Gerelt Tserenjigmid
2023: Statistical Estimation for Covariance Structures with Tail Estimates using Nodewise Quantile Predictive Regression Models Downloads
Christis Katsouris
2023: Equity Protection Swaps: An New Type of Insurance for Superannuation Downloads
Huansang Xu and Ruyi Liu
2023: Robust Regulation of Firms' Access to Consumer Data Downloads
Jose Higueras
2023: Games Under Network Uncertainty Downloads
Promit K. Chaudhuri, Sudipta Sarangi and Hector Tzavellas
2023: The Effects of High-frequency Anticipatory Trading: Small Informed Trader vs. Front-runner Downloads
Ziyi Xu and Xue Cheng
2023: Climate uncertainty impacts on optimal mitigation pathways and social cost of carbon Downloads
Christopher J. Smith, Alaa Al Khourdajie, Pu Yang and Doris Folini
2023: How Do Digital Advertising Auctions Impact Product Prices? Downloads
Dirk Bergemann, Alessandro Bonatti and Nicholas Wu
2023: Democratic Policy Decisions with Decentralized Promises Contingent on Vote Outcome Downloads
Ali Lazrak and Jianfeng Zhang
2023: Robust utility maximization with intractable claims Downloads
Yunhong Li, Zuo Quan Xu and Xun Yu Zhou
2023: Recursive Preferences, Correlation Aversion, and the Temporal Resolution of Uncertainty Downloads
Lorenzo Maria Stanca
2023: Covert learning and disclosure Downloads
Matteo Escud\'e
2023: Unifying Market Microstructure and Dynamic Asset Pricing Downloads
Davide Lauria, W. Brent Lindquist, Svetlozar T. Rachev and Yuan Hu
2023: Torch-Choice: A PyTorch Package for Large-Scale Choice Modelling with Python Downloads
Tianyu Du, Ayush Kanodia and Susan Athey
2023: IV Regressions without Exclusion Restrictions Downloads
Wayne Yuan Gao and Rui Wang
2023: Oracle Counterpoint: Relationships between On-chain and Off-chain Market Data Downloads
Zhimeng Yang, Ariah Klages-Mundt and Lewis Gudgeon
2023: How to handle the COS method for option pricing Downloads
Gero Junike
2023: Effects of extending residencies on the supply and quality of family medicine practitioners; difference-in-differences evidence from the implementation of mandatory family medicine residencies in Canada Downloads
Stephenson Strobel
2023: Multivariate L\'evy Models: Calibration and Pricing Downloads
Giovanni Amici, Paolo Brandimarte, Francesco Messeri and Patrizia Semeraro
2023: Don't (fully) exclude me, it's not necessary! Identification with semi-IVs Downloads
Christophe Bruneel-Zupanc
2023: Quasi Maximum Likelihood Estimation of High-Dimensional Factor Models: A Critical Review Downloads
Matteo Barigozzi
2023: Decomposability and Strategy-proofness in Multidimensional Models Downloads
Shurojit Chatterji and Huaxia Zeng
2023: Efficient Public Good Provision in a Multipolar World Downloads
Chowdhury Mohammad S Anwar, Jorge Bruno, Renaud Foucart and Sonali SenGupta
2023: Economic Consequences of Online Tracking Restrictions: Evidence from Cookies Downloads
Klaus M. Miller and Bernd Skiera
2023: A fixed point approach for computing actuarially fair Pareto optimal risk-sharing rules Downloads
Fallou Niakh
2023: Best-of-Both-Worlds Fairness in Committee Voting Downloads
Haris Aziz, Xinhang Lu, Mashbat Suzuki, Jeremy Vollen and Toby Walsh
2023: Combating Algorithmic Collusion: A Mechanism Design Approach Downloads
Soumen Banerjee
2023: Bayes = Blackwell, Almost Downloads
Mark Whitmeyer
2023: Signalling for Electricity Demand Response: When is Truth Telling Optimal? Downloads
Rene Aid, Anupama Kowli and Ankur A. Kulkarni
2023: Revealing production networks from firm growth dynamics Downloads
Luca Mungo and Jos\'e Moran
2023: Clustered Covariate Regression Downloads
Abdul-Nasah Soale and Emmanuel Tsyawo
2023: Post-Episodic Reinforcement Learning Inference Downloads
Vasilis Syrgkanis and Ruohan Zhan
2023: Individualized Treatment Allocation in Sequential Network Games Downloads
Toru Kitagawa and Guanyi Wang
2023: Pricing cyber-insurance for systems via maturity models Downloads
Henry Skeoch and David Pym
2023: A Nonparametric Stochastic Set Model: Identification, Optimization, and Prediction Downloads
Yi-Chun Chen and Dmitry Mitrofanov
2023: Asymptotically Optimal Fixed-Budget Best Arm Identification with Variance-Dependent Bounds Downloads
Masahiro Kato, Masaaki Imaizumi, Takuya Ishihara and Toru Kitagawa
2023: From bounded rationality to limited consideration: Representation and behavioral analysis Downloads
Davide Carpentiere and Angelo Petralia
2023: Commitment Against Front Running Attacks Downloads
Andrea Canidio and Vincent Danos
2023: Combinatorial Pen Testing (or Consumer Surplus of Deferred-Acceptance Auctions) Downloads
Aadityan Ganesh and Jason Hartline
2023: Double free boundary problem for defaultable corporate bond with credit rating migration risks and their asymptotic behaviors Downloads
Yuchao Dong, Jin Liang and Claude-Michel Brauner
2023: Binary Mechanisms under Privacy-Preserving Noise Downloads
Farzad Pourbabaee and Federico Echenique
2023: Identification in a Binary Choice Panel Data Model with a Predetermined Covariate Downloads
St\'ephane Bonhomme, Kevin Dano and Bryan S. Graham
2023: Synergistic Small Worlds that Drive Technological Sophistication Downloads
Hardik Rajpal and Omar A Guerrero
2023: Feature Selection for Personalized Policy Analysis Downloads
Maria Nareklishvili, Nicholas Polson and Vadim Sokolov
2023: Empirical Bayes When Estimation Precision Predicts Parameters Downloads
Jiafeng Chen
2023: Near-Optimal Non-Parametric Sequential Tests and Confidence Sequences with Possibly Dependent Observations Downloads
Aurelien Bibaut, Nathan Kallus and Michael Lindon
2023: The Long-Term Effects of Teachers' Gender Stereotypes Downloads
Joan Martinez
2023: Amenity complexity and urban locations of socio-economic mixing Downloads
S\'andor Juh\'asz, Gerg\H{o} Pint\'er, \'Ad\'am Kov\'acs, Endre Borza, Gergely M\'onus, L\'aszl\'o L\H{o}rincz and Bal\'azs Lengyel
2023: AI Ethics on Blockchain: Topic Analysis on Twitter Data for Blockchain Security Downloads
Yihang Fu, Zesen Zhuang and Luyao Zhang
2023: Fundamentals of Perpetual Futures Downloads
Songrun He, Asaf Manela, Omri Ross and Victor von Wachter
2023: Logs with zeros? Some problems and solutions Downloads
Jiafeng Chen and Jonathan Roth
2023: Blockchain Network Analysis: A Comparative Study of Decentralized Banks Downloads
Yufan Zhang, Zichao Chen, Yutong Sun, Yulin Liu and Luyao Zhang
2023: Bayesian Forecasting in Economics and Finance: A Modern Review Downloads
Gael M. Martin, David T. Frazier, Worapree Maneesoonthorn, Ruben Loaiza-Maya, Florian Huber, Gary Koop, John Maheu, Didier Nibbering and Anastasios Panagiotelis
2023: Equilibria in Repeated Games under No-Regret with Dynamic Benchmarks Downloads
Ludovico Crippa, Yonatan Gur and Bar Light
2023: A Novel Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Automated Stock Trading System Using Cascaded LSTM Networks Downloads
Jie Zou, Jiashu Lou, Baohua Wang and Sixue Liu
2023: Bounded arbitrage and nearly rational behavior Downloads
Leandro Nascimento
2023: Average Profits of Prejudiced Algorithms Downloads
David J. Jin
2023: Automated Market Makers: Mean-Variance Analysis of LPs Payoffs and Design of Pricing Functions Downloads
Philippe Bergault, Louis Bertucci, David Bouba and Olivier Gu\'eant
2023: Cointegration with Occasionally Binding Constraints Downloads
James A. Duffy, Sophocles Mavroeidis and Sam Wycherley
2023: Bayesian Analysis of Linear Contracts Downloads
Tal Alon, Paul D\"utting, Yingkai Li and Inbal Talgam-Cohen
2023: Are Large Traders Harmed by Front-running HFTs? Downloads
Ziyi Xu and Xue Cheng
2023: On Estimation and Inference of Large Approximate Dynamic Factor Models via the Principal Component Analysis Downloads
Matteo Barigozzi
2023: Integrating multiple sources of ordinal information in portfolio optimization Downloads
Eranda \c{C}ela, Stephan Hafner, Roland Mestel and Ulrich Pferschy
2023: Flexible machine learning estimation of conditional average treatment effects: a blessing and a curse Downloads
Richard Post, Isabel van den Heuvel, Marko Petkovic and Edwin van den Heuvel
2023: The Role of Immigrants, Emigrants, and Locals in the Historical Formation of European Knowledge Agglomerations Downloads
Philipp Koch, Viktor Stojkoski and C\'esar A. Hidalgo
2023: Optimal Mechanism Design for Agents with DSL Strategies: The Case of Sybil Attacks in Combinatorial Auctions Downloads
Yotam Gafni and Moshe Tennenholtz
2023: Experimental observations of fractal landscape dynamics in a dense emulsion Downloads
Clary Rodriguez-Cruz, Mehdi Molaei, Amruthesh Thirumalaiswamy, Klebert Feitosa, Vinothan N. Manoharan, Shankar Sivarajan, Daniel H. Reich, Robert A. Riggleman and John C. Crocker
2023: Duality in optimal consumption--investment problems with alternative data Downloads
Kexin Chen and Hoi Ying Wong
2023: Robust Estimation and Inference in Panels with Interactive Fixed Effects Downloads
Timothy B. Armstrong, Martin Weidner and Andrei Zeleneev
2023: An identification and testing strategy for proxy-SVARs with weak proxies Downloads
Giovanni Angelini, Giuseppe Cavaliere and Luca Fanelli
2023: Statistical inference for rough volatility: Central limit theorems Downloads
Carsten Chong, Marc Hoffmann, Yanghui Liu, Mathieu Rosenbaum and Gr\'egoire Szymanski
2023: Minimax Optimal Kernel Operator Learning via Multilevel Training Downloads
Jikai Jin, Yiping Lu, Jose Blanchet and Lexing Ying
2023: Strategyproofness-Exposing Mechanism Descriptions Downloads
Yannai A. Gonczarowski, Ori Heffetz and Clayton Thomas
2023: The Signaling Role of Leaders in Global Games Downloads
Panagiotis Kyriazis and Edmund Lou
2023: Predicting Mutual Funds' Performance using Deep Learning and Ensemble Techniques Downloads
Nghia Chu, Binh Dao, Nga Pham, Huy Nguyen and Hien Tran
2023: Inverse estimation of the transfer velocity of money Downloads
Carolina E. S. Mattsson, Allison Luedtke and Frank W. Takes
2023: Regret-free truth-telling voting rules Downloads
R. Pablo Arribillaga, Agustín Bonifacio and Marcelo Ariel Fernandez
2023: Safe Policy Learning under Regression Discontinuity Designs with Multiple Cutoffs Downloads
Yi Zhang, Eli Ben-Michael and Kosuke Imai
2023: Can Desegregation Close the Racial Gap in High School Coursework? Downloads
Ritika Sethi
2023: Beta-Sorted Portfolios Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Richard Crump and Weining Wang
2023: Gately Values of Cooperative Games Downloads
Robert P. Gilles and Lina Mallozzi
2023: Optimal Referral Auction Design Downloads
Rangeet Bhattacharyya, Parvik Dave, Palash Dey and Swaprava Nath
2023: A Nonparametric Approach with Marginals for Modeling Consumer Choice Downloads
Yanqiu Ruan, Xiaobo Li, Karthyek Murthy and Karthik Natarajan
2023: Persuading Risk-Conscious Agents: A Geometric Approach Downloads
Jerry Anunrojwong, Krishnamurthy Iyer and David Lingenbrink
2023: Bootstrap inference in the presence of bias Downloads
Giuseppe Cavaliere, S\'ilvia Gon\c{c}alves, Morten Nielsen and Edoardo Zanelli
2023: Conformal Prediction Bands for Two-Dimensional Functional Time Series Downloads
Niccol\`o Ajroldi, Jacopo Diquigiovanni, Matteo Fontana and Simone Vantini
2023: Extending the Range of Robust PCE Inflation Measures Downloads
Sergio Ocampo, Raphael Schoenle and Dominic Smith
2023: Research Joint Ventures: The Role of Financial Constraints Downloads
Philipp Brunner, Igor Letina and Armin Schmutzler
2023: With a little help from my friends: essentiality vs opportunity in group criticality Downloads
Michele Aleandri and Marco Dall'Aglio
2023: New possibilities in identification of binary choice models with fixed effects Downloads
Yinchu Zhu
2023: On Existence of Berk-Nash Equilibria in Misspecified Markov Decision Processes with Infinite Spaces Downloads
Robert M. Anderson, Haosui Duanmu, Aniruddha Ghosh and M. Khan
2023: Forecasting macroeconomic data with Bayesian VARs: Sparse or dense? It depends! Downloads
Luis Gruber and Gregor Kastner
2023: Scaling laws in global corporations as a benchmarking approach to assess environmental performance Downloads
Rossana Mastrandrea, Rob ter Burg, Yuli Shan, Klaus Hubacek and Franco Ruzzenenti
2023: Assessing Omitted Variable Bias when the Controls are Endogenous Downloads
Paul Diegert, Matthew Masten and Alexandre Poirier
2023: Most Equitable Voting Rules Downloads
Lirong Xia
2023: Wildfire Modeling: Designing a Market to Restore Assets Downloads
Ramandeep Kaur Bagri and Yihsu Chen
2023: Externally Valid Policy Choice Downloads
Christopher Adjaho and Timothy Christensen
2023: Regulating stochastic clocks Downloads
Zhe Fei and Weixuan Xia
2023: The cost of strategy-proofness in school choice Downloads
Josue Ortega and Thilo Klein
2023: Retrieval from Mixed Sampling Frequency: Generic Identifiability in the Unit Root VAR Downloads
Philipp Gersing, Leopold Soegner and Manfred Deistler
2023: Rough volatility: fact or artefact? Downloads
Rama Cont and Purba Das
2023: Online Bipartite Matching via Smoothness Downloads
Jason Hartline
2023: Distributional dynamic risk measures in Markov decision processes Downloads
Ziteng Cheng and Sebastian Jaimungal
2023: Optimal Damping with Hierarchical Adaptive Quadrature for Efficient Fourier Pricing of Multi-Asset Options in L\'evy Models Downloads
Christian Bayer, Chiheb Ben Hammouda, Antonis Papapantoleon, Michael Samet and Ra\'ul Tempone
2023: A persistent-homology-based turbulence index & some applications of TDA on financial markets Downloads
Miguel A. Ruiz-Ortiz, Jos\'e Carlos G\'omez-Larra\~naga and Jes\'us Rodr\'iguez-Viorato
2023: Information Design in Games: Certification Approach Downloads
Alex Smolin and Takuro Yamashita
2023: Canonical Portfolios: Optimal Asset and Signal Combination Downloads
Nikan Firoozye, Vincent Tan and Stefan Zohren
2023: A Short Survey on Business Models of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Protocols Downloads
Teng Andrea Xu and Jiahua Xu
2023: The Evolution of U.S. Retail Concentration Downloads
Dominic Smith and Sergio Ocampo
2023: Buying Opinions Downloads
Mark Whitmeyer and Kun Zhang
2023: A discussion of stochastic dominance and mean-risk optimal portfolio problems based on mean-variance-mixture models Downloads
Hasanjan Sayit
2023: Cryptocurrency Valuation: An Explainable AI Approach Downloads
Yulin Liu and Luyao Zhang
2023: Difference-in-Differences Estimators for Treatments Continuously Distributed at Every Period Downloads
Clément de Chaisemartin, Xavier D'Haultfoeuille, F\'elix Pasquier and Gonzalo Vazquez-Bare
2023: Multinomial Backtesting of Distortion Risk Measures Downloads
S\"oren Bettels, Sojung Kim and Stefan Weber
2023: Unconditional Effects of General Policy Interventions Downloads
Julian Martinez-Iriarte, Gabriel Montes-Rojas and Yixiao Sun
2023: Polytope-form games and Index/Degree Theories for Extensive-form games Downloads
Lucas Pahl
2023: Non-homogeneous stochastic LQ control with regime switching and random coefficients Downloads
Ying Hu, Xiaomin Shi and Zuo Quan Xu
2023: Algorithm Design: A Fairness-Accuracy Frontier Downloads
Annie Liang, Jay Lu and Xiaosheng Mu
2023: A fast Monte Carlo scheme for additive processes and option pricing Downloads
Michele Azzone and Roberto Baviera
2023: On The Quality Of Cryptocurrency Markets: Centralized Versus Decentralized Exchanges Downloads
Andrea Barbon and Angelo Ranaldo
2023: Phase transitions in nonparametric regressions Downloads
Ying Zhu
2023: Expert Aggregation for Financial Forecasting Downloads
Carl Remlinger, Bri\`ere Marie, Alasseur Cl\'emence and Joseph Mikael
2023: Quantum algorithm for stochastic optimal stopping problems with applications in finance Downloads
Jo\~ao F. Doriguello, Alessandro Luongo, Jinge Bao, Patrick Rebentrost and Miklos Santha
2023: On Recoding Ordered Treatments as Binary Indicators Downloads
Evan K. Rose and Yotam Shem-Tov
2023: Nonparametric estimator of the tail dependence coefficient: balancing bias and variance Downloads
Matthieu Garcin and Maxime L. D. Nicolas
2023: Correlation Estimation in Hybrid Systems Downloads
Baron Law
2023: Sequential Kernel Embedding for Mediated and Time-Varying Dose Response Curves Downloads
Rahul Singh, Liyuan Xu and Arthur Gretton
2023: Buy It Now, or Later, or Not: Loss Aversion in Advance Purchasing Downloads
Senran Lin
2023: Cubature Method for Stochastic Volterra Integral Equations Downloads
Qi Feng and Jianfeng Zhang
2023: Unpacking the Black Box: Regulating Algorithmic Decisions Downloads
Laura Blattner, Scott Nelson and Jann Spiess
2023: Ignorance is Bliss: A Game of Regret Downloads
Claudia Cerrone, Francesco Feri and Philip R. Neary
2023: Partial Identification and Inference for Conditional Distributions of Treatment Effects Downloads
Sungwon Lee
2023: Unique Stable Matchings Downloads
Gregory Z. Gutin, Philip R. Neary and Anders Yeo
2023: Constrained Classification and Policy Learning Downloads
Toru Kitagawa, Shosei Sakaguchi and Aleksey Tetenov
2023: Crime and Mismeasured Punishment: Marginal Treatment Effect with Misclassification Downloads
Vitor Possebom
2023: Deep learning of transition probability densities for stochastic asset models with applications in option pricing Downloads
Haozhe Su, M. V. Tretyakov and David P. Newton
2023: Forecasting consumer confidence through semantic network analysis of online news Downloads
A. Fronzetti Colladon, F. Grippa, B. Guardabascio, G. Costante and Francesco Ravazzolo
2023: Valid Heteroskedasticity Robust Testing Downloads
Benedikt M. P\"otscher and David Preinerstorfer
2023: A Rational Inattention Theory of Echo Chamber Downloads
Lin Hu, Anqi Li and Xu Tan
2023: A change of variable formula with applications to multi-dimensional optimal stopping problems Downloads
Cheng Cai and Tiziano De Angelis
2023: Identification and Estimation in Many-to-one Two-sided Matching without Transfers Downloads
YingHua He, Shruti Sinha and Xiaoting Sun
2023: Purchase history and product personalization Downloads
Laura Doval and Vasiliki Skreta
2023: Optimal trade execution under small market impact and portfolio liquidation with semimartingale strategies Downloads
Ulrich Horst and Evgueni Kivman
2023: Dynamic covariate balancing: estimating treatment effects over time with potential local projections Downloads
Davide Viviano and Jelena Bradic
2023: Nash equilibrium mapping vs Hamiltonian dynamics vs Darwinian evolution for some social dilemma games in the thermodynamic limit Downloads
Colin Benjamin and Arjun Krishnan U M
2023: Inference under Covariate-Adaptive Randomization with Imperfect Compliance Downloads
Federico Bugni and Mengsi Gao
2023: A Design-Based Perspective on Synthetic Control Methods Downloads
Lea Bottmer, Guido Imbens, Jann Spiess and Merrill Warnick
2023: Credit Freezes, Equilibrium Multiplicity, and Optimal Bailouts in Financial Networks Downloads
Matthew Jackson and Agathe Pernoud
2023: Nature-nurture interplay in educational attainment Downloads
Dilnoza Muslimova, Hans van Kippersluis, Cornelius A. Rietveld, Stephanie von Hinke and S. Fleur W. Meddens
2023: An Automatic Finite-Sample Robustness Metric: When Can Dropping a Little Data Make a Big Difference? Downloads
Tamara Broderick, Ryan Giordano and Rachael Meager
2023: Identification and Estimation of Unconditional Policy Effects of an Endogenous Binary Treatment: an Unconditional MTE Approach Downloads
Julian Martinez-Iriarte and Yixiao Sun
2023: McKean-Vlasov equations involving hitting times: blow-ups and global solvability Downloads
Erhan Bayraktar, Gaoyue Guo, Wenpin Tang and Yuming Zhang
2023: Exploring investor behavior in Bitcoin: a study of the disposition effect Downloads
J\"urgen E. Schatzmann and Bernhard Haslhofer
2023: On Statistical Discrimination as a Failure of Social Learning: A Multi-Armed Bandit Approach Downloads
Junpei Komiyama and Shunya Noda
2023: The direct and indirect effect of CAP support on farm income enhancement:a farm-based econometric analysis Downloads
Simone Severini and Luigi Biagini
2023: Forecasting financial markets with semantic network analysis in the COVID-19 crisis Downloads
A. Fronzetti Colladon, S. Grassi, Francesco Ravazzolo and Francesco Violante
2023: Optimal Rating Design under Moral Hazard Downloads
Maryam Saeedi and Ali Shourideh
2023: Fair Allocation of Vaccines, Ventilators and Antiviral Treatments: Leaving No Ethical Value Behind in Health Care Rationing Downloads
Parag A. Pathak, Tayfun S\"onmez, Utku Unver and M. Bumin Yenmez
2023: Failures of Contingent Thinking Downloads
Evan Piermont and Peio Zuazo-Garin
2023: Critical Values Robust to P-hacking Downloads
Adam McCloskey and Pascal Michaillat
2023: An $\alpha$-Stable Approach to Modelling Highly Speculative Assets and Cryptocurrencies Downloads
Taurai Muvunza
2023: Comparative Companies' Stock Valuation through Financial Metrics and its Social Implications Downloads
Jack Colleran, Harris K. Kim, Benny C. Pickle and John Sun
2023: Algorithms for Competitive Division of Chores Downloads
Simina Br\^anzei and Fedor Sandomirskiy
2023: Averaging plus Learning Models and Their Asymptotics Downloads
Ionel Popescu and Tushar Vaidya
2023: Binscatter Regressions Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Richard Crump, Max H. Farrell and Yingjie Feng
2023: Building arbitrage-free implied volatility: Sinkhorn's algorithm and variants Downloads
Hadrien De March and Pierre Henry-Labordere
2023: Change-Point Testing for Risk Measures in Time Series Downloads
Lin Fan, Peter W. Glynn and Markus Pelger
2023: Evaluation of Reinforcement Learning Techniques for Trading on a Diverse Portfolio Downloads
Ishan S. Khare, Tarun K. Martheswaran, Akshana Dassanaike-Perera and Jonah B. Ezekiel
2023: Exploring the Nexus between Exhaustible Human Resources and Economic Development in China: An Application of the Hotelling Model Downloads
Zhiwei Yang
2023: Long-term Effects of Temperature Variations on Economic Growth: A Machine Learning Approach Downloads
Eugene Kharitonov, Oksana Zakharchuk and Lin Mei
2023: Mapping Global Value Chains at the Product Level Downloads
Lea Karbevska and C\'esar A. Hidalgo
2023: Deep Policy Gradient Methods in Commodity Markets Downloads
Jonas Hanetho
2023: An Empirical Study on the Holiday Effect of China's Time-Honored Companies Downloads
Xianyang Li, Jiayi Xu, Haoxuan Xu, Yunxuan Ma, Yu Zhong and Lei Wang
2023: Asian Option Pricing via Laguerre Quadrature: A Diffusion Kernel Approach Downloads
P. G. Morrison
2023: Power to the teens? A model of parents' and teens' collective labor supply Downloads
Jos\'e Alfonso Mu\~noz-Alvarado
2023: Deep Reinforcement Learning for ESG financial portfolio management Downloads
Eduardo C. Garrido-Merch\'an, Sol Mora-Figueroa-Cruz-Guzm\'an and Mar\'ia Coronado-Vaca
2023: Trend patterns statistics for assessing irreversibility in cryptocurrencies: time-asymmetry versus inefficiency Downloads
Jessica Morales Herrera and Ra\'ul Salgado-Garc\'ia
2023: The Chebyshev Polynomials Of The First Kind For Analysis Rates Shares Of Enterprises Downloads
Sergey Yekimov
2023: Harnessing the Potential of Volatility: Advancing GDP Prediction Downloads
Ali Lashgari
2023: From Portfolio Optimization to Quantum Blockchain and Security: A Systematic Review of Quantum Computing in Finance Downloads
Abha Naik, Esra Yeniaras, Gerhard Hellstern, Grishma Prasad and Sanjay Kumar Lalta Prasad Vishwakarma
2023: Obvious Manipulations in Matching with and without Contracts Downloads
R. Pablo Arribillaga and E. Pepa Risma
2023: Two characterizations of the dense rank Downloads
Jos\'e Luis Garc\'ia-Lapresta and Miguel Mart\'inez-Panero
2023: On the Behavior of the Payoff Amounts in Simple Interest Loans in Arbitrage-Free Markets Downloads
Fausto Di Biase, Stefano Di Rocco, Alessandra Ortolano and Maurizio Parton
2023: A Comparison of Sequential Ranked-Choice Voting and Single Transferable Vote Downloads
David McCune, Erin Martin, Grant Latina and Kaitlyn Simms
2023: Triangle Fees Downloads
Rithvik Rao and Nihar Shah
2023: Retail Pricing Format and Rigidity of Regular Prices Downloads
Sourav Ray, Avichai Snir and Daniel Levy
2023: Integrating Tick-level Data and Periodical Signal for High-frequency Market Making Downloads
Jiafa He, Cong Zheng and Can Yang
2023: Optimal Execution Using Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Cong Zheng, Jiafa He and Can Yang
2023: Equal Pay for Similar Work Downloads
Diego Gentile Passaro, Fuhito Kojima and Bobak Pakzad-Hurson
2023: Would Friedman Burn your Tokens? Downloads
Aggelos Kiayias, Philip Lazos and Jan Christoph Schlegel
2023: Robust Time-inconsistent Linear-Quadratic Stochastic Controls: A Stochastic Differential Game Approach Downloads
Bingyan Han, Chi Seng Pun and Hoi Ying Wong
2023: Endogenous Barriers to Learning Downloads
Olivier Compte
2023: Nonparametric Causal Decomposition of Group Disparities Downloads
Ang Yu and Felix Elwert
2023: Using Monte Carlo Methods for Retirement Simulations Downloads
Aditya Gupta and Vijay K. Tayal
2023: Opinion dynamics in communities with major influencers and implicit social influence via mean-field approximation Downloads
Delia Coculescu, M\'ed\'eric Motte and Huy\^en Pham
2023: The Implied Views of Bond Traders on the Spot Equity Market Downloads
Yifan He, Yuan Hu and Svetlozar Rachev
2023: Realistic Synthetic Financial Transactions for Anti-Money Laundering Models Downloads
Erik Altman, B\'eni Egressy, Jovan Blanu\v{s}a and Kubilay Atasu
2023: Neural networks can detect model-free static arbitrage strategies Downloads
Ariel Neufeld and Julian Sester
2023: A closed form model-free approximation for the Initial Margin of option portfolios Downloads
Claude Martini and Arianna Mingone
2023: Application of spin glass ideas in social sciences, economics and finance Downloads
Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Matteo Marsili and Jean-Pierre Nadal
2023: Analysis of Indian foreign exchange markets: A Multifractal Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (MFDFA) approach Downloads
R. P. Datta
2023: Non-parametric online market regime detection and regime clustering for multidimensional and path-dependent data structures Downloads
Zacharia Issa and Blanka Horvath
2023: Optimizing Credit Limit Adjustments Under Adversarial Goals Using Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Sherly Alfonso-S\'anchez, Jes\'us Solano, Alejandro Correa-Bahnsen, Kristina P. Sendova and Cristi\'an Bravo
2023: Higher-order Graph Attention Network for Stock Selection with Joint Analysis Downloads
Yang Qiao, Yiping Xia, Xiang Li, Zheng Li and Yan Ge
2023: Robust Wasserstein Optimization and its Application in Mean-CVaR Downloads
Xin Hai and Kihun Nam
2023: Assessing Heterogeneity of Treatment Effects Downloads
Tetsuya Kaji and Jianfei Cao
2023: Sea Change in Software Development: Economic and Productivity Analysis of the AI-Powered Developer Lifecycle Downloads
Thomas Dohmke, Marco Iansiti and Greg Richards
2023: Valuation of Equity Linked Securities with Guaranteed Return Downloads
David Xiao
2023: Identifying Socially Disruptive Policies Downloads
Eric Auerbach and Yong Cai
2023: Marginal Effects for Probit and Tobit with Endogeneity Downloads
Kirill S. Evdokimov, Ilze Kalnina and Andrei Zeleneev
2023: Optimization of the Generalized Covariance Estimator in Noncausal Processes Downloads
Gianluca Cubadda, Francesco Giancaterini, Alain Hecq and Joann Jasiak
2023: An elementary proof of the dual representation of Expected Shortfall Downloads
Martin Herdegen and Cosimo Munari
2023: Hybrid unadjusted Langevin methods for high-dimensional latent variable models Downloads
Ruben Loaiza-Maya, Didier Nibbering and Dan Zhu
2023: Simple Estimation of Semiparametric Models with Measurement Errors Downloads
Kirill S. Evdokimov and Andrei Zeleneev
2023: Selling Multiple Complements with Packaging Costs Downloads
Simon Finster
2023: Unveiling the Potential of Sentiment: Can Large Language Models Predict Chinese Stock Price Movements? Downloads
Haohan Zhang, Fengrui Hua, Chengjin Xu, Jian Guo, Hao Kong and Ruiting Zuo
2023: Statistical electricity price forecasting: A structural approach Downloads
Raffaele Sgarlato
2023: Latent Factor Analysis in Short Panels Downloads
Alain-Philippe Fortin, Patrick Gagliardini and Olivier Scaillet
2023: Decarbonization patterns of residential building operations in China and India Downloads
Ran Yan, Nan Zhou, Wei Feng, Minda Ma, Xiwang Xiang and Chao Mao
2023: Heat increases experienced racial segregation in the United States Downloads
Till Baldenius, Nicolas Koch, Hannah Klauber and Nadja Klein
2023: Dynamic Net Metering for Energy Communities Downloads
Ahmed S. Alahmed and Lang Tong
2023: Constructing Time-Series Momentum Portfolios with Deep Multi-Task Learning Downloads
Joel Ong and Dorien Herremans
2023: Does Environmental Attention by Governments Promote Carbon Reductions Downloads
Yichuan Tian
2023: Multivariate Simulation-based Forecasting for Intraday Power Markets: Modelling Cross-Product Price Effects Downloads
Simon Hirsch and Florian Ziel
2023: Fair integer programming under dichotomous preferences Downloads
Tom Demeulemeester, Dries Goossens, Ben Hermans and Roel Leus
2023: Fractal properties, information theory, and market efficiency Downloads
Xavier Brouty and Matthieu Garcin
2023: Factor-augmented sparse MIDAS regression for nowcasting Downloads
Jad Beyhum and Jonas Striaukas
2023: Optimal Investment with Stochastic Interest Rates and Ambiguity Downloads
Julian H\"olzermann
2023: Armed Conflict and Early Human Capital Accumulation: Evidence from Cameroon's Anglophone Conflict Downloads
Hector Galindo-Silva and Guy Tchuente
2023: A Discrimination Report Card Downloads
Patrick Kline, Evan K. Rose and Christopher Walters
2023: Stock Price Prediction using Dynamic Neural Networks Downloads
David Noel
2023: Generic Forward Curve Dynamics for Commodity Derivatives Downloads
David Xiao
2023: Price elasticity of electricity demand: Using instrumental variable regressions to address endogeneity and autocorrelation of high-frequency time series Downloads
Silvana Tiedemann, Raffaele Sgarlato and Lion Hirth
2023: Conditional Generators for Limit Order Book Environments: Explainability, Challenges, and Robustness Downloads
Andrea Coletta, Joseph Jerome, Rahul Savani and Svitlana Vyetrenko
2023: The Power of Menus in Contract Design Downloads
Guru Guruganesh, Jon Schneider, Joshua Wang and Junyao Zhao
2023: Instruct-FinGPT: Financial Sentiment Analysis by Instruction Tuning of General-Purpose Large Language Models Downloads
Boyu Zhang, Hongyang Yang and Xiao-Yang Liu
2023: Fitted Value Iteration Methods for Bicausal Optimal Transport Downloads
Erhan Bayraktar and Bingyan Han
2023: Efficient Solution of Portfolio Optimization Problems via Dimension Reduction and Sparsification Downloads
Cassidy K. Buhler and Hande Y. Benson
2023: Social Media Emotions and IPO Returns Downloads
Domonkos F. Vamossy
2023: Comparing Deep Learning Models for the Task of Volatility Prediction Using Multivariate Data Downloads
Wenbo Ge, Pooia Lalbakhsh, Leigh Isai, Artem Lensky and Hanna Suominen
2023: Successive one-sided Hodrick-Prescott filter with incremental filtering algorithm for nonlinear economic time series Downloads
Yuxia Liu, Qi Zhang, Wei Xiao and Tianguang Chu
2023: Using Internal Bar Strength as a Key Indicator for Trading Country ETFs Downloads
Aditya Pandey and Kunal Joshi
2023: The Impact of Customer Online Satisfaction on Stock Returns: Evidence from the E-commerce Reviews in China Downloads
Zhi Su, Danni Wu, Zhenkun Zhou, Junran Wu and Libo Yin
2023: Disentangling Revealed Preference From Rationalization by a Preference Downloads
Pablo Schenone
2023: Statistical Tests for Replacing Human Decision Makers with Algorithms Downloads
Kai Feng, Han Hong, Ke Tang and Jingyuan Wang
2023: Collective Arbitrage and the Value of Cooperation Downloads
Francesca Biagini, Alessandro Doldi, Jean-Pierre Fouque, Marco Frittelli and Thilo Meyer-Brandis
2023: The Pricing And Hedging Of Constant Function Market Makers Downloads
Richard Dewey and Craig Newbold
2023: Uniform taxation of electricity: incentives for flexibility and cost redistribution among household categories Downloads
Philipp Andreas Gunkel, Febin Kachirayil, Claire-Marie Bergaentzl\'e, Russell McKenna, Dogan Keles and Henrik Klinge Jacobsen
2023: Criteria for NUPBR, NFLVR and the existence of EMMs in integrated diffusion markets Downloads
David Criens and Mikhail Urusov
2023: Coevolution of cognition and cooperation in structured populations under reinforcement learning Downloads
Ennio Bilancini, Leonardo Boncinelli and Rossana Mastrandrea
2023: Mind the Cap! -- Constrained Portfolio Optimisation in Heston's Stochastic Volatility Model Downloads
Marcos Escobar-Anel, Michel Kschonnek and Rudi Zagst
2023: An Isotonic Mechanism for Overlapping Ownership Downloads
Jibang Wu, Haifeng Xu, Yifan Guo and Weijie Su
2023: Deep calibration with random grids Downloads
Fabio Baschetti, Giacomo Bormetti and Pietro Rossi
2023: Public Finance or Public Choice? The Scholastic Political Economy As an Essentialist Synthesis Downloads
Mohammadhosein Bahmanpour-Khalesi and Mohammadjavad Sharifzadeh
2023: Temporal Data Meets LLM -- Explainable Financial Time Series Forecasting Downloads
Xinli Yu, Zheng Chen, Yuan Ling, Shujing Dong, Zongyi Liu and Yanbin Lu
2023: Benchmarking Robustness of Deep Reinforcement Learning approaches to Online Portfolio Management Downloads
Marc Velay, Bich-Li\^en Doan, Arpad Rimmel, Fabrice Popineau and Fabrice Daniel
2023: On some semi-parametric estimates for European option prices Downloads
Carlo Marinelli
2023: The Illusive Slump of Disruptive Patents Downloads
Jeffrey T. Macher, Christian Rutzer and Rolf Weder
2023: Are Shortfall Systemic Risk Measures One Dimensional? Downloads
Alessandro Doldi, Marco Frittelli and Emanuela Rosazza Gianin
2023: Option Pricing for the Variance Gamma Model: A New Perspective Downloads
Yuanda Chen, Zailei Cheng and Haixu Wang
2023: Detecting Depegs: Towards Safer Passive Liquidity Provision on Curve Finance Downloads
Thomas N. Cintra and Maxwell P. Holloway
2023: Quantum computer based Feature Selection in Machine Learning Downloads
Gerhard Hellstern, Vanessa Dehn and Martin Zaefferer
2023: Machine Learning and Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equation for Optimal Decumulation: a Comparison Study Downloads
Marc Chen, Mohammad Shirazi, Peter A. Forsyth and Yuying Li
2023: Formal Covariate Benchmarking to Bound Omitted Variable Bias Downloads
Deepankar Basu
2023: Testing for intrinsic multifractality in the global grain spot market indices: A multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis Downloads
Li Wang, Xing-Lu Gao and Wei-Xing Zhou
2023: Bloated Disclosures: Can ChatGPT Help Investors Process Financial Information? Downloads
Alex Kim, Maximilian Muhn and Valeri Nikolaev
2023: Key predictors for climate policy support and political mobilization: The role of beliefs and preferences Downloads
Simon Montfort
2023: NFTs to MARS: Multi-Attention Recommender System for NFTs Downloads
Seonmi Kim, Youngbin Lee, Yejin Kim, Joohwan Hong and Yongjae Lee
2023: Marijuana on Main Streets? The Story Continues in Colombia: An Endogenous Three-part Model Downloads
A. Ramirez-Hassan, C. Gomez, S. Velasquez and K. Tangarife
2023: Robust Predictions in Games with Rational Inattention Downloads
Tommaso Denti and Doron Ravid
2023: Testing for Peer Effects without Specifying the Network Structure Downloads
Hyunseok Jung and Xiaodong Liu
2023: CSREU: A Novel Dataset about Corporate Social Responsibility and Performance Indicators Downloads
Erion \c{C}ano and Xhesilda Vogli
2023: Perceived university support and environment as a factor of entrepreneurial intention: Evidence from Western Transdanubia Region Downloads
Attila Lajos Makai and Tibor D\H{o}ry
2023: House-Swapping with Objective Indifferences Downloads
Will Sandholtz and Andrew Tai
2023: Identifying key players in dark web marketplaces Downloads
Elohim Fonseca dos Reis, Alexander Teytelboym, Abeer ElBahraw, Ignacio De Loizaga and Andrea Baronchelli
2023: Designing Auctions when Algorithms Learn to Bid: The critical role of Payment Rules Downloads
Pranjal Rawat
2023: FLAIR: A Metric for Liquidity Provider Competitiveness in Automated Market Makers Downloads
Jason Milionis, Xin Wan and Austin Adams
2023: Modelling and Forecasting Macroeconomic Risk with Time Varying Skewness Stochastic Volatility Models Downloads
Andrea Renzetti
2023: Asymptotics for the Laplace transform of the time integral of the geometric Brownian motion Downloads
Dan Pirjol and Lingjiong Zhu
2023: Migrant Laborer's Optimization Mechanism Under Employment Permit System(EPS): Introducing and Analyzing 'Skill-Relevance-Self Selection' Model Downloads
Kwonhyung Lee, Yejin Lim and Sunghyun Cho
2023: Optimal Portfolio Execution in a Regime-switching Market with Non-linear Impact Costs: Combining Dynamic Program and Neural Network Downloads
Xiaoyue Li and John M. Mulvey
2023: Local Labor Market Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions in Developing Countries: Evidence from Brazil Downloads
Vitor Costa
2023: Productivity, Inputs Misallocation, and the Financial Crisis Downloads
Davide Luparello
2023: The rise of the chaebol: A bibliometric analysis of business groups in South Korea Downloads
Artur F. Tomeczek
2023: Inference in IV models with clustered dependence, many instruments and weak identification Downloads
Johannes W. Ligtenberg
2023: A multi-agent targeted trading equilibrium with transaction costs Downloads
Jin Hyuk Choi, Jetlir Duraj and Kim Weston
2023: Germany's nationwide travel experiment in 2022: public transport for 9 Euro per month -- First findings of an empirical study Downloads
Allister Loder, Fabienne Cantner, Lennart Adenaw, Nico Nachtigall, David Ziegler, Felix Gotzler, Markus B. Siewert, Stefan Wurster, Sebastian Goerg, Markus Lienkamp and Klaus Bogenberger
2023: Intranational Skill-relevance Model of the Immigrant's Self-selection: Further Evidence of the Stylized Fact from the E-9 Employment Permit System (EPS) Downloads
Kwonhyung Lee, Yejin Lim and Sunghyun Cho
2023: Response toward Public Health Policy Ambiguity and Insurance Decisions Downloads
Qiang Li
2023: Machine Learning for Zombie Hunting: Predicting Distress from Firms' Accounts and Missing Values Downloads
Falco J. Bargagli-Stoffi, Fabio Incerti, Massimo Riccaboni and Armando Rungi
2023: Causal Feature Engineering of Price Directions of Cryptocurrencies using Dynamic Bayesian Networks Downloads
Rasoul Amirzadeh, Asef Nazari, Dhananjay Thiruvady and Mong Shan Ee
2023: Model-Free Market Risk Hedging Using Crowding Networks Downloads
Vadim Zlotnikov, Jiayu Liu, Igor Halperin, Fei He and Lisa Huang
2023: Optimizing Investment Strategies with Lazy Factor and Probability Weighting: A Price Portfolio Forecasting and Mean-Variance Model with Transaction Costs Approach Downloads
Shuo Han, Yinan Chen and Jiacheng Liu
2023: Coordinated Dynamic Bidding in Repeated Second-Price Auctions with Budgets Downloads
Yurong Chen, Qian Wang, Zhijian Duan, Haoran Sun, Zhaohua Chen, Xiang Yan and Xiaotie Deng
2023: Kernel Choice Matters for Boundary Inference using Local Polynomial Density: With Application to Manipulation Testing Downloads
Shunsuke Imai and Yuta Okamoto
2023: Making forecasting self-learning and adaptive -- Pilot forecasting rack Downloads
Shaun D'Souza, Dheeraj Shah, Amareshwar Allati and Parikshit Soni
2023: Candidate Incentive Distributions: How voting methods shape electoral incentives Downloads
Marcus Ogren
2023: Auctioning Corporate Bonds: A Uniform-Price under Investment Mandates Downloads
Labrini Zarpala
2023: Instrument-based estimation of full treatment effects with movers Downloads
Didier Nibbering and Matthijs Oosterveen
2023: Combining Reinforcement Learning and Barrier Functions for Adaptive Risk Management in Portfolio Optimization Downloads
Zhenglong Li, Hejun Huang and Vincent Tam
2023: Centrality in Production Networks and International Technology Diffusion Downloads
Rinki Ito
2023: Surname Order and Revaccination Intentions: The Effect of Mixed-Gender Lists on Gender Differences during the COVID-19 Pandemic Downloads
Eiji Yamamura, Yoshiro Tsutsui and Fumio Ohtake
2023: Investigation User Reviews FRO to Determine the Level of Customer Loyalty Model Shahrvand Chain Stores Downloads
Mohammad Heydari, Matineh Moghaddam, Khadijeh Gholami and Habibollah Danai
2023: Learning Not to Spoof Downloads
David Byrd
2023: FinGPT: Open-Source Financial Large Language Models Downloads
Hongyang Yang, Xiao-Yang Liu and Christina Dan Wang
2023: Risk aversion promotes cooperation Downloads
Jay Armas, Wout Merbis, Janusz Meylahn, Soroush Rafiee Rad and Mauricio J. del Razo
2023: An Empirical Analysis of the Effect of Ballot Truncation on Ranked-Choice Electoral Outcomes Downloads
Mallory Dickerson, Erin Martin and David McCune
2023: The Relationship Between Burnout Operators with the Functions of Family Tehran Banking Melli Iran Bank in 2015 Downloads
Mohammad Heydari, Matineh Moghaddam and Habibollah Danai
2023: Interbank Decisions and Margins of Stability: an Agent-Based Stock-Flow Consistent Approach Downloads
Jessica Reale
2023: Causality between Sentiment and Cryptocurrency Prices Downloads
Lubdhak Mondal, Udeshya Raj, Abinandhan S, Began Gowsik S, Sarwesh P and Abhijeet Chandra
2023: The far-reaching effects of bombing on fertility in mid-20th century Japan Downloads
Tatsuki Inoue amd Erika Igarashi
2023: Monte Carlo simulation for Barndorff-Nielsen and Shephard model under change of measure Downloads
Takuji Arai and Yuto Imai
2023: Random matrix theory and nested clustered portfolios on Mexican markets Downloads
Andr\'es Garc\'ia-Medina and Benito Rodrigu\'ez-Camejo
2023: A Localized Neural Network with Dependent Data: Estimation and Inference Downloads
Jiti Gao, Bin Peng and Yanrong Yang
2023: Evaluating and Incentivizing Diverse Data Contributions in Collaborative Learning Downloads
Baihe Huang, Sai Praneeth Karimireddy and Michael I. Jordan
2023: Maximally Machine-Learnable Portfolios Downloads
Philippe Goulet Coulombe and Maximilian Goebel
2023: Deep Attentive Survival Analysis in Limit Order Books: Estimating Fill Probabilities with Convolutional-Transformers Downloads
Alvaro Arroyo, Alvaro Cartea, Fernando Moreno-Pino and Stefan Zohren
2023: Equilibrium in Functional Stochastic Games with Mean-Field Interaction Downloads
Eduardo Abi Jaber, Eyal Neuman and Moritz Vo{\ss}
2023: Heterogeneous Autoregressions in Short T Panel Data Models Downloads
Mohammad Pesaran and Liying Yang
2023: Matrix GARCH Model: Inference and Application Downloads
Cheng Yu, Dong Li, Feiyu Jiang and Ke Zhu
2023: Zero-sum stopper vs. singular-controller games with constrained control directions Downloads
Andrea Bovo, Tiziano De Angelis and Jan Palczewski
2023: Losing a Gold Mine? Downloads
Syed Abul Basher, Salim Rashid and Mohammad Riad Uddin
2023: T\^atonnement in Homothetic Fisher Markets Downloads
Denizalp Goktas, Jiayi Zhao and Amy Greenwald
2023: Perspectives in closed-loop supply chains network design considering risk and uncertainty factors Downloads
Yang Hu
2023: Chevron's Sliding Scale in Wyeth v. Levine, 129 S. Ct. 1187 (2009) Downloads
Gregory M. Dickinson
2023: Network-based Representations and Dynamic Discrete Choice Models for Multiple Discrete Choice Analysis Downloads
Hung Tran and Tien Mai
2023: Trade-off between manipulability and dictatorial power: a proof of the Gibbard-Satterthwaite Theorem Downloads
Agustín Bonifacio
2023: Permutation invariant Gaussian matrix models for financial correlation matrices Downloads
George Barnes, Sanjaye Ramgoolam and Michael Stephanou
2023: International Spillovers of ECB Interest Rates: Monetary Policy & Information Effects Downloads
Santiago Camara
2023: Evaluating the Impact of Regulatory Policies on Social Welfare in Difference-in-Difference Settings Downloads
Dalia Ghanem, D\'esir\'e K\'edagni and Ismael Mourifi\'e
2023: Calibrating Chevron for Preemption Downloads
Gregory M. Dickinson
2023: An Empirical Study of Obstacle Preemption in the Supreme Court Downloads
Gregory M. Dickinson
2023: Self-Resolving Prediction Markets for Unverifiable Outcomes Downloads
Siddarth Srinivasan, Ezra Karger and Yiling Chen
2023: Dynamic Programming on a Quantum Annealer: Solving the RBC Model Downloads
Jes\'us Fern\'andez-Villaverde and Isaiah Hull
2023: Semiparametric Efficiency Gains from Parametric Restrictions on the Generalized Propensity Score Downloads
Haruki Kono
2023: Bachelier's Market Model for ESG Asset Pricing Downloads
Svetlozar Rachev, Nancy Asare Nyarko, Blessing Omotade and Peter Yegon
2023: Semiparametric Discrete Choice Models for Bundles Downloads
Fu Ouyang and Thomas T. Yang
2023: Sustainability criterion implied externality pricing for resource extraction Downloads
Daniel Grainger
2023: Information aggregation with delegation of votes Downloads
Amrita Dhillon, Grammateia Kotsialou, Dilip Ravindran and Dimitrios Xefteris
2023: Swing Contract Pricing: A Parametric Approach with Adjoint Automatic Differentiation and Neural Networks Downloads
Vincent Lemaire, Gilles Pag\`es and Christian Yeo
2023: Uniform Inference for Cointegrated Vector Autoregressive Processes Downloads
Christian Holberg and Susanne Ditlevsen
2023: Forecasting the Performance of US Stock Market Indices During COVID-19: RF vs LSTM Downloads
Reza Nematirad, Amin Ahmadisharaf and Ali Lashgari
2023: Robust inference for the treatment effect variance in experiments using machine learning Downloads
Alejandro Sanchez-Becerra
2023: Global universal approximation of functional input maps on weighted spaces Downloads
Christa Cuchiero, Philipp Schmocker and Josef Teichmann
2023: 'Ergodicity Economics' is Pseudoscience Downloads
Alexis Akira Toda
2023: Significance Bands for Local Projections Downloads
Atsushi Inoue, \`Oscar Jord\`a and Guido Kuersteiner
2023: Frequency Regulation with Storage: On Losses and Profits Downloads
Dirk Lauinger, Fran\c{c}ois Vuille and Daniel Kuhn
2023: Improving the accuracy of bubble date estimators under time-varying volatility Downloads
Eiji Kurozumi and Anton Skrobotov
2023: Rebooting Internet Immunity Downloads
Gregory M. Dickinson
2023: Toward Textual Internet Immunity Downloads
Gregory M. Dickinson
2023: Big Tech's Tightening Grip on Internet Speech Downloads
Gregory M. Dickinson
2023: HireVAE: An Online and Adaptive Factor Model Based on Hierarchical and Regime-Switch VAE Downloads
Zikai Wei, Anyi Rao, Bo Dai and Dahua Lin
2023: Explaining AI in Finance: Past, Present, Prospects Downloads
Barry Quinn
2023: Optimal Market Making in the Chinese Stock Market: A Stochastic Control and Scenario Analysis Downloads
Shiqi Gong, Shuaiqiang Liu and Danny D. Sun
2023: From elephant to goldfish (and back): memory in stochastic Volterra processes Downloads
Ofelia Bonesini, Giorgia Callegaro, Martino Grasselli and Gilles Pag\`es
2023: Synthetic Matching Control Method Downloads
Rong J. B. Zhu
2023: Physical energy cost serves as the ''invisible hand'' governing economic valuation: Direct evidence from biogeochemical data and the U.S. metal market Downloads
Zhicen Liu
2023: The Role of Twitter in Cryptocurrency Pump-and-Dumps Downloads
David Ardia and Keven Bluteau
2023: Financial sentiment analysis using FinBERT with application in predicting stock movement Downloads
Tingsong Jiang and Andy Zeng
2023: Individual Causal Inference Using Panel Data With Multiple Outcomes Downloads
Wei Tian
2023: The Synthetic Control Method with Nonlinear Outcomes: Estimating the Impact of the 2019 Anti-Extradition Law Amendments Bill Protests on Hong Kong's Economy Downloads
Wei Tian
2023: The disruption index is biased by citation inflation Downloads
Alexander M. Petersen, Felber Arroyave and Fabio Pammolli
2023: Rank-heterogeneous Preference Models for School Choice Downloads
Amel Awadelkarim, Arjun Seshadri, Itai Ashlagi, Irene Lo and Johan Ugander
2023: Load Asymptotics and Dynamic Speed Optimization for the Greenest Path Problem: A Comprehensive Analysis Downloads
Poulad Moradi, Joachim Arts and Josu\'e Vel\'azquez-Mart\'inez
2023: A systematic literature review on solution approaches for the index tracking problem in the last decade Downloads
Julio Cezar Soares Silva and Adiel Teixeira de Almeida Filho
2023: The shape of business cycles: a cross-country analysis of Friedman s plucking theory Downloads
Emanuel Kohlscheen, Richhild Moessner and Daniel Rees
2023: Social Interactions with Endogenous Group Formation Downloads
Shuyang Sheng and Xiaoting Sun
2023: The Dynamic Persistence of Economic Shocks Downloads
Jozef Baruník and Lukas Vacha
2023: The uniform diversification strategy is optimal for expected utility maximization under high model ambiguity Downloads
Laurence Carassus and Johannes Wiesel
2023: Post-COVID Inflation & the Monetary Policy Dilemma: An Agent-Based Scenario Analysis Downloads
Max Sina Knicker, Karl Naumann-Woleske, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud and Francesco Zamponi
2023: Blockchain-based Decentralized Co-governance: Innovations and Solutions for Sustainable Crowdfunding Downloads
Bingyou Chen, Yu Luo, Jieni Li, Yujian Li, Ying Liu, Fan Yang, Junge Bo and Yanan Qiao
2023: The Cost of Misspecifying Price Impact Downloads
Natascha Hey, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Iacopo Mastromatteo, Johannes Muhle-Karbe and Kevin Webster
2023: Life after (Soft) Default Downloads
Giacomo De Giorgi and Costanza Naguib
2023: Causal Estimation of User Learning in Personalized Systems Downloads
Evan Munro, David Jones, Jennifer Brennan, Roland Nelet, Vahab Mirrokni and Jean Pouget-Abadie
2023: Examination of Supernets to Facilitate International Trade for Indian Exports to Brazil Downloads
Evan Winter, Anupam Shah, Ujjwal Gupta, Anshul Kumar, Deepayan Mohanty, Juan Carlos Uribe, Aishwary Gupta and Mini P. Thomas
2023: Kinship can hinder cooperation in heterogeneous populations Downloads
Boyu Zhang, Yali Dong, Cheng-Zhong Qin and Sergey Gavrilets
2023: Exponential Utility Maximization in a Discrete Time Gaussian Framework Downloads
Yan Dolinsky and Or Zuk
2023: An Approximate Feasibility Assessment of Electric Vehicles Adoption in Nigeria: Forecast 2030 Downloads
Qasim Ajao and Lanre Sadeeq
2023: Accounting statement analysis at industry level. A gentle introduction to the compositional approach Downloads
Germ\`a Coenders and N\'uria Arimany Serrat
2023: Mean-variance dynamic portfolio allocation with transaction costs: a Wiener chaos expansion approach Downloads
Areski Cousin, J\'er\^ome Lelong and Tom Picard
2023: Hoarding without hoarders: unpacking the emergence of opportunity hoarding within schools Downloads
Jo\~ao M. Souto-Maior
2023: Study on Intelligent Forecasting of Credit Bond Default Risk Downloads
Kai Ren
2023: Time-Consistent Asset Allocation for Risk Measures in a L\'evy Market Downloads
Felix Fie{\ss}inger and Mitja Stadje
2023: Measuring Consistency in Text-based Financial Forecasting Models Downloads
Linyi Yang, Yingpeng Ma and Yue Zhang
2023: Bubble Necessity Theorem Downloads
Tomohiro Hirano and Alexis Akira Toda
2023: Copula-Based Trading of Cointegrated Cryptocurrency Pairs Downloads
Masood Tadi and Ji\v{r}\'i Witzany
2023: Backward Hedging for American Options with Transaction Costs Downloads
Ludovic Gouden\`ege, Andrea Molent and Antonino Zanette
2023: The FRTB-IMA computational challenge for Equity Autocallables Downloads
Mariano Zeron, Meng Wu and Ignacio Ruiz
2023: The Direct and Spillover Effects of Large-scale Affirmative Action at an Elite Brazilian University Downloads
Cecilia Machado, Germ\'an Reyes and Evan Riehl
2023: A Heath-Jarrow-Morton framework for energy markets: a pragmatic approach Downloads
Matteo Gardini and Edoardo Santilli
2023: Transfer Estimates for Causal Effects across Heterogeneous Sites Downloads
Konrad Menzel
2023: Optimal tests following sequential experiments Downloads
Karun Adusumilli
2023: Collective dynamics, diversification and optimal portfolio construction for cryptocurrencies Downloads
Nick James and Max Menzies
2023: The presence of White students and the emergence of Black-White within-school inequalities: two interaction-based mechanisms Downloads
Jo\~ao M. Souto-Maior
2023: On-line reinforcement learning for optimization of real-life energy trading strategy Downloads
{\L}ukasz Lepak and Pawe{\l} Wawrzy\'nski
2023: Sensitivity Analysis in Unconditional Quantile Effects Downloads
Julian Martinez-Iriarte
2023: Sequential Cauchy Combination Test for Multiple Testing Problems with Financial Applications Downloads
Nabil Bouamara, S\'ebastien Laurent and Shuping Shi
2023: Characterizing the Feasible Payoff Set of OLG Repeated Games Downloads
Daehyun Kim and Chihiro Morooka
2023: Towards a Characterization of Random Serial Dictatorship Downloads
Felix Brandt, Matthias Greger and Ren\'e Romen
2023: On the Existence and Information of Orthogonal Moments Downloads
Facundo Arga\~naraz and Juan Carlos Escanciano
2023: Building Floorspace in China: A Dataset and Learning Pipeline Downloads
Peter Egger, Susie Xi Rao and Sebastiano Papini
2023: The self-exciting nature of the bid-ask spread dynamics Downloads
Ruihua Ruan, Emmanuel Bacry and Jean-Fran\c{c}ois Muzy
2023: Robust Welfare Analysis under Individual Heterogeneity Downloads
Sebastiaan Maes and Raghav Malhotra
2023: Bicriteria Multidimensional Mechanism Design with Side Information Downloads
Maria-Florina Balcan, Siddharth Prasad and Tuomas Sandholm
2023: Variable Importance Matching for Causal Inference Downloads
Quinn Lanners, Harsh Parikh, Alexander Volfovsky, Cynthia Rudin and David Page
2023: The inverse Cox-Ingersoll-Ross process for parsimonious financial price modeling Downloads
Li Lin and Didier Sornette
2023: Quantiled conditional variance, skewness, and kurtosis by Cornish-Fisher expansion Downloads
Ningning Zhang and Ke Zhu
2023: Short Squeeze in DeFi Lending Market: Decentralization in Jeopardy? Downloads
Lioba Heimbach, Eric G. Schertenleib and Roger Wattenhofer
2023: In Search of Insights, Not Magic Bullets: Towards Demystification of the Model Selection Dilemma in Heterogeneous Treatment Effect Estimation Downloads
Alicia Curth and Mihaela van der Schaar
2023: NPV, IRR, PI, PP, and DPP: a unified view Downloads
Mikhail Sokolov
2023: Censorship Resistance in On-Chain Auctions Downloads
Elijah Fox, Mallesh Pai and Max Resnick
2023: STEEL: Singularity-aware Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Xiaohong Chen, Zhengling Qi and Runzhe Wan
2023: Bounded (O(1)) Regret Recommendation Learning via Synthetic Controls Oracle Downloads
Enoch Hyunwook Kang and P. R. Kumar
2023: The congested assignment problem Downloads
Anna Bogomolnaia and Herve Moulin
2023: Heat and Worker Health Downloads
Andrew Ireland, David Johnston and Rachel Knott
2023: Simple Difference-in-Differences Estimation in Fixed-T Panels Downloads
Nicholas Brown, Kyle Butts and Joakim Westerlund
2023: An Optimal Control Strategy for Execution of Large Stock Orders Using LSTMs Downloads
A. Papanicolaou, H. Fu, P. Krishnamurthy, B. Healy and F. Khorrami
2023: Revisiting Panel Data Discrete Choice Models with Lagged Dependent Variables Downloads
Christopher R. Dobronyi, Fu Ouyang and Thomas Tao Yang
2023: Gender-Segmented Labor Markets and Trade Shocks Downloads
Carlos G\'oes, Gladys Lopez-Acevedo and Raymond Robertson
2023: Inference for Two-stage Experiments under Covariate-Adaptive Randomization Downloads
Jizhou Liu
2023: Unbiased estimation and asymptotically valid inference in multivariable Mendelian randomization with many weak instrumental variables Downloads
Yihe Yang, Noah Lorincz-Comi and Xiaofeng Zhu
2023: Inference on quantile processes with a finite number of clusters Downloads
Andreas Hagemann
2023: Statistical Inference and A/B Testing for First-Price Pacing Equilibria Downloads
Luofeng Liao and Christian Kroer
2023: Single-Crossing Differences in Convex Environments Downloads
Navin Kartik, SangMok Lee and Daniel Rappoport
2023: Risk Sharing with Deep Neural Networks Downloads
Matteo Burzoni, Alessandro Doldi and Enea Monzio Compagnoni
2023: PAC-Bayesian Treatment Allocation Under Budget Constraints Downloads
Daniel F. Pellatt
2023: Measuring the Driving Forces of Predictive Performance: Application to Credit Scoring Downloads
Hu\'e Sullivan, Christophe Hurlin, P\'erignon Christophe and Saurin S\'ebastien
2023: Arbitrage theory in a market of stochastic dimension Downloads
Erhan Bayraktar, Donghan Kim and Abhishek Tilva
2023: Bi-LSTM Price Prediction based on Attention Mechanism Downloads
Jiashu Lou, Leyi Cui and Ye Li
2023: Breaking Down the Lockdown: The Causal Effects of Stay-At-Home Mandates on Uncertainty and Sentiments During the COVID-19 Pandemic Downloads
C. Biliotti, F. J. Bargagli-Stoffi, N. Fraccaroli, M. Puliga and M. Riccaboni
2023: Geographical balancing of wind power decreases storage needs in a 100% renewable European power sector Downloads
Alexander Roth and Wolf-Peter Schill
2023: Cross-Sectional Dynamics Under Network Structure: Theory and Macroeconomic Applications Downloads
Marko Mlikota
2023: A new encoding of implied volatility surfaces for their synthetic generation Downloads
Zheng Gong, Wojciech Frys, Renzo Tiranti, Carmine Ventre, John O'Hara and Yingbo Bai
2023: Peer Effects in Labor Market Training Downloads
Ulrike Unterhofer
2023: Variance of entropy for testing time-varying regimes with an application to meme stocks Downloads
Andrey Shternshis and Piero Mazzarisi
2023: Optimal Scoring Rules for Multi-dimensional Effort Downloads
Jason D. Hartline, Liren Shan, Yingkai Li and Yifan Wu
2023: Reservoir Computing for Macroeconomic Forecasting with Mixed Frequency Data Downloads
Giovanni Ballarin, Petros Dellaportas, Lyudmila Grigoryeva, Marcel Hirt, Sophie van Huellen and Juan-Pablo Ortega
2023: Voter Coalitions and democracy in Decentralized Finance: Evidence from MakerDAO Downloads
Xiaotong Sun, Xi Chen, Charalampos Stasinakis and Georgios Sermpinis
2023: Efficient variational approximations for state space models Downloads
Rub\'en Loaiza-Maya and Didier Nibbering
2023: Never Say Never: Optimal Exclusion and Reserve Prices with Expectations-Based Loss-Averse Buyers Downloads
Benjamin Balzer and Antonio Rosato
2023: Inference on Extreme Quantiles of Unobserved Individual Heterogeneity Downloads
Vladislav Morozov
2023: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach to Understand User's Perceptions of Acceptance of Ride-Sharing Services in Dhaka City Downloads
Md. Mohaimenul Islam Sourav, Mohammed Russedul Islam, H M Imran Kays and Md. Hadiuzzaman
2023: Duality Theory for Exponential Utility--Based Hedging in the Almgren--Chriss Model Downloads
Yan Dolinsky
2023: Testing the Number of Components in Finite Mixture Normal Regression Model with Panel Data Downloads
Yu Hao and Hiroyuki Kasahara
2023: Fast and Slow Optimal Trading with Exogenous Information Downloads
Rama Cont, Alessandro Micheli and Eyal Neuman
2023: Shock propagation from the Russia-Ukraine conflict on international multilayer food production network determines global food availability Downloads
Moritz Laber, Peter Klimek, Martin Bruckner, Liuhuaying Yang and Stefan Thurner
2023: Equilibrium pricing of securities in the co-presence of cooperative and non-cooperative populations Downloads
Masaaki Fujii
2023: Modern Tontine with Transaction Costs Downloads
Lin He, Zongxia Liang and Sheng Wang
2023: The Shifting Attention of Political Leaders: Evidence from Two Centuries of Presidential Speeches Downloads
Oscar Calvo-Gonz\'alez, Axel Eizmendi and Germ\'an Reyes
2023: Inequality of Opportunity and Income Redistribution Downloads
Marcel Preuss, Germ\'an Reyes, Jason Somerville and Joy Wu
2023: Common Idiosyncratic Quantile Risk Downloads
Jozef Baruník and Matej Nevrla
2023: Inference on Strongly Identified Functionals of Weakly Identified Functions Downloads
Andrew Bennett, Nathan Kallus, Xiaojie Mao, Whitney Newey, Vasilis Syrgkanis and Masatoshi Uehara
2023: On Gale's Contribution in Revealed Preference Theory Downloads
Yuhki Hosoya
2023: Automated Market Making and Loss-Versus-Rebalancing Downloads
Jason Milionis, Ciamac C. Moallemi, Tim Roughgarden and Anthony Lee Zhang
2023: Sensitivity of multiperiod optimization problems in adapted Wasserstein distance Downloads
Daniel Bartl and Johannes Wiesel
2023: Planning ride-pooling services with detour restrictions for spatially heterogeneous demand: A multi-zone queuing network approach Downloads
Yining Liu and Yanfeng Ouyang
2023: Sample Complexity of Forecast Aggregation Downloads
Yiling Chen and Tao Lin
2023: Trading under the Proof-of-Stake Protocol -- a Continuous-Time Control Approach Downloads
Wenpin Tang and David D. Yao
2023: Circulation of a digital community currency Downloads
Carolina E S Mattsson, Teodoro Criscione and Frank W Takes
2023: Supply-Side Equilibria in Recommender Systems Downloads
Meena Jagadeesan, Nikhil Garg and Jacob Steinhardt
2023: Optimal Private Payoff Manipulation against Commitment in Extensive-form Games Downloads
Yurong Chen, Xiaotie Deng and Yuhao Li
2023: Assessing and Comparing Fixed-Target Forecasts of Arctic Sea Ice: Glide Charts for Feature-Engineered Linear Regression and Machine Learning Models Downloads
Francis Diebold, Maximilian Goebel and Philippe Goulet Coulombe
2023: Superiority of Instantaneous Decisions in Thin Dynamic Matching Markets Downloads
Johannes B\"aumler, Martin Bullinger, Stefan Kober and Donghao Zhu
2023: Information Geometry of Risks and Returns Downloads
Andrei N. Soklakov
2023: Classes of Aggregation Rules for Ethical Decision Making in Automated Systems Downloads
Federico Fioravanti, Iyad Rahwan and Fernando Abel Tohm\'e
2023: The Forecasting performance of the Factor model with Martingale Difference errors Downloads
Luca Mattia Rolla and Alessandro Giovannelli
2023: The Power of Tests for Detecting $p$-Hacking Downloads
Graham Elliott, Nikolay Kudrin and Kaspar W\"uthrich
2023: Recent Contributions to Theories of Discrimination Downloads
Paula Onuchic
2023: Joint diagnostic test of regression discontinuity designs: multiple testing problem Downloads
Koki Fusejima, Takuya Ishihara and Masayuki Sawada
2023: Policy Choice in Time Series by Empirical Welfare Maximization Downloads
Toru Kitagawa, Weining Wang and Mengshan Xu
2023: Leverage, Influence, and the Jackknife in Clustered Regression Models: Reliable Inference Using summclust Downloads
James MacKinnon, Morten Nielsen and Matthew Webb
2023: Higher-order Expansions and Inference for Panel Data Models Downloads
Jiti Gao, Bin Peng and Yayi Yan
2023: Panoptic: the perpetual, oracle-free options protocol Downloads
Guillaume Lambert and Jesper Kristensen
2023: Scale Dependencies and Self-Similar Models with Wavelet Scattering Spectra Downloads
Rudy Morel, Gaspar Rochette, Roberto Leonarduzzi, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud and St\'ephane Mallat
2023: Calibrating distribution models from PELVE Downloads
Hirbod Assa, Liyuan Lin and Ruodu Wang
2023: Anytime-valid sequential testing for elicitable functionals via supermartingales Downloads
Philippe Casgrain, Martin Larsson and Johanna Ziegel
2023: Risk budget portfolios with convex Non-negative Matrix Factorization Downloads
Bruno Spilak and Wolfgang Karl H\"ardle
2023: Optimal reinsurance design under solvency constraints Downloads
Benjamin Avanzi, Hayden Lau and Mogens Steffensen
2023: Testing the identification of causal effects in observational data Downloads
Martin Huber and Jannis Kueck
2023: Automatic Debiased Machine Learning for Dynamic Treatment Effects and General Nested Functionals Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Whitney Newey, Rahul Singh and Vasilis Syrgkanis
2023: Correcting Attrition Bias using Changes-in-Changes Downloads
Dalia Ghanem, Sarojini Hirshleifer, D\'esir\'e K\'edagni and Karen Ortiz-Becerra
2023: On the Fragility of the Basis on the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equation in Economic Dynamics Downloads
Yuhki Hosoya
2023: Selection and parallel trends Downloads
Dalia Ghanem, Pedro Sant'Anna and Kaspar W\"uthrich
2023: Detection and treatment of outliers for multivariate robust loss reserving Downloads
Benjamin Avanzi, Mark Lavender, Greg Taylor and Bernard Wong
2023: Inference in Linear Dyadic Data Models with Network Spillovers Downloads
Nathan Canen and Ko Sugiura
2023: Discovering Opportunities in New York City's Discovery Program: Disadvantaged Students in Highly Competitive Markets Downloads
Yuri Faenza, Swati Gupta and Xuan Zhang
2023: On the impact of outliers in loss reserving Downloads
Benjamin Avanzi, Mark Lavender, Greg Taylor and Bernard Wong
2023: Variational inference for large Bayesian vector autoregressions Downloads
Mauro Bernardi, Daniele Bianchi and Nicolas Bianco
2023: The Impact of a Coalition: Assessing the Likelihood of Voter Influence in Large Elections Downloads
Lirong Xia
2023: The Legacy of Authoritarianism in a Democracy Downloads
Pramod Sur
2023: Improving Estimation Efficiency via Regression-Adjustment in Covariate-Adaptive Randomizations with Imperfect Compliance Downloads
Liang Jiang, Oliver Linton, Haihan Tang and Yichong Zhang
2023: RiskNet: Neural Risk Assessment in Networks of Unreliable Resources Downloads
Krzysztof Rusek, Piotr Bory{\l}o, Piotr Jaglarz, Fabien Geyer, Albert Cabellos and Piotr Cho{\l}da
2023: The Benefits of Coarse Preferences Downloads
Joseph Y. Halpern, Yuval Heller and Eyal Winter
2023: Dynamic Risk Measurement by EVT based on Stochastic Volatility models via MCMC Downloads
Shi Bo and Minheng Xiao
2023: Smooth Nested Simulation: Bridging Cubic and Square Root Convergence Rates in High Dimensions Downloads
Wenjia Wang, Yanyuan Wang and Xiaowei Zhang
2023: Pricing Bermudan options using regression trees/random forests Downloads
Zineb El Filali Ech-Chafiq, Pierre Henry-Labordere and J\'er\^ome Lelong
2023: How Does Risk Hedging Impact Operations? Insights from a Price-Setting Newsvendor Model Downloads
Liao Wang, Jin Yao and Xiaowei Zhang
2023: Private Private Information Downloads
Kevin He, Fedor Sandomirskiy and Omer Tamuz
2023: Importance sampling for option pricing with feedforward neural networks Downloads
Aleksandar Arandjelovi\'c, Thorsten Rheinl\"ander and Pavel V. Shevchenko
2023: The Long-Run Impact of Electoral Violence on Health and Human Capital in Kenya Downloads
Roxana Guti\'errez-Romero
2023: Cross-Impact of Order Flow Imbalance in Equity Markets Downloads
Rama Cont, Mihai Cucuringu and Chao Zhang
2023: Heckman-Selection or Two-Part models for alcohol studies? Depends Downloads
Reka Sundaram-Stukel
2023: Uniform Convergence Results for the Local Linear Regression Estimation of the Conditional Distribution Downloads
Haitian Xie
2023: EmTract: Extracting Emotions from Social Media Downloads
Domonkos F. Vamossy and Rolf Skog
2023: Closed-Loop Nash Competition for Liquidity Downloads
Alessandro Micheli, Johannes Muhle-Karbe and Eyal Neuman
2023: Market making by an FX dealer: tiers, pricing ladders and hedging rates for optimal risk control Downloads
Alexander Barzykin, Philippe Bergault and Olivier Gu\'eant
2023: Factor-augmented tree ensembles Downloads
Filippo Pellegrino
2023: Robust Permutation Tests in Linear Instrumental Variables Regression Downloads
Purevdorj Tuvaandorj
2023: An Empirical Evaluation of the Impact of New York's Bail Reform on Crime Using Synthetic Controls Downloads
Angela Zhou, Andrew Koo, Nathan Kallus, Rene Ropac, Richard Peterson, Stephen Koppel and Tiffany Bergin
2023: Dynamic treatment effects: high-dimensional inference under model misspecification Downloads
Yuqian Zhang, Weijie Ji and Jelena Bradic
2023: The Supply of Motivated Beliefs Downloads
Michael Thaler
2023: The Local Economic Impact of Mineral Mining in Africa: Evidence from Four Decades of Satellite Imagery Downloads
Sandro Provenzano and Hannah Bull
2023: Tiebout Meets Schelling Online: Sorting in Cybercommunities Downloads
John Lynham and Philip R Neary
2023: Efficiency, Fairness, and Stability in Non-Commercial Peer-to-Peer Ridesharing Downloads
Hoon Oh, Yanhan Tang, Zong Zhang, Alexandre Jacquillat and Fei Fang
2023: Rating transitions forecasting: a filtering approach Downloads
Areski Cousin, J\'er\^ome Lelong and Tom Picard
2023: Some Impossibility Results for Inference With Cluster Dependence with Large Clusters Downloads
Denis Kojevnikov and Kyungchul Song
2023: A Unified Frequency Domain Cross-Validatory Approach to HAC Standard Error Estimation Downloads
Zhihao Xu and Clifford Hurvich
2023: Characterizing the Top Cycle via Strategyproofness Downloads
Felix Brandt and Patrick Lederer
2023: Robustness and sensitivity analyses for rough Volterra stochastic volatility models Downloads
Jan Matas and Jan Posp\'i\v{s}il
2023: Inference for the proportional odds cumulative logit model with monotonicity constraints for ordinal predictors and ordinal response Downloads
Javier Espinosa-Brito and Christian Hennig
2023: Dynamic Ordered Panel Logit Models Downloads
Bo E. Honor\'e, Chris Muris and Martin Weidner
2023: Unifying Revealed Preference and Revealed Rational Inattention Downloads
Kunal Pattanayak and Vikram Krishnamurthy
2023: Ordered Reference Dependent Choice Downloads
Xi Zhi Lim
2023: A data-driven approach to beating SAA out-of-sample Downloads
Jun-ya Gotoh, Michael Jong Kim and Andrew E. B. Lim
2023: Weak equilibria for time-inconsistent control: with applications to investment-withdrawal decisions Downloads
Zongxia Liang and Fengyi Yuan
2023: The Local Approach to Causal Inference under Network Interference Downloads
Eric Auerbach and Max Tabord-Meehan
2023: Difference-in-Differences Estimation with Spatial Spillovers Downloads
Kyle Butts
2023: Screening for breakthroughs: Omitted proofs Downloads
Gregorio Curello and Ludvig Sinander
2023: Generalized Social Marginal Welfare Weights Imply Inconsistent Comparisons of Tax Policies Downloads
Itai Sher
2023: A Bonus-Malus Framework for Cyber Risk Insurance and Optimal Cybersecurity Provisioning Downloads
Qikun Xiang, Ariel Neufeld, Gareth W. Peters, Ido Nevat and Anwitaman Datta
2023: Better Bunching, Nicer Notching Downloads
Marinho Bertanha, Andrew H. McCallum and Nathan Seegert
2023: The Law of Large Numbers for Large Stable Matchings Downloads
Jacob Schwartz and Kyungchul Song
2023: Screening for breakthroughs Downloads
Gregorio Curello and Ludvig Sinander
2023: Measuring Cognitive Abilities in the Wild: Validating a Population-Scale Game-Based Cognitive Assessment Downloads
Mads Kock Pedersen, Carlos Mauricio Casta\~no D\'iaz, Qian Janice Wang, Mario Alejandro Alba-Marrugo, Ali Amidi, Rajiv Vaid Basaiawmoit, Carsten Bergenholtz, Morten H. Christiansen, Miroslav Gajdacz, Ralph Hertwig, Byurakn Ishkhanyan, Kim Klyver, Nicolai Ladegaard, Kim Mathiasen, Christine Parsons, Janet Rafner, Anders Ryom Villadsen, Mikkel Wallentin, Blanka Zana and Jacob Friis Sherson
2023: Instrument Validity for Heterogeneous Causal Effects Downloads
Zhenting Sun
2023: Unveiling the directional network behind the financial statements data using volatility constraint correlation Downloads
Tomoshiro Ochiai and Jose C. Nacher
2023: The Spectral Approach to Linear Rational Expectations Models Downloads
Majid Al-Sadoon
2023: Difference-in-Differences Estimators of Intertemporal Treatment Effects Downloads
Clément de Chaisemartin and Xavier D'Haultfoeuille
2023: Denise: Deep Robust Principal Component Analysis for Positive Semidefinite Matrices Downloads
Calypso Herrera, Florian Krach, Anastasis Kratsios, Pierre Ruyssen and Josef Teichmann
2023: Causal Inference on Networks under Continuous Treatment Interference Downloads
Laura Forastiere, Davide Del Prete and Valerio Leone Sciabolazza
2023: Scores for Multivariate Distributions and Level Sets Downloads
Xiaochun Meng, James W. Taylor, Souhaib Ben Taieb and Siran Li
2023: Synchronization of endogenous business cycles Downloads
Marco Pangallo
2023: Equivariant online predictions of non-stationary time series Downloads
K\=osaku Takanashi and Kenichiro McAlinn
2023: Testing Forecast Rationality for Measures of Central Tendency Downloads
Timo Dimitriadis, Andrew Patton and Patrick W. Schmidt
2023: Racial Disparities in Debt Collection Downloads
Jessica LaVoice and Domonkos F. Vamossy
2023: At What Level Should One Cluster Standard Errors in Paired and Small-Strata Experiments? Downloads
Clément de Chaisemartin and Jaime Ramirez-Cuellar
2023: Public goods in networks with constraints on sharing Downloads
Stefanie Gerke, Gregory Gutin, Sung-Ha Hwang and Philip Neary
2023: Orthogonal Statistical Learning Downloads
Dylan J. Foster and Vasilis Syrgkanis
2023: MALTS: Matching After Learning to Stretch Downloads
Harsh Parikh, Cynthia Rudin and Alexander Volfovsky
2023: Nuclear Norm Regularized Estimation of Panel Regression Models Downloads
Hyungsik Moon and Martin Weidner
2023: Hedging with physical or cash settlement under transient multiplicative price impact Downloads
Dirk Becherer and Todor Bilarev
2023: Fischer-Schultz Lecture: Generic Machine Learning Inference on Heterogenous Treatment Effects in Randomized Experiments, with an Application to Immunization in India Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Mert Demirer, Esther Duflo and Iv\'an Fern\'andez-Val
2023: Short-Term Stock Price Forecasting using exogenous variables and Machine Learning Algorithms Downloads
Albert Wong, Steven Whang, Emilio Sagre, Niha Sachin, Gustavo Dutra, Yew-Wei Lim, Gaetan Hains, Youry Khmelevsky and Frank Zhang
2023: Duopoly insurers' incentives for data quality under a mandatory cyber data sharing regime Downloads
Carlos Barreto, Olof Reinert, Tobias Wiesinger and Ulrik Franke
2023: Towards Generalizable Reinforcement Learning for Trade Execution Downloads
Chuheng Zhang, Yitong Duan, Xiaoyu Chen, Jianyu Chen, Jian Li and Li Zhao
2023: Joint Latent Topic Discovery and Expectation Modeling for Financial Markets Downloads
Lili Wang, Chenghan Huang, Chongyang Gao, Weicheng Ma and Soroush Vosoughi
2023: Improved Financial Forecasting via Quantum Machine Learning Downloads
Sohum Thakkar, Skander Kazdaghli, Natansh Mathur, Iordanis Kerenidis, Andr\'e J. Ferreira-Martins and Samurai Brito
2023: Generating Synergistic Formulaic Alpha Collections via Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Shuo Yu, Hongyan Xue, Xiang Ao, Feiyang Pan, Jia He, Dandan Tu and Qing He
2023: Leveraging Machine Learning for Multichain DeFi Fraud Detection Downloads
Georgios Palaiokrassas, Sandro Scherrers, Iason Ofeidis and Leandros Tassiulas
2023: Gauge symmetries and the Higgs mechanism in Quantum Finance Downloads
Ivan Arraut
2023: Nash Equilibrium and Axiom of Choice Are Equivalent Downloads
Conrad Kosowsky
2023: Detecting Consumers' Financial Vulnerability using Open Banking Data: Evidence from UK Payday Loans Downloads
Victor Medina-Olivares and Raffaella Calabrese
2023: Not feeling the buzz: Correction study of mispricing and inefficiency in online sportsbooks Downloads
Lawrence Clegg and John Cartlidge
2023: A Strong Sustainability Paradigm Based Analytical Hierarchy Process (SSP-AHP) Method to Evaluate Sustainable Healthcare Systems Downloads
Jaros{\l}aw W\k{a}tr\'obski, Aleksandra B\k{a}czkiewicz and Iga Rudawska
2023: Inference in Predictive Quantile Regressions Downloads
Alex Maynard, Katsumi Shimotsu and Nina Kuriyama
2023: SolarEV City Concept for Paris: A promising idea? Downloads
Paul Deroubaix, Takuro Kobashi, L\'ena Gurriaran, Fouzi Benkhelifa, Philippe Ciais and Katsumasa Tanaka
2023: Discrete $q$-exponential limit order cancellation time distribution Downloads
Vygintas Gontis
2023: Incorporating Domain Knowledge in Deep Neural Networks for Discrete Choice Models Downloads
Shadi Haj-Yahia, Omar Mansour and Tomer Toledo
2023: The climate niche of Homo Sapiens Downloads
Richard Tol
2023: Paradoxical Oddities in Two Multiwinner Elections from Scotland Downloads
Adam Graham-Squire and David McCune
2023: Modeling and evaluating conditional quantile dynamics in VaR forecasts Downloads
Fabrizio Cipollini, Giampiero Gallo and Alessandro Palandri
2023: Deep Neural Network Estimation in Panel Data Models Downloads
Ilias Chronopoulos, Katerina Chrysikou, George Kapetanios, James Mitchell and Aristeidis Raftapostolos
2023: Proof-of-work consensus by quantum sampling Downloads
Deepesh Singh, Boxiang Fu, Gopikrishnan Muraleedharan, Chen-Mou Cheng, Nicolas Roussy Newton, Peter P. Rohde and Gavin K. Brennen
2023: Quasi-Score Matching Estimation for Spatial Autoregressive Model with Random Weights Matrix and Regressors Downloads
Xuan Liang and Tao Zou
2023: Deep into The Domain Shift: Transfer Learning through Dependence Regularization Downloads
Shumin Ma, Zhiri Yuan, Qi Wu, Yiyan Huang, Xixu Hu, Cheuk Hang Leung, Dongdong Wang and Zhixiang Huang
2023: A Simple Method for Predicting Covariance Matrices of Financial Returns Downloads
Kasper Johansson, Mehmet Giray Ogut, Markus Pelger, Thomas Schmelzer and Stephen Boyd
2023: The centralizing effects of private order flow on proposer-builder separation Downloads
Tivas Gupta, Mallesh M Pai and Max Resnick
2023: Generalized Autoregressive Score Trees and Forests Downloads
Andrew Patton and Yasin Simsek
2023: Playing the system: address manipulation and access to schools Downloads
Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen, Lykke Sterll Christensen, Mikkel H{\o}st Gandil and Hans Henrik Sievertsen
2023: A Game of Competition for Risk Downloads
Louis Abraham
2023: Behavioral Causal Inference Downloads
Ran Spiegler
2023: Nonlinear Impulse Response Functions and Local Projections Downloads
Christian Gourieroux and Quinlan Lee
2023: Identifying Dynamic LATEs with a Static Instrument Downloads
Bruno Ferman and Ot\'avio Tecchio
2023: Integrating Different Informations for Portfolio Selection Downloads
Yi Huang, Wei Zhu, Duan Li, Shushang Zhu and Shikun Wang
2023: Time-Varying Vector Error-Correction Models: Estimation and Inference Downloads
Jiti Gao, Bin Peng and Yayi Yan
2023: Monotonicity Anomalies in Scottish Local Government Elections Downloads
David McCune and Adam Graham-Squire
2023: Bridging TSLS and JIVE Downloads
Lei Wang
2023: Reaching an equilibrium of prices and holdings of goods through direct buying and selling Downloads
J. Deride, A. Jofr\'e and R. T. Rockafellar
2023: A Comparative Analysis of Portfolio Optimization Using Mean-Variance, Hierarchical Risk Parity, and Reinforcement Learning Approaches on the Indian Stock Market Downloads
Jaydip Sen, Aditya Jaiswal, Anshuman Pathak, Atish Kumar Majee, Kushagra Kumar, Manas Kumar Sarkar and Soubhik Maji
2023: Macroeconomic Effects of Inflation Targeting: A Survey of the Empirical Literature Downloads
Goran Petrevski
2023: Financial misstatement detection: a realistic evaluation Downloads
Elias Zavitsanos, Dimitris Mavroeidis, Konstantinos Bougiatiotis, Eirini Spyropoulou, Lefteris Loukas and Georgios Paliouras
2023: Duration Dependence and Heterogeneity: Learning from Early Notice of Layoff Downloads
Div Bhagia
2023: Critical density for network reconstruction Downloads
Andrea Gabrielli, Valentina Macchiati and Diego Garlaschelli
2023: Using Limited Trial Evidence to Credibly Choose Treatment Dosage when Efficacy and Adverse Effects Weakly Increase with Dose Downloads
Charles F. Manski
2023: Local Sharing and Sociality Effects on Wealth Inequality in a Simple Artificial Society Downloads
John C. Stevenson
2023: A Policy Gradient Method for Confounded POMDPs Downloads
Mao Hong, Zhengling Qi and Yanxun Xu
2023: When is cross impact relevant? Downloads
Victor Le Coz, Iacopo Mastromatteo, Damien Challet and Michael Benzaquen
2023: The Economics of Augmented and Virtual Reality Downloads
Joshua Gans and Abhishek Nagaraj
2023: Fast and Order-invariant Inference in Bayesian VARs with Non-Parametric Shocks Downloads
Florian Huber and Gary Koop
2023: Green portfolio optimization: A scenario analysis and stress testing based novel approach for sustainable investing in the paradigm Indian markets Downloads
Shashwat Mishra, Rishabh Raj and Siddhartha P. Chakrabarty
2023: Zero is Not Hero Yet: Benchmarking Zero-Shot Performance of LLMs for Financial Tasks Downloads
Agam Shah and Sudheer Chava
2023: Causality between investor sentiment and the shares return on the Moroccan and Tunisian financial markets Downloads
Chniguir Mounira and Henchiri Jamel Eddine
2023: Credit Valuation Adjustment in Financial Networks Downloads
Irena Barja\v{s}i\'c, Stefano Battiston and Vinko Zlati\'c
2023: Validating a dynamic input-output model for the propagation of supply and demand shocks during the COVID-19 pandemic in Belgium Downloads
Tijs W. Alleman, Koen Schoors and Jan M. Baetens
2023: E2EAI: End-to-End Deep Learning Framework for Active Investing Downloads
Zikai Wei, Bo Dai and Dahua Lin
2023: Non-adversarial training of Neural SDEs with signature kernel scores Downloads
Zacharia Issa, Blanka Horvath, Maud Lemercier and Cristopher Salvi
2023: Hierarchical forecasting for aggregated curves with an application to day-ahead electricity price auctions Downloads
Paul Ghelasi and Florian Ziel
2023: Role of Neighbouring Wealth Preference in Kinetic Exchange model of market Downloads
Suchismita Banerjee
2023: More than Words: Twitter Chatter and Financial Market Sentiment Downloads
Travis Adams, Andrea Ajello, Diego Silva and Francisco Vazquez-Grande
2023: Modeling the Impact of Mentoring on Women's Work-LifeBalance: A Grounded Theory Approach Downloads
Parvaneh Bahrami, Saeed Nosratabadi, Khodayar Palouzian and Szilard Hegedus
2023: Social Sustainability of Digital Transformation: Empirical Evidence from EU-27 Countries Downloads
Saeed Nosratabadi, Thabit Atobishi and Szilard HegedHus
2023: Market Making with Deep Reinforcement Learning from Limit Order Books Downloads
Hong Guo, Jianwu Lin and Fanlin Huang
2023: Cautious Belief and Iterated Admissibility Downloads
Emiliano Catonini and Nicodemo De Vito
2023: Political Conflict and Economic Growth in Post-Independence Venezuela Downloads
Dorothy Kronick and Francisco Rodr\'iguez
2023: Quantifying Character Similarity with Vision Transformers Downloads
Xinmei Yang, Abhishek Arora, Shao-Yu Jheng and Melissa Dell
2023: Estimating causal effects of sanctions impacts: what role for country-level studies? Downloads
Francisco Rodr\'iguez
2023: Automated Market Making and Arbitrage Profits in the Presence of Fees Downloads
Jason Milionis, Ciamac C. Moallemi and Tim Roughgarden
2023: On the Instability of Fractional Reserve Banking Downloads
Heon Lee
2023: Reproducibility and Transparency versus Privacy and Confidentiality: Reflections from a Data Editor Downloads
Lars Vilhuber
2023: Stock and market index prediction using Informer network Downloads
Yuze Lu, Hailong Zhang and Qiwen Guo
2023: Predicting Stock Market Time-Series Data using CNN-LSTM Neural Network Model Downloads
Aadhitya A, Rajapriya R, Vineetha R S and Anurag M Bagde
2023: Support for Stock Trend Prediction Using Transformers and Sentiment Analysis Downloads
Harsimrat Kaeley, Ye Qiao and Nader Bagherzadeh
2023: The Complexity of Corporate Culture as a Potential Source of Firm Profit Differentials Downloads
Frederik Banning, Jessica Reale and Michael Roos
2023: Nash implementation in a many-to-one matching market Downloads
Noelia Juarez, Paola B. Manasero and Jorge Oviedo
2023: Monetary Policy & Stock Market Downloads
Kian Tehranian
2023: The Quadratic Local Variance Gamma Model: an arbitrage-free interpolation of class $\mathcal{C}^3$ for option prices Downloads
Fabien Le Floc'h
2023: Rational social distancing in epidemics with uncertain vaccination timing Downloads
Simon K. Schnyder, John J. Molina, Ryoichi Yamamoto and Matthew S. Turner
2023: InProC: Industry and Product/Service Code Classification Downloads
Simerjot Kaur, Andrea Stefanucci and Sameena Shah
2023: Unimodal maps perturbed by heteroscedastic noise: an application to a financial systems Downloads
F. Lillo, G. Livieri, S. Marmi, A. Solomko and S. Vaienti
2023: Trustless Price Feeds of Cryptocurrencies: Pathfinder Downloads
Orhan Koc
2023: Complexity measure, kernel density estimation, bandwidth selection, and the efficient market hypothesis Downloads
Matthieu Garcin
2023: The Missing Link: Exploring the Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Change in team members in Construction Downloads
M. R. Ibrahim
2023: The Key to Organizational and construction Excellence: A Study of Total Quality Management Downloads
M. R. Ibrahim, D. U. Muhammad, B. Muhammad, J. O. Alaezi and J. Agidani
2023: The Mean Squared Error of the Ridgeless Least Squares Estimator under General Assumptions on Regression Errors Downloads
Sungyoon Lee and Sokbae Lee
2023: Ownership Chains in Multinational Enterprises Downloads
Stefania Miricola, Armando Rungi and Gianluca Santoni
2023: A Simulation Package in VBA to Support Finance Students for Constructing Optimal Portfolios Downloads
Abdulnasser Hatemi-J and Alan Mustafa
2023: The Influence of ChatGPT on Artificial Intelligence Related Crypto Assets: Evidence from a Synthetic Control Analysis Downloads
Aman Saggu and Lennart Ante
2023: Deformation of Marchenko-Pastur distribution for the correlated time series Downloads
Masato Hisakado and Takuya Kaneko
2023: Value-at-Risk-Based Portfolio Insurance: Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking Against CPPI in a Markov-Modulated Regime-Switching Market Downloads
Peyman Alipour and Ali Foroush Bastani
2023: Federated Offline Policy Learning with Heterogeneous Observational Data Downloads
Aldo Gael Carranza and Susan Athey
2023: Machine Learning for Socially Responsible Portfolio Optimisation Downloads
Taeisha Nundlall and Terence L Van Zyl
2023: The Federal Reserve's Response to the Global Financial Crisis and Its Long-Term Impact: An Interrupted Time-Series Natural Experimental Analysis Downloads
Arnaud Cedric Kamkoum
2023: Uniform Pricing vs Pay as Bid in 100%-Renewables Electricity Markets: A Game-theoretical Analysis Downloads
Dongwei Zhao, Audun Botterud and Marija Ilic
2023: Efficient Learning of Nested Deep Hedging using Multiple Options Downloads
Masanori Hirano, Kentaro Imajo, Kentaro Minami and Takuya Shimada
2023: Volatility jumps and the classification of monetary policy announcements Downloads
Giampiero Gallo, Demetrio Lacava and Edoardo Otranto
2023: Commodity-specific triads in the Dutch inter-industry production network Downloads
Marzio Di Vece, Frank P. Pijpers and Diego Garlaschelli
2023: Game-Theoretical Analysis of Reviewer Rewards in Peer-Review Journal Systems: Analysis and Experimental Evaluation using Deep Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Minhyeok Lee
2023: Identification and Estimation of Production Function with Unobserved Heterogeneity Downloads
Hiroyuki Kasahara, Paul Schrimpf and Michio Suzuki
2023: Judgments of research co-created by generative AI: experimental evidence Downloads
Pawe{\l} Niszczota and Paul Conway
2023: Affirmative Action in India via Vertical, Horizontal, and Overlapping Reservations: Comment Downloads
Orhan Ayg\"un and Bertan Turhan
2023: Trustworthy, responsible, ethical AI in manufacturing and supply chains: synthesis and emerging research questions Downloads
Alexandra Brintrup, George Baryannis, Ashutosh Tiwari, Svetan Ratchev, Giovanna Martinez-Arellano and Jatinder Singh
2023: The Global Governance of Artificial Intelligence: Next Steps for Empirical and Normative Research Downloads
Jonas Tallberg, Eva Erman, Markus Furendal, Johannes Geith, Mark Klamberg and Magnus Lundgren
2023: AI Regulation in the European Union: Examining Non-State Actor Preferences Downloads
Jonas Tallberg, Magnus Lundgren and Johannes Geith
2023: Artificial intelligence moral agent as Adam Smith's impartial spectator Downloads
Nikodem Tomczak
2023: Practical algorithms and experimentally validated incentives for equilibrium-based fair division (A-CEEI) Downloads
Eric Budish, Ruiquan Gao, Abraham Othman, Aviad Rubinstein and Qianfan Zhang
2023: Online Learning in a Creator Economy Downloads
Banghua Zhu, Sai Praneeth Karimireddy, Jiantao Jiao and Michael I. Jordan
2023: Weighing Anchor on Credit Card Debt Downloads
Benedict Guttman-Kenney, Jesse Leary and Neil Stewart
2023: Risk Budgeting Allocation for Dynamic Risk Measures Downloads
Sebastian Jaimungal, Silvana M. Pesenti, Yuri F. Saporito and Rodrigo S. Targino
2023: Precision versus Shrinkage: A Comparative Analysis of Covariance Estimation Methods for Portfolio Allocation Downloads
Sumanjay Dutta and Shashi Jain
2023: Context-Dependent Heterogeneous Preferences: A Comment on Barseghyan and Molinari (2023) Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Xinwei Ma and Yusufcan Masatlioglu
2023: Non-parametric cumulants approach for outlier detection of multivariate financial data Downloads
Francesco Cesarone, Rosella Giacometti and Jacopo Maria Ricci
2023: Super-efficiency of Listed Banks in China and Determinants Analysis (2006-2021) Downloads
Yun Liao and Ruihui Xu
2023: Best-Response Dynamics in Lottery Contests Downloads
Abheek Ghosh and Paul W. Goldberg
2023: Extreme ATM skew in a local volatility model with discontinuity: joint density approach Downloads
Alexander Gairat and Vadim Shcherbakov
2023: Efficient inverse $Z$-transform: sufficient conditions Downloads
Svetlana Boyarchenko and Sergei Levendorski\u{i}
2023: A Counterexample in Ito Integration Theory Downloads
Lars Tyge Nielsen
2023: Gated Deeper Models are Effective Factor Learners Downloads
Jingjing Guo
2023: Option pricing under jump diffusion model Downloads
Qian Li and Li Wang
2023: A Short Note on Setting Swap Parameters Downloads
Nihar Shah, Lucas Baker, Suraj Srinivasan and Alex Toberoff
2023: Heterogeneous Noise and Stable Miscoordination Downloads
Srinivas Arigapudi, Yuval Heller and Amnon Schreiber
2023: Balanced Donor Coordination Downloads
Felix Brandt, Matthias Greger, Erel Segal-Halevi and Warut Suksompong
2023: Nowcasting with signature methods Downloads
Samuel N. Cohen, Silvia Lui, Will Malpass, Giulia Mantoan, Lars Nesheim, \'Aureo de Paula, Andrew Reeves, Craig Scott, Emma Small and Lingyi Yang
2023: Valuation of a Financial Claim Contingent on the Outcome of a Quantum Measurement Downloads
Lane P. Hughston and Leandro S\'anchez-Betancourt
2023: Towards High-Value Datasets determination for data-driven development: a systematic literature review Downloads
Anastasija Nikiforova, Nina Rizun, Magdalena Ciesielska, Charalampos Alexopoulos and Andrea Mileti\v{c}
2023: Affective interdependence and welfare Downloads
Aviad Heifetz, Enrico Minelli and Herakles Polemarchakis
2023: Rational Dialogues Downloads
John Geanakoplos and Herakles Polemarchakis
2023: Improved Bounds for Single-Nomination Impartial Selection Downloads
Javier Cembrano, Felix Fischer and Max Klimm
2023: Embedding and correlation tensor for XRP transaction networks Downloads
Abhijit Chakraborty, Tetsuo Hatsuda and Yuichi Ikeda
2023: Emergent Growth of System Self-Organization & Self-Control Downloads
Jessie Henshaw
2023: Deep Learning for Solving and Estimating Dynamic Macro-Finance Models Downloads
Benjamin Fan, Edward Qiao, Anran Jiao, Zhouzhou Gu, Wenhao Li and Lu Lu
2023: Monitoring multicountry macroeconomic risk Downloads
Dimitris Korobilis and Maximilian Schr\"oder
2023: Executive Voiced Laughter and Social Approval: An Explorative Machine Learning Study Downloads
Niklas Mueller, Steffen Klug, Andreas Koenig, Alexander Kathan, Lukas Christ, Bjoern Schuller and Shahin Amiriparian
2023: Health Impacts of Public Pawnshops in Industrializing Tokyo Downloads
Tatsuki Inoue
2023: Multivariate range Value-at-Risk and covariance risk measures for elliptical and log-elliptical distributions Downloads
Baishuai Zuo, Chuancun Yin and Jing Yao
2023: Grenander-type Density Estimation under Myerson Regularity Downloads
Haitian Xie
2023: Convex optimization over a probability simplex Downloads
James Chok and Geoffrey M. Vasil
2023: Kites and Quails: Monetary Policy and Communication with Strategic Financial Markets Downloads
Giampaolo Bonomi and Ali Uppal
2023: Complete Conditional Type Structures Downloads
Nicodemo De Vito
2023: Semiparametrically Optimal Cointegration Test Downloads
Bo Zhou
2023: Copula Variational LSTM for High-dimensional Cross-market Multivariate Dependence Modeling Downloads
Jia Xu and Longbing Cao
2023: Temporal and Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network for Financial Time Series Prediction Downloads
Sheng Xiang, Dawei Cheng, Chencheng Shang, Ying Zhang and Yuqi Liang
2023: Portfolio Optimization Rules beyond the Mean-Variance Approach Downloads
Maxime Markov and Vladimir Markov
2023: Hierarchical DCC-HEAVY Model for High-Dimensional Covariance Matrices Downloads
Emilija Dzuverovic and Matteo Barigozzi
2023: Efficient Semiparametric Estimation of Average Treatment Effects Under Covariate Adaptive Randomization Downloads
Ahnaf Rafi
2023: NYSE Price Correlations Are Abitrageable Over Hours and Predictable Over Years Downloads
William H. Press
2023: Robustness of Participatory Budgeting Outcomes: Complexity and Experiments Downloads
Niclas Boehmer, Piotr Faliszewski, {\L}ukasz Janeczko and Andrzej Kaczmarczyk
2023: Hybrid Quantum Algorithms integrating QAOA, Penalty Dephasing and Zeno Effect for Solving Binary Optimization Problems with Multiple Constraints Downloads
Ke Wan and Yiwen Liu
2023: The Newsvendor with Advice Downloads
Lin An, Andrew A. Li, Benjamin Moseley and R. Ravi
2023: Trillion Dollar Words: A New Financial Dataset, Task & Market Analysis Downloads
Agam Shah, Suvan Paturi and Sudheer Chava
2023: Investigating Emergent Goal-Like Behaviour in Large Language Models Using Experimental Economics Downloads
Steve Phelps and Yvan I. Russell
2023: Social Surplus Maximization in Sponsored Search Auctions Requires Communication Downloads
Suat Evren
2023: PRIME: A Price-Reverting Impact Model of a cryptocurrency Exchange Downloads
Christopher J. Cho, Timothy J. Norman and Manuel Nunes
2023: Mechanism Design without Rational Expectations Downloads
Giacomo Rubbini
2023: The use of trade data in the analysis of global phosphate flows Downloads
Matthias Raddant, Martin Bertau and Gerald Steiner
2023: Building resilient organizations: The roles of top-down vs. bottom-up organizing Downloads
Stephan Leitner
2023: Evaluating congestion pricing schemes using agent-based passenger and freight microsimulation Downloads
Peiyu Jing, Ravi Seshadri, Takanori Sakai, Ali Shamshiripour, Andre Romano Alho, Antonios Lentzakis and Moshe E. Ben-Akiva
2023: Hail Mary Pass: Contests with Stochastic Progress Downloads
Chang Liu
2023: Mortgage Securitization Dynamics in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters: A Reply Downloads
Amine Ouazad and Matthew Kahn
2023: Robust Equilibrium Strategy for Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection Downloads
Mengge Li, Shuaijie Qian and Chao Zhou
2023: Fair Price Discrimination Downloads
Siddhartha Banerjee, Kamesh Munagala, Yiheng Shen and Kangning Wang
2023: Socioeconomic disparities in mobility behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic in developing countries Downloads
Lorenzo Lucchini, Ollin Langle-Chimal, Lorenzo Candeago, Lucio Melito, Alex Chunet, Aleister Montfort, Bruno Lepri, Nancy Lozano-Gracia and Samuel P. Fraiberger
2023: Band-Pass Filtering with High-Dimensional Time Series Downloads
Alessandro Giovannelli, Marco Lippi and Tommaso Proietti
2023: Multiple Adjusted Quantiles Downloads
Christopher Chambers and Alan Miller
2023: The Unified Framework for Modelling Credit Cycles with Marshall-Walras Price Formation Process And Systemic Risk Assessment Downloads
Kamil Fortuna and Janusz Szwabi\'nski
2023: Cost-benefit of green infrastructures for water management: A sustainability assessment of full-scale constructed wetlands in Northern and Southern Italy Downloads
Laura Garcia-Herrero, Stevo Lavrnic, Valentina Guerrieri, Attilio Toscano, Mirco Milani, Giuseppe Luigi Cirelli and Matteo Vittuari
2023: Yquilibrium: A Theory for (Non-) Convex Economies Downloads
Jacob K Goeree
2023: The price elasticity of Gleevec in patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia enrolled in Medicare Part D: Evidence from a regression discontinuity design Downloads
Samantha E. Clark, Ruth Etzioni, Jerry Radich, Zachary Marcum and Anirban Basu
2023: Does Principal Component Analysis Preserve the Sparsity in Sparse Weak Factor Models? Downloads
Jie Wei and Yonghui Zhang
2023: A spectral approach to stock market performance Downloads
Ignacio Escañuela Romana and Clara Escanuela Nieves
2023: What is mature and what is still emerging in the cryptocurrency market? Downloads
Stanis{\l}aw Dro\.zd\.z, Jaros{\l}aw Kwapie\'n and Marcin W\k{a}torek
2023: Proofs that the Gerber Statistic is Positive Semidefinite Downloads
S. Gerber, Harry Markowitz, P. Ernst, Y. Miao, B. Javid and P. Sargen
2023: Description Complexity of Regular Distributions Downloads
Renato Paes Leme, Balasubramanian Sivan, Yifeng Teng and Pratik Worah
2023: GPT Agents in Game Theory Experiments Downloads
Fulin Guo
2023: To AI or not to AI, to Buy Local or not to Buy Local: A Mathematical Theory of Real Price Downloads
Huan Cai, Catherine Xu and Weiyu Xu
2023: UQ for Credit Risk Management: A deep evidence regression approach Downloads
Ashish Dhiman
2023: Bauer's Maximum Principle for Quasiconvex Functions Downloads
Ian Ball
2023: Estimating the impact of supply chain network contagion on financial stability Downloads
Zlata Tabachov\'a, Christian Diem, Andr\'as Borsos, Csaba Burger and Stefan Thurner
2023: A greedy algorithm for habit formation under multiplicative utility Downloads
Snezhana Kirusheva and Thomas S. Salisbury
2023: Why Students Trade? The Analysis of Young Investors behavior Downloads
Jones Pontoh
2023: Well-being policy evaluation methodology based on WE pluralism Downloads
Takeshi Kato
2023: A Scoping Review of Internal Migration and Left-behind Children's Wellbeing in China Downloads
Jinkai Li
2023: A nation-wide experiment, part II: the introduction of a 49-Euro-per-month travel pass in Germany -- An empirical study on this fare innovation Downloads
Allister Loder, Fabienne Cantner, Lennart Adenaw, Markus B. Siewert, Sebastian Goerg and Klaus Bogenberger
2023: Private Experimentation, Data Truncation, and Verifiable Disclosure Downloads
Yichuan Lou
2023: Study on the Identification of Financial Risk Path Under the Digital Transformation of Enterprise Based on DEMATEL-ISM-MICMAC Downloads
Jie Dong
2023: Volatility of Volatility and Leverage Effect from Options Downloads
Carsten H. Chong and Viktor Todorov
2023: Algorithmic Decision Processes Downloads
Carlo Baldassi, Fabio Maccheroni, Massimo Marinacci and Marco Pirazzini
2023: Rankings-Dependent Preferences: A Real Goods Matching Experiment Downloads
Andrew Kloosterman and Peter Troyan
2023: Disclosure and Incentives in Teams Downloads
Paula Onuchic and Jo\~ao Ramos
2023: The geometry of financial institutions -- Wasserstein clustering of financial data Downloads
Lorenz Riess, Mathias Beiglb\"ock, Johannes Temme, Andreas Wolf and Julio Backhoff
2023: Carbon Price Forecasting with Quantile Regression and Feature Selection Downloads
Tianqi Pang, Kehui Tan and Chenyou Fan
2023: Risk management in the use of published statistical results for policy decisions Downloads
Duncan Ermini Leaf
2023: Delegating to Multiple Agents Downloads
MohammadTaghi Hajiaghayi, Keivan Rezaei and Suho Shin
2023: Debiased inference for dynamic nonlinear models with two-way fixed effects Downloads
Xuan Leng and Yutao Sun
2023: Lemonade from Lemons: Information Design and Adverse Selection Downloads
Navin Kartik and Weijie Zhong
2023: Strategic flip-flopping in political competition Downloads
Gaëtan Fournier, Alberto Grillo and Yevgeny Tsodikovich
2023: Surveying Generative AI's Economic Expectations Downloads
Leland Bybee
2023: The Indoctrination Game Downloads
Lotem Ikan and David Lagziel
2023: Employer Reputation and the Labor Market: Evidence from and Downloads
Ke, Ma, Sophie Yanying Sheng and Haitian Xie
2023: Beneficence Signaling in AI Development Dynamics Downloads
Sarita Rosenstock
2023: Understand Waiting Time in Transaction Fee Mechanism: An Interdisciplinary Perspective Downloads
Luyao Zhang and Fan Zhang
2023: Why Not Borrow, Invest, and Escape Poverty? Downloads
Dagmara Celik Katreniak, Alexey Khazanov, Omer Moav, Zvika Neeman and Hosny Zoabi
2023: Market Making and Pricing of Financial Derivatives based on Road Travel Times Downloads
Ke Wan and Alain Kornhauser
2023: Dynamic star-shaped risk measures and $g$-expectations Downloads
Dejian Tian and Xunlian Wang
2023: Informing Innovation Management: Linking Leading R&D Firms and Emerging Technologies Downloads
Xian Gong, Claire McFarland, Paul McCarthy, Colin Griffith and Marian-Andrei Rizoiu
2023: Macroeconomic factors and Stock exchange return: A Statistical Analysis Downloads
Md. Fazlul Huq Khan and Md. Masum Billah
2023: Doubly Robust Uniform Confidence Bands for Group-Time Conditional Average Treatment Effects in Difference-in-Differences Downloads
Shunsuke Imai, Lei Qin and Takahide Yanagi
2023: A Mediation Analysis of the Relationship Between Land Use Regulation Stringency and Employment Dynamics Downloads
Uche Oluku and Shaoming Cheng
2023: Black-box Optimizers vs Taste Shocks Downloads
Yasin K\"ur\c{s}at \"Onder
2023: Don't Trust, Verify: Towards a Framework for the Greening of Bitcoin Downloads
Juan Ignacio Iba\~nez and Alexander Freier
2023: Optimal control problems for stochastic processes with absorbing regime Downloads
Yaacov Kopeliovich
2023: An Assignment Problem with Interdependent Valuations and Externalities Downloads
Tatiana Daddario, Richard P. McLean and Andrew Postlewaite
2023: Cooperation and Cognition in Social Networks Downloads
Edoardo Gallo, Joseph Lee, Yohanes Eko Riyanto and Erwin Wong
2023: Estimating Input Coefficients for Regional Input-Output Tables Using Deep Learning with Mixup Downloads
Shogo Fukui
2023: Random neural networks for rough volatility Downloads
Antoine Jacquier and Zan Zuric
2023: Disturbance Effects on Financial Timberland Returns in Austria Downloads
Petri P. Karenlampi
2023: Estimation and Inference in Threshold Predictive Regression Models with Locally Explosive Regressors Downloads
Christis Katsouris
2023: Signaling With Commitment Downloads
Raphael Boleslavsky and Mehdi Shadmehr
2023: Optimum Output Long Short-Term Memory Cell for High-Frequency Trading Forecasting Downloads
Adamantios Ntakaris, Moncef Gabbouj and Juho Kanniainen
2023: Non-diversified portfolios with subjective expected utility Downloads
Christopher Chambers and Georgios Gerasimou
2023: Coarsened Bayesian VARs -- Correcting BVARs for Incorrect Specification Downloads
Florian Huber and Massimiliano Marcellino
2023: Neural Network Approach to Portfolio Optimization with Leverage Constraints:a Case Study on High Inflation Investment Downloads
Chendi Ni, Yuying Li and Peter A. Forsyth
2023: Stability and chaos of the duopoly model of Kopel: A study based on symbolic computations Downloads
Xiaoliang Li, Kongyan Chen, Wei Niu and Bo Huang
2023: Dynamical properties of volume at the spread in the Bitcoin/USD market Downloads
Roberto Mota Navarro, Francois Leyvraz and Hern\'an Larralde
2023: BloombergGPT: A Large Language Model for Finance Downloads
Shijie Wu, Ozan Irsoy, Steven Lu, Vadim Dabravolski, Mark Dredze, Sebastian Gehrmann, Prabhanjan Kambadur, David Rosenberg and Gideon Mann
2023: Persuaded Search Downloads
Teddy Mekonnen, Zeky Murra-Anton and Bobak Pakzad-Hurson
2023: On the Benefit of Nonlinear Control for Robust Logarithmic Growth: Coin Flipping Games as a Demonstration Case Downloads
Anton V. Proskurnikov and B. Ross Barmish
2023: On Using Proportional Representation Methods as Alternatives to Pro-Rata Based Order Matching Algorithms in Stock Exchanges Downloads
Sanjay Bhattacherjee and Palash Sarkar
2023: Characteristic Function of the Tsallis $q$-Gaussian and Its Applications in Measurement and Metrology Downloads
Viktor Witkovsk\'y
2023: Identifying an Earnings Process With Dependent Contemporaneous Income Shocks Downloads
Dan Ben-Moshe
2023: Green Hydrogen Cost-Potentials for Global Trade Downloads
David Franzmann, Heidi Heinrichs, Felix Lippkau, Thushara Addanki, Christoph Winkler, Patrick Buchenberg, Thomas Hamacher, Markus Blesl, Jochen Lin{\ss}en and Detlef Stolten
2023: Macroeconomic Forecasting using Dynamic Factor Models: The Case of Morocco Downloads
Daoui Marouane
2023: Implicit Nickell Bias in Panel Local Projection: Financial Crises Are Worse Than You Think Downloads
Ziwei Mei, Liugang Sheng and Zhentao Shi
2023: Reinforcement Learning for Combining Search Methods in the Calibration of Economic ABMs Downloads
Aldo Glielmo, Marco Favorito, Debmallya Chanda and Domenico Delli Gatti
2023: Pairwise counter-monotonicity Downloads
Jean-Gabriel Lauzier, Liyuan Lin and Ruodu Wang
2023: Rather First in a Village than Second in Rome? The Effect of Students' Class Rank in Primary School on Subsequent Academic Achievements Downloads
Francois-Xavier Ladant, Falco J. Bargagli-Stoffi, Julien Hedou and Paolo Sestito
2023: Learning-based On-chain Governance for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Downloads
Jiahua Xu, Daniel Perez, Yebo Feng and Benjamin Livshits
2023: A Guide to Regression Discontinuity Designs in Medical Applications Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Luke Keele and Rocio Titiunik
2023: f-Betas and Portfolio Optimization with f-Divergence induced Risk Measures Downloads
Rui Ding
2023: Approximate Functional Differencing Downloads
Geert Dhaene and Martin Weidner
2023: The Hazards and Benefits of Condescension in Social Learning Downloads
Itai Arieli, Yakov Babichenko, Stephan M\"uller, Farzad Pourbabaee and Omer Tamuz
2023: Resolving the Conflict on Conduct Parameter Estimation in Homogeneous Goods Markets between Bresnahan (1982) and Perloff and Shen (2012) Downloads
Yuri Matsumura and Suguru Otani
2023: Optimal randomized multilevel Monte Carlo for repeatedly nested expectations Downloads
Yasa Syed and Guanyang Wang
2023: Diversification quotients based on VaR and ES Downloads
Xia Han, Liyuan Lin and Ruodu Wang
2023: An Effective Treatment Approach to Difference-in-Differences with General Treatment Patterns Downloads
Takahide Yanagi
2023: The quintic Ornstein-Uhlenbeck volatility model that jointly calibrates SPX & VIX smiles Downloads
Eduardo Abi Jaber, Camille Illand, Shaun and Li
2023: Structural Complexities of Matching Mechanisms Downloads
Yannai A. Gonczarowski and Clayton Thomas
2023: Information and Learning in Economic Theory Downloads
Annie Liang
2023: Why Does GDP Move Before G? It's all in the Measurement Downloads
Edoardo Briganti and Victor Sellemi
2023: Bayesian Opponent Modeling in Multiplayer Imperfect-Information Games Downloads
Sam Ganzfried, Kevin A. Wang and Max Chiswick
2023: Matching with Incomplete Preferences Downloads
Aditya Kuvalekar
2023: Editing a Woman's Voice Downloads
Anna Costello, Ekaterina Fedorova, Zhijing Jin and Rada Mihalcea
2023: Security Issuance, Institutional Investors and Quid Pro Quo: Insights from SPACs Downloads
Gaurab Aryal, Zhaohui Chen, Yuchi Yao and Chris Yung
2023: Score-based calibration testing for multivariate forecast distributions Downloads
Malte Kn\"uppel, Fabian Kr\"uger and Marc-Oliver Pohle
2023: Double Robust Bayesian Inference on Average Treatment Effects Downloads
Christoph Breunig, Ruixuan Liu and Zhengfei Yu
2023: A Comprehensive Survey on Enterprise Financial Risk Analysis from Big Data Perspective Downloads
Yu Zhao, Huaming Du, Qing Li, Fuzhen Zhuang, Ji Liu and Gang Kou
2023: Inference in Cluster Randomized Trials with Matched Pairs Downloads
Yuehao Bai, Jizhou Liu, Azeem Shaikh and Max Tabord-Meehan
2023: Extreme Changes in Changes Downloads
Yuya Sasaki and Yulong Wang
2023: Strategyproof Decision-Making in Panel Data Settings and Beyond Downloads
Keegan Harris, Anish Agarwal, Chara Podimata and Zhiwei Steven Wu
2023: Deep Signature Algorithm for Multi-dimensional Path-Dependent Options Downloads
Erhan Bayraktar, Qi Feng and Zhaoyu Zhang
2023: Effective a Posteriori Ratemaking with Large Insurance Portfolios via Surrogate Modeling Downloads
Sebastian Calcetero-Vanegas, Andrei L. Badescu and X. Sheldon Lin
2023: Separating Times for One-Dimensional Diffusions Downloads
David Criens and Mikhail Urusov
2023: The Sample Complexity of Online Contract Design Downloads
Banghua Zhu, Stephen Bates, Zhuoran Yang, Yixin Wang, Jiantao Jiao and Michael I. Jordan
2023: Projecting XRP price burst by correlation tensor spectra of transaction networks Downloads
Abhijit Chakraborty, Tetsuo Hatsuda and Yuichi Ikeda
2023: Inflexible Multi-Asset Hedging of incomplete market Downloads
Ruochen Xiao, Qiaochu Feng and Ruxin Deng
2023: Robust utility maximisation under proportional transaction costs for c\`adl\`ag price processes Downloads
Christoph Czichowsky and Raphael Huwyler
2023: How to sample and when to stop sampling: The generalized Wald problem and minimax policies Downloads
Karun Adusumilli
2023: Designing Universal Causal Deep Learning Models: The Case of Infinite-Dimensional Dynamical Systems from Stochastic Analysis Downloads
Luca Galimberti, Anastasis Kratsios and Giulia Livieri
2023: Exploring the stability of solar geoengineering agreements Downloads
Niklas V. Lehmann
2023: Greedy Transaction Fee Mechanisms for (Non-)myopic Miners Downloads
Yotam Gafni and Aviv Yaish
2023: Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Conditional Distributions Downloads
Miguel Delgado and Julius Vainora
2023: Best-Response dynamics in two-person random games with correlated payoffs Downloads
Hlafo Alfie Mimun, Matteo Quattropani and Marco Scarsini
2023: Neural variance reduction for stochastic differential equations Downloads
P. D. Hinds and M. V. Tretyakov
2023: Bayesian Modeling of TVP-VARs Using Regression Trees Downloads
Niko Hauzenberger, Florian Huber, Gary Koop and James Mitchell
2023: Heterogeneous Treatment Effect Bounds under Sample Selection with an Application to the Effects of Social Media on Political Polarization Downloads
Phillip Heiler
2023: How many inner simulations to compute conditional expectations with least-square Monte Carlo? Downloads
Aur\'elien Alfonsi, Bernard Lapeyre and J\'er\^ome Lelong
2023: Integrated storage assignment for an e-grocery fulfilment centre: Accounting for day-of-week demand patterns Downloads
David Winkelmann, Frederik Tolkmitt, Matthias Ulrich and Michael R\"omer
2023: The effect of conference presentations on the diffusion of ideas Downloads
Misha Teplitskiy, Soya Park, Neil Thompson and David Karger
2023: E-backtesting Downloads
Qiuqi Wang, Ruodu Wang and Johanna Ziegel
2023: A risk measurement approach from risk-averse stochastic optimization of score functions Downloads
Marcelo Brutti Righi, Fernanda Maria M\"uller and Marlon Ruoso Moresco
2023: An agent-based modeling approach for real-world economic systems: Example and calibration with a Social Accounting Matrix of Spain Downloads
Martin Jaraiz
2023: Matrix Quantile Factor Model Downloads
Xin-Bing Kong, Yong-Xin Liu, Long Yu and Peng Zhao
2023: An axiomatic theory for anonymized risk sharing Downloads
Zhanyi Jiao, Steven Kou, Yang Liu and Ruodu Wang
2023: Before and after default: information and optimal portfolio via anticipating calculus Downloads
Jos\'e A. Salmer\'on, Giulia Di Nunno and Bernardo D'Auria
2023: The effect of ambient air pollution on birth outcomes in Norway Downloads
Xiaoguang Ling
2023: Correlates of repeat abortions and their spacing: Evidence from registry data in Spain Downloads
Catia Nicodemo, Sonia Oreffice and Climent Quintana-Domeque
2023: Cylindrical stochastic integration and applications to financial term structure modeling Downloads
Johannes Assefa and Philipp Harms
2023: On the Distributional Robustness of Finite Rational Inattention Models Downloads
Emerson Melo
2023: Quantum Encoding and Analysis on Continuous Time Stochastic Process with Financial Applications Downloads
Xi-Ning Zhuang, Zhao-Yun Chen, Cheng Xue, Yu-Chun Wu and Guo-Ping Guo
2023: Change point detection in dynamic Gaussian graphical models: the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the US stock market Downloads
Beatrice Franzolini, Alexandros Beskos, Maria De Iorio, Warrick Poklewski Koziell and Karolina Grzeszkiewicz
2023: Should Bank Stress Tests Be Fair? Downloads
Paul Glasserman and Mike Li
2023: Missing Values and the Dimensionality of Expected Returns Downloads
Andrew Y. Chen and Jack McCoy
2023: Efficient numerical valuation of European options under the two-asset Kou jump-diffusion model Downloads
Karel in 't Hout and Pieter Lamotte
2023: A cross-border market model with limited transmission capacities Downloads
Cassandra Milbradt and D\"orte Kreher
2023: A self-contained karma economy for the dynamic allocation of common resources Downloads
Ezzat Elokda, Saverio Bolognani, Andrea Censi, Florian D\"orfler and Emilio Frazzoli
2023: A Mean-Field Control Problem of Optimal Portfolio Liquidation with Semimartingale Strategies Downloads
Guanxing Fu, Ulrich Horst and Xiaonyu Xia
2023: Conditionally Elicitable Dynamic Risk Measures for Deep Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Anthony Coache, Sebastian Jaimungal and \'Alvaro Cartea
2023: Estimating the Currency Composition of Foreign Exchange Reserves Downloads
Matthew Ferranti
2023: Fair Division with Two-Sided Preferences Downloads
Ayumi Igarashi, Yasushi Kawase, Warut Suksompong and Hanna Sumita
2023: The Evolution Of Centralisation on Cryptocurrency Platforms Downloads
Carlo Campajola, Raffaele Cristodaro, Francesco Maria De Collibus, Tao Yan, Nicolo' Vallarano and Claudio J. Tessone
2023: Railroad Bailouts in the Great Depression Downloads
Lyndon Moore and Gertjan Verdickt
2023: Sparse modeling approach to the arbitrage-free interpolation of plain-vanilla option prices and implied volatilities Downloads
Daniel Guterding
2023: Stable Outcomes and Information in Games: An Empirical Framework Downloads
Paul S. Koh
2023: Neural Optimal Stopping Boundary Downloads
A. Max Reppen, H. Mete Soner and Valentin Tissot-Daguette
2023: Controlling for Latent Confounding with Triple Proxies Downloads
Ben Deaner
2023: GMM is Inadmissible Under Weak Identification Downloads
Isaiah Andrews and Anna Mikusheva
2023: Optimal Decision Rules when Payoffs are Partially Identified Downloads
Timothy Christensen, Hyungsik Roger Moon and Frank Schorfheide
2023: Joint mixability and notions of negative dependence Downloads
Takaaki Koike, Liyuan Lin and Ruodu Wang
2023: Reinforcement Learning Policy Recommendation for Interbank Network Stability Downloads
Alessio Brini, Gabriele Tedeschi and Daniele Tantari
2023: Tuning Parameter-Free Nonparametric Density Estimation from Tabulated Summary Data Downloads
Ji Hyung Lee, Yuya Sasaki, Alexis Akira Toda and Yulong Wang
2023: Non-equilibrium phase transitions in competitive markets caused by network effects Downloads
Andrew Lucas
2023: Kernel-weighted specification testing under general distributions Downloads
Sid Kankanala and Victoria Zinde-Walsh
2023: Decomposition of Differences in Distribution under Sample Selection and the Gender Wage Gap Downloads
Santiago Pereda-Fern\'andez
2023: When Will Arctic Sea Ice Disappear? Projections of Area, Extent, Thickness, and Volume Downloads
Francis Diebold, Glenn Rudebusch, Maximilian Goebel, Philippe Goulet Coulombe and Boyuan Zhang
2023: A reverse ES (CVaR) optimization formula Downloads
Yuanying Guan, Zhanyi Jiao and Ruodu Wang
2023: The attachment of adult women to the Italian labour market in the shadow of COVID-19 Downloads
Davide Fiaschi and Cristina Tealdi
2023: Stable and metastable contract networks Downloads
Vladimir I. Danilov and Alexander V. Karzanov
2023: Equilibria of Attacker-Defender Games Downloads
Zsombor Z. M\'eder, Carsten K. W. de Dreu and J\"org Gross
2023: Black-Scholes-Merton Option Pricing Revisited: Did we Find a Fatal Flaw? Downloads
Mark Mink and Frans J. de Weert
2023: The Transfer Performance of Economic Models Downloads
Isaiah Andrews, Drew Fudenberg, Lihua Lei, Annie Liang and Chaofeng Wu
2023: Difference-in-Differences with Time-Varying Covariates in the Parallel Trends Assumption Downloads
Carolina Caetano and Brantly Callaway
2023: MicroVelocity: rethinking the Velocity of Money for digital currencies Downloads
Carlo Campajola, Marco D'Errico and Claudio J. Tessone
2023: Binary response model with many weak instruments Downloads
Dakyung Seong
2023: Simultaneous Optimal Transport Downloads
Ruodu Wang and Zhenyuan Zhang
2023: Continuous-time Markowitz's mean-variance model under different borrowing and saving rates Downloads
Chonghu Guan, Xiaomin Shi and Zuo Quan Xu
2023: Technology, Institution, and Regional Growth: Evidence from Mineral Mining Industry in Industrializing Japan Downloads
Kota Ogasawara
2023: Learning in Repeated Interactions on Networks Downloads
Wanying Huang, Philipp Strack and Omer Tamuz
2023: Rainbow Options under Bayesian MS-VAR Process Downloads
Battulga Gankhuu
2023: Distance Functions and Generalized Means: Duality and Taxonomy Downloads
Walter Briec
2023: Minimum Wages in Concentrated Labor Markets Downloads
Martin Popp
2023: Optimal consumption and portfolio selection with Epstein-Zin utility under general constraints Downloads
Zixin Feng and Dejian Tian
2023: Attention Overload Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Paul Cheung, Xinwei Ma and Yusufcan Masatlioglu
2023: High-dimensional Inference for Dynamic Treatment Effects Downloads
Jelena Bradic, Weijie Ji and Yuqian Zhang
2023: bqror: An R package for Bayesian Quantile Regression in Ordinal Models Downloads
Prajual Maheshwari and Mohammad Arshad Rahman
2023: Modeling and Analysis of Discrete Response Data: Applications to Public Opinion on Marijuana Legalization in the United States Downloads
Mohit Batham, Soudeh Mirghasemi, Mohammad Arshad Rahman and Manini Ojha
2023: Options Pricing under Bayesian MS-VAR Process Downloads
Battulga Gankhuu
2023: A C\`adl\`ag Rough Path Foundation for Robust Finance Downloads
Andrew L. Allan, Chong Liu and David J. Pr\"omel
2023: Incentives for Collective Innovation Downloads
Gregorio Curello
2023: Analysis of taste heterogeneity in commuters travel decisions using joint parking and mode choice model: A case from urban India Downloads
Janak Parmar, Gulnazbanu Saiyed and Sanjaykumar Dave
2023: Auctions and Peer Prediction for Academic Peer Review Downloads
Siddarth Srinivasan and Jamie Morgenstern
2023: Double Machine Learning and Automated Confounder Selection -- A Cautionary Tale Downloads
Paul H\"unermund, Beyers Louw and Itamar Caspi
2023: Trade When Opportunity Comes: Price Movement Forecasting via Locality-Aware Attention and Iterative Refinement Labeling Downloads
Liang Zeng, Lei Wang, Hui Niu, Ruchen Zhang, Ling Wang and Jian Li
2023: Inferring Economic Condition Uncertainty from Electricity Big Data Downloads
Haoqi Qian, Zhengyu Shi and Libo Wu
2023: Mind the Income Gap: Bias Correction of Inequality Estimators in Small-Sized Samples Downloads
Silvia De Nicol\`o, Maria Rosaria Ferrante and Silvia Pacei
2023: Flexible Covariate Adjustments in Regression Discontinuity Designs Downloads
Claudia Noack, Tomasz Olma and Christoph Rothe
2023: Political Power and Market Power Downloads
Bo Cowgill, Andrea Prat and Tommaso Valletti
2023: Entitled to Property: How Breaking the Gender Barrier Improves Child Health in India Downloads
Md Shahadath Hossain and Plamen Nikolov
2023: Active labour market policies for the long-term unemployed: New evidence from causal machine learning Downloads
Daniel Goller, Tamara Harrer, Michael Lechner and Joachim Wolff
2023: Reservoir optimization and Machine Learning methods Downloads
Xavier Warin
2023: Linear Classifiers Under Infinite Imbalance Downloads
Paul Glasserman and Mike Li
2023: The Origin of Corporate Control Power Downloads
Jie He and Min Wang
2023: Direct Implementation with Evidence Downloads
Soumen Banerjee, Yi-Chun Chen and Yifei Sun
2023: Deep Reinforcement Trading with Predictable Returns Downloads
Alessio Brini and Daniele Tantari
2023: Performance of Empirical Risk Minimization for Linear Regression with Dependent Data Downloads
Christian Brownlees and Gu{\dh}mundur Stef\'an Gu{\dh}mundsson
2023: Advisors with Hidden Motives Downloads
Paula Onuchic
2023: A conditional version of the second fundamental theorem of asset pricing in discrete time Downloads
Lars Niemann and Thorsten Schmidt
2023: The Disparate Impact of Uncertainty: Affirmative Action vs. Affirmative Information Downloads
Claire Lazar Reich
2023: Efficient Estimation for Staggered Rollout Designs Downloads
Jonathan Roth and Pedro Sant'Anna
2023: Strength in Numbers: Robust Mechanisms for Public Goods with Many Agents Downloads
Jin Xi and Haitian Xie
2023: Weighting-Based Treatment Effect Estimation via Distribution Learning Downloads
Dongcheng Zhang and Kunpeng Zhang
2023: Social distancing in networks: A web-based interactive experiment Downloads
Edoardo Gallo, Darija Barak and Alastair Langtry
2023: Social Diversity and Spread of Pandemic: Evidence from India Downloads
Upasak Das, Udayan Rathore and Prasenjit Sarkhel
2023: Testing homogeneity in dynamic discrete games in finite samples Downloads
Federico Bugni, Jackson Bunting and Takuya Ura
2023: Calibrating Local Volatility Models with Stochastic Drift and Diffusion Downloads
Orcan Ogetbil, Narayan Ganesan and Bernhard Hientzsch
2023: Deep Dynamic Factor Models Downloads
Paolo Andreini, Cosimo Izzo and Giovanni Ricco
2023: Convolution Bounds on Quantile Aggregation Downloads
Jose Blanchet, Henry Lam, Yang Liu and Ruodu Wang
2023: Simplified calculus for semimartingales: Multiplicative compensators and changes of measure Downloads
Ale\v{s} \v{C}ern\'y and Johannes Ruf
2023: Quickest Detection of Ecological Regimes for Dynamic Resource Management Downloads
Neha Deopa and Daniele Rinaldo
2023: Dynamic Shrinkage Priors for Large Time-varying Parameter Regressions using Scalable Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods Downloads
Niko Hauzenberger, Florian Huber and Gary Koop
2023: Causal Inference under Outcome-Based Sampling with Monotonicity Assumptions Downloads
Sung Jae Jun and Sokbae (Simon) Lee
2023: Multilevel Monte Carlo with Numerical Smoothing for Robust and Efficient Computation of Probabilities and Densities Downloads
Christian Bayer, Chiheb Ben Hammouda and Raul Tempone
2023: Efficient and Convergent Sequential Pseudo-Likelihood Estimation of Dynamic Discrete Games Downloads
Adam Dearing and Jason Blevins
2023: Epstein-Zin Utility Maximization on a Random Horizon Downloads
Joshua Aurand and Yu-Jui Huang
2023: Simple Inference on Functionals of Set-Identified Parameters Defined by Linear Moments Downloads
JoonHwan Cho and Thomas M. Russell
2023: A theory for combinations of risk measures Downloads
Marcelo Brutti Righi
2023: Efficient Discovery of Heterogeneous Quantile Treatment Effects in Randomized Experiments via Anomalous Pattern Detection Downloads
Edward McFowland, Sriram Somanchi and Daniel B. Neill
2023: A default system with overspilling contagion Downloads
Delia Coculescu and Gabriele Visentin
2023: A new Mertens decomposition of $\mathscr{Y}^{g,\xi}$-submartingale systems. Application to BSDEs with weak constraints at stopping times Downloads
Roxana Dumitrescu, Romuald Elie, Wissal Sabbagh and Chao Zhou
2023: A Simple Measure of Economic Complexity Downloads
Sabiou Inoua
2023: Assessing the role of small farmers and households in agriculture and the rural economy and measures to support their sustainable development Downloads
Oleg Nivievskyi, Pavlo Iavorskyi and Oleksandr Donchenko
2023: Study of the problem of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural production Czech Republic Downloads
Yekimov Sergiy
2023: Dissertation on Applied Microeconomics of Freemium Pricing Strategies in Mobile App Market Downloads
Naixin Zhu
2023: Probabilistic Forecast-based Portfolio Optimization of Electricity Demand at Low Aggregation Levels Downloads
Jungyeon Park, Est\^ev\~ao Alvarenga, Jooyoung Jeon, Ran Li, Fotios Petropoulos, Hokyun Kim and Kwangwon Ahn
2023: Searching for the "Holy Grail" of sponsorship-linked marketing: A generalizable sponsorship ROI model Downloads
Jonathan A. Jensen
2023: Systematic Review on Reinforcement Learning in the Field of Fintech Downloads
Nadeem Malibari, Iyad Katib and Rashid Mehmood
2023: Predicting the Price Movement of Cryptocurrencies Using Linear Law-based Transformation Downloads
Marcell T. Kurbucz, P\'eter P\'osfay and Antal Jakov\'ac
2023: An Empirical Study of Capital Asset Pricing Model based on Chinese A-share Trading Data Downloads
Kai Ren
2023: Deep learning techniques for financial time series forecasting: A review of recent advancements: 2020-2022 Downloads
Cheng Zhang, Nilam Nur Amir Sjarif and Roslina Binti Ibrahim
2023: Financial Hedging and Risk Compression, A journey from linear regression to neural network Downloads
Ali Shirazi and Fereshteh Sadeghi Naieni Fard
2023: Construct sparse portfolio with mutual fund's favourite stocks in China A share market Downloads
Ke Zhang
2023: Non-refunding of VAT to soybean exporters or economic impact of Soybean amendments Downloads
Oleg Nivievskyi, Roman Neyter, Olha Halytsia, Pavlo Martyshev and Oleksandr Donchenko
2023: Carbon Emission Reduction Effect of RMB Appreciation: Empirical Evidence from 283 Prefecture-Level Cities of China Downloads
Chen Fengxian and Lv Xiaoyao
2023: Agricultural Policy in Ukraine Downloads
Oleg Nivievskyi, Pavlo Martyshev and Sergiy Kvasha
2023: How to address monotonicity for model risk management? Downloads
Dangxing Chen and Weicheng Ye
2023: On extensions of partial priorities in school choice Downloads
Minoru Kitahara and Yasunori Okumura
2023: Prospects of BRICS currency dominance in international trade Downloads
C\'elestin Coquid\'e, Jos\'e Lages and Dima L. Shepelyansky
2023: Non-decreasing martingale couplings Downloads
Benjamin Jourdain and Kexin Shao
2023: Optimal multi-action treatment allocation: A two-phase field experiment to boost immigrant naturalization Downloads
Achim Ahrens, Alessandra Stampi-Bombelli, Selina Kurer and Dominik Hangartner
2023: A Stationary Mean-Field Equilibrium Model of Irreversible Investment in a Two-Regime Economy Downloads
Ren\'e Aid, Matteo Basei and Giorgio Ferrari
2023: The optimal reinsurance strategy with price-competition between two reinsurers Downloads
Liyuan Lin, Fangda Liu and Jingzhen Liu abd Luyang Yu
2023: Learning, Diversity and Adaptation in Changing Environments: The Role of Weak Links Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Asuman Ozdaglar and Sarath Pattathil
2023: Industry Classification Using a Novel Financial Time-Series Case Representation Downloads
Rian Dolphin, Barry Smyth and Ruihai Dong
2023: Historical trend of homophily: U-shaped or not U-shaped? Or, how would you set a criterion to decide which criterion is better to choose a criterion? Downloads
Anna Naszodi
2023: Calibration of Local Volatility Models with Stochastic Interest Rates using Optimal Transport Downloads
Gregoire Loeper, Jan Obloj and Benjamin Joseph
2023: Hedonic Prices and Quality Adjusted Price Indices Powered by AI Downloads
Patrick Bajari, Zhihao Cen, Victor Chernozhukov, Manoj Manukonda, Suhas Vijaykumar, Jin Wang, Ramon Huerta, Junbo Li, Ling Leng, George Monokroussos and Shan Wan
2023: Robust Stackelberg Equilibria Downloads
Jiarui Gan, Minbiao Han, Jibang Wu and Haifeng Xu
2023: Social Preferences and Deliberately Stochastic Behavior Downloads
Yosuke Hashidate and Keisuke Yoshihara
2023: Political Strategies to Overcome Climate Policy Obstructionism Downloads
Sugandha Srivastav and Ryan Rafaty
2023: Greening our Laws: Revising Land Acquisition Law for Coal Mining in India Downloads
Sugandha Srivastav and Tanmay Singh
2023: Deep Stock: training and trading scheme using deep learning Downloads
Sungwoo Kang
2023: Gain-Loss Hedging and Cumulative Prospect Theory Downloads
Lorenzo Bastianello, Alain Chateauneuf and Bernard Cornet
2023: Nontransitive Preferences and Stochastic Rationalizability: A Behavioral Equivalence Downloads
Mogens Fosgerau and John Rehbeck
2023: Assessing Text Mining and Technical Analyses on Forecasting Financial Time Series Downloads
Ali Lashgari
2023: Convexity Not Required: Estimation of Smooth Moment Condition Models Downloads
Jean-Jacques Forneron and Liang Zhong
2023: Monetary policy and the joint distribution of income and wealth: The heterogeneous case of the euro area Downloads
Anna Stelzer
2023: Optimal Covariance Cleaning for Heavy-Tailed Distributions: Insights from Information Theory Downloads
Christian Bongiorno and Marco Berritta
2023: STraM: a framework for strategic national freight transport modeling Downloads
Steffen Jaap Bakker, E. Ruben van Beesten, Ingvild Synn{\o}ve Brynildsen, Anette Sandvig, Marit Siqveland and Asgeir Tomasgard
2023: Modeling the Complexity of City Logistics Systems for Sustainability Downloads
Taiwo Adetiloye and Anjali Awasthi
2023: Racial and income-based affirmative action in higher education admissions: lessons from the Brazilian experience Downloads
Rodrigo Zeidan, Silvio Luiz de Almeida, In\'acio B\'o and Neil Lewis
2023: A universal model for the Lorenz curve with novel applications for datasets containing zeros and/or exhibiting extreme inequality Downloads
Thitithep Sitthiyot and Kanyarat Holasut
2023: Difference-in-Differences with Compositional Changes Downloads
Pedro Sant'Anna and Qi Xu
2023: Selecting Sustainable Optimal Stock by Using Multi-Criteria Fuzzy Decision-Making Approaches Based on the Development of the Gordon Model: A case study of the Toronto Stock Exchange Downloads
Mohsen Mortazavi
2023: Maximum Implied Variance Slope -- Practical Aspects Downloads
Fabien Le Floc'h and Winfried Koller
2023: Estimation of Characteristics-based Quantile Factor Models Downloads
Liang Chen, Juan Jose Dolado, Jesus Gonzalo and Haozi Pan
2023: Common Correlated Effects Estimation of Nonlinear Panel Data Models Downloads
Liang Chen and Minyuan Zhang
2023: Learning Volatility Surfaces using Generative Adversarial Networks Downloads
Andrew Na, Meixin Zhang and Justin Wan
2023: The structure of strategy-proof rules Downloads
Jorge Alcalde-Unzu and Marc Vorsatz
2023: Enhanced multilayer perceptron with feature selection and grid search for travel mode choice prediction Downloads
Li Tang, Chuanli Tang and Qi Fu
2023: Q-based Equilibria Downloads
Olivier Compte
2023: The Ordinary Least Eigenvalues Estimator Downloads
Yassine Sbai Sassi
2023: The cross-sectional stock return predictions via quantum neural network and tensor network Downloads
Nozomu Kobayashi, Yoshiyuki Suimon, Koichi Miyamoto and Kosuke Mitarai
2023: Asymptotic Expansions for High-Frequency Option Data Downloads
Carsten H. Chong and Viktor Todorov
2023: Long memory, fractional integration and cointegration analysis of real convergence in Spain Downloads
Mariam Kamal and Josu Arteche
2023: Communication in the Infinitely Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma: Theory and Experiments Downloads
Maximilian Andres
2023: Matching markets with farsighted couples Downloads
Ata Atay, Sylvain Funck, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch
2023: Inferring comparative advantage via entropy maximization Downloads
Matteo Bruno, Dario Mazzilli, Aurelio Patelli, Tiziano Squartini and Fabio Saracco
2023: From Misalignment to Synergy: Analysis of Patents from Indian Universities & Research Institutions Downloads
Shoyeb Khan, Satyendra Kumar Sharma and Arnab Kumar Laha
2023: Monotone comparative statics for submodular functions, with an application to aggregated deferred acceptance Downloads
Alfred Galichon, Yu-Wei Hsieh and Maxime Sylvestre
2023: Determination of the effective cointegration rank in high-dimensional time-series predictive regressions Downloads
Puyi Fang, Zhaoxing Gao and Ruey S. Tsay
2023: Homophily and infections: static and dynamic effects Downloads
Matteo Bizzarri, Fabrizio Panebianco and Paolo Pin
2023: On suspicious tracks: machine-learning based approaches to detect cartels in railway-infrastructure procurement Downloads
Hannes Wallimann and Silvio Sticher
2023: Recurrent neural network based parameter estimation of Hawkes model on high-frequency financial data Downloads
Kyungsub Lee
2023: Portfolio Optimization using Predictive Auxiliary Classifier Generative Adversarial Networks with Measuring Uncertainty Downloads
Jiwook Kim and Minhyeok Lee
2023: Generative AI at Work Downloads
Erik Brynjolfsson, Danielle Li and Lindsey Raymond
2023: Policy Learning under Biased Sample Selection Downloads
Lihua Lei, Roshni Sahoo and Stefan Wager
2023: Choice Structures in Games Downloads
Paolo Galeazzi and Johannes Marti
2023: An optimal control problem with state constraints in a spatio-temporal economic growth model on networks Downloads
Alessandro Calvia, Fausto Gozzi, Marta Leocata, Georgios I. Papayiannis, Anastasios Xepapadeas and Athanasios N. Yannacopoulos
2023: Breaking the general election effect. The impact of the 2020 US presidential election on Chinese economy and counter strategies Downloads
Junjie Zhao
2023: Preference Evolution under Stable Matching Downloads
Ziwei Wang and Jiabin Wu
2023: Compatibility between stability and strategy-proofness with single-peaked preferences on trees Downloads
Pinaki Mandal
2023: Strategic Responses to Personalized Pricing and Demand for Privacy: An Experiment Downloads
In\'acio B\'o, Li Chen and Rustamdjan Hakimov
2023: A bounded rationality account of dependency length minimization in Hindi Downloads
Sidharth Ranjan and Titus von der Malsburg
2023: The Isotonic Mechanism for Exponential Family Estimation Downloads
Yuling Yan, Weijie J. Su and Jianqing Fan
2023: Can Perturbations Help Reduce Investment Risks? Risk-Aware Stock Recommendation via Split Variational Adversarial Training Downloads
Jiezhu Cheng, Kaizhu Huang and Zibin Zheng
2023: Invariance properties of maximal extractable value Downloads
Alan Guo
2023: An extended Merton problem with relaxed benchmark tracking Downloads
Lijun Bo, Yijie Huang and Xiang Yu
2023: How 'one-size-fits-all' public works contract does it better? An assessment of infrastructure provision in Italy Downloads
Massimo Finocchiaro Castroa, Calogero Guccio and Ilde Rizzo
2023: Multi-Modal Deep Learning for Credit Rating Prediction Using Text and Numerical Data Streams Downloads
Mahsa Tavakoli, Rohitash Chandra, Fengrui Tian and Cristi\'an Bravo
2023: A Partial Order for Strictly Positive Coalitional Games and a Link from Risk Aversion to Cooperation Downloads
Jian Yang
2023: Partition-based Stability of Coalitional Games Downloads
Jian Yang
2023: The quality of school track assignment decisions by teachers Downloads
Joppe de Ree, Matthijs Oosterveen and Dinand Webbink
2023: The Estimation Risk in Extreme Systemic Risk Forecasts Downloads
Yannick Hoga
2023: Uncertainty over Uncertainty in Environmental Policy Adoption: Bayesian Learning of Unpredictable Socioeconomic Costs Downloads
Matteo Basei, Giorgio Ferrari and Neofytos Rodosthenous
2023: The impact of the AI revolution on asset management Downloads
Michael Kopp
2023: Robust Market Potential Assessment: Designing optimal policies for low-carbon technology adoption in an increasingly uncertain world Downloads
Tom Savage, Antonio del Rio Chanona and Gbemi Oluleye
2023: Equilibrium-Invariant Embedding, Metric Space, and Fundamental Set of $2\times2$ Normal-Form Games Downloads
Luke Marris, Ian Gemp and Georgios Piliouras
2023: The Pie: How Has Human Evolution Distributed Non-Financial Wealth? Downloads
Dave Costenaro
2023: Bitcoin: A life in crises Downloads
Jevgeni Tarassov and Nicolas Houli\'e
2023: Stock Price Predictability and the Business Cycle via Machine Learning Downloads
Li Rong Wang, Hsuan Fu and Xiuyi Fan
2023: Identifying Trades Using Technical Analysis and ML/DL Models Downloads
Aayush Shah, Mann Doshi, Meet Parekh, Nirmit Deliwala and Prof. Pramila M. Chawan
2023: The Impact of Industrial Zone:Evidence from China's National High-tech Zone Policy Downloads
Li Han
2023: An innovative Deep Learning Based Approach for Accurate Agricultural Crop Price Prediction Downloads
Mayank Ratan Bhardwaj, Jaydeep Pawar, Abhijnya Bhat, Deepanshu, Inavamsi Enaganti, Kartik Sagar and Y. Narahari
2023: Application of Tensor Neural Networks to Pricing Bermudan Swaptions Downloads
Raj G. Patel, Tomas Dominguez, Mohammad Dib, Samuel Palmer, Andrea Cadarso, Fernando De Lope Contreras, Abdelkader Ratnani, Francisco Gomez Casanova, Senaida Hern\'andez-Santana, \'Alvaro D\'iaz-Fern\'andez, Eva Andr\'es, Jorge Luis-Hita, Escol\'astico S\'anchez-Mart\'inez, Samuel Mugel and Roman Orus
2023: An extension of martingale transport and stability in robust finance Downloads
Benjamin Jourdain and Gudmund Pammer
2023: The Economics of Partisan Gerrymandering Downloads
Anton Kolotilin and Alexander Wolitzky
2023: The Unintended Consequences of Censoring Digital Technology -- Evidence from Italy's ChatGPT Ban Downloads
David H. Kreitmeir and Paul Raschky
2023: A hybrid model for day-ahead electricity price forecasting: Combining fundamental and stochastic modelling Downloads
Mira Watermeyer, Thomas M\"obius, Oliver Grothe and Felix M\"usgens
2023: Doubly Robust Estimators with Weak Overlap Downloads
Yukun Ma, Pedro Sant'Anna, Yuya Sasaki and Takuya Ura
2023: On the Separation of Estimation and Control in Risk-Sensitive Investment Problems under Incomplete Observation Downloads
S\'ebastien Lleo and Wolfgang J. Runggaldier
2023: Parameterized Neural Networks for Finance Downloads
Daniel Oeltz, Jan Hamaekers and Kay F. Pilz
2023: Optimal moral-hazard-free reinsurance under extended distortion premium principles Downloads
Zhuo Jin, Zuo Quan Xu and Bin Zou
2023: Simple model of market structure evolution of service-providing firms Downloads
Joseph Hickey
2023: Risks and opportunities in arbitrage and market-making in blockchain-based currency markets. Part 1: Risks Downloads
Vittorio Astarita
2023: Structured Multifractal Scaling of the Principal Cryptocurrencies: Examination using a Self-Explainable Machine Learning Downloads
Foued Sa\^adaoui
2023: Optimism and overconfidence Downloads
Ludvig Sinander
2023: Credit Risk and Financial Performance of Commercial Banks: Evidence from Vietnam Downloads
Ha Nguyen
2023: Adjustment with Many Regressors Under Covariate-Adaptive Randomizations Downloads
Liang Jiang, Liyao Li, Ke Miao and Yichong Zhang
2023: Economic consequences of the spatial and temporal variability of climate change Downloads
Francisco Estrada, Richard Tol and Wouter Botzen
2023: Economic Origins of the Sicilian Mafia: A Simulation Feedback Model Downloads
Oleg V. Pavlov and Jason M. Sardell
2023: Penalized Likelihood Inference with Survey Data Downloads
Joann Jasiak and Purevdorj Tuvaandorj
2023: Study on the tea market in India Downloads
Adit Vinod Nair, Adarsh Damani, Devansh Khandelwal, Harshita Sachdev and Sreayans Jain
2023: The Impact of Automation on Income Inequality: A Cross-Country Analysis Downloads
Asuna Gilfoyle
2023: Optimal Investment and Consumption Strategies with General and Linear Transaction Costs under CRRA Utility Downloads
Yingting Miao and Qiang Zhang
2023: Data, Competition, and Digital Platforms Downloads
Dirk Bergemann and Alessandro Bonatti
2023: Game theoretical models of geopolitical processes. Part I Downloads
O. A. Malafeyev, N. D. Redinskikh and V. F. Bogachev
2023: Test-Optional Admissions Downloads
Wouter Dessein, Alex Frankel and Navin Kartik
2023: Gini-stable Lorenz curves and their relation to the generalised Pareto distribution Downloads
Lucio Bertoli-Barsotti, Marek Gagolewski, Grzegorz Siudem and Barbara \.Zoga{\l}a-Siudem
2023: Equivalence of inequality indices: Three dimensions of impact revisited Downloads
Lucio Bertoli-Barsotti, Marek Gagolewski, Grzegorz Siudem and Barbara \.Zoga{\l}a-Siudem
2023: Simulating Gaussian vectors via randomized dimension reduction and PCA Downloads
Nabil Kahale
2023: Generalized Automatic Least Squares: Efficiency Gains from Misspecified Heteroscedasticity Models Downloads
Bulat Gafarov
2023: Mean-field equilibrium price formation with exponential utility Downloads
Masaaki Fujii and Masashi Sekine
2023: Ledoit-Wolf linear shrinkage with unknown mean Downloads
Benoit Oriol and Alexandre Miot
2023: Low-carbon Lithium Extraction Makes Deep Geothermal Plants Cost-competitive in Energy Systems Downloads
Jann Michael Weinand, Ganga Vandenberg, Stanley Risch, Johannes Behrens, Noah Pflugradt, Jochen Lin{\ss}en and Detlef Stolten
2023: Detection and Estimation of Structural Breaks in High-Dimensional Functional Time Series Downloads
Degui Li, Runze Li and Han Lin Shang
2023: Social Welfare Functions with Voters Qualifications: Impossibility Results Downloads
Yasunori Okumura
2023: Efficient Estimation in Extreme Value Regression Models of Hedge Fund Tail Risks Downloads
Julien Hambuckers, Marie Kratz and Antoine Usseglio-Carleve
2023: Why Topological Data Analysis Detects Financial Bubbles? Downloads
Samuel W. Akingbade, Marian Gidea, Matteo Manzi and Vahid Nateghi
2023: A Natural Copula Downloads
Peter B. Lerner
2023: Predictive Incrementality by Experimentation (PIE) for Ad Measurement Downloads
Brett R. Gordon, Robert Moakler and Florian Zettelmeyer
2023: The Market-Based Statistics of "Actual" Returns of Investors Downloads
Victor Olkhov
2023: Filtration Reduction and Completeness in Jump-Diffusion Models Downloads
Karen Grigorian and Robert Jarrow
2023: Quantitative Trading using Deep Q Learning Downloads
Soumyadip Sarkar
2023: Comment on Matsushima, Miyazaki, and Yagi (2010) "Role of Linking Mechanisms in Multitask Agency with Hidden Information" Downloads
Ian Ball and Deniz Kattwinkel
2023: Managing Portfolio for Maximizing Alpha and Minimizing Beta Downloads
Soumyadip Sarkar
2023: GDP nowcasting with artificial neural networks: How much does long-term memory matter? Downloads
Krist\'of N\'emeth and D\'aniel Hadh\'azi
2023: Systemic risk measured by systems resiliency to initial shocks Downloads
Luka Klin\v{c}i\'c, Vinko Zlati\'c, Guido Caldarelli and Hrvoje \v{S}tefan\v{c}i\'c
2023: Visibility graph analysis of the grains and oilseeds indices Downloads
Hao-Ran Liu and Wei-Xing Zhou
2023: Payroll Tax Incidence: Evidence from Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Audrey Guo
2023: Time-frequency co-movements between commodities and economic policy uncertainty across different crises Downloads
M. Bel\'en Arouxet, Aurelio Fernandez Bariviera, Ver\'onica Pastor and Victoria Vampa
2023: A Note on Cursed Sequential Equilibrium and Sequential Cursed Equilibrium Downloads
Meng-Jhang Fong, Po-Hsuan Lin and Thomas R. Palfrey
2023: The Wall Street Neophyte: A Zero-Shot Analysis of ChatGPT Over MultiModal Stock Movement Prediction Challenges Downloads
Qianqian Xie, Weiguang Han, Yanzhao Lai, Min Peng and Jimin Huang
2023: Adapting to Disruptions: Flexibility as a Pillar of Supply Chain Resilience Downloads
Ambra Amico, Luca Verginer, Giona Casiraghi, Giacomo Vaccario and Frank Schweitzer
2023: Mapping job complexity and skills into wages Downloads
Sabrina Aufiero, Giordano De Marzo, Angelica Sbardella and Andrea Zaccaria
2023: Eliciting Awareness Downloads
Evan Piermont
2023: Towards systematic intraday news screening: a liquidity-focused approach Downloads
Jianfei Zhang and Mathieu Rosenbaum
2023: Generative modeling for time series via Schr{\"o}dinger bridge Downloads
Mohamed Hamdouche, Pierre Henry-Labordere and Huy\^en Pham
2023: Five guidelines to improve context-aware process selection: an Australian banking perspective Downloads
Nigel Adams, Adriano Augusto, Michael Davern and Marcello La Rosa
2023: On heavy-tailed risks under Gaussian copula: the effects of marginal transformation Downloads
Bikramjit Das and Vicky Fasen-Hartmann
2023: Contingent Fees in Order Flow Auctions Downloads
Max Resnick
2023: Regulatory Markets: The Future of AI Governance Downloads
Gillian K. Hadfield and Jack Clark
2023: Financial Time Series Forecasting using CNN and Transformer Downloads
Zhen Zeng, Rachneet Kaur, Suchetha Siddagangappa, Saba Rahimi, Tucker Balch and Manuela Veloso
2023: Adjust factor with volatility model using MAXFLAT low-pass filter and construct portfolio in China A share market Downloads
Ke Zhang
2023: On the state-space model of unawareness Downloads
Alex A. T. Rathke
2023: A micro-founded comparison of fiscal policies: indirect and direct job creation Downloads
Kensuke Ohtake
2023: A stochastic control perspective on term structure models with roll-over risk Downloads
Claudio Fontana, Simone Pavarana and Wolfgang J. Runggaldier
2023: Robust optimized certainty equivalents and quantiles for loss positions with distribution uncertainty Downloads
Weiwei Li and Dejian Tian
2023: Symmetric positive semi-definite Fourier estimator of instantaneous variance-covariance matrix Downloads
Jir\^o Akahori, Nien-Lin Liu, Maria Elvira Mancino, Tommaso Mariotti and Yukie Yasuda
2023: Who are the gatekeepers of economics? Geographic diversity, gender composition, and interlocking editorship of journal boards Downloads
Alberto Baccini and Cristina Re
2023: Asymmetric networks, clientelism and their impacts: households' access to workfare employment in rural India Downloads
Anindya Bhattacharya, Anirban Kar and Alita Nandi
2023: Waiting for Fake News Downloads
Raphael Boleslavsky
2023: OFTER: An Online Pipeline for Time Series Forecasting Downloads
Nikolas Michael, Mihai Cucuringu and Sam Howison
2023: Idaho Blacks: Quiet Economic Triumph of Enduring Champions Downloads
Rama K. Malladi and Phillip Thompson
2023: Distributed VC Firms: The Next Iteration of Venture Capital Downloads
Mohib Jafri and Andy Wu
2023: Linking Representations with Multimodal Contrastive Learning Downloads
Abhishek Arora, Xinmei Yang, Shao-Yu Jheng and Melissa Dell
2023: Echo disappears: momentum term structure and cyclic information in turnover Downloads
Haoyu Wang, Junpeng Di and Yuegu Xie
2023: The Dynamics of Leverage and the Belief Distribution of Wealth Downloads
Bikramaditya Datta and Rajiv Sethi
2023: Leveraging policy instruments and financial incentives to reduce embodied carbon in energy retrofits Downloads
Haonan Zhang
2023: Adaptive Student's t-distribution with method of moments moving estimator for nonstationary time series Downloads
Jarek Duda
2023: Rough volatility, path-dependent PDEs and weak rates of convergence Downloads
Ofelia Bonesini, Antoine Jacquier and Alexandre Pannier
2023: Modelling customer lifetime-value in the retail banking industry Downloads
Greig Cowan, Salvatore Mercuri and Raad Khraishi
2023: Efficient OCR for Building a Diverse Digital History Downloads
Jacob Carlson, Tom Bryan and Melissa Dell
2023: Measuring Discrete Risks on Infinite Domains: Theoretical Foundations, Conditional Five Number Summaries, and Data Analyses Downloads
Daoping Yu, Vytaras Brazauskas and Ricardas Zitikis
2023: Portuguese Households Savings in Times of Pandemic: A Way to Better Resist the Escalating Inflation? Downloads
Ana Lucia Luis, Natalia Teixeira and Rui Braz
2023: Wardrop Equilibrium Can Be Boundedly Rational: A New Behavioral Theory of Route Choice Downloads
Jiayang Li, Zhaoran Wang and Yu Marco Nie
2023: Hedging Valuation Adjustment for Callable Claims Downloads
Cyril B\'en\'ezet, St\'ephane Cr\'epey and Dounia Essaket
2023: Short-Term Volatility Prediction Using Deep CNNs Trained on Order Flow Downloads
Mingyu Hao and Artem Lenskiy
2023: A Comparative Study of Inter-Regional Intra-Industry Disparity Downloads
Samidh Pal
2023: A network-based strategy of price correlations for optimal cryptocurrency portfolios Downloads
Ruixue Jing and Luis Enrique Correa Rocha
2023: Synthetic Controls with Multiple Outcomes: Estimating the Effects of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions in the COVID-19 Pandemic Downloads
Wei Tian, Seojeong Lee and Valentyn Panchenko
2023: Optimal Trading in Automatic Market Makers with Deep Learning Downloads
Sebastian Jaimungal, Yuri F. Saporito, Max O. Souza and Yuri Thamsten
2023: Causes of Excess Capacity Downloads
Samidh Pal
2023: Inequality and Growth: A Two-Player Dynamic Game with Production and Appropriation Downloads
Julio Huato
2023: With great power (prices) comes great tail pipe emissions? \\ A natural experiment of electricity prices and electric car adoption Downloads
Johannes Mauritzen
2023: The Economic Effect of Gaining a New Qualification Later in Life Downloads
Finn Lattimore, Daniel M. Steinberg and Anna Zhu
2023: Should the Timing of Inspections be Predictable? Downloads
Ian Ball and Jan Knoepfle
2023: Heterogeneity-robust granular instruments Downloads
Eric Qian
2023: Equilibrium with Heterogeneous Information Flows Downloads
Scott Robertson
2023: Testing for idiosyncratic Treatment Effect Heterogeneity Downloads
Jaime Ramirez-Cuellar
2023: Artificial neural networks and time series of counts: A class of nonlinear INGARCH models Downloads
Malte Jahn
2023: Testing and Identifying Substitution and Complementarity Patterns Downloads
Rui Wang
2023: Implicit Bias against a Capitalistic Society Predicts Market Earnings Downloads
Syngjoo Choi, Kyu Sup Hahn, Byung-Yeon Kim, Eungik Lee, Jungmin Lee and Sokbae Lee
2023: The Story about One Island and Four Cities. The Socio-Economic Soft Matter Model - Based Report Downloads
Agata Angelika Rzoska and Aleksandra Drozd-Rzoska
2023: Unemployment and Endogenous Reallocation over the Business Cycle Downloads
Carlos Carrillo-Tudela and Ludo Visschers
2023: The short- and long-term determinants of fertility in Uruguay Downloads
Zuleika Ferre, Patricia Triunfo and Jos\'e-Ignacio Ant\'on
2023: The Tech Decoupling Downloads
Monika Baloda
2023: Reduction of Excess Capacity with Response of Capital Intensity Downloads
Samidh Pal
2023: Immigrant assimilation in health care utilisation in Spain Downloads
Zuleika Ferre, Patricia Triunfo and Jos\'e-Ignacio Ant\'on
2023: Life cycle costing analysis of deep energy retrofits of a mid-rise building to understand the impact of energy conservation measures Downloads
Haonan Zhang
2023: The Focal Quantal Response Equilibrium Downloads
Matthew Kovach and Gerelt Tserenjigmid
2023: The Effects of Incentives on Choices and Beliefs in Games: An Experiment Downloads
Teresa Esteban-Casanelles and Duarte Gon\c{c}alves
2023: Mastering Pair Trading with Risk-Aware Recurrent Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Weiguang Han, Jimin Huang, Qianqian Xie, Boyi Zhang, Yanzhao Lai and Min Peng
2023: Company Competition Graph Downloads
Yanci Zhang, Yutong Lu, Haitao Mao, Jiawei Huang, Cien Zhang, Xinyi Li and Rui Dai
2023: Machine Learning for Economics Research: When What and How? Downloads
Ajit Desai
2023: Inference on eigenvectors of non-symmetric matrices Downloads
Jerome R. Simons
2023: Feature Engineering Methods on Multivariate Time-Series Data for Financial Data Science Competitions Downloads
Thomas Wong and Mauricio Barahona
2023: Study on the risk-informed heuristic of decision-making on the restoration of defaulted corporation networks Downloads
Jiajia Xia
2023: Mean-variance hybrid portfolio optimization with quantile-based risk measure Downloads
Weiping Wu, Yu Lin, Jianjun Gao and Ke Zhou
2023: Robust Risk-Aware Option Hedging Downloads
David Wu and Sebastian Jaimungal
2023: On the failure of the bootstrap for Chatterjee's rank correlation Downloads
Zhexiao Lin and Fang Han
2023: Information transmission in monopolistic credence goods markets Downloads
Xiaoxiao Hu and Haoran Lei
2023: How Much Should We Trust Instrumental Variable Estimates in Political Science? Practical Advice Based on Over 60 Replicated Studies Downloads
Apoorva Lal, Mac Lockhart, Yiqing Xu and Ziwen Zu
2023: A Theory of Rational Housing Bubbles with Phase Transitions Downloads
Tomohiro Hirano and Alexis Akira Toda
2023: Superhuman Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Human Decision Making by Increasing Novelty Downloads
Minkyu Shin, Jin Kim, Bas van Opheusden and Thomas L. Griffiths
2023: Robust Social Welfare Maximization via Information Design in Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian Games Downloads
Furkan Sezer and Ceyhun Eksin
2023: Complementarity in Demand-side Variables and Educational Participation Downloads
Anjan Ray Chaudhury, Dipankar Das and Sreemanta Sarkar
2023: Inference on Optimal Dynamic Policies via Softmax Approximation Downloads
Qizhao Chen, Morgane Austern and Vasilis Syrgkanis
2023: The Economics of the DeLend Project: Agent-based Simulations Downloads
Frederico Dutilh Novaes, Gabriel de Abreu Madeira and Aurimar Cerqueira
2023: FuNVol: A Multi-Asset Implied Volatility Market Simulator using Functional Principal Components and Neural SDEs Downloads
Vedant Choudhary, Sebastian Jaimungal and Maxime Bergeron
2023: Quantifying dimensional change in stochastic portfolio theory Downloads
Erhan Bayraktar, Donghan Kim and Abhishek Tilva
2023: A multi-cell experimental design to recover policy relevant treatment effects, with an application to online advertising Downloads
Caio Waisman and Brett R. Gordon
2023: Factor Exposure Heterogeneity in Green and Brown Stocks Downloads
David Ardia, Keven Bluteau, Gabriel Lortie-Cloutier and Thien-Duy Tran
2023: Complexity-Approximation Trade-offs in Exchange Mechanisms: AMMs vs. LOBs Downloads
Jason Milionis, Ciamac C. Moallemi and Tim Roughgarden
2023: FTX's downfall and Binance's consolidation: the fragility of Centralized Digital Finance Downloads
David Vidal-Tom\'as, Antonio Briola and Tomaso Aste
2023: Designing binary social decisions Downloads
Kirneva Margarita and N\'u\~nez Mat\'ias
2023: Comparison Shopping: Learning Before Buying From Duopolists Downloads
Brian C. Albrecht and Mark Whitmeyer
2023: Regulating Oligopolistic Competition Downloads
Kai Hao Yang and Alexander K. Zentefis
2023: Local Volatility in Interest Rate Models Downloads
V. M. Belyaev
2023: Cursed Sequential Equilibrium Downloads
Meng-Jhang Fong, Po-Hsuan Lin and Thomas R. Palfrey
2023: Black-Scholes without stochastics or PDEs Downloads
Richard J. Martin
2023: Unconditional Quantile Partial Effects via Conditional Quantile Regression Downloads
Javier Alejo, Antonio F. Galvao, Julian Martinez-Iriarte and Gabriel Montes-Rojas
2023: Bipolar Theorems for Sets of Non-negative Random Variables Downloads
Johannes Langner and Gregor Svindland
2023: Fundamental theorem for quantum asset pricing Downloads
Jinge Bao and Patrick Rebentrost
2023: The Simple Economics of Optimal Bundling Downloads
Frank Yang
2023: Valuing Pharmaceutical Drug Innovations Downloads
Gaurab Aryal, Federico Ciliberto, Leland E. Farmer and Ekaterina Khmelnitskaya
2023: Sequential decompositions at their limit Downloads
Gero Junike, Hauke Stier and Marcus C. Christiansen
2023: Price & Choose Downloads
Federico Echenique and Mat\'ias N\'u\~nez
2023: Unified Container Shipping Industry Data From 1966: Freight Rate, Shipping Quantity, Newbuilding, Secondhand, and Scrap Price Downloads
Takuma Matsuda and Suguru Otani
2023: Efficient and Accurate Calibration to FX Market Skew with Fully Parameterized Local Volatility Model Downloads
Dongli Wu, Bufan Zhang and Xiao Lin
2023: Efficient Communication in Organizations Downloads
Federico Vaccari
2023: Enhanced Bayesian Neural Networks for Macroeconomics and Finance Downloads
Niko Hauzenberger, Florian Huber, Karin Klieber and Massimiliano Marcellino
2023: Assessing the difference between integrated quantiles and integrated cumulative distribution functions Downloads
Yunran Wei and Ricardas Zitikis
2023: Credible Decentralized Exchange Design via Verifiable Sequencing Rules Downloads
Matheus V. X. Ferreira and David C. Parkes
2023: High order approximations of the Cox-Ingersoll-Ross process semigroup using random grids Downloads
Aur\'elien Alfonsi and Edoardo Lombardo
2023: Identification of the Marginal Treatment Effect with Multivalued Treatments Downloads
Toshiki Tsuda
2023: Multidimensional Economic Complexity and Inclusive Green Growth Downloads
Viktor Stojkoski, Philipp Koch and C\'esar A. Hidalgo
2023: On the Trail of Lost Pennies: player-funded tug-of-war on the integers Downloads
Alan Hammond
2023: Prolonged Learning and Hasty Stopping: the Wald Problem with Ambiguity Downloads
Sarah Auster, Yeon-Koo Che and Konrad Mierendorff
2023: Stability of the Epstein-Zin problem Downloads
Michael Monoyios and Oleksii Mostovyi
2023: An unexpected stochastic dominance: Pareto distributions, catastrophes, and risk exchange Downloads
Yuyu Chen, Paul Embrechts and Ruodu Wang
2023: Testing for homogeneous treatment effects in linear and nonparametric instrumental variable models Downloads
Jad Beyhum, Jean-Pierre Florens, Elia Lapenta and Ingrid Van Keilegom
2023: Welfare ordering of voting weight allocations Downloads
Kazuya Kikuchi
2023: Estimation of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects Using Quantile Regression with Interactive Fixed Effects Downloads
Ruofan Xu, Jiti Gao, Tatsushi Oka and Yoon-Jae Whang
2023: Towards a Theory of Maximal Extractable Value I: Constant Function Market Makers Downloads
Kshitij Kulkarni, Theo Diamandis and Tarun Chitra
2023: A Conditional Linear Combination Test with Many Weak Instruments Downloads
Dennis Lim, Wenjie Wang and Yichong Zhang
2023: Symmetric reduced form voting Downloads
Xu Lang and Debasis Mishra
2023: Origin of power laws and their spatial fractal structure for city-size distributions Downloads
Tomoya Mori, Takashi Akamatsu, Yuki Takayama and Minoru Osawa
2023: csa2sls: A complete subset approach for many instruments using Stata Downloads
Seojeong Lee, Siha Lee, Julius Owusu and Youngki Shin
2023: q-Learning in Continuous Time Downloads
Yanwei Jia and Xun Yu Zhou
2023: Detection and Forecasting of Extreme event in Stock Price Triggered by Fundamental, Technical, and External Factors Downloads
Anish Rai, Salam Rabindrajit Luwang, Md Nurujjaman, Chittaranjan Hens, Pratyay Kuila and Kanish Debnath
2023: Liquidity Risks in Lending Protocols: Evidence from Aave Protocol Downloads
Xiaotong Sun, Charalampos Stasinakis and Georgios Sermpinis
2023: Making heads or tails of systemic risk measures Downloads
Aleksy Leeuwenkamp
2023: Spatial frequency of unstable eigenfunction of the core-periphery model with transport cost of differentiated agriculture Downloads
Kensuke Ohtake
2023: Variable importance without impossible data Downloads
Masayoshi Mase, Art B. Owen and Benjamin B. Seiler
2023: Average Adjusted Association: Efficient Estimation with High Dimensional Confounders Downloads
Sung Jae Jun and Sokbae (Simon) Lee
2023: Identification of Auction Models Using Order Statistics Downloads
Yao Luo and Ruli Xiao
2023: Estimation and Inference for High Dimensional Factor Model with Regime Switching Downloads
Giovanni Urga and Fa Wang
2023: Subgeometrically ergodic autoregressions with autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity Downloads
Mika Meitz and Pentti Saikkonen
2023: Predicting Choice from Information Costs Downloads
Elliot Lipnowski and Doron Ravid
2023: Treatment Choice with Nonlinear Regret Downloads
Toru Kitagawa, Sokbae (Simon) Lee and Chen Qiu
2023: Sequential Elimination Contests with All-Pay Auctions Downloads
Fupeng Sun, Yanwei Sun, Chiwei Yan and Li Jin
2023: Sequence-Based Target Coin Prediction for Cryptocurrency Pump-and-Dump Downloads
Sihao Hu, Zhen Zhang, Shengliang Lu, Bingsheng He and Zhao Li
2023: An Axiomatic Characterization of Draft Rules Downloads
Jacob Coreno and Ivan Balbuzanov
2023: Distributionally robust risk evaluation with a causality constraint and structural information Downloads
Bingyan Han
2023: The Cost of Influence: How Gifts to Physicians Shape Prescriptions and Drug Costs Downloads
Melissa Newham and Marica Valente
2023: Universal approximation of credit portfolio losses using Restricted Boltzmann Machines Downloads
Giuseppe Genovese, Ashkan Nikeghbali, Nicola Serra and Gabriele Visentin
2023: Media Slant is Contagious Downloads
Philine Widmer, Sergio Galletta and Elliott Ash
2023: Incentivizing Participation in Clinical Trials Downloads
Yingkai Li and Aleksandrs Slivkins
2023: Sequential Veto Bargaining with Incomplete Information Downloads
S. Nageeb Ali, Navin Kartik and Andreas Kleiner
2023: Bayesian Imputation with Optimal Look-Ahead-Bias and Variance Tradeoff Downloads
Jose Blanchet, Fernando Hernandez, Viet Anh Nguyen, Markus Pelger and Xuhui Zhang
2023: Fat Tails and Optimal Liability Driven Portfolios Downloads
Jan Rosenzweig
2023: Consistency of MLE for partially observed diffusions, with application in market microstructure modeling Downloads
Sergey Nadtochiy and Yuan Yin
2023: Who Increases Emergency Department Use? New Insights from the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment Downloads
Augustine Denteh and Helge Liebert
2023: Homophily in preferences or meetings? Identifying and estimating an iterative network formation model Downloads
Luis Alvarez, Cristine Pinto and Vladimir Ponczek
2023: How easy is it for investment managers to deploy their talent in green and brown stocks? Downloads
David Ardia, Keven Bluteau and Thien Duy Tran
2023: Empirical Analysis of EIP-1559: Transaction Fees, Waiting Time, and Consensus Security Downloads
Yulin Liu, Yuxuan Lu, Kartik Nayak, Fan Zhang, Luyao Zhang and Yinhong Zhao
2023: Dissecting the explanatory power of ESG features on equity returns by sector, capitalization, and year with interpretable machine learning Downloads
J\'er\'emi Assael, Laurent Carlier and Damien Challet
2023: Reputation, Learning and Project Choice in Frictional Economies Downloads
Farzad Pourbabaee
2023: Bidding in Multi-Unit Auctions under Limited Information Downloads
Bernhard Kasberger and Kyle Woodward
2023: Inefficient Peace or Preventive War? Downloads
Liqun Liu, Tusi and Wen
2023: A transformer-based model for default prediction in mid-cap corporate markets Downloads
Kamesh Korangi, Christophe Mues and Cristi\'an Bravo
2023: The Politics of (No) Compromise: Information Acquisition, Policy Discretion, and Reputation Downloads
Liqun Liu
2023: Game Transformations That Preserve Nash Equilibria or Best Response Sets Downloads
Emanuel Tewolde
2023: Infinite utility: counterparts and ultimate locations Downloads
Adam Jonsson
2023: A Bias-Corrected CD Test for Error Cross-Sectional Dependence in Panel Data Models with Latent Factors Downloads
Mohammad Pesaran and Yimeng Xie
2023: A Partial Order on Preference Profiles Downloads
Wayne Gao
2023: Strategic Exploration for Innovation Downloads
Shangen Li
2023: The Rising Entropy of English in the Attention Economy Downloads
Charlie Pilgrim, Weisi Guo and Thomas T. Hills
2023: Federated Causal Inference in Heterogeneous Observational Data Downloads
Ruoxuan Xiong, Allison Koenecke, Michael Powell, Zhu Shen, Joshua T. Vogelstein and Susan Athey
2023: Peace through bribing Downloads
Jingfeng Lu, Zongwei Lu and Christian Riis
2023: Stability of backward stochastic differential equations: the general case Downloads
Antonis Papapantoleon, Dylan Possama\"i and Alexandros Saplaouras
2023: Identifying Wisdom (of the Crowd): A Regression Approach Downloads
Jonathan Libgober
2023: Marginal Treatment Effects with a Misclassified Treatment Downloads
Santiago Acerenza, Kyunghoon Ban and D\'esir\'e K\'edagni
2023: (When) should you adjust inferences for multiple hypothesis testing? Downloads
Davide Viviano, Kaspar Wüthrich and Paul Niehaus
2023: A Pricing Mechanism to Jointly Mitigate Market Power and Environmental Externalities in Electricity Markets Downloads
Lamia Varawala, Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh, Gy\"orgy D\'an, Derek Bunn and Juan Rosell\'on
2023: A Natural Adaptive Process for Collective Decision-Making Downloads
Florian Brandl and Felix Brandt
2023: Parameterised-Response Zero-Intelligence Traders Downloads
Dave Cliff
2023: Competition in Costly Talk Downloads
Federico Vaccari
2023: Welfare v. Consent: On the Optimal Penalty for Harassment Downloads
Ratul Das Chaudhury, Birendra Rai, Liang Wang and Dyuti Banerjee
2023: Local Dominance Downloads
Emiliano Catonini and Jingyi Xue
2023: Two-way Fixed Effects and Differences-in-Differences Estimators with Several Treatments Downloads
Clément de Chaisemartin and Xavier D'Haultf{\oe}uille
2023: Sharp Bounds in the Latent Index Selection Model Downloads
Philip Marx
2023: Mathematical Game Theory: A New Approach Downloads
Ulrich Faigle
2023: Functional Principal Component Analysis for Cointegrated Functional Time Series Downloads
Won-Ki Seo
2023: Policy design in experiments with unknown interference Downloads
Davide Viviano
2023: Treatment Allocation with Strategic Agents Downloads
Evan Munro
2023: Sparse time-varying parameter VECMs with an application to modeling electricity prices Downloads
Niko Hauzenberger, Michael Pfarrhofer and Luca Rossini
2023: Optimal Portfolio Using Factor Graphical Lasso Downloads
Tae Hwy Lee and Ekaterina Seregina
2023: Identification of multi-valued treatment effects with unobserved heterogeneity Downloads
Koki Fusejima
2023: Spillovers of Program Benefits with Missing Network Links Downloads
Lina Zhang
2023: Electoral Accountability and Selection with Personalized Information Aggregation Downloads
Anqi Li and Lin Hu
2023: Time-Varying Parameters as Ridge Regressions Downloads
Philippe Goulet Coulombe
2023: Filtered and Unfiltered Treatment Effects with Targeting Instruments Downloads
Sokbae (Simon) Lee and Bernard Salani\'e
2023: Inference in Difference-in-Differences with Few Treated Units and Spatial Correlation Downloads
Luis Alvarez and Bruno Ferman
2023: Adaptive, Rate-Optimal Hypothesis Testing in Nonparametric IV Models Downloads
Christoph Breunig and Xiaohong Chen
2023: Specification tests for generalized propensity scores using double projections Downloads
Pedro Sant'Anna and Xiaojun Song
2023: Cointegration without Unit Roots Downloads
James A. Duffy and Jerome R. Simons
2023: Multimodal agglomeration in economic geography Downloads
Takashi Akamatsu, Tomoya Mori, Minoru Osawa and Yuki Takayama
2023: How Advance Sales can Reduce Profits: When to Buy, When to Sell, and What Price to Charge Downloads
Amihai Glazer, Refael Hassin and Irit Nowik
2023: Robust Inference on Infinite and Growing Dimensional Time Series Regression Downloads
Abhimanyu Gupta and Myung Hwan Seo
2023: Probabilistic Verification in Mechanism Design Downloads
Ian Ball and Deniz Kattwinkel
2023: Sampling Distributions of Optimal Portfolio Weights and Characteristics in Low and Large Dimensions Downloads
Taras Bodnar, Holger Dette, Nestor Parolya and Erik Thors\'en
2023: Behavioral Biases and Nonadditive Dynamics in Risk Taking: An Experimental Investigation Downloads
Jos\'e Cl\'audio do Nascimento
2023: To Infinity and Beyond: A General Framework for Scaling Economic Theories Downloads
Yannai A. Gonczarowski, Scott Kominers and Ran I. Shorrer
2023: On Policy Evaluation with Aggregate Time-Series Shocks Downloads
Dmitry Arkhangelsky and Vasily Korovkin
2023: A New Stock Market Valuation Measure with Applications to Retirement Planning Downloads
Andrey Sarantsev
2023: Distribution Regression with Sample Selection, with an Application to Wage Decompositions in the UK Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Iv\'an Fern\'andez-Val and Siyi Luo
2023: Sketching a Model on Fisheries Enforcement and Compliance -- A Survey Downloads
Manuel Coelho, Jos\'e Ant\'onio Filipe and Manuel Alberto M. Ferreira
2023: A More Informed Sender Benefits the Receiver When the Sender Has Transparent Motives Downloads
Mark Whitmeyer
2023: Patents and intellectual property assets as non-fungible tokens: key technologies and challenges Downloads
Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini Bamakan, Nasim Nezhadsistani, Omid Bodaghi and Qiang Qu
2023: Online Ensemble of Models for Optimal Predictive Performance with Applications to Sector Rotation Strategy Downloads
Jiaju Miao and Pawel Polak
2023: Exploring Gender and Race Biases in the NFT Market Downloads
Howard Zhong and Mark Hamilton
2023: Exploring the Determinants of Capital Adequacy in Commercial Banks: A Study of Bangladesh's Banking Sector Downloads
Md Shah Naoaj
2023: TM-vector: A Novel Forecasting Approach for Market stock movement with a Rich Representation of Twitter and Market data Downloads
Faraz Sasani, Ramin Mousa, Ali Karkehabadi, Samin Dehbashi and Ali Mohammadi
2023: A Multilevel Stochastic Approximation Algorithm for Value-at-Risk and Expected Shortfall Estimation Downloads
St\'ephane Cr\'epey, Noufel Frikha and Azar Louzi
2023: Egyptian Ratscrew: Discovering Dominant Strategies with Computational Game Theory Downloads
Justin Diamond and Ben Garcia
2023: Reconstructing firm-level input-output networks from partial information Downloads
Andrea Bacilieri and Pablo Austudillo-Estevez
2023: Nash equilibria for relative investors with (non)linear price impact Downloads
Nicole B\"auerle and Tamara G\"oll
2023: Anonymity in sharing the revenues from broadcasting sports leagues Downloads
Gustavo Bergantinos and Juan Moreno-Ternero
2023: Taureau: A Stock Market Movement Inference Framework Based on Twitter Sentiment Analysis Downloads
Nicholas Milikich and Joshua Johnson
2023: Coskewness under dependence uncertainty Downloads
Carole Bernard, Jinghui Chen, Ludger Ruschendorf and Steven Vanduffel
2023: Capitalising the Network Externalities of New Land Supply in the Metaverse Downloads
Kanis Saengchote, Voraprapa Nakavachara and Yishuang Xu
2023: Entrepreneurial Capability And Engagement Of Persons With Disabilities Toward A Framework For Inclusive Entrepreneurship Downloads
Xavier Lawrence D. Mendoza
2023: Liquidity Constraints, Cash Windfalls, and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Administrative Data on Lottery Winners Downloads
Hsuan-Hua Huang, Hsing-Wen Han, Kuang-Ta Lo and Tzu-Ting Yang
2023: Option pricing using a skew random walk pricing tree Downloads
Yuan Hu, W. Brent Lindquist, Svetlozar T. Rachev and Frank J. Fabozzi
2023: Peer Prediction for Peer Review: Designing a Marketplace for Ideas Downloads
Alexander Ugarov
2023: The inverse Black-Scholes problem in Radon measures space revisited: towards a new measure of market uncertainty Downloads
Nizar Riane
2023: A general equilibrium model for multi-passenger ridesharing systems with stable matching Downloads
Rui Yao and Shlomo Bekhor
2023: Quantum Deep Hedging Downloads
El Amine Cherrat, Snehal Raj, Iordanis Kerenidis, Abhishek Shekhar, Ben Wood, Jon Dee, Shouvanik Chakrabarti, Richard Chen, Dylan Herman, Shaohan Hu, Pierre Minssen, Ruslan Shaydulin, Yue Sun, Romina Yalovetzky and Marco Pistoia
2023: Futures Quantitative Investment with Heterogeneous Continual Graph Neural Network Downloads
Zhizhong Tan, Min Hu, Yixuan Wang, Lu Wei and Bin Liu
2023: Critical Thinking Via Storytelling: Theory and Social Media Experiment Downloads
Brian Jabarian and Elia Sartori
2023: Complexity of Equilibria in First-Price Auctions under General Tie-Breaking Rules Downloads
Xi Chen and Binghui Peng
2023: Dark Matter in (Volatility and) Equity Option Risk Premiums Downloads
Gurdip Bakshi, John Crosby and Xiaohui Gao
2023: A multifractional option pricing formula Downloads
Axel A. Araneda
2023: Behavioral Machine Learning? Computer Predictions of Corporate Earnings also Overreact Downloads
Murray Z. Frank, Jing Gao and Keer Yang
2023: Entropy of financial time series due to the shock of war Downloads
Ewa A. Drzazga-Szcz\c{e}\'sniak, Piotr Szczepanik, Adam Z. Kaczmarek and Dominik Szcz\c{e}\'sniak
2023: Optimal Cross-Correlation Estimates from Asynchronous Tick-by-Tick Trading Data Downloads
William H. Press
2023: Forecasting Large Realized Covariance Matrices: The Benefits of Factor Models and Shrinkage Downloads
Rafael Alves, Diego S. de Brito, Marcelo C. Medeiros and Ruy M. Ribeiro
2023: Explaining Exchange Rate Forecasts with Macroeconomic Fundamentals Using Interpretive Machine Learning Downloads
Davood Pirayesh Neghab, Mucahit Cevik and M. I. M. Wahab
2023: Modelling Determinants of Cryptocurrency Prices: A Bayesian Network Approach Downloads
Rasoul Amirzadeh, Asef Nazari, Dhananjay Thiruvady and Mong Shan Ee
2023: The Value of Information and Circular Settings Downloads
Stefan Behringer and Roman V. Bellavkin
2023: Redeeming Falsifiability? Downloads
Mark Whitmeyer and Kun Zhang
2023: Inflation forecasting with attention based transformer neural networks Downloads
Maximilian Tschuchnig, Petra Tschuchnig, Cornelia Ferner and Michael Gadermayr
2023: Under-Identification of Structural Models Based on Timing and Information Set Assumptions Downloads
Daniel Ackerberg, Garth Frazer, Kyoo il Kim, Yao Luo and Yingjun Su
2023: On the Connection between Temperature and Volatility in Ideal Agent Systems Downloads
Christoph J. B\"orner, Ingo Hoffmann and John H. Stiebel
2023: How creative versus technical constraints affect individual learning in an online innovation community Downloads
Victor P. Seidel and Christoph Riedl
2023: Mitigating Decentralized Finance Liquidations with Reversible Call Options Downloads
Kaihua Qin, Jens Ernstberger, Liyi Zhou, Philipp Jovanovic and Arthur Gervais
2023: Measuring Fair Competition on Digital Platforms Downloads
Lukas J\"urgensmeier and Bernd Skiera
2023: Economics-Inspired Neural Networks with Stabilizing Homotopies Downloads
Marlon Azinovic and Jan \v{Z}emli\v{c}ka
2023: Interdisciplinary Papers Supported by Disciplinary Grants Garner Deep and Broad Scientific Impact Downloads
Minsu Park, Suman Kalyan Maity, Stefan Wuchty and Dashun Wang
2023: The Elasticity of Quantitative Investment Downloads
Carter Davis
2023: Specific investments under negotiated transfer pricing: effects of different surplus sharing parameters on managerial performance: An agent-based simulation with fuzzy Q-learning agents Downloads
Christian Mitsch
2023: Exposure to War and Its Labor Market Consequences over the Life Cycle Downloads
Sebastian Braun and Jan Stuhler
2023: Related or Unrelated Diversification: What is Smart Specialization? Downloads
\"Onder Nomaler and Bart Verspagen
2023: Weighted Fair Division with Matroid-Rank Valuations: Monotonicity and Strategyproofness Downloads
Warut Suksompong and Nicholas Teh
2023: Foreign participation in federal biddings: A quantitative approach using the procurement panel Downloads
Carlos Ferreira
2023: A New Production Function Approach Downloads
Samidh Pal
2023: The Dark Side of Algorithms? The Effect of Recommender Systems on Online Investor Behaviors Downloads
Ruiqi Rich Zhu, Cheng He and Yu Jeffrey Hu
2023: Synthetic Combinations: A Causal Inference Framework for Combinatorial Interventions Downloads
Abhineet Agarwal, Anish Agarwal and Suhas Vijaykumar
2023: The effect of the Austrian-German bidding zone split on unplanned cross-border flows Downloads
Theresa Graefe
2023: sparseDFM: An R Package to Estimate Dynamic Factor Models with Sparse Loadings Downloads
Luke Mosley, Tak-Shing Chan and Alex Gibberd
2023: Dynamic Combinatorial Assignment Downloads
Th\`anh Nguyen, Alexander Teytelboym and Shai Vardi
2023: State space decomposition and classification of term structure shapes in the two-factor Vasicek model Downloads
Martin Keller-Ressel and Felix Sachse
2023: Pitman's Theorem, Black-Scholes Equation, and Derivative Pricing for Fundraisers Downloads
Yukihiro Tsuzuki
2023: Point Identification of LATE with Two Imperfect Instruments Downloads
Rui Wang
2023: The State of Food Systems Worldwide: Counting Down to 2030 Downloads
Kate Schneider, Jessica Fanzo, Lawrence Haddad, Mario Herrero, Jose Rosero Moncayo, Anna Herforth, Roseline Reman, Alejandro Guarin, Danielle Resnick, Namukolo Covic, Christophe B\'en\'e, Andrea Cattaneo, Nancy Aburto, Ramya Ambikapathi, Destan Aytekin, Simon Barquera, Jane Battersby-Lennard, Ty Beal, Paulina Bizzoto Molina, Carlo Cafiero, Christine Campeau, Patrick Caron, Piero Conforti, Kerstin Damerau, Michael DiGirolamo, Fabrice DeClerck, Deviana Dewi, Ismahane Elouafi, Carola Fabi, Pat Foley, Ty Frazier, Jessica Gephart, Christopher Golden, Carlos Gonzalez Fischer, Sheryl Hendriks, Maddalena Honorati, Jikun Huang, Gina Kennedy, Amos Laar, Rattan Lal, Preetmoninder Lidder, Brent Loken, Quinn Marshall, Yuta Masuda, Rebecca McLaren, Lais Miachon, Hern\'an Mu\~noz, Stella Nordhagen, Naina Qayyum, Michaela Saisana, Diana Suhardiman, Rashid Sumaila, Maximo Torrero Cullen, Francesco Tubiello, Jose-Luis Vivero-Pol, Patrick Webb and Keith Wiebe
2023: Bootstrap-Assisted Inference for Generalized Grenander-type Estimators Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Michael Jansson and Kenichi Nagasawa
2023: Why Are Immigrants Always Accused of Stealing People's Jobs? Downloads
Pascal Michaillat
2023: Accurate solution of the Index Tracking problem with a hybrid simulated annealing algorithm Downloads
\'Alvaro Rubio-Garc\'ia, Samuel Fern\'andez-Lorenzo, Juan Jos\'e Garc\'ia-Ripoll and Diego Porras
2023: Uncertain Prior Economic Knowledge and Statistically Identified Structural Vector Autoregressions Downloads
Sascha A. Keweloh
2023: Functional-Coefficient Quantile Regression for Panel Data with Latent Group Structure Downloads
Xiaorong Yang, Jia Chen, Degui Li and Runze Li
2023: A Unified Framework for Fast Large-Scale Portfolio Optimization Downloads
Weichuan Deng, Ronakdilip Shah, Pawel Polak and Abolfazl Safikhani
2023: Pricing of Electricity Swaps with Geometric Averaging Downloads
Annika Kemper and Maren Diane Schmeck
2023: Pricing Transition Risk with a Jump-Diffusion Credit Risk Model: Evidences from the CDS market Downloads
Giulia Livieri, Davide Radi and Elia Smaniotto
2023: Artificial Intelligence and Dual Contract Downloads
Wuming Fu and Qian Qi
2023: Strategic Ambiguity in Global Games Downloads
Takashi Ui
2023: Portfolio Optimization with Relative Tail Risk Downloads
Young Shin Kim
2023: Strategic Trading in Quantitative Markets through Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Hengxi Zhang, Zhendong Shi, Yuanquan Hu, Wenbo Ding, Ercan E. Kuruoglu and Xiao-Ping Zhang
2023: Non-Market Allocation Mechanisms: Optimal Design and Investment Incentives Downloads
Victor Augias and Eduardo Perez
2023: Using Forests in Multivariate Regression Discontinuity Designs Downloads
Yiqi Liu and Yuan Qi
2023: Style Miner: Find Significant and Stable Explanatory Factors in Time Series with Constrained Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Dapeng Li, Feiyang Pan, Jia He, Zhiwei Xu, Dandan Tu and Guoliang Fan
2023: Both invariant principles implied by Marx's law of value are necessary and sufficient to solve the transformation problem through Morishima's formalism Downloads
Norbert Ankri and Pa\"ikan Marcaggi
2023: Cost of Implementation of Basel III reforms in Bangladesh -- A Panel data analysis Downloads
Dipti Rani Hazra, Md. Shah Naoaj, Mohammed Mahinur Alam and Abdul Kader
2023: Model-free Hedging of Impermanent Loss in Geometric Mean Market Makers Downloads
Masaaki Fukasawa, Basile Maire and Marcus Wunsch
2023: Network log-ARCH models for forecasting stock market volatility Downloads
Raffaele Mattera and Philipp Otto
2023: Tail dependence structure and extreme risk spillover effects between the international agricultural futures and spot markets Downloads
Yun-Shi Dai, Peng-Fei Dai and Wei-Xing Zhou
2023: Venture Capital Portfolio Construction and the Main Factors Impacting the Optimal Strategy Downloads
Francesco Farina, Mike Arpaia, Harpal Khing and Jonas Vetterle
2023: Financial Structure, Firm Size and Financial Growth of Non-Financial Firms Listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange Downloads
David Haritone Shikumo, Oluoch Oluoch and Joshua Matanda Wepukhulu
2023: The Economic Value of User Tracking for Publishers Downloads
Rene Laub, Klaus M. Miller and Bernd Skiera
2023: Proxy Forecasting to Avoid Stochastic Decision Rules in Decision Markets Downloads
Wenlong Wang and Thomas Pfeiffer
2023: Bifurcation analysis of the Keynesian cross model Downloads
Xinyu Li
2023: A Re-Examination of the Foundations of Cost of Capital for Regulatory Purposes Downloads
Darryl Biggar
2023: On Robustness of Double Linear Policy with Time-Varying Weights Downloads
Xin-Yu Wang and Chung-Han Hsieh
2023: School-based malaria chemoprevention as a cost-effective approach to improve cognitive and educational outcomes: a meta-analysis Downloads
Noam Angrist, Matthew C. H. Jukes, Sian Clarke, R. Matthew Chico, Charles Opondo, Donald Bundy and Lauren M. Cohee
2023: High-Frequency Volatility Estimation with Fast Multiple Change Points Detection Downloads
Greeshma Balabhadra, El Mehdi Ainasse and Pawel Polak
2023: Predictive Optimized Model on Money Markets Instruments With Capital Market and Bank Rates Ratio Downloads
Bilal Hungund and Shilpa Rastogi
2023: Minimum Wage Pass-through to Wholesale and Retail Prices: Evidence from Cannabis Scanner Data Downloads
Carl Hase
2023: Standard errors when a regressor is randomly assigned Downloads
Denis Chetverikov, Jinyong Hahn, Zhipeng Liao and Andres Santos
2023: Inference of Grouped Time-Varying Network Vector Autoregression Models Downloads
Degui Li, Bin Peng, Songqiao Tang and Weibiao Wu
2023: Optimal liquidation with temporary and permanent price impact, an application to cryptocurrencies Downloads
Hugo E. Ramirez and Juli\'an Fernando Sanchez
2023: Multivariate Probabilistic CRPS Learning with an Application to Day-Ahead Electricity Prices Downloads
Jonathan Berrisch and Florian Ziel
2023: Portfolio Optimization with Allocation Constraints and Stochastic Factor Market Dynamics Downloads
Marcos Escobar-Anel, Michel Kschonnek and Rudi Zagst
2023: Econotaxis in modeling urbanization by labor force migration Downloads
Hirotaka Goto
2023: Quantum Monte Carlo simulations for financial risk analytics: scenario generation for equity, rate, and credit risk factors Downloads
Titos Matsakos and Stuart Nield
2023: Bootstrap based asymptotic refinements for high-dimensional nonlinear models Downloads
Joel L. Horowitz and Ahnaf Rafi
2023: Dynamic Information Provision: Rewarding the Past and Guiding the Future Downloads
Ian Ball
2023: Optimal Delegation in Markets for Matching with Signaling Downloads
Seungjin Han, Alex Sam and Youngki Shin
2023: Improving CNN-base Stock Trading By Considering Data Heterogeneity and Burst Downloads
Keer Yang, Guanqun Zhang, Chuan Bi, Qiang Guan, Hailu Xu and Shuai Xu
2023: Stock Price Prediction Using Temporal Graph Model with Value Chain Data Downloads
Chang Liu and Sandra Paterlini
2023: Main Concepts and Principles of Political Economy -- Production and Values, Distribution and Prices, Reproduction and Profits Downloads
Christian Flamant
2023: Cryptocurrency Price Prediction using Twitter Sentiment Analysis Downloads
Haritha Gb and Sahana N. B
2023: Portfolio Volatility Estimation Relative to Stock Market Cross-Sectional Intrinsic Entropy Downloads
Claudiu Vinte and Marcel Ausloos
2023: Stock Trend Prediction: A Semantic Segmentation Approach Downloads
Shima Nabiee and Nader Bagherzadeh
2023: Physics Breakthrough Disproves Fundamental Assumptions of the Chicago School Downloads
Cortelyou C. Kenney
2023: Real Options Technique as a Tool of Strategic Risk Management Downloads
Volodymyr Savchuk
2023: Economics of In-Space Industry and Competitiveness of Lunar-Derived Rocket Propellant Downloads
Philip Metzger
2023: A parsimonious neural network approach to solve portfolio optimization problems without using dynamic programming Downloads
Pieter M. van Staden, Peter A. Forsyth and Yuying Li
2023: The Effects of the Pandemic on Market Power and Profitability Downloads
Juan Andres Espinosa-Torres and Jaime Ramirez-Cuellar
2023: Deep Calibration With Artificial Neural Network: A Performance Comparison on Option Pricing Models Downloads
Young Shin Kim, Hyangju Kim and Jaehyung Choi
2023: Mean-variance constrained priors have finite maximum Bayes risk in the normal location model Downloads
Jiafeng Chen
2023: Expected Utility from a Constructive Viewpoint Downloads
Kislaya Prasad
2023: Probabilistic forecasting with Factor Quantile Regression: Application to electricity trading Downloads
Katarzyna Maciejowska, Tomasz Serafin and Bartosz Uniejewski
2023: Optimal investment in ambiguous financial markets with learning Downloads
Nicole B\"auerle and Antje Mahayni
2023: Classification and calibration of affine models driven by independent L\'evy processes Downloads
Micha{\l} Barski and Rafa{\l} {\L}ochowski
2023: Are high school degrees and university diplomas equally heritable in the US? A new measure of relative intergenerational mobility Downloads
Anna Naszodi and Liliana Cuccu
2023: Linking Alternative Fuel Vehicles Adoption with Socioeconomic Status and Air Quality Index Downloads
Anuradha Singh, Jyoti Yadav, Sarahana Shrestha and Aparna S. Varde
2023: Measuring Stochastic Rationality Downloads
Efe A. Ok and Gerelt Tserenjigmid
2023: Mean field game of mutual holding with defaultable agents, and systemic risk Downloads
Mao Fabrice Djete, Gaoyue Guo and Nizar Touzi
2023: Relative performance criteria of multiplicative form in complete markets Downloads
Anastasiya Tanana
2023: A Commons-Compatible Implementation of the Sharing Economy: Blockchain-Based Open Source Mediation Downloads
Petra Tschuchnig, Manfred Mayr, Maximilian Tschuchnig and Peter Haber
2023: Axiomatic characterization of pointwise Shapley decompositions Downloads
Marcus C Christiansen
2023: Ruin probability for the quota share model with~phase-type distributed claims Downloads
Krzysztof Burnecki, Zbigniew Palmowski, Marek Teuerle and Aleksandra Wilkowska
2023: A Story of Consistency: Bridging the Gap between Bentham and Rawls Foundations Downloads
St\'ephane Gonzalez and Nikolaos Pnevmatikos
2023: A Unified Theorem of the Alternative Downloads
Ian Ball
2023: Distributionally Robust Principal-Agent Problems and Optimality of Contract Menus Downloads
Peter Zhang
2023: Many learning agents interacting with an agent-based market model Downloads
Matthew Dicks, Andrew Paskaramoothy and Tim Gebbie
2023: Tight Non-asymptotic Inference via Sub-Gaussian Intrinsic Moment Norm Downloads
Huiming Zhang, Haoyu Wei and Guang Cheng
2023: The Dynamics of Instability Downloads
C\'esar Barilla and Duarte Gon\c{c}alves
2023: The Stock Price Relationship between Holding Companies and Subsidiaries: A Case study of Indonesia Multiholding Companies Downloads
Muhammad Aufaristama
2023: Reconciling rough volatility with jumps Downloads
Eduardo Abi Jaber and Nathan De Carvalho
2023: Uniform Pessimistic Risk and Optimal Portfolio Downloads
Sungchul Hong and Jong-June Jeon
2023: Are consumers ready to pay extra for crowd-shipping e-groceries and why? A hybrid choice analysis for developing economies Downloads
Oleksandr Rossolov and Yusak O. Susilo
2023: Status substitution and conspicuous consumption Downloads
Alastair Langtry and Christian Ghinglino
2023: Counterfactual Copula and Its Application to the Effects of College Education on Intergenerational Mobility Downloads
Tsung-Chih Lai and Jiun-Hua Su
2023: Correlation between upstreamness and downstreamness in random global value chains Downloads
Silvia Bartolucci, Fabio Caccioli, Francesco Caravelli and Pierpaolo Vivo
2023: Redesigning the US Army's Branching Process: A Case Study in Minimalist Market Design Downloads
Kyle Greenberg, Parag A. Pathak and Tayfun S\"onmez
2023: Inertial Updating Downloads
Adam Dominiak, Matthew Kovach and Gerelt Tserenjigmid
2023: Communication Protocols under Transparent Motives Downloads
Roberto Corrao and Yifan Dai
2023: Art-ificial Intelligence: The Effect of AI Disclosure on Evaluations of Creative Content Downloads
Manav Raj, Justin Berg and Rob Seamans
2023: The Nobel Family Downloads
Richard Tol
2023: Academic Freedom and Innovation: A Research Note Downloads
David Audretsch, Christian Fisch, Chiara Franzoni, Paul P. Momtaz and Silvio Vismara
2023: Real Option Pricing using Quantum Computers Downloads
Alberto Manzano, Gonzalo Ferro, \'Alvaro Leitao, Carlos V\'azquez and Andr\'es G\'omez
2023: NFT Bubbles Downloads
Andrea Barbon and Angelo Ranaldo
2023: Ranked Choice Bedlam in a 2022 Oakland School Director Election Downloads
David McCune
2023: A General Impossibility Theorem on Pareto Efficiency and Bayesian Incentive Compatibility Downloads
Kazuya Kikuchi and Yukio Koriyama
2023: What do surveys say about the historical trend of inequality and the applicability of two table-transformation methods? Downloads
Anna Naszodi
2023: A Distributionally Robust Random Utility Model Downloads
David M\"uller, Emerson Melo and Ruben Schlotter
2023: Strategy-proofness with single-peaked and single-dipped preferences Downloads
Jorge Alcalde-Unzu, Oihane Gallo and Marc Vorsatz
2023: Research on CPI Prediction Based on Natural Language Processing Downloads
Xiaobin Tang and Nuo Lei
2023: The Financial Market of Indices of Socioeconomic Wellbeing Downloads
Thilini V. Mahanama, Abootaleb Shirvani and Svetlozar Rachev
2023: Unique Equilibria in Models of Rational Asset Price Bubbles Downloads
Tomohiro Hirano and Alexis Akira Toda
2023: The iterative proportional fitting algorithm and the NM-method: solutions for two different sets of problems Downloads
Anna Naszodi
2023: The Impact of Feature Selection and Transformation on Machine Learning Methods in Determining the Credit Scoring Downloads
Oguz Koc, Omur Ugur and A. Sevtap Kestel
2023: Preferences and Attitudes towards Debt Collection: A Cross-Generational Investigation Downloads
Minou Goetze, Christina Herdt, Ricarda Conrad and Stephan Stricker
2023: Distributional Vector Autoregression: Eliciting Macro and Financial Dependence Downloads
Yunyun Wang, Tatsushi Oka and Dan Zhu
2023: Direct comparison or indirect comparison via a series of counterfactual decompositions? Downloads
Anna Naszodi
2023: Socioeconomics of Urban Travel in the U.S.: Evidence from the 2017 NHTS Downloads
Xize Wang and John L. Renne
2023: Forecasting the movements of Bitcoin prices: an application of machine learning algorithms Downloads
Hakan Pabuccu, Serdar Ongan and Ayse Ongan
2023: Application of supervised learning models in the Chinese futures market Downloads
Fuquan Tang
2023: Gender Segregation: Analysis across Sectoral-Dominance in the UK Labour Market Downloads
Riccardo Leoncini, Mariele Macaluso and Annalivia Polselli
2023: A Note on Invariant Extensions of Preorders Downloads
Peter Caradonna and Christopher Chambers
2023: Optimal investment with insurable background risk and nonlinear portfolio allocation frictions Downloads
Hugo E. Ramirez and Rafael Serrano
2023: Financing Costs, Per-Shipment Costs and Shipping Frequency: Firm-Level Evidence from Bangladesh Downloads
Md Deluair Hossen
2023: Deep hybrid model with satellite imagery: how to combine demand modeling and computer vision for behavior analysis? Downloads
Qingyi Wang, Shenhao Wang, Yunhan Zheng, Hongzhou Lin, Xiaohu Zhang, Jinhua Zhao and Joan Walker
2023: Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Data Frequency: Firm-Level Evidence from Bangladesh Downloads
Md Deluair Hossen
2023: Government Guarantees and Banks' Income Smoothing Downloads
Manuela M. Dantas, Kenneth J. Merkley and Felipe B. G. Silva
2023: Enlargement of Filtrations: An Exposition of Core Ideas with Financial Examples Downloads
Karen Grigorian and Robert Jarrow
2023: Optimal Engagement-Diversity Tradeoffs in Social Media Downloads
Fabian Baumann, Daniel Halpern, Ariel D. Procaccia, Iyad Rahwan, Itai Shapira and Manuel Wuthrich
2023: Complex Systems of Secrecy: The Offshore Networks of Oligarchs Downloads
Ho-Chun Herbert Chang, Brooke Harrington, Feng Fu and Daniel Rockmore
2023: Social herding in mean field games Downloads
Deepanshu Vasal
2023: Both eyes open: Vigilant Incentives help Regulatory Markets improve AI Safety Downloads
Paolo Bova, Alessandro Di Stefano and The Anh Han
2023: Monetary Policy and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: A Literature Review Downloads
Marouane Daoui
2023: Defining and comparing SICR-events for classifying impaired loans under IFRS 9 Downloads
Arno Botha, Esmerelda Oberholzer, Janette Larney and Riaan de Jongh
2023: A neural network based model for multi-dimensional nonlinear Hawkes processes Downloads
Sobin Joseph and Shashi Jain
2023: Identification of Ex Ante Returns Using Elicited Choice Probabilities Downloads
Romuald Meango
2023: EnsembleIV: Creating Instrumental Variables from Ensemble Learners for Robust Statistical Inference Downloads
Gordon Burtch, Edward McFowland, Mochen Yang and Gediminas Adomavicius
2023: Censored Quantile Regression with Many Controls Downloads
Seoyun Hong
2023: The Economic Costs of the Russia-Ukraine War: A Synthetic Control Study of (Lost) Entrepreneurship Downloads
David Audretsch, Paul P. Momtaz, Hanna Motuzenko and Silvio Vismara
2023: Identifying the Distribution of Welfare from Discrete Choice Downloads
Bart Cap\'eau, Liebrecht De Sadeleer and Sebastiaan Maes
2023: On Data-Driven Drawdown Control with Restart Mechanism in Trading Downloads
Chung-Han Hsieh
2023: Fast Option Pricing using Nonlinear Stencils Downloads
Zafar Ahmad, Rezaul Chowdhury, Rathish Das, Yushen Huang and Yimin Zhu
2023: Electricity Virtual Bidding Strategy Via Entropy-Regularized Stochastic Control Method Downloads
Zhou Fang
2023: Continuous-Time Path-Dependent Exploratory Mean-Variance Portfolio Construction Downloads
Zhou Fang
2023: Feature Selection for Forecasting Downloads
Hakan Pabuccu and Adrian Barbu
2023: Bayesian CART models for insurance claims frequency Downloads
Yaojun Zhang, Lanpeng Ji, Georgios Aivaliotis and Charles Taylor
2023: Trusting: Alone and together Downloads
Benedikt V. Meylahn, Arnoud V. den Boer and Michel Mandjes
2023: Finding the Optimal Currency Composition of Foreign Exchange Reserves with a Quantum Computer Downloads
Martin Vesely
2023: Fast Forecasting of Unstable Data Streams for On-Demand Service Platforms Downloads
Yu Jeffrey Hu, Jeroen Rombouts and Ines Wilms
2023: An adaptive volatility method for probabilistic forecasting and its application to the M6 financial forecasting competition Downloads
Joseph de Vilmarest and Nicklas Werge
2023: Revisiting the effect of search frictions on market concentration Downloads
Jules Depersin and B\'ereng\`ere Patault
2023: Optimal probabilistic forecasts for risk management Downloads
Yuru Sun, Worapree Maneesoonthorn, Ruben Loaiza-Maya and Gael M. Martin
2023: Time-inconsistent contract theory Downloads
Camilo Hern\'andez and Dylan Possama\"i
2023: Robust portfolio selection under Recovery Average Value at Risk Downloads
Cosimo Munari, Justin Pl\"uckebaum and Stefan Weber
2023: How will Language Modelers like ChatGPT Affect Occupations and Industries? Downloads
Ed Felten, Manav Raj and Robert Seamans
2023: Predicting Stock Price Movement as an Image Classification Problem Downloads
Matej Steinbacher
2023: Adaptive Estimation of Intersection Bounds: a Classification Approach Downloads
Vira Semenova
2023: Representation Theorems for Path-Independent Choice Rules Downloads
Koji Yokote, Isa E. Hafalir, Fuhito Kojima and M. Bumin Yenmez
2023: Mr.Keynes and the... Complexity! A suggested agent-based version of the General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money Downloads
Alessio Emanuele Biondo
2023: $21^{st}$ Century Statistical Disclosure Limitation: Motivations and Challenges Downloads
John Abowd and Michael B Hawes
2023: Generalized Cumulative Shrinkage Process Priors with Applications to Sparse Bayesian Factor Analysis Downloads
Sylvia Fr\"uhwirth-Schnatter
2023: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Trader without Offline Training Downloads
Boian Lazov
2023: Host Community Respecting Refugee Housing Downloads
Du\v{s}an Knop and \v{S}imon Schierreich
2023: Why Do Students Lie and Should We Worry? An Analysis of Non-truthful Reporting Downloads
Emil Chrisander and Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen
2023: A rational measure of irrationality Downloads
Davide Carpentiere, Alfio Giarlotta and Stephen Watson
2023: Elicitability of Return Risk Measures Downloads
M\"ucahit Ayg\"un, Fabio Bellini and Roger Laeven
2023: Estimating the Effects of Fiscal Policy using a Novel Proxy Shrinkage Prior Downloads
Sascha A. Keweloh, Mathias Klein and Jan Pr\"user
2023: Preparing random state for quantum financing with quantum walks Downloads
Yen-Jui Chang, Wei-Ting Wang, Hao-Yuan Chen, Shih-Wei Liao and Ching-Ray Chang
2023: Liquidity Providers Greeks and Impermanent Gain Downloads
Niccol\`o Bardoscia and Alessandro Nodari
2023: Decomposition and Interpretation of Treatment Effects in Settings with Delayed Outcomes Downloads
Federico A. Bugni, Ivan A. Canay and Steve McBride
2023: LP-Duality Theory and the Cores of Games Downloads
Vijay V. Vazirani
2023: Control of Emerging-Market Target, Abnormal Stock Return: Evidence in Vietnam Downloads
Quyen Van and Vy Tran
2023: Decentralized Exchanges: The Profitability Frontier of Constant Product Market Makers Downloads
Tobias Bitterli and Fabian Sch\"ar
2023: Dynamic Programming for Pure-Strategy Subgame Perfection in an Arbitrary Game Downloads
Peter A. Streufert
2023: Extreme Points and First-Order Stochastic Dominance: Theory and Applications Downloads
Kai Hao Yang and Alexander K. Zentefis
2023: Being at the core: firm product specialisation Downloads
Filippo Bontadini, Mercedes Campi and Marco Due\~nas
2023: PRUDEX-Compass: Towards Systematic Evaluation of Reinforcement Learning in Financial Markets Downloads
Shuo Sun, Molei Qin, Xinrun Wang and Bo An
2023: Factor Model of Mixtures Downloads
Cheng Peng and Stanislav Uryasev
2023: An Examination of Ranked Choice Voting in the United States, 2004-2022 Downloads
Adam Graham-Squire and David McCune
2023: Model Based Reinforcement Learning with Non-Gaussian Environment Dynamics and its Application to Portfolio Optimization Downloads
Huifang Huang, Ting Gao, Pengbo Li, Jin Guo, Peng Zhang and Nan Du
2023: Quantum Monte Carlo algorithm for solving Black-Scholes PDEs for high-dimensional option pricing in finance and its proof of overcoming the curse of dimensionality Downloads
Yongming Li and Ariel Neufeld
2023: Endogenous Labour Flow Networks Downloads
Kathyrn R. Fair and Omar A. Guerrero
2023: Auctions without commitment in the auto-bidding world Downloads
Aranyak Mehta and Andres Perlroth
2023: Testing for the appropriate level of clustering in linear regression models Downloads
James MacKinnon, Morten Nielsen and Matthew Webb
2023: Inference for Large Panel Data with Many Covariates Downloads
Markus Pelger and Jiacheng Zou
2023: Efficient Market Design with Distributional Objectives Downloads
Isa E. Hafalir, Fuhito Kojima and M. Bumin Yenmez
2023: Functional Expansions Downloads
Bruno Dupire and Valentin Tissot-Daguette
2023: Global LCOEs of decentralized off-grid renewable energy systems Downloads
Jann Michael Weinand, Maximilian Hoffmann, Jan G\"opfert, Tom Terlouw, Julian Sch\"onau, Patrick Kuckertz, Russell McKenna, Leander Kotzur, Jochen Lin{\ss}en and Detlef Stolten
2023: Peer-reviewed theory does not help predict the cross-section of stock returns Downloads
Andrew Y. Chen, Alejandro Lopez-Lira and Tom Zimmermann
2023: Prediction of Auto Insurance Risk Based on t-SNE Dimensionality Reduction Downloads
Joseph Levitas, Konstantin Yavilberg, Oleg Korol and Genadi Man
2023: Quantum classical hybrid neural networks for continuous variable prediction Downloads
Prateek Jain and Alberto Garcia Garcia
2023: Educational Inequality of Opportunity and Mobility in Europe Downloads
Jo\"el Terschuur
2023: Dynamic and static fund separations and their stability for long-term optimal investments Downloads
Hyungbin Park and Heejun Yeo
2023: Incorporating Prior Knowledge of Latent Group Structure in Panel Data Models Downloads
Boyuan Zhang
2023: ETF construction on CRIX Downloads
Konstantin H\"ausler
2023: Motif-aware temporal GCN for fraud detection in signed cryptocurrency trust networks Downloads
Song Li, Jiandong Zhou, Chong Mo, Jin Li, Geoffrey K. F. Tso and Yuxing Tian
2023: On the Convergence of Credit Risk in Current Consumer Automobile Loans Downloads
Jackson P. Lautier, Vladimir Pozdnyakov and Jun Yan
2023: Using multimodal learning and deep generative models for corporate bankruptcy prediction Downloads
Rogelio A. Mancisidor
2023: Profit Shifting Frictions and the Geography of Multinational Activity Downloads
Alessandro Ferrari, S\'ebastien Laffitte, Mathieu Parenti and Farid Toubal
2023: Stressing Dynamic Loss Models Downloads
Emma Kroell, Silvana M. Pesenti and Sebastian Jaimungal
2023: Boosted p-Values for High-Dimensional Vector Autoregression Downloads
Xiao Huang
2023: Genuine multifractality in time series is due to temporal correlations Downloads
Jaros{\l}aw Kwapie\'n, Pawel Blasiak, Stanis{\l}aw Dro\.zd\.z and Pawe{\l} O\'swi\k{e}cimka
2023: Distortion risk measures in random environments: construction and axiomatic characterization Downloads
Shuo Gong, Yijun Hu and Linxiao Wei
2023: $1/f$ noise from the sequence of nonoverlapping rectangular pulses Downloads
Aleksejus Kononovicius and Bronislovas Kaulakys
2023: The Kind of Silence: Managing a Reputation for Voluntary Disclosure in Financial Markets Downloads
Miles B. Gietzmann and Adam J. Ostaszewski
2023: Efficient Wrong-Way Risk Modelling for Funding Valuation Adjustments Downloads
T. van der Zwaard, L. A. Grzelak and C. W. Oosterlee
2023: Multidimensional Interactive Fixed-Effects Downloads
Hugo Freeman
2023: Efficient Integrated Volatility Estimation in the Presence of Infinite Variation Jumps via Debiased Truncated Realized Variations Downloads
B. Cooper Boniece, Jos\'e E. Figueroa-L\'opez and Yuchen Han
2023: Do Unions Shape Political Ideologies at Work? Downloads
Johannes Matzat and Aiko Schmei{\ss}er
2023: Smiles in Profiles: Improving Fairness and Efficiency Using Estimates of User Preferences in Online Marketplaces Downloads
Susan Athey, Dean Karlan, Emil Palikot and Yuan Yuan
2023: Identifying Dominant Industrial Sectors in Market States of the S&P 500 Financial Data Downloads
Tobias Wand, Martin He{\ss}ler and Oliver Kamps
2023: pystacked: Stacking generalization and machine learning in Stata Downloads
Achim Ahrens, Christian Hansen and Mark Schaffer
2023: No-Arbitrage Pricing, Dynamics and Forward Prices of Collateralized Derivatives Downloads
Alessio Calvelli
2023: Impossibility theorems involving weakenings of expansion consistency and resoluteness in voting Downloads
Wesley H. Holliday, Chase Norman, Eric Pacuit and Saam Zahedian
2023: Efficient Bias Correction for Cross-section and Panel Data Downloads
Jinyong Hahn, David Hughes, Guido Kuersteiner and Whitney K. Newey
2023: Asymptotic Properties of Endogeneity Corrections Using Nonlinear Transformations Downloads
Jörg Breitung, Alexander Mayer and Dominik Wied
2023: Simultaneity in Binary Outcome Models with an Application to Employment for Couples Downloads
Bo E. Honor\'e, Luojia Hu, Aikaterini Kyriazidou and Martin Weidner
2023: High Dimensional Generalised Penalised Least Squares Downloads
Ilias Chronopoulos, Katerina Chrysikou and George Kapetanios
2023: Nobel begets Nobel Downloads
Richard Tol
2023: An optimal transport based characterization of convex order Downloads
Johannes Wiesel and Erica Zhang
2023: Stake-governed tug-of-war and the biased infinity Laplacian Downloads
Alan Hammond and G\'abor Pete
2023: Inference for Matched Tuples and Fully Blocked Factorial Designs Downloads
Yuehao Bai, Jizhou Liu and Max Tabord-Meehan
2023: Multi-Asset Bubbles Equilibrium Price Dynamics Downloads
Francesco Cordoni
2023: Regulating Matching Markets with Constraints: Data-driven Taxation Downloads
Akira Matsushita, Kei Ikegami, Kyohei Okumura, Yoji Tomita and Atsushi Iwasaki
2023: Do price trajectory data increase the efficiency of market impact estimation? Downloads
Fengpei Li, Vitalii Ihnatiuk, Ryan Kinnear, Anderson Schneider and Yuriy Nevmyvaka
2023: Static Replication of Impermanent Loss for Concentrated Liquidity Provision in Decentralised Markets Downloads
Jun Deng, Hua Zong and Yun Wang
2023: Robust Distortion Risk Measures Downloads
Carole Bernard, Silvana M. Pesenti and Steven Vanduffel
2023: Multivariate ordered discrete response models Downloads
Tatiana Komarova and William Matcham
2023: Firm Heterogeneity, Market Power and Macroeconomic Fragility Downloads
Alessandro Ferrari and Francisco Queir\'os
2023: Inventories, Demand Shocks Propagation and Amplification in Supply Chains Downloads
Alessandro Ferrari
2023: Transient impact from the Nash equilibrium of a permanent market impact game Downloads
Francesco Cordoni and Fabrizio Lillo
2023: A Heteroskedasticity-Robust Overidentifying Restriction Test with High-Dimensional Covariates Downloads
Qingliang Fan, Zijian Guo and Ziwei Mei
2023: Information-theoretic limitations of data-based price discrimination Downloads
Haitian Xie, Ying Zhu and Denis Shishkin
2023: Data Provision to an Informed Seller Downloads
Shota Ichihashi and Alex Smolin
2023: Abadie's Kappa and Weighting Estimators of the Local Average Treatment Effect Downloads
Tymon S{\l}oczy\'nski, S. Derya Uysal and Jeffrey M. Wooldridge
2023: Inference from Selectively Disclosed Data Downloads
Ying Gao
2023: Coarse Personalization Downloads
Walter W. Zhang and Sanjog Misra
2023: Forecasting Cryptocurrency Returns from Sentiment Signals: An Analysis of BERT Classifiers and Weak Supervision Downloads
Duygu Ider and Stefan Lessmann
2023: Decentralization illusion in Decentralized Finance: Evidence from tokenized voting in MakerDAO polls Downloads
Xiaotong Sun, Charalampos Stasinakis and Georgios Sermpinis
2023: Estimating Nonlinear Network Data Models with Fixed Effects Downloads
David Hughes
2023: Calibration of Derivative Pricing Models: a Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Perspective Downloads
Nelson Vadori
2023: Choice and Attention Across Time Downloads
Xi Zhi Lim
2023: Detecting data-driven robust statistical arbitrage strategies with deep neural networks Downloads
Ariel Neufeld, Julian Sester and Daiying Yin
2023: Modelplasticity and Abductive Decision Making Downloads
Subhadeep and Mukhopadhyay
2023: Tail-GAN: Learning to Simulate Tail Risk Scenarios Downloads
Rama Cont, Mihai Cucuringu, Renyuan Xu and Chao Zhang
2023: Cyber Loss Model Risk Translates to Premium Mispricing and Risk Sensitivity Downloads
Gareth W. Peters, Matteo Malavasi, Georgy Sofronov, Pavel V. Shevchenko, Stefan Tr\"uck and Jiwook Jang
2023: Preference Learning in School Choice Problems Downloads
SangMok Lee
2023: A constraint on the dynamics of wealth concentration Downloads
Valerio Astuti
2023: Designing Universal Causal Deep Learning Models: The Geometric (Hyper)Transformer Downloads
Beatrice Acciaio, Anastasis Kratsios and Gudmund Pammer
2023: A semiparametric approach for interactive fixed effects panel data models Downloads
Georg Keilbar, Juan M. Rodriguez-Poo, Alexandra Soberon and Weining Wang
2023: Labor market conditions and college graduation: evidence from Brazil Downloads
Lucas Finamor
2023: Monitoring the Economy in Real Time: Trends and Gaps in Real Activity and Prices Downloads
Thomas Hasenzagl, Filippo Pellegrino, Lucrezia Reichlin and Giovanni Ricco
2023: Reinforcing RCTs with Multiple Priors while Learning about External Validity Downloads
Frederico Finan and Demian Pouzo
2023: Cleaning the covariance matrix of strongly nonstationary systems with time-independent eigenvalues Downloads
Christian Bongiorno, Damien Challet and Gr\'egoire Loeper
2023: Optimal index insurance and basis risk decomposition: an application to Kenya Downloads
Matthieu Stigler and David Lobell
2023: Information Spillover in Multiple Zero-sum Games Downloads
Lucas Pahl
2023: Bridging the short-term and long-term dynamics of economic structural change Downloads
James McNerney, Yang Li, Andres Gomez-Lievano and Frank Neffke
2023: Detecting long-range dependence for time-varying linear models Downloads
Lujia Bai and Weichi Wu
2023: Partial Identification of Marginal Treatment Effects with discrete instruments and misreported treatment Downloads
Santiago Acerenza
2023: Overinference from Weak Signals and Underinference from Strong Signals Downloads
Ned Augenblick, Eben Lazarus and Michael Thaler
2023: Approximate Factor Models with Weaker Loadings Downloads
Jushan Bai and Serena Ng
2023: Stronger Monotone Signaling Equilibrium Downloads
Seungjin Han, Alex Sam and Youngki Shin
2023: Estimating Endogenous Coalitional Mergers: Merger Costs and Assortativeness of Size and Specialization Downloads
Suguru Otani
2023: Adaptive Gradient Descent Methods for Computing Implied Volatility Downloads
Yixiao Lu, Yihong Wang and Tinggan Yang
2023: Stable and extremely unequal Downloads
Alfred Galichon, Octavia Ghelfi and Marc Henry
2023: Realised Volatility Forecasting: Machine Learning via Financial Word Embedding Downloads
Eghbal Rahimikia, Stefan Zohren and Ser-Huang Poon
2023: Bounded rationality for relaxing best response and mutual consistency: The Quantal Hierarchy model of decision-making Downloads
Benjamin Patrick Evans and Mikhail Prokopenko
2023: Intergenerational risk sharing in a Defined Contribution pension system: analysis with Bayesian optimization Downloads
An Chen, Motonobu Kanagawa and Fangyuan Zhang
2023: Reference Dependence and Random Attention Downloads
Matthew Kovach and Elchin Suleymanov
2023: Trading with the Crowd Downloads
Eyal Neuman and Moritz Vo{\ss}
2023: Learning Treatment Effects in Panels with General Intervention Patterns Downloads
Vivek F. Farias, Andrew A. Li and Tianyi Peng
2023: Dynamic tariffs-based demand response in retail electricity market under uncertainty Downloads
Arega Abate, Rosana Riccardi and Carlos Ruiz
2023: SoK: Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) with Automated Market Maker (AMM) Protocols Downloads
Jiahua Xu, Krzysztof Paruch, Simon Cousaert and Yebo Feng
2023: Causal inference with misspecified exposure mappings: separating definitions and assumptions Downloads
Fredrik S\"avje
2023: Correlated Choice Downloads
Christopher Chambers, Yusufcan Masatlioglu and Christopher Turansick
2023: A nonparametric algorithm for optimal stopping based on robust optimization Downloads
Bradley Sturt
2023: Ambiguity and Partial Bayesian Updating Downloads
Matthew Kovach
2023: Optimal Intervention in Economic Networks using Influence Maximization Methods Downloads
Ariah Klages-Mundt and Andreea Minca
2023: Moving Away from the Joneses to Move Ahead: Migration, Information Gap and Signalling Downloads
Shihas Abdul-Razak, Upasak Das and Rupayan Pal
2023: Mining the Relationship Between COVID-19 Sentiment and Market Performance Downloads
Ziyuan Xia, Jeffery Chen and Anchen Sun
2023: Kernel Methods for Unobserved Confounding: Negative Controls, Proxies, and Instruments Downloads
Rahul Singh
2023: The Variational Method of Moments Downloads
Andrew Bennett and Nathan Kallus
2023: Good News Is Not a Sufficient Condition for Motivated Reasoning Downloads
Michael Thaler
2023: Evolution of Risk-Taking Behaviour and Status Preferences in Anti-Coordination Games Downloads
Manuel Staab
2023: Mixed--frequency quantile regressions to forecast Value--at--Risk and Expected Shortfall Downloads
Vincenzo Candila, Giampiero Gallo and Lea Petrella
2023: Learning in a Small/Big World Downloads
Benson Tsz Kin Leung
2023: "Near" Weighted Utilitarian Characterizations of Pareto Optima Downloads
Yeon-Koo Che, Jinwoo Kim, Fuhito Kojima and Christopher Thomas Ryan
2023: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Inverse Reinforcement Learning of Bayesian Stopping Time Problems Downloads
Kunal Pattanayak and Vikram Krishnamurthy
2023: Sparse Quantile Regression Downloads
Le-Yu Chen and Sokbae (Simon) Lee
2023: New robust inference for predictive regressions Downloads
Rustam Ibragimov, Jihyun Kim and Anton Skrobotov
2023: Reactive Global Minimum Variance Portfolios with $k-$BAHC covariance cleaning Downloads
Christian Bongiorno and Damien Challet
2023: Split Cycle: A New Condorcet Consistent Voting Method Independent of Clones and Immune to Spoilers Downloads
Wesley H. Holliday and Eric Pacuit
2023: Equilibrium Selection in Data Markets: Multiple-Principal, Multiple-Agent Problems with Non-Rivalrous Goods Downloads
Samir Wadhwa and Roy Dong
2023: Fictitious Play Outperforms Counterfactual Regret Minimization Downloads
Sam Ganzfried
2023: Semi-metric portfolio optimization: a new algorithm reducing simultaneous asset shocks Downloads
Nick James, Max Menzies and Jennifer Chan
2023: Causal Inference and Data Fusion in Econometrics Downloads
Paul H\"unermund and Elias Bareinboim
2023: Optimal Experimental Design for Staggered Rollouts Downloads
Ruoxuan Xiong, Susan Athey, Mohsen Bayati and Guido Imbens
2023: Singular Perturbation Expansion for Utility Maximization with Order-$\epsilon$ Quadratic Transaction Costs Downloads
Andrew Papanicolaou and Shiva Chandra
2023: Tail Option Pricing Under Power Laws Downloads
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Brandon Yarckin, Chitpuneet Mann, Damir Delic and Mark Spitznagel
2023: State-Building through Public Land Disposal? An Application of Matrix Completion for Counterfactual Prediction Downloads
Jason Poulos
2023: Consumption smoothing in the working-class households of interwar Japan Downloads
Kota Ogasawara
2023: Analysis of a Dynamic Voluntary Contribution Mechanism Public Good Game Downloads
Dmytro Bogatov
2023: NFT Wash Trading Detection Downloads
Derek Liu, Francesco Piccoli, Katie Chen, Adrina Tang and Victor Fang
2023: Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Downloads
Mansur Bestas
2023: Simplifying and Improving: Revisiting Bulgaria's Revenue Forecasting Models Downloads
Fabio Ashtar Telarico
2023: A Deep Dive into NFT Whales: A Longitudinal Study of the NFT Trading Ecosystem Downloads
Na Hyeon Park, Hanna Kim, Chanhee Lee, Changhoon Yoon, Seunghyeon Lee, Youngjin Jin and Seungwon Shin
2023: Probabilistic Overview of Probabilities of Default for Low Default Portfolios by K. Pluto and D. Tasche Downloads
Andrius Grigutis
2023: Finding Regularized Competitive Equilibria of Heterogeneous Agent Macroeconomic Models with Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Ruitu Xu, Yifei Min, Tianhao Wang, Zhaoran Wang, Michael I. Jordan and Zhuoran Yang
2023: Fairer Shootouts in Soccer: The $m-n$ Rule Downloads
Steven Brams, Mehmet S. Ismail and D. Marc Kilgour
2023: Form 10-K Itemization Downloads
Yanci Zhang, Mengjia Xia, Mingyang Li, Haitao Mao, Yutong Lu, Yupeng Lan, Jinlin Ye and Rui Dai
2023: Spatial, Social and Data Gaps in On-Demand Mobility Services: Towards a Supply-Oriented MaaS Downloads
Ronit Purian and Daniel Polani
2023: Bayesian Optimization of ESG Financial Investments Downloads
Eduardo C. Garrido-Merch\'an, Gabriel Gonz\'alez Piris and Maria Coronado Vaca
2023: Cryptocurrencies Are Becoming Part of the World Global Financial Market Downloads
Marcin W\k{a}torek, Jaros{\l}aw Kwapie\'n and Stanis{\l}aw Dro\.zd\.z
2023: A Myersonian Framework for Optimal Liquidity Provision in Automated Market Makers Downloads
Jason Milionis, Ciamac C. Moallemi and Tim Roughgarden
2023: Disentangling Structural Breaks in High Dimensional Factor Models Downloads
Bonsoo Koo, Benjamin Wong and Ze-Yu Zhong
2023: Transition Probabilities and Identifying Moments in Dynamic Fixed Effects Logit Models Downloads
Kevin Dano
2023: Neural Stochastic Agent-Based Limit Order Book Simulation: A Hybrid Methodology Downloads
Zijian Shi and John Cartlidge
2023: Evaluaci\'on del efecto del PAMI en la cobertura en salud de los adultos mayores en Argentina Downloads
Juan Marcelo Virdis, Fernando Delbianco and Mar\'ia Eugenia Elorza
2023: Off-Balance Sheet Activities and Scope Economies in U.S. Banking Downloads
Jingfang Zhang and Emir Malikov
2023: On the Estimation of Cross-Firm Productivity Spillovers with an Application to FDI Downloads
Emir Malikov and Shunan Zhao
2023: Intergenerational Mobility Trends and the Changing Role of Female Labor Downloads
Ulrika Ahrsj\"o, Ren\'e Karadakic and Joachim Kahr Rasmussen
2023: Assessing the strength of many instruments with the first-stage F and Cragg-Donald statistics Downloads
Zhenhong Huang, Chen Wang and Jianfeng Yao
2023: A specification test for the strength of instrumental variables Downloads
Zhenhong Huang, Chen Wang and Jianfeng Yao
2023: Unified and robust Lagrange multiplier type tests for cross-sectional independence in large panel data models Downloads
Zhenhong Huang, Zhaoyuan Li and Jianfeng Yao
2023: Identification and Estimation of Categorical Random Coefficient Models Downloads
Zhan Gao and Mohammad Pesaran
2023: A Unified Representation Framework for Rideshare Marketplace Equilibrium and Efficiency Downloads
Alex Chin and Zhiwei Qin
2023: Stock Broad-Index Trend Patterns Learning via Domain Knowledge Informed Generative Network Downloads
Jingyi Gu, Fadi P. Deek and Guiling Wang
2023: The association between Marital Locus of Control and break-up intentions Downloads
David Boto-Garc\'ia and Federico Perali
2023: Econometric assessment of the monetary policy shocks in Morocco: Evidence from a Bayesian Factor-Augmented VAR Downloads
Marouane Daoui
2023: Forecasting Macroeconomic Tail Risk in Real Time: Do Textual Data Add Value? Downloads
Philipp Ad\"ammer, Jan Pr\"user and Rainer Sch\"ussler
2023: Gambling the World Away: Myopic Investors Downloads
Bernhard K Meister
2023: Wasserstein-Kelly Portfolios: A Robust Data-Driven Solution to Optimize Portfolio Growth Downloads
Jonathan Yu-Meng Li
2023: Exploring the Advantages of Transformers for High-Frequency Trading Downloads
Fazl Barez, Paul Bilokon, Arthur Gervais and Nikita Lisitsyn
2023: The global economic impact of AI technologies in the fight against financial crime Downloads
James Bell
2023: Distribution in the Geometrically Growing System and Its Evolution Downloads
Kim Chol-jun
2023: Impact of shocks to economies on the efficiency and robustness of the international pesticide trade networks Downloads
Jian-An Li, Li Wang, Wen-Jie Xie and Wei-Xing Zhou
2023: A Tale of Tail Covariances (and Diversified Tails) Downloads
Jan Rosenzweig
2023: Accounting for Cross-Location Technological Heterogeneity in the Measurement of Operations Efficiency and Productivity Downloads
Emir Malikov, Jingfang Zhang, Shunan Zhao and Subal C. Kumbhakar
2023: A System Approach to Structural Identification of Production Functions with Multi-Dimensional Productivity Downloads
Emir Malikov, Shunan Zhao and Jingfang Zhang
2023: Detecting Learning by Exporting and from Exporters Downloads
Jingfang Zhang and Emir Malikov
2023: Physical Momentum in the Indian Stock Market Downloads
Naresh Kumar Devulapally and Tulasi Narendra Das Tripurana
2023: The Contribution of Tourism in National Economies: Evidence of Greece Downloads
Olga Kalantzi, Dimitrios Tsiotas and Serafeim Polyzos
2023: Order in Innovation Downloads
Martin Ho, Henry CW Price, Tim S Evans and Eoin O'Sullivan
2023: Informality, Education-Occupation Mismatch, and Wages: Evidence from India Downloads
Shweta Bahl and Ajay Sharma
2023: On the Misspecification of Linear Assumptions in Synthetic Control Downloads
Achille Nazaret, Claudia Shi and David M. Blei
2023: Personalized Pricing with Invalid Instrumental Variables: Identification, Estimation, and Policy Learning Downloads
Rui Miao, Zhengling Qi, Cong Shi and Lin Lin
2023: Detecting Rough Volatility: A Filtering Approach Downloads
Camilla Damian and R\"udiger Frey
2023: Simultaneous upper and lower bounds of American option prices with hedging via neural networks Downloads
Ivan Guo, Nicolas Langren\'e and Jiahao Wu
2023: Age and market capitalization drive large price variations of cryptocurrencies Downloads
Arthur A. B. Pessa, Matjaz Perc and Haroldo V. Ribeiro
2023: Behavioral acceptance of automated vehicles: The roles of perceived safety concern and current travel behavior Downloads
Fatemeh Nazari, Mohamadhossein Noruzoliaee and Abolfazl Mohammadian
2023: Coordination via Selling Information Downloads
Alessandro Bonatti, Munther Dahleh, Thibaut Horel and Amir Nouripour
2023: A Principal-Agent Framework for Optimal Incentives in Renewable Investments Downloads
Ren\'e A\"id, Annika Kemper and Nizar Touzi
2023: Strategyproof Social Decision Schemes on Super Condorcet Domains Downloads
Felix Brand, Patrick Lederer and Sascha Tausch
2023: Financial Distress Prediction For Small And Medium Enterprises Using Machine Learning Techniques Downloads
Yuan Gao, Biao Jiang and Jietong Zhou
2023: Characterizations of Sequential Valuation Rules Downloads
Chris Dong and Patrick Lederer
2023: Learning to Manipulate a Commitment Optimizer Downloads
Yurong Chen, Xiaotie Deng, Jiarui Gan and Yuhao Li
2023: Multi-kernel property in high-frequency price dynamics under Hawkes model Downloads
Kyungsub Lee
2023: Economics and human dimension of active managment of forest grassland ecotone in south-central USA under changing climate Downloads
Bijesh Mishra
2023: An Empirical Analysis of Optimal Nonlinear Pricing Downloads
Soheil Ghili and Russ Yoon
2023: Estimating the loss of economic predictability from aggregating firm-level production networks Downloads
Christian Diem, Andr\'as Borsos, Tobias Reisch, J\'anos Kert\'esz and Stefan Thurner
2023: Industrial Policy for Advanced AI: Compute Pricing and the Safety Tax Downloads
Mckay Jensen, Nicholas Emery-Xu and Robert Trager
2023: Institutional reforms and the employment effects of spatially targeted investment grants: The case of Germany's GRW Downloads
Bj\"orn Alecke and Timo Mitze
2023: The Complexity of Debt Swapping Downloads
Henri Froese, Martin Hoefer and Lisa Wilhelmi
2023: Ignorance Is Bliss: The Screening Effect of (Noisy) Information Downloads
Felix Zhiyu Feng, Wenyu Wang, Yufeng Wu and Gaoqing Zhang
2023: Enhancing Energy System Models Using Better Load Forecasts Downloads
Thomas M\"obius, Mira Watermeyer, Oliver Grothe and Felix M\"usgens
2023: Convex scalarizations of the mean-variance-skewness-kurtosis problem in portfolio selection Downloads
Andries Steenkamp
2023: Optimal transmission expansion planning in the context of renewable energy integration policies Downloads
Nikita Belyak, Steven A. Gabriel, Nikolay Khabarov and Fabricio Oliveira
2023: Creating Disasters: Recession Forecasting with GAN-Generated Synthetic Time Series Data Downloads
Sam Dannels
2023: Optimal investment with a noisy signal of future stock prices Downloads
Peter Bank and Yan Dolinsky
2023: Monetary Policy, Digital Assets, and DeFi Activity Downloads
Antzelos Kyriazis, Iason Ofeidis, Georgios Palaiokrassas and Leandros Tassiulas
2023: Spatio-Temporal Momentum: Jointly Learning Time-Series and Cross-Sectional Strategies Downloads
Wee Ling Tan, Stephen Roberts and Stefan Zohren
2023: The financial health of a company and the risk of its default: Back to the future Downloads
Gianmarco Bet, Francesco Dainelli and Eugenio Fabrizi
2023: Determinants of Performance in European ATM -- How to Analyze a Diverse Industry Downloads
Thomas Standfuss, Georg Hirte, Frank Fichert and Hartmut Fricke
2023: Goal oriented indicators for food systems based on FAIR data Downloads
Ronit Purian
2023: Attitudes and Latent Class Choice Models using Machine learning Downloads
Lorena Torres Lahoz, Francisco Camara Pereira, Georges Sfeir, Ioanna Arkoudi, Mayara Moraes Monteiro and Carlos Lima Azevedo
2023: Effort Discrimination and Curvature of Contest Technology in Conflict Networks Downloads
Xiang Sun, Jin Xu and Junjie Zhou
2023: The Globalization-Inequality Nexus: A Comparative Study of Developed and Developing Countries Downloads
Md Shah Naoaj
2023: Does Machine Learning Amplify Pricing Errors in the Housing Market? -- The Economics of Machine Learning Feedback Loops Downloads
Nikhil Malik and Emaad Manzoor
2023: Microfoundations of Expected Utility and Response Times Downloads
Valdes Salvador and Gonzalo ValdesEdwards
2023: Co-trading networks for modeling dynamic interdependency structures and estimating high-dimensional covariances in US equity markets Downloads
Yutong Lu, Gesine Reinert and Mihai Cucuringu
2023: Pulse in collapse: a game dynamics experiment Downloads
Wang Yijia and Wang Zhijian
2023: Subsidizing agricultural inputs in Senegal: Comparative analysis of three modes of intervention using a farm household model Downloads
Aymeric Ricome, Kamel Louhichi and Sergio Gomez y Paloma
2023: Optimal Mix Among PAYGO, EET and Individual Savings Downloads
Lin He, Zongxia Liang, Zhaojie Ren and Yilun Song
2023: Generative Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Markets via Geometric Deep Learning Downloads
Anastasis Kratsios and Cody Hyndman
2023: Contests as Optimal Mechanisms under Signal Manipulation Downloads
Yingkai Li and Xiaoyun Qiu
2023: Nash equilibrium selection by eigenvalue control Downloads
Wang Zhijian
2023: Using firm-level production networks to identify decarbonization strategies that minimize social stress Downloads
Johannes Stangl, Andr\'as Borsos, Christian Diem, Tobias Reisch and Stefan Thurner
2023: A tale of two tails: 130 years of growth-at-risk Downloads
Martin G\"achter, Elias Hasler and Florian Huber
2023: Forecasting the Turkish Lira Exchange Rates through Univariate Techniques: Can the Simple Models Outperform the Sophisticated Ones? Downloads
Mostafa R. Sarkandiz
2023: Measuring distribution risk in discrete models Downloads
Roberto Fontana and Patrizia Semeraro
2023: Great year, bad Sharpe? A note on the joint distribution of performance and risk-adjusted return Downloads
Matteo Smerlak
2023: SPX, VIX and scale-invariant LSV\footnote{Local Stochastic Volatility} Downloads
Alexander Lipton and Adil Reghai
2023: Optimal control of stochastic delay differential equations and applications to path-dependent financial and economic models Downloads
Filippo de Feo, Salvatore Federico and Andrzej \'Swi\k{e}ch
2023: Tighter 'Uniform Bounds for Black-Scholes Implied Volatility' and the applications to root-finding Downloads
Jaehyuk Choi, Jeonggyu Huh and Nan Su
2023: Optimal management of DB pension fund under both underfunded and overfunded cases Downloads
Guohui Guan, Zongxia Liang and Yi Xia
2023: Contest in Multitasking: An Evidence from Chinese County Officials' Promotion Assessment Downloads
Yuanhao Zhang
2023: Welfare Distribution in Two-sided Random Matching Markets Downloads
Itai Ashlagi, Mark Braverman and Geng Zhao
2023: Stable Marriage, Children, and Intrahousehold Allocations Downloads
Mikhail Freer and Khushboo Surana
2023: Adverse weather amplifies social media activity Downloads
Kelton Minor, Esteban Moro and Nick Obradovich
2023: Reevaluating the Taylor Rule with Machine Learning Downloads
Alper Deniz Karakas
2023: Forward Backward SDEs Systems for Utility Maximization in Jump Diffusion Models Downloads
Marina Santacroce, Paola Siri and Barbara Trivellato
2023: A Look at Financial Dependencies by Means of Econophysics and Financial Economics Downloads
Matthias Raddant and T. Di Matteo
2023: Information extraction and artwork pricing Downloads
Jaehyuk Choi, Lan Ju, Jian Li and Zhiyong Tu
2023: New $\sqrt{n}$-consistent, numerically stable higher-order influence function estimators Downloads
Lin Liu and Chang Li
2023: Wargames as Data: Addressing the Wargamer's Trilemma Downloads
Andrew W. Reddie, Ruby E. Booth, Bethany L. Goldblum, Kiran Lakkaraju and Jason Reinhardt
2023: Pricing basket options with the first three moments of the basket: log-normal models and beyond Downloads
Dongdong Hu, Hasanjan Sayit and Frederi Viens
2023: Realized recurrent conditional heteroskedasticity model for volatility modelling Downloads
Chen Liu, Chao Wang, Minh-Ngoc Tran and Robert Kohn
2023: A Comparison of Reinforcement Learning and Deep Trajectory Based Stochastic Control Agents for Stepwise Mean-Variance Hedging Downloads
Ali Fathi and Bernhard Hientzsch
2023: The Science of Startups: The Impact of Founder Personalities on Company Success Downloads
Paul McCarthy, Xian Gong, Fabian Stephany, Fabian Braesemann, Marian-Andrei Rizoiu and Margaret L. Kern
2023: The Market-Based Probability of Stock Returns Downloads
Victor Olkhov
2023: From Reality Keys to Oraclize. A Deep Dive into the History of Bitcoin Oracles Downloads
Giulio Caldarelli
2023: A Comparative Predicting Stock Prices using Heston and Geometric Brownian Motion Models Downloads
H. T. Shehzad, M. A. Anwar and M. Razzaq
2023: Nonnegativity preserving convolution kernels. Application to Stochastic Volterra Equations in closed convex domains and their approximation Downloads
Aur\'elien Alfonsi
2023: Regime-switching affine term structures Downloads
Andreas Celary, Paul Eisenberg and Zehra Eksi
2023: Genetic multi-armed bandits: a reinforcement learning approach for discrete optimization via simulation Downloads
Deniz Preil and Michael Krapp
2023: Path Integral Method for Pricing Proportional Step Double-Barrier Option with Time Dependent Parameters Downloads
Qi Chen and Chao Guo
2023: A study on Non-Performing Assets Cases and Cryptocurrency in Japan Downloads
Burina Fujiwara
2023: Solidarity to achieve stability Downloads
Jorge Alcalde-Unzu, Oihane Gallo, Elena Inarra and Juan Moreno-Ternero
2023: Efficiency in European Air Traffic Management -- A Fundamental Analysis of Data, Models, and Methods Downloads
Thomas Standfuss, Georg Hirte, Michael Schultz and Hartmut Fricke
2023: On time-consistent equilibrium stopping under aggregation of diverse discount rates Downloads
Shuoqing Deng, Xiang Yu and Jiacheng Zhang
2023: Policy gradient learning methods for stochastic control with exit time and applications to share repurchase pricing Downloads
Mohamed Hamdouche, Pierre Henry-Labordere and Huyen Pham
2023: Sequential Estimation of Multivariate Factor Stochastic Volatility Models Downloads
Giorgio Calzolari, Roxana Halbleib and Christian M\"ucher
2023: For One and All: Individual and Group Fairness in the Allocation of Indivisible Goods Downloads
Jonathan Scarlett, Nicholas Teh and Yair Zick
2023: Analysis of optimal portfolios on finite and small-time horizons for a multi-dimensional correlated stochastic volatility model Downloads
Minglian Lin and Indranil SenGupta
2023: Parametric Differential Machine Learning for Pricing and Calibration Downloads
Arun Kumar Polala and Bernhard Hientzsch
2023: Ruin Probabilities for Risk Processes in Stochastic Networks Downloads
Hamed Amini, Zhongyuan Cao, Andreea Minca and Agn\`es Sulem
2023: Recommending to Strategic Users Downloads
Andreas Haupt, Dylan Hadfield-Menell and Chara Podimata
2023: A Tale of Two Currencies: Cash and Crypto Downloads
Ravi Kashyap
2023: Improving Quantal Cognitive Hierarchy Model Through Iterative Population Learning Downloads
Yuhong Xu, Shih-Fen Cheng and Xinyu Chen
2023: On the Difficulty of Characterizing Network Formation with Endogenous Behavior Downloads
Benjamin Golub, Yu-Chi Hsieh and Evan Sadler
2023: Long-term option pricing with a lower reflecting barrier Downloads
R. Guy Thomas
2023: Set-Asides in USDA Food Procurement Auctions Downloads
Ni Yan and WenTing Tao
2023: A Tractable Truthful Profit Maximization Mechanism Design with Autonomous Agents Downloads
Mina Montazeri, Hamed Kebriaei and Babak N. Araabi
2023: Zero-Knowledge Mechanisms Downloads
Ran Canetti, Amos Fiat and Yannai A. Gonczarowski
2023: Some asymptotics for short maturity Asian options Downloads
Humayra Shoshi and Indranil SenGupta
2023: Minimax Instrumental Variable Regression and $L_2$ Convergence Guarantees without Identification or Closedness Downloads
Andrew Bennett, Nathan Kallus, Xiaojie Mao, Whitney Newey, Vasilis Syrgkanis and Masatoshi Uehara
2023: Policy Learning with Rare Outcomes Downloads
Julia Hatamyar and Noemi Kreif
2023: Modelling Illiquid Stocks Using Quantum Stochastic Calculus: Asymptotic Methods Downloads
Will Hicks
2023: Modelling Illiquid Stocks Using Quantum Stochastic Calculus Downloads
Will Hicks
2023: Structural Break Detection in Quantile Predictive Regression Models with Persistent Covariates Downloads
Christis Katsouris
2023: GPU acceleration of the Seven-League Scheme for large time step simulations of stochastic differential equations Downloads
Shuaiqiang Liu, Graziana Colonna, Lech A. Grzelak and Cornelis W. Oosterlee
2023: On semiparametric estimation of the intercept of the sample selection model: a kernel approach Downloads
Zhewen Pan
2023: An Efficient Algorithm for Optimal Routing Through Constant Function Market Makers Downloads
Theo Diamandis, Max Resnick, Tarun Chitra and Guillermo Angeris
2023: Covariate Adjustment in Experiments with Matched Pairs Downloads
Yuehao Bai, Liang Jiang, Joseph P. Romano, Azeem Shaikh and Yichong Zhang
2023: Inefficiency of CFMs: hedging perspective and agent-based simulations Downloads
Samuel Cohen, Marc Sabat\'e Vidales, David \v{S}i\v{s}ka and {\L}ukasz Szpruch
2023: Why the Mansfield Rule can't work: a supply demand analysis Downloads
Paola Cecchi Dimeglio
2023: The Effects of the Venezuelan Refugee Crisis on the Brazilian Labor Market Downloads
Hugo Sant'Anna and Samyam Shrestha
2023: Order book regulatory impact on stock market quality: a multi-agent reinforcement learning perspective Downloads
Johann Lussange and Boris Gutkin
2023: Assessing the impact of regulations and standards on innovation in the field of AI Downloads
Alessio Tartaro, Adam Leon Smith and Patricia Shaw
2023: The qualitative accuracy of the Becker-DeGroot-Marshak method Downloads
Maximilian Sp\"ath
2023: Risk sharing, measuring variability, and distortion riskmetrics Downloads
Jean-Gabriel Lauzier, Liyuan Lin and Ruodu Wang
2023: High-Dimensional Causality for Climatic Attribution Downloads
Marina Friedrich, Luca Margaritella and Stephan Smeekes
2023: Persuading a Behavioral Agent: Approximately Best Responding and Learning Downloads
Yiling Chen and Tao Lin
2023: Characterizing Financial Market Coverage using Artificial Intelligence Downloads
Jean Marie Tshimula, D'Jeff K. Nkashama, Patrick Owusu, Marc Frappier, Pierre-Martin Tardif, Froduald Kabanza, Armelle Brun, Jean-Marc Patenaude, Shengrui Wang and Belkacem Chikhaoui
2023: The approach to modeling the value of statistical life using average per capita income Downloads
Stanislav Levytskyi, Oleksandr Gneushev and Vasyl Makhlinets
2023: High-Dimensional Conditionally Gaussian State Space Models with Missing Data Downloads
Joshua Chan, Aubrey Poon and Dan Zhu
2023: Extensions for Inference in Difference-in-Differences with Few Treated Clusters Downloads
Luis Alvarez and Bruno Ferman
2023: Asymptotic Representations for Sequential Decisions, Adaptive Experiments, and Batched Bandits Downloads
Keisuke Hirano and Jack R. Porter
2023: Penalized Quasi-likelihood Estimation and Model Selection in Time Series Models with Parameters on the Boundary Downloads
Heino Bohn Nielsen and Anders Rahbek
2023: Out of Sample Predictability in Predictive Regressions with Many Predictor Candidates Downloads
Jesus Gonzalo and Jean-Yves Pitarakis
2023: What may future electricity markets look like? Downloads
Pierre Pinson
2023: Adaptive local VAR for dynamic economic policy uncertainty spillover Downloads
Niels Gillmann and Ostap Okhrin
2023: Modeling and Simulation of Financial Returns under Non-Gaussian Distributions Downloads
Federica De Domenico, Giacomo Livan, Guido Montagna and Oreste Nicrosini
2023: Testing Quantile Forecast Optimality Downloads
Jack Fosten, Daniel Gutknecht and Marc-Oliver Pohle
2023: The Difference-of-Log-Normals Distribution: Properties, Estimation, and Growth Downloads
Robert Parham
2023: Facts of US Firm Scale and Growth 1970-2019: An Illustrated Guide Downloads
Robert Parham
2023: Estimating Time-Varying Networks for High-Dimensional Time Series Downloads
Jia Chen, Degui Li, Yuning Li and Oliver Linton
2023: Testing for Structural Change under Nonstationarity Downloads
Christis Katsouris
2023: A Modified CTGAN-Plus-Features Based Method for Optimal Asset Allocation Downloads
Jos\'e-Manuel Pe\~na, Fernando Su\'arez, Omar Larr\'e, Domingo Ram\'irez and Arturo Cifuentes
2023: A quantification of how much crypto-miners are driving up the wholesale cost of energy in Texas Downloads
Jangho Lee, Lily Wu and Andrew E. Dessler
2023: Quantifying Theory in Politics: Identification, Interpretation and the Role of Structural Methods Downloads
Nathan Canen and Kristopher Ramsay
2023: Portfolio Optimisation via the Heston Model Calibrated to Real Asset Data Downloads
Jaros{\l}aw Gruszka and Janusz Szwabi\'nski
2023: Using bayesmixedlogit and bayesmixedlogitwtp in Stata Downloads
Matthew Baker
2023: Empirical analysis in limit order book modeling for Nikkei 225 Stocks with Cox-type intensities Downloads
Shunya Chomei
2023: Adversarial blockchain queues and trading on a CFMM Downloads
Andrew W. Macpherson
2023: Agreed and Disagreed Uncertainty Downloads
Luca Gambetti, Dimitris Korobilis, John Tsoukalas and Francesco Zanetti
2023: An Insurance Paradigm for Improving Power System Resilience via Distributed Investment Downloads
Farhad Billimoria, Filiberto Fele, Iacopo Savelli, Thomas Morstyn and Malcolm McCulloch
2023: Signature SDEs from an affine and polynomial perspective Downloads
Christa Cuchiero, Sara Svaluto-Ferro and Josef Teichmann
2023: A Machine Learning Approach to Measuring Climate Adaptation Downloads
Max Vilgalys
2023: Sparse High-Dimensional Vector Autoregressive Bootstrap Downloads
Robert Adamek, Stephan Smeekes and Ines Wilms
2023: Towards Evology: a Market Ecology Agent-Based Model of US Equity Mutual Funds II Downloads
Aymeric Vie and J. Doyne Farmer
2023: Risk Budgeting Portfolios from Simulations Downloads
Bernardo Freitas Paulo da Costa, Silvana M. Pesenti and Rodrigo S. Targino
2023: A mathematical framework for modelling order book dynamics Downloads
Rama Cont, Pierre Degond and Lifan Xuan
2023: Signaling Games with Costly Monitoring Downloads
Reuben Bearman
2023: Performance attribution with respect to interest rates, FX, carry, and residual market risks Downloads
Jan-Frederik Mai
2023: A time-dependent Markovian model of a limit order book Downloads
Jonathan A. Ch\'avez-Casillas
2023: Zero-Leverage Puzzle Downloads
Mykola Pinchuk
2023: Data-driven Approach for Static Hedging of Exchange Traded Options Downloads
Vikranth Lokeshwar Dhandapani and Shashi Jain
2023: Regression adjustment in randomized controlled trials with many covariates Downloads
Harold D Chiang, Yukitoshi Matsushita and Taisuke Otsu
2023: How exporters neutralized an increase in tariffs Downloads
Asier Minondo
2023: Smoothing Quantile Regression Averaging: A new approach to probabilistic forecasting of electricity prices Downloads
Bartosz Uniejewski
2023: Selling Data to a Competitor Downloads
Ronen Gradwohl and Moshe Tennenholtz
2023: Informationally Robust Cheap-Talk Downloads
Itai Arieli, Ronen Gradwohl and Rann Smorodinsky
2023: Adaptive hedging horizon and hedging performance estimation Downloads
Wang Haoyu, Junpeng Di and Qing Han
2023: Synthetic Difference In Differences Estimation Downloads
Damian Clarke, Daniel Paila\~nir, Susan Athey and Guido Imbens
2023: A Deep Neural Network Algorithm for Linear-Quadratic Portfolio Optimization with MGARCH and Small Transaction Costs Downloads
Andrew Papanicolaou, Hao Fu, Prashanth Krishnamurthy and Farshad Khorrami
2023: Select and Trade: Towards Unified Pair Trading with Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Weiguang Han, Boyi Zhang, Qianqian Xie, Min Peng, Yanzhao Lai and Jimin Huang
2023: Educational Game on Cryptocurrency Investment: Using Microeconomic Decision Making to Understand Macroeconomics Principles Downloads
Jiasheng Zhu and Luyao Zhang
2023: Anomalous diffusion and long-range memory in the scaled voter model Downloads
Rytis Kazakevi\v{c}ius and Aleksejus Kononovicius
2023: Noisy, Non-Smooth, Non-Convex Estimation of Moment Condition Models Downloads
Jean-Jacques Forneron
2023: Fast and Reliable Jackknife and Bootstrap Methods for Cluster-Robust Inference Downloads
James MacKinnon, Morten Nielsen and Matthew Webb
2023: Extending the Characterization of Maximum Nash Welfare Downloads
Sheung Man Yuen and Warut Suksompong
2023: Causal identification with subjective outcomes Downloads
Leonard Goff
2023: Stock Market Prediction via Deep Learning Techniques: A Survey Downloads
Jinan Zou, Qingying Zhao, Yang Jiao, Haiyao Cao, Yanxi Liu, Qingsen Yan, Ehsan Abbasnejad, Lingqiao Liu and Javen Qinfeng Shi
2023: Efficient Rollup Batch Posting Strategy on Base Layer Downloads
Akaki Mamageishvili and Edward W. Felten
2023: On the Emergence of Cooperation in the Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma Downloads
Maximilian Schaefer
2023: Causal Bandits: Online Decision-Making in Endogenous Settings Downloads
Jingwen Zhang, Yifang Chen and Amandeep Singh
2023: Dollar-Yuan Battle in the World Trade Network Downloads
C\'elestin Coquid\'e, Jos\'e Lages and Dima L. Shepelyansky
2023: Stochastic Treatment Choice with Empirical Welfare Updating Downloads
Toru Kitagawa, Hugo Lopez and Jeff Rowley
2023: Distinguishable Cash, Bosonic Bitcoin, and Fermionic Non-fungible Token Downloads
Zae Young Kim and Jeong-Hyuck Park
2023: Projecting Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Collections: A Contextual Generative Approach Downloads
Wesley Joon-Wie Tann, Akhil Vuputuri and Ee-Chien Chang
2023: The continuous-time pre-commitment KMM problem in incomplete markets Downloads
Guohui Guan, Zongxia Liang and Yilun Song
2023: An Event Study of the Ethereum Transition to Proof-of-Stake Downloads
Elie Kapengut and Bruce Mizrach
2023: The impact of big winners on passive and active equity investment strategies Downloads
Maxime Markov and Vladimir Markov
2023: Lower semicontinuity of monotone functionals in the mixed topology on $C_b$ Downloads
Max Nendel
2023: An improved decomposition-based heuristic for truck platooning Downloads
Boshuai Zhao and Roel Leus
2023: The Local to Unity Dynamic Tobit Model Downloads
Anna Bykhovskaya and James A. Duffy
2023: Smoothness of the Value Function for Optimal Consumption Model with Consumption-Wealth Utility and Borrowing Constraint Downloads
Weidong Tian and Zimu Zhu
2023: Axioms for Constant Function Market Makers Downloads
Jan Christoph Schlegel, Mateusz Kwa\'snicki and Akaki Mamageishvili
2023: Fast Inference for Quantile Regression with Tens of Millions of Observations Downloads
Sokbae (Simon) Lee, Yuan Liao, Myung Hwan Seo and Youngki Shin
2023: A Game-Theoretic Model of Superpowers Competing for a Sphere of Influence Downloads
Tomoo Kikuchi and Shuige Liu
2023: Chaotic Hedging with Iterated Integrals and Neural Networks Downloads
Ariel Neufeld and Philipp Schmocker
2023: Transaction time models in multi-state life insurance Downloads
Kristian Buchardt, Christian Furrer and Oliver Lunding Sandqvist
2023: Calibrated Forecasts: The Minimax Proof Downloads
Sergiu Hart
2023: Analyzing Linear DSGE models: the Method of Undetermined Markov States Downloads
Jordan Roulleau-Pasdeloup
2023: Local Projection Inference in High Dimensions Downloads
Robert Adamek, Stephan Smeekes and Ines Wilms
2023: Instrumental variable quantile regression under random right censoring Downloads
Jad Beyhum, Lorenzo Tedesco and Ingrid Van Keilegom
2023: Intrinsic fluctuations of reinforcement learning promote cooperation Downloads
Wolfram Barfuss and Janusz Meylahn
2023: Modeling Volatility and Dependence of European Carbon and Energy Prices Downloads
Jonathan Berrisch, Sven Pappert, Florian Ziel and Antonia Arsova
2023: On the Correspondence and the Risk Contribution for Conditional Coherent and Deviation Risk Measures Downloads
Guangyan Jia and Mengjin Zhao
2023: Transfer Ranking in Finance: Applications to Cross-Sectional Momentum with Data Scarcity Downloads
Daniel Poh, Stephen Roberts and Stefan Zohren
2023: Vine Copula based portfolio level conditional risk measure forecasting Downloads
Emanuel Sommer, Karoline Bax and Claudia Czado
2023: Signature-based validation of real-world economic scenarios Downloads
Herv\'e Andr\`es, Alexandre Boumezoued and Benjamin Jourdain
2023: Optimal Recovery for Causal Inference Downloads
Ibtihal Ferwana and Lav R. Varshney
2023: Agglomeration and welfare of the Krugman model in a continuous space Downloads
Kensuke Ohtake
2023: The Effect of Omitted Variables on the Sign of Regression Coefficients Downloads
Matthew Masten and Alexandre Poirier
2023: Confirmation Bias in Social Networks Downloads
Marcos R. Fernandes
2023: A multivariate semi-parametric portfolio risk optimization and forecasting framework Downloads
Giuseppe Storti and Chao Wang
2023: The Short-term Impact of Congestion Taxes on Ridesourcing Demand and Traffic Congestion: Evidence from Chicago Downloads
Yuan Liang, Bingjie Yu, Xiaojian Zhang, Yi Lu and Linchuan Yang
2023: Dynamic CoVaR Modeling Downloads
Timo Dimitriadis and Yannick Hoga
2023: Reducing Polarization on Abortion, Guns and Immigration: An Experimental Study Downloads
Michèle Belot and Guglielmo Briscese
2023: Chaotic time series in financial processes consisting of savings with piecewise constant monthly contributions Downloads
Jos\'e Pedro Gaiv\~ao and Benito Pires
2023: Multivariate Quadratic Hawkes Processes -- Part I: Theoretical Analysis Downloads
C\'ecilia Aubrun, Michael Benzaquen and Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
2023: Reinforcement Learning for Economic Policy: A New Frontier? Downloads
Callum Rhys Tilbury
2023: Limited-Trust in Diffusion of Competing Alternatives over Social Networks Downloads
Vincent Leon, S. Rasoul Etesami and Rakesh Nagi
2023: Coordinating Monetary Contributions in Participatory Budgeting Downloads
Haris Aziz, Sujit Gujar, Manisha Padala, Mashbat Suzuki and Jeremy Vollen
2023: Remote Collaboration Fuses Fewer Breakthrough Ideas Downloads
Yiling Lin, Carl Benedikt Frey and Lingfei Wu
2023: Bayesian and Frequentist Inference for Synthetic Controls Downloads
Ignacio Martinez and Jaume Vives-i-Bastida
2023: Comparative statics with adjustment costs and the le Chatelier principle Downloads
Eddie Dekel, John Quah and Ludvig Sinander
2023: Estimating spot volatility under infinite variation jumps with dependent market microstructure noise Downloads
Qiang Liu and Zhi Liu
2023: A new self-exciting jump-diffusion process for option pricing Downloads
Luis A. Souto Arias, Pasquale Cirillo and Cornelis Oosterlee
2023: Robust and Agnostic Learning of Conditional Distributional Treatment Effects Downloads
Nathan Kallus and Miruna Oprescu
2023: Joint Location and Cost Planning in Maximum Capture Facility Location under Multiplicative Random Utility Maximization Downloads
Ngan Ha Duong, Tien Thanh Dam, Thuy Anh Ta and Tien Mai
2023: Approximating Choice Data by Discrete Choice Models Downloads
Haoge Chang, Yusuke Narita and Kota Saito
2023: Local Gaussian process extrapolation for BART models with applications to causal inference Downloads
Meijiang Wang, Jingyu He and P. Richard Hahn
2023: Attention-based CNN-LSTM and XGBoost hybrid model for stock prediction Downloads
Zhuangwei Shi, Yang Hu, Guangliang Mo and Jian Wu
2023: Simple dominance of fixed priority top trading cycles Downloads
Pinaki Mandal
2023: Measuring Diagnostic Test Performance Using Imperfect Reference Tests: A Partial Identification Approach Downloads
Filip Obradovi\'c
2023: Solar Term Anomaly in China Stock Market: Evidence from Shanghai Index Downloads
Zhou Tianbao, Li Xinghao and Zhao Junguang
2023: Weak error rates of numerical schemes for rough volatility Downloads
Paul Gassiat
2023: Bridging the gap between pricing and reserving with an occurrence and development model for non-life insurance claims Downloads
Jonas Crevecoeur, Katrien Antonio, Stijn Desmedt and Alexandre Masquelein
2023: Hodge allocation for cooperative rewards: a generalization of Shapley's cooperative value allocation theory via Hodge theory on graphs Downloads
Tongseok Lim
2023: Labor Demand on a Tight Leash Downloads
Mario Bossler and Martin Popp
2023: Multi-Objective reward generalization: Improving performance of Deep Reinforcement Learning for applications in single-asset trading Downloads
Federico Cornalba, Constantin Disselkamp, Davide Scassola and Christopher Helf
2023: Crises and Political Polarization: Towards a Better Understanding of the Timing and Impact of Shocks and Media Downloads
Guglielmo Briscese, Maddalena Grignani and Stephen Stapleton
2023: Optimal Investment in a Large Population of Competitive and Heterogeneous Agents Downloads
Ludovic Tangpi and Xuchen Zhou
2023: Volatility forecasting with machine learning and intraday commonality Downloads
Chao Zhang, Yihuang Zhang, Mihai Cucuringu and Zhongmin Qian
2023: On the optimality of full disclosure Downloads
Emiliano Catonini and Sergey Stepanov
2023: Information-Based Trading Downloads
George Bouzianis, Lane P. Hughston and Leandro S\'anchez-Betancourt
2023: Stablecoins: Survivorship, Transactions Costs and Exchange Microstructure Downloads
Bruce Mizrach
2023: On Hawkes Processes with Infinite Mean Intensity Downloads
Cecilia Aubrun, Michael Benzaquen and Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
2023: An Efficient Unified Approach for Spread Option Pricing in a Copula Market Model Downloads
Edoardo Berton and Lorenzo Mercuri
2023: An adaptive splitting method for the Cox-Ingersoll-Ross process Downloads
C\'onall Kelly and Gabriel J. Lord
2023: The Burst Market: the Next Leap for Humanity Downloads
Vincent Yuansang Zha
2023: Risk and optimal policies in bandit experiments Downloads
Karun Adusumilli
2023: Recent Advances in Reinforcement Learning in Finance Downloads
Ben Hambly, Renyuan Xu and Huining Yang
2023: Non-asymptotic estimation of risk measures using stochastic gradient Langevin dynamics Downloads
Jiarui Chu and Ludovic Tangpi
2023: Online Estimation and Optimization of Utility-Based Shortfall Risk Downloads
Vishwajit Hegde, Arvind S. Menon, L. A. Prashanth and Krishna Jagannathan
2023: Spillovers of US Interest Rates: Monetary Policy & Information Effects Downloads
Santiago Camara
2023: Abductive Inference and C. S. Peirce: 150 Years Later Downloads
Deep Mukhopadhyay
2023: When Can We Ignore Measurement Error in the Running Variable? Downloads
Yingying Dong and Michal Koles\'ar
2023: Portfolio analysis with mean-CVaR and mean-CVaR-skewness criteria based on mean-variance mixture models Downloads
Nuerxiati Abudurexiti, Kai He, Dongdong Hu, Svetlozar T. Rachev, Hasanjan Sayit and Ruoyu Sun
2023: Leveraging Causal Graphs for Blocking in Randomized Experiments Downloads
Abhishek Kumar Umrawal
2023: Market Areas in General Equilibrium Downloads
Gianandrea Lanzara and Matteo Santacesaria
2023: On Parameter Estimation in Unobserved Components Models subject to Linear Inequality Constraints Downloads
Abhishek K. Umrawal and Joshua Chan
2023: Predictable Forward Performance Processes: Infrequent Evaluation and Applications to Human-Machine Interactions Downloads
Gechun Liang, Moris S. Strub and Yuwei Wang
2023: New allocation rule of directed hypergraphs Downloads
Taiki Yamada
2023: Estimating High Dimensional Monotone Index Models by Iterative Convex Optimization1 Downloads
Shakeeb Khan, Xiaoying Lan, Elie Tamer and Qingsong Yao
2023: Nash Convergence of Mean-Based Learning Algorithms in First Price Auctions Downloads
Xiaotie Deng, Xinyan Hu, Tao Lin and Weiqiang Zheng
2023: Optimal consumption with loss aversion and reference to past spending maximum Downloads
Xun Li, Xiang Yu and Qinyi Zhang
2023: Mean Field Game of Optimal Relative Investment with Jump Risk Downloads
Lijun Bo, Shihua Wang and Xiang Yu
2023: Stable Voting Downloads
Wesley H. Holliday and Eric Pacuit
2023: Specifying a Game-Theoretic Extensive Form as an Abstract 5-ary Relation Downloads
Peter Streufert
2023: Inference on Individual Treatment Effects in Nonseparable Triangular Models Downloads
Jun Ma, Vadim Marmer and Zhengfei Yu
2023: Inference and forecasting for continuous-time integer-valued trawl processes Downloads
Mikkel Bennedsen, Asger Lunde, Neil Shephard and Almut E. D. Veraart
2023: Rationalization, Quantal Response Equilibrium, and Robust Action Distributions in Populations Downloads
Shuige Liu and Fabio Maccheroni
2023: Pricing multi-asset contingent claims in a multi-dimensional binomial market Downloads
Jarek K\k{e}dra, Assaf Libman and Victoria Steblovskaya
2023: Asymmetric All-Pay Auctions with Spillovers Downloads
Maria Betto and Matthew Thomas
2023: Truthful Self-Play Downloads
Shohei Ohsawa
2023: Optimal Pricing Schemes for an Impatient Buyer Downloads
Yuan Deng, Jieming Mao, Balasubramanian Sivan and Kangning Wang
2023: A Quantile Approach to Evaluating Asset Pricing Models Downloads
Tjeerd de Vries
2023: Nonparametric Test for Volatility in Clustered Multiple Time Series Downloads
Erniel Barrios and Paolo Victor T. Redondo
2023: Optimal Stopping via Randomized Neural Networks Downloads
Calypso Herrera, Florian Krach, Pierre Ruyssen and Josef Teichmann
2023: A q-binomial extension of the CRR asset pricing model Downloads
Jean-Christophe Breton, Youssef El-Khatib, Jun Fan and Nicolas Privault
2023: Screening $p$-Hackers: Dissemination Noise as Bait Downloads
Federico Echenique and Kevin He
2023: A new method for identifying what Cupid's invisible hand is doing. Is it spreading color blindness while turning us more "picky'' about spousal education? Downloads
Anna Naszodi and Francisco Mendonca
2023: Understanding Vaccine Hesitancy: Empirical Evidence from India Downloads
Pramod Sur
2023: Network Cluster-Robust Inference Downloads
Michael Leung
2023: Maximizing Social Welfare and Agreement via Information Design in Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian Games Downloads
Furkan Sezer, Hossein Khazaei and Ceyhun Eksin
2023: On the Basis of the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equation in Economic Dynamics Downloads
Yuhki Hosoya
2023: Games on Endogenous Networks Downloads
Evan Sadler and Benjamin Golub
2023: Measuring non-exchangeable tail dependence using tail copulas Downloads
Takaaki Koike, Shogo Kato and Marius Hofert
2023: Evolutionarily Stable (Mis)specifications: Theory and Applications Downloads
Kevin He and Jonathan Libgober
2023: Pick-an-object Mechanisms Downloads
In\'acio B\'o and Rustamdjan Hakimov
2023: A Decomposition Approach to Counterfactual Analysis in Game-Theoretic Models Downloads
Nathan Canen and Kyungchul Song
2023: Further results on the estimation of dynamic panel logit models with fixed effects Downloads
Hugo Kruiniger
2023: Portfolio Optimization on Multivariate Regime Switching GARCH Model with Normal Tempered Stable Innovation Downloads
Cheng Peng, Young Shin Kim and Stefan Mittnik
2023: Generalized Lee Bounds Downloads
Vira Semenova
2023: The Time Function of Stock Price Downloads
Shengfeng Mei and Hong Gao
2023: A Novel Approach to Predictive Accuracy Testing in Nested Environments Downloads
Jean-Yves Pitarakis
2023: COVID-19 and Digital Resilience: Evidence from Uber Eats Downloads
Manav Raj, Arun Sundararajan and Calum You
2023: Extensions of Dupire Formula: Stochastic Interest Rates and Stochastic Local Volatility Downloads
Orcan Ogetbil and Bernhard Hientzsch
2023: Identifying Preferences when Households are Financially Constrained Downloads
Andreas Tryphonides
2023: Local Lipschitz Bounds of Deep Neural Networks Downloads
Calypso Herrera, Florian Krach and Josef Teichmann
2023: Equal Predictive Ability Tests Based on Panel Data with Applications to OECD and IMF Forecasts Downloads
Oguzhan Akgun, Alain Pirotte, Giovanni Urga and Zhenlin Yang
2023: Supply Network Formation and Fragility Downloads
Matthew Elliott, Benjamin Golub and Matthew V. Leduc
2023: Permutation inference with a finite number of heterogeneous clusters Downloads
Andreas Hagemann
2023: Normal Approximation in Large Network Models Downloads
Michael Leung and Hyungsik Moon
2023: The Cost of Information: The Case of Constant Marginal Costs Downloads
Luciano Pomatto, Philipp Strack and Omer Tamuz
2023: Treatment Effect Models with Strategic Interaction in Treatment Decisions Downloads
Tadao Hoshino and Takahide Yanagi
2023: Fund Characteristics and Performances of Socially Responsible Mutual Funds: Do ESG Ratings Play a Role? Downloads
Nandita Das, Bernadette Ruf, Swarnankur Chatterjee and Aman Sunder
2023: Quantum Groups in Mathematical Finance Downloads
Paul McCloud
2023: Optimal Investment in a Dual Risk Model Downloads
Arash Fahim and Lingjiong Zhu
2023: A State-Dependent Dual Risk Model Downloads
Lingjiong Zhu
2023: Invoice discounting using kelly criterion by automated market makers-like implementations Downloads
Peplluis R. Esteva and Alberto Ballesteros Rodr\'iguez
2023: DSE Stock Price Prediction using Hidden Markov Model Downloads
Raihan Tanvir, Md Tanvir Rouf Shawon and Md. Golam Rabiul Alam
2023: Silkswap: An asymmetric automated market maker model for stablecoins Downloads
Nicola Cantarutti, Alex Harker and Carter Woetzel
2023: Does higher capital maintenance drive up banks cost of equity? Evidence from Bangladesh Downloads
Md Shah Naoaj and Mir Md Moyazzem Hosen
2023: Real Estate Property Valuation using Self-Supervised Vision Transformers Downloads
Mahdieh Yazdani and Maziar Raissi
2023: The Optimality of Constant Mark-Up Pricing Downloads
Dirk Bergemann, Tibor Heumann and Stephen Morris
2023: On Using The Two-Way Cluster-Robust Standard Errors Downloads
Harold D Chiang and Yuya Sasaki
2023: Bridging the Covid-19 Data and the Epidemiological Model using Time-Varying Parameter SIRD Model Downloads
Cem Cakmakli and Yasin Simsek
2023: Nonlinearities in Macroeconomic Tail Risk through the Lens of Big Data Quantile Regressions Downloads
Jan Pr\"user and Florian Huber
2023: View fusion vis-\`a-vis a Bayesian interpretation of Black-Litterman for portfolio allocation Downloads
Trent Spears, Stefan Zohren and Stephen Roberts
2023: Utility-based indifference pricing of pure endowments in a Markov-modulated market model Downloads
Alessandra Cretarola and Benedetta Salterini
2023: Certification Design for a Competitive Market Downloads
Andreas A. Haupt, Nicole Immorlica and Brendan Lucier
2023: Incentive Compatibility in the Auto-bidding World Downloads
Yeganeh Alimohammadi, Aranyak Mehta and Andres Perlroth
2023: Multi-Channel Auction Design in the Autobidding World Downloads
Gagan Aggarwal, Andres Perlroth and Junyao Zhao
2023: Opaque Contracts Downloads
Andreas Haupt and Zoe Hitzig
2023: Quantum Boltzmann Machines: Applications in Quantitative Finance Downloads
Cameron Perot
2023: Wavelet Analysis for Time Series Financial Signals via Element Analysis Downloads
Nathan Zavanelli
2023: Joint calibration to SPX and VIX options with signature-based models Downloads
Christa Cuchiero, Guido Gazzani, Janka M\"oller and Sara Svaluto-Ferro
2023: Forex Trading Strategy That Might Be Executed Due to the Popularity of Gotobi Anomaly Downloads
Hiroki Bessho, Takanari Sugimoto and Tomoya Suzuki
2023: Future of Supply Chain: Challenges, Trends, and Prospects Downloads
Cristiana L. Lara and John Wassick
2023: Prediction of Customer Churn in Banking Industry Downloads
Sina Esmaeilpour Charandabi
2023: Royal Processions: Incentives, Efficiency and Fairness in Two-sided Matching Downloads
Sophie Bade and Joseph Root
2023: DeFi: data-driven characterisation of Uniswap v3 ecosystem & an ideal crypto law for liquidity pools Downloads
Deborah Miori and Mihai Cucuringu
2023: Machine Learning with High-Cardinality Categorical Features in Actuarial Applications Downloads
Benjamin Avanzi, Greg Taylor, Melantha Wang and Bernard Wong
2023: Equilibria and their stability in an asymmetric duopoly model of Kopel Downloads
Xiaoliang Li and Kongyan Chen
2023: A Note on the Estimation of Job Amenities and Labor Productivity Downloads
Arnaud Dupuy and Alfred Galichon
2023: Multidimensional dynamic factor models Downloads
Matteo Barigozzi and Filippo Pellegrino
2023: Conditional generalized quantiles based on expected utility model and equivalent characterization of properties Downloads
Qinyu Wu, Fan Yang and Ping Zhang
2023: Long-Term Modeling of Financial Machine Learning for Active Portfolio Management Downloads
Kazuki Amagai and Tomoya Suzuki
2023: The impact of surplus sharing on the outcomes of specific investments under negotiated transfer pricing: An agent-based simulation with fuzzy Q-learning agents Downloads
Christian Mitsch
2023: Informational Diversity and Affinity Bias in Team Growth Dynamics Downloads
Hoda Heidari, Solon Barocas, Jon Kleinberg and Karen Levy
2023: 'Good job!' The impact of positive and negative feedback on performance Downloads
Daniel Goller and Maximilian Sp\"ath
2023: Matching of Everyday Power Supply and Demand with Dynamic Pricing: Problem Formalisation and Conceptual Analysis Downloads
Thibaut Th\'eate, Antonio Sutera and Damien Ernst
2023: Recovering utility Downloads
Christopher Chambers, Federico Echenique and Nicolas S. Lambert
2023: The effect of primary school education on preventive behaviours during COVID-19 in Japan Downloads
Eiji Yamamura, Yoshiro Tsutsui and Fumio Ohtake
2023: Customer Momentum Downloads
Mykola Pinchuk
2023: Contextualizing Emerging Trends in Financial News Articles Downloads
Nhu Khoa Nguyen, Thierry Delahaut, Emanuela Boros, Antoine Doucet and Ga\"el Lejeune
2023: Inflation targeting strategy and its credibility Downloads
Carlos Posada
2023: Measuring Regulatory Barriers Using Annual Reports of Firms Downloads
Haosen Ge
2023: Adults in the room? The auditor and dividends in small firms: Evidence from a natural experiment Downloads
Hakim Lyngstad{\aa}s and Johannes Mauritzen
2023: New developments in econophysics: Option pricing formulas Downloads
Moawia Alghalith
2023: The Probability Conflation: A Reply Downloads
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Ron Richman, Marcos Carreira and James Sharpe
2023: A Framework of Transaction Packaging in High-throughput Blockchains Downloads
Yuxuan Lu, Qian Qi and Xi Chen
2023: Valuation of the Convertible Bonds under Penalty TF model using Finite Element Method Downloads
Rakhymzhan Kazbek, Yogi Erlangga, Yerlan Amanbek and Dongming Wei
2023: Pain or Anxiety? The Health Consequences of Rising Robot Adoption in China Downloads
Qiren Liu, Sen Luo and Robert Seamans
2023: Automatic Locally Robust Estimation with Generated Regressors Downloads
Juan Carlos Escanciano and Telmo P\'erez-Izquierdo
2023: Hierarchical Regularizers for Reverse Unrestricted Mixed Data Sampling Regressions Downloads
Alain Hecq, Marie Ternes and Ines Wilms
2023: Early life exposure to measles and later-life outcomes: Evidence from the introduction of a vaccine Downloads
Gerard J. van den Berg, Stephanie von Hinke and Nicolai Vitt
2023: Sequential Bayesian Learning for Hidden Semi-Markov Models Downloads
Patrick Aschermayr and Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos
2023: Aggregating heavy-tailed random vectors: from finite sums to L\'evy processes Downloads
Bikramjit Das and Vicky Fasen-Hartmann
2023: Research on the Impact of Innovative City and Smart City Construction on Digital Economy: Evidence from China Downloads
Zhanpeng Huang
2023: Leveraging Vision-Language Models for Granular Market Change Prediction Downloads
Christopher Wimmer and Navid Rekabsaz
2023: Sequential Graph Attention Learning for Predicting Dynamic Stock Trends (Student Abstract) Downloads
Tzu-Ya Lai, Wen Jung Cheng and Jun-En Ding
2023: Bitcoin Does Not Hedge Inflation Downloads
Mykola Pinchuk
2023: Constructing Copulas Using Corrected Hermite Polynomial Expansion for Estimating Cross Foreign Exchange Volatility Downloads
Kenichiro Shiraya and Tomohisa Yamakami
2023: Prenatal Sugar Consumption and Late-Life Human Capital and Health: Analyses Based on Postwar Rationing and Polygenic Scores Downloads
Gerard J. van den Berg, Stephanie von Hinke and R. Adele H. Wang
2023: Impact of the Ukrainian crisis on the global food security Downloads
Jean Cyrus de Gourcuff, David Makowski, Philippe Ciais and Marc Barthelemy
2023: Macroeconomic forecasting and sovereign risk assessment using deep learning techniques Downloads
Anastasios Petropoulos, Vassilis Siakoulis, Konstantinos P. Panousis, Loukas Papadoulas and Sotirios Chatzis
2023: Expectile hidden Markov regression models for analyzing cryptocurrency returns Downloads
Beatrice Foroni, Luca Merlo and Lea Petrella
2023: Processes analogous to ecological interactions and dispersal shape the dynamics of economic activities Downloads
Victor Boussange, Didier Sornette, Heike Lischke and Lo\"ic Pellissier
2023: Approximations of multi-period liability values by simple formulas Downloads
Nils Engler and Filip Lindskog
2023: Composite distributions in the social sciences: A comparative empirical study of firms' sales distribution for France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, and Spain Downloads
Arturo Ramos, Till Massing, Atushi Ishikawa, Shouji Fujimoto and Takayuki Mizuno
2023: ddml: Double/debiased machine learning in Stata Downloads
Achim Ahrens, Christian Hansen, Mark Schaffer and Thomas Wiemann
2023: The Combinational Mutation Strategy of Differential Evolution Algorithm for Pricing Vanilla Options and Its Implementation on Data during Covid-19 Pandemic Downloads
Werry Febrianti, Kuntjoro Adji Sidarto and Novriana Sumarti
2023: Labor Income Risk and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns Downloads
Mykola Pinchuk
2023: Decarbonization of financial markets: a mean-field game approach Downloads
Pierre Lavigne and Peter Tankov
2023: Cutting a Cake Fairly for Groups Revisited Downloads
Erel Segal-Halevi and Warut Suksompong
2023: A Practical Introduction to Regression Discontinuity Designs: Extensions Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Nicolas Idrobo and Rocio Titiunik
2023: Corporate Culture and Organizational Fragility Downloads
Matthew Elliott, Benjamin Golub and Matthieu V. Leduc
2023: Learning Production Process Heterogeneity Across Industries: Implications of Deep Learning for Corporate M&A Decisions Downloads
Jongsub Lee and Hayong Yun
2023: Modeling COVID-19 pandemic with financial markets models: The case of Ja\'en (Spain) Downloads
Julio Guerrero, Maria del Carmen Galiano and Giuseppe Orlando
2023: Asynchronous Deep Double Duelling Q-Learning for Trading-Signal Execution in Limit Order Book Markets Downloads
Peer Nagy, Jan-Peter Calliess and Stefan Zohren
2023: About constant-product automated market makers Downloads
Th\'eodore Conrad, Arthur Vinciguerra and Guillaume M\'erou\'e
2023: Environmentally-Extended Input-Output analyses efficiently sketch large-scale environmental transition plans -- illustration by Canada's road industry Downloads
Anne de Bortoli and Maxime Agez
2023: Efficient Pricing and Hedging of High Dimensional American Options Using Recurrent Networks Downloads
Andrew Na and Justin Wan
2023: Input-Output Analysis: New Results From Markov Chain Theory Downloads
Nizar Riane and Claire David
2023: Agent-based Integrated Assessment Models: Alternative Foundations to the Environment-Energy-Economics Nexus Downloads
Karl Naumann-Woleske
2023: Algorithmic Writing Assistance on Jobseekers' Resumes Increases Hires Downloads
Emma van Inwegen, Zanele Munyikwa and John J. Horton
2023: From prosumer to flexumer: Case study on the value of flexibility in decarbonizing the multi-energy system of a manufacturing company Downloads
Markus Fleschutz, Markus Bohlayer, Marco Braun and Michael D. Murphy
2023: Digital Divide: Empirical Study of CIUS 2020 Downloads
Joann Jasiak, Peter MacKenzie and Purevdorj Tuvaandorj
2023: Fixed-point iterative algorithm for SVI model Downloads
Shuzhen Yang and Wenqing Zhang
2023: L\'evy bandits under Poissonian decision times Downloads
Jos\'e-Luis P\'erez and Kazutoshi Yamazaki
2023: An MCMC Approach to Classical Estimation Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov and Han Hong
2023: Optimal Transport for Counterfactual Estimation: A Method for Causal Inference Downloads
Arthur Charpentier, Emmanuel Flachaire and Ewen Gallic
2023: Navigating the energy trilemma during geopolitical and environmental crises Downloads
Richard Tol
2023: A duality and free boundary approach to adverse selection Downloads
Robert J. McCann and Kelvin Shuangjian Zhang
2023: Large Language Models as Simulated Economic Agents: What Can We Learn from Homo Silicus? Downloads
John J. Horton
2023: Adversarial AI in Insurance: Pervasiveness and Resilience Downloads
Elisa Luciano, Matteo Cattaneo and Ron Kenett
2023: Turkish Inflation, Private Debt & how to overcome it Downloads
Mahmood Abdullah
2023: Monotonicity for AI ethics and society: An empirical study of the monotonic neural additive model in criminology, education, health care, and finance Downloads
Dangxing Chen and Luyao Zhang
2023: Power Utility Maximization with Expert Opinions at Fixed Arrival Times in a Market with Hidden Gaussian Drift Downloads
Abdelali Gabih, Hakam Kondakji and Ralf Wunderlich
2023: Generalizing Impermanent Loss on Decentralized Exchanges with Constant Function Market Makers Downloads
Rohan Tangri, Peter Yatsyshin, Elisabeth A. Duijnstee and Danilo Mandic
2023: Testing Firm Conduct Downloads
Marco Duarte, Lorenzo Magnolfi, Mikkel S{\o}lvsten and Christopher Sullivan
2023: Statistical inference for the logarithmic spatial heteroskedasticity model with exogenous variables Downloads
Bing Su, Fukang Zhu and Ke Zhu
2023: Robust M-Estimation for Additive Single-Index Cointegrating Time Series Models Downloads
Chaohua Dong, Jiti Gao, Yundong Tu and Bin Peng
2023: Sensitivities of Asian options in the Black-Scholes model Downloads
Dan Pirjol and Lingjiong Zhu
2023: A delayed dual risk model Downloads
Lingjiong Zhu
2023: When it counts -- Econometric identification of the basic factor model based on GLT structures Downloads
Sylvia Fr\"uhwirth-Schnatter, Darjus Hosszejni and Hedibert Freitas Lopes
2023: Doubly-Robust Inference for Conditional Average Treatment Effects with High-Dimensional Controls Downloads
Adam Baybutt and Manu Navjeevan
2023: Efficiency in Collective Decision-Making via Quadratic Transfers Downloads
Jon Eguia, Nicole Immorlica, Steven P. Lalley, Katrina Ligett, Glen Weyl and Dimitrios Xefteris
2023: Common Subcontracting, Multimarket Contact, and Airline Prices Downloads
Gaurab Aryal, Dennis J. Campbell, Federico Ciliberto and Ekaterina A. Khmelnitskaya
2023: Efficient Risk Estimation for the Credit Valuation Adjustment Downloads
Michael B. Giles, Abdul-Lateef Haji-Ali and Jonathan Spence
2023: Regulating For-Hire Autonomous Vehicles for An Equitable Multimodal Transportation Network Downloads
Jing Gao and Sen Li
2023: Stable Probability Weighting: Large-Sample and Finite-Sample Estimation and Inference Methods for Heterogeneous Causal Effects of Multivalued Treatments Under Limited Overlap Downloads
Ganesh Karapakula
2023: Stock market forecasting using DRAGAN and feature matching Downloads
Fateme Shahabi Nejad and Mohammad Mehdi Ebadzadeh
2023: Non-Stochastic CDF Estimation Using Threshold Queries Downloads
Princewill Okoroafor, Vaishnavi Gupta, Robert Kleinberg and Eleanor Goh
2023: Filtering Down to Size: A Theory of Consideration Downloads
Tonna Emenuga
2023: Randomization Test for the Specification of Interference Structure Downloads
Tadao Hoshino and Takahide Yanagi
2023: ASEAN's Portfolio Investment in a Gravity Model Downloads
Tomoo Kikuchi and Satoshi Tobe
2023: Acceptable Bilateral Gamma Parameters Downloads
Yoshihiro Shirai
2023: A pure jump model for the valuation of options on a credit index Downloads
Yoshihiro Shirai
2023: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Asset Allocation: Reward Clipping Downloads
Jiwon Kim, Moon-Ju Kang, KangHun Lee, HyungJun Moon and Bo-Kwan Jeon
2023: Statistical Learning with Sublinear Regret of Propagator Models Downloads
Eyal Neuman and Yufei Zhang
2023: Non-linear correlation analysis in financial markets using hierarchical clustering Downloads
J. E. Salgado-Hern\'andez and Manan Vyas
2023: European baskets in discrete-time continuous-binomial market models Downloads
Jarek K\k{e}dra, Assaf Libman and Victoria Steblovskaya
2023: Modeling adaptive forward-looking behavior in epidemics on networks Downloads
Lorenzo Amir Nemati Fard, Michele Starnini and Michele Tizzoni
2023: Measuring Corporate Digital Divide with web scraping: Evidence from Italy Downloads
Mazzoni Leonardo, Pinelli Fabio and Riccaboni Massimo
2023: Treatment Effect Analysis for Pairs with Endogenous Treatment Takeup Downloads
Mate Kormos, Robert Lieli and Martin Huber
2023: Testing for Coefficient Randomness in Local-to-Unity Autoregressions Downloads
Mikihito Nishi
2023: A Framework for Generalization and Transportation of Causal Estimates Under Covariate Shift Downloads
Apoorva Lal, Wenjing Zheng and Simon Ejdemyr
2023: Optimal Impartial Correspondences Downloads
Javier Cembrano, Felix Fischer and Max Klimm
2023: Utilizing Technical Data to Discover Similar Companies in Dhaka Stock Exchange Downloads
Tashreef Muhammad, Tahsin Aziz and Mohammad Shafiul Alam
2023: Uniform Inference in Linear Error-in-Variables Models: Divide-and-Conquer Downloads
Tom Boot and Art\=uras Juodis
2023: Proportional Fairness in Obnoxious Facility Location Downloads
Haris Aziz, Alexander Lam, Bo Li, Fahimeh Ramezani and Toby Walsh
2023: Elastic Cash Downloads
Anup Rao
2023: Optimal social security timing Downloads
A. Y. Aydemir
2023: General Conditions for Valid Inference in Multi-Way Clustering Downloads
Luther Yap
2023: Disrupted Routines Anticipate Musical Exploration Downloads
Khwan Kim, Noah Askin and James A. Evans
2023: CSRCZ: A Dataset About Corporate Social Responsibility in Czech Republic Downloads
Xhesilda Vogli and Erion \c{C}ano
2023: Action needed to make carbon offsets from tropical forest conservation work for climate change mitigation Downloads
Thales A. P. West, Sven Wunder, Erin O. Sills, Jan B\"orner, Sami W. Rifai, Alexandra N. Neidermeier and Andreas Kontoleon
2023: Randomization advice and ambiguity aversion Downloads
Christoph Kuzmics, Brian W. Rogers and Xiannong Zhang
2023: How effective are covid-19 vaccine health messages in reducing vaccine skepticism? Heterogeneity in messages effectiveness by just world beliefs Downloads
Juliane Wiese and Nattavudh Powdthavee
2023: Strategic Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (ECSR) Certification and Endogenous Market Structure Downloads
Ajay Sharma and Siddhartha Rastogi
2023: Long-Term Returns Estimation of Leveraged Indexes and ETFs Downloads
Hayden Brown
2023: Removing Non-Stationary Knowledge From Pre-Trained Language Models for Entity-Level Sentiment Classification in Finance Downloads
Guijin Son, Hanwool Lee, Nahyeon Kang and Moonjeong Hahm
2023: The COVID-19 vaccination, preventive behaviors and pro-social motivation: panel data analysis from Japan Downloads
Eiji Yamamura, Yoshiro Tsutsui and Fumio Ohtake
2023: Inflation and Value Creation: An Economic and Philosophic Investigation Downloads
Gennady Shkliarevsky
2023: Geometry of set functions in cooperative game theory Downloads
Dylan Laplace Mermoud
2023: Quantile Autoregression-based Non-causality Testing Downloads
Weifeng Jin
2023: Hedging of European type contingent claims in discrete time binomial market models Downloads
Jarek K\k{e}dra, Assaf Libman and Victoria Steblovskaya
2023: Simulation schemes for the Heston model with Poisson conditioning Downloads
Jaehyuk Choi and Yue Kuen Kwok
2023: Option pricing under the normal SABR model with Gaussian quadratures Downloads
Jaehyuk Choi and Byoung Ki Seo
2023: Health Wearables, Gamification, and Healthful Activity Downloads
Muhammad Hydari, Idris Adjerid and Aaron D. Striegel
2023: On Frequency-Based Optimal Portfolio with Transaction Costs Downloads
Chung-Han Hsieh and Yi-Shan Wong
2023: A responsibility value for digraphs Downloads
Rosa van den Ende and Dylan Laplace Mermoud
2023: Preferences on Ranked-Choice Ballots Downloads
Brian Duricy
2023: Isotonic Recalibration under a Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio Downloads
Mario V. W\"uthrich and Johanna Ziegel
2023: Climate change heterogeneity: A new quantitative approach Downloads
Maria Dolores Gadea and Jesus Gonzalo
2023: Cognitive Endurance, Talent Selection, and the Labor Market Returns to Human Capital Downloads
Germ\'an Reyes
2023: Regret theory, Allais' Paradox, and Savage's omelet Downloads
Vardan G. Bardakhchyan and Armen E. Allahverdyan
2023: Cryptocurrency co-investment network: token returns reflect investment patterns Downloads
Luca Mungo, Silvia Bartolucci and Laura Alessandretti
2023: Corrupted by Algorithms? How AI-generated and Human-written Advice Shape (Dis)honesty Downloads
Margarita Leib, Nils K\"obis, Rainer Michael Rilke, Marloes Hagens and Bernd Irlenbusch
2023: Peace Dividends: The Economic Effects of Colombia's Peace Agreement Downloads
Miguel Fajardo-Steinh\"auser
2023: A Quantum-Inspired Binary Optimization Algorithm for Representative Selection Downloads
Anna G. Hughes, Jack S. Baker and Santosh Kumar Radha
2023: fintech-kMC: Agent based simulations of financial platforms for design and testing of machine learning systems Downloads
Isaac Tamblyn, Tengkai Yu and Ian Benlolo
2023: Optimal Liquidation with High Risk Aversion in the Almgren--Chriss Model: A Case Study Downloads
Leonid Dolinskyi and Yan Dolinsky
2023: Complex dynamics of knowledgeable monopoly models with gradient mechanisms Downloads
Xiaoliang Li, Jiacheng Fu and Wei Niu
2023: Measuring tail risk at high-frequency: An $L_1$-regularized extreme value regression approach with unit-root predictors Downloads
Julien Hambuckers, Li Sun and Luca Trapin
2023: Analytic RFR Option Pricing with Smile and Skew Downloads
Colin Turfus and Aurelio Romero-Berm\'udez
2023: Gender Diversity in Ownership and Firm Innovativeness in Emerging Markets. The Mediating Roles of R&D Investments and External Capital Downloads
Vartuhi Tonoyan and Christopher Boudreaux
2023: On the causality-preservation capabilities of generative modelling Downloads
Yves-C\'edric Bauwelinckx, Jan Dhaene, Tim Verdonck and Milan van den Heuvel
2023: Fitting mixed logit random regret minimization models using maximum simulated likelihood Downloads
Ziyue Zhu, \'Alvaro A. Guti\'errez-Vargas and Martina Vandebroek
2023: The Chained Difference-in-Differences Downloads
Christophe Bell\'ego, David Benatia and Vincent Dortet-Bernardet
2023: A Bertrand duopoly game with differentiated products reconsidered Downloads
Xiaoliang Li and Bo Li
2023: Historical Patterns and Recent Impacts of Chinese Investors in United States Real Estate Downloads
Kevin Sun
2023: Fast Barrier Option Pricing by the COS BEM Method in Heston Model Downloads
A. Aimi, C. Guardasoni, L. Ortiz-Gracia and S. Sanfelici
2023: Time-Varying Coefficient DAR Model and Stability Measures for Stablecoin Prices: An Application to Tether Downloads
Antoine Djobenou, Emre Inan and Joann Jasiak
2023: Local Inequities in the Relative Production of and Exposure to Vehicular Air Pollution in Los Angeles Downloads
Geoff Boeing, Yougeng Lu and Clemens Pilgram
2023: Designing organizations for bottom-up task allocation: The role of incentives Downloads
Stephan Leitner
2023: Inference on Time Series Nonparametric Conditional Moment Restrictions Using General Sieves Downloads
Xiaohong Chen, Yuan Liao and Weichen Wang
2023: Langevin algorithms for Markovian Neural Networks and Deep Stochastic control Downloads
Pierre Bras and Gilles Pag\`es
2023: Strategic Observational Learning Downloads
Dimitri Migrow
2023: Economic impacts of AI-augmented R&D Downloads
Tamay Besiroglu, Nicholas Emery-Xu and Neil Thompson
2023: Multi-Agent Dynamic Pricing in a Blockchain Protocol Using Gaussian Bandits Downloads
Alexis Asseman, Tomasz Kornuta, Anirudh Patel, Matt Deible and Sam Green
2023: Toxic Liquidation Spirals Downloads
Jakub Warmuz, Amit Chaudhary and Daniele Pinna
2023: Topology-Free Type Structures with Conditioning Events Downloads
Pierfrancesco Guarino
2023: Nostradamus: Weathering Worth Downloads
Alapan Chaudhuri, Zeeshan Ahmed, Ashwin Rao, Shivansh Subramanian, Shreyas Pradhan and Abhishek Mittal
2023: On regression-adjusted imputation estimators of the average treatment effect Downloads
Zhexiao Lin and Fang Han
2023: On Blockchain We Cooperate: An Evolutionary Game Perspective Downloads
Luyao Zhang and Xinyu Tian
2023: An Ellsberg paradox for ambiguity aversion Downloads
Christoph Kuzmics, Brian W. Rogers and Xiannong Zhang
2023: Predicting China's CPI by Scanner Big Data Downloads
Zhenkun Zhou, Zikun Song and Tao Ren
2023: A Rigorous Proof of the Index Theorem for Economists Downloads
Yuhki Hosoya
2023: Multiple Structural Breaks in Interactive Effects Panel Data and the Impact of Quantitative Easing on Bank Lending Downloads
Jan Ditzen, Yiannis Karavias and Joakim Westerlund
2023: On the Past, Present, and Future of the Diebold-Yilmaz Approach to Dynamic Network Connectedness Downloads
Francis Diebold and Kamil Yilmaz
2023: On Existence of alpha-Core Solutions for Games with Finite or Infinite Players Downloads
Qi-Qing Song and Min Guo
2023: Predictive Crypto-Asset Automated Market Making Architecture for Decentralized Finance using Deep Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Tristan Lim
2023: Powering Up a Slow Charging Market: How Do Government Subsidies Affect Charging Station Supply? Downloads
Zunian Luo
2023: Setting Interim Deadlines to Persuade Downloads
Maxim Senkov
2023: Empirical Bayes Selection for Value Maximization Downloads
Dominic Coey and Kenneth Hung
2023: Online Self-Concordant and Relatively Smooth Minimization, With Applications to Online Portfolio Selection and Learning Quantum States Downloads
Chung-En Tsai, Hao-Chung Cheng and Yen-Huan Li
2023: Working With Convex Responses: Antifragility From Finance to Oncology Downloads
Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Jeffrey West
2023: Physics-Informed Convolutional Transformer for Predicting Volatility Surface Downloads
Soohan Kim, Seok-Bae Yun, Hyeong-Ohk Bae, Muhyun Lee and Youngjoon Hong
2023: Best Arm Identification with Contextual Information under a Small Gap Downloads
Masahiro Kato, Masaaki Imaizumi, Takuya Ishihara and Toru Kitagawa
2023: Representations of cones and applications to decision theory Downloads
Paolo Leonetti and Giulio Principi
2023: Deep Reinforcement Learning for Cryptocurrency Trading: Practical Approach to Address Backtest Overfitting Downloads
Berend Jelmer Dirk Gort, Xiao-Yang Liu, Xinghang Sun, Jiechao Gao, Shuaiyu Chen and Christina Dan Wang
2023: Optimal Bubble Riding: A Mean Field Game with Varying Entry Times Downloads
Ludovic Tangpi and Shichun Wang
2023: What does machine learning say about the drivers of inflation? Downloads
Emanuel Kohlscheen
2023: Competition, Alignment, and Equilibria in Digital Marketplaces Downloads
Meena Jagadeesan, Michael I. Jordan and Nika Haghtalab
2023: Panacea or Placebo? Exploring Causal Effects of Nonlocal Vehicle Driving Restriction Policies on Traffic Congestion Using Difference-in-differences Approach Downloads
Yuan Liang, Quan Yuan, Daoge Wang, Yong Feng, Pengfei Xu and Jiangping Zhou
2023: School-Based Statistical Discrimination Downloads
Jacopo Bizzotto and Adrien Vigier
2023: Generic catastrophic poverty when selfish investors exploit a degradable common resource Downloads
Claudius Gros
2023: The IPCC and the challenge of ex post policy evaluation Downloads
Richard Tol
2023: Dealing with multi-currency inventory risk in FX cash markets Downloads
Alexander Barzykin, Philippe Bergault and Olivier Gu\'eant
2023: Reputation Effects under Short Memories Downloads
Harry Pei
2023: Deep Bellman Hedging Downloads
Hans Buehler, Phillip Murray and Ben Wood
2023: Gender gaps in frontier entrepreneurship? Evidence from 1901 Oklahoma land lottery winners Downloads
Jason Poulos
2023: Diversification quotients: Quantifying diversification via risk measures Downloads
Xia Han, Liyuan Lin and Ruodu Wang
2023: Is decentralized finance actually decentralized? A social network analysis of the Aave protocol on the Ethereum blockchain Downloads
Ziqiao Ao, Gergely Horvath and Luyao Zhang
2023: Markov Decision Processes under Model Uncertainty Downloads
Ariel Neufeld, Julian Sester and Mario \v{S}iki\'c
2023: Debiased Semiparametric U-Statistics: Machine Learning Inference on Inequality of Opportunity Downloads
Juan Carlos Escanciano and Jo\"el Robert Terschuur
2023: Deep Learning the Efficient Frontier of Convex Vector Optimization Problems Downloads
Zachary Feinstein and Birgit Rudloff
2023: Gamma and Vega Hedging Using Deep Distributional Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Jay Cao, Jacky Chen, Soroush Farghadani, John Hull, Zissis Poulos, Zeyu Wang and Jun Yuan
2023: Stochastic Online Fisher Markets: Static Pricing Limits and Adaptive Enhancements Downloads
Devansh Jalota and Yinyu Ye
2023: Forecasting Market Changes using Variational Inference Downloads
Udai Nagpal and Krishan Nagpal
2023: Automatic Adjoint Differentiation for special functions involving expectations Downloads
Jos\'e Brito, Andrei Goloubentsev and Evgeny Goncharov
2023: Stochastic volatility modeling of high-frequency CSI 300 index and dynamic jump prediction driven by machine learning Downloads
Xianfei Hui, Baiqing Sun, Indranil SenGupta, Yan Zhou and Hui Jiang
2023: Capturing positive network attributes during the estimation of recursive logit models: A prism-based approach Downloads
Yuki Oyama
2023: The Impact of Geopolitical Conflicts on Trade, Growth, and Innovation Downloads
Carlos G\'oes and Eddy Bekkers
2023: Encompassing Tests for Nonparametric Regressions Downloads
Elia Lapenta and Pascal Lavergne
2023: Innovation Diffusion among Case-based Decision-makers Downloads
Benson Tsz Kin Leung
2023: Bayesian Bilinear Neural Network for Predicting the Mid-price Dynamics in Limit-Order Book Markets Downloads
Martin Magris, Mostafa Shabani and Alexandros Iosifidis
2023: Caplet pricing in affine models for alternative risk-free rates Downloads
Claudio Fontana
2023: Coasian Dynamics under Informational Robustness Downloads
Jonathan Libgober and Xiaosheng Mu
2023: Dynamic Heterogeneous Distribution Regression Panel Models, with an Application to Labor Income Processes Downloads
Ivan Fernandez-Val, Wayne Gao, Yuan Liao and Francis Vella
2023: Pricing Time-to-Event Contingent Cash Flows: A Discrete-Time Survival Analysis Approach Downloads
Jackson P. Lautier, Vladimir Pozdnyakov and Jun Yan
2023: Pricing European Options under Stochastic Volatility Models: Case of five-Parameter Variance-Gamma Process Downloads
A. H. Nzokem
2023: Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)...On Your Credit Card Downloads
Benedict Guttman-Kenney, Christopher Firth and John Gathergood
2023: What's Trending in Difference-in-Differences? A Synthesis of the Recent Econometrics Literature Downloads
Jonathan Roth, Pedro Sant'Anna, Alyssa Bilinski and John Poe
2023: Estimating a Continuous Treatment Model with Spillovers: A Control Function Approach Downloads
Tadao Hoshino
2023: Adaptive Transit Design: Optimizing Fixed and Demand Responsive Multi-Modal Transportation via Continuous Approximation Downloads
Giovanni Calabro', Andrea Araldo, Simon Oh, Ravi Seshadri, Giuseppe Inturri and Moshe Ben-Akiva
2023: Visual Inference and Graphical Representation in Regression Discontinuity Designs Downloads
Christina Korting, Carl Lieberman, Jordan Matsudaira, Zhuan Pei and Yi Shen
2023: Funding liquidity, credit risk and unconventional monetary policy in the Euro area: A GVAR approach Downloads
Graziano Moramarco
2023: Evolutionary Foundation for Heterogeneity in Risk Aversion Downloads
Yuval Heller and Ilan Nehama
2023: Numeraire-invariant quadratic hedging and mean--variance portfolio allocation Downloads
Ale\v{s} \v{C}ern\'y, Christoph Czichowsky and Jan Kallsen
2023: The elastic origins of tail asymmetry Downloads
Satoshi Nakano and Kazuhiko Nishimura
2023: Solving Multistage Stochastic Linear Programming via Regularized Linear Decision Rules: An Application to Hydrothermal Dispatch Planning Downloads
Felipe Nazare and Alexandre Street
2023: Coulomb-like Model for International Trade Flow and Derivation of Distribution Function for Trade Flow Strength Downloads
Mikrajuddin Abdullah
2023: Treatment Effects in Market Equilibrium Downloads
Evan Munro, Stefan Wager and Kuang Xu
2023: Auctioning with Strategically Reticent Bidders Downloads
Jibang Wu, Ashwinkumar Badanidiyuru and Haifeng Xu
2023: Nested Pseudo Likelihood Estimation of Continuous-Time Dynamic Discrete Games Downloads
Jason Blevins and Minhae Kim
2023: Optimality of threshold strategies for spectrally negative Levy processes and a positive terminal value at creeping ruin Downloads
Chongrui Zhu
2023: Inference for Low-Rank Models Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Christian Hansen, Yuan Liao and Yinchu Zhu
2023: Empirical Framework for Cournot Oligopoly with Private Information Downloads
Gaurab Aryal and Federico Zincenko
2023: Sectoral portfolio optimization by judicious selection of financial ratios via PCA Downloads
Vrinda Dhingra, Amita Sharma and Shiv K. Gupta
2023: Cupid's Invisible Hand: Social Surplus and Identification in Matching Models Downloads
Alfred Galichon and Bernard Salani\'e
2023: Credibility in Second-Price Auctions: An Experimental Test Downloads
Ahrash Dianat and Mikhail Freer
2023: Deep Reinforcement Learning in a Monetary Model Downloads
Mingli Chen, Andreas Joseph, Michael Kumhof, Xinlei Pan and Xuan Zhou
2023: Demand-pull, technology-push, and the direction of technological change Downloads
Kerstin H\"otte
2023: Universal Prediction Band via Semi-Definite Programming Downloads
Tengyuan Liang
2023: DoubleML -- An Object-Oriented Implementation of Double Machine Learning in R Downloads
Philipp Bach, Victor Chernozhukov, Malte S. Kurz and Martin Spindler
2023: Kernel regression analysis of tie-breaker designs Downloads
Dan M. Kluger and Art B. Owen
2023: Design and analysis of momentum trading strategies Downloads
Richard J. Martin
2023: The Impact of Corona Populism: Empirical Evidence from Austria and Theory Downloads
Patrick Mellacher
2023: Estimation of Large Financial Covariances: A Cross-Validation Approach Downloads
Vincent Tan and Stefan Zohren
2023: A Semi-Parametric Bayesian Generalized Least Squares Estimator Downloads
Ruochen Wu and Melvyn Weeks
2023: Identifying Causal Effects in Experiments with Spillovers and Non-compliance Downloads
Francis J. DiTraglia, Camilo Garcia-Jimeno, Rossa O'Keeffe-O'Donovan and Alejandro Sanchez-Becerra
2023: Causal Inference for Spatial Treatments Downloads
Michael Pollmann
2023: The Competition for Partners in Matching Markets Downloads
Yash Kanoria, Seungki Min and Pengyu Qian
2023: Synthetic A/B Testing using Synthetic Interventions Downloads
Anish Agarwal, Devavrat Shah and Dennis Shen
2023: Evaluating Policies Early in a Pandemic: Bounding Policy Effects with Nonrandomly Missing Data Downloads
Brantly Callaway and Tong Li
2023: Network Structure and Collective Intelligence in the Diffusion of Innovation Downloads
Joshua Becker
2023: Testing Many Restrictions Under Heteroskedasticity Downloads
Stanislav Anatolyev and Mikkel S{\o}lvsten
2023: Fast Complete Algorithm for Multiplayer Nash Equilibrium Downloads
Sam Ganzfried
2023: Estimating Welfare Effects in a Nonparametric Choice Model: The Case of School Vouchers Downloads
Vishal Kamat and Samuel Norris
2023: Identification in discrete choice models with imperfect information Downloads
Cristina Gualdani and Shruti Sinha
2023: Identifying Network Ties from Panel Data: Theory and an Application to Tax Competition Downloads
Aureo de Paula, Imran Rasul and Pedro Souza
2023: Dynamic Information Design with Diminishing Sensitivity Over News Downloads
Jetlir Duraj and Kevin He
2023: Policy Targeting under Network Interference Downloads
Davide Viviano
2023: Deep Curve-dependent PDEs for affine rough volatility Downloads
Antoine Jacquier and Mugad Oumgari
2023: A Sieve-SMM Estimator for Dynamic Models Downloads
Jean-Jacques Forneron
2023: A proof that artificial neural networks overcome the curse of dimensionality in the numerical approximation of Black-Scholes partial differential equations Downloads
Philipp Grohs, Fabian Hornung, Arnulf Jentzen and Philippe von Wurstemberger
2023: Dynamic Adaptive Mixture Models Downloads
Leopoldo Catania
2023: Dynamic Spatial Autoregressive Models with Autoregressive and Heteroskedastic Disturbances Downloads
Leopoldo Catania and Anna Gloria Bill\'e
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