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2019: Neural networks for option pricing and hedging: a literature review Downloads
Johannes Ruf and Weiguan Wang
2019: Bounds on Multi-asset Derivatives via Neural Networks Downloads
Luca De Gennaro Aquino and Carole Bernard
2019: Quantization-based Bermudan option pricing in the $FX$ world Downloads
Jean-Michel Fayolle, Vincent Lemaire, Thibaut Montes and Gilles Pag\`es
2019: How do scientific disciplines evolve in applied sciences? The properties of scientific fission and ambidextrous scientific drivers Downloads
Mario Coccia
2019: Context-aware Dynamic Assets Selection for Online Portfolio Selection based on Contextual Bandit Downloads
Mengying Zhu, Xiaolin Zheng, Yan Wang, Yuyuan Li and Qianqiao Liang
2019: Randomization tests of copula symmetry Downloads
Brendan K. Beare and Juwon Seo
2019: Beveridgean Unemployment Gap Downloads
Pascal Michaillat and Emmanuel Saez
2019: Optical Proof of Work Downloads
Michael Dubrovsky, Marshall Ball and Bogdan Penkovsky
2019: A two-player price impact game Downloads
Moritz Vo{\ss}
2019: An Unethical Optimization Principle Downloads
Nicholas Beale, Heather Battey, Anthony C. Davison and Robert S. MacKay
2019: Index Tracking with Cardinality Constraints: A Stochastic Neural Networks Approach Downloads
Yu Zheng, Bowei Chen, Timothy M. Hospedales and Yongxin Yang
2019: Analytical solution of $k$th price auction Downloads
Martin Mihelich and Yan Shu
2019: Deviations from Zipf's law contain more information than Zipf's law itself Downloads
Giordano De Marzo, Andrea Gabrielli, Andrea Zaccaria and Luciano Pietronero
2019: A Simple Estimator for Quantile Panel Data Models Using Smoothed Quantile Regressions Downloads
Liang Chen and Yulong Huo
2019: Extended MinP Tests of Multiple Hypotheses Downloads
Zeng-Hua Lu
2019: Identification and inference in discrete choice models with imperfect information Downloads
Cristina Gualdani and Shruti Sinha
2019: Making Good on LSTMs Unfulfilled Promise Downloads
Daniel Philps, Artur d'Avila Garcez and Tillman Weyde
2019: A path-based many-to-many assignment game to model Mobility-as-a-Service market networks Downloads
Theodoros Pantelidis, Saeid Rasulkhani and Joseph Y. J. Chow
2019: Optimal partitions and Semi-discrete optimal transport Downloads
Gershon Wolansky
2019: Optimal Installation of Solar Panels with Price Impact: a Solvable Singular Stochastic Control Problem Downloads
Torben Koch and Tiziano Vargiolu
2019: Quantitative earnings enhancement from share buybacks Downloads
Lawrence Middleton, James Dodd and Graham Baird
2019: A post hoc test on the Sharpe ratio Downloads
Steven Pav
2019: Measuring the Time-Varying Market Efficiency in the Prewar Japanese Stock Market Downloads
Akihiko Noda
2019: An Asymptotically F-Distributed Chow Test in the Presence of Heteroscedasticity and Autocorrelation Downloads
Yixiao Sun and Xuexin Wang
2019: Optimal Experimental Design for Staggered Rollouts Downloads
Ruoxuan Xiong, Susan Athey, Mohsen Bayati and Guido Imbens
2019: Tit-for-Tat Dynamics and Market Volatility Downloads
Simina Br\^anzei
2019: Relation between Blomqvist's beta and other measures of concordance of copulas Downloads
Damjana Kokol Bukov\v{s}ek, Toma\v{z} Ko\v{s}ir, Bla\v{z} Moj\v{s}kerc and Matja\v{z} Omladi\v{c}
2019: An analysis of Uniswap markets Downloads
Guillermo Angeris, Hsien-Tang Kao, Rei Chiang, Charlie Noyes and Tarun Chitra
2019: Dual Representation of Expectile based Expected Shortfall and Its Properties Downloads
Samuel Drapeau and Mekonnen Tadese
2019: Dynamic Influence on Replicator Evolution for the Propagation of Competing Technologies Downloads
Elijah D. Bolluyt and Cristina Comaniciu
2019: Behavioral Equivalence of Extensive Game Structures Downloads
Pierpaolo Battigalli, Paolo Leonetti and Fabio Maccheroni
2019: Multiple yield curve modelling with CBI processes Downloads
Claudio Fontana, Alessandro Gnoatto and Guillaume Szulda
2019: Group Average Treatment Effects for Observational Studies Downloads
Daniel Jacob, Wolfgang Karl H\"ardle and Stefan Lessmann
2019: Relative Maximum Likelihood Updating of Ambiguous Beliefs Downloads
Xiaoyu Cheng
2019: Infinite dimensional polynomial processes Downloads
Christa Cuchiero and Sara Svaluto-Ferro
2019: Deep Learning for Stock Selection Based on High Frequency Price-Volume Data Downloads
Junming Yang, Yaoqi Li, Xuanyu Chen, Jiahang Cao and Kangkang Jiang
2019: Scaling in Income Inequalities and its Dynamical Origin Downloads
Zoltan Neda, Istvan Gere, Tamas S. Biro, Geza Toth and Noemi Derzsy
2019: Modelling bid-ask spread conditional distributions using hierarchical correlation reconstruction Downloads
Jaros{\l}aw Duda, Robert Syrek and Henryk Gurgul
2019: Collectivised Pension Investment with Exponential Kihlstrom--Mirman Preferences Downloads
John Armstrong and Cristin Buescu
2019: Acceptability Indices of Performance for Bounded C\`adl\`ag Processes Downloads
Christos E. Kountzakis and Damiano Rossello
2019: The Fourier Transform Method for Volatility Functional Inference by Asynchronous Observations Downloads
Richard Y. Chen
2019: A Rational Finance Explanation of the Stock Predictability Puzzle Downloads
Abootaleb Shirvani, Svetlozar T. Rachev and Frank J. Fabozzi
2019: Quantile Factor Models Downloads
Liang Chen, Juan Jose Dolado and Jesus Gonzalo
2019: Robo-advising: Learning Investor's Risk Preferences via Portfolio Choices Downloads
Humoud Alsabah, Agostino Capponi, Octavio Ruiz Lacedelli and Matt Stern
2019: A Regulated Market Under Sanctions: On Tail Dependence Between Oil, Gold, and Tehran Stock Exchange Index Downloads
Abootaleb Shirvani and Dimitri Volchenkov
2019: Nonparametric Quantile Regressions for Panel Data Models with Large T Downloads
Liang Chen
2019: Deep Hedging: Learning to Simulate Equity Option Markets Downloads
Magnus Wiese, Lianjun Bai, Ben Wood and Hans Buehler
2019: Engel's law in the commodity composition of exports Downloads
Sung-Gook Choi and Deok-Sun Lee
2019: Personalized Robo-Advising: Enhancing Investment through Client Interaction Downloads
Agostino Capponi, Sveinn Olafsson and Thaleia Zariphopoulou
2019: Bitcoin Coin Selection with Leverage Downloads
Daniel J. Diroff
2019: iCurrency? Downloads
Zura Kakushadze and Willie Yu
2019: Cheating with (Recursive) Models Downloads
Kfir Eliaz, Ran Spiegler and Yair Weiss
2019: The survival of start-ups in time of crisis. A machine learning approach to measure innovation Downloads
Marco Guerzoni, Consuelo R. Nava and Massimiliano Nuccio
2019: The transport-based meshfree method (TMM) and its applications in finance: a review Downloads
Philippe G. LeFloch and Jean-Marc Mercier
2019: Decision Making under Uncertainty: An Experimental Study in Market Settings Downloads
Federico Echenique, Taisuke Imai and Kota Saito
2019: The Reactive Beta Model Downloads
Sebastien Valeyre, Denis S. Grebenkov and Sofiane Aboura
2019: Calibration of Local-Stochastic and Path-Dependent Volatility Models to Vanilla and No-Touch Options Downloads
Alan Bain, Matthieu Mariapragassam and Christoph Reisinger
2019: Aggregation for potentially infinite populations without continuity or completeness Downloads
David McCarthy, Kalle Mikkola and Teruji Thomas
2019: Do Chinese Internet Users Exist Heterogeneity in Search Behavior? Downloads
Ren-jie Han, Shi-yuan Liu and Qian Li
2019: Model Specification Test with Unlabeled Data: Approach from Covariate Shift Downloads
Masahiro Kato and Hikaru Kawarazaki
2019: A two-dimensional propensity score matching method for longitudinal quasi-experimental studies: A focus on travel behavior and the built environment Downloads
Haotian Zhong, Wei Li and Marlon G. Boarnet
2019: Modeling National Latent Socioeconomic Health and Examination of Policy Effects via Causal Inference Downloads
F. Swen Kuh, Grace S. Chiu and Anton H. Westveld
2019: Explaining black box decisions by Shapley cohort refinement Downloads
Masayoshi Mase, Art B. Owen and Benjamin Seiler
2019: Risk Neutral Valuation of Inflation-Linked Interest Rate Derivatives Downloads
Flavia Antonacci, Cristina Costantini, Fernanda D'Ippoliti and Marco Papi
2019: Time discounting under uncertainty Downloads
Lorenzo Bastianello and Jos\'e Heleno Faro
2019: Asset Prices with Investor Protection in Approximate Fractional Economy Downloads
Jia Yue, Ben-Zhang Yang, Ming-Hui Wang and Nan-Jing Huang
2019: Dominantly Truthful Multi-task Peer Prediction with a Constant Number of Tasks Downloads
Yuqing Kong
2019: Regularized Quantile Regression with Interactive Fixed Effects Downloads
Junlong Feng
2019: Random concave functions Downloads
Peter Baxendale and Ting-Kam Leonard Wong
2019: Multilevel evolutionary developmental optimization (MEDO): A theoretical framework for understanding preferences and selection dynamics Downloads
Adam Safron
2019: The Politics of News Personalization Downloads
Lin Hu, Anqi Li and Ilya Segal
2019: Fragmentation of Distributed Exchanges Downloads
Marius Zoican and Sorin Zoican
2019: How well can we learn large factor models without assuming strong factors? Downloads
Yinchu Zhu
2019: Stochastic Orderings of Multivariate Elliptical Distributions Downloads
Chuancun Yin
2019: Matrix Completion, Counterfactuals, and Factor Analysis of Missing Data Downloads
Jushan Bai and Serena Ng
2019: Singular Perturbation Expansion for Utility Maximization with Order-$\epsilon$ Quadratic Transaction Costs Downloads
Andrew Papanicolaou and Shiva Chandra
2019: How Option Hedging Shapes Market Impact Downloads
Emilio Said
2019: Reversals of signal-posterior monotonicity imply a bias of screening Downloads
Sander Heinsalu
2019: Scoring Strategic Agents Downloads
Ian Ball
2019: SortedEffects: Sorted Causal Effects in R Downloads
Shuowen Chen, Victor Chernozhukov, Iv\'an Fern\'andez-Val and Ye Luo
2019: HATS: A Hierarchical Graph Attention Network for Stock Movement Prediction Downloads
Raehyun Kim, Chan Ho So, Minbyul Jeong, Sanghoon Lee, Jinkyu Kim and Jaewoo Kang
2019: Wasserstein Index Generation Model: Automatic Generation of Time-series Index with Application to Economic Policy Uncertainty Downloads
Fangzhou Xie
2019: Accelerated Share Repurchase and other buyback programs: what neural networks can bring Downloads
Olivier Gu\'eant, Iuliia Manziuk and Jiang Pu
2019: Bayesian Heterogeneity Pursuit Regression Models for Spatially Dependent Data Downloads
Zhihua Ma, Yishu Xue and Guanyu Hu
2019: Branching Particle Pricers with Heston Examples Downloads
Michael A. Kouritzin and Anne MacKay
2019: Policy Targeting under Network Interference Downloads
Davide Viviano
2019: Kernel Instrumental Variable Regression Downloads
Rahul Singh, Maneesh Sahani and Arthur Gretton
2019: Clusters of investors around Initial Public Offering Downloads
Margarita Baltakien\.e, K\k{e}stutis Baltakys, Juho Kanniainen, Dino Pedreschi and Fabrizio Lillo
2019: A Binomial Asset Pricing Model in a Categorical Setting Downloads
Takanori Adachi, Katsushi Nakajima and Yoshihiro Ryu
2019: Boosting: Why You Can Use the HP Filter Downloads
Peter Phillips and Zhentao Shi
2019: Robust Mathematical Formulation of Agent-Based Computational Economic Market Models Downloads
Maximilian Beikirch, Simon Cramer, Martin Frank, Philipp Otte, Emma Pabich and Torsten Trimborn
2019: Martingale Optimal Transport Duality Downloads
Patrick Cheridito, Matti Kiiski, David J. Promel and H. Mete Soner
2019: Robust Principal Component Analysis with Non-Sparse Errors Downloads
Jushan Bai and Junlong Feng
2019: Phase transition in the Bayesian estimation of the default portfolio Downloads
Masato Hisakado and Shintaro Mori
2019: Intensity estimation of transaction arrivals in the intraday electricity market Downloads
Micha{\l} Narajewski and Florian Ziel
2019: Decomposing Changes in the Distribution of Real Hourly Wages in the U.S Downloads
Iv\'an Fern\'andez-Val, Franco Peracchi, Aico van Vuuren and Francis Vella
2019: Stochastic Algorithmic Differentiation of (Expectations of) Discontinuous Functions (Indicator Functions) Downloads
Christian P. Fries
2019: Modelling information flows by Meyer-$\sigma$-fields in the singular stochastic control problem of irreversible investment Downloads
Peter Bank and David Besslich
2019: A Consistent Heteroskedasticity Robust LM Type Specification Test for Semiparametric Models Downloads
Ivan Korolev
2019: Inference for Volatility Functionals of Multivariate It\^o Semimartingales Observed with Jump and Noise Downloads
Richard Y. Chen
2019: Pricing of debt and equity in a financial network with comonotonic endowments Downloads
Tathagata Banerjee and Zachary Feinstein
2019: The "power" dimension in a process of exchange Downloads
Alberto Banterle
2019: An alternative quality of life ranking on the basis of remittances Downloads
D\'ora Gr\'eta Petr\'oczy
2019: Critical slowing down associated with critical transition and risk of collapse in cryptocurrency Downloads
Chengyi Tu, Paolo DOdorico and Samir Suweis
2019: Perturbation analysis of sub/super hedging problems Downloads
Sergey Badikov, Mark H. A. Davis and Antoine Jacquier
2019: Comparing the Forecasting Performances of Linear Models for Electricity Prices with High RES Penetration Downloads
Angelica Gianfreda, Francesco Ravazzolo and Luca Rossini
2019: Identification of hedonic equilibrium and nonseparable simultaneous equations Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Alfred Galichon, Marc Henry and Brendan Pass
2019: Sharp bounds and testability of a Roy model of STEM major choices Downloads
Ismael Mourifie, Marc Henry and Romuald Méango
2019: A McKean-Vlasov approach to distributed electricity generation development Downloads
Ren\'e A\"id, Matteo Basei and Huy\^en Pham
2019: Pricing Variance Swaps on Time-Changed Markov Processes Downloads
Peter Carr, Roger Lee and Matthew Lorig
2019: ElecSim: Monte-Carlo Open-Source Agent-Based Model to Inform Policy for Long-Term Electricity Planning Downloads
Alexander J. M. Kell, Matthew Forshaw and A. Stephen McGough
2019: Integration into \'economie-monde and regionalisation of the Central Eastern European space since 1989 Downloads
Natalia Zdanowska
2019: Spatial polarisation within foreign trade and transnational firms' networks. The Case of Central and Eastern Europe Downloads
Natalia Zdanowska
2019: Exploring cities of Central and Eastern Europe within transnational company networks: the core-periphery effect Downloads
Natalia Zdanowska
2019: Option-based Equity Risk Premiums Downloads
Alan L. Lewis
2019: Credit risk with asymmetric information and a switching default threshold Downloads
Imke Redeker and Ralf Wunderlich
2019: Markov Chain Approximation of One-Dimensional Sticky Diffusions Downloads
Christian Meier, Lingfei Li and Gongqiu Zhang
2019: Power Laws without Gibrat's Law Downloads
John Stachurski
2019: Portfolio Optimization with Expectile and Omega Functions Downloads
Alexander Wagner and Stan Uryasev
2019: Costly Verification in Collective Decisions Downloads
Albin Erlanson and Andreas Kleiner
2019: A Classifiers Voting Model for Exit Prediction of Privately Held Companies Downloads
Giuseppe Carlo Calafiore, Marisa Hillary Morales, Vittorio Tiozzo and Serge Marquie
2019: Find what you are looking for: A data-driven covariance matrix estimation Downloads
Sven Husmann, Antoniya Shivarova and Rick Steinert
2019: Michael Milken: The Junk Dealer Downloads
Ravi Kashyap
2019: Rank-size law, financial inequality indices and gain concentrations by cyclist teams. The case of a multiple stage bicycle race, like Tour de France Downloads
Marcel Ausloos
2019: Time-dependent lead-lag relationships between the VIX and VIX futures markets Downloads
Yan-Hong Yang and Ying-Hui Shao
2019: Lying by Omission Downloads
Shaofei Jiang
2019: The Value of Precise Communication in Persuasion Downloads
Eray Turkel and Yunus Aybas
2019: Microscopic Derivation of Mean Field Game Models Downloads
Martin Frank, Michael Herty and Torsten Trimborn
2019: Hipsters and the Cool: A Game Theoretic Analysis of Social Identity, Trends and Fads Downloads
Russell Golman, Aditi Jain and Sonica Saraf
2019: From microscopic price dynamics to multidimensional rough volatility models Downloads
Mehdi Tomas and Mathieu Rosenbaum
2019: Analyzing China's Consumer Price Index Comparatively with that of United States Downloads
Zhenzhong Wang, Yundong Tu and Song Xi Chen
2019: A Self-Exciting Modelling Framework for Forward Prices in Power Markets Downloads
Giorgia Callegaro, Andrea Mazzoran and Carlo Sgarra
2019: Lexicographic Choice Under Variable Capacity Constraints Downloads
Battal Dogan, Serhat Dogan and Kemal Yildiz
2019: Deep reinforcement learning for market making in corporate bonds: beating the curse of dimensionality Downloads
Olivier Gu\'eant and Iuliia Manziuk
2019: Weekly idiosyncratic risk metrics and idiosyncratic momentum: Evidence from the Chinese stock market Downloads
Huai-Long Shi and Wei-Xing Zhou
2019: A generalized reserving model: bridging the gap between pricing and individual reserving Downloads
Jonas Crevecoeur and Katrien Antonio
2019: Testing Forecast Rationality for Measures of Central Tendency Downloads
Timo Dimitriadis, Andrew J. Patton and Patrick Schmidt
2019: Robust Contracting in General Contract Spaces Downloads
Julio Backhoff-Veraguas, Patrick Beissner and Ulrich Horst
2019: Using network science to quantify economic disruptions in regional input-output networks Downloads
Emily P. Harvey and Dion R. J. O'Neale
2019: Dual IV: A Single Stage Instrumental Variable Regression Downloads
Krikamol Muandet, Arash Mehrjou, Si Kai Lee and Anant Raj
2019: Deep convolutional autoencoder for cryptocurrency market analysis Downloads
Vladimir Puzyrev
2019: Almost Quasi-linear Utilities in Disguise: Positive-representation An Extension of Roberts' Theorem Downloads
Ilan Nehama
2019: Price mediated contagion through capital ratio requirements Downloads
Tathagata Banerjee and Zachary Feinstein
2019: Estimating a Large Covariance Matrix in Time-varying Factor Models Downloads
Jaeheon Jung
2019: Change of drift in one-dimensional diffusions Downloads
Sascha Desmettre, Gunther Leobacher and L. C. G. Rogers
2019: Sparsity and Stability for Minimum-Variance Portfolios Downloads
Sven Husmann, Antoniya Shivarova and Rick Steinert
2019: Inequality in Turkey: Looking Beyond Growth Downloads
Bayram Cakir and Ipek Ergul
2019: Building social networks under consent: A survey Downloads
Robert P. Gilles
2019: Does car sharing reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Life cycle assessment of the modal shift and lifetime shift rebound effects Downloads
Levon Amatuni, Juudit Ottelin, Bernhard Steubing and Jos\'e Mogollon
2019: The Persuasion Duality Downloads
Piotr Dworczak and Anton Kolotilin
2019: Coalition-structured governance improves cooperation to provide public goods Downloads
V\'itor V. Vasconcelos, Phillip M. Hannam, Simon A. Levin and Jorge M. Pacheco
2019: Necessary and sufficient condition for equilibrium of the Hotelling model on a circle Downloads
Satoshi Hayashi and Naoki Tsuge
2019: Fast and Flexible Bayesian Inference in Time-varying Parameter Regression Models Downloads
Niko Hauzenberger, Florian Huber, Gary Koop and Luca Onorante
2019: Convex Relaxation Based Locational Marginal Prices Downloads
Anna Winnicki, Mariola Ndrio and Subhonmesh Bose
2019: Nonparametric identification of an interdependent value model with buyer covariates from first-price auction bids Downloads
Nathalie Gimenes and Emmanuel Guerre
2019: Inference of Binary Regime Models with Jump Discontinuities Downloads
Milan Kumar Das, Anindya Goswami and Sharan Rajani
2019: Principal Component Analysis: A Generalized Gini Approach Downloads
Charpentier, Arthur, Mussard, Stephane and Tea Ouraga
2019: Mesoscale impact of trader psychology on stock markets: a multi-agent AI approach Downloads
J. Lussange, S. Palminteri, S. Bourgeois-Gironde and B. Gutkin
2019: The CMMV Pricing Model in Practice Downloads
Bernard De Meyer and Moussa Dabo
2019: Order patterns, their variation and change points in financial time series and Brownian motion Downloads
Christoph Bandt
2019: Adaptive-Aggressive Traders Don't Dominate Downloads
Daniel Snashall and Dave Cliff
2019: The Value of Insider Information for Super--Replication with Quadratic Transaction Costs Downloads
Yan Dolinsky and Jonathan Zouari
2019: Quasi Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Non-Stationary Large Approximate Dynamic Factor Models Downloads
Matteo Barigozzi and Matteo Luciani
2019: A hybrid stochastic differential reinsurance and investment game with bounded memory Downloads
Yanfei Bai, Zhongbao Zhou, Helu Xiao, Rui Gao and Feimin Zhong
2019: Relative Net Utility and the Saint Petersburg Paradox Downloads
Daniel Muller and Tshilidzi Marwala
2019: CorrGAN: Sampling Realistic Financial Correlation Matrices Using Generative Adversarial Networks Downloads
Gautier Marti
2019: Bounds in continuous instrumental variable models Downloads
Florian Gunsilius
2019: Pricing Mechanism for Resource Sustainability in Competitive Online Learning Multi-Agent Systems Downloads
Ezra Tampubolon and Holger Boche
2019: Conservation Laws in a Limit Order Book Downloads
Jan Rosenzweig
2019: Entropic Dynamic Time Warping Kernels for Co-evolving Financial Time Series Analysis Downloads
Lu Bai, Lixin Cui, Lixiang Xu, Yue Wang, Zhihong Zhang and Edwin R. Hancock
2019: Multi-Stage Compound Real Options Valuation in Residential PV-Battery Investment Downloads
Yiju Ma, Kevin Swandi, Archie Chapman and Gregor Verbic
2019: Feasible Generalized Least Squares for Panel Data with Cross-sectional and Serial Correlations Downloads
Jushan Bai, Sung Hoon Choi and Yuan Liao
2019: Overcoming Free-Riding in Bandit Games Downloads
Johannes H\"orner, Nicolas Klein and Sven Rady
2019: Robustness of Delta hedging in a jump-diffusion model Downloads
Frank Bosserhoff and Mitja Stadje
2019: Beating the House: Identifying Inefficiencies in Sports Betting Markets Downloads
Sathya Ramesh, Ragib Mostofa, Marco Bornstein and John Dobelman
2019: Nonhedgeable risk and Credit Risk Pricing Downloads
Juan Dong, Lyudmila Korobenko and Deniz Sezer
2019: Sector Neutral Portfolios: Long memory motifs persistence in market structure dynamics Downloads
Jeremy Turiel and Tomaso Aste
2019: Econoquantumphysics and econonetwork: do correlations and eigenstates shape the taxonomy of the cryptocurrency market? Downloads
Carlo Requi\~ao da Cunha and Roberto da Silva
2019: A multilevel analysis to systemic exposure: insights from local and system-wide information Downloads
Y\'erali Gandica, Sophie B\'ereau and Jean-Yves Gnabo
2019: Healthy... Distress... Default Downloads
Zura Kakushadze
2019: Pricing and Hedging Performance on Pegged FX Markets Based on a Regime Switching Model Downloads
Samuel Drapeau and Yunbo Zhang
2019: Large Dimensional Latent Factor Modeling with Missing Observations and Applications to Causal Inference Downloads
Ruoxuan Xiong and Markus Pelger
2019: Forecasting under Long Memory and Nonstationarity Downloads
Uwe Hassler and Marc-Oliver Pohle
2019: Optimal implementation delay of taxation with trade-off for L\'{e}vy risk Processes Downloads
Wenyuan Wang, Xueyuan Wu and Cheng Chi
2019: The value of power-related options under spectrally negative L\'evy processes Downloads
Jean-Philippe Aguilar
2019: Currency Based on Time Standard Downloads
Tomas Kala
2019: Econometric Models of Network Formation Downloads
Aureo de Paula
2019: Fighting for Not-So-Religious Souls: The Role of Religious Competition in Non-Religious Conflicts Downloads
Hector Galindo-Silva and Guy Tchuente
2019: A General Framework for Inference on Shape Restrictions Downloads
Zheng Fang and Juwon Seo
2019: Asymptotic Theory of $L$-Statistics and Integrable Empirical Processes Downloads
Tetsuya Kaji
2019: Residual Switching Network for Portfolio Optimization Downloads
Jifei Wang and Lingjing Wang
2019: Identifying Network Ties from Panel Data: Theory and an Application to Tax Competition Downloads
Aureo de Paula, Imran Rasul and Pedro Souza
2019: Portfolio optimization in the case of an exponential utility function and in the presence of an illiquid asset Downloads
Ljudmila A. Bordag
2019: Standard Errors for Panel Data Models with Unknown Clusters Downloads
Jushan Bai, Sung Hoon Choi and Yuan Liao
2019: Multivariate Forecasting Evaluation: On Sensitive and Strictly Proper Scoring Rules Downloads
Florian Ziel and Kevin Berk
2019: Weighted Monte Carlo with least squares and randomized extended Kaczmarz for option pricing Downloads
Damir Filipovi\'c, Kathrin Glau, Yuji Nakatsukasa and Francesco Statti
2019: Measuring the Completeness of Theories Downloads
Drew Fudenberg, Jon Kleinberg, Annie Liang and Sendhil Mullainathan
2019: Games of Incomplete Information Played By Statisticians Downloads
Annie Liang
2019: Dynamically Aggregating Diverse Information Downloads
Annie Liang, Xiaosheng Mu and Vasilis Syrgkanis
2019: Optimal ratcheting of dividends in insurance Downloads
Hansjoerg Albrecher, Pablo Azcue and Nora Muler
2019: Robust portfolio optimization with multi-factor stochastic volatility Downloads
Ben-Zhang Yang, Xiaoping Lu, Guiyuan Ma and Song-Ping Zhu
2019: Fundamental Analysis in China: An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Financial Ratios and Stock Prices Downloads
Lijuan Ma, Marcel Ausloos, Christophe Schinckus and H. L. Felicia Chong
2019: The Cobb-Douglas production function revisited Downloads
Roman G. Smirnov and Kunpeng Wang
2019: Stochastic leverage effect in high-frequency data: a Fourier based analysis Downloads
Imma Valentina Curato and Simona Sanfelici
2019: Precisamos de uma Contabilidade Ambiental para as "Amaz\^onias" Paraense? Downloads
Ailton Castro Pinheiro
2019: Optimal Dynamic Futures Portfolio in a Regime-Switching Market Framework Downloads
Tim Leung and Yang Zhou
2019: Principled estimation of regression discontinuity designs with covariates: a machine learning approach Downloads
Jason Anastasopoulos
2019: Eigen-entropy measure to study phase separation in market behavior Downloads
Anirban Chakraborti, Hrishidev, Kiran Sharma and Hirdesh K. Pharasi
2019: A BSDE-based approach for the optimal reinsurance problem under partial information Downloads
Matteo Brachetta and Claudia Ceci
2019: Mixed Levy Subordinated Market Model and Implied Probability Weighting Function Downloads
Abootaleb Shirvani, Yuan Hu, Svetlozar T. Rachev and Frank J. Fabozzi
2019: Inversion of Convex Ordering: Local Volatility Does Not Maximize the Price of VIX Futures Downloads
Beatrice Acciaio and Julien Guyon
2019: Universal Basic Income: The Last Bullet in the Darkness Downloads
Mohammad Rasoolinejad
2019: Networks of monetary flow at native resolution Downloads
Carolina Mattsson
2019: Portfolio Cuts: A Graph-Theoretic Framework to Diversification Downloads
Bruno Scalzo Dees, Ljubisa Stankovic, Anthony G. Constantinides and Danilo P. Mandic
2019: Systematic Asset Allocation using Flexible Views for South African Markets Downloads
Ann Sebastian and Tim Gebbie
2019: sPortfolio: Stratified Visual Analysis of Stock Portfolios Downloads
Xuanwu Yue, Jiaxin Bai, Qinhan Liu, Yiyang Tang, Abishek Puri, Ke Li and Huamin Qu
2019: A Geometric Model of Opinion Polarization Downloads
Jan H\k{a}z{\l}a, Yan Jin, Elchanan Mossel and Govind Ramnarayan
2019: Measuring productivity dispersion: a parametric approach using the L\'{e}vy alpha-stable distribution Downloads
Jangho Yang, Torsten Heinrich, Julian Winkler, François Lafond, Pantelis Koutroumpis and J. Doyne Farmer
2019: Rational hyperbolic discounting Downloads
Jos\'e Cl\'audio do Nascimento
2019: Stock price formation: useful insights from a multi-agent reinforcement learning model Downloads
J. Lussange, S. Bourgeois-Gironde, S. Palminteri and B. Gutkin
2019: Incorporating Fine-grained Events in Stock Movement Prediction Downloads
Deli Chen, Yanyan Zou, Keiko Harimoto, Ruihan Bao, Xuancheng Ren and Xu Sun
2019: Pricing contingent claims with short selling bans Downloads
Guiyuan Ma, Song-Ping Zhu and Ivan Guo
2019: Optimal Trading of a Basket of Futures Contracts Downloads
Bahman Angoshtari and Tim Leung
2019: Latent Dirichlet Analysis of Categorical Survey Responses Downloads
Evan Munro and Serena Ng
2019: Predicting Auction Price of Vehicle License Plate with Deep Residual Learning Downloads
Vinci Chow
2019: On Existence of Equilibrium Under Social Coalition Structures Downloads
Bugra Caskurlu, Ozgun Ekici and Fatih Erdem Kizilkaya
2019: Robust Likelihood Ratio Tests for Incomplete Economic Models Downloads
Hiroaki Kaido and Yi Zhang
2019: Risk as Challenge: A Dual System Stochastic Model for Binary Choice Behavior Downloads
Samuel Shye and Ido Haber
2019: Transboundary Pollution Externalities: Think Globally, Act Locally? Downloads
Davide La Torre, Danilo Liuzzi and Simone Marsiglio
2019: Representing All Stable Matchings by Walking a Maximal Chain Downloads
Linda Cai and Clayton Thomas
2019: Robust Monopoly Regulation Downloads
Yingni Guo and Eran Shmaya
2019: Averaging estimation for instrumental variables quantile regression Downloads
Xin Liu
2019: Taxation and Social Justice Downloads
Boyan Durankev
2019: The Disparate Equilibria of Algorithmic Decision Making when Individuals Invest Rationally Downloads
Lydia T. Liu, Ashia Wilson, Nika Haghtalab, Adam Tauman Kalai, Christian Borgs and Jennifer Chayes
2019: Identifiability of Structural Singular Vector Autoregressive Models Downloads
Bernd Funovits and Alexander Braumann
2019: Identification and Estimation of SVARMA models with Independent and Non-Gaussian Inputs Downloads
Bernd Funovits
2019: The Impacts of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend on High School Status Completion Rates Downloads
Mattathias Lerner
2019: The Numerical Simulation of Quanto Option Prices Using Bayesian Statistical Methods Downloads
Lisha Lin, Yaqiong Li, Rui Gao and Jianhong Wu
2019: Risk-averse optimal stopping under ambiguity and partial information Downloads
Randall Martyr and John Moriarty
2019: Distributionally Robust XVA via Wasserstein Distance Part 2: Wrong Way Funding Risk Downloads
Derek Singh and Shuzhong Zhang
2019: Quantifying Life Insurance Risk using Least-Squares Monte Carlo Downloads
Claus Baumgart, Johannes Krebs, Robert Lempertseder and Oliver Pfaffel
2019: Quasi Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Inference of Large Approximate Dynamic Factor Models via the EM algorithm Downloads
Matteo Barigozzi and Matteo Luciani
2019: Most productive scale size of China's regional R&D value chain: A mixed structure network Downloads
Saeed Assani, Jianlin Jiang, Ahmad Assani and Feng Yang
2019: Art Pricing with Computer Graphic Techniques Downloads
Lan Ju, Zhiyong Tu and Changyong Xue
2019: Creating a unique mobile financial services framework for Myanmar: A Review Downloads
Dr Ma Nang Laik and Chester Mark Hong Wei
2019: Political Openness and Armed Conflict: Evidence from Local Councils in Colombia Downloads
Hector Galindo-Silva
2019: On the feasibility of parsimonious variable selection for Hotelling's $T^2$-test Downloads
Michael D. Perlman
2019: Estimating and decomposing most productive scale size in parallel DEA networks with shared inputs: A case of China's Five-Year Plans Downloads
Saeed Assani, Jianlin Jiang, Ahmad Assani and Feng Yang
2019: Optimal Control of Prevention and Treatment in a Basic Macroeconomic-Epidemiological Model Downloads
Davide La Torre, Tufail Malik and Simone Marsiglio
2019: Vol-of-vol expansion for (rough) forward variance models Downloads
Ozan Akdogan
2019: Non-compliance in randomized control trials without exclusion restrictions Downloads
Masayuki Sawada
2019: Application of Machine Learning in Forecasting International Trade Trends Downloads
Feras Batarseh, Munisamy Gopinath, Ganesh Nalluru and Jayson Beckman
2019: Boosting High Dimensional Predictive Regressions with Time Varying Parameters Downloads
Kashif Yousuf and Serena Ng
2019: Do speed bumps curb low-latency trading? Evidence from a laboratory market Downloads
Mariana Khapko and Marius Zoican
2019: A bank salvage model by impulse stochastic controls Downloads
Francesco Cordoni, Luca Di Persio and Yilun Jiang
2019: A 2-Dimensional Functional Central Limit Theorem for Non-stationary Dependent Random Fields Downloads
Michael C. Tseng
2019: Racial Disparities in Debt Collection Downloads
Jessica LaVoice and Domonkos F. Vamossy
2019: A theorem of Kalman and minimal state-space realization of Vector Autoregressive Models Downloads
Du Nguyen
2019: Predicting popularity of EV charging infrastructure from GIS data Downloads
Milan Straka, Pasquale De Falco, Gabriella Ferruzzi, Daniela Proto, Gijs van der Poel, Shahab Khormali and \v{L}ubo\v{s} Buzna
2019: Resolving asset pricing puzzles with price impact Downloads
Xiao Chen, Jin Hyuk Choi, Kasper Larsen and Duane J. Seppi
2019: Hierarchical PCA and Applications to Portfolio Management Downloads
Marco Avellaneda
2019: Constrained Credit Networks Downloads
Geoffrey Ramseyer, Ashish Goel and David Mazieres
2019: Microfoundations of Discounting Downloads
Alexander Adamou, Yonatan Berman, Diomides Mavroyiannis and Ole Peters
2019: Statistical analysis and stochastic interest rate modelling for valuing the future with implications in climate change mitigation Downloads
Josep Perell\'o, Miquel Montero, Jaume Masoliver, J. Doyne Farmer and John Geanakoplos
2019: Distributionally Robust XVA via Wasserstein Distance Part 1: Wrong Way Counterparty Credit Risk Downloads
Derek Singh and Shuzhong Zhang
2019: Utility-based pricing and hedging of contingent claims in Almgren-Chriss model with temporary price impact Downloads
Ibrahim Ekren and Sergey Nadtochiy
2019: A Robust Transferable Deep Learning Framework for Cross-sectional Investment Strategy Downloads
Kei Nakagawa, Masaya Abe and Junpei Komiyama
2019: The option pricing model based on time values: an application of the universal approximation theory on unbounded domains Downloads
Yang Qu and Ming-Xi Wang
2019: Optimal Convergence Trading with Unobservable Pricing Errors Downloads
S\"uhan Altay, Katia Colaneri and Zehra Eksi
2019: A tale of two sentiment scales: Disentangling short-run and long-run components in multivariate sentiment dynamics Downloads
Danilo Vassallo, Giacomo Bormetti and Fabrizio Lillo
2019: Homogeneity and heterogeneity of cryptocurrencies Downloads
Xiao Fan Liu, Zeng-Xian Lin and Xiao-Pu Han
2019: Informational Content of Factor Structures in Simultaneous Binary Response Models Downloads
Shakeeb Khan, Arnaud Maurel and Yichong Zhang
2019: Capturing the power options smile by an additive two-factor model for overlapping futures prices Downloads
Marco Piccirilli, Maren Diane Schmeck and Tiziano Vargiolu
2019: Stationarity of the detrended time series of S&P500 Downloads
Karina Arias-Calluari, Morteza. N. Najafi, Michael S. Harr\'e and Fernando Alonso-Marroquin
2019: Stability of Equilibrium Asset Pricing Models: A Necessary and Sufficient Condition Downloads
Jaroslav Borovička and John Stachurski
2019: An introduction to flexible methods for policy evaluation Downloads
Martin Huber
2019: On the Concavity of Expected Shortfall Downloads
Mikhail Tselishchev
2019: Usage-Based Vehicle Insurance: Driving Style Factors of Accident Probability and Severity Downloads
Konstantin Korishchenko, Ivan Stankevich, Nikolay Pilnik and Daria Petrova
2019: Libra: Fair Order-Matching for Electronic Financial Exchanges Downloads
Vasilios Mavroudis and Hayden Melton
2019: Isogeometric analysis in option pricing Downloads
Jan Posp\'i\v{s}il and Vladim\'ir \v{S}v\'igler
2019: Parallel Algorithm for Approximating Nash Equilibrium in Multiplayer Stochastic Games with Application to Naval Strategic Planning Downloads
Sam Ganzfried, Conner Laughlin and Charles Morefield
2019: On Incentive Compatibility in Dynamic Mechanism Design With Exit Option in a Markovian Environment Downloads
Tao Zhang and Quanyan Zhu
2019: Partial Uncertainty and Applications to Risk-Averse Valuation Downloads
Anastasis Kratsios
2019: Towards Federated Graph Learning for Collaborative Financial Crimes Detection Downloads
Toyotaro Suzumura, Yi Zhou, Natahalie Baracaldo, Guangnan Ye, Keith Houck, Ryo Kawahara, Ali Anwar, Lucia Larise Stavarache, Yuji Watanabe, Pablo Loyola, Daniel Klyashtorny, Heiko Ludwig and Kumar Bhaskaran
2019: Data Smashing 2.0: Sequence Likelihood (SL) Divergence For Fast Time Series Comparison Downloads
Yi Huang and Ishanu Chattopadhyay
2019: Propaganda, Conspiracy Theories, and Accountability in Fragile Democracies Downloads
Anqi Li, Davin Raiha and Kenneth W. Shotts
2019: Time-consistent decisions and rational expectation equilibrium existence in DSGE models Downloads
Minseong Kim
2019: Productivity propagation with networks transformation Downloads
Satoshi Nakano and Kazuhiko Nishimura
2019: Optimal Dividend Strategy for An Insurance Group with Contagious Default Risk Downloads
Zhuo Jin, Huafu Liao, Yue Yang and Xiang Yu
2019: Option pricing under normal dynamics with stochastic volatility Downloads
Matta Uma Maheswara Reddy
2019: Stock market microstructure inference via multi-agent reinforcement learning Downloads
J. Lussange, I. Lazarevich, S. Bourgeois-Gironde, S. Palminteri and B. Gutkin
2019: Mortality rate forecasting: can recurrent neural networks beat the Lee-Carter model? Downloads
G\'abor Petneh\'azi and J\'ozsef G\'all
2019: Matching Estimators with Few Treated and Many Control Observations Downloads
Bruno Ferman
2019: Direct and Indirect Effects based on Changes-in-Changes Downloads
Martin Huber, Mark Schelker and Anthony Strittmatter
2019: Estimating the volatility of Bitcoin using GARCH models Downloads
Samuel Asante Gyamerah
2019: Finding Personal Difference of Interpretation about Future in Assessment of Future Economic Conditions: Application of Weakly Supervised Learning and Text Mining Downloads
Masahiro Kato
2019: An Experiment on Network Density and Sequential Learning Downloads
Krishna Dasaratha and Kevin He
2019: Predicting Consumer Default: A Deep Learning Approach Downloads
Stefania Albanesi and Domonkos F. Vamossy
2019: Economically rational sample-size choice and irreproducibility Downloads
Oliver Braganza
2019: Obvious Manipulations in Cake-Cutting Downloads
Josue Ortega and Erel Segal-Halevi
2019: Noncooperative dynamics in election interference Downloads
David Rushing Dewhurst, Christopher M. Danforth and Peter Sheridan Dodds
2019: Estimation of Conditional Average Treatment Effects with High-Dimensional Data Downloads
Qingliang Fan, Yu-Chin Hsu, Robert Lieli and Yichong Zhang
2019: Discovery of Bias and Strategic Behavior in Crowdsourced Performance Assessment Downloads
Yifei Huang, Matt Shum, Xi Wu and Jason Zezhong Xiao
2019: Multiplayer Bandit Learning, from Competition to Cooperation Downloads
Simina Br\^anzei and Yuval Peres
2019: The Use of Binary Choice Forests to Model and Estimate Discrete Choices Downloads
Ningyuan Chen, Guillermo Gallego and Zhuodong Tang
2019: Trading via Image Classification Downloads
Naftali Cohen, Tucker Balch and Manuela Veloso
2019: Shrinkage in the Time-Varying Parameter Model Framework Using the R Package shrinkTVP Downloads
Angela Bitto-Nemling, Annalisa Cadonna, Sylvia Fr\"uhwirth-Schnatter and Peter Knaus
2019: Multi-Level Order-Flow Imbalance in a Limit Order Book Downloads
Ke Xu, Martin D. Gould and Sam D. Howison
2019: Competing Models Downloads
Jose Luis Montiel Olea, Pietro Ortoleva, Mallesh M Pai and Andrea Prat
2019: Elicitability and Identifiability of Systemic Risk Measures Downloads
Tobias Fissler, Jana Hlavinov\'a and Birgit Rudloff
2019: Solving the Reswitching Paradox in the Sraffian Theory of Capital Downloads
Carlo Milana
2019: Near-Optimal Dynamic Asset Allocation in Financial Markets with Trading Constraints Downloads
Thijs Kamma and Antoon Pelsser
2019: Dual representations for systemic risk measures based on acceptance sets Downloads
Maria Arduca, Pablo Koch-Medina and Cosimo Munari
2019: Detecting correlations and triangular arbitrage opportunities in the Forex by means of multifractal detrended cross-correlations analysis Downloads
Robert G\k{e}barowski, Pawe{\l} O\'swi\k{e}cimka, Marcin W\k{a}torek and Stanis{\l}aw Dro\.zd\.z
2019: Detecting p-hacking Downloads
Graham Elliott, Nikolay Kudrin and Kaspar Wüthrich
2019: On the Properties of the Synthetic Control Estimator with Many Periods and Many Controls Downloads
Bruno Ferman
2019: Understanding Distributional Ambiguity via Non-robust Chance Constraint Downloads
Qi Wu, Shumin Ma, Cheuk Hang Leung and Wei Liu
2019: Optimal Stopping under Model Ambiguity: a Time-Consistent Equilibrium Approach Downloads
Yu-Jui Huang and Xiang Yu
2019: Conditional inference on the asset with maximum Sharpe ratio Downloads
Steven E. Pav
2019: Cross-sectional Learning of Extremal Dependence among Financial Assets Downloads
Xing Yan, Qi Wu and Wen Zhang
2019: Credit Scoring by Incorporating Dynamic Networked Information Downloads
Yibei Li, Ximei Wang, Boualem Djehiche and Xiaoming Hu
2019: On the Kolkata index as a measure of income inequality Downloads
Suchismita Banerjee, Bikas K. Chakrabarti, Manipushpak Mitra and Suresh Mutuswami
2019: Conditions for stable equilibrium in Cournot duopoly models with tax evasion and time delay Downloads
Raul Villafuerte-Segura, Eduardo Alvarado-Santos and Benjamin A. Itza-Ortiz
2019: Estimation of high-dimensional factor models and its application in power data analysis Downloads
Xin Shi and Robert Qiu
2019: Bessel-like birth-death process Downloads
Vygintas Gontis and Aleksejus Kononovicius
2019: Optimization of the post-crisis recovery plans in scale-free networks Downloads
Mohammad Bahrami, Narges Chinichian, Ali Hosseiny, Gholamreza Jafari and Marcel Ausloos
2019: No-arbitrage with multiple-priors in discrete time Downloads
Romain Blanchard and Laurence Carassus
2019: Asymptotic Behavior of Bayesian Learners with Misspecified Models Downloads
Ignacio Esponda, Demian Pouzo and Yuichi Yamamoto
2019: A memory-based method to select the number of relevant components in Principal Component Analysis Downloads
Anshul Verma, Pierpaolo Vivo and Tiziana Di Matteo
2019: Blindfolded monkeys or financial analysts: who is worth your money? New evidence on informational inefficiencies in the U.S. stock market Downloads
Giuseppe Pernagallo and Benedetto Torrisi
2019: Market Making under a Weakly Consistent Limit Order Book Model Downloads
Baron Law and Frederi Viens
2019: A lending scheme for a system of interconnected banks with probabilistic constraints of failure Downloads
Francesco Cordoni, Luca Di Persio and Luca Prezioso
2019: Kernel Based Estimation of Spectral Risk Measures Downloads
Suparna Biswas and Rituparna Sen
2019: Mean Field Equilibrium: Uniqueness, Existence, and Comparative Statics Downloads
Bar Light and Gabriel Weintraub
2019: Granger Causality Testing in High-Dimensional VARs: a Post-Double-Selection Procedure Downloads
Alain Hecq, Luca Margaritella and Stephan Smeekes
2019: Elicitation of ambiguous beliefs with mixing bets Downloads
Patrick Schmidt
2019: Partial Identification and inference in nonparametric one-to-one matching models Downloads
Cristina Gualdani and Shruti Sinha
2019: Gaussian Process Regression for Derivative Portfolio Modeling and Application to CVA Computations Downloads
St\'ephane Cr\'epey and Matthew Dixon
2019: A Noncooperative Model of Contest Network Formation Downloads
Kenan Huremović
2019: Conditional Optimal Stopping: A Time-Inconsistent Optimization Downloads
Marcel Nutz and Yuchong Zhang
2019: On Positive Solutions of a Delay Equation Arising When Trading in Financial Markets Downloads
Chung-Han Hsieh, B. Ross Barmish and John A. Gubner
2019: Portfolio Optimization for Cointelated Pairs: SDEs vs. Machine Learning Downloads
Babak Mahdavi-Damghani, Konul Mustafayeva, Stephen Roberts and Cristin Buescu
2019: Growth, Industrial Externality, Prospect Dynamics and Well-being on Markets Downloads
Emmanuel Chauvet
2019: Uniqueness for contagious McKean--Vlasov systems in the weak feedback regime Downloads
Sean Ledger and Andreas Sojmark
2019: Option Pricing in a Regime Switching Jump Diffusion Model Downloads
Anindya Goswami, Omkar Manjarekar and Anjana R
2019: Portfolio Theory, Information Theory and Tsallis Statistics Downloads
Marco A. S. Trindade, Sergio Floquet and Lourival M. S. Filho
2019: The equivalence of two tax processes Downloads
Dalal Al Ghanim, Ronnie Loeffen and Alex Watson
2019: Optimal Execution Strategy Under Price and Volume Uncertainty Downloads
Julien Vaes and Raphael Hauser
2019: Causal Tree Estimation of Heterogeneous Household Response to Time-Of-Use Electricity Pricing Schemes Downloads
Eoghan O'Neill and Melvyn Weeks
2019: Treatment Effect Models with Strategic Interaction in Treatment Decisions Downloads
Tadao Hoshino and Takahide Yanagi
2019: Integrating electricity markets: Impacts of increasing trade on prices and emissions in the western United States Downloads
Steven Dahlke
2019: The Incidental Parameters Problem in Testing for Remaining Cross-section Correlation Downloads
Arturas Juodis and Simon Reese
2019: Classifying Markets up to Isomorphism Downloads
John Armstrong
2019: Change of Measure in the Heston Model given a violated Feller Condition Downloads
Sascha Desmettre
2019: Time-consistent conditional expectation under probability distortion Downloads
Jin Ma, Ting-Kam Leonard Wong and Jianfeng Zhang
2019: Characteristic-Sorted Portfolios: Estimation and Inference Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Richard Crump, Max H. Farrell and Ernst Schaumburg
2019: Shape-Enforcing Operators for Point and Interval Estimators Downloads
Xi Chen, Victor Chernozhukov, Iv\'an Fern\'andez-Val, Scott Kostyshak and Ye Luo
2019: Optimal Bandwidth Choice for Robust Bias Corrected Inference in Regression Discontinuity Designs Downloads
Sebastian Calonico, Matias Cattaneo and Max H. Farrell
2019: NEU Meta-Learning and its Universal Approximation Properties Downloads
Anastasis Kratsios and Cody Hyndman
2019: Solving Quadratic Multi-Leader-Follower Games by Smoothing the Follower's Best Response Downloads
Michael Herty, Sonja Steffensen and Anna Th\"unen
2019: Take a Look Around: Using Street View and Satellite Images to Estimate House Prices Downloads
Stephen Law, Brooks Paige and Chris Russell
2019: On the Identifying Content of Instrument Monotonicity Downloads
Vishal Kamat
2019: Testability of instrument validity under continuous endogenous variables Downloads
Florian Gunsilius
2019: Plug-in Regularized Estimation of High-Dimensional Parameters in Nonlinear Semiparametric Models Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Denis Nekipelov, Vira Semenova and Vasilis Syrgkanis
2019: Continuous Record Asymptotics for Structural Change Models Downloads
Alessandro Casini and Pierre Perron
2019: Two-way fixed effects estimators with heterogeneous treatment effects Downloads
Cl\'ement de Chaisemartin and Xavier D'Haultf{\oe}uille
2019: Testing Continuity of a Density via g-order statistics in the Regression Discontinuity Design Downloads
Federico A. Bugni and Ivan A. Canay
2019: Proxyeconomics, the inevitable corruption of proxy-based competition Downloads
Oliver Braganza
2019: Extended Reduced-Form Framework for Non-Life Insurance Downloads
Francesca Biagini and Yinglin Zhang
2019: A nonparametric copula approach to conditional Value-at-Risk Downloads
Gery Geenens and Richard Dunn
2019: Pathwise superhedging on prediction sets Downloads
Daniel Bartl, Michael Kupper and Ariel Neufeld
2019: Semiparametric Estimation of Structural Functions in Nonseparable Triangular Models Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Iv\'an Fern\'andez-Val, Whitney Newey, Sami Stouli and Francis Vella
2019: Inference for Impulse Responses under Model Uncertainty Downloads
Lenard Lieb and Stephan Smeekes
2019: On a robust risk measurement approach for capital determination errors minimization Downloads
Marcelo Brutti Righi, Fernanda Maria M\"uller and Marlon Ruoso Moresco
2019: Viability and Arbitrage under Knightian Uncertainty Downloads
Matteo Burzoni, Frank Riedel and H. Mete Soner
2019: Consistent Approval-Based Multi-Winner Rules Downloads
Martin Lackner and Piotr Skowron
2019: Predicting Auction Price of Vehicle License Plate with Deep Recurrent Neural Network Downloads
Vinci Chow
2019: A New Set of Financial Instruments Downloads
Abootaleb Shirvani, Stoyan V. Stoyanov, Svetlozar T. Rachev and Frank Fabozzi
2019: Quantile Graphical Models: Prediction and Conditional Independence with Applications to Systemic Risk Downloads
Alexandre Belloni, Mingli Chen and Victor Chernozhukov
2019: Detecting a Structural Change in Functional Time Series Using Local Wilcoxon Statistic Downloads
Daniel Kosiorowski, Jerzy P. Rydlewski and Malgorzata Snarska
2019: Noise Fit, Estimation Error and a Sharpe Information Criterion: Linear Case Downloads
Dirk Paulsen and Jakob S\"ohl
2019: Nonlinear Factor Models for Network and Panel Data Downloads
Mingli Chen, Iv\'an Fern\'andez-Val and Martin Weidner
2019: A Classification Framework for Stablecoin Designs Downloads
Amani Moin, Emin G\"un Sirer and Kevin Sekniqi
2019: The Possible Effects of Personal Income Tax and Value Added Tax on Consumer Behaviors Downloads
Ahmet Ak and Oner Gumus
2019: Trading Strategies and Market Color: The Benefits of Friendship with Quantitative Analysts and Financial Engineers Downloads
Ravi Kashyap
2019: A new proposal for the construction of a multi-period/multilateral price index Downloads
Consuelo Nava, Antonio Pesce and Maria Grazia Zoia
2019: Macroscopic approximation methods for the analysis of adaptive networked agent-based models: The example of a two-sector investment model Downloads
Jakob J. Kolb, Finn M\"uller-Hansen, J\"urgen Kurths and Jobst Heitzig
2019: Not so Particular about Calibration: Smile Problem Resolved Downloads
Aitor Muguruza
2019: Undiscounted Bandit Games Downloads
Godfrey Keller and Sven Rady
2019: Modelling the health impact of food taxes and subsidies with price elasticities: the case for additional scaling of food consumption using the total food expenditure elasticity Downloads
Tony Blakely, Nhung Nghiem, Murat Genc, Anja Mizdrak, Linda Cobiac, Cliona Ni Mhurchu, Boyd Swinburn, Peter Scarborough and Christine Cleghorn
2019: A varying terminal time mean-variance model Downloads
Shuzhen Yang
2019: Equity Premium Puzzle or Faulty Economic Modelling? Downloads
Abootaleb Shirvani, Stoyan V. Stoyanov, Frank J. Fabozzi and Svetlozar T. Rachev
2019: Monotonicity-Constrained Nonparametric Estimation and Inference for First-Price Auctions Downloads
Jun Ma, Vadim Marmer, Artyom Shneyerov and Pai Xu
2019: A revenue allocation scheme based on pairwise comparisons Downloads
D\'ora Gr\'eta Petr\'oczy and L\'aszl\'o Csat\'o
2019: A Cloud-Native Globally Distributed Financial Exchange Simulator for Studying Real-World Trading-Latency Issues at Planetary Scale Downloads
Bradley Miles and Dave Cliff
2019: Quantum Annealing Algorithm for Expected Shortfall based Dynamic Asset Allocation Downloads
Samudra Dasgupta and Arnab Banerjee
2019: Decision Models for Workforce and Technology Planning in Services Downloads
Gang Li, Joy M. Field, Hongxun Jiang, Tian He and Youming Pang
2019: Collectivised Pension Investment Downloads
John Armstrong and Cristin Buescu
2019: Debiased/Double Machine Learning for Instrumental Variable Quantile Regressions Downloads
Jau-er Chen and Jia-Jyun Tien
2019: A financial market with delay driven by reflected Brownian motion Downloads
Nacira Agram and Bernt {\O}ksendal
2019: Maximum Entropy Framework for a Universal Rank Order distribution with Socio-economic Applications Downloads
Abhik Ghosh, Preety Shreya and Banasri Basu
2019: Inference in Nonparametric Series Estimation with Specification Searches for the Number of Series Terms Downloads
Byunghoon Kang
2019: Artificial Intelligence BlockCloud (AIBC) Technical Whitepaper Downloads
Qi Deng
2019: Time-inconsistent stopping, myopic adjustment & equilibrium stability: with a mean-variance application Downloads
S\"oren Christensen and Kristoffer Lindensj\"o
2019: Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Estimating Systemic Risk Allocations Downloads
Takaaki Koike and Marius Hofert
2019: Explaining Agent-Based Financial Market Simulation Downloads
David Byrd
2019: A Statistical Field Approach to Capital Accumulation Downloads
Pierre Gosselin, A\"ileen Lotz and Marc Wambst
2019: Considering pricing and uncertainty in designing a reverse logistics network Downloads
Mohsen Zamani, Mahdi Abolghasemi, Seyed Mohammad Seyed Hosseini and Mir Saman Pishvaee
2019: Deep Neural Network Framework Based on Backward Stochastic Differential Equations for Pricing and Hedging American Options in High Dimensions Downloads
Yangang Chen and Justin W. L. Wan
2019: A New Approach to Fair Distribution of Welfare Downloads
Moshe Babaioff and Uriel Feige
2019: The converse envelope theorem Downloads
Ludvig Sinander
2019: Implied volatility surface predictability: the case of commodity markets Downloads
Fearghal Kearney, Han Lin Shang and Lisa Sheenan
2019: A Peek into the Unobservable: Hidden States and Bayesian Inference for the Bitcoin and Ether Price Series Downloads
Constandina Koki, Stefanos Leonardos and Georgios Piliouras
2019: Scalable Fair Division for 'At Most One' Preferences Downloads
Christian Kroer and Alexander Peysakhovich
2019: Unveiling the relation between herding and liquidity with trader lead-lag networks Downloads
Carlo Campajola, Fabrizio Lillo and Daniele Tantari
2019: WATTNet: Learning to Trade FX via Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Representation of Highly Multivariate Time Series Downloads
Michael Poli, Jinkyoo Park and Ilija Ilievski
2019: Optimizing Execution Cost Using Stochastic Control Downloads
Akshay Bansal and Diganta Mukherjee
2019: Moment constrained optimal dividends: precommitment \& consistent planning Downloads
S\"oren Christensen and Kristoffer Lindensj\"o
2019: Stability properties of Haezendonck-Goovaerts premium principles Downloads
Niushan Gao, Cosimo Munari and Foivos Xanthos
2019: Structural Change Analysis of Active Cryptocurrency Market Downloads
C. Y. Tan, Y. B. Koh, K. H. Ng and K. H. Ng
2019: Exploring Graph Neural Networks for Stock Market Predictions with Rolling Window Analysis Downloads
Daiki Matsunaga, Toyotaro Suzumura and Toshihiro Takahashi
2019: PAGAN: Portfolio Analysis with Generative Adversarial Networks Downloads
Giovanni Mariani, Yada Zhu, Jianbo Li, Florian Scheidegger, Roxana Istrate, Costas Bekas and A. Cristiano I. Malossi
2019: Mechanics of good trade execution in the framework of linear temporary market impact Downloads
Claudio Bellani and Damiano Brigo
2019: Dynamics of symmetric SSVI smiles and implied volatility bubbles Downloads
Mehdi El Amrani, Antoine Jacquier and Claude Martini
2019: Machine Learning Optimization Algorithms & Portfolio Allocation Downloads
Sarah Perrin and Thierry Roncalli
2019: Consistent and Efficient Pricing of SPX and VIX Options under Multiscale Stochastic Volatility Downloads
Jaegi Jeon, Geonwoo Kim and Jeonggyu Huh
2019: Goodness-of-Fit Tests based on Series Estimators in Nonparametric Instrumental Regression Downloads
Christoph Breunig
2019: Specification Testing in Nonparametric Instrumental Quantile Regression Downloads
Christoph Breunig
2019: Inference for Linear Conditional Moment Inequalities Downloads
Isaiah Andrews, Jonathan Roth and Ariel Pakes
2019: Meaningful causal decompositions in health equity research: definition, identification, and estimation through a weighting framework Downloads
John W. Jackson
2019: Using Machine Learning to Predict Realized Variance Downloads
Peter Carr, Liuren Wu and Zhibai Zhang
2019: What do adoption patterns of solar panels observed so far tell about governments' incentive? insight from diffusion models Downloads
Anita M. Bunea, Pietro Manfredi, Pompeo Della Posta and Mariangela Guidolin
2019: Subspace Clustering for Panel Data with Interactive Effects Downloads
Jiangtao Duan, Wei Gao, Hao Qu and Hon Keung Tony
2019: Desperate times call for desperate measures: government spending multipliers in hard times Downloads
Sokbae Lee, Yuan Liao, Myung Hwan Seo and Youngki Shin
2019: Reinforcement Learning for Portfolio Management Downloads
Angelos Filos
2019: Gradient Boost with Convolution Neural Network for Stock Forecast Downloads
Jialin Liu, Chih-Min Lin and Fei Chao
2019: CME Iceberg Order Detection and Prediction Downloads
Dmitry Zotikov and Anton Antonov
2019: Double-Robust Identification for Causal Panel Data Models Downloads
Dmitry Arkhangelsky and Guido W. Imbens
2019: Discerning Solution Concepts Downloads
Nail Kashaev and Bruno Salcedo
2019: How to design a derivatives market? Downloads
Bastien Baldacci, Paul Jusselin and Mathieu Rosenbaum
2019: Systemic Cascades On Inhomogeneous Random Financial Networks Downloads
T. R. Hurd
2019: Methods, Models, and the Evolution of Moral Psychology Downloads
Cailin O'Connor
2019: The Design and Operation of Rules of Origin in Greater Arab Free Trade Area: Challenges of Implementation and Reform Downloads
Bashar Malkawi and Mohammad I. El-Shafie
2019: The Effect of Oil Price on United Arab Emirates Goods Trade Deficit with the United States Downloads
Osama D. Sweidan and Bashar Malkawi
2019: To Detect Irregular Trade Behaviors In Stock Market By Using Graph Based Ranking Methods Downloads
Loc Tran and Linh Tran
2019: Legal Architecture and Design for Gulf Cooperation Council Economic Integration Downloads
Bashar H. Malkawi
2019: Generational political dynamics of retirement pensions systems: An agent based model Downloads
S\'ergio Bacelar and Luis Antunes
2019: Corruption Risk in Contracting Markets: A Network Science Perspective Downloads
Johannes Wachs, Mih\'aly Fazekas and J\'anos Kert\'esz
2019: Does the leverage effect affect the return distribution? Downloads
Dangxing Chen
2019: New Policy Design for Food Accessibility to the People in Need Downloads
Rahul Srinivas Sucharitha and Seokcheon Lee
2019: Informe-pais Brasil Downloads
Juan Gonzalez-Blanco
2019: Overconfidence and Prejudice Downloads
Paul Heidhues, Botond K\H{o}szegi and Philipp Strack
2019: Nonparametric Estimation of the Random Coefficients Model: An Elastic Net Approach Downloads
Florian Heiss, Stephan Hetzenecker and Maximilian Osterhaus
2019: An Empirical Study on Arrival Rates of Limit Orders and Order Cancellation Rates in Borsa Istanbul Downloads
Can Yilmaz Altinigne, Harun Ozkan, Veli Can Kupeli and Zehra Cataltepe
2019: Evaluating Effects of Tuition Fees: Lasso for the Case of Germany Downloads
Konstantin G\"orgen and Melanie Schienle
2019: Adjusted QMLE for the spatial autoregressive parameter Downloads
Federico Martellosio and Grant Hillier
2019: Strategic Formation and Reliability of Supply Chain Networks Downloads
Victor Amelkin and Rakesh Vohra
2019: No-Arbitrage Commodity Option Pricing with Market Manipulation Downloads
Ren\'e A\"id, Giorgia Callegaro and Luciano Campi
2019: Distributional conformal prediction Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Kaspar W\"uthrich and Yinchu Zhu
2019: The value of knowing the market price of risk Downloads
Katia Colaneri, Stefano Herzel and Marco Nicolosi
2019: Arrow, Hausdorff, and Ambiguities in the Choice of Preferred States in Complex Systems Downloads
T. Erber and M. J. Frank
2019: Deep Neural Networks for Choice Analysis: Architectural Design with Alternative-Specific Utility Functions Downloads
Shenhao Wang and Jinhua Zhao
2019: An SFP--FCC Method for Pricing and Hedging Early-exercise Options under L\'evy Processes Downloads
Tat Lung and Chan
2019: EvaSylv: A user-friendly software to evaluate forestry scenarii including natural risk Downloads
Patrice Loisel, Guillerme Duvilli\'e, Denis Barbeau and Brigitte Charnomordic
2019: Additive normal tempered stable processes for equity derivatives and power law scaling Downloads
Michele Azzone and Roberto Baviera
2019: Optimal management of pumped hydroelectric production with state constrained optimal control Downloads
Athena Picarelli and Tiziano Vargiolu
2019: Statistical inference for statistical decisions Downloads
Charles F. Manski
2019: Personal Finance Decisions with Untruthful Advisors: an Agent-Based Model Downloads
Loretta Mastroeni, Maurizio Naldi and Pierluigi Vellucci
2019: Relation between non-exchangeability and measures of concordance of copulas Downloads
Damjana Kokol Bukov\v{s}ek, Toma\v{z} Ko\v{s}ir, Bla\v{z} Moj\v{s}kerc and Matja\v{z} Omladi\v{c}
2019: Comparing the forecasting of cryptocurrencies by Bayesian time-varying volatility models Downloads
Rick Bohte and Luca Rossini
2019: The Optimal Deterrence of Crime: A Focus on the Time Preference of DWI Offenders Downloads
Yuqing Wang and Yan Ru Pei
2019: Comparative Company Stock Valuation through Financial Metrics Downloads
Jack Colleran, John Sun, Benny Pickle and Harris Kim
2019: Optimal investment and contingent claim valuation with exponential disutility under proportional transaction costs Downloads
Alet Roux and Zhikang Xu
2019: Shallow Self-Learning for Reject Inference in Credit Scoring Downloads
Nikita Kozodoi, Panagiotis Katsas, Stefan Lessmann, Luis Moreira-Matias and Konstantinos Papakonstantinou
2019: Generalized Duality for Model-Free Superhedging given Marginals Downloads
Arash Fahim, Yu-Jui Huang and Saeed Khalili
2019: Constrained Pseudo-market Equilibrium Downloads
Federico Echenique, Antonio Miralles and Jun Zhang
2019: Fast Algorithms for the Quantile Regression Process Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Iv\'an Fern\'andez-Val and Blaise Melly
2019: Pricing Reliability Options under different electricity prices' regimes Downloads
Luisa Andreis, Maria Flora, Fulvio Fontini and Tiziano Vargiolu
2019: A new concept of technology with systemic-purposeful perpsective: theory, examples and empirical application Downloads
Mario Coccia
2019: A Consistent LM Type Specification Test for Semiparametric Panel Data Models Downloads
Ivan Korolev
2019: The Emergence of Innovation Complexity at Different Geographical and Technological Scales Downloads
Emanuele Pugliese, Lorenzo Napolitano, Matteo Chinazzi and Guido Chiarotti
2019: Discrete choice prox-functions on the simplex Downloads
David M\"uller, Yurii Nesterov and Vladimir Shikhman
2019: Estimation and Applications of Quantile Regression for Binary Longitudinal Data Downloads
Mohammad Arshad Rahman and Angela Vossmeyer
2019: Quantile regression methods for first-price auctions Downloads
Nathalie Gimenes and Emmanuel Guerre
2019: Recovering Preferences from Finite Data Downloads
Christopher Chambers, Federico Echenique and Nicolas Lambert
2019: Robust Utility Maximization with Drift and Volatility Uncertainty Downloads
Kerem Ugurlu
2019: Deep Prediction of Investor Interest: a Supervised Clustering Approach Downloads
Baptiste Barreau, Laurent Carlier and Damien Challet
2019: De-biased Machine Learning for Compliers Downloads
Rahul Singh and Liyang Sun
2019: Validating Weak-form Market Efficiency in United States Stock Markets with Trend Deterministic Price Data and Machine Learning Downloads
Samuel Showalter and Jeffrey Gropp
2019: 'Continuous' Time Random Walk in Continuous Time Random Walk.The crucial role of inter-event times in volatility clustering Downloads
Jaros{\l}aw Klamut and Tomasz Gubiec
2019: Bayesian Inference on Volatility in the Presence of Infinite Jump Activity and Microstructure Noise Downloads
Qi Wang, Jos\'e E. Figueroa-L\'opez and Todd Kuffner
2019: Linear Equilibria for Dynamic LQG Games with Asymmetric Information and Dependent Types Downloads
Nasimeh Heydaribeni and Achilleas Anastasopoulos
2019: Distorted stochastic dominance: a generalized family of stochastic orders Downloads
Tommaso Lando and Lucio Bertoli-Barsotti
2019: Regression to the Mean's Impact on the Synthetic Control Method: Bias and Sensitivity Analysis Downloads
Nicholas Illenberger, Dylan S. Small and Pamela A. Shaw
2019: Virtual Historical Simulation for estimating the conditional VaR of large portfolios Downloads
Christian Francq and Jean-Michel Zakoian
2019: Arbitrage-free modeling under Knightian Uncertainty Downloads
Matteo Burzoni and Marco Maggis
2019: Is culture a contributing factor of strong science? Downloads
Mahmood Khosrowjerdi and Lutz Bornmann
2019: A Deep Learning Framework for Pricing Financial Instruments Downloads
Qiong Wu, Zheng Zhang, Andrea Pizzoferrato, Mihai Cucuringu and Zhenming Liu
2019: Dynamics of income inequality under disequilibrium: The case of India Downloads
Anand Sahasranaman and Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen
2019: Value adjustments and dynamic hedging of reinsurance counterparty risk Downloads
Claudia Ceci, Katia Colaneri, R\"diger Frey and Verena K\"ock
2019: Empirical investigation of state-of-the-art mean reversion strategies for equity markets Downloads
Seung-Hyun Moon, Yong-Hyuk Kim and Byung-Ro Moon
2019: Taxing dissent: The impact of a social media tax in Uganda Downloads
Levi Boxell and Zachary Steinert-Threlkeld
2019: Climate Policy under Spatial Heat Transport: Cooperative and Noncooperative Regional Outcomes Downloads
Yongyang Cai, William Brock, Anastasios Xepapadeas and Kenneth Judd
2019: Tree-based Control Methods: Consequences of Moving the US Embassy Downloads
Nicolaj N{\o}rgaard M\"uhlbach
2019: Robust pricing and hedging of options on multiple assets and its numerics Downloads
Stephan Eckstein, Gaoyue Guo, Tongseok Lim and Jan Obloj
2019: Tehran Stock Exchange Prediction Using Sentiment Analysis of Online Textual Opinions Downloads
Arezoo Hatefi Ghahfarrokhi and Mehrnoush Shamsfard
2019: A fixed-point policy-iteration-type algorithm for symmetric nonzero-sum stochastic impulse games Downloads
Diego Zabaljauregui
2019: An Economic Topology of the Brexit vote Downloads
Pawel Dlotko, Simon Rudkin and Wanling Qiu
2019: Multiway Cluster Robust Double/Debiased Machine Learning Downloads
Harold D. Chiang, Kengo Kato, Yukun Ma and Yuya Sasaki
2019: Insider information and its relation with the arbitrage condition and the utility maximization problem Downloads
Bernardo D'Auria and Jos\'e Antonio Salmer\'on
2019: Education Projects for Sustainable Development: Evidence from Ural Federal University Downloads
Marina Volkova, Jol Stoffers and Dmitry Kochetkov
2019: Modular structure in labour networks reveals skill basins Downloads
Neave O'Clery, Eoin Flaherty and Stephen Kinsella
2019: Automatic Financial Trading Agent for Low-risk Portfolio Management using Deep Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Wonsup Shin, Seok-Jun Bu and Sung-Bae Cho
2019: Heterogeneous wealth distribution, round-trip trading and the emergence of volatility clustering in Speculation Game Downloads
Kei Katahira and Yu Chen
2019: Modelling Cooperation in a Dynamic Healthcare System Downloads
Zainab Alalawi, Yifeng Zeng, The Anh Han and Aiman Elragig
2019: Portfolio optimisation under rough Heston models Downloads
Benjamin James Duthie
2019: An extended Speculation Game for the recovery of Hurst exponent of financial time series Downloads
Kei Katahira and Yu Chen
2019: Shrinkage Estimation of Network Spillovers with Factor Structured Errors Downloads
Ayden Higgins and Federico Martellosio
2019: An arbitrage-free conic martingale model with application to credit risk Downloads
Cheikh Mbaye and Fr\'ed\'eric Vrins
2019: Using Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Networks for the Design of Monte Carlo Simulations Downloads
Susan Athey, Guido Imbens, Jonas Metzger and Evan Munro
2019: Machine Learning in Least-Squares Monte Carlo Proxy Modeling of Life Insurance Companies Downloads
Anne-Sophie Krah, Zoran Nikoli\'c and Ralf Korn
2019: Conditional survival probabilities under partial information: a recursive quantization approach with applications Downloads
Cheikh Mbaye, Abass Sagna and Fr\'ed\'eric Vrins
2019: State Drug Policy Effectiveness: Comparative Policy Analysis of Drug Overdose Mortality Downloads
Jarrod Olson, Po-Hsu Allen Chen, Marissa White, Nicole Brennan and Ning Gong
2019: Illiquid Financial Markets and Monetary Policy Downloads
Athanasios Geromichalos, Juan M. Licari and José Suárez-Lledó
2019: Robust Utility Maximizing Strategies under Model Uncertainty and their Convergence Downloads
J\"orn Sass and Dorothee Westphal
2019: Inference in Differences-in-Differences: How Much Should We Trust in Independent Clusters? Downloads
Bruno Ferman
2019: Nash Equilibria in Optimal Reinsurance Bargaining Downloads
Michail Anthropelos and Tim J. Boonen
2019: Testing nonparametric shape restrictions Downloads
Tatiana Komarova and Javier Hidalgo
2019: Stochastic perturbations and fisheries management Downloads
Patrice Loisel
2019: An analytical perturbative solution to the Merton Garman model using symmetries Downloads
Xavier Calmet and Nathaniel Wiesendanger Shaw
2019: Bias and Consistency in Three-way Gravity Models Downloads
Martin Weidner and Thomas Zylkin
2019: Are Bitcoins price predictable? Evidence from machine learning techniques using technical indicators Downloads
Samuel Asante Gyamerah
2019: CO2 mitigation model for China's residential building sector Downloads
Minda Ma and Weiguang Cai
2019: Lifetime Ruin Problem Under High-watermark Fees and Drift Uncertainty Downloads
Junbeom Lee, Xiang Yu and Chao Zhou
2019: On the Notions of Equilibria for Time-Inconsistent Stopping Problems in Continuous Time Downloads
Erhan Bayraktar, Jingjie Zhang and Zhou Zhou
2019: Rational Inattention and Perceptual Distance Downloads
David Walker-Jones
2019: Buy-Online-and-Pick-up-in-Store in Omnichannel Retailing Downloads
Yasuyuki Kusuda
2019: Portfolio liquidation under factor uncertainty Downloads
Ulrich Horst, Xiaonyu Xia and Chao Zhou
2019: Fourier transform MCMC, heavy tailed distributions and geometric ergodicity Downloads
Denis Belomestny and Leonid Iosipoi
2019: A Relation between Short-Term and Long-Term Arbitrage Downloads
P. Liebrich
2019: A Two-Stage Market Mechanism for Electricity with Renewable Generation Downloads
Nathan Dahlin and Rahul Jain
2019: Vector Autoregressive Moving Average Model with Scalar Moving Average Downloads
Du Nguyen
2019: Robust no arbitrage and the solvability of vector-valued utility maximization problems Downloads
Andreas H Hamel, Birgit Rudloff and Zhou Zhou
2019: Interdependency between the Stock Market and Financial News Downloads
EunJeong Hwang and Yong-Hyuk Kim
2019: Centrality-oriented Causality -- A Study of EU Agricultural Subsidies and Digital Developement in Poland Downloads
Kosiorowski Daniel and Jerzy P. Rydlewski
2019: Infinitely Stochastic Micro Forecasting Downloads
Mat\'u\v{s} Maciak, Ostap Okhrin and Michal Pe\v{s}ta
2019: Improving Information from Manipulable Data Downloads
Alex Frankel and Navin Kartik
2019: Dynamic Programming with State-Dependent Discounting Downloads
John Stachurski and Junnan Zhang
2019: Isotonic regression discontinuity designs Downloads
Andrii Babii and Rohit Kumar
2019: Forecast Encompassing Tests for the Expected Shortfall Downloads
Timo Dimitriadis and Julie Schnaitmann
2019: Anomalous diffusions in option prices: connecting trade duration and the volatility term structure Downloads
Antoine Jacquier and Lorenzo Torricelli
2019: Analysing Global Fixed Income Markets with Tensors Downloads
Bruno Scalzo Dees
2019: Stochastic ordering of Gini indexes for multivariate elliptical random variables Downloads
Chuancun Yin
2019: Strategic Payments in Financial Networks Downloads
Nils Bertschinger, Martin Hoefer and Daniel Schmand
2019: Dynamic Information Design with Diminishing Sensitivity Over News Downloads
Jetlir Duraj and Kevin He
2019: Robust tests for ARCH in the presence of the misspecified conditional mean: A comparison of nonparametric approches Downloads
Daiki Maki and Yasushi Ota
2019: Empirical strategy-proofness Downloads
Rodrigo Velez and Alexander Brown
2019: Electronic markets with multiple submodular buyers Downloads
Allan Borodin and Akash Rakheja
2019: The Size Effect Revisited Downloads
Brandon Flores, Taran Grove and Andrey Sarantsev
2019: Proportional Dynamics in Exchange Economies Downloads
Simina Br\^anzei, Nikhil R. Devanur and Yuval Rabani
2019: Adaptive inference for a semiparametric generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedastic model Downloads
Feiyu Jiang, Dong Li and Ke Zhu
2019: A Mathematical Analysis of an Election System Proposed by Gottlob Frege Downloads
Paul Harrenstein, Marie-Louise Lackner and Martin Lackner
2019: Systemic Risk and Heterogeneous Mean Field Type Interbank Network Downloads
Li-Hsien Sun
2019: An Econometric Perspective of Algorithmic Sampling Downloads
Sokbae Lee and Serena Ng
2019: Markovian lifts of positive semidefinite affine Volterra type processes Downloads
Christa Cuchiero and Josef Teichmann
2019: Large Volatility Matrix Prediction with High-Frequency Data Downloads
Xinyu Song
2019: Lead-lag Relationships in Foreign Exchange Markets Downloads
Lasko Basnarkov, Viktor Stojkoski, Zoran Utkovski and Ljupco Kocarev
2019: Calibration of Local-Stochastic Volatility Models by Optimal Transport Downloads
Ivan Guo, Gregoire Loeper and Shiyi Wang
2019: Posterior Average Effects Downloads
Stéphane Bonhomme and Martin Weidner
2019: Machine Learning on EPEX Order Books: Insights and Forecasts Downloads
Simon Schn\"urch and Andreas Wagner
2019: A Top-Down Approach for the Multiple Exercises and Valuation of Employee Stock Options Downloads
Tim Leung and Yang Zhou
2019: A long short-term memory stochastic volatility model Downloads
Nghia Nguyen, Minh-Ngoc Tran, David Gunawan and R. Kohn
2019: For Whom the Bell (Curve) Tolls: A to F, Trade Your Grade Based on the Net Present Value of Friendships with Financial Incentives Downloads
Ravi Kashyap
2019: Optimising portfolio diversification and dimensionality Downloads
Mathias Barkhagen, Brian Fleming, Sergio Garcia Quiles, Jacek Gondzio, Joerg Kalcsics, Jens Kroeske, Sotirios Sabanis and Arne Staal
2019: At What Level Should One Cluster Standard Errors in Paired Experiments? Downloads
Cl\'ement de Chaisemartin and Jaime Ramirez-Cuellar
2019: Autonomous Driving and Residential Location Preferences: Evidence from a Stated Choice Survey Downloads
Rico Krueger, Taha H. Rashidi and Vinayak V. Dixit
2019: mRSC: Multi-dimensional Robust Synthetic Control Downloads
Muhummad Amjad, Vishal Misra, Devavrat Shah and Dennis Shen
2019: Do Informational Cascades Happen with Non-myopic Agents? Downloads
Ilai Bistritz, Nasimeh Heydaribeni and Achilleas Anastasopoulos
2019: Modelling election dynamics and the impact of disinformation Downloads
Dorje C Brody
2019: Mean-variance portfolio selection under Volterra Heston model Downloads
Bingyan Han and Hoi Ying Wong
2019: A Game Theoretic Setting of Capitation Versus Fee-For-Service Payment Systems Downloads
Allison Koenecke
2019: Nonparametric Estimation and Inference in Economic and Psychological Experiments Downloads
Raffaello Seri, Samuele Centorrino and Michele Bernasconi
2019: Best Portfolio Management Strategies For Synthetic and Real Assets Downloads
Jaros{\l}aw Gruszka and Janusz Szwabi\'nski
2019: Regulator-based risk statistics for portfolios Downloads
Xiaochuan Deng and Fei Sun
2019: Journal ranking should depend on the level of aggregation Downloads
L\'aszl\'o Csat\'o
2019: The Role of Strategic Load Participants in Two-Stage Settlement Electricity Markets Downloads
Pengcheng You, Dennice F. Gayme and Enrique Mallada
2019: Semimartingale theory of monotone mean--variance portfolio allocation Downloads
Ale\v{s} \v{C}ern\'y
2019: Multimodal Deep Learning for Finance: Integrating and Forecasting International Stock Markets Downloads
Sang Il Lee and Seong Joon Yoo
2019: Optimal Information Acquisition and Consumption Under Habit Formation Preference Downloads
Yue Yang and Xiang Yu
2019: Deep Adaptive Input Normalization for Time Series Forecasting Downloads
Nikolaos Passalis, Anastasios Tefas, Juho Kanniainen, Moncef Gabbouj and Alexandros Iosifidis
2019: Multiscale Asymptotic Analysis for Portfolio Optimization under Stochastic Environment Downloads
Jean-Pierre Fouque and Ruimeng Hu
2019: Optimal Stopping and Utility in a Simple Model of Unemployment Insurance Downloads
Jason S. Anquandah and Leonid V. Bogachev
2019: Unified Bayesian Conditional Autoregressive Risk Measures using the Skew Exponential Power Distribution Downloads
Marco Bottone, Mauro Bernardi and Lea Petrella
2019: Multivariate risk measures in the non-convex setting Downloads
Andreas Haier and Ilya Molchanov
2019: May's Instability in Large Economies Downloads
Jos\'e Moran and Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
2019: High-dimensional statistical arbitrage with factor models and stochastic control Downloads
Jorge Guijarro-Ordonez
2019: On the bail-out dividend problem for spectrally negative Markov additive models Downloads
Kei Noba, Jos\'e-Luis P\'erez and Xiang Yu
2019: Functional Sequential Treatment Allocation Downloads
Anders Kock, David Preinerstorfer and Bezirgen Veliyev
2019: Many Average Partial Effects: with An Application to Text Regression Downloads
Harold Chiang
2019: Econometric modelling and forecasting of intraday electricity prices Downloads
Micha{\l} Narajewski and Florian Ziel
2019: Hierarchical adaptive sparse grids and quasi Monte Carlo for option pricing under the rough Bergomi model Downloads
Christian Bayer, Chiheb Ben Hammouda and Raul Tempone
2019: Causality: a decision theoretic approach Downloads
Pablo Schenone
2019: How the network properties of shareholders vary with investor type and country Downloads
Qing Yao, Tim Evans and Kim Christensen
2019: Weak comonotonicity Downloads
Ruodu Wang and Ricardas Zitikis
2019: Deep Neural Networks for Choice Analysis: Extracting Complete Economic Information for Interpretation Downloads
Shenhao Wang, Qingyi Wang and Jinhua Zhao
2019: Doubly Robust Difference-in-Differences Estimators Downloads
Pedro Sant'Anna and Jun B. Zhao
2019: Survival investment strategies in a continuous-time market model with competition Downloads
Mikhail Zhitlukhin
2019: Optimal Iterative Threshold-Kernel Estimation of Jump Diffusion Processes Downloads
Jos\'e E. Figueroa-L\'opez, Cheng Li and Jeffrey Nisen
2019: Continuity of Utility Maximization under Weak Convergence Downloads
Erhan Bayraktar, Yan Dolinsky and Jia Guo
2019: Optimal Incentive Contract with Endogenous Monitoring Technology Downloads
Anqi Li and Ming Yang
2019: Deep Neural Networks for Choice Analysis: A Statistical Learning Theory Perspective Downloads
Shenhao Wang, Qingyi Wang, Nate Bailey and Jinhua Zhao
2019: Scaling Limits for Super--replication with Transient Price Impact Downloads
Peter Bank and Yan Dolinsky
2019: University rankings from the revealed preferences of the applicants Downloads
L\'aszl\'o Csat\'o and Csaba T\'oth
2019: Simple Inference on Functionals of Set-Identified Parameters Defined by Linear Moments Downloads
JoonHwan Cho and Thomas M. Russell
2019: A New Form of Banking -- Concept and Mathematical Model of Venture Banking Downloads
Brian P Hanley
2019: Deep Neural Networks for Estimation and Inference Downloads
Max H. Farrell, Tengyuan Liang and Sanjog Misra
2019: On the quasi-sure superhedging duality with frictions Downloads
Erhan Bayraktar and Matteo Burzoni
2019: Identifying the Discount Factor in Dynamic Discrete Choice Models Downloads
Jaap H. Abbring and {\O}ystein Daljord
2019: Inference based on Kotlarski's Identity Downloads
Kengo Kato, Yuya Sasaki and Takuya Ura
2019: Voting power of political parties in the Senate of Chile during the whole binomial system period: 1990-2017 Downloads
Fabi\'an Riquelme, Pablo Gonz\'alez-Cantergiani and Gabriel Godoy
2019: Exceeding Expectations: Stochastic Dominance as a General Decision Theory Downloads
Christian Tarsney
2019: Quantile-Regression Inference With Adaptive Control of Size Downloads
Juan Carlos Escanciano and Chuan Goh
2019: Consumption smoothing in the working-class households of interwar Japan Downloads
Kota Ogasawara
2019: Characterizing Cryptocurrency market with Levy's stable distributions Downloads
Shinji Kakinaka and Ken Umeno
2019: Mean field systems on networks, with singular interaction through hitting times Downloads
Sergey Nadtochiy and Mykhaylo Shkolnikov
2019: Failure of Smooth Pasting Principle and Nonexistence of Equilibrium Stopping Rules under Time-Inconsistency Downloads
Ken Seng Tan, Wei Wei and Xun Yu Zhou
2019: Stochastic model specification in Markov switching vector error correction models Downloads
Niko Hauzenberger, Florian Huber, Michael Pfarrhofer and Thomas O. Z\"orner
2019: Orthogonal Random Forest for Causal Inference Downloads
Miruna Oprescu, Vasilis Syrgkanis and Zhiwei Steven Wu
2019: Equilibrium Restrictions and Approximate Models -- With an application to Pricing Macroeconomic Risk Downloads
Andreas Tryphonides
2019: Multiple Treatments with Strategic Interaction Downloads
Jorge Balat and Sukjin Han
2019: Learning non-smooth models: instrumental variable quantile regressions and related problems Downloads
Yinchu Zhu
2019: Gains in evolutionary dynamics: A unifying and intuitive approach to linking static and dynamic stability Downloads
Dai Zusai
2019: DeepTriangle: A Deep Learning Approach to Loss Reserving Downloads
Kevin Kuo
2019: An Endogenous Mechanism of Business Cycles Downloads
Dimitri Kroujiline, Maxim Gusev, Dmitry Ushanov, Sergey V. Sharov and Boris Govorkov
2019: Inference on a Distribution from Noisy Draws Downloads
Koen Jochmans and Martin Weidner
2019: The nested structural organization of the worldwide trade multi-layer network Downloads
Luiz G. A. Alves, Giuseppe Mangioni, Isabella Cingolani, Francisco A. Rodrigues, Pietro Panzarasa and Yamir Moreno
2019: Double/De-Biased Machine Learning of Global and Local Parameters Using Regularized Riesz Representers Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Whitney Newey, James Robins and Rahul Singh
2019: Censored Quantile Instrumental Variable Estimation with Stata Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Iv\'an Fern\'andez-Val, Sukjin Han and Amanda Kowalski
2019: Regression Based Expected Shortfall Backtesting Downloads
Sebastian Bayer and Timo Dimitriadis
2019: Generic Machine Learning Inference on Heterogenous Treatment Effects in Randomized Experiments Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Mert Demirer, Esther Duflo and Iv\'an Fern\'andez-Val
2019: QLBS: Q-Learner in the Black-Scholes(-Merton) Worlds Downloads
Igor Halperin
2019: Optimal portfolio with insider information on the stochastic interest rate Downloads
Bernardo D'Auria and Jos\'e Antonio Salmer\'on
2019: An adverse selection approach to power pricing Downloads
Cl\'emence Alasseur, Ivar Ekeland, Romuald Elie, Nicol\'as Hern\'andez Santib\'a\~nez and Dylan Possama\"i
2019: Characterization of Fully Coupled FBSDE in Terms of Portfolio Optimization Downloads
Samuel Drapeau, Peng Luo and Dewen Xiong
2019: Efficient Policy Learning Downloads
Susan Athey and Stefan Wager
2019: Asset correlation estimation for inhomogeneous exposure pools Downloads
Christoph Wunderer
2019: The Industry Supply Function and the Long-Run Competitive Equilibrium with Heterogeneous Firms Downloads
Ignacio Esponda and Demian Pouzo
2019: Solving the Equity Risk Premium Puzzle and Inching Towards a Theory of Everything Downloads
Ravi Kashyap
2019: The Mittag-Leffler Fitting of the Phillips Curve Downloads
Tomas Skovranek
2019: Hong Kong -- Shanghai Connect / Hong Kong -- Beijing Disconnect (?): Scaling the Great Wall of Chinese Securities Trading Costs Downloads
Ravi Kashyap
2019: Approximate hedging with proportional transaction costs in stochastic volatility models with jumps Downloads
Thai Huu Nguyen and Serguei Pergamenschchikov
2019: Social learning equilibria Downloads
Elchanan Mossel, Manuel Mueller-Frank, Allan Sly and Omer Tamuz
2019: L1-Penalized Quantile Regression in High-Dimensional Sparse Models Downloads
Alexandre Belloni and Victor Chernozhukov
2019: Systemic Risk Clustering of China Internet Financial Based on t-SNE Machine Learning Algorithm Downloads
Chuanmin Mi, Xu Runjie and Lin Qingtong
2019: Robust Inference about Conditional Tail Features: A Panel Data Approach Downloads
Yuya Sasaki and Yulong Wang
2019: Mapping Firms' Locations in Technological Space: A Topological Analysis of Patent Statistics Downloads
Emerson G. Escolar, Yasuaki Hiraoka, Mitsuru Igami and Yasin Ozcan
2019: Rethinking travel behavior modeling representations through embeddings Downloads
Francisco C. Pereira
2019: Racial Disparities in Voting Wait Times: Evidence from Smartphone Data Downloads
M. Keith Chen, Kareem Haggag, Devin G. Pope and Ryne Rohla
2019: The economics of minority language use: theory and empirical evidence for a language game model Downloads
Stefan Sperlich and Jose-Ramon Uriarte
2019: Culture and the disposition effect Downloads
Bastian Breitmayer, Tim Hasso and Matthias Pelster
2019: Growth Dynamics of Value and Cost Trade-off in Competitive Temporal Networks Downloads
Sheida Hasani, Razieh Masoomi, Jamshid Ardalankia, Mohammadbashir Sedighi and Hamid Jafari
2019: Stock Price Forecasting and Hypothesis Testing Using Neural Networks Downloads
Kerda Varaku
2019: A multi-scale symmetry analysis of uninterrupted trends returns of daily financial indices Downloads
C. M. Rodr\'iguez-Mart\'inez, H. F. Coronel-Brizio and A. R. Hern\'andez-Montoya
2019: MFGs for partially reversible investment Downloads
Haoyang Cao, Xin Guo and Joon Seok Lee
2019: Reinforcement Learning: Prediction, Control and Value Function Approximation Downloads
Haoqian Li and Thomas Lau
2019: Publish and Perish: Creative Destruction and Macroeconomic Theory Downloads
Jean-Bernard Chatelain and Kirsten Ralf
2019: A Cardinal Comparison of Experts Downloads
Itay Kavaler and Rann Smorodinsky
2019: Coase Meets Bellman: Dynamic Programming and Production Chains Downloads
Tomoo Kikuchi, Kazuo Nishimura, John Stachurski and Junnan Zhang
2019: Theory of Weak Identification in Semiparametric Models Downloads
Tetsuya Kaji
2019: Martingale transport with homogeneous stock movements Downloads
Stephan Eckstein and Michael Kupper
2019: Interaction of a Hydrogen Refueling Station Network for Heavy-Duty Vehicles and the Power System in Germany for 2050 Downloads
Philipp Kluschke and Fabian Neumann
2019: Future competitive bioenergy technologies in the German heat sector: Findings from an economic optimization approach Downloads
Matthias Jordan, Volker Lenz, Markus Millinger, Katja Oehmichen and Daniela Thr\"an
2019: Christmas Jump in LIBOR Downloads
Vikenty Mikheev and Serge E. Miheev
2019: Optimal life-cycle consumption and investment decisions under age-dependent risk preferences Downloads
Andreas Lichtenstern, Pavel V. Shevchenko and Rudi Zagst
2019: Construction of Martingale Measure in the Hazard Process Model of Credit Risk Downloads
Marek Capi\'nski and Tomasz Zastawniak
2019: Spatial pattern and city size distribution Downloads
Tomoya Mori
2019: Industrial Concentration of the Brazilian Automobile Market and Positioning in the World Market Downloads
Zionam E. L. Rolim, Rafa\"el R. de Oliveira and H\'elio M. de Oliveira
2019: Expansion method for pricing foreign exchange options under stochastic volatility and interest rates Downloads
Kenji Nagami
2019: Sorting on the Used-Car Market After the Volkswagen Emission Scandal Downloads
Anthony Strittmatter and Michael Lechner
2019: Revenue Sharing in the Internet: A Moral Hazard Approach and a Net-neutrality Perspective Downloads
Fehmina Malik, Manjesh K. ~Hanawal, Yezekael Hayel and Jayakrishnan Nair
2019: The Ridge Path Estimator for Linear Instrumental Variables Downloads
Nandana Sengupta and Fallaw Sowell
2019: Inference on weighted average value function in high-dimensional state space Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Whitney Newey and Vira Semenova
2019: Constraint Qualifications in Partial Identification Downloads
Hiroaki Kaido, Francesca Molinari and Jörg Stoye
2019: Dyadic Regression Downloads
Bryan S. Graham
2019: A multi-factor polynomial framework for long-term electricity forwards with delivery period Downloads
Xi Kleisinger-Yu, Vlatka Komaric, Martin Larsson and Markus Regez
2019: Revealed Preferences for Matching with Contracts Downloads
Daniel Lehmann
2019: On deep calibration of (rough) stochastic volatility models Downloads
Christian Bayer, Blanka Horvath, Aitor Muguruza, Benjamin Stemper and Mehdi Tomas
2019: Government Expenditure on Research Plans and their Diversity Downloads
Ryosuke Ishii and Kuninori Nakagawa
2019: Nonparametric estimation of causal heterogeneity under high-dimensional confounding Downloads
Michael Zimmert and Michael Lechner
2019: Strategic Insider Trading Equilibrium with a Non-fiduciary Market Maker Downloads
Knut Aase and Bernt {\O}ksendal
2019: Heterogeneous Earnings Effects of the Job Corps by Gender Earnings: A Translated Quantile Approach Downloads
Anthony Strittmatter
2019: A nonlinear optimisation model for constructing minimal drawdown portfolios Downloads
C. A. Valle and John Beasley
2019: Online Inference for Advertising Auctions Downloads
Caio Waisman, Harikesh S. Nair, Carlos Carrion and Nan Xu
2019: The many Shapley values for model explanation Downloads
Mukund Sundararajan and Amir Najmi
2019: Quantitative portfolio selection: using density forecasting to find consistent portfolios Downloads
N. Meade, John Beasley and C. J. Adcock
2019: `Regression Anytime' with Brute-Force SVD Truncation Downloads
Christian Bender and Nikolaus Schweizer
2019: Implementing result-based agri-environmental payments by means of modelling Downloads
Bartosz Bartkowski, Nils Droste, Mareike Lie{\ss}, William Sidemo-Holm, Ulrich Weller and Mark V. Brady
2019: Equilibrium in Production Chains with Multiple Upstream Partners Downloads
Meng Yu and Junnan Zhang
2019: Outgroup Homogeneity Bias Causes Ingroup Favoritism Downloads
Marcel Montrey and Thomas R. Shultz
2019: Intra-day Equity Price Prediction using Deep Learning as a Measure of Market Efficiency Downloads
David Byrd and Tucker Hybinette Balch
2019: Forecasting e-scooter competition with direct and access trips by mode and distance in New York City Downloads
Mina Lee, Joseph Y. J. Chow, Gyugeun Yoon and Brian Yueshuai He
2019: Quantum Algorithms for Portfolio Optimization Downloads
Iordanis Kerenidis, Anupam Prakash and D\'aniel Szil\'agyi
2019: Decision-facilitating information in hidden-action setups: An agent-based approach Downloads
Stephan Leitner and Friederike Wall
2019: QCNN: Quantile Convolutional Neural Network Downloads
G\'abor Petneh\'azi
2019: A complex net of intertwined complements: Measuring interdimensional dependence among the poor Downloads
Felipe Del Canto M
2019: A Doubly Corrected Robust Variance Estimator for Linear GMM Downloads
Jungbin Hwang, Byunghoon Kang and Seojeong Lee
2019: Relationship between optimal portfolios which can maximize and minimize the expected return Downloads
Takashi Shinzato
2019: Analyzing Commodity Futures Using Factor State-Space Models with Wishart Stochastic Volatility Downloads
Tore Kleppe, Roman Liesenfeld, Guilherme Valle Moura and Atle Oglend
2019: Myopic robust index tracking with Bregman divergence Downloads
Spiridon Penev, Pavel Shevchenko and Wei Wu
2019: Optimal Investment with Correlated Stochastic Volatility Factors Downloads
Maxim Bichuch and Jean-Pierre Fouque
2019: Realistic versus Rational Secret Sharing Downloads
Yvo Desmedt and Arkadii Slinko
2019: New developments in revealed preference theory: decisions under risk, uncertainty, and intertemporal choice Downloads
Federico Echenique
2019: Optimal Search Segmentation Mechanisms for Online Platform Markets Downloads
Zhenzhe Zheng and R. Srikant
2019: Sabrina: Modeling and Visualization of Economy Data with Incremental Domain Knowledge Downloads
Alessio Arleo, Christos Tsigkanos, Chao Jia, Roger A. Leite, Ilir Murturi, Manfred Klaffenboeck, Schahram Dustdar, Michael Wimmer, Silvia Miksch and Johannes Sorger
2019: A lognormal type stochastic volatility model with quadratic drift Downloads
Peter Carr and Sander Willems
2019: Robonomics: The Study of Robot-Human Peer-to-Peer Financial Transactions and Agreements Downloads
Irvin Steve Cardenas and Jong-Hoon Kim
2019: The emergence of critical stocks in market crash Downloads
Shan Lu, Jichang Zhao and Huiwen Wang
2019: A Review of Changepoint Detection Models Downloads
Yixiao Li, Gloria Lin, Thomas Lau and Ruochen Zeng
2019: Explosion in the quasi-Gaussian HJM model Downloads
Dan Pirjol and Lingjiong Zhu
2019: Small-noise limit of the quasi-Gaussian log-normal HJM model Downloads
Dan Pirjol and Lingjiong Zhu
2019: ChainNet: Learning on Blockchain Graphs with Topological Features Downloads
Nazmiye Ceren Abay, Cuneyt Gurcan Akcora, Yulia R. Gel, Umar D. Islambekov, Murat Kantarcioglu, Yahui Tian and Bhavani Thuraisingham
2019: Expected utility operators and coinsurance problem Downloads
Irina Georgescu
2019: Explicit Design For Strategy Formulation Frameworks Downloads
Song-Kyoo Kim
2019: Enhancing the Demand for Labour survey by including skills from online job advertisements using model-assisted calibration Downloads
Maciej Ber\k{e}sewicz, Greta Bia{\l}kowska, Krzysztof Marcinkowski, Magdalena Ma\'slak, Piotr Opiela, Robert Pater and Katarzyna Zadroga
2019: Positional Voting, Doubly Stochastic Matrices, and the Braid Arrangement Downloads
Jacqueline Anderson, Brian Camara and John Pike
2019: Spectral inference for large Stochastic Blockmodels with nodal covariates Downloads
Angelo Mele, Lingxin Hao, Joshua Cape and Carey E. Priebe
2019: The Family of Alpha,[a,b] Stochastic Orders: Risk vs. Expected Value Downloads
Bar Light and Andres Perlroth
2019: Entropic Dynamics of Exchange Rates and Options Downloads
Mohammad Abedi and Daniel Bartolomeo
2019: Entropic Dynamics of Stocks and European Options Downloads
Mohammad Abedi and Daniel Bartolomeo
2019: Measuring international uncertainty using global vector autoregressions with drifting parameters Downloads
Michael Pfarrhofer
2019: On non-uniqueness in mean field games Downloads
Erhan Bayraktar and Xin Zhang
2019: A model of discrete choice based on reinforcement learning under short-term memory Downloads
Misha Perepelitsa
2019: Forward-Selected Panel Data Approach for Program Evaluation Downloads
Zhentao Shi and Jingyi Huang
2019: Linear Stochastic Dividend Model Downloads
Sander Willems
2019: Testing the Drift-Diffusion Model Downloads
Drew Fudenberg, Whitney K. Newey, Philipp Strack and Tomasz Strzalecki
2019: Counting Defiers Downloads
Amanda Kowalski
2019: A Model of a Randomized Experiment with an Application to the PROWESS Clinical Trial Downloads
Amanda Kowalski
2019: Injectivity and the Law of Demand Downloads
Roy Allen
2019: Probabilistic Verification in Mechanism Design Downloads
Ian Ball and Deniz Kattwinkel
2019: Mean-variance hedging of unit linked life insurance contracts in a jump-diffusion model Downloads
Frank Bosserhoff and Mitja Stadje
2019: The inverted U-shaped effect of urban hotspots spatial compactness on urban economic growth Downloads
Weipan Xu, Haohui'Caron' Chen, Enrique Frias-Martinez, Manuel Cebrian and Xun Li
2019: Automation Impacts on China's Polarized Job Market Downloads
Haohui 'Caron' Chen, Xun Li, Morgan Frank, Xiaozhen Qin, Weipan Xu, Manuel Cebrian and Iyad Rahwan
2019: Nonparametric Identification of First-Price Auction with Unobserved Competition: A Density Discontinuity Framework Downloads
Emmanuel Guerre and Yao Luo
2019: Why Finnish polytechnics reject top applicants Downloads
Kristian Koerselman
2019: Modelling Crypto Asset Price Dynamics, Optimal Crypto Portfolio, and Crypto Option Valuation Downloads
Yuan Hu, Svetlozar T. Rache and Frank J. Fabozzi
2019: Risk-neutral option pricing under GARCH intensity model Downloads
Kyungsub Lee
2019: On rank estimators in increasing dimensions Downloads
Yanqin Fan, Fang Han, Wei Li and Xiao-Hua Zhou
2019: Nonparametric modeling cash flows of insurance company Downloads
Valery Baskakov, Nikolay Sheparnev and Evgeny Yanenko
2019: Dynamic Dependence Modeling in financial time series Downloads
Yali Dou, Haiyan Liu and Georgios Aivaliotis
2019: Performance of tail hedged portfolio with third moment variation swap Downloads
Kyungsub Lee and Byoung Ki Seo
2019: Modeling microstructure price dynamics with symmetric Hawkes and diffusion model using ultra-high-frequency stock data Downloads
Kyungsub Lee and Byoung Ki Seo
2019: Is being `Robust' beneficial?: A perspective from the Indian market Downloads
Mohammed Bilal Girach, Shashank Oberoi and Siddhartha P. Chakrabarty
2019: Third person enforcement in a prisoner's dilemma game Downloads
Tatsuhiro Shichijo
2019: Can robust optimization offer improved portfolio performance?: An empirical study of Indian market Downloads
Shashank Oberoi, Mohammed Bilal Girach and Siddhartha P. Chakrabarty
2019: Computational method for probability distribution on recursive relationships in financial applications Downloads
Jong Jun Park and Kyungsub Lee
2019: Compact Finite Difference Scheme with Hermite Interpolation for Pricing American Put Options Based on Regime Switching Model Downloads
Chinonso Nwankwo, Weizhong Dai and Ruihua Liu
2019: Forecasting U.S. Textile Comparative Advantage Using Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Models and Time Series Outlier Analysis Downloads
Zahra Saki, Lori Rothenberg, Marguerite Moor, Ivan Kandilov and A. Blanton Godfrey
2019: The implied Sharpe ratio Downloads
Ankush Agarwal and Matthew Lorig
2019: A scalable verification solution for blockchains Downloads
Jason Teutsch and Christian Reitwie{\ss}ner
2019: Critical Decisions for Asset Allocation via Penalized Quantile Regression Downloads
Giovanni Bonaccolto
2019: Total positivity and the classification of term structure shapes in the two-factor Vasicek model Downloads
Martin Keller-Ressel
2019: A zero interest rate Black-Derman-Toy model Downloads
Grzegorz Krzy\.zanowski, Ernesto Mordecki and Andr\'es Sosa
2019: Fairness and efficiency for probabilistic allocations with endowments Downloads
Federico Echenique, Antonio Miralles and Jun Zhang
2019: Random walk model from the point of view of algorithmic trading Downloads
Oleh Danyliv, Bruce Bland and Alexandre Argenson
2019: Interactive coin offerings Downloads
Jason Teutsch, Vitalik Buterin and Christopher Brown
2019: Sampling Distributions of Optimal Portfolio Weights and Characteristics in Low and Large Dimensions Downloads
Taras Bodnar, Holger Dette, Nestor Parolya and Erik Thors\'en
2019: Maximum Approximated Likelihood Estimation Downloads
Michael Griebel, Florian Heiss, Jens Oettershagen and Constantin Weiser
2019: Retrofitting a two-way peg between blockchains Downloads
Jason Teutsch, Michael Straka and Dan Boneh
2019: Discounted Differential Privacy: Privacy of Evolving Datasets over an Infinite Horizon Downloads
Farhad Farokhi
2019: Stochastic integration with respect to arbitrary collections of continuous semimartingales and applications to Mathematical Finance Downloads
Constantinos Kardaras
2019: Portfolio optimization while controlling Value at Risk, when returns are heavy tailed Downloads
Subhojit Biswas and Diganta Mukherjee
2019: Portfolio Optimization managing Value at Risk under heavy tail distribution Downloads
Subhojit Biswas, Mrinal K. Ghosh and Diganta Mukherjee
2019: A Proposal for Multi-asset Generalised Variance Swaps Downloads
Subhojit Biswas and Diganta Mukherjee
2019: Privacy-Aware Distributed Mobility Choice Modelling over Blockchain Downloads
David Lopez and Bilal Farooq
2019: On the Compound Beta-Binomial Risk Model with Delayed Claims and Randomized Dividends Downloads
Aparna B. S and Neelesh S Upadhye
2019: Ordinal Tax To Sustain a Digital Economy Downloads
Nate Dwyer, Sandro Claudio Lera and Alex Sandy Pentland
2019: Latency and Liquidity Risk Downloads
\'Alvaro Cartea, Sebastian Jaimungal and Leandro S\'anchez-Betancourt
2019: The Economics of Enlightenment: Time Value of Knowledge and the Net Present Value (NPV) of Knowledge Machines Downloads
Ravi Kashyap
2019: Managing the Complexity of Processing Financial Data at Scale -- an Experience Report Downloads
Sebastian Frischbier, Mario Paic, Alexander Echler and Christian Roth
2019: Analysis of Networks via the Sparse $\beta$-Model Downloads
Mingli Chen, Kengo Kato and Chenlei Leng
2019: Fast Pricing of Energy Derivatives with Mean-reverting Jump Processes Downloads
Nicola Cufaro Petroni and Piergiacomo Sabino
2019: Bootstrapping a stable computation token Downloads
Jason Teutsch, Sami M\"akel\"a and Surya Bakshi
2019: An instantaneous market volatility estimation Downloads
Oleh Danyliv and Bruce Bland
2019: Efficient Estimation by Fully Modified GLS with an Application to the Environmental Kuznets Curve Downloads
Yicong Lin and Hanno Reuvers
2019: Quantile-Frequency Analysis and Spectral Divergence Metrics for Diagnostic Checks of Time Series With Nonlinear Dynamics Downloads
Ta-Hsin Li
2019: Review of the Plan for Integrating Big Data Analytics Program for the Electronic Marketing System and Customer Relationship Management: A Case Study XYZ Institution Downloads
Idha Sudianto
2019: Option Pricing Under Power Laws: A Robust Heuristic Downloads
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Brandon Yarckin, Chitpuneet Mann, Damir Delic and Mark Spitznage
2019: Risk-Control Strategies Downloads
Patrice Gaillardetz and Saeb Hachem
2019: Semiparametric Wavelet-based JPEG IV Estimator for endogenously truncated data Downloads
Nir Billfeld and Moshe Kim
2019: Dynamic Optimal Portfolios for Multiple Co-Integrated Assets Downloads
T. N. Li and A. Papanicolaou
2019: Evaluating Pest Management Strategies: A Robust Method and its Application to Strawberry Disease Management Downloads
Ariel Soto-Caro, Feng Wu and Zhengfei Guan
2019: The Time Importance for Prospect Theory Downloads
Jos\'e Cl\'audio do Nascimento
2019: Fair Division with Minimal Sharing Downloads
Fedor Sandomirskiy and Erel Segal-Halevi
2019: Solving high-dimensional optimal stopping problems using deep learning Downloads
Sebastian Becker, Patrick Cheridito, Arnulf Jentzen and Timo Welti
2019: Uncertainty in the Hot Hand Fallacy: Detecting Streaky Alternatives in Random Bernoulli Sequences Downloads
David M. Ritzwoller and Joseph P. Romano
2019: Estimating Unobserved Individual Heterogeneity Using Pairwise Comparisons Downloads
Elena Krasnokutskaya, Kyungchul Song and Xun Tang
2019: Collaborative knowledge creation: Evidence from Japanese patent data Downloads
Tomoya Mori and Shosei Sakaguchi
2019: Relatively growth optimal investment strategies in a market model with competition Downloads
Yaroslav Drokin and Mikhail Zhitlukhin
2019: Linkages and systemic risk in the European insurance sector: Some new evidence based on dynamic spanning trees Downloads
Anna Denkowska and Stanis{\l}aw Wanat
2019: Risk Management via Anomaly Circumvent: Mnemonic Deep Learning for Midterm Stock Prediction Downloads
Xinyi Li, Yinchuan Li, Xiao-Yang Liu and Christina Dan Wang
2019: Stochastic Price Dynamics Equations Via Supply and Demand; Implications for Volatility and Risk Downloads
Carey Caginalp and Gunduz Caginalp
2019: calculation worst-case Value-at-Risk prediction using empirical data under model uncertainty Downloads
Wentao Hu
2019: Agglomerative Fast Super-Paramagnetic Clustering Downloads
Lionel Yelibi and Tim Gebbie
2019: A full and synthetic model for Asset-Liability Management in life insurance, and analysis of the SCR with the standard formula Downloads
Aur\'elien Alfonsi, Adel Cherchali and Jose Arturo Infante Acevedo
2019: Detection of Accounting Anomalies in the Latent Space using Adversarial Autoencoder Neural Networks Downloads
Marco Schreyer, Timur Sattarov, Christian Schulze, Bernd Reimer and Damian Borth
2019: Heterogeneous Endogenous Effects in Networks Downloads
Sida Peng
2019: Quantifying horizon dependence of asset prices: a cluster entropy approach Downloads
L. Ponta and A. Carbone
2019: Hiring in the substance use disorder treatment related sector during the first five years of Medicaid expansion Downloads
Olga Scrivner, Thuy Nguyen, Kosali Simon, Esm\'e Middaugh, Bledi Taska and Katy B\"orner
2019: Detecting Identification Failure in Moment Condition Models Downloads
Jean-Jacques Forneron
2019: Algorithmic market making: the case of equity derivatives Downloads
Bastien Baldacci, Philippe Bergault and Olivier Gu\'eant
2019: Testing for time-varying properties under misspecified conditional mean and variance Downloads
Daiki Maki and Yasushi Ota
2019: Large scale continuous-time mean-variance portfolio allocation via reinforcement learning Downloads
Haoran Wang
2019: The Effect of Visual Design in Image Classification Downloads
Naftali Cohen, Tucker Balch and Manuela Veloso
2019: Testing for Sample Selection Downloads
Valentina Corradi and Daniel Gutknecht
2019: Online Rental Housing Market Representation and the Digital Reproduction of Urban Inequality Downloads
Geoff Boeing
2019: An intelligent financial portfolio trading strategy using deep Q-learning Downloads
Hyungjun Park, Min Kyu Sim and Dong Gu Choi
2019: Optimal transport on large networks, a practitioner's guide Downloads
Arthur Charpentier, Alfred Galichon and Lucas Vernet
2019: A Model of Presidential Debates Downloads
Doron Klunover and John Morgan
2019: Allowance prices in the EU ETS -- fundamental price drivers and the recent upward trend Downloads
Marina Friedrich and Michael Pahle
2019: Social Contagion of Gift Exchange in Online Groups Downloads
Yuan Yuan, Tracy Liu, Chenhao Tan, Qian Chen, Alex Pentland and Jie Tang
2019: Decomposition formula for rough Volterra stochastic volatility models Downloads
Raul Merino, Jan Posp\'i\v{s}il, Tom\'a\v{s} Sobotka, Tommi Sottinen and Josep Vives
2019: Machine learning with kernels for portfolio valuation and risk management Downloads
Lotfi Boudabsa and Damir Filipovic
2019: Learning from Others in the Financial Market Downloads
Matthias Feiler and Thibaut Ajdler
2019: Blackwell dominance in large samples Downloads
Xiaosheng Mu, Luciano Pomatto, Philipp Strack and Omer Tamuz
2019: Tensor Processing Units for Financial Monte Carlo Downloads
Francois Belletti, Davis King, Kun Yang, Roland Nelet, Yusef Shafi, Yi-Fan Chen and John Anderson
2019: Optimal auction duration: A price formation viewpoint Downloads
Paul Jusselin, Thibaut Mastrolia and Mathieu Rosenbaum
2019: lspartition: Partitioning-Based Least Squares Regression Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Max H. Farrell and Yingjie Feng
2019: Pure Nash Equilibria and Best-Response Dynamics in Random Games Downloads
Ben Amiet, Andrea Collevecchio and Marco Scarsini
2019: Smoothing quantile regressions Downloads
Marcelo Fernandes, Emmanuel Guerre and Eduardo Horta
2019: Hedging crop yields against weather uncertainties -- a weather derivative perspective Downloads
Samuel Asante Gyamerah, Philip Ngare and Dennis Ikpe
2019: Mixtures of Mean-Preserving Contractions Downloads
Joseph Whitmeyer and Mark Whitmeyer
2019: The role of pawnshops in risk coping in early twentieth-century Japan Downloads
Tatsuki Inoue
2019: Lasso under Multi-way Clustering: Estimation and Post-selection Inference Downloads
Harold Chiang and Yuya Sasaki
2019: Netflix Games: Local Public Goods with Capacity Constraints Downloads
Stefanie Gerke, Gregory Gutin, Sung-Ha Hwang and Philip Neary
2019: Hedging longevity risk in defined contribution pension schemes Downloads
Ankush Agarwal, Christian-Oliver Ewald and Yongjie Wang
2019: ICT Capital-Skill Complementarity and Wage Inequality: Evidence from OECD Countries Downloads
Hiroya Taniguchi and Ken Yamada
2019: Optimal mechanism for the sale of a durable good Downloads
Laura Doval and Vasiliki Skreta
2019: Complex Network Construction of Internet Financial risk Downloads
Runjie Xu, Chuanmin Mi, Rafal Mierzwiak and Runyu Meng
2019: Nash Bargaining Over Margin Loans to Kelly Gamblers Downloads
Alexander Garivaltis
2019: Behaving Optimally in Solar Renewable Energy Certificate Markets Downloads
Arvind Shrivats and Sebastian Jaimungal
2019: Binary Choice Models with High-Dimensional Individual and Time Fixed Effects Downloads
Daniel Czarnowske and Amrei Stammann
2019: Bayesian Estimation of Mixed Multinomial Logit Models: Advances and Simulation-Based Evaluations Downloads
Prateek Bansal, Rico Krueger, Michel Bierlaire, Ricardo A. Daziano and Taha H. Rashidi
2019: Optimal exercise of American options under stock pinning Downloads
Bernardo D'Auria, Eduardo Garc\'ia-Portugu\'es and Abel Guada-Azze
2019: Portfolio optimization with two coherent risk measures Downloads
Tahsin Deniz Akt\"urk and \c{C}a\u{g}{\i}n Ararat
2019: Experimenting in Equilibrium Downloads
Stefan Wager and Kuang Xu
2019: ppmlhdfe: Fast Poisson Estimation with High-Dimensional Fixed Effects Downloads
Sergio Correia, Paulo Guimar\~aes and Thomas Zylkin
2019: Verifying the existence of maximum likelihood estimates for generalized linear models Downloads
Sergio Correia, Paulo Guimar\~aes and Thomas Zylkin
2019: Top performing stocks recommendation strategy for portfolio Downloads
Kartikay Gupta and Niladri Chatterjee
2019: Deep Learning Volatility Downloads
Blanka Horvath, Aitor Muguruza and Mehdi Tomas
2019: Estimating population average treatment effects from experiments with noncompliance Downloads
Kellie Ottoboni and Jason Poulos
2019: Semi-parametric dynamic contextual pricing Downloads
Virag Shah, Jose Blanchet and Ramesh Johari
2019: Nonparametric Instrumental Variables Estimation Under Misspecification Downloads
Ben Deaner
2019: Multitask Learning Deep Neural Networks to Combine Revealed and Stated Preference Data Downloads
Shenhao Wang, Qingyi Wang and Jinhua Zhao
2019: Salvaging Falsified Instrumental Variable Models Downloads
Matthew A. Masten and Alexandre Poirier
2019: Fast Training Algorithms for Deep Convolutional Fuzzy Systems with Application to Stock Index Prediction Downloads
Li-Xin Wang
2019: Decentralization Estimators for Instrumental Variable Quantile Regression Models Downloads
Hiroaki Kaido and Kaspar Wüthrich
2019: Closed-form expansions with respect to the mixing solution for option pricing under stochastic volatility Downloads
Kaustav Das and Nicolas Langren\'e
2019: On the K\"ahler Geometry of Certain Optimal Transport Problems Downloads
Gabriel Khan and Jun Zhang
2019: Dynamic Competitive Persuasion Downloads
Mark Whitmeyer
2019: Estimation of a Heterogeneous Demand Function with Berkson Errors Downloads
Richard Blundell, Joel Horowitz and Matthias Parey
2019: The Anatomy of a Cryptocurrency Pump-and-Dump Scheme Downloads
Jiahua Xu and Benjamin Livshits
2019: Complete Subset Averaging with Many Instruments Downloads
Seojeong Lee and Youngki Shin
2019: Geometrically Convergent Simulation of the Extrema of L\'{e}vy Processes Downloads
Jorge Gonz\'alez C\'azares, Aleksandar Mijatovi\'c and Ger\'onimo Uribe Bravo
2019: Accounting for Unobservable Heterogeneity in Cross Section Using Spatial First Differences Downloads
Hannah Druckenmiller and Solomon Hsiang
2019: Robustness in the Optimization of Risk Measures Downloads
Paul Embrechts, Alexander Schied and Ruodu Wang
2019: Strong and Weak Equilibria for Time-Inconsistent Stochastic Control in Continuous Time Downloads
Yu-Jui Huang and Zhou Zhou
2019: Pricing American Options by Exercise Rate Optimization Downloads
Christian Bayer, Ra\'ul Tempone and S\"oren Wolfers
2019: Capital Regulation under Price Impacts and Dynamic Financial Contagion Downloads
Zachary Feinstein
2019: Implementing Convex Optimization in R: Two Econometric Examples Downloads
Zhan Gao and Zhentao Shi
2019: Shift-Share Designs: Theory and Inference Downloads
Rodrigo Ad\~ao, Michal Koles\'ar and Eduardo Morales
2019: Leave-out estimation of variance components Downloads
Patrick Kline, Raffaele Saggio and Mikkel S{\o}lvsten
2019: Stationarity and ergodicity of vector STAR models Downloads
Igor L. Kheifets and Pentti Saikkonen
2019: Analyzing order flows in limit order books with ratios of Cox-type intensities Downloads
Ioane Muni Toke and Nakahiro Yoshida
2019: Utility maximization with proportional transaction costs under model uncertainty Downloads
Shuoqing Deng, Xiaolu Tan and Xiang Yu
2019: Chain effects of clean water: The Mills-Reincke phenomenon in early twentieth-century Japan Downloads
Tatsuki Inoue and Kota Ogasawara
2019: Continuous Record Laplace-based Inference about the Break Date in Structural Change Models Downloads
Alessandro Casini and Pierre Perron
2019: Schooling Choice, Labour Market Matching, and Wages Downloads
Jacob Schwartz
2019: Mislearning from Censored Data: The Gambler's Fallacy in Optimal-Stopping Problems Downloads
Kevin He
2019: Equilibrium in thin security markets under restricted participation Downloads
Michail Anthropelos and Constantinos Kardaras
2019: Gaussian Approximation of a Risk Model with Non-Stationary Hawkes Arrivals of Claims Downloads
Zailei Cheng and Youngsoo Seol
2019: Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for High-dimensional Linear Models with Many Endogenous Variables Downloads
Alexandre Belloni, Christian Hansen and Whitney Newey
2019: A Random Attention Model Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Xinwei Ma, Yusufcan Masatlioglu and Elchin Suleymanov
2019: Identification with Latent Choice Sets Downloads
Vishal Kamat
2019: A Black--Scholes inequality: applications and generalisation Downloads
Michael R. Tehranchi
2019: Multivariate Garch with dynamic beta Downloads
Matthias Raddant and Friedrich Wagner
2019: Indirect Inference With(Out) Constraints Downloads
David T. Frazier and Eric Renault
2019: Comprehensive Time-Series Regression Models Using GRETL -- U.S. GDP and Government Consumption Expenditures & Gross Investment from 1980 to 2013 Downloads
Juehui Shi
2019: Certifiably Pseudorandom Financial Derivatives Downloads
David Zuckerman
2019: AlphaStock: A Buying-Winners-and-Selling-Losers Investment Strategy using Interpretable Deep Reinforcement Attention Networks Downloads
Jingyuan Wang, Yang Zhang, Ke Tang, Junjie Wu and Zhang Xiong
2019: Anti-Money Laundering in Bitcoin: Experimenting with Graph Convolutional Networks for Financial Forensics Downloads
Mark Weber, Giacomo Domeniconi, Jie Chen, Daniel Karl I. Weidele, Claudio Bellei, Tom Robinson and Charles E. Leiserson
2019: The interest rate for saving as a possibilistic risk Downloads
Irina Georgescu and Jani Kinnunen
2019: Projection pursuit based generalized betas accounting for higher order co-moment effects in financial market analysis Downloads
Sven Serneels
2019: Testing for Externalities in Network Formation Using Simulation Downloads
Bryan S. Graham and Andrin Pelican
2019: Hedging Non-Tradable Risks with Transaction Costs and Price Impact Downloads
Alvaro Cartea, Ryan Donnelly and Sebastian Jaimungal
2019: Kernel Density Estimation for Undirected Dyadic Data Downloads
Bryan S. Graham, Fengshi Niu and James L. Powell
2019: Career Choice as an Extended Spatial Evolutionary Public Goods Game Downloads
Yuan Cheng, Yanbo Xue and Meng Chang
2019: Predicting credit default probabilities using machine learning techniques in the face of unequal class distributions Downloads
Anna Stelzer
2019: CVA and vulnerable options in stochastic volatility models Downloads
Elisa Alos, Fabio Antonelli, Alessandro Ramponi and Sergio Scarlatti
2019: Open shop scheduling games Downloads
Ata Atay, Pedro Calleja and Sergio Soteras
2019: A Comparison of First-Difference and Forward Orthogonal Deviations GMM Downloads
Robert Phillips
2019: A Simple Factoring Pricing Model Downloads
Ilaria Nava, Davide Cuccio, Lorenzo Giada and Claudio Nordio
2019: On the Solutions of the Lucas-Uzawa Model Downloads
Constantin Chilarescu
2019: A Production Function with Variable Elasticity of Factor Substitution Downloads
Constantin Chilarescu
2019: Closed form solutions of Lucas Uzawa model with externalities via partial Hamiltonian approach. Some Clarifications Downloads
Constantin Chilarescu
2019: A procedure for loss-optimising default definitions across simulated credit risk scenarios Downloads
Arno Botha, Conrad Beyers and Pieter de Villiers
2019: Multiple Subordinated Modeling of Asset Returns Downloads
Abootaleb Shirvani, Svetlozar T. Rachev and Frank Fabozzi
2019: Killer Technologies: the destructive creation in the technical change Downloads
Mario Coccia
2019: Cities and space: Common power laws and spatial fractal structures Downloads
Tomoya Mori, Tony E. Smith and Wen-Tai Hsu
2019: A hybrid neural network model based on improved PSO and SA for bankruptcy prediction Downloads
Fatima Zahra Azayite and Said Achchab
2019: Taxable Stock Trading with Deep Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Shan Huang
2019: Marked Hawkes process modeling of price dynamics and volatility estimation Downloads
Kyungsub Lee and Byoung Ki Seo
2019: Investigating the effect of competitiveness power in estimating the average weighted price in electricity market Downloads
Naser Rostamni and Tarik A. Rashid
2019: SlideVaR: a risk measure with variable risk attitudes Downloads
Wentao Hu
2019: Market and Long Term Accounting Operational Performance Downloads
M. S. S. Rosa and P. R. B. Lustosa
2019: Recommendation Engine for Lower Interest Borrowing on Peer to Peer Lending (P2PL) Platform Downloads
Ke Ren and Avinash Malik
2019: Convergence of Optimal Expected Utility for a Sequence of Discrete-Time Markets Downloads
David M. Kreps and Walter Schachermayer
2019: Time-consistent feedback strategies with Volterra processes Downloads
Bingyan Han and Hoi Ying Wong
2019: Does the short-term boost of renewable energies guarantee their stable long-term growth? Assessment of the dynamics of feed-in tariff policy Downloads
Milad Mousavian H., Hamed Shakouri G., Alinaghi Mashayekhi and Aliyeh Kazemi
2019: On the Statistical Differences between Binary Forecasts and Real World Payoffs Downloads
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
2019: Optimal make take fees in a multi market maker environment Downloads
Bastien Baldacci, Dylan Possama\"i and Mathieu Rosenbaum
2019: Liquid Speed: On-Demand Fast Trading at Distributed Exchanges Downloads
Michael Brolley and Marius Zoican
2019: The method of Enestr\"om and Phragm\'en for parliamentary elections by means of approval voting Downloads
Rosa Camps, Xavier Mora and Laia Saumell
2019: Deep Learning-Based Least Square Forward-Backward Stochastic Differential Equation Solver for High-Dimensional Derivative Pricing Downloads
Jian Liang, Zhe Xu and Peter Li
2019: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Common Technical Trading Models Downloads
Joseph Attia
2019: Arrow's Theorem Through a Fixpoint Argument Downloads
Frank M. V. Feys and Helle Hvid Hansen
2019: Testing new property of elliptical model for stock returns distribution Downloads
Petr Koldanov
2019: Multivariate Modeling of Natural Gas Spot Trading Hubs Incorporating Futures Market Realized Volatility Downloads
Michael Weylandt, Yu Han and Katherine B. Ensor
2019: Optimal auctions for networked markets with externalities Downloads
Benjamin Heymann and Alejandro Jofr\'e
2019: Sustainable Business Models: A Review Downloads
Saeed Nosratabadi, Amir Mosavi, Shahaboddin Shamshirband, Edmundas Kazimieras Zavadskas, Andry Rakotonirainy and Kwok Wing Chau
2019: A note on Parisian ruin under a hybrid observation scheme Downloads
Mohamed Amine Lkabous
2019: Poissonian occupation times of spectrally negative L\'evy processes with applications Downloads
Mohamed Amine Lkabous
2019: Yield Uncertainty and Strategic Formation of Supply Chain Networks Downloads
Victor Amelkin and Rakesh Vohra
2019: Rebuttal of "On Nonparametric Identification of Treatment Effects in Duration Models" Downloads
Jaap H. Abbring and Gerard J. van den Berg
2019: Option pricing in bilateral Gamma stock models Downloads
Uwe K\"uchler and Stefan Tappe
2019: Bilateral Gamma distributions and processes in financial mathematics Downloads
Uwe K\"uchler and Stefan Tappe
2019: Prosumage of solar electricity: tariff design, capacity investments, and power system effects Downloads
Claudia G\"unther, Wolf-Peter Schill and Alexander Zerrahn
2019: A Note on Universal Bilinear Portfolios Downloads
Alexander Garivaltis
2019: Semi-Parametric Hierarchical Bayes Estimates of New Yorkers' Willingness to Pay for Features of Shared Automated Vehicle Services Downloads
Rico Krueger, Taha H. Rashidi and Akshay Vij
2019: Mid-price Prediction Based on Machine Learning Methods with Technical and Quantitative Indicators Downloads
Adamantios Ntakaris, Juho Kanniainen, Moncef Gabbouj and Alexandros Iosifidis
2019: Competing to Persuade a Rationally Inattentive Agent Downloads
Vasudha Jain and Mark Whitmeyer
2019: Generalized statistical arbitrage concepts and related gain strategies Downloads
Christian Rein, Ludger R\"uschendorf and Thorsten Schmidt
2019: X-model: further development and possible modifications Downloads
Sergei Kulakov
2019: On the simulation of the Hawkes process via Lambert-W functions Downloads
Martin Magris
2019: Consistent upper price bounds for exotic options given a finite number of call prices and their convergence Downloads
Nicole B\"auerle and Daniel Schmithals
2019: The Impact of Execution Delay on Kelly-Based Stock Trading: High-Frequency Versus Buy and Hold Downloads
Chung-Han Hsieh, B. Ross Barmish and John A. Gubner
2019: Modeling Morality Downloads
Walter Veit
2019: A Vine-copula extension for the HAR model Downloads
Martin Magris
2019: L\'evy-Ito Models in Finance Downloads
George Bouzianis, Lane P. Hughston, Sebastian Jaimungal and Leandro S\'anchez-Betancourt
2019: Stochastic Spread Pairs Trading in the Indian Commodity Market Downloads
Dhruv Mahajan and Abhijeet Chandra
2019: Brownian bridge with random length and pinning point for modelling of financial information Downloads
Mohammed Louriki
2019: Powershare Mechanics Downloads
Beka Dalakishvili and Ana Mikatadze
2019: Risk-dependent centrality in economic and financial networks Downloads
Paolo Bartesaghi, Michele Benzi, Gian Paolo Clemente, Rosanna Grassi and Ernesto Estrada
2019: Formal verification of trading in financial markets Downloads
Suneel Sarswat and Abhishek Kr Singh
2019: Behavioural Macroeconomic Policy: New perspectives on time inconsistency Downloads
Michelle Baddeley
2019: Design and Evaluation of Product Aesthetics: A Human-Machine Hybrid Approach Downloads
Alex Burnap, John R. Hauser and Artem Timoshenko
2019: Contract Design with Costly Convex Self-Control Downloads
Yusufcan Masatlioglu, Daisuke Nakajima and Emre Ozdenoren
2019: Testing for Unobserved Heterogeneity via k-means Clustering Downloads
Andrew J. Patton and Brian Weller
2019: Self Organizing Supply Chains for Micro-Prediction: Present and Future uses of the ROAR Protocol Downloads
Peter Cotton
2019: The cyclicality of loan loss provisions under three different accounting models: the United Kingdom, Spain, and Brazil Downloads
A. M. B. Araujo and P. R. B. Lustosa
2019: Confidence Collapse in a Multi-Household, Self-Reflexive DSGE Model Downloads
Federico Guglielmo Morelli, Michael Benzaquen, Marco Tarzia and Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
2019: Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions to the Stochastic Bellman Equation with Unbounded Shock Downloads
Juan Pablo Rinc\'on-Zapatero
2019: A model-free backward and forward nonlinear PDEs for implied volatility Downloads
Peter Carr, Andrey Itkin and Sasha Stoikov
2019: Consistency and matching without replacement Downloads
Fredrik S\"avje
2019: Pathways to Good Healthcare Services and Patient Satisfaction: An Evolutionary Game Theoretical Approach Downloads
Zainab Alalawi, The Anh Han, Yifeng Zeng and Aiman Elragig
2019: Nature of thermodynamics equation of state towards economics equation of state Downloads
Burin Gumjudpai and Yuthana Sethapramote
2019: Location and portfolio selection problems: A unified framework Downloads
Justo Puerto, Moises Rodr\'iguez-Madrena and Andrea Scozzari
2019: Information processing constraints in travel behaviour modelling: A generative learning approach Downloads
Melvin Wong and Bilal Farooq
2019: Unforeseen Evidence Downloads
Evan Piermont
2019: Quant GANs: Deep Generation of Financial Time Series Downloads
Magnus Wiese, Robert Knobloch, Ralf Korn and Peter Kretschmer
2019: Audits as Evidence: Experiments, Ensembles, and Enforcement Downloads
Patrick Kline and Christopher Walters
2019: Neural network regression for Bermudan option pricing Downloads
Bernard Lapeyre and J\'er\^ome Lelong
2019: Confidentiality and linked data Downloads
Felix Ritchie and Jim Smith
2019: A Simple Uniformly Valid Test for Inequalities Downloads
Gregory Cox and Xiaoxia Shi
2019: On the Evolution of U.S. Temperature Dynamics Downloads
Francis Diebold and Glenn Rudebusch
2019: Necessary and sufficient condition for equilibrium of the Hotelling model Downloads
Satoshi Hayashi and Naoki Tsuge
2019: From quadratic Hawkes processes to super-Heston rough volatility models with Zumbach effect Downloads
Aditi Dandapani, Paul Jusselin and Mathieu Rosenbaum
2019: A simulation of the insurance industry: The problem of risk model homogeneity Downloads
Torsten Heinrich, Juan Sabuco and J. Doyne Farmer
2019: On the residues vectors of a rational class of complex functions. Application to autoregressive processes Downloads
Guillermo Daniel Scheidereiter and Omar Roberto Faure
2019: Dreaming machine learning: Lipschitz extensions for reinforcement learning on financial markets Downloads
J. M. Calabuig, H. Falciani and E. A. S\'anchez-P\'erez
2019: Gittins' theorem under uncertainty Downloads
Samuel N. Cohen and Tanut Treetanthiploet
2019: From small markets to big markets Downloads
Laurence Carassus and Miklos Rasonyi
2019: Singularities and Catastrophes in Economics: Historical Perspectives and Future Directions Downloads
Michael S. Harr\'e, Adam Harris and Scott McCallum
2019: Adaptive Pricing in Insurance: Generalized Linear Models and Gaussian Process Regression Approaches Downloads
Yuqing Zhang and Neil Walton
2019: Distributions of Historic Market Data -- Relaxation and Correlations Downloads
M. Dashti Moghaddam, Zhiyuan Liu and R. A. Serota
2019: Stochastic mortality models: An infinite dimensional approach Downloads
Stefan Tappe and Stefan Weber
2019: Exponential stock models driven by tempered stable processes Downloads
Uwe K\"uchler and Stefan Tappe
2019: Tempered stable distributions and processes Downloads
Uwe K\"uchler and Stefan Tappe
2019: Real-world forward rate dynamics with affine realizations Downloads
Eckhard Platen and Stefan Tappe
2019: A global economic policy uncertainty index from principal component analysis Downloads
Peng-Fei Dai, Xiong Xiong and Wei-Xing Zhou
2019: Mathematical Analysis of Dynamic Risk Default in Microfinance Downloads
Mohammed Kaicer and Abdelilah Kaddar
2019: Statistical mechanics of time series Downloads
Riccardo Marcaccioli and Giacomo Livan
2019: Discrete Choice and Welfare Analysis with Unobserved Choice Sets Downloads
Victor H. Aguiar and Nail Kashaev
2019: Relationships between different Macroeconomic Variables using VECM Downloads
Saannidhya Rawat
2019: Nonlinear price dynamics of S&P 100 stocks Downloads
Gunduz Caginalp and Mark DeSantis
2019: Deep Reinforcement Learning in Financial Markets Downloads
Souradeep Chakraborty
2019: Ordinal Imitative Dynamics Downloads
George Loginov
2019: Systemic Optimal Risk Transfer Equilibrium Downloads
Francesca Biagini, Alessandro Doldi, Jean-Pierre Fouque, Marco Frittelli and Thilo Meyer-Brandis
2019: Tax- and expense-modified risk-minimization for insurance payment processes Downloads
Kristian Buchardt, Christian Furrer and Thomas M{\o}ller
2019: A Class of Solvable Multidimensional Stopping Problems in the Presence of Knightian Uncertainty Downloads
Luis H. R. Alvarez E. and S\"oren Christensen
2019: The evolving liaisons between the transaction networks of Bitcoin and its price dynamics Downloads
Alexandre Bovet, Carlo Campajola, Francesco Mottes, Valerio Restocchi, Nicol\`o Vallarano, Tiziano Squartini and Claudio J. Tessone
2019: Existence of L\'evy term structure models Downloads
Damir Filipovi\'c and Stefan Tappe
2019: Artificial Intelligence Alter Egos: Who benefits from Robo-investing? Downloads
Catherine D'Hondt, Rudy De Winne, Eric Ghysels and Steve Raymond
2019: Improving Detection of Credit Card Fraudulent Transactions using Generative Adversarial Networks Downloads
Hung Ba
2019: Common Decomposition of Correlated Brownian Motions and its Financial Applications Downloads
Tianyao Chen, Xue Cheng and Jingping Yang
2019: An alternative approach on the existence of affine realizations for HJM term structure models Downloads
Stefan Tappe
2019: Dynamic Mean-Variance Portfolio Optimisation Downloads
Xiang Meng
2019: Financial Time Series Data Processing for Machine Learning Downloads
Fabrice Daniel
2019: Identification of short-term and long-term time scales in stock markets and effect of structural break Downloads
Ajit Mahata, Debi Prasad Bal and Md Nurujjaman
2019: Forecasting security's volatility using low-frequency historical data, high-frequency historical data and option-implied volatility Downloads
Huiling Yuan, Yong Zhou, Zhiyuan Zhang and Xiangyu Cui
2019: Learning Threshold-Type Investment Strategies with Stochastic Gradient Method Downloads
Zsolt Nika and Mikl\'os R\'asonyi
2019: Random Forest Estimation of the Ordered Choice Model Downloads
Michael Lechner and Gabriel Okasa
2019: Existence of affine realizations for L\'evy term structure models Downloads
Stefan Tappe
2019: Heterogeneous Choice Sets and Preferences Downloads
Levon Barseghyan, Maura Coughlin, Francesca Molinari and Joshua Teitelbaum
2019: Emergent inequality and endogenous dynamics in a simple behavioral macroeconomic model Downloads
Yuki M. Asano, Jakob J. Kolb, Jobst Heitzig and J. Doyne Farmer
2019: Sensitivity of Estimation Precision to Moments with an Application to a Model of Joint Retirement Planning of Couples Downloads
Bo Honore, Thomas Jørgensen and Aureo de Paula
2019: Machine learning and behavioral economics for personalized choice architecture Downloads
Emir Hrnjic and Nikodem Tomczak
2019: Emergence of multiplicity of time scales in the modeling of climate, matter, life, and economy Downloads
Bernhelm Booss-Bavnbek, Rasmus Kristoffer Pedersen and Ulf R{\o}rb{\ae}k Pedersen
2019: Weak Limits of Random Coefficient Autoregressive Processes and their Application in Ruin Theory Downloads
Yuchao Dong and J\'er\^ome Spielmann
2019: P2P Loan acceptance and default prediction with Artificial Intelligence Downloads
Jeremy D. Turiel and Tomaso Aste
2019: Algorithms for Competitive Division of Chores Downloads
Simina Br\^anzei and Fedor Sandomirskiy
2019: Election predictions are arbitrage-free: response to Taleb Downloads
Aubrey Clayton
2019: Compact embeddings for spaces of forward rate curves Downloads
Stefan Tappe
2019: Smart network based portfolios Downloads
Gian Paolo Clemente, Rosanna Grassi and Asmerilda Hitaj
2019: Size matters for OTC market makers: viscosity approach and dimensionality reduction technique Downloads
Philippe Bergault and Olivier Gu\'eant
2019: Comparative analysis of layered structures in empirical investor networks and cellphone communication networks Downloads
Peng Wang, Jun-Chao Ma, Zhi-Qiang Jiang, Wei-Xing Zhou and Didier Sornette
2019: Simulation smoothing for nowcasting with large mixed-frequency VARs Downloads
Sebastian Ankargren and Paulina Jon\'eus
2019: Optimal Bookmaking Downloads
Matthew Lorig, Zhou Zhou and Bin Zou
2019: Permutation inference with a finite number of heterogeneous clusters Downloads
Andreas Hagemann
2019: Improved Forecasting of Cryptocurrency Price using Social Signals Downloads
Maria Glenski, Tim Weninger and Svitlana Volkova
2019: Dynamically Stable Matching Downloads
Laura Doval
2019: Informed Principal Problems in Bilateral Trading Downloads
Takeshi Nishimura
2019: Optimal Reinsurance and Investment Strategies under Mean-Variance Criteria: Partial and Full Information Downloads
Shihao Zhu and Jingtao Shi
2019: Signatures of crypto-currency market decoupling from the Forex Downloads
Stanis{\l}aw Dro\.zd\.z, Ludovico Minati, Pawe{\l} O\'swi\k{e}cimka, Marek Stanuszek and Marcin W\k{a}torek
2019: Evaluating the Performance of Machine Learning Algorithms in Financial Market Forecasting: A Comprehensive Survey Downloads
Lukas Ryll and Sebastian Seidens
2019: ProPublica's COMPAS Data Revisited Downloads
Matias Barenstein
2019: Automation and occupational mobility: A data-driven network model Downloads
R. Maria del Rio-Chanona, Penny Mealy, Mariano Beguerisse-D\'iaz, François Lafond and J. Doyne Farmer
2019: The Network Effect in Credit Concentration Risk Downloads
Davide Cellai and Trevor Fitzpatrick
2019: Resolving New Keynesian Anomalies with Wealth in the Utility Function Downloads
Pascal Michaillat and Emmanuel Saez
2019: Semi-Parametric Efficient Policy Learning with Continuous Actions Downloads
Mert Demirer, Vasilis Syrgkanis, Gregory Lewis and Victor Chernozhukov
2019: A Comment on "Estimating Dynamic Discrete Choice Models with Hyperbolic Discounting" by Hanming Fang and Yang Wang Downloads
Jaap H. Abbring and {\O}ystein Daljord
2019: Non-Asymptotic Inference in a Class of Optimization Problems Downloads
Joel Horowitz and Sokbae (Simon) Lee
2019: The paradox of monotone structural QRE Downloads
Rodrigo Velez and Alexander Brown
2019: On the consistency of jump-diffusion dynamics for FX rates under inversion Downloads
Federico Graceffa, Damiano Brigo and Andrea Pallavicini
2019: The mitigating role of regulation on the concentric patterns of broadband diffusion. The case of Finland Downloads
Jaume Benseny, Juuso T\"oyli, Heikki H\"amm\"ainen and Andr\'es Arcia-Moret
2019: Curriculum Learning in Deep Neural Networks for Financial Forecasting Downloads
Allison Koenecke and Amita Gajewar
2019: Certainty Equivalent and Utility Indifference Pricing for Incomplete Preferences via Convex Vector Optimization Downloads
Birgit Rudloff and Firdevs Ulus
2019: Anticipated impacts of Brexit scenarios on UK food prices using structured expert judgement: implications for policies on poverty and health Downloads
Martine J Barons and Willy Aspinall
2019: Dynamically optimal treatment allocation using Reinforcement Learning Downloads
Karun Adusumilli, Friedrich Geiecke and Claudio Schilter
2019: Heterogeneous Impact of the Minimum Wage: Implications for Changes in Between- and Within-group Inequality Downloads
Tatsushi Oka and Ken Yamada
2019: On occupation times in the red of L\'evy risk models Downloads
David Landriault, Bin Li and Mohamed Amine Lkabous
2019: Gaussian Process Regression for Pricing Variable Annuities with Stochastic Volatility and Interest Rate Downloads
Ludovic Gouden\`ege, Andrea Molent and Antonino Zanette
2019: Risk Management with Tail Quasi-Linear Means Downloads
Nicole B\"auerle and Tomer Shushi
2019: Fragmentation and inefficiencies in US equity markets: Evidence from the Dow 30 Downloads
Brian F. Tivnan, David Rushing Dewhurst, Colin M. Van Oort, John H. Ring, Tyler J. Gray, Brendan F. Tivnan, Matthew T. K. Koehler, Matthew T. McMahon, David Slater, Jason Veneman and Christopher M. Danforth
2019: A Bootstrap Test for the Existence of Moments for GARCH Processes Downloads
Alexander Heinemann
2019: Community Matters: Heterogeneous Impacts of a Sanitation Intervention Downloads
Laura Abramovsky, Britta Augsburg, Melanie L\"uhrmann, Francisco Oteiza and Juan Pablo Rud
2019: Dynamic tail inference with log-Laplace volatility Downloads
Gordon V. Chavez
2019: Optimal execution with dynamic risk adjustment Downloads
Xue Cheng, Marina Di Giacinto and Tai-Ho Wang
2019: Modified Causal Forests for Estimating Heterogeneous Causal Effects Downloads
Michael Lechner
2019: Calibrating rough volatility models: a convolutional neural network approach Downloads
Henry Stone
2019: Static vs Adaptive Strategies for Optimal Execution with Signals Downloads
Claudio Bellani, Damiano Brigo, Alex Done and Eyal Neuman
2019: Generalized Dynamic Factor Models and Volatilities: Consistency, rates, and prediction intervals Downloads
Matteo Barigozzi and Marc Hallin
2019: Robust risk aggregation with neural networks Downloads
Stephan Eckstein, Michael Kupper and Mathias Pohl
2019: Factor-Driven Two-Regime Regression Downloads
Sokbae (Simon) Lee, Yuan Liao, Myung Hwan Seo and Youngki Shin
2019: Term structure modeling for multiple curves with stochastic discontinuities Downloads
Claudio Fontana, Zorana Grbac, Sandrine G\"umbel and Thorsten Schmidt
2019: Forecasting Time Series with VARMA Recursions on Graphs Downloads
Elvin Isufi, Andreas Loukas, Nathanael Perraudin and Geert Leus
2019: Unbiased deep solvers for parametric PDEs Downloads
Marc Sabate Vidales, David Siska and Lukasz Szpruch
2019: Time consistency for scalar multivariate risk measures Downloads
Zachary Feinstein and Birgit Rudloff
2019: The new face of multifractality: Multi-branchness and the phase transitions in time series of inter-event times Downloads
Jaros{\l}aw Klamut, Ryszard Kutner, Tomasz Gubiec and Zbigniew R. Struzik
2019: Efficient Difference-in-Differences Estimation with High-Dimensional Common Trend Confounding Downloads
Michael Zimmert
2019: Non-exchangeability of copulas arising from shock models Downloads
Damjana Kokol Bukov\v{s}ek, Toma\v{z} Ko\v{s}ir, Bla\v{z} Moj\v{s}kerc and Matja\v{z} Omladi\v{c}
2019: Asymmetric linkages: maxmin vs. reflected maxmin copulas Downloads
Damjana Kokol Bukov\v{s}ek, Toma\v{z} Ko\v{s}ir, Bla\v{z} Moj\v{s}kerc and Matja\v{z} Omladi\v{c}
2019: Robust XVA Downloads
Maxim Bichuch, Agostino Capponi and Stephan Sturm
2019: Optimal stopping via reinforced regression Downloads
Denis Belomestny, John Schoenmakers, Vladimir Spokoiny and Bakhyt Zharkynbay
2019: The Evolution of Security Prices Is Not Stochastic but Governed by a Physicomathematical Law Downloads
Wally Tzara
2019: A hybrid econometric-machine learning approach for relative importance analysis: Prioritizing food policy Downloads
Akash Malhotra
2019: Dynamic risk measures on variable exponent Bochner--Lebesgue spaces Downloads
Fei Sun and Yijun Hu
2019: Introducing shrinkage in heavy-tailed state space models to predict equity excess returns Downloads
Florian Huber, Gregor Kastner and Michael Pfarrhofer
2019: Optimal investment for participating insurance contracts under VaR-Regulation Downloads
Thai Nguyen and Mitja Stadje
2019: Discrete dividend payments in continuous time Downloads
Jussi Keppo, Max Reppen and H. Mete Soner
2019: Dynkin games with Poisson random intervention times Downloads
Gechun Liang and Haodong Sun
2019: Analytical Validation Formulas for Best Estimate Calculation in Traditional Life Insurance Downloads
Simon Hochgerner and Florian Gach
2019: An Exact and Robust Conformal Inference Method for Counterfactual and Synthetic Controls Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Kaspar Wüthrich and Yinchu Zhu
2019: Player-Compatible Equilibrium Downloads
Drew Fudenberg and Kevin He
2019: Geometrically stopped Markovian random growth processes and Pareto tails Downloads
Brendan Beare and Alexis Akira Toda
2019: Polynomial Jump-Diffusion Models Downloads
Damir Filipovi\'c and Martin Larsson
2019: Tests for the weights of the global minimum variance portfolio in a high-dimensional setting Downloads
Taras Bodnar, Solomiia Dmytriv, Nestor Parolya and Wolfgang Schmid
2019: Estimation of Peer Effects in Endogenous Social Networks: Control Function Approach Downloads
Ida Johnsson and Hyungsik Roger Moon
2019: Density of the set of probability measures with the martingale representation property Downloads
Dmitry Kramkov and Sergio Pulido
2019: Payoff Information and Learning in Signaling Games Downloads
Drew Fudenberg and Kevin He
2019: On the existence of sure profits via flash strategies Downloads
Claudio Fontana, Markus Pelger and Eckhard Platen
2019: Indirect Inference with a Non-Smooth Criterion Function Downloads
David T. Frazier, Tatsushi Oka and Dan Zhu
2019: Model Misspecification in ABC: Consequences and Diagnostics Downloads
David T. Frazier, Christian P. Robert and Judith Rousseau
2019: Spectral backtests of forecast distributions with application to risk management Downloads
Michael Gordy and Alexander J. McNeil
2019: Oscillations in the Tsallis income distribution Downloads
Everton M. C. Abreu, Newton J. Moura, Abner D. Soares and Marcelo Ribeiro
2019: Shorting in Speculative Markets Downloads
Marcel Nutz and Jose Scheinkman
2019: Economic Neutral Position: How to best replicate not fully replicable liabilities Downloads
Andreas Kunz and Markus Popp
2019: Election Predictions as Martingales: An Arbitrage Approach Downloads
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
2019: Network Structure and Naive Sequential Learning Downloads
Krishna Dasaratha and Kevin He
2019: Securities Lending Strategies: Valuation of Term Loans using Option Theory Downloads
Ravi Kashyap
2019: Consistency of option prices under bid-ask spreads Downloads
Stefan Gerhold and I. Cetin G\"ul\"um
2019: Dual representations for systemic risk measures Downloads
\c{C}a\u{g}{\i}n Ararat and Birgit Rudloff
2019: Linear Credit Risk Models Downloads
Damien Ackerer and Damir Filipovi\'c
2019: The Perfect Marriage and Much More: Combining Dimension Reduction, Distance Measures and Covariance Downloads
Ravi Kashyap
2019: Securities Lending Strategies: Exclusive Valuations and Auction Bids Downloads
Ravi Kashyap
2019: A Tale of Two Consequences: Intended and Unintended Outcomes of the Japan TOPIX Tick Size Changes Downloads
Ravi Kashyap
2019: A Multifractal Analysis of Asian Foreign Exchange Markets Downloads
Gabjin Oh, Cheoljun Eom, Shlomo Havlin, Woo-Sung Jung, Fengzhong Wang, H. Eugene Stanley and Seunghwan Kim
2019: Special Drawing Rights in a New Decentralized Century Downloads
Andreas Veneris and Andreas Park
2019: Resolution of the St. Petersburg paradox using Von Mises axiom of randomness Downloads
Andrea Berdondini
2019: Optimistic Bull or Pessimistic Bear: Adaptive Deep Reinforcement Learning for Stock Portfolio Allocation Downloads
Xinyi Li, Yinchuan Li, Yuancheng Zhan and Xiao-Yang Liu
2019: Bounding Causes of Effects with Mediators Downloads
Philip Dawid, Macartan Humphreys and Monica Musio
2019: Regularities in stock markets Downloads
Abhin Kakkad, Harsh Vasoya and Arnab K. Ray
2019: Affine realizations with affine state processes for stochastic partial differential equations Downloads
Stefan Tappe
2019: Existence of affine realizations for stochastic partial differential equations driven by L\'evy processes Downloads
Stefan Tappe
2019: A weighted finite difference method for subdiffusive Black Scholes Model Downloads
Grzegorz Krzy\.zanowski, Marcin Magdziarz and {\L}ukasz P{\l}ociniczak
2019: Tracking VIX with VIX Futures: Portfolio Construction and Performance Downloads
Tim Leung and Brian Ward
2019: Relaxing the Exclusion Restriction in Shift-Share Instrumental Variable Estimation Downloads
Nicolas Apfel
2019: Detailed study of a moving average trading rule Downloads
Fernando F. Ferreira, A. Christian Silva and Ju-Yi Yen
2019: Why so many significant Phase 3 results in clinical trials? Downloads
J\'er\^ome Adda, Christian Decker and Marco Ottaviani
2019: Time-changed \levy processes and option pricing: a critical comment Downloads
Hasan Fallahgoul and Kihun Nam
2019: Katugampola Generalized Conformal Derivative Approach to Inada Conditions and Solow-Swan Economic Growth Model Downloads
G. Fern\'andez-Anaya, L. A. Quezada-T\'ellez, B. Nu\~nez-Zavala and D. Brun-Battistini
2019: Dealing with Stochastic Volatility in Time Series Using the R Package stochvol Downloads
Gregor Kastner
2019: Modeling Univariate and Multivariate Stochastic Volatility in R with stochvol and factorstochvol Downloads
Darjus Hosszejni and Gregor Kastner
2019: How to Evaluate Trading Strategies: Single Agent Market Replay or Multiple Agent Interactive Simulation? Downloads
Tucker Hybinette Balch, Mahmoud Mahfouz, Joshua Lockhart, Maria Hybinette and David Byrd
2019: Are cryptocurrency traders pioneers or just risk-seekers? Evidence from brokerage accounts Downloads
Matthias Pelster, Bastian Breitmayer and Tim Hasso
2019: A portfolio choice problem in the framework of expected utility operators Downloads
Irina Georgescu and Louis Aim\'e Fono
2019: Broken Detailed Balance and Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in Noisy Social Learning Models Downloads
Tushar Vaidya, Thiparat Chotibut and Georgios Piliouras
2019: Correlators of Polynomial Processes Downloads
Fred Espen Benth and Silvia Lavagnini
2019: Empirical Process Results for Exchangeable Arrays Downloads
Laurent Davezies, Xavier D'Haultfoeuille and Yannick Guyonvarch
2019: The Hamiltonian approach to the problem of derivation of production functions in economic growth theory Downloads
Roman G. Smirnov and Kunpeng Wang
2019: Proxy expenditure weights for Consumer Price Index: Audit sampling inference for big data statistics Downloads
Li-Chun Zhang
2019: A Triptych Approach for Reverse Stress Testing of Complex Portfolios Downloads
Pascal Traccucci, Luc Dumontier, Guillaume Garchery and Benjamin Jacot
2019: Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Liquidation Strategy Analysis Downloads
Wenhang Bao and Xiao-yang Liu
2019: The Coevolution of Banks and Corporate Securities Markets: The Financing of Belgium's Industrial Take-Off in the 1830s Downloads
Stefano Ugolini
2019: Estimation of the size of informal employment based on administrative records with non-ignorable selection mechanism Downloads
Maciej Ber\k{e}sewicz and Dagmara Nikulin
2019: European Option Pricing of electricity under exponential functional of L\'evy processes with Price-Cap principle Downloads
Martin Kegnenlezom, Patrice Takam Soh, Antoine-Marie Bogso and Yves Emvudu Wono
2019: The Syntax of the Accounting Language: A First Step Downloads
Frederico Botafogo
2019: On Capital Allocation under Time and Information Constraints Downloads
Christoph J. B\"orner, Ingo Hoffmann, Fabian Poetter and Tim Schmitz
2019: Forecasting the Remittances of the Overseas Filipino Workers in the Philippines Downloads
Merry Christ E. Manayaga and Roel F. Ceballos
2019: Dynamic time series clustering via volatility change-points Downloads
Nick Whiteley
2019: A Compact, Logical Approach to Large-Market Analysis Downloads
Yannai A. Gonczarowski, Scott Kominers and Ran I. Shorrer
2019: Against the Norm: Modeling Daily Stock Returns with the Laplace Distribution Downloads
David Toth and Bruce Jones
2019: Hybrid symbiotic organisms search feedforward neural network model for stock price prediction Downloads
Bradley J. Pillay and Absalom E. Ezugwu
2019: Long Run Feedback in the Broker Call Money Market Downloads
Alexander Garivaltis
2019: A New Solution to Market Definition: An Approach Based on Multi-dimensional Substitutability Statistics Downloads
Yan Yang
2019: Semi-parametric Realized Nonlinear Conditional Autoregressive Expectile and Expected Shortfall Downloads
Chao Wang and Richard Gerlach
2019: Most Important Fundamental Rule of Poker Strategy Downloads
Sam Ganzfried and Max Chiswick
2019: Relative Bound and Asymptotic Comparison of Expectile with Respect to Expected Shortfall Downloads
Samuel Drapeau and Mekonnen Tadese
2019: Business Taxonomy Construction Using Concept-Level Hierarchical Clustering Downloads
Haodong Bai, Frank Z. Xing, Erik Cambria and Win-Bin Huang
2019: Single-crossing Implementation Downloads
Nathann Cohenn, Edith Elkind and Foram Lakhani
2019: A Model of the Optimal Selection of Crypto Assets Downloads
Silvia Bartolucci and Andrei Kirilenko
2019: Semi-tractability of optimal stopping problems via a weighted stochastic mesh algorithm Downloads
D. Belomestny, M. Kaledin and J. Schoenmakers
2019: Suboptimal Provision of Privacy and Statistical Accuracy When They are Public Goods Downloads
John Abowd, Ian M. Schmutte, William Sexton and Lars Vilhuber
2019: Small-time and large-time smile behaviour for the Rough Heston model Downloads
Martin Forde, Stefan Gerhold and Benjamin Smith
2019: BERT-based Financial Sentiment Index and LSTM-based Stock Return Predictability Downloads
Joshua Zoen Git Hiew, Xin Huang, Hao Mou, Duan Li, Qi Wu and Yabo Xu
2019: A bibliometric analysis of Bitcoin scientific production Downloads
Ignasi Merediz-Sol\`a and Aurelio Fernandez Bariviera
2019: Macroscopic theorem of the portfolio optimization problem with a risk-free asset Downloads
Ippei Suzuki and Takashi Shinzato
2019: CostMAP: An open-source software package for developing cost surfaces Downloads
Brendan Hoover, Richard S. Middleton and Sean Yaw
2019: On the probability of a causal inference is robust for internal validity Downloads
Tenglong Li and Kenneth A. Frank
2019: A network approach to cartel detection in public auction markets Downloads
Johannes Wachs and J\'anos Kert\'esz
2019: Investment Ranking Challenge: Identifying the best performing stocks based on their semi-annual returns Downloads
Shanka Subhra Mondal, Sharada Prasanna Mohanty, Benjamin Harlander, Mehmet Koseoglu, Lance Rane, Kirill Romanov, Wei-Kai Liu, Pranoot Hatwar, Marcel Salathe and Joe Byrum
2019: Loan maturity aggregation in interbank lending networks obscures mesoscale structure and economic functions Downloads
Marnix Van Soom, Milan van den Heuvel, Jan Ryckebusch and Koen Schoors
2019: The Age-Period-Cohort-Interaction Model for Describing and Investigating Inter-Cohort Deviations and Intra-Cohort Life-Course Dynamics Downloads
Liying Luo and James Hodges
2019: Predicting Patent Citations to measure Economic Impact of Scholarly Research Downloads
Abdul Rahman Shaikh and Hamed Alhoori
2019: From Local to Global: External Validity in a Fertility Natural Experiment Downloads
Rajeev Dehejia, Cristian Pop-Eleches and Cyrus Samii
2019: Multi-Likelihood Methods for Developing Stock Relationship Networks Using Financial Big Data Downloads
Xue Guo, Hu Zhang and Tianhai Tian
2019: Forecasting the US GDP Components in the short run Downloads
Saulius Jokubaitis and Dmitrij Celov
2019: Nonparametric estimation in a regression model with additive and multiplicative noise Downloads
Christophe Chesneau, Salima El Kolei, Junke Kou and Fabien Navarro
2019: The Impact of Ambiguity on the Optimal Exercise Timing of Integral Option Contracts Downloads
Luis H. R. Alvarez E. and S\"oren Christensen
2019: When Risks and Uncertainties Collide: Mathematical Finance for Arbitrage Markets in a Quantum Mechanical View Downloads
Simone Farinelli and Hideyuki Takada
2019: Decomposition formula for jump diffusion models Downloads
Raul Merino, Jan Posp\'i\v{s}il, Tom\'a\v{s} Sobotka and Josep Vives
2019: A Bewley-Huggett model with many consumption goods Downloads
Bar Light
2019: Shape Matters: Evidence from Machine Learning on Body Shape-Income Relationship Downloads
Suyong Song and Stephen S. Baek
2019: A Clark-Ocone type formula via Ito calculus and its application to finance Downloads
Takuji Arai and Ryoichi Suzuki
2019: lpdensity: Local Polynomial Density Estimation and Inference Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Michael Jansson and Xinwei Ma
2019: Option Pricing via Multi-path Autoregressive Monte Carlo Approach Downloads
Wei-Cheng Chen and Wei-Ho Chung
2019: Long-run risk sensitive dyadic impulse control Downloads
Marcin Pitera and {\L}ukasz Stettner
2019: Variants of the Smith-Wilson method with a view towards applications Downloads
Thomas Viehmann
2019: Model Risk in Credit Risk Downloads
Roberto Fontana, Elisa Luciano and Patrizia Semeraro
2019: The winner takes it all -- How to win network globalization Downloads
Chengyuan Han, Dirk Witthaut, Marc Timme and Malte Schr\"oder
2019: An agent-based model for designing a financial market that works well Downloads
Takanobu Mizuta
2019: Stochastic PDEs for large portfolios with general mean-reverting volatility processes Downloads
Ben Hambly and Nikolaos Kolliopoulos
2019: Information-theoretic measures for non-linear causality detection: application to social media sentiment and cryptocurrency prices Downloads
Z. Keskin and T. Aste
2019: Sparse Approximate Factor Estimation for High-Dimensional Covariance Matrices Downloads
Maurizio Daniele, Winfried Pohlmeier and Aygul Zagidullina
2019: Time scales in stock markets Downloads
Ajit Mahata and Md Nurujjaman
2019: From asymptotic properties of general point processes to the ranking of financial agents Downloads
Othmane Mounjid, Mathieu Rosenbaum and Pamela Saliba
2019: Neural Network Models for Stock Selection Based on Fundamental Analysis Downloads
Yuxuan Huang, Luiz Fernando Capretz and Danny Ho
2019: The pattern of economies green growth: The role of path dependency in Green Economy expansion Downloads
Seyyedmilad Talebzadehhosseini, Steven R. Scheinert, Amirarsalan Rajabi, Mostafa Saeidi and Ivan Garibay
2019: Nonparametric Identification and Estimation with Independent, Discrete Instruments Downloads
Isaac Loh
2019: The Case for Long-Only Agnostic Allocation Portfolios Downloads
Pierre-Alain Reigneron, Vincent Nguyen, Stefano Ciliberti, Philip Seager and Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
2019: Deep Smoothing of the Implied Volatility Surface Downloads
Damien Ackerer, Natasa Tagasovska and Thibault Vatter
2019: Selecting stock pairs for pairs trading while incorporating lead-lag relationship Downloads
Kartikay Gupta and Niladri Chatterjee
2019: Generalized Beta Prime Distribution: Stochastic Model of Economic Exchange and Properties of Inequality Indices Downloads
M. Dashti Moghaddam, Jeffrey Mills and R. A. Serota
2019: Towards Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Limit Order Book Dynamics Downloads
Jacobo Roa-Vicens, Cyrine Chtourou, Angelos Filos, Francisco Rullan, Yarin Gal and Ricardo Silva
2019: Ergodicity-breaking reveals time optimal economic behavior in humans Downloads
David Meder, Finn Rabe, Tobias Morville, Kristoffer H. Madsen, Magnus T. Koudahl, Ray J. Dolan, Hartwig R. Siebner and Oliver J. Hulme
2019: Bias-Aware Inference in Fuzzy Regression Discontinuity Designs Downloads
Claudia Noack and Christoph Rothe
2019: Regional economic convergence and spatial quantile regression Downloads
Alfredo Cartone, Geoffrey Hewings and Paolo Postiglione
2019: Bayesian Estimation of Economic Simulation Models using Neural Networks Downloads
Donovan Platt
2019: Extending Deep Learning Models for Limit Order Books to Quantile Regression Downloads
Zihao Zhang, Stefan Zohren and Stephen Roberts
2019: Likelihood Evaluation of Jump-Diffusion Models Using Deterministic Nonlinear Filters Downloads
Jean-Fran\c{c}ois B\'egin and Mathieu Boudreault
2019: The Regression Discontinuity Design Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Rocio Titiunik and Gonzalo Vazquez-Bare
2019: Efficient Bayesian estimation for GARCH-type models via Sequential Monte Carlo Downloads
Dan Li, Adam Clements and Christopher Drovandi
2019: A sensitivity analysis of the long-term expected utility of optimal portfolios Downloads
Hyungbin Park and Stephan Sturm
2019: A Note on Equilibrium Uniqueness in Cournot Competition with Demand Uncertainty Downloads
Stefanos Leonardos and Costis Melolidakis
2019: Deep learning calibration of option pricing models: some pitfalls and solutions Downloads
A Itkin
2019: The Effects of the Introduction of Bitcoin Futures on the Volatility of Bitcoin Returns Downloads
Wonse Kim, Junseok Lee and Kyungwon Kang
2019: An optimal transport problem with backward martingale constraints motivated by insider trading Downloads
Dmitry Kramkov and Yan Xu
2019: Clustering Degree-Corrected Stochastic Block Model with Outliers Downloads
Xin Qian, Yudong Chen and Andreea Minca
2019: Addictive Auctions: using lucky-draw and gambling addiction to increase participation during auctioning Downloads
Ravin Kumar
2019: The varying importance of extrinsic factors in the success of startup fundraising: competition at early-stage and networks at growth-stage Downloads
Clement Gastaud, Theophile Carniel and Jean-Michel Dalle
2019: A comparison principle between rough and non-rough Heston models - with applications to the volatility surface Downloads
Martin Keller-Ressel and Assad Majid
2019: Battling Antibiotic Resistance: Can Machine Learning Improve Prescribing? Downloads
Michael Allan Ribers and Hannes Ullrich
2019: Market Implementation of Multiple-Arrival Multiple-Deadline Differentiated Energy Services Downloads
Yanfang Mo, Wei Chen, Li Qiu and Pravin Varaiya
2019: The interplay between migrants and natives as a determinant of migrants' assimilation: A coevolutionary approach Downloads
Jakub Bielawski and Marcin Jakubek
2019: Counterfactual Inference for Consumer Choice Across Many Product Categories Downloads
Rob Donnelly, Francisco R. Ruiz, David Blei and Susan Athey
2019: Funding Adjustments in Equity Linear Products Downloads
Stefania Gabrielli, Andrea Pallavicini and Stefano Scoleri
2019: Deep PPDEs for rough local stochastic volatility Downloads
Antoine Jacquier and Mugad Oumgari
2019: The route to chaos in routing games: Population increase drives period-doubling instability, chaos & inefficiency with Price of Anarchy equal to one Downloads
Thiparat Chotibut, Fryderyk Falniowski, Micha{\l} Misiurewicz and Georgios Piliouras
2019: The emerging sectoral diversity of startup ecosystems Downloads
Clement Gastaud, Theophile Carniel and Jean-Michel Dalle
2019: Risk-Sensitive Compact Decision Trees for Autonomous Execution in Presence of Simulated Market Response Downloads
Svitlana Vyetrenko and Shaojie Xu
2019: Implied and Realized Volatility: A Study of Distributions and the Distribution of Difference Downloads
M. Dashti Moghaddam, Jiong Liu and R. A. Serota
2019: Mapping the Sahelian Space Downloads
Olivier Walther and Denis Retaille
2019: Game-Theoretic Optimal Portfolios in Continuous Time Downloads
Alexander Garivaltis
2019: (In)Stability for the Blockchain: Deleveraging Spirals and Stablecoin Attacks Downloads
Ariah Klages-Mundt and Andreea Minca
2019: Bayesian nonparametric graphical models for time-varying parameters VAR Downloads
Matteo Iacopini and Luca Rossini
2019: The temporal evolution of venture investment strategies in sector space Downloads
Theophile Carniel, Clement Gastaud and Jean-Michel Dalle
2019: Neural Learning of Online Consumer Credit Risk Downloads
Di Wang, Qi Wu and Wen Zhang
2019: Indirect Inference for Locally Stationary Models Downloads
David Frazier and Bonsoo Koo
2019: Assessing Disparate Impacts of Personalized Interventions: Identifiability and Bounds Downloads
Nathan Kallus and Angela Zhou
2019: Trading in Complex Networks Downloads
Felipe M. Cardoso, Carlos Gracia-Lazaro, Frederic Moisan, Sanjeev Goyal, Angel Sanchez and Yamir Moreno
2019: Stress Testing Network Reconstruction via Graphical Causal Model Downloads
Helder Rojas and David Dias
2019: Generalized Expected Discounted Penalty Function at General Drawdown for L\'{e}vy Risk Processes Downloads
Wenyuan Wang, Ping Chen and Shuanming Li
2019: Fair Pricing of Variable Annuities with Guarantees under the Benchmark Approach Downloads
Jin Sun, Kevin Fergusson, Eckhard Platen and Pavel V. Shevchenko
2019: Contagion in Bitcoin networks Downloads
C\'elestin Coquid\'e, Jos\'e Lages and Dima L. Shepelyansky
2019: Kinetic Market Model: An Evolutionary Algorithm Downloads
Evandro Luquini and Nizam Omar
2019: Two Resolutions of the Margin Loan Pricing Puzzle Downloads
Alexander Garivaltis
2019: The Laws of Motion of the Broker Call Rate in the United States Downloads
Alexander Garivaltis
2019: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Entrepreneurship: A New Era Has Begun Downloads
Martin Obschonka and David B. Audretsch
2019: The Theory of Weak Revealed Preference Downloads
Victor H. Aguiar, Per Hjertstrand and Roberto Serrano
2019: Conventions and Coalitions in Repeated Games Downloads
S. Nageeb Ali and Ce Liu
2019: nprobust: Nonparametric Kernel-Based Estimation and Robust Bias-Corrected Inference Downloads
Sebastian Calonico, Matias Cattaneo and Max H. Farrell
2019: A simple and efficient numerical method for pricing discretely monitored early-exercise options Downloads
Min Huang and Guo Luo
2019: Pricing of counterparty risk and funding with CSA discounting, portfolio effects and initial margin Downloads
Francesca Biagini, Alessandro Gnoatto and Immacolata Oliva
2019: Revisiting Feller Diffusion: Derivation and Simulation Downloads
Ranjiva Munasinghe, Leslie Kanthan and Pathum Kossinna
2019: Machine Learning Estimation of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects with Instruments Downloads
Vasilis Syrgkanis, Victor Lei, Miruna Oprescu, Maggie Hei, Keith Battocchi and Gregory Lewis
2019: Real-time Prediction of Bitcoin Bubble Crashes Downloads
Min Shu and Wei Zhu
2019: Detection of Chinese Stock Market Bubbles with LPPLS Confidence Indicator Downloads
Min Shu and Wei Zhu
2019: Diagnosis and Prediction of the 2015 Chinese Stock Market Bubble Downloads
Min Shu and Wei Zhu
2019: Machine Learning for Pricing American Options in High-Dimensional Markovian and non-Markovian models Downloads
Ludovic Gouden\`ege, Andrea Molent and Antonino Zanette
2019: Unconventional Exchange: Methods for Statistical Analysis of Virtual Goods Downloads
Oliver James Scholten, Peter Cowling, Kenneth A. Hawick and James Alfred Walker
2019: Interdependence of sectors of economic activities for world countries from the reduced Google matrix analysis of WTO data Downloads
C\'elestin Coquid\'e, Jos\'e Lages and Dima L. Shepelyansky
2019: Asset Pricing with General Transaction Costs: Theory and Numerics Downloads
Lukas Gonon, Johannes Muhle-Karbe and Xiaofei Shi
2019: Computing a Data Dividend Downloads
Eric Bax
2019: Gated deep neural networks for implied volatility surfaces Downloads
Yu Zheng, Yongxin Yang and Bowei Chen
2019: The Black-Scholes Equation in Presence of Arbitrage Downloads
Simone Farinelli and Hideyuki Takada
2019: A Pyramid Scheme Model Based on "Consumption Rebate" Frauds Downloads
Yong Shi, Bo Li and Wen Long
2019: Averaging plus Learning in financial markets Downloads
Ionel Popescu and Tushar Vaidya
2019: Pricing under Fairness Concerns Downloads
Erik Eyster, Kristof Madarasz and Pascal Michaillat
2019: Feature Engineering for Mid-Price Prediction with Deep Learning Downloads
Adamantios Ntakaris, Giorgio Mirone, Juho Kanniainen, Moncef Gabbouj and Alexandros Iosifidis
2019: Deep Learning in Asset Pricing Downloads
Luyang Chen, Markus Pelger and Jason Zhu
2019: Measuring Differences in Stochastic Network Structure Downloads
Eric Auerbach
2019: A simple Online Fair Division problem Downloads
Anna Bogomolnaia, Herve Moulin and Fedor Sandomirskiy
2019: Unravelling the forces underlying urban industrial agglomeration Downloads
Neave O'Clery, Samuel Heroy, Francois Hulot and Mariano Beguerisse-D\'iaz
2019: Transaction Cost Analytics for Corporate Bonds Downloads
Xin Guo, Charles-Albert Lehalle and Renyuan Xu
2019: The fractional and mixed-fractional CEV model Downloads
Axel A. Araneda
2019: Nowcasting Recessions using the SVM Machine Learning Algorithm Downloads
Alexander James, Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa and Xiao Qiao
2019: On the monotonicity of the eigenvector method Downloads
L\'aszl\'o Csat\'o and D\'ora Gr\'eta Petr\'oczy
2019: Market fragmentation and market consolidation: Multiple steady states in systems of adaptive traders choosing where to trade Downloads
Aleksandra Alori\'c and Peter Sollich
2019: Equilibrium Asset Pricing with Transaction Costs Downloads
Martin Herdegen, Johannes Muhle-Karbe and Dylan Possama\"i
2019: Non-Parametric Inference Adaptive to Intrinsic Dimension Downloads
Khashayar Khosravi, Gregory Lewis and Vasilis Syrgkanis
2019: A dynamic dual representation of the buyer's price of American options in a nonlinear incomplete market Downloads
Roxana Dumitrescu
2019: Practical and robust $t$-test based inference for synthetic control and related methods Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Kaspar Wüthrich and Yinchu Zhu
2019: Does Random Consideration Explain Behavior when Choice is Hard? Evidence from a Large-scale Experiment Downloads
Victor Aguiar, Maria Jose Boccardi Chalela, Nail Kashaev and Jeongbin Kim
2019: Multifractal cross-correlations between the World Oil and other Financial Markets in 2012-2017 Downloads
Marcin W\k{a}torek, Stanis{\l}aw Dro\.zd\.z, Pawe{\l} O\'swi\c{e}cimka and Marek Stanuszek
2019: Change of Measure in Midcurve Pricing Downloads
K. E. Feldman
2019: Systemic risk measures with markets volatility Downloads
Fei Sun and Yijun Hu
2019: Infinitesimal perturbation analysis for risk measures based on the Smith max-stable random field Downloads
Erwan Koch and Christian Y. Robert
2019: Path Dependent Optimal Transport and Model Calibration on Exotic Derivatives Downloads
Ivan Guo and Gregoire Loeper
2019: Using Column Generation to Solve Extensions to the Markowitz Model Downloads
Lorenz M. Roebers, Aras Selvi and Juan C. Vera
2019: Simple Local Polynomial Density Estimators Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Michael Jansson and Xinwei Ma
2019: Long-run Consequences of Health Insurance Promotion When Mandates are Not Enforceable: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Ghana Downloads
Patrick Asuming, Hyuncheol Bryant Kim and Armand Sim
2019: Technical Analysis and Discrete False Discovery Rate: Evidence from MSCI Indices Downloads
Georgios Sermpinis, Arman Hassanniakalager, Charalampos Stasinakis and Ioannis Psaradellis
2019: Nonparametric maximum likelihood methods for binary response models with random coefficients Downloads
Jiaying Gu and Roger Koenker
2019: Enhancing Stock Movement Prediction with Adversarial Training Downloads
Fuli Feng, Huimin Chen, Xiangnan He, Ji Ding, Maosong Sun and Tat-Seng Chua
2019: Optimal hedging under fast-varying stochastic volatility Downloads
Josselin Garnier and Knut Solna
2019: Forecasting financial crashes with quantum computing Downloads
Roman Orus, Samuel Mugel and Enrique Lizaso
2019: Dynkin games with incomplete and asymmetric information Downloads
Tiziano De Angelis, Erik Ekstr\"om and Kristoffer Glover
2019: Fast Super-Paramagnetic Clustering Downloads
Lionel Yelibi and Tim Gebbie
2019: Empirical Survival Jensen-Shannon Divergence as a Goodness-of-Fit Measure for Maximum Likelihood Estimation and Curve Fitting Downloads
Mark Levene and Aleksejus Kononovicius
2019: Matching in Dynamic Imbalanced Markets Downloads
Itai Ashlagi, Afshin Nikzad and Philipp Strack
2019: On expansions for the Black-Scholes prices and hedge parameters Downloads
Jean-Philippe Aguilar
2019: Continuous viscosity solutions to linear-quadratic stochastic control problems with singular terminal state constraint Downloads
Ulrich Horst and Xiaonyu Xia
2019: A Dichotomous Analysis of Unemployment Welfare Downloads
Xingwei Hu
2019: Limit order books, diffusion approximations and reflected SPDEs: from microscopic to macroscopic models Downloads
Ben Hambly, Jasdeep Kalsi and James Newbury
2019: Inventory Management for High-Frequency Trading with Imperfect Competition Downloads
Sebastian Herrmann, Johannes Muhle-Karbe, Dapeng Shang and Chen Yang
2019: DeepLOB: Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Limit Order Books Downloads
Zihao Zhang, Stefan Zohren and Stephen Roberts
2019: Gaussian stochastic volatility models: Scaling regimes, large deviations, and moment explosions Downloads
Archil Gulisashvili
2019: Local Linear Forests Downloads
Rina Friedberg, Julie Tibshirani, Susan Athey and Stefan Wager
2019: Nash equilibrium for risk-averse investors in a market impact game with transient price impact Downloads
Xiangge Luo and Alexander Schied
2019: Optimal investment and consumption with forward preferences and uncertain parameters Downloads
Wing Fung Chong and Gechun Liang
2019: Quasiconvex risk measures with markets volatility Downloads
Fei Sun and Yijun Hu
2019: Market Making and Latency Downloads
Xuefeng Gao and Yunhan Wang
2019: Large Sample Properties of Partitioning-Based Series Estimators Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Max H. Farrell and Yingjie Feng
2019: Spatial risk measures and rate of spatial diversification Downloads
Erwan Koch
2019: Dynamics of Wealth Inequality Downloads
Zdzislaw Burda, Pawel Wojcieszak and Konrad Zuchniak
2019: Towards a General Large Sample Theory for Regularized Estimators Downloads
Michael Jansson and Demian Pouzo
2019: SHOPPER: A Probabilistic Model of Consumer Choice with Substitutes and Complements Downloads
Francisco J. R. Ruiz, Susan Athey and David M. Blei
2019: Identification and Estimation of Spillover Effects in Randomized Experiments Downloads
Gonzalo Vazquez-Bare
2019: Stochastic Gradient Descent in Continuous Time: A Central Limit Theorem Downloads
Justin Sirignano and Konstantinos Spiliopoulos
2019: Distributions of Centrality on Networks Downloads
Krishna Dasaratha
2019: Markov cubature rules for polynomial processes Downloads
Damir Filipovi\'c, Martin Larsson and Sergio Pulido
2019: Discrete-type approximations for non-Markovian optimal stopping problems: Part II Downloads
S\'ergio C. Bezerra, Alberto Ohashi, Francesco Russo and Francys de Souza
2019: Discrete-type approximations for non-Markovian optimal stopping problems: Part I Downloads
Dorival Le\~ao, Alberto Ohashi and Francesco Russo
2019: Sampling-based vs. Design-based Uncertainty in Regression Analysis Downloads
Alberto Abadie, Susan Athey, Guido W. Imbens and Jeffrey Wooldridge
2019: Compressing Over-the-Counter Markets Downloads
Marco D'Errico and Tarik Roukny
2019: Bootstrap-Based Inference for Cube Root Asymptotics Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Michael Jansson and Kenichi Nagasawa
2019: Skewed target range strategy for multiperiod portfolio optimization using a two-stage least squares Monte Carlo method Downloads
Rongju Zhang, Nicolas Langren\'e, Yu Tian, Zili Zhu, Fima Klebaner and Kais Hamza
2019: A Dual Method For Backward Stochastic Differential Equations with Application to Risk Valuation Downloads
Andrzej Ruszczynski and Jianing Yao
2019: Dynamic portfolio optimization with liquidity cost and market impact: a simulation-and-regression approach Downloads
Rongju Zhang, Nicolas Langren\'e, Yu Tian, Zili Zhu, Fima Klebaner and Kais Hamza
2019: On the monotone stability approach to BSDEs with jumps: Extensions, concrete criteria and examples Downloads
Dirk Becherer, Martin B\"uttner and Klebert Kentia
2019: Optimal Liquidation under Partial Information with Price Impact Downloads
Katia Colaneri, Zehra Eksi, R\"udiger Frey and Michaela Sz\"olgyenyi
2019: Confidence Intervals for Projections of Partially Identified Parameters Downloads
Hiroaki Kaido, Francesca Molinari and Jörg Stoye
2019: Can You hear the Shape of a Market? Geometric Arbitrage and Spectral Theory Downloads
Simone Farinelli and Hideyuki Takada
2019: The Long-Term Swap Rate and a General Analysis of Long-Term Interest Rates Downloads
Francesca Biagini, Alessandro Gnoatto and Maximilian H\"artel
2019: Credit Bubbles in Arbitrage Markets: The Geometric Arbitrage Approach to Credit Risk Downloads
Simone Farinelli and Hideyuki Takada
2019: Asymptotic distribution of the Markowitz portfolio Downloads
Steven E. Pav
2019: Analysis of multilevel Monte Carlo path simulation using the Milstein discretisation Downloads
Michael B. Giles, Kristian Debrabant and Andreas R\"o{\ss}ler
2019: Exponential utility with non-negative consumption Downloads
Roman Muraviev
2019: Network and Agent Dynamics with Evolving Protection against Systemic Risk Downloads
Chulwook Park
2019: Learned Sectors: A fundamentals-driven sector reclassification project Downloads
Rukmal Weerawarana, Yiyi Zhu and Yuzhen He
2019: Invoice Financing of Supply Chains with Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence Downloads
Sandra Johnson, Peter Robinson, Kishore Atreya and Claudio Lisco
2019: Towards Improved Generalization in Financial Markets with Synthetic Data Generation Downloads
Brandon Da Silva and Sylvie Shang Shi
2019: Optimal Dynamic Strategies on Gaussian Returns Downloads
Nick Firoozye and Adriano Koshiyama
2019: Sentiment-Driven Stochastic Volatility Model: A High-Frequency Textual Tool for Economists Downloads
Jozef Baruník, Cathy Yi-Hsuan Chen and Jan Vecer
2019: Counterfactual Analysis under Partial Identification Using Locally Robust Refinement Downloads
Nathan Canen and Kyungchul Song
2019: On Policy Evaluation with Aggregate Time-Series Shocks Downloads
Dmitry Arkhangelsky and Vasily Korovkin
2019: Characterizing Shadow Price via Lagrangian Multiplier for Nonsmooth Problem Downloads
Yan Gao
2019: Labor Market Outcomes and Early Schooling: Evidence from School Entry Policies Using Exact Date of Birth Downloads
Pedro Cavalcante Oliveira and Daniel Duque
2019: Nonparametric Sample Splitting Downloads
Yoonseok Lee and Yulong Wang
2019: The Income Fluctuation Problem and the Evolution of Wealth Downloads
Qingyin Ma, John Stachurski and Alexis Akira Toda
2019: Heterogeneity in demand and optimal price conditioning for local rail transport Downloads
Evgeniy Ozhegov and Alina Ozhegova
2019: Detectability, Duality, and Surplus Extraction Downloads
Giuseppe Lopomo, Luca Rigotti and Chris Shannon
2019: Robust measurement of innovation performances in Europe with a hierarchy of interacting composite indicators Downloads
Salvatore Corrente, Ana Garcia-Bernabeu, Salvatore Greco and Teemu Makkonen
2019: On the many-to-one strongly stable fractional matching set Downloads
Pablo Neme and Jorge Oviedo
2019: Deep Generalized Method of Moments for Instrumental Variable Analysis Downloads
Andrew Bennett, Nathan Kallus and Tobias Schnabel
2019: An assets-liabilities dynamical model of banking system and systemic risk governance Downloads
Lorella Fatone and Francesca Mariani
2019: Centered and non-centered variance inflation factor Downloads
Rom\'an Salmer\'on G\'omez and Catalina Garc\'ia Garc\'ia y Jos\'e Garc\'ia P\'erez
2019: Heuristics in Multi-Winner Approval Voting Downloads
Jaelle Scheuerman, Jason L. Harman, Nicholas Mattei and K. Brent Venable
2019: Matching on What Matters: A Pseudo-Metric Learning Approach to Matching Estimation in High Dimensions Downloads
Gentry Johnson, Brian Quistorff and Matt Goldman
2019: Monetary Stabilization in Cryptocurrencies - Design Approaches and Open Questions Downloads
Ingolf G. A. Pernice, Sebastian Henningsen, Roman Proskalovich, Martin Florian, Hermann Elendner and Bj\"orn Scheuermann
2019: Graph-based era segmentation of international financial integration Downloads
Cécile Bastidon, Antoine Parent, Pablo Jensen, Patrice Abry and Pierre Borgnat
2019: Many-player games of optimal consumption and investment under relative performance criteria Downloads
Daniel Lacker and Agathe Soret
2019: Perception towards Electric Vehicles and the Impact on Consumers' Preference Downloads
Milad Ghasri, Ali Ardeshiri and Taha Rashidi
2019: Local Asymptotic Equivalence of the Bai and Ng (2004) and Moon and Perron (2004) Frameworks for Panel Unit Root Testing Downloads
Oliver Wichert, I. Gaia Becheri, Feike C. Drost and Ramon van den Akker
2019: Contest Architecture with Public Disclosures Downloads
Toomas Hinnosaar
2019: Score-Driven Exponential Random Graphs: A New Class of Time-Varying Parameter Models for Dynamical Networks Downloads
Domenico Di Gangi, Giacomo Bormetti and Fabrizio Lillo
2019: Inducing Sparsity and Shrinkage in Time-Varying Parameter Models Downloads
Florian Huber, Gary Koop and Luca Onorante
2019: How big should a Stress Shock be? Downloads
David G Maher
2019: Variable annuities in a L\'evy-based hybrid model with surrender risk Downloads
Laura Ballotta, Ernst Eberlein, Thorsten Schmidt and Raghid Zeineddine
2019: Technological Learning and Innovation Gestation Lags at the Frontier of Science: from CERN Procurement to Patent Downloads
Andrea Bastianin, Paolo Castelnovo, Massimo Florio and Anna Giunta
2019: Cheating in Ranking Systems Downloads
Lihi Dery, Dror Hermel and Artyom Jelnov
2019: The perils of automated fitting of datasets: the case of a wind turbine cost model Downloads
Claude Kl\"ockl, Katharina Gruber, Peter Regner, Sebastian Wehrle and Johannes Schmidt
2019: Predicting and Forecasting the Price of Constituents and Index of Cryptocurrency Using Machine Learning Downloads
Reaz Chowdhury, M. Arifur Rahman, M. Sohel Rahman and M. R. C. Mahdy
2019: Empirical bias of extreme-price auctions: analysis Downloads
Rodrigo Velez and Alexander Brown
2019: Testing Sharpe ratio: luck or skill? Downloads
Eric Benhamou, David Saltiel, Beatrice Guez and Nicolas Paris
2019: Risk-Sensitive Credit Portfolio Optimization under Partial Information and Contagion Risk Downloads
Lijun Bo, Huafu Liao and Xiang Yu
2019: Demand forecasting techniques for build-to-order lean manufacturing supply chains Downloads
Rodrigo Rivera-Castro, Ivan Nazarov, Yuke Xiang, Alexander Pletneev, Ivan Maksimov and Evgeny Burnaev
2019: Conformal Prediction Interval Estimations with an Application to Day-Ahead and Intraday Power Markets Downloads
Christopher Kath and Florian Ziel
2019: Time Series Analysis and Forecasting of the US Housing Starts using Econometric and Machine Learning Model Downloads
Sudiksha Joshi
2019: Nonparametric Instrumental Regressions with (Potentially Discrete) Instruments Independent of the Error Term Downloads
Samuele Centorrino, Fr\'ed\'erique F\`eve and Jean-Pierre Florens
2019: Spectral risk measures and uncertainty Downloads
Mohammed Berkhouch, Ghizlane Lakhnati and Marcelo Brutti Righi
2019: Nestedness in complex networks: Observation, emergence, and implications Downloads
Manuel Sebastian Mariani, Zhuo-Ming Ren, Jordi Bascompte and Claudio Juan Tessone
2019: Convolutional Feature Extraction and Neural Arithmetic Logic Units for Stock Prediction Downloads
Shangeth Rajaa and Jajati Keshari Sahoo
2019: Driver Surge Pricing Downloads
Nikhil Garg and Hamid Nazerzadeh
2019: A Nonlocal Approach to The Quantum Kolmogorov Backward Equation and Links to Noncommutative Geometry Downloads
Will Hicks
2019: Cointegration in high frequency data Downloads
Simon Clinet and Yoann Potiron
2019: The Empirical Saddlepoint Estimator Downloads
Benjamin Holcblat and Fallaw Sowell
2019: Options to Receive Retirement Gratuity Downloads
Reason Machete
2019: Playing with ghosts in a Dynkin game Downloads
Tiziano De Angelis and Erik Ekstr\"om
2019: Improving Regression-based Event Study Analysis Using a Topological Machine-learning Method Downloads
Takashi Yamashita and Ryozo Miura
2019: Parallel Search for Information Downloads
T. Tony Ke, Wenpin Tang, J. Miguel Villas-Boas and Yuming Zhang
2019: Dynamic model of firms competitive interaction on the market with taxation Downloads
Oleg Malafeyev, Eduard Abramyan and Andrey Shulga
2019: Higher order approximation of call option prices under stochastic volatility models Downloads
Archil Gulisashvili, Ra\'ul Merino, Marc Lagunas and Josep Vives
2019: Inverting the Markovian projection, with an application to local stochastic volatility models Downloads
Daniel Lacker, Mykhaylo Shkolnikov and Jiacheng Zhang
2019: Computational Socioeconomics Downloads
Jian Gao, Yi-Cheng Zhang and Tao Zhou
2019: Analyzing Subjective Well-Being Data with Misclassification Downloads
Ekaterina Oparina and Sorawoot Srisuma
2019: What is the Minimal Systemic Risk in Financial Exposure Networks? Downloads
Christian Diem, Anton Pichler and Stefan Thurner
2019: Reduced Form Capital Optimization Downloads
Yadong Li, Dimitri Offengenden and Jan Burgy
2019: Efficient computation of mean reverting portfolios using cyclical coordinate descent Downloads
Théophile Griveau-Billion and Ben Calderhead
2019: The connection between multiple prices of an Option at a given time with single prices defined at different times: The concept of weak-value in quantum finance Downloads
Ivan Arraut, Alan Au, Alan Ching-biu Tse and Carlos Segovia
2019: Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Beliefs and Illiquidity Downloads
Johannes Muhle-Karbe, Marcel Nutz and Xiaowei Tan
2019: Approximation of Optimal Transport problems with marginal moments constraints Downloads
Aur\'elien Alfonsi, Rafa\"el Coyaud, Virginie Ehrlacher and Damiano Lombardi
2019: A Solvable Two-dimensional Optimal Stopping Problem in the Presence of Ambiguity Downloads
S\"oren Christensen and Luis H. R. Alvarez E
2019: Merton's portfolio problem with power utility under Volterra Heston model Downloads
Bingyan Han and Hoi Ying Wong
2019: Sustainable Investing and the Cross-Section of Maximum Drawdown Downloads
Lisa R. Goldberg and Saad Mouti
2019: Avoiding Backtesting Overfitting by Covariance-Penalties: an empirical investigation of the ordinary and total least squares cases Downloads
Adriano Koshiyama and Nick Firoozye
2019: Exogenous Rewards for Promoting Cooperation in Scale-Free Networks Downloads
Theodor Cimpeanu, The Anh Han and Francisco C. Santos
2019: Is Volatility Rough ? Downloads
Masaaki Fukasawa, Tetsuya Takabatake and Rebecca Westphal
2019: A Stock Selection Method Based on Earning Yield Forecast Using Sequence Prediction Models Downloads
Jessie Sun
2019: Optimal multi-asset trading with linear costs: a mean-field approach Downloads
Matt Emschwiller, Benjamin Petit and Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
2019: A Note on Bayesian Long-Term S&P 500 Factor Investing Downloads
Taran Grove, Akram Reshad and Andrey Sarantsev
2019: Impact is not just volatility Downloads
Fr\'ed\'eric Bucci, Iacopo Mastromatteo, Michael Benzaquen and Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
2019: Regression Discontinuity Design with Multiple Groups for Heterogeneous Causal Effect Estimation Downloads
Takayuki Toda, Ayako Wakano and Takahiro Hoshino
2019: Impacts of Japan's Automobile NOx Law of 1992 Downloads
Tatsuki Inoue, Nana Nunokawa and Daisuke Kurisu
2019: ERRATUM: Stochastic evolution equations for large portfolios of stochastic volatility models Downloads
Ben Hambly and Nikolaos Kolliopoulos
2019: A Three-state Opinion Formation Model for Financial Markets Downloads
Bernardo J. Zubillaga, Andr\'e L. M. Vilela, Chao Wang, Kenric P. Nelson and H. Eugene Stanley
2019: Applications of a New Self-Financing Equation Downloads
Rene Carmona and Kevin Webster
2019: Demand and Welfare Analysis in Discrete Choice Models with Social Interactions Downloads
Debopam Bhattacharya, Pascaline Dupas and Shin Kanaya
2019: Identifying Present-Bias from the Timing of Choices Downloads
Paul Heidhues and Philipp Strack
2019: Empirical bias and efficiency of alpha-auctions: experimental evidence Downloads
Alexander Brown and Rodrigo Velez
2019: The Likelihood of Mixed Hitting Times Downloads
Jaap H. Abbring and Tim Salimans
2019: The Implications of Pricing on Social Learning Downloads
Itai Arieli, Moran Koren and Rann Smorodinsky
2019: Repo convexity Downloads
Paul McCloud
2019: Dependencies and systemic risk in the European insurance sector: Some new evidence based on copula-DCC-GARCH model and selected clustering methods Downloads
Anna Denkowska and Stanisław Wanat
2019: Relevant Stylized Facts About Bitcoin: Fluctuations, First Return Probability, and Natural Phenomena Downloads
C. R. da Cunha and R. da Silva
2019: From Sicilian mafia to Chinese "scam villages" Downloads
Jeff Yan
2019: Economic Performance Through Time: A Dynamical Theory Downloads
Daniel Seligson and Anne McCants
2019: Spherical Preferences Downloads
Christopher Chambers and Federico Echenique
2019: Does Environmental Economics lead to patentable research? Downloads
Xiaojun Hu, Ronald Rousseau and Sandra Rousseau
2019: Decision Making with Machine Learning and ROC Curves Downloads
Kai Feng, Han Hong, Ke Tang and Jingyuan Wang
2019: Where does active travel fit within local community narratives of mobility space and place? Downloads
Alec Biehl, Ying Chen, Karla Sanabria-Veaz, David Uttal and Amanda Stathopoulos
2019: A class of recursive optimal stopping problems with applications to stock trading Downloads
Katia Colaneri and Tiziano De Angelis
2019: Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Businesses: from Research, Innovation, Market Deployment to Future Shifts in Business Models Downloads
Neha Soni, Enakshi Khular Sharma, Narotam Singh and Amita Kapoor
2019: When abstinence increases prevalence Downloads
Sander Heinsalu
2019: Fundamental Theorem of Asset Pricing under fixed and proportional transaction costs Downloads
Martin Brown and Tomasz Zastawniak
2019: Non-standard inference for augmented double autoregressive models with null volatility coefficients Downloads
Feiyu Jiang, Dong Li and Ke Zhu
2019: Model-free pricing and hedging in discrete time using rough path signatures Downloads
Terry Lyons, Sina Nejad and Imanol Perez Arribas
2019: Efficient Computation of Various Valuation Adjustments Under Local L\'evy Models Downloads
Anastasia Borovykh, Andrea Pascucci and Cornelis W. Oosterlee
2019: Evidence for Gross Domestic Product growth time delay dependence over Foreign Direct Investment. A time-lag dependent correlation study Downloads
Marcel Ausloos, Ali Eskandary, Parmjit Kaur and Gurjeet Dhesi
2019: Co-jumping of Treasury Yield Curve Rates Downloads
Jozef Baruník and Pavel Fiser
2019: PDE models for the valuation of a non callable defaultable coupon bond under an extended JDCEV model Downloads
M. C. Calvo-Garrido, S. Diop, Andrea Pascucci and C. V\'azquez
2019: A Uniform Bound of the Operator Norm of Random Element Matrices and Operator Norm Minimizing Estimation Downloads
Hyungsik Roger Moon
2019: The Declining Price Anomaly is not Universal in Multi-Buyer Sequential Auctions (but almost is) Downloads
Vishnu V. Narayan, Enguerrand Prebet and Adrian Vetta
2019: Sparsity Double Robust Inference of Average Treatment Effects Downloads
Jelena Bradic, Stefan Wager and Yinchu Zhu
2019: Optimal execution with rough path signatures Downloads
Jasdeep Kalsi, Terry Lyons and Imanol Perez Arribas
2019: Nonparametric pricing and hedging of exotic derivatives Downloads
Terry Lyons, Sina Nejad and Imanol Perez Arribas
2019: Data Analytics in Operations Management: A Review Downloads
Velibor V. Mi\v{s}i\'c and Georgia Perakis
2019: Determining the number of factors in a forecast model by a random matrix test: cryptocurrencies Downloads
Andr\'es Garc\'ia Medina and Graciela Gonz\'alez-Far\'ias
2019: Variational Bayesian Inference for Mixed Logit Models with Unobserved Inter- and Intra-Individual Heterogeneity Downloads
Rico Krueger, Prateek Bansal, Michel Bierlaire, Ricardo A. Daziano and Taha H. Rashidi
2019: Matching for the Israeli "Mechinot" Gap-Year Programs: Handling Rich Diversity Requirements Downloads
Yannai A. Gonczarowski, Lior Kovalio, Noam Nisan and Assaf Romm
2019: Compactification of Extensive Forms and Belief in the Opponents' Future Rationality Downloads
Shuige Liu
2019: Fast Calculation of Credit Exposures for Barrier and Bermudan options using Chebyshev interpolation Downloads
Kathrin Glau, Ricardo Pachon and Christian P\"otz
2019: A Factor-Augmented Markov Switching (FAMS) Model Downloads
Gregor Zens and Maximilian B\"ock
2019: A Multicriteria Decision Making Approach to Study the Barriers to the Adoption of Autonomous Vehicles Downloads
Alok Raj, J Ajith Kumar and Prateek Bansal
2019: Continuous-Time Mean-Variance Portfolio Selection: A Reinforcement Learning Framework Downloads
Haoran Wang and Xun Yu Zhou
2019: Limits to green growth and the dynamics of innovation Downloads
Salvador Pueyo
2019: A Dynamic Bayesian Model for Interpretable Decompositions of Market Behaviour Downloads
Théophile Griveau-Billion and Ben Calderhead
2019: Theory of Cryptocurrency Interest Rates Downloads
Dorje C. Brody, Lane P. Hughston and Bernhard K. Meister
2019: Model-Free Reinforcement Learning for Financial Portfolios: A Brief Survey Downloads
Yoshiharu Sato
2019: Market Dynamics: On Directional Information Derived From (Time, Execution Price, Shares Traded) Transaction Sequences Downloads
Vladislav Malyshkin
2019: Parallel Experimentation in a Competitive Advertising Marketplace Downloads
Xiliang Lin, Harikesh Nair, Navdeep S. Sahni and Caio Waisman
2019: Nonparametric Counterfactuals in Random Utility Models Downloads
Yuichi Kitamura and Jörg Stoye
2019: Risk management with machine-learning-based algorithms Downloads
Simon F\'ecamp, Joseph Mikael and Xavier Warin
2019: High-performance stock index trading: making effective use of a deep LSTM neural network Downloads
Chariton Chalvatzis and Dimitrios Hristu-Varsakelis
2019: Forecasting the Impact of Connected and Automated Vehicles on Energy Use A Microeconomic Study of Induced Travel and Energy Rebound Downloads
Morteza Taiebat, Samuel Stolper and Ming Xu
2019: Learning Choice Functions: Concepts and Architectures Downloads
Karlson Pfannschmidt, Pritha Gupta and Eyke H\"ullermeier
2019: Network effects in default clustering for large systems Downloads
Konstantinos Spiliopoulos and Jia Yang
2019: Real-Time Carbon Accounting Method for the European Electricity Markets Downloads
Bo Tranberg, Olivier Corradi, Bruno Lajoie, Thomas Gibon, Iain Staffell and Gorm Bruun Andresen
2019: Deep neural networks algorithms for stochastic control problems on finite horizon: numerical applications Downloads
Achref Bachouch, C\^ome Hur\'e, Nicolas Langren\'e and Huyen Pham
2019: Asymptotic Filter Behavior for High-Frequency Expert Opinions in a Market with Gaussian Drift Downloads
Abdelali Gabih, Hakam Kondakji and Ralf Wunderlich
2019: Hedging and Pricing European-type, Early-Exercise and Discrete Barrier Options using Algorithm for the Convolution of Legendre Series Downloads
Tat Lung Chan and Nicholas Hale
2019: An Aspect of Optimal Regression Design for LSMC Downloads
Christian Wei{\ss} and Zoran Nikoli\'c
2019: Estimation of Structural Break Point in Linear Regression Models Downloads
Yaein Baek
2019: Mechanism Design with Limited Commitment Downloads
Laura Doval and Vasiliki Skreta
2019: Intermediated Implementation Downloads
Anqi Li and Yiqing Xing
2019: Robust Inference Using Inverse Probability Weighting Downloads
Xinwei Ma and Jingshen Wang
2019: Optimal electricity demand response contracting with responsiveness incentives Downloads
Ren\'e A\"id, Dylan Possama\"i and Nizar Touzi
2019: Leave-One-Out Least Square Monte Carlo Algorithm for Pricing American Options Downloads
Jeechul Woo, Chenru Liu and Jaehyuk Choi
2019: Auction Theory Adaptations for Real Life Applications Downloads
Ravi Kashyap
2019: Portfolio Optimization in Fractional and Rough Heston Models Downloads
Nicole B\"auerle and Sascha Desmettre
2019: Exact Solutions for a GBM-type Stochastic Volatility Model having a Stationary Distribution Downloads
Alan L. Lewis
2019: Shapley-like values without symmetry Downloads
Jacob North Clark and Stephen Montgomery-Smith
2019: Transmission of Macroeconomic Shocks to Risk Parameters: Their uses in Stress Testing Downloads
Helder Rojas and David Dias
2019: Optimal Dynamic Basis Trading Downloads
Bahman Angoshtari and Tim Leung
2019: Continuous-time Duality for Super-replication with Transient Price Impact Downloads
Peter Bank and Yan Dolinsky
2019: Connecting Sharpe ratio and Student t-statistic, and beyond Downloads
Eric Benhamou
2019: "Quantum Equilibrium-Disequilibrium": Asset Price Dynamics, Symmetry Breaking, and Defaults as Dissipative Instantons Downloads
Igor Halperin and Matthew Dixon
2019: The Hull-White Model under Knightian Uncertainty about the Volatility Downloads
Julian H\"olzermann
2019: Scalar multivariate risk measures with a single eligible asset Downloads
Zachary Feinstein and Birgit Rudloff
2019: Stochastic Dominance Under Independent Noise Downloads
Luciano Pomatto, Philipp Strack and Omer Tamuz
2019: Forecasting market states Downloads
Pier Francesco Procacci and Tomaso Aste
2019: Markets Beyond Nash Welfare for Leontief Utilities Downloads
Ashish Goel, Reyna Hulett and Benjamin Plaut
2019: At the Mercy of the Common Noise: Blow-ups in a Conditional McKean--Vlasov Problem Downloads
Sean Ledger and Andreas Sojmark
2019: Pricing without martingale measure Downloads
Julien Baptiste, Laurence Carassus and Emmanuel L\'epinette
2019: Maximizing Welfare in Social Networks under a Utility Driven Influence Diffusion Model Downloads
Prithu Banerjee, Wei Chen and Laks V. S. Lakshmanan
2019: Mean-Variance Efficiency of Optimal Power and Logarithmic Utility Portfolios Downloads
Taras Bodnar, Dmytro Ivasiuk, Nestor Parolya and Wofgang Schmid
2019: Role of Symmetry in Irrational Choice Downloads
Ivan Kozic
2019: Convergence to the Mean Field Game Limit: A Case Study Downloads
Marcel Nutz, Jaime San Martin and Xiaowei Tan
2019: Evolutionary dynamics in heterogeneous populations: a general framework for an arbitrary type distribution Downloads
Dai Zusai
2019: Data-based Automatic Discretization of Nonparametric Distributions Downloads
Alexis Akira Toda
2019: Empirical Equilibrium Downloads
Rodrigo Velez and Alexander Brown
2019: Dissection of Bitcoin's Multiscale Bubble History from January 2012 to February 2018 Downloads
Jan-Christian Gerlach, Guilherme Demos and Didier Sornette
2019: An Optimal Dividend Problem with Capital Injections over a Finite Horizon Downloads
Giorgio Ferrari and Patrick Schuhmann
2019: Varying Random Coefficient Models Downloads
Christoph Breunig
2019: New copulas based on general partitions-of-unity (part III) - the continuous case (extended version) Downloads
Dietmar Pfeifer, Andreas M\"andle, Olena Ragulina and C\^ome Girschig
2019: Kernel Estimation for Panel Data with Heterogeneous Dynamics Downloads
Ryo Okui and Takahide Yanagi
2019: On the iterated estimation of dynamic discrete choice games Downloads
Federico Bugni and Jackson Bunting
2019: Assessing the effect of advertising expenditures upon sales: a Bayesian structural time series model Downloads
V\'ictor Gallego, Pablo Su\'arez-Garc\'ia, Pablo Angulo and David G\'omez-Ullate
2019: Option Pricing with Orthogonal Polynomial Expansions Downloads
Damien Ackerer and Damir Filipovic
2019: Equivalence Between Time Consistency and Nested Formula Downloads
Henri G\'erard, Michel de Lara and Jean-Philippe Chancelier
2019: Nonlinear dependencies on Brazilian equity network from mutual information minimum spanning trees Downloads
A. Q. Barbi and G. A. Prataviera
2019: Functional central limit theorems for rough volatility Downloads
Blanka Horvath, Antoine Jacquier and Aitor Muguruza
2019: The Computational Complexity of Financial Networks with Credit Default Swaps Downloads
Steffen Schuldenzucker, Sven Seuken and Stefano Battiston
2019: Zipf's Law for Atlas Models Downloads
Ricardo Fernholz and Robert Fernholz
2019: Machine-Learning Tests for Effects on Multiple Outcomes Downloads
Jens Ludwig, Sendhil Mullainathan and Jann Spiess
2019: A Dynkin game on assets with incomplete information on the return Downloads
Tiziano De Angelis, Fabien Gensbittel and St\'ephane Villeneuve
2019: Algorithmic trading in a microstructural limit order book model Downloads
Fr\'ed\'eric Abergel, C\^ome Hur\'e and Huy\^en Pham
2019: Multiperiod Martingale Transport Downloads
Marcel Nutz, Florian Stebegg and Xiaowei Tan
2019: Obligations with Physical Delivery in a Multi-Layered Financial Network Downloads
Zachary Feinstein
2019: A CDS Option Miscellany Downloads
Richard J Martin
2019: Online reviews can predict long-term returns of individual stocks Downloads
Junran Wu, Ke Xu and Jichang Zhao
2019: Working women and caste in India: A study of social disadvantage using feature attribution Downloads
Kuhu Joshi and Chaitanya K. Joshi
2019: Fractal Time Series Analysis of Social Network Activities Downloads
Lyudmyla Kirichenko, Vitalii Bulakh and Tamara Radivilova
2019: Cash sub-additive risk statistics with scenario analysis Downloads
Fei Sun
2019: Statistical Learning for Probability-Constrained Stochastic Optimal Control Downloads
Alessandro Balata, Michael Ludkovski, Aditya Maheshwari and Jan Palczewski
2019: Supervised Machine Learning for Eliciting Individual Reservation Values Downloads
John A. Clithero, Jae Joon Lee and Joshua Tasoff
2019: Tax Mechanisms and Gradient Flows Downloads
Stefan Steinerberger and Aleh Tsyvinski
2019: Risk measures and progressive enlargement of filtration: a BSDE approach Downloads
Alessandro Calvia and Emanuela Rosazza Gianin
2019: Fast Mesh Refinement in Pseudospectral Optimal Control Downloads
N. Koeppen, I. M. Ross, L. C. Wilcox and R. J. Proulx
2019: Exact Testing of Many Moment Inequalities Against Multiple Violations Downloads
Nick Koning and Paul Bekker
2019: Empirical facts characterizing banking crises: an analysis via binary time series Downloads
Paolo Di Caro, Giuseppe Pernagallo, Antonino Damiano Rossello and Benedetto Torrisi
2019: Efficiency in Truthful Auctions via a Social Network Downloads
Seiji Takanashi, Takehiro Kawasaki, Taiki Todo and Makoto Yokoo
2019: Identification of Key Companies for International Profit Shifting in the Global Ownership Network Downloads
Tembo Nakamoto, Abhijit Chakraborty and Yuichi Ikeda
2019: Rough volatility of Bitcoin Downloads
Tetsuya Takaishi
2019: Pricing and hedging of VIX options for Barndorff-Nielsen and Shephard models Downloads
Takuji Arai
2019: Regulating AI: do we need new tools? Downloads
Otello Ardovino, Jacopo Arpetti and Marco Delmastro
2019: Tail models and the statistical limit of accuracy in risk assessment Downloads
Ingo Hoffmann and Christoph J. B\"orner
2019: The Category of Node-and-Choice Forms, with Subcategories for Choice-Sequence Forms and Choice-Set Forms Downloads
Peter Streufert
2019: Optimally stopping at a given distance from the ultimate supremum of a spectrally negative L\'evy process Downloads
M\'onica B. Carvajal Pinto and Kees van Schaik
2019: Multiple Benefits through Smart Home Energy Management Solutions -- A Simulation-Based Case Study of a Single-Family House in Algeria and Germany Downloads
Marc Ringel, Roufaida Laidi and Djamel Djenouri
2019: Shared factory: a new production node for social manufacturing in the context of sharing economy Downloads
Pingyu Jiang and Pulin Li
2019: Deep Generative Models for Reject Inference in Credit Scoring Downloads
Rogelio A. Mancisidor, Michael Kampffmeyer, Kjersti Aas and Robert Jenssen
2019: Risk-neutral pricing for APT Downloads
Laurence Carassus and Miklos Rasonyi
2019: Forecasting in Big Data Environments: an Adaptable and Automated Shrinkage Estimation of Neural Networks (AAShNet) Downloads
Ali Habibnia and Esfandiar Maasoumi
2019: Identification of Regression Models with a Misclassified and Endogenous Binary Regressor Downloads
Hiroyuki Kasahara and Katsumi Shimotsu
2019: Normal Approximation in Large Network Models Downloads
Michael Leung and Hyungsik Roger Moon
2019: Loss-based risk statistics with scenario analysis Downloads
Fei Sun
2019: Observing Actions in Bayesian Games Downloads
Dominik Grafenhofer and Wolfgang Kuhle
2019: Deep Q-Learning for Nash Equilibria: Nash-DQN Downloads
Philippe Casgrain, Brian Ning and Sebastian Jaimungal
2019: A neural network-based framework for financial model calibration Downloads
Shuaiqiang Liu, Anastasia Borovykh, Lech A. Grzelak and Cornelis W. Oosterlee
2019: Copula estimation for nonsynchronous financial data Downloads
Arnab Chakrabarti and Rituparna Sen
2019: Optimal valuation of American callable credit default swaps under drawdown Downloads
Zbigniew Palmowski and Budhi Surya
2019: Investment in EV charging spots for parking Downloads
Brendan Badia, Randall Berry and Ermin Wei
2019: Penney's Game Odds From No-Arbitrage Downloads
Joshua B. Miller
2019: Prediction Law of Mixed Gaussian Volterra Processes Downloads
Tommi Sottinen and Lauri Viitasaari
2019: On the Time-Varying Efficiency of Cryptocurrency Markets Downloads
Akihiko Noda
2019: Horizon-unbiased Investment with Ambiguity Downloads
Qian Lin, Xianming Sun and Chao Zhou
2019: Average Density Estimators: Efficiency and Bootstrap Consistency Downloads
Matias Cattaneo and Michael Jansson
2019: ADOL - Markovian approximation of rough lognormal model Downloads
Peter Carr and Andrey Itkin
2019: Inefficiency of the Brazilian Stock Market: the IBOVESPA Future Contracts Downloads
Tarcisio M. Rocha Filho and Paulo M. M. Rocha
2019: Location-Sector Analysis of International Profit Shifting on a Multilayer Ownership-Tax Network Downloads
Tembo Nakamoto, Odile Rouhban and Yuichi Ikeda
2019: Simulation-based Value-at-Risk for Nonlinear Portfolios Downloads
Junyao Chen, Tony Sit and Hoi Ying Wong
2019: The impact of proportional transaction costs on systematically generated portfolios Downloads
Johannes Ruf and Kangjianan Xie
2019: Ridge regularization for Mean Squared Error Reduction in Regression with Weak Instruments Downloads
Karthik Rajkumar
2019: Sharp Bounds for the Marginal Treatment Effect with Sample Selection Downloads
Vitor Possebom
2019: Stock Forecasting using M-Band Wavelet-Based SVR and RNN-LSTMs Models Downloads
Hieu Quang Nguyen, Abdul Hasib Rahimyar and Xiaodi Wang
2019: A Generalized Continuous-Multinomial Response Model with a t-distributed Error Kernel Downloads
Subodh Dubey, Prateek Bansal, Ricardo A. Daziano and Erick Guerra
2019: Optimal loss-carry-forward taxation for L\'{e}vy risk processes stopped at general draw-down time Downloads
Wenyuan Wang and Zhimin Zhang
2019: Can Mobility-on-Demand services do better after discerning reliability preferences of riders? Downloads
Prateek Bansal, Yang Liu, Ricardo Daziano and Samitha Samaranayake
2019: P\'olygamma Data Augmentation to address Non-conjugacy in the Bayesian Estimation of Mixed Multinomial Logit Models Downloads
Prateek Bansal, Rico Krueger, Michel Bierlaire, Ricardo A. Daziano and Taha H. Rashidi
2019: Multiple-interaction kinetic modelling of a virtual-item gambling economy Downloads
Giuseppe Toscani, Andrea Tosin and Mattia Zanella
2019: Consumer Privacy and Serial Monopoly Downloads
V. Bhaskar and Nikita Roketskiy
2019: Clearing price distributions in call auctions Downloads
M. Derksen and B. Kleijn
2019: Equilibria in a large production economy with an infinite dimensional commodity space and price dependent preferences Downloads
Hyo Seok Jang and Sangjik Lee
2019: From multi-dimensional black scholes to Hamilton jacobi Downloads
Muhammad Naqeeb and Amjad Hussain
2019: On the construction of confidence intervals for ratios of expectations Downloads
Alexis Derumigny, Lucas Girard and Yannick Guyonvarch
2019: Subgeometric ergodicity and $\beta$-mixing Downloads
Mika Meitz and Pentti Saikkonen
2019: Subgeometrically ergodic autoregressions Downloads
Mika Meitz and Pentti Saikkonen
2019: Estimation of Cross-Sectional Dependence in Large Panels Downloads
Jiti Gao, Guangming Pan, Yanrong Yang and Bo Zhang
2019: Tail probabilities of random linear functions of regularly varying random vectors Downloads
Bikramjit Das, Vicky Fasen-Hartmann and Claudia Kl\"uppelberg
2019: Price Setting on a Network Downloads
Toomas Hinnosaar
2019: Peer Effects in Random Consideration Sets Downloads
Nail Kashaev and Natalia Lazzati
2019: Boomerang: Rebounding the Consequences of Reputation Feedback on Crowdsourcing Platforms Downloads
Snehalkumar, S. Gaikwad, Durim Morina, Adam Ginzberg, Catherine Mullings, Shirish Goyal, Dilrukshi Gamage, Christopher Diemert, Mathias Burton, Sharon Zhou, Mark Whiting, Karolina Ziulkoski, Alipta Ballav, Aaron Gilbee, Senadhipathige S. Niranga, Vibhor Sehgal, Jasmine Lin, Leonardy Kristianto, Angela Richmond-Fuller, Jeff Regino, Nalin Chhibber, Dinesh Majeti, Sachin Sharma, Kamila Mananova, Dinesh Dhakal, William Dai, Victoria Purynova, Samarth Sandeep, Varshine Chandrakanthan, Tejas Sarma, Sekandar Matin, Ahmed Nasser, Rohit Nistala, Alexander Stolzoff, Kristy Milland, Vinayak Mathur, Rajan Vaish and Michael S. Bernstein
2019: Eliciting Preferences of Ridehailing Users and Drivers: Evidence from the United States Downloads
Prateek Bansal, Akanksha Sinha, Rubal Dua and Ricardo Daziano
2019: Rational Inattention and Retirement Puzzles Downloads
Jamie Hentall MacCuish
2019: Dynamic investment model of the life cycle of a company under the influence of factors in a competitive environment Downloads
O. A. Malafeyev and I. I. Pavlov
2019: Distribution Regression in Duration Analysis: an Application to Unemployment Spells Downloads
Miguel A. Delgado, Andr\'es Garc\'ia-Suaza and Pedro Sant'Anna
2019: A Weight-based Information Filtration Algorithm for Stock-Correlation Networks Downloads
Seyed Soheil Hosseini, Nick Wormald and Tianhai Tian
2019: Identification of Noncausal Models by Quantile Autoregressions Downloads
Alain Hecq and Li Sun
2019: Deep-learning based numerical BSDE method for barrier options Downloads
Bing Yu, Xiaojing Xing and Agus Sudjianto
2019: Understanding consumer demand for new transport technologies and services, and implications for the future of mobility Downloads
Akshay Vij
2019: Stochastic Comparative Statics in Markov Decision Processes Downloads
Bar Light
2019: Optimal excess-of-loss reinsurance for stochastic factor risk models Downloads
Matteo Brachetta and Claudia Ceci
2019: On the Co-movement of Crude, Gold Prices and Stock Index in Indian Market Downloads
Abhibasu Sen and Prof. Karabi Dutta Chaudhury
2019: Bitcoin Price Prediction: An ARIMA Approach Downloads
Amin Azari
2019: Solving Dynamic Discrete Choice Models Using Smoothing and Sieve Methods Downloads
Dennis Kristensen, Patrick K. Mogensen, Jong Myun Moon and Bertel Schjerning
2019: Local Polynomial Estimation of Time-Varying Parameters in Nonlinear Models Downloads
Dennis Kristensen and Young Jun Lee
2019: A Normative Dual-value Theory for Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies Downloads
Zhiyong Tu and Lan Ju
2019: Enhancing Time Series Momentum Strategies Using Deep Neural Networks Downloads
Bryan Lim, Stefan Zohren and Stephen Roberts
2019: FDI, banking crisis and growth: direct and spill over effects Downloads
Brahim Gaies, Khaled Guesmi and Stéphane Goutte
2019: From (Martingale) Schrodinger bridges to a new class of Stochastic Volatility Models Downloads
Pierre Henry-Labordere
2019: (Martingale) Optimal Transport And Anomaly Detection With Neural Networks: A Primal-dual Algorithm Downloads
Pierre Henry-Labordere
2019: A new median-based formula for the Black-Scholes-Merton Theory Downloads
Takuya Okabe and Jin Yoshimura
2019: A Forward Electricity Contract Price Projection: A Market Equilibrium Approach Downloads
Mateus A. Cavaliere, Sergio Granville, Gerson C. Oliveira and Mario V. F. Pereira
2019: The fragility of decentralised trustless socio-technical systems Downloads
Manlio De Domenico and Andrea Baronchelli
2019: Stability of martingale optimal transport and weak optimal transport Downloads
Julio Backhoff-Veraguas and Gudmund Pammer
2019: A Theory of Information overload applied to perfectly efficient financial markets Downloads
Giuseppe Pernagallo and Benedetto Torrisi
2019: The Leland-Toft optimal capital structure model under Poisson observations Downloads
Zbigniew Palmowski, Jos\'e Luis P\'erez, Budhi Arta Surya and Kazutoshi Yamazaki
2019: A stochastic PDE model for limit order book dynamics Downloads
Rama Cont and Marvin S. Mueller
2019: Prudent case-based prediction when experience is lacking Downloads
Patrick H. O'Callaghan
2019: Term Structure Modeling under Volatility Uncertainty: A Forward Rate Model driven by G-Brownian Motion Downloads
Julian H\"olzermann and Qian Lin
2019: Fat Tails in Financial Return Distributions Revisited: Evidence from the Korean Stock Market Downloads
Cheoljun Eom, Taisei Kaizoji and Enrico Scalas
2019: Enhancing countries' fitness with recommender systems on the international trade network Downloads
Hao Liao, Xiao-Min Huang, Xing-Tong Wu, Ming-Kai Liu, Alexandre Vidmer, Mingyang Zhou and Yi-Cheng Zhang
2019: Do Hospital Data Breaches Reduce Patient Care Quality? Downloads
Sung J. Choi and M. Eric Johnson
2019: Probability-free models in option pricing: statistically indistinguishable dynamics and historical vs implied volatility Downloads
Damiano Brigo
2019: Forward Rank-Dependent Performance Criteria: Time-Consistent Investment Under Probability Distortion Downloads
Xue Dong He, Moris S. Strub and Thaleia Zariphopoulou
2019: Bayesian Trading Cost Analysis and Ranking of Broker Algorithms Downloads
Vladimir Markov
2019: Synthetic learner: model-free inference on treatments over time Downloads
Davide Viviano and Jelena Bradic
2019: Quintet Volume Projection Downloads
Vladimir Markov, Olga Vilenskaia and Vlad Rashkovich
2019: Identification and Estimation of Nonseparable Models with Multivalued Endogeneity and a Binary Instrument Downloads
Junlong Feng
2019: Counterfactual Sensitivity and Robustness Downloads
Timothy Christensen and Benjamin Connault
2019: Momentum and liquidity in cryptocurrencies Downloads
Stjepan Begu\v{s}i\'c and Zvonko Kostanj\v{c}ar
2019: An Alternative Set Model of Cognitive Jump Downloads
Kiri Sakahara and Takashi Sato
2019: Post-Selection Inference in Three-Dimensional Panel Data Downloads
Harold Chiang, Joel Rodrigue and Yuya Sasaki
2019: Modeling, discretization, and hyperchaos detection of conformable derivative approach to a financial system with market confidence and ethics risk Downloads
Baogui Xin, Wei Peng, Yekyung Kwon and Yanqin Liu
2019: A Machine Learning approach to Risk Minimisation in Electricity Markets with Coregionalized Sparse Gaussian Processes Downloads
Daniel Poh, Stephen Roberts and Martin Tegn\'er
2019: Machine Learning Risk Models Downloads
Zura Kakushadze and Willie Yu
2019: Altcoin-Bitcoin Arbitrage Downloads
Zura Kakushadze and Willie Yu
2019: Science Quality and the Value of Inventions Downloads
Felix Poege, Dietmar Harhoff, Fabian Gaessler and Stefano Baruffaldi
2019: Price competition with uncertain quality and cost Downloads
Sander Heinsalu
2019: Learning the population dynamics of technical trading strategies Downloads
Nicholas Murphy and Tim Gebbie
2019: Elusive Longer-Run Impacts of Head Start: Replications Within and Across Cohorts Downloads
Remy J. -C. Pages, Dylan J. Lukes, Drew H. Bailey and Greg J. Duncan
2019: Conditional Density Estimation with Neural Networks: Best Practices and Benchmarks Downloads
Jonas Rothfuss, Fabio Ferreira, Simon Walther and Maxim Ulrich
2019: Revising SA-CCR Downloads
Mourad Berrahoui, Othmane Islah and Chris Kenyon
2019: The fair reward problem: the illusion of success and how to solve it Downloads
Didier Sornette, Spencer Wheatley and Peter Cauwels
2019: Scaling of inefficiencies in the U.S. equity markets: Evidence from three market indices and more than 2900 securities Downloads
David Rushing Dewhurst, Colin M. Van Oort, John H. Ring, Tyler J. Gray, Christopher M. Danforth and Brian F. Tivnan
2019: Pathwise volatility: Cox-Ingersoll-Ross initial-value problems and their fast reversion exit-time limits Downloads
Ryan McCrickerd
2019: Pricing options and computing implied volatilities using neural networks Downloads
Shuaiqiang Liu, Cornelis W. Oosterlee and Sander M. Bohte
2019: Selection mechanisms affect volatility in evolving markets Downloads
David Rushing Dewhurst, Michael Vincent Arnold and Colin Michael Van Oort
2019: Prospective strict no-arbitrage and the fundamental theorem of asset pricing under transaction costs Downloads
Christoph K\"uhn and Alexander Molitor
2019: On the martingale property in the rough Bergomi model Downloads
Paul Gassiat
2019: Economics of disagreement -- financial intuition for the R\'enyi divergence Downloads
Andrei N. Soklakov
2019: Forward transition rates Downloads
K. Buchardt, C. Furrer and M. Steffensen
2019: No Arbitrage in Continuous Financial Markets Downloads
David Criens
2019: Mostly Harmless Simulations? Using Monte Carlo Studies for Estimator Selection Downloads
Arun Advani, Toru Kitagawa and Tymon S{\l}oczy\'nski
2019: Chaos and Order in the Bitcoin Market Downloads
Josselin Garnier and Knut Solna
2019: Order book model with herd behavior exhibiting long-range memory Downloads
Aleksejus Kononovicius and Julius Ruseckas
2019: Emergence of Turbulent Epochs in Oil Prices Downloads
Josselin Garnier and Knut Solna
2019: Option pricing models without probability Downloads
John Armstrong, Claudio Bellani, Damiano Brigo and Thomas Cass
2019: Deep Learning for Energy Markets Downloads
Michael Polson and Vadim Sokolov
2019: Dynamic programming for optimal stopping via pseudo-regression Downloads
Christian Bayer, Martin Redmann and John Schoenmakers
2019: Factor models with many assets: strong factors, weak factors, and the two-pass procedure Downloads
Stanislav Anatolyev and Anna Mikusheva
2019: State-Varying Factor Models of Large Dimensions Downloads
Markus Pelger and Ruoxuan Xiong
2019: The Role of the Propensity Score in Fixed Effect Models Downloads
Dmitry Arkhangelsky and Guido Imbens
2019: Option Pricing with Heavy-Tailed Distributions of Logarithmic Returns Downloads
Lasko Basnarkov, Viktor Stojkoski, Zoran Utkovski and Ljupco Kocarev
2019: Cluster-Robust Standard Errors for Linear Regression Models with Many Controls Downloads
Riccardo D'Adamo
2019: The Origin and the Resolution of Nonuniqueness in Linear Rational Expectations Downloads
John G. Thistle
2019: LASSO-Driven Inference in Time and Space Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Wolfgang K. H\"ardle, Chen Huang and Weining Wang
2019: Applications of Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models in Finance Downloads
Rajbir-Singh Nirwan and Nils Bertschinger
2019: Cryptocurrency Equilibria Through Game Theoretic Optimization Downloads
Carey Caginalp and Gunduz Caginalp
2019: Triggers for cooperative behavior in the thermodynamic limit: a case study in Public goods game Downloads
Colin Benjamin and Shubhayan Sarkar
2019: Quantum Blockchain using entanglement in time Downloads
Del Rajan and Matt Visser
2019: Monte Carlo pathwise sensitivities for barrier options Downloads
Thomas Gerstner, Bastian Harrach and Daniel Roth
2019: On Fairness of Systemic Risk Measures Downloads
Francesca Biagini, Jean-Pierre Fouque, Marco Frittelli and Thilo Meyer-Brandis
2019: Time Consistent Stopping For The Mean-Standard Deviation Problem --- The Discrete Time Case Downloads
Erhan Bayraktar, Jingjie Zhang and Zhou Zhou
2019: Characterisation of honest times and optional semimartingales of class-($\Sigma$) Downloads
Libo Li
2019: RNN-based counterfactual prediction Downloads
Jason Poulos
2019: Nonconcave Robust Optimization with Discrete Strategies under Knightian Uncertainty Downloads
Ariel Neufeld and Mario Sikic
2019: Efficient Exponential Tilting for Portfolio Credit Risk Downloads
Cheng-Der Fuh and Chuan-Ju Wang
2019: Grasping asymmetric information in market impacts Downloads
Shanshan Wang, Sebastian Neus\"u{\ss} and Thomas Guhr
2019: Computational Methods for Martingale Optimal Transport problems Downloads
Gaoyue Guo and Jan Obloj
2019: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Existence and Uniqueness of Recursive Utilities Downloads
Jaroslav Borovička and John Stachurski
2019: Estimating Cost Savings from Early Cancer Diagnosis Downloads
Zura Kakushadze, Rakesh Raghubanshi and Willie Yu
2019: Robust Pricing and Hedging around the Globe Downloads
Sebastian Herrmann and Florian Stebegg
2019: Duality for pathwise superhedging in continuous time Downloads
Daniel Bartl, Michael Kupper, David J. Pr\"omel and Ludovic Tangpi
2019: Sparse Portfolio selection via Bayesian Multiple testing Downloads
Sourish Das and Rituparna Sen
2019: Risk Minimization, Regret Minimization and Progressive Hedging Algorithms Downloads
Jie Sun, Xinmin Yang, Qiang Yao and Min Zhang
2019: Economic Growth Model with Constant Pace and Dynamic Memory Downloads
Valentina V. Tarasova and Vasily E. Tarasov
2019: A geometrical imaging of the real gap between economies of China and the United States Downloads
Ali Hosseiny
2019: Fixed-Effect Regressions on Network Data Downloads
Koen Jochmans and Martin Weidner
2019: A martingale approach to the question of fiscal stimulus Downloads
Philip A. Ernst, Michael B. Imerman, Larry Shepp and Quan Zhou
2019: The professional trader's paradox Downloads
Andrea Berdondini
2019: Initial Crypto-asset Offerings (ICOs), tokenization and corporate governance Downloads
St\'ephane Bl\'emus and Dominique Guegan
2019: Privatizaciones, fusiones y adquisiciones: las grandes empresas en M\'exico Downloads
Rigoberto P\'erez Ram\'irez
2019: A Policy Compass for Ecological Economics Downloads
Mich\`ele Friend
2019: Bayesian prediction of jumps in large panels of time series data Downloads
Angelos Alexopoulos, Petros Dellaportas and Omiros Papaspiliopoulos
2019: Game of Variable Contributions to the Common Good under Uncertainty Downloads
H. Dharma Kwon
2019: Herding driven by the desire to differ Downloads
Sander Heinsalu
2019: Price equations with symmetric supply/demand; implications for fat tails Downloads
Carey Caginalp and Gunduz Caginalp
2019: A Thermodynamic Picture of Financial Market and Model Risk Downloads
Yu Feng
2019: Inference in high-dimensional set-identified affine models Downloads
Bulat Gafarov
2019: Optimal stopping for the exponential of a Brownian bridge Downloads
Tiziano De Angelis and Alessandro Milazzo
2019: Parametric identification of the dynamics of inter-sectoral balance: modelling and forecasting Downloads
Olena Kostylenko, Helena Sofia Rodrigues and Delfim F. M. Torres
2019: Market Manipulation as a Security Problem Downloads
Vasilios Mavroudis
2019: Optimal Reinsurance and Investment in a Diffusion Model Downloads
Matteo Brachetta and Hanspeter Schmidli
2019: Time series models for realized covariance matrices based on the matrix-F distribution Downloads
Jiayuan Zhou, Feiyu Jiang, Ke Zhu and Wai Keung Li
2019: Short Selling with Margin Risk and Recall Risk Downloads
Kristoffer Glover and Hardy Hulley
2019: Towards hybrid price discrimination via neighbours properties in network-driven economy Downloads
Jacopo Arpetti and Antonio Iovanella
2019: Determining the Demand Elasticity in a Wholesale Electricity Market Downloads
Sergei Kulakov and Florian Ziel
2019: Machine Learning for Pricing American Options in High Dimension Downloads
Ludovic Gouden\`ege, Andrea Molent and Antonino Zanette
2019: Why understanding multiplex social network structuring processes will help us better understand the evolution of human behavior Downloads
Curtis Atkisson, Piotr J. G\'orski, Matthew Jackson, Janusz A. Ho{\l}yst and Raissa M. D'Souza
2019: Estimation of the Shapley Value of a Peer-to-Peer Energy Sharing Game using Coalitional Stratified Random Sampling Downloads
Liyang Han, Thomas Morstyn and Malcolm McCulloch
2019: On the Effect of Imputation on the 2SLS Variance Downloads
Helmut Farbmacher and Alexander Kann
2019: Improving the Scalability of a Prosumer Cooperative Game with K-Means Clustering Downloads
Liyang Han, Thomas Morstyn, Constance Crozier and Malcolm McCulloch
2019: R\'eint\'egration des refus\'es en Credit Scoring Downloads
Adrien Ehrhardt, Christophe Biernacki, Vincent Vandewalle, Philippe Heinrich and S\'ebastien Beben
2019: Stacked Monte Carlo for option pricing Downloads
Antoine Jacquier, Emma R. Malone and Mugad Oumgari
2019: Ensemble Methods for Causal Effects in Panel Data Settings Downloads
Susan Athey, Mohsen Bayati, Guido Imbens and Zhaonan Qu
2019: Machine Learning Methods Economists Should Know About Downloads
Susan Athey and Guido Imbens
2019: Dynamic intertemporal utility optimization by means of Riccati transformation of Hamilton-Jacobi Bellman equation Downloads
Sona Kilianova and Daniel Sevcovic
2019: Dynamics of Value-Tracking in Financial Markets Downloads
Nicholas CL Beale, Richard M Gunton, Kutlwano L Bashe, Heather S Battey and Robert S MacKay
2019: An interim core for normal form games and exchange economies with incomplete information: a correction Downloads
Youcef Askoura
2019: On the core of normal form games with a continuum of players: a correction Downloads
Youcef Askoura
2019: Modern Asset Theory: A Framework for Successful Active Management Downloads
Corry Bedwell and Ryan Guttridge
2019: Identification and Estimation of a Partially Linear Regression Model using Network Data Downloads
Eric Auerbach
2019: The impact of renewable energy forecasts on intraday electricity prices Downloads
Sergei Kulakov and Florian Ziel
2019: Strategic research funding Downloads
Matteo Escud\'e and Ludvig Sinander
2019: Expected exponential utility maximization of insurers with a general diffusion factor model: The complete market case Downloads
Hiroaki Hata, Shuenn-Jyi Sheu and Li-Hsien Sun
2019: Feature quantization for parsimonious and interpretable predictive models Downloads
Adrien Ehrhardt, Christophe Biernacki, Vincent Vandewalle and Philippe Heinrich
2019: Epstein-Zin Utility Maximization on Random Horizons Downloads
Joshua Aurand and Yu-Jui Huang
2019: Computation of systemic risk measures: a mixed-integer linear programming approach Downloads
\c{C}a\u{g}{\i}n Ararat and Nurtai Meimanjanov
2019: The Impact of Sex Education on Sexual Activity, Pregnancy, and Abortion Downloads
Nima Khodakarami
2019: Markov Chain Models of Refugee Migration Data Downloads
Vincent Huang and James Unwin
2019: Behavioural investors in conic market models Downloads
Huy N. Chau and Miklos Rasonyi
2019: The Changing Geopolitics in the Arab World: Implications of the 2017 Gulf Crisis for Business Downloads
Jamal Bouoiyour and Refk Selmi
2019: State-Building through Public Land Disposal? An Application of Matrix Completion for Counterfactual Prediction Downloads
Jason Poulos
2019: Bayesian MIDAS Penalized Regressions: Estimation, Selection, and Prediction Downloads
Matteo Mogliani
2019: Variety, Complexity and Economic Development Downloads
Alje van Dam and Koen Frenken
2019: An Integrated Panel Data Approach to Modelling Economic Growth Downloads
Guohua Feng, Jiti Gao and Bin Peng
2019: Non-traded call's volatility smiles Downloads
Marek Capinski
2019: The effects of institutional quality on formal and informal borrowing across high-, middle-, and low-income countries Downloads
Lan Chu Khanh
2019: Dynamic Hurst Exponent in Time Series Downloads
Carlos Arturo Soto Campos, Leopoldo S\'anchez Cant\'u and Zeus Hern\'andez Veleros
2019: J. S. Mill's Liberal Principle and Unanimity Downloads
Edward Green
2019: Risk and Return models for Equity Markets and Implied Equity Risk Premium Downloads
Enzo Busseti
2019: The Prosumer Economy -- Being Like a Forest Downloads
Uygar Ozesmi
2019: A fast method for pricing American options under the variance gamma model Downloads
Weilong Fu and Ali Hirsa
2019: Deciding with Judgment Downloads
Simone Manganelli
2019: Active and Passive Portfolio Management with Latent Factors Downloads
Ali Al-Aradi and Sebastian Jaimungal
2019: Data-driven Neural Architecture Learning For Financial Time-series Forecasting Downloads
Dat Thanh Tran, Juho Kanniainen, Moncef Gabbouj and Alexandros Iosifidis
2019: Bulow-Klemperer-Style Results for Welfare Maximization in Two-Sided Markets Downloads
Moshe Babaioff, Kira Goldner and Yannai A. Gonczarowski
2019: Estimating Dynamic Conditional Spread Densities to Optimise Daily Storage Trading of Electricity Downloads
Ekaterina Abramova and Derek Bunn
2019: Inference for First-Price Auctions with Guerre, Perrigne, and Vuong's Estimator Downloads
Jun Ma, Vadim Marmer and Artyom Shneyerov
2019: Optimal FX Hedge Tenor with Liquidity Risk Downloads
Rongju Zhang, Mark Aarons and Gregoire Loeper
2019: Dynamic Energy Management Downloads
Nicholas Moehle, Enzo Busseti, Stephen Boyd and Matt Wytock
2019: Modern tontine with bequest: innovation in pooled annuity products Downloads
Thomas Bernhardt and Catherine Donnelly
2019: A micro-simulation model of irrigation farms in the southern Murray-Darling Basin Downloads
Huong Dinh, Manannan Donoghoe, Neal Hughes and Tim Goesch
2019: Derivative of a Conic Problem with a Unique Solution Downloads
Enzo Busseti
2019: Nonparametric estimation and bootstrap inference on trends in atmospheric time series: an application to ethane Downloads
Marina Friedrich, Eric Beutner, Hanno Reuvers, Stephan Smeekes, Jean-Pierre Urbain, Whitney Bader, Bruno Franco, Bernard Lejeune and Emmanuel Mahieu
2019: Stylized facts of the Indian Stock Market Downloads
Rituparna Sen and Manavthi S
2019: Variational inequality for perpetual American option price and convergence to the solution of the difference equation Downloads
Hyong-chol O and Song-San Jo
2019: Frictional Unemployment on Labor Flow Networks Downloads
Robert L. Axtell, Omar A. Guerrero and Eduardo L\'opez
2019: Nonlinear expectations of random sets Downloads
Ilya Molchanov and Anja M\"uhlemann
2019: Financial Applications of Gaussian Processes and Bayesian Optimization Downloads
Joan Gonzalvez, Edmond Lezmi, Thierry Roncalli and Jiali Xu
2019: A fractional-order difference Cournot duopoly game with long memory Downloads
Baogui Xin, Wei Peng and Yekyung Kwon
2019: Affine term structure models: a time-changed approach with perfect fit to market curves Downloads
Cheikh Mbaye and Fr\'ed\'eric Vrins
2019: Shapley regressions: A framework for statistical inference on machine learning models Downloads
Andreas Joseph
2019: Pricing Formulae of Power Binary and Normal Distribution Standard Options and Applications Downloads
Hyong-Chol O and Dae-Sung Choe
2019: Stackelberg Independence Downloads
Toomas Hinnosaar
2019: Retailer response to wholesale stockouts Downloads
George Liberopoulos and Isidoros Tsikis
2019: Pro-Cyclicality of Traditional Risk Measurements: Quantifying and Highlighting Factors at its Source Downloads
Marcel Br\"autigam, Michel Dacorogna and Marie Kratz
2019: Fine Properties of the Optimal Skorokhod Embedding Problem Downloads
Mathias Beiglb\"ock, Marcel Nutz and Florian Stebegg
2019: Entrepreneurship, Institutions, and Economic Growth: Does the Level of Development Matter? Downloads
Christopher J. Boudreaux
2019: The Interdependence of Hierarchical Institutions: Federal Regulation, Job Creation, and the Moderating Effect of State Economic Freedom Downloads
David S. Lucas and Christopher J. Boudreaux
2019: Asymptotics for volatility derivatives in multi-factor rough volatility models Downloads
Chloe Lacombe, Aitor Muguruza and Henry Stone
2019: A Varying Coefficient Model for Assessing the Returns to Growth to Account for Poverty and Inequality Downloads
Max K\"ohler, Stefan Sperlich and Jisu Yoon
2019: Strict Local Martingales and the Khasminskii test for Explosions Downloads
Philip Protter and Aditi Dandapani
2019: The Africa-Dummy: Gone with the Millennium? Downloads
Max K\"ohler and Stefan Sperlich
2019: Optimal Climate Strategy with Mitigation, Carbon Removal, and Solar Geoengineering Downloads
Mariia Belaia
2019: Externalities in Knowledge Production: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment Downloads
Marit Hinnosaar, Toomas Hinnosaar, Michael Kummer and Olga Slivko
2019: Influence of petroleum and gas trade on EU economies from the reduced Google matrix analysis of UN COMTRADE data Downloads
C\'elestin Coquid\'e, Leonardo Ermann, Jos\'e Lages and D. L. Shepelyansky
2019: Multiscale Features of Cross Correlation of Price and Trading Volume Downloads
Jamshid Ardalankia, Mohammad Osoolian, Emmanuel Haven and G. Reza Jafari
2019: Cross-shareholding networks and stock price synchronicity: Evidence from China Downloads
Fenghua Wen, Yujie Yuan and Wei-Xing Zhou
2019: A Nonparametric Dynamic Causal Model for Macroeconometrics Downloads
Ashesh Rambachan and Neil Shephard
2019: Finite Sample Inference for the Maximum Score Estimand Downloads
Adam M. Rosen and Takuya Ura
2019: Exact Solution for the Portfolio Diversification Problem Based on Maximizing the Risk Adjusted Return Downloads
Abdulnasser Hatemi-J, Mohamed Ali Hajji and Youssef El-Khatib
2019: Limit Theorems for Network Dependent Random Variables Downloads
Denis Kojevnikov, Vadim Marmer and Kyungchul Song
2019: Artificial Counselor System for Stock Investment Downloads
Hadi NekoeiQachkanloo, Benyamin Ghojogh, Ali Saheb Pasand and Mark Crowley
2019: Piketty's second fundamental law of capitalism as an emergent property in a kinetic wealth-exchange model of economic growth Downloads
D. S. Quevedo and C. J. Quimbay
2019: Pricing foreign exchange options under stochastic volatility and interest rates using an RBF--FD method Downloads
Fazlollah Soleymani and Andrey Itkin
2019: Cover's Rebalancing Option With Discrete Hindsight Optimization Downloads
Alexander Garivaltis
2019: Model Selection in Utility-Maximizing Binary Prediction Downloads
Jiun-Hua Su
2019: Using Artificial Intelligence to Recapture Norms: Did #metoo change gender norms in Sweden? Downloads
Sara Moricz
2019: Optimal Investment-Consumption-Insurance with Durable and Perishable Consumption Goods in a Jump Diffusion Market Downloads
Jin Sun, Ryle S. Perera and Pavel V. Shevchenko
2019: Approximation Properties of Variational Bayes for Vector Autoregressions Downloads
Gholamreza Hajargasht
2019: Non-Parametric Robust Model Risk Measurement with Path-Dependent Loss Functions Downloads
Yu Feng
2019: Cryptocurrency market structure: connecting emotions and economics Downloads
Tomaso Aste
2019: Identifying Bid Leakage In Procurement Auctions: Machine Learning Approach Downloads
Dmitry I. Ivanov and Alexander S. Nesterov
2019: Implementing a financial derivative as smart contract Downloads
Christian Fries, Peter Kohl-Landgraf, Bj\"orn Paffen, Stefanie Weddigen, Luca Del Re, Wilfried Sch\"utte, David Bacher, Rebecca Declara, Daniel Eichsteller, Florian Weichand and Michael Streubel
2019: Mean-field moral hazard for optimal energy demand response management Downloads
Romuald Elie, Emma Hubert, Thibaut Mastrolia and Dylan Possama\"i
2019: Global labor flow network reveals the hierarchical organization and dynamics of geo-industrial clusters in the world economy Downloads
Jaehyuk Park, Ian Wood, Elise Jing, Azadeh Nematzadeh, Souvik Ghosh, Michael Conover and Yong-Yeol Ahn
2019: Wikipedia and Digital Currencies: Interplay Between Collective Attention and Market Performance Downloads
Abeer ElBahrawy, Laura Alessandretti and Andrea Baronchelli
2019: Elicitability of Range Value at Risk Downloads
Tobias Fissler and Johanna F. Ziegel
2019: Orthogonal Statistical Learning Downloads
Dylan J. Foster and Vasilis Syrgkanis
2019: Financial Portfolios based on Tsallis Relative Entropy as the Risk Measure Downloads
Sandhya Devi
2019: Generative Adversarial Networks for Financial Trading Strategies Fine-Tuning and Combination Downloads
Adriano Koshiyama, Nick Firoozye and Philip Treleaven
2019: Efficient hedging under ambiguity in continuous time Downloads
Ludovic Tangpi
2019: Approximate State Space Modelling of Unobserved Fractional Components Downloads
Tobias Hartl and Roland Weigand
2019: What Is the Value Added by Using Causal Machine Learning Methods in a Welfare Experiment Evaluation? Downloads
Anthony Strittmatter
2019: The drivers of urban economic complexity and their connection to urban economic performance Downloads
Andres Gomez-Lievano and Oscar Patterson-Lomba
2019: Improved Inference on the Rank of a Matrix Downloads
Qihui Chen and Zheng Fang
2019: Distribution Regression with Sample Selection, with an Application to Wage Decompositions in the UK Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Iv\'an Fern\'andez-Val and Siyi Luo
2019: Semi-Device Independent Quantum Money Downloads
Karol Horodecki and Maciej Stankiewicz
2019: New fat-tail normality test based on conditional second moments with applications to finance Downloads
Damian Jelito and Marcin Pitera
2019: High-order compact finite difference scheme for option pricing in stochastic volatility with contemporaneous jump models Downloads
Bertram D\"uring and Alexander Pitkin
2019: Nuclear Norm Regularized Estimation of Panel Regression Models Downloads
Hyungsik Roger Moon and Martin Weidner
2019: Religion and Terrorism: Evidence from Ramadan Fasting Downloads
Roland Hodler, Paul Raschky and Anthony Strittmatter
2019: Mid-price estimation for European corporate bonds: a particle filtering approach Downloads
Olivier Gu\'eant and Jiang Pu
2019: k-price auctions and Combination auctions Downloads
Martin Mihelich and Yan Shu
2019: Exact Replication of the Best Rebalancing Rule in Hindsight Downloads
Alexander Garivaltis
2019: Super-Replication of the Best Pairs Trade in Hindsight Downloads
Alexander Garivaltis
2019: On Carr and Lee's correlation immunization strategy Downloads
Jimin Lin and Matthew Lorig
2019: Trading Strategies Generated Pathwise by Functions of Market Weights Downloads
Ioannis Karatzas and Donghan Kim
2019: Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Model with Realized Volatilities and Pairwise Realized Correlations Downloads
Yuta Yamauchi and Yasuhiro Omori
2019: Tail probabilities for short-term returns on stocks Downloads
Henrik O. Rasmussen and Paul Wilmott
2019: Contests with a Non-Convex Strategy Space Downloads
Doron Klunover and John Morgan
2019: Model Risk Measurement under Wasserstein Distance Downloads
Yu Feng and Erik Schl\"ogl
2019: Estimation in a Generalization of Bivariate Probit Models with Dummy Endogenous Regressors Downloads
Sukjin Han and Sungwon Lee
2019: Risk-based optimal portfolio of an insurer with regime switching and noisy memory Downloads
Rodwell Kufakunesu, Calisto Guambe and Lesedi Mabitsela
2019: Coverage Error Optimal Confidence Intervals for Local Polynomial Regression Downloads
Sebastian Calonico, Matias Cattaneo and Max H. Farrell
2019: On SDEs with Lipschitz coefficients, driven by continuous, model-free price paths Downloads
Lesiba Ch. Galane, Rafa{\l} M. {\L}ochowski and Farai J. Mhlanga
2019: A theory for combinations of risk measures Downloads
Marcelo Brutti Righi
2019: Optimal Dividend Distribution Under Drawdown and Ratcheting Constraints on Dividend Rates Downloads
Bahman Angoshtari, Erhan Bayraktar and Virginia R. Young
2019: Quantum Nash equilibrium in the thermodynamic limit Downloads
Shubhayan Sarkar and Colin Benjamin
2019: Affine processes under parameter uncertainty Downloads
Tolulope Fadina, Ariel Neufeld and Thorsten Schmidt
2019: Stability results for martingale representations: the general case Downloads
Antonis Papapantoleon, Dylan Possamai and Alexandros Saplaouras
2019: Optimal dividends with partial information and stopping of a degenerate reflecting diffusion Downloads
Tiziano De Angelis
2019: Multi-layered Network Structure: Relationship Between Financial and Macroeconomic Dynamics Downloads
Kiran Sharma, Anindya S. Chakrabarti and Anirban Chakraborti
2019: Robust calibration and arbitrage-free interpolation of SSVI slices Downloads
Pierre Cohort, Jacopo Corbetta, Claude Martini and Ismail Laachir
2019: Dealing with cross-country heterogeneity in panel VARs using finite mixture models Downloads
Florian Huber and Michael Pfarrhofer
2019: Bi-Demographic Changes and Current Account using SVAR Modeling Downloads
Hassan Ghassan, Hassan R. Al-Hajhoj and Faruk Balli
2019: Optimal price management in retail energy markets: an impulse control problem with asymptotic estimates Downloads
Matteo Basei
2019: Mixing LSMC and PDE Methods to Price Bermudan Options Downloads
David Farahany, Kenneth Jackson and Sebastian Jaimungal
2019: A Score-Driven Conditional Correlation Model for Noisy and Asynchronous Data: an Application to High-Frequency Covariance Dynamics Downloads
Giuseppe Buccheri, Giacomo Bormetti, Fulvio Corsi and Fabrizio Lillo
2019: Mean Field Games with Partial Information for Algorithmic Trading Downloads
Philippe Casgrain and Sebastian Jaimungal
2019: A Term Structure Model for Dividends and Interest Rates Downloads
Damir Filipovi\'c and Sander Willems
2019: On the interplay between multiscaling and stocks dependence Downloads
R. J. Buonocore, G. Brandi, Rosario Mantegna and T. Di Matteo
2019: Nonparametric Bayesian volatility estimation Downloads
Shota Gugushvili, Frank van der Meulen, Moritz Schauer and Peter Spreij
2019: Short-term at-the-money asymptotics under stochastic volatility models Downloads
Omar El Euch, Masaaki Fukasawa, Jim Gatheral and Mathieu Rosenbaum
2019: Modeling the number of hidden events subject to observation delay Downloads
Jonas Crevecoeur, Katrien Antonio and Roel Verbelen
2019: Asymptotic Expansion as Prior Knowledge in Deep Learning Method for high dimensional BSDEs Downloads
Masaaki Fujii, Akihiko Takahashi and Masayuki Takahashi
2019: Market Dynamics. On A Muse Of Cash Flow And Liquidity Deficit Downloads
Vladislav Malyshkin
2019: General Stopping Behaviors of Naive and Non-Committed Sophisticated Agents, with Application to Probability Distortion Downloads
Yu-Jui Huang, Adrien Nguyen-Huu and Xun Yu Zhou
2019: Optimal Learning under Robustness and Time-Consistency Downloads
Larry Epstein and Shaolin Ji
2019: Control-stopping Games for Market Microstructure and Beyond Downloads
Roman Gayduk and Sergey Nadtochiy
2019: Computational aspects of robust optimized certainty equivalents and option pricing Downloads
Daniel Bartl, Samuel Drapeau and Ludovic Tangpi
2019: Game-Theoretic Vaccination Against Networked SIS Epidemics and Impacts of Human Decision-Making Downloads
Ashish R. Hota and Shreyas Sundaram
2019: Optimal Trading with a Trailing Stop Downloads
Tim Leung and Hongzhong Zhang
2019: Conditional nonlinear expectations Downloads
Daniel Bartl
2019: Portfolio choice, portfolio liquidation, and portfolio transition under drift uncertainty Downloads
Alexis Bismuth, Olivier Gu\'eant and Jiang Pu
2019: Predictable Forward Performance Processes: The Binomial Case Downloads
Bahman Angoshtari, Thaleia Zariphopoulou and Xun Yu Zhou
2019: Optimal Execution in a Multiplayer Model of Transient Price Impact Downloads
Elias Strehle
2019: Multi-period investment strategies under Cumulative Prospect Theory Downloads
Liurui Deng and Traian A. Pirvu
2019: On the support of extremal martingale measures with given marginals: the countable case Downloads
Luciano Campi and Claude Martini
2019: Getting Started with Particle Metropolis-Hastings for Inference in Nonlinear Dynamical Models Downloads
Johan Dahlin and Thomas B. Sch\"on
2019: Can we explain unexpected fluctuations of long-term real interest rate? Downloads
Barbora Voln\'a
2019: Forecasting the Volatilities of Philippine Stock Exchange Composite Index Using the Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity Modeling Downloads
Novy Ann M. Etac and Roel F. Ceballos
2019: Using Deep Learning Neural Networks and Candlestick Chart Representation to Predict Stock Market Downloads
Rosdyana Mangir Irawan Kusuma, Trang-Thi Ho, Wei-Chun Kao, Yu-Yen Ou and Kai-Lung Hua
2019: Designing an Optimal Portfolio for Iran's Stock Market with Genetic Algorithm using Neural Network Prediction of Risk and Return Stocks Downloads
Masoud Fekri and Babak Barazandeh
2019: Uncovering networks amongst stocks returns by studying nonlinear interactions in high frequency data of the Indian Stock Market using mutual information Downloads
Charu Sharma and Amber Habib
2019: Economic resilience from input-output susceptibility improves predictions of economic growth and recovery Downloads
Peter Klimek, Sebastian Poledna and Stefan Thurner
2019: Quantitative evaluation of consecutive resilience cycles in stock market performance: A systems-oriented approach Downloads
Junqing Tang and Hans R. Heinimann
2019: Hierarchical financial structures with money cascade Downloads
Mahendra K. Verma
2019: Persuading part of an audience Downloads
Bruno Salcedo
2019: A numerical scheme for the quantile hedging problem Downloads
Cyril B\'en\'ezet, Jean-Fran\c{c}ois Chassagneux and Christoph Reisinger
2019: Robust Nearly-Efficient Estimation of Large Panels with Factor Structures Downloads
Marco Avarucci and Paolo Zaffaroni
2019: Income Effects and Rationalizability in Multinomial Choice Models Downloads
Debopam Bhattacharya
2019: The Empirical Content of Binary Choice Models Downloads
Debopam Bhattacharya
2019: Global Stock Market Prediction Based on Stock Chart Images Using Deep Q-Network Downloads
Jinho Lee, Raehyun Kim, Yookyung Koh and Jaewoo Kang
2019: Financial series prediction using Attention LSTM Downloads
Sangyeon Kim and Myungjoo Kang
2019: A novel dynamic asset allocation system using Feature Saliency Hidden Markov models for smart beta investing Downloads
Elizabeth Fons, Paula Dawson, Jeffrey Yau, Xiao-jun Zeng and John Keane
2019: Three Different Ways Synchronization Can Cause Contagion in Financial Markets Downloads
Naji Massad and J{\o}rgen Vitting Andersen
2019: From Glosten-Milgrom to the whole limit order book and applications to financial regulation Downloads
Weibing Huang, Mathieu Rosenbaum and Pamela Saliba
2019: Q-Gaussian diffusion in stock markets Downloads
Alonso-Marroquin Fernando, Arias-Calluari Karina, Harre Michael, Najafi Morteza N. and Herrmann Hans J
2019: A convex duality approach for pricing contingent claims under partial information and short selling constraints Downloads
Kristina Rognlien Dahl
2019: Estimation of Dynamic Panel Threshold Model using Stata Downloads
Myung Hwan Seo, Sueyoul Kim and Young-Joo Kim
2019: Penalized Sieve GEL for Weighted Average Derivatives of Nonparametric Quantile IV Regressions Downloads
Xiaohong Chen, Demian Pouzo and James L. Powell
2019: Meeting Global Cooling Demand with Photovoltaics during the 21st Century Downloads
Hannu S. Laine, Jyri Salpakari, Erin E. Looney, Hele Savin, Ian Marius Peters and Tonio Buonassisi
2019: Fair Capital Risk Allocation Downloads
Tomasz R. Bielecki, Igor Cialenco, Marcin Pitera and Thorsten Schmidt
2019: Gig Economy: A Dynamic Principal-Agent Model Downloads
Zsolt Bihary and P\'eter Ker\'enyi
2019: Statistical arbitrage of coherent risk measures Downloads
John Armstrong and Damiano Brigo
2019: Analytic solutions in a continuous-time financial market model Downloads
Zsolt Bihary and Attila Andr\'as V\'ig
2019: Semiparametric estimation of heterogeneous treatment effects under the nonignorable assignment condition Downloads
Keisuke Takahata and Takahiro Hoshino
2019: Binscatter Regressions Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Richard Crump, Max H. Farrell and Yingjie Feng
2019: On Binscatter Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Richard Crump, Max H. Farrell and Yingjie Feng
2019: Market efficiency, liquidity, and multifractality of Bitcoin: A dynamic study Downloads
Tetsuya Takaishi and Takanori Adachi
2019: A changepoint approach for the identification of financial extreme regimes Downloads
Chiara Lattanzi and Manuele Leonelli
2019: Climate Change and Agriculture: Subsistence Farmers' Response to Extreme Heat Downloads
Fernando M. Arag\'on, Francisco Oteiza and Juan Pablo Rud
2019: Diversity and its decomposition into variety, balance and disparity Downloads
Alje van Dam
2019: Working Paper: Improved Stock Price Forecasting Algorithm based on Feature-weighed Support Vector Regression by using Grey Correlation Degree Downloads
Quanxi Wang
2019: Closed-End Formula for options linked to Target Volatility Strategies Downloads
Luca Di Persio, Luca Prezioso and Kai Wallbaum
2019: Discovering Language of the Stocks Downloads
Marko Po\v{z}enel and Dejan Lavbi\v{c}
2019: Influencing factors that determine the usage of the crowd-shipping services Downloads
Tho V. Le and Satish V. Ukkusuri
2019: Counterfactual Inference in Duration Models with Random Censoring Downloads
Jiun-Hua Su
2019: Controlling systemic risk - network structures that minimize it and node properties to calculate it Downloads
Sebastian M. Krause, Hrvoje \v{S}tefan\v{c}i\'c, Vinko Zlati\'c and Guido Caldarelli
2019: What is the central bank of Wikipedia? Downloads
Denis Demidov, Klaus M. Frahm and Dima L. Shepelyansky
2019: Stacking with Neural network for Cryptocurrency investment Downloads
Avinash Barnwal, Hari Pad Bharti, Aasim Ali and Vishal Singh
2019: Have Econometric Analyses of Happiness Data Been Futile? A Simple Truth About Happiness Scales Downloads
Le-Yu Chen, Ekaterina Oparina, Nattavudh Powdthavee and Sorawoot Srisuma
2019: Divestment may burst the carbon bubble if investors' beliefs tip to anticipating strong future climate policy Downloads
Birte Ewers, Jonathan F. Donges, Jobst Heitzig and Sonja Peterson
2019: Robust Asset Allocation for Robo-Advisors Downloads
Thibault Bourgeron, Edmond Lezmi and Thierry Roncalli
2019: Matching Refugees to Host Country Locations Based on Preferences and Outcomes Downloads
Avidit Acharya, Kirk Bansak and Jens Hainmueller
2019: Estimation and Inference for Synthetic Control Methods with Spillover Effects Downloads
Jianfei Cao and Connor Dowd
2019: The lattice structure of preference comparison Downloads
Gregorio Curello and Ludvig Sinander
2019: Estimating Network Effects Using Naturally Occurring Peer Notification Queue Counterfactuals Downloads
Craig Tutterow and Guillaume Saint-Jacques
2019: Discrete Choice under Risk with Limited Consideration Downloads
Levon Barseghyan, Francesca Molinari and Matthew Thirkettle
2019: Model risk in mean-variance portfolio selection: an analytic solution to the worst-case approach Downloads
Roberto Baviera and Giulia Bianchi
2019: Existence of solutions to principal-agent problems under general preferences and non-compact allocation space Downloads
Guillaume Carlier and Kelvin Shuangjian Zhang
2019: Options on CPPI with guaranteed minimum equity exposure Downloads
L. Di Persio and I. Oliva. K. Wallbaum
2019: Correlation Patterns in Foreign Exchange Markets Downloads
Lasko Basnarkov, Viktor Stojkoski, Zoran Utkovski and Ljupco Kocarev
2019: Optimal dividends and capital injection under dividend restrictions Downloads
Kristoffer Lindensj\"o and Filip Lindskog
2019: Semiparametric correction for endogenous truncation bias with Vox Populi based participation decision Downloads
Nir Billfeld and Moshe Kim
2019: Weak Identification and Estimation of Social Interaction Models Downloads
Guy Tchuente
2019: Non-Stationary Dividend-Price Ratios Downloads
Vassilis Polimenis and Ioannis Neokosmidis
2019: A Comparison of Economic Agent-Based Model Calibration Methods Downloads
Donovan Platt
2019: Supervised Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) for Pricing/Calibration of Vanilla/Exotic Options Under Various Different Processes Downloads
Ali Hirsa, Tugce Karatas and Amir Oskoui
2019: Constrained Risk Budgeting Portfolios: Theory, Algorithms, Applications & Puzzles Downloads
Jean-Charles Richard and Thierry Roncalli
2019: A New Interaction Index inspired by the Taylor Series Downloads
Ashish Agarwal, Kedar Dhamdhere and Mukund Sundararajan
2019: Market Impact: A Systematic Study of the High Frequency Options Market Downloads
Emilio Said, Ahmed Bel Hadj Ayed, Damien Thillou, Jean-Jacques Rabeyrin and Fr\'ed\'eric Abergel
2019: Modeling default rate in P2P lending via LSTM Downloads
Yan Wang and Xuelei Sherry Ni
2019: Building arbitrage-free implied volatility: Sinkhorn's algorithm and variants Downloads
Hadrien De March and Pierre Henry-Labordere
2019: Direct determination approach for the multifractal detrending moving average analysis Downloads
Hai-Chuan Xu, Gao-Feng Gu and Wei-Xing Zhou
2019: Low-rank tensor approximation for Chebyshev interpolation in parametric option pricing Downloads
Kathrin Glau, Daniel Kressner and Francesco Statti
2019: Hawkes processes for credit indices time series analysis: How random are trades arrival times? Downloads
Achraf Bahamou, Maud Doumergue and Philippe Donnat
2019: Physics and Derivatives: Effective-Potential Path-Integral Approximations of Arrow-Debreu Densities Downloads
Luca Capriotti and Ruggero Vaia
2019: Are trading invariants really invariant? Trading costs matter Downloads
Fr\'ed\'eric Bucci, Fabrizio Lillo, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud and Michael Benzaquen
2019: Bayesian Nonparametric Adaptive Spectral Density Estimation for Financial Time Series Downloads
Nick James, Roman Marchant, Richard Gerlach and Sally Cripps
2019: Censored Quantile Regression Forests Downloads
Alexander Hanbo Li and Jelena Bradic
2019: Preserve or retreat? Willingness-to-pay for Coastline Protection in New South Wales Downloads
Ali Ardeshiri, Joffre Swait, Elizabeth C. Heagney and Mladen Kovac
2019: Modelling Extremal Dependence for Operational Risk by a Bipartite Graph Downloads
Oliver Kley, Claudia Kl\"uppelberg and Sandra Paterlini
2019: Expressive mechanisms for equitable rent division on a budget Downloads
Rodrigo Velez
2019: Testing the Order of Multivariate Normal Mixture Models Downloads
Hiroyuki Kasahara and Katsumi Shimotsu
2019: Two-Step market clearing for local energy trading in feeder-based markets Downloads
Mohsen Khorasany, Yateendra Mishra and Gerard Ledwich
2019: Static and semi-static hedging as contrarian or conformist bets Downloads
Svetlana Boyarchenko and Sergei Levendorskii
2019: Implementation of a Port-graph Model for Finance Downloads
Nneka Ene
2019: Persuasion Meets Delegation Downloads
Anton Kolotilin and Andriy Zapechelnyuk
2019: Crowdfunding Public Projects: Collaborative Governance for Achieving Citizen Co-funding of Public Goods Downloads
Sounman Hong and Jungmin Ryu
2019: Seasonality Effects on Consumers Preferences Over Quality Attributes of Different Beef Products Downloads
Ali Ardeshiri, Spring Sampson and Joffre Swait
2019: Conservation or deterioration in heritage sites? Estimating willingness to pay for preservation Downloads
Ali Ardeshiri, Roya Etminani Ghasrodashti, Taha Hossein Rashidi, Mahyar Ardeshiri and Ken Willis
2019: Development of an agent-based speculation game for higher reproducibility of financial stylized facts Downloads
Kei Katahira, Yu Chen, Gaku Hashimoto and Hiroshi Okuda
2019: Lifestyles, residential location, and transport mode use: A hierarchical latent class choice model Downloads
Ali Ardeshiri and Akshay Vij
2019: How should you discount your backtest PnL? Downloads
Adam Rej, Philip Seager and Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
2019: A General Framework for Prediction in Time Series Models Downloads
Eric Beutner, Alexander Heinemann and Stephan Smeekes
2019: Asymptotic Theory for Clustered Samples Downloads
Bruce E. Hansen and Seojeong Lee
2019: Strong convergence rates for Markovian representations of fractional Brownian motion Downloads
Philipp Harms
2019: A Sieve-SMM Estimator for Dynamic Models Downloads
Jean-Jacques Forneron
2019: How on Earth: Flourishing in a Not-for-Profit World by 2050 Downloads
Jennifer Hinton and Donnie Maclurcan
2019: Surprised by the Hot Hand Fallacy? A Truth in the Law of Small Numbers Downloads
Joshua B. Miller and Adam Sanjurjo
2019: Optimal market making under partial information with general intensities Downloads
Diego Zabaljauregui and Luciano Campi
2019: Factor Investing: Hierarchical Ensemble Learning Downloads
Guanhao Feng and Jingyu He
2019: On Optimal Transparency in Signaling Downloads
Mark Whitmeyer
2019: Approximation of the first passage time distribution for the birth-death processes Downloads
Aleksejus Kononovicius and Vygintas Gontis
2019: The Applications of Graph Theory to Investing Downloads
Joseph Attia
2019: Asymptotic approximation of the probability of ruin for large values of the Poisson rate Downloads
Asaf Cohen and Virginia R. Young
2019: A copula based Markov Reward approach to the credit spread in European Union Downloads
Guglielmo D'Amico, Filippo Petroni, Philippe Regnault, Stefania Scocchera and Loriano Storchi
2019: Robust Productivity Analysis: An application to German FADN data Downloads
Mathias Kloss, Thomas Kirschstein, Steffen Liebscher and Martin Petrick
2019: How do governments determine policy priorities? Studying development strategies through spillover networks Downloads
Omar Guerrero, Gonzalo Casta\~neda and Florian Ch\'avez-Ju\'arez
2019: Quantifying the Coherence of Development Policy Priorities Downloads
Omar Guerrero and Gonzalo Casta\~neda
2019: The Importance of Social and Government Learning in Ex Ante Policy Evaluation Downloads
Gonzalo Casta\~eda and Omar Guerrero
2019: Does Better Governance Guarantee Less Corruption? Evidence of Loss in Effectiveness of the Rule of Law Downloads
Omar Guerrero and Gonzalo Casta\~neda
2019: Modelling transfer profits as externalities in a cooperative game-theoretic model of natural gas networks Downloads
D\'avid Csercsik, Franz Hubert, Balázs Sziklai and L\'aszl\'o \'A. K\'oczy
2019: A Review on Energy, Environmental, and Sustainability Implications of Connected and Automated Vehicles Downloads
Morteza Taiebat, Austin L. Brown, Hannah R. Safford, Shen Qu and Ming Xu
2019: RPS(1) Preferences Downloads
Misha Perepelitsa
2019: Decision-making and Fuzzy Temporal Logic Downloads
Jos\'e Cl\'audio do Nascimento
2019: The robust superreplication problem: a dynamic approach Downloads
Laurence Carassus, Jan Obloj and Johannes Wiesel
2019: The cost of information Downloads
Luciano Pomatto, Philipp Strack and Omer Tamuz
2019: Calculating CVaR and bPOE for Common Probability Distributions With Application to Portfolio Optimization and Density Estimation Downloads
Matthew Norton, Valentyn Khokhlov and Stan Uryasev
2019: An analysis of cryptocurrencies conditional cross correlations Downloads
Nektarios Aslanidis, Aurelio Fernandez Bariviera and Oscar Martinez-Iba\~nez
2019: Cryptoasset Factor Models Downloads
Zura Kakushadze
2019: Determination of the L\'evy Exponent in Asset Pricing Models Downloads
George Bouzianis and Lane Hughston
2019: Incentivising Participation in Liquid Democracy with Breadth-First Delegation Downloads
Grammateia Kotsialou and Luke Riley
2019: Equitable voting rules Downloads
Laurent Bartholdi, Wade Hann-Caruthers, Maya Josyula, Omer Tamuz and Leeat Yariv
2019: Decision-making in Livestock Biosecurity Practices amidst Environmental and Social Uncertainty: Evidence from an Experimental Game Downloads
Scott C. Merrill, Christopher J. Koliba, Susan M. Moegenburg, Asim Zia, Jason Parker, Timothy Sellnow, Serge Wiltshire, Gabriela Bucini, Caitlin Danehy and Julia M. Smith
2019: Revealed Stochastic Preference: A One-Paragraph Proof and Generalization Downloads
Jörg Stoye
2019: A Community Microgrid Architecture with an Internal Local Market Downloads
Bertrand Corn\'elusse, Iacopo Savelli, Simone Paoletti, Antonio Giannitrapani and Antonio Vicino
2019: Covariate Distribution Balance via Propensity Scores Downloads
Pedro Sant'Anna, Xiaojun Song and Qi Xu
2019: Parameter Estimation of Heavy-Tailed AR Model with Missing Data via Stochastic EM Downloads
Junyan Liu, Sandeep Kumar and Daniel P. Palomar
2019: Trading Networks with General Preferences Downloads
Jan Christoph Schlegel
2019: Sensitivity Analysis using Approximate Moment Condition Models Downloads
Timothy B. Armstrong and Michal Koles\'ar
2019: A New Nonparametric Estimate of the Risk-Neutral Density with Applications to Variance Swaps Downloads
Liyuan Jiang, Shuang Zhou, Keren Li, Fangfang Wang and Jie Yang
2019: Extrapolating Treatment Effects in Multi-Cutoff Regression Discontinuity Designs Downloads
Matias Cattaneo, Luke Keele, Rocio Titiunik and Gonzalo Vazquez-Bare
2019: Machine Learning Classifiers Do Not Improve the Prediction of Academic Risk: Evidence from Australia Downloads
Sarah Cornell-Farrow and Robert Garrard
2019: Stochastic Deflator for an Economic Scenario Generator with Five Factors Downloads
Po-Keng Cheng and Fr\'ed\'eric Planchet
2019: Fast Hybrid Schemes for Fractional Riccati Equations (Rough is not so Tough) Downloads
Callegaro Giorgia, Grasselli Martino and Pag\`es Gilles
2019: Dynamic Advisor-Based Ensemble (dynABE): Case study in stock trend prediction of critical metal companies Downloads
Zhengyang Dong
2019: Total, asymmetric and frequency connectedness between oil and forex markets Downloads
Jozef Barun\'ik and Ev\v{z}en Ko\v{c}enda
2019: An extremal fractional Gaussian with a possible application to option-pricing with skew and smile Downloads
Alexander Jurisch
2019: Categorizing Variants of Goodhart's Law Downloads
David Manheim and Scott Garrabrant
2019: Almost Sure Uniqueness of a Global Minimum Without Convexity Downloads
Gregory Cox
2019: Market Impact: A Systematic Study of Limit Orders Downloads
Emilio Said, Ahmed Bel Hadj Ayed, Alexandre Husson and Fr\'ed\'eric Abergel
2019: Multilevel nested simulation for efficient risk estimation Downloads
Michael B. Giles and Abdul-Lateef Haji-Ali
2019: Irreversible investment with fixed adjustment costs: a stochastic impulse control approach Downloads
Salvatore Federico, Mauro Rosestolato and Elisa Tacconi
2019: Social Learning in a Dynamic Environment Downloads
Krishna Dasaratha, Benjamin Golub and Nir Hak
2019: A threshold model for local volatility: evidence of leverage and mean reversion effects on historical data Downloads
Antoine Lejay and Paolo Pigato
2019: Quasi-Oracle Estimation of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects Downloads
Xinkun Nie and Stefan Wager
2019: Listening to Chaotic Whispers: A Deep Learning Framework for News-oriented Stock Trend Prediction Downloads
Ziniu Hu, Weiqing Liu, Jiang Bian, Xuanzhe Liu and Tie-Yan Liu
2019: Portfolio Optimization and Model Predictive Control: A Kinetic Approach Downloads
Torsten Trimborn, Lorenzo Pareschi and Martin Frank
2019: Asymptotic properties of maximum likelihood estimator for the growth rate of a stable CIR process based on continuous time observations Downloads
Matyas Barczy, Mohamed Ben Alaya, Ahmed Kebaier and Gyula Pap
2019: A Mathematical Analysis of Technical Analysis Downloads
Matthew Lorig, Zhou Zhou and Bin Zou
2019: Sampling of probability measures in the convex order by Wasserstein projection Downloads
Aur\'elien Alfonsi, Jacopo Corbetta and Benjamin Jourdain
2019: Testing if the market microstructure noise is fully explained by the informational content of some variables from the limit order book Downloads
Simon Clinet and Yoann Potiron
2019: Inference on Breakdown Frontiers Downloads
Matthew A. Masten and Alexandre Poirier
2019: High-order compact finite difference scheme for option pricing in stochastic volatility jump models Downloads
Bertram D\"uring and Alexander Pitkin
2019: A review of two decades of correlations, hierarchies, networks and clustering in financial markets Downloads
Gautier Marti, Frank Nielsen, Miko{\l}aj Bi\'nkowski and Philippe Donnat
2019: Time Reversal and Last Passage Time of Diffusions with Applications to Credit Risk Management Downloads
Masahiko Egami and Rusudan Kevkhishvili
2019: Investor Experiences and Financial Market Dynamics Downloads
Ulrike Malmendier, Demian Pouzo and Victoria Vanasco
2019: Specification Tests for the Propensity Score Downloads
Pedro Sant'Anna and Xiaojun Song
2019: Exponential utility maximization under model uncertainty for unbounded endowments Downloads
Daniel Bartl
2019: The Entropic Measure Transform Downloads
Renjie Wang, Cody Hyndman and Anastasis Kratsios
2019: Enhanced Gravity Model of trade: reconciling macroeconomic and network models Downloads
Assaf Almog, Rhys Bird and Diego Garlaschelli
2019: Sutte Indicator: an approach to predict the direction of stock market movements Downloads
Ansari Saleh Ahmar
2019: Quantum model for price forecasting in financial markets Downloads
J. L. Subias
2019: A Mean Field Game of Portfolio Trading and Its Consequences On Perceived Correlations Downloads
Charles-Albert Lehalle and Charafeddine Mouzouni
2019: Market Manipulation of Bitcoin: Evidence from Mining the Mt. Gox Transaction Network Downloads
Weili Chen, Jun Wu, Zibin Zheng, Chuan Chen and Yuren Zhou
2019: Deep Recurrent Factor Model: Interpretable Non-Linear and Time-Varying Multi-Factor Model Downloads
Kei Nakagawa, Tomoki Ito, Masaya Abe and Kiyoshi Izumi
2019: Approaches Toward the Bayesian Estimation of the Stochastic Volatility Model with Leverage Downloads
Darjus Hosszejni and Gregor Kastner
2019: A dynamic factor model approach to incorporate Big Data in state space models for official statistics Downloads
Caterina Schiavoni, Franz Palm, Stephan Smeekes and Jan van den Brakel
2019: The Impact of Taxation on GMWB Contract in a Stochastic Interest Rate Framework Downloads
Ludovic Gouden\`ege, Andrea Molent and Antonino Zanette
2019: Quantitative Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis of Nuclear Waste Storage Downloads
Alexander Budzier, Bent Flyvbjerg, Andi Garavaglia and Andreas Leed
2019: Minimal Investment Risk with Cost and Return Constraints: A Replica Analysis Downloads
Takashi Shinzato
2019: Lost in Diversification Downloads
Marco Bardoscia, Daniele d'Arienzo, Matteo Marsili and Valerio Volpati
2019: Tangled String for Multi-Scale Explanation of Contextual Shifts in Stock Market Downloads
Yukio Ohsawa, Teruaki Hayashi and Takaaki Yoshino
2019: Volatility Models Applied to Geophysics and High Frequency Financial Market Data Downloads
Maria C Mariani, Md Al Masum Bhuiyan, Osei K Tweneboah, Hector Gonzalez-Huizar and Ionut Florescu
2019: A Study on Neural Network Architecture Applied to the Prediction of Brazilian Stock Returns Downloads
Leonardo Felizardo and Afonso Pinto
2019: Technological Parasitism Downloads
Mario Coccia
2019: How the investor's risk preferences influence the optimal allocation in a credibilistic portfolio problem Downloads
Irina Georgescu and Jani Kinnunen
2019: Queue-reactive Hawkes models for the order flow Downloads
Peng Wu, Marcello Rambaldi, Jean-Fran\c{c}ois Muzy and Emmanuel Bacry
2019: Theories and Practice of Agent based Modeling: Some practical Implications for Economic Planners Downloads
Hossein Sabzian, Mohammad Ali Shafia, Ali Maleki, Seyeed Mostapha Seyeed Hashemi, Ali Baghaei and Hossein Gharib
2019: Erratum: Higher Order Elicitability and Osband's Principle Downloads
Tobias Fissler and Johanna F. Ziegel
2019: Psychological model of the investor and manager behavior in risk Downloads
O. A. Malafeyev, A. N. Malova and A. E. Tsybaeva
2019: Lattice investment projects support process model with corruption Downloads
O. A. Malafeyev and S. A. Nemnyugin
2019: Optimal Reduction of Public Debt under Partial Observation of the Economic Growth Downloads
Giorgia Callegaro, Claudia Ceci and Giorgio Ferrari
2019: Temporal Logistic Neural Bag-of-Features for Financial Time series Forecasting leveraging Limit Order Book Data Downloads
Nikolaos Passalis, Anastasios Tefas, Juho Kanniainen, Moncef Gabbouj and Alexandros Iosifidis
2019: The Wisdom of a Kalman Crowd Downloads
Ulrik W. Nash
2019: The Economic Complexity of US Metropolitan Areas Downloads
Benedikt S. L. Fritz and Robert A. Manduca
2019: Academic Engagement and Commercialization in an Institutional Transition Environment: Evidence from Shanghai Maritime University Downloads
Dongbo Shi and Yeyanran Ge
2019: Nonextensive triplets in stock market indices Downloads
Dusan Stosic, Darko Stosic and Tatijana Stosic
2019: Dancing with Donald: Polarity in the 2016 Presidential Election Downloads
Robert Chuchro, Kyle D'Souza and Darren Mei
2019: Adapted Wasserstein Distances and Stability in Mathematical Finance Downloads
Julio Backhoff-Veraguas, Daniel Bartl, Mathias Beiglb\"ock and Manu Eder
2019: The spread of a financial virus through Europe and beyond Downloads
Olena Kostylenko, Helena Sofia Rodrigues and Delfim F. M. Torres
2019: A closed formula for illiquid corporate bonds and an application to the European market Downloads
Roberto Baviera, Aldo Nassigh and Emanuele Nastasi
2019: A Backward Simulation Method for Stochastic Optimal Control Problems Downloads
Zhiyi Shen and Chengguo Weng
2019: Optimal redeeming strategy of stock loans under drift uncertainty Downloads
Zuo Quan Xu and Fahuai Yi
2019: Preparing millennials as digital citizens and socially and environmentally responsible business professionals in a socially irresponsible climate Downloads
Barbara Burgess-Wilkerson, Clovia Hamilton, Chlotia Garrison and Keith Robbins
2019: Option Pricing in Illiquid Markets with Jumps Downloads
Jose Cruz and Daniel Sevcovic
2019: On a dividend problem with random funding Downloads
Josef Anton Strini and Stefan Thonhauser
2019: A Probabilistic Approach to Nonparametric Local Volatility Downloads
Martin Tegn\'er and Stephen Roberts
2019: International crop trade networks: The impact of shocks and cascades Downloads
Rebekka Burkholz and Frank Schweitzer
2019: Pricing path-dependent Bermudan options using Wiener chaos expansion: an embarrassingly parallel approach Downloads
J\'er\^ome Lelong
2019: Relational Communication Downloads
Anton Kolotilin and Hongyi Li
2019: lassopack: Model selection and prediction with regularized regression in Stata Downloads
Achim Ahrens, Christian B. Hansen and Mark Schaffer
2019: Slow decay of impact in equity markets: insights from the ANcerno database Downloads
Fr\'ed\'eric Bucci, Michael Benzaquen, Fabrizio Lillo and Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
2019: Instantaneous Arbitrage and the CAPM Downloads
Lars Tyge Nielsen
2019: An Agent-Based Model to Explain the Emergence of Stylised Facts in Log Returns Downloads
Elena Green and Daniel M. Heffernan
2019: Econophysics of Asset Price, Return and Multiple Expectations Downloads
Victor Olkhov
2019: Clustering patterns in efficiency and the coming-of-age of the cryptocurrency market Downloads
Higor Y. D. Sigaki, Matjaz Perc and Haroldo V. Ribeiro
2019: PROOF OF VALUE ALIENATION (PoVA) - a concept of a cryptocurrency issuance protocol Downloads
Tim Shuliar and Nikita Goldsmit
2019: Inference on Functionals under First Order Degeneracy Downloads
Qihui Chen and Zheng Fang
2019: 100+ Metrics for Software Startups - A Multi-Vocal Literature Review Downloads
Kai-Kristian Kemell, Xiaofeng Wang, Anh Nguyen-Duc, Jason Grendus, Tuure Tuunanen and Pekka Abrahamsson
2019: Empirical forward price distribution from Bitcoin option prices Downloads
Nikolai Zaitsev
2019: Systemic Risk: Conditional Distortion Risk Measures Downloads
Jan Dhaene, Roger Laeven and Yiying Zhang
2019: Designing An Industrial Policy For Developing Countries: A New Approach Downloads
Ali Haeri and Abbas Arabmazar
2019: Remarks on stochastic automatic adjoint differentiation and financial models calibration Downloads
Dmitri Goloubentcev and Evgeny Lakshtanov
2019: Acquisition of Project-Specific Assets with Bayesian Updating Downloads
H. Dharma Kwon and Steven A. Lippman
2019: Inequality, mobility and the financial accumulation process: A computational economic analysis Downloads
Simone Righi and Yuri Biondi
2019: How many people microwork in France? Estimating the size of a new labor force Downloads
Cl\'ement Le Ludec, Paola Tubaro and Antonio A. Casilli
2019: A Risk-Sharing Framework of Bilateral Contracts Downloads
Junbeom Lee, Stephan Sturm and Chao Zhou
2019: Fuzzy Profit Shifting: A Model for Optimal Tax-induced Transfer Pricing with Fuzzy Arm's Length Parameter Downloads
Alex A. T. Rathke
2019: Mastering Panel 'Metrics: Causal Impact of Democracy on Growth Downloads
Shuowen Chen, Victor Chernozhukov and Iv\'an Fern\'andez-Val
2019: Report for the Commission of Inquiry Respecting the Muskrat Falls Project Downloads
Bent Flyvbjerg and Alexander Budzier
2019: Econophysics: Still fringe after 30 years? Downloads
Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
2019: Evaluating betting odds and free coupons using desirability Downloads
Nawapon Nakharutai, Camila C. S. Caiado and Matthias C. M. Troffaes
2019: Deep Learning for Ranking Response Surfaces with Applications to Optimal Stopping Problems Downloads
Ruimeng Hu
2019: When does privatization spur entrepreneurial performance? The moderating effect of institutional quality in an emerging market Downloads
Christopher Boudreaux
2019: Mean-variance portfolio selection under partial information with drift uncertainty Downloads
Jie Xiong, Zuoquan Xu and Jiayu Zheng
2019: Jump-telegraph models for the short rate: pricing and convexity adjustments of zero coupon bonds Downloads
Oscar Lopez, Gerardo E. Oleaga and Alejandra Sanchez
2019: Blockchain in Global Supply Chains and Cross Border Trade: A Critical Synthesis of the State-of-the-Art, Challenges and Opportunities Downloads
Yanling Chang, Eleftherios Iakovou and Weidong Shi4
2019: The Arrival of News and Return Jumps in Stock Markets: A Nonparametric Approach Downloads
Juho Kanniainen and Ye Yue
2019: Efficient Minimum Distance Estimation of Pareto Exponent from Top Income Shares Downloads
Alexis Akira Toda and Yulong Wang
2019: Public Health and access to medicine. Pharmaceutical industry's role Downloads
Juan Gonzalez-Blanco
2019: Optimal VWAP execution under transient price impact Downloads
Alexander Barzykin and Fabrizio Lillo
2019: Evaluation of equity-based debt obligations Downloads
Alexander Fromm
2019: Forecasting interest rates through Vasicek and CIR models: a partitioning approach Downloads
Giuseppe Orlando, Rosa Maria Mininni and Michele Bufalo
2019: The interconnected wealth of nations: Shock propagation on global trade-investment multiplex networks Downloads
Michele Starnini, Mari\'an Bogu\~n\'a and M. \'Angeles Serrano
2019: Shrinkage for Categorical Regressors Downloads
Phillip Heiler and Jana Mareckova
2019: Timing the market: the economic value of price extremes Downloads
Haibin Xie and Shouyang Wang
2019: Invest or Exit? Optimal Decisions in the Face of a Declining Profit Stream Downloads
H. Dharma Kwon
2019: Conditions for the uniqueness of the Gately point for cooperative games Downloads
Jochen Staudacher and Johannes Anwander
2019: The market nanostructure origin of asset price time reversal asymmetry Downloads
Marcus Cordi, Damien Challet and Serge Kassibrakis
2019: The Impact Of Country Of Origin In Mobile Phone Choice Of Generation Y And Z Downloads
Szabolcs Nagy
2019: Modeling Dynamic Transport Network with Matrix Factor Models: with an Application to International Trade Flow Downloads
Elynn Y. Chen and Rong Chen
2019: The Institutional Economics of Collective Waste Recovery Systems: an empirical investigation Downloads
Shteryo Nozharov
2019: Consumption, Investment, and Healthcare with Aging Downloads
Paolo Guasoni and Yu-Jui Huang
2019: Equilibrium price and optimal insider trading strategy under stochastic liquidity with long memory Downloads
Ben-zhang Yang, Xinjiang He and Nan-jing Huang
2019: Digital Economy And Society. A Cross Country Comparison Of Hungary And Ukraine Downloads
Szabolcs Nagy
2019: Methodological provisions for conducting empirical research of the availability and implementation of the consumers socially responsible intentions Downloads
Lyudmyla Potrashkova, Diana Raiko, Leonid Tseitlin, Olga Savchenko and Szabolcs Nagy
2019: Credit Cycles, Securitization, and Credit Default Swaps Downloads
Juan Ignacio Pe\~na
2019: Optimal Insurance with Limited Commitment in a Finite Horizon Downloads
Junkee Jeon, Hyeng Keun Koo and Kyunghyun Park
2019: Interdistrict School Choice: A Theory of Student Assignment Downloads
Isa E. Hafalir, Fuhito Kojima and M. Bumin Yenmez
2019: Dynamic Models with Robust Decision Makers: Identification and Estimation Downloads
Timothy M. Christensen
2019: Semiparametric Difference-in-Differences with Potentially Many Control Variables Downloads
Neng-Chieh Chang
2019: Equivalent Choice Functions and Stable Mechanisms Downloads
Jan Christoph Schlegel
2019: Population Growth and Economic Development in Bangladesh: Revisited Malthus Downloads
Md Niaz Murshed Chowdhury and Md. Mobarak Hossain
2019: Multivariate Fractional Components Analysis Downloads
Tobias Hartl and Roland Weigand
2019: Can Deep Learning Predict Risky Retail Investors? A Case Study in Financial Risk Behavior Forecasting Downloads
Yaodong Yang, Alisa Kolesnikova, Stefan Lessmann, Tiejun Ma, Ming-Chien Sung and Johnnie E. V. Johnson
2019: Discrete Time Dynamic Programming with Recursive Preferences: Optimality and Applications Downloads
Guanlong Ren and John Stachurski
2019: Continual Learning Augmented Investment Decisions Downloads
Daniel Philps, Tillman Weyde, Artur d'Avila Garcez and Roy Batchelor
2019: PT Symmetry, Non-Gaussian Path Integrals, and the Quantum Black-Scholes Equation Downloads
Will Hicks
2019: Asymptotics for Small Nonlinear Price Impact: a PDE Approach to the Multidimensional Case Downloads
Erhan Bayraktar, Thomas Caye and Ibrahim Ekren
2019: Dynamic Assortment Optimization with Changing Contextual Information Downloads
Xi Chen, Yining Wang and Yuan Zhou
2019: The Politics of Attention Downloads
Li Hu and Anqi Li
2019: Prices, Profits, and Production: Identification and Counterfactuals Downloads
Victor Aguiar, Roy Allen and Nail Kashaev
2019: Temporal Relational Ranking for Stock Prediction Downloads
Fuli Feng, Xiangnan He, Xiang Wang, Cheng Luo, Yiqun Liu and Tat-Seng Chua
2019: Financial accumulation implies ever-increasing wealth inequality Downloads
Yuri Biondi and Stefano Olla
2019: Learning L2 Continuous Regression Functionals via Regularized Riesz Representers Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Whitney K Newey and Rahul Singh
2019: Bayesian shrinkage in mixture of experts models: Identifying robust determinants of class membership Downloads
Gregor Zens
2019: Suboptimal Control of Dividends under Exponential Utility Downloads
Julia Eisenberg and Paul Kr\"uhner
2019: Generating VaR scenarios with product beta distributions Downloads
Dietmar Pfeifer and Olena Ragulina
2019: A Theory of Dichotomous Valuation with Applications to Variable Selection Downloads
Xingwei Hu
2019: A factor-model approach for correlation scenarios and correlation stress-testing Downloads
Natalie Packham and Fabian Woebbeking
2019: An Impossibility Theorem for Wealth in Heterogeneous-agent Models with Limited Heterogeneity Downloads
John Stachurski and Alexis Akira Toda
2019: Diffusion Approximations for Expert Opinions in a Financial Market with Gaussian Drift Downloads
J\"orn Sass, Dorothee Westphal and Ralf Wunderlich
2019: Exit problem as the generalized solution of Dirichlet problem Downloads
Yuecai Han, Qingshuo Song and Gu Wang
2019: Effect of Climate and Geography on worldwide fine resolution economic activity Downloads
Alberto Troccoli
2019: Inference under Covariate-Adaptive Randomization with Multiple Treatments Downloads
Federico A. Bugni, Ivan A. Canay and Azeem Shaikh
2019: A Double Machine Learning Approach to Estimate the Effects of Musical Practice on Student's Skills Downloads
Michael Knaus
2019: Identification in Nonparametric Models for Dynamic Treatment Effects Downloads
Sukjin Han
2019: The Heston stochastic volatility model with piecewise constant parameters - efficient calibration and pricing of window barrier options Downloads
Daniel Guterding and Wolfram Boenkost
2019: High Dimensional Estimation and Multi-Factor Models Downloads
Liao Zhu, Sumanta Basu, Robert Jarrow and Martin T. Wells
2019: Portfolio Optimization under Fast Mean-reverting and Rough Fractional Stochastic Environment Downloads
Jean-Pierre Fouque and Ruimeng Hu
2019: Simultaneous Mean-Variance Regression Downloads
Richard Spady and Sami Stouli
2019: Indifference pricing of pure endowments via BSDEs under partial information Downloads
Claudia Ceci, Katia Colaneri and Alessandra Cretarola
2019: Panel Data Analysis with Heterogeneous Dynamics Downloads
Ryo Okui and Takahide Yanagi
2019: Edgeworth trading on networks Downloads
Daniele Cassese and Paolo Pin
2019: A structural Heath-Jarrow-Morton framework for consistent intraday, spot, and futures electricity prices Downloads
Wieger Hinderks, Andreas Wagner and Ralf Korn
2019: Asymptotic Optimal Portfolio in Fast Mean-reverting Stochastic Environments Downloads
Ruimeng Hu
2019: Stochastic Dynamic Utilities and Inter-Temporal Preferences Downloads
Marco Maggis
2019: Optimization-Based Algorithm for Evolutionarily Stable Strategies against Pure Mutations Downloads
Sam Ganzfried
2019: Computation of optimal transport and related hedging problems via penalization and neural networks Downloads
Stephan Eckstein and Michael Kupper
2019: Knowledge and Unanimous Acceptance of Core Payoffs: An Epistemic Foundation for Cooperative Game Theory Downloads
Shuige Liu
2019: Volatility options in rough volatility models Downloads
Blanka Horvath, Antoine Jacquier and Peter Tankov
2019: Capital allocation under the Fundamental Review of Trading Book Downloads
Luting Li and Hao Xing
2019: Games of Incomplete Information and Myopic Equilibria Downloads
R. Simon, S. Spiez and H. Torunczyk
2019: Double continuation regions for American and Swing options with negative discount rate in L\'evy models Downloads
Marzia De Donno, Zbigniew Palmowski and Joanna Tumilewicz
2019: Approximation methods for piecewise deterministic Markov processes and their costs Downloads
Peter Kritzer, Gunther Leobacher, Michaela Sz\"olgyenyi and Stefan Thonhauser
2019: Forecasting dynamic return distributions based on ordered binary choice Downloads
Stanislav Anatolyev and Jozef Baruník
2019: A Justification of Conditional Confidence Intervals Downloads
Eric Beutner, Alexander Heinemann and Stephan Smeekes
2019: New copulas based on general partitions-of-unity and their applications to risk management (part II) Downloads
Dietmar Pfeifer, Andreas M\"andle and Olena Ragulina
2019: Martingale Benamou--Brenier: a probabilistic perspective Downloads
Julio Backhoff-Veraguas, Mathias Beiglb\"ock, Martin Huesmann and Sigrid K\"allblad
2019: Portfolio Choice with Small Temporary and Transient Price Impact Downloads
Ibrahim Ekren and Johannes Muhle-Karbe
2019: Incorporating statistical model error into the calculation of acceptability prices of contingent claims Downloads
Martin Glanzer, Georg Ch. Pflug and Alois Pichler
2019: Probability density of lognormal fractional SABR model Downloads
Jiro Akahori, Xiaoming Song and Tai-Ho Wang
2019: Estimation of Risk Contributions with MCMC Downloads
Takaaki Koike and Mihoko Minami
2019: Asset liquidation under drift uncertainty and regime-switching volatility Downloads
Juozas Vaicenavicius
2019: Bank monitoring incentives under moral hazard and adverse selection Downloads
Nicol\'as Hern\'andez Santib\'a\~nez, Dylan Possama\"i and Chao Zhou
2019: Optimal consumption and investment with liquid and illiquid assets Downloads
Jin Hyuk Choi
2019: A pricing formula for delayed claims: Appreciating the past to value the future Downloads
Enrico Biffis, Beniamin Goldys, Cecilia Prosdocimi and Margherita Zanella
2019: New copulas based on general partitions-of-unity and their applications to risk management Downloads
Dietmar Pfeifer, Herv\'e Awoumlac Tsatedem, Andreas M\"andle and C\^ome Girschig
2019: Introduction to Stochastic Differential Equations (SDEs) for Finance Downloads
Andrew Papanicolaou
2019: Optimal Sharing Rule for a Household with a Portfolio Management Problem Downloads
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